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one thing's for sure is that I will never ever recover from this
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quality time | jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
➳ pairing: boyfriend!jungkook x reader (f)
➳ genre: established relationship, fluff, a little bit of angst, smut
➳ rating: 18+ (minors dni)
➳ warnings: jungkook is a bit of a dick at the start tbh, t*tty kissing, n*pple s*cking, d*epthroating, p*ssy eating, rough s*x, unprotected s*x (wrap it before u tap it baes) cre*mpie
➳ wc: 2.1K
➳ author's notes: this is my first ever drabble on this account so please be nice! also please let me know if you guys like it! i always love hearing what people think about my writing!
➳ summary: you and jungkook were supposed to have some quality time together. however it seems he made other plans. and you're pissed.
“I just don’t understand the issue here?” Jungkook questioned, following you into the kitchen. “All I said was that Taehyung and I were gonna hang out tonight? Why are you getting all huffy?”
“You know that’s not the main issue Jungkook.” you carried on emptying the bags of groceries you bought onto the counter, back turned to him “It was meant to be us two tonight! I even went out to buy food, especially so we could cook and have dinner together!” 
Jungkook continued staring at your back while he spoke “So Taehyung can join us? We see each other all the time! What’s one night?”
You froze. Whilst you didn’t mind cooking for Taehyung and having him over, it had been a while since you and your boyfriend had quality time together where you could both be relaxed. While it was true that you saw each other majority of the week, those hours spent with each other were spent finishing off work from earlier in the day or sleeping because of the busy schedules. 
Today, you both had free schedules and that meant that the two of you were able to finally have that quality time you had missed out on for all these weeks. 
Your plan was to make a nice dinner together, snuggle up and watch a nice movie. Heck, you even put on Jungkook’s favourite lingerie set. That was how much intimacy you were craving from missing it all these weeks.  
Yet Jungkook seemed clueless. And that boiled your blood even more.
“I just think you’re being a little dramatic babe.” Jungkook rubbed your shoulder from behind “We can always do this again another time-” 
“Oh don’t give me that bullshit Jungkook.” you whipped around out of his touch “We never have the time to spend together yet the one time we do, you decided to invite Taehyung?”
“Y/n, the one night I have off I just wanna spend playing some games with my friend! What have I done wrong?” Jungkook stared at you, eyes open wide as your outburst continues
“What have you done wrong?” You scoffed loudly “I don’t know, how about the fact you haven’t even acknowledged that we haven’t eaten a proper meal together in forever? How about the fact that all we do is fall asleep without so much as a cuddle? How about the fact that we haven’t had sex in over two weeks because of how busy and tiring our schedules are?” 
At this point, you had had enough. You stormed out of the kitchen and headed straight for the bedroom. You had to get away before either you said something you’d regret. 
“Y/n, you can’t just walk away after that!” Jungkook followed you out. “What? You’re just gonna leave it like this?” 
Jungkook’s voice became a muffled mess as you stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. You heard him curse under his breath as his words were met with the bang of the door closing before hearing the jangling of his keys. 
“I’m going out for a bit. I’ll be back later.” He said flatly through the door, the closing of the front entrance the only clue that he had left. 
From then on, that’s when the tears started to stream down your face. This was not how you wanted the evening to go. In fact, having Taehyung over was better than this. 
But it was too late. The night had been ruined and you didn’t know where your boyfriend had run off to. Thoughts ran into your mind of him with another, using the affection he was meant to give you on someone else…
But you know Jungkook would never do that. No matter how mad he was, you knew he loved you more than anything and the fact that you thought, for a second, that he would do something so cruel made you sick to your stomach. 
You decided to get your mind off everything that had happened and instead turned on the TV to watch your comfort shows, quickly changing into a pair of joggers and snuggling into the warmth of Jungkook’s bed.
A few hours had passed and before you knew it, you were slowly drifting off to sleep…
You awoke to the sound of the front door quietly closing shut, as if the person walking in knew that the house was asleep. You turned over to see that it was ten minutes to midnight. 
Had Jungkook really been out for 5 hours? You thought to yourself, as you stepped out of the duvet and towards the bedroom door. Opening it quietly, you came face to face with the man himself 
“Hi,” he said softly. His face looked drained, as he eyed your face. “Can I come in?”
