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bachatgadgets · 7 months
Top 5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners: Power and Convenience in One
Cordless vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and ease of use. They offer users the freedom to move around their homes without having to worry about being tethered to a power outlet. However, with so many models available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the best. In this article, we will explore the top 5 best…
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urbanlegends · 1 month
feel like a failure as the kittens have fleas and I haven’t been in this apartment for two weeks and have to deal with that. I am hoping the topical treatment and vacuuming/washing my bed stuff helps because boy am I stressed
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elektroyu · 1 year
A while back I snatched an old, slightly damaged table from my sister in order to put arting things on it/ make it a sculpting space... but then time happened and now it's full of plants 🙈 I'm thinking of converting it back to it's original purpose and putting the printer, scanner and silhouette on it, which are all stored away, so if I want to use them I first have to set each of them up every time. Which is kind of a hassle tbh. The only thing is. Where should I put all the plants 🙈🙈🙈 Maybe if I'm installing some shelves or something? But I like the clean even walls around the table, so hmmm. Still haven't come up with a good solution for this 😂 but it's on my mind a lot.
Tumblr media
Under the table are the dog kennels, and on top of those I have two flat bins with sculpting/crafting materials that fit perfectly in there. Currently the scanner lives under there too.
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pritom-karmokar · 2 years
Tumblr media
FoodSaver V4400 Vacuum Sealer Machine Review (Save 11%) Is It Good?
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customsizetable · 9 days
Cordless Leaf Blower- KIMO 20v Cordless Electric Leaf Blower
Cordless Leaf Blower- KIMO 20v Cordless Electric Leaf Blower https://amzn.to/45VtzbN KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower & Vacuum with 2 X 2.0 Battery & Charger, 2-in-1 20V Leaf Blower Cordless, 150CFM Lightweight Mini Cordless Leaf Vacuum, Handheld Electric Blowers for Lawn Care/Dust/Pet Hair Cordless Leaf blower to your dear family or friends, lightweight and battery-powered leaf blower blowing away the fallen leaves on the ground and troubles, which can make your courtyard tidying easier and more effective. KIMO always got's your back!
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grain416 · 2 months
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toolreview68 · 5 months
Keeping your car clean can be a real challenge, especially when you're constantly on the go. But with the right tools, you can keep your car spotless without breaking the bank. One of the best tools for keeping your car clean is a portable vacuum. Whether you need to quickly pick up crumbs or deep-clean your car's upholstery, a portable vacuum is invaluable.
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ilifecareindia · 6 months
Tumblr media
Are you seeking the best smart cleaning robot? You can count on us. Intelligent Path Planning, Vacuum and Mop at the same time! Our products ensure superior customer satisfaction and a cost-effective deal. For more information, you can call us at 1800 - 258 – 5433.
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bestpickme · 6 months
✅ TOP 5 Best Car Vacuum of 2023 || Best Car Vacuum Amazon 💥
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reviewgeny · 9 months
✅ Best Handheld Pool Vacuums on Amazon ➡️ Top 7 Tested & Buying Guide
Product Description: 1. Pool Master 28300  Big Sucker Swimming Pool Vacuum The Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Vacuum is an excellent tool for removing larger debris from your pool.
2. Intex 28620 EP Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum The battery-powered suction capabilities of the Intex 28620EP Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum are ideal for those with above-ground pools or hot tubs who want to continue performing daily maintenance.
3. Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool &  Spa Cleaner Water Technology Pool Blaster The Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner is a cordless, hose-free pool cleaner that provides 60 minutes of cleaning time.
4. Atie pool supply Town Mini Jet Vacuum The suction created by the water pressure of the hose will effectively remove all debris from your pool, hot tub, or even your backyard fountain.
5. Hayward triVac automatic pressure cleaner AquaDrive water-jet propulsion technology provides complete coverage of the floor, walls, and coves while minimising the impact on the pool finish.
6. Pool Blaster Catfish 20000 CL Hand-held Pool Vacuum This small pool cleaner that resembles a toy is everything but a toy. It is equipped with a simple push-button on/off switch and rechargeable lithium batteries that recharge in only four hours and provide 45 minutes of operating time.
7. PoolSupplyTown Mini Jet Hand Pool Vacuum This low-cost vacuum is powered by your garden hose and creates a venturi effect to remove leaves and debris from your pool, spa, fountain, or pond. It connects to a 1-half of  4 - inch standard pole, such as the pole on your pool skimmer.
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fortheloveoffanfic · 9 months
The Holiday Arrangement
Andy Barber x Reader
Summary: When co-parenting during the holidays becomes difficult to navigate, Y/n brings a proposal to her ex-husband, Andy; spend Christmas together- for the sake of their daughter. Their already complicated arrangement becomes even more messy new memories dredge up buried feelings. Masterlists Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter Summary: A tough night brings Andy and Y/n closer. Andy starts makes some changes. Warning: Angst, mentions of SMUT
Tumblr media
One week later  Simultaneously, the day had been tiringly long and so short that Y/n had felt like she’d blinked and missed half of it. They’d started off with breakfast at a cafe that she and Andy had been going to since they started dating, then they'd gone to the Christmas village-as a family that time- and then, when they'd gotten home, they finally decorated the tree. By the time dinner had rolled around, everyone was too tired to sit at the table, so they'd piled onto the sofa, turned on a movie and had their food, which in retrospect, had not been the best idea with a five year old.
