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Tumblr media
flirting with them
notes: i present to you, the 3 absolute worst (best) people to flirt with: "cranky & in denial", "goes through a crisis when you compliment him" and "utterly confused but ready to marry you if you ask"
if you like my works, feel free to commission me!
contains: character x gn!reader, shameless flirting
characters included: rollo flamm, azul ashengrotto, malleus draconia
word count: 2.7k
warnings: glorious masquerade spoilers, enemies to lovers with rollo
dark content creators & consumers do not interact
Listen, Rollo goes through enough of a crisis already over the fact that he likes you, one of those insufferable Night Raven College students who use magic so carelessly and gaze at it with wonder and excitement. But you flirting with him? He goes through all 5 stages of grief over that.
Up to the point where you start actively teasing him, Rollo does a good job at convincing himself that the reason he’s just particularly fixated on you of all the NRC students, is because he just hates you the most. Nevermind the way his heart skips a beat when you smile at him while touring the City of Flowers before he revealed his true colors to you. How you had invited him to sit with you and share some local food as you exchanged experiences and thoughts. 
He tries to ignore the way his heart is beating faster when he sees you at the Masquerade Ball. He tells himself it’s likely just that he’s anxious about not having succeeded with his plan. He pushes down the idea of kissing you breathless and being held in your arms gently as you run your hands through his hair and kiss his forehead- 
God, what am I thinking…they’re my enemy, he thinks to himself. With a hateful expression he makes his way over to you, determined to tell you how he’s not done yet and one day he’ll erase magic from this very world. That you’ll fear his name and- oh god you’re winking at him. 
He’s blushing furiously but he still has that angry expression on his face, so it just looks a little like Riddle when it’s off with your head. His mind is going haywire though. They winked at me…oh no…oh fuck…abort immediately, he decides to just avoid you and glare at you from a distance but at this point it is too late. A certain hunter had already told you how Rollo had been staring at you this entire evening whenever you weren’t looking and that he “probably wanted to have a dance with you”
So you make your way over to him and ask him. His heart skips a beat and he wants to reject you and tell you off but what he wants even more is to indulge you and have a nice evening with you. “What makes you think I’d want to dance with you?”, he spits out and crosses his arms. Yeah. That’ll work. Good job, Rollo.
“I don’t know, you seem pretty desperate”, you shrug, trying to suppress a smirk. The AUDACITY, he thinks but can’t say anything in response, just taking your hand and starting to dance with you. He remains silent and you poke his cheek. “You can be so cute when you stop being cranky for two minutes”, you tease and he can feel his cheeks burning. At this point you’re well aware that he’s got a little crush on you, because against his own perception of things, he wasn’t exactly subtle. 
He looks after you with rage written on his face and confusion in his heart as you and the other NRC students leave to head back to your own school. That’s all he can do. Watch you leave.
What did he care anyway? You were just an obnoxious magic enthusiast who- 
He gazes in surprise upon the small rose that had been placed on his desk. It is definitely enchanted, has a soft glow and some of the petals are floating around it. There is a little note attached to it: Thank you for the dance, Rollo ♡ - Love, y/n.
He looks at the mirror in shock when he notices the soft smile on his face upon seeing your note. He hates magic so much. But maybe…maybe he could make an exception for you and you only. 
Definitely rants to the gargoyles about how much he hates you and the way your eyes sparkle in the sun and how your laugh sounds like a thousand beautiful symphonies. Yeah he definitely hates you, no doubt.
He sometimes posts about school events on his Magicam and on pictures he’s on he tends to find little compliments from you. This makes his day every single time but god forbid anyone notices.
He eventually starts conversing with you over text, having quite a few long conversations and bonding despite how much he wants to deny it. You’re still flirting with him shamelessly and never miss out on wishing him a good night with a heart emoji attached. He sends one back once or twice, claiming his hand slipped on the keyboard.
When he sees you again, at the culture festival, he sits at the table with you and a couple of your friends. You ask him whether he is going to watch the VDC and he insists he sees no reason in watching a singing competition. “I mean we could always go backstage and kiss for a while if you’d prefer that”, you say nonchalantly and so casually, it makes Rollo choke on his drink. The other students at the table are definitely staring at you two and Rollo wishes he could merge with the ground at this moment.
He pulls you aside after the incident to a hallway where there’s no people. “What the hell did you think you were doing?”, he hisses at you and clutches onto his handkerchief until his knuckles turn white. “I apologize for putting you on the spot”, you say sincerely, “you look pretty when you’re flustered, though.” “Do you ever shut up?”, his breath hitches in his throat. 
“If you take me up on my offer I would”, you wink at him and find yourself with Rollo’s lips on yours within seconds. As soon as he gets to kiss you, the very thing he had been longing for for months now, it’s like a switch flips in his brain. His kiss is fiery and aggressive at first but then melts into your touch just like he had wanted for so long, kissing you softly as he feels his hands shake. He feels you smile into the kiss upon noticing how gentle and loving he is now and Rollo holds onto you, resting his head against your shoulder breathlessly as soon as the kiss was over. Both of you remain silent for a while before Rollo speaks quietly, his voice shaking: “I love you.” 
You chuckle and pat his head. “I know”, you kiss his forehead gently and he closes his eyes.
Rollo hated magic, he knew that much. But somehow every moment with you felt so magical and made him so happy…
Tumblr media
Azul is used to people being mean to him and also to casual, neutral interactions but never has anyone been so blatantly verbally affectionate with him and this man doesn’t know how to handle it. 
It all started when he had asked you to come to the Mostro Lounge VIP room as Valentine’s Day was getting closer, because several people had declared that they were ready to sign a contract with him if he could get them a date with you. So he presented the terms to you and offered you help in a class you were bad at. He didn’t think you’d accept so easily. 
“So, let me get this straight, all I’d have to do for this is to go on a date with one of those guys involved in the whole contract thing with you?”, you raised an eyebrow and Azul nodded, extending his hand to you to seal the deal, as you had blatantly refused to sign a contract. But that didn’t matter. After all, he’d already get what he wanted from whoever you would pick to go on a date with. You shook his hand and Azul smiles at you. “Well then, shall I show you who was ready to make a contract with me for your company?”, he showed you his typical business smile and you just replied dryly. “That won’t be necessary. I’ve already picked.”
Azul was confused. “But you don’t even know who asked?”, he raised an eyebrow and threw Jade and Floyd a questioning glare. They didn’t seem to know what was going on either. “I said ‘someone involved in the whole contract thing’”, you reminded him, “do you have any plans on Friday?” Azul’s face fell. He was already blushing and glaring at the twins who were snickering quietly. “No?”, he croaked and pushed his glasses back with his eyes widened. “Great!”, you smiled at him and got up, waving him goodbye, “I’ll see you at 8 then? I’ll pick you up at Mostro Lounge!” 
As soon as you had closed the door behind you, Jade and Floyd started wheezing uncontrollably. “What just happened?”, Jade asked under his breath, “did they just scam you into a date?” Azul’s expression darkened, as did his blush. “I DON’T KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED”, his voice cracked and he wanted to curl up in his octopus pot, “stop laughing.”
Once you've learnt of his past, you've become much more gentle and less teasing with your flirting. He deserved the reassurance that you were serious and genuinely liked him. You’d often tell him that you thought he looked nice when he wore a new outfit and complimented him for his achievements in class and his business strategies. You even went as far as to tell him that his octopus form probably looked cute. He just didn’t know what to do with you. 
Upon being asked whether you were trying to make fun of him, you looked into his eyes with a serious expression and told him you meant everything you had said to him. 
As he took you and your friends to the Atlantica Memorial Museum to return the elementary school photo, Grim was excited. “Maybe we’ll bring back some sort of treasure from the ocean!”, he exclaimed. “But we already have Azul”, you insisted and the octopus merman blushed immediately. “Please just stop”, he begged and sighed, although your words definitely made him feel good, “not in front of people…”
Over such a short time he had already learnt to expect your flirting. That didn’t mean it made him any less flustered. 
Once you had returned the photo and had a moment alone with him, you took his hands into yours and told him you were proud of how far he had come. Azul squeezed your hand gently, a silent ‘thank you’ for the love and affection you were so ready to give to him after all of his hardships.
Malleus doesn’t actively recognize your flirting as such. Don’t get me wrong, he’s so on board with this and really flattered but until you tell him directly what you feel for him, he still assumes you just see him as a good friend.
Tumblr media
“Shall I give you a blessing?”, he smirks as he asks you this question on your birthday. You cup his face gently. “You’re my blessing, Malleus”, you say with a soft smile on your face and Malleus looks at you with his signature surprised expression. Lilia chuckles, mumbling about how bold you are. Malleus is just awestruck. He doesn’t know what to say at first. He’s blushing and then takes your hands in his. “Thank you. I feel honored. It means a lot to me to hear that”, he says genuinely and his thumb brushes over your hand softly.
