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little big sister, big little brother
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qcomicsy · 2 days
If the batkids had a podcast. Part. Xll
Nightwing: "How does it feel to be Batman"- You know that meme "I have no mouth and I must scream"?
Redhood: Wow- That bad??
Nightwing: No-Not really- It's just- You have a very set of limited things you can do as batman.
Nightwing: The fear is great though– People look at you and run.
Redhood: (giggles) Uh-huh
Nightwing: But like- If /Nightwing. Go up to a Penguing gang meeting and shout "Well that's fishy" no one bats an eye.
Redhood: Because you're weird-
Nightwing: I'm not weird- Shut up-("you are" on the background) I'm not. If- If Robin says that-
Robin: I would never say that.
Red Robin: I would
Robin: Of course you wou-
Nightwing: Point is- If I say that, Or Robin say that or Red Robi- No one cares. You can do a double flip and call them a bitch, and that's it. Now if Batman say's that-
Red Robin: You have a problem.
Nightwing: You would have like seven drug dealers heavily armed staring at you horrofied in a empty parking lot.
Redhood: That Sounds awfully restricting.
Nightwing: Right? It was. But (pause) it was a kind of- I don't know. I kinda of a honor noneless. Would do the same again. If had to.
Nightwing: And people would– People would tweet "why the fuck batman is smiling so much this is terrifying"- And I would be like "well that doesn't add to the pressure at all"- (nervous laugh) Like- I'm trying my best guys- Please.
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choi-kabud · 1 day
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ramadan mubarak to all my fellow muslims from damian and alfred the cat 🫶🫶
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fallen-jpg · 2 days
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thinking of things...bruce is the hardest to draw sigh
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striveattemptfail · 20 hours
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Batman's Spare Suits | Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #77 vs Detective Comics (1937) vs Batman (1940)
Bonus: 🌈 Rainbow Batman 🌈
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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #77 vs Trinity (2016)
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days
Jason: Bruce really hates us.
Roy: Yeah, maybe he's homophobic.
Jason: We're not gay.
Roy: We're not?
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s-mscott · 3 days
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Happy birthday to handsome boys 🎉🥳🎁
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alienzil · 3 days
DP x DC Prompt/notion #3
So Danny is dating one of the bat kids, specifically one of the Robins (I'm picturing Tim but this could potentially work with any of the Robins).
They've been dating for a while and they know each other's secret identities (I'm imagining that the reveal was fairly recent and they're still getting used to it). The bat family doesn't know about Danny's secret identity yet, only that he's dating their brother. They all think he's a civilian.
Danny has worked with the Justice League before as the Ghost King (maybe as a regular member or maybe they just consult with him occasionally). Nobody has recognized that King Phantom and Danny Fenton are the same person.
When Danny became the Ghost King he got the Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage. The two artifacts got their names after having belonged to Pariah Dark for centuries. The Crown on his head a dark black surrounded by flame and the Ring on his finger an angry skull set in darkness. Very few ghosts remembered that the symbols of the ghost kings power are a reflection on the true nature and innermost desires of the current ruler.
When Danny first put on the Ring and the Crown after becoming King (I'm imagining he avoided it for a while) , they transformed to match his true self, what was most important to him and central to who he was. The flames died out and the black metal of the crown froze over and turned to ice, the aurora borealis in a night sky reflecting in its surface. The ring shrunk down, the dark black background changing to a swirling galaxy and the skull replaced by Danny's personal symbol.
Every time Danny has been summoned by the Justice League its been in full Ghost King regalia with the Ring and the Crown in their new forms.
So Danny is summoned by the League to consult on a problem or maybe just for a regular meeting if they've been working together for a while. It's the first time he's been summoned since the identity reveal with his boyfriend.
Smoke clears from the summoning circle and Danny floats out smiling and greeting the heroes. Everyone stares at him. His crown is still made of ice but the northern lights have been replaced by a bright red, green and yellow. The shape and spikes of the crown are now in the shape of a bat symbol. The ring is similarly colored to the Crown and Danny's DP is now sharing space with the Robin R.
