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do you have any pornstar dbf!bucky thots👀
The Video
I've had this thought in my head all damn day and I just needed to write it. I'll link this piece on both my Dad's Best Friend!Bucky master list and the Pornstar!Bucky master list because I don't want to choose.
Consider this the piece I wrote to celebrate my birthday today 💗 here’s to 23 with you lovely folks! 🥂
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pornstar! Dad's Best Friend!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3K
Summary: You find out what your father’s best friend does for work.
Warnings: Age gap (reader is in her mid 20’s, Bucky is in his late 40’s), vaginal fingering, masturbation, unprotected sex, creampie, size kink, praise kink, mentions of rough pornography, dirty talk, pet names, degradation
Minors, do not interact
Avoiding Bucky had never been your plan, purely because it would’ve been a fucking stupid one.  Realistically, it wouldn’t have been easy to avoid someone who probably spent more time at your house than they did their own.  When he wasn’t at ‘work’, your father’s friend seemed to spend his time at your house, mowing the lawn or polishing your mom’s car or watching some pointless sports game with your dad.
You’d never really questioned what Bucky got up to for work.  You imagined growing up that he must’ve practiced a trade since he was always the one your father called to fix the kitchen sink when it sprung a leak or tinker with the garage door when it became difficult to pull down.
Now that you were fully clued in however, it all made painful sense why Bucky had been so evasive when you had come right out and asked him what he did for work the year before you graduated from college.
“What do you think I do, sweetheart?”  He had asked with a smirk tugging at the corners of his soft, pink lips.
“I have no idea, Buck!  You seem to have as much free time as you like, I just don’t understand how you pay the bills.”  You had mused, sitting in your own garage on a work bench, swinging your legs in front of you, secretly hoping that Bucky would notice just how cute and tiny those shorts you were wearing are.  Unfortunately for you, he didn’t look up from under the bonnet of your dad’s jeep.
“I guess you could say I’m self-employed, angel.  I pick and choose the jobs I want.  I have plenty of offers.”  He tried to keep it as non-descript as possible, dodging the question rather than lying about it.
“I bet you do, you seem good with your hands.”  He could tell by the genuine innocence in your voice that you truly had no idea.  You weren’t leading him to answer one way or another.
He huffed out a laugh as he grabbed the rag beside him, wiping the oil from his hands, muddying the white cloth with the dark residue.  “Oh sweetheart, you have no idea.”
It all made perfect sense now though, scrolling through picture after picture on your phone.  Every drag of your fingertip brought a fresh wave of video thumbnails, each somehow more obscene than the last.  The titles certainly weren’t much better.  
Pictures of beautiful young women flooded your screen.  Some had their makeup thoroughly ruined, mascara tracked down their cheeks and a fucked-out look in their eyes.  Some were on their knees, their hair grabbed into a rough ponytail while they rested the tip of a cock on their tongue.  Some were bent over, evidently ‘trapped’ under their bed with their ass in the air. 
Curiosity got the better of you, after ignoring a warning from your brain that this might be an invasion of Bucky’s privacy.  It was all posted on the internet after all, it’s not like he could keep it a secret forever.  
One video caught your eye, titled ‘James Barnes fucks tight brunette, HUGE cumshot’.  The crude objectification made you wince a little but the short snippet of video that the thumbnail provided you with seemed a little bit gentler than the rest.
Skipping the first few minutes helped you feel like you weren’t too invested.  This was research.  Plain and simple nosiness.  You had no intention of watching this for any purpose other than to see whether Bucky Barnes had perfected his craft or not.
“Shit, that’s it.  So fuckin’ pretty like this.”  The voice from your phone was familiar but so much lower than you’d ever heard it before; so deep, you could only have described it as a growl.
The girl whimpered, almost pathetically.  You couldn’t blame her.  Bucky wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination and judging by the reaction of the woman he was buried inside, he managed to hit all the spots he needed to.
You’d heard fake moans before.  Hell, you’d made plenty of them yourself.  Enough to know that the woman you were watching wasn’t orchestrating hers for the benefit of the camera.  No, those were real.  Right down to the trembling thighs either side of Bucky’s narrow hips.
“You have no idea how perfect you feel.  Tight and wet and warm.  You take me so fuckin’ well.”  You watched as he slid inside her, painfully slowly.  Admittedly, her body did take him well, letting him sink in until he had nothing left to give.  This poor woman was already looking somewhat blissed out, begging him to fuck her but that’s when you skipped forward to about a minute before the end.  That same woman was now clawing at his muscular back, whimpering and sobbing delightfully while Bucky pounded into her.  He wasn’t holding back in the slightest, letting the same filth tumble from his lips.
“Oh baby, you sound like you can’t take any more.  Are you done?”  He was so condescending, it made your gut tighten with lust, a dull throb settling between your legs but the woman only shook her head.
“Good girl.  God, ’m so close.  You’ll never get enough, will you?  Just a needy fucking slut for me.  Gonna have you all cock obsessed.  Bet you’ll think of me every time you touch that pretty pussy of yours from now on.  You’ll be begging to see me again.”  Bucky sounded wrecked, finishing his sentence with a drawn out, low groan.  Within a couple of seconds, he had pulled out, splashing his seed all over the woman’s tummy, pearlescent spend rolling down her sides and onto the sheets while some pooled on her heaving chest.
Over the next few days, you tried desperately to get what you had seen out of your head.  You tried hard, you really did.  Perhaps it didn’t help that late at night, you found yourself going back to watch more.  Perhaps it also didn’t help that you found your hand drifting under your panties as you watched, taking care of that familiar throb that seemed to turn into an ache when you watched for too long without touching yourself.
Dodging Bucky was simple enough but you knew you couldn’t keep it up forever.  Hiding in your room couldn’t become a hobby just because you found out your father’s best friend, the older man you had been so innocently crushing on, was a porn star.
The first time you bumped into him though, it was game over.  He could tell just from the way you looked at him that something was up, or rather, the way you couldn’t look at him.
“Everything okay, sweetheart?”  He asked, watching you make yourself look busy in the cereal cupboard late one afternoon after he had walked into your kitchen.  You saw him coming and very obviously tried find any excuse that meant you wouldn’t have to talk to him.
“I’m fine, looking for cereal.”  You replied, your head almost buried in the cupboard.
“Well, I hope you find it.  If you can’t see it from there, you’ve got a problem.  I bet your nose is practically touching the box, you’re so deep in there.”  He sounded too damn amused and it only made you more embarrassed.  This really was the last thing you needed.  “Why are you avoiding me, honey?”
There it was.  You were called out.
“I’m not!”  You tried to sound sincere but you weren’t awfully successful; you knew even as you were saying the words that it wasn’t going to fly.
“Mhm, and the fact you saw me coming has nothing to do with how you’re buried shoulder deep in the cereal cupboard?  Don’t think I’m stupid.  I know you’re avoiding me.”  In hindsight, you maybe could’ve handled that a little bit better but now here you were, pulling yourself back out and forcing some painfully awkward eye contact.
“I’ve seen the videos.”  You mumbled, looking away and making yourself busy with your nails.
“Okay.”  He dragged the word out a little, slowing it down and only adding to it’s gravity.  “And?  You’re an adult.  You know what porn is.  Things don’t need to be weird but if you’re uncomfortable having me around, I can leave you alone.”
“No, you don’t have to, I don’t have a problem with it.  It’s all just very… Rough?”  You weren’t really sure this was a conversation you wanted to be having, shame burning in the pit of your stomach because clearly you’d just admitted to watching more than a video or two.
He paused for a second, nodding his head, the couple of light grey hairs at the crown of his head glinting in the light.  “You’re right, sweetheart.  It's a little rough at times.  That’s not my preference, that’s the script I’m given.”
That made sense and somehow settled you just a little.  “So you just stick to the script?”  You quiz, holding eye contact with him again for a few seconds before it got too intense.
“For the most part.  It doesn’t tell me what to say, that’s all up to me.  It just gives me direction.  It’s a running order of the scenes we’ve agreed to shoot.  Most of those videos certainly aren’t a representation of how I would want to fuck if I got the choice.”  His lips were curled in a soft smile, watching you lap this all up.
“A-and how would you want to fuck if you got to choose?”  You couldn’t quite believe you’d said it but apparently you did because the question hung in the air longer than you might have wanted it to.
“Well sweetheart, that depends.  I’d treat a pretty little thing like you a bit differently.  I’d have to be slow with you.  Really ease you into it.  I bet I’d have to spend a lot of time working you up to take me.  I think I’d start by giving you my tongue until I can slip a finger into you.  Then a second finger.  Maybe a third if I think you can manage it.”  He could see the effect this was having on you.  You’d wanted to imagine it while you’d watched his videos but you couldn’t bring yourself to fall into the fantasy.  Now he was dragging you into it.
“Then I’d put you on your hands and knees.  I’d tell you to rub yourself while I press inside you, so slow you’ll be begging me to give you all of me.  And when you’re at that point, ruined and desperate for more, I’ll fuck you nice and slow.  I’ll have you just as addicted as those other girls but with a kinder pleasure.  I’d tell you how beautiful you are and how badly I’ve wanted to kiss every inch of your skin I can.  I’d tell you how gorgeous you look when you cum and how it’s better than I ever imagined.”
God, this was something close to a dream come true.  “I-I’d like that.  That sounds… Nice.”  Words were really failing you, hoping this was a genuine offer and not just some hypothetical situation that would never play out.
