#ben drowned headcanons
Y/N, walking into their house: Hello, people who do not live here.
Jeff: Hello.
BEN: Hi!
Toby: Hey!!
Y/N: I gave you the key to my house for emergencies only.
BEN: We were out of Doritos.
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vpzllx · 4 months
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS - Just how the creepypasta characters would be like as your s/o :)
PAIRINGS - Jeff the killer x Reader, “Ticci” Toby x Reader, Eyeless Jack x Reader, Ben Drowned x Reader, Hoodie/Brian x Reader.
Tumblr media
Tbh Jeff a lil bitch 🤷‍♀️ it’s not like yk he’s js mean n shit even though he’s just mean n shit.
Like for instance say if y’all were just sitting on the couch cuddlin n shit and then someone walks in the room, He’s pushing you off of him immediately.
It’s not like he doesn’t want to be affectionate, He just doesn’t want people seeing, He’d do a casually hug or hold hands around people but he’d never kiss you or anything like that around people idk why 🤷‍♀️
But back to what i said about him being a lil bitch this mf will tease you and tear your ass up 😭, Y’all could be casually play fighting on the bed and he’ll push you off on purpose then laugh at you. Or He would walk up and say some random shit like for expample
Jeff : You built like a capital P
You : what??
He’s just random asf but also When you two are alone oml this man is so vulnerable like he’d cuddle up next to you n shit, To the point that when he breaths out shorty ur breathing in that same air. He loves when u play w his hair even though it’s crusty asf (Please wash his hair)
For rating umm hes like a good 7/10
Tumblr media
how do i say this ummm… He’s bipolar and yall both hate it.
It’s so… Like one moment y’all are kissing and wtv then he js pushes you off of him and walks away and your js there like “?? wtf” And then after he’ll come back and kiss you and apologize and again your just like “wtf??” But you don’t mind since he actually apologized.
Attachment issues. He will threaten you if you ever want to leave 😟 or like you tryna go to the store and bitch he js stops you he grabs your wrist and is like “go sit yo ass down” BUT NOT LIKE THAT 😭 and you js go sit down best option tbh.
He likes laying his head in between your thighs for some reason idk like especially if you got em big ol thighs 😍 and when you stroke his hair it’s like love.
When y’all are sleeping together … he’s stiff this man doesn’t move it he falls asleep in one position you will wake up and see him in that same position, And it’s bad to the point when sometimes you gotta check and see if he’s not dead, If he wakes up while your doing so he’s lookin at you like “tf is u doing?”
He’s a good kisser don’t question it but istg, You could be in the kitchen getting something to eat he js walks up behind you flips you facing him and he js kisses you bitch tongue deep in ur mouth (He got that W rizz 🫵😜)
He’s like a good ummm 7/10 too
Tumblr media
He has definitely watched you sleep more than 5 times…
He not tryna be creepy with it he just wants to make sure that you’re sleeping well it’s all outta love. But ngl sometimes he will wake you up by biting your neck n shit but are you really complaining?? Right i didn’t think so.
If you ever cut yourself he’s the number one person for you to go to He was a medical student yk before the whole … scarfice thing … But if your bleeding heavy don’t step within a feet of him, istg he gonna start buggin out and most likely will try to eat you (Outta love tho).
I can say his tongue is very long … ;) Like make out sessions end in a snap then y’all end up fuckin 🤷‍♀️ (we can get to those fuckin headcannons another day 😘).
He used to be a good cook but since he doesn’t eat … people food anymore he just stopped cooking but if you’d ask him to make you something he’d do it for you no questions asked, Like maybe sometimes you’d wake up to breakfast in bed from him 😜.
He’s a quiet person to say the least tho like you barely see him interact with other pastas or wtv tf they called but yeah he’s usually by himself or with you one of the two.
He’s a 10/10 at everything 😘
Tumblr media
He has definitely asked you multiple times if you wanted to film y’all fuckin …
He has made you try playing games mostly horror games or shooters in which either you rage quit or got scared and quit, He enjoys seeing you scared or seeing you js upset and angry.
If your the type of person who brings their phone into the bathroom with them he’d use that as an advantage and js crawl out of ur phone.. He has done that multiple different times.
When y’all hug he either sniffs you or your hair and then your js like “Did he sniff my hair..?” He does it cause he doesn’t wanna forget what you smell like idk why but yk .. Attachment issues.
He always notices little slight things about you. Like you cut your hair a bit..He knows, You just cut your nails..He knows, Just got new underwear..He knows.
He’s most def a 8/10 yk minus the little weird things… 👴
Tumblr media
Yeah um… This man will manipulate and make you think that you’re nothing without him … (outta love tho)
He doesn’t genuinely care abt what you do unless it involves another person specifically another man, That’s when he starts to care.
Since he’s uhm a drug addict he would def try to get you high at some point, and when you do he would record the whole experience js for shits n giggles idk
Also same as ben he has probably asked if you wanted to record yall fuckin but even if you say no he’s not talking at as an answer, He will record it and then after show you … 😟
He likes it mostly when your vulnerable bc he could spew so many lies to you just so you won’t leave him (Best manipulator i’ve ever seen)
When y’all sleep together, you have to be directly laying on top of him or else he’s not sleeping. Period.