That was actually when she learned for the first time that a mustard stain on gray tweed was extremely noticeable. 
After putting Grace to bed, Y/n had just started using some cleaning solutions and a handheld vacuum on it, while Andy had busied himself with the dishes when she’d come downstairs in tears again. The sixth time in almost two weeks. She’d been having the same nightmare- a monster coming after her with Y/n or Andy nowhere in sight, though it seemed like it was Andy’s absence in particular that had unnerved Grace. He was a hero in her mind, and it didn’t help that they’d always told her that her father’s job was to make sure that bad guys got ‘locked away’- to Grace, he was the designated monster fighter in their family, her very own ghostbuster. 
Every time she had the dream, it got harder to get Grace back into bed and took longer for her to fall asleep. Y/n was also gathering the sense that Grace was beginning to dislike bedtime, equating sleep with her bad dream, she’d started finding excuses to postpone actually getting under the covers; she was thirsty, had to use the bathroom, wanted to hear another story or needed to kiss all her toys goodnight. At first, it was easy to let it slide, but that night had been the toughest- it had taken two hours to get her into the bed the first time and then she’d taken another three to fall asleep again. By the time she and Andy had left Grace’s room, it was two am and neither of them wanted Grace missing that much sleep. 
While getting ready for bed herself, Y/n had started toying with the idea of having Grace see a child psychiatrist. 
She knew what Andy’s response would be if she brought it up though; ‘she’s a kid and kids have bad dreams.’ Besides, Y/n thought she knew what the problem was anyway; it was no coincidence that the recurring nightmares had started just when Andy had temporarily moved back in. Grace, or some part of her, was scared that Andy would leave again because even if she did ordinarily spend three and a half days a week with him, it wasn’t the same as having him in the same house. And with that thought came another;
What if she was the monster? 
It wasn’t a secret that Grace blamed her for Andy having to move out, and in a way, she was right. She’d given him the ultimatum; couples therapy or separation. She’d been the bitter one. She’d hired the first divorce lawyer. She’d given him the  papers. It was all her fault. 
Maybe if she’d just tried harder to work with him. Maybe if she’d been more forward about what the problem was. Maybe if she’d just waited it out until Grace was older. 
Maybe if she’d accepted that he was who was and made love enough. 
Each thought was like a wave breaking violently over the back of the last- and Y/n felt like she was under them all, drowning. Midway through pulling the duvet over herself, a hitched breath parted her lips, acting as the first inklings of an avalanche of sobs. She couldn’t even bring herself to reach over and turn off the lamp, much too occupied with clasping hand over her mouth to muffle her crying while the other hugged her pillow. She didn’t think she’d ever felt worse; she was ruining her daughter. 
She didn’t think she’d been crying very loudly, but a soft knocking on her bedroom door followed by Andy’s concerned voice calling out to her was enough to prompt Y/n to fruitlessly double down on her efforts. 
“Y/n?” Andy’s voice was clear after a creak signaled that he’d inched the door open a bit. “Are you okay?” He probed when she didn’t answer. 
Sniffling, she tried to steady herself enough to respond. “I’m fine,” she managed, though the words were thick with emotion and just after she said them, another choked sob vacated her trembling lips. 
Clearly unwilling to take her poor attempt at keeping it together for an answer, Andy came to sit on the bed. Like that, their backs were to each other, but he turned slightly to lay a comforting hand on her shoulder, “What’s wrong?” She could hear the worry laced in his tone and her guilt doubled upon realizing that she’d brought him into her pity party. 
Still, she confided in him, possibly because he was still the person she trusted the most. 
“I-” A shaking breath and bitter sob cut her off, and it took another moment and her finally sitting up for her to admit what she’d been thinking, “I’m a horrible mother.”
“What?” By the yellow glow of her bedside lamp, she could see the furrow of his brows and the way his jaw had slackened in surprise, “No, why would you say that?”
“Well I’m obviously the monster in her dreams,” saying it out loud made Y/n’s breath catch and the tears raining down her cheeks were hot and rapid. 
Andy stuttered, obviously desperate to help but totally thrown for a loop by her peculiar admission, “I…..what?” 
“The monster,” Y/n repeated with a new firmness, “In Grace’s dream a monster’s trying to get her and she wants you to save her but you’re not there. I’m the reason we’re divorced, I’m the reason you don’t live here anymore. I’m the reason we’re doing this,” ragged breaths punctuated her sentences and Y/n felt as immature as a child crying on the playground at recess, “I’m the reason everything is such a mess. Its my fault she misses you half the week-I’m the monster, Andy.”
“Hey,” Andy took her tears soaked face in his large hands, gently urging her to look his way, “You’re not the monster-”
“How do you know that?” She sniffled, still crying. 