“It does sound nice.”  Bucky huffed out a laugh.  “It sounds real fucking nice.  I shouldn’t want my best friend’s daughter cumming around me.  I know I shouldn’t.  I know I think about it far too often but nothing gets me off the way you do.”
Your breath caught in your throat, an embarrassing arousal throbbing its way around your body, settling in the pit of your stomach.  Heat blossomed in your chest, hoping beyond hope that this wasn’t some sick joke.  
“I want that.  But I don’t want you to be too gentle.  I want you to fuck me the way you want to fuck.  Not what you think I need.”  Your confidence almost caught him off guard and he didn’t expect to find it as sexy as he did.
“God, you’re a tease.”  He muttered under his breath, crossing the short space between you both to crash your lips against his.  You could feel the heat of his body against yours, the difference in size almost making you shudder because you’d never felt this small against a partner.
His lips were soft, his hands wandering seemingly everywhere at once and it was so much to take in.  Fuck, it was perfect.  Intense and hungry but not overwhelming.
“Bed, Buck.”  You pant between fervent kisses before he’s grabbed you by the back of the thighs, helping you wrap your legs around his waist so he could carry you to your room. 
You both had your clothes stripped off in a frenzy, not giving much thought to anything other than the way your lips slotted together.  Your bottom lip felt perfectly at home between his teeth, the slight pain of his bite only making you moan.
“You’re such a good girl.”  He whispers, tugging your panties off and groaning when he realises how slick they are already.  “Fuck, I should’ve known how bad you’d need this.  It’s always the ones you least expect.”
His breath feels so hot on your neck, littering the skin with kisses and gentle nibbles, panting tiny groans against you while his fingers slide over your core.
You’re wet and messy, aching with a need you didn’t know you were capable of.  “Oh sweetheart, I could slip right into you.  You’re soaking wet for me.  God, you’re a dream.”
“Buck, please.  I want your tongue later.  P-please just fuck me first.”  You could hardly manage a conhesive thought with the way his fingertips played with your body ever so gently, alternating between rubbing little circles on your clit and teasing your hole with the tips of two fingers, pressing them in just to the first knuckle.
“This is wrong, sweetheart.  So fucking wrong.  I shouldn’t get this fuckin’ excited hearing you beg for my dick but it’s all I’ve wanted for months.”  His voice is just as low as you heard in those videos, dripping with arousal.
“The only thing ‘wrong’ here is the fact you’re not inside me yet.”  You giggle quietly, rolling over and presenting your ass to him, exactly how he had described earlier.  
Whatever self-control he had was gone.  Long gone.  The sight of you offering your slick, hot core was more than enough to ruin him but the way you watched him over your shoulder with an excited smile almost had him trembling with need.
“This is wrong.”  He whispered, lining the tip of his dick up with your entrance, grunting at the feeling of the wet heat.
“So wrong.”  You repeated quietly.  “S-so fucking wrong.  We shouldn’t be doing this.”  You were breathless already, pressing yourself back until his tip had just slipped inside you.  “We shouldn’t need this as badly as we do.”
Bucky’s groan was beautiful, watching as you shifted yourself back to allow the rest of his length to slide slowly into you.
“You know damn well what you’re doing to me.”  He sighed, looking away from the sight of his thick length gliding home.  “Play with yourself.  I won’t last long this time sweetheart but trust me, I’ve got all night with you.”  
You’d never seen him this wrecked so early on in any of his videos so you did as you were told, letting two fingers circle your clit the way you often did when you watched him slide into those other women.  
You heard him take a deep breath, pulling back out as far as possible without slipping out before pressing back in again, dragging a soft groan from both of you.  This was everything you’d both longed for and more.
His huge hands squeezed the cheeks of your ass, admiring the how soft and plush it felt under his touch, dragging himself back out only to press back in, earning another groan.
You could’ve taken this forever, enjoying the way his tip nudged that delicate spot inside you while your fingers worked exactly how you like them to.  This was bliss in its truest form.  This was the passion you had craved, the gentle touches and soft praises but accompanied by an all-consuming pleasure.
“Faster Bucky, please.”  You whined and hell, you looked like a goddess, fallen forward onto the bed, so consumed by sensations that you wanted to have no control over and he could recognise that so clearly.
“Tell me you need me.”  He panted, speeding up his thrusts, letting each one land beautifully before forcing himself momentarily from the heat of your body once more.
“Oh God, I need you.  I need you, Bucky.  I need you to fuck me faster.  Fuck me harder.  It feels so good.  I’m gonna cum for you, I just need more.”  You couldn’t help but sob, drowning in the litany of groans and curses falling from the older man lips.
Your fingers worked faster, in time with the thrusts you were receiving until it all come crumbling down around you.  The knot in your tummy tightened unbearably, your heart pounding as the sensation took over entirely.  It was a perfect release, your body clenching and tightening rhythmically while you sobbed the ecstasy into the pillow under your head.
“Oh good girl, that’s it.  Cum nice ‘n hard.  O-oh God.”  You vaguely registered Bucky coaching you through your orgasm before reaching his own but unlike any of his videos, he didn’t pull out.  He stayed buried inside you, pressed as deep as he could go.  You felt the weight of his seed inside you, the position allowing it to drip deeper, pooling at your cervix and the thought alone made you shudder.
“My God, that was…. Wow.”  He laughed, kissing down your spine before pulling out and flopping onto the bed beside you.  
“Yeah… Wow.”  You giggled, kissing his cheek and curling up against him, not really worried that you were both a little sweaty.  
“I meant it though.  I’ll be gentle with you later.  I’ll take my time with you.  I just needed that.”  He kissed your forehead, running a hand down your back and damn, he certainly wouldn’t hear you complaining.
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Imagine that the reader, to spice things up and experiment, suggests that Severus take a potion to make him 20 years younger. I'll leave it up to you darling to conclude, or rather, explain what would happen. 😈😈
P.s. I love your posts Becca🖤🖤🖤
Hello darling 🖤 thank you so much. You inspired me to write a little something for his birthday!
I always imagine Snape being around my age (30s) as he is in the books for reference. What if you discovered that Sev never had happy memories in his younger years, never felt carefree and unburdened of responsibility, never had a teen romance or a pivotal first kiss... or a special first time? Perhaps a fun little experiment with an age altering potion could change that, just in time for him to turn 20 again.
Birthday Sex
NSFW, making out, hand job, fingering, reader has a vagina, outdoor sex, reader and Sev are adults and turn 19 after taking the potion, first time for Sev (again)
At first, you both feel strangely younger than you remember ever feeling at nineteen. All this time, you’d thought the only differences since you'd grown older were a few more aches and pains and that one grey hair that just keeps coming back. But in your younger body, and with both your current and teenage mind in play, you realise how much more energy you actually had back then; how much more youth, and how much more burdened you felt with the weight of adulthood suddenly thrust upon you.
You looked over at Severus after considering yourself. He looked adorable; still handsome, but softer somehow. His nose looked bigger. You liked it on him, realising he must have grown into it over the years. You would have had just as big a crush on him if you'd known him when you were really both this age.
A sharp stab of pain shot through your heart when you thought of everything he had been through - how he had looked exactly like this, so naïve, so in need of a hug and a hot meal, whilst inside he was miserable and tormented. Lonely.
Impulse taking over to quell your thoughts, you grabbed his hand.
‘Where are we going?’ he said, surprised, not hesitating to follow your lead.
His voice was different. It was clearly still him, still low and silky, but it lacked the stern edge of his older voice, the voice you knew so well.
‘We’re going to have fun!’ you called over your shoulder as you started to run, dragging him behind you until you reached a dark, filthy alleyway.
Severus began to grow suspicious, although he was still excitedly intrigued, he had to admit. The next thing he knew, he was slipping into the back door of a large building after you, and being ushered into a seat inside a dark room.
It was the back row of a muggle cinema. He’d heard about these places of course, but he’d never been in one and he had no idea what it meant to be a couple, alone together, on the back row.
The film started, but you’d no intention of watching it. You slipped your arm around his shoulders and felt him tremble.
He turned to you, tearing his eyes away from the action on the screen, and feeling the heat in your affections. His lips parted instinctively as you leant in.
His first kiss.
Well, not really. You’d kissed him plenty of times before. His first kiss was with you, a year ago, when he had first allowed you into his chambers with a bottle of wine and a birthday cake.
But now he was nineteen again, was this actually his first?
It didn’t matter. All thoughts melted away as your tongue danced with his, as you nibbled on his bottom lip and slid your fingers into his hair, bunching it up in a passionate fist to hold him close.
He was drowning in you, and he liked it.
Your other hand slid over his thigh, and he jumped a little. He suddenly realised that he was rock hard. In public.
Heat licked up his neck and flooded his cheeks as he tried to cover his arousal with the discarded popcorn box he managed to grab from the empty seat beside him, but you giggled as he turned to retrieve it, and he knew that you knew.
It didn’t matter. You weren't really nineteen. You weren’t really on a first date with the awkward teenager Severus Snape who had never been kissed. Or touched, despite having already graduated Hogwarts, where the rest of the boys in his form spent entire evenings bragging about all the action they apparently got all the way through seventh year.
He shifted in his seat and the friction of his trousers rubbing against his length was almost too much to bear.
Fuck. It felt like he was going to explode. He’d forgotten this thrilling but infuriating feeling as age had dulled his raging hormones to a far more manageable level over the years.
