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marcolinia · 2 years
Is this a good Idea to change Your Perfume Each Day?
Spraying perfume on your body isn't enough to make you smell good. To utilize perfume correctly, you must first understand how it works. Using a variety of techniques to achieve a long-lasting aroma without using a lot of scents. A wise perfume user can stretch that small bottle's life beyond a couple of months. One clever way to use perfume and stand out is to vary your scent frequently. You may have a favorite scent, but wearing it every day can make it unnoticeable.
Why do your senses grow acclimated to the perfume, but others begin to ignore it as well. They are not doing it on purpose. It's their smell senses at work here. Our senses are programmed to overlook commonplace smells.
Be Noticed Quickly
Whenever you change your perfume, it alerts your senses to take notice of the aroma more. The silage of the aroma will be more vivid and visible. Everyone will be able to detect it on your person. This is very useful when attending a party or meeting someone for the first time. You might also experiment with wearing a different smell for business meetings and greetings. However, use a perfume to which you are familiar.
The Fragrance Lasts Longer
It helps to make it more colorful if you pay attention to using the proper perfume. You will find that your perfume has become more prominent. The silage is improved over previously. This approach will help if you think your perfumes aren't lasting as long as they used to and don't smell as good as they used to.
Suggestions on Switching Fragrances Frequently
Continuously wear fragrance as indicated by the mind-set and second. This makes your character alluring to individuals around you. Attempt to save one scent for each event, for example, for office, for the party, for ordinary use. Likewise, get one for extraordinary events like weddings or date evenings.
Put resources into a modest bunch of good-quality aromas. Rather than burning through cash on ten unique aromas, attempt to have a couple of good ones. Some internet based aroma stores supply a variety of different aromas in a single box. You can attempt those to set aside cash.
Change your scent week after week if doing it consistently isn't workable for you. You should consider this errand a standard preparing routine rather than a weight. You will see that everybody around you is seeing the fragrance more.
Give the fragrance a shot you prior to wearing it outside. Never wear a totally new fragrance while venturing out. A few fragrances can give you a terrible cerebral pain or cause your head to feel weighty. You don't need that to occur in a gathering.
From the design to the advertising to the customer experience, is considered to provide luxury enthusiasts with the ultimate venue in which to indulge their obsession. Marcolinia specializes in high-end beauty items, Affordable niche perfumes and is now pleased to be one of the first in Dubai to open a perfume store dedicated solely to the world's most prominent perfume brands.
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ah-beautybv · 3 months
Buy Authentic Perfume Online
If you want to buy authentic perfume online AH-BEAUTY BV assure you the maximum authenticity of products. To know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] and +3197010265006.
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fragrancemalluk · 6 months
Best Women's Niche Fragrance
Fragrances are a crucial element of a woman's beauty routine. They can express one's personality and create an unforgettable first impression. However, choosing the perfect scent can be overwhelming with the plethora of fragrances available. It is where Best Women's Niche Fragrance comes in – these unique and rare scents cater to a specific audience and offer a personalized touch.
Tumblr media
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blissiimo · 10 months
Get your hands on the Blissiimo to shop luxury niche perfumes at the best prices. Our fragrances are exclusively made to meet the different needs of our customers. We take care of every note and make sure it is long-lasting. Also, every ingredient we use is entirely environment friendly and best for use. Hook to our website to shop now!
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centrally-unplanned · 1 month
Another big stop in Tokyo for me was Jimbocho Book Town! It is a neighborhood of, depending on who you ask, up to 400 generally-secondhand bookstores flanked by some of the major universities in Tokyo. The local government even prints out maps of the stores to help people find them all:
Tumblr media
Which, you will note, is not 400 stores, because the process of becoming an "official" Jimbocho Town Bookstore is an intensely political operation run by local stakeholders with tons of fights over what should qualify and what rights that entails - never change humanity!
"Book Towns" used to actually be quite a common thing, and they peaked during the literary boom of the late 19th century. Figuring out "what books existed" was a hard task, and to do serious research you needed to own the books (you weren't making photocopies), so concentrating specialty bookstores in one area made sense to allow someone to go to one place and ask around to find what they need and discover what exists. It was academia's version of Comiket! Modern digital information & distribution networks slowly killed or at least reduced these districts in places like Paris or London, but Jimbocho is one of the few that still survives.
