07170 · 3 months
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click for hq
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genderpunks · 10 months
if you have a “weird” gender, you are quite literally the definition and example of what trans is, not a bad example, or an outlier. you are the very heart and soul of the experience of transness. keep it up
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hotsugars · 5 months
my gender to cis people: i'm a trans man. he/him
my gender to trans people: i'm transmasc . he/him but also xe/xem is cool
my gender to neurodivergent trans people: i'm a boy but not in a man way but also masculine and NOT a girl but also like computers and super mario galaxy . but also like bonnie from fnaf where people know they're a male but view them as genderless and male at the same time and also like endermen but in a "just a little guy" way but also when you clip out of bounds in a video game and see test areas you weren't supposed to see and also paul petscop in a transgender way but also cats and like in the way where splatoon characters aren't necessarily gendered but can be feminine or masculine and also like the greek god apollo but also every single glass animals song and also autism but not like my gender is autism but the way i feel gender is directly related to my autism . he/him but also xe star bon
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nightfallsystem · 7 months
autistic people who dont stim
autistic people who stim publicly
autistic people who stim a lot
auitstic people who arent "seen as autistic"*
autistic people who arent diagnosed
autistic people who self diagnose
autistic people who got diagnosed as an adult
autistic people who cant get a diagnosis
autistic people who do not want to be diagnosed
autistic people who dont get special interests or hyperfixations
autistic people who are proud of their autism
autistic people who are very social
autistic people who are not social
autistic people who can make eye contact
autistic people who cannot make eye contact
autistic people who view their autism as a good thing
autistic people who are "cringey"
autistic people who use autigenders/neurogenders
autistic people who talk a lot about their autism
And lots more! all autistic people are valid!
( anti self dx, transautistic/supporters, pro-cringe culture, anti-xenogenders/anti-neurogenders DNI please, your comments will be deleted. )
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catgirl-kaiju · 2 months
i feel like my gender at this point is woman+ with the "+" representing bonus gender content unlocked by autism
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aceing-aro · 4 months
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I was struck by a vision and now I gift it to you all
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notepadistired · 5 days
You do not have the right to touch someone's disability aid without asking, whether that aid be a wheelchair or an AAC device.
"It's just a tablet, though." No, it is not. It is my voice. Touching or moving my device without my permission is like touching my mouth without permission, it's weird, gross, invasive, and rude. Stop.
Pushing someone's wheelchair without permission is like picking them up and moving them out of the way eithout permission, its weird, invasive, gross, and weird. Stop.
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mogai-vexillology · 6 months
𝙷𝚒𝚐𝚑-𝚎𝚖𝚙𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚡 ♡ ⊹ ⁺
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID: two flags with nine horizontal stripes, in the order: maroon, berry red, orange, warm yellow, pale yellow, warm yellow, orange, berry red, maroon.
The flag on the left has a maroon infinity symbol in the middle, with a warm yellow border. /End ID.]
A Neurogender related to / affected by one's high empathy. ✩
♡ ⊹ ⁺
𝙻𝚘𝚠-𝚎𝚖𝚙𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚡 ♡ ⊹ ⁺
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Image ID: two flags with nine horizontal stripes, in the following colors: dark blue, purple, blue, light blue, pale blue, light blue, blue, purple and dark blue.
The flag on the left has a dark blue infinity symbol in the middle, with a light blue border. /End ID.]
A Neurogender related to / affected by one's low empathy. ✩
♡ ⊹ ⁺
♡♡♡ Terms are exclusive to those who are Neurodivergent.
Else there is no wrong or right way to identify with these labels ♡♡♡
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purplequay · 8 months
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for when youre autistic and feel like this beast describes your gender the most. second flag is for EVIL autism... image id: two images of pride flags, on the foreground there’s a smoother, compared to the original, drawing of the tbh/autism creature. both flags have 5 stripes. the first flag has pastel red, orange, yellow, blue and purple or indigo stripes, resembling a mix of one of the versions of the autigender flag and the xenogender flag. the second has red, grey and black stripes, resembling the rabies pride flag. end id
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autism-kun · 1 year
there’s so many posts that say something along the lines of, “what do you guys think about neopronouns and xenogenders?” or “what do y’all think of he/him lesbians?”
and can i just say… stop. fucking stop.
someone else’s identity is most certainly not up for debate, and by the way, neither neopronouns nor he/him lesbians are new.
also? kinda shitty to say “it’s just something teens are doing, it’s not real, it’s gonna die out.” because how in the world are you going to call yourself progressive and then not be accepting of the way “kids these days” are defining themselves?
and it’s not just kids, anyways. i’m in my 20s and use xenogenders and neopronouns, and i have seen people in their 30s (and even 40s) use neos.
don’t understand it? fine. downright judge it because it’s not you? not fine.