Malleus loves your little affections so much. He didn’t know how starved he was for them until he experienced them for the first time. He treasures so much how ready you are to speak your mind, especially when it comes to telling him how you feel about him. Little does he know that’s only a small part of how much you truly love him. 
You were a little late to the Masquerade Ball during the student exchange meeting, eventually opening the big door to the entrance hall of Noble Bell College for your big entrance. Malleus spots you almost immediately, marveling at how beautiful you looked, dressed up for the occasion. Your eyes meet his across the hall and you make your way over to him straight away, taking his hand in yours. “I really like this song they’re playing right now. I think it’s time for our first dance of the evening”, you smirk at him, just waiting for him to follow you. Sebek is yelling at you how you could possibly have the audacity to not just assume you could dance with him but not even ask Prince Malleus Draconia ‘Would you please share a dance with me?’ first. But Malleus adores when you’re bold. After all this time of people being too afraid to even talk to him, he’s fascinated how assured you are to approach him with your wishes and requests with no hesitation. 
“You seem quite determined”, he chuckles and leads you to the dancefloor. He’s absolutely relishing in the fact that you walked into this event dead-set on getting a dance with him, implying your upcoming dance wouldn’t be the last one that night either. It makes him feel so special. More than the treatment he receives from others as a prince does. Because it feels like you have seen right through him, accepted every part of him and decided you wanted all of it. 
You dance through the evening with Malleus, telling him how much you liked the song he presented as a gift for the other students. “I could listen to your voice for hours”, you brush a strand of hair out of his face and Malleus leans into your touch. “I would gladly sing for you again. You need only ask”, he smirks. 
You later stop by his room, knocking on the door softly. Malleus opens it, having taken off the heavier, pompous parts of his masquerade outfit; now only dressed in a pair of black pants and the see-through black shirt worn under the complex and ornate fabrics of the costume. His hair is slightly disheveled and he has his bangs pushed up, letting you see his dragon markings. Upon seeing you, he instantly smiles. “You look so beautiful”, you mouth, making Malleus chuckle and smirk at you. “So do you”, he insists. “I’m never going to overshadow the talking gargoyle but I’ve made peace with that”, you sigh and step into the room, Malleus closing the door behind you. He laughs at your comment, then gazes out of the window. 
“The night in the City of Flowers seems to show a different expression than during the day”, he says and turns to you, seeing you smile at him with a mischievous expression, “that face…you are also interested?” His smirk matches yours now. “Malleus, what do you think I came here for at this hour, hmm?”, you chuckle, pulling out a map from your pocket, “so…you can teleport us out of Noble Bell College without being seen right?” Malleus puts his hands onto his hips. “Nothing easier than that.”
After you explored the city at night, you end up sitting at the roof of a tall building, looking down on the beautiful city. “I’m very glad I got to share these memories with you”, Malleus takes your hand in his again and you look into his eyes, cupping his cheek gently. “You’re so precious to me…you have no idea”, you mumble quietly, smiling at him fondly; filled with unconditional love. Malleus squeezes your hand and looks at you with the same expression. “I think I’m starting to understand”, he whispers as the sun rises on the horizon.
Malleus loves when you’re bold with your flirting, he loves when you show your teasing side and flatter him with a clever line. But he just as much craves the moments when you’re calm and serious, just smiling at him and letting him know how much he means to you, even if he doesn’t know yet whether you intend for it to be romantic or see him as a good friend. He treasures your affection and how you’re unafraid to give him your love and appreciation in a way no one ever has to him. 
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I want t#ey Kissing headcanon
I’m not a simp
*diverts eyes away*
Tumblr media
Major, all time down bad simp.
Kissing headcanons
For Trey, Ace, and Azul.
Trey is a old fashioned romantic at heart. His kisses are gentle, pressing against your lips softly. He’ll guide you, moving them in a calming waltz that has your knees turning into mush underneath you.
He gives you kisses regularly. It’s become a habit of his, really. Sweeping your hair up, before giving you a little forehead smooch. There’s a comforting warmth, lingering on your skin when he pulls away. Trey can’t help but grin at your expression, giving your cheek a little pat of appreciation. He’ll give them a kiss in turn, don’t fret. There’s a certain care that goes to each and everyone of his kisses. It’s evident in the way he clasps your face in his palms, ember eyes staring right into yours, love clear in his gaze.
You’re truly sweet, his favourite treat.
Thank you for the food.
Ace’s rather passionate. He’ll lock your lips with his, pressing into you wildly. You’ll have to be the first to pull away, lest you get sucked into that erratic rhythm of his. Ace’ll wait for you to catch your breath, before pulling you back into him.
What, can’t take the heat? Wow, prefect, you really are weak, aren’t you? Ace gives you kisses when you least expect it. During class, walking down the halls, or maybe when you two are wrapped up in each others arms, cuddling on the couch. Ace dips his head, trailing kisses down the nape of your neck. He’ll alternate between light, fleeting kisses, and strong, desperate kisses that has your skin burning hot.
Ace likes it when it turns red.
His colour looks the best on you, after all.
Azul has a certain shyness when he’s kissing. His lips hesitate, before they melt into yours. He’s looking into your eyes , freezing like a deer in headlights. You’re… well. You’re the one he loves, after all. You hypnotised him with your love, did you not? However, Azul’s perfectly content to fall, if you’re the one pulling at the strings.
His lips move slow, dancing with yours. Azul takes note of your reactions, adjusting to suit your pace. Although, when he gets comfortable, he’ll slowly ensnare you. You’ll never be able to think about another, not when he’s done with you. Pressing his lips into the tip of your fingers, slowly working his way into your palm, around your wrist… they’re gentle. Much like butterflies alighting on your hands, their wings brushing against your skin.
It’s a pleasant feeling, especially when your cheeks glow, warm and red.
Azul thinks it’s adorable.
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ryker-writes · 13 hours
Can i actually request about being Azul’s siblings but angst that he started being slowly distant when he got friended with the twins until reaching to NRC especially one dorm with him and he doesn’t like to be addressed as ‘brother’ and treated you as inferior before he overblot? and perhaps if you don’t mind tho what happened after his overblot?
ooooo yes! I love the sibling relationships with the TWST characters both wholesome and angsty. Of course I don't mind writing as much as you want! This even ended up longer than I expected it too! Thank you so much for the request!
Azul as a sibling (Broken relationship edition)
you and Azul used to be close
growing up with him, you saw the other kids pick on him and you knew about his insecurities
you were always there to defend him whenever you saw it
and you reassured him that what they said wasn't true
you would always be standing outside his octopot and keeping away other students so he wouldn't be teased
and so you two were close
but then one day in elementary school, there were a couple of eel twins
Azul was being picked on and curled up in his octopot when the twins approached
they actually talked to him and weren't really mean so you didn't stop them
and Azul actually became friends with them after a bit
but once they became friends, he started spending less time with you
while you could still hang out from time to time, he spent most of his time with them
you'd often see him planning and burying himself in spell books too
and the twins even helped keep bullies away from him
of course you're happy he has friends
and it's great that they help him out
but it really hurts when you want to spend time with him and he tells you he's too busy
especially because when he's "busy" the twins still hover around him
still, you tried to spend time with him a little bit while at home
and he couldn't always push you away
but every day he started to spend less and less time with you and more time studying magic
by the time the two of you were enrolled at Night Raven College, you barely see him anymore
you were a little hopeful when you two ended up in the same dorm
and the twins also got into Octavinelle
for a second you thought that you could try to spend a little time with him
but those hopes were destroyed very quickly
you wanted to try talking to him so you called out to him
all you said was "Brother!" and he immediately turned around with a scowl
all he said was to not call him that before walking away
so maybe he doesn't want to talk to you
you carried on with your school activities and watched Azul from afar
you're not exactly sure what he's been doing, but he seemed to socialize with students a lot more than he did before
and he also seems more confident in himself
eventually he even talked with the headmage and opened a lounge
it was very surprising actually
your brother who used to be very shy and meek is now running a lounge
it was even more surprising when Jade came up to you saying that Azul wanted most Octavinelle students working there, including you
you accepted (the eel didn't give you much of a choice) and started working immediately
unfortunately, you got stuck with some of the worse jobs that no one wanted to do
this included dishes, taking care of trash, cleaning the bathrooms, and generally cleaning any spills
even while working there, you didn't see much of Azul
he spent most of his time in the VIP room
not many people were allowed in there
it was only Azul, the twins, and anyone he wanted to speak with
while working, there would sometimes be students that point out that the two of you were siblings
those students were often dragged to the VIP room and looked very scared when coming out
and they never mentioned it again
it's like hardly anyone knew you were siblings
it's like he didn't want anyone to know
as if he didn't want to be associated with you
and then one day Jade told you that Azul wanted you in the the VIP room
you went in the room and Azul didn't even look up at you
he was to busy writing something
you sat down on one of the couches and awkwardly waited for something to happen
still not looking up at you, he just told you to sign and slid a piece of paper in your direction
looking at it, it was a contract
it said that you would work and do anything he wanted you too, and you could never tell anyone that you were related, you used to be close, or even give details of his childhood
in return you get some of the better jobs like actually dealing with customers and more discounts
you knew of his unique magic
if you signed this contract you would be forced to follow it
of course you didn't want to sign it
and you told him that
this time he actually looked at you
"Is your head so thick that you can't see how I'm trying to help you? You'll get a better position and discounted items. You should consider yourself lucky that I'm kind enough to offer your poor soul something better. Normally I wouldn't even waste my time with someone like you, but my benevolent nature is simply too strong. Besides, this is beneficial for both sides and you'll kindly be helping me as well."
