introloves · 2 days
toji 🤝 mating press after that trailer has been rotting my mind my entire nervous system GOODBYE
ME TOO, daddy kink + mating press + biting + praise + petnames + raw sex + cream pies + he treats you like a princess when you’re in a mating press + toji is a very condescending person <3
think he puts you in the meanest mating press, the type where all you can do is hold onto his biceps and pray he doesn’t give or let you go (he never does)… the type where you can see your feet dangle helplessly from the crook of his arms- wondering in between the peppered kisses he leaves at your hairline why he’s affectionate, so touchy.
wondering why the weight of his body and every stroke starts a creeping orgasm in the pit of your belly. trying to blink away tears, staring up at him bleary eyed and nearly incoherent.
tethered by only his saccharine words- cooing small praises that make you wanna hide from everyone, pinned by his stare and the press you’re in, waiting for you to call him by that title that makes his eyes own eyes tip back into his head.
“come on angel.” he always whispers, words squeezed out between thrusts that feel like they might shatter your hips.
“say it.” toji murmurs, digging his teeth into the fat of your cheek when you gasp and try to arch up but are reminded at how much you’re unable to move or do anything. the simmering feeling of embarrassment just adding onto the whole thing, painting your body in a burning heat.
“daddy.” you cry, trying to keep your bottom lip from quivering, body reminded that while his inhuman strength and stamina keeps you folded down- it’s at the cost of your own integrity.
“atta girl- there’s my baby, letting daddy take care of you.” toji smiles, a wicked thing- a silent warning before he digs his feet into the bed and grabs at the back of your knees. hiking them up further, not sure he’s even thrusting now- settled to use your own body against you, bouncing your ass off the bed.
“gunna cum pretty for me, yeah? gunna give daddy what he wants? gunna let me cum in that pretty pussy?” words dressed up like questions that have no answer to them, because you will- and he’ll make sure that you do.
watching every twitch of your body, stopping every movement when you finally gasp- seize up tight against him and gush everywhere.
painting the lower half of his tummy in your cum, unable to hear the mean chuckle that rumbles deep in his chest, amused by how quick you listen.
“yeah, that’s a good girl.” he praises, waiting for your wails to quiet down, knowing that he’s not anywhere done- holding onto all the cum he’s saved just for you.
black hair tickling you when he leans back down to bite at your swollen lips- licking the inside of your panting mouth.
“how many more will you give me before it’s my turn, hm angel?” he wonders, once again smiling at the shudder running up your body, already tired.
“d-dunno daddy.” you breathe- waiting for him to choose for you.
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punkitt-is-here · 21 hours
Daring do body pillow is so fucked. That it’s a bondage body pillow is double fucked. That it’s possibly non consensual bondage because she’s frowning wins the fucked lottery
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wiihtigo · 2 days
do you have anymore tloz art??
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ok i do have more but bcuz of my addiction to just screenshotting my images and not saving them i cant find much else LOL
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duckytree · 1 day
*blows a kiss for your Jason*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
be sure to send the kiss to jason after dick is over this phase… when jason first reconciled with him, he was SUPER protective and forgot that jason is a grown man now because he’s still stuck in the memories of when he was 15
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wroteclassicaly · 2 days
so, like, my horny steve thot is almost always the same: i just love the idea of his cock being sooo uncommonly long and girthy that he has to take his sweet time getting you ready and even tho he makes you cum on four fingers and his tongue twice, he still can only fit about half of his cock inside you before you’re crying (crying for more? crying for less? you don’t even know … you’re crying for more probably) :(((( hehe
I know this is way more than a Steve thot, but I do hope you like it anyways? Hehe, thanks so much for sending it in, my dear Cece! I tweaked it a little bit ;)
Note: My vaginismus having ass could not take Steve’s monster very easily (if at all), but this is nice to think about. And I felt like having trouble, even with prep from four fingers (my god, I struggle with sometimes one and definitely two) — is relatable af!
Warnings: Language, smut, NSFW, touches on sub space a little bit, mentions oral sex, handjobs, vaginal fingering, vaginal sex, and the reader has a hard time taking Steve, so there’s significant pain. I think that about covers it?