“How do you know that you are?” He quirked a brow and when her only response was a roll of her red rimmed eyes and a scoff, Andy continued. “Grace could never see you as something horrible and scary; you’re her mother and everything you’ve ever done for her has been out of love and care. She knows you’d never hurt her.”
“She blames me for you not being here-”
“Because she’s five and she’s angry. But that’s just for now, one day she’s gonna grow up and realize that you only did what you did because no one should stay in a relationship that makes them unhappy,” he paused for a moment, possibly in a short bout of self reflection, “You taught her one of….the most important lessons of her life,” because of him; he didn’t say it, but she could tell he was thinking it.
Her tears slowed and Y/n sniffled loudly and reached to hold Andy’s wrists, “How can you say that when you didn’t even want to get divorced?” There was no accusation in her tone, it was more so meant as an observation; how could he say she was right when he’d totally against her decision? 
He shook one shoulder, “Just because I didn’t want it, doesn’t mean I deserved to have you in my life like that,” he glanced down at the patterned fabric between them, “I know that now, just like you know deep down that you’re not the monster.” 
Shutting her eyes for a moment, Y/n slid her hands up his forearms, settling them on his firm biceps, “Can I tell you something?” She rasped, and Andy searched her eyes, wordlessly pressing her to continue, “I regret giving up on us.”
Andy didn’t respond immediately, and his long pause almost made her worry that he didn’t feel the same. Had she misread everything up until then? “Me too,” he relented, just as softly, “But I get why you had to,” he stroked her tear streaked cheek with the pad of his thumb. 
“I should have accepted you for who you are,” she confessed remorsefully. 
“I shouldn’t have been so comfortable with being that person,” Andy countered, “You were right to not settle for less than you deserved.”
“I was so mad at you all the time; you didn’t deserve that,” she shook her head, unconsciously leaning closer while he did the same. 
“You were lonely,” when they were within a couple inches of each other’s faces, he admitted shamefully, “You deserve someone better. Someone who puts you first and makes you laugh……someone like Peter.”
Y/n knitted her brows, “I don’t want Peter. I want….” trailing off, she squeezed her eyes shut again, “I don’t know….”
“I want to be better,” their noses touched and she tilted her head a little, “I’m going to be better,” were his last words before they kissed. One of his hands slid past her ear to tangle in her hair while Y/n’s fingers crept further up his arms to clutch his broad shoulders. “We probably shouldn’t,” he murmured against her lips when Y/n urged him closer so their chests would be flush against each other. 
Y/n hummed, “Don’t you want to?” Her hands started roaming again, that time reaching for the hem of his white t-shirt. 
“Of course I do,” he kissed the side of her lips, before pulling away slightly to press his forehead to hers, “But you’re upset and I don’t want to take advantage-”
“You wouldn’t be,” Y/n protested, angling her head to catch his lips in another deep endearment, “I’ve missed you,” when she grabbed the hem of his t shirt again, Andy didn’t ward off her effort to start undressing him, and after she’d cast it to the side, he shifted to properly climb into bed with her.
As he positioned himself over her, Y/n pulled the covers over him, and before they continued, he cupped the side of her face with one hand, weight propped on his elbow as he reached for the switch on the lamp with the other, “I’ve missed you too.” 
Tumblr media
Later that week The kitchen looked as if a little tornado had siphoned all the baking ingredients out of the cupboards and fridge, only to spill them all over the counters. The sink was piled with dishes, more than she could even have recalled them using, but at least the kitchen smelt deliciously of cookies. A warmth from the oven, which she’d only turned off recently, added to the house's heating system, granting them a cozy warmth that served to make the afternoon a little more enjoyable. 
In the living room, It's a Wonderful Life was on, but because no one was watching, the audio acted as background noise to their chatter and loud spells of laughter. “Bunny, no,” Y/n reprimanded with a giggle when Grace moved to scoop out a finger full of red icing to pop it into her mouth. 
“Oh, come on,” Andy chuckled as Y/n guided Grace’s hand away from the bowl, “Let ‘er live a little,” he joked, taking some icing onto his own finger and slipping it into his mouth. 
Shocked, but unable to hide her amusement, Y/n scoffed. “Fine,” she let Grace’s hand go, “Just once and you two have to wash your hands after,” she warned pointedly. Excitedly, Grace brought some of the icing to her mouth. When she'd thoroughly cleaned it off her finger, Andy lifted her from her perch on the marble counter and they both went over to the sink, washing off their hands as she continued decorating a Christmas tree shaped cookie. 
When Andy was through, he walked him and Grace over to where he was standing, absently letting his hand skim her waist and then lower back as he moved by. It was intentional, she knew that much; there was more than enough room to pass by without them making physical contact, but things had been different since that night he'd come into her room. As he did it, she stole a glance his way, a faint, warm grin tugging at her lips when their eyes met. Grace hadn't noticed, thankfully but Y/n did think that she'd gathered that things had been shifted between her and Andy; she was a little more excitable than usual and had started requesting that they do everything together- playing, bathtime and bedtime. 
Still, they'd both been very careful to not be outwardly affectionate towards each other, so they didn't confuse her. 
Andy had just set Grace back down on the counter, that time closer to where Y/n was standing. “Can I have one?” She pointed to the tray of gingerbread cookies, already decorated with white icing, “Please?” Grace pouted. 
