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ceecci · 2 months
hello there! may i request a oneshot of azul fucking his girlfriend out of jealousy? his girlfriend is so pretty that there are lots of eyes that stares at her everytime she came in mostro lounge :( so he decided to show anyone who she belongs to~
Calamar qui envieux!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╰┈➤ ❝ Content preview: Featuring azul, smut, female reader, light bondage (tied up wrists), around 0,4k words. 17+
Tumblr media
Loathe, Azul loathed to see students, and even some of his dorm members staring at you like you were some type of food, as if it wasn't obvious that you were already belonging to someone, which was him.
And at first, he just ignored it, sure of himself that they weren't that stupid to not read the room, when the two of you were present, but he was wrong. He was wrong, the moment he caught one of his classmates talking about how he wants to try having a date with you.
Isn't that absurd? The silver haired flicked his tongue at the reminder before pulling forward, his colored tie whom had your wrists tied together.
"My dear, you are too stunning...it's getting annoying to see so many eyes on you too...shall i, show who you belong to?"
While he pronounced those words, he left many slow kisses just to tease, starting from your back to the crook of your neck, slurping on the skin to leave his first mark, which emitted a few low noises from you before taking use of two fingers to prepare you, but Azul got taken aback when he noticed how it went in smoothly, humming in satisfaction.
"It's coating my fingers already~...no need for me to continue, hm?"
Overwhelmed by the warm sensation of his mouth still being fresh and his fingers still present in, you only gave a nod with your head and it was enough for Azul as he positioned, and carefully buried himself in.
Just like Azul excepted, he efficiently went in before, with a grasp on your tied arm, he unexpectedly turned you around to your side so that he could take a look at your face expression changing at every jerks of his. To make sure that no one dared to even think about making a move on you again, he'll ruin you...just a "little" bit.
And by a little bit for Azul, it's turning you into a sobbing mess, giving you false hopes by edging you everytime you were about to reach your peak and gee, he wasn't even done with decorating your neck with colored bites.
He pronounced it in a purr, gripping on the flesh of your upper leg while he bended over and moistened with his tongue, your colored buds that were left untouched since the beginning, instantly making you shift.
"dear...you look even more prettier like that. And, 'm fortunate enough to be the only one to see that~"
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angelltheninth · 2 months
The type of pervy boss who keeps your panties in his desk drawer and uses them to jerk off. Even better if you see him doing it, then he can tell you to change into the cum covered panties and give him the ones you've been wearing today. Rinse and repeat.
Miguel, Sukuna, Draken, Baji, Silco, Dabi, Tomura, Reo, John Price, Azul, Divus, Jing Yuan, Dottore, Millions Knives, Hal Jordan
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mrs-schoenheit · 1 year
Yuu: Okay Yuu you got this just— JUST BE LOWKEY OKAY?!? *deep breaths*
*Azul walks in*: Prefect are you he—
Yuu: I am inlove with you
Azul: …what..?
Yuu: I mean what’s up?
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Twst dorm leaders with an affectionate S/o
A/n: btw as for the minors basically everyone besides vil Idia Leona and malleus, this is not sexualising them it's just a fluffy scenerio
Riddle rosehearts
He is not used to affection at all so he's gonna be so shocked when you hug him for the first time my boy was confused he was like
"is there something you need?"
And your like "nah I'm just hugging you"
he's like "oh."
So he's very happy of course, plus he's touch starved (I mean who isn't in twst?)
"do you want me to stop?" "Oh no no it's fine I quite like it, I'm just not used to it is all" riddle said as he's faced reddened. After that hug he really liked faint wholesome touches here and there, such as hugging, headpats, high fives, hand pats (don't ask why i just see him patting your hand) etc. And when he does these often that means he feels safe around you since he only shows this side of him only to you, seven forbid ace and cater find out about this.
nah they lowkey saw riddle resting he's head on your shoulder with a happy look the face, they snickered and riddles head whipped so fast, then ofc they got the good ol' "off with your heads!" But overall he genuinely feels safe around you and absolutely loves having tea parties with only you.
Leona kingscholar
Okay so he's a smug bastard, so he acts all cocky when you show your "soft side" to him but on the inside he's over the moon. He loves how affectionate you are and how you show it tho ofc he'll never admit that.
"eh herbivore I'm always the one asleep on your lap didn't expect it to be the opposite"
"I don't even know how I managed to be sleepy before you but it is what it is" you said slowly dozing off
"yeah whatever, don't get your hopes up because this is a one time thing" he said coldly, you hummed as you drifted off. once he made your you were fast asleep he gently stroked your hair, his eyes filled with nothing but admiration
"I swear you have a love spell on me herbivore, it's annoying"
Azul ashengrotto
Like riddle he is touch starved, the only affection he received was from he's mama and no one else, so one day when you just go up to him and kiss his cheek his face goes wild red
"heheee look jade azul looks like goldfishie when he's maddd~" Floyd laughed at azul
"Fufufu indeed he does floyd~, dear prefect has quite a strong affect on him" Jade replied with a closed eye smile
"s-shut up! Both of you! Go back to your jobs otherwise I'm cutting off your salary!!" Azul screeched at them, the twins then backed off leaving you with a flushed octopus
"ahem..s-sorry dear prefect ahah.. it's just, you see I'm not very used to physical affection not that I don't enjoy it, no no it's quite the opposite"
"oh I see, well as long as I'm around you'll get used to it!" Azul smiled, satisfied with your answer as he hugged you and patted your back
"I have to go back now, i promise I'll make it up to you after we close the lounge"
"Ooo were gonna go to the aquarium right?"
"yes, since that's what you've been looking forward to, tho I don't understand why?-"
"it's okay azul you don't have to understand everything" azul scoffed at that comment but then patted your head and went back to doing he's work
Kalim AI-Alsim (I have no idea how to write he's name I'm sorry)
You guys are made for eachother like holy shit soulmates all the way, he loves affection, you love affection, perfect match. Jamil is so tired of y'all tho generally feel bad for him it always goes like this:
"KALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMM" you yell running to him
"S/OOOOOOO" he yells back also running to you with he's arms out ready to tackle you, then you both tackle eachother and end up falling on the floor, Jamil in the distance contemplating his entire life like
"why was I born?
Why did I have to see this?
what did I do to deserve this?"
But you two are too preoccupied yelling your guts out
Vil scho....yea hell no I am not even gonna try to write he's last name
Okay this can go one of two ways. 1. He loves the affection but wont necessarily show it or 2. He hates it and will poison you if you don't get tf off him right no-" yeah I'm just kidding that was a joke, he loves it, he isn't touch starved he gets a lot of attention, just not like genuine love so he appreciates the fact that you love him for who he actually is and not because he's popular and pretty, like Leona he'll never admit that outloud but he enjoyes it.