if there was any hope for you and Azul to get along someday, it's certainly dead now
did he really see you so far beneath him?
he really thought that low of you...
but he phrased it in such a way that made it sound like you would be helping him by signing
and he is your brother after all, even if he doesn't want to admit it
so reluctantly, you signed
and he promptly asked you to leave afterwards
things weren't so great after that
while you did get some of the better jobs, you still had to do some of the worse ones
and this also means you had to work more
on top of that you couldn't refuse anything he said
not that he acknowleged you too much after that
he mostly asked Jade or Floyd to tell you what he wanted
because you weren't worth his time
then he started making contracts with more people
and the Mostro Lounge had...too many workers to keep up with
they all signed a contract with Azul, and now they payed the price
but then a bunch of Savanaclaw student showed up one day and caused so much trouble in the lounge
they caused such a mess and spilled everything and you were already dreading the cleanup later
but then you saw Azul
he was clearly upset and frustrated at everyone around him
for a second, he almost looked like the same Azul that used to get picked on
but then the dark ink seemed to consume him
as much as you wanted to help, you were too far away, everyone around you was scrambling, and the students involved seemed like they were trying to keep others away
Azul wouldn't want your help anyway
he'd hate to know that you helped save him
but he was your brother you couldn't just stand by and let it happen
the other students were able to save him before you could even get there
and you kept your distance
Azul was a bit of a wreck after that
you found out that all of his contracts got destroyed so you weren't bound to yours anymore
but you still didn't call him brother
he didn't want that anyway so it just sort of stayed
after his overblot he started acting different
while he still didn't talk to you much at first, he was around you more often
he didn't spend as much time in the VIP room and actually came out to work with everyone else
sometimes he did sort of...hover near you
it was like he wanted to say something, but instead he'd just fidget and look frustrated
the twins seemed entertained by it at least
and then he invites you to the VIP room again
when you enter he's a bit fidgety and won't look at you
you ask if he wants another contract and he's surprised
no one has even mentioned contracts to him since he overblotted
but he says no and that he actually has a new work schedule for you
when you take a look you're amazed
less hours and you don't have to do those horrible jobs anymore???
it was really amazing
since then he even has been trying to make conversation with you
he's incredibly awkward about it tho
he doesn't know what to say so he's searching for something you may be interested in
he wishes he did more research on you in the past to know what you like now
still, he's trying
but what really changed was his attitude towards you
so when some customers were being annoying and complaining about you one day, he actually came to your defense
"Excuse me? It would be wise to watch what you say. After all, that's my sibling you're talking about."
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hello! I saw that you opened requests ^^ if that's okay with you, I'd like to order some funny hdcns for the dorm leaders (if you want all except idia and kalim, since there are a lot of them) when mc decides to dress up as a bat for halloween because he thinks that that's cool and it means getting noticed ✨ but it ends up looking more funny than scary, even so, mc is proud of her costume and will spend her time proudly modeling everywhere because in her mind she still thinks she looks cool~ despite the laughs hehe thanks <3
Thank you for the request! The dorm leaders are probably going to be the exception to the 5 characters max rule.
How the dorm leaders would react to a reader who dresses up as bat for Halloween but it ends up more cute/funny than scary.
Tumblr media
Notes: gn reader, reader gets low-key bullied lol.
Riddle Rosehearts
🥀Doesn't hesitate to tell you your costume isn't scary when you try to startle him by jumping in front of him in the doorway when he was passing.
🥀This boy cannot read a room because he was sheltered his whole life.
🥀When he realises your feelings are hurt, he tries to make it up to you by helping you make it even more scarier.
🥀It's fruitless, but you have so much fun you don't mind.
Leona Kingscholar
🦁Your pout is cute, and he's not one to pass the chance to tease you.
🦁You would look cuter in a lion costume but that's just his opinion...
🦁Actually, now that he thinks about it, you look like one of those Diasomnia scums.
🦁Yeah his smuginess is tainted.
🦁If you wear little cat ears maybe he'll forgive you~
Azul Ashengrotto
🐙Acts cool but inside he's completely melting.
🐙Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're-
🐙Honestly, you should monetize your cuteness.
🐙Wait it's supposed to be scary? Honey, he deals daily with the Twins. You've got nothing on him.
🐙But he can play along if you give him something in return~
Kalim Al-Asim
☀Immediately squeals and jumps high and down about how cute you are.
☀He stops when he sees your pout.
☀After you explain everything to him, he starts screaming in what's supposed to be fear, but he stills has his bubbly smile and demeanor.
☀So yeah, you're not convinced at all.
☀Jamil, however, runs into the room panicked. When he arrives he's not very happy and asks if you got your costume from the dollar store.
Vil Schoenheit
💅He recognises the efforts you put in your costume, but he simply cannot let you walk around in that ridiculous thing.
💅Still, you refuse to get it off. You made it yourself, you're keeping it on.
💅Since you're the only person who's more stubborn than him, he gives up eventually.
💅At least put some accessory to lessen this fashion atrocity!
Idia Shroud
🎮OMG you look like a cute anime character!!!!
🎮Now he just needs you on a body pillow.
🎮Actually, strike the pose, he IS putting you on a body pillow.
🎮That is if he has the courage to ask you. Because right now, his hair is bright pink and he isn't able to utter a word.
Malleus Draconia
🐉It's funny how you thought you could scare him, fufufu~
🐉But he'll let it slide since you're so cute.
🐉Others would also find you cute, but Malleus's stance beside you is enough to make them cower.
🐉He absolutely knows this, but he lets you live in the blissful impression of having a scary costume.
🐉Also god forbid someone tells you about it.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day/night!
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rainybeebs · 6 hours
Absolute adoration
Tumblr media
Featuring: Octavienelle
Genre: Fluff
Event Prompt: “My heart is so full of you. I can hardly call it mine.”
Requested by: Anon
Tumblr media
Most figured Azul would be hard to date, but to you, that simply wasn't the case. In truth, you adored him and the little things he'd do. His reactions to your actions. His blush to your sudden physical contact. It brought you joy seeing him excited for the Lounge or getting a new client. It was all so precious to you.
"Dearest? You're spacing out again. Is everything alright?" You looked up to see his fingers tapping in the table, seemingly bothered. Azul didn't care to mess with his hands. It was informal. He only ever messed with his fingers when he was particularly peeved or anxious.
"I'm alright! Just thinking of you." A light pink hue crossed his face at your boldness. A trait he both loved and hated about you, how bold and confident you can be with him. "Love, now you're the one spacing."
"Ahem, as I was saying before your bold interruption." You scoffed at him calling your answer an interruption but let him continue. "I was trying to discuss the topic of us going...public." Sometimes it was hard to remember that you two kept your relationship under wraps for Azul's sake.
"I still never understood why it was necessary." His eyes averted before muttering something.
"I just don't want people to be rude to you because of me." Ah, that's it? He's worried about you? A nice sentiment but,
"Azul, I don't care about that sorta thing." His cerulean eyes widened, but his mouth remained shut. "I want the school to know you're mine and I'm yours." Your heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was in your throat. "My heart is so full of you, I can hardly call it mine. With all due respect, I'd want the whole world to know I'm dating Azul Ashengrotto!"
The boy didn't say anything, but from the way his gloved hands were trembling on the table, along with the red plastered across his face, it was easy to guess what was on his mind. 'That was...a lot'
An uneasy silence filled every corner of the room. You were waiting on his response and he was waiting on his brain to process what he just heard. "Oh." After five minutes, the only word that came out was OH?"
"I apologize, you just caught me off guard. I— I feel the same way." You wanted to laugh at how uncharacteristically shy your boyfriend was being.
"Then let's go public! Starting with the twins!"
You did not start with the twins.
"You're rather cuddly, what's going on?" As much as you desired to get out of Jade's bed, you were trapped by nine other than himself. He was currently latched onto your waist, seemingly sleeping. "I know you're awake, what's going on." He still laid motionless.
You attempted to push him off, earning his tightening grasp. Even in his sleep he had a relentless grip. You tested the waters by poking his nose a few times. Yep, out cold.