He’s a 6/10 (but he’s so fine 😖🫶) Yeah but umm he has a lot of problems …
Tumblr media
I gotta do another one but yk it’s more nice or either it’s gonna be very nsfw 🫵😭
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creek-ink · 1 year
Tumblr media
Ej: get out of the frame Jeff!!
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jtkys · 2 months
Random headcanon post
silly habits I think crp characters would have!!
leaves things everywhere (by accident). Whether it be random items, clothes, etc. he’ll go in one room and put an item down, intending to pick it back up again when he leaves the room, and then will just completely forget it was there and leave to do another thing. People have grown accustomed to just assuming whatever has been left alone is Jeff’s, and usually leave it outside his door or in his room. He’s caught onto this, and has just accepted that whatever is left out in the open now belongs to him. Finders keepers.
Doesn’t chew his food enough. I know it sounds silly, but most of the time when he’s eating he just zones out or has his attention on another thing (video, book, game, whatever) , so he doesn’t chew his food enough and swallows pieces that are too big. He doesn’t choke he just sits there like 👁️👁️, and it looks like he’s absolutely out of it, but he’s actually just trying to swallow the food. Will probably just silently stand up and grab a drink to try and wash it down, and then act as if nothing happened. Tim witnessed him doing it once and genuinely thought he had been possessed, now everyone knows to just grab him some water instead of calling for an exorcist.
Forgets to take cans/plates/cups out of his room. I’m also guilty of this habit so it’s ok, but honestly I see BEN as quite the introvert, usually hiding away in his room for comfort. He doesn’t really like to eat with other people and is an absolute iPad kid to he’s got to be watching something while eating, so he usually goes up to his room. also, probably drinks atleast 15 energy drinks a day (yeah me too) and simply forgets to throw away the cans, or to bring the plates/bowls that he’s eaten out of downstairs. He intends to do it and then forgets to do it and then just decides he doesn’t wanna make the trip downstairs again to do it. So oh well. Either someone sees the state of his room and does it for him or he very slowly accumulates all of the manor’s plates and glasses, until literally nobody has anything to eat or drink out of.
Hits his head on things/bumps into things. Already said in a previous post, but I hc this motherfucker to be TALL. As in he towers over everyone. This, unfortunately, leads to him bashing his head on the doorframes of almost every room, as the massive manor they live in wasn’t designed to home demons that tall, or demons at all, for a matter of fact, which leads me to the next thing. He bumps into things all the time, and has probably broken some things over the years (which he’s profusely apologised for every time) because he’s just so big- also, that tail of his doesn’t help. He tries his best to be a careful gentle giant, he really does, but who can blame him for some slip ups when you’re that size? The others would tease him for it, but he gets embarrassed and insecure about the fact he’s so tall and big compared to everyone else, so they bite their tongues.
Leaves lipstick stains on everything. No glass, cup, mug or piece of cutlery in the manor is safe from her various shades of lipstick in red and black. When they host events, when they have a girls night out, or when it’s just a casual night of the adults drinking in the mansion, you can always tell which wine glass belongs to Jane because of the lipstick stain. (On the note of wine, she very specifically will only drink expensive red wine. Love her for that 🗣️🗣️)
Doodles on everything. She gets bored super easily, and hates having to sit still for more than five minutes. She usually carries a marker or one of those scented pencils around with her, just so she can doodle on whatever surface she’s forced to sit at. Sometimes, even if she’s standing, she might just draw some silly things on the walls or wherever she can get her hands on. Very often, you’ll find drawings of cats, random squiggles, love hearts, or random notes about or to the residents. It can range from “you owe me $20!!” To “I really liked the way your hair looked today <3” and it makes people happy when they pass by and see what she’s scribbled on the dining room table or hallway wall for them today. She’s so silly how can anyone hate her
Talks in her sleep. This is super random, but I think it’s kinda silly for her. Sometimes, she goes out drinking with some guy friends of hers and come home at like 2 in the morning. Someone, probably BEN, comes downstairs intending to get a snack (because you know damn well his sleep schedule is fucked up as hell) and witnesses her fast asleep on the sofa, mumbling away. He finds it incredibly funny ofcourse and decides to record it, as she mutters away about whatever is going on in her dream. Ofcourse when she wakes up, hungover and grouchy enough as it is, and BEN teases her for it, well. You best believe that he’s already deleted the video and is undoubtedly sworn to secrecy after the threatening look she gives him. (He still tells Jeff though)
EXTRA (cuz I felt like it)
Shut up I know they aren’t technically crp but it’s for the sake of writing. Hush up and sit down 🗣️
always leaves the lights on after leaving a room. He hates it when other people do it, and will always lecture someone about wasting electricity and blah blah blah, but he’s just as guilty. He’s usually rushing around with his billions of tasks to do, and forgets to switch off the lights after he exits a room. Truthfully, he feels a bit bad about being so hypocritical sometimes, lecturing everyone else despite the fact he does it himself, but he always claims that “it’s different!!” And he does it because he’s rushing around, everyone else does it cause they’re forgetful (he’s literally just as forgetful, but for the sake of his sanity, indulge in these thoughts and accept the lectures.)