You nodded gently, widening the door so he could slip through. A part of you felt guilty that he had to ask to enter HIS bedroom, but he didn’t give you time to apologise as he started talking. 
“Look Y/n, I thought about what you said.” He took your hands and led you to the bed so you were both sat. “I know I’ve been neglecting you these past few weeks. You know how much I truly love you right?” 
You nodded again. He sighed, voice cracking. “I was wrong about not putting you first. I guess I was just so caught up in everything with work that I became selfish. I called Taehyung and told him I had plans. It’s just you and me tonight, okay?” A tear streamed down his cheek as you took hold of his face. “Please forgive me Y/n..”
“Baby..” By this time, you were both tearing up. “Of course I forgive you, my love.” You kissed his cheek as he pulled you in by the waist for a cuddle. 
“God the thought of you leaving,” Jungkook mumbled into your neck as you embraced each other “The thought of neglecting the one I love. Makes me sick to my stomach.”
You already felt the emotion of comfort wash over you as his scent reached your nose. 
“Never again. Okay?” Jungkook said, gently kissing your neck “Never again will I ever make you feel like that.” 
The sensation of lips on your neck made you moan softly. His strong hands around your waist already feeling like velvet on your body. 
“Let me prove to you how sorry I am princess.” His kisses grew more passionate. His secure arms manoeuvred you now so that you were lying down across the bed. “Let me show you how much I missed you.” By then his fingers were skimming the edge of your shirt, giving you the hint he wanted it off.
You lifted your arms up so that he can slip the clothing off you, immediately searching his face when your lingerie was revealed. 
Jungkook threw his back “Oh fuck baby…you’re killing me.” Straight away, his hands went to your boobs, massaging them from the fabric. Your breathy moans filled the air, hands already gently gripping Jungkook’s luscious locks. His face bent down to your chest as his mouth met your exposed cleavage. “Is this what you wanted baby, huh?” Another kiss to your chest “Fucked I missed these.”
While one of his hands caressed your nipple through the bra, the other slid around to your back and clawed at the clasp. You decided to help speed things up, arching your back a bit so you can undo the latch and from there you were left exposed. 
“Such pretty tits.” Jungkook whispered, “They’re mine.” His mouth immediately latched onto one, gently lapping at the bud with his tongue. 
You whimpered softly. “Kook, stop teasing….I want you.”
His mouth unlatched from your nipple. “Oh princess me too, I gotta get you ready first though okay? Patience my pretty.” 
At that, Jungkook returned his kisses to your body. He travelled down your figure, down slowly on your stomach right towards the pit of your pleasure. He stopped at the hem of your leggings. 
“Can I take these off, beautiful?” His fingers traced the lining of them. Once you nodded, he hoisted them down slowly. “Ass up beautiful for one second.” he smiled, once the leggings reached your rear. 
Once the leggings were off and you were left only in your panties, Jungkook stood up. As he finished taking off his shirt, you admired the way his muscles tensed as he unbuckled his belt and removed his trousers. His raging cock jutted out of his boxers.
You got up onto your knees while on the bed, palming at his dick through his own fabric. He threw his head back as your hand fell over the tip. 
“Can I taste you?” you asked politely, looking up at him through your eyelashes. He nodded quickly as he helped you remove his pants. His dick bounced as it was released from the cotton confines of his boxers and immediately you took him into your mouth, wasting no time to deepthroat him. 
“Ah fuck!” Jungkook gripped your hair tightly, gently thrusting his hips at the sensation of your warm, sucking throat. “Oh, baby girl you’re taking me so well.”
You pulled back but still had him in your mouth, lapping your tongue around the poignant veins of his cock. The smell of him made you dizzy, partnering with his quiet grunts filled the dark room. His hand pushed at the back of your head, urging you to take him deeper in your mouth once again. 
“Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum if you keep on like this…I wanna be inside you.” he pulled out of your mouth, and a string of saliva connected your mouth and his cock together. He bent down and kissed you passionately, tongue exploring your mouth widely. 
He whispered against your kisses “Lay down for me baby.”
You obliged. He tugged at your panties gently, inching them down your legs. You were now left bare at his glance. He kissed twice at your stomach before edging down to your pussy. His hot breath emphasised the pit in your stomach. 