Vil was doing he's makeup Infront of the mirror when you entered his room waving at him from the mirror
"hello dear prefect how are you doing"
"oh I'm doing fine, what about you? Anything new?"
"I'm doing good as well, also not much, except for the fact that epel threw another fit about not wanting to wear the uniform" vil sighed as you laughed
"yeah you'll never get him to wear it that's for sure" you said as you kissed the crown of he's head, vil looked surprised for a moment but he's eyes softened as he continued doing the makeup, he'll never say it outloud but oh how much he loves those faint pecks on he's head
Idia shroud
(my favourite omg 💗😞)
He is the most. Touch starved person in NRC, forget malleus and riddle he takes the cherry on top, so imagine the first time you kiss he's cheek he's hair goes all pink and he's screeching like "AH PREFECT WHAT WHY DID YOU KISS ME?" Don't mind him it's not that he doesn't like it he's just never expirienced it, ever so he's covering his face with his hands while rocking back and forth breathing fast, almost like he's having an asthma attack or something- so when you manage to calm him down he apologises, you of course tell him it's nothing to be sorry of and you two move on, but not Idia, he was thinking of a way to make it up to you, so that's why he took 3 weeks of courage and managed to kiss you on the cheek but then vanished from existence, no one knows where he went, only ortho.
Malleus draconia
He loves you no questions needed, and I'm not really sure if he received any affection? I think he did from Lilia but who knows, what I do know is that when you peck he's lips for a split second he reboots, he's trying to process wtf just happened and then when it hits him it hits him like a train, so he's smiling like little kid Jimmy when he first gets he's bicycle, he asks if he can and kisses you back, the kiss lasting a bit longer, after you said your goodbyes my man was skipping to he's house, he was like a sunshine he was so happy he was like
"Lilia prefect and I shared a kiss"
"oh great that means you must get married now"
"oh really?"
The next day you woke up to the whole nrc being covered in your favourite flowers and you were questioning if this was a ceremony of your funeral or smth. But in all seriousness he loves you. And wants your hand in marriage. N o w .
The end
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schoenht · 1 month
Tumblr media
a. ashengrotto x reader smau
synopsis: as childhood enemies, it is azul and mc's duty to argue with one another and attempt to defeat each other in every way possible, from academics to extracurriculars to magic. but what happens when their rivalry turns into something deeper, something more heartfelt?
genre: smau, enemies/academic rivals to lovers, slowburn, angst, crack, fluff.
warnings: mc is the diasomnia housewarden, a lot of cursing.
note: welcome back, here we are with another smau and this time, it's azul !! obviously this one is not planned entirely either although i do know where i want to go with the story so just bear with me </3 once again, do not be surprised if i delete some chapters in case i don't have anything to write for that chapter. dm me, send an ask, or comment under any chapter/this masterlist to be added to the taglist!
Tumblr media
sour patch kids | bank of the bastards
act one.
i. a bean for your thoughts
ii. gmfu (get my fellow underlings)
iii. bottomless pitcher of rage
iv. experimental failures
v. ya like jazz?
vi. anywhere cold as you
viii. call the UN, jade has escaped containment
vix. alexa, play stadium rave
x. glimpse of party rock
xi. volleyball and an octopus
xii. what the fuck is a kilometer!!!
xiii. i do what i WANT
xiv. bibbidi bobbidi boo bitch
xv. shots and swears
Tumblr media
act two.
xvi. boogie fever
xvii. shut up, do not dance with me
xviii. to be announced...
Tumblr media
act three.
to be announced...
Tumblr media
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twistedcece · 6 months
Twisted Baby sitting: Mer-babies (pt 1)
Twisted Wonderland x F!Reader
Note Fluff (This Blog does not do NFSWs, also the reader is Yuu or your Twisted Wonderland OC) also please ask for suggestions I'm really interested
Pt 1: Out of all the boys Azul is the last person you would think of you would get hit with a potion but you didn´t expect the twins to approach you after school to ask you for a favor.
Characters: Octavinelle trio
Everything seemed a bit well quiet, not that you were complaining, the first years were at the Ramshackle studying for an upcoming test and Grim probably passed out on the Ramshackle couch with an empty can of tuna on his stomach.
¨Heeeey shrimpy-chan~¨ a voice said from behind you. You nearly jumped a mile you were so startled although you really should have seen it coming especial from Floyd.
¨Floyd come now.¨ Jade said with a small grin.
¨ Oh Jade, Floyd, what ´ s up?¨ You asked griping the strap of your bag slightly tighter.
¨ We need your help, you're good with kids right?¨ Floyd said guiding you away from the Ramshackle.
You remembered the few times Leona had shoved Cheka at you when he came to visit a few weeks ago, and if you were perfectly honest you felt like you babysat the first years quite often (except for Jack most of the time)
¨ Yes why do you ask?¨ you asked cautiously
¨ Well Azul got into a bit of an accident in Potions class earlier today.¨ Jade explained you quirked an eyebrow.
Azul messing up in Potions class? That was like Grim scoring anything higher than an 80 on an exam.
As Jade explained you noticed that you had been dragged into the Mostro Lounges VIP room and on the desk was a large pot filled with water the color of unripened peaches. You wrinkled your forehead in confusion.
¨ What in the Great Seven is going on?¨ You thought " Is this one of Azul´s plans to drag me into another contract ?¨ You asked both Jade and Floyd laughed.
¨Shrimpy-chan so funny.¨ Floyd said ruffling your hair.
¨ No, no, this well-¨ then the pot shook violently and a small round face popped out, tears pricking the corners of his eyes and ink dripped out of his mouth.
You blinked twice before you sprang up from the couch and looked from Jade to Floyd who both looked like they were trying really hard not to laugh.
¨ Is that?¨ You asked pointing at the tiny octopus merboy slowly lifted himself out of the pot.
¨ Yep.¨ the twins said, Jade then went over and picked the smaller rounder Azul who tried scrambling into the pot when he approached.
¨ Come on Azul.¨ Jade said struggling to get Azul out of the pot, You stood up and took Azul while Jade finished removing the pot.
¨ So...do you want me to watch him during your shifts at the Mostro Lounge? ¨ You asked as the chubby toddler used his tentacles to play with your uniform tie.
¨ Not exactly.¨ Jade said your eyes narrowed as you gave the twins a icy stare.
¨ Then what?¨ You asked coldly.
¨ Do you think you could watch him until the potion expires?¨ Jade said taking a seat in Azul´s office chair. You shifted your weight to make holding Azul a bit easier.
¨ And how long would that be?¨ You asked.
¨ Tomorrow morning.¨ Jade said, You sighed.