Why it has is multi-causal for sure - half of this story is that Tokyo is YIMBY paradise and has constantly built new buildings to meet demand so rents have been kept down, allowing low-margin, individually-owned operations to continue where they have struggled in places like the US. These stores don't make much money but they don't have to. But as important is that Japan has a very strong 'book collector' culture, it's the original baseball cards for a lot of people. The "organic" demand for a 1960's shoujo magazine or porcelainware picture book is low, but hobbyists building collections is a whole new source of interest. Book-as-art-collection powered Jimbocho through until the 21st century, where - again like Comiket - the 'spectacle' could give it a lift and allow the area to become a tourist attraction and a mecca for the ~cozy book hoarder aesthetic~ to take over. Now it can exist on its vibes, which go so far as to be government-recognized: In 2001 the "scent wafting from the pages of the secondhand bookstore" was added to Japan's Ministry of Environment's List of 100 Fragrance Landscapes.
Of course this transition has changed what it sells; when it first began in the Meiji area, Jimbocho served the growing universities flanking it, and was a hotpot of academic (and political-polemic) texts. Those stores still exist, but as universities built libraries and then digital collections, the hobby world has taken over. Which comes back to me, baby! If you want Old Anime Books Jimbocho is one of the best places to go - the list of "subculture" stores is expansive.
I'll highlight two here: the first store I went to was Kudan Shobo, a 3rd floor walk-up specializing in shoujo manga. And my guys, the ~vibes~ of this store. It has this little sign outside pointing you up the stairs with the cutest book angel logo:
Tumblr media
And the stairs:
Tumblr media
Real flex of Japan's low crime status btw. Inside is jam-packed shelves and the owner just sitting there eating dinner, so I didn't take any photos inside, but not only did it have a great collection of fully-complete shoujo magazines going back to the 1970's, it had a ton of "meta" books on shoujo & anime, even a doujinshi collection focusing on 'commentary on the otaku scene' style publications. Every Jimbocho store just has their own unique collection, and you can only discover it by visiting. I picked up two books here (will showcase some of the buys in another post).
The other great ~subculture~ store I went to was Yumeno Shoten - and this is the store I would recommend to any otaku visiting, it was a much broader collection while still having a ton of niche stuff. The vibes continued to be immaculate of course:
Tumblr media
And they covered every category you could imagine - Newtype-style news magazine, anime cels, artbooks, off-beat serial manga magazines, 1st edition prints, just everything. They had promotional posters from Mushi Pro-era productions like Cleopatra, nothing was out of reach. I got a ton of books here - it was one of the first stores I visited on my second day in Jimobocho, which made me *heavily* weighed down for the subsequent explorations, a rookie mistake for sure. There are adorable book-themed hotels and hostels in Jimbocho, and I absolutely could see a trip where you just shop here for a week and stay nearby so you can drop off your haul as you go.
We went to other great stores - I was on the lookout for some 90's era photography stuff, particularly by youth punk photographer Hiromix (#FLCL database), and I got very close at fashion/photography store Komiyama Shoten but never quite got what I was looking for. Shinsendo Shoten is a bookstore devoted entirely to the "railway and industrial history of Japan" and an extensive map collection, it was my kind of fetish art. My partner @darktypedreams found two old copies of the fashion magazine Gothic & Lolita Bible, uh, somewhere, we checked like five places and I don't remember which finally had it! And we also visited Aratama Shoten, a store collecting vintage pornography with a gigantic section on old BDSM works that was very much up her alley. It had the porn price premium so we didn't buy anything, but it was delightful to look through works on bondage and non-con from as far back as the 1960's, where honestly the line between "this is just for the fetish" and "this is authentic gender politics" was...sometimes very blurry. No photos of this one for very obvious reasons.
Jimbocho absolutely earned its rep, its an extremely stellar example of how history, culture, and uh land use policy can build something in one place that seems impossible in another operating under a different set of those forces. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
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azure-cherie · 1 year
100 questions for whoever wants to ask themselves or answer:
How have you been ?
