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Something that could really last forever
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summary: in which you make jungkook’s world spin and you tend to… make him a little too dizzy.
> idol!jungkook x reader / est. relationship, fluff, angst / word count: 7k
> content/warnings: yea shirtless jungkook should be a warning… one (1) spank then he kisses it better, also gives a kiss to that lil bow on oc’s undies >:( + a flashback of oc crying and him getting stressed out bcs oc is a careless brat fr
> in which masterlist!
note: hehe i’m here <3 this drabble is basically just oc in a mood and jungkook being the sweetest bf ever 🤨 idk how it got this long either heh it didn’t feel that way at all while i wrote-edited? but i hope u enjoy and i’d love to hear ur thoughts 🥺 reblogs/feedback are appreciated !! <3
“oh my god- fuck!”
you cover your mouth in shock, squeezing your eyes shut and flinching at the ear-splitting sound that bounces off the walls of the apartment.
jungkook is rendered frozen, eyebrows furrowed and jaw slacked, staring down at his shirt largely stained by the chocolate milk you were walking around with after brunch.
his eyes are irritable when they communicate with yours.
“baby! really? did it have to be the white one?”
but seconds later, they become worried and calculating — wandering all over the tiled floor, and then your bare feet infront of his slides-clad ones, surrounded by shattered pieces of ceramic.
the collateral damage. an unforeseen tragedy.
suffice to say, jungkook woke up this morning blissfully unaware of the turbulent storm threatening to make a playground out of your mind. it’s craving to feed destruction, and here he is living with you under the same roof, an unfortunate casualty from your antics.
the hand-painted mug, wet from the condensation, slipped away from your hands when you accidentally collided with his tough build at the intersection of the living room and the kitchen. this… wasn’t part of the plan. the plan was a little spill and this is a landslide.
“that was expensive too.” you utter wistfully, chest deflating as you release an exasperated breath. “sorry. i’ll clean up everything. just stay there and i’ll- when did i last see the broom-”
his doe eyes grow two times its size when you start looking around the apartment in search of the broom, and perhaps something you can use to pat yourself and jungkook dry, causing your feet to unconsciously shift on the treacherous ground.
“ba-baby! don’t move! you’re going to hurt yourself. are you crazy?” he interrupts you with a hiss, voice stern as his hands curl around your arms to hold you steady. “it’s okay. this is nothing, i’m not mad… just stay still, understand?”
you nod slowly as he lets go, eyebrows knitting together to convey confusion when he starts pulling his shirt over his head, revealing miles of bare skin and planes of defined muscles on a perfect silhouette. perfect because it’s jungkook.
alright… to see him half-naked wasn’t one of your intentions, but you’re definitely not one to complain.
“tsk, i think i need to shower again.”
figuring that the internet has a solution to every problem one could think of, jungkook has decided to accept the horror that has happened to his shirt. what was it again? salt? vinegar? baking soda? powder? fuck it, he’ll search for it later.
he throws caution to the wind by using it to wipe his damp torso, brushing it over his tan skin glistening with a sheen of the liquid that you wittingly spilled. he winces at the uncomfortable stickiness that could be felt across his stomach, but he can’t help but to laugh when he sees how it further accentuated his abs.
and if only you were in a chipper mood today, you would be laughing along with him. would’ve taken over cleaning him up, apologized with a kiss on his waist. too bad you’re not.
eventually, he gives up on erasing on the feeling, proceeding to fold the shirt in halves.
“what are you doing?” you snap, putting on a guise of harsher irritation over your dreamy stares at your boyfriend’s glorious physique. “are we just supposed to stand here forever like idiots?”
