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mamiinmiumiu · 4 months
V-Day Gift Guide '23💌
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It’s that season where everything is pink and red, hearts cover the stores, and love is alllll overrrrr! Y'all know what that means; it’s February, the month of love!
I personally adore Valentine’s Day, always have. Remember passing out little Valentine’s in school and getting the cutest treats? 🥰 Yeah, I always been a fan.
Plus, I love love. I’m here for alllll the cute lovey dovey shit!
So, with that being said, I decided to make things a little easy for anyone finding themselves a little stumped on what to get that special someone and cooked up a ‘lil gift guide! [ur welcome (˘ε˘˶ )]
From bougie gifts to the stuff that counts, I got y'all 💌
1. Lego Flower Bouquet | Amazon $48
Tumblr media
What girl doesn't love flowers? So, what about some that last forever? Plus, y'all can have a cute little date night building legos together. So cute! 
2. Venus Et Fleur Flowers | Not even gon’ hold yall, these hoes pricey. Prices range.
Tumblr media
So luxe, so chic, so stunning!
You seen ‘em on IG & TikTok for sure, but Venus has been running the luxury flower game since like 2015! [I remember turning 15 and swearinggg up and down I was gon’ wake up to the biggest box on my bday. Ha! 🤣] Although they are very expensive, I’ve heard they are well worth the $$$ + do last long!
Tumblr media
3. SKIMS | Skims.com $15-100 
Tumblr media
What did Kim put in these? Let’s talk about it!
Every girl loves a good lounge set and basic staples that she can build outfits around so treat your girl to some Skims! Comfy, cute, and not wild expensive. I recommend the “Fit’s Everybody T-shirt” + “Fit’s Everybody Crew Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit”
4. Fragrances 
Tumblr media
Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist | $38
Chance by Chanel | $95
Candy by Prada | $134
Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera | $138 [MY ABSOLUTE FAVE + TOP PICK!]
5. Stationary/Planner
Tumblr media
Nah, deadass why y'all together if y'all not pushing eachother to continuously grow & stay on y'all shit? 
I swearrrrr by my planner! It makes my life go so much smoother and is a place where I can situate my thoughts, plans, goals, expenses, etc. Help ya shorty tackle the new year and get her together with a planner. 💅🏽
2023 is about elevating, feel me?
6. Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? We’re talking Jewelry!
Tumblr media
Good quality jewelry don't gotta cost you bands, you can get some cute, good quality pieces for the low. Plus, girls can get away with "costume" jewelry [jewelry from Dior, LV, etc., is “costume” jewelry, none of that shit is real.] too.
I love getting my pieces from Swarovski! Amazing quality, durable, and the shineeee! But I also love Pandora, The M Jewelers, and Nordstrom for when it comes to “designer” jewelry. 
Pictured Above:
Swarovski Pink Baguette Ring: $145
Swarovski Tennis Bracelet: $195
Palm Angels Bracelet: $180
7. A Purse
Every girl needs a good quality bag and lucky for y'all, designers love releasing the cutest on-theme purses for February, here's my picks;
Tumblr media
Ladies! Our men DESERVE to get spoiled, too! Valentine’s Day is not just about us, show your man your appreciation and treat him! I picked out a few of my faves for the men this year.
1. Sneakers
If your man is anything similar to mine, sneakers are one of the for sure ways to his heart. [& y’all better not come up in here with that old wives tale about buying ya man shoes!] 
Plus, great thing about sneakers is there are so many different styles and color ways that you're for sure to find something that will fit whatever your man’s style is! But, if you want to keep it on theme with V-Day, lot’s of sneakers come out with Valentine Edition pairs. 
My personal favorites are the Nike Air Force 1 Low Valentine’s Day [2021] | Stockx $225
Tumblr media
2. Playstation 5 / PC
What guy doesn't game? Upgrade him this year, sis! I plan to.
3. Hat / Beanie
Tumblr media
Men love them a fye hat! And also, beanies are the hottest accessory right now. Think of a brand, I'm sure they got they own version!
I love the hats from Hat Club, they always got some dope color ways. 
Brands that got some fire beanies rn:
Billionaire Boys Club
MM6 by Margiela 
4. Cologne
Tumblr media
I think I speak for all the ladies when I say; ain't nothing better than a man that smells good all the time!😮‍💨
These are all colognes I have personally purchased for my man and we loved.
My Cologne Picks (in my favorite order)
Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision | $119
Bleu De Chanel | $102
Coach for Men | $105
Dolce & Gabbana | $135
5. Wallet / Card Holder
Tumblr media
Men love them nice wallet so why not upgrade him? Think about it… he’s probably using the same wallet since forever ago, which no problem with that buuut an upgrade is always nice!
Pictured Above:
Burberry Sandon TB Monogram Card Case | $260
SAINT LAURENT PARIS Credit Card Wallet | $295
Givenchy Card Holder | $370
SAINT LAURENT PARIS Bifold Wallet | $525
6. Add to his passion/hobby! 🎭🎨🎙️🎞️
What does your man like to do? Is he an artist? Is he a collector? Is he into music? Or film? Think of your man’s interests and base a gift around that! Let’s say your man wants to start exploring photography, a good gift would be a tripod or ring light. Maybe he want’s to start up his own business? Purchase the LLC! Podcast? Buy him a nice mic! Or, if he’s into collecting a certain thing, add to it!
I think y’all get the point, lol.
7. Custom Rug / Art Piece
Tumblr media
Men love art, too!
My man is slowly but surely tapping more into his artistic side and it's been so dope to see how his style progresses and what peeks his interests now.
A dope way to add to your man's area is by commissioning a custom piece for him! It can be a painting, rug, sculpture, etc. of whatever he likes! A rug of his favorite character, album, or even ya body ;) would be fye.
Pictured Above:
Curves By Sean Brown CD Rugs [MBDTF & VOL 3] | $250
Lighter Tufted Rugs by SatoriRugs on ETSY | $35
Wonderland Rug by @chris.cassette on IG | Prices range
Baby Milo tufted rug on ETSY | Prices range
Tumblr media
KickBricks: Sneaker Building Blocks Handcrafted Air Jordan 3 | ETSY $59 | They have a few different sneaker options to pick from.
[email protected] | Prices range | Super cute art piece and so many different styles + collabs.
Matching tracksuits!: Such a cute + fly way to be headass! Lmao. Nah, but theres nothing cuter than a matching tracksuit, even cuter when you're matching with ya boo! So many brands have come out with their own variation of tracksuits so you're sure to find something that fit's yall <3
Brands with fye tracksuits right now:
Marc Jacobs
Polo by Ralph Lauren
Palm Angels
Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about just romantic love! Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to show your girlfriends some luv, too! Best part? It doesn't have to be expensive!
Here's my fave gifts to give my friends:
Tumblr media
Self-Care Basket: One or my favorite things to make for my loved ones <3 You can really put thought into it and cater it to whoever you’re making it for! Some of my favorite things to put in are: A good book, blanket, eye masks, bath salts, candle, silk pillow case, etc.
Cute Treats + Sweets: Strawberries or preferred fruits, pretzels, etc! Super easy to make and fun, tbh.
A candle: I love gifting candles! The Replica candles are amazing! But, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Sand + Fog and the Sand + Paws candles are amazing! You can usually find them at Tj Maxx or Marshall’s for around $8-15 depending on the size. Also, candle's make cure decor, too. Body-shaped candles are such a cute, chic gift.
Wine + Matching glass: Also a great gift for a friend! I want to get more into wine this year so I don’t have many suggestions other than the only one I’ve tried; Stella Rose, lol. But, good wine + a pretty wine glass = perfect duo 😏
Alright babes, that's it for the gift guide! I truly hope y'all enjoyed this years V-day gift guide & that y'all came out of this with some dope gift ideas for your loved one(s)!
If you do end up copping something from/or because of this guide, pls lmk! I'd love to know what y'all took away from this! 💌
Until next time,
H 💋
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jjunis · 1 year
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ghosting — O7. contrail (part two)
a/n: second part cause i wrote wayyy too much and wanted to make it less exhausting for everyone. everybody say taehyun best father of the year! also the screenshots at the end seem to be breaking when i click on read more on my dashboard, so if you're on desktop i recommend opening the post on my blog.
warnings: mentions of family issues, slightly obsessive behavior?, insecurity, unhealthy jealousy
word count: 2.1k (+ sns at the end) we're outta control around here
previous (part one) | masterlist | next
taglist: @viscoolreal @strawbrinkofdeath​ @msxflower​ @startlinejjuni​ (send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist too!)
Tumblr media
September 24th, 2021
4:57 PM
"Heads up!"
The sudden warning snaps you abruptly back to your present situation, but you don't even have the time to react before a soft bundle of fabric hits the back of your head.
You're sitting on a bench at the same park your two best friends at the time took you to, after hearing your parents arguing for the first time. It's kind of a comfort-place for you at this point, a space you can run to when things just feel wrong. You have your earbuds in, and you've been listening to your "comfort song" on repeat for a while now. Even in moments like this, that song can warm your heart and prevent you from completely breaking down.
"Ooh, headshot. The man's a legend!" You turn around to find a grinning Taehyun coming in your direction, and also a folded red hoodie falling over your shoulder. "I knew I'd find you here." He says proudly before tossing a Pepero box in your direction as well, this time giving you time to actually react and grab it in the air. "Look, I know you said five minutes, but bear with me, I had to run to the convenience store so I could grab us some snacks."
You roll your eyes, but you're not really mad. If anything, you're tired, but seeing Taehyun's face always seems to brighten your mood a little bit.
You've rerun the last few hours in your head multiple times since you got here, and by now you're fully convinced you're just a straight up bad person. What's wrong with you? Why do you keep targeting someone like that? Not even people, your problem seems to be Lia, only Lia. Why is it that she pisses you off so much?
"You're insufferable." You reply, grabbing the hoodie he just threw at you.
"You're one to talk." He scoffs. "But you still love me, so I don't care." He finally sits beside you, leaving his backpack by his other side, and then pokes your cheek. You said you wanted to be left alone, but Taehyun knows you well enough to know when he's supposed to show up. Of course, he wouldn't force you to accept his company, but you soon give in to his presence.
Quietly, you put on the hoodie, appreciating the warmth it brings and the nice fragrance that belongs to your best friend. He has always smelled like home to you.