Taps on surfaces constantly. This is actually a habit he picked up from Toby, who at first just did it as a stim, but once Brian picked it up, they just randomly began to tap out random made up melodies together for fun. Nobody else gets it, and really, neither do they: it’s their little thing. Sometimes, they’ll silently agree to play a game of trying to guess the song the other person is trying to tap, and if they pick up on it, it’s always a fun little bonding moment of them just tapping on different surfaces together to make said song. They look absolutely crazy doing it, grinning at eachother and tapping away, but they’re happy and having fun, so that’s all that matters. Sometimes, the others catch on and join in, but most of the time it’s their little secret.
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just-a-persontm · 1 year
-EJ is a freaking furnace, him being a demon makes him a warm boi.
-Toby is a lot smarter than we give him credit for, he just chooses to be a dumbass. Honestly is an entertaining way to live though.
-Ben and Toby make music together in their free time, Toby is surprisingly good at rapping and singing.
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creepypasta65 · 1 year
Hi! If you're taking requests, could I request Jeff, Toby, Liu and Ben with a s/o who likes to draw on themselves or on their pasta s/o?
Love your works btw!
Thanks for the request :)
Jeff, Toby, Liu and Ben with a s/o who likes to draw on themselves and their pasta s/o:
Jeff finds your drawings so cool.
He often tells you that you should be a tattoo artist. 
He will let you draw on his skin. 
Let’s you draw anything you want on him. 
When you draw on your skin, Jeff will color the drawing, like a coloring book. He will try so hard not to go outside the lines.
Toby loves your drawings on your skin and will beg you to draw on him.
He thinks of them as tattoos.
Toby loves it when you draw on him, especially if you draw animals. You might have trouble when drawing on him since he moves a lot. 
He will also draw on your skin, but he has a hard time because of his tics, so don't expect it to be perfect. 
Liu loves your drawings and compliments your drawing skills so much. 
He is happy if you draw on him, draw whatever on him, and he's happy. 
Liu often looks at you when you draw on him like he can't take his eyes off you; he loves you so much. 
Liu likes to draw on your skin; he will draw you and him holding hands. 
He loves your drawing, and at first, he thought there were tattoos until you told him they're drawings. 
He wants you to draw on him. 
He also likes coloring in your drawings. When he colors in the drawing, he purposely goes outside the lines. 
Have a nice day :)
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divijohm · 4 months
Game night with the pastas
Tumblr media
🎯 This is a way to keep harmony in the mansion and prevent that hell gets there. It's like a purge day, they can do (almost) everything that they desire in this one game night as long as they behave before and after
🎯 there'll be all kinds of games you can imagine, from Mario kart to black jack to monopoly. And all of the pastas will participate in at least 2 of them
🎯 Everyone knows Ben is the king of Mario kart but, surprisingly enough, Sally is as good as if not a little bit better than him. Maybe is because everyone takes easy on her or maybe is because she's that good.
🎯 Once in a blue moon, the pastas will convince Slender to join them in the game night. When he does he absolutely SMASHES everyone in almost all games, centuries of life (and maybe his mind reading power) made him a god in games. The only ones that he doesn't win are the electronic ones but "is just because I can't play them" in his words ((the truth is that he hasn't figured out how to even grab the controller))
🎯 Surprise to some, Jeff sucks in almost every game except Mario kart and black jack
🎯 They WILL play cards against humanity in every game night. Jane, Nina and Kate are the ones that win the most although everyone has their fair share of wins
🎯 They used to make money bets in various games but it would result in almost all of them cheating and in absolute caos. Money bets are now banned for good
🎯 Truth or dare is a must for them and everyone is forced to play.
🎯 The child pastas will participate in the beginning of the game night, it'll be significantly easier and family friendlier when they're there but as soon as they go to sleep that's when the real show begins
🎯 One time (after the childs are in bed) they played a strip game. Masky was the only one fully clothed after it ends, although he didn't cheat everyone secretly thinks he did.
🎯 Blood painter and LJ are kings in "guess who" with 3 or less clues they can already get it right
🎯 They always play Uno to end the night, is quick and fun. They'll have quirky rules like the "7 no talk", "9 slap the pile" and "0 switches", combining +2s with +4s is allowed and stacking them is also allowed. Due to the huge number of players they'll combine 3 or 4 decks Wich results in an significant increase of special cards which equals more caos
🎯 They have almost all the board and videogames known to man is insane
🎯 By the children request, they one time played hide and seek in the woods. It took almost all night for it to end
🎯 Toby smashes everyone in poker, I'll not elaborate
🎯 there's always alcohol, all kinds. wich if you stop to think isn't a very good idea. Mentally unstable people some of them taking heavy medication, competitive games and alcohol aren't exactly a good mix but who cares right?
🎯 MUSIC!! They have a collective playlist that lasts AT THE VERY LEAST 13 hours. They put it on random every game night. It goes from children music, to funk to rock and heavy metal to classical to pop. Is super chaotic
Tumblr media
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opennwindows · 2 months
If you can, could I request BEN Drowned fluff / smut headcanons like about himself, with his headcanon age, hobbies, facts, what he is into or would like & want in a relationship, and what he would be like with a gamer girlfriend/ s/o?