Tumblr media
Sometimes you felt as if you were floating. Higher than the tallest cliff hanging off the quarry, rocks jagged and waters a deep, enriching blue, rippling in velvet serenity. Your particles could be scattered to the Midwest winds and you’d have yet to realize, halfway through time — maybe even space…? It happens more and more frequently now, tonight is no different.
You shift, one jut of your knee that slides into a slippery sloping press, his wiry leg hairs tickling your calf. He moves, widening your right thigh, your ankle sliding across your rose colored bed sheets, and back behind his slender form, where he’s kneeling in front of you. An electric heat flows so hot between your legs that the cool air rushing in hurts. You fist your own fingers into your air, massaging, tugging, neck stretching to expose the delicate tendons that run up your throat — ones he’s littered in his claims. God if he could suck them raw, nip the sore flesh into his teeth, enough that you whimper again, opening yourself just the way he needs you to…
Your arm is still thrown above your head, the outline of your forearm pressing into your pillow, your kiss-swollen lips shiny with spit and dormant pleas that he’d heard not long ago. He’s tried to say a few words, even used his palm to push down on your abdomen, still four knuckles deep into your soaking wet pussy. It’s to no avail, your eyes completely glassy, lash line soaked, gaze fucked over and reaching outer limits — a place he can only imagine what’s it like (from your perspective, anyways). He knows this path you go head first into. The books and magazines he had read a long time ago in his High School days mentioned how sex is obviously different for girls, how they can experience things more intensely sometimes.
But nothing could’ve prepared him for this. The very first time it happened coincided with a two hour long foreplay. Steve remembers it like the back of a Farrah Fawcet spray canister. He was prepping you to take him — all nerves and mangled, panting breaths. One finger and his mouth on your neck, two found his lips sucking underneath your jaw line and crooking against that spot just right, three had you stifling whimpers into his neck and riding his splayed palm that stayed drenched, and four… Well, four was an unremarkable set of attempts that took up the better part of the second hour.
You’d done it with Steve’s patience, his languid coaxing. And when you had berated yourself for being unable to take it much past the tip of the fourth, he’d slid between your legs and lifted them apart, his tongue finding your creamy opening and helping himself. You lost count on how many fuses he’d lit and caused to explode, only touching your senses upon hearing Steve hiss out a yes when his fourth finger easily joined the other three. It took a few minutes with him talking to you, high on a raspy ease, a delicious chorus of praises pouring off his lips — then you were back. Some sort of transitioning space, Robin had told him when he couldn’t help but to ask, wondering if it was too much for you.
And that fed into Steve’s addiction to satiate his hunger for seeing you in such an uncaring, completely melted state. All because of him.
He grabs your chin with a calloused thumb and pointer finger, pinching to tilt, your lips catching his and separating in an easy smack. His nose tucks into your cheek, another glide of his mouth, four fingers turning back into three and a stretch, and you inhale sharply — everything coming back into focus. Your breath is winded, bosom heaving and nipples dragging across his tufts of chest hair. He’s so fucking warm, his freckle splattered skin stained red with flush, his aftershave sinking into the corners of your mouth, stubble tickling your chin, and inky pupils littered with cinnamon rings. His brows pinch together, pearly white teeth grinning lazily as he presses another kiss to your mouth the moment that you sigh into a shared breath.
“Welcome back, baby.”
His free hand reaches for your forearm above your head, fingers sliding along damp and salty skin, tickling across your palm and lacing with your own digits — squeezing.
“Mhm. Stevie…” His thick fingers buried in that scorching mess between your thighs is suddenly on the forefront. Holy shit he’d gone to town on you. The evidence has slicked down your ass and onto the bed sheets, that’s no secret.
“I tap out again for a second? Fuck, you’re so good.” You coo at him, enjoying how his eyes light up in a mirth unmatched.
He hooks your right leg around his lower waist, leaving the other lowered to where you’ve got it propped. His eyes find yours and he drinks you in as he pulls his fingers from you slowly, both of you letting out a choked moan. His thumb pad caresses your clit, his digits smacking your cunt and scattering some arousal. You jump, toes curling, digging into his waistline.