"Give me that Pepero." He reaches for the box, which you let him grab.
As he opens it, there's only one thought in your mind, so you decide to turn it into words. "Are you gonna lecture me?" Your eyes avoid his face and your hands play with the cuffs of the sweatshirt you just put on.
"You know damn well you're acting like a brat, so–"
"An American high school movie brainless meanie, I'd say." You interject.
"Right, that works too." He offers you one of the cookie sticks, and you accept it right away.
"I know."
"So do you need me to lecture you?"
You finally lift your gaze to meet his, and he has an eyebrow raised as he stares at you. You shake your head. "I don't. I feel like you're still gonna do it anyway, though."
He chuckles, leaves the Pepero box between the two of you and puts an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer. Autumn is here, and the breeze starts getting colder as the end of the day slowly approaches, but Taehyun provides you some much needed warmth — physically and emotionally. You lay your head on his shoulder, like you always do, and he leans his head against yours. Without even asking for permission, he takes one of your earbuds and puts it in his own ear.
"Hmm. You really don't get tired of this song, huh?" He knows how much it means to you, so it's probably obvious that he'd find you listening to it.
You shrug and attempt to chuckle, but fail. "I guess it brings me some peace."
"I know. I feel the same way about it."
And then there's a moment of comfortable silence as the song gets closer to the end. All you can hear is the melody, the lyrics and your best friend's soft breathing as he silently mouths along with the words.
He only speaks once the song starts playing again, from the beginning. "You need to go back to therapy. I mean it." His voice is soft, but you still grimace at his words.
"I can't." You state. Your mother cares too much about reputation. Having an unfaithful shitty husband is enough for her, she doesn't need a broken daughter as well. If you go back to therapy, people could start talking, and she doesn't want that. You can't go against her will while you still depend on her financially.
"Yes, you can. I'll talk to your mom if you want me to, you know she'll listen to me… I think. Actually, I don't know, but we can't have you acting like that, snapping at people out of nowhere. You're not like this, and I can see you feel bad about it, or else you wouldn't even be here right now. You know you have no logical or rational reason to hate Lia so much. It's been two years and you say you're over the whole Beomgyu-hyung thing, so why do you constantly feel like she's pushing your buttons like that?" Taehyun has this way of sounding more mature than anyone you know, despite being the second youngest person in your life. That's why you listen to him, he's like an older brother. "Do you feel anything for him at all? Be honest with me and with yourself. I'm not here to judge you, I'm here to help you."
You sigh and take some time to answer. You've been thinking about it lately, trying to understand yourself. "Yes and no." You finally say. "It's not… romantic. I know you might think it is, but it's– It's not. I guess… I guess I just miss having him here as a friend. It's like– I love our friends, I do. But I wish he was still one of them, you know? The two of you were there for me when I needed you the most, and I think… Maybe that's why I get so nostalgic? I'm like holding on to these memories and I can't let go of them completely. And, uh… Seeing him with Lia sometimes bothers me cause I feel like she's taking my place somehow. She's doing the same things I'd do, I've told you that, but when I talk to him it's always so awkward. And then I think maybe it's because I'm constantly overthinking things, and maybe I'm still idealizing something he's not, but in a different way now. You two were my rock when things started going south, and things… are not great right now, to be honest. Maybe I'm missing him because of that, or maybe because I still regret going full-on obsessive psycho mode. Maybe both. I don't know." You take a deep breath, trying to keep calm. Taehyun is running his fingers up and down your arm in a reassuring way, just quietly listening to you.
"So your problem with Lia is… him?" He tries to understand you, mentally processing all of that information in an attempt to find the best way to deal with it.
"Yes and no." You repeat, which gets both of you chuckling quietly for a brief moment. "I envy her, I think. That's all. I've told you, she's like a better version of me. Even if Beomgyu wasn't in the equation, I feel like I'd still have a problem with her. She's all perfect, she's an all rounder. She's good at everything she does — everything we do. It's annoying to see someone who's so much like me, yet so much different and better than me."
"What makes you think she's better?" He poses the question and gives you a few seconds to ponder.
"She's perfect, isn't she?" You say, and if you looked at Taehyun right now, you'd see his eyebrow raising once again. Since you don't, he makes sure his tone denotes that.
"Why would she be perfect? And why would you not be?"
"Huh." You respond, trying to understand why your best friend is grilling you so much. "Well, she's got a perfect life. Her vlogs are perfect, she's the perfect student, she's talented and beautiful. Perfect house, perfect family, perfect everything. She's got everything I don't."
He sighs, as if he's seeing something you're not. "Vlogs always make everything look perfect. She's human too, she's not flawless. And you're a great student too, you're also talented and so fucking beautiful, noona." He stops there, not mentioning the part about family, 'cause… Well, maybe that's where the true problem lies. "I'm starting to think this has nothing to do with neither Lia nor Beomgyu-hyung at all." Taehyun sounds like he's deep in thought, analyzing the whole scenario as objectively as he can. "Maybe… Maybe you're not missing him for what he is, but for what he represents in your head. Things were easier when we became friends with him. Not necessarily because of him, but they were. And like you said, he was there with you when things started to get harder. And honestly? He was an asshole to you on multiple occasions in those last few months before… you know." You nod knowingly, letting him proceed. "But he was a really fucking good friend on multiple occasions as well and I'm not gonna deny that. You have more good memories of him than bad ones, so it's easy to just… long for those moments, for that comfort you still hold on to. And now you think Lia's got a perfect life and the person who brought you comfort is giving her attention when she doesn't seem to need it… But you don't know anything about her, noona. Is it really fair for you to assume that? Besides, even if she has her life together, it's not Beomgyu-hyung's responsibility to take care of you. I don't wanna sound harsh, but he's not gonna fix anything, and he can be friends with whoever he wants to be. He's just as human as you are. Plus, think about it this way… Would you like it if I treated Hyunjin-hyung badly when you introduced him to me? Or vice-versa? He cares about you, but she's his best friend and you gotta understand that."
You reach for another Pepero and it's your turn to sigh. His words are harsh, but you know he's just being honest and trying to open your eyes. So many thoughts are running through your mind, but you're gonna need more time to organize them. "I don't wanna hate her. She's not a bad person." Is all you can say at the moment.
"Do you really mean that?" He inquires and you nod in response. "Good. Then we're gonna work on that. You don't need to like her, all I'm asking is that you manage to be in the same room without Hueningkai having to stop you from jumping her or some shit. You need to be able to talk to her when necessary without feeling like you wanna rip her throat."
You pout, feeling tired. "Do you think I can do it?"
"Let's go back to ignoring her for a few days, ok? It's not gonna fix anything at all, but you need to breathe and calm down to put your head in the right place first before you try to do anything else." He instructs and you pull back a little just to be able to look at him, while munching on another Pepero. "And then you're going to apologize."
You immediately frown at his words. "I don't think this is gonna work."
"It is. You need this apology more than she does, honestly. You're the one holding a grudge, she doesn't even understand what's going on." He retorts, not willing to let you escape from that. "And you're going back to therapy." He reiterates.
"But Taehyun–"
"Shush now, noona, I brought you your favorite snacks in my backpack. And a can of Sprite. And this hoodie you're wearing so that you won't freeze to death. I'm literally the bestest friend in the entire universe, so I think you should, at the very least, listen to me every once in a while." His little speech sounds a lot more playful than his previous words, and you inevitably grin at him.
"Idiot." You playfully pinch his waist, making him squirm a little.
"Respectfully, shut up." He says while stifling a laugh, and you laugh along. Once again you lay your head on his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his waist to make yourself more comfortable.
"Thank you for being here." You mutter, and once again the song comes to an end and starts replaying, but none of you seem bothered by that. "I'll listen to you, I promise."
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carsbypreet · 10 months
I brought home the Skoda Octavia L&K in November of 2021. Since day one I am in love with this car, the car seems overpriced to a lot of people but the Octavia has to be the most beautiful car in Indian market. The 2.0 liter TSI petrol with snappy 7 speed DSG gearbox is so much fun, the almost imperceptible upshifts seamlessly stitch the power curve to deliver one linear and uninterrupted shove.
Design: You can’t get enough of this design, we are not looking at some crazy road presence or tall huge vehicles it’s just a simply good design which gives that premium feels for every buck you paid for it. It compliments a professional looks like a business car.
Tumblr media
The more than enough ground clearance of Octavia surprisingly doesn’t disturb its sports sedan look. This elevated design also reflects in the electric tail gate it goes all the way up from the rear
Tumblr media
screen, SUVs are doing this for years but it’s too cool when a sedan does it. It’s easier for boot access. This car is fierce inside out, the cabin is full of stitched soft touch materials and the interior lighting looks amazing with the ambient lighting which can be individually adjusted. This car makes a remark and stands out you will feel the work and effort invested for this design.
Drive: This car will make you smile whenever you have a straight open road. Around the corners the car is great many didn’t find it as good as its previous generation but I come from the XUVs and the Kodiaqs of this worlds, hence any sedan can impress me there. The ride quality is good as the suspension is softened up, which slightly decreases the handling confidence.
Tumblr media
The shift by wire technology with this gear selector takes some to get used to. The virtual cockpit of this car is also great works very well. I just love the two-spoke design and the quality of the switchgear, especially the knurled roller controller. Also Octavia has park assist so it can park itself, shockingly too good at it. This car has some really bright and fancy light.
Comfort: The ride is great there is adequate space in the rear but the most comfortable seats are obviously driver and pillion passenger seat. They get memory functions and electric adjust it’s a good place to be. The space at rear is way less than its SUV competition, but hey you saw that coming right? It has the best air conditioner I have ever used the seats are very nice comfortable. The comfort aspect for me is not complete if there isn’t a great fragrance in the car, that’s why I use the involve origin aurum, It makes me feel comfortable and calm while driving and neatly complements the cars comfort level. You can get yours at involveyoursenses.com .
Tumblr media
The ambient lighting calms you downand the canton music system has no comparison what so ever. This car gets sunshade for both windows at the rear and also a manual sunshade for the rear screen. 2 USB C at the rear and 2 at the front with a wireless charger, wireless android auto and apple carplay. The car itself doors are strong with thick windows outdoor noise cancellation works very well in this car. We know there can’t be a perfect car. Sunroof is major miss here, this car has an amazing roof I love it but sunroof is must at this point. Rear seat are bit too close to ground. ADAS features are also missing in this car which is a bit disappointing, it has auto braking before collision, the car sometimes brakes on its own at low speeds even when there’s nothing ahead. The infotainment system good but too many controls are in that screen temperature controls are also in that system.
