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writingontheceiling · 7 months
oh to be at an irish pub right now
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wubba-bungar · 6 months
i’m mad but not in the hot way like in the hatter way
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angermango · 1 year
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just remembered Tricky has a PhD which means a zombie party clown is more qualified than I’ll ever be.
and a bonus thing:
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artcake · 8 months
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it's all about the
Got this as a prompt and went way overboard, no regrets, writing and birds shamelessly found on google
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mafaldaknows · 6 months
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Instagram: johnp.shanley
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minijenn · 11 months
So anyway Philip/Belos is probs homophobic as fuck given the era he’s from and that he hates witches so I need Luz and Amity to sucker punch him together at the same time through the power of how much they love each other and how much they hate fuckheads like him
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mummer · 8 months
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bro what is going on.....
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mzannthropy · 24 days
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Kindred spirits appear when you least expect them (geddit?).
Normally it wouldn't be a massive deal hating something popular, bc inevitably, everyone's gonna hate something popular at some point in their lives. But what do you do when you hate Me Before You and LOVE Sam Claflin, what do you do then? What do you do, when you see an article about him and get that dreaded feeling in your stomach as you click to open it, bc you know that film will be mentioned? (I want to hug every journalist who doesn't bring it up. Nicely done work, Men's Health.) What do you do when you see all the comments from people who love that film saying how much they cried? (Why? WHY???? What is there to cry about? How easily impressed people are by a cheap tearjerker?) What do you do when that film is sold as the best thing in romance, a True Love (how?), a "doomed love story" (how????? Romeo and Juliet is a doomed love story, not this trash). What do you do when you know there are much, much better, more quality films with Sam to watch, with better developed female characters AND love interests--but everyone ignores them? What do you do?
Will: You're the only thing that makes me wake up in the morning.
Also Will: kills himself.
How truly inspirational! /s
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arundolyn · 8 months
Tumblr media
ngl i sometimes forget cishet nerdbros exist and are the only ones who like kenny pretty much, like to the point of nigh worship, which is like On Brand. these bitches like genuinely try to make him some kind of christ figure almost as if he doesnt fucking suck terribly and is mediocre and iirc its never even CONFIRMED confirmed he ever did the one good merciful act that he ever SEEMED to and put him in We Don’t Know If He Died limbo. and its very funny also how they hate anyone who rightfully calls kenny out on being an ass and say theyre weak cowards (BEN. BEN. BEN.) or evil and lying (JANE! WHO WAS FUCKING CORRECT ALWAYS! YOU HATE HER CAUSE SHES RIGHT). anyone who killed jane over kenny is wrong and a coward and he dies anyway so die mad.
admittedly there is SOME nuance and depth to kenny’s character for sure. but these people are just straight up making shit up completely all the time. cope and seethe die mad etc etc your cool white guy died. boo hoo. which is really funny these were probably the same bitches crying when vasco wasnt playable anymore in indivisible and replaced by a cooler black man and genuinely got big baby mad when there was not a playable white man anymore. that happened
#crow.txt#yes the game is about making choices But there are wrong choices (picking kenny over literally anyone else for anything ever)#IDK HE SUCKS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO JUSTFIY IT! HE SUCKS IN S2! DIE MAD IDC!#idk idc i dont give a god damn kenny aint shit and never was. kenny fans are the signora mains of twdg#twdgposting#jane also dies anyway to be fair but i mean at least it wasnt as insane and gruesome i suppose? for her at least?#and its sadder imo. whatever whatever kenny whatever the fuck jane literally like hung herself from the ceiling fan. which like#iirc it was on. and i feel terrible for laughing. but like she was literally slowly rotating. as a zombie. im mad it was so fucked up#but in my brain it was funny just looking back. like it was shocking but did you have to do it in the funniest way possible. girl.#not to mention kenny like. being southern Obviously. says some fucking WILD shit a few times#and implies some wild ass shit that i dont appreciate. idk abt yall but im not gonna side with the racist redneck guy#hes literally the type to own a confederate flag. i bet he did in the first draft of the game#idk unpopular opinion i like ben and im fucked up over like..... sure i get why kenny was pissed. but jesus fucking christ have some empathy#you arent the fucking protagonist surprise surprise! though he sure does want to be#these are the kind of people who saw ben standing up for himself and somehow didnt like. care. which i cannot fathom#like honestly kenny aint fucking shit!!!!!!!!!! im actually mad now#ben went through sooooo much worse. like a LOT fucking worse. but its always about kenny of course.#kenny apparently goes so far as to praise lee if he lets ben fucking die in crawford which. fuck you for that#and ben CLEARLY feels fucking TERRIBLE about it the whole time and is absolutely riddled with guilt after he ruins kenny's family#and is honestly just kinda telling people to kill him after cause he feels he deserves it and shit. and then his death IS sad as fuck#if you spared him from falling in the bell tower thing. like arguably worse than breaking his legs and being eaten alive maybe#idk i just like the cringe little failboy. he was doing his best. BEN did nothing wrong actually i think. kenny genuinely sucked#ben was just scared and confused. justice for ben 2k22.#like even after the supposed mercy kill kenny shit talks him postmortem after purportedly starting to understand him#what is his fucking issue. didnt ben literally like JUST graduate from high school. if he had graduated at all. christ i hate kenny.#...and also the nerdbro kenny obsession is totally cause hes like the white guy power fantasy every dude like that has in apocalypse setting#theyre always Cool and Right and doing the Best For Who They Care About while being a fucking asshole to everyone else#and from the outside seeming like an utter fucking tool in spite of the times they do good. cant stand him#hot takes from me today i guess?