How did he make it through a day back then without feeling desperately horny? Without-
The loud, brash voice shattered every worried thought running through his head and Severus pulled away from your lips, keeping the box in place on his lap for now, to see you looking bashful but mischievous in the flickering light from the big screen.
You’d been caught sneaking in, and worse, making out. Shit.
Adrenaline rushed though his body. It felt exciting. Liberating. He felt impossibly alive.
You both stood awkwardly, and followed the abrupt man through the lobby until he chucked you out into the cool street, the light from the street lamps blinding after sitting in the dark for so long.
You blushed, feeling a sense of teenage embarrassment you’d forgotten it was possible to feel.
Taking a deep breath, you had a new spark of an idea.
‘Come on, Sev.’
You dragged him to a park this time. It was closed, so you hoisted yourself up onto the locked gate and held a hand out for him to follow. He stared up at you, unsure for a second, but the thrill of it all was too much to abandon, so he took your hand with his sweaty palm and climbed over.
You found a spot hidden away in a small wooded area and sat on the ground, propped against a tree, shivering a little in the cold January breeze.
‘Do you want to kiss me again?’ you smirked, biting your lip. 'Share some body heat?'
Severus stared down at you, his knees growing weak at how tantalising you looked laid out and waiting for him. Why couldn’t he have really known you at this age? How different things might have been if he had...
With a deep breath, he joined you, laying flat on his back with his arms straight by his sides, flinching when you slid down and rolled on top of him.
‘So?’ you pressed, brushing the tip of his nose with your own.
He nodded, and your lips met once again. It was much slower this time, a languid, soft kiss, but no less passion-filled than the last.
You felt his cock nudging your thigh and he groaned into your mouth, a hand smacking against his forehead to cover his eyes in embarrassment. Should he be this turned on just from a kiss?
‘Has anyone ever given you a hand job?’ you breathed against his cheek, and he stiffened.
Of course, usual you had given usual Severus hand jobs and blow jobs and sex in just about every position either of you could think up, but now that you were both nineteen for the night, this was an entirely different matter.
‘N-no-’ he stuttered.
‘Would you like one?’ you said seductively, a glint of excitement in your eyes.
All the breath he had in him seemed to suddenly leave his body, but he managed to nod again in the absence of words.
Your hand slid immediately inside his trousers and your fingers wrapped around his length. It was slightly clumsy, but realistic for a first hand job, at least.
Precum had already wet the insides of his boxers, which pleased you greatly.
‘How do you like it?’ You asked, knowing full well he liked a firm stroke, but wanting to keep the experience authentic.
You pumped him gently, ghosting your hand over his sensitive cock and watched frustration play out over his brow.
‘A- a bit- harder-’ he muttered, averting his gaze. He didn’t want to describe how he wanked in explicit detail to you while you had your hand down his trousers.
‘Like this?’ You tightened your grip and fisted his cock harder, faster.
‘Y-yes- fuck, yes!’
His cries echoed around the empty park. In the rush of being so carefree and uninhibited for a change, neither of you had thought to use a silencing charm, although it only added to the thrill.
His fingers dared to touch your pumping wrist, wrapping around it and gripping hard enough that they left instantaneous marks in your flesh.
Mere seconds of your rougher touch was all it took; he spent his seed in a forceful explosion that wracked through his body and turned his vision momentarily white.
The come down was odd, not at all alike to how he felt when you made him cum at his real age.
Although you'd revived his sex drive considerably within the last year, feeling the fleeting satisfaction of such a desperate orgasm was long forgotten and had never been quite as powerful by his own hand.
His eyes opened slowly, peering at you in shame, as though cumming at your touch wasn't exactly what you wanted to have happened. Was it too quick? Had he fucked up?
'Touch me,' you breathed as you finally withdrew your hand, desire lacing your words so obviously his softening cock twitched.
'Oh- y-yes, alright-'
His sudden lack of sexual confidence at forgetting what it was like to be young and horny was almost endearing.
The fingers he still held around the wrist you'd brought him off with loosened, but he was clearly struggling to make the move you'd requested.
'I'll guide you,' you smiled, remembering the first time he really did touch you, and how your guidance allowed him to learn your body exceptionally quickly.
But your body felt a little different now. You, too, were experiencing a heat between your legs that seemed more intense, more insatiable, than it had in recent years.
You could feel slick pooling in your underwear and your swollen clit throbbed, desperate to be touched, against the cotton as you shifted above him.
Your breaths became shakier as you pushed his hand inside your trousers and felt him slide his slender fingers beneath the elastic of your underwear. They dragged through your folds immediately, exploring your pussy and hitting nerve after delicious nerve as your slick collected on his fingertips.
'You- you're so... wet,' Severus mumbled, wide-eyed.
'All for you, Sev,' you whispered, rocking your hips in an attempt to ride his hand. 'Fuck me with those beautiful fingers,' you cooed.
You felt him fumble a little, pushing further down until a digit rested at your dripping entrance.
'That's it. A little further- oh!'
'Is that- am I doing it right?'
'Fuck yes,' you gasped.
Severus slid his finger over your g spot, almost unknowingly, over and over, watching in awe as you unraveled above him, still straddling his hips as though you were fucking him. And what a gorgeous sight it was; one that would be burned into his memory.
Your walls suddenly began to clench around his finger, and you pushed his palm to your clit, falling forward as your arousal peaked and all you could see were stars.
He kept his finger inside, feeling every contraction of your pleasure until you guided him back out, sucking his finger clean and revelling in the expression on his face as he watched you do it.
'Happy birthday,' you sighed as you laid on the ground beside him, resting your head against his shoulder.
'How old am I?' he mused. 'Twenty, or thirty-six?'
'Twenty. For now. How was your first hand job?'
'Spectacular, yet somehow not nearly enough. I think I prefer feeling... somewhat sated after an orgasm.'
You chuckled, grabbing his hand and interlocking your fingers with his. 'I think you will, soon, Sev. The potion's wearing off.'
Not ten minutes later, you were feeling much more like your true, current selves and were beginning to shiver against the cold air again now that blood wasn't rushing around your body with the thrill of release.
'We should probably get home. Sleeping on the ground isn't great for thirty-six year old's backs. Or so I've heard,' you teased, to a scathing glare from Severus.
'There is some truth to that, my love. But you were wrong about one thing, you know,' he drawled as he got to his feet and offered a hand to help you to yours.
'Wrong? About what?'
'I do not feel sated. Not in the slightest.'
'Oh shit... do you think the potion went wrong?' you said, searching your pockets for the tiny vial that contained the liquid you'd shared for this fun little experiment.
'Not possible. I brewed it myself.'
'Was the hand job rubbish?'
'Ha! It was the best yet.'
'What is it then?' Concern pulled at your brow as you moved closer and saw his pupils were still blown, felt his hot breath against your cheek.
'It's simply the fact that I have you.'
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becca-e-barnes · 1 month
The Bad Day at Work
I'd been thinking about The Video earlier and I thought this might make an awfully sexy short part 2. In my head, the two pieces are set a couple of months apart. If you didn't already think I have a God complex, you'll think that by the time you're finished reading this 🙃
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pornstar!Dad's Best Friend!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1.4K
Summary: Bucky has a tough day on set
Warnings: Age gap (Bucky is in his late 40's, reader is in her mid 20's), masturbation, unprotected sex, cream pie, praise kink, mentions of pornography
Minors, do not interact
You were beyond glad that your parents weren't home when the front clicked shut.
You were even more glad to be home alone when you felt a pair of warm lips on your neck, restless hands on your waist and the slight scruff of Bucky's stubble scratching your skin.
"Hello, you." You couldn't help but smile, partly because you didn't expect to see him today but mostly because he was so fucking eager.
You felt him hum his response more than you heard it. His mouth was occupied after all. His fingers flexed and tightened their grip on your waist, pulling you as close as he could manage.
"Good day at work?" You teased, arching your back slightly to press your ass against him. No matter how many he sees in his line of work, Bucky is absolutely an ass man.
"Are you joking?" He groans, sounding frustrated. "I don't think I've ever had a worse day on set."
He's piqued your interest, that's for sure. By all accounts, he's usually very happy with his job but that's to be somewhat expected when you're one of the most popular male pornstars in the industry.
Your phone lies long forgotten on the marble countertop and you do your best to loosen his grip enough to allow you to turn to face him.
"What happened?" You don't even sound incredibly sure of yourself. He might not want to talk about it and if that's the case, you don't want to press him.
"I couldn't finish." His cheeks are burning pink like someone has slapped both of them; frustration and shame blazing under his skin. "I tried everything. Thank God I had a condom on so I could fake it."
Your heart rate speeds up because you don't have a clue how to fix this. How do you make him feel better? What could you say that won't make him feel worse?
It's fine, it happens to everyone! Perhaps not.
I'm so sorry you couldn't finish for some other woman. Nope, not awfully sincere.
Maybe you're just getting to that age? No, definitely not.
"Well, what did you try? You've never had that problem when we're together." Your fingers drift through his dark hair and you can smell the fragrance of his shampoo so strongly, you know he's had a shower before he came over. He always does. It's just nice to be reminded though.
"Everything I usually do. I tried talking dirty, I tried changing positions. Nothing worked for me. She was a lovely woman, don't get me wrong." He's never sounded less sure of himself and it's actually a little heartbreaking. "I think you've broken me."