If ya taking requests rn still?✨😇😊💖
Ben Drowned general + NSFW hcs
A/N: yes!! absolutely. i love getting to talk about how the pastas do their pastaing in my mind. i have so many headcanons for everyone that im excited to share!! also sorry i forgot to include the gamer gf part but i don't think it would change a lot of what i wrote!!
btw sorry for fucking dying i have been busy 😭😭 but no one worry i will still continue to work on requests!! if anyone has any marble hornets stuff they wanna request i will zoom you to the front of the queue so fucking quick. anyways enough of me yapping.
cw: 18+ nsfw, toxic relationships, crying kink,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ben is mentally and physically 22, but he can be quite emotionally immature at times. when he died he never stopped growing and maturing, his soul was just stuck in limbo. think like the worst waiting room ever.
he's surprisingly tall, standing at about 5'9. he's lanky but not bone thin. could easily get pretty far in a fight without his ghost powers.
the link costume only appears when he’s in his ghost form. so for example, when he’s messing with someone on their computer he’ll appear as the canon BEN we’re most familiar with. when he’s just chilling in his physical body, he mostly wears beat up hoodies and sweatpants.
contrary to popular belief, ben's not the hardcore gamer everyone thinks he is. sure, he'll play some overwatch or whatever when he's bored but he honestly just prefers to watch tv and browse the internet. understandably REFUSES to play any zelda games. if you were trapped in a video game for decades would you ever wanna touch it again? exactly.
ben loves to draw little comics and troll (see: horrifically traumatize) people online. god forbid you get into twitter beef with this man because he will crawl through your monitor at 3am and leave you with a crippling fear of technology. dude thinks it's absolutely hilarious. a true knee slapper.
lowkey has a sugar addiction. will slam down 4 cans of pepsi in one sitting. he's very lucky that he's basically a ghost because the kidney stones would be plentiful.
you know that guy with the blown out speakers in his car, lives off of energy drinks and burnt blue razz ice elfbars, swears aphex twin is the modern mozart and works on the grill at your local wendy’s? yeah thats ben. or at least would be him if he was still human.
“why would you need a chair, my lap is literally right here babe.”
would absolutely wear your skin if given the opportunity. not in a weird way. he’s just EXTREMELY touchy.
he needs someone who is significantly more organized and motivated than him. he can go almost a week without showering and it should honestly be considered biological warfare when he tries to smother you with affection during these episodes.
after awhile of you guys dating he LOVES the idea of y’all showering together. he has a fear of water and while showers aren’t too much of a trigger, your presence helps ease his anxiety.
favorite pet names: bro, dude, dawg, babe, bitch (non derogatory)
not really a romantic but he tries his best. a perfect date for him is just getting some takeout, watching youtube, talking about stupid shit and play fighting. if you want something more traditional or extravagant then he’ll oblige to make you happy but those types of dates make him feel quite suffocated and nervous. try to save those for special occasions.
now let’s talk about his problems because just like the other creeps he is ANGSTY.
he’s probably the most emotionally stable and healthiest of the group but he definitely still has his toxic traits, after all this man is a ghost that mentally tortures and kills his victims through manipulation.
ben would never ever get physical with his partner no matter how enraged he is but he absolutely is the type to do some mental damage when he gets carried away. ben drowned? more like ben gaslighted.
the type to say some shit that would keep you up for years and then kiss you the next morning like the argument never happened. he finds it easier to ignore problems than to actively talk and fix them. you’re gonna have to teach him some important communication skills or else you’ll grow to resent him after all the bottled up rage.
a bit too brutally honest and blunt for his own good so if you have thin skin the relationship would fall apart pretty quickly. he wants someone who can drag him twice as hard as he dragged you. bonus points if your insults are consistently funny as hell.
please watch anime with him and discuss it. he would propose on the spot, especially if you play with his hair.
pro player tip: if you want him to clean his disgusting room, help him and make it fun! he just needs a little push and motivation at times. and being around you makes him want to get his shit together.
big fan of late night make-out sessions. i’m talking like 45 minutes straight of just slobbering on each other’s faces with tongues down throats. if you don’t want his hands running over every inch of your body then you’ll probably have to chain him to the wall.
okay. so he’s a little inexperienced with his hands. he’s just a slow learner. be vocal with him about what you like!!
ben's about 7inches and slightly skinnier than average but he will have you seeing stars in record time. the dick game is no joke. he tends to go fast and deep most times.
i can see him being a switch in the idgaf-as-long-as-i’m-fucking way. dude will go with the flow and will try mostly anything.
definitely one of the least aggressive pastas during sex. he has sadistic tendencies but he’s more of a edge/overstimulate you until you cry versus a beat the shit out of you and rip hair out of your scalp type. he’s pretty vanilla given his occupation.
despite his love of roasting the fuck out of you on a daily basis, the only words that come out of this man’s mouth is heavenly praise. he looks at you like you’re the most gorgeous being on the planet and he’ll let you know it.
he loves to whisper praises into your ear while you ride him.
he's more of a receiver than a giver when it comes to oral. he'll absolutely spend hours between your legs if given the chance but nothing beats the sight of you on your knees and teary eyed with his length in your mouth.
he can be a bit of a head pusher but just let him face-fuck you every now and then, hearing his loud moans will be worth it.
did i mention how much of a crying kink this man has? you guys could be on round three and if he stares at your teary eyed fucked-out face for longer than 10 seconds he'll immediately get hard again. you'll have to beg him to give your poor body a break.
he's also into choking but only if he's the one doing it. if you try to restrict his breathing he'll panic and the mood would get ruined.