Tumblr media
It’s a bit different too operate at first. With a 600 liter boot space this car can fulfill all your business and personal needs of boot. This car is elegant it doesn’t want to be like anyone and stands out very well, reflects what the Czech car maker wanted to convey. Is it overpriced? Depends to which car you are comparing it to. That will be lot of argument and this car misses a lot of things that a car at such price point should come with. Yet it’s the best business family car, trust me this car actually feels like success and to make it smell like success don’t forget to check out involve your senses origin aurum at involveyoursenses.com
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rindough · 2 years
cw. mentions of food!
Tumblr media
feet paddling the floor, satoru glances into each classroom in search of a familiar face. his quickened pace comes into an abrupt stop when he bumps into someone. “woah! so sorry — aha!”
“oh no...” you cursed before walking past him, the grip of your books now pulled closer into your chest. his whines now softer due to the distance before your heart accelerates again, now realizing that he’s caught up behind you.
“can we go have ice cream?” you shook your head, “can i have my answer now?”
you paused in your tracks (now regretting as the male bumps into you again) and looked at him, hands now resting on your hips. “gojo, you just asked me this morning if i’m available for the road trip.”
“and?” he chimes, a grin growing across his lips. “well, i really want you to go!”
“but like i said, i’ll let you know tomorrow!”
“but it’s so long!” the tall male pouts. a sigh leaves your lips, trying to come up with an idea when you remembered something.
looking down on your watch, you felt relieved that there wouldn’t be any more classes to teach as of today.
“fine.” you murmured. he smiles down at you, awaiting for your response.
“if — and only if,” you raised a finger, “i buy us ice cream, and maybe with waffles to go with it, then you have to wait for my answer tomorrow. what do ya say?”
his smile falters as he goes deep into thought. it was indeed hot nowadays, and in exchange of an answer — god, he’s really anticipating it — it might actually be worth it.
if geto managed to ask the stoic salaryman out, then he, gojo satoru, can and will ask you out for their planned trip.
and if he behaves well enough, the chances of you responding with a ‘yeah’ would be higher; in his best friend’s face for challenging him.
“yes? no?” you questioned while stepping closer to him. he froze in place, immediately noting the familiar fragrance coming off of you. his cheeks burn, realizing that it was from the perfume he gave you on your birthday.
“come on! answer me now!” you groan, playfully shaking the tall man.
“okay, okay!” he smiles, now wider as you pulled him along. “lead the way, also i’ll pay the bills-”
“no, me.” you blurted out, still moving forward.
“no, me!” he retorts. the tension grew as if things haven’t been fully discussed, there was a moment of silence when —
“me!” you two blurted out, causing you to spin and face him. you were about to say something when he cuts you off.
“if you still insist to pay, then i’ll bother you again later until our shifts are over!”
the image of a cheeky, white-haired man lingering by your desk in the office pops up in your mind, and sooner or later he would start to bombard you with so many things.
not like you don’t enjoy it, simply because you have tons of work to do today while he, himself doesn’t have any. well, at the moment.
“fine,” your grip loosens around his wrist as you shrugged. “it better be.”
laughter bubbles out his lips, a hand now covering over yours. “good! now let’s go.”
he pulls you by the hand as you asked from behind, “y’know the way?”
“oh... hehe. nope.”
you sighed before holding his hand back tighter. “nevermind, we’ll go there together.”
Tumblr media
want more? check out my master list!
©  2021 rindough, do not repost or plagiarize.
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finelinevogue · 2 years
actually to add to my other response, for future insta blurbs if there could be more black women? i only ever see white women :) or just poc in general<3
anon: hiii!! i loved ur insta blurb:) i loved everything ab it tbh<3 i love u and i hope you have a great day/night !
hope this is alright! it’s basically a insta blurb about u and harry filming a gucci ad. and having a holiday too!! <33
Tumblr media
yourinstagram on me hols
harryfan1 a human has never been prettier
harrystyles @/harryfan1 I agree.
y/nfan1 the view has nothing on y/n
harryfan2 the fact harry will have taken this😭
mommaL/N my baby💖💖
Tumblr media
hsupdates Y/N posted this photo on a private instagram account (7/10/21)
y/nfan1 damn im single af
y/nbff this just… *weeps*
harryfan2 i love how y/ns bff relates to us
harryfan3 harry is so soft and fluffy wtf
Tumblr media
gucci “Endless Love” The new fragrance from Gucci 2021. Starring Harry Styles and Y/N L/N.
y/nbff oh my fuck
annetwist ❤️❤️
jeffazoff Besties
harryfan1 is this legal??
Tumblr media
yourinstagram the water was freezing.. but anything for the photo
mommaL/N Such fun!!
y/nfan1 y/n aint real nuhuh
harrystyles Wow.♥️
y/nbff this place looks nice n quiet
yourinstagram @/y/nbff best place to read
harrystyles @/yourinstagram Amongst other things
Tumblr media
harrystyles My ‘Endless Love’
y/nfan1 people just died
gemmastyles My favourite people💓
yourinstagram i love u sm
harrystyles @/yourinstagram I love you.
harryfan1 i want i want i want
mitchrowland @/harryfan1 But that’s crazy
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kaisgroove · 2 months
Tumblr media
Welcome to Kai's Groove: Your Ultimate Destination for Organic and Natural Essential Oil Blends, Beauty Oils, and Perfumes!
We are thrilled to introduce our lovely brand, Kai's Groove, to all of you. As a small business that started in 2021, we are passionate about creating high-quality products that are not only good for you, but also good for the environment. Our commitment to using only organic and natural ingredients sets us apart, and we take pride in offering a wide range of essential oil blends, beauty oils, and perfumes that are crafted with care and love.
At Kai's Groove, we believe that nature has the power to heal and rejuvenate, and that's why we source the finest organic and natural ingredients for our products. We carefully select each ingredient to ensure that it meets our strict standards for purity, sustainability, and effectiveness. Our essential oil blends are expertly crafted to provide you with the perfect balance of aromatherapy and wellness benefits. Whether you're looking for a calming blend to relax and unwind, an uplifting blend to boost your mood, or a soothing blend to support your immune system, we have something for everyone.
In addition to our essential oil blends, we also offer a wide range of beauty oils that are designed to nourish and hydrate your skin. Our beauty oils are made with pure, cold-pressed oils that are rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, which help to rejuvenate and restore your skin's natural radiance. From facial oils to body oils, our beauty oils are carefully formulated to provide your skin with the nourishment it needs to look and feel its best.
And for those who love to indulge in the art of fragrance, our perfumes are a true treat for the senses. Our perfumes are handcrafted in small batches, using only the finest organic and natural ingredients. Each scent is carefully curated to evoke a unique sensory experience that captures the essence of nature's beauty. From fresh florals to exotic spices, our perfumes are a harmonious blend of nature's most captivating aromas.
What sets Kai's Groove apart is not only our commitment to using organic and natural ingredients, but also our dedication to sustainability. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using eco-friendly packaging, sourcing ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources, and supporting initiatives that promote conservation and biodiversity. When you choose Kai's Groove, you are not only choosing products that are good for you, but also for the planet.
We are so grateful for your support as we embark on this journey with Kai's Groove. We invite you to explore our website and discover the magic of our organic and natural essential oil blends, beauty oils, and perfumes. Join us on this beautiful groove of wellness and sustainability, and experience the joy of connecting with nature in its purest form.
Thank you for being a part of our story. Welcome to Kai's Groove!
With Love, The Kai's Groove Team.
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scribblersobia · 6 months
Tumblr media
I posted 520 times in 2022
That's 323 more posts than 2021!
450 posts created (87%)
70 posts reblogged (13%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 464 of my posts in 2022
Only 11% of my posts had no tags
#scribblersobia - 452 posts
#poeticstories - 354 posts
#poetryportal - 323 posts
#writerscreed - 297 posts
#poeticstateofmind - 292 posts
#writeundertheinfluence - 251 posts
#poetscreed - 233 posts
#poetscommunity - 202 posts
#writersceed - 192 posts
#poets on tumblr - 185 posts
Longest Tag: 39 characters
#how to win friends and influence people
My Top Posts in 2022:
We both are different!
You are the shining star in the sky and,
I am the falling star,
we both are different.
My heart is an ocean and,
you are a fish playing in it,
we both are different.
I am sunflower's yawn and,
you are the brightly shining sun,
we both are different.
You are the first drop of rain and,
my heart is dry land,
we both are different.
I am the noise of big cities and,
you are the peace of plaintiffs,
we both are different.
I am the darkness of night and,
you are intoxicated in the moonlight,
we both are different.
I am a word and,
you are my old wish,
we both are different.
I am a wandering traveler and,
you are the destination of thousands,
we both are different.
We both are different, different, and different.
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Dear books,
I am so grateful that I am reader. I am so grateful that I found you, books. I can't express how much I love the fragrance of your pages, the crisp noise of the pages when I turn them. I love your company on a rainy day. I always enjoy a cup of coffee with you. I love how you have became my best friend. I love how you always have solutions to my problems. I am so grateful to have a piece of wisdom from the cake of your perception. I can't forget the day when I held you in my hands for the first time. I feel a current of happiness in my body when I recall how you found me when I was at the lowest point in my life. You were my strength at my lowest. You taught me so much and I wish that our friendship remains forever. I don't want to lose a great friend like you. I love you so much. I am so grateful to have you. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for finding me. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Be silent, and your silence will allow you to hear the stillness of the world. You will be able to listen to the people around you. If you observe and listen to the people, you will understand they are singing songs and reciting poems of their truth. Silence is the best way to listen to the pain, happiness, sorrows of the world. From silence, you achieve new levels of consciousness. Silence is beautiful. It is so tranquil.
PS: I hope you all are doing great. 
