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mostrovskaa · 2 days
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Just good old Cap, because I rewatched ghosts. Might also have a Kitty in a similiar style in the works somewhere...
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ripthomasthorne · 3 days
i would actually love it if the captain had a whole "realizing and accepting that he's gay" arc in s5 but he still didn't move on because what he actually needs to resolve in order to escape purgatory is the fact that he was not a very good military commander
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baynton · 3 days
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Thomas Thorne in BBC Ghosts (2019–) 1x03 Happy Death Day | 2023 Comic Relief Special
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leftabit-leftabit · 3 days
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matbaynton · 2 days
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Thomas + 💅
BBC GHOSTS (2019-) 2.02 | 2.07 | 3.04 | 4.01
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golyadkin · 1 day
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trying to stay mad about your neighbour's mint leaking over into your garden is just impossible sometimes
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spineless-lobster · 3 days
I absolutely love how much attention and care the six idiots put into the Captain's sexuality in the show. They're completely aware of their audience and approach the subject in such a graceful manner. Ben has said in interviews how delicately he approached his character; and the writers show that his sexuality is never treated as a joke. They are very clear about other aspects of character growth within the Captain that don't relate to his sexuality in any way. All while letting him make funny innuendos that don't come off as tasteless or stereotypical.
Not to mention the references towards queer history and historical queer culture that they make. I had no idea who Cole Porter was, (though, that could just be me being uncultured) never mind the fact that he was openly queer.
I was just thinking about Kylie Minogue's little interaction with the Captain in the newest special (i.e. "the forces") and how much we all appreciated that little nod.
I also appreciate the little background details such as the "Every Fit Man Wanted" poster in his office and the subtle implications of the "Keep It Under Your Hat!" poster.
I could be reading far too much into this but I don't care because I can ramble on about this topic for hours lol
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thatgordongirl · 2 days
POV: You’re an egg
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viola-halogen · 3 days
Also Kitty saying “although I might not be an international superstar yet” like she’s planning on becoming one is so fitting with the last Christmas episode and how much she enjoyed acting.
I support her career aspirations.
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spacerangersam · 2 days
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my only hope for s5 is for havers to be a nice lad. that’s all
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idiots-assembled · 21 hours
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“Does this outfit say, ‘I’m a professional businesswoman but with a good working knowledge of the contemporary music scene’?���
requested by anonymous
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mostrovskaa · 18 hours
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kitty :-3 (yes shes holding the flower, idc she deserves it!)
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natjennie · 2 days
i LOVE all the inconsistencies in ghosts and like I made a post about something similar wrt ofmd/wwdits because it feels very silly and fun and On Purpose instead of like. a big budget film having dumb flaws. something about having unclear rules, or specifically breaking rules in defined folklore is always really funny to me. like, the fact that the ghosts get all nauseous and freaked out if a person walks through them. the fact that they don't eat or drink but do sleep. they have been ghosts for hundreds of years but talk to regular alive people like they can hear them when they know they can't. the modern slang they do/don't know. the full as plague pit of corpses just. right there. like a foot under the house. some of them have ways to impact the world, robin controls the lights, julian can push things, mary makes a burning smell, but most of them don't? how far they can move from where they died. the fact that they can move through doors and walls, but walk on the floor and can sit in chairs and lay on beds. and it's all so tongue in cheek too like when julian dies and tries to sit vs touch the chair thomas literally references it.
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i just love being inconsistent for the sake of comedy, breaking an unspoken rule always catches me off guard and makes me laugh. i love it. silly goofies.
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lagoonnebula6523 · 2 days
Every interview where Ben talks about The Captain
Empire Podcast Spoiler Special
“And the Captain’s big conflict, that makes him a viable dramatic character, is the fact that he is constantly in conflict with his own sexuality and added to that is the time from which he came. I actually can’t imagine, how difficult it would’ve been for somebody who’s gay in that time period.”
BBC Sounds Inside Ghosts: Series 4, Episode 4
“His real secret, is that he is gay.”
Idiots assembled
“What you want is for someone to sit The Captain down and say, “Hey, listen. It’s okay.” But I feel he has to take on that journey himself, and maybe we’ll get to see the end of it �� maybe we won’t -”
Comedy.co.uk Series 4 cast interviews
“No one has given The Captain a break. He needs to give himself a break. But the beauty is that you know he's never going to.”
Radio Times Series 3 interview
"We were really tentative at first and didn’t want it to become a joke that landed incorrectly. It had to be sensitive... at the time [the 1940s], if you were gay it was still illegal, which is just extraordinary.”
WhatToWatch Series 4 interview
“He's had to bury his sexuality so far down, in the same way that he's had to bury pretty much everything, so that he can try to look as if he’s in control."
Whynow interview
Early 2022
“When you’re just discovering your sexuality, and you feel like you need to tell someone, it’s difficult. So  if that helps comfort or helps people to identify or to feel strong, then it’s just the best feeling in the world”
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quietparanoiac · 2 days
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A music festival?
Ghosts (BBC), Red Nose Day 2023
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matbaynton · 2 days
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BBC Ghosts Comic Relief Sketch | Red Nose Day 2023
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