Do you have a dream journal?
If you could dream about something all your life what would it be ?
Are you taking care of your mental health?
Do the people in your life take good care you?
Have you left the toxic people in your life ?
Did you eat well today?
What's your dream job?
What's your favourite emoji?
Where do you want to astral travel ?
If you could see only one colour, which colour would it be ?
What is your favourite thing about yourself?
Would you like to colour your hair?
Do you have tattoos or piercings ?
What do your tattoos represent?
Who is your favourite fictional character?
Who is your favourite movie character?
If you could marry a fictional character who would it be ?
Who is your idol ?
What are your main niche's here on Tumblr?
What is your favourite astrological sign except yours and why ?
Are you good academically ?
What are your views on the education system?
What is your favourite subject ?
What is your favourite planet & element?
What's your favourite piece of clothing?
What's your favourite makeup product?
What are the main themes of your best life?
How many languages do you speak?
Who is your favourite historical figure?
What's your favourite unproved theory?
What's your favourite conspiracy theory?
Do you believe in law of attraction ?
What is the best thing you have manifested?
Do you believe in love ?
Are you in love with someone?
Do you love yourself unconditionally?
What's your favourite season?
Who is your favourite poet ?
What is your favourite movie ?
Can your life be summed up in a song/ movie?
Who is your favourite person on Tumblr?
Who is in your irl favourite person?
Do you write or make art?
Where do you wanna travel?
Do the flame coloured skies light your fire?
What is your favourite colour of the sky?
Do you know anything about your past life?
What do you think your soul is really like?
Is there someone you have deep talks with?
Who is your favourite deity?
Are you a religious , heathen or spiritual person?
What are the other cultures except yours that you admire ?
What are your views on ongoing world crisis right now ?
What do you fear ?
Would you be someone else if you could?
Who would you like to be ?
What would you like to do with racists and homophobes ?
Have you ever caught a butterfly?
Beaches or mountains?
Describe chocolate .
What do you like to eat the most?
Are you into spirituality?
What do you like about being spiritual the most?
Do you think you are intimidating?
Are you a sweetheart or a baddie ?
What do you find easy , forgive or forget ?
Something you really want to do for your parents .
Are you in your soul community right now ?
Are you a starseed ?
Did you ever have an OBE ?
Would you like to time travel?
If yes past or future?
What's your favourite aesthetic?
Are you a hippie or a home person ?
What's your favourite flower, fruit &animal?
Have you ever travelled in a boat?
What is the best thing a stranger has done for you ?
Do you believe in the kindness of strangers ?
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
How often do you get compliments?
Do you generally compliment people ?
What's your favourite space entity?
If you could inhabitate one planet where would you choose?
What are your favourite essential oils ?
What are your favourite crystals?
What is your favourite tarot card ?
Do you find it easy to express your sexuality?
Are your right brained or left brained?
Have you tried third eye awakening ?
Do you usually channel your creativity?
What's your favourite phase of the moon?
Is there someone you would really like to do something for ?
Are you a charitable person?
If you could add one more colour to the rainbow what would it be ?
Which fragrance do you think represents you ?
Do you own stuff toys?
What is your favourite quote/poem of all times?
Do you believe in afterlife?
What do you want be reborn as ? What are your characteristics?
That's all have a great day ✨
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princessofmissouri · 1 month
how did your relationship with scent begin
awesome question <3
april 2022 i found my first signature scent. for the first time i felt like i could enact my personality and taste w a perfume. any other relationship to perfume that i had was for the most part superfluous. perfume finally clicked for me as another way to make art/curate work/relate work to — so much of smelling is visual too. think of packaging, the setting a scent can evoke. the theory of it all!
october 2022 my best friend died and i became hyper obsessed so i wouldn’t have to be thinking about the grief i was dealing with so directly. initially, i did it to subside those sad thoughts and keep my brain unfeeling as a distraction. but! fragrance actually ended up helping me work through my grief instead. i would get stoned and buy a lot of perfume/decants and read about about fragrance. i learned about myself and what smells i felt the most connected to visually, as a memory, and symbolically. when i lost sam i felt like so much of me was also lost. i was trying to jog my memory of who i was and why i wanted to live. perfume helped me transform and express so much of my emotion and it made it easier to process this feeling of loss i still feel and am still processing. it helped me remain somewhat stable when i was in shock.
