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balkanradfem · 1 year
Tumblr media
So I've been thinking for the last few days about how I wanted to make a sour cherry pie; they're still not ripe enough to eat and it's been cloudy so it's taking a while. But they're great for a pie. I've been getting an obstacle in form of 'in what container can I bake a pie', because all of my oven containers are big, rectangular, and generally not great to take a pie out of. I considered maybe using a plate, or a broken pan, but I would get a little put off. Whenever I see someone else do it, they're using those round glass containers for baking; I've always wanted one, but they're way too fancy for me, and I'd never buy one.
So fast forward to this morning; I had given myself way too many chores, failed to eat breakfast, got woken up too early by my roommate, and by 7am I was already in the garden, then working the field, then foraging for nettle. I was on my way back at 10am, feeling a little faint, but I noticed a big trash container in my way, and I'm all grumpy about having to go around it, the damn thing was in the middle of the walkway.
However, I noticed this trash container had a bucket, and a gardener needs buckets; as many buckets as possible (for catching rainwater). I also needed on for my future compost toilet, so that's another great reason to check out this bucket. I assumed it had to be broken or have a hole in it to be thrown away, and I peeked inside to see. There was some stuff in it. Some stuff that suspiciously looked like.. no. I couldn't mess with it in the middle of the street, I just took the entire bucket home, and decided to check it out in privacy.
I got it home, took the thing out, it was extremely, extremely filthy, filled with some sort of grease and ashes, I left it to soak in chlorine for a while to remove any bacteria, scrubbed and washed it several times, and this is what I got!
Tumblr media
A perfect glass pie container! At the exact moment I needed one!
And, this is not all the bucket contained. It also had: one small miniature glass vase, a few pieces of cardboard (thrown away), a particularly strong nail, a very strong screw (I'm collecting nails and screws to use them in furniture construction), a paintbrush (but a bad one), and a very low value coin (lucky coin).
And the bucket wasn't even broken. I'm so ready to start a homestead you gyns.
Extremely cheered up by this lucky find, I went to gather cherries and find flowers for my new tiny vase, I'm off to make a cherry pie.
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tobyaudax · 7 months
It feels like I've done something wrong, in that it took me... about 5 hours from crust assembly to removing the completed pie from the oven. Pies are hard and they sure don't seem like they should be! But it's apple and I'm a freak when it comes to cutting those and what parts I don't want to bite into. 2 apples in, I remembered I have a Mandolin attachment for a cheese grater, so that probably saved like, an hour.
No idea if the entire thing will be any good; just tasted the copious apple jelly that got out and samped a bit of crust, both of which were very good. I sure hope the bottom of it isn't all soggy or undercooked.
Hot tip: always read the entire recipe (or both of the recipes you cobbled together) before starting. It said not to include the juice off the apples post-seasoning and I sure didn't read that until the top crust was on 🤷‍♂️
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cherub-cafe · 2 years
ALSO PUMPKIN PIE. i forgot to mention that
u know who would eat pumpkin pie…..jerma….
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depresseddepot · 2 years
u know. i don't think i can be happy if i've altered my diet so much to the point where i can't make and eat baked goods.
#idk where along the way i developed this habit of thinking but like. im not a health nut. protein powder doesn't make me excited.#i keep having this reoccurring thought thats like 'oh one day when i fix my diet--' but like. no.#i WONT fix my diet. i eat veggies and i eat fruits but i like milk and bread and butter and cheese.#i might not like cooking that much and i might use canned vegetables but i love baking!!#you cant lose weight and keep it off if you have a strict diet and then stop dieting completely once you reach your goal weight#im sick of this shit. im sick of pretending like i don't expect to lose weight from working out#i don't diet and i don't want to. ill workout to stay healthy but i like making desserts!! and i like eating them!!#i dont have the metabolism the way other people do. like i cant just workout and eat well AND eat a dessert every now and then#but every day i get more fatalistic about the collapse of capitalism and worsening climate change so what the fuck do i have to lose#re: jesus all i fucking do is complain#tagged it even tho this is a relatively happy post bc its still Live Therapy TM i guess#u know one day ill be brave enough to get a personal trainer and once i do its OVER for you idiots#'diet' this 'bread/milk/cereal/juice makes you fat' that. yall are so boring.#have you never tasted a blueberry pie from the farmers market? homemade cinnamon rolls that take hours but are always worth it?#'i dont like sweets' oh what do you like then. soy sauce. vinegar. you eat onions on toast is that what makes you happy.#okay now im being mean lol but anyways fuck diet fads ill stay fat AND keep my blood pressure low thank you
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robotpussy · 1 year
baker boyfriend <3
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rainbow-arrow · 7 months
some news: i survived
some other news: people really don’t expect the salt to be with the other spices
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ilovejoo · 5 months
habits they get from dating you; enhypen
word count: 1.5k warnings: n/a gn!reader a/n: like & reblog & follow for more; new blog here lol THANK U FOR READINGG
always looking for you in a crowd to make sure you were doing okay, even if the situation doesn't call for worry
at parties, he can't help but scan the room to look for your familiar eyes. were you doing okay? were you having fun?
when performing while you're in the audience, he looks for your approval in the crowds while also ensuring that you were safe. was his singing as good as the singing he shows you at 3am on the living room couch? were you being trampled by his fans?
this type of habit that he developed is something he really can't help: though he trusts you to take care of yourself, he just wants the best for you.
subconsciously putting food on your plate before he takes his own
this can mean sneaking an extra choco pie into his pocket from a en-o-clock episode site or grilling the meat and placing it on your plate for you during kbbq nights. he grabs the first slice of pizza for you, reaches for the best piece of pie for you, and makes sure you have food to eat before he starts taking and shoving his own food into his mouth, even though everyone knows how much he values eating.
he saves the first, last, and best bites for you. if he knows you like a certain side dish, he'll move his onto your plate.
making meals for two rather than one, or eight rather than the seven of his group
he got so used to cooking for you that even when you aren't there, he finds himself making a bigger meal than he used to out of habit.
two servings of ramen- damn, he only meant to make it for himself, but he added two on accident since two is the amount he makes every time.
whenever he's cooking, naturally he adds a few scoops extra of each ingredient without even thinking; caring for you and making sure you have food to eat is something he does subconsciously.
calling you "my" when talking to other people, as in "my baby," "my y/n," "my darling"
you overheard him talking to jungwon while referring to you as "my y/n," and you felt your heart skip a beat. "my y/n baked me a cupcake the other day!" or "my darling studied all night for their exam, i hope they aren't too tired."
the way you both know that he is yours and you are his is something that incorporated itself into his daily life and daily conversations.
seeing you in every little thing, from the clouds in the sky to his eyes naturally spotting your favorite snack
his members are tired of hearing "oh y/n likes this!" "this looks like y/n!" "this reminds me of when y/n..." jake cannot get you out of his head, he is so down bad for you that every little thing reminds him of you.
somehow he will connect the color of a random car to the time when you went to the movies together and the commercial that played had the same shade of gray somewhere in it. romantic?
saying "i love you" literally every waking moment
when you wake up, in your sleepy eyes and messed up hair, he can't help but express the love he holds for you. seeing you shove a cupcake into your mouth: he's never seen anything more perfect in his life. you scored a 50% on your final exam: it's completely fine!
everything from your strengths to your flaws about you is so perfect, mesmerizing, lovable to him, and so he finds himself saying the words "i love you" every hour, every day. every time he feels grateful to have you in his life, he says a quick "love you," which is much more often than you would think.
playing with your fingers whenever you were next to him
like in iland where often he found himself fidgeting with the hand of the person next to him, your hand is always in his once he mustered the courage to grasp it the first time. rings, fingers, nails, anything on your hands becomes his personal fidget toy: all anxieties gone, all pressures relieved, everything perfectly fine. sometimes he will crack your knuckles, pinch your skin, earning a playful slap on his shoulder from you; the different ways he plays with your hands are endless.
asking questions like "did you sleep well?" or "was the food good?"
is this him being awkward and not knowing what to say to fill up silence, or is this him being a caring boyfriend? neither of you know, but you do know that he still genuinely wants to know in order to check up on you and make sure everything is good. his "did you like the chicken" translates to "i love you and i want everything to be just perfect in your life."
attentively studying the hair stylists to learn how to do your hair when he gets back home
whenever his stylist tries something new on him, a different idol from another group, or one of his members and he finds himself particularly liking it, he studies it to the best of his ability to best replicate it when he sees you again. the way the straightener moves, the type of products to use: he memorizes it all.
he will see a certain style and think about how good it would look on you, and how he needs to see it on you asap, so learning from a real professional would be the best way to do it.
saving saturday nights for dates and building his schedule around it every week
"wait, saturday night? i can't, i have plans." he did not have plans.. yet. but! every saturday is saved for you, no matter what. therefore, on the way home, he picked up some face masks and candles for a self care night.
he finds himself saving every single saturday night just for you, no matter what may come up. he loves spending time with you, so having this time together means a lot to him.
taking selfies everywhere to send mini updates of literally his entire life
you're his personal diary at this point, with the number of selfies and pictures he takes and sends to you. you thought he takes a lot of pictures for his fans? while that is true, he takes double the amount for you.
he makes up for all the time you guys are apart by updating you on things like his meals, practice ending, going to sleep, his member leaving his sock on his bed, etc. does it get too personal sometimes? yes, but you love it.
watching for your safety whether you are known for your clumsiness or not, his hands always ready to grab you
whether this means walking on the outer side of the sidewalk or hovering over you when you walk down the stairs, your safety is his priority.
when you bend down to grab something, he walks behind you so you feel safe, covered, and nobody bumps into you. when your head is dangerously close to the corner of a table, his hand gravitates between your head and the edge to prevent any potential injuries.
he can't bear to see you hurt or in pain, so he'll do his best for that not to happen.
always sleeping with something by his side, and he can't sleep without the feeling of another presence right next to him
his members have been replaced by you at night sleeping next to him. twiddling with your hair as your eyes began to close, snuggling into that crook in your neck: all flows right into his nightly routine. after a while, he got too used to your warmth that whenever you are absent, he can't fall asleep.
this is where weighted stuffed animals, heated blankets, and such came into play; he really could not sleep without you, or at least a subpar replica of you.
dancing, singing, and trying to look his best whenever you're around to impress you and earn words of praise
"y/n look over here!" he'd do a quick but fancy dance move that he learned in the middle of your living room.
"wait, watch this." he'll play a video of him that heeseung took of him shooting a basketball into the hoop from afar.
"did you see our new performance? wasn't i just so cool in it?" he will say anything to hear praise coming from your lips: of course, he hears it all the time from his fans, but hearing it from you has a different meaning, so he makes sure to always look his best and impress you with all that he does.
he wants to look ultra cool and awesome in front of you, but can you blame him? he's just so in love with you.
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promptful · 1 year
Oddly obscure Friends-to-Lovers prompts that I'll probably add to.
I'm uh, sorry? Requests are open, and please do not add to this list. I'm sure I have more somewhere in my brain, lol.
WARNINGS: Mention of drowning, mention of death, possible cursing. Alcohol.
Tumblr media
1) We’re having a movie night, just like we’ve always done. Your thigh is touching mine, and my thoughts won’t stop wandering.