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Dear self,
I am so proud of you. I am so grateful that God has blessed me with someone like you. I love how courageously you have crossed every hurdle. I know your hardships and what you feel but, I love you because with every problem you have improved yourself. I am glad to see you becoming strong like an iron. Things that bothered you yesterday are the same things that have made you strong, emotionally and mentally. I am so proud of you because you know how to turn misery into blessings. I admire your optimistic approach towards life. I love to read what you write. I love when you sing songs for me. I love when you love me. I love it when at the end of the day you choose me and life over this materialistic world. I love when you dream about stars and the infinite universe. I love when you eat food for me. I love it when you drink water for me. I love it when you work so hard for me. I love it when you smile for me. I love it when you read books for me. I appreciate your every little effort that you put to show me how special I am for you. I love when you pray for me. I love it when you pamper me. I love it when you take care of me. I adore you when you take my stand. There are still so many things that you need to work on and, I know you will accomplish everything you desire because you are my strongest buddy and you have come a long way and I know you will grow more stronger and beautiful with all the lessons you have learnt so far. I can't express in words how much I love you, babe. My love for you have no boundaries it is endless like the sky and deep like the oceans. I love you so much and, I pray that you achieve all that you dream. I am always with you. You are my forever. I love you. I love you. I love you so much. Thank you so much for completing me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I love you.❤️
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My #1 post of 2022
Dear brain,
Thank you so much that you are healthy and, because of your health my life is wealthy. I am grateful for all that you do for me and for all that you have done for me. From solving maths problems to reading any language with proficiency, you did it all dude. I am grateful that you remember all those happy memories that I have spent with my loved ones and, all those unpleasant memories have taught me the best lessons. You know I love so many things about you, like how you make me cook that well with perfect ingredients in my dish. I love how you work for me day and night. I love how you are always hungry for knowledge. I love how you compliment me whenever I stand infront of the mirror. I love you so much bro. Thank you so much for keeping me alive. Thank you so much for regulating my body. You are my best buddy and, I am nothing without you. And, I like how you are practicing the art of awareness by focusing on your thoughts and activities, it is helping me alot. Thank you so much buddy for all that you do. I love you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. MUAH!
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Get your Tumblr 2022 Year in Review →
Tumblr made a special place in my heart this year because I used this app the most after deleting all other social media apps. Tumblr feels like home. I met amazing people here on Tumblr this year, and I am grateful for them. I never used this app much earlier, and now it has become my comfort zone. I promise to work on my writing skills even more. Thank you, Tumblr and all my Tumblr friends, for all the happy moments and good stuff to read.❤️
Happy 2023 Tumblr family. 💙
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crimsonophelia · 2 years
what they smell like ||
featuring: kaeya, diluc, zhongli
warnings: none (mention of dead bodies???)
published: august 12, 2021
form: headcanons
a/n: this is kind of a weird idea but i’ve really been into fragrances for a while now so i’m gonna recommend some scents that correspond with how i think they’d smell
Tumblr media
kaeya smells like a raging bonfire in the middle of the frozen snowstorm
he naturally smells clean, like fresh linens, with a tinge of pine or some other woody scent. kaeya is in his office or out in the field most of the time so he doesn’t really care too much about how he smells, which isn’t to say he’s unhygienic (he’s probably the biggest diva about hygiene honestly). he rarely wears perfumes or colognes, but if he has to attend some fancy function for the knights or something of the sort, his go-to scent is definitely very musky but cold, something that reminds you of tobacco and leather
the fragrance i associate with kaeya would have to be endymion by penhaligon’s.
diluc smells like night in at the angel’s share while it pours rain outside
like kaeya, i don’t think diluc wears scents too often either, but as the heir of the ragnvindr estate and name, he probably attends more black-tie functions and makes note to look and smell nice more frequently than kaeya. his natural odor is more musky and without any fragrances diluc smells almost like old wine barrels in a wine cellar. but his signature perfume would be more lively, a bit like pipe smoke and rum
i think a scent that suits diluc is jazz club by replica (maison margiela)
zhongli smells like a cup of strong green tea in the library during golden hour
this may be a rather unpopular opinion, probably due to its morbidity, but i think zhongli smells somewhat of decaying bodies (he literally works at a funeral parlor). not the smell of rot and festering flesh, but moreso the “sickly sweet” scent of the first few weeks of decay. he’s aware of this, so i think he does a lot to cover it up, with anything from brewing lots of strongly scented teas or carrying around potpourri bags in his pocket. however, i think there is still a faint sweetness about him whenever you get close enough to smell him
for zhongli, i think the fragrance that best captures his scent is aldehyde 44 by le labo
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gblghb · 1 month
Tumblr media
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nhlovesadri3 · 2 months
Adriana Lima knows one thing for sure: "If I had a last wish in my life, it would be to be back with Victoria's Secret," she says.
Last week, that vision became a reality for the supermodel, who was "thrilled" to return to the brand after retiring her Angel wings following a 20-year run and departing from the lingerie, clothing and beauty behemoth in 2018.
And while Lima's comeback had been five years in the making, another iconic moment for Victoria's Secret was in the works too — the relaunch of its Heavenly Eau de Parfum, which she says was as perfect a time as ever for her to return to her roots.
"Heavenly is the perfect time to reunite the brand. It's the most iconic and timeless fragrance with Victoria's Secret," Lima tells PEOPLE while attending a branded launch event in New York City on Tuesday. "I missed Victoria's Secret."
The 41-year-old's return is accompanied by her dreamy campaign spotlighting Heavenly's new sleek golden bottle, and that captures the fragrance's iconic "warmth and luminous glow."
The ethereal ambiance of the photo shoot reflects how Lima feels to be modeling for the brand again. "I was living a dream," she says of what it was like to be back on set. "It's really beautiful.
Lima first touched down on the Victoria's Secret scene in 1999 (and has walked a grand total of 18 of its famous Fashion Shows), and she has memories of the oldie but goodie eau de parfum spritzed throughout her history with the company.
"Heavenly has been also part of the Victoria's Secret Show for many, many years as well. I don't know if you know, they had the body lotion that was shimmery, so we used to use that a lot before we walked out," she remembers of the floral and vanilla-like blend.
The notes of jasmine (layered with hints of freesia, lotus and gold musk) also strike a chord with Lima, who says that the ingredient evokes so many memories with just a whiff.
"I am obsessed with jasmine. The flower, I think, is the most elegant and feminine. I will definitely have jasmine in my house, and, when I smell it, it brings me back to my childhood. It's a beautiful, elegant scent," she explains.
Even now, Heavenly remains one of Lima's favorites for its air of femininity, sensuality and elegance, which is key "when a fragrance is the best tool for you to be remembered [by]," she notes.
In a way, Lima is also morphing what it means to be an Angel, now that she's a mom. In August, she welcomed her baby boy Cyan Lima, whom she shares with her film producer boyfriend Andre Lemmers. Lima is also mom to daughters Valentina, 12, and Sienna, 9, whom she co-parents with ex-husband Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić.
With a shift in the company's messaging, though — a 2021 rebrand that focused on diversifying the field — she was able to slip right back into her relationship with Victoria's Secret.
"I feel very honored to be part of a brand that actually is embracing and celebrating women in every stage of their life," says Lima. This was the case for the fashion muse, who entered her 20s and 30s with the label.
"Now I'm in a new stage and I feel really happy to be here and to be celebrated. Not only by the brand, but also by everybody that will be seeing the Heavenly campaign."
Lima is back in the game and balancing it all, from being a model to being a mom. But, she's reveling in the multiple jobs she has in her life because, she says, "every element is my element."
"I believe women, we are multitasking. There is a side that you're a woman, there is a side that you're a business person, there is a side that you have to take care of all the family problems. So we are multi-talented creatures. For me, to be happy, I need to have the combination of all family, business, work and the time for myself," she says.
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lunareaaa · 2 months
Luxe Organix's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel- the best and affordable multi-purpose soothing gel
Soothing gels are known for moisturizing skin and soothe irritated skin and sunburns. Luxe Organix's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is one of the best and affordable soothing gels out there! It's gentle on the skin and it's also multi-purposed.
Appearance and sizes
Tumblr media
The Aloe Vera Soothing Gel of Luxe Organix comes in different sizes. The image above is the 300ml tub but there is also a 100ml sachet that is cheaper than the 300ml tub.
The product originated in Korea. Korean skincare is all about putting nutrients back into the skin so they use natural ingredients.
Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Soothing Gel has 99.85% Aloe Vera that instantly moisturizes skin, treats dry hair, soothes sunburns, and can also be used as an after shave gel and nail care essence.
It is paraben free, alcohol free, and has no artificial color.
The product comes with a small type of spatula.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, PEG-60, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, Centella Asiatica Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower / Leaf / Stem Extract, Rosmarinus Officianlis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Chamomilia Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate
Personal Experience
I remember purchasing a single 300ml tub of Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Soothing Gel for 219 pesos in December 2021, but I haven't been using it regularly, so I still have it today. Given that it expires in the year 2024, I can state that its shelf life is acceptable.
I bought one on impulse after learning from my sister that it relieves skin burns. Because the product benefited me in so many ways, I never looked back on that decision.
I use it on my face, neck, dry skin areas, and underarms. My dry, sensitive skin need continuous hydration. Thankfully, the soothing gel prevented my face from breaking out. Additionally, it helped me avoid having chicken skin under my arms. I much like using it to hydrate some areas of dry skin because it absorbs rapidly and isn't sticky like lotion.
To check if there was an impact, I also tried putting it to my hair before taking a bath, but since I don't use it every day, I don't see many differences. Considering that one of its uses is to treat dry hair, it would undoubtedly make my hair smoother and shinier if I used it every day.
My tub is almost empty and I certainly will buy another one to moisturize my skin.
This blog will be dedicated for the purpose of ENGE101.
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sheliveforfashion · 2 years
Updated Night Routine September 2021 🦋
Hey besties, a couple months ago i’ve made a post explaining my night routine. Since then i’ve switched it up a little and incorporated new products. I hope you guys enjoy this updated version as much y’all enjoyed the last one which had been very successful. Thank y’all for all the love. Love you🤍🦋
Tumblr media
First we gonna start with my shower routine. Since it’s practically the fall, i’ve switched into warmer scents such as vanilla and shea butter. I conjured up a little routine when it comes to the shower that i’ve been in love with.
Tumblr media
Besties…..I promise you this right here smells amazing. Caress body washes are only $4.39 in target. It’s super affordable and long lasting. It’s also very exfoliating and makes your skin smooth and toned. It’s perfect for the fall.
