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marcolinia · 2 years
Is this a good Idea to change Your Perfume Each Day?
Spraying perfume on your body isn't enough to make you smell good. To utilize perfume correctly, you must first understand how it works. Using a variety of techniques to achieve a long-lasting aroma without using a lot of scents. A wise perfume user can stretch that small bottle's life beyond a couple of months. One clever way to use perfume and stand out is to vary your scent frequently. You may have a favorite scent, but wearing it every day can make it unnoticeable.
Why do your senses grow acclimated to the perfume, but others begin to ignore it as well. They are not doing it on purpose. It's their smell senses at work here. Our senses are programmed to overlook commonplace smells.
Be Noticed Quickly
Whenever you change your perfume, it alerts your senses to take notice of the aroma more. The silage of the aroma will be more vivid and visible. Everyone will be able to detect it on your person. This is very useful when attending a party or meeting someone for the first time. You might also experiment with wearing a different smell for business meetings and greetings. However, use a perfume to which you are familiar.
The Fragrance Lasts Longer
It helps to make it more colorful if you pay attention to using the proper perfume. You will find that your perfume has become more prominent. The silage is improved over previously. This approach will help if you think your perfumes aren't lasting as long as they used to and don't smell as good as they used to.
Suggestions on Switching Fragrances Frequently
Continuously wear fragrance as indicated by the mind-set and second. This makes your character alluring to individuals around you. Attempt to save one scent for each event, for example, for office, for the party, for ordinary use. Likewise, get one for extraordinary events like weddings or date evenings.
Put resources into a modest bunch of good-quality aromas. Rather than burning through cash on ten unique aromas, attempt to have a couple of good ones. Some internet based aroma stores supply a variety of different aromas in a single box. You can attempt those to set aside cash.
Change your scent week after week if doing it consistently isn't workable for you. You should consider this errand a standard preparing routine rather than a weight. You will see that everybody around you is seeing the fragrance more.
Give the fragrance a shot you prior to wearing it outside. Never wear a totally new fragrance while venturing out. A few fragrances can give you a terrible cerebral pain or cause your head to feel weighty. You don't need that to occur in a gathering.
From the design to the advertising to the customer experience, is considered to provide luxury enthusiasts with the ultimate venue in which to indulge their obsession. Marcolinia specializes in high-end beauty items, Affordable niche perfumes and is now pleased to be one of the first in Dubai to open a perfume store dedicated solely to the world's most prominent perfume brands.
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fragrancemalluk · 2 months
Best Women's Niche Fragrance
Fragrances are a crucial element of a woman's beauty routine. They can express one's personality and create an unforgettable first impression. However, choosing the perfect scent can be overwhelming with the plethora of fragrances available. It is where Best Women's Niche Fragrance comes in – these unique and rare scents cater to a specific audience and offer a personalized touch.
Tumblr media
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blissiimo · 6 months
Get your hands on the Blissiimo to shop luxury niche perfumes at the best prices. Our fragrances are exclusively made to meet the different needs of our customers. We take care of every note and make sure it is long-lasting. Also, every ingredient we use is entirely environment friendly and best for use. Hook to our website to shop now!
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azure-cherie · 1 year
100 questions for whoever wants to ask themselves or answer:
How have you been ?
Do you have a dream journal?
If you could dream about something all your life what would it be ?
Are you taking care of your mental health?
Do the people in your life take good care you?
Have you left the toxic people in your life ?
Did you eat well today?
What's your dream job?
What's your favourite emoji?
Where do you want to astral travel ?
If you could see only one colour, which colour would it be ?
What is your favourite thing about yourself?
Would you like to colour your hair?
Do you have tattoos or piercings ?
What do your tattoos represent?
Who is your favourite fictional character?
Who is your favourite movie character?
If you could marry a fictional character who would it be ?
Who is your idol ?
What are your main niche's here on Tumblr?
What is your favourite astrological sign except yours and why ?
Are you good academically ?
What are your views on the education system?
What is your favourite subject ?
What is your favourite planet & element?
