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Marvel Meow and Pizza Dog Infinity Comic (2023)
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lesbian-deadpool · 3 days
Y/N: Natasha, I'm going to the store, can I get you anything?
Natasha: My will to live.
Y/N: Yelena's at college, but I'm picking her up later-
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More of my ♀️ Avengers 'What If...?'/AU because someone reminded me Hawkeye and Black Widow have that fight 👀
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yesifyoumustknow · 1 day
Where were you?
bucky barnes x fem!reader
Synopsis: Bucky says something he regrets during an argument.
Angst with fluffy ending.
Warnings: swearing, Bucky being kind of mean but making up for it <3
You tapped your foot nervously against the floor as you stared down at your phone. The many unanswered messages you’ve sent to your boyfriend stared back at you.
Bucky had been missing from the compound all day, and your heart ached. You understood that he needs his space, time alone to clear his head. Everyone does. You just wished he would let you know where he was going before he hopped on his motorcycle and left to god knows where. What if something happened to him, and nobody knew his location? Your stomach churned at the thought, not even wanting to imagine it.
Another part of you, a more selfish part, was frustrated. After sixth months of dating, why does he still feel like he can’t come to you with his worries? Why does he close this part of himself off to you? You wished more than anything to ease his pain, his stress, his sorrows.
The sound of keys unlocking the door to your shared apartment snapped you out of your thoughts.
Your heart melted with relief as you took in the sight of bucky hanging up his leather jacket. His hair was a mess from the helmet, but he was still breathtaking. But there was something hard about his features. His eyebrows were knitted in a scowl, his jaw clenched down.
“Hey, baby.” You sighed happily, and couldn’t help yourself from going straight into his arms. You were still reeling with relief that he was home.
“Hi, doll.” He murmured, voice sounding exhausted. He held you, but there was something hesitant about it.
You let go and he immediately made his way towards the fridge to grab something to drink, not even making eye contact with you.
You frowned, knowing something was still on his mind. You got behind him and wrapped your arms around him. “We missed you today at training. Everything okay? I hadn’t heard from you since this morning. I was starting to worry, Buck.”
What you really wanted to say was “I was so worried about you all day, it was making me sick. Where have you been?” But you didn’t want to pry and you didn’t want to upset him.
He sighed and opened a water bottle. “I was just out, sweets. Needed some time to think things through. That’s all.”
You pushed further, even though your gut was telling you not to. “What things?”
He was silent for a moment. “Just some complications with the upcoming mission. No big deal.” He set the bottle down and went to rub his eyes.
“Baby, you’ve been gone all day. It’s obviously not ‘no big deal’”. You let go of him, feeling the frustration you tried to suppress bubbling up in your throat. “Why won’t you talk to me about this stuff?” Your voice comes out soft. You rub his arm. “I want to help you through these things.”
Bucky sighed. “Look, doll, I’m fine. Really. I don’t want to talk about it. Can you please just drop it?” Bucky grumbled.
He knew that you just wanted to help, but couldn’t help the bite in his words. He’s had a long day and talking about his feelings right now is not something he wants to do.
You step away and look down, feeling the beginning of tears burn your eyes. “I just feel like you’re pushing me away, Bucky. You left without a trace! And you couldn’t even send me a text back to let me know you were okay?”
Again, Bucky couldn’t help the venom in his words, despite knowing your intentions were pure. But the stress from today finally reached its peak and unfortunately he took it out on you. “I’m an adult. I can take care of myself. Why do you feel the need to know where I am all the damn time? Will you quit smothering me?”
Ouch. That hurt.
You winced at the impact of his words. You’d always been afraid of being clingy, of being overbearing. The last thing you wanted to be was a burden.
Upon seeing your stricken face, Bucky’s face immediately softened, and he instantly regretted his words. “Y/N, I didn’t—I just—“
“No, I get it. I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I’m sorry, I’ll just��go now.” Your voice broke, looking down at the floor. Tears pricked your eyes. You felt so small.
In an instant, you were out the door, leaving Bucky filled with tremendous guilt. He could practically feel his heart being ripped out of his chest as he pictured the look of pure betrayal on your face. What the hell was wrong with him?
You ended up in the one place you knew could find peace: the tower’s library.
You tucked yourself into a hidden nook, clutching a worn out copy of The Hobbit. Although your tears blurred your vision too much for you to actually be able to read.
You thought back to Bucky’s words, and your heart broke all over again. Smothering him? Were you really that much of a nuisance? How long had he felt this way?
You were physically and mentally exhausted from today’s events. Your eyelids grew heavy and before you knew it, you were sound asleep.
When you woke up it was dark outside. How long have you been out for?