Tumblr media
I already know that you guys know about these treehut scrubs. They been everywhere and super trendy. Unfortunately they’re always out of stock. Definitely in ulta. This Tahitian Vanilla Bean scrub work wonderssss. Aahhh i love it so much. After I rinse off the body wash, i go deeper in the exfoliating process. This is also super long lasting.
Tumblr media
Last step of my shower routine in a feminine wash. This smells so nice and gentle to clean with your sensitive area. It helps balances your PH system and keep it healthy. Our vagina deserves the best feminine washes and care too just like the rest of the parts of our beautiful bodies. You can get this at target for $9.79, it’s worth the money ladies💕
Tumblr media
Body 🧴
Lately i’ve been obsessing over body butters from treehut, specifically the coco colada scented one that also have a matching scrub to it that smells amazing as well. Depending on my mood, i’ll use the body butter which you can find at ulta for $7.96.
The main moisturizer I include in my routine is the Strawberry Pound Cake moisturizer you can find at Bath & Body Works. I also use the matching body mist along with it. This scent goes so well with the body butter and my shower routine. It helps create a long lasting effect.
Tumblr media
Skin Care 🧖🏾‍♀️
My skin care is stilll the same bestiesss. But….I have added and switched out a couple products.
For my cleanser I use fenty skin total cleanser. I’ve been using this product since April 2021 and it works perfectly on my skin type(combination). I love it so much. But before the cleanser, during days I wear makeup I go in with a cleanser balm. I’m not a big fan of it, definitely the smell but it works for now. If you guys have any cleansing balm recommendations please tell me in the comments.💕 Other than that, the cleanser I use is the tonymoly’s peach cleansing sherbet which you can find at Ulta for $26.50. After that process i’ll go in with my fenty cleanser. I’ve also added a new step which is cleaning out my pores with skincare tools. I been OBSESSING over this step. My nose is one of my most problematic areas. It gets so oily fast and clogged…..not cute. At first you will be disgusted, but taking the time to clean pores is a game changer. Depending on the mood I’m in, my last step would be an overnight mask. I’m in LOVE origins “drink up intensive overnight hydrating mask” with avocado and glacier water. After I apply that i’ll go in with my laneige lip mask that i’m also obsessed with. On days that I want to continue my skin care routine without the overnight mask, i’ll use my kiehl’s avocado nourishing hydration mask instead. Then i’ll continue my skincare routine with retinol (once a week on sundays), and then my rose hyaluronic face cream.
Tumblr media
For the rest of the night 👾
I’ll chill with a relaxing playlist. Since i’m starting my freshman year of college, i’ll most likely check if there’s any assignments that I have to go over. I’ll catch up with my friends, and then write down some affirmations. I’ve been more focused on my goals lately and making sure that i achieve every milestone. After i’m done with everything I want to catch up on for the night, i’ll relax my body with my playlist still on, use my favorite fragrance oil on my wrist and go to bed. Depending on how I feel that night, i’ll use my aromatherapy rose and lavender, pillow & body mist.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING, I hope you enjoyed💕
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dmtbeautyspot · 4 months
The Indie Brands Capitalising on the Fragrance Boom
When influencer Chriselle Lim relaunched the fragrance brand Phlur in February 2022, it wasn’t an obvious pairing.
Lim was best known for her style, part of the original wave of bloggers-turned-influencers. Her blog The Chriselle Factor and YouTube page were created in 2011. More than a decade into the project, beauty partnerships were far less frequent than rundowns of her favourite looks from YSL or Frame. That changed when The Center, a brand incubator, acquired Phlur from its founders in 2021, bringing Lim on as a co-owner.
“I never ever thought I would own a fragrance company or even be a part of anything related to fragrance,” she said. “I never identified as a fragrance girl.”
But Lim’s outsider take — matching a scent to a mood or occasion just like she would with an outfit — was one reason why Phlur was a breakout brand in 2022.
Lim joined Phlur in the midst of divorcing her husband; Missing Person, the brand’s first launch, drew on that personal story. The floral musk eau de parfum was meant to invoke nostalgia, like the scent of an old lover, she said. The Phlur team went so far as to spritz the scent on a T-shirt in an airtight bag for launch mailers. Within two weeks, Phlur sold through a year’s worth of Missing Person inventory; a TikTok video by beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira went viral, spawning a 200,000 person waitlist. Today, the brand is sold at Sephora and Selfridges; earlier this month, it launched at Anthropologie.
Sales of fragrances surged during the pandemic as consumers looked for small luxuries to elevate their everyday. And that hold has continued. In the fourth quarter of 2022, fragrance captured the highest percentage of sales of any beauty category, according to the NPD Group and grew by seven percent year-on-year.
Historically, a select group of established French names like Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and Sauvage, owned by LVMH, have dominated the fragrance industry. But that traditional, aspirational and one-size-fits-all approach to selling fragrance has changed. A wave of US-based indie brands have moved away from luxury marketing to tailor their message to speak to individuals. From lines like Phlur and Dedcool at Sephora to perfume brand Dossier at Walmart, brands are disrupting the elitist world of fragrance with masstige price points, broad retail distribution, and TikTok as their megaphone.
Abigail Jacobs, senior vice president of brand and integrated marketing at Sephora, credits Gen-Z with this shift.
“They are not thinking, ‘This is who I could become’ when they are shopping, which is what traditional fragrance marketing [told consumers],” she said. “They are finding the right fragrance that represents them at any given moment … Gen-Z wants to see themself in a brand.”
Telling a Story
Nine months before Carina Chazanas (who goes by Carina Chaz) launched her fragrance brand Dedcool, she created an Instagram as a digital mood board to conceptualise the brand. Chaz knew that more than any other generation, Gen-Z prefers buying into brands with a voice.
Unsure of what the final product would look like, the early days of Dedcool’s Instagram was a way to exercise brand values. A post that included a drawing of a skull indicated that the brand was unisex. Dedcool was also a green, nontoxic and vegan line, and in Chaz’s mind, the line was the party that everyone was invited to.
Tumblr media
Dedcool perfume. (Courtesy)
“I was looking at Le Labo and thinking ‘I could be that,’ but the clean, modern version,” she said. “I wanted to sit on the shelf by Le Labo and Byredo and have that minimalistic, monochrome feel, but be accessibly priced.”
The line ranges from $6 for a sample to $90 for a full size 50 ml bottle; it also sells fragrance adjacent products, like an air freshener ($12) and laundry detergent ($36). In August 2022, Dedcool became a cornerstone of Sephora’s indie fragrance push alongside other digital-first brands like Phlur, By Rosie Jane and Boy Smells.
The End of the Signature Scent
The third fragrance to launch in Phlur’s lineup was Not Your Baby, a sexy floral. Campaign imagery featured a woman’s smile accented by bright pink lips and a red lollipop.
Rather than attaching a famous face to marketing, Lim said, “I’m seeing fewer campaigns that are celebrity-facing or with models running through the field … people want to know how a fragrance is going to make them feel or how to wear it, that is what is going to make someone connect with your brand”
5 Sens, a new Gen-Z-targeted fragrance brand from Wander Beauty’s Divya Gugnani, is also emphasising that fragrance should be worn to match one’s energy.
“Gen-Z doesn’t wear the same fragrance every day, like their mothers or grandmothers did,” said Gugnani. “They change their fragrance just like they change their makeup or hair.”
5 Sens remains DTC-only (the brand will be launching in a national retailer in the spring); Gugnani launched the brand online first to have a full manifestation of the brand with robust content for shoppers to explore. Each of 5 Sens’s fragrances like Catch Feelings, include a detailed description of notes, videos and evocative prompts like “Let yourself go.”
Luxury Positioning, Masstige Prices
Unlike European fragrance houses that are pushing the limits of price, US indies are focused on affordability and accessibility.
Boy Smells entered the fine fragrance category in 2021; a 65 ml bottle retails for $98. Maison Margiela’s signature Replica franchise, meanwhile, sells a 100 ml bottle for $160.
Matthew Herman, co-founder of Boy Smells, said the approachable price point has enticed shoppers to try the brand for the first time.
“I think coming out of the pandemic, people are more willing to try new fragrances, as they are figuring out their new identities after Covid,” he said.
Best known as a candle brand, fine fragrance now accounts for 20 percent of Boy Smells’ total sales.
But as American indies try the high-low model with fragrance, Larissa Jensen, vice president and beauty industry advisor at The NPD Group, said younger shoppers are willing to spend.
“The Gen-Z fragrance consumer applies fragrance more often and self-purchases more often than the total fragrance consumer,” she said. “They are also more likely to have spent more than $150 on a single fragrance [in the last] year.”
Sephora has been a battleground for these indie brands. As a prestige retailer, it is known to push a number of incumbents, but it will be adding five new indie fragrance brands to its assortment in 2023. This year’s Sephora Squad member also indexed heavily fragrance influencers like TikToker Emelia O’Toole, also known as Professor Perfume, and Maiya Nicole, the founder of online platform Black Girls Smell Good.
Jacobs said there is room for both heritage names and upstarts within Sephora’s strategy.
“These big brands are a meaningful part of our business, but shoppers tended to find their one signature fragrance and that was it for them,” she said. “These younger shoppers are playing around a lot more and willing to try multiple brands … you always have to be focused on your youngest client that’s joining the consumer ranks.”
DMTBeautySpot via https://www.DMTBeautySpot.com Priya Rao, Khareem Sudlow, DMT.NEWS
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cheri-translates · 2 years
[CN] Gavin’s 2021 Birthday R&S
🍒 Warning: This post contains detailed spoilers for an R&S which has not been released in EN! 🍒
Tumblr media
[ This was released on 24 July 2021 ]
Tumblr media
[ Chapter One: Model Aircraft Competition ]
The cicadas outside the window are clamorous, and the dark green trees cover the blazing sun, casting shady and cooling patches.
This is an incredibly ordinary late afternoon. The summer vacation is about to arrive, and the classroom is filled with the buzzing chatter of students, as rowdy as usual.
Gavin is asleep on the seat next to the window. Sunlight passes through the crevices of leaves and linger on his shoulders, bright and indolent. However, he isn’t actually sleeping, and the conversation between his deskmate and the student in front of him drift to his ears clearly.
“Hey, are you going for that model aircraft competition the teacher mentioned a few days ago?”
“I heard all the middle schoolers in our city will be participating. Those who get prizes will have extra marks, and the person who gets first place can visit the Aviation Headquarters!”
“Then again, you’ll need the capabilities to win. If you're participating, I’ll watch.”