What's your favourite piece of clothing?
What's your favourite makeup product?
What are the main themes of your best life?
How many languages do you speak?
Who is your favourite historical figure?
What's your favourite unproved theory?
What's your favourite conspiracy theory?
Do you believe in law of attraction ?
What is the best thing you have manifested?
Do you believe in love ?
Are you in love with someone?
Do you love yourself unconditionally?
What's your favourite season?
Who is your favourite poet ?
What is your favourite movie ?
Can your life be summed up in a song/ movie?
Who is your favourite person on Tumblr?
Who is in your irl favourite person?
Do you write or make art?
Where do you wanna travel?
Do the flame coloured skies light your fire?
What is your favourite colour of the sky?
Do you know anything about your past life?
What do you think your soul is really like?
Is there someone you have deep talks with?
Who is your favourite deity?
Are you a religious , heathen or spiritual person?
What are the other cultures except yours that you admire ?
What are your views on ongoing world crisis right now ?
What do you fear ?
Would you be someone else if you could?
Who would you like to be ?
What would you like to do with racists and homophobes ?
Have you ever caught a butterfly?
Beaches or mountains?
Describe chocolate .
What do you like to eat the most?
Are you into spirituality?
What do you like about being spiritual the most?
Do you think you are intimidating?
Are you a sweetheart or a baddie ?
What do you find easy , forgive or forget ?
Something you really want to do for your parents .
Are you in your soul community right now ?
Are you a starseed ?
Did you ever have an OBE ?
Would you like to time travel?
If yes past or future?
What's your favourite aesthetic?
Are you a hippie or a home person ?
What's your favourite flower, fruit &animal?
Have you ever travelled in a boat?
What is the best thing a stranger has done for you ?
Do you believe in the kindness of strangers ?
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
How often do you get compliments?
Do you generally compliment people ?
What's your favourite space entity?
If you could inhabitate one planet where would you choose?
What are your favourite essential oils ?
What are your favourite crystals?
What is your favourite tarot card ?
Do you find it easy to express your sexuality?
Are your right brained or left brained?
Have you tried third eye awakening ?
Do you usually channel your creativity?
What's your favourite phase of the moon?
Is there someone you would really like to do something for ?
Are you a charitable person?
If you could add one more colour to the rainbow what would it be ?
Which fragrance do you think represents you ?
Do you own stuff toys?
What is your favourite quote/poem of all times?
Do you believe in afterlife?
What do you want be reborn as ? What are your characteristics?
That's all have a great day ✨
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fruitchouli · 5 months
Tumblr media
yess i think people should look at notes lists as just another marketing tool used to sell a fragrance because the notes lists are generally thought up after the fragrance is done… they’re just coming up with notes that they think will market that specific mix of aromachemicals to you the best which is why the same note can smell so different from fragrance to fragrance because it’s all up to the perfumer’s interpretation.. which is why i do think people should trust their noses more when they smell something that isn’t listed as a note because you’re picking out what’s in the actual composition rather than trying to pick out the notes they’re marketing it with.. and why it’s important to read reviews by people who know what they’re talking about to get a much better idea of how a fragrance will smell.. but i do find with niche, the notes lists are usually more realistic and helpful, but with mainstream designer i swear they just pick whatever random notes to write down sometimes…
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liquorishblack · 3 months
What the adult trio smells like / which fragrances they use…
Hey Folks,
since I´m the biggest perfume-hoarder I know of, it was just a matter of time when the question „What do Hisoka, Illumi and Chrollo actually smell like?“ crosses my mind. The day night has finally come, so here is my headcanon…
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
❈ Hisoka Morow:
As for Hisoka, the answer was clear to me right from the start: „Lost Cherry“ by Tom Ford. It just has to be! And here is why: "Lost Cherry“ is a fruity-sweetish scent, but not a childish cheap one. In my opinion this perfume is best described as a boozy-almondy amaretto cherry. It is strong, sexy, bold, extremely seductive and intoxicating and therefore it can be even a bit annoying from time to time - just like our beloved jester. Even though „Lost Cherry“ is labeled by the brand as unisex, I find it quite feminine, but I´m sure, Hisoka wouldn´t mind. The fragrance is very unique and I´ve actually never smelled it on anybody else before … and it´s expensive… something tells me, that Hisoka would never smell like something mainstream and will always go with some kind of niche fragrance. Also I´m pretty sure that this man has quite an expensive taste. Tom Ford itself is a bold and luxury brand which also suits him very well. Not to forget that "Lost Cherry" means something on the lines of "lost innocence/virginity" which makes this fragrance a match made in heaven for a horny clown person.