You can't help but laugh. You've broken him. As if he doesn't consistently leave your legs shaking. As if he didn't introduce you to pleasure that even your favourite vibrators can't compare to.
"It's true! I swear. The only time I even got close was when I closed my eyes and thought of you. But Jesus, that felt so wrong. I couldn't do that." He didn't think he'd admit that to you but in the moment, it was hard to keep it in.
That's a compliment though, right? It's a little weird but he meant well.
You didn't expect any of this when he walked through the door and you feel yourself racing to keep up, trying to find something to say to fill the silence.
"Nothing feels as good as you do." Thankfully he's still functioning, pent up frustration simmering over and his lips make their way back to your neck. "Nothing fucking compares to you." His hands slip under the hem of your thin top and you don't make any attempt to stop them.
Heat blossoms low in your tummy, creeping its way into your chest while the praise keeps coming.
"No one moans as pretty as you do. No one touches me like you do. No one makes me as filthy-minded as you do." He punctuates his sentences with squeezes to your breasts and bites to your skin and the combination is magical.
"Oh yeah? Are you sure? Because I'm going to be really disappointed if you can't cum for me either." You're only teasing him and he knows it but with his injured pride, he's already far too keen to prove himself.
"We both know I don't have that problem with you, honey. Hell, if anything, I struggle to last." He's inflating your ego and you're not sure if he knows it.
You don't really know which of you are more keen as you begin your ascent to your bedroom, trying to shed your clothes on the way. It's a relief to see the smile on his face and for a second, you just have to stop in the hallway to kiss him because he's too damn cute.
Neither of you have it in you to wait. With the state you're in, any more foreplay might just leave you trembling and despite the fact he likes to be courteous, he doesn't have the patience to drag this out either.
You lay on your back on the bed, watching him kiss up the insides of your thighs while stroking his own erection and you struggle to remember a time you felt this overwhelmed with excitement. Eventually, you feel his hot breath on your slick cunt but for once, he doesn't dwell there too long. There's a desperation to the way he's stroking himself now and you entirely understand, despite how mesmerising it is to watch him touch himself.
"Fuck, look at you." He moans, his thumb pressed to the top side of his length while he slides himself against your wet folds. "You're so perfect. All over." He grants himself a couple more indulgent, slow glides over your sex before he cups your face in one hand.
The blunt tip of his dick presses against your entrance, sliding into your body and you resist the urge to close your eyes and enjoy the feeling in favour of keeping your eyes fixed on his, drinking in how his expression reflects the pleasure he feels.
It's not hard to tell that the very first stroke has you both feeling the same. It's more than just feeling full, in a way it's almost closer to feeling complete.
"Sweetheart, you're gonna have to touch yourself." His cheeks are just as flushed as they were when he came in earlier but now he's embarrassed for entirely the opposite reason.
"You've barely started, don't tell me you're going to cum already." You can't help but laugh, taking his advice regardless. Your fingers are well versed in self pleasure, your hand slipping down between your bodies until you're able to rub your own clit in tight circles.
"I can't help it." His voice comes out closer to an elated giggle than you expected. "You've ruined me. Fuck, I'm yours."
The fingers of your free hand curl in the short hair above the back of his neck while he continues to fuck himself stupid into you. He's hardly even thinking now, letting each little confession tumble from his lips before he can even think about them.
"You've broken me. God, you feel so fucking perfect. You own me. Your cunt owns me. Holy shit." He sounds wrecked, clearly already trying to hold off his orgasm while you chase yours and you're beyond thankful it's not too far away. How could it be with confessions like that?
You feel your body fluttering around his cock, euphoria washing over you in waves that you couldn't surface from if you tried. It's an all consuming, frantic kind of pleasure. Each thrust from your partner only drags you in deeper and it's truly heavenly.
"Cum for me, Buck." You don't have to encourage him too many times. He's more than happy to give in, his arms shaking, proudly finishing inside you with a groan so beautiful that it makes you wonder if you could cum again.
He's entirely spent, for now anyway. You hear him chuckle, relief making him giddy because so long as he's still able to cum for you, you haven't completely broken him.
"Well." You smile, kissing his head before getting up to head to the bathroom. "At least I know you didn't fake that."
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becca-e-barnes · 3 months
I was getting my hair done today and I couldn't stop thinking about ex!husband Bucky finding out you started dating other people after the divorce and how fun the sex would be if he got jealous 😵‍💫
Tumblr media
Because imagine how slowly he'd slide his dick into you, holding your chin in one hand to make sure you don't take your eyes off his. He presses into you so damn slowly, making sure you feel the way your body adjusts to allow him inside you. You're way more desperate than you even realised you would be and he knows it.
"What's wrong, sweetheart?" He chuckles quietly, his cheeks flushed, stroking your chin gently with his thumb. "You've gone a little stupid already. Didn't he fuck you right? I bet he didn't. Could've told you he wasn't right for you." It'd been four days since you'd bumped into Bucky while out having dinner with someone else. In truth, the guy you went out with hadn't been all that interesting and you'd parted ways after a couple of drinks but Bucky didn't need to know that.
"He was pretty good actually." You tried to keep your voice steady, despite Bucky's distracting kisses to your neck. "You're gonna have a hard time living up to him."
Your ex-husband huffs out a laugh, his breath hot against your skin. "You've always been a terrible liar." The confidence that drips from his tone is enough to send shivers down your spine.
He's not wrong, it had always been a running joke between the two of you.
"Just looking at that guy, I could tell he wouldn't be able to work out where you like to be touched." His hand moves from your chin to trail ever so gently up the outside of your bare thigh. The featherlight touch leaves you wondering if you'd had goosebumps all evening or if they'd just risen in the last couple of minutes but then you're reminded that this man has taken the time to learn your body like no one else.
"He looked like he'd be selfish. I don't think he understands that the real pleasure in being with you is in getting to watch you come apart. There's nothing like it." He's slipping a little, lost in his admiration of your body. His fingertip trails lightly over your hardened nipple and you know he's remembering the way you gasp when he sucks on the sensitive bud.
"There's nothing like feeling you cum around me and knowing I caused it." He groans quietly, pressing as deep inside you as he can. "And hearing you whimpering my name." He's consumed by the feeling of you, indulging in the memory of the pleasure you've brought each other. "Hearing you begging me to stop when you're so wrung out, you just can't take any more."
He's unbearable in the very best way. He's hardly moved at all and you haven't even noticed because the way he touches you is so distracting. He knows your body and he gets off on showing you that.
His hand drifts back up your body to hold your chin once more, making sure you're watching as he drags his length from the heat of your sex, only to press back in, tearing a gasp from both of you. "You feel perfect. You were made for me." He groans, repeating the motion again and again, enjoying the way your body flutters around his.
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becca-e-barnes · 2 months
Not to be too filthy but the thought of dbf!bucky warning you that he's not going to pull out?? 🤤
I've been thinking about this a lot today and I really like imagining the way he'd position you however he wants you. He doesn't tell you what he wants you to do, he just guides you instead.
Because I love the thought of him pressing gently on your shoulders while he's kissing you, urging you to sink to your knees for him. You take the hint, opening your mouth while watching him undo his belt but he swears he might lose it when you press your tongue over your bottom lip.
"Good girl." He tries not to sound too breathless when he presses his slick tip to your lips, letting you taste his precum, smearing it over your waiting tongue. It's not long before you're eagerly taking all of him, sucking and licking and enjoying the weight of him in your mouth. You feel the tip press to the back of your throat and you do your very best to remember to breathe, trying to ignore your own growing arousal.
The hand on the back of your head keeps you in place while he thrusts in and out of your mouth and it's nice to just let him take for a little while. When you need to, you can press back against his hand and give yourself a break but the praise he showers you with makes it's hard to focus on anything other than the throbbing between your own legs.
"Fuck, look at you." He groans, applying a little more pressure to the back of your head and you try to stifle your gag reflex when he nudges the back of your throat once more. "Such a perfect mouth. Feels like you were made for this, weren't you, baby? You take me like such a good girl."
God, you want to agree. Something about being his good girl leaves your panties soaked and your body desperate. He treats you right. He cares about more than just your pleasure; he cares about how you're feeling, inside and outside of the bedroom. He's good to you and that simple fact makes the sex even better.
Before too long, he's pulled back from your mouth and he's holding your chin gently, encouraging you to stand up again before he presses you back onto the bed.
You whimper quietly at the feeling of his thick fingers grazing the little soaked lace panties you're wearing before he takes them off and lets them drop to the floor.
"Please." You gasp, letting your fingers drift over your soaked sex with an urgency that surprises your partner. Bucky watches as two of your own fingers slip into your cunt before you trail them up to circle your clit. He doesn't miss how they glisten, coated in evidence of your overwhelming arousal.
Relief floods you when you feel him press his tip to your entrance, letting him sink slowly into you. Nothing compares to the feeling of that first glide into your body. It's intimate but it's downright filthy at the same time.
"Best fucking girl for me." Bucky groans the words between kisses to your neck, slowly pulling out before pressing back where he belongs.
You can only whimper, fingernails digging into his back, forever urging him to fuck you harder.
"I hope you know I'm not pulling out tonight." The words make your cunt flutter with excitement and you almost wonder if he can feel it. "Feels too good. I'm going to stuff this pretty pussy full." He cradles your face in one hand, his eyes locked on yours and you're acutely aware that there's nothing you want to feel more than the gush of his cum into your body.