now, almost 11 months later i feel lighter and like i know myself even better than before he died. that’s what we call a healthy progression after a traumatic event woof! oh and now i have a fun niche knowledge
i took the long answer route
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liquorishblack · 8 months
What the adult trio smells like / which fragrances they use…
Hey Folks,
since I´m the biggest perfume-hoarder I know of, it was just a matter of time when the question „What do Hisoka, Illumi and Chrollo actually smell like?“ crosses my mind. The day night has finally come, so here is my headcanon…
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
❈ Hisoka Morow:
As for Hisoka, the answer was clear to me right from the start: „Lost Cherry“ by Tom Ford. It just has to be! And here is why: "Lost Cherry“ is a fruity-sweetish scent, but not a childish cheap one. In my opinion this perfume is best described as a boozy-almondy amaretto cherry. It is strong, sexy, bold, extremely seductive and intoxicating and therefore it can be even a bit annoying from time to time - just like our beloved jester. Even though „Lost Cherry“ is labeled by the brand as unisex, I find it quite feminine, but I´m sure, Hisoka wouldn´t mind. The fragrance is very unique and I´ve actually never smelled it on anybody else before … and it´s expensive… something tells me, that Hisoka would never smell like something mainstream and will always go with some kind of niche fragrance. Also I´m pretty sure that this man has quite an expensive taste. Tom Ford itself is a bold and luxury brand which also suits him very well. Not to forget that "Lost Cherry" means something on the lines of "lost innocence/virginity" which makes this fragrance a match made in heaven for a horny clown person.
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
❈ Chrollo Lucilfer:
Chrollo may have a fable for the gloomy and occult and we all know that he can be extremely cruel, but when it comes to the troupe members there´s no doubt regarding his loyalty. Therefore I can sense some kind of warmth that he carries deep down in his dark soul. For him I would suggest „Herod“ by Parfums de Marly. A woody, slightly sweetish and spicy scent with some smokey chords which make it cozy, sexy and mysterious alike. But buckle up, Ladys and Gentlement, just like „Lost Cherry“, this fragrance is a panty-dropper. Thats for sure!
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Tumblr media
❈ Illumi Zoldyck:
Illumi keeps me guessing tbh. I can imagine two completely different scents for him. Either, I see him wearing a very very heavy, somber and classic fragrance, such as Memoir Man by Amouage or - since he's an assassin and frequently needs to stay unnoticed on his missions - he would prefer a much more lighter, barely perceptible and synthetic scent, perhaps with a clean and even slightly medicinal note. In this case, I immediately had to think of all kinds of molecule-fragrances, since they are somehow present but not at all tangible. With such a scent, Illumi would be able to sneak up not only against the wind, but also with it. Therefore I would suggest a woody-synthetic-molecule for him, just like ISO-E-Super or Ambroxan.
Tumblr media
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coquette-club · 6 days
Niche/Indie/Unique Bubblegum Coquette Perfumes for Anon
Tumblr media
Bubble Gum Bel Rebel
Captures the sensation of blowing the bubble. Intense at first, over time the scent is unexpectedly transformative. Once the bubble pops, velvety undertones emerge bringing a chic element to the playfulness of bubblegum. A celebration of the off-kilter, the happy-go-lucky, in constant pursuit of fun and joy.
Tumblr media
Bubblegum Colornoise
The taste of a fresh stick of pink bubblegum. The sound of popping bubbles. COLORNOISE Pink Bubblegum Memory Perfume is designed to transport you to your best memories of blowing pink bubblegum bubbles.
Tumblr media
Sugar Milk Co Buttermilk Pancakes
Rich buttery vanilla blended with warm spices of clove and deliciously rich Vermont maple syrup! These are the delicious notes that make up Sugar Milk’s yummy smelling Buttermilk Pancakes perfume!