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
❈ Chrollo Lucilfer:
Chrollo may have a fable for the gloomy and occult and we all know that he can be extremely cruel, but when it comes to the troupe members there´s no doubt regarding his loyalty. Therefore I can sense some kind of warmth that he carries deep down in his dark soul. For him I would suggest „Herod“ by Parfums de Marly. A woody, slightly sweetish and spicy scent with some smokey chords which make it cozy, sexy and mysterious alike. But buckle up, Ladys and Gentlement, just like „Lost Cherry“, this fragrance is a panty-dropper. Thats for sure!
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
❈ Illumi Zoldyck:
Illumi keeps me guessing tbh. I can imagine two completely different scents for him. Either, I see him wearing a very very heavy, somber and classic fragrance, such as Memoir Man by Amouage or - since he's an assassin and frequently needs to stay unnoticed on his missions - he would prefer a much more lighter, barely perceptible and synthetic scent, perhaps with a clean and even slightly medicinal note. In this case, I immediately had to think of all kinds of molecule-fragrances, since they are somehow present but not at all tangible. With such a scent, Illumi would be able to sneak up not only against the wind, but also with it. Therefore I would suggest a woody-synthetic-molecule for him, just like ISO-E-Super or Ambroxan.
Tumblr media
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snknmda · 1 year
domestic suegiku!!
i have this hc that tecchou writes poetry as a niche hobby but nobody knows that ofc cuz tecchou never bothered sharing it since he assumed it wasn't that big of a deal.
jouno loves the sound of tecchou's voice when he's reading his poems to him, but he doesn't know that tecchou's the one who wrote them.
he always did find them soothing because damn the poet really has a knack for describing everything like it's the next best thing they found: simply the sound of a chair rocking, micro-analyzing the sight of a lone park bench with chipped paint, the fragrance coming from a bakery at the corner of the street, the feel of leather and polyester weighing down on their body— mundane things one wouldn't pay their mind to. jouno enjoyed this little shared activity of theirs as he would pick the words apart in his mind, unsuspecting that he too had become a muse for tecchou's poetry.
he only realised it when one day tecchou was narrating how snow is such a paradoxical thing; so gentle and fragile, looking absolutely beautiful to the eye yet brutal enough to burn your skin. however relentless, it allows an incarnadine rose to bloom amongst the blizzard as if being offered solace by the snow itself. an odd concept, really, but who even really understood the biasness of it. jouno had almost assumed that the incredibly targeted description of the intricate complexities of the snow wasn't meant to be about him.
tecchou's eye for things is surely one of the seven wonders of the world, but who is jouno to complain— after all, the man has a way with words that even jouno himself can't fathom.
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coquette-club · 1 year
Tumblr media
how to find your signature scent
1.  Sample your fragrance before purchasing
There’s nothing worse than buying a perfume thinking it’s gonna smell good because you hear rave reviews only to find that you don’t really like it or it doesn’t last for shit or what have you. That’s why it’s important to sample first. Most department stores have free or extremely cheap sample vials so you can wear it over the course of a few days to see if it’s something you really want to wear. Because often we spray on the sample paper and make a split second decision. When it comes to body mists like the ones from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works those tend to be more forgiving and can be bought as is.
2. Consider what you want your fragrance to say about you
You never want a fragrance to wear you. Some notes like raspberry, cucumber, vanilla etc are very forgiving and flatter everyone so those are great starters. But really when it comes to picking a perfume that represents *you* think about what that means. Do you want something soft and intimate to represent a more delicate persona? Or maybe something sweet and uplifting to represent your fun, bubbly personality. Really give it some thought.