Sitting up quickly, you looked around, forgetting where you were and what happened. And then it all came rushing back to you in painful realization.
You looked at your phone and were shocked to see 12 missed calls from Bucky.
Despite the tension between you two, you felt guilty for missing his calls. He couldn’t be too worried though, right? Didn’t he want this? For you to give him space?
You groaned and laid back down. Ugh, this was such a mess. When did things get this way? The last six months have been the best of your life. What happened? Was Bucky just getting tired of you?
Sighing, you decided that you can’t hide forever and made your way back to your apartment.
Your heart pounded rapidly in your chest as you approached the door. You gulped and knocked.
Not a half second later, the door swung open and revealed a very disheveled super solider. His eyes widened in shock and relief washed over his features.
“Bucky, I—“, you began, but were interrupted by him pulling you into his arms.
“God, I’m so sorry, baby. I fucked up so bad. I never meant what I said. I’m so, so, sorry.” He breathed into your neck, stroking the back of your head. “I didn’t know where you went. Shit, I was so worried.”
You froze, not knowing what to say. You pulled back with an unamused smile. “Now you know how I feel when you leave and don’t tell me.”
“I know now, honey. I’m sorry I put you through that.” He looked down and rubbed his face. “I know I was stupid and I should have listened to you when you told me how you felt.”
You looked down sadly. “I’m sorry I made you feel smothered. I never want to make you feel that way. I get that you want space—“
“Oh, no, baby, no.” He interrupted and cupped your cheek. “That’s the last thing I want. I was just stressed and I took it out on you and that was an asshole move. I know you just worry about me.”
You sighed. “That’s not just it, Bucky. I feel like you never talk to me about what’s bothering you. We’re partners, we’re suppose to help each other out. Why is it you run from me instead of letting me help you?”
He looked away, ashamed. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t want to shoulder you with all my issues. And trust me, there’s a lot of ‘em”, he chucked darkly. “And then you’ll eventually see how truly fucked up I really am, and I’ll lose the only person that makes me feel like I’m whole again.”
“Oh, Bucky,” you whispered, and this time, it was you who wrapped your arms around him. “I love you. I love every piece of you. I want to be with you through the good and the bad, okay? I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”
“I love you.” He breathed, happy to have you home, safe and sound.
Your grip around him tightened. “I love you too, Bucky.”
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Texts From Superheroes
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🤖🔴I AM: Cover Reveal🟡
Tumblr media
🔊🔥Turn up the volume and burn to this fiery cover by @sreppub!!
🤖I AM: An Unofficial Iron Man Zine coming to you in 10 days!
📅Preorders open on April 4
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Sam, trying his best to train the Avengers: Okay, let’s try this one last time. Collapsing building. Simultaneous alien attack. What do you do?
Kate: Call the Aveng—
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cute 1990s style date vibes for kurtwanda for @earth2starchild - tysm! i love getting to draw my darlings ❤️💙
☀️commissions open!☀️
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Texts From Superheroes
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Marvel Meow and Pizza Dog Infinity Comic (2023)
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lesbian-deadpool · 3 days
Peter, sleep deprived: Hey, Y/N?
Y/N: Yeah?
Peter: What's your favourite colour of the alphabet? True or false?
Y/N: What??
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Steve, reprimanding Peter: Don't be part of the problem.
Bucky: Steve's right. Be the whole problem.
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Hi, could i request Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader happier by olivia rodrigo it could be angst happy ending, or just full on angst i do not mind, thanks
omg i actually already have a plot in mind that perfectly fits with this as well as the song traitor. hope you enjoy!
i hope you’re happy but don't be happier.
cheater!natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: you suddenly broke up with your girlfriend then you later learned the reason why.
contains: angst, just pure painful angst, nah jk there's some comfort in there (if you squint well enough) mentions of cheating ofc.
Tumblr media
“Let’s break up.” Natasha said without any tone.
“W-what?” You asked her dumbfounded, also making sure if you heard her right. Your eyes were starting to fill up with tears, you're just trying so hard not to let them out, “Is this because of that girl from the Avengers as well? What was her name, Wendy?” 
“Her name’s Wanda and no it’s not her. We just have both been so busy with our careers that we barely even have time for each other anymore.”
You scoffed, “You know what? I don’t believe you, you started acting differently when that bitch came.” You got up from your seat and went up to your bedroom, leaving Natasha alone.
You laid face down on your bed and started crying until you fell into a deep slumber because of exhaustion from crying.
Two days into the break up, Clint sent you an image of Natasha kissing someone and when you saw who it was, everything made sense. It was Wanda no doubt since you remembered how she looked.
There was a text after Clint sent you the image, ‘I know I’m a friend of Natasha and all that, but I won’t tolerate this, so I sent it to you.’