In a blink of an eye, his mouth was lapping between your folds. Moaning against your clit, the vibrations sent shoots of pleasure through your body as you clawed at Jungkooks hair. His desperate licks edge you closer and closer. 
“K-Kook…I’m so close….” your mouth was held open at the amount of pleasure his mouth was giving you. Suddenly, the cold air hit your bare pussy as Jungkook leaned away. 
“Not yet baby…need to be inside you…”  
Jungkook positioned his cock at your entrance, slowly teasing the tip inside you “ready my angel?”
You nodded. Slowly he pushed into you, making sure you felt every inch of him.
“Oh…god Jungkook!” you clawed at his back, the size of him filling you up. “Y-you’re so big!” His cock quietly quicked the pace, as Jungkook nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck. You whimpered at the angle his shaft was pounding you, eyes trained shut at the waves of pleasuring hitting you at every thrust. 
“My god baby…you’re so fucking…tight!” His muffled voice vibrated against your neck “I gotta pull out…I’m gonna cum-”
“Cum in me…!” You moaned, wrapping your legs around his waist “Fill me up…”
“Oh….gorgeous….It’s so risky…” He removed his face from your neck “.....But you feel so good….”
At that, his pace quicked as his cock pounded at your pussy. Every thrust became a newfound ripple of delight. You felt your stomach tighten as the well-known feeling returned to your body once more. 
“B-babe…I’m gonna c-cum!” You threw your head back into the pillows
“Cum on my cock baby….Oh, fuck!” Jungkook exclaimed as your pussy tightened around his dick. Jungkook too felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm in the pit of his stomach 
Not too long after as you rode out your pleasure, you felt warmth enter you as Jungkook spilt inside you. With gritted teeth, he once again delved into your neck as he too rode out the other half of his orgasm, still thrusting gently and slowly. 
You whimpered quietly as he pulled out and sank next to you. Straight away he pulled you into his arms. “I love you so much. Please never ever forget that okay?”
“Okay, I love you.” You fit right into the pit of his arm as he stroked your hair, both of you exhausted from tonight's actions. 
“Hey, Kook? I know it's late but I'm kinda sticky now…”
He chuckled gently “Think it’s time me and you had a shower.”
find out what jungkook did in those five hours here
let me know if you want to be on the taglist for any future work i may post! reblog or send in an ask to show support! ily
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✧ K-pop BTS Characters Plushies Toys ✧
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◌ 𓂃. °˳ ˳ ❊ ༚ 🎬 ˚ 🚬 ◌ . ۫ ✺ ゚𓂃⋆。◌
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Tumblr media
like father like son 🦴✨🍗
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(.❛ ᴗ ❛.)
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I’m happy that you guys are happy.
cr. namuspromised, 0613data, @/jung-koook
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jungkook icons
like or rb if you save or use
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angel on earth ✨ ( cr. namuspromised )
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hobi is me 😌
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jungkook giving army advice on how to tell parents you want to get a tattoo 
meanwhile tae: I didn't even tell my parents that I was going to get a tattoo 😆 (trans. cr. ging_jjk)
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those five hours | jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
this may be confusing to some who haven't read quality time! go read that and then come back to get the full story!
➳ pairing: boyfriend!jungkook x reader (f)
➳ genre: established relationship, a little angst, mostly fluff
➳ warnings: mentions of sex but no sex ygm?
➳ wc: 1.8k
➳ author's notes: SO many people were commenting about jungkook being away for five hours...and i couldn't take it any longer....so this is what he did.
➳ summary: "Had Jungkook really been out for five hours?" yes, he had. and this is what he had been doing.
As soon as Jungkook banged the front door shut, he wanted to run back in and talk this out. He hated the idea of leaving a fight to sit, the thought of you being upset at him eating away at his soul. 
But he knew you needed time. He knew he needed time. And so he decided to stay away for a while. 
Getting into his car and slamming the door shut, he sat there for a while. Your words echoed in his head over and over. Had it really been that long since you guys spent time together? Now that Jungkook thought about it, he couldn’t remember the last time you guys cooked together, couldn’t remember the last time you guys snuggled on the couch and watched a movie. Had it really been that long since he touched you? 
Sighing angrily, Jungkook turned the key and started to drive. Where he was going, he had no idea but he needed to get away and think. Before he fucked up anymore. 