3. Don’t run with trends
It can be tempting to run and grab the hottest perfume on the market right now, we all want to smell like our idols or try out the delicious perfume our friends are wearing and it’s not necessarily a bad thing! Perfumes like Poison Girl, Coco Mademoiselle and Black Opium are popular for a reason: they smell good and are crowd pleasers. But when it comes to having a signature scent, it’s good to branch out and try brands that may not be as popular or even less popular scents by popular brands. Consider fragrances that align with your personal style, persona and lifestyle. If you’re a laid back beach bunny wearing something like Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet will seem discordant and try hard. There’s no real one sized fits all perfume so try to explore what you can.
4. It doesn’t have to be expensive
Lot’s of us think having a signature scent means it has to be expensive and hard to own like our idols but that’s not the case. Signature scents can range from inexpensive body mists to decanted designer fragrances. Don’t be afraid to try local perfumeries, niche brands and decants (high end perfumes not in its original bottle). 
5. Understand the fragrance families
Understanding the different fragrance families will help you narrow down what scents appeal to you and blends well with your body chemistry best. Oriental and spicy fragrances tend to be much warmer and heavier in nature, lending themselves best to the winter months or an evening fragrance. Fruity and citrus fragrances tend to be more uplifting and easy to wear, making them ideal for daytime wear or for summer months. Woody scents are more masculine in nature, whilst floral fragrances tend to be more feminine, however, that being said, a fragrance is not gender specific
6. Don’t get caught up in gender categories
Explore masculine, feminine and unisex smells, sometimes even the girliest of them all find that men’s cologne is more pleasing and beautiful on their bodies. Don’t get too caught up in the gender of the perfumes and think more about what notes and fragrance families you prefer, as certain notes are more common in men’s cologne than unisex and what have you. Just be sure to explore!
7. When you think you’ve found one, only wear it on special occasions
Don’t just throw it on to go to the store, that’s what purse body mists are for. Save them for special occasions  so people begin to associate the smelll with you, then begin to incorporate it to your everyday life
8. You can have multiple
While ideally signature scents are supposed to be versatile and can be worn at any times it’s not always the truth. We may notice how our favorite fragrances may fair better in once season over the other, or is too overpowering in certain situations. In order to prevent overconsumption it’s best to have 3 fragrances max. One for everyday this should be the lightest and brightest of them all, one for nightime/date nights, this one can a bit heavier and usually for colder months and one thats all all rounder. There is also the chance that eventually you’ll get sick of the smell and want to change it up, and thats perfectly fine.
9. Be sure it’s something you won’t get tired of
This is where testing them comes in, you want to be sure this is a smell you can never get tired of because sometimes a perfume you absolutely love the first month becomes an absolute headache inducer later on in the same way one you intitally hated can become an all time favorite. 
10. When searching for the perfect scent, only try two or three at a time
Give yourself time to become acquainted with each perfume in your roster, don’t switch them every day, instead try to spend at least two weeks with each perfume to test its sillage (scent trail left behind you) and its longevity. Trying too many at once can leave you confused! And if you prefer to test them out at the makeup counter? Go in the morning a your nose is still fresh
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fulltimehabibti · 11 months
build got cancelled on twitter. give us the kinnporsche perfume post 💀🙏💅
oh ok i don't know what that's about but anyway.
kinn: a tom ford guy. his go-to signature scent is oud which is a super fresh and sexy blended wood, but he'll spritz on some noir de noir or ombré leather on special occasions to get a boost in confidence to play the suave mafia boss. black orchid when he's feeling adventurous and just wants to feel a little extra sexy.