You replied with, ‘We broke up two days ago, but thank you, I knew something was up with her and that girl.’
‘Don’t mention it, listen, if you need someone I’m here, as well as Yelena.’ 
‘I know, thank you.’ you replied and that was the end of your conversation. 
You didn’t believe it at first, but when you saw it for yourself, you just wished that you believed it from the beginning. How could you have been so blind? You’ve seen some of the signs but you just ignored them thinking you were just being paranoid. As it turns out, you weren’t, your instincts were right like always.
After revealing your relationship to the others, they immediately warned you about Natasha being a playgirl.  But you just brushed them off, stating that Natasha wouldn’t do that to you also because of seeing how well she treats you, or so you thought…
The day after Clint sent that text, you didn’t even bother to eat or anything, you just stayed on your bed staring at the ceiling, slept the pain off or cried even more.
You were woken up by the sound of your phone vibrating, you saw that it was Yelena who was calling you. Yelena may be Natasha’s sister but she was your best friend, you met her first before you even met Natasha.
You picked up the phone and answered, “Hello?” your voice sounded very tired after crying for hours these past few days.
"Heard my sister broke up with you, I’m sorry.” Yelena said with sadness in her voice. 
“It’s fine, and don’t worry, we’re still best friends even if I’m not dating your sister anymore.” you reassured Yelena.  
“I know, I can come by your house, I wanna cheer you up somehow. In fact, I’m already in front of your house.”
“What?!” You exclaimed then you immediately got up from your bed and went to the window to see Yelena waving at you.
You rushed downstairs to open the front door, “Hey.” Yelena greeted as she then opened her arms approaching you with a hug which you badly needed, you hugged her tightly then you heard her whisper another sorry. 
“Come on let’s eat, I got you your favorites.” Yelena said as she held two plastic bags of what seems to be some take out food and some groceries. 
“Is your special Mac and Cheese on the menu too?” you said with a slight smile on your face.
“I thought you'd never ask.” She dug into one of the plastic bags and grabbed the ingredients for her special Mac and Cheese. 
You were now eating some Mac and Cheese with Yelena, as you were eating, you told her about how and why Natasha broke up with you.
“I swear to God if I see her I’m going to kill her.” Yelena threatened and you were sure that wasn’t an empty one.
“She’s your sister Lena-” Yelena interrupted you, “And that makes it a more valuable reason to kill her.” She then took a mouthful of Mac and Cheese and chewed quite aggressively then swallowed her food, “She promised me that she wouldn’t hurt you, she said she wouldn’t treat you like how she treated other girls she’s been with before, and then this happens.” she continued.
You sighed heavily, “I should’ve listened to you and Clint.” you said a bit quietly. 
“What did he say?” Yelena asked curiously.
“Similar to what you said, Natasha tends to play around with women.” you replied.
“I’m really sorry Y/n.” Yelena said with pure sympathy in her voice. 
After you ate, you and Yelena went to your bedroom and watched a movie to help cheer you up somehow. Halfway through the movie you fell asleep while cuddling up with Yelena, receiving the comfort that you needed these past few days, you were really thankful to have a friend like her. 
Your doorbell rang and when you opened the door you were surprised to see the woman who broke your heart a month ago. 
“What the fuck are you doing here?” You asked with a bit of aggression.
“I’m here to grab my things.” Natasha simply said. 
You looked behind her and saw that she was alone, since you saw no one in her car, “You think I’m just going to let you in here after what you did?” You said with a raise in your voice.
“What do you mean?” Natasha asked innocently but you could see in her body language that she was hiding something.
You grabbed your phone from your pocket and showed her the photo that Clint sent you a month ago, “This!”
Natasha’s eyes widened, “W-where did you get that?” 
“It doesn’t matter, what matters is that my instincts were right, you’re seeing Wanda behind my back.” you then took a deep breath and continued, “I should’ve known, you guys were already talking back then, when I told you about her you just told me that I was being paranoid.” 
Your tears were starting to form but you’re trying your best to hold them back. “I should’ve listened to your friends when they warned me about you being a heartbreaker, hell, even your own sister warned me about it. But I was already in love with you, I already became blind from your advances!” 
Before she could say anything else, you threw the box at her that was filled with her things, “I hope you’re happy, but don’t be happier.” You lastly said then slammed the door shut.
You leaned your back on the door and slowly slid down until you were sitting on the floor crying once again, pain and anger overwhelming you. 
You just hope that one day, she’ll stop playing with other girls’ hearts.  
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Steve: Hey, where's Clint?
Bucky: We just stepped out of the shower. He should be here in a minute.
Steve: Oh, okay
Steve: Wait-
Bucky: I said what I said.
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