¨ Fine.¨ You grumbled, grabbing the pot walking out of the VIP room then draped your uniform jacket over him so he would´nt be seen or be made fun of by a certain Trappola trouble maker. You stopped half way towards the Ramshackle and watched as your fellow first years left after the study session.
¨ Okay.¨ You thought as you watched them head to their dorms and Grim following Ace and Deuce. ¨ Just get inside, lock the doors and get Azul in the water without getting seen. Easy.¨ You felt something cold brushing your cheek.
You looked down and saw Azul´s jet black tentacles brushing your cheeks as he looked up at you with his sky blue eyes with an innocent look on his face that you had never seen on him before.
You sighed then smiled at him, ¨ You hungry? ¨ You asked, Azul nodded frantically and you chuckled as you rushed into the Ramshackle, up the stairs and into the bathroom to fill the tub.
¨ Alright.¨ you said turning off the water but trying to lower Azul was like trying to get Grim away from a can of tuna. You groaned then you got an idea, You reached into your shirt pocket and pulled out the ace of hearts key chain that Ace gave you after one of his basketball games.
Azul´s eyes locked onto it and you grinned Floyd had told you one time that when Azul was younger he would search the ocean floor for anything shiny. ¨ If you get in the tub you can play with this.¨ You bargained Azul crossed his arms pouting and looked away from the trinket as if trying to restrain himself.
¨ N-no.¨ he squeaked tentacles tightening around your waist.
¨ If you want food you have to let go and let me get it.¨ Azul paused and looked up at you then slowly he allowed himself to be lowered into the tub. ¨ Thank you.¨ you said handing him the key chain he grinned and went under the water.
You closed the door and went into the kitchen to find him something he might enjoy. You were in the middle of chopping pears when you heard a thump from upstairs.
You panicked and bolted upstairs and flung open the bathroom door to see your bathroom supplies in the tub and all over the floor and Azul in the corner of the bathtub sobbing.
You rushed over and knelt down on the edge of the bathtub picking up the supplies and setting them back to their place on the shelves. You felt Azul get closer and wrapped his tentacles around you.
¨ Was he scared of the noise?¨ You thought ¨ Hey its okay.¨ You cooed pulling Azul into a hug his tentacles grabbing almost your entire waist and nearly dragged you into the tub.
¨ I-I ´ m sorry!¨ he sobbed.
¨ Sorry for what?¨ You asked, Azul slowly pulled out the Ace of hearts key chain which was broken in half. Aw that ´ s why he ´ d thrown the other stuff he'd panicked when it had been broken and panicked what you might say to him.
He looked up with you tears running down his face and bit your lower lip trying to hold back from squishing his chubby cheeks even if he was crying you couldn´t help it he was SO cute just like the picture.
¨ It's okay.¨ You said, taking the trinket lightly and setting it on the sink counter ¨ I can always fix it later.¨ Azul sniffed and you wiped away some of the tears. ¨ Now, now no need to cry it was an accident.¨
Azul warped his arms around you in a hug you stroked his hair until his sobs stopped he looked up at you and you smiled.
¨ Cute.¨ You thought patting his head then a low growl interrupted the sweet moment and Azul looked away.
¨ Don ´ t worry.¨ you chuckled handing him the plate you ´ d brought and he grinned taking the pears eagerly. After he finished you picked up the plate and were about to leave when Azul tried to scramble out of the tub.
¨ Don ´ t, don ´ t l-leave!¨ he stuttered grabbing your shirt, you nodded and sat on the bathroom floor and played for about an hour until you looked at your watch.
¨ It ´ s already 9 pm!¨ You yelped as you stood up, Azul clinging to you. You looked down and then sighed you defiantly couldn´t leave Azul in the tub.
One, when he got back to normal he definitely wouldn´t fit in there anymore, two because Grimm would get some stupid idea for revenge, and three you didn´t have time to remove him from you. ¨But wouldn´t he dry up?¨ You thought, as you realized that there was a knock on the door. You sighed and went down stairs to find a bottle on the side table with a note attached.
¨ Just in case you don´t want to worry about him drying up. Good luck.¨
¨ Really.¨ You groaned ¨ They could have given me this hours ago but no.¨ You uncorked the bottle and offered it to Azul which to your relief he took and drank the whole thing which turned out to be a tad bit awkward when you realized he now needed clothes.
¨ Okay that should work.¨ You sighed as you put Azul into the bagiest t-shirt you owned and made it into a makeshift onesie. ¨ Ready for bed?¨ You cooed Azul nodded and you grinned and lifted him up and sliped him into bed with you then fell asleep.
The next morning Azul found himself in a room that was not his he shifted and found a pair of arms around his waist he turned his head and his face went as red a tomato to see you asleep next to him. He managed to calm down but barely then he smiled.
¨ You really took care of me all of yesterday? ¨ he whispered then bent down and kissed your forehead ¨ It seems I owe you a favor and a new shirt my dear pearl.¨
Over the next week Azul would never leave your side offering to help you with your studies and showered you with gifts (Your not going to get rid of his easily so enjoy your time with him).
See you later Twisted dreamers!
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rs-wonderland · 7 months
Could I request the housewardens receiving a bouquet of flowers made by their s/o?
Tumblr media
{ i didn't know if you mean just flowers or like a paper made ones. So i did for the paper ones, i hope you don't mind!}
♡He is so happy and impressed by it!
♡The flowers are little red roses, and Riddle thinks it's so cute. Impressed by your hard work, and his heart melted by thought of you loving him that much to stay up all night to gave him somethings special.
♡They were putten on his desk, right beside a picture of two of you on your first date.
♡Ace point it out when he was in his room, and he needed to paint the roses red for the next 2 months.
♡After you gave them to his he tried to make some for you, but when it failed he just bought you the real ones.
♡Leona never cared about flowers or any present if he wasn't the one giving it to you.
♡But gosh, this little yellow sun flowers are just so pretty. And most importantly you made it just for him (which made him so happy with the fact that no one paid that much attencion to him, with him being the second born), he tooks big pride in it.
♡They were putten on one of the drawers besides his bed, so he could look at them everyday he wakes up (or everyday that Ruggie wakes him up)
♡In return he got Ruggie to buy you you're favorite flowers and some chocolate. With hand written letter, made by Leona himself~
♡You got his tail waving left to right with love♡
♡Oh great seven he loves it! Would tell you that he should be the one to spoil you, but he is really grateful
♡He will either keep them on his desk in the office or in his jacket pocket.
♡Got Jade and Floyd to get you some flowers and would TRY to make you paper ones, BUT fails and glue was every where. (never again)
♡Tries to start a job with selling your paper flowers, for not so small sum of money.
♡Boy number 2. Tring to make you ones back.
♡Tries to make you ones back, bc he want you to have something special from him but also bc it looked fun. It turned out pretty good!