Tumblr media
Pink Lemonade Colornoise
Sipping a refreshing icy pink lemonade in the summer... COLORNOISE Pink Lemonade Perfume is a designed to transport you to your best memories of deliciously sweet, tart, and sugary raspberry lemonade. This is the perfect everyday summertime (or year round) scent!
Tumblr media
Stella McCartney Pop
POP is a spirit. It’s about celebrating that exciting time when you are coming into your own. It’s about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels. The scent is composed of two main notes, the synthetic molecules of tuberose and sandalwood.
Tumblr media
Mmmm... Juliette Has A Gun
MMMM… I was thinking about this indescribable onomatopoeia when I created the fragrance. Behind that sound, that murmur, pronounced almost internally, lies a world of hidden pleasures that goes beyond words… A gourmand accord of Vanilla and Neroli. An olfactive sweetness that regales the senses and provokes immediate pleasure.
Tumblr media
Sweet Flowers Montale
A sensual and addictive fragrance, Sweet Flowers combines for the first time the smell of Cotton Candy, Bergamot, White Peach, Florals and Vanilla to create the ultimate guilty pleasure in a bottle.
Tumblr media
Clinique Baby Bouquet
Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet Perfume Spray is a comforting scent with bright mandarin, a tenderheart of orange flower petals, and creamy musk.
Tumblr media
L'Edition Elle
The white, floral and green fragrance of L?Edition is an exclusive and playful scent for women. Launched in 2018, this perfume comes from the house of Elle. At the beginning are notes from mandarin orange, pear, freesia and lemon, while the heart is chic with hints from peach, lily-of-the-valley, peony, jasmine and rose. The base is full of woody energy from cedar, sandalwood and musk.
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moopsy-daisy · 22 days
Make Your Own Cosmetics, Get What You Actually Want
Once you've been in zero waste, eco friendly, solarpunk/lunarpunk circles for a while, it's easy to forget the steps you took when you started. There are lots of DIY projects I've been doing for 10+ years now, and I keep doing them because they work (for me). Yet, when I sit back and think "am I doing enough?" I always gloss over the myriad things that have become part of my everyday life.
Making these things won't save the environment, but you'll get products that meet your needs on your terms, will save you money, and you won't have to worry about a company discontinuing your favorites. Plus, it seems like a lot less packaging to just buy a brick of beeswax and toss in some kitchen stuff you already had to make makeup.
I got really lucky, I always wanted red hair and henna is a natural dye that only comes in red. Well, more of a coppery tone. But, here's the other cool thing: the henna process is anti-fungal and controls dandruff. Half the time, I remember to color my hair because my scalp starts getting itchy 6+ weeks later and I start to get flakes. Coloring my hair takes care of my scalp and I don't need dandruff shampoo to keep it healthy. It's cost-effective, buying high quality henna for a year's worth of color (for my length and thicc hair) is about $60 for 18-months' of materials. I mix it when I need it, and keep the powder in the freezer. Pro-tip, if you or your partner don't like the grassy, hay-like smell of henna, add cardamom or ginger powder to the mix. It doesn't change the color but it'll knock down the scent.
I learned everything I needed to know about Henna for Hair here: http://hennaforhair.com and buy through Catherine's store because I know I'm getting real, quality henna powder.
Oh and a cloth wrap for your hair will let you keep the henna covered without wasting plastic wrap every time you redo your roots. I've been using the same 'turbie twist' wraps for years now. I made them from old t-shirts and they're stained as fuck. Who cares? This is basically their only job.
Carmine Lip Color
No, it isn't vegan. Yes, it's made of bugs. It's also a spectacular color, the insects aren't abused in the process of gathering or raising. They're actually parasites on nopal cactus, they have a simple niche and serve it well. I learned this lip stain recipe from Humblee & Me, and have found that the anti-bacterial doesn't seem to be necessary, ymmv. A 2.5 gram sample pack of carmine from TKB has lasted me almost a year and I wear this almost daily. I find that the glycerin really helps keep my lips from drying out too badly, so I wear my lip stain even when I'm not planning on being seen by other people. I spend about $20 on lip color for a year and that's including the bottles I use to store it (tiny eyedroppers work best imo) and the glycerin. Not quite zero waste but darn close.