porsche: literally a ck one bitch. and the only reason he's using that and not whatever bargain body spray is bc yok gifted him a bottle after a joke that he looked like a calvin klein model. (vegas who can't stand it gifts him a bottle of elysium by roja parfums during his whole seduction scheme and kinn is like "why do you suddenly smell like a delicious pineapple cocktail?" and almost loses his mind when he finds out that porsche is unaware that he's wearing a $400/bottle perfume)
pete: loves to treat himself to a designer scent ever since he got a sweet paycheck for working as a bodyguard, but still doesn't like spending too much since he sends most of it to his grandma. his daytime work scent is prada l'homme bc he loves smelling like super luxurious fresh laundry (and earns him the reputation as the best smelling body guard), but the one he wears for outings and special occasions, and is his favourite to wear is la nuit de l'homme by ysl. it's spicy, it's sexy, but also fresh and a little sweet. perfect for the other side of him.
vegas: a niche fragrance slut. loves a difficult but magnetic scent. his "everyday vegas" scent is carlisle by parfums de marly which is tobacco-y and spicy apple scent that gives mysterious, expensive, and sophisticated (everything he wants to be seen as). the other side of the coin? wears black afgano by nasomatto, a woodsy cannabis fragrance that just screams "DANGER!" and makes you confused if you wanna run for safety or attach your face to his neck and start panting.
tankhun: toy boy by moschino. you know this man loves a fun unisex fragrance in a quirky bottle.
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vespersposts · 4 months
what are your favorite types of perfumes? Also, what sample sets would you recommend for people just getting into perfume?
Hi, how nice to have a question from you! (your posts keep me a lot of company, they're kind of my daily gazette).
This post is loooong, you'be been warned!
How nice to be able to talk about fragrance. So, I start by telling you that in my opinion the main thing to figure out is what kind of perfume you like. Is there a memory, a flower an experience that has stuck with you because of a smell? In contrast, what are the smells/fumes that you hate? From there you go to figure out among the families which one is your favorite among: Citrus, Floral, Fougère, Chypre, Woody, Oriental, and Musky.
I'll give you a few examples of well-known commercial fragrances for each family so you can smell them in the perfumery or pharmacy
🍋 Citrus- zests of all kinds of citrus fruits Light blue- Dolce and Gabbana, Roger & Gallet -Cedrat Eau Fraiche, Acqua di Parma- Bergamot 💐 Floral: classical flower scents (mostly white flowers) Chloe, Nomade- Chloe, Miss Dior-Dior, Flora-Gucci 🌿 Fougère: woody, usually masculine (but in my opinion gender difference is a concept not applicable to fragrances, I use masculine or unisex perfumes almost every day). Acqua di Giò- Armani, Y- Ysl ✨ Chypre: classic, 'ladylike' , enveloping Sì- Armani, Jean Paul Gautier- Scandal, Narciso Rodriguez- Narciso 🌲 Woody: warm, woody base, usually the ones that are sold as 'cool boys' perfumes. Hero-Burberry, One Million- Paco Rabanne, bleu-Chanel, Sauvage-Dior ⛩ Oriental: spice and all things nice. The one gentleman- Dolce and Gabbana, Coromandel-Chanel. ☁ Musky : musk, leather, anything that blends with your natural scent. Idole- Lancome, Narciso Rodriguez- for him, Armani- Sì passione.
-> I suggest you ask for free samples or spray on the scent you like best and wait the whole day, so you evaluate how it changes on you and how long it lasts. I also recommend you look at this site, and if there is a note that you particularly like you can see what scents contain it and go to give it a try. A pro tip is to smell coffe grains to reset the nose between a fragrance and another (usually there are coffee beans near the shelves at stores), or just take some fresh air.
Coming to me, I use a mix of commercial perfumes but mainly niche perfumes thanks to a loved one who introduced me to them.
Actually, I am fond of musky, ambery, oriental and 'second skin' fragrances. I don't particularly like florals because on my skin they veer toward extreme sweetness and it bothers me. I usually use fragrances with few elements, I love minimalism in daytime but I am a night-time maximalist.
🎀 My favorite perfume, the one I probably use 99 times out of 100, all day long is "Mirabilis" by 'Artisan Parfumeur': musk and incense, earth and spirit. Wonderful, my Aomine Daiki of perfumes.