♡When you gave it to him he thought it was the most adorable thing ever! Jamil got irritated with Kalims reaction.
♡he carries them everywhere with him. And shows it to everyone, not to be a braggart, he's just very proud of you and your effort to make something so beautiful for him.
♡Puts it in the treasure room after sometime for sure.
♡Vil is used to getting flowers from his fans, he is pretty popular. But he never got any hand made flowers like this.
♡Little suprised by it tho, maybe you just didn't have money to buy real ones, but he isn't the one to talk about that. Thinks they are very pretty.
♡So proud of you're hard work, and posts a picter of the flowers on his social media with title: "The most beautiful flowers, by my beautiful @ potato~♡"
♡Puts them right in front of his mirror so everytime he does his morning or night routine he could look at them and it always makes him smile.
♡Rook got you're little romantic moment of giving them to Vil on camera.
♡OMG YOU GAVE HIM HAND MADE FLOWERS!? His whole dorm heared him scream like a little fan girl.
♡He waited for his anime moment like this forever! And you made it even better than he imagine it.
♡Stand there with little flowers in his hand, with his face and hair being red as tomato, also smiling like crazy!
♡Made ones to you back, ofc they were perfect and because Idia is a shy boy, Ortho is the one who gave them to you in person. OR he made you a little flower gif and send it to you in DM's, also didn't text you the whole day, because he thought that you maybe wouldn't like them. (Like a said shy boy)
♡He put them beside his computer, so he can look at them all day.
♡He is really happy! No one ever gave him anything, especialy hand made flowers! Now he loves them more than real ones!
♡Learned to make them when you showed him a couple of times. And then he made you a crown out of paper flowers.
♡Was so happy, he showed it to Lilia and others, reactions were everything! Lilia talking about some 'young love' thing, Silver smiled and went back to sleep, also Sebek was jealous so he tried to give Malleus paper flowers himself. (it didn't work)
♡He takes them everywhere with him, also showed it to Idia. Leona saw it to, and he rolled his eyes to the ceiling, mumbeling how stupide it is. (Malleus wasn't having it AKA. they got into fight)
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kalims · 1 year
‎˃ ᵕ ˂ . . "do I like you? is that even a question?"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you like me, don't you?
heartslabyul : savanaclaw : octavinelle : scarabia : pomefiore : ignihyde : diasomnia :
Tumblr media
"w-well, you say it like it's a bad thing." azul says. his sentence comes out rocky at first, he curses himself for letting a stutter squeeze through but he can't really blame himself when you took him by suprise.
he neither acknowledges your words or denies it. a smart move, he can just say 'i never said I did.' if you just so happened to react negatively and taking your words into opportunity it's as if he already has it in the bag.
sure he's nervous. somehow he can feel his palms grow clammy from the way his glasses seems way too slipper in between his finger and his old habit of unconsciously fixing himself up starts to happen.
but all he can hear is his heart hammering so loud that it actually sends shiver down his spine. the beat vibrates throughout his body, singing a hopeful song.
it's funny how much exactly he gambled through your words alone. this was a great opportunity he absolutely will not miss. certainly better than letting his feelings go unsaid, he never really did plan to confess but oh well.
you smile and he feels like he just found a jewel lost in a sea, a jackpot. "oh really?"
"fufu,,, would you like that?"
jade is cruel though it was already evident the earlier times you've come across him with your friends, wearing the same polite smile everyday. you remember the time your mind quite literally focused all it's attention on his teeth when he grinned, they always say dangerous things are the most prettiest.
somehow your mind completely ignored the fact that there's a twisted pleasure in his grin when he witnesses someone in visible agony or pain. of course, you cant literally sense that kind of thing. to your standards atleast but you wouldn't be suprised if there's some kind of spell for it.
but you just knew, and if there's anything jade likes more than pain decorated cruelly on others it's probably toying with other people and you're 50% sure he is with you, right now. first he'll get your hopes up and crush it with a few words, all pampering and sweet then cold the next second.
despite of hanging out with him with the free times you sometimes posses. you still don't know how to get out without being hurt. "hmm... maybe, but do you like me?"
just answer with neither yes or no, that's the best thing you could come up with right now. something made up last minute but you suppose it works.
"of course." he smiles, it seems a little less menacing than his usual one. "what's there to not like?"
if jade was that kind of guy you'd be intimidated at from his quietness alone, it's sort of cold, certainly having an off feeling to it. the way he talks, stands or even looks at you. then floyd would be the one you'd be intimidated at from the way he's able to spout concerning things so casual and brightly, and then transitioning to an actual dark tone so quickly.
'crush you to death' you as well misunderstood it as literally until he just hugged you.
—very tightly at that. you suppose he just has an interesting way of wording things.
"of course I do!" floyd replies happily. squeezing you tighter by sheer joy each passing second, you don't know if you should cry from the restriction of proper oxygen or cheer at his scary cuteness.
you choose the choice to live. "hey can yo—"
what the hell was that ace?
"what's this lovey dovey stuff? 'I like you too you know'." ace cuts you off and his interference alone had floyds grip already slipping, then the words register and he's hugging you tighter again.
are you shitting me. you think, obviously the male was joking cause he even forced his voice to sound deeper, akin to floyd's which makes you think that the boy is trying to match up their tone. it was meant to be lighthearted and mocking but you think that it completely flies over floyd's head.
ace realizes his mistake too late when the tall, big, scary, eel man's face takes a turn for the scariest. "hey.. you wanna get beat up?"
"hey man I was joking—"
you learn that floyd won't really care if someone's joking or not because he will chase them, going from intimidatingly scary to more pleased to witness the change in their expression.
ace tells you to not go near him with floyd in tow anymore the next day.
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katskitoshi · 10 months
"cute cover pic," with twisted wonderland
synopsis: crowley isn't paying you enough to survive and probably won't get you home anytime soon, so you decide to do a few modeling gigs for some extra madol!
-- or: when your boyfriend sees you on the front page of a magazine after your first modeling gig.
characters: riddle, cater, azul, & vil x gender neutral reader.
riddle rosehearts... the second year dorm leader of heartslabyul?
riddle doesn't read magazines or things like that, he's more particular to long, chaptered books. even though he doesn't really read them, that doesn't mean that some people in his dorm don't.
on the way to the courtyard, riddle sees a couple of magazines spread across the tables in the lounge. he's dislikes the mess and decides to put the magazines in their rightful places. upon skimming over and organizing the magazines, he sees you on the cover of a few dressed in hearts, red, white, black, and gold in a royal and sophisticated style: a combination that suits you perfectly.
he blushes a bit from the resemblance of your outfit to his dorm, but he is more stunned by how beautiful you look adorned in the clothes. you were naturally beautiful to riddle, but the pretty pictures did nothing but glorify his thoughts.
you informed him prior of the gig but riddle didn't have to time to accompany you to the set. he picks up the one he likes of you the most, and slips it away. surely the dorm members wouldn't notice a single magazine missing, right? and there are no rules about borrowing magazines.
instead of the courtyard, he walks to ramshackle instead to confront you about the magazine. well-- less of confront and more of congratulate.