Note: I'm still trying to find a simple recipe for black goth lipstick that I like. So far, my attempts have had a nasty texture and aren't worth the trouble.
Eyebrow Fill
My favorite brand of eyebrow liner discontinued the best color I ever found, so I decided to make my own. Beeswax, cocoa powder, activated charcoal, and almond oil made a little pot of eyebrow fill that suits my needs beautifully. Go super light on the charcoal until you know you've got the color you want. My brows are pretty dark but not fully black, so I do a dark chocolate sort of shade. I think I made my last batch about 11 months ago and it's still half full. I use it daily, apply with an angled brush, and it's never given me breakouts or anything. I don't even wash it off, because I am lazy.
Body Powder/Dry shampoo
Growing up in California, I didn't need this stuff. Living in Oregon? Summer would be awful without body powder. It's also a nice way to have a fragrance on. Pour your favorite perfume (I love Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oils) onto a cotton ball, put that ball in a jar with a bunch of corn starch. Shake. Leave it for a month. You now have scented body powder. It's a decent dry shampoo, too, I just brush it into my dark hair and it disappears.
Tooth Powder
There is NOTHING wrong with using conventional toothpaste if it meets your needs. I have particular reasons for using tooth powder. These include hating the taste of most toothpaste and needing to avoid fluoride because of my particular thyroid condition. (Fluoride isn't bad for everyone! It isn't ideal for everyone. Figure out what you need!) I make my own tooth powder, it works well enough for me and I don't hate brushing my teeth like I used to. 1 part baking soda, 1 part bentonite clay, some ground cloves. Mix it up, keep in a glass jar (metal will bond with the clay, bad things happen, this is why we use glass or plastic for storage). $20 of materials = LOADS of tooth powder.
Cutting Hair
It's way easier than you think. I cut my own hair and I do a graduated bob which is a little more complex than most at-home cuts. I taught myself. I use decent shears (don't use scissors) and a Wahl hair trimmer set. Learn this skill on yourself, and when people find out you can do hair, they'll come to you for their own needs. Great way to provide mutual aid (one of my parents is trans and getting haircuts in a salon would be extremely stressful for her, so I cut her hair and save her money and suffering). You could also do skill trades! I trade haircuts for massages from a massage therapist friend, for example.
Protip: Dust yourself with body powder before cutting hair, it makes the little shards of cut hair way less prone to sticking to you. You'll still want a shower but it'll just be less icky.
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Perfume, The first thing that comes to mind speaking of pure perfumes. Original sandals can include anywhere from 15% to 40% scent. Men’s and women’s perfumes have been described in the past by how they smell. The most appropriate term for describing a scent. It lasts for around 5 to 8 hours and contains 10% to 20% pure perfumes essence.
Most of the time, the bottle has the name of the perfume and how much is in it. You can tell how strong a smell is by how much of it there is. A pure perfume with a higher fragrance concentration has more perfume oils and less alcohol. And however, most of the pure perfumes have a concentration of between 20% and 30%.
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marcolinia · 2 years
How Are unboxed Perfumes Popular?
Unless the exorbitant price of a branded perfume is preventing you from trying one, it's time to make the transition. Unboxed fragrances are the next big thing in the fragrance market. These are the perfumes that have minor package damage in one or more places. It could be a tiny printing flaw or damage sustained during delivery. They toss away the odors because branded scents have a reputation to uphold.
For a lot longer, they ended up in landfills due to minor packing damage. Makers tossed the entire piece, no matter how great or tiny the damage was. It came with both the perfume bottle and the perfume inside. Considering this to be a severe environmental problem.
Do Fragrance Connoisseurs Adore Unboxed Perfumes?
Anyone who enjoys perfumes flavors branded scents for a variety of reasons. They have a fantastic silage and are quite scented. Branded smells have a distinct aroma that sets you apart from the crowd. However, because to the high cost, they are not available for purchase. Unboxed scents have made it easy for fragrance enthusiasts to do so. They can now buy as many as they want because of the cheaper price. Small flaws in the packaging have no effect on their appreciation of smell. They can do whatever they want as long as the perfume in the bottle is intact.