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becca-e-barnes · 2 months
Hi Becca! I would literally die for you blog. It’s my go to any time I need some good self care😉. You’re incredibly talented!
But I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head. It boils down to just Bucky and cock warming. Like the reader is on him begging for more but he is just having way to much fun playing with their clit to start moving. Making them cum on him with out thrusting once.
Just an idea I thought you might like. I love you work, have a great day!!
I'm really glad you've been enjoying my stuff so much!! That's so sweet!💗 and I keep getting told I can get ✨filthier✨ so I'd love to mess with this is little bit
Because I love the thought of Bucky making you start off with a dildo that's just a little bit smaller in size than he is. Maybe one of those dildos with a suction cup on the bottom so it's stuck on a wooden chair.
"Good girl, take it all." He encourages, kneeling between your legs, watching your cunt greedily swallow the toy. It's a sight he doesn't often get to see and he's really not sure why he doesn't make a point of watching it more often.
You whine quietly, feeling the toy bottom out. Your ass makes contact with the cool, varnished wood beneath you and you can't help but roll your hips a little, enjoying the feeling of the tip rubbing against your velvety walls.
"If I wanted you to fuck yourself on that, I'd tell you to. Did I tell you to?" Bucky's voice has a sharp edge that almost knocks you out of your daze.
"N-no... But-" You begin, trying to justify your movement but he cuts you off.
"No. So don't. I want you to keep your cunt stuffed and take what I give you." He watches up at you as he presses your knees apart, keeping his eyes on your face until he can't bare it anymore.
You gasp quietly at the feeling of his hot breath on your exposed, slick sex and there's nothing you can do but whimper at the feeling of his tongue gently grazing your clit.
Fuck, it's good. It's not long before he's licking you like he's starving, lapping and sucking gently on your clit before forcing your legs wider apart to lick your arousal from the base of the toy.
"Bucky, please. Please let me move." You didn't mean to sound so pathetic but with each lick, you get closer and closer to an orgasm you won't be able to stop. An orgasm you've been warned you're not allowed to have.
You're almost surprised he takes pity on you, giving you permission to get off the toy. He removes it from the chair and sits down in it's place, offering his cock as a replacement.
You sit back down as you had earlier with your back to his chest but you can't help but feel amazed at how much better his dick feels. He's slightly bigger and while that's nice, nothing beats the way he throbs inside you and the hot, breathy groans against your ear at the feeling of your body taking all of him.
"Such a good girl." He smirks against your neck, littering your skin with kisses between his soft praises. You feel one of his hands on your chin, gently directing you to look to your right, over in the direction of the full length mirror.
The reflection you're looking at makes your walls flutter involuntarily because fuck, you really are stuffed full of his cock and he's making sure you're not able to fully enjoy it yet.
With one hand still holding your head in place, making sure you keep watching, Bucky's free hand trails down between your legs, flicking and rubbing your clit again.
"Oh f-fuck." You whine, watching Bucky's smirk widen. You can't sit still. You just can't. You want to grind your hips and take what you need and in that moment, his pleasure and all the instructions he's given you come second. You need to get off, consequences be damned.
"Don't even fucking think about it." He warns, delivering one harsh slap to your clit. It's not overly hard but it's enough to shock you. "You know you're not allowed to cum. I want to feel this pretty pussy dripping first. Don't worry though. Once you're wet and messy enough, I'll fuck you stupid on the carpet, right in front of the mirror. Want you to watch yourself cum so hard you forget your own name."
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becca-e-barnes · 7 months
"I'm Not Sure At All This Is Safe, But I Want To Try It Anyway."
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: KNIFE PLAY, masturbation, cockwarming, degradation, praise, pet names, no actual harm but there are some threats
Summary: You and Bucky try knife play for the first time
A/N: This was just a fun little piece I wrote on a plane a while ago! It was based on a fantastic prompt from a cutie so it started out as a piece with original characters, please excuse any corrections that I missed! Some feedback was taken on board after I wrote it originally (thank you for that! 💗)
Minors, do not interact
“I’m not sure at all this is safe, but I want to try it anyway.”  Bucky had the gentle curl of a smile tugging at the corners of his lips running his thumb down the length of the dark handle with more than a little trepidation.
“Of course it’s safe.  It’s not like it’s too sharp.  There’s really very little risk involved if everything goes smoothly.”  You were significantly more confident than he was, at least.  It had been your idea after all.  It had taken him a little while to warm up to the suggestion, as was to be expected but he had to admit, curiosity had blossomed in him faster than he had anticipated.
“And what do you want me to do with it?” He questioned, now running his thumb along the length of the blade, the sharp edge biting into the pad of his thumb, making the instrument almost feel heavier in his hands.  It was only a couple of inches long but the gravity of what you both wanted to use it for made him all the more aware of its weight.
“Just trail it over me a little.  You’ll get a feel for it once you try it.”  Your excitement was infectious, your eyes full of mischief as you relieved him of the weight of the knife in his hands.  You weren't scared of it; in truth, Bucky thought you looked rather at ease as you gripped the pommel in one small fist, using your other hand to pull one of the straps of your bra away from your skin, sliding the metal under the fabric.
He could only watch as you dragged the knife against the thin strap and within a few seconds, the fabric gave way, the snapping elastic providing a satisfying recoil.
“Do the other side?”  Good.  A starting point.  Something to ease him into it.  The pommel was back in his hand and from where he was sitting on the edge of the bed, he didn’t have long to contemplate what he was doing before you had slotted yourself back on top of him.
He mirrored your earlier actions, tugging the underwear away from your skin and sliding the flat edge of the knife underneath, just past the end of your clavicle.  The way the delicate black fabric sliced was mesmerising, coming apart under his fingertips, or rather, the unrelenting edge of the blade.
“You’re getting it.”  You hummed contently, reaching behind yourself to unhook the clasps with one hand, letting the ruined garment fall to the floor in a heap.  “Don’t over-think it.  Do what feels right but if you want to stop, you only have to tell me.”
He had to admit, there was a thrill to this that he hadn’t anticipated.  Holding the knife came with a heavy sense of control, a feeling of power and dominance that he didn’t often fall into naturally but you were now trusting him with and he didn’t want to fuck it up.
“Don’t be scared of it.  I’m not.”  It was right about then that he first recognised your arousal and felt a little silly for not having noticed already.  As you repositioned herself in his lap, you took hold of his wrists, guiding his free hand down to the apex of your thighs, letting his fingers wonder past the lace panties and delighting in how he quickly got the hint and pushed them aside.  You were dripping wet.  Even the insides of your thighs were soaked.  Clearly you were more into this than you had wanted to admit when the pair of you had first discussed it and he was now finding your arousal hard to ignore.
“You’re getting off on this?  You know how fucked up that is?”  He teased, lowering his voice and letting himself slip into the role.  His fingers trailed through your delicate folds, accumulating your natural slick before they tapped repeatedly over your clit.  He brought the blade to your skin, pressing the sharpened edge flush with your body, just under the swell of your breast in a way that he imagined ran perpendicular with your spine.
“Careful now, don’t squirm around.  You don’t want my hand to slip.”  His fingers continued their tapping motion, a small amount of give allowed between the metal and your skin as you writhed from the stimulation.
“This is perfect.  Keep going.”  Your voice was so soft, he almost missed it.  You were the very sound of breathy lust, of someone so delighted in the reality of a fantasy you had kept secret for entirely too long.
He couldn’t quite place whether it was your interest in this or the sheer power trip that was encouraging his dick to quickly stiffen between your bodies.  He surmised it must have been a combination of factors.
“I can’t believe you soaked through your panties, just from letting me trail a knife over this pretty little body.”  His tone had more bite than the edge of the knife did, for now at least.  “Do you know how filthy you have to be to want this?  Getting yourself all wet and flustered for me, just because you know I could hurt you.”
The soft moan that left your lips was everything he had hoped for.  He could see you were needy and getting more desperate by the minute, the thin line between pain and pleasure getting so blurred in your head while being denied too much of both sensations.
“Take me inside you.  I want you to keep me warm.  Try not to squirm though, and don’t even think about fucking yourself on me.”  It didn’t matter that he was rarely so demanding in the bedroom.  Tonight, he was in total control and exercising it beautifully.
You did as he asked, shifting your panties to the side once more before arranging you both so that you could slide down on his length, just as he had asked.  Bucky marvelled at the fact he slid inside you so easily, the blade removed from your skin for just a second for the sake of safety.  “Good girl, sweetheart.”  He smirked, watching your eyes roll back as you bottomed out, taking every last inch of him and claiming them all as your own.
“It’s hard to sit still.”  Your voice came out whiney, need getting the better of you, your hips rolling minutely but more than enough to get his attention.
“What did I fucking tell you?”  He hissed, his breath hot against your neck as he reached around you, trailing the blade ever so gently down your spine from midway between your shoulder blades.  “Sit still.  Don’t move.  Be very fucking careful.”  The cool metal left goosebumps in its wake and encouraged a shiver that you just weren't brave enough to allow your body to succumb to.
“Fuck, this isn’t fair.”  You were beyond desperate.  He could feel the way your body pulsed, throbbing with need around the length so beautifully seated inside you.  He didn’t deny you often and he could tell you were struggling to come to terms with it, even if it was exactly what you had asked him to do.