🎀 Another 'second skin' that I love is "Le Musc & La Peau 4.1"- Pierre Guillaume. Clean but not soapy, really well balanced.
🎀 The third perfume I use during daylight hours is Prada Amber Pour Homme. As you can see, no matter how it's categorized, it has a very fresh opening but then it has this warm, enveloping note of amber and saffron that makes me love it.
🌝 In the group of more impactful perfumes, those for the evening or a date out, I would say my favorite brand is Tom Ford.
I love "Black Orchid" because although it is a 'heavy' scent it remains elegant , and I also love "Beau de Jour" because it smells like lavender and has that vintage feel (some would tell you it smells like grandma's closet), or Noir Anthracite (vinyl, metallic, seductive ).
Belle D'Opium -YSL is another very playful fragrance, always getting compliments when i wear it.
🌒 The last strand I love are those "dissonant" fragrances, i.e., those that remind you of an experience and are not pleasant the first time you wear them, but as soon as they do drydown, you like them.
Mine are: Aura Mugler, a combination of rhubarb and green notes that makes you feel like a woodland deity, very tart and sassy, almost annoying.
Dent de Lait- Serge Lutens: metallic and milky, it is a perfume that evokes childhood, an ode to melancholy.
Equinox Bloom Penhaligon's : This tastes like a thaw, like spring. A child on the train told me I smelled like morning snow, I think that's a very good explanation.
😽Last but not least, the fragrances I love most on a man are scents that change to something disgusting on my skin, so I hope I have someone to gift them to sooner or later.
Egoiste platinum- Chanel : yes, please. this scent screams sensuality, kind dom vibes, and is perfect on anyone at any age.
Hindu Kush- Mancera: this is…mystical. unexpected, complex, warm and spiritual at the same time, hypnotic (my best friend wreaks havoc and ruin when he wears this, the scent is always a nice catchline).
Of course all the men's fragrances I wear I also love them on a potential partner…. What could be sexier than sharing the same fragrance?
Sorry for being pedantic and long-winded, I will open a tumblr page just for fragrances (joking).
Thank you for letting me talk about something I love, let me know if I was helpful and let me know when you find it which group of frangrances you like best. From your vibes i'd say warm spices with hit of floral, but only time will tell!
A super strong hug! V.
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Perfume, The first thing that comes to mind speaking of pure perfumes. Original sandals can include anywhere from 15% to 40% scent. Men’s and women’s perfumes have been described in the past by how they smell. The most appropriate term for describing a scent. It lasts for around 5 to 8 hours and contains 10% to 20% pure perfumes essence.
Most of the time, the bottle has the name of the perfume and how much is in it. You can tell how strong a smell is by how much of it there is. A pure perfume with a higher fragrance concentration has more perfume oils and less alcohol. And however, most of the pure perfumes have a concentration of between 20% and 30%.
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marcolinia · 2 years
How Are unboxed Perfumes Popular?
Unless the exorbitant price of a branded perfume is preventing you from trying one, it's time to make the transition. Unboxed fragrances are the next big thing in the fragrance market. These are the perfumes that have minor package damage in one or more places. It could be a tiny printing flaw or damage sustained during delivery. They toss away the odors because branded scents have a reputation to uphold.
For a lot longer, they ended up in landfills due to minor packing damage. Makers tossed the entire piece, no matter how great or tiny the damage was. It came with both the perfume bottle and the perfume inside. Considering this to be a severe environmental problem.
Do Fragrance Connoisseurs Adore Unboxed Perfumes?
Anyone who enjoys perfumes flavors branded scents for a variety of reasons. They have a fantastic silage and are quite scented. Branded smells have a distinct aroma that sets you apart from the crowd. However, because to the high cost, they are not available for purchase. Unboxed scents have made it easy for fragrance enthusiasts to do so. They can now buy as many as they want because of the cheaper price. Small flaws in the packaging have no effect on their appreciation of smell. They can do whatever they want as long as the perfume in the bottle is intact.