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sometinybees · 9 months
I'm sorry but anyone saying they got queerbaited by stranger things I hate to tell ya you did it to yourselves the duffer brothers had nothing to do with it
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heffrondriving · 2 years
mr. schmidt really said no thoughts, only chill vibes and weak knees ✌🏖️✨
#HE OUT HERE CHOOSING VIOLENCE AND SERVING FIRE LOOKS AND MOVES TODAY HUH??? I WON'T COMPLAIN BUT ALSO YES#BC OKAY NOCAP THIS IS IT. THIS IS *THE* LOOK. DAD KENDALL UP TO DIAL ELEVEN. HE LOOKS IMPOSSIBLY AMAZING I'M IN P A I N#i mean everyone is serving mad fits for us in this blessed shoot but gOd this one sir can just like Get It man 😍#like. jamming to beach boys??? and that's a trademark grampa dance if i've ever seen one (affectionate <3)#i wonder if ken's gonna dance like that once they get back onstage. rip to the trampoline but this is what a real Man Band™ looks like lmao#n e way stg he looks straight out of a classic 50's sitcom nfhrfjs#also anytime that he tucks in his shirt is an instant win for me#with all this btr + kendall content + new ones on the horizon i am doing nothing but winning all around today boys 💪#everyone go home this is the blueprint#out of spirit of not further embarrassing myself i'll only say that if i collapse in hernia;; y'all know who's at fault. worth it too :')))#i absoluteLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE PHOTOS TO DROP. INSTANT WORKS OF ART. MUSEUM WORTHY. BET I'LL BE POORLY DRAWING THEM TOO!!!#YEAR OF THE BTR COMEBACK BE UPON US ALL AMEN#btr#big time rush#kendall schmidt#rusher#video#kendork#stop it forever#carlos penavega#logan henderson#james maslow#god it's almost 10 a.m. and i haven't gotten an iota of sleep yet#i really hope no one fucking reads these deranged tags#and if someone is equally insane enough to.....dm me for your right for legal compensation
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childofaura · 5 months
Tumblr media
Look I know this is something really dumb for me to be mad over and Sonic Prime still looks great. But we’re seeing a clear notion from the showrunners that they think Rouge’s OG outfit, her iconic look, is inappropriate. Like... they literally covered her whole body up, and I hate that. That little bit of skin she showed wasn’t bad, I didn’t grow up to be some degenerate because Rouge had a little cleavage showing. It especially bugs me because clearly no one else got any kind of costume revamp.
Also the costume is ugly as hell, it’s got no flair besides some slapped on heart buckles on the folds of her boots! Could they not have compromised and at least gone with her Heroes outfit?
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almost-hxlycon · 1 year
Tumblr media
♡ Happy Birthday to The Leech Brothers! Congratulations to those who got the birthday cards they wanted, good luck to those who are still trying to bring them home and... my condolences to the newer players who want all four birthday cards... you will be missed 😔♡
♡ Story Time bc i feel like it! During the first halloween event, i got jade in 7 single pulls (and he was the ssr i wanted the least, no offense, cater and vil just had me by the throat) and then during azul's first birthday i got him in one 10 pull. So naturally, when the second beans day event came around and i wanted floyd, i thought, well the other two were kind to me so SURELY floyd will be as well, right?? HE MADE ME GO TO PITY. THIS CUTE SLIMY BITCH MADE ME GO TO PITY--- The despair i felt that day, still stings... ♡
♡ The moral of this story? Im never trusting a single fish from this dorm ever again 🗿 ♡
♡ Do not repost or use without my permission ♡
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bobafvcks · 7 months
I just watched Ma Dongseok in Unstoppable and action and all that aside (although watching him slap guys and throw them around really does it for me, ngl) getting to see him playing a doting husband is just like. The bee's fucking knees.
Would that we all could find someone who treats us as well as Dongchul treats Jisoo in this movie. We would all live happier lives.
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hotanddistraught · 2 years
the reason that i know all opinions by Certified Hockey Boys on instagram are wrong and garbage is because they all unironically think mitch marner is bad at hockey
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beansnpeets · 9 months
Dude picked up his dog this morning. He was visibly pissed at me lmao
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