2) We both just got off work, and I’m walking you home just like any other night, you trip on an unfortunate pebble. Just before you hit the ground, I caught you with one arm around your waist.
3) Throughout our childhood, it was always you getting sick, never me. You nearly passed out next to me with fevers higher than imaginable, but I was fine. Now, I’m bedridden and you won’t stop freaking out.
4) This is your favorite song, and apparently there’s an option to sing a duet. Oh… you want me to sing? It’s a love song? We’ll be right next to each other? Oh. Okay. 
5) You’re drunk, bent over a bar with a grin splayed on your lips. You’re clinging to me, and won’t let me fish your keys out of your pocket/bag, guess we’re taking my car.
6) I step outside to find a thank you note for helping you/picking you up/getting groceries for you, stuck to a plate of baked pie/cookies/cake. Oh my god, how can I make you bake more? …Why are your cheeks red? 
7) My roommate/ex/family kicked me out into the rain. I have nobody else to call but you.  
8) Your roommate/ex/family kicked you out, and it’s pouring outside. In my pajamas/loungewear, yet I ran to my car to pick you up. 
9) This is the stupidest thing we’ve ever done, I tell you, but I don't have the heart to remove your fingers from my wrist. 
10) You’ve always been a stoic nightmare who never smiles, laughs, or does anything remotely animated. But one night, you actually laughed and I think I felt my heart skip a beat.
11) There’s one bed, and I know we’ve shared beds for years, but your arm is around my hips, my back is against your chest, and your breath keeps brushing my neck.
12) I’m trying to hold you, and I can feel every little thing about you. Why did I agree to sleeping here with you again? 
13) Ohmygod, I know I just said I love you, and I truly did mean it, but then your eyes flicker with something I’ve never seen, and maybe I don’t feel so bad anymore?
14) We’re arguing because of something stupid, and every single time I think it’s finally over, you scream, “But why do you care?!” And I respond with the only thing I can think of, “Because I love you!” @screnwriter lmao. 
15) Saying I love you after I just nearly drowned shouldn’t be as hot as it is, but I can’t seem to stop staring at your lips. Whoops?
16) We’ve been friends since childhood, and I’ve accepted that we’re just not meant to be. I’ve moved on and encouraged you to follow your dreams. I didn’t know that your dream was me. 
17) You and I’ve been friends since we were kids, and suddenly when I’m about to leave for vacation/college/moving, you let out that you can’t let me go without saying I love you.
18) All week, you’ve been on my mind, and I can’t make you go away. Finally, after suffering in silence for so long at the thought of your lips, your laugh, and your smile, I give in and ask you to come to my apartment.
19) What the hell are we doing in this closet? Why did you drag me in here? Why are you so close? Why do I want you to be closer? 
20) “This is bad,” I whisper, with my hands wrapped around your hips, because I know that if you give in, I’m wrapped around your finger. “Maybe,” you whisper, leaning closer, “maybe this is a good kind of bad, hm?” and pull me into a kiss. 
21) You need help tying the back of your dress/fixing your cufflinks, and my fingers keep scraping against your skin. How are you so warm? And how are you acting like I’m not right behind/in front of you? 
22) We’re ice skating, just like we used to when we were kids, but then you slip. I break your fall by offering myself up for tribute, and suddenly, we’re a whole lot closer.
23) You offer to make me tea when I’m sick, and for some reason, I have the urge to kiss you. Deliriously, I ask if I can. We came to an agreement that I can kiss you after I stop sneezing. 
24) I know you love rollercoasters, but I get so sick while riding them, and I’m not sure if I can stomach another one–oh, you’re holding my hand?
25) Every Sunday morning before work/church/school/a hobby, you come in for coffee. We chat a little bit each time, and I feel like we’re some sort of friends now. Today, I finally gained the courage to write my number on your cup. 
26) Family vacations are a whole lot more awkward when you and I can’t stop staring at each other, and you know that they’re going to catch on if we don’t stop, right? But we don’t, and instead, it just gets worse. 
27) You’re in a swimsuit. I don't know what to do but stand here and look awkward, because that’s more skin than I thought I’d ever see on you.
28) We’re roommates, and I walk in on you changing. You yelp. I yelp. I never forget what I saw, I’m sure you never forget what I walked in on. I think it’s time we have a chat about this. 
29) Did you know that if you love someone enough, your heart can palpitate? I didn’t, well, not until you walked into the room.
30) It’s your birthday and everyone forgot. Everyone except me. We sit down at a nearby park/in your apartment/on the roof/in a tree, and I finally give you my present.
31) You just got rejected from a date/prom night, and I promise you, your crush is missing out on you. I don’t know how to convince you other than sit here, hold you, and pretend that I don’t wish you’d see what’s in front of you.
32) I never wanted to ruin what we had, but you’re making it so hard not to utter those three words.  
33) I know you’re angry that I got hurt, but you’re patching up a cut on my face/chest, and you’re really close.
34) I invited you over after a rough night, the stench of cheap beer on both of our breaths. For some reason I can’t get my mind off of the way you laugh, or how you threw everything aside to come comfort me.
35) I’m trying to work up the courage to tell you how I feel, but everyone and everything seems to be against us doing this. Your friends, my friends, a random phone call from a telemarketer that I nearly cussed out. Okay, look, I love you.
36) Work has me exhausted, and I don’t want to think anymore, and I just can’t hold back from mumbling I love you into your hair. Uh, sorry.
37) We always snuggle, and this shouldn’t be any different, but I’m trying not to press my lips to yours because they’re right there and I don’t want to pass up another chance, but you take initiative and do it yourself. Oh. 
38) Your SO doesn’t treat you right, and you know it, and I know it, and everyone else knows it. But I don’t know how to convince you without giving myself away. And of course when I try, it fails. Crap. 
Tumblr media
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ghost-with-a-teacup · 6 months
𝟐𝐀𝐌 𝐂𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐞𝐬 ~ 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐨𝐧 '𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭' 𝐑𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐲 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
Summary: Everyone has their own coping mechanisms when dealing with stress, their way of simply forgetting whatever was happening in their life, at least for a moment. Yours happened to come in the form of baking in the late hours of the night as you tried to ignore your worries for Simon as he was on his mission.
You bake at 2AM as you wait for Simon to come home.
Warnings: None! Only the fluffiest of fluff, you know the drill.
Pairing: Simon 'Ghost' Riley x Reader
Notes: This definitely didn't come to mind as I myself was baking at 2AM, no! Never! (side note, the cookies and cinnamon rolls came out great, hehe). Anyway hi, this is my first time writing for Simon, recently fell down the COD rabbit hole and all so apologies if anything is off. Aside from that, this is just a short lil fic that started off as a headcanon that spiralled out of control. Happy reading my lovelies!
You're up late at night, again. Not that you could help it, thoughts were flying through your head at just about a million miles per minute. About how worried you are about Simon on his mission, about what could have happened to him, if he was uninjured, healthy, safe. It was like this every time he had a mission, and yet every time it became no less difficult. Being a part of an elite task force was an honour yes, but with honour comes the dangers of being placed on the most difficult of missions. And while even though you were at home, safe and sound, it scared you, the unknowing of what could happen to him. But more than that, you missed him. More than anything.
So to get your mind off of all the 'what-ifs' in your head, you bake. All sorts of things, cinnamon buns, apple pie, those lemon crinkle cookies you knew Simon adored so much. Following a recipe step by step to ensure a lovely end product managed to distract you at least for a bit, until you were left to your own devices once more after it was done. But it acted as salvation while it lasted, allowing an escape from the dark corners of your mind.
Music fills the kitchen as you hum along, measuring and mixing ingredients as you swayed to the beat.
Your focus is entirely on what's in front of you, the task was for getting your mind off of Simon after all, so unbeknownst to you the door opens as the one person you were trying to distract yourself from comes home.
He walks in almost silently, there was a reason his callsign was Ghost, and drops his gear down by the entrance to go in search of you. It wasn't difficult, the lights acting as a pathway straight to where you were, the music going along with it. Stepping quietly, Simon makes his way over to the kitchen and for a moment he just stands leaning on the doorframe watching you flit about. An impossible fondness fills his eyes and chest as he does, you being so in you element always left him feeling that way. You doing anything really with him being there to witness it, because it means that he's finally home, at long last. But any place he could call home, so long as you were a part of it.
Once you finally stood still for a bit, mixing a part of the recipe, Simon makes his way over to you. Without a word he wraps his arms around your waist as you let out a gasp of surprise, tensing for a moment at the unexpectedness before relaxing once more as you realize who it is. In an instant the bowl is forgotten as you turn in his arms.
"Simon," you say softly, a smile overtaking your features as you return his embrace.
"Darling," he says, tone matching yours as he gazes into your eyes.
Nothing more needed to be said, he was home, and that was enough.
Notes: And done! Just a really short fic, I think maybe even the shortest I've ever written, but sweet nonetheless. I hope you enjoyed!
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themorningsunshine · 2 months
Pie - eyed over you - Chapter 3 
Mafia - Baker AU
Masterlist                        Series Masterlist
Previous Part 
Pairing - Mafia!Bucky x Baker!Reader
Summary - When a new baker in town refuses to abide by his rules, Bucky has no option but to go and take care of it himself. But nothing could prepare him for what stood on the other side. Nothing could prepare him for you.
Warnings - Mentions of murder, lots of fluff (gotta give the fluff before the angst for it to hurt more, yup I am evil), Steve and Sam being a menace 
Word count - around 6k 
a/n - So, after two delays, hell a lot of editing, and straight up changing the whole structure of this chapter and then combining it with another (hence the length), it’s finally here. Thank you so much to all of you for putting up with me. Please let me know what you guys think about this. Your kind words keep me going. 
Tumblr media
You placed the muffins in a tray for display before making a note in your diary to buy more chocolate chips when you go to the market on the weekend. 
Running a bakery all on your own is a difficult job but you wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Even though you were not a morning person, the prospect of coming here and baking made it getting up from the bed every morning a tad bit easier. 
As you heard knocks on the door, you frowned before looking up, there was still some time left before it was time to open up the bakery. 
But when your eyes landed on the figure standing outside the door, looking like a complete misfit in his dark clothes and sunglasses and surprisingly, a baseball cap covering his forehead, a pathetic attempt at being discreet, you can't help the way your lips turn upward and your heart flutters. 
He was here just yesterday and yet it felt like you were seeing him after too long. 
Get yourself together. 
It's just a crush, it'll go away. 
You wiped your palms on your apron before walking towards the door to open it. 
You gave him a teasing smile before saying, "You're at the wrong place. Baseball convention is another mile from here." 
He rolled his eyes before stepping inside the bakery, bending a little, the door a little too short for him. "Hello to you too, sweets." 
You chuckled before walking towards the counter as he took his usual seat. Everything felt like a routine. Engraved in your soul as if it had always been there. 
"Gracing this bakery with your presence two days in a row. To what do I owe the pleasure?"
"Maybe I just missed my sweets." He shrugged as if it was obvious. 
"Continue this and you are going to get diabetic." You remarked with a smirk. 
"Not the sweets I was talking about, but okay." 