“I don’t know Bunny,” surprisingly, it was Andy who’d been first to deter her- he was usually the one that gave in at a whim when she flashed him her puppy eyes. “You’ve already had a lot of sugar today, and its almost dinner time.” 
Disappointed that he hadn’t permitted her, Grace turned to Y/n, “Please mommy.” 
The hopeful look in her big, icy blue eyes was almost enough to have Y/n bending- how could she say no to such a sweet little face?
When she knew that cute face was attached to a body that wouldn’t finish her dinner if they let her have one more treat, was how.
“I think you’re daddy’s right, baby,” Y/n pressed her lips together when Grace frowned deeply, “Tell you what,” she set her piping bag down and wiped her hands off on her apron  before reaching to tap the tip of Grace’s nose with her pointer, “You eat all your vegetables tonight, then you can have one.”
Grace considered her proposition for a moment, “Promise?” 
“Promise,” Y/n confirmed. 
“Okay, deal,” Grace nodded astutely, the firmness in her little voice making Y/n and Andy giggle. 
Y/n was just going to say something else, when from his back pocket, Andy’s phone rang loudly. Setting down the dishtowel he’d been using to dry his hands, he reached for the shrilling device and cringed apologetically upon announcing that it was his boss again. At the mention of her name, Y/n’s heart dropped, but she tried to hide the fall in her expression, encouraging him to just take it. “Right, okay,” Andy too seemed a little disappointed, “This won’t take long,” he promised, swiping the screen. 
Yeah, she’d heard that before. 
Shaking her head, Y/n lowered her face and rolled her eyes as Andy stepped towards the living room, where she could still see him as he answered the call. In a bid to distract herself- and Grace- she reached for a big, round sugar cookie, a piping bag filled with white icing and a little bowl of sprinkles, suggesting that they decorate together. 
She didn’t mean to, but as she covered the cookie in icing, Y/n found herself listening in to Andy’s phone conversation. 
“Yeah, I get that its important but-”
Finishing with the icing, she set the cookie down on a little saucer so Grace could start covering it with colorful sprinkles. 
“No, I don’t want Neal to take over- that’s my case and you know it.”
Reaching for another color icing, she started on another circular cookie, eyes shifting between her task and Grace, to make sure she wasn’t sneaking any sprinkles into her mouth all while still catching Andy’s end of the conversation. 
“How long?”
Such a simple question, with very little context, made Y/n’s heart sink further and she swallowed thickly- so much for things changing. Sniffling, put the cookie down so Grace could decorate it, that time joining her on covering it with the mixture of seasonal and regular sprinkles. 
“I….don’t know.”
When she lifted her head, it was just in time to see Andy glancing back at her and Grace. His expression was taunt with remorse, and flashing him a faint, sympathetic smile, she bent her head again, hoping to not give her hurt and disappointment away.  
“Look, Lynn, if you want it done before New Years….then maybe you should just give it to Neal- or anyone else. I’m on vacation.”
Upon hearing the words, Y/n stopped and lifted her head again, that time meeting his eyes. Her brows were knitted and he wore the faintest hint of a fond soiree. 
“No, the holidays aren’t more important than my job,” Andy licked his lips, “But my family is.” 
Tumblr media
“You’re family’s more important than your job?”
A bright smile tugged at her lips and there was a glimmer in her eyes that Andy hadn’t seen in a long time. Ducking his head, he rubbed his palms along his thighs, clad in grey sweatpants, “Yeah,” he paused before lifting his gaze again, “I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said and I don’t want her to look back and remember that I left when we were having so much fun,” he frowned a little and Y/n’s smile dissolved, “It probably hasn’t seemed like it for a long time, but you two are first priority- its time I start acting like you are.” 
Frowning a little, Y/n reached for Andy’s hand and let him lead her from where she was sitting in the corner of the long sofa to the recliner so she could sink down into his lap. They’d put Grace to bed a couple hours ago, before getting showered and changing themselves. Then, not wanting to be caught together in Y/n’s bedroom, they’d decided to lounge around in the living room for a while to see if Grace would wake up with another nightmare. 
Settling sideways in his lap, Y/n draped on arm across the back of his shoulders, laying her other hand absently on the center of his chest, “I didn’t mean to hurt you when I said what I did,” she sighed, absently tapping her thumb in time with his heartbeat. 
“I know,” their positioning afforded Andy the opportunity to nuzzle his head in the crook of her neck, and in response, Y/n moved her hand on his shoulder to thread her fingers soothingly through his hair, “But it was the wake up call I needed,” he said in a hum, pressing a chaste kiss to the top of her chest, just below the hollow of her throat.
When he felt her kiss his hair, Andy closed his eyes for a moment, soaking up the moment; the warmth of her arms around him, the weight of her in his and her breath in his hair. They hadn’t been like that in so long, yet it still felt completely natural to make her embrace his safe place. There wasn’t another person he trusted so completely with the parts of himself that he usually kept heavily guarded; the private thoughts, the parts that were scary and vulnerable,
And the part of him that was scared to be vulnerable. 