“Shit, honey, let me taste you first.” He’s teasing, smirking that Steve Harrington smirk, popping his sopping fingers into that plush mouth, making a real diabolical show of it.
You practically chase his touch, eager to sample yourself — whatever he’ll let you have. He wiggles his shiny fingertips and barely touches your bottom lip, teasing you, making you raise up — the action causing his very prominent erection to nudge your folds. You jump a little, that instinctual preparation that promises a very defining pain — working its way to the forefront. Steve shakes his head and swipes his fingers across your mouth, planting them on your hip to massage in soothing circles. You’re so fucking wet that you’ve already soaked him, and that makes holding back from taking what he wants that much harder.
“Easy, okay? Haven’t even tried to put it in yet. You know I’ll always ask you before I do, right?”
You nod, breathing in a few self-comforting breaths. It’s not that you’re terrified of the pain. Hell, your little kinky ass indulges in it most of the time, but there’s also that percentage that is nervous, that worries about how much it usually does hurt, (despite many orgasms and lubrication), or if you won’t be able to take him at all this time. His walnut strands tickle your cheek as he descends to nuzzle your nose with his own, reassuring hand still on your hip.
“You want it like this tonight?”
You nearly combust on the spot, body bowing to a magnetizing nostalgia of various positions he’d fucked you in; nice and deep, or ever-so-slow and fucking filthily. You can almost taste his sweat from thrusts he’s yet to initiate, feel the goosebumps pepper your flesh as his silky mane tickles your forehead, maybe even your neck and shoulder (it all depends on which way he has you, really). You aren’t quick enough to draw in your timid answer, starting to slip again, preparing to drift and seek him out. His fingers leave your hip and pull down on your bottom lip, releasing it with a plop as the digits head towards your jaw — strumming a slow scrape. “Babe?” He’s amused, questioning. “How do you want me?”
“I..” And your throat feels like it’s overworked, yet you’ve barely spoken. It drips with elated exhaustion, slowly clambering upright. “Right where you are. Get the stuff, honey.” You flip his nickname for you back onto him, and it has a reaction that crashes into his chest, making it swell in size for you.
He nods immediately, the hand that’s holding yours — leaving, but only to work open the bedside drawer in haste, fumbling clumsily as he decides to capture your bottom lip between his teeth — leaving little love pecks as an after motion. You can barely leave his mouth, his neck straining and flushed bright red, caked in sweat. He rolls back on his haunches, his heavy cock bobbing against his stomach and leaving a connective trail of your slick and his pre-cum to both, your thighs and his.
“Jesus,” he mutters in awe. You’re always so wet for him.
You do shift a little, relaxing your legs around his lower back and connecting your ankles. He has the lube bottle in hand, cracking its lid and wiggling his brows at you. A silent signal not missed, you present your palm and he squeezes out a good amount of gel in, tossing it onto the nightstand beside your head. And fuck, you really wish you had your Polaroid right now, because watching him inhale through clenched teeth, toned waist giving into a bunch, and licking a sharp swipe of his tongue across his lips, the moment that your hand is reaching forward to take him in your grasp — it’s forever seared into your pitiful, Steve-stamped retinas. Screw your pupils, might as well be little Steve’s there instead.
His breath trembles, caressing his tongue, body unprepared as your fingertips tap a tempo up his shaft, barely grazing, before moving back down again. His cock twitches, jumping in your hand, and that’s the moment that you take your chance and wrap your fist around him. He falls forward on hefty palms, fingers splayed beside your head, bunching your sheets in a white knuckled grip. This is one of the parts that you absolutely go to the outer limits for.
He mouths at your jugular, nose pathing up your neck and dragging across your chin until he’s able to kiss you and pant against your lips. “That’s it, baby. Use it however you want to. S’ all yours. Don’t need to be afraid of it. ”
That first sticky contact where he’s finally parting your folds turns you into a babbling mess, a wanton whimper tangled at your tongue’s tip. The fingernail of Steve’s thumb scrapes at your chin, tugging and encouraging your sounds to spill free. When you oblige, he slides that very digit into your mouth and presses, salt, his saliva, and your own musky essence pouring over your taste buds.
