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megwillart 6 months
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Barbatos embracing Xiao's true self 馃晩
This is my half of an art trade I had done with @evercelle , for fun I'll include the version that stayed in sketch form here too :")c
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wrenkos 24 days
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atsushi bday :-)
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Nightwing 104 variant cover by Jamal Campbell
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sixie 18 days
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To make up for the angsty doodle, I offer some silliness with Chuuya meeting his Beast Counterpart as Dazai comforts in his.. Dazai way..
I was tempted to add Slushie Chuuya, because why not give Dazai another chibi?
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redrosessoulcabin 11 months
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Just felt the need to make a gif out of this.
Maybe I鈥檓 just weird but this entrance just *chefs kiss*
Don鈥檛 mind me, just been thinking about this all day
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gaybybirth 2 months
idk who needs to hear this but i think one of the great things about fanfiction is that it鈥檚 kinda guilt-free. like i just went through the motions of wanting to write a fic that has a damsel-in-distress reader, berated myself for wanting to have a reader that might need to rely on someone else for help, and then remembered that鈥t鈥檚 just a fun story. It鈥檚 not meant to be drawn up to the gallows to be analyzed, crucified, and thrown to the wolves. That鈥檚 not to say fanfic can鈥檛 be like that (obviously). Rather, I think it鈥檚 really, really important for writers to remember that it鈥檚 okay to write the tropes and write the stories that they think might not fit within the current circulation of 鈥減opular ideas.鈥 If you got a story idea you wanna try experimenting with, go for it. It鈥檚 just a fun story!! Have fun with it!!
idk if this really makes sense, i just know sometimes i need a reminder that writing a fun story doesn鈥檛 mean i have to avoid certain tropes.
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Summary of Dick's meeting in Dark Crisis #5:
Dick: Thank you all for coming to the mission brief. My plan to save the world is -
Gar, dramatically posing in the doorway: I'M NOT DEAD AND I'M HERE TO KICK SLADE'S ASS
The Teen Titans: *cheering*
Dick: Okay, thank you Gar. I'm so glad that you are well enough to join us today. It wouldn't be the end of the world without you.
Dick: To get back to the plan though, I'm thinking-
The JSA: Not to interrupt but we actually have our own thing that we're going to do so we're just going to leave?
Dick: Oh, uh, you don't want to maybe strategize first or... aaaaand they're already gone. Okay, cool, that's fine. That's helpful. We can work with that.
Dick: Alright, so to get everyone else on the same page here the plan-
Jon, kicking the door down and throwing a giant metal machine on the floor: EVERYTHING WE KNOW IS A LIE. I WENT A FREAKY MAGIC DRUG TRIP AND I FOUND THIS MACHINE AND- Oh hey Damian, sup?
Damian: I'm leaving.
Dick: Wait, what? Damian no, why-
Damian, pointing at a random hero: and I'm taking this person with me
Dick, taking a deep breath: Okay fine, whatever.
Dick: I don't really know what to do with this machine but thanks for the information Jon.
Dick: Moving on, the plan is to-
Wally, crashing through the wall like the Kool Aid Man: THERE'S AN ARMY OF ZOMBIE SUPERVILLAINS AT OUR FRONT DOOR
Dick, sighing and closing his laptop with his 30 slide PowerPoint presentation: Titans, the plan is simple. Attack.
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silliemop 29 days
watched The Sea Beast again like two days ago and couldnt help but think of a new au SOOOOOOO
Y/N would be a hunter of the sea monsters. They鈥檇 be either the captain or someone else important on the ship.
When Y/N was younger, they met the also young Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon were pretty small when they were younger. Y/N met them when they looked over the edge of the ship and saw them down below just scratching at the sides. (they wanted food sooo Y/N gave them some food)
A bunch of years later, Y/N thought the interaction was just their imagination.
Y/N鈥檚 crew finds Sun and Moon(also known as the Celestial Reapers??maybbbee). The sun is setting around this time. They get into a battle. The crew firing their canons and throwing their spears. Sun and Moon are huge btw and are attacking the ship. Y/N accidentally fell off the ship. The ship was badly damaged so they sailed away quickly and didn鈥檛 hear Y/N calling out for them.