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squidthing · 8 months
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∞・ ❝ AUTiTHiNG。❞
くコ:彡 ・A gender connected to being autistic && a thing ; A autithing .
Tumblr media
🏥 ・ Coined by me
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genderkoolaid · 7 months
thinkin about the autigender label again. it really sucks that it got so dunked on by allistics who don't understand how much being autistic can impact your gender & how you are treated in a gendered way. growing up autistic and AFAB left me sort of adrift in gender; i was presumed a girl, but my attachment to girlhood was weak because of my isolation from others, due in large part to my "weirdness". i was always painfully different from other kids, even the girls. i felt like i was some confused alien who walked in by mistake and had been sat with the girls, but i wasn't really one, it was just something people decided because of how i looked.
for me, i also came out as a lesbian very very young, and had gotten my hair cut extremely short even before that. so as a young, autistic, GNC girl, my connection to societal girlhood was tenuous at best. it was mostly idealized and based off of what i had seen in tv shows and books and youtube videos, very similar to my relationship towards romance and marriage as a young aromantic allosexual who didn't know i was aro. very much "this is how Normal People do things, so this is what i am going to do eventually". it was very clear that any girlhood i had inside of me, that wasn't entirely a performance done to please adults on the outside, was something i couldnt let anyone see. my attempts at "normal" femininity always failed and felt extremely off, but the thing i felt inside was also too queer (even if i didnt know it yet) to be acceptable to people. my trans, queer, autistic, ADHD girlhood was clearly unacceptable, but I was so bad at the performance of girlhood as well. There was and is a disconnection between the performance of femaleness people want from me and the thing I feel inside, which has always been entirely my own and unconnected to society's idea of what a "girl" is.
This is all why I identify with transneufemmasc as I do, but it's also why I have a growing interest in "autigender". I know intersex people have discussed how being intersex impacts your gender whether you ID as cis or trans or otherwise, and while being intersex and being autistic are very different I do feel like it's a similar thing. How I have experienced gender socially was radically impacted by how I was treated as a GNC queer autistic kid. My neurodiversity changed how my gender was perceived (because ableism says disabled men are never "full" men and disabled women are never "full" women) and autigender describes that. it's a good term fuck you
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rjalker · 10 months
hey autistic transphobes, stop being transphobic. Just because you are autistic does not mean you get to speak for all autistic people. If other autistic people say being autistic affects how they understand or view gender, you don't get to fucking say they're being ableist for literally just describing their own experiences.
Your experiences are not fucking universal.
Just because you do not struggle to understand gender and don't feel like your being autistic affects or impacts your gender does not mean you get to shit on other autistic people and being ableist as shit.
Just because you're autistic does not mean you get to be fucking transphobic.
Just because you're autistic does not mean you get to fucking be ableist as shit to other autistic people and tell them their experiences aren't real.
Shut the fuck up and leave other people alone. Autistic people are not being ableist by describing their own experiences with being autistic and being trans. You're just an ableist transphobic peice of shit.
If you think you're going to argue with me on this post and say autistic people don't do this, or I'm just making things up to be mad about, fuck off because if you do you're literally just being blocked and reported.
Autistic people stop fucking being transphobic and ableist challenge.
You can reblog this even if you aren't autistic or trans. I'm tired of other autistic people being bigots and no one calling them out.
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custom-emojis · 3 months
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next pride set!! imma be releasing another set and then a pride 2022 pack on my kofi ! exciting!
Feel free to use in your servers and if you like what I do, maybe send me a tip? | or join my discord server to see emojis ahead of the queue
[Please read my Carrd before using my emojis]
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tiktokmuseum · 3 months
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itsthetism · 3 months
started re-watching feel good on netflix and when mae said, "i'm not a man or a woman, i'm some kind of failed version of both" i felt that
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