“Fine.  If you want to fuck yourself stupid on me, be my guest.  We both know it won’t take much.  You’re half way there already.  But if you get hurt, it’s on you.  I’ll hold the knife where I want and if you get too close, you’d better hope you can stop yourself in time.”  The calm efficiency with which he spoke was only mirrored in the way he trialed the very tip of the knife up the inside of your bare thigh, letting the metal bite into the soft flesh a little.  It never so much as pricked the skin, it was only ever enough to keep you alert and God, you needed it.
“Please, please just let me cum.”  You sobbed, giving him the softest, sweetest eyes you could muster, only to be scoffed at in return.
“Make yourself cum.  There’s nothing stopping you.  If you’re so slutty that you can’t wait, you can get yourself off.  I just won’t be awfully kind to you.”  In truth, you loved getting him like this.  Testing his limits, letting him negotiate, all the while knowing that you would get what you wanted regardless.
He watched with feigned indifference as your fingers found their way between your bodies, under your panties to rub at your own clit.
“Stupid slut.  Let me help.”  He chuckled, running the blade under the left strap, then the right, letting the frayed lace come apart under his touch.
With the panties left in tatters, your fingers only moved faster, tiny little whimpers and sobs of pleasure falling from your parted lips.  You were a vision of pleasure in those few seconds.  A pleasure that was unperturbed by the blade trailing up your tummy, up between your breasts and back down.  If anything, your pleasure was only intensified by it.  
“B-Bucky…”. You gasped and under any other circumstances, he knew you would have been horrified by how pathetic your voice sounded.
You were close.  He could feel your body tensing and tightening, fluttering like you were about to lose all control.
“Be careful.  Don’t forget about the knife.” He reminded, watching how it only made you that little bit more frantic.  He wouldn’t let it hurt you, that wasn't an option.  As you hurtled over the edge into ecstasy, he pressed it to your skin, letting you roll you hips as you sobbed out your release into the crook of his neck.  This was bliss.  Taking what you needed on your own terms while Bucky was still very much in control.  Keeping your agency while surrendering your body to his care.
“Good girl.  That’s it, I know.  I know that feels good.”  Bucky cooed softly, letting you steal your pleasure from his body for as long as possible, drawing it out to the very end. 
“Fuck me.”  You demanded, not missing a beat after your own orgasm had subsided.  “Put the knife to my throat and fuck me.”
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becca-e-barnes · 4 months
It's been 3 weeks since I first starting thinking about this but I just can't shift the thought of making a subby!dbf!Bucky cum inside you so I'm gonna talk about it
Tumblr media
But I really do mean "making" him cum inside you.
Like both hands on his neck while you ride him, watching him turn into the most beautiful mess, succumbing to pleasure he's not quite used to.
He's not used to it because he'd always worn a condom up until that point. Maybe he didn't think it could feel all that different but now that he's inside you, losing himself in how slick and soft you are, it's like nothing he's ever felt before.
"O-oh God, no." He whines, his hips rising off the bed to press every inch into you. His eyes have been closed almost the entire time you've been on top of him because he swears if he looks at you for too long, he's going to cum a lot faster than he wants to.
"Are you okay?" You ask softly, moving one hand from his neck to cup his cheek but he takes your wrist and clamps your hand back down on his throat.
"So good." He groans, whimpering each time you slide down on his length. There's almost a relief in this for him but it's a relief he didn't know he needed. He didn't think he would crave this as badly as he does but he knows he'll probably never want to use a condom again.
"Fuck..." He grunts, eyes squeezed shut, little beads of sweat gathering on his forehead. "Fuck, you need to stop. I'm gonna cum."
Arousal twists in your stomach, hearing he's lost himself in this so quickly. It's beyond rewarding, knowing he just can't bring himself to last any longer but you don't let yourself dwell on how it's quite a strange thing to be flattered by.
"No, you're gonna cum inside me." You readjust your grip on his neck and you watch the way his brow furrows, desperate to hold off his orgasm.
"Babe, no. Fuck, I gotta pull out." Despite what he's saying, his hands grip the meat of your hips, helping you work yourself on his length.
If he really wanted to, he's more than strong enough to shift you off him. He could push you back onto the bed with one hand. Half of his brain tells him he should but the other half tells him not to.
The latter half is dangerous. That half tells him you'd be a fantastic mother. It tells him you'd look so pretty with your tummy swelling with his baby. It tells him that this was your plan all along. This is what you want. You know the risk that comes with not letting him pull out.
"Cum inside me." You're adamant, flexing your fingers ever so slightly against his neck, bouncing on him until you feel his release shoot into your body.
"Fine. Oh God, fine. Take it." It's too late anyway and he knows it but seeing you look so damn smug just makes him cum even harder.
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becca-e-barnes · 4 months
Okay… there is something VERY sexy about Bucky cuming in his pants 🤤
No bc there IS something very sexy about it and we all know I love writing this 🙈
Because honestly, I think sex could be a really overwhelming experience for him and I think he'd really want to take his time with it. That kind of physical and emotional vulnerability might not come to him so easily.
I really think the tiniest little things would short circuit his brain and it'd nearly just be another point of concern for him. He can't quite understand why the smell of your perfume makes his heart race, nor can he understand why his cock stirs just from feeling the heat of your body against his.
He knows he won't have much stamina, so to speak. He's dabbled a little in modern porn and he knows he's nothing like those men. He's acutely aware that he can, and has, spent hours jerking his throbbing length, covering his own strong thighs in an embarrassing amount of cum but all it takes is a chaste kiss on the cheek from you to have his dick desperate for more attention.
It's all quite overwhelming but he knows he's safe to feel overwhelmed and that makes such a difference. His comfort is always a priority but sometimes he pushes his body just a little further than he can handle.
Like the first time he's got you on top of him, frantically making out. You're wearing a tiny little pair of shorts and a thin t-shirt and he's desperate to explore now that he's got the chance.
"Baby, please. I need... Oh God, that's good." Words fail him when your lips latch onto his neck, your teeth grazing the exposed skin. The tip of your tongue is sinful, paying close attention to the hollow of his throat while you make the most of the free reign you're being given.
"Is this okay?" You ask softly between kisses, pressing your core against his body. There's a time and a place for you to worry about how incredibly wet you are but this isn't it. There's no room for you to be embarrassed by your need. Not when you're settling on top of a man who's evidently just as into this as you are.
"Yeah... Y-yeah, that's fine." The quiet squeak is just about all Bucky can manage, his hands settling on your hips. He's not moving them, he realises. He's not the one rocking you back and forth over his aching length. You are.
"Holy shit." He groans into the crook of your neck, eyes squeezed shut, pure bliss making every nerve ending tingle pleasantly. He's not even inside you. Lord knows he couldn't handle that but he can't understand how this feels as good as it does without any real replication of the wet heat of your body.
He thinks he's got it under control as he lets your body roll against him. He got enough self restraint. He can handle it. He's got it. Right up until oh no, he really hasn't.
"Babe, you have to s-" He begins but it's too late. Pleasure radiates from the base of his spine, cum splattering against the inside of his pyjama bottoms and all he can do is hold you close and whimper.
His length throbs with each wave of ecstasy and nothing in him wants to lose the heat and pressure of your clothed sex against his. He almost feels pathetic for cumming like this, with minimal stimulation but God, he needs it. When he finally has enough clarity of thought, he registers the feeling of your hands in his hair and his brain starts to process all the filthy little encouragements you've whispered in his ear as he came.
When he comes down, he knows he should probably feel embarrassed but instead, he feels safe. He feels cared for and in a strange way, he feels a little bit more whole, knowing he's finally letting himself be intimate with someone who wants the very best for him.
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becca-e-barnes · 3 months
I've been loving the thought of Bucky getting kind of possessive recently and honestly, it's way too hot
Because I love the thought of him dropping you onto the bed and barely giving you a second to think before his lips are back on yours and his bodyweight is pressing you into the mattress.
"Such a good girl for me." He hums between bites to your neck, letting himself take the extra few moments to ensure he's left a trail of bruises in his wake.
But he's right and you know he is. You're only a good girl for him.
One of his hands trails its way up your bare leg, starting at your knee. It moves painfully slowly, the wait making you more desperate than you thought possible in such a short space of time.
"Bucky, please." You whine, begging for more, begging him to really touch you instead of just the featherlight graze of his fingertips.
The very tip of his index finger drifts over the thin lace of your panties, admiring that they're soaked through with evidence of your arousal. "Is this all for me?" He teases, tapping gently on your clit through the slick fabric, watching your expression because touching you like that just isn't enough.
You nod but that's not the response he wants and you know it. He wants to hear you. So you indulge him.
"I'm so wet for you." You whisper, a little embarrassed but the way he kisses your shoulders reassures you.
He brings the slick tip of his finger to his lips, making sure you're watching before he lets it slip into his mouth, making a show of the way he indulges in your arousal. You hear him groan quietly before he shuffles down the bed, pulling your panties off and tossing them onto the floor.
"God, you're beautiful." He trails two fingers in gentle circles over your clit before replacing them with his mouth. His tongue flicks methodically over the most sensitive part of your body, lapping like this is all he needs. For a second, you think it might be.
Your hands find their way into his hair, desperate to pull him closer. You can't help but notice that his tongue feels so different to his fingertips, despite the fact he uses very similar motions. His tongue doesn't offer the same friction or pressure but it's a truly wonderful feeling in its own way.