"ah, [name], i noticed this magazine has you on the cover page. good job, dear, i am glad you were able to accomplish something so great for it only being your first time." riddle hugs you then gives gentle kiss, "it truly is a shame that headmaster's incompetence had to be the reason you did this, but i am so glad you did it. my favorite has to be the one of you here. the red and gold truly bring out your natural beauty."
cater diamond... a heartslabyul third year?
there was no way to avoid cater on a matter like this. when you had informed him that you'd be doing a modeling gig, he was ecstatic. he followed the modeling company on magicam so as soon as the new magazine was out he could get it.
it was almost like he was more excited than you. and when he got the notification on magicam that the magazine you'd be featured in was out, he rushed to sam's shop to get a copy. when skimming through the magazines, he sees one of you on the cover and he squeals so loudly that sam almost checks on him.
the cover is over you wearing clothes similar to his in color scheme with diamond shaped accents in accessories and in clothing. he couldn't wait, taking a picture of the magazine for magicam and tagging you, leaving sweet comments in the caption.
when you arrive at heartslabyul to see your dear boyfriend, he drags you to his room and gushes about how cute you were on the cover. with your rising fame, you two are sure to take over magicam as the best celebrity couple around!
"baby, you were so cute in that cover photo! you did so good! can we take a pic for magicam?" when you give him the yes, he holds you close to him and takes the picture, captioning: basically dating a celebrity now lol. "ugh, i'm so proud of you! i just can't wait for all the amazing things your gonna do in the future."
azul ashengrotto... the second year dorm leader of octavinelle?
azul's so very proud of you for having the confidence to do a modeling gig! when he first saw the cover, he blushes shades of red he didn't even know he was capable of blushing.
i mean-- how could he not fall in love all over again seeing you dressed in formal clothing colored in black and purple. there were some ocean-like accents too that made him swoon.
of course if all goes well, he can always have you promote the monstro dorm.
and of course, it goes well. so well in fact that you make the cover page of the magazine for this being only your first gig. and he is surprised. he didn't doubt you for a minute that you couldn't do well. you are the most beautiful being in the twisted wonderland and in every world to ever exist after all. he's more so surprised that you made the cover page on your first shot. most experienced models have hard times making it to the cover page.
still, he is very proud. most people around campus have kind of figured out who you are. when you become more and more famous, azul does a autograph signing at the monstro lounge and business booms more than ever.
he thanks you profoundly and praises you and your beauty. he constantly reminds you that he loves you for you and not your rising fame. one day, he pulls you into the vip room and sits you on his lap to face him. a bold move for the shy octopus.
"[name], my love, you did so well today just as every other day. thank you for promoting the monstro lounge again. i'm so proud of you." azul kisses you on the forehead and traces hearts on your skin, "you are the most beautiful being i have ever laid eyes on, i envy you." he kisses you once more, "even if you lose all your fame, i will still be here for you. promotion means nothing to me compared to your perfection."
vil schoenheit... the third year dorm leader of pomefiore?
in all honesty, vil was probably the one who got the gig for you. he has all the connection you'd ever need or will ever need. one magazine will probably have you and vil doing a a cute couples pose on the cover.
the other one is the one vil was truly shocked at, that made him feel like he wasn't the most beautiful of them all and like he was okay with it.
a regal clothing style composed of purple, black, and hints of red and gold. it was simple yet bold. the pose you were in held authority yet compassion. he saw the epitome of beauty on the cover of the magazine. and for one, he wasn't jealous of it.
vil congratulates you and praises you. fans on magicam take storm of the pictures of you and you and vil together. with your rising fame and vil's ever growing current fame, you both are bound the take magicam by storm as the best celebrity couple.
"ah, [name], you did so well today. i am so proud of you. making the cover page on your first modeling gig is a great accomplishment. you are such a beautiful person," he smiles genuinely. "i am the fairest of them all and so are you, together we are and always will be the fairest. what did i ever do to have a beautiful and perfect lover such as you?"
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rayisalive · 3 months
you know what this is about and we talked about it so
there's no way any of us wouldn't say it
headcanons for whatever ones you wanna write for when yuu says that they looked amazing in their overblot form
everyone knows it
if you don't put vil in this i am blocking you
Scared Fabulous
Tumblr media
|→ A/N: I am 100% putting Vil in this how could I not along with Azul.
|→ Includes: GN reader, Azul and Vil x reader, spoilers for book 3 and 5
|→ Tag.List: @yinenovica @snek-disappearedagain
|→ More works here
Tumblr media
As the area cleared you opened your eyes to be met with a giant figure.
Many would have called it a horrifying sight yet in your eyes he was the beautiful person you’ve ever seen
“You look beautiful,” you said, not realizing the situation you were in.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|→ Azul would be so confused at first, I mean who wouldn’t? Here he was about ready to let all his anger out and you just called him beautiful.
| Jade and Floyd would be confused at first but would probably just be like “that’s cool I guess to each their own.”
| Everyone else just stops before remembering that they’re supposed to be helping with the Overblot.
| Anyways back to Azul, he’s gotten compliments before from other students at NRC but when you specifically tell him that you thought he looked beautiful of all things? He is over the moon.
| He was expecting people to be afraid or disgusted by the sight of him overblotting, not finding him attractive of all things.
| He wouldn’t believe a word you’re saying until you end up just spending the entire time complimenting him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|→ Now Vil overblotted because despite all his efforts Neige managed to beat him, believing he wasn’t good enough.
| Really he saw himself overblotting as an unsightly and hideous thing, yet somehow you had managed to believe he looked beautiful.
| That was what he needed to hear though. He just needed someone to tell him that even in a state like this that he was stunning, that he was still good enough.
| Rook would probably agree too and everyone else is just so concerned and confused on what’s wrong with y’all.
| Vil would probably continue on trying to destroy everyone yet also be questioning how you could think that, bringing it up after he recovers.
| “You look amazing,” you say as if a giant ass brick wasn’t being thrown at you and everyone else is fighting for their lives.
Tumblr media
©rayisalive 9/16/22 None of my work is to be translated, plagiarized, or reposted without my knowledge. Reblogs are appreciated too!