Accepting your fate, you played with his hair a little bit, messing it up. Pushing it this way and that, stirring him in his sleep. It was a sight to behold. Jade Leech clinging to you like a small koala. How cute.
You were tempted to at least move him to a more comfortable position. His legs were practically falling off the bed. You tried going through with it, "My, you can't keep your hands off me, can you?" And yet, he was so peaceful just a second ago.
"I was just trying to move you to a more comfy position." He smiled softly at your words.
"I appreciate that, however, I must be leaving. I have a shift this evening." He got up to leave, and yet he was pulled back down. Weird, he didn't recall you being strong enough to drag him around. "Love?"
"Tell Azul you can't. You're sick, aren't you?" He stiffened at your words. "You never get clingy like that unless you're stressed or anxious. You're either sick physically or mentally and either way, you're staying."
"I'm afraid it isn't that sim—"
"Don't care." You pulled him back towards you, forcing him to lay his head on the pillow. "You're resting with me like you wanted earlier." He silently cursed your loving nature.
"Do I have any choice in this matter?" He already knew the answer as your hand snaked around his waist. How did he become a little spoon?
"Okay." Though he'd never admit it openly, he felt a fuzzy feeling at you holding him. He felt safe in a funny way.
"You know, my hearts full of you." He closed his eyes, listening intently. "I can hardly even call it mine."
"Is that so? Hmm, how curious."
"Y/N, you gotta do something about him! Practice has been a disaster with him." Ace dragged you out away from your friends to take you to the basketball club, where Floyd appeared to have a horrible day. "He even punched one of our members!" You calmed down the agitated first year before going to search for your boyfriend. It was no hard task.
"I don't wanna deal with this, 'm going back to Octavienelle." Jamil was visibly upset, a sight you rarely saw. In his hands was a deflated ball, probably thanks to Floyd.
"Floyd, what's happening?" To your shock he turned his nose away from you, brushing passed you. Something was definitely wrong. He stormed out of the gym, still in his jersey. "Jamil, what's going on?"
"You missed our game yesterday, and he's been angry ever since." You felt your heart drop. You were so swamped with work from Crowley that you forgot. "Please talk to him. I can't deal with his and Ace's stupidly at once. It's even worse than Kalim." You nodded, departing from the gym. Maybe you'd catch up to him.
Well, you were unsuccessful in that, but you did run into Jade. "Oh? Floyd's still mad, I assume?" Your solemn expression was all he needed for confirmation. "I'd say it'd be best to leave him. Until he calms down, I mean." You were conflicted. Jade's his brother, so maybe he was just messing around, but you were his lover and knew he hated when you left him alone.
"Thanks, but I'm gonna talk to him." He gave a curt nod, before leaving you to chase his brother, a smirk on his lips.
Of course, when you arrived in his room, he was pouting under his covers. "Go away." He didn't mean it, but he was still angry.
"You don't want me to, love. I know you better than that." He always loved when you used petnames.
"You were my good luck charm, y'know. And you left me there."
"I'm sorry, you have every right to be mad." You carefully sat on his bed. "You don't have to forgive me, but it'll be easier to tell you a secret if you do."
"A secret?" His head peeked out of his comforter. "What kinda secret?"
"It's a secret, love." He was about to crawl under again. "But the truth is, I love you so much. You're in my heart so much that I don't think I can call it mine." In one swift movement you were tugged under the covers with your boyfriend.
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kokofromwattpad · 3 months
Featuring: Dorm leaders
Plot: The way how different twst characters sleep with and without you and their sleeping habits.
Cw: fluff, spooning(Riddle and Vil), snoring (Leona and Azul), mentions of boobs (Kalim), drool (idia)
Note: You can obviously tell who my favorite is.
Before you:
He sleeps like a old man. Like, fingers crossed over his stomach, or he sleeps like a corpse. He is very silent when he is sleeping only letting out very soft breaths.
With you:
Riddle is either sleeping fetal position into your arms or being spooned. I feel like after having an extremely long day, all he wants to do is be held.
Without you:
He has zero clue what to do with his hands. So all he does is take one of his pillows and cuddles with that. Sometimes he gets mad just as he is about to fall asleep and just chucks the pillow across the room.
Before you:
He snores like a dad. Like, you know you sometimes when your dad is busy snoring and then he chokes on his own saliva mid snore... yea... thats Leona. Also he sleeps like a hot mess. Half of his body is off the bed and the other is barely hanging on.
With you:
Living blanket. Like, he just lays his entire body weight on top of you like a blanket. At first it felt like attempted murder, but after a while you got used to it and now you can't fall asleep without weight on top of you.
Without you:
He twists his blankets into a long noodle so that it (kinda) feels like he's cuddling you. Also, his tail is swishing the same way an angry cat does the entire time he is sleeping.
Before you:
Completely normal. Maybe a hand under the pillow(?) Snores. The tweels used to make fun of him for that when they were kids but got used to it eventually.
With you:
Koala mode: activated. His legs are twisted through your legs and arms attached to your torso like superglue. He nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck and sometimes even leaves little kisses there.
Without you:
He refuses to sleep without you. Period. He got so used to sleep with you in his arms that it has become a condition for him to sleep. He will either stay in his office, busy with paperwork, studying for an upcoming test or reading a book you recommended him in his bed.
Before you:
I headcannon that he sleeps fetal position. But like, on his stomach. His face is smashed into the pillow, which causes bedhead and he becomes scarily still (Jamil sometimes comes in and checks if he's still alive.)
With you:
He does not give a shit if you have tiddies or not, he is shoving his face into your chest like it's no-one's business. You have never slept so damn good until the day you started sleeping with Kalim in his fucking king sized bed made from swan feathers or something close to it.
Without you:
Tosses and turns, ruining the sheets and making it dirty. He usually gets up and starts pacing the room, trying to tire himself out, but failing miserably. Kind of just lays there.
Before you:
Looks like a fucking angel. His hair perfectly frames his head and he just looks so damn peaceful. I bet he listens to nature sounds whenever he can't sleep since him losing sleep is a big no-no.
With you:
He likes to spoon. He only big spoons, if not, then he's pushing you (affectionately♡) off the bed. He has gotten accustomed to your light snoring, kind of using it like a non-verbal lullaby.
Without you:
Can sleep, but not as nicely as when you do. Kind of turns a bit, but he does fall asleep normally. Gets a sad gut feeling whenever he wakes up without you next to him.
Before you:
Probably never sleep willingly. He probably would just pass out from exhaustion ever once-in-awhile. But when he does sleep, he drools like a fucking dog. Like, entire pillow case damp from his drool. He has gained mild control over this, but is still considered a problem.
With you:
He wants to cuddle like how anime couples do. He specifically likes it when you sleep on his chest, your weight feeling the same as when a cat lays on him. He also gained a condition in order to fall asleep. He must stroke your hair gently while you mutter in your half-asleep state on how much you love and adore him.
Without you:
After he started dating you, he finally decided to get a better sleep schedule so he could spend more time with you, rather than being passed out, looking half dead. So he got a plain body pillow (He didn't get a cover as he thought it would be a betrayal of your trust) He cuddles the body pillow the same way he does to you.
Before you:
He slept the same way as Riddle, like a corpse. He is completely silent and does not move at all in his sleep.
With you:
He became absolutely addicted to cuddling once you introduced it to him. He would shove you into his chest, kind of like the two of you were hugging, but he has an absolute death grip on you.
Without you:
The skies have a green hue to them as lightning cracks. He is pissed at who or what made you not want or have the time to sleep with him. He would sneak out of his dorm and (break in) sneak into your dorm. He would then climb into bed with you and then instantly fall asleep.
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underqualified-human · 2 months
*? Yuu Au*
Azul makes a presentation titled "Things we know about Yuu" to show during a dorm leader meeting and it's one slide that just "Their name is Yuu [possibly]"
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tiyoin · 9 days
Tumblr media
this is why they were summoned over ramshackle 😋🤞
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scho3nheit · 2 months
Azul: *seductively takes off glasses*
Azul: Wow...
Y/n, blushing: Haha... what?
Azul: You're really fucking blurry.
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cupids-chamber · 2 months
KISSING Azul's beauty marks, leaving light peppermint kisses on Malleus's horns, ruffling Leona's hair, petting him, leaving small kisses on each of his ears, Kissing Silver, to wake him up...
GENDER NEUTRAL READER A/N: Is Silver's part, just me showing my inner Silver simp? Nooo-
Tumblr media
Leona was settled on your lap, as you fiddled around with his hair.. it would have bothered Leona, but he let you as you pleased, your touch was rather comforting, and stress relieving. It felt as though all his problems would disappear, when he's with you like this.. The soft praises you whisper makes him all soft and gushy inside, a feeling he wasn't quite familiar with.. he hoped you didn't notice.. Leona disliked looking weak.. especially to you.. He'd be beyond embarrassed if you told him you noticed his little grin, and the way his tail would move in excitement, while you pet him.