The smirk immediately left your lips as you could practically feel your heart beat out of your chest. He didn't mean it. He's just teasing. 
But no matter what you think, you can't help the way the red color crept up to your neck at his words. 
Okay, this crush is getting out of hand. 
"So, how's work?" You say in an attempt to change the topic. 
He tenses at your words. You had asked him what he did, and he had replied that he was a mechanic. It was becoming more difficult for him to lie to you. 
But maybe, he won't have to much longer. 
He was pretty sure Walker was on his way to screw things up. 
That son of a - 
"Earth to James!!" Your voice moving and your palm waving in front of his face brought him out of his thoughts. 
"I asked how was work." You said with a frown. James always got weirdly uncomfortable when you asked about work. Maybe he didn't want to talk about it, but you were no one to ask. 
"Oh, it's been fine. You know, the usual." 
"Yeah, yeah. Steve is a dorky idiot and Sam is an annoying prick. I know." You said imitating the words he had said to you not a long time ago. 
Bucky chuckles. Telling you about Steve and Sam was easier. Maybe sharing something about him which wasn't a lie, made him feel less guilty. 
He knew this was wrong. 
He was creating a web of lies that you will find out one day.
But Bucky Barnes wasn't a good man and he would take whatever time he has got before the inevitable happened. 
Which wasn't going to be today. 
He wasn't going to let Walker ruin this.
He will just sit there, hiding half of his face with the baseball cap. It would be easy. It wasn't like Walker would expect to see him here anyways. 
He was just here to make sure that he didn't hurt you. 
The both of you striked a conversation just like usual and you immediately felt better. You knew it was going to be a great day. Had started off on the best possible note, atleast.
The clock striked eight before you knew it and you got up from your chair to flip the sign at the bakery. 
"Why don't you hire someone to help you?" James asks, sipping his coffee. 
"Why, you're looking for a job?" You teased him with raised eyebrows. "Job at the garage doesn't pay enough for your baseball conventions?" 
He rolled his eyes. "When are you gonna let this one go?" 
"I think… never." 
He chuckled before asking again, "But, seriously, sweets, why not get a helping hand?" 
" 'Cause I am selfish." When he narrowed his eyes, you continued. "I know this sounds weird, but I don't like it when anybody else cooks the food. It's just never good enough." 
"So, why not hire someone to deal with the customers?" 
"That's literally the best part of the job." You half exclaimed. "People telling you whether they liked the sweets or not is the best part, James. Almost as good as getting to eat all the leftovers." 
James chuckled before setting his coffee mug down. "There is no pleasing you." 
You shrugged before walking behind the counter to get everything ready for the morning rush you were sure was about to walk through the door any moment now. 
When a few people came in, some regular customers and some students hoping to get in some caffeine to start the day, you saw as James involuntarily tensed. 
Bucky watched the front door with focused eyes as minutes ticked by. He knew Walker will be here any minute now. 
And he was proven right as he saw John Walker opening the door of the bakery and walking in with a smug look on his face, shoving away whoever came in his path. 
Bucky wanted nothing more than to pull him out of here, away from you and this warm place but he couldn't do that. There would be consequences, which he normally wouldn't give a second thought to, but the real nuisance would bring questions. 
He watched as you greet him with the same grin on your face that you used for all your customers, saying in a soft voice, "Hey, what can I get you?" And Bucky can swear Walker doesn't even deserve to breathe the same air as you.
"Why not start by paying off?" Walker said with a tone harsh and loud enough that a few customers turned to see what was happening. 
You frowned your eyes in confusion, "I am sorry." You were still speaking in a calm, soft voice, trying your best to get whoever this man was to calm down. You didn't want a commotion so early in the day. 
"Walker." He said as if it was enough of an introduction before continuing, "And I think you have an idea of where I am coming from. You owe us." 
James watched as realization dawned on your face and you stood straighter, your smile turning into a forwn. "I don't owe anyone anything."
He leaned towards you, keeping his arms crossed on the counter, speaking with a smirk, "Don't try to act smart, baby doll. Pay up and no one gets hurt." 
He watches as you cringe at the nickname  and almost take a small step back, discomfort clear on your face. 
Bucky almost gets up from his chair, his first instinct to slit off Walker's throat with the knife he had tucked in his jacket. He would make it less messy too, but painful. 
Control, he isn't going to hurt her. 
"I am not going to pay you a single cent, Walker. So, why don't you take your ass out of my bakery and leave me alone?" As you speak, your hand inches towards the knife that you keep below the counter for situations like these. Even though you hoped you'd never have to use it, it was better to be prepared than sorry. 
John clenches his fist as his eyes bore into your skull, "Don't make this difficult. You don't know who you are trying to mess up with. The people I work with wouldn't blink an eye before dumping your body in a dumpster. Just pay every month and we leave you alone." 
"I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am not going to pay you to let me live." It's as if something switches inside you. The slight fear or discomfort that could be seen in your features is completely gone now. 
Bucky watches as Walker growls in impatience before reaching for his jacket pocket. 
Nope, not happening
"Listen to me, you little bitch - " 
Walker is cut off immediately when a larger figure stands between him and the counter. 
James shields you from him, obstructing his view. 
"Leave her alone." The sound is almost a growl. And if Walker hadn't been too preoccupied he would have noticed how familiar that sounded. 
"And who the hell are you?" He spat. 
Bucky looks down at him and watches as all the color is drained out of his face when he recognises him. 
"S - si "
"Leave her alone and if you show up around here ever again, it will be you in the dumpster, cut into more pieces than you can count." 
Fear is obvious on Walker's face, as he completely forgets the weapon he was reaching for, trying to get his senses to work, confusion evident on his face.
Before he can ask any questions, Bucky takes a step towards him, with sheer coldness in his eyes as if he could slit Walker's throat right now and wouldn't blink. 
You watch as the man - who had introduced himself as Walker- saunters out of the bakery with quick steps. 
You frowned your eyes at whatever had happened here. 
You weren't going to pay the mob any money, you knew that. But you also knew that you couldn't have overpowered that man, especially if he had a weapon hidden under there somewhere. 
"You didn't have to do that, James." You said softly, in an attempt to get his attention away from the door he was boring holes in. 
He turned back and you watched as his expression turned into the soft one you were so familiar with. 
You walked from behind the counter towards where he was standing before explaining, "He works for the mob. Trust me, you don't want to get involved with them." 
Bucky's breath hitches at that. How could he explain to you that he wasn't just involved with the mob?
"It's okay, sweets. They won't hurt me." That was some truth. They were never going to hurt him, and before Walker could utter a single word to anyone about the events of the day, he would be fired. Bucky would make sure of that. 
"I know." You sighed, looking down at the floor as if contemplating something. It was silent for a moment before you looked up, "Thank you, James. It does mean a lot to me." You said with a soft, grateful smile on your face and your hand reached out to his. 
"Anytime, sweets." 
A moment passed before anyone of you dared to move. Your hand was now brushing his arm in slight touches. 
You broke the silence, "Come on, have some muffins. They are on me." You said before turning back and walking towards the counter. 
Bucky had to stand there for a moment because his skin had suddenly started to feel cold and empty. Like it wasn't enough without your touch, before walking back towards the counter and standing right in front of where you were taking out some muffins on a plate. 
"So, Ms Feisty, something against the mob?" He said, trying desperately for his voice to sound joking. 
You shrugged while passing the muffins to him and turning to pour some coffee for yourself. "I am not going to pay them money just because everybody else does. Why the hell do I pay taxes?" 
"But the way you were standing, you don't just want to rebel, sweets. You hate them." He said, an emotion in his voice you couldn't really place. He prayed that that wasn't the case, that he had read the situation wrong and maybe you didn't really hate the mob. 
"Hate is a strong word, James. I - despise them." You reply before looking up at him to meet his eyes, but he looks away, almost as if looking at you right now would physically hurt him. 
"I mean, they aren't really that bad, right? It's not like I know a lot about them but I have heard they protect the city." He tries.
"Uh-huh. They are not good people. You remember that day when we met? When it was raining and I had lost my way, and you were there - "
"I remember the day we met, sweets." He interrupts. Every part of that day was engraved in his mind.
"Yeah, yeah right. So, that day I was coming back from a friend's house. She has a daughter, Ellie, about 5 years old." 
He hums, nodding his head, not sure where you were going with this. 
"Both of them were switching houses. Leaving their home, that they had built, to live in a one bedroom apartment in the not so respected area of the town. You know why?" 
He narrowed his eyes. 
"Because her dad was killed." You took a deep breath, trying to keep the rage from bubbling up to the surface. "A 5 year old lost her father, James. And why? Because of some stupid mob feud." 
"What was her dad's name?" He asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer. 
Bucky's moments halted as images came back to his mind's forefront. He had killed that man himself. Shot three bullets straight into his chest. He had felt no remorse then. That man was a traitor. Had joined hands  with the enemy, knowing very well what the consequences could be. 
He had felt no remorse then because he hadn't given a moment of thought to the people he might be leaving behind. It made his work easier. Pretending that there were no consequences to whatever they did. 
But now he could see the consequences. In the form of rage in your eyes at the tale and the hurt he felt in his chest, thinking about the girl. He knew how that felt. Being alone, and helpless. 
"She didn't deserve that. None of them did. Nobody deserves to lose somebody they love, James. But it hits the worst when it's unforeseeable. When the people who did it are out there in the world, as if their hands aren't tainted with blood, living their life and you can do nothing about it."  You say, swallowing the lump in your throat. Thinking about your friend and Elliot always brought you to tears. You tried to help them as much as you could, but there was only so much you could do. 
Bucky looks into your eyes and sees tears in the corner of your eyes. He wants to hold your hand, to comfort you, to tell you that they are going to be fine. But how could he, when his were the hands that were tainted with blood, that had taken the life of that man without a second thought. 
So, he just sits there, listening to you talk about the lady and her kid, even though each of your words is like a sword stabbed through his chest. 
When he knows you are fine, he takes his leave, bidding you goodbye before walking out and calling Steve. 
"Steve, I need you to do something." 
"What's up, Buck? Everything okay?" Steve replied in a concerned voice. Even after everything, his concern for his best friend never faded. 
"I am sending you some details of a lady and her kid. Send me the contacts of the person who bought their house." 
"Give me half an hour. But who are these people?" 
"They are going to be our responsibility, Steve." 
He cuts the call and sends a quick text with all the details he might need. 
He can't help but turn back towards the bakery to have one last look. He has made up his mind. He was going to tell you the truth. 
he didn't care if it meant you would hate him. There were many people in the town who despised him, what's one more?
But when he turns back and his eyes land up on you, handing a cup of coffee to a middle aged lady, talking to her with a softness unique to you. 
As if you can feel his eyes on you, you turn towards the window and as your eyes meet, your smile grows wider. A smile that's only reserved for him, he realizes. 
And he would have hated himself for how quickly his resolve fades away. 
But Bucky Barnes was not a good man. 
And maybe many people in this world did hate him, but he would be damned if you were one of them. 
He wanted this. The weekly bakery visits, the warmth, the sheer simplicity of it all, even if it was all this was ever going to be. 
And it was about damn time he got what he wanted. 
Why should he apologize for the monster he has become when no one ever apologized for making him this way?