"Oh, shit," Tim whispers in shock.
"What?" says Danny not understanding why everyone is reacting like this. Then he sees the ring out of the corner of his eye and holds it up to see the new look. "Oh, shit."
Batman (and any other bat family members present) whipped around to focus on Tim as soon as he spoke.
"Is there something you'd like to tell us Red Robin?"
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wet cat bat Tim Drake 
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frownyalfred · 1 day
an undercover mission
Dick: “B, give us a signal and let us know everything’s alright.”
Bruce: “…Green Lantern is my favorite Justice League member.”
Dick, turning to Clark: “Oh my god. Get him out of there now.”
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*The batkids are playing a team sport* Damian: Are you upset you don’t get to be on the same team as Tim? Jason: Have you ever played a game with Tim? Damian: ...no? Jason: Have you ever been trapped in a cage with a wolverine? *Meanwhile, on the other side of the field* Tim, chasing Dick: I SAID FASTER! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORD “FASTER” MEANS? IT MEANS MORE FAST!!!!
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timdrake-yumm · 2 days
Dick: *walks into the room to see Tim with his face in his hands, seemingly hiding from the world, and Jason definitely laughing way harder than necessary* uhhh what’s going on?
Jason: Tim was-Tim was tryin’ to remember what STEM stands for, right?
Dick: okay? And?
Jason: so he goes- he goes “Science, Technology, Engineering and—”
Tim: *finally looking up, seems dead inside but with a manic gleam you can only get from an unholy combination of sleep deprivation and pure embarrassment* Magic! I said magic! What kind of- I’m such an idiot! *puts his head in his hands again*
Damian: t-t, surely you know that the ‘M’ stands for Mathematics, not even you can be that dumb
Tim: I know- *looks up sharply* WAIT, did you just compliment me?!
Damian: don’t be ridiculous Drake, you must be more sleep deprived than I thought. Come, you must not wither away here; Pennyworth has already prepared your room for you and it would be rude to dawdle
*a confident Damian and a confused Tim leave the room. Dick and Jason look at each other, baffled*
Dick: what just happened?
Jason: I have no idea
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qcomicsy · 1 day
If the batkids had a podcast. Part. Xlll
Nightwing: Okay. Being Batman. So– There was this time–
Red Robin: Okay.
Nightwing: I was just out of patrol. Three broken ribs. Probably.
Redhood: As usual.
Nightwing: As usual.
Nightwing: Harley Quinn had. . . (sight) It was a whole thing.
Nightwing: So I got out of patrol–
Red Robin: Oh– (ugly laugh)
Nightwing: (giggles) I got out of patrol– And I was tired. It was three am. And there was– There was this big ass, human length mirror. . . And I look at it–
Redhood: You got jumpscared?!
Nightwing: I GOT– (wheeze) I got– I was tired.
Redhood: NOO– (laughs)
Nightwing: THIS BIG ASS BAT–
Red Robin: (literally crying)
Nightwing: Looking right back at me– And I– I missed my suit ˢᵒ ᵐᵘᶜʰ.
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shinsandtins · 3 days
DP x DC Prompt
(Feel free to reblog ur stories) Danny visits Clockwork for a time, something goes wrong suddenly, or Clockwork decided to show him something, and Danny suddenly wakes in the body of his future self, in a bedroom that is definitely not his own, he can see vintage Arabian furniture, and then hears a man’s voice speak up. “Habibi, shouldn’t you be getting ready to pick up our child?” Danny’s brain bluescreens.
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kimjun · 1 day
Damian waiting yn to go on the mission, and calling yn*
Yn: hi, i can't make it
Damian: why?
Yn: something came up
Damian: what?
Yn: I got lazy
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deathbydibs · 3 days
People say Robin's job is to keep Batman in the light, to keep him from becoming just the Bat.
Robin's real job is to utterly and totally sass and humiliate Batman at any given point with a single sentence
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