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Nightmare Comfort Octavinelle
Prompt: Y/N had a nightmare and asks comfort
Characters: Azul, Jade, Floyd
Fish Mafia my beloveds (✿◡‿◡)
Y/N is going to be gender neutral to the best of my abilities. They/Them Pronouns, and I’m going to try and avoid gendered descriptors <3
TW/CW: Not describing what was in the nightmare but if that ambiguity bothers you and makes your mind spiral please don’t read and have a wonderful night, 
Heartslabyul | Savanaclaw | Octavinelle (Here) | Scarabia | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Diasomnia |
Y/N jolted upright, holding their chest as it felt as if their heart would run away. They tried to calm their breathing and their thoughts, unable to shake the horrors their subconscious cruelly subjected them to. They took some deep breaths and manage to calm themself enough to look at the time. They squinted as the cheap phone Crowley gave them lights up and the numbers display on the screen. It was late.
They wondered if it may be too late to ask for comfort from someone. Of course they could just pet Grim but they didn't feel like dealing with the feline whining and complaining in that moment. So taking another deep breath both to sooth their shaky hands and for some courage, they opened their contacts to make a phone call.
Azul Ashengrotto
Y/N stared at Azul's contact for a while. They weren't sure why he insisted on putting his number in their phone but it was safe to assume it was just easy access to make a deal with him. They sighed softly, not sure if they wanted to risk getting condescended to by the business man at a time like this. They let out a small sigh, pushing that thought to the side and called him. The phone barely had time to ring before his voice came through, as charismatic as ever.
"Y/N!" he started, "what reason do you have to be calling me so late? Answer quickly, I'm a very busy man, you know."
"Ah.. I was actually wondering if..." they trailed off, seemingly losing the ability to form a coherent sentence suddenly.
"Continue," the merman prompted them.
"Maybe you could stay on the phone with me for a while?" they hid their face as if he could see them through the phone. Saying it out loud to Azul was more embarrassing than they had anticipated.
"Hm.. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have company," he paused for a moment, the loud sound of papers being shuffled coming through, "though it'll cost you" they could tell that he was smirking by the smug tone in his voice.
"... maybe I should have called someone else," they sighed shakily.
"No-" he said with a sudden sternness, "ahem.. I've just decided your company will be trade enough."
They laughed a little, "you don't want to be alone either, do you?"
"Don't be ridiculous, I quite enjoy my solitude," he huffed
"Okay, Takoyaki," they snort
"Did you just... you know what nevermind, I'll call you back on video."
Azul hung up, calling back fairly quickly. He already had the phone propped up as he worked. He looked much less put together than his usual professional appearance. His tie was undone, resting around his neck, as well as a few buttons on his shirt were left undone. He was missing the coat from his dorm uniform too, though it was too late to be all that worried about appearances. It's not like there would be customers this late.
Y/N smiled a little, snuggling into their covers after propping their phone up.
"Azul?" they spoke softly
"Y/N, I need to focus. How chatty do you plan on being?" he glances over at them.
"Not very.. Thank you."
"Staying here with me"
Azul's cheeks dusted pink as he looked back to his papers, looking composed otherwise, "Mm of course. How else would I guarantee your patronage?" he joked with a small smirk.
Jade Leech
Y/N bit their lip anxiously, as they stared intently at Jade's number. The eel wasn't nearly as volatile as his brother but that was what was insidious about him. What if he used this against them later? What if he blackmails them? It was a fair assumption of course even if they considered the two of them friends but they really didn't want to be alone. They took a deep breath and called him before there was time for anymore doubt to flood their mind.
They bit their bottom nervously, fidgeting with anything and everything in the short amount of time it took for Jade to pick up the phone.
"Good Evening, Y/N," he spoke with a smooth and clearness that implied he hadn't yet gone to bed, "you're up late, is there something you need?"
"Yeah there is," they adjusted themself and took a breath, gathering their confidence.
all their confidence dissipated when they heard his signature mocking yet polite chuckle, "well, are you going to tell me or should I come see for myself?"
"You don't need to come see!" they yelped out at the mere suggestion of the eel coming to them, "..well there's nothing to see, I just had a really bad nightmare,"
"I see, and you wanted some form of comfort?" he asked, voice smooth and words calculated.
"And how exactly will I be compensated for this?" he asked slyly.
"My eternal gratitude?" they pleaded halfheartedly.
"I need a bit more than that, though you should hurry. We wouldn't want to lose more sleep, would we?"
"No.. how about this, I'll come foraging with you at some point," they suggested, though it wasn't necessarily one of their big interests they were willing. They enjoyed Jade's company anyway so why not?
"Yes, I do believe that will be a sufficient enough trade off,' he chuckled, feeling an immense amount of satisfaction from this exchange.
"So should I call back on video?"
"No, that won't be necessary."
another chuckle was heard before the click of Jade hanging up came through. "Maybe he's going to call back, and that's why he's being all cryptic," they thought up this lie to make themself feel better, getting more and more concerned as they waited, but there was no phone call. Instead there was a knock on the door, not the front door, but their bedroom door. They jumped in surprise. "Did he.. come here anyway..?" they questioned internally, getting up and opening the door. Sure enough, there the eel was, directly in front of them with a sly smirk on his face and hand elegantly drawn to his lips.
"Once again, good evening,"
"You really didn't have to come all the way out here.. you look like you haven't slept at all yet,"
"I haven't, we had a lot of work to do at the lounge,"
"Well then why are you here? What's Azul going to say?"
"I'm sure Azul will manage just fine without me, you forget he's the boss," he laughed and leaned down a bit closer to their face, scanning their features for any kind of reaction.
They pushed his face away instinctually, feeling as if he was treating them like some meek prey animal that is to be studied before hunted. He was thoroughly entertained by such a reaction of course.
"Now, I suppose I should ask how you'd like me to get you back to sleep," he smirked, taking off his coat and getting comfortable.
Floyd Leech
Y/N wondered if it would be a good idea to call Floyd. He was a huge wild card, call him when he's in a bad mood and there's no telling what might happen. That's a lie of course, its likely to just result in one of his signature squeezes or getting mauled by the eel. Of course there was a chance he'd be in good mood and they would receive some sort of comfort. They squinted at the phone but shrugged as they call him. The worst that could happen was he threatens them a little, they'd be fine. They smiled a little after telling themself this.
"Shrimpy~!" the eel picked up and whined happily, clearly having just woken up, "whatcha doing up so late?"
"Well, uh.. I had a nightmare," they explained sheepishly.
"Aw, poor Shrimpy," he teased, "how about I come give you a big squeeze," they could just tell from the tone of his voice he had the biggest grin on his face.
"Are you talking about a hug or.."
"A hug obviously," he giggled, the sound of shuffling and something dragging along the mic coming through loud enough that they moved their phone away from them.
"You don't have to come over!" they spoke, panic clear in their voice.
"But I wanna," he whined.