“what is this? why are you so grumpy today?” he questions with a frown, patting your cheek with the soft cottony fabric because the splash managed to reach your face unbeknownst to you.
and then he bends down to place the folded shirt infront of your feet, looking up to you with his galaxy-filled eyes to say, “here- come on. stand here while i clean up.”
you stand isolated on the safe zone he created, childishly pouting with your arms crossed over chest as you wait for him to pick up your slippers in the bedroom.
the simple answer to jungkook’s question is you’re bored and in a bad mood. the more complex answer would be you came up with a one-man game you can only win if you successfully piss your boyfriend off, but you’re too scared to pull off anything that will legitimately make him upset with you.
because the last time you made him angry, it hasn’t been… that long ago. he’s been keeping a closer eye on you since then, and you’ve been trying to be good. keyword being trying. after all, you did lost his car key… at a beach three hours away from home. you searched the entire shore — retraced your steps, made your knees and palms bleed digging through the rocky sand, curled up by the waves to wallow in self-blame and the smell of salt-air defeat. you were nearly in tears as you listened to the call ring for what felt like an eternity, unsure if he already wrapped up the company meeting he mentioned to you the day before.
you still remember the desperate words you greeted him with instead of ‘hello’.
“babe, promise me you won’t be mad.”
“____, you didn’t even tell me you were coming here! care to explain that to me first? huh?”
your name, and not ‘baby’? heavens above have mercy; you’re fucked.
jungkook presses the heels of his palms over his eyes to alleviate the dull throbbing of his head, breathing heavily to compose himself, but he can’t disguise the frustration deeply embedded in his voice.
“you scared me!”
not yelling, but tone evidently very upset with you. somehow, that makes you feel worse.
“i had to make up an excuse infront of everyone and drive here fast. i was so worried of you being here all alone when it gets dark!”
“it’s your car so i thought i had to let you know right away. i’m sorry.” you chew at your bottom lip anxiously, eyes brimming with tears as you barely muster up the courage to observe how he’s handling this.
your heart pounds louder in your chest when he finally looks down at you, guilty and gloomy, sat on a wooden bench painted yellow. it drops to your stomach when you see the sullen expression painting his face a light shade of red.
“where did you lose it?”
you open your mouth, but no words come out. you can only manage to point at the shore with your disoriented eyes, and he traces the direction with his. the majestic orange sky where the sun descends below the horizon fails to be recognized by your foggy, distracted minds.
it’s silent for a few beats, then he huffs, breathing out a sarcastic chuckle before burying his face in hands.
“baby, please. please. are you sure you’re not pranking me right now?”
“no! do you think i’d joke like this? i really tried my best to find it!” you sniffle, roughly wiping away the lone tear that escapes your eye. you’re almost too humiliated to continue talking, volume falling a few notches above a whisper. “but the waves were getting stronger.”
he vehemently shakes his head, rendered speechless and stuttering, malfunctioning. he doesn’t think he has ever imagined this type of scenario before. “this is crazy. really… this is unbelievable… how did this even happen?”
he exhales loudly before removing his hands, revealing a calmer exterior. be that as it may, his skin is more flushed, all the way to his ears and down to his neck, where his veins have become noticeably prominent.
“i mean, what else can we do about it? i’ll request for a new one.”
“but are we just going to leave the car here?”
“did you leave anything in there?”
“i left my bag, but…” you pat the pockets of your skirt to check if your valuables didn’t meet the same fate as the car key. “i brought my phone and wallet with me.”
he nods. “then i’ll call a towing service.”
you pout.
“it’s such a bother.”
feeling exhausted after burning a concerning amount of energy in search of the missing item, you stand on wobbly feet to loop your arms around his waist.
maybe it’s to coax him into forgiving you. maybe it’s to make yourself feel better, nuzzle your face on his chest to drive away the anxiety weighing on your shoulders. but as it’s being lifted off, so is the barrier withholding your salty tears.
“i’m so careless. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i should’ve drove my car instead.”
“ye- no, that’s not…” he cuts himself off with a sigh.
he puts an arm around you, pushing his hair back and repeatedly carding his fingers through it out of habit.
“seriously, baby… you stress me out so much, do you know that? you’re always wandering around places you’re not familiar with… this is secluded. it’s dangerous. you could get hurt if you bump into the wrong people… really, i’m just relieved it’s not yourself that you lost this time!”
the recollection of old flashbacks playing in his mind like a movie reel elicits a throaty chuckle from him, low and rough, the vibrations of his chest rudely awakening the butterflies in your stomach.