The Most Budget-Friendly Gifting Option
Unless you want to give a fragrance to a loved one but are put off by the expensive price, consider buying an unboxed one. They are relatively inexpensive, and with some clever packaging, no one will ever know. You might also surprise them with a tiny gift box filled with adorable little things. This gift will not only make them happy, but it will also make them feel appreciated. It's appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.
Many online perfume businesses now sell unboxed original scents and best niche fragrances for men. You can order from Marcolinia and have the scents delivered to your home. Always buy from an approved store that sells only genuine smells. This is your chance to discover a whole new world of branded smells. Begin with purchasing one to see if you like it.
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brokoala-soup · 19 days
South Indian cinema: Part 1
I think we (I) don't talk enough about my obsession with the South Indian film industry. I'm less of a star or fame powered fangirl and most of my obsessions start from very niche observations and qualities. Both me and my mom are good cinema enthusiasts, that being said, we love not just watching movies but also analyze them and talk about them in great lengths and detail; and it isn't always just about the actors but also the scenes, the cinematography, the dialogues and so on. We enjoy a good story based cinema that's more about carrying the characters in place and action than about how much hype a movie gets. I enjoy old movies, including monochrome movies of the yesteryears and the faded coloured classics of the 70's and 80's.
Let me go from one obsession to other. First, comes my unexplainable obsession with actors who are also trained dancers. That's a sexy characteristic because it adds an edge to the actor's identity over being just a movie star and IMHO, it also refines the depth of character and acting skills (many talented actors who aren't dancers do exist, this is just my view). I have this captivation with dancers because something in them, be it the unseeable depth of efforts and practice and hurdles they cross before they set foot on the stage or be it the inordinate amount of beauty they express and portray in both costumes and jewelry or be it the grace with which they carry themselves or be it the way the fluidity, fragility and fierceness of dance entwines with their soul and body making it indistinguishable, obvious and redefines their identity and adds meaning to their character for the better. Irrespective of gender, classical dance forms in my opinion, have a profound effect on the individual and somehow makes them all the more charming to me because it's art that flows in their body and art has that unique fragrance to which you can never turn a blind eye to. It also anchors you down to your inner zen because gender conforms and norms are all broken (atleast in Indian classical dances) as both male and female dancers play either roles in dances and it's all the more about expression and emotion than the role per se. And that I think is a very liberating thing and I love Indian classical dances for it.
So here goes the list: Kamal Haasan is a trained Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancer; the best of which is seen in his performance in the movie Sagara Sangamam which is a majorly dance based movie. My most favorite scene is when he humbles Sailaja when she opposes his critique. Padmini, one of the famous Travancore sisters, was a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and in her retired days also opened a dance school and taught abroad. Shobana, one of my favorite actresses, who is also the niece of the Travancore sisters is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer; she also received a national award for her performance in the Malayalam movie Manichitrathazhu which was the original for the famous Chandramukhi, Bhool Bhulaiya, Nagavalli, Aatmamitra etc. I rate her acting top notch because her expressions and her eyes often speak way more than the dialogues. Revathi, is again a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and has delivered multiple box office hits and is also one of my favorite actresses. Bhanupriya, who's pretty famous in tamil and telugu cinema, is a trained Kuchipudi dancer and appeared in the film Sitaara which went on to win the National award for that year. Jayalalitha, apart from her successful political career was a leading film actress in the tamil industry. She was trained dancer of multiple forms like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, Kathak etc. Sukanya, who famously starred against Kamal Haasan in Indian, is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Prabhu Deva, who we all know as the Michael Jackson of India, is a trained Bharatanatyam and Udupi dancer. Amala Akkineni, is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and also has a degree bachelor degree for the same from Kalakshetra. Vineeth, who works mostly in tamil, telugu and malayalam films is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer; lesser known but he's Shobana's cousin and Padmini's nephew from her husband's side. Asin, who is well known for her role in Ghajini, is also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Jayam Ravi, now well known as the Ponniyin Selvan after the famous novel adaptation, is also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer.