"Okay," they sighed, not wanting to accidentally trigger a mood swing.
"Alright I'll be over in a flash," he hung up.
Y/N sighed and pinched the bridge of their nose before getting up. They walked downstairs and waited patiently in their living room area. Ramshackle was run down sure but at least the sofa was still comfortable to sit on. They jumped as they heard the front door swing open.
"Shrimpy~!" Floyd mused loudly, closing the door and rapidly approaching.
As soon as the two locked eyes, a mischievous glint gleamed in Floyd's eyes. A huge grin was plaster firmly on his face before swiftly pouncing on the magicless human. They let out an loud yelp and squirmed but to no avail. Floyd was getting his hug Cackling while writing this part.
"Poor, poor Shrimpy. Lets get back to bed," Floyd yawned, carrying Y/N back to bed.
He held them in a similar way to how someone would hold their favorite stuffed animal. Y/N didn't mind too much, this was actually quite endearing and cute in his own little way. Floyd was careful not to crush them when he flopped onto the bed with them, though the same can't be said for poor grim who scrambled away quickly. The cuddles were immaculate
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ceecci · 4 months
Winter in F minor.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╰┈➤ ❝ Content preview: Featuring azul, malleus, yandere behavior, coercion, implied mindbreak, imprisonment, non-con kissing, Lima's syndrom(Malleus), around 0,4k words. 17+
Tumblr media
"Hm? Are those…sweet tears of joy on your cheeks, darling? Aw~!"
You should have listened to the others when they said that Azul was cruel, and to not be fooled by how 'quiet' he looked. Yet you did.
Azul kissed away every drops of tears that kept running down your cheeks, but he was starting to get annoyed at how you keep resisting for nothing. So he tighten the grip his tentacles had around your body and took a tight hold of your face by your jaw.
"It is way too late for you to say no, the moment that you came here...the moment that my eyes laid on you, you were already mine."
Despair rapidly became visible all over your face and this made the grey haired smirk as you now, finally realized the position you were in.
Stuck in a cave underwater that only him and probably the two others twins know, if they find you here, there's a very high chance that they won't help you at all.
"Come on, you're acting dramatic...so, stop crying before i lose control of myself."
He left a slow peck on your dry cheek and then forced his lips against yours, biting the lower part before slipping them away, licking away the blood from his glossy lips.
This might take a long time for him to finally be one with you.
Tumblr media
Malleus has been taught ever since little, that love is something that he need to grasp and hold on it when he can. Those words were always in repeat in his mind and he always executed them to anyone that he find important to his heart, including you.
But you were different ; enough to toy with his heart, he needed you closer than the two of you were, he needed to make you unable to live without him.
And it was easy, by isolating you out of this world, he was going to properly take care of you.
Of course it was quite...the difficulty when you kept going against his words, but he rapidly made you surrender, even making you the perfect homemaker: always occupying yourself by taking care of the empty castle and cooking every plate, he couldn't let you with any employee for now. What if you attempted to run away?
"What are we eating today? It's smelling good~"
Malleus sneaked behind you, arms wrapped around your waist and chin resting on your shoulder, he was so happy about his dreams becoming reality.
Finally, you were only for him.
"You know, there's something that i’ve always thought...what if you had a big belly with our future child? Hm...what if i make it true?"
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viluvr-archived · 1 year
Hello!!! I really loved the outcome of the first ask I sent! If you don't mind me requesting again with the same scenario but with Jamil, Azul, Deuce, Silver, Lilia, and Riddle?? if that's alright with you tho! no pressure :) do take care of yourself! thank you again!!
Tumblr media
Jamil , Azul , Deuce , Silver , Lilia , Riddle .
GN!reader .
( A/n : Hello! I'm assuming this is the butterfly rqs ^^ tagging the person who has the biggest crush on Silver @twstwonderlandstuff 😈 )
Part 1 | Part 2 .
Tumblr media
Looking at the scenario, it's very evident that Jamil doesn't have a lot of time, considering the fact he's taking care of Kalim and supervising him is already a heavy burden to him.
"Jamiiill! Look here!" His head whipped around to see what you were holding, and no matter how busy he was he'd never not pay attention to you.
"Hm? Butterfly clips..? You wanna try 'nother hairstyle babe?" He was sure it was for you until, "Yeah! But... I kinda,, wanna try it on you! Will you PRETTY PLEASE ALLOW ME TO DO SOOO?"
Oh, it was.. for him? Well, let's think about what could happen, the vice house warden of Scarabia wearing such childish hair ornaments? It'd make his, Kalim, and his family, the whole dorm's reputation tarnished! Wait, why's he thinking about that? It's his lover whom he loves dearly, there's no such thing as making them upset.
And with a deep sigh but with a content small smile, he allows them to do so "Well.. go ahead, just be careful with the braids, 'kay?" You squealed excitedly, rushing up to Jamil, kissing his cheek, and hugging him "Aww really!? Thanks, Jamillll! You're the best!" He loves hearing your content happiness and praises, what's a little suffering about looking childish if it made you and him happy?
"Hold on! Don't move, 'm putting the last piece of the clip!!" It was the least to say he fell asleep at the process. "Mmm, ya done?" You hand him a small mirror while nodding.
"Sooo? What d'ya think?" There was a light blush on his cheeks, "Good.. I like it, y/n" "Aw, don't be so sappy babe! Cmon, you look adorbs!" Yeah, he was definitely gonna sigh deeply and tackle you to the ground and tickle you.
Tumblr media
He surprisingly agrees quite fast with some little convincing! All he's worried about is of course the Tweels, his intimidating character but then again, he's lucky he has a lover! Why not give them happiness every second, day, minute, and week.
"Tell me if I pull on your hair too much 'kay?" He nods slightly still not used to laying his head on your thighs, he must keep focus! And no embarrassing himself in front of his lover.
"'S ok Azul, you can relax" an airy chuckle came out of your mouth, oh no, was he too obvious! Please, and your laugh? Graceful. He can't embarrass himself anymore!!
"Yes.. of course, I'm relaxed y/n. What makes you think that... that I'm not..?" "Sure Mr. I'm intimidating!" You chuckle quietly at him and then kissed his cheek. Oh no, he was about to explode for sure.
"One more thing Azul.. wait! Don't look yet!" You've manage to add a pearl clip on his long hair strand, oh he looked beautiful with it. The long strand of his hair was bothering him these days, and there's a special clip for it.
He faces the mirror, oh.. he likes how he looked but, wait, do you like how he looks!? Surely you must because.. you did this, right?
"Done! You look cute, Azul. If I knew better, I would've done this way back then."