“If it makes you feel better,” she kissed his head again, “You saying that your family is more important than your job is probably the hottest thing you’ve ever done.”
As the mood shifted, Andy chuckled and lifted his head again. “Really?” Matching her alight gaze, he playfully furrowed his brows, “Cause I know how to cook and I work out,” he offered pointedly. 
“Oh, I am well aware,” Y/n giggled softly, “But you were so hot this evening that if you took me upstairs right now, we could do things we haven’t done since our honeymoon.”
His jaw slackened and Andy’s thoughts were so muddled with the memory of the things they’d done in their suite during those three weeks in Costa Rica- and the anticipation of doing some of them again- that he could hardly register the fact that she’d referred to their honeymoon as if they were still married. “Right now?” He barely strung the words together and his grip on her waist had tightened while he’d already slid an arm under her thighs, ready to scoop her up with a moment’s notice. 
“Right. Now.”  
That was all he needed; within a minute, Andy was on his feet with Y/n secured in his arms. “This is shaping up to be a very merry Christmas,” he teased and Y/n tired to suppress a laugh as he took her up the stairs, eager to continue living in their little fantasy. 
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thermitetermite · 1 year
Super-powered asks, let's go, Bugaboo!
Based on a fic I'm planning to write:
And shrinking people or objects and then bringing them back to their original sizes.
Powers: 🥏🔍
All the best,
Authors note - Thank you for waiting! I hope you enjoy!
Prompt #12 - Telekinesis x Shrinking Powers
Tldr: Villain shinks Hero and Hero messes with them. Villain is terrified of tiny Hero. Hero is just trying to finish an investigation when new information is brought to light
CW: swearing, threats of being squished and thrown in a freezer, kidnapping mentions, handcuffs, needles
"What did you do to me!?!?!" Hero shrieked at the top of their now tiny lungs.
Villain loomed over their shrunken foe and gave a gravelly laugh.
"Oh Hero~. Clearly someone didn't understand the assignment."
The "assignment" for Hero was to subdue Villain quietly and throw them in the Villain Intelligence Learning Enclosure, or VILE for short. An anonymous tip told the department that Villain was responsible for the mysterious disappearances of city leaders.
Regardless, this was supposed to be an easy stealth mission. Get in, telekinesis the power dampening cuffs on, walk out with Villain, interrogate them at VILE.
They had specifically recruited Hero because of their telekinetic powers. Villain had to touch things to shrink them, use a Hero who could trap them from a distance.
Makes sense!
What they didn't account for was Villain getting the jump on them. Long story short, they were now shrunken, trapped in Villain's sewing room, with no way to turn back.
Hero could only imagine how their friends would laugh when they told the story. If they ever got out that is. They'd probably say something like "why couldn't you convince Villain to undo it by offering a lighter sentence for good behavior?"
That would be a great idea. Wonderful even. Slight problem though. They managed to get the cuffs on Villain right before they were shrunk. The key for said cuffs was in Hero's suit. The now shrunken suit that Hero was wearing. Meaning the key was now shrunken and useless. Like Hero. Great.
They snapped out of their initial shock and looked up at Villain (which was super odd because of how short Villain normally was compared to Hero. Their head was at Hero's shoulders for goodness sake!)
"You know, you're acting pretty cocky for a powerless Villain!" Hero spat trying to annoy Villain to get them to talk, but Villain only laughed again pulling their wrists apart to rattle the cuffs.
"And you're acting pretty cocky for a 4 inch Hero. You only cuffed my hands, nothing stops me from stepping on you." As if showing off, Villain dramatically went to step on Hero while making those dumb airplane noises. Villain was completely caught off guard when Hero levitated out of the way and towards their face.
"Oh God, you fly!" Villain panicked like a bug they wanted to kill suddenly flew at them. They ran out of the sewing room, locking the door as they left screaming. That was odd but Hero wasn't one to be choosy right now. Hero breathed a sigh of relief before examining the room for an exit.
Unfortunately it seemed that this random sewing room in Villain's basement was locked up to the teeth. Hero wasn't sure what to expect from Villain's house but it sure wasn't a craft room that doubled as a prison cell. At least there were enough needles in here they could pick up telekinetically and hide to surprise attack Villain.
It was around this time when Villain returned, unlocking the door before kicking it open. They were brandishing a handheld vacuum cleaner like a weapon of mass destruction.
Well shit.
"Here's Johnny!" Villain yelled, switching it on and running into combat with their miniature enemy.
Hero wishes they could say they elegantly weaved around Villain, shut off the vacuum and flew to freedom. Unfortunately they were caught by Villain's vacuum in the doorframe.
"Ew, ew, ew! Get in the vacuum! Get in the vacuum!" Villain shrieked as Hero was sucked down the vacuum tube. They kept it on for a good 30 seconds afterwards while shaking the tube and crying. Like full on sobbing. Did they really see Hero as a bug?
They calmed down when they saw Hero in the clear dust container.
"I should just throw you in the freezer for all the mental anguish you've put me through!" Villain said while glaring at Hero through the plastic. Their hair was a mess and their eyes were puffy from tears.