The Most Budget-Friendly Gifting Option
Unless you want to give a fragrance to a loved one but are put off by the expensive price, consider buying an unboxed one. They are relatively inexpensive, and with some clever packaging, no one will ever know. You might also surprise them with a tiny gift box filled with adorable little things. This gift will not only make them happy, but it will also make them feel appreciated. It's appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.
Many online perfume businesses now sell unboxed original scents and best niche fragrances for men. You can order from Marcolinia and have the scents delivered to your home. Always buy from an approved store that sells only genuine smells. This is your chance to discover a whole new world of branded smells. Begin with purchasing one to see if you like it.
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hesperidesfragrance · 26 days
Tumblr media
Hello! Welcome to the brand new Hesperides fragrance blog. Here I will be reviewing some fragrances and samples I own.
For the first fragrance review, I have My Way Floral by Giorgio Armani. It was launched in 2022, and the noses behind it are Carlos Benaim and Pascal Gaurin.
My Way Floral is a fruity, citrus scent with notes of green mandarin, orange blossom, tuberose, neroli, and musk. Upon spraying it you get a blast of juicy, sweet orange, with a hint of bubblegum from the tuberose. Overall, it reminds me of a fruit bubble tea in the summer.
This is my current favourite spring scent, as it's great for the warmer months. It's not a complex or confusing scent, nor does it feel simple or generic. The citrus from the neroli gives freshness and youth to the original My Way DNA without hiding the tuberose or smelling like cleaning products. However, the tuberose is much more prominent in the original My Way. As someone who is hit-and-miss with tuberose, I gravitate more toward My Way Floral, so this may be something of interest to those like me.
Moving on to the bottle design, I always love frosted glass as it reminds me of cool summer drinks. All the My Way flankers have similar bottles, but I think the frosted glass matches the freshness of the scent really nicely.
Something that I'd like to try with this blog is to give a song with each fragrance.
The song for this scent is SunKissing by Hailee Steinfeld.
If you are looking for a new scent this summer, I hope this helped! Watch out for more to come, as I'll try to post 3 times a week. In the meantime, let me know if there are any scents you would like me to try! Based on where I live, it's a little difficult to get access to niche or indie scents, but I will try my best.
Until next time! x
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gblghb · 1 month
Tumblr media
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dmtbeautyspot · 2 months
Inside Puig’s Transformation Through M&A
PARIS — When Puig lost its beauty licences for Valentino and Prada in 2018, the Spanish fragrance-and-fashion group appeared to some observers as a company in crisis.
The closely-held group risked getting squeezed for market share by listed giants like L’Oréal, which had scooped up the licences for both prestigious Italian brands, and LVMH, whose beauty brands including Dior and Fenty have surged, boosted by investment firepower and prime positions in the conglomerate’s own retailers Sephora and DFS. At the same time, a boom in pricier niche perfumes was challenging the dominance of designer fragrances, which has long been Puig’s specialty.
But since shedding its big licences, Puig has enjoyed something of a renaissance: In recent years the group redirected investments to brands it actually owns — accelerating the growth of blockbuster perfumes from Paco Rabanne and Carolina Herrera — as well as embarking on a spate of acquisitions that rapidly diversified its portfolio.
A 2018 deal to acquire Dries Van Noten provided a stronger foothold in fashion, while the 2020 addition of British makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury rapidly boosted its exposure to colour cosmetics. Last year, Puig pulled ahead in a race to acquire fast-growing Byredo, bolstering its exposure to both niche perfumery and retail (a channel where it’s historically treaded lightly). The group also bet on wellness-inspired beauty and the promising Indian market by acquiring skin and hair care brand Kama Ayurveda.
Tumblr media
More recently Puig acquired Kama Ayurveda, a dual bet on wellness-inspired beauty and the fast-growing Indian market. (Kama Ayurveda)
In 2022, Puig’s revenues grew 30 percent on an organic basis to €3.6 billion ($3.9 billion), the group said Thursday, putting it within striking distance of its target for €4 billion in annual sales by 2025. EBITDA, a measure of operating profit, rose 37 percent to €638 million.