“That’s my good girl — shit!” You roll your tongue around his finger and take him down to the knuckle, your fist gliding across his length at an easy rhythm in a simultaneous thievery.
“Monster madness.” You whisper, letting your tongue flick around his thumb, before releasing.
He meets your mouth in a shared grin — all teeth, light laughs. “So I own a monster and a python, huh?” He winds your hair back behind your ear and you know it’s almost time. Your grip on him has loosened a little.
You share a heavy stare, a connection that doesn’t falter, even through one raise of his bushy brows. You watch in a marveling, drool-lathered wonder as the tendons in his wrist flex when his fingers separate, pushing your folds apart. They disconnect with an audible squelch, making you grip him tightly again — squeezing. A diagram-deep groan punches through his esophagus and claws its way from his mouth. “Oh. Fucking do somethin’, honey. Please…”
His voice sounds wet, like a hurricane is rising inside his lungs, battering his insides, and threatening to flood his throat — a desperation that finds an adjoining link within your own desires. As he still holds you open, you bring his purpling tip to your swollen clit, and with a blinking of newly tear stained lashes — you use him. He couldn’t stop it if he tried, another beading escaping him and helping the friction you’ve begun to stimulate you both with. Your knee jerks and he thrusts into your hand, his thick, full balls catching on your ass, your wetness having found a home there too. It’s all too messy to comprehend a clean up. And he doesn’t want to, if he’s being honest.
“Baby, you have the prettiest clit. God it feels so good, you know that? Don’t stop for me.” He’s shaking in his forearms, biceps rattled, muscles caving in. He’s not even inside of you yet and he’s already drenched and throbbing, about to blow his load.
Luckily, you know him as well as he knows you. And you release, quickly lifting your ass in a slight wiggle, legs still locked and now wound around his lower back. You give him one pleading command. “Split me open, Stevie.”
He takes an intoxicating initiative, finding your left hand to hold on tight, fingers leaving your cunt and wrapping around his glistening base, curls matted with your cream. This isn’t gonna last long. “Need more lube, baby?” He checks one last time, your head shaking
You’re fucking warm and soft when he drags his dick through the seam of you, teasing, slapping your inner thigh, your clit, finally teasing his head to that ring of nerves. “Fuck.” His hand lifts on your hand, knuckles smashing into your pillow case, palms held and fitted. You’re relaxed enough that you’re close to sucking him right in, and as soon as the head pops past your opening, he sees your eyes fill with tears. You dig your nails into the top of his hand, scratching, nearly breaking skin. What comes out of your mouth before he can say anything shocks him.
“H-hold on. Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum.”
Steve’s lips find your neck and they suck, bite, licking clean the evidence of a beginning claim. He has to stop himself from fucking you up the bed at this new knowledge. “Oh yeah? Feels that good?”
“Just go slow.” You whimper into a kiss he bestows, tongue greedily slinking into his mouth to take what you want.
He sees what you mean when he presses in a little more and is flooded with a fresh wave of cream, his eyes rolling back and clouding over. And that’s the moment he knows that he has to check in, because you sniffle. There it is.
“Honey? You alright?”
You’re trying to say you are, but it comes out as a broken “mhm” and you lick your lips, eyes focusing on the ceiling, sclera burning. It fucking stings, your body is telling you what it knows — that it’s gonna be too much, that you’ll be sore. But he’s so warm, so heavy inside, and he isn’t even completely there. You try to shove your hips and seek out more, only to be rebuffed. “Baby…” he warns, composure tilting over that precipice, wavering.
And the air changes, your body goes light, and that’s it.
“Come here.” Your hand that’s unheld, is digging into his hair, its soft strands becoming rising waves in the gaps between your fingers, tumbling over yourself to get to his mouth.
His knees help keep him above you, or else he’d collapse. You breathe in deep, releasing it against his lips when you part, your nipples prodding at his slippery flesh. Smashing your nose into his own, he nudges, he shifts, and you’re caught — his thick cock sinking into you. It’s not even half, but you cling to Steve through gasping cries and tear splattered lips, everything aching and throbbing. Your heart is racing so hard that you’re sure your bones are being dusted to ash.