“Hehe, you speak as though the person who lags behind in every subject can bag a trophy.”
The two of them attack each other with taunting remarks. After lapsing into a moment of silence, they suddenly turn their gazes to Gavin simultaneously.
Gavin’s deskmate pokes his arm and calls out to him.
“Gavin, you aren’t asleep, are you?”
The figure wearing a blue and white school uniform remains plopped on the desk, unmoving. A slightly muffled response drifts from him.
“What is it?”
Gavin’s deskmate and the student sitting in front of him look at each other, then speak excitedly.
“Do you know about that recent model aircraft competition?”
Gavin lets out a “mm”.
“Aren’t you going to participate?”
“We had a discussion about it, and felt that in the entire class, you’re the only one with the capabilities to win a prize. The others are just a bunch of useless troops, and they’d be of no use even if they went.”
Gavin stirs slightly. His deskmate looks at him with anticipation. In the end, he simply cushions his head using the other arm.
“Not interested.”
His deskmate stares at the back of his head in utter disbelief.
“Your dad’s a military officer, and you’ve seen more real planes since young as compared to the number of models we’ve played with. This competition is basically made for you.”
Gavin doesn’t respond. In the sunlight, a few strands of hair on the back of the youth’s head stick up disobediently, clearly showing that he isn’t in the best of moods.
At this moment, the dismissal bell rings. Along with the cheers from students, the classroom erupts into a state of chaos.
Gavin finally sits up. After stuffing the English book he used as a pillow into his sling bag, he turns around and leaves the classroom.
After the figure vanishes at the door, Gavin’s deskmate turns to the student sitting in front of him, expressing puzzlement.
“Why do you think Gavin doesn’t want to participate? A few days ago, I saw him at the bookstore outside school buying an Aeromodelling Atlas.”
The student in front of him shrugs, signalling that he has no idea.
“Maybe he got bored.”
Tumblr media
[ Chapter Two - Proof ]
When Gavin reaches home, his mother has yet to return.
Placing his bag down, he suddenly notices a new post-it note on the fridge. On it, there’s a menu written in delicate handwriting: Stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs, fried stuffed tofu, stir-fried duck with pineapples.
There’s a smiley face drawn on the last line, and the words “The dishes Little Gav loves to eat” are written at the side.
Only then does Gavin remember - his birthday is coming.
Every year, his mother would start preparations way in advance. It’s as if in her eyes, this particular day is even more worthy of celebration as compared to all other festivals.
And this year is no exception.
The post-it note is a little crooked. Gavin uses a fridge magnet to straighten it, then returns to his room.
The small room is covered with traces of youth. There are posters of basketball celebrities on the walls, and there's a globe and a few books on the desk.
After hesitating for a while, Gavin pulls open his bag and takes out a pamphlet. On it, there’s information pertaining to the model aircraft competition.
He reads the information seriously. A breeze blows the the white curtains, and the lights and shadows of dusk outline the youth’s straightened back profile, casting specks of light on a book. The words “Aeromodelling Atlas” can be vaguely seen. 
While reading, he suddenly recalls the words his deskmate said-
“Your dad’s a military officer, and you’ve seen more real planes since young as compared to the number of models we’ve played with. This competition is basically made for you.”
His grip on the pamphlet abruptly tightens. Gavin rolls it into a ball and tosses it on the table, getting up in frustration and leaving the room.
Everything in the living room is clean and tidy. The school uniform he had changed out of is drying in the balcony. The large uniform drifts with the wind, and the air is filled with the fragrance of soap.
Even though there are clear traces of diligence and attentiveness, certain things can still be seen.
Model robots and clay crafts are displayed neatly on the left side of the built-in cupboard. However, there’s nothing on the right side.
All the cups and plates form a complete set. However, one cup is placed upside down on the cup rack. Although it has been a long time since it was last used, its owner wipes it spotlessly every day.
It’s as if the person she’s waiting for has always been around. Disappointment has repeated itself in endless cycles, but she continually harbours hope.
Gavin ignores such traces. He walks over to the fan in the living room, furrowing his brows as he squats down.
This fan has been spoilt for several days. Each time it’s turned on, it releases a strange clacking sound, akin to a heavy wooden door being pushed open with great effort.
When Wardia steps in with a bag of groceries, she sees Gavin half-squatting and studying that fan which has been broken for numerous days.
She calls out to Gavin.
“Little Gav, the fan is spoilt. I’ll ask a worker to fix it tomorrow. Don’t mind it.”
“When you called yesterday, the worker said that he wouldn’t be free these days. He probably won’t be able to drop by tomorrow either.”
Gavin pushes the outer shell of the fan lightly, and the white netted cover stirs gently, letting out a muffled buzz.
“No need to call for a worker. I can fix it.”
Wardia is stunned for a moment. Then, her eyes crinkle into a smile.
“When did our Little Gav become so incredible?”
Gavin stands up, his tone very certain.
“Leave it to me.”
Wardia casts a contemplative glance at Gavin. He’s going to be 14 soon. At this age, children tend to think about a lot of things, and may be exceptionally sensitive in certain areas.
Since a particular point in time, he had already been working hard and learning how to become a man with an indomitable spirit.
She can only nod.
“Okay. Mommy bought green beans today. I’ll prepare you a cooling soup later to alleviate the summer heat.”
With this, Gavin responds by heading to the kitchen to get a bowl to soak the beans for his mother.
The green coloured beans are immersed in water. Some float and some sink, and their colours are clear.
Wardia looks at Gavin. After a moment of hesitance, she speaks in a light-hearted and leisurely tone.
“Little Gav... Daddy took up an urgent mission recently and was sent to a very faraway place. He might not be around for your birthday this year again...”
“Mm, I’ve got it.”
Gavin’s tone is very indifferent. It’s as though whether that person returns or not has nothing to do with him at all. Wardia wants to say something, but after opening her mouth, she turns around, forcefully suppressing her emotions. 
Gavin carries the bowl with both hands. When he sees his mother’s back, he suddenly grows quiet.
Why harbour hope when one clearly knows the ending?
After dinner, Gavin returns to his room. The pamphlet is still on the desk. He pauses for a moment, then reaches out to pick it up.
He’s going to be 14 years old soon.
Becoming one year older is something his mother looks forward to even more than he does. Because of this, she feels even guiltier with every year of his father’s absence.
Even though he knows he doesn’t need that person to wish him a happy birthday, he hopes that his mother can be a little more genuinely happy on his birthday.
Gavin makes a decision.
He smoothens the pamphlet on the desk. In a serious manner, he fills up the registration form on the back with his name. When he sets down the pen, his eyes sparkle with a certain determination.
He wants to participate in the model aircraft competition, and he wants to get first place.
He wants to use something he likes to prove to that person that he has already grown up, and has become even more incredible than he imagined.
“I’m going to prove to you that I can still do it without Evol.” He repeats resolutely once more.
If that person left this house back then because of how small and weak Gavin was, he’d definitely have a slightly different answer when he sees the current Gavin.
He’d definitely want to... return and see this family.
Tumblr media
[ Chapter Three - Wings Waiting To Fly ]
Aeromodelling books and scattered materials are piled up in Gavin’s room. When Wardia enters while carrying chilled green bean lily bulb soup, she sees Gavin sitting cross-legged on the floor, using a vernier calliper to measure the wingspan.
Wardia carefully steps across the spare parts, placing the bowl on the desk.
“Little Gav, why are you so diligent in this competition? You’ve been fiddling around in your room for several days.”
Gavin wipes sweat off his forehead.
“This is a really large-scale competition. The teacher says that the person in first place will get to visit the Aviation Headquarters. I want to have a look.”
He’s determined not to tell his mother the true reason.
Wardia nods, giving him a “work hard” gesture.
“In that case, Little Gav must continue working hard and strive to be a guest at the aviation base.”
Wardia pauses, then looks at Gavin seriously.
“But Little Gav, even though this is a very rare opportunity, you must remember that no matter what happens at the end, Mommy will be happy for you. Because I know that you’re doing something you like, that you’ve worked hard, and have obtained happiness in the process. And that’s enough.”
Gavin nods.
“I know.”
“Oh yes, Mommy also wants to use this chance to discuss your birthday plans with you.”
Wardia grins while posing a question.
“What does Little Gav want as a birthday present this year? And what kind of pattern do you want your birthday cake to have?”
“Do you want to invite your classmates over to celebrate with you?”
Wardia prattles on endlessly as she counts the plans she has for his birthday on her fingers. That pair of beautiful eyes are layered with gentleness, but also hide a twinge of guilt.
It’s as though she’s exerting her all to ensure that other aspects are done even better to make up for that guilt.
After Gavin ponders for a while, he shakes his head.
“I’ve already grown up, so there isn’t anything I specially want as a birthday gift.”
“I just want Mommy to always be happy.”
When Wardia hears Gavin’s words, she’s taken aback for half a second. Her eyes stir slightly.
After this, she walks over to hug Gavin gently. Gavin has no idea why his mother is suddenly doing this, but he puts down the blueprint of the aircraft wing, reaching out to return his mother’s hug.
Wardia speaks softly yet resolutely.
“Little Gav, even if you become an adult in the future and become a man with an indomitable spirit, your birthday is still an important thing.”
She pauses.
“Because this day doesn’t just belong to you. It also belongs to everyone who loves you, and the people who have prepared and looked forward to this day for a very long time.
After his mother leaves the room, Gavin looks at the blueprint of the plane which is just beginning to take shape. He repeats what his mother said softly.
“It also belongs to everyone who loves you, and the people who have prepared and looked forward to this day for a very long time...”
Those clear eyes seem to be filled with an even greater determination to win the prize. He picks up the vernier calliper and continues measuring the wingspan.
Tumblr media
[ Chapter Four: Heading In Another Direction ]
There’s only one week till Gavin’s birthday.
That huge pile of materials in Gavin’s room has turned into a beautiful white plane with blue wings and smooth lines.
At the competition venue, that white aircraft model ascends, spins around, flies upside down, and lands under Gavin’s control. Everyone is astonished at how perfect it is.
Without any reservations, Gavin wins first place.
The person handing out prizes is a certain officer from an aviation base. He places a small plane-shaped badge into Gavin’s hand.
“You referenced the air freighter Y2251 for the style, didn’t you? I could tell from a glance.”