It was a rather amusing sight, Leona's tail moving around in excitement and his ears perking up and moved ever so slightly, rhythm in sync with all your movements, touches, and compliments. Your praise was the biggest ego booster for this lion.
Leona closed his eyes for a bit, trying to sleep. The way your hands moved, ruffling his hair, every soft touch lulling him to sleep. Yet his senses overloaded, the moment you leaned down, and pressed two soft kisses on his ears, the feeling lingered, as he felt his ears tingle with heat.. He was flustered.. And if that wasn't enough, his tail started wagging aggressively.. He was sure he could hear you giggling right about now.. "What are you laughing at herbivore!"
Tumblr media
You entered the room, Azul was working on some sort of paperwork, as always.. Nothing out of the usual.. but your precious octopus, has been rather busy lately.. you were afraid he was overworking himself, It was at this point that Azul noticed your presence, as he turned to smile at you, flashing you a rather tired grin. You sighed, knowing full well he wasn't planning to rest anytime soon.. "How was your day today love?" Azul asked, his voice was less energetic then usual, "It was good.. I suppose.. How about you?" you asked, as you made your way towards him, carefully sitting on his lap, "Your not overworking yourself, are you?" you asked..
"Of course not!" he said, focusing his attention on you, as he slowly moved his arms around your waist, making sure you were comfortable in the position you were in. "hmm, but you should get some rest, K?" you carefully grabbed his face, pulling it towards you, you watched as his face tinted red ever so slightly, as he hesitated to answer.. He never liked lying to you, nor did he enjoy making false promises to you.. "Fine.." Azul complied with a sigh.
"Do you promise?" you asked, moving a tad bit closure, as your eyes stared straight into his. Causing him to grow slightly nervous. He stuttered ever so slightly, no matter how long the two of you were together, he could never grow completely used to the closeness between you two.. "I-i promise"
You grinned, as he finally complied to your words, you pulled him closer leaning in, and just before your lips touched, you leaned down and kissed his beauty mark. "See you later tonight!" you winked as you left a very flustered and tired octopus in his office.. 'What am I going to do with you' Azul thought, as the door finally closed.
Tumblr media
You were settled on Malleus's lap, as he rambled on and on, about his favorite subject.. Gargoyles! You were half mindedly listening, focusing more on fiddling around with his hair, admiring his features.. After all, it's not always you get to have such a close up view of the fae prince.. though if you asked you would be able too..
Malleus, went on to explain some random facts about Gargoyles in, in-depth detail. You hummed at everything he said, making sure he didn't feel ignored, when you had an idea.. "Malleus what's your favorite Gargoyle again?" you asked, the question was rather controversial, you know this conversation wouldn't end any time soon.. but.. you had an idea! "Well I quite really have a Gargoyle I favor.. but —" .. He continued on and on about the subject, when you suddenly started rubbing his horns.
Malleus got a bit flustered, the action was rather unexpected, he tripped over his words ever so slightly, if you looked down, you could see just how red the man was. You proceeded to take things up a notch' by coming a bit closer, and leaving soft lingering kisses on his horns. An action, that is guaranteed to shut your poor lover up..
When you were finished with messing with your prince, you lowered yourself down to his level, and gave him a big hug. "Malleus?" you poked him in the cheek.. The man looked stunned and flustered.. 'I guess he's still processing things..' you thought, as you giggled..
The two of you were in your early stages of a relationship, and needless to say your lover is quite easily flustered by your actions.
Tumblr media
Lilia had told you that he couldn't find Silver, the two of you had gotten together a couple months ago, and Lilia suggested that maybe you should go out and find Silver, since you seemed to know his favorite sleeping spots well. Somehow that convinced you to go and look for Silver by yourself.
Walking around the forests of NRC, you found Silver sound asleep, leaning ever so comfortably on the tree. 'He looks so beautiful'.. He looked very comfortable.. You almost forgot why you were here! You were supposed to wake Silver up! Though you could have just simply nudged him and called out for him.. you had other ideas... Comfortably sitting beside Silver, you leaned in.. and for a second you paused with your movements. Taking in his features.. 'He looked lovely' you nudged your head, mumbling under your breath to focus.
You leaned in and gave Silver a kiss, Silver was quite sensitive to movement, that seemed foreign.. especially in his sleep. It didn't take long for him to carefully open his eyes, as he made eye contact with you.. "It's time to wake up love.."
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work/theme without prior permission and or confirmation.
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atl4ntxc · 3 months
𝐨𝐡 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬.
— the moment they realized they fell for you, and how some of them deal with it.
Tumblr media
Riddle couldn’t bare the thought of you being away from him. That day, that fateful day where you took him out for a walk for a breath of fresh air, was the day that he would always remember and cherish. The way you asked for permission to hold his hand, the way you held onto them so gently, the way you laughed, the way you smiled and the way your eyes lit up at the sight of a blooming flower. Your eyes were the most lustrous that he had ever seen, and when you would look at him, he could feel himself melting inside.
Trey knew that he fell in love with you when he realized that he would always want you to accompany him. He would always seem to find ways to get you to assist him with baking, no matter how easy the recipe is. He will never get sick of the feeling of flowers blooming in his chest. Your joyous laughter always sound like a melody to him, and he would smile in return. He is never missing the opportunity to admire you from afar.
Cater never knew that he would actually fall in love. He couldn’t see himself liking anyone, but when you arrived, everything changed. In his point of view, you were the best person to ever appear in his life. You are so beautifully created, and if he were to ever see a flaw of yours, he would say that his eyes are the flawed ones. No matter what happens, he could always be vulnerable around you, letting his facadé drop. He will always trust you, even with the darkest secrets. You are his sole source of comfort and love.
Ace finds it ridiculous that he fell in love with you. No matter how hard he tries to deny his feelings, he would always go back into your warming embrace. He couldn’t help but notice of how enchanting you are, quietly watching you talk to your friends. The way he looks at you is so soft, it makes you bubbly inside. He bullies you lovingly, not aware of the glances that his friends give him... He’s so mushy it’s disgusting. He’s so going to get teased for this by his friends.
Deuce realized that he becomes a shy mess around you. Whenever he talks to you, his eyes would always avoid your dreamy ones. You smiling at him will always make him combust, making epel and ace laugh at him. He acknowledges his feelings, unlike Ace. He tells his mother about you, on how wonderful you truly are, the radiant smiles that you send him, he tells his mom everything. And that’s when he knew, he truly fell head over heels for you.
Leona spends more time with you. The moment that he realized he had feelings for the herbivore, he shuts you out and refuses to acknowledge his feelings. But being away from you is hard, it’s difficult. He would always be grumpy if he didn’t see nor interact with you. Once you step into the Botanical Garden, his ears would perk up and his tail would swish, the sudden excitement rushing through his body. The only person that he would let scratch his ears or head is you. You will always be that person.
The moment that Ruggie realized that he fell in love, he becomes all giddy. You and him had a picnic in the middle of a dandelion field, which makes him excited as he was surrounded by his favourite flower. You plucked a dandelion and gave it to him, “make a wish.” you said. He parted his lips and took a look at your gentle smile that held nothing but kindness behind them. The beauty of your smile is something that he cannot describe. Ruggie carefully cupped the dandelion in his hands before making a wish.
At first, Jack didn’t care about love. But he seemed to be proven wrong when he realized that he was in love with you, his friend. He shows you that he loves you by always shielding you from nearby trouble and protecting you ‘till his last breath. He will help you with anything, no matter how simple the task is. He will help you do your daily errands, accompanying you along the way— who cares if he’s tired? he needs to protect you!
Azul finds ‘love’ troublesome. He thinks that love is a waste of time— but that was before you came along. When you went to Monstro Lounge to dine in with your first year buddies, he couldn’t help but notice how bright your eyes looked that night. So, he took it upon himself to take your orders, as well as deliver the meals that you ordered. He will always be screaming on the inside from your interactions. Jade and Floyd knew of his little crush on you, and decided to tease him for it. He definitely tries to make you sign a contract, while hiding the written part that says "be forever mine".
Jade fell in love with you when you both went for a hike. He realized that you were actually listening to his ramblings about mushrooms, and it warms his heart. You would listen intently to every word he says, even commenting at some of the mushroom facts. His heart swirls with pride when he hears your hearty laughter, a sign that you enjoy his company. He is very subtle with his feelings, but everyone (except for you) noticed on how his eyes softened at the mere mention of the ramshackle prefect.
Floyd becomes more clingy with you. It isn't a surprise for anyone to see the eel cling onto you like a sloth. Nothing changed from his behaviour, everyone would think. But you and Jade knew that he became much more closer to you, more touchy. He craves your touch. Annoys you ‘till the end, but will always be by your side. Other students won't be able to approach you if the Leech hangs around you like a... well, a leech. So, free protection? He will protect his shrimpy no matter what!