In its core business of airport- and department-store grade fragrances (a segment referred to by insiders as “prestige”), Puig surfed a wave of post-pandemic demand and grew faster than rivals: its market share hit a record 10 percent, according to the group’s estimates. On the back of its recent acquisitions, makeup sales jumped 52 percent to €626 million, while skin care sales grew 20 percent to €328 million.
Together, skin care and makeup now make up more than a quarter of sales — marking rapid diversification for a company that was, just a few years ago, considered a pure player in fragrance.
“15 years ago we were still a mid-size player. We needed to focus on a few things and do them the best we can,” chairman and CEO Marc Puig told BoF in an interview ahead of the company’s results announcement. “Now that we have a certain critical mass, we can think about other things.”
Tumblr media
Puig's chairman and CEO, Marc Puig. (Puig)
The group did not break out sales of clothing and accessories (which are estimated to remain a small fraction of the business) but said the category was growing as fast as the overall company.
Last year, Jean Paul Gaultier relaunched its fashion business with a buzzy collaboration model that included haute couture shows and ready-to-wear capsules signed by big-name guest designers Y/Project’s Glenn Martens and Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing. Paco Rabanne (designed since 2013 by Julien Dossena) and Carolina Herrera (designed by Wes Gordon since 2018) both “consolidated” their positions, while Nina Ricci laid the groundwork for a revamp in 2023 by naming a new artistic director, Harris Reed.
“In fashion, it’s true that we’re careful, yes, and small — but we keep investing. We’re progressively more confident in our ability to run this business,” Mr Puig said. Even if brands like Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera have been predominantly perfume brands for decades, the company still sees fashion as “a lighthouse that sets the tone for the rest of the brand to follow,” Mr Puig added.
Tumblr media
Glenn Marten's guest haute couture collection for Jean Paul Gaultier was followed up by a sell-out capsule of anatomical-printed ready-to-wear. (Jean Paul Gaultier)
Looking ahead, the pace of M&A is likely to cool. “There’s always holes or imbalances, but now we have to digest a bit, and take time to help those [recently acquired] brands grow,” Mr Puig said.
Puig’s talks to launch fragrances and beauty for fast-growing Jacquemus, or even acquire the brand, have been shelved. “We were courting, but in the end a marriage didn’t materialise,” Mr Puig confirmed. (BoF confirmed a December report by website Glitz Paris that founder Simon Porte Jacquemus had bought back an undisclosed minority stake the brand sold to Puig in 2019, suggesting a deal is now firmly off the table.)
Still, even if Puig is taking a breather from its acquisition spree, the company is seeking to burnish its corporate image in a bid to make itself a more attractive future acquirer, business partner and employer. The family-controlled group historically kept a low profile in a bid to keep the spotlight on its brands, but this posture has caused market perception to lag company developments. A more differentiated positioning could also help it stand out from giants like L’Oréal and LVMH.
“Most people when you say Puig, they still see this perfume manufacturer, manufacturing often times for third  parties,” Puig said. “But 95 percent of our sales are brands that we control, which is already a very different picture from what many people believe.”
Last year the company tapped former Vogue Espagne editor-in-chief Eugenia de la Torriente as its communications director. It’s started to describe itself as a “home of love brands” and a “powerful ecosystem of founders,” citing the continued involvement of figures like Charlotte Tilbury and Byredo’s Ben Gorham in the group.
While Puig still operates licences for a few brands, such as Comme des Garçons and Christian Louboutin, the group says it is uninterested in pursuing big licensing deals going forward.
“If you do a bad job as a licensee, the brands don’t renew. If you do a good job, you pay for the job you have done!” Puig said, evoking recent deals like Estee Lauder’s move to pay $2.8 billion for control of Tom Ford, where it has already invested heavily in building the brand’s perfume line. “For a family business that does things long term, it’s very tough to justify.”
DMTBeautySpot via https://www.DMTBeautySpot.com Robert Williams, Khareem Sudlow, DMT.NEWS
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