Maybe, one day you'll find out the truth and hate him more for lying to you, but it wasn't going to be anytime soon. He will make sure of that. 
So, he straightens his coat and walks away from the bakery, choosing to not pay any mind to the inevitable doom that could leave the both of you shattered. 
"James Buchanan Barnes" 
He turns back from what he is doing to find you, cross armed, shooting daggers at him. 
"How could you, James? It's like you're not even trying." 
He can't help the smile that finds its way to his lips at the way you look. Your christmas sweater that you had deemed "perfect" for the occasion and a scarf draped loosely on your neck, trying to look intimidating, just makes you look even cuter. 
You walk towards him and take the candy decoration from his hand, to place it exactly just an inch away from where he was going to, because it looked in your exact words, "more festive" 
Bucky just smiles at you as he watches you ramble more about Christmas decorations. 
When a week ago, he had heard you reminding Pietro that he had to come over to help you decorate, he had stepped in and offered his help. He was free that day anyways, he had told you. There was an international shipment that he had to sign off that day, but that could wait. 
When Pietro had shaken his hand and thanked him for 'saving him', he didn't understand, but now he did. You were extremely particular about how each and everything had to look for christmas and was not shy to tell the other person what a terrible job they were doing if it wasn't exactly the way you had wanted.
But if the cute pout on your face and the warmth that it caused in his chest was any indication, it was worth it. The cookies whose smell reached him even in the living room was just an added bonus. 
Right now, standing in the middle of your apartment, surrounded by incomplete decorations that signaled the arrival of a festival he wouldn't have cared the slightest about a year ago, being scolded by you for not hanging the canes correctly, he regretted nothing. 
3 hours and a lot of debates later, all of which you won, the house was finally decorated enough for the festival. 
"Here you go." You said, handing him a warm cup of coffee and placing a plate full of cookies on the table in front of him. It was your way of saying thank you. 
Bucky looks around your apartment. It's just above the bakery and much smaller than the mansion he lived in. But it felt different in a way he couldn't point out. 
A shelf filled to the brim with books standing in the corner, pictures adorning the walls, each telling a different story. Some soft music playing on the speaker, it was like a blanket of warmth stood over your house. A little messy, but beautiful nonetheless. 
His eyes then land on you, sitting across from him on the sofa, sipping your coffee with a warm, content look on your face, your scarf now lying on the table. 
As if you could feel his gaze, you turn back to look at him and your breath hitches in the throat at the way he is looking at you. 
It's as if the world could crumble around him and he wouldn't blink an eye. 
You can't get yourself to look away. So, you just raise your eyebrows, because you have suddenly forgotten how to breathe and if he didn't look away right now, you are not sure you will be able to survive longer. 
He just shrugs and turns towards his coffee, as if it was a natural occurrence. As if your whole world hadn't stopped spinning for a moment there. 
Bucky looks at you through the corner of his eyes and watches as red color creeps up to your neck and you try your hardest to not smile. 
He now recognises the feeling. 
Your apartment feels like home. 
And the next realization brings with itself questions and doubts he wasn't ready to answer. 
He wouldn't rather be anywhere else. 
He clenches his fist as he drags his feet towards the bakery. 
It was pretty late. He knew that. 
But he just had to be there. 
He liked his work more often than not. The impending guilt and the danger aside, the reason that had initially brought him to this world still stood. 
It made him feel something. The adrenaline of each task, the satisfaction of seeing everything that belonged to his enemies burning down till there was nothing but smoke.  
The mafia world had welcomed the darkness that he had inside of him and made him one of their own, for which he will be eternally grateful. 
But for some time now, it hasn't been enough. 
The darkness that had surrounded and consumed him for so many years now was suddenly not enough. 
Something inside him changed. 
For the first time in as long as he could remember, he had thought twice before shooting that man today. The whispers inside him that asked him every time 'if there was any other way' had become louder now and even the noise of the bullets couldn't silence it. 
He knew what was happening. 
He was seeking the light.
And every single part of him knew that this could only end in disaster. In a fire that threatened to burn every single thing to the last piece. 
But that didn't stop him from taking the next step. Or the one after that. 
He was still walking to the one place that could silence away his thoughts and make it all go away. Like a moth attracted to a flame. 
Maybe this was selfish of him. Maybe he was tainting you with his darkness. 
He will think about that some other day. 
When the bakery comes into view, he realizes just how late it is. 
You would be about to close now. 
Maybe he could catch a glimpse before you retired for the night. It wasn't enough. It was never enough. But it had to do. 
As he reaches the bakery, he watches as the door slowly opens and a young boy steps out. 
He frowns before walking ahead, and his eyes almost widen with who he sees. 
"Peter, what are you doing here?" 
Peter looks up from the book he is currently holding and his eyes widen with fear at the figure who stands before him. 
"S - sir, I - I was just - " 
A voice from inside the bakery calls out to him. A voice Bucky recognizes all too well. 
"Peter, you forgot this." 
You step out of the bakery with a textbook in your hands as you hand it over to Peter. 
Peter opens his mouth to speak but then closes it. Too afraid about what was going to happen. 
You turn around and when your eyes land on James, your lips turn into a grin before you know it. 
"James, hi"
Peter's eyebrows shoot up as he looks between the both of you. You have a glint in your eyes as if you couldn't be happier by anything else and the man he had feared with everything he had for the last couple of years, had a softness to his features that made Peter wonder if he was somehow swallowed into an alternate dimension. 
"Hey, sweets." Bucky says almost on instinct, before turning towards the boy who is still looking at the both of them as if he just saw a dolphin flying in the air. 
You probably notice it too, because you then point towards Peter before saying, "James, this is Peter, and Peter, this is James Barnes." 
"James?" Peter says almost on instinct, confusion evident in his voice. 
"Wait, you know him?" You ask, looking between the both of them now. 
Peter looks at Bucky and almost crumbles with fear by the warning glare he is shooting towards him. But there is something else there too. Something, he can swear he has never seen in the mob boss' eyes. 
There is fear in them. A tiny flicker of it. He fears the answer he is going to tell you. Whatever it was, it was too important for him. 
"No, no. I don't think we have met before." 
"Oh, okay." You say, confused as to what had just happened here. "All the best for the test and tell MJ I said hi," You give him an easy exit from a situation he was clearly uncomfortable in. 
You watch as a small blush spreads across his cheeks before he bids you goodbye and glancing at James once, takes his leave. 
"He is a nice kid." You break the silence after Peter walks away, out of earshot. "Pretty smart. I was helping him with his test tomorrow." 
Bucky looks back at you and shrugs in response. "Good for him." 
"By the way, it's closing time, James." You say with a teasing voice and he is relieved that you don't ask any further questions. 
"Come on, sweets. You could make an exception for your favorite customer." 
You roll your eyes before replying. "What about this? You help me clean up, and I get you something special I made today." 
"Help you clean up?" 
"Aww. The prince doesn't like to get his hands all dirty?" You smirk. 
"This special treat should better be worth it, sweets." He huffs before walking inside the bakery. 
You walk in behind him while giggling. 
"And that's it." 
You look at him with a smile and silently clap your hands together with an impressed look. 
If any of his men would see him right now, wearing an apron with a bunny on it, hands covered in flour, working in a bakery with soft music playing in the background, their eyes would pop out of their heads. But he couldn't care less. 
"Great job for a first timer, Barnes. You have earned yourself a serving of something special." 
Bucky smirked before replying, "Something special, you say?" He leans in and sends a wink your way. 
You roll your eyes before turning towards the kitchen, hoping that it wasn't evident how flustered you were.
You take out something from a box and place it on a plate in front of him. 
Bucky looked at it closely with a frown. It was clearly made of chocolate and was shaped like a dome. He could swear he had never seen it in your bakery before. 
"Come on, give it a try. If I wanted to poison you, I would have done it ages ago." 
He picks up one and after a moment of close inspection, takes a bite. 
As the taste of chocolate invades his senses, he moans and puts the whole into his mouth. 
You watch as his head falls back in delight. 
Once he is done, which is faster than he would have wanted, he says, "Sweets, that was the best damn thing I have ever had." 
You chuckle, "You say that every single time, James."
"And I mean it every single time." 
You just smile at him before putting another on the plate. 
As he devours that one quickly too, he inquires, "What is it called?" 
You smirk before replying, "James." 
"James. That's what it is called." 
His eyes widen and he takes a moment to reply, "You named a sweet after me?"
"Well, technically, you were the inspiration for this." 
He frowns. "How so?" 
"Well, It's full of chocolate and exceptionally sweet. It's exterior is hard but its insides are so soft, they practically melt in your mouth." 
Bucky looks at you, baffled and you look away, unable to meet his eyes. 
He opens his mouth to say something, but is suddenly shushed by you. 
"That's my favorite song." You whisper, as if not wanting to obstruct the soft melody. 
Bucky listens to the sound coming from your phone.
Wise men say
"Only fools rush in"
But I can't help
Falling in love with you
He looks back at you and at the way you have a soft smile on your face, your features highlighted by the soft glow of the kitchen light. 
You look at him and with a teasing smile puts your hand forward, indicating to him to take it. 
He looks between your outstretched hand and your face with a frown.
"Dance with me." Your voice is so soft, he just can't get himself to say no. But, who is kidding? He will set the whole world on fire and watch it burn with a smile on his face if you asked him to. 
He slowly places his hand in yours as the music continues. 
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help
Falling in love with you
The both of you stand in the middle of the kitchen, the moonlight sweeping its way through the windows. 
Everything is brightened in a warm glow but you know nothing will ever shine brighter than the way his ocean blue eyes do right now. 
Take my hand
Take my whole life, too
For I can't help
Falling in love with you
One of his arms finds its way around your waist while the other holds yours. 
You place your free hand on his shoulder and he gently pulls you closer. 
The both of you stay like that for the rest of the song, swaying slowly to the music. 
Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be
You don't know who  leans first but before you know it, the distance between the both of you starts decreasing. 
You hold your breath and your gaze move from his eyes to his lips. 
You would be lying if you said you had never thought of this before, of how his lips would feel against yours, how he would taste like. 
This man had occupied your thoughts since the day you had met all those months ago and you were pretty sure he had no idea of the effect he had on you. 
Take my hand
Take my whole life, too
For I can't help
Falling in love with you
For I can't help
Falling in love with you
Just as the song is about to end and there's nothing but an inch of distance between the both of you, the door to the bakery was suddenly pushed open with a force and the sound of the bells invaded the comfortable silence that had covered the room in a blanket. 
The both of you took a sudden step away, and you needed a moment to calm your heart which felt like it was about to beat its way out of your chest, before looking up to see who it. was. 
You squinted as two men, one blonde and the other dark haired, stood at the door, looking comically too big, having no idea of what transcribed in the bakery before they had not-so-smoothly barged in. 
The blonde one speaks, breaking the silence, "I knew we'd find you here." 
You watch as he steps towards James, who looks at him with sheer annoyance. "What the hell are you doing here, punk?" 
The other man looks at you and forms a smirk before stepping towards you. "So, this is where you always sneak off to? I guess I understand why." 
James huffs in annoyance and with a sten face stops him, "Shut up, Wilson." 