It was night by now. Y/N was able to rest on a piece of wood. They kept staring at themselves in the water till they closed their eyes due to exhaustion but before they slept they barely noticed the pair of eyes staring up at them in the depth of the water.
Y/N wakes up and is immediately met with a huge yellow sea beast right in front of them. They obviously freak out and panic while Sun just stares. Then Sun picks them up and Y/N is flailing around(giving weak punches which doesn鈥檛 harm Sun at all).
Sun and Moon remember who they are from all those years ago and get excited, taking Y/N to that monster island. Y/N is terrified because they have no idea what鈥檚 happening or where they鈥檙e going.
There would just be a bunch of shenanigans of Y/N trying to run away while Sun and Moon are trying to hang out with them.
Later on when Y/N is comfortable, they go for swims where Y/N would be on one of their backs. They鈥檇 also be shown other sea beasts on the island and see that most are good.
THENNNNN there would be that conflict of during a long swim they see a ship about to attack them and so maybeee Sun and Moon get more aggressive than usual to defend Y/N. Y/N would be like 鈥渘ooo guys noooooo! dont killll!! just swim awayyyy!!!!鈥 But Sun and Moon would attack the ship(it got away just barely) and Y/N would be left wondering how they could convince people to stop attacking sea beasts.
There would also be a moment way later on probably when Y/N would meet again with their crew but during an attack against Sun and Moon. Y/N would be yelling at them to stop attacking. The crew would try to force Y/N to come back making Sun and Moon become more aggressive to get Y/N back (maybbeee Y/N would get taken and Sun and Moon would be too wounded to follow hmmm)
Another idea would be that Sun and Moon come back very wounded one day and Y/N gets super worried for them and tries to care for them(like pulling out the spears from their body)
anywayyy I did some quick doodles of this so hereeee u go
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bubtans 5 months
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"The Scribe records not only the truth, but the questions it leaves unanswered." Alhaitham: Questions and Silence.
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bigshotspambot 6 months
i have something abnormal to share
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risto-licious 7 months
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a new oc masterpost for the big old ocean daddy fish wizard risto! thunder magician. actually a thunder & storm controlling beast. cursed, forced into humanoid form. devours humans. grows massively bigger the more souls he devours. is nameless, humans however call him 鈥榬isto鈥. he鈥檚 a mom, he鈥檚 a dad, an idiot, secretly very soft. he鈥檚 a thunderous mixture of smug beast, tired magician and dramatic, romantic fool. getting into spicy fights with bold knights and adventurers who dare to challenge or taunt him are more than possible. equally he鈥檚 likely to just be your tired wizard in a lighthouse who may or may not be a threat, but always should be approached with caution. if you possess the wits and a silver tongue, your chances of either getting away or having an actual fun chat with him are just in reach.
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the5n00k 14 days
The Beast of Brighton Bay, Leviathan Scratch
I was thinking about how chairman scratch would look in this au and came up with this eldritch abomination
This works a little differently and shifting forms is rather painful so he only does it when necessary. But when he does it, EVERYONE knows. He summons unnatural and horrifically violent storms and grows two or three times as big as his base form. You can see the storms and unholy lightning from shore even if he's in the middle of the ocean
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Some concepts I made while trying to get comfortable drawing him
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He breathes cold mist/steam most sailors mistake for fire or smoke in their fear stricken minds. It's completely harmless but it looks really scary
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just-bendy 7 months
Do Inky Bendy and Beast Bendy accept pets and hugs too?
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Well... I guess so...? Although, touchin' my ink demon form is only gonna get ya all messy since I keep drippin' ink as him. I don't recommend doin' that unless ya like gettin' all inky. Ya weirdo.
As for the other guy... uhh...
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... I don't think you should do that at all. I can barely keep him controlled for that long. He's a beast, it's in the name. It would take me so much effort not to rip you apart. Then my head would hurt like hell for most of the day and I'd feel exhausted, so I don't think it's a very good idea. It'd be a bad time for both of us.
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k0nfette 7 months
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tf-you 1 month
Every time I see the burly beast cosmetic I call it "the boobermensch" and crack myself up for several minutes
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gellertalbus 2 months
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casting on point 馃挴
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