Gavin nods, and the officer pats him on the shoulder.
“You reconstructed it very close to the original. Being this outstanding at such a young age, I believe your father will definitely be proud of you when he knows about this.”
Gavin lifts his head sharply, staring at the officer.
“Do you know him?”
The officer who handed him the award chuckles.
“I met him at an international meeting in the past. He’s a very outstanding soldier.”
Gavin doesn’t speak further. He lowers his eyes, tightly gripping that badge which symbolises the sky.
At night, Gavin sits at the edge of the window, lifting the small aviator badge to his eyes, staring at it meticulously under the moonlight.
Tumblr media
The badge isn’t large, but the wings on it have been engraved vividly. It’s as though in the very next second, it could break free from the heavy fetters of metal, flying freely towards the horizon.
Gavin looks at it for a very long time, then reluctantly shifts his gaze away from the badge.
The summer evening breeze passes by his lapel, bringing with it a cooling and refreshing scent. The trees in the courtyard are very tall, and the sprigs of blossoming plants stretch to the edges of the window, touching his ankle.
This is the first time he has attained honour based on his own strength. Does this mean he now possesses the strength to be acknowledged by others?
He looks at the badge. Finally, his eyes crinkle into a slight smile, unintentionally revealing the wilfulness and pride that a youth should have.
Using his hands to support himself on the edge of the window, Gavin turns around and leaps back into his room. He locates a plain white envelope from his drawer, then picks up a pen. On the address line, he fills in his father’s current location, then stuffs the badge into the envelope solemnly.
After hesitating for a while, he scrunches up the envelope slightly. A few creases immediately appear on it.
Only after he leaps over the wall and heads out to slip that envelope into a mailbox at the corner of the street does Gavin release a soft sigh of relief.
This is a proof of pride, and it’s also an invitation from a youth. 
An invitation for the person whom his mother cares about to return to this place, and spend a birthday together which could constitute a “reunion”.
Gavin stands in front of the mailbox, lifting his head to look at the star-studded sky.
Tonight, the Milky Way seems to be brighter than in previous nights. Sagittarius emits a resplendent light, and the bow formed by stars points towards an unknown, faraway place.
Tumblr media
[ Chapter Five: Indentations of Growth ]
On the early morning of Gavin’s birthday, Wardia cooks him a bowl of longevity noodles, and there’s even a soft-boiled egg burrowed underneath the noodles.
“Happy birthday, Little Gav.”
“From today onwards, you’ve grown one year older.”
His mother smiles as she says her well wishes to Gavin. After he’s done eating the noodles, she holds out a measuring tape.
“Shall we measure how much taller our Little Gav has grown this year?”
Gavin is slightly resigned but accustomed to it as he stands next to the pole in the corridor. 
Right now, he has already grown much taller. In a serious manner, Wardia uses a pencil to draw a mark near the roof of his head.
“Our Little Gav has grown much taller. Wow, one, two, three... four centimetres.”
His mother keeps the measuring tape and Gavin steps away from the pole. There are numerous deep and light indents on the white body of the pole - traces that witness one boy’s growth each year.
"Looks like I won’t need to measure you next year. Little Gav has already grown taller than Mommy.”
Gavin immediately cuts in, his tone extremely certain.
“I’ll protect Mommy.”
Wardia taps Gavin’s forehead lightly.
“Mommy doesn’t need to be protected by Little Gav. Mommy will protect Little Gav. I’ll celebrate your birthday with you every year until you grow up.”
“What will happen after I grow up?”
His mother grins as she turns around and enters the kitchen. Her gentle voice drifts to Gavin’s ears, and sounds a little hazy.
“After you grow up, you’ll meet someone like Mommy who is willing to celebrate a lifetime of birthdays with you.”
While his mother starts busying herself to prepare Gavin’s birthday feast, Gavin decides to fix the fan in the living room.
With the successful experience of aeromodelling, Gavin picks up the instruction manual and fixes that clanking fan very quickly.
The fixed fan starts rotating to and fro in a leisurely manner, releasing a cooling wind. Gavin closes his eyes to feel the breeze, and his hair is blown up, fluttering messily.
“It’s fixed.” Gavin opens his eyes, turning his head to look at the time.
Noon passed not too long ago, and it’s still very early.
Gavin thinks for a moment, then heads into his room to retrieve the model aircraft. He sits on the steps of the courtyard.
A chunk of paint on the model aircraft cracked a few days ago. Gavin holds a small brush, slowly giving a fresh coat of paint to the tailplane.
The cicadas on the trees are noisy as always, and the brilliant sunlight filters through the leaves, falling on Gavin’s face.
While using the small brush to mend the plane with layers of paint, Gavin occasionally lifts his head towards the nearby door.
Judging by the time, he should still reach today, no matter how late it is.
Birds soar in the sky, and the sun continuously shifts to the west, until it brings twilight with it, turning into a semicircle about to be swallowed up by the horizon.
Gavin sits on the steps for a very long time, from noon till late afternoon, and until the beautiful lines on the model aircraft have been mended, laying beside him quietly.
Yet, that door doesn’t get pushed open.
A few leaves are blown by the wind, and they fall on the wings of the model aircraft. Gavin reaches out to pick the leaves up.
He grips the leaves in his palm, lowering his eyes and thinking about something unknown to anyone else.
With a sudden creak, the sound of a door opening drifts from afar, and footsteps land on Gavin’s ears.
Gavin instantly straightens up, but he quickly faces away.
The tender dusk envelops him, illuminating the slightly upturned corners of his lips.
Tumblr media
[ Chapter Six: A Heart of Well Wishes ]
The people who pushed the door open are his maternal grandfather and grandmother.
Carrying a birthday cake, they brim with smiles as they walk towards Gavin.
His grandfather grabs Gavin into a hug.
“We wish our Little Gav a happy birthday.”
His grandmother lifts the cake, waving it at Gavin.
“Grandpa and Grandma specially bought a cake to see you, and to celebrate our Little Gav’s birthday.”
“Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma.”
Gavin receives the cake from his grandmother and heads towards the living room with them. Before walking up the steps, Gavin casts another glance at the door.
The door remains quietly caged in twilight, waiting alongside Gavin.
But even until the evening grows dark, it is never pushed open again.
Wardia notices Gavin’s abnormal silence. When she follows his gaze and looks at the door outside, she realises something.
However, Wardia doesn’t say anything. She simply pauses, then is full of smiles as she opens the cake box.
“Here’s wishing our birthday boy a happy 14th birthday!” His grandparents grin while singing the birthday song.
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...”
After singing the birthday song, his mother looks at Gavin, speaking gently.
“Go on and make a wish, Little Gav.”
Gavin stares at the cake and remains silent for a while. Then, he speaks quietly in his heart.
It’s fine if that person doesn't return. It’s fine if he isn’t acknowledged. Anyway, he has celebrated his birthday today, and has grown one year older.
He can fix a fan for his mother, and can use his strength to protect this home.
It’s fine.
After dinner, the family sits in the courtyard to enjoy the cool air.
Hearing from his mother that Gavin won the first place in the aeromodelling competition, his grandparents are extremely surprised.
“Little Gav is truly incredible. Isn’t it really difficult to build models? What reward would you like? Grandpa and Grandma will give it to you.”
“There isn’t anything I want as a reward.”
However, his grandfather is very stubborn.
“You’re still so young. How can there be nothing that you want? Just suggest something, and treat it as a gift from your Grandpa and Grandma.”
At this appropriate time, Wardia cuts in. “This is a well wish from your elders, so just accept it.”
Gavin lowers his eyes and thinks for a moment. Then, he lifts his head and responds softly.
“In that case, I want our family to be like this every year in the future.”
He pauses, his eyes carrying within them slight warmth and ease.
“We’ll eat cake together, talk together, and sing the birthday song together.”
"That’s such an easy feat. Every year in the future, Grandpa and Grandma will bring a cake and celebrate Little Gav’s birthday with your Mommy.”
“It’s a deal.”
The evening breeze blows past gently, blowing up stray hairs in front of Gavin’s forehead, revealing a pair of clear amber eyes. He turns back to the courtyard and watches as his grandparents and mother engage in small talk and laughing to their heart’s content.
This is a complete family which has been mended with love, and it has much warmth and many things to look forward to.
It encases the youth’s heart, enabling him to not feel lonely at this moment.
The Milky Way is as magnificent as always. Beneath the brilliant star-studded sky, the tree which has been growing in the courtyard for a very long time stands quietly, as though it would remain this way every year.
Tumblr media
Cheri’s Reflections:
Imagine if the letter wasn’t sent because Gavin forgot to put stamps LOL T^T
Not-so-fun fact: Wardia died when Gavin was 15, so this is the last birthday they spent together...
And MC not reading his letter back in Loveland High and leaving him waiting for hours hurts even more now because it probably reminded him of how he waited for his father to no avail
Tumblr media
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jokertrap-ran · 2 years
Tumblr media
(光与夜之恋 Light and Night) Event! 沐野拾趣: Charlie’s BDAY 2021 Event! Pickings in the Wilderness Translation (Chapter 1)
“This is my first time.”
*Light and Night Master-list | Charlie’s Personal Master-list *Spoiler free: Translations will remain under cut *Image used with permission from 蓝咕咕 ☆ *Join my Light & Night Discord (^▽^)~ ♪ *Event story tag will be #For Light and Memories
Tumblr media
That night, we checked into the Farmhouse.
The lady boss enthusiastically gave us a tour of the entire house and told us that we were free to use anything in it.
Passing the kitchen cabinets, a bag of something light-brown caught my eye.
MC: Are these…
I looked at the freshness of that light-brown colour, a lightbulb flashing in my head.
Tumblr media
The 2nd day, daybreak.
Accompanied by the misty light, I made my way into the kitchen and searched through the bag, picking up the long and thin stem— Mushrooms that sprung up after the rain. It was a local speciality here. Add oil and stir-fry it to make it taste mouthwatering! Especially suited for making noodle soup!
MC: I've decided! You're gonna be today's breakfast!
Not wasting time, I quickly started soaking them in saltwater, rubbing them thoroughly to remove any dirt and impurities. Then, I oiled the pan and stir-fried them while I tweaked the seasonings. The sesame oil was tinged with the delectable fragrance of mushrooms, the mushroom oil created from the mix wafting with a unique fragrance.