You look between the men who looked like they were in a staring contest when realization hit you. "Steve and Sam?" 
All the men look at you at the same time and you feel like a deer caught in headlights before you stand up straighter reminding yourself that no matter how intimidating the situation was, this was your bakery. 
"And you must be y/n l/n. It's great to finally meet you, Ms l/n" Steve says, smiling. 
"Please, just call me y/n." 
"Or we could call you beautiful." Sam replies before stepping forwards, stretching his hand to take yours for a shake. 
You let out a chuckle before shaking his hand. "Y/n is fine." 
"What are the both of you doing here?" Bucky speaks up, shooting daggers at Sam, his fists clenched. 
"There's an emergency. We need to go." Steve replies, a serious expression adorning his face. 
Sam interjects them "What's the hurry? I have heard so much about this bakery. We could eat something before leaving." 
Bucky spats at him, "This bakery has closed, Wilson. Time's up. Get your butt moving." 
Sam pouts and you chuckle at the antics of these grown men, "Why don't you come here some other day, Sam, I have something that I think you'll like." 
Sam looks at you, a childlike smile replacing his pout, "I like her already." 
Bucky steps forward towards Sam, pulling him away. "Don't listen to him, sweets." 
Steve and Sam turn their head towards him so fast. you are sure they will get a sprain later. Sam raises his brows with a smirk on his face, while Steve looks at him with a smile on his. 
James then quickly bids you goodbye before pulling the both of them outside the bakery. 
Once they reach the car Steve and Sam had driven in, they both look at him with amused grins. 
"Back off, the both of you. What's the emergency?" 
Steve's expression turns serious as he replies, "Our shipment from Iran has been stopped at Morocco and they are refusing to comply." 
Bucky narrows his eyes at the information. Who would dare to stop their shipment and risk getting on his bad books? "Who is it, Steve?"
"It's Alexander Pierce." 
Bucky lets out a breath before looking in the direction of the bakery once more  and then turning towards Steve and Sam. 
"Get in the car. We need to leave right now. This is going to be a long assignment."
Next part
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minjix · 2 months
cherry pie → Vinnie Hacker x best friend!female!reader
summary: in which Vinnie risks it all whilst baking a cherry pie on stream
warnings: friends to lovers trope, Vinnie being insecure, few swear words. fluff ofc :)))
a/n: stopped writing because I got no engagement with my writing, no reblogs or comments, something that creators on this platform thrives on. This is not Instagram, you can’t spam like a creators posts and think that it’ll do anything, because honestly it’s all discouraging. with that in mind, i will block spam liking because it does nothing.
word count: 0.9k
Tumblr media
You loved Vinnie, ever since you two met it was love at first sight. You both were shy in nature, but the moment you were introduced you were so sure you’ve met someone from your past life. The conversation between you two came easily, no awkwardness, just a melody each time your eyes met.
Vinnie was special, his hand grasping yours so he wouldn’t lose you in the crowd. Always keeping a napkin in his pocket since you always seemed to spill something. He often found himself comparing you to the sun, but quickly realized that not even the big star above his head came close in comparison to you. Vinnie loved you too.
Both of you kept silent, choked laughs and glances to one’s direction when the other wasn’t looking.
It was clear to everyone else, the love of which was growing everyday keeping you both prisoners in its grasp.
Vinnie was convinced he’d die if he never admitted it, his chest tightening as his heart grew and doubled its beats when you were around. But he was terrified of losing you if he spoke the truth, so he hid, despite his world crumbling every time another content creator asked for your number, which you always declined with a reserved smile, the smile you promised Vinnie was his.
Vinnie wanted to do something different for his upcoming stream that weekend. Instead of playing the usual games he wanted to bake a cherry pie with you, and you immediately agreed before the tattooed blonde finished his sentence. So there you were, flour coating your cheeks and clothes after Vinnie decided to throw some at you.
The whole kitchen was a mess, eggs and crushed cherries staining cupboards and clothes. Vinnie’s eyes were on you whilst you spoke to the viewers. You were a mess, but you looked so fucking beautiful with that smile that Vinnie would die for. He scolded himself when his thoughts crafted a world in which you stood before him, dressed in white and his ring on your finger. It stung, so deeply that he had to take a deep breath to come back to reality, the reality where you were only his friend and nothing more.
He remembered Noah telling Vinnie how he was his own worst enemy, and now he wholeheartedly agreed as he watched you in this perfect light, a beckoning for him to tell you his deepest secrets, but yet his tongue remained still and a bitter feeling grew in his stomach as he continued to watch you.
You were his opposite. Vinnie bore a dark cloud over his head, sometimes it’d rain or thunder, but now it was merely there, darkening his thoughts while you radiated sunshine and warmth. He stood no chance.
You gave the blonde a soft tap on his inked arm to bring him back from wherever his mind traveled to, something you were used to see happening. “You still with us?” You whispered, a smile on your lips but your eyes held a spark of concern.
To play it cool, the blonde gave you a wink with a cheeky smile, “for you? "Always." He looked back to the monitor so he could read the chat, but every time you let out a laugh his mind wandered to that special place again.
“Honestly, it looks pretty good,” you spoke as you glanced down at the cherry pie. “Why do you sound so surprised?” He laughed, knocking his shoulder softly into yours.
“Vin, have you met us?” He had to agree on that one. “Besides I’m no chef, and you’re always distracted,” because of you, he wanted to interrupt with, but he bit his lip to force the words back down his throat. “And when you’re not; you play around too much.” You continued.
He turned back to the chat with a exaggerated smile and waved his arms around, “you heard it here folks, Y/n and I are no longer friends,” you quickly grabbed his arms with a giddy laugh, “finally!” He stopped and turned to look down at you. “Bullshit, you love me too much.” He looked serious, but the corner of his lips twitching gave it away.
“Yeah, of course I do. Gonna marry you one day.” You mumbled but Vinnie heard it loud and clear. “Don’t say that.” He quipped. His heart was doing painful somersaults in his chest. “I’m serious, don’t joke about that.” He was sweating as he spoke, his voice shaking with each word. His stream had been long forgotten as you stood in front of him, eyes staring into his.
“Vinn-“ He didn’t let you finish. He compared it to blacking out as he told you how much pain he was in simply because you existed, and how he didn’t mind the pain because it made him feel alive. He came to when you told him how important he was to you too. “I can’t lose you Vin, I’m so scared that I’ll-“ he grabbed your face and quickly pulled you into a toe curling, passionate kiss. A kiss that warmed his heart and he could feel the cracks patching together. Your hands gripped his waist as the kiss continued to grow more passionate, and then you quickly pulled back in panic. “The stream!”
“Fuck em’” he smiled and pulled you back in for another breathtaking kiss. He couldn’t help the laughs escaping him as the kiss continued. He never felt like this and he knew that he would do anything to keep you in this life.
comments and reblogs makes a different!
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azrielscrown · 18 days
Fluffy prompt idea- The reader calls Azriel a cutesy pet name in front of the inner circle for the first time. Teasing ensues.
I love your writing by the way! ♥️
Tumblr media
author’s note: thank you babes! please enjoy this cute little fluff 💗
azriel was not cute.
he was the sinister shadowsinger, the feared spymaster, the lethal illyrian warrior whose very name evoked fear.
but to you, none of that mattered.
azriel could have walked up to you covered in gore and blood and you’d still find him adorable. maybe it was the way his nose scrunched up when he concentrated on his endless stack of mission briefs or the way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he laughed too hard or the way his precious little dimples peeked out when you flirted with him to bring them out of hiding.
no one else could have gotten away with the countless nicknames you’ve bestowed upon him —pudding, pumpkin, cutie pie, and your personal favorite, honeybun.
the shadowsinger blushed all the way up to the tips of his ears every time you teased him, which only made you want to do it even more.
azriel groaned as you stood on your tiptoes and pinched his cheek. “thanks for helping me bake, pudding.”
the pink and white gingham apron tied tightly on his waist matched the flush of his cheeks. flour coated the tip of his nose from where you smeared it earlier. “you know, most people find me scary. they certainly don’t go around calling me pudding. or bully me into making cinnamon rolls in the middle of the afternoon.”
“the only thing that scares me is the fact that you haven’t blinked in two hours while reading your reports. it was time for a break. plus, i know you have a killer sweet tooth, azzie.”
“did you really have to make me wear the apron, though?”
“no,” you said with a smirk as you spread icing over the cinnamon rolls. “that was purely for my enjoyment.”
azriel rolled his eyes fondly. “you’re lucky you’re cute.”
you giggled as azriel helped you arrange the freshly baked rolls. his tongue darted out of the corner of his mouth as he gently squeezed icing on his row of buns. you admired him for a moment, grinning to yourself at the sight of the winged male covered in pink and hunched over in careful concentration.
“something smells incredible.” cassian said, bounding into the kitchen. he was shirtless and breathless and covered in sweat. “i hope you made enough for everyone.”
nesta followed after him, no doubt having just wrapped up valkyrie training. hot on her heels were rhys, feyre, amren, and mor. your friends paused midstep, taking in you and azriel. you were both covered in flour and wearing matching aprons. the shadowsinger froze in place, the heart spatula in his hand looking comically small.
“az, what the hell are you wearing?” cassian asked.
azriel sighed. “don’t ask. it was y/n’s idea.”
“you look like the sugarplum fairy from one of nyx’s bedtime stories.” rhys said with a snicker. feyre elbowed him, but even she couldn’t stop grinning.
nesta was outright gaping while amren and mor wore twin smirks.
“don’t be mean, boys.” you chided. “you’re just jealous you can’t pull of pink like az can. plus, he makes a killer cinnamon roll. right, honeybuns?”
the shadowsinger flushed furiously. cassian and rhys burst into laughter.
“honeybuns?” cas remarked. “oh you’re never living that down, brother.”
you narrowed your eyes. “i wouldn’t be talking, muffin.” cassian blanched at nesta’s secret nickname for him. “and you,” you said, pointing at the high lord. “don’t even get me started, rhys.”
the violet eyed male raised his hands in surrender. nesta chuckled as amren rolled her eyes. “neither one of you have the high ground on this. you’re all equally as whipped.”
mor nodded, dipping her finger into the icing. “yeah, leave y/n and honeybuns alone.”
the rest of your friends were in stitches. the shadowsinger sighed exasperatedly, which made you giggle even harder. a little smile tugged at his lips as you threw your head back in laughter.
azriel would never admit it, but he secretly loved all your cute little nicknames for him.
you squealed as he swiped icing on your cheek. “you’re an absolute menace, you know that?”
the little smile on your face melted his heart. “yeah, but you love me azzie.”
azriel couldn’t argue with that.
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smallgodseries · 7 months
Tumblr media
[image description: A black pony with large rust-brown eyes and a smiling pumpkin on her hip stands on golden and orange fall leaves. Behind her, the dark sky is filled with stars and her flaming orange mane shines brightly against the blues of night. Text reads “24, The Small God, Pumpkin Spice”]
• • • • • 
People assume she’s a newcomer, a fad, a frivolous flash in the pan.  But she was there when the first pumpkin pies were being baked; she was there when the first colonist cookbook was published, in 1769.  She was there when the British raided the rest of the world for flavors they could steal, and while her appearance may be sweet and adorable, her hooves are soaked in the blood of empire, for without conquest, she could never have been born.
