dailyhatsune 3 days
miku doing a blj :3
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she went to a parallel universe
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yekokataa 3 days
馃敟 Kim
did you know that it's possible to play as a fascist, end the game with kim defending you, invite him to join the 41st and he'll accept? that's not an unpopular opinion but it is an uncomfortable bit of canon that no one wants to engage with.
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ladyofthenoodle 2 days
idk what the issue with secondary (which Adrien is not), side, or even bit characters having massive plot important parts is for some people is, it happens in media all of the time.
secondary characters have huge plot importance and interesting backstories all the time, but the only time i see people claiming someone else should鈥檝e been the main character is when the lead is a girl. so i think there must be some unexamined internalized misogyny at play here, that we are so unused to seeing female leads that people like anon are quick to jump to 鈥渢he boy should be the main character鈥 instead of just accepting that their fave isn鈥檛 the main
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staffs-secret-blog 20 hours
What does the t stand for on the app icon
Twitter, its an advertisement for twitter
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nartothelar 24 hours
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he forgot to eat his chicken nuggies
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hellsite-hall-of-fame 22 hours
I鈥檓 like 98% sure you鈥檙e where the Pinterest reposters go to get their pins
idk about that. but if it鈥檚 true, I honestly think that鈥檚 a great honor
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bobacupcake 1 day
Hi Rob just letting you know the sparkling Labyrinthos grapes are beloved and I thank you for them
thank you so much here are the full zoomed in squapes on the house
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dark-night-hero 2 days
if zhongli is the type to give us up to save the world, who is the type to give up the world to save us?
Imagine after thinking about it for the past few days. Scaramouche is the type of being, lover that would sacrifice the world for you.
"It's okay."
"What's okay?" He frowns, looking at your unbothered face as you continue to admire the scenery right across you.
"It's okay to give up on me."
Imagine as you smile gently at him, he scoffs. Crossing his arms as you look away from you to look at the stars but not even a moment later, he looks back at you. He was never the one to look at such things after all, nor was he the type to appreciate the little things in life. But ever since meeting you, he finds himself learning to slowly appreciate every little thing.
"Stupid." "Oww!" You groan, holding up a hand on your forehead as he flicked you real hard.
"You know I can't do that."
"I don't want to see you get hurt."
"And I don't want to loose you. We've talked about this already, (First name). Even if I have to ki- wipe out every single person in Teyvat I would do it just to keep you safe and sound by my side."
Imagine as you watch him from afar, a tear roll down to your cheeks. What a fool, you thought. You always thought it was alright to have the freedom you never expected to have. But upon seeing your lover, all bruised up and bloody right in front of you, fighting for the sake of your living. Maybe you had all wrong from the very beginning.
"The world want me dead, I guess that's just how it is. It's just me against the world."
"Wrong." "Huh?"
"It's you and me against the world. Don't forget that."
Imagine, you see. Scaramouche was indeed the one who had the right mindset enough to give up the world for the sake of you. But you see, in the process of saving you, you'll lose him. You see, he was strong. It's not a lie that he was strong and capable. But not enough for him alone to face the world.
"Please... That's enough. He did nothing wrong. It was all on me."
"Please have mercy. Let him go, take me. Take me instead." You cried as you shield him away from the world.
"What... What are you saying? Get out of here and hide." He gripped into your clothes that was slowly soaking with his blood.
"No, it's alright." You smile at him with tears rolling down your tears.
"My Scara."
"No wai-!"
"Forget about me, okay?"
[鈸抎ark-night-hero] 2023掳
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kanrix 3 days
if he was able to do so, would Stanley leave the parable without the narrator?
It depends. (but most likely than not, yes, he would. And might regret it later in most occasions)
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dailyserirei 3 days
Does Reigen have noodle arms? Can he carry Serizawa bridal style? Questions people want to know /hj
Tumblr media
probably not
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daily-grian 3 days
bee Grian
Grian bee?
Tumblr media
Actually Grian makes a surprisingly good bee now that I'm looking at this
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6kuros 1 day
for the art reqs, i was thinking itd be super cute if, after the events of the game, peppino taught noisette how to make pizza ^_^ since her cafe exploded and all
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maybe she could be a waitress?
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protagonist-art 2 days
More big mama?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
was gonna draw one more but itz not happening tonight so ill share these!!
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staffs-secret-blog 20 hours
You smell funny
No showers in the tumblr server room :(
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nartothelar 2 days
give him a mini version of his subway boss outfit it's what he deserves
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finally, some well fitted clothes, courtesy锟 of the gear station gift shop! (and from digging through their storage bins as home)
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oobbbear 1 day
Wait so if witch au Y/N died of old age in the au then GASP can we see old Y/N >:)?
(also a image of witch au Y/N old but still buff is haunting me rn)
Tumblr media
They still a strong lad :]
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