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raythekiller · 6 months
🗒 ❛ Personality Headcanons ༉‧₊˚✧
Tumblr media
Featuring: Jeff The Killer, Ben Drowned, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie
#Notes: just my general take on the creeps. hope y'all enjoy! requests open :)
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Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Jeff The Killer
He's a total fucking prick, for a lack of better word. He doesn't care about other's feelings, he thinks he's better than everyone so he's "allowed" to treat people badly, and he has anger issues to top that. Protesting against his bad treatment is gonna earn you some screaming at best and some blood spilled at worst, depending entirely on his mood.
He has the potential to be a good friend and person in general, he just doesn't want to. However, you might catch him trying to awkwardly comfort Toby or Ben when they have mental breakdowns. Well, not as much "comfort" but more of a shy pat on the back and a "Stop being a little bitch" comment, but that's his way of showing that he cares. Take it or leave.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ben Drowned
Generally a pretty chill guy. He's not an extrovert, but he's still fairly outgoing when it comes to meeting new people (when he does leave his room, that is. He's kind of a shut in). Since he died when he was about twelve, I think he's forever stuck into the pre-pubescent boy mentality, so he can be quite the little shit.
That means he's also kind of a pervert and just immature in general. The type to play certain games just to gawk at the female character's slutty outfits and make fart jokes. He can also be very sarcastic and witty when he wants to, just a total smartass. Also, he's a pothead.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ticci Toby
Probably one of, if not the nicest creep in the manor. Very upbeat and cheerful, at least most of the time. As someone that has bipolar disorder, it personally doesn't make me very violent and as unstable as Toby is canonically said to be. What does make me does things though is my BPD, so I headcanon he has that as well. He's all sunshine and rainbows until someone says something in a slightly off tone and suddenly he's screaming and throwing his hatchets at the fucking wall.
That also means he's extremely clingy. He wants every last bit of attention he can get and is extremely possessive of people he likes. And, while he is nice most of the time, when he's having an episode he's probably the most cold and cruel person you'll ever met.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Eyeless Jack
One of the most chill creeps. He's not aggressive and kills only when he needs to eat, and tries to make it quick and painless for the victim. He eats any organs, not just kidneys. Also, he's a fucking great cook, Hannibal Lecter style. He really likes reading and is extremely intelligent, probably knows two or more languages, and is probably the most mature member of the manor after Slenderman.
He's not actually blind, but he's not not blind either. He sees the temperature of things instead of the actual object. He hates drama and argument and loud noises, so he normally stays away from the other creeps (especially our favorite trio, Jeff, Ben and Toby), but he gets along really well with Jane.
Tumblr media
Another prick, though a more reserved one than Jeff. He's a perfectionist and natural leader, so he expects everyone to obey him without questions and no mistakes allowed. He has this rivalry going on with Toby because, even though he's the leader and Slenderman's right hand, he feels the tall guy has a certain favoritism or soft spot when it comes to Toby (which is true).
He gets very aggressive after missions and just wants to be left alone for at least a few hours, just until he calms down a little. After he's rested, he's actually pretty decent to be around, becoming less defensive and more accepting of others.
Tumblr media
The coolest guy ever. He's calm but great to be around and is always willing to listen to others when they need to vent. He's kind of the manor's therapist and gives great advice. He's mute, so he talks either through sign language or writing down on paper. He also plays guitar and likes to write his own songs sometimes. Ben and Sally really look up to him as a kind of cool uncle.
Since he's so level headed, he's always the one to calm Masky down when he's being a bit much. Toby really appreciates this, since he's normally getting the short end of Masky's bad moods. As mentioned, he's great with the younger members of the manor and just kids in general and they all love him. The type of uncle to give them candy while saying "Don't tell your parents" playfully.
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milkycarnations · 1 year
What Good Deeds Do The Creeps Do?
Tumblr media
Will always give his jacket to you/a friend if they look cold. Always waits until everybody has their food before he starts eating - even in restaurants.
Holds the door open for everyone. Brings hand sanitizer to share and carries little tissue packets in his pocket.
Will always tell you if you have something in your teeth/on your face. He also makes sure your outfit is always good (skirt not tucked into panties, shirt not stuck under pants, jeans cuffed evenly, etc).
He will pull peoples plants out of the sun if they look underwatered or like they're dying. He's been secretly keeping your neighbors porch plant alive for 3 months.
Steals medications as a middle finger to big pharma. Gives medical help/advice to his friends for free.
Will scam back scammers. Wastes their time, destroys their software, scares the shit out of them.
Grabs the meal trays at fast food places and puts them on the front counter so employees don't have to go into the lobby to collect them. He also cleans up after himself.
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jimmy-johns-was-taken · 4 months
Creepypasta Love-Language
Request : Open!
Characters : Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, “Ticci” Toby, Tim/Masky, Brian/Hoodie, Jane the Killer, Nina the killer
Notes : SO SORRY THIS IS SO LONG I GOT CARRIED AWAY! Anyways thank you for reading, hope you have a lovely day !