Jungkook drove for a whole hour. Until he found the park. The park where you first met. 
“Namjoon, I don’t care if she liked me.” Jungkook groaned down the phone “She wasn’t my type, there was no connection whatsoever! Set her up with Jimin or something! He’s single!”
A park bench was not the time to have this kind of conversation. Jungkook needed Taehyung to hurry up so he could cut this stupid conversation short.
Never again was he letting Namjoon set him up on a date again. 
It’s not that the girl wasn’t nice. She was lovely and obviously had a good heart. Jungkook just…didn’t feel it. It wasn't the destiny he was looking for. It didn’t feel right. 
Explaining that to Namjoon however, was harder than explaining college-level physics to a five-year-old. 
“Joon, I’m not saying she WASN’T pretty! I just-” 
Jungkook was interrupted by a loud cry. Abruptly, his head turned towards the sound, being met with a figure on the concrete floor. He straight away saw that you had hurt yourself, blood dripping from your elbow. 
“I’ll call you back.” he ended the call quickly and jogged over to you. 
“Are you okay? What just happened?” Offering you a hand, he hoisted you up so that you were now on your feet. Getting to see your face at last, his breath hitched. Jungkook had never seen beauty like yours before. Even with your face a little scrunched from the pain of your arm, you still looked angelic. 
“Oh, I’m good!” You chuckled lightly, looking down at the blood dripping down from your elbow. “It’s just me being clumsy again, as usual! This is so embarrassing..”
“No no, don’t be embarrassed! Here come sit, you’re bleeding.” He led you over to the bench he was sitting at before. “I’m Jungkook by the way.”
“I’m Y/n, nice to meet you! Well, as nice as this situation gets.” 
“Do you have any plasters on you, Miss clumsy?” Jungkook flirted. You laughed, looking up at him and rolling your eyes before digging through your bag.
“I might do…..uhhhh…yeah! Here’s one!” You pulled out a thin strip of plaster and went to remove the plastic. Jungkook intervened. 
“Here, let me.” He took the plaster and gently placed it on your cut. You winced faintly but sighed soon after as he finished neatening up the patch. “All done, you’re good to go!”
“Ah, thank you so much! I’m sorry if I bothered you. You seemed like you were in the middle of an important phone call.” 
“Pfft, no no don’t worry. I was trying to get away.” Jungkook smiled “You kinda saved my ass so I had to return the favour.”
Nodding politely, you got up to leave “Well, I best be on my way. Thank you so much again. Kind of glad it was you who-”
Suddenly you were interrupted by a booming voice coming from down the path. 
Jungkook sighed, murmuring under his breath “Taehyung…”
“That sound’s like my cue to leave!” You laughed “See you!” 
You walked away as Taehyung finally caught up to where Jungkook was still standing. 
“Who was that? Do you have a secret girlfriend I don’t know about Kookieee?” Taehyung teased, slapping him on the back while Jungkook stood there, still staring at your walking figure as you rounded the corner. 
“H-huh? No, she was just…a girl.” He mumbled. Taehyung chuckled at his dumbfounded expression, putting a foot on the bench to tie his shoe. 
“Well, lighten up. I hope this isn’t an excuse to get out of this run just because you’re scared I’ll beat you-.” He got up and looked around back at Jungkook. But was met with a space. 
Because Jungkook wasn’t there. Jungkook was halfway down the path, running in the direction you had gone. 
He had to get your number. He KNEW you were different. And he wasn’t losing that. 
To cut a long story short, he got your number. 
Jungkook was interrupted in his daydream by the loud ringtone of his phone. Quickly hauling it out of his pocket, he was met with Taheyung’s picture. 
“Hello?” He answered glumly. 
“Wow, you sound miserable! What’s up with you?” 
Jungkook sighed angrily “Y/n and I got in a fight. So I’ve gone out for a bit.”
“What did you do this time? Come one, let me hear it.” Jungkook heard Taehyung sit, indicating he should start his story right away.
After he finished telling the story, Jungkook was met with silence. “Hello? Tae? You still there?”
“Oh, I’m still here. I just wanted you to sit with what you just told me for a few seconds because WOW you can be so stupid sometimes.”
Jungkook groaned “Can you not make me feel more guilty than I already do?” 