Half of the excitement of this is watching the way he loses himself in the taste of you. You feel him groan against your sex, his eyes squeezed shut and you know he needs this. He needs to feel the way your body reacts to each calculated flick of his tongue. He needs to feel you come undone against his mouth and he's determined to make you do just that.
His fingertips dig into your hips and thighs, his grip matching the intensity of his mouth and everything about this feels Heavenly. You know he's going to leave you marked with little crescent shaped indentions from where he's gripped you too tightly and his blunt fingernails have bit into your flesh but part of you loves the thought of it.
"You taste beautiful. You're such a good girl." You hear him mumble, kissing the insides of your thighs, taking a second to catch his breath, his fingers taking over in his mouth's absence.
"I'm your good girl, Bucky." You whine, leaning into his touch and you feel his lips curl into a soft smile against your skin.
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becca-e-barnes · 11 days
Don't tell anyone but I love the thought of pornstar Bucky's girl asking to do livestreams with him. The thought of him taking the chat's lead?? Or reading the filthy things they're saying?? 🤤
"They're making fun of you, sweetheart." Bucky teases between chaste kisses placed to the soft inside of your spread thighs.
'Is she wet already?' The most recent message in the chat makes you squirm in your seat. Not that you're getting very far. Bucky is quite well known for his skills with a rope but he's left you just enough wiggle room that you can still grind your cunt desperately against the chair beneath you. It's not much relief but it's something.
"Of course she's wet already. Aren't you, baby? It doesn't take our girl long to get herself all worked up when she knows she's being watched." Bucky smirks up at you, his fingers trailing over the slick lace of your panties, gathering just enough of your arousal on his fingertips to show the camera.
'Our girl' doesn't sit right with you but you know it's all for show. You're his girl. Only his. Those people watching on the stream, whoever they are, mean nothing to you. You know he'll remind you of that later too. Reminding you that you're 'his girl', holding your chin so he can look into your eyes while he slides every inch of his length home over and over.
You whimper at the flood of messages into the chat as your viewers respond to the crystal clear evidence of your arousal on your partner's fingers.
'Fuck, she's making a mess.' 'Always such a good girl.' 'What I'd give to be able to taste her.'
The comments run up the screen so quickly you don't have time to read them all.
'She's so desperate, what a good little slut.' 'You've hardly even touched her and I'm already hard.'
"You're right, I haven't really touched her much, have I?" Bucky asks while reaching over for the wand vibrator he'd picked out for this stream. He clicks it on and the toy buzzes to life.
He seems satisfied with the lowest setting for now. Not that you are. That setting is almost always just for warm-up and that's not what you need in that moment.
"Please." You whine, tugging against the restraints, only feeling satisfied when your partner presses the soft, silicone tip to your clit, over your panties.
Everything feels heightened despite the low setting. You've been so turned on for so long that anything at all is welcome.
'Such a pretty little thing.' 'She sounds so hot when she whines like that.'
You hadn't even noticed yourself whining, much less the way you tried to grind yourself pathetically on the toy, trying to feel more than the featherlight touch Bucky was offering you.
You felt Bucky flicking the toy up a speed, startled by the groan that left your own throat. It sounded desperate. It was filthy and unrestrained and totally shameless.
"You like that?" Bucky's voice was all that could tear you out of your own head. He rolled the head of the toy in vertical motions, laughing quietly to himself when the sensation made you gasp.
'She's so loud tonight.'
The commenter wasn't wrong. You knew you were louder than usual, a testament to just how much you found yourself enjoying this.
"Sit still, sweetheart." You hadn't really registered what was happening until after it was done, although you'd agreed it beforehand anyway. Bucky carefully tugged the side of your underwear away from your skin, cutting the lace and then mirrored his actions on the other side. With the pretty blue lace in tatters, your sex was fully on display.
Bucky pulled the fabric free from underneath you, balling it up in his hand before pressing it to your lips.
"Good girl. Take it." You hadn't expected this. Automatically, brattiness takes over, your defiant natures tells you not to do as you're told. You hold out for a second, up until the toy clicks up one more speed and when you gasp in surprise, the panties are pushed past your lips, resting heavily on your tongue and you get to enjoy the taste of your own arousal.
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becca-e-barnes · 11 months
I just know Bucky would get so lost in you. Like the feeling of you around him has him going in and out of consciousness just mindlessly rutting into you. He would just start babbling saying how good it feels and how much he loves you and he just can’t stop. He’s just gone dumb on pleasure. I need him 😖
Oh god that’s so hot, like him almost losing control of himself while he fucks you because you feel too good 🤤
Because you’re fluttering and rippling and clenching around him and he’s never felt so dumb in his life. He’s so in love with everything about you but your body is just heavenly in a way that he can’t describe. You’re dripping wet, letting him fuck himself totally stupid in your sensitive little pussy and he’s not sure whether he’s going to cum, black out or cry from how good you have him feeling.
His hips are snapping so fast, chasing a pleasure his body just won’t surrender to. He almost thinks his body knows what’s best for him, not letting him cum because he won’t be able to handle it. It’s got him way too frantic though, fucking you like you’re just a hole for him to cum in and while he doesn’t like doing that, he needs it so badly.
“Holy shit, mhm Bucky no please, I’m going to cum again. Oh f-fuck please don’t make me.” You sob, your eyes rolled back in your head, clawing at the sheets but Bucky pays no mind at all. He’s too zoned out, rutting into you for his own pleasure to the point that yours is almost a hazy afterthought. He’d register your safeword and at this point, that’s just about all that he’d react to.
“Feel p-perfect. So fuckin’ tight. So wet n’ creamy. Y-you’re…. Fuck, it’s too much. ‘M gonna… O-Oh you’re gonna make me fill you. G-Gonna cum in you.” Bucky grunts with his face totally screwed up in ecstasy. There’s no stopping the slick slapping of skin on skin, your bodies shaking, desperate for the relief that only an orgasm can give.
“Bucky please, fuck, cum in me. Fill me, baby. Fill my little pussy and don’t stop.” You urge, right as you reach the point of no return. Your cunt practically robs him of his cum, forcing him to spill his load as deep inside you as your body will let him go.
He’s not even sure he’s fully present in his body as he cums. It’s pure bliss, somehow feeling like time has stopped and sped up all at once. His flesh hand grips your hip, holding you still as he sobs his release against your hot skin, pumping you full of such a huge load you feel it dripping over your asshole already and he’s nowhere near finished.
“S-so full. So full. Oh god, can’t fuckin’ stop. Y-you’re gonna be… Oh, I shouldn’t have - shoulda pulled out. You’re stuffed, fuck.” He groans, his whole body shaking from the force of his orgasm and the fact he’s not sure it’ll ever stop.
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becca-e-barnes · 5 months
Thoughts on walking in on bucky watching pegging videos 😘🫶🏻
Oooooh this could be so hot though, especially if it’s a little fantasy of his he hasn’t managed to tell you about yet.
I really like the thought of him exploring a little bit and getting himself a couple of toys and trying out all the different methods of self pleasure that he didn’t know existed previously. As soon as he stumbles across his first pegging video, the way he cums over his own fist with a broken sob had him rushing straight out to get himself a dildo.
But I do think he’d be quite hesitant to explore an interest like that with a partner right away so he plays around with it on his own for the first while.
And that’s how you catch him on his knees on the floor of your bedroom, bouncing on the dildo and letting out the softest little sobs.
He’s totally cockdrunk. But with his earphones in, he doesn’t hear you come in and fuck, he looks perfect, so lost in a pleasure he didn’t know existed.
“Oh god.” He whines, sliding down to take the toy right to the base and it looks like every muscle in his body tenses up.
But then he sees you. And he sees how you’re standing there, wide eyed but not embarrassed. You look like you’re into it and he takes the earphones off in a hurry, barely taking a breath while he bounces on the dick inside him.
“Are you enjoying that, sweetheart?” You’re making him whimper just by how you look at him but his eyes roll back in response because yes, he absolutely is enjoying this. He’s enjoying it a whole lot more now that you’re here.
“Y-yes.” He whimpers, breathless as he strokes his own dick, still bouncing on the toy. He’s jerking himself quickly and recklessly and you realise that you really have no idea how long he’s spent playing with himself already.
“You like having your ass stuffed full, Buck?” You have him full on groaning, your fingers trailing through his hair and it’s the first time he’s even dared to imagine this as a personal interest of his. Up until now, it’s been something that he imagines other men do, he just watches. This is much more personal.
“Fuck yes, it feels so good.” He whines and even the relief at finally admitting his interest in this feels euphoric for him.
“You look so pretty with a dick in your ass, you know that? You’re all flushed and it’s just adorable. Just wait until I’m fucking your ass for you. I want you begging me for more.” He seems almost broken, given over to his need to cum but it’s at war with his need to draw this out as long as possible.
“Please.” The word slips past his lips in a quiet, pathetic little gasp and once he says it, he can’t stop repeating it. “Please, please, please.”
Hearing himself sound so desperate finishes this for him, threads of ecstasy pumping from his tip while he continues to fuck himself. He can’t quite believe how hard he cums, pleasure radiating from the base of his spine and making his whole body quiver.
“Good boy.” You whisper proudly when he’s spent. “Now get on your hands and knees.”
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becca-e-barnes · 1 month
heyy!! can you do a dbf bucky caught masturbating? only if u wanna obv~!
