why-i-love-comics · 23 hours
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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #77 - "Suit Up" (2023)
written by CRC Payne art by Starbite, Geoniya Acuna, Suzi Blake, & C.M. Cameron
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Eldest Sibling Tournament — Quarterfinals
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frownyalfred · 1 day
Bruce learns Kryptonian secretly just so one day during a JL meeting he can turn to Clark and go “hal really thought that haircut made him look good huh” with the most deadpan expression ever
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bruciemilf · 2 days
No offense, but people who disregard Bruce's no killing code and boil every rogue/criminal into an irredeemable melting pot kinda worry me. " death is easier than rehabilitation " lmao way to sound like a fucking cop
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caitthecakeee · 2 days
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little big sister, big little brother
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duckytree · 2 days
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every time dick breaks up one of his brothers’ fights, he just flashbacks to when he tried to square up against a 13 year old and decides to send a gift basket to bruce
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choi-kabud · 1 day
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ramadan mubarak to all my fellow muslims from damian and alfred the cat 🫶🫶
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More alfred and baby bruce. Worlds littlest guys...
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p0ssym1lker · 1 day
So ra's wants to see if he can slowly make tim a bit more immortal so he starts diluting some ectoplasm from his least favorite pit and starts putting him into tims drink and sometimes just straight up injects him
Problem, the reason why he doesn't like the pit is because it's too close to real ectoplasm and it rejects the bad ectoplasm in his body
So tim slowly becomes more liminal until Danny, who was taking a road trip through universes, sees him and picks him up
Like, actually picks him up and takes him with him for a bit
Normally Tim would freak but all his ectoplasm just cheers because ghost king is a soothing balm and Tim just takes a long nap
Even when he wakes up he is just feels content and listens to dannys rambles, whenever he gets agitated Danny chirps and calms him down
He is slightly worried when Danny explains that he needs to drink some actual ectoplasm to not die and it will have certain effects on him
But when he finds out it means it will also help with jasons pit rage? Sign him up
So about two months after he shows back up in the batcave mid argument and when he sees Jason he chirps loudly
It instantly calms him
So now the bats gotta deal with whatever happened to Tim, a ghost king (Constantine nearly passes away when he hears) and Jason clinging to Tim cause it helps his pit rage
Tim can't wait to tell them that he and Danny are going on a date soon
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pichichu-studio · 1 day
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Happy Birthday Boy Wonder 💙💙💙🦇🎉
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chaoswarfare · 2 days
dp x dc text message crack :)
✨just because ✨
Bat Chat
danny: bruce
danny: bruce
danny: bruce
danny: dad
danny: dad
danny: father man
danny: daaaaaaad
danny: batman
bruce: what
danny:… do you have this set up just to notify you when someone says batman and nothing else.
jason: don’t be so quiet, answer the question old man.
bruce: what did you need
danny: oh yeah
danny: just about forgot about it
danny: so
danny: i may or may not have
danny: possibly/maybe
danny: ate a chunk of kryptonite on a dare
jason: …what????
dick: danny no
dick: we have better impulse control than this
danny: we absolutely do not and you know it
danny: but also say hi guys, kon is here
dick: why do you still need our help if the supers are there?
danny: kryptonite
jason: oh yeah, almost forgot about that part
tim: what did i just wake up to
jason: go back to sleep replacement
danny: scroll up
danny: i can say with full confidence that this has never happened before
danny: usually when i eat solid objects i can just phase them back out.
danny: like the time i swallowed a fork back at casper high when my parents raided the school looking for my ghost half.
tim: excuse me what the fuck
danny: i know right, they couldn’t have waited five minutes until i stopped eating
dick: why can’t you just phase the kryptonite out
danny: i would, but it’s wedged in there pretty good
danny: it just goes intangible with me :/
tim: i have decided i am going back to sleep
tim: it is too early in the afternoon for me to deal with this
jason: good
danny: well, b-man’s here to save me now so i’ll tell you all about it in a few hours
jason: are we going to bring up the fact that danny called bruce dad like 3 times?
dick: he did what
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sporkberries · 2 days
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@coffinbirds got me thinking of blackbat!tim
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Eldest Sibling Tournament — Semifinals
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fallen-jpg · 2 days
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thinking of things...bruce is the hardest to draw sigh
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boxonarock · 3 days
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ykno when you hear some bullshit and you gotta take your glasses off for a sec
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not a headcanon but a poll based on this post would be awesome
Say no more
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