"Hey! I'm not the idiot who shrunk a telekinetic Hero and then didn't expect them to fly!"
"I acted in self defense! You, however, broke into my house and put handcuffs on me! I get a free pass on this one!"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever! At least I'm not scared of tiny things" Hero grumbled. Villain gave an offended gasp.
"How dare you! I'm not scared of tiny things!" Hero gave a tiny eyebrow raise. "Just tiny living things..."
"Really? You expect me to believe that? That you're scared of tiny living things and you had nothing to do with the disappearance of half the city's council."
"I'll do you one better and prove it to you!" Villain growled with a newfound anger before taking the both of them out of the sewing room and into another room in the basement.
Hero expected a torture chamber, death pit, gadget room, something of that nature. They were caught off guard once again by Villain when they turned on the lights to reveal a tiny town.
Hero thought this was a confession to taking those people when they noticed the place was completely empty. All of the buildings were tiny shops that had disappeared in the past with a tiny museum in the center of town. Hero had no doubt that it held all of Villain's prized treasures stolen over the years.
Villain showed them around the town with suppressed pride and opened every door to prove no people were in there.
"Happy?" Villain hissed.
"No. I'm not." Hero flatly said causing Villain to look at them in shock.
"What do you mean no!?"
"This only makes me worry more. If you had them they aren't here anymore. If you've never had them then you're being set up. Whatever is the case, I don't know were they are. The could be dead as we speak and you'll get the blame if they're discovered." Hero looked sadly throughout the town. It really was a shame too, because it was clear that Villain cared a lot about this little town.
The bonsai trees in the little park were well taken care of. The shops didn't have an ounce of dust anywhere. The community pool was chlorinated and beautiful. Villain cared a lot for their secret town.
"What!?! I'm being framed!!?" Villain registered snapping Hero from their thoughts.
"Yes, and I have no idea who's behind this. I think it's clear that you probably didn't do any kidnapping considering how terrified of me you are."
Villain mumbled something that sounded like gratitude before going to panic in the corner. Hero banged on the side of the plastic container they were still holding to get their attention.
"Hey! We're going to figure this out ok! I know this is probably a lot to you, trust me it's a lot for me too. But right now you need to calm down. You built this town as an escape right?" Villain nodded eyes now focused on Hero. "Good. You did a good job on it. Can you give me another tour of it?"
Villain shakily got up to show Hero the town again. Villain started out their presentation still panicky but noticably calmed as they started showing off their valuables in the dollhouse museum. At the end of the tour Villain gave a relaxed sigh.
"Thank you, I guess, for listening to my dumb tour. Usually I shrink myself and visit here when I need some away time but it was nice to finally show someone else. You aren't going to use my tour as a confession, right."
"Probably not. If you help me find those missing council members I might conveniently forget this whole thing."
"Deal! I'll do anything to clear my name!"
"Well we might have to start by breaking into HQ to get keys for those cuffs."
"...ok, we can try."
"You might also need to let me out of the vacuum."
"...I need like 15 more minutes to work up the courage."
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i am interested in keeping finches (probably society finches) at some point in my life and would like an expert opinion on what kind of enclosure, substrate, diet etc would be most conducive to a healthy life for them. i know you’re a raptor expert and don’t specialize in passerines, but misinformation is rampant and i thought it’d be best to turn to someone with extensive experience and training in birdkeeping instead
extraordinarily good blog btw
You can make some rather impressive aviaries for society finches and there’s a lot of flexibility to it.
First things first: you need multiple society finches as the name implies. They are incredibly social and a good starting number is about five. The more there are, the more comfortable they will be.
Secondly, you need hides. I recommend finch baskets or hollowed out gourds with a single hole that can be hung from the top of the aviary.
Society finches need a healthy blend of seeds greens. If you house them in an outdoor aviary, they can get extra nutrients from bugs that enter the enclosure, but since they’re a domesticated finch most of them don’t go out of their way for this sort of thing. Millet is their favorite type of seed by far, but diversifying their diet by offering a blend designed for canaries or wild birds is certainly not a bad thing.
an outdoor aviary will also be good for their mental health and feather condition as they rely heavily on sunlight to thrive.
The biggest challenge to keeping finch flocks is that they will breed once comfortable. To limit this, you can swap the real eggs for dummy eggs once you catch them laying.
Finches can be housed indoors with proper accommodations but I would advise simply remodeling a whole room just for them as an indoor aviary, complete with bird-designed UVA lights on a set timer to coincide with the natural sunrise and sunset. A good floor substrate for any bird is pea gravel or sand, but if you use the latter provide food in bird feeders to limit the amount that can fall on the ground to prevent accidental sand ingestion. Indoor set ups can be easily lined with newspaper or puppy pads on the floor that are changed out daily. A cheap handheld vacuum can take care of seeds and feathers in a spare room aviary very effectively, and investing in a good air purifier will be beneficial to both your lungs and your birds.
Tumblr media
Worth noting that you can also very happily combine flocks of society finches with zebra finches and other similar species. They are quite amicable overall.
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eponymous-rose · 1 year
Arachnophobia TW (no pictures, but you have been warned!).