Despite the nearly unbearable fire his size carries, your body welcomes him halfway in without anything else needed. Steve pauses, not just for you, but for himself and the ridiculous choppiness that he can’t even call breathing. He lifts your combined hands and kisses each finger, making you tighten around him and his hips shove forward. You both curse and he apologizes, to no avail. You’ve begun to beg him, and he thinks he might be in his own transitioning space.
“Honey — Baby, hold on, m’ tryna make it better for you.”
“More, I want it all, S-Steve… Don’t stop!”
“But you’re tensing on me —“
“Please, oh god, please — Steve!”
His control vanishes and his closed fist reaches the bottom of your folds as he helps himself push the rest of the way in — in two swift, squelching glides. His tip finds that spot right away, settled like a flesh tight glove, and it sets off a series of sparks, your throat barely able to let out a scream before your release squirts from your cunt and reaches the happy trail scattered around Steve’s navel. Yep, it’s over. He pulls your linked hands up and drapes them by his neck, pumping his hips on one good time, forehead sticking to yours, eyes wide and lips parted in disbelief, and he comes. Your exposed hands that aren’t together, they find one another and match the other two, lacing, pieced just right.
Steve crumbles and collapses on you, your breasts dripping with combined exertion, his pulse racing to stabilize, face burrowing on the swell of your chest. It’s a few silent moments — his cock softening inside you, your cunt brimming with his warm spend, and then he’s looking up at you from his spot. That five o’clock shadow surrounds his mouth, his pupils trying to normalize, and fuck — his own eyes have spilled moisture. Every freckle and mole is visible, his easy grin and silent apology starting, but you brush the hair of his forehead, enjoying his reddened cheeks.
“I love you, honey. Are you okay? Want me to—“ His own voice sounds discombobulated.
“Stay a little while with me, like this? Inside?” Is your airy soft response.
And now, now you think that Steve will be floating over the quarry with you. Particles that fuse together. Of time and space.
// eat me paragraph //
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snifsnoof · 2 days
for requests: stan babysitting ike :)
Tumblr media
quick shitty school doodle :)) i feel like ike in his teen years would be a huge crimson dawn fan (it pisses kyle off royally because he hates metal), and he thinks its super awesome that his brother's best friend just so happens to be the bands frontman <33
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comicaurora · 1 day
so the other day my friend was talking about our D&D campaign, and in an effort to display how they felt about it, they just sent this screenshot
Tumblr media
five or six times in a row all at once
having a post breach containment this badly feels like getting beaned by a boomerang six times a week
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doodlemark · 1 day
Derpydash please?
Tumblr media
aw yeah
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themeeplord · 2 days
Hi, Meep :) I was looking (once again hehe) at your cryptid boys design and I noticed that they have one pretty sharp claw on their feet. Is that a spur or is it another special pinky kind of deal? I love picking your brain about anatomy for your monsters, hope that's alright ❤️ Anyways, hope your day is going good, babe!
Hi Naff! ❤️
You know I can't say no to anatomy questions! And I definitely cannot answer them simply ether XD
Let's talk demon paws!✨
Tumblr media
My cryptid boys' feet are very theropod dinosaur like, but with all 5 toes intact instead of the typical 3 full toes + 2 vestigial/reduced toes.
Tumblr media
The big sickle-shaped claws are not spurs, they're huge claws attached to the innermost digit of their feet. They act pretty much the same as a Dromaeosaur's sickle claws, but they're placed a little differently.
These claws are mostly used for pinning down things on the ground. They're also great slicing and stabbing weapons if the arms are occupied, injured or pinned.
These claws are always suspended above the ground, even in their most relaxed state. This keeps them from getting dull and dirty.
Range of flexibility:
Tumblr media
And some extra doodles cause I like drawing these paws X3
Tumblr media
Thank you for picking at my brain! XD I love having to put everything anatomy related that's in my head into text and drawing form, it's a very fun exercise!
Aww! My day is going well, I hope yours is too❤️❤️❤️
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shanastoryteller · 3 days
Happy Valentine’s Day! WWX and identity porn, or dealers choice ❤️
a continuation of 1
Jim was sort of excited about being shipped off to Tarsus IV because he loves space and seeing a planet in the early stages of development sounded really cool, even if the only reason he was going was because Frank couldn't deal with him for a second more.