This is in my list (can't think more, brain fried) do feel free to add more. Tagging @sister-of-satan @voidsteffy and @bipdf because I think y'all will enjoy reading this
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Tumblr media
yess i think people should look at notes lists as just another marketing tool used to sell a fragrance because the notes lists are generally thought up after the fragrance is done… they’re just coming up with notes that they think will market that specific mix of aromachemicals to you the best which is why the same note can smell so different from fragrance to fragrance because it’s all up to the perfumer’s interpretation.. which is why i do think people should trust their noses more when they smell something that isn’t listed as a note because you’re picking out what’s in the actual composition rather than trying to pick out the notes they’re marketing it with.. and why it’s important to read reviews by people who know what they’re talking about to get a much better idea of how a fragrance will smell.. but i do find with niche, the notes lists are usually more realistic and helpful, but with mainstream designer i swear they just pick whatever random notes to write down sometimes…
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i like making soap! the most expensive stuff to buy is the lye and the oils, usually i need to have a giant thing of coconut oil around at all times. i make small batch soap though (many soap recipes give you like a dozen bars) so i can stretch it for a while, and not buying any hand soap or anything maybe offsets the cost a little. the fun part is adding whatever you want. coffee grounds make for a good exfoliant. shops will try to sell you dedicated soap boxes but you can use cardboard boxes or whatevrer you have lying around if you line it with parchment paper and stuff. oh but always wear gloves and eye protection and be in a ventilated area, i usually wear kitchen gloves and my glasses and its been ok so far - dndads anon
I have watched so many soap videos ! one day, dndads anon, i will join the ranks of soap makers!!!
OMG imagine Dndaddies themed soaps!!! Every dad having a soap, oh god I wonder what they'd smell like and look like. (one hour later: I have put too much thought into this and now in my brain there is a dndaddies soap au where they all make soap and fall into different soap making styles and they are frenemies at markets now) Henry: He'd name his business something fucking awful like "Overnight Oats Oak's Organics", he's all about those vegan milk alternatives and really focuses on making things from scratch. He doesn't look at or acknowledge artifical dyes or fragrance oils, this man is ALL NATURAL ONLY. His best seller would be an oatmilk oatmeal exfoliation bar, just a nice off white creamy bar of plain jane looking soap with a scent profile that is very subtle. I do think he'd spring for really nice essential oils, thie best seller would be benzoin resionoid, tonka bean, and a little little bit of orange zest in there.
Darryl: He would pick a very atrocious dad pun to call his company, all the soap names would be puns. They'd all be beer infused because of his failed beer making hobby. He'd work with natural and synthetic ingredients to make what he wants. His most popular soap would be this bar that smells like freshly cut grass, apples, and rain. It's clean without being too herbaceous or minty, It would utilize a drop pour technique with blue and greens amongst a white bar (it would be so pretty to see be cut)
Glenn: Glenn would be a strange mixture, in my mind he has HIGH standards for what good self care products are, he'd want to use the best of the best ingredients, natural and synthetics, as long as it's good. He'd use a lot of moiturizing ingredients as well. The ingredients and scent profiles, which would be mature and surprisingly well balanced, would clash with the appearance of his soaps. He'd be all about soap molds, and only christmas themed ones. Santa's and snowman's and present shaped molds that smell absolutely gorgeous and look like something you'd get from like a dollarstore. Vibrant ass colours like almost too garish, but the feel and smell of his soaps would blow your mind. His most popular item would be a giant christmas tree star that you can barely fit in your hands that he covers in gold luster, and when you cut into it it has red and white swirls. It's a gourmand grown up candy cane vanilla. Not too sweet, not too minty, it's just perfect. (You know he's using real vanilla absolute and like japanese mint mixed with peppermint.)
Ron: Like any good business man Ron looks at the soap markets and sees where a niche needs to be filled, the all natural is covered, the manly man soaps are covered, the fun looking soaps are covered.
He wonders what if someone just wants a good old traditional bar of soap you'd get at the store?
Ron makes Irish Spring soap dupes.
He even sells them in little boxes, he has a silicone mold specifically made to get the shape down.
Everyone is unsure if he's selling his own soaps or just actual bars of Irish Spring. (He's selling his own soap, he's just created a perfect dupe in every sense)
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