Super stressful night last night - was watching a show on my laptop in bed, starting to fall asleep, and I noticed Clara was chasing something on the wall. Watched for a bit, but she seemed to have it under control and I was really tired, so okay. Whatever.
Something keeps poking my eye - is my hair just that flyaway with the fan going? I keep gently pushing the hair back and it keeps poking my eye. Hang on, that actually really hurts. I brush my hand over my face and a friggin’ spider jumps off me and scuttles under my pillow. A yellow sac spider - they’re kinda known to be assholes and will bite repeatedly if annoyed.
Quickly jump up and manage to catch the thing and fling it out of the room. Ew. Gross. Send a message on Discord to @loquaciousquark about how freaky it was. Aw man. I’m sure I’ll be able to get to sleep, though.
Huh, that’s a weird little floating mote of dust in front of me. Aw man, that’s a tiny spider, weird. I grab something to catch it and fling it outside.
I look up.
Baby spiders pouring out of my ceiling light. Some are rappelling down toward the bed.
@loquaciousquark was an absolute saint and stayed up with me while I dealt with it, talking me through such tasks that suddenly seemed too complex, like “do you have a vacuum handy? you should grab a vacuum and vacuum up those spiders, but leave the vacuum outside afterwards” and “here’s how you send a timed text message to cancel on tomorrow morning’s social engagements”.
Anyway, I think I got most of it cleaned up (although the dang fitting for the ceiling light came off the ceiling in the process and now I’ll have to glue that back up), sealed the room as best I could just in case, and slept on the day bed in my home office. Actually slept fine! 
I wouldn’t consider myself arachnophobic after living in an apartment in a really wooded area in Pennsylvania that had fairly frequent eight-legged visitors, but ugh. That was a lot.
I managed to get a same-day order on a proper vacuum with bags and all (I like my little handheld canister vacuum, but after watching all the tiny spiders crawling around inside it and realizing how weak the suction was, I know I need a proper vacuum), so today will be deep-cleaning the hell out of that room and probably most of the house, complete with a total laundry load of all bedding and a vacuuming of the mattress. Also gonna glue that light back up.
Bleh. How is your Wednesday going, tumblr?
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Do you have anything where Yoongi helps you get over your ex? For no particular reason 😔
'ghost' (but it's kind of a specific situation) 'casual' (but it's from Yoongi's POV)
and this.
summary: You borrow Min Yoongi's vacuum because you had a mental breakdown and then you give it back.
"The fuck is this?"
"Birthday cake."
You made a face at him. "It's not my birthday."
He shrugged. You inspected the small, unmarked black box, and shrugged, opening it. Raised your eyebrows.
"... Why did you give me a vibrator?"
"You've been lookin' real fucking sad and I'm tired of it. And it's a clitoral massager, not just a vibrator."
You stared at him.
Min Yoongi stared back. Face neutral. Unbothered.
His black hair was still messy and half of it was sticking up from sleep. At least one of you was getting a good night's sleep. Or midday sleep, because it was already late afternoon when you had arrived at your next-door neighbor’s apartment, dragging his vacuum you had borrowed because maybe you had a mammoth of a breakdown that consisted of throwing things around your apartment, including yourself, breaking stuff, tearing up pictures, too much crying, and a lengthy time of staring at the ceiling.
After what seemed like years, you managed to clean yourself up and muster up the courage to ask your next-door neighbor if you could borrow his vacuum. You didn’t own anything except a small handheld one and that wasn’t going to cut it for amount of uncooked rice scattered across on your kitchen floor at the time.
“Yeah, sure, here.”
And Min Yoongi handed you his incredibly swanky, top of the line, dark silver SAMSUNG cordless stick vacuum.
“Here, take the extra battery too. In case you need it.”
Holy shit.
“Do you have carpet? There’s a better brush head for carpet.”
“N-No… Just the tile and hardwood…”
“Hm, okay. Enjoy.”
It was the whole breakup thing.
Sometimes you would think, I’m fine, I’m good, I don’t need anyone, sometime sit would be, fuck, I can’t do anything, I’m so fucking useless, what’s the point, sometimes it was, I hate this, I hate myself, fuck everything, sometimes it was numb, I don’t want to feel anything, I don’t want to be here, sometimes it was sadness, what’s wrong with me, what did I do, why wasn’t I enough, when will I be enough, and sometimes it was a complete mammoth of a breakdown and you cried and cried and cried and threw handfuls of uncooked rice at your own kitchen cabinets, sobbing, I’m never going to get married, no one is going to throw rice at my wedding because I don’t deserve to get married and this is the best it’s gonna get, fuck this, just do it your-own-fucking-self, no one will ever want to be with you so throw your own rice, you stupid bitch.
It was not rational you had thought as you stood in the shower and practically drowned yourself under the showerhead.
But life goes on.
And you needed to borrow a vacuum.
Only to be handed one of the sexiest vacuums that you ever had the pleasure to use. Efficient, powerful, super quick and easy to maneuver. Took you no time at all to clean your kitchen. You didn’t want to give it back. You vacuumed your whole damn house, searching for nooks and crannies that could possibly be cleaned by this beast of a machine just so you could experience it some more. Just so you could be with the vacuum some more, admire its majesty.