Kalim can’t see the difference between platonic and romantic affection. But he does know that he wants to hug and kiss you. Holding hands and any form of physical contact will having him cooing in delight. But, the moment that he realized that he fell in love with you was when you were checking if he had any injuries on him. You could’ve let Jamil do that, but considering the fact that he’s incredibly tired, you let him rest. To him, you are the most beautiful human being to ever exist— the way your hand gently touches his, it’s making his heart flutter. You are perfect!
Jamil has no problem with love whatsoever. Although he doesn’t focus on that topic but focuses on Kalim instead, he could not ignore how you offered him help. Jamil didn’t doubt your cooking skills, but he does have a part of his brain that prays that scarabia’s kitchen doesn’t end up in ashes. In the end, your creation was mouth-watering. Jamil smiles at you, and you were beaming in delight when they said that it tasted delicious. He couldn’t help but notice how precious you looked in the moment and basked it in. But, he ignores his feelings— so you have to be the one to confess.
‘i don’t have time for love.’ Vil thinks. Surrounded by fans who adore him, he couldn’t care less about love. Sure, love sounds wonderful but it’s difficult to deal with. However, there was a time when Vil pulled you into Pomefiore’s dorm to get you dressed up, since you looked like a rotten potato. You could only sigh and accept your fate, patiently waiting for the makeover to finish while Epel struggles beside you. “open your eyes, potato.” so you opened them. wait— since when did the prefect had such an angelic look? You looked like you were perfectly glowing. Vil’s cheeks were decorated with a soft red hue, eyes softening at the sight of you.
Rook is well... Rook. He understands the concept of love too much. Most might think, "he def fell in love the first time he saw u" and you are not wrong yet not right. At first glance, he only adored you. You were just doing archery for fun, when Rook popped up beside you. “Trickster-kun, doing archery? So magnifique! Come, show me your skills!” you held the archery arrow towards the apple above Rook and shot an arrow, a subtle smile present. “Jackpot. Thanks for the offer, Rook—” He immediately held your hand and got on one knee, “mon trésor, please be mine.” “what?!” congrats, now you have a hunter trailing behind you, asking for your hand in marriage.
‘ew, love.’ that’s how Epel views love. Love is so... yucky. Seeing all those happy couples makes him want to vomit. He gained feelings after spending more time with you, most of the time trying to escape from Vil. Once he realized he had a crush on you, he tries his hardest to be a man in front of you. Becomes an agressive chihuahua whenever someone talks bad about you. If he wants to lead you anywhere, he would tightly hold onto your hand and curse ace for laughing at him. One of the priviledges you get for being his crush is that he doesn’t mind you calling him pretty.
How the hell did you get Idia to fall in love with you? Being a naturally caring person, you asked Ortho to give Idia a bento that was made for him. Ortho happily agreed and gave it to Idia, who was confused. Once Ortho said that it was from you, he started to blush aggressively as the tips of his hair begins to turn pink. Attached to the bento, was a note from you. Agh, he can’t take it anymore! He needs to cool off!
Malleus fell in love with you during one of your late night walks. “Malleus?” you called onto his name, making him look at you. The way his name rolls off your tongue sounds so perfect. “What’s wrong, child of man?” he softly asks. It was clear to everyone that he was infatuated with you. “here... i made you a flower crown.” Malleus stares at the huge ring of flowers on your palm, before returning his to look at you. “A flower crown..?” you put it on his head and smiled at him. “like this. You wear it like this!” Malleus could feel his heart thumping loudly againts his ribcage, as the tip of his ears turn pink. “I see. Thank you, child of man.”
Lilia has had past partners before. You’ve been Ramshackle’s prefect for straight 3 years now. However, to this day, Crowley still hasn’t found a way for you to return back to your original world. Although it hurts to imagine you leaving him alone, he has to accept it. He fell in love when he realized that you care a lot about Silver, Sebek and as well as Malleus. They were like family to you, and it warms his heart. He loves you so much. The more that he is in love with you, the more that he scares you. It’s his way of loving, okay?
The moment that Silver fell in love was that when he woke up from a nap to find a lunchbox made especially for him. He moved his head, coincidentally finding a flower crown on top of him. Still a little drowsy, he read the note that was left to find out if was by you, the ramshackle prefect. His cheeks slightly turns red, a small smile graced upon his face. Nobody except for Lilia had cared so much for him, and he is grateful for it. The birds that were surrounding him chirps happily as he ate the lunchbox’s contains, thinking about you. He’s definitely in love... and he doesn’t mind it.
Sebek’s purpose was to protect Malleus, his waka-sama. He didn’t think that he would fall in love, much less with the ramshackle prefect, his acquaintance! He wouldn’t focus on his feelings, but would instead focus on protecting Malleus (who doesn’t need protection but sebek dgaf). He fell in love with you once he spends more time with the first years (containing you). He needs waka sama
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ritcchamadayo · 2 months
a little self-indulgent, but-
Meeting the Family! ft. TWST Beastmen / Mermen
[headcanons / imagines]
Tumblr media
For the Winter Holidays, you were invited by your boyfriend to visit them at home! You happily accept, but you never know what happens when going to a non-human gathering...
this is mostly going by my own personal hcs and whatever little tidbits TWST had given us about their families ;;;; TWST please do a family reveal
Kingscholar Royal Family
Cue Cheka running towards you in full speed :
Cheka already accepted you as his older sibling since you met on Campus!! He's happy someone's taking care of his Oji-tan at school and helping Ruggie out!
Falena on the other hand is a bit of a wild card. You'd be surprised, who knew the King of Sunset Savanna was so... carefree? He treats you really well as the King and as Leona's brother, and all around just really excited. Sibling-in-law soon i hope~? He'd jump around in joy upon meeting you!
Leona and Falena both had the utmost respect for the Savanna's females and Falena's wife, Leona's Sister-in-law, stood quite high in that hierarchy.. needless to say, she's a really well-respected queen within the kingdom and very responsible. But you seem to have piqued her interest, and she's warming up to you quickly! She'd hold herself back from trying to groom you like she would with Cheka, Falena, or Leona sometimes!
Leona would definitely try to swat away his family from bothering you too much just because they're interested. When else does your Prince, Younger Brother to the King himself, bring back a potential mate?
Cheka would love cuddling up to you! Leona would forcefully pull Cheka away because he also wants to cuddle up to you- but hey, you could take a nap surrounded by warm lion beastmen so you don't need to worry about getting cold!
Bucchi Family
Ruggie's grandma adores you!!! She's so happy to see that her dear Ruggie has found someone who'd look after him and feed him!! She'd prepare Ruggie's favorite donuts upon knowing he's coming back with you, and would definitely try to make you eat as much as possible. She loves her grandchildren, and even though living in poverty, she'd do anything to make you and Ruggie happy.
The kids in the neighborhood though, oh boy. At first they'd be all pouty and angry at you, sometimes sending a snarl or a growl your way. But Ruggie stepped in, and you realize that they just didn't want anyone to take away their big bro away!
It's easy enough to get them to warm up to you though! If you brought along plenty of treats for them, they'd flock around you and would be on their best behavior. Good food, good life. Even just a little candy would get them happy!
Bucchi-grandma would definitely remind you to not give them (or Ruggie) too much sugar. You don't want them to go bonkers on sugar rush.. that would destroy the entire place! Ruggie's more responsible now, but you cant help but wonder how he'd look like on a sugar rush when he was small.
Bucchi-grandma adores when you help out with the chores. She gets tired quite fast doing chores every day, but with Ruggie and you helping out, she could finally sit back and relax. And she's so grateful to you!
Howl Family
Jack's pack is definitely an active bunch. Jack's father, would definitely be on high alert. He doesn't want anybody hurting his pup, even though he's all grown up. And moreover, he doesn't want the newcomer to break apart the pack Jack's grandparents had established together in the Shaftlands.
They're definitely a teensy bit territorial, but it only extends to the area around their house. Jack's grandparents, the leaders of the pack, doesn't necessarily bother their children's affairs much but they'd want someone who could blend into the pack and form a relationship as close as family with the rest of the pack!
Jack's mom was wary too at first, but she'd be the one to warm up to you faster and start coaxing her husband to let his guard down. "Jack's brought home a good pup dear, maybe you should give them a chance. He's all grown up now, and it won't be long until he makes his own pack."
Jack's dad would warm up to you after that. He's a little awkward on showing his emotions (which his wife had laughed at) but he's trying his best!! Congrats! Howl-papa now accepts you as Jack's mate! (though Jack may have a few words to say regarding them calling you his mate already... man's just embarrassed.)
Oh Jack's younger siblings love having you around! They'd be shy and hide behind their mother at first, but when Jack called them over to meet and introduce you, you'd find that they're such sweet kids! It'll take a while for them to get fully comfortable but don't worry, with Jack by your side, they'll come around!