But people, unwilling to consider the structure beneath the surface, look at her and see only big eyes, a flowing mane, a coat as soft as silk and as dark as midnight, and they mock her adherents, call them “basic” as if anything could be considered truly basic when it had been built through so many crimes.
Every piece of her was stolen.  Every pinch and particle was the subject of a terrible war.  The price of cinnamon is slaughter.  The fee for nutmeg is subjugation.  And now we serve her sacraments with whipped cream and sugar sprinkles, as if both those things had not also been stolen at some point, as if a foamy cloud could somehow clean the blood from those long lashes.
In these modern days, her most common manifestation is blended with sweet cream and coffee—a drink that has many gods of its own, that has sparked even more wars than her cinnamon pungency.  But for most of her time, she has been carried in the pie.
Pumpkin pie.  The ultimate jewel in the crown of colonialism.  Cooking techniques from Europe, spices stolen from India, Asia, and the Middle East, and a vegetable crown taken from the Americas, sliced and mashed and mixed until its wildness is lost, subsumed into custardy blandness, become one with the melting pot.
She’s not a newcomer.  And she’s not nice, either, and so few of those who worship her understand, anymore, that she’s not a god of whimsy or basic delights.
She is, now and always, a god of war.
• • • • • 
Please join Lee Moyer (Icon) and Seanan McGuire (Story) each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a guide to the many tiny divinities:
WordPress: https://leemoyer.wordpress.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/smallgodseries/ 
Homepage: http://smallgodseries.com 
Mastodon: @[email protected] 
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jasminexox5 · 5 months
Gam3 Bo1
warnings: perv!wonwoo, neighbour!reader, porn mention, male masterbation, blow job, princess nickname, cream pie
Wonwoo was sitting in his room that hasn't seen sunlight in a couple days and was starting to smell from the snacks and mould coming from the empty cups and boxes of take out. He sat down at his desk on Friday afternoon playing with Mingyu and he hasn't moved since. It's Sunday now. He was addicted to Valorant. You can't take him away from it no matter how much you try. He will play it whenever he can and he won't stop until someone claws him away from the computer.
You were the type of neighbour that always helped out when you could, giving your baking to everyone in your building and helping the older members with their heavy lifting. Wonwoo loved that he always saw you glammed up everytime he spotted you anywhere in the building. Even when you were down stairs doing your laundry you were wearing your best sweats in case you bump into him. Always waving to him and giving him a big smile when you came across each other in the halls.
Stretching in his chair after his team won the last round taking the time to give his eyes a break from staring at the screen for hours on end. Showing off his toned stomach as he reached up and the line of hair that leads to under the elastic of his boxers. When Wonwoo wasn’t rotting away at the computer he spent his time at the gym that was across the street from the building. It took a couple weeks but he learned the days and times you went so he could go with you to ‘help’ you but he just wanted to take in the sight of you in a matching set.
Wonwoo was a very visual man he loved when any of his girlfriends were all dressed up in lace and lingerie just for him and him only. Every time he was alone he thought about your pretty thighs covered in lace of stocking with his large hands running up your legs. He got hard every time he thought of you but he couldn’t help it he thought you were the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. The thought of your chest in the lace of a bralette flooded his mind as he drifted into a daydream while his character was in the lobby of the game.
His mind was drifting further and further into his dirty fantasies about you every time he was alone. He was coming back from the gym one day when he saw you in a tiny dress coming back from a picnic with your friends. The pink of the dress made you look innocent and the spring in your step made him want to sweep you off your feet and make you scream the whole night. Thinking about how your lips looked covered in lip gloss and how they would be wrapped around his cock when your eye make up was running down your face.
Feeling his cock getting hard at his thoughts in his sweats when he sat up right in his chair moaning when he palmed over his leaking cock still covered from his sweats and underwear. Opening the password protected folder on his computer showing all the pictures that he has taken of you since the first time you both have met. All in your pretty dresses, anything white or your matching gym attire. The white made you look like an angel in his mind making you look so innocent to him, so perfect for him to ruin and claim as his.
His fingers hook under the elastic of his sweats and underwear, taking them off in one go down to his knees so he can touch his leaking cock. Sucking the air in through his teeth when his cock hit against his toned stomach before taking it into his fist to start covering his thick cock in his own arousal. Watching all the videos he had on loop of you in any kind of dress looking at your legs and your ass that was barely covered by the fabric. He has a stash of videos he took that one time he was walking up stairs behind you on the phone under your skirt letting the camera see your panties that were covering what he wanted most.
Wonwoo spat into his hand before wrapping it around his cock and moving it faster, throwing his head back in euphoria. The image of your ass in your leggings was tattooed on his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about you and what your ass would look like hitting off his thighs as you rode him at his desk. Biting his bottom holding back his moans not letting you hear what he is doing through the walls of his apartment. Imagining what your moans would sound like when you struggle to take his cock in your pussy holding onto his shoulders for support.
He dug into the drawer beside him for the lube and the toy helping him reach his orgasm faster. Wonwoo’s cock was dripping pre cum from being so sensitive chasing his high thinking about your pussy. Groaning as he lets go of his throbbing cock to cover the toy in lube making it glide up and down his length. Letting the toy slide onto the head of his cock with a hiss from the instant stimulation making his hips buck up for more. Clenching at the arms of the cushioned chair cursing underneath his breath/
“Wish you were here y/n”
Wonwoo was getting lost in his thoughts by this point he hasn’t looked at the pictures as he has been lost in the train of thought imagining you on your knees for him taking all of his big cock down your throat as you drool. The sweat was starting to drip down his toned body down to his abs. Wonwoo was fucking up into the toy rough and hard letting his mind wander to what it would be like fucking your tight cunt from behind.
“Such a good girl for me y/n”
“Are you going to let daddy cum in that pretty pussy???”
You hear what you think is a groan from the other side of your wall out of nowhere catching you off guard. These noises have been going on for the last ten minutes but they have just been getting louder and louder to the point you can hear them through the walls clearly. Getting up from your couch to go and check if Wonwoo was okay next door. Leaving your apartment to knock on the door waiting for a reply from him. Standing outside of the apartment door for a while waiting for the 6’ man to open it.
The loud knock at the door startled Wonwoo snapping him out of his daze, making him rush to slip his boxers back on trying to cover up what he had been doing but his boner was giving it away. His glasses sat on top of his head keeping his sweaty hair out of his face while he pleasured himself to the thought of you. Wonwoo opened the door to you standing there in the set he loved. He was hypnotised once again by the way your body looked in it with the way the fabric clung to your body.
He stood there stunned and unable to speak because it then clicked with him the reason you were at the front door. You heard him moaning. His cheeks flushed a shade of pink from embarrassment when he realised but his cock twitched against the straining fabric of his boxers just wanting to be free again. The tension between both of you was intense, you could cut it with a knife. Letting you come into his apartment taking you by the wrists slamming you up against the wall taking your lips in his as he kissed you. You were breathless kissing him the feeling of his slightly chapped lips making you feel on cloud nine.
Wonwoo was so happy that you never backed away from the kiss. It's quite obvious now that he's got the biggest crush on you and he hasn’t been able to hide it from you for a while now. He doesn’t have to care anymore as you have just caught him in the act and by the way you were kissing him back you were feeling the same way about him only no one has said anything the months that you have known each other.
Wonwoo’s large hands explored your body as he was leading you to his bedroom whilst his lips were still on yours exploring your mouth with his tongue. His hands took their place on your ass massaging the curve of your ass cheeks moaning into your mouth getting carried away. He was still in disbelief that this was actually happening to him, the girl he has had a crush on is finally kissing him. Pulling away from his lips to navigate his room without bumping into anything expensive. You knew he was a gamer but wow, you have never seen his set up before and it blew you away to say the least.
The bedroom was completely dark; the only light source was the red glow of the leds around the room. Walking by his desk to sit on his bed and that's when you saw the toy dripping cum…Wonwoo really was the dumb creepy nerd you thought he was.Taking his glasses off, placing them on his bedside table and fixing his hair whilst watching your every move. He has always been fascinated by your body. This is his chance to learn more.
“Want to finish the job baby?...”
It really was a rhetorical question, obviously you would want to help your crush come for you and only you. You never understood how it took till only now to end up in the same bed as him but now is your chance to claim him as yours now you are single. Switching places with him on the bed letting you take your place on the floor in-between his thick thighs taking your shirt off revealing your bare chest to him looking down on you like a hawk. Wonwoo's touch with you was gentle considering his feelings towards you but he would never be rough with a girl without permission of course. Taking your chin into his hold bringing his face down to your level kissing your lips one last time before you wrap your lips around his cock.
Helping you by lifting his hips when you pull the elastic of his boxers down to his ankles. Letting out a gasp when you see how big his cock is and how it's throbbing for you. The tip leaking pre cum for you. It twitched against his stomach when he had the perfect view of your bare chest from where he was sitting on the edge of the bed before you took his heavy cock on your tongue.
Moaning at the feeling of his heavy cock whilst trying not to gag around him already. Your lips stretched around the girth of his cock licking over his overstimulated tip letting the precum drip onto your tongue using it as lube to take him deeper down your throat. Wonwoo was leaning back on his bed on his elbows making his cock hit off the roof of your mouth making you gag and spit around him.
“I’m s-sorry baby…”
Ignoring the fact you just choked around him trying to take his cock deeper down your throat only wanting him to feel good and enjoy the show in front of him but you accept defeat and use your hands to stimulate the rest of his thick cock. Wonwoo moaned at the feeling of your head bobbing up and down his length letting your drool dribble down your chin making it more sloppy and easy to take him.
You look a hot mess right now with your makeup melting off your face and your spit forming at the corners of your mouth to dribble down your chin and onto the floor below you. Wonwoo was on cloud nine already and he hasn't felt your pussy around his cock this is more than he has ever dreamed of when he was spending all those days and nights touching himself to the thought of you on your knees for him.
“Fuck baby. Sit on my cock..”
The look on your face was enough to explain your feelings at the moment you never believed him when he asked you but he sat up throwing you a dirty look telling you to hurry up. Pulling your pants and underwear off swiftly leaving them on the floor as you climb onto his lap and he takes his hands into yours. Kissing the back of your hands kissing up to your shoulder calming you down from the thought of having his cock in you. Letting you hold onto his shoulders whilst he slid inside of you kissing your face when the tears started to fall from the pain that turned into pleasure.
“Just move when you are ready princess…”
Your body is still getting used to having his thick cock inside of you. The pain slowly turned into pleasure as he started to play with your breasts. Using his thumb and pointer finger to play with both nipples making you arch your back on his cock letting the tip brush against your gummy spot. Grinding your hips down on his letting your eyes roll to the back of your head from pleasure. You could feel every ridge and curve of his cock against your walls as you moved up and down his cock at a pleasurable pace.
The room was filled with ragged breaths and moans as you both chase your orgasms holding each other close. His hands trailing all over your body letting his touch send shivers down your spine. Letting out a loud moan when Wonwoo takes a strong smack on your ass cheek watching it ripple in the mirror and the hand print start to form. Spanking your ass over and over as you ride his cock more desperately as you chase your orgasm.