Maybe you were losing your mind.
Yes, maybe you were losing your mind because you were falling in love with Min Yoongi’s vacuum. Or maybe it was just that you had lost all faith in humanity and a fleeting attachment to a vacuum was how your brain was coping with the situation. Maybe a bit self destructive because you knew you had to give it back. Maybe that was your thing, relationships that didn’t last.
Anyway, you gave the vacuum back.
And Yoongi handed you an unmarked box.
With a vibrator in it.
Sorry, clitoral massager.
“Are you waiting for a live, in-person demonstration, because you will be disappointed by the unfortunate news,” Yoongi commented blandly as if he was talking about the weather. “The manual is in the box.”
You were unsure to be embarrassed, shocked, appalled, disgusted, or something else, so you just stood there, frozen.
Yoongi yawned.
“Heard masturbation assists mood improvement and mental health,” he hummed, leaning back against his sofa. “Also, these walls are thinner than you think and I can hear what you’re saying in the kitchen if you are yelling.”
No, yup, you were embarrassed.
“I’m… sorry…” you managed to croak out.
Yoongi shrugged. His voice deepened, gentler, turning his head to look at you from the side as he spoke. “Happens to all of us. Hurts when you give them the best of you and it somehow wasn’t enough.”
You looked into those sleepy brown eyes covered in black strands.
A very strange feeling, a heaviness that you suddenly wanted to share.
“Maybe I… don’t know how to love right or something…”
He frowned at you, perturbed.
“That only means they weren’t the right one to love you.”
You gazed at him helplessly.
“Do you believe in soulmates?”
Yoongi tilted his head. “Soulmates?” He said the word slowly, considering it. Then he said something strange.
“You make your soulmate.”
You blinked, confused. “What?”
He smiled at you, and Min Yoongi had a lovely smile.
“Love is learning. Love is doing the things you know the other person likes, love is the small moments that you take a little extra time to do something special for the other person, love is realizing something that you don’t like doing suddenly isn’t so bothersome anymore because it’s for the person you love. Love is becoming their soulmate and love is when they want to become yours, when they want to learn everything about you because they want nothing more than to become your person.”
The strangest feeling.
A lightness hearing his words.
“W… Wow…”
You didn’t know what else to say, blown away by his wisdom.
A full five seconds past.
Yoongi cocked his head to your hand.
“But you need the vibrator. It’s a better stress reliver than screaming and throwing things around.”
You felt your face turn ten million degrees. “Y-You didn’t have to…!”
Yoongi held up a hand, silencing you. “It’s as much for me as for you.”
He smirked, open-mouthed and teasing.
“My ears better be hearing much more pleasant sounds from now on.”
The "birthday cake" response refers to a song called Birthday Cake by the artist BIBI. This song is not knowing your own worth and slowly letting go of it bit by bit, about the hardships of life and the feeling of them being too difficult to bear, about wanting to give up because you know that even if you overcome one hurdle, another will come. The subject of the song gets her birthday cake, but "couldn't allow myself to lose it" so she keeps her birthday cake in her closet instead of eating it and enjoying it.
It foreshadows that the reader did, in fact, "lose it".
But it wasn't the end, now, was it?
(but also it's kinda funny because she is probably gonna put the sex toy in the closet to hide it *snicker* yes I thought about that too)
drabbles masterpost | masterpost
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annonniiiiieeeee · 6 months
Must you continue to make me wish to break through reality and exact my glittery vengeance on those that displease me in your fics?
First the feeling was Hebi (you wrote him as having a very punchable face), then it was Kenichi (I’m already applauding the bros, the Joneses, and April for whatever punishment they go forth with regarding this cactus), and now it’s Hikiji (I already disliked him when he was first introduced but now I’m wanting to introduce his face to my vacuum cleaner - not a handheld one either).
(The Neko Clan is just generally a collective I wish to glitter bomb, and while Gunichi there at the beginning was a huge cactus, I understood his reasoning and greatly enjoyed seeing him defend Leo.)
I swear, you draw out the best and worst reactions from me with your writing! Kudos, and so sad I can’t repeatedly hit that button, but seriously!
I’ll take solace in knowing that Hikiji has no clue whatsoever what he’s going up against - or rather, who. He did make the mistake of messing with two Hamatos and their relationships, after all.
Thank you so much!!! I’ve worked really hard on this.
Hebi does have a punchable face.
Kenichi is the worst and I’m very exited for Raph, Donnie, Mikey, April, and the Casey’s to find out exactly what he did. It will be a great time.
Hikiji is the personification of selfish love. Of loving someone for what they can give you and what you get out of it. Not because you want them to be happy. I wanted him to feel really while also being very obviously in the wrong.
The Neko clan is under Hikiji’s thumb. They are doing what they need to to survive. It would be interesting to see what they would be without his leadership. How Shingen would have lead them without Hikiji looming over his head.
I love Gunichi. I love a character that can learn from their experiences and move past their prejudices.
I cannot reveal anything about The Hikiji arc. But I hope you’ll enjoy the ending.
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