Ashengrotto Family
Ashengrotto-mama loves your company! The first thing you see as you enter Azul's house was this badass lady using all 10 of her limbs to cook up a storm! She even freed a few limbs to give you a little greeting hug!
Ashengrotto-papa doesn't show his enthusiasm as much as his wife, but he greeted you properly nonetheless. While Ashengrotto-mama is the businesswoman of the family, Ashengrotto-papa was the one knowledgeable of laws. No wonder Azul made himself a successful business! (All the while avoiding crimes with his shady activities...)
Ashengrotto-mama would definitely fall for you too when you help her with cooking or compliment her dishes. Despite running a restaurant under the sea, she's very knowledgeable about cooking for humans and her dishes were stellar, you can't help but fall for her too.
At first they were surprised to hear from Azul that he had found a human partner, but after seeing how you acted lovingly around him in his octo-mer form and all in all simply loving him for who he is, his parents were glad. Azul may have had a hard time back in the days about his body, but he's been getting the confidence boost he needed from you and that's all the Ashengrottos could ever wish for!
Ashengrotto-papa would be the one holding in the emotional tears, he's so happy that his son found someone who loves him just the way Azul is. Considering this is Ashengrotto-mama's second marriage as well, and her original husband was nowhere to be found as Azul was growing up, he's simply glad Azul found someone and that his love life was far smoother than Ashengrotto-papa's or Ashengrotto-mama's. He's grown up into a fine young man with you by his side.
Ashengrotto-grandma simply watches on fondly, she loves seeing her grandchild happy <3
Leech Family
The first time you met them, oh boy, you might have mistook them for some sort of mafia family. I swear they're not!!!!! They're just a normal family!!!!!! The sharp-teethed smirk scared you at first, but hey, you've spent a while with literal twins with the same traits. You'll survive, right?
Their parents definitely bet on who's gonna find a partner first
You could find so many similarities between the pair of eel-mers with their two sons! Like how Leech-mama's as excitable as Floyd but also a worrywart like how Jade is sometimes, or how Leech-papa's calmness mirrored Jade but he can show his cocky, confident side sometimes that mirrored Floyd's. The two made for a real power couple 👉👈 but they love both twins equally!
Leech-mama would be over the moon! She'd swim up to you and hug you and your boyfriend with her entire body, exclaiming about how happy she was that her son found someone he cares for on the land. She'd make for a bone-crushing hug, but thank goodness it's not you getting crushed, it's the eel twins.
Leech-papa would be skeptical at first. Considering his placement at business and how people like to butter him up using gifts, he'd thought the humans up on land wanted to strike a deal with him or something. But once he's gotten to know you, he'd be a jolly dad and won't stop teasing his sons about the relationship! ("So have you tried doing *it* in your merform?" "DAD WHAT THE FUCK-")
Leech-mama would definitely make you promise to look out for her boys (both of them) while on the land, so that they don't get into unnecessary trouble.. kudos if you could reel in Azul as well knowing that those three were as tight-knit as ever.
(If you took Jade as your boyfriend) It's Leech-papa's win! He won't stop bragging to his wife how he won the bet. "I told you, people would go for a gentleman like our Jade!" Jade thinks it's amusing that his parents bet on them, and would proudly brag about you to his family. Even if it was her loss, Leech-mama would be cooing over you two for ages! (She definitely didn't give Jade signals to treat you like an absolute royalty... Okay, she might have, but Jade already treats you like one anyway~)
(If you took Floyd as your boyfriend) It's Leech-mama's win! She'd be swimming circles around your group and laughing at her husband while bragging. "See! Our Floyd's such a blast to be around, people would fall for him!" Floyd laughed and swam around alongside his mom, and you could even see him clinging on her side while they zoom around you. You could've sworn you felt obligated to join them on the zooming!
(additional - If you date both at once) Aww! Leech-mama and Leech-papa would have to call it quits on the betting, but they'd take a small W for whoever made the first move~ They're going to definitely pull their two boys and you for a giant family hug~! They're elated that their boys have found someone who loves the twins as much as their parents do!
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ceruleancattail · 2 days
OMG REQUESTS!!! Yayyyyyy :DD could I please request octavinelle with a s/o who gets amnesia, and doesn't remember their romantic involvement? What do the boys do? Thank you sm :)) hope ur having a great day <3333
Octavinelle with a s/o with amnesia
He won’t take it too well. What, you’ve forgotten him? After all you guys been through together? It’s some cruel joke, isn’t it shrimpy? You’re just getting even with him for all the pranks he pulled…. Right?
Floyd has you by the arms, shaking you like a broken toy. As if by some miraculous force, you’ll be able to remember him. Jade has to pull him of you, but Floyd’s still holding your hands. He’s particularly crying at this point. Sobbing out all the memories he treasures with you.
Floyd makes sure he stays near you. He’s never too far away, hand creeping around your waist. Maybe you’ll remember him. You just need… some time, right?
Until then, you aren’t getting rid of him that easily.
Azul takes it as well as you can expect him to.
His hands are clasped around your cheeks, eyes desperately searching your face for any spark of recognition. His eyes water, tears threatening to spill over.
You truly don’t remember him? Azul Ashengrotto’s hands release your face, opting to run them through your hair, curling a lock around his fingers. He’s doing his best to conceal his emotions, yet his lips tremble.
Azul keeps you by his side. Whether he uses a contract, or simply hires you, Azul has an eye on you at all times. He can’t just leave you alone, not like this. You might not love him anyone, but that’s fine.
He has enough love for the both of you.
Jade’s surprisingly calm about it.
He strokes your cheek, gazing into your eyes. Jade has dealt with enough customers to know when someone is lying. You weren’t. You genuinely don’t remember him. Nor anyone else, for that matter.
You were fully a blank canvas, void of whatever memories you had. It’s painful for Jade, even though he conceals the hurt. It’s hard to look at you without remembering the times you two spent together, hand in hand.
Jade tries to help you remember. He’ll quietly bring you to your favourite places, muttering stories about what you two did there. Jade’s hands unconsciously seeks yours, fingers closing around yours. Take your time, prefect.
Until then, he’ll be right here.
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angelltheninth · 4 months
TWST dorm leaders where Reader and them aren't aware everyone else thinks they're dating
Anon I love the "didn't know they were dating" trope. It's so funny to think about and has some pining/angst potential too.
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, developing relationship, confessions, feelings realization, misunderstandings, courting
A/N: When I see this trope I know I'm gonna want to punch the screen but also laugh my ass off.
Riddle knows there's something odd going on. He sees and hears the other students glancing at the two of you and whispering among themselves. Frankly it's a little annoying to him that they're talking behind his back. It's not until he overhears them talking about him inviting you to tea parties often that he realized how that might have looked to an outsider. If the other students seem to think that there's something going on already then he might as well go ahead and try his luck at the next tea party.
Leona loves having you around really. Having you sing his praises, stroking his ego, flashing him those sunshine smiles that do odd things to his heart and mind. It took him a long time to realize that those feelings were, and once he did he was determined to win your affections over the right way. He might not apply himself fully when it comes to teste and studying but he will for sure fine a way to sweep you off your feet.
Azul is aware of your feelings for him right away but not of his for you. He saw you a fun plaything at first, not even realizing how fond he's growing of you despite it being obvious to his Housemates. He tried to deny his feelings for a while only to fail miserably when he thought you might be stolen away by another student. He suspects that this is just a ploy by Jade and Floyd. Damn them it worked. The next thing he knew he was embracing you, pulling you away to privacy and set to confirm what he already knew with a kiss: the two of you were meant for each other.
Kalim is much too nice to realize that his actions were flirtatious in nature. He loved hanging out with you, his arm around your shoulder, joking with you and complimenting you all the time. He did start noticing the way you blush around him though and it made him re-examine a few of your interactions with him as opposed to your other friends. He couldn't sleep all night when he did the same for himself as well and realized how blind he was being this whole time. He asked you to meet him in the gardens the next morning to straighten things out with you. When he met you with a full bouquet of flowers you suspected what he was going to ask. The answer was yes of course, you would love to be an official couple.
Vil was never too concerned with what people talked about, the rumors they spread, he knew the truth and it was all that was important. Or was it? When he heard that there were rumors going around that the two of you were a couple it have him pause. He wasn't sure what to make of that, you were amazing, smart, beautiful, but did you really like him like that? Did he give you reason to? Did he give you reason not to? He was determined to find out either way, and hopefully by the end of it, win your affections for real.
Idia and you exchange a lot of texts and video calls with each other, more than with anyone else really. It's not unusual that people started talking when you spend so much time in each others company. Neither of you were aware of just how affectionate and flirty you were acting over text until it was pointed out to both of you. His next few texts are very careful, testing the waters, trying to see if there is actually something more between you two. It's not working. When he gets frustrated he decided that it would be best to confirm it face to face. He could see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, in the way your hands shook when you held his, he knew you liked him, and he liked you as well.