“you couldn’t even send me a text. you didn’t turn on your location. i would’ve lost my fucking mind again… did you even thought of that? or is that what you wanted, huh? baby? you enjoy driving me crazy like this?”
and the confession tucked inside his scolding obliterates any coherent thoughts in your head, causing you to lose control of your whirlwind of emotions.
“this isn’t fair. you said you won’t be mad.” you wail out in response, tears fiercely leaking from your eyes akin to a rainstorm. “i didn’t know this would happen!”
he clicks his tongue, gingerly caressing your wet cheeks with his thumb, then with the rest of his fingers, and the paw of his jacket, because the streams just seem to have no plans of ceasing. his wide eyes worriedly scans your tear-stained face, heart squeezed painfully by the restrained sobs forcefully ripping themselves from your throat.
“shhh, shh. don’t cry- don’t cry. i’m not mad, i was just worried about you.”
“jungkook, you’re lying.” you whine. “don’t lie to me. i don’t like it.”
he slowly blinks at you, head hanging low as to compose his thoughts before he reconnects with your eyes. a faint smile tugs at the corners of his lips before his tongue unconsciously sweeps over them, its tip catching the silver ring piercing through his skin to play with it.
a moment of silence, thick with restlessness and anticipation, harder to breathe with the unique smell of the salt-air entering and leaving your lungs.
you feel small under his stoic gaze. you want to sit back down and cry harder.
your boyfriend is mad. your boyfriend is infuriatingly hot even when he’s disappointed in you. you need to dig a hole in the sand and live there forever. after everything, these are the only thoughts left running in your head.
“okay, fine. you lost the key of our car in the ocean, ____. but what if someone already found it by chance?” he cocks his head to the side, briefly peering at the road behind you.
he knows that it’s no use. even if he does see the white jeep wheeling by, is he supposed to assume that he can outrun it by some heaven-granted miracle?
“what then? hm…? what else can we do? i guess it could be getting stolen right now and we don’t even know. you parked so far away.”
god, please, not your favorite car.
“it’s not only the car. i still have important documents left in the compartment too.” this only dawns on him now, judging by the look of distress written on his face. he suddenly slaps his thigh, and you flinch a little. “fuck! i should’ve cleaned sooner!”
“then you are mad.” you arrive at a conclusion, chin wobbling as you sniffle. “about a lot of things.”
you resist the urge to stomp your feet. you want to throw a tantrum so bad. tell him that he shouldn’t be keeping such things in the car in the first place, that he owns a safe for fuck’s sake, but you know you can’t get away with shifting the blame because you messed up horribly in comparison.
“i get it. i’m sorry… i take full responsibility this time.”
“shit, baby.” he deeply sighs.
it becomes quiet again. he just looks at your face with knitted eyebrows, not saying anything more, and you try your best to cut off your crying, not to act conscious, but your eyes still fall on the sand. they stay there for a few beats to avoid the intensity of his gaze.
he almost sounds pained when he finally speaks. “how can i stay mad at you when you’re crying?”
he tilts up your chin, and your glassy eyes, sparkling with a new wave of tears, look at him beseechingly.
the setting sun. an eternal witness to a brand new day of humans being humans. it kisses your skin with its golden light, bathing your figure to radiate an angelic glow that drives him to consider once more that you could just be an enchanting character across dreams and the year is still 2017.
you sniffle again, brushing off his hand. sometimes you despise that jungkook brings out messiest, most unstable side of you. you know that he practically signed up for this, and he will always love you the same, love you even more. but that doesn’t take away the fact that you’re so embarrassed.
“but i’m not crying just to make you feel bad, if that’s what you’re thinking.”
“yah, that wasn’t what i meant?” he frowns, eyes softening at your reply. “of course. i know that.”
the cracks in your voice, he seals with a soft kiss on your lips, tender and swollen caused by the onslaught of your sharp teeth.