"Hey, Azuuuull! There's an annoying costum.. er.." Crap, Floyd Leech?! He's definitely gonna... "Jade... Jade, Jade, Jade!!.. Loo!" Before Floyd could finish his sentence he was dragged by Azul into the room
"Floyd! What did I tell you about knocking before you enter?!" "Eh!? But... hey! Why did you pull me here!" Azul sighed deeply. "I'll give you a raise and, a shift off. IF, AND ONLY IF you don't tell anyone this."
Floyd pondered long and hard enough.. he wasn't gonna work as much.. and he even gets a raise!.. yeah, he can definitely keep his mouth shut about this deal and what happened!
"Ya got it Azul!" "Good! Leave, now!" Well, he needs to be more careful next time.
Tumblr media
Deuce was studying when you came up to him, he was studying really hard to pass the mid-terms!
"Hey, Deuce! What ya doin' ?" God, he swears he'd pass out hearing that you say his name even if it's just his name!
"Studying! Yeah... studying.." you chuckle at his nervousness. "Chill! I got you these! Now before you judge it, it'll feel relaxing when I play with your hair" oh, yes! Of course, you were being a good partner, an angel! You're a dream he says in his head.
"So.. may I?" "You may" while putting the hair clips on his hair, slowly stroking his hair, and lightly massaging his scalp, he was about to sleep! No, he can't sleep while you do this and he was studying.
After you finish putting the hair clips on his hair, he actually ended up liking it a lot,, really!
He doesn't wanna take them off! Plus, as far as he remembers there were no rules about having hair clips on.. hed get to enjoy them, and he won't get "off with your head!"
He's glaring at anyone who looks at him with a funny look, and Ace is no exception. No one makes fun of what you do, especially if it's for him.
Tumblr media
It doesn't take much for him not to agree, after all, that's his reason to refuse? And he'd also fall asleep while you do so, so it's a win-win situation
"You wanna put those on my hair..? Sure :)" he's stiff as hell, he looks like a rock, is he even breathing? He knows Lilia would tease him for the clips, Sebek would scold him for not being a proper knight, and God knows who'd judge him for it. But he'd be willing to do anything to see you smile and be happy, even if it'd take for him to hear his old man's teasing and Sebeks' loud complaining voice.
Make sure to take pictures when you're done since it's 99% sure that he's still sleeping when you're done. He looks cute!
Everyone was staring at him when he went back to his dorm, he was confused (since he fell asleep, he doesn't remember 50% of what happened) not until.. Lilia came up to him "Oh? Silver you have butterflies on your hair! Did dear y/n put those on you while you were peacefully sleeping?" Lilia laughs at him a bit.
Oh, that's right, you were having fun with him putting those butterfly clips, he thought so. His peace was immediately ruined when Sebek stepped into the room
"You... human! That isn't suitable for a knight in training to serve the young master!" Silver was already sighing deeply while Lilia laughs at the two, "Bye old man, I'm going to y/n.. to sleep" "Hey! You human escaping! Come back here" "No thank you."
Tumblr media
He's ecstatic! Sure, sure, are these what youngsters do? Would he look just as cool? Oh, he can't wait to show it to Sebek, Malleus, and Silver!
"Go ahead! Take your time dearie, Diasomnia doesn't have any practices today!" He's hoping his way like a bunny making his way to you.
He moves quite a bit so pull on his hair as a warning, he's an old man, why's he moving so much? Kidding, kidding! He's just really excited to see the outcome that he'd sound like the kid who asks their parents "are we there yet?" Every trip.
"Lilia, Lilia! 'M done! Do you want... oh.." and before you could finish your sentence he took the mirror from you! "Apologies dear! Couldn't help it! It looks so... cool! Was that the word for it? Cater told me it meant like awesome or somethin'.." laughing at his cute but funny antics, you know how excited he is to show it to his not so adopted kids.
"Go ahead Lilia, 's ok. Show your kids the butterfly clips and small braids" he's staring at you with a small smile, "well, I shall thank you for what you have done! I'll see you later, dear!" He left a smooch on your cheek and then disappeared like thin air.
"Hey, hey, look! Check this out!" Malleus was distracted by the butterflies and he thinks the braids were pretty "I want one too..." Lilia could see Malleus poutin' "Hah! Now I'm the one who looks cool! Pretty groovy huh! Wait was groovy the word for it?" That day the dorm was filled with ecstasy.
Tumblr media
Wellll, with a lot of convincing then he'd agree. Just make sure not to show the pictures to Ace.. or anyone! Wait, what do you mean you're making it your wallpaper? You cant!
"You really wanna.. do this?.." he sounds like he wants you to rethink your decisions, "Yes! Yes, I do! Now, lay down and stay still. Please." He sighs knowing there's nothing he can do to make you back out.
"Oh, Mr. Rosehearts, 'm done! You look so, so, so adorable!" You left a small little peck on his right cheek that made him red.. he isn't angry! He's just.. flustered.
"Yes. I can see that!" He coughs to cover up his flustered state. You hand him the mirror and as he gently took it from you, hey he thinks it's not so bad.. and it matches the dorm's aesthetic.. wait, there's a rose clip?
When he saw the rose clip, it made him a lot redder, (if that's even possible for his state!) He of course being the good, gentleman, the lover he is, thanks his partner for letting him experience.. this kind of thinking
Still, don't let anyone see the pictures you've taken of him! But it's not that he'd be angry at you, so...
Tumblr media
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mrs-schoenheit · 1 year
Hear me out …. Tighnari!Yuu x Jade Leech
A series of…
Jade : What do you think of this mushroom prefect?
Tighnari!Yuu : *eats the mushroom* *vomits* *pass out*
Jade : Poisonus it is ^ ^
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xiaomainlmao · 5 months
Twst Incorrect Quote
Azul: Perfect timing, I just came up with a wonderful deal.
Azul: I receive your love and attention, and in return you receive mine! Sounds wonderful, no?
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schoenht · 27 days
May I ask for a lyric prank with Azul and Riddle? Lemme find songs hmmm (fully expect them to be taylor)
Okay, suggestions (you can do others if you want!!): I'm Just Ken or Last Kiss for Riddle, Dear John or Gorgeous for Azul
A bit unrelated to the request but you can bet that I'd do this all the time. Like, pov you're Azul getting a notif at 3 am saying “ALL THAT I KNOW IS I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE SOMETHING YOU MISS... I NEVER THOUGHT WE'D HAVE A LAST KISS”
Tumblr media
↝ lyric prank
characters: riddle rosehearts, azul ashengrotto
note: bites you LMAO EJWKFNMS I SHOULD HAVE TAGGED YOU TBH BAHAHAHAHA but how dare you assume i wasnt gonna use taylor songs. bro. you are THE taylor moot bffr. azul should be GRATEFUL tbh he's having a whole concert for free ??? i digress I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS AND THAT I DID IT JUSTICE </3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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