Holding onto a small bowl of said oil, I was just about to cook some thin noodles for myself as a treat when a soft rustle came from outside the door.
Tumblr media
MC: Who's there!?
The door was suddenly pulled open with a clatter.
Tumblr media
Charlie stepped into the light of the rising sun, his inherently ubiquitous presence spreading throughout the space of the kitchen.
He picked up an apron, the sunlight that filtered in illuminating his hair with a faintly golden hue.
Charlie: Sorry to keep you waiting, my fiancée.
His confident smile and the little chick emblazoned on his chest struck a wild contrast with each other. It was almost as if this apron was an haute couture especially tailored for him.
Charlie: You're just making me some longevity noodles, what's there to be so sneaky about?
Charlie took the ladle from my hand with a knowing smile.
Charlie: I'm touched by your affections, my fiancée. You can just leave the rest to me.
Tumblr media
MC: Cook longevity noodles for you? What? I was just…
Wait a second- I suddenly froze in place, realizing that something was a little off here…
MC: Longevity noodles? Is it your… birthday today?
Charlie: You can drop the act, my dear fiancée.
Charlie: You've already known that it was my birthday a long time ago, no? Actions speak louder than words.
Charlie: You've been in the kitchen ever since daybreak, bustling like a busy bee. I can't think why you'd do so, other than preparing for my birthday.
Charlie reached out to smoothen out the thinly-pressed corners of my mouth.
Tumblr media
Charlie: Jackpot? I knew it. That surprised look on your face won’t fool anyone.
Seeing him brim with such enthusiasm, I suddenly couldn't find it in me to interrupt him… I didn't know about his birthday in the first place, so maybe I'll just admit my mistake, suck it up, and make it up to him.
I snatched the ladle back from his hand and came before the pot, blocking his access.
MC: Let me do it! The well-wishes wouldn’t be complete if you chip in to help!
Charlie’s eyes gleamed, almost as if he’d just received clarification.
Charlie: It’s just as I thought.
Charlie: My dear fiancée, it seems like you’re finally starting to care about me.
I could feel eyes burning into my back as I cooked the noodles.
MC: Charlie, I’m getting really nervous from your constant staring.
Charlie: I’m only admiring you.
Tumblr media
MC: W-What’s there about me to admire!?
My face flushed red, and I hurriedly turned away to conceal my embarrassment. However, my reaction was too big, for I had accidentally knocked over the tray on the table and sent the condiment bottles tumbling over the edge.
MC: Crap!
Charlie rushed over, bending over to catch the two condiment bottles before they hit the ground. The crisis was averted by a mere hair's breadth.
Charlie: Focus.
Lowering my head, I saw two shadows reflected on the metal tray. They were huddled together, as if embracing each other. It felt very unreal.
Tumblr media
Charlie: This is my first time.
Charlie: ...Having someone make longevity noodles for me.
MC: ...Can you finish your sentences next time?
MC: Have you never eaten them before?
Charlie: I’ve tried all the top-tier longevity noodles that this country has to offer.
Charlie: But, all of them ask for a fee in exchange.
Charlie: You are the first to make me noodles out of love.
Tumblr media
MC: Can’t live up to that record, no.
The noodles are done. I took the most luxurious looking porcelain bowl in the kitchen with golden inlays of lotuses and leaves around the edges.
The oil in the noodle soup gleamed delectably. A mouthwatering fragrance wafted from the noodles; one as ambrosial as meat, yet also as refreshingly fragrant as fresh vegetables.
MC: Here, try it while it’s hot.
Charlie: Thank you, my dear fiancée.
He followed through with the act, elegantly picking up as many noodles as he could grasp with his chopsticks and hurriedly putting them into his mouth.
MC: How does it taste?
Tumblr media
Charlie: Your noodles are really… sweet.
MC: Huh? But why…
MC: Yikes! I must have mistaken sugar for salt after knocking them both over!
Charlie: It’s so sweet that my throat’s sore now.
Tumblr media
MC: Sorry…
MC: But, didn’t you love sweet things best? How can it make you have a sore throat if that’s the case?
Charlie: I don’t care. It’s just too sweet.
He placed his hands on the table and leaned down, whispering a soft threat.
Charlie: What are you going to do? This is but my first time. How will you reimburse me?
MC: I… I can wish you a happy birthday if you like?
Charlie: No can’t do. The reimbursement also includes the fee for the shock you’ve dealt to my spirit, the cost of my time that’s been wasted and-
MC: Then, how about I make you another bowl?
Charlie: I don’t need another this year. Let’s see… How many bowls of noodles would you owe me if we were to add the costs of the damage you’ve inflicted upon my spirit and multiply it with the time...
I lifted the lid of the pot to try the soup to see how sweet it really was while he was doing his mental calculations.
Tumblr media
Charlie: Adding interest to the formula, you’ll have to make me a total of… Hey! Wait a minute!
I shoved the noodles into my mouth and chewed on them. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet at all; rather, it was perfectly salty and savoury as it should be.
MC: It doesn’t taste like I mistook sugar for salt…? Did Charlie…
Tumblr media
MC: Hey, Charlie! Why did you lie to me!?
However, the perpetrator had long since disappeared. And along with him, gone was the bowl of “longevity noodles” I’d made.
MC: Wait a minute—
Looks like I still owe him a "Happy Birthday"...
❖☆————— ⊹ For Light & Memories⊹ —————★❖
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A little charming Nightingale
Tumblr media
starter for @luthriel-tinuviel
Gentle mist was rising from the wood, after late april shower sprinkled it with tiny crystals of rain. Everything smelled so fresh after that, and fragrance of earth, freshly sprouted leaves and blooming flowers filled the air. It was rather warm for this time during the year in this place, close to Tol-Galen. There was nice sunny meadow, a great spot to watch to stars too, when the night came. Tirno remembered countless times he had been there, enjoying company of the first king of Ossiriand and even if Denethor was long gone, to him, the memories were still fresh. From time to time he went here, to remember his lost friend whose death he still mourned, even after the pain of loss faded. He hoped to meet him one day again. He recalled the tales and song they both traded. One memory turned rather vivid and he followed it, singing a soothing song once again.
26 notes - Posted November 26, 2022
Manwë gets to hold a baby for the first time
Tumblr media
I just have this image in my mind. Even with the protection of the Huntsman of Valar the Great journey was nothing short of perilous. It takes all the elves some time to settle and during that time, there are no newborn.
But oh, when homes are built, everything gets far more orderly...baby boom follows. Ingwë is among those to welcome his little bundle of joy to life. Smol Indis is brought to Manwë and introduced to him. Unsuspecting Ingwë tucks his little princess in Manwë's arms, while the Vala himself internally freaks out, fretting he could crush that fragile thing so easily.
But then his eyes meet with hers and both inspect each other. Indis starts making happy and curious noises - that big one has those beautiful glittery things in his hair!
Manwë melts , his eyes wide, and he can't help himself, he chirps back at the child as if the little girl was a hatchling.
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Of new beginnings and things lost
Tumblr media
@taminnmacar - rp of arranged marriage
"Oh, I have a lot of questions," Tinwë (Oronís) chuckled. "But I don't want to talk your ear off after such tiring day..." she searched for hints in his body language.
"It has been very long," Tyelpë agreed, "Will you need another blanket to sleep? It can get quite cold here if you are not used to the chill."
"I am used to cold nights, but I guess one more blanket would help with more things than just keeping the chill away," she observed him a little longer. Now that they seemed to start approaching the sensitive topic, Tinwë looked for signs of discomfort and intensity of Tyelpë's nervousness. She needed to proceed cautiously for the good of both of them. Maybe letting him him set the pace, that he is comfortable with would be the best choice for now.
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Treatise of kisses - Valar
Let's see if i can make this accurate...I see a kiss as a touch of one's lips, meant as an expression of affection, or/and lust or even other emotions. This is made especially for @edensrose. And of course all of you, who would like some headcanons on this matter. Not all Valar will be mentioned, since some of these great spirits are hard to understand for me at the moment, and I haven't explored their personalities enough yet.
Tumblr media
His kiss is feather-light most of the time, or like gentle touch of warm breeze. He still can grow passionate though, and then it would feel like being caught in a storm or even a hurricane, loosing your footing and feeling like falling. But he is always here to catch you, to hold you and calm you down if it gets overwhealming. He lives for coaxing little sounds of pleasure from you, those sweet, needy, and at the same time shy whines or breathy gasps if his touch feels particularly good. His lips have a slight taste of sweet mint. He can easily take your breath away with his lips or tickles and teases of his tongue and yet, you will never feel lack of oxygen. With him around, it is like breathing the essence of life.
Manwë's kisses always express what he feels for you and what he wishes you to feel. You are depressed and crying? He will kiss your tears away, pecking your cheeks to soothe you, while he practically wraps himself around you. Does he long for you? Get ready for long seductive kissing sessions, when not just your lips get his attention. Your neck, your forehead or brows, your hands are caressed by his lips as well. And his kisses will be silent prayers, begging you for even the tiniest signs of your affection, and praising the beauty of your being he appreciates so much. He'll never take more than you are willing to give and always makes sure that his kisses are welcome.
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My #1 post of 2022
Of new beginnings and things lost
Tumblr media
...arranged marriage starter for @taminnmacar
"My lady?" a deep rumbling voice of her best friend and commander of the guard pulled her back to present. She was reminiscing long gone days of Mereth Aderthad, where she met leaders of hosts of elves from Aman. This day, she is marrying the last remaining member of the eldest house of Finwë, her friend from the days of Great Journey to the west. Not a marriage of love, but of convenience, to unite remnants of both their peoples. She was determined to make it work. Her people needed a king, even if she managed to be a strong queen for them for centuries.
"I'm ready, Morco," she turned and smiled softly at one of her most loayal supporter. "The time has come already, yes?" "Indeed, my queen. If I may..." he paused and Oronís nodded to him, tilting her head with mild curiosiuty. "Are..are you sure?" "Sure of what?" "Is this the best way?" "Maybe it isn't, since we will be forcing our bond," Oronís mused. "And yet...I do have hopes it can turn out well, if we work hard enough. I know I will. Let's go. We shouldn't let anyone wait."
With one last look over bustling city of Ost-in-Edhil, she turned to her golden-haired companion in ceremonial attire and walked out of her chambers. Her moves were fluent like water, as she made her way towards her soon-to-be husband and king.
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