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braindamaged007 5 months
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homoerotic mutual cannibalistic devotion starts in 5 minutes
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I'm preserving this, it's like a brother to me
[ID: A Screenshot of a Tumblr Ask sent by Anonymous saying: 'your a wizard blog why are you posting politics about the queen's death its disrespectful']
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part 3????? brother鈥檚 best friend????? sign me the fuck up!
Yes babe!! Tonight!!!
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Group meowing starts in 5 minutes btw
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watch me flail at discord streams this weekend! i鈥檒l be digitally cosplaying as the devil because cringe is dead and i keep hanging out with vtubers
this is essentially just me awkwardly sitting at a booth with only a sketchbook bc i couldnt finish my gremlins on time
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Confirmed, I will be ugly sobbing during any S5 coming out scenes or love confessions
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In-Character AMA in 30 minutes!!!
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That's right! Be sure to join us for about two hour's worth of back and forth with the characters in real time. We'll be hosting this at the Poppy's Story Discord server, so we hope to see you there!
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what's happening at the coordinates and time listed
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On April 8th, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be visible across North America. By a sheer cosmic coincidence, the path of totality just so happens to pass through Wapakoneta, Ohio, the birthplace and childhood home of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon. The coordinates point to the Armstrong Air and Space Museum, to which I originally planned to travel and view the eclipse. Of course, the Museum is planning its own festivities to mark the occasion, so I should probably remove the coordinates from my bio because they won't like a ton of random people showing up without tickets. My bio was mostly just meant to spread awareness ahead of the eclipse; I posted it a year or two ago, before major outlets were reporting on it, but as we get closer to the date it will become national news, just like the one in August 2017. Wapakoneta is gonna host a big event because of their connection to Armstrong, so I'll have to keep an eye on thay and plan my own trip accordingly.
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next update鈥 august 29th
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Say what you like about our ill tempered King, he has excellent taste in wine. Come Elros try it
Haha! Who says elves don't like to get drunk. Look at them drinking Thranduil's wine behind his back and then all passed out in his wine cellar. LOLOLOLOL!
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if-mirrormine 11 months
Why? Just why?
I told myself I already have too many ROs I can't get out of my head, and that I might just be headed for some kind of 40-step program to stop adding to this RO list so maybe some semblance of control over my feelings might return to me. I told myself NO MORE.
*Grayson enters the chat*
My heart:
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i think the best part about romancing grayson is that not no matter how much you may simp for him, he will forever and always be the bigger simp馃槍
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Drag this pic to find out your pony tribe
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barbie movie sparks joy
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Chapters: 4/? Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV), Le avventure di Pinocchio | The Adventures of Pinocchio - Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (1987), Pinocchio (1940) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Lucignolo | Lampwick/Pinocchio, Lucignolo | Lampwick & Pinocchio, Pinocchio | August Booth/Original Male Character(s), Pinocchio | August Booth & Original Character(s), Geppetto | Marco (Once Upon a Time)/Original Female Character(s), Grumpy | Leroy/Nova | Astrid, Original Male Character/Original Male Character, Original Female Character(s)/Original Male Character(s) Characters: Pinocchio | August Booth, Lucignolo | Lampwick, Grace | Paige (Once Upon a Time), Twinkle (Pinocchio), 袩褜械褉o, Gretel | Ava Zimmer, Hansel | Nicholas Zimmer, Emma Swan, Geppetto | Marco (Once Upon a Time), Jiminy Cricket | Archie Hopper, Evil Queen | Regina Mills, Roland (Once Upon a Time), Rumplestiltskin | Mr. Gold, Background & Cameo Characters, Undisclosed Character(s), Robin Hood (Once Upon a Time) Additional Tags: Original Character(s), Major Original Character(s), References to Pinocchio Lore, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Underage Drinking, Underage Smoking, Implied/Referenced Underage Sex, they do normal teenage things ok, Childhood Trauma, Fae & Fairies, Prophecy, Worldbuilding, Past Child Abuse, Angst and Humor, Established Relationship, Bigotry & Prejudice, Fairy Tale Elements, References to Goethe, References to E. T. A. Hoffmann, Flashbacks, Families of Choice, Parent-Child Relationship, Siblings, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Neurodiversity Series: Part 10 of Huge problem solved (It's alright, I only got a thousand left) Summary:
And Pinocchio really didn鈥檛 know what his answer to that question could be.
聽Strange visitors, teenage blues, and the trials and tribulations of being seventeen in a town that won't let you forget your childhood and can't guarantee you'll survive until graduation. Or, Pinocchio, spring, and what family truly means.
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