“Let it happen baby, you are doing so well for me”
Looking into his half lidded eyes before you kissed him but this time it was full of passion. His lips soft against yours compared to the need and urgency of you both chasing your orgasm that was just around the corner. Pulling on the hair at the bottom of his neck when he repeatedly hit against your sensitive spot making your knees buckle.
“Cum with me baby…”
Wonwoo counted you both down and you held onto each other tight when the wave of euphoria hit you both, your whole body going numb and vision going white. His thick cum shot ribbons inside of you. He came that much it was dripping out of your pussy.
“Don’t move, baby. stay.”
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pasteldragonqueen · 1 year
hiii. how are you doing? if your request is open and if you're up for it, can u pls write sumn abt reader as a vtuber as well who debuted after luxiem and they just swoon bcs she's so nice and cute? like, headcanons abt how they interact w/her or what they think of her. thank you so much!
It was shocking when you gathered the attention of Nijisanji EN.
You were a small vtuber that collabed with Shoto for new content. When Shoto introduced you into the boys of Luxiem, you became extremely fond of them. And so were the boys.
You applied to be the Confectioner of the group. 
When you were accepted, Luxiem became very fond of you because of your cuteness.
Vox Akuma
Immediately found you adorable when you kept stuttering while nervously introducing yourself in your introduction stream
Has no shame being a simp
Calls you 'Kindred' as well just to tease you
Blames the game for making you cry in a sad scene
"Oh my fucking god. You sneeze just like Ike. Stop it, it's too cute."
Always gifts you red poppies in the Minecraft server
Always places your model closely beside him in collabs
Sneaks kisses on your model as well-
The first person to come and support you when you play a scary game
Mysta Rias
Tries so hard to be seiso around you
Fails within 1 minute
Always appears in the chat of your streams
"Y/N! My chat's bullying me and calling me a bottom!"
"....But you are a bottom, Mysta-"
Accidentally called you 'cutie' during a collab but you had an airhead moment
Almost has a heart attack from your cute giggles
Flirting 24/7 in collabs
Ike Eveland
Squeals every time you say "Hi, Eveland-senpai"
Calls you adorable Swedish nicknames that'll leave you confused
"Du är en söt liten blomma."
(You are a sweet little flower)
"Eh? What did that mean, Senpai?" "Don't worry about it."
Lowkey flirts sometimes while you barely notice
[Like that one moment during his A Way Out collab with Luca lol]
Pouts when the girls 'steal' you for a while
Has the urge to hold your hands after a hand reveal baking cupcakes stream
Always sets your chibi on his head during collabs
Plays your first song (ft. LilyPichu) on loop because he can't get enough of your voice
Luca Kaneshiro
Always feels excited to collab with you
Always pranks you but immediately apologizes after, fearing he'll make you cry
Gifts you pumpkin pie, cookies, flowers, and diamonds in the Minecraft server
Always joins VC to surprise you
Uncontrollable laughter in fun collabs
Can't get over how adorable you can be
Tries to flirt but always screw up the pick-up line (this adorable himbo baby 😭)
Shu Yamino
Loads of flirty memes being aimed towards you
Gives you Japanese lessons
But tricks you into flirting in Japanese
"Okay, say 'Anata wa watashi no otaku no sekaidesu'."
"Wait..Shu, don't toy with me like that!"
Literally won't hesitate to call you adorable
One of the most wholesome and seiso + flirty collabs in Nijisanji
You realized that Ike's is the longest one here? Yeah, got caught in 4k. Ike is my favorite out of the whole group 😭
And I'm so sorry Shu's is so short. I honestly didn't know what to say for him. I'm sorry Shu simps 🙇🏾
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dev1lm4n · 2 months
4 + 1
Tumblr media
pairings: bodyguard!joel miller x f!reader
summary: the apocalypse didn't happen. joel shift jobs into becoming a bodyguard for a billionaire’s wife. four times joel realized he's in love and the one time he actually did something about it.
word count: 3.8k
warnings: explicit (18+), p in v, no protection, infidelity, implied domestic abuse (not by joel)
notes: this is my fav to write by far ♡ if ur a writer or loves reading, chat me up and let's be moots
Tumblr media
Clementine hues of orange sauntered in through the slick frame of her kitchen windows, causing a layer of tinted filtering to be added throughout the boring beige paints littered all around. Everything was in honeyed tones, beautiful and soothing. He had to admit that there was something godly about your kitchen. Something he couldn’t resist.
It was much different compared to the heavy smell of paint and cement he’s smothered in back when he’s still dwelling in construction. Instead of the constant buzz of drilling and swings of hammers into wooden panels, he’s now embraced in an endless collection of Jazz. His shoes are now polished— he could even see his own beaming reflection in the shiny black. A fitted tuxedo snug against the broad of his chest— a total 180° change from his Texan classic style of flannels and denims.
Joel used to think that he’s all too ill-mannered to be participating in the posh bullshit rich families are prone to, but when he saw the ads your husband was posting out, he couldn’t possibly decline the offer. The pay was enough to get Sarah all the way through university without picking up loans and it came with barely a risk.
He was just there to follow a billionaire’s pretty little wife around, carry your bags of impulsive purchases, and drop you off to go drink martinis with your girlfriends. The gun tucked into his back pocket was merely for show. After all, his dirty scowl is usually enough to set people aside. So, he signed the contract and was tied to what he envisioned to be a snobby flashy gal.
But you were an anomaly. 
You were the opposite of the few descriptive words your husband mapped you out as, which he recalled to be ‘bimbo’ and ‘a pain in the ass’. You were lovely. The kind of girl that’d bake your husband a sweet tray of apple pie in your cute little dotted blue apron. He was guilty of watching your every move. Every bend, perk, curve of your body. Because, duh, he had to make sure you weren’t harming yourself. What if you accidentally set a fire off in the stove? At least, that’s what he’s telling himself to fend upon his guilt.
“Come on. Open your mouth, Joel!” you cheered excitedly at the sight of your glistening apple pie, cut open into perfectly eight slices. As the fork pierced through the warm, flaky crust of the apple pie, the sweet aroma of cinnamon and baked apples filled the air. The crust crumbled ever so slightly as the fork lifted a generous slice, revealing the warm, gooey filling. A persuasive look keen on your face as you raised your fork forward, just a few inches away from his pursed lips.
“I don’t think I should, ma’am.”
“Why not?”
“Your husband’s coming home soon..” he trailed off, uneasy about the increasingly delicate situation.
“So? Married people can’t have friends now?”
You could closely watch his determination waver, because god did your apple pie look good even from a distance. But he shouldn’t be doing this on the job, right? Playing kitchen with you out of all people.
“We’re not friends.”
“Oh, we’re not?”
“No,” he shook his head. 
Only to entertain you and play into your own rhythm of things, Joel sank his teeth into the tender apples and buttery crust, sweet flavors exploded on his tongue. The warm, rich filling oozed out of the pie and coated his palate in a heavenly blend of spices and sweetness. What made it better was the shy smile you had on your face, unmarred by what the world had to offer. Your eyes twinkle fondly, sparking what felt like fireworks in his belly.
He simply nodded. Joel chewed slowly, averting his gaze away from you because who knows what he might start to imagine if he’s constantly being presented that view of you.
“Mr. Waterford’s gonna like it,” he reassured.
Tumblr media
“Wait. Joel. What does that spell out?”
You enquired, brows furrowed as you tried to make sense of the word he’d just put together on the tiled board. Your lips pursed and you tilted your head slightly to the side, as if trying to get a different perspective. It seemed that your feigned innocence managed to work wonders in your bodyguard’s head, because his brows knitted along with yours, seemingly worried that he might actually get the word incorrectly. It may have been the nth time that you toyed around with him childishly, but it’s not your fault he always had such a silly expression to share each time.
“Darling,” he read the word aloud innocently. Texas twang dripping from every syllable.
“Yes, honey?”
Joel looked away bashfully at your playful banter. You could tell he’s raking his head to find ways to try and guide the conversation back into a safe spot. To maintain professionalism, where his heart doesn’t have to race a million times per second and his palms doesn’t have to turn all clammy from a childish joke. But he’s failing. Miserably at that. He tried to muster up the courage to respond in kind, but his mind went blank, leaving him tongue-tied.
“I’m just joking. You’re not mad, are you?”
Of course, he’s not mad. He could never be angry at you even if you sometimes do the weirdest things he could ever think of, like that one time last week where you decided you should try out every single barbeque sauce available in the supermarket. You’re just too sweet to be angry at. Snow could melt if you were there beaming that same dear smile of yours, miracles could happen if it was you. Joel thought that this was his punishment. A karma for all the terrible things he did throughout his twenties, the girls he fiddled and the money he possibly swindled. It’s hard to watch you and not be able to put his hands on you. It’s unfair.
“No,” he whispered vaguely as he drew more tiles from the messy pile. Joel looked amazingly dedicated for a bodyguard who’s being forced to play Scrabble with his employer’s wife— you found it hilarious, which resulted in the delicate giggle you uttered.
“Why don’t you hang out with your actual friends, Mrs. Waterford?”
You frowned.
“First of all, never call me by his name. Second, why do you care so much about who I hang out with?” you seethed out petulantly.
Even when you’re throwing a silly tantrum, he still looked at you as if you held out the sun and the moon. As if you’re the beginning and the end, but you weren’t going to assume what might just be a figment to your foolish imaginations.
“Sorry. I just.. I don’t have to play the dutiful, elegant wife when I’m here. I don’t have to pretend like I enjoy tea times and chalky macarons.”
You hate playing dress up when you’re just there to be your husband’s little pet. Ready to serve him at your every move. It’s suffocating to pretend like you’re content with how your life turned out to be, to giggle at condescending jokes other wives make, or to let your husband degrade you in front of other members of the high society. You felt like a mannequin and you’d rather be here, comforted in your own qualms with Joel. Simple ol’ Joel from Texas who took such good care of you.
“I can’t say I understand.”
Joel chuckled, thinking back to his rather ordinary background. He didn’t think he ever had to participate in any social events unwillingly, except when his mom dragged him to church on Sundays when he was younger, but that was different. You were in another realm. Someone who’s not equal to him.
“Although, I’m glad you feel at ease with me.”
He’s so good with his words, you sometimes wonder if those sweet compliments actually meant a thing. You simmered at his encouragement.
Tumblr media
Tonight marks the evening of the Annual Spring Ball. Joel, being the country boy that he is, didn’t have much clue regarding what significance this particular event held. Although, he guessed that it was a big thing considering the pile of dresses you’ve dumped carelessly in front of your walk-in closet. You’re always so messy. Maybe he liked that about you.
He stood aimlessly, feeling like a nervous boy waiting for his prom partner to reveal themselves. It crept from inside his stomach and the grip it had on his throat grew tighter and tighter the longer you took in that damned dressing room. You’re not even going with him to this presumptuous event. You’re going with your damn husband, so why is he getting ahead of himself?
“What do ya think?”
You came bursting out of the pale blue curtains like a ray of sunshine, cladded with a long fitted evening gown. He was convinced that black belonged to you. The gown was made of flowing, luxurious fabric that draped elegantly down the womanly curves of your hips.