“Look, both of you need to chill before you talk to each other. Maybe go get something to eat and chill for a bit more. We can meet another day.”
“Yeah, no shit. Okay, I’ll talk to you later.” 
“Bye Kookiee!” Taehyung sang as Jungkook hit the red button. 
At the mention of food, he realised how hungry he was. Walking back to his car, he craved a certain type of food. Although it was some way away, he knew he HAD to go.
And so off he went.
The coffee shop. Not the most extravagant place to have your first date but, with Jungkook, it seemed like a perfect setting to fall in love. And that was what was happening. Both your guy’s pastries were long forgotten as you both talked and talked for hours on end. 
“You seem like such a muffin girl,” Jungkook said, laughing to himself. 
“What the heck does that mean?” You gasped, mocking your offensive and putting a hand to your chest. “Muffins are good, it's a coffee shop delicacy!”
Jungkook laughed harder “I know muffins are popular but I didn’t think people actually ATE the blueberry ones! The chocolate chip ones are right there!”
You pushed him lightly, chuckling to yourself “That’s so mean! I happen to like my blueberry muffins and if you don’t like that then there’s the door!” 
“Come onnn, you know I'm kidding. I think it’s adorable that you’re weird like that.”
“Thank you!” You exclaimed and took a bite of your muffin “.....Wait… WEIRD?”
“Sir…Hello?” Jungkook was immediately pulled out of his daydream by the server at the till. “Your order is ready!”
Embarrassed, he mumbled a quick thank you before taking his cinnamon bun (the blueberry muffin he bought for you to eat later) and going to find a seat. 
The cafe was not as empty as he thought it would be, considering the hour that he was there. There was a businessman on the phone in the corner near the window, a teenage couple laughing at each other's phone on the couch side and then a woman and her baby sat on a table. 
Jungkook decided to sit nearer to the woman. She smiled at him as he sat, rocking the sleeping baby in her arms. In a sleepy state, the baby dropped the toy and landed right near Jungkook’s feet. 
“Excuse me, ma’am, your baby dropped this.” He said lowly to not make up the peaceful infant.
“Oh gosh! Thank you! Silly girl, always dropping things and then crying when he loses it!” The mother took the toy and smiled sweetly. “If only my husband were this attentive.” She motioned towards the businessman on the phone. “He would have never spotted that even if it was flying right at his face!”
Jungkook gulped. Is this what Y/n feels like all the time? A partner that’s distracted and away even when he’s with her?
At that moment he realised he had to go home. 
He had to be with you and tell you that he was a fool. 
He had to tell you how much he loves you. 
“Well thank you for walking me home.” you stopped at your front door. “You don’t have to do it every date though! I’m perfectly fine walking back alone!”
“No way, I’d never let my lady walk back by herself in the dark. That’s not how the Jeons role!”
You froze. He’d never called you that before. 
“Y-your lady?” you stuttered. The recognition of the nickname made Jungkook freeze too.
“Oh, uh. I didn’t mean MY lady as in, you’re my property because you’re a strong, independent woman and no one could ever own you I just meant that-” 
Your laughter interrupted his rambling “Kook….are you trying to make this official?”
“Uh, I think so. I mean…fuck…I want to. I'm trying to I mean.”
You walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Then I’m officially yours, Kook.”
Your old apartment door raced past Jungkook as he sped back to you. The different memories of your relationship filled his mind. Memories of your first kiss and the feeling he had walking home afterwards. The first time you were introduced to his friends. How Taehyung immediately recognised you from the park. The first time you guys got intimate with each other, the image of your face as he entered you played over and over again in his mind. 
He knew from the bottom of his heart that you were the one for him. He wanted to marry you one day, wanted to someday start a family with you. No matter what, he wanted to grow old with YOU. and just you. Nobody else. 
But he needed to fix things in the here and now. No way would he end up like the guy from the coffee shop. He wanted to be with you at all times. He was just too stupid to realise what had become of the relationship.
Pulling up outside the apartment complex, he knew he had one chance to make this right. 
He wasn’t gonna fuck up this time.
please let me know what you think! let me know also if you would like to be on a taglist for any future work i may post! ily!
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maybe i like him in cheetah print. i think it does something to me.
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Tumblr media
[ from a flaming flower of fire to a flower of the field
from boyhood to eternity ]
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