No honestly bc the thought of a man masturbating is way too hot, it makes me so weak 🥵
I've probably talked about this before but it's delightful to imagine him staying over in the guest room of your house for a while and when he thinks the house is empty, he's taking some time for ✨self care✨, not knowing that you're still home.
I always imagine he's so vocal too so when he thinks he can be as loud as he wants, he doesn't hold back.
He's surprised at how badly he needs this, taking his time at first with just a few leisurely strokes. He's rock hard in no time, his hand wrapped around his own length, doing everything he can not to think about you.
Fuck, it would be so wrong to think about you. He knows it would. It's wrong to think about kissing up your bare legs or sucking bruises over your collarbones. It's wrong to imagine how you'd look on your knees for him, begging him to finish on your face.
No matter what he does, that's all his brain wants to come back to. He can almost hear how sweet your little moans would be when he rubs your clit.
You'd be such a good girl for him. He knows that and he loves it.
There's no harm in letting himself give in a little. As he gets hornier, precum drips from his tip and he's only focused on imagining how gorgeous you'd look beneath him, lost in pleasure the way he is.
He hadn't even considered that you might still be home. As far as he knew, you were planning to go out with your parents so he was safe to groan your name the way he wanted to.
Heat pools between your legs at the sight of him on the bed in front of you. The guest room door hadn't been pulled shut completely and when curiosity got the better of you, you were beyond surprised to see Bucky laid out on the bed, stroking his own cock and whining your name.
"Such a good fucking girl for me." His voice was loud enough that you could hear every word.
His hand moved faster, soft breathy moans tumbling from his lips and hanging in the air.
Your panties were soaked. Rational thought had all but left you. Pure need buzzed in the pit of your stomach and there was no doubt in your mind that you'd summon this image of Bucky every single time you felt like touching yourself for at least the next 3 months.
The decision seemed to come naturally to you and before you'd really thought about it, you'd pressed the door open and stepped inside, settling on the end of the bed.
Bucky sounded startled. Understandably. His cheeks were flushed, desperately trying to cover himself and make apologies at the same time.
"Bucky, please." You almost sounded timid while you prized the blanket from his grasp. "Can I taste you?"
He swore he had to be dreaming. This couldn't be real. You weren't actually asking that right after he'd spent so long imagining it. Is this how manifesting works?
"Are you sure?" He asked, not missing the way his dick throbbed when you nodded enthusiastically.
Bucky pulled the blanket back, grasping his dick again, stroking slowly. He swore he'd never forget the sight of your tongue pressed to the tip of his cock, looking up at him before you swirled your tongue around the head, gathering as much precum as you could.
"Oh fuck, that's it. Such a good girl for me, holy shit." He's lost in the feeling and he couldn't tear his eyes away from you, even if he wanted to.
Your lips wrap around his tip, sucking gently while he continues to stroke himself and he swears he's going to lose it. You hum your approval at a fresh bead of precum gathering over his tip but it's not there very long before you've licked that up too.
He forces himself not to imagine how pretty you'd look with your tongue or your face painted with his cum because if he does, this is over. He's determined to make that a reality but not just yet.
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becca-e-barnes · 25 days
I can't bring myself to think of anything except a submissive dbf Bucky on his knees, shirtless and just short of begging to be allowed to touch you. (Probably inspired by this tiktok that I've watched SO many times)
Even his very first kiss is frantic. He usually starts off gentle; almost tentative but within minutes he's holding the back of your head, keeping you close and it's such an indulgent kiss, it makes your head swim.
"Fuck." His mouth latches onto your neck, groaning quietly when he realises you already have the first couple of buttons of his shirt undone. He's already lost any desire he might have had to take this slowly.
You pull him back up to kiss your lips with a hand gently cradling the back of his neck. He doesn't voice any objections, following your lead and letting his warm lips slide over yours until your tongue teases his.
He's practically melting already and it's so rewarding to watch how easily he crumbles. Your lips don't part from his while he shrugs his shirt off and as soon as his neck is free of the collar, your hand replaces it.
His eyes open when you start to apply pressure to the outside of his throat, careful to avoid pressing on any of the more delicate structures. "Harder." He needs this. You have no problem indulging him.
"You're so good for me." He's flushed already but you swear the praise makes his cheeks blaze even hotter. His lips are pink and slick and he's long since forgotten his need to kiss you. Up until you use your grip on his neck to direct him to kneel on the carpet.
You let go of his throat, the release of pressure gives him a head rush and it's written all over his face. He's looking up at you expectantly, desperate to know what's coming next. Are you going to tease him about being so submissive? Slap his face a little? Spit in his mouth maybe? A little part of him isn't sure what he'd prefer more.
You do none of the above though. Instead, you perch on the edge of the bed while you play with his hair, letting the seconds tick past, not saying a word.
He almost feels deprived of touch, going from so much to so little in a short space of time. Your knees are pressed tightly together but he kisses up one of your bare legs regardless, worshipping every inch of skin he can press his mouth to.
"Spread your legs." It's only a quiet murmur but his tone is off. He's not in a position to be making any demands.
"Who do you think you're talking to?" It's almost funny that he thinks he'll get what he wants by addressing you like that.
"Spread your legs please." The emphasis seems genuine. He engaged his mouth before he engaged his brain. It happens and you forgive him, parting your thighs and letting him shift the skirt of your dress out of the way.
You hadn't bothered to wear underwear. It only gets in the way and Bucky seemed appreciative that he didn't have to waste any time taking it off you.
"You're so wet already." This wasn't news to you. Even just the thought of him on his knees for you is enough to get you worked up, never mind the reality.
One of your hands instinctively settles on the back of his head and you feel him start to glide his tongue over your slick sex. He kisses your body like he did your lips earlier. The pressure and intensity feels indulgent, long strokes of his tongue that allow him to taste you the way he's been dreaming of.
The slick sounds are obscene. His quiet moans are filthy. He sinks two thick fingers into your body, curling them while his tongue laps at your clit and you can't help the way your legs shake.
The pointed tip of your shoe presses gently to the front of his trousers and he gratefully grinds against the sole. His pleasure can't and won't be forgotten, although it seems like that wasn't a concern of his anyway.
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becca-e-barnes · 9 months
Bucky missing you at night while your asleep him needing to cum so he just gets on top of you takes your little shorts off and slowly thrusts into you as you let out sleepy moans. Then he starts to use you while saying “ shhh baby just take it, take daddy’s cock like a good little slut”
Happy Sunday, let's get filthy 😈
This is really hot though, just the thought of him not being able to wait? Maybe you have a little bit of a free use situation going on and he knows you'll be totally fine waking up to him getting himself off by using your body.
Touching himself just isn't enough sometimes, not when you're right there. He almost feels bad disturbing your sleep because you look so peaceful but there's something about watching you come around while he's already inside you that makes him achingly hard.
He's made his mind up. He's taking what he needs tonight and God, he wants to be rough with it. He still needs you a little more worked up though.
Your shorts are in his way but not for long. He's not particularly gentle when tugs them down your legs given that he hardly has enough control left for 'gentle' right now.
He licks the pads of his pointer and middle fingers of his flesh hand, slipping them between your legs, letting his spit help with the glide. He'd usually use his metal fingers but he knows the colder touch will wake you up and that's not what he needs just yet. His fingers massage your clit in slow, firm little circles, just the way he knows you like.
"So fuckin' beautiful." He mumbles to himself, watching your face. Your lips have parted a little, your breathing a getting more erratic and he can't help but feel painfully smug when your body starts to respond to his touch. You're getting wetter by the second and he adores that he has this effect on you.
He knows you need a something more. He's so frantic, he almost considers just pressing into you now, he's so wrapped up in the thought of fucking himself senseless. He tests his own patience just a bit longer, pushing your thin pyjama top out of the way before latching onto your nipple. His mouth is so hot on your skin, suckling on the sensitive bud in the same way that usually leaves you keening against his mouth when you're awake.
It works wonders, whether you realise it or not. He can easily slide two thick fingers inside you, curling them delightfully in the way he knows you love. It's so easy to get lost in the sight of his fingers disappearing inside you and he's mesmerised by the feeling of your velvety walls rippling around him. His dick twitches in his own hand, clearly getting a little jealous.
He finally gives in, shuffling on the bed as quietly as he can, spreading your thighs and making room for himself. Slipping inside you takes more concentration than he's really willing to dedicate to the task but good God, it's worth it.
The first slow glide is breathtaking for him. You're so warm and wet and soft, it's pitiful how obsessed he is. He's used to a soft groan or a desperate plea from you right after he bottoms out but not tonight.
"Pretty little hole for me to use." He moans to himself, beginning to pull back, still so careful not to wake you.
He doesn't stay so composed for long. His thrusts speed up and there's just something about the way you can't hold in your moans that makes him need to fuck you harder.
"Bucky? Oh fuck, that's good." You groan, only really half awake.
You hear him moan, low and totally filthy but you barely have time to let your eyes focus before he's pulled out, flipped you onto your front with your ass slightly raised and he's sliding back inside you again.
"Just take it, sweetheart. Take it for daddy. Good girl. That feels nice, doesn't it? Waking up with daddy's cock inside you. Had to use you, baby. Couldn't stop thinkin' about you." He's so caught up in the thrill, it's hard for him to think straight, using his body weight to pin you to the bed.
"I-I'll take it for you, daddy. You fuck me s-so well." You gasp, your voice high pitched and frantic, your fingers curling to grip the thin pillowcase under your head while your eyes roll back.
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