He couldn’t help but take a peek down your classic plunging neckline, like a fucking pervert. A flattering scoop that showed off your delicate collarbone and décolletage. Viewing a glimpse of your soft mounds propped up by the tailored bodice had him shifting from one leg to the other. God, you looked like a goddess blessed you personally. Waterford is a lucky man having you by his side.
“Is it too much?”
“No. It’s just..”
Joel swallowed thickly. How he wished he could say how you’d stolen his heart and robbed him of common sense.
“You look beautiful. Mr. Waterford would’ve-”
“Can we not speak of my husband?”
You interrupted bitterly. He wasn’t sure if he saw it correctly, but he could see a look of solemn ghosting over your sweet features. How you suddenly stop being all chirpy and instead, settle on chewing your inner lip. Joel was worried and it took all of him not to prod into whatever it is you’re hiding behind all the kind and warm facade. He was simply your bodyguard and that’s all he’ll ever be so why impose?
“Will you help me with my pearls?”
“Of course.”
He swiftly walked over to the jewelry case he’s grown accustomed to, not because he ever had thoughts of stealing your precious belongings, more so because you’ve allowed him to enter and assist you in your bedroom way too often. He’s memorized every inch of the blush tinted room without fail, maybe because he was a good help or maybe.. because he’s undeniably infatuated in you. With much precision, he held the shiny pearls in between his rough fingers. Only to gently clasp the chain around your neck. The ghost of his fingers on your bare skin made you shudder in anticipation.
He might’ve overstepped his boundaries by tracing over the exposed skin of your back, feeling the bumps of your spinal cords as if he’s a professional harpist. His gaze settled on where you felt the most plush and smooth. How he wished he could feel more of you; was the rest of your unexposed skin this delicate? Did you like this?
A pregnant silence enveloped the both of you. A mutual understanding. You were nervous, enough that you could listen to how your heart pumped blood into your increasingly warm cheeks.
“What is this?”
He broke the sacred silence at the irregular hues blooming from beneath the velvet fabric. Blues, purples, some were still inflamed, red marring your sacred skin. You were bruised. Bad. His eyes went wide at the sight of permanent scars shaped like a long rod buried deep in your skin, the new skin much lighter than your skin tone. If he weren’t attentive, he would’ve missed the way it hid underneath the hemlines. 
The worst part was you didn’t say anything. Just showcasing him the same ol’ smile as you turned.
Tumblr media
Ever since he saw your marks, the ones you’ve tried your very best to cover and withheld from the world, you’ve avoided him more than ever. Joel Miller was specifically assigned to you. To cater to your every need and protect you from the danger you might encounter, but it’s hard to do his job properly when the danger was from within.
He’s seen the way you lock your doors in his presence, leaving him uneasy as he guarded in front of your door. He’s also noticed how you stopped baking sweet apple pies, quit picking the juicy strawberries in your garden, and were lost in your own thoughts more often than anything. Maybe you’ve had enough of playing house with the lousy bodyguard he was. Maybe he was too old, too wrinkly, and too nosy for your taste.
“Yes,” he answered almost too eagerly at the pleasant call of his name. His puppy-like brown eyes peaked through the small crack of your door.
“Come in. I have a surprise for you.”
A surprise for him? Didn’t you hate him? Joel looked almost entranced at the sudden knowledge. He took a determined step into your room, your wooden door creaking close behind him. You narrowed your eyes to strengthen your vision towards his striking figure. Without shame, you took in all of him. You’ve missed him as much as you hated to admit. Joel was a crucial part to your daily life. He’s a breath of fresh air. The only thing keeping you alive when you’re caged in this mansion.
“Winter’s coming.”
“It is,” he spoke softly, out-of-breath at the sight of you in your nightgown. His pupils dilated erratically at what you’ve blessed him with.
“I knitted you and Sarah matching scarfs.”
You pulled out the most beautiful pair of scarfs out of your side table, decorated with your favorite shades of ballet pink and powder blue. It wasn’t the cleanest work out there. A few loose and uneven threads here and there, but it was the most someone has ever done to him in a very long time.
It felt sincere and heartfelt. You even knitted one for his daughter who he’d only mention briefly during your time together. Once during your weekly Scrabble game and the other time when he entertained you during a house party. He smoothed the thick fabric down, tears pricking his eyes from the emotions budding from within.
“Are you seriously crying?”
You chuckled at the sight, arms crossed in front of your chest at the sight of your tough and grouchy bodyguard tearing up over some scarf. Joel meant more to you than you could ever admit. Maybe this’ll show him that part of you, just enough that your husband would never notice and you could still play it off as an act of kindness.
“That’s so lame, Joel.”
Fact is.. you were magnetic. The sweetest thing he’s ever witnessed in his long thirty six years of life, yet you’re stuck here playing wife of Waterford. Joel wanted to be your knight in shining armor and bring you to safety where he’d cherish you all his life, but what could he do? Should he just witness you wither away into an empty shell? The thought brought up the long awaited bravado and he was already bringing you up into his arms. Wrapping you in a tight embrace where all he could feel was you and only you. The softness of your pliant body, the smell of strawberries and cinnamon, and your undeniable warmth.
“You’re not happy,” he muttered underneath his breath, brows knitted and wrinkles evident.
“I will be.”
You paused.
“I have to be.”
You reassured him, pulling away from his grasp slightly. Your longing eyes bored into him with a tinge of emotion he couldn’t quite decipher, but it all became clear when you finally kissed him. You tasted better than he could ever imagine.
Tumblr media
“Tell me you don’t want this.”
His voice was tantalizing, the rough bristles of his scruff tickling the curve of your earlobes in a manner that made you feel small. You couldn’t really pipe up a sweet comeback to what he had to say. Not when you’re pinned face down onto your fresh floral sheets, the same one you’ve spent countless nights with your estranged husband.
The crisp fabric felt cool and smooth on your squished cheek, you could even smell the lingering notes of softener wafted through the air. Joel caged you in like some sort of feral animal. Thick muscular thighs pressing next to your own as he loomed over you.
“You’re driving me insane, darlin’. Bending over with that silly knitted dress of yours.”
He murmured out into the junction of your neck. Always so careful with you, he made sure to smooth down every inch of your pristine skin, over each and every one of your scars and marks. His fingers were electric, jolting you every time he made bare contact.
You whined a soft tone when he pulled the wool hem of your dress upwards. Leaving your perky butt exposed to the cold air with nothing on but the panties you’ve chosen specifically for him. The one with the pretty pink bow and lace rimming each side; the one you knew he’s secretly pocketed a few times.
“Fuck. Such a pretty cunt. Is this for me or for Waterford?”
You were just too good to be true. Someone so perfect like you was willing to let him have a taste of what heaven on earth was, even when your husband was downstairs mingling with the other party guests. Joel was ecstatic at the thought. His eyes twinkled with obsession as he pulled your panties aside, probing a finger into your sloppy hole. One of his fingers was swallowed whole by your throbbing cunt and all he could hear was the loud squelching noise it made. It was as if you hadn’t been filled to the brim for a very long time. What a waste.
“For you. Only for you, Joel.”
Joel couldn’t hide the smugness running deep in his expression, pulling onto each corner his mustache. The constant need to prove himself to you tipped him over the edge. He wanted to be gentle with you, to be kind and cautious, because you were his everything, but it’s harder when he’s already leaking in his boxers. Seven inch, uncut, and sensitive. His fat cock thrived at the thought of you aching beneath him.
“He didn’t fuck you well, did he? Left you all wet for me.”
He teased sweetly as he unzipped his pants eagerly, only to tug at his waistband swiftly. Joel felt the adrenaline rushing through his headspace. It might be fucked up but somehow he wanted to prove how good he is for you, how he’d let your husband barge in if it meant proving how you’re such a good fit for his girth.
At the thought, Joel leaned forward to nip at your pulse point. You whined for more. He cooed softly, making sure you were slick enough as he flicked his cock along your needy slit. His thick raspy groans were heavenly, yet sinful for you to hear. You’re married for goodness sake.
“Put it in me, Joel. Fuck me. Please. Now.”
Your incoherent begging was music to his ears, enough that he gave in to your requests. He prodded his leaking tip into your entrance. Joel was unable to hide his pleasure, lashes fluttering as he rolled his hips in one sharp movement. He had to stop immediately once he’s buried deep in your velvety walls. Knowing he’d burst if he was to continue. He let out a breathy chuckle, grounding himself with all his might.
That’s all you could muster as you pushed your hips further back into his, babbling hopeless pleads in hopes that he’d move and solve the everlasting coiling need. Such a slut.
“I got you, darlin’”
He held you steady by the small of your hips, adding ample pressure to have you arching back nicely. Joel fulfilled his promise by sheathing himself entirely within you. Slick and sloppy, he pounded into you. You’re on cloud nine. Desperately muffling his name into your bed sheets as if it’d make a difference in the boundaries you’ve crossed on this eventful day.
The golden ring band encircling your finger taunted you whilst it glimmered underneath the dim lights: all about your failing marriage and your stupid affair. You knew this wasn’t going to last long. Hell, things could fall apart if your husband caught a whiff of Joel’s cedar cologne on you.
“Stay with me, please, darlin’”
Joel looped his tough arms over your chest, effectively straightening you upright against his firm chest. His tip probed deeper inside you at the new position, exploring places you didn’t think was possible. You couldn’t see him and you thought it might be better. For you didn’t have to remember how unbelievably hot he looked while fucking you from behind; you’d worry his name would slip in your head when Waterford finally required you to cater to his needs.
“Run away with me.”
He tried once more and you had to say, it was quite a romantic gesture to attempt when he’s twitching vulgarly inside you. There was a sense of need in his voice. He’s begging you to leave all this luxury and royalty behind for the love he had to offer. What was it.. modern times Romeo & Juliet? You let out an airy moan in response, backing up even further to fulfill your burning desire. The coily dark trim on the base of his slick cock scraped your soft skin. He’s inside you entirely. Without any barrier because god did he secretly want to pump you full of cum. Maybe he'll let you wander back onto your husband's arms with his cum still stuffed deep within you.
“I can’t.”
You shook your head, a soft gasp slipping past your lips as his grip tightened around your wrist. His nails dug out crescent shape marks into your skin uncomfortably.
“Joel. Shit. Don’t move.”
He obeyed. A small grin taking over when he witnessed the shake of your legs and how you looked heavenly even when you’re seconds away from climaxing. He relished in the way your tongue cutely darted out like a dog in heat. You’re still cute even when you’re all spread out for him.
“I love you.”
He whispered once more, voice fleeting against your ear. Joel needed to kiss you. Needed to feel your soft lips on him for what might be the last time. His nimble fingers gently guide your jaw to turn his way, wrapping you in such an emotional kiss. As if you’d wither away if he didn’t hold you down tight enough.
“Please say it back, darlin’. Please?”
And just like that, he submitted to your wishes and let the mighty dam fall apart. A soft groan you’ve never heard before mused out his parted lips. He’s filling you up so full with a taste of him to the point that it’s leaking out each side of your thighs. A white rim left behind. Tonight he thought that maybe white belonged to you as well, just like black did.
“I love you too, Joel.”
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