Jeff the Killer :
Now hear me out, but Acts of Service. JUST LISTEN OK! My idea of Jeff isn’t a crazy touchy person, just not his thing. However, he deeply appreciates you doing small things for him. Cleaning his wounds and getting the stains out of his clothes. His favorite is when you make dinner, but put his portion in the fridge for him to heat up when he gets home. When he does arrive, your asleep on the couch with a note telling him dinner is in the fridge. In return, he does small things for you, such as not getting blood everywhere and helping pay bills (he steals money from victims)
BEN Drowned :
Quality time. Anytime with him is meaningful. Just sitting on his bed, cuddling and playing videogames. Sitting at the island in your kitchen while you make a frozen pizza for dinner, just cutting up and enjoying each others presence. Anytime he can get with you is perfect, he doesn’t care what your doing. He also loves to talk to you, listen to him rant about all his favorite interest and he’s fallen head over heals for you
Eyeless Jack :
Oddly enough, but physical touch. If EJ is letting you touch him, he trust you A LOT! He adores cuddling, especially on rainy days where he can’t go out and do stuff. Just sitting in bed, maybe scrolling through your phone, and listening to the rain with his arms wrapped around you. He also does small things in public to make others aware that your his. His hand on your back, arm around your shoulder, something small but noticeable. Like many of the other pastas, he would fight anyone for you
“Ticci” Toby :
Gifting Giving, both giving and receiving. They absolutely love it whenever you give them something, even if it’s super small. In return, Toby will bring you anything they think you’ll like, or anything that reminds them of you. It’s their way of showing that they think of you, that your always on their mind.
Tim / Masky :
Acts of Service, hands down. Tim especially loves it whenever he comes home and there’s a nice hot meal cooking or laying out on the dining room. His laundry is randomly washed, the bed is made, anything small that he doesn’t have to do. In return, Tim does whatever he can do to help you around the house. Any kind of chores, yard work, anything at all, just say it and it’s done.
Brian / Hoodie :
Physical touch. My idea of Brian is a very touchy person, very touchy. Anytime he can get his hands on you, he will. Pulling you closer in a room full of people, holding your hands and dragging you across the house, anything to do with touching. He also enjoys the touch! Randomly hugging him from behind, kisses, anything.
Jane the Killer :
In all honesty, I think it would be gift giving. I could see Jane having a lot of them, just like a few other pastas, but Jane adores giving you gifts. Need more nail polish? You’ve got it. In need of a new painting for your wall? Get in the car, your going home decor shopping. Jane just loves to spoil you and she loves to see the smile on your face anytime you receive a new gift. Jane loves anything you do, from physical touch to acts of service!!
Nina the Killer :
Another gift giver! Nina, similar to Jane, loves any and all kind of affection, they eat it up. But Nina herself loves to give you small things. They will come home one afternoon, more bubbly than normal, then pull out a small rock and smile brightly. She picked it up cuz it reminded her of you!! Duh!!! She doesn’t go crazy with the money thing, unless she sees something she knows you’ll love, but it’s mostly small trinkets and such.
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[At 3AM]
BEN: Why is dark spelled with K and not C?
Jeff: Why are you in my room??
BEN: Because you can’t C in the dark.
Jeff: [Regretting working for Slender]
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that-one-creepy-hoe · 8 months
Are you still taking requests? If so, can I ask for some Ticci Toby and/or Ben headcanons? Particularly from a touch starved s/o that just likes to touch them- like play with their hair or their hands or just is generally very cuddly.
Toby and Ben with a touch starved S/O
Toby would be absolutely obsessed wth you
Hes extremely clingy by nature and cannot resist touching you at any given moment
Knowing that your the same way will have him melting in record time.
He finds you extremely adorable and will constantly tell you that
You guys will also end up having many date nights in where it typically ends in both of you cuddled up on the couch, you lying on top of him while you play with his hair, for him that the best kind of night
Toby cannot get enough of you and considers you the only good influence his life
Your touch alone can make him normal again.
He is not ashamed to admit that.
Expect to have lots of kisses and makeout seshes where you two are just wrapped up in each other.
Benny Boy is not as touch-starved as Toby but relishes in your touch.
He loves it when while he is playing games he'll sit in your lap and let you play with his hair
It relaxes him beyond belief
He tries to make you feel as loved as he does by always touching yo too
wether that is him cuddled up to you while he plays his games
Or if he just decides to give you some extra cozy cuddles at night
He does it without a second thought just because he cares for you so much
He does kiss you but his aren't as innocent as Toby's, his most definitely lead to something more occasionally.
Ben will also shower you in love while you two are having sex just because he feels comfortable enough to do so
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creek-ink · 1 year
the ladz
Tumblr media
hcs 4- ages/pronouns/preferences
made these a while ago but never posted :P
< more details and random hcs >
-does not give 2 fucks abt how he's perceived
- will fuck anything
-hopeless romantic/puppy love typa guy
-has one mean right hook
-smells like sandalwood and those one holiday cider candles
-listens to folk punk or something like that. think amigo the devil
-silent type
-attached to intelligent and passionate ppl <3
-is bad at sautéing
-not too into music but does enjoy a good campfire song.
-bookworm, fave genre is dystopian
-NB (or something)
-swings all the ways
-falls 4 bullies lol
-platinum in all the souls games
-messiest room you've ever seen, the only exception being his desk, which is neat and orderly
-listens to mayhem (yikes)
- c i s
-not into relationships, def only in for a score
-shops at rue21
-actually insufferable. like no u don't understand he's so annoying.