Then he realizes that this place is just like Iowa but less technology and he's bored as shit.
He's staying with Frank's cousin who tolerates him better than Frank because she doesn't give a shit what he does as long he cleans up after himself and is quiet coming home, which he thinks might be some sort of psychic reverse psychology, because it turns out without anything to rebel against he feels like he can finally calm down for once in his life.
Maybe Frank was sort of right about him going stir crazy back home and making the rest of them crazy because of it. Jim is never, ever going to tell him that.
And maybe it is sort of fun, because high school is boring but there's an Orion girl in his class and he's, you know, fifteen, and working in the fields at least gives him something to actually flex at her.
Then he finds out there's a Vulcan on planet. Here. On a backwards bumfuck middle of nowhere planet.
Obviously he goes knocking on his door first thing.
He actually answers, which Jim hadn't been expecting. "What do you want?"
"Something to do," he answers, too surprised to be anything but honest. "What are you doing here?" He cranes his neck to try and see behind him, "Is it fun?"
"I'm working on my thesis, or trying to," he says, and something about the way he's speaking sounds a little off to Jim. He didn't think Vulcans talked like this - it's a little too casual and imprecise, but it's not like Jim and expert on Vulcans here.
"Want help?" he says. It's not like school is of any interest, and getting to talk to a Vulcan up close and personal is probably worth it anyhow.
He actually laughs.
Jim stares. "Are you sure you're Vulcan?"
"Now you sound like my father," he answers before stepping back. "Sure, whatever, someone has to organize my notes and I'd rather it wasn't me. I'm Sybok."
"Jim," he says, leaving off his last name because Sybok didn't tell him his father's name, and Jim thinks that's a good idea that he's going to copy.
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obae-me · 1 day
Oh dear just imagine the brothers mixing up the schedule and all of them forgot who’s supposed to bring MC back to the house and now MC’s somewhere on the way back alone and completely conked out on the ground
Oh my god imagine the panic.
They waited...and waited...and waited...but no one showed up to help take them home. They sent a few messages, but no one replied. They figured the demons must be in an important meeting or something. Guess they were walking alone.
MC can hardly walk the rest of the way home. What time would it be in the human world now? Probably way too late. Damn these hellishly long Devildom days...They told themselves they were just going to sit down for a moment to get their energy back. It was just supposed to be for a moment...
Over text.
Mammon: Yo! Who's MC with right now? I need them to judge these new designs I'm coming up with and they're not answerin' my texts.
Levi: Not me, I had classes online today.
Beel: I've got practice.
Lucifer: Did you check the schedule? Whoever took MC home probably is still with them.
Mammon: Fiiine, I'll check.
Mammon: Wait. Lucifer.
Lucifer: What is it now?
Mammon: It says you were the one to take 'em home, are they with ya?
Lucifer: No. You're looking at next week's schedule.
Mammon: The one for this week is the one on the fridge, right? *Sends photo.*
Levi: Looool, Lucifer totally ditched! Wait...then where is MC?!
Cue Simeon or Solomon stumbling across MC by chance (or holy blessings) and taking them to Purgatory Hall.
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coffinbirds · 1 day
i think we are all missing Bruce’s full potential. he is a Dad of Weird Girls (gender unrelated) he probably has 2784826 hair ties on his wrist he probably knows every crossword answer because of his kids info dumping to him he probably has kept a lizard in the house for various children
Clark: hey I've been meaning to ask you, how do you know Taylor Swift's entire discography offhead?
Bruce: when Stephanie wants to be listened to, believe me when I say she will be listened to.
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punkitt-is-here · 3 days
Tumblr media
This had been rattling in my brain for a while
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seraphinitegames · 11 hours
Do UB prefer material things or experiences?
All of them would prefer experiences except N.
N would say they'd prefer experiences, but deep down, they love their stuff, hehe! :D
Thank you so much for the ask! :)
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todaysbird · 2 days
Tumblr media
may i present for your viewing pleasure: one and a half sandhill cranes
photobomb of the century
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ariadne-mouse · 3 days
Yasha showing off
Tumblr media
Out of frame, Beau is walking smack into the side of a shed
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