Malleus doesn't even think about it when the two of you walk hand in hand, or when he's reading a book with his head in your lap. He's touch starved and you provide that touch and affections and smiles, he loves that. But he didn't realize how much he truly loved you until it was time for the dance. He knew he wanted to go with you, to see you laugh all evening, to feel you close to him, to feel your lips against his. He wanted to make what he'd been hearing whispers about all term a reality.
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devvelle · 4 months
All Mine
Genre: fluff
Characters: dorm leaders (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, and Malleus) x gn!reader
Scenario: what makes your boyfriend jealous and what he does about it <3
Notes: none!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts ; when you're having fun with someone else.
Even as your boyfriend, Riddle can’t do things with you that would go against the dorm rules or hurt his image—which you totally understand. But when he sees you laughing with someone else, doing things he can't partake in... it makes him really jealous.
Eventually, once it gets to him, he really won't want you hanging out with those people anymore.
He knows they probably aren’t being bad influences, but he will act like they are. He'll give them unimpressed stares when you're not looking, and if they're in his dorm he’ll use his unique magic against them to keep them away from you.
When you two are in private, he'll try let loose more. It’ll feel unnatural for him, but he wants to have fun with you, too. He’s afraid you’ll get bored of him.
If you play along for his sake and try to bring him out of his shell, he'll appreciate it. He might even be honest about his feelings once he’s comfortable telling you the truth.
But if you tell him that he doesn’t need to change for you, he'll get really shy. He'll deny feeling jealous, but reassurance of your love would mean a lot to him in the moment.
Ultimately, he just wants to be the one making you smile the most.
“As long as you’re sure you’re happy… Yes, I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar ; when he sees others trying to take care of you.
Leona is a gentleman. Maybe everyone else has trouble believing so, but he's incredibly attentive once you're together. He escorts you places, buys you things you need, and comforts you when need be.
But if he happens to see someone else trying to do any of that for you, he will not be happy. He sees it as disrespectful, like they're trying to tell him he isn't doing a good enough job. To make it worse, you’re too kind to refuse these gestures from others, which sets his jealousy off.
With his temper, you will know immediately. Leona doesn't like to play games. He will tell you what’s bothering him and ask why you’re entertaining that behavior when he's right there. If you can’t give him an answer, he’ll stick himself to you like glue and won’t let anyone else near you for the day.
Assigns Ruggie to the very important task of keeping tabs on you afterward. Gives him specific instructions to monitor your conversations; if you’re talking to anyone for too long or if they try to do something for you, Ruggie is to interrupt and say you’ve been summoned by Leona.
Mandatory cuddles and telling him you love him is your punishment. He hates feeling jealous.
"You know what you signed up for with me. Now, come here. You’re mine."
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto ; when he becomes aware of the options you have.
Seeing how popular you are among the student body makes Azul particularly jealous.
You’re friends with so many others within the walls of Night Raven College; dozens of boys with promising futures make up your circle, including several princes, and all are just one call away from coming to your aid should you ask. So it’s a bit hard for him to not feel jealous when they don't seem to back off even after you announce your relationship.
He’ll wait it out at first, but if they don’t leave you alone he’ll be really ticked off. However, Azul is aware that he isn’t particularly intimidating and can’t fight.
So what does he do? He shows you off instead, to prove to them that you're his.
If he wasn't using Magicam before, now he's posting you every day. He's posting pictures of you with new jewelry he's bought you and images of you cuddled up to him at night, even linking sweet love songs to them.
When he checks his views and finds the individuals that triggered his jealousy, his satisfaction in through the roof. Don’t question his smirk.
If, for some reason, flaunting you on social media isn’t enough, then Azul might have Floyd give your friends a scare. Nothing serious, just enough to make them delete your number and change their routes to class to avoid you. You wont even notice since Azul is now escorting you to class on his arm.
"Do you not want me to show you off? I don't see a problem with reminding everyone who you chose."
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim ; when you might be taken away.
Kalim trusts you so much, so he just doesn’t get jealous. Your relationship is so healthy and communication between you is great.
The only time he'd maybe feel jealousy would be if someone planted the idea in his head. Like if Jamil makes a joke about you and someone you're with looking quite close, Kalim might start questioning the situation.
However, he'd be more concerned for your safety than jealous. He'd approach you and drag you away in a rush with an innocent excuse to the other individual. After all, if they're trying to charm you while knowing you’re in a relationship, they have to be bad news.
He'd talk to you about it immediately, though, before any of his thoughts spiral and before you can think he’s overreacting.
Would go heavier on the PDA to remind you he trusts and cares for you. To some extent, he might be thinking he can gross that person out this way so they’ll get the hint and give it up.
Kalim is just too sweet of a guy to feel jealous honestly. There’s not much else to say. He’ll make you feel so safe.
"Just wanted to make sure you were okay! I think we should steer clear of them for now, yeah?"
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit ; when you don't see what he sees.
Vil gets annoyed easily, definitely. But it would either take something truly concerning or the involvement of someone he deems a threat to make him feel jealousy.
He often acts like he knows what's best for you, so he tells you to stay away from certain classmates. Especially the ones that he sees being a bit too kind to you.
If you dismiss Vil’s concerns and the individuals get bolder with you to spite him, he’ll be pissed. Honestly, if he didn’t have contractual obligations and a reputation to maintain, he might resort to threats.
If it goes on for long enough, he’ll start feeling jealous.
The result is a super petty Vil.
If you want to spend time with him, he'll redirect you to one of those friends. He'll ask you why you want his attention now, when you clearly preferred theirs yesterday.
Though it’s hard for him to turn you away when all he wants is to hug and kiss you, his mind turns it into a silly game to find out if you love him most of all. This keeps him in a cycle of pettiness and insecurity.
Still, he doesn't want to neglect you. He wants you to see his perspective, so once he’s had enough of going without you, he’ll explain why he feels his worries are justified.
Once you exchange apologies, he’ll return all the love he withheld.
"Now do you understand? I'm only trying to protect you from ill intentions."
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud ; when he can't be the one that's with you.
Get jealous very often, but keeps it to himself.
Idia knows you have to hang out with others a lot because of his boundaries. He doesn’t always feel comfortable enough to go out, so you ask your other friends for company to avoid pressuring him.
Still, it doesn’t make him feel great that there is always someone jumping at the chance to be with you.
When he gets notifs that you posted to Magicam only to see you looking happy with someone else, his jealousy escalates quickly.
Unfortunately, Idia isn't very good at communication especially when it comes to his feelings. So he will give you space instead, and let you enjoy yourself to prevent ruining your day with his doubts.
He will continue lurking your profiles for the next few days, but he won't like anything or reply to your messages. He'll self-isolate until you come to him, whether it be hours or days later.
When you do come see him in person to ask what’s wrong, you'll be stuck with him a while. He won’t admit to feeling jealous, but it’ll be clear from his questions that he wants to be sure you still want to be with him.
Lots of quality time will fix his mood. He might prefer the quiet of his room to the noisy outside world, but he makes it very clear that you’re always welcome to disturb him. He’d much prefer that to seeing you with other people.
"We can go somewhere together soon, so don't ask anyone else anymore! B-but for now, could you spend the night?"
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia ; when you give away your time with him.
Malleus loves to have alone time with you. He's very grateful that you always reserve time in your day just for him.
But on the occasion that someone seeks to interrupt this time, and you don't turn them away or happen to cancel on Mal entirely for them, that’s when he’d get jealous.
He'd dismiss himself from the situation to let you take care of your business, but he would actually just be hiding nearby and listening.
If the person seems to be taking up your time for reasons that Malleus himself finds unworthy, he won't hesitate to use a bit of magic to make that person suddenly leave you alone, as if possessed.
He’ll return to you pouty and distracted. He’ll initiate lots of physical touch, and might even suggest going to his dorm room while he milks all your affection.
He doesn’t hide feelings of jealousy because he’s learned your instinct is to coddle him when he makes it obvious. Your giggles and half-hearted apologies in response to his melodramatic words of worry make him fall deeper in love.
When he’s jealous, Malleus doesn’t care for words of reassurance as much as he does actions. He is quite secure in your relationship, but he will never get tired of seeing how comfortable you are with him. He loves knowing that you won’t ever run away.
"Now that they're out of the way, I do wish you'd learn to say no. I am quite selfish when it comes to my time with you."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: Okay so I tried to get Riddle's Halloween card but I could NOT get any SSR until freaking pity. Then that last key set gave me both Jack and Ruggie's Dorm Uniform SSRs instead of Riddle 😭 I thought, "Wow, Leona really sent his underclassmen after me?" And that gave me the idea for jealousy hcs…
Hope u all enjoy, holiday prompts will probably be coming soon! kisses <3
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zahrathub · 3 months
Tumblr media
tell me your thots !! do you agree ? disagree ? tell me why <3 i’m curious
rook hunt please fuck me <3333
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