“anyway, i can take care of replacing it. i mean, it’s not like it can get stolen just like that, right…?”
he sounds rather nervous convincing the both of you.
“but i’m most worried about you. i can lose everything but you.” his tattooed arm pulls you closer, casting aside the tension by leaving not even an inch of space between your bodies. he tenderly rubs your back to console you, and another kiss is granted to your temple, his soothing voice slightly muffled as his lips stay glued to you. “did i make you cry? i’m sorry, baby, i’m sorry… it’s okay. things like this can happen.”
“no, i’m sorry.” you aggressively shake your head and he carries on with wiping your cheeks, the back of his hand brushing off the tears that drip across your chin. he dries his hand on the hem of his jacket only to get it wet all over again.
“let’s just learn from this and move on. promise me that you’ll be more careful next time, okay? you can do that, right?”
jungkook does scold you every now and then, but although you stress him out, he would hate it if he’s not the first person you call when you’re in trouble. he would hate it if you act nonchalant and secretly cry when you’re hurt. but most of all, he can’t imagine a life in which you don’t make his world spin, much as he tends to get too dizzy at times.
your defiant hum makes his tense shoulders drop in disappointment.
“there should be a bus stop somewhere, i’ll just go home on my own. i don’t want to keep stressing you out.”
you will yourself to break free from his embrace, dragging yourself away to leave behind a trail of footprints in the sand, and he knows he’ll be running after you today, too.
“oh? you better stop right there!” he warns with a hand over his hip.
you become smaller and smaller in his eyes with every tick of the clock, much like how the sun is gradually getting swallowed by the ocean.
“i’ll get angry for real if you disappear from my sight. really, i’m not joking!”
angry? what a joke. you know that he’d cry blood searching for you if you get lost.
“oh? you’re really not going to stop?!”
jungkook’s voice fall on deaf ears, except that of the dog leashed to a tree that stands infront of a humble home. it seethingly barks at him from many meters away.
“fucking shit. i need alcohol.” he chuckles to himself, rubbing his tired eyes. “____, i swear, you’re getting too stubborn these days. what should i do with you?”
but you’re too far away to hear him, and so, he answers himself.
“eh, it is what it is.”
the wind blows with a quiet whistle, deadly as it fuels the roaring waves.
“AH! nuh-uh!” he exclaims, jaw dropping in alarm when he sees an urgent reason to chase after you, putting those leg days at the gym to good use.
you jump, a squeak leaving your mouth when out of nowhere, a solicitous palm smooths over your behind, sliding down to the back of your thighs to hold down your rippling skirt.
but you’re determined to be unyielding, eyes shooting daggers at jungkook. “leave me alone. i can do it myself.”
“baby, isn’t that a little rude? is that how you say ‘thank you’?”
“thank you. now let’s go our separate ways.”
and just like that, you’re walking away again.
“shit.” he curses quietly through gritted teeth, pulling at his hair. “babe, please come back… i’m sorry! i didn’t mean that!”
“jungkook! how many times do i need to tell you to turn off faucet properly?!”
you’re hot on jungkook’s tail as he makes his way to the laundry room beside the kitchen, carrying a laundry basket over his hip. he’s still shirtless, only clad in a different pair of shorts after a quick shower.
“the bathroom sink was close to overflowing! again!”
“i know what you’re doing.”
“what? what am i doing?”
the basket touches the ground, standing beside the dryer, and then he turns to face you, eyebrows shooting up. “picking a fight with me won’t work today.”
“why?” your tone borders on a whine.
“what do you mean ‘why’?” he laughs in jest. “why? why do you want to fight with me so bad?”
“i don’t know.” you exhale loudly, rolling your eyes and shrugging. “just because!”
“well, that’s not very convincing, is it?” he teases you with a grin, proceeding to open the dryer to dump the fresh laundry in the basket. the clothes you wore in the past week once again soaked up the sweet, floral scent the people around you distinctly recognizes to be your own and jungkook’s.