-collects fun socks
-a straight white man 🪦
-not focused/interested in love/relationships
-caffine addict
-rlllyy likes the x files
-befriends stray cats, his favorite being a grey tabby dubbed tabitha.
-loves johnny cash
(lol thxz 4 reading)
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j0eyj0rdis0n · 2 months
Senario: walking in after a mission/spree and finding their partner dancing and singing to music while cleaning. (Bro made peace with being kidnapped LMAO)
Maybe BEN, Jeff, Toby and Eyeless Jack?
I absolutely love this!! Send in more scenarios!! I hope you enjoy 🖤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He felt the atmosphere was different as he was walking towards the front door, it was odd, a feeling he wasn’t used to when coming home
It was happy, the air was lighter, it made his skin crawl
When he pushed open the door, there you were. Happily rocking out to the cd in the radio
He didn’t expect you to like the music he did, especially something as heavy as this
He didn’t realize you’d like the cd’s that we’re thrown about the house, but hell did he like it
He watched from the door as you jammed out, playing air guitar over the solo
A smile spread over his face, his scabbed cuts breaking and beginning to bleed
He could get used to this.
Tumblr media
He was happy you were finally getting used to being around here
He knew it was hard to adjust but he tried to make the transition as easy as possible
When he realized music was your thing he supplied you with any sort of access to it
So when he came home to you dancing he was more than happy to see that you were adjusting alright
He watched silently with a stupid grin on his face
As he watched all he could think of was how much he loved you. How glad he was to have you here.
Eventually he let you know he was home, assuring you not to stop just because he was there
When you wouldn’t start back up he joined in, starting the dancing session once more
Tumblr media
Music had always been an escape for Jack when he was human. When he was in college he was always swamped with hard homework and studies, so taking time to relax with music was a big thing for him
But ever since his sacrifice he’s dreaded music. It reminds him of the life he never got to have. What was ripped from him.
When he heard music from inside he felt anger bubble up in his chest. How did you get your hands on anything of the sort? He swore he burned all of his cd’s.
He walked in rather angrily, his steps heavy and his brows furrowed. When he heard your sweet voice singing along all of that anger subsided instantly
He felt guilty…
How could he take something that was so dear to him while he was human away from an actual human…
He felt his heart ache, he was confused, conflicted… He couldn’t be mad at the one he loved. Especially for trying to make yourself feel more at home…
He let his hand slip from the handle, turning around and walking away to ponder his thoughts alone
Tumblr media
It had been a rough day… The mission was long, and awfully bloody. He just wanted to have dinner on the table and lay in bed with you after. No matter what protest you put up
He was about to call the same thing he did every time he walked in the door “honey! I’m home!” but the faint music stopped him
He followed the soft sound through the house, quieting his heavy boots until he made it to the kitchen.
The heavenly smell of roast hit his nose as he peaked around the corner. There you were, dancing and singing quietly as you plated dinner
He felt his heart melt as he watched you. He’d wanted a domestic life just like this…
He knew it had been difficult for you to adjust to his wants and needs… And seeing you so happy made him happy. That’s all he wanted was a happy domestic family…
Seeing you adjusting happily was like his wildest dreams come true
He snuck up behind you, placing his large hands on your waist as you set the plate down on the table. “Smells great honey.”
Tumblr media
Brian had always been quiet when coming in the door. All he ever did was take off his boots, pull up his mask, and give you a kiss before continuing with whatever he had to do for the night
Honestly he thought of letting you go, he felt pretty damn bad that you were so unhappy
He didn’t like how you two fought, the yelling, the screaming. And he just couldn’t bring himself to kill you…
As he was coming home from a mission he almost dreaded walking in the door…
He tried to take anything dangerous from you, but he didn’t know what you’d get your hands on and what you’d do with it…
So when he walked in the door to you singing to the radio he couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t express how happy he was that you were finally beginning to get adjusted
He wasn’t exactly a fan of your music taste but he was happy that you were happy
He made his way over to you, pulling up his mask just halfway for you to see his gapped smile before he gave you a tender kiss
Tumblr media
Toby had always been a music guy
Just like Jeff he had an abundance of cd’s scattered around the house and he knew it was only a matter of time before you found something you liked
Which honestly he hoped for. He wanted to be able to spend time talking about music and enjoying it together
Coming home to his love singing along to the music in the cd player was just what he had been waiting for
“Found something y-you like?” He’d ask, taking the cd case from you and looking it over. “G-good choice. One of my f-favorites.”
At first you’d be embarrassed that he caught you, trying to put on that same persona that you hated it here and you wanted to go home
But as the music continued playing and Toby began singing along as well, you couldn’t help but get comfortable
“F-find more you like! It’s date night!”
Tumblr media
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ghostgirl101 · 6 months
hey, i really like ur writing and idk if ur working on something rn but when you can and if you want to, could you possibly write some ben drowned x reader kissing headcanons? (only if u r comfortable w/ that ofc!) ur literally my favorite writer on this app nd i literally read everything u post lol so even if u don’t do this ty anyway and have a nice day/night and take care of urself!!🩷
Kissing BEN Drowned Would Be Like This:
A/N: Sure, I'm comfortable with that; this is kind of a whole affection headcanon thing, which I've only just realised now I'm reading it over 🙃 I'm glad you like my writing, hope you enjoy this one, take care of yourself too 😀 Also, should I start making a taglist for my creepypasta posts? If you're interested, let me know.
