moncuries · 2 days
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once in a blue moon
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allgremlinart · 2 days
modern au atla fanart is NOT what it used to be and it never will be again... this isn't to say its like gone down in quality !! its because. like.
"modern au" used to mean 2005. it used to mean 2011. are you listening to what I'm saying ? are you taking in the implications ? are you remembering the fanart of Jet in an animal print hoodie and Aang in a flat brim ???? because I am. every day of my fucking life.
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snailwriter · 2 days
Two halves of one whole haircut
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candle-sm · 3 days
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a real capture of sokka's final moments rip :'(
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It's them.
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starartist · 3 days
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And a night with the right person is better than a whole life with the wrong one. ✨️
By @starartist 🫧
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firenaition · 1 day
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forever wishing we could've seen the fire sibs team up more often </3
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aboutiroh · 2 days
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judeisthedude · 3 days
if i had a nickel for everytime i shipped a black haired meh kinda gay/bi x brown haired silly bisexual who were enemies but slowly progressed into these two friends who liked fighting with eachother for fun and have yet to become more AND are also hated by a bunch of straight fans.
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i'd have two nickels, which isn't alot but it's weird that it happened twice.
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djpachipikachu · 3 days
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guys graves yuichi is . Such a huge zuko kin it is not even funny anymore ive made too many connections and parallels anyways auntie and yuichi in the uncle iroh and zuko confrontation in ba sing se
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zukkaflowers · 1 day
toph: you’re my best friend, zuko
toph: you’re gonna find a rat in your bed tonight, zuko
katara: yeah and it’s sokka
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fioleespring · 14 hours
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zukki outfits switcheroo
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breaking my silence we as a fandom (collective) need to have a quick meeting. now look, we love praising fan artists and giving them lots of love which, hey they deserve it cuz they’re amazing and incredible and talented and should be revered but!! i think we need to give an equated amount of love to fanfic writers. these mfs are a) putting their time and effort into A NON PROFIT PIECE OF MEDIA entirely for their and our benefit just because they want to b) going through life threatening situations to get their chapters out c) using their talents to feed our delusions and desires d) making OUR LITTLE DUMB HEADCANONS COME TO LIFE!! THEY MAKE IT HAPPEN!! THEY MAKE IT REAL!! i will literally forever be indebted to fanfic writers bc no matter if their work gets 10000 hits 10 hits or stays in their notes app they STILL!! WROTE IT!! still took the time to carefully craft and mend their masterpiece!! made someone’s day even if it was their own!!! the fact that some of them come up with LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF WORDS OF FIC feels kinda undermined to me??? like mf they DID THAT AND NO ONE ASKED THEM TO? (mean that positively) LIKE THEY JUST DID? not to mention the research and genuine care that goes into some fics I’ve seen. and the fact that some try to make their fics accessible by writing it so anyone who isn’t even in the fandom understands the story?? anyway. fanfic writers all around not just mutuals (tho i love u guys) truly, you’re amazing. kindergarten teacher voice everyone say thank you fanfic writers. <3333333333
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zukodragon · 20 hours
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Zuko and Katara by hrlshnv on X.
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zukkaart · 1 day
I need to write a Zukka scene where Sokka is in danger and the captors are basically saying they’re using him as bait and he just LOSES IT but not in the way you think
Captors: he loves you, he will come
Sokka: Prince Zuko does not and has never loved me.
Captors: you’re lying
Sokka: loving him is like loving the stars themselves. You don’t expect the sunset to admire you back!
Sokka: and if I happen to find myself in danger- let me tell you, Zuko is not stupid enough or sentimental enough, and he is CERTAINLY not in love enough to find himself-standing in it with me!
Captors: …
Sokka: *tears running down his face, but looks up to see Zuko as the blue spirit, standing right behind his captors*
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