“i know, but i’m done playing now. you’re not hearing me.” you close your eyes in frustration, recounting the other times you had to say these exact words. “you’re going to flood our house.”
“okay, okay. i won’t forget to double-check it from now on. i promise.”
“sure, that’s what you also said last time.” you indignantly scoff, crossing your arms over your chest. “i’m not turning it off for you anymore. if we get flooded, i’m leaving you. i’m moving out.”
your threat puts a halt to his movements for a split second before he’s adorably replying in a sing-song voice. “then i’m going with you.”
“no, you’re not.”
and it doesn’t come as a shock to you that jungkook doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
“huh! good luck trying to stop me.” he slams the door of the dryer shut, standing up straight. “it’s not easy getting rid of me. you know that.”
he walks to the middle of the room to get a good view of you at the entrance. with the other resting on his hip, he lies his palm flat over the counter, outstretched arm cascading with varied colors of ink in sharp lines and swirling curves.
fuck, he has to know what he’s doing — flexing his muscles like that, not playing fair.
“aigoo, look at you glaring at me. you want to fight?”
and you’d feel intimidated by his challenging stare, the quirk of his eyebrow, his teeth sinking on his bottom lip… only if he didn’t blink to rake a stare over your body, lingering on your smooth legs that couldn’t be covered by your mere underwear. only if they didn’t flicker back to your face, and only if he didn’t smirk like a lovesick fool.
“so cute.” he chuckles. “you’re totally my type.”
“shut up.” you roll your eyes at the random compliment. “i know, i already get that a lot.”
his smile then fades, not so thrilled with the reminder that it’s so easy to fall in love with you, and therefore anyone would die to take his place. he knows that they hover around you like moths to a flame when he’s not there. well, he really can’t blame them, can he? you’re so fucking attractive.
“what does that mean…? who else is saying it, huh? tell me. i think i have a few guesses.”
“does it matter?” you stare at him blankly, which then turns into a piercing glare. “jungkook! i was just talking about you not paying enough attention. look at you proving me right!”
the stomp of your feet on the floor tells him that you’ve reached a level of frustration near to inducing a flood of tears.
oh, he truly got called out, huh?
“i’m sorry- i’m sorry. i admit that. i’m sorry, my love. i was just joking around. i’m listening well now.” he winces guiltily, beckoning you to be where he is. “come here then.”
“i don’t want to.” you stay rooted in your spot. “who do you think you are?”
“m-me…? i’m your boyfriend. boyfriend!” he points at himself, index finger repeatedly poking his bare chest to emphasize his point. his arm then drops to his side. his doe eyes widen as he breathes out a sigh of disbelief. “oh, i’m really getting upset now?”
you bite back a smile. the sweet taste of victory.
you can’t be the only one, can you?
“aish, i see you’re having your way again.” he chuckles, taking it upon himself to cross the distance between you. his hands find purchase on the curves of your waist, and every nerve in your body turns into a live wire. “let’s just go out today. do you want to practice boxing at the gym with me?”
didn’t he just watch you do arms day this morning? does he think you have the same stamina as him? you make a face of disapproval and shake your head.
“shall we go to a rage room again then? break more stuff?” he playfully sticks his tongue out, and you glare once more.
for the record, you loved that mug.
“and fighting with me is fun?”
you purse your lips into a thin line. “well, it’s not boring.”
“of course.” he laughs, softly squeezing your waist, pads of his thumbs mindlessly tracing shapes over the fabric of your top.
all of a sudden, he’s tugging you closer to envelope you in his embrace, voice slightly muffled as he sweetly talks. “are you mad at me for real? i’m sorry. sorry, sorry, sorry. sorry. i’ll really be more mindful of the things you remind me about, i swear… i don’t like fighting. it breaks my heart when you cry.”
what is this five foot ten man with bulging biceps, tattoo sleeve, and piercings doing here in the crook of your neck — affectionately nuzzling his face on your skin and telling you in a baby voice that he doesn’t like fighting?
you don’t know, but you feel good.
and his bare body is so comfortingly soft and warm.
he draws back for a kiss but his nose and lips only graze your cheek when you turn away, and you don’t see the sadness that flashes across his face.