Tumblr media
🎮• So. If you're expecting BEN to be an absolute gentleman who asks for your permission before giving you any form of affection, or is a bit bashful to initiate it...
🎮• Haha. Sorry.
🎮• I mean, he'd never push your boundaries or deliberately make you feel uncomfortable when you guys are being intimate somehow, but he's not gonna be shy about it. That's because it takes a bit of time for him to warm up to the idea of physically coming out of the screen and materializing himself enough for you to hug him and everything safely, without getting electrocuted or whatever.
🎮• Another factor is that after all he's been through, the idea of letting himself be that vulnerable around people is a bit of a daunting one, even if it's you, someone who he's learned to trust and get close to until it gets to this point.
🎮• So, well done to you, for earning the ultimate sign of trust from this maniac virus boy. Chances are that after you hint at wanting to be able to kiss him or something, he's gonna act all teasing and dismissive about it, but what you don't know is that the thought stays in his mind after you've finished up on the computer and gone to bed. He watches you silently from the camera on your open screen (that he's insisted you keep open for him to check in on you) and lets the idea of it grow into a nice, tempting one.
🎮• So get ready for yet another burst of an adrenaline rush as BEN gives you the scare of your life when he comes crawling out of the screen as you wake up in the morning, scattering your desk trinkets and stuff all over the place in the process. BEN has very pale blonde hair in his humanish form, almost white, and even paler skin, with empty black and red eyes, sometimes glitchy... you probably know already. BEN's eyes bleed lightly even when he's not upset, but seem to gush blood when he is. But even with the whole horrifying appearance, somehow, he manages to make himself look handsome. Don't tell him, though, or he'll tease you about it and probably won't ever forget it.
🎮• When you get over the initial shock of him literally just spawning into your room, he stays completely indifferent, if not a bit amused, because isn't this what you wanted? It's not like he bites. Unless you're into that sort of thing.
🎮• BEN is a bit apprehensive at first, because, let's be real, you're his first kiss. His life was twisted into an electronic form when he was really young, and so human touch is almost a completely foreign experience to him at this point, so he will start slow. He might flinch a couple of times, but dismisses it and tells you to go on, that he wants to get used to it. And he does.
🎮• When he does, that's when you've got his chaotic bursts of affection energy to deal with. He loves catching you off guard; you could be doing anything, working or hanging around or whatever, and then he's suddenly there behind you, and you get the tiniest of electric shocks as BEN grabs you effortlessly and refuses to let go for a solid five minutes while you fidget in his glitching but strong arms and glare at him.
🎮• The first thing you'll end up doing is hugging, because he likes the feel of being close in somebody's arms in a way he didn't think he could be before. You're warm and he's consistently cold, leading to you having to slap at his hands when he slides a hand down your back or something bratty just to make you squeal and shiver. They draw out into cuddle sessions, another thing he likes, and will ultimately go soft over. There have been many times when you've managed to fall asleep in BEN's arms, and that's one of the rare times where he'll let all his guard down and fiddle with your hair or play with your jewelry or just stare at you with a newfound feeling of protectiveness and fondness.
🎮• Now for the actual kissing part 🙃 I need to say that it really isn't a first "kiss." It's the first of many long makeout sessions, because BEN will drag it out as much as he can, and then stop abruptly when you least expect it, just to be a tease and wanting more. I see it happening when you're rambling about something or other, and he's out in the real world instead of in a screen, when you realize that your faces are inches apart, and he has a blank, frustrating unreadable look on his face.
🎮• And, before you can say anything, he'll take the plunge before he can think about it any more, leaning in and brushing his lips against yours, but waiting for you to accept it and move in too. It starts off surprisingly soft and sweet, until BEN starts getting addicted to the new, intimate sensation, and tries deepening it. Then it's less sweet and more intense, and (sorry for the cliche lol) electric. He tastes kind of appley, and his lips are cold and soft. BEN will carry on going, further and further, to the point of you ending up breathless and him pulling away with a stunned look on his face. That look morphs into his usual mischievous smirk after he recovers in a few moments, and he raises a brow in amusement at your wide eyes and swollen lips, probably with a snarky little "Not bad."
🎮• After you've done it once, you're gonna end up doing it a whole lot more. There are hardly ever any proper warnings apart from BEN gradually moving in closer and being more teasing and flirty, or on sadder days where painful memories of the past come creeping back to haunt him, a source of comfort and reminder that he's still here and has another reason to be alive and basically immortal. It's not just to drive people to insanity and infect their systems with disturbing things until they crack, or whatever other motives he has. Now, there's you, someone who he's decided he needs to look out for and be with in any possible way.
🎮• Like I said, kissing BEN Drowned usually ends in suggestive makeout sessions and the like, because that's just BEN all over. But they're one way he's discovered he can show he cares, and so he'll keep doing it if you want him to, without any hesitation. Realistically, the boy is beyond touch starved, and so that all pours into the affections he gives you. To anyone else, he's a twisted, demon-like boy who makes peoples' lives hell by getting into their heads through ways they can't control, but to you and you only, he'll let himself become more and more vulnerable, until you see that really, he still was and is Ben.
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