“so what i’m hearing is… you don’t like fighting with me because i’m too sensitive? is that the truth?”
“no!” he perks up to interject without hesitation, shaking his head. “but i don’t think that’s a bad thing anyway… being sensitive.”
but you admit being a crybaby. you cry when you’re angry.
that’s when jungkook distinguishes the glint of mischief swimming in your irises. he feels dizzy after having his heart drop to his stomach.
“no. no, no.”
his mirthful grin returns, revealing his perfect set of teeth.
“ahh, i’m stressed!” he closes his eyes, throwing his head back, chest puffing up when he breathes in then out. “i knew it. no, i’m not falling for this trap!”
then he flees the room carrying the laundry basket, leaving you doubled over and covering your mouth to silence your giggles of amusement.
“i’m hanging the laundry now!”
“how dare you walk away from me?!”
“you can’t follow me!”
“i’m not.” you scoff, purposely bumping your hips against his. “i’ll vacuum the living room.”
“where are you going? gym?” you genuinely begin to sulk, watching your boyfriend slide into a baggy pair of bleached denim pants. “are you leaving me here?”
he avoids your inquiring eyes, ignoring you as he pulls up his zipper and does the button. you pout when he walks further away to pull out a black shirt from the clothing rack.
“is that it? are you tired of me already?”
he tosses its hanger in the basket where you discard the empty ones before wearing the final piece of clothing, covering himself fully for the first time today.
you sigh, feeling dejected. “you don’t love me anymore?”
and jungkook needs to physically restrain himself so he won’t grab your face and say ‘i love you’ over and over again until he runs out of breath.
you leave the closet to follow him to the bedroom, where he sits on the edge of the mattress to put on his socks.
you stand by him, patience quickly running thin. “hello?”
he brushes away the non-existent dirt on the left sock before switching his legs to put on the right one.
“did i turn invisible?”
your eyebrows furrow in disappointment. this isn’t how fighting works. you need a reaction at the very least.
you tug at the sleeve of his shirt, starting to get annoyed, already planning your exit if he continues this act. “you’re hurting my feelings. you’re not even going to look at me?”
he mumbles, and you almost fail to piece his phrase together. “can’t, you’re too pretty.”
his big brown eyes faintly glimmer with hope when he looks up at you, puckering his rose-tinted lips and making kissing sounds.
your sweet and clingy boyfriend, he’s making this too difficult.
a tsunami of affection washes over you, and it becomes impossible for you not to crack at his cheekiness then. “jungkook, you’re impossible!”
atleast he tried to shoot his shot.
“tsk, see? i thought so!” he grumbles, snapping the elastic band on his ankle. “just want one kiss.”
he disappears into the closet again.
he returns not a minute later, unceremoniously placing a white bucket hat on your head before tugging it down to obstruct your vision.
you hastily take it off, scowling at your laughing boyfriend who turns out to be already wearing a black bucket hat of his own.
“you’re bored, aren’t you? let’s go out, have some sun.”
you reply exactly as your boyfriend predicted you would.
jungkook captures your wrist to slip his credit card on your palm, folding your fingers over it, but they aren’t enough to hide the black rectangular thing you can use to buy the world with if you wanted to. your amusement spills out as giggles, brighter as he pushes your hand to your chest so you have no other choice but to accept it.
he scrunches his nose, face only inches away from yours as he persuades you with his natural charm. “what if we go shopping, hmm?”
“thanks babe, but i can’t think of anything i want right now.” you sniffle with teary eyes, flipping the card and holding it between your longest fingers as muscle memory takes control.
“then just keep it incase you see something you want.”
he kneels on the floor out of the blue, and you eye him curiously, your fingers automatically tangling with his silky locks before making a loose fist.
“here, put some pants on. hurry-” he presents your pair of faded gray cargo pants.
you tug at his hair lightly, which prompts him to lift his head. you scrunch your nose cutely, giggling. “i’m spoiled.”
“ey, so what if you are?” he brushes off your observation with his satoori accent, blithe tone listing down reasons. “i love you. i worked hard so i can do these things for you. we moved in together so we can take care of each other.”
and you want to cry. you truly do. your face began to feel warm after he said that he loves you, but the tears never make it past your lash line when his big palm lands a loud smack on your ass, skin-to skin.
“but i do think that you are a brat. does that count for something?”
it catches you by surprise, and a scandalized gasp escapes your mouth as you feel the sting spreading across your skin.
“shut up! give that to me.” you roll your eyes, stealing the pants from his grasp.
“see, that’s what i’m talking about.” he chuckles lightheartedly. “get dressed then.”
his fingers dig in the soft flesh of your thighs when he pulls you closer to kiss the tiny little ribbon on your underwear, heart-shaped lips pressed to you so firmly you can trace their outline bleeding through the thin fabric and onto your skin. “mmm-mwah!”
and then you feel them there next, where it still hurts, a softer kiss in comparison to soothe the sting he left behind.
your heart is beating so loud you can feel it in your throat, feeble knees nearly giving away to crash and break.
who does that so casually? who the hell does that?
oh, right… jungkook. of course.
you raise the white flag today.
perhaps he will flood the apartment tomorrow, and you can stay angry longer then.
“what’s taking him so long?” you mutter absentmindedly to yourself, lost eyes scanning the park in hopes of getting a glimpse of your boyfriend and his classic jungkook outfit, but he’s still nowhere to be seen.
your sour mood makes a reappearance.
to your credit, taking you out and then asking you to wait here without telling you where he’s going is rude, and you’re lonely and jealous of the couples around you having a picnic. not to mention that the clouds have uncovered the sun and you’re burning.
this scene also leads your brain to wander to those cliche flashbacks in a film or a show where a parent lies to their child that they’ll come back, and then they doesn’t. it’s always, always at some sort of park.
oh, for fuck’s sake, why are you wasting your time giving this a lot of thought?
too bored and antsy to sit still, you finally decide to text jungkook.
to: my baby love
i'm gonna look for food. do you want anything?
orrr is that what you're away buying 😥
why didn't you just take me with youuuu
please me lonely :(
[sent 1 photo]
a black cat !! is sleeping on my shoes!! 😭
i miss you :(
are you almost done
i hate u
whatever i'm going. call if you still remember that you're someone's bf i guess.
jungkook crosses the street like an excited puppy, long pretty hair bouncing as he practically skips his way to the area where he left you to wait.
only to be greeted by a complete stranger.
his radiant beam fades into a hue of confusion.
the bench is now occupied by a woman chugging an energy drink after running laps around the park.
they lock eyes for a split second. he averts his befuddled stare to pretend that nothing happened, walking past her with a bouquet of sunflowers until he settles down two benches away.
he wears his bucket hat again only for him to throw it aside with a sigh, messing with his hair to release his frustration. of course you left. he can only snort to himself while he reads the last message you sent. you’re so cute. he knows you’ve never been keen on having to wait, but he didn’t expect himself to take so long either.
not wanting you to be upset with him another second longer, he instantly decides to call you.
his forehead creases when his phone vibrates, informing him that he typed an incorrect password. he tries again, slow and deliberate, only for the same thing to happen, and he begins to feel nervous.
what the fuck?
okay, calm down, JK. one more time.
he freezes as the same words flash on the screen. his tongue pokes the inside of his cheek as he feels the irritation bubbling up inside of him.
“why is it like this…? what’s your problem? what am i touching wrong?”
you return to the park more carefree than before. since jungkook is god knows where, you decided to have a picnic on your own. you had to buy a new picnic blanket, though. you can’t get the one in the car because he has the key. but just to be petty, you hope that he figured it out from the text notifications he got when you used his card.
oh, there he is looking angrily at his phone.
you halt on your tracks, instantly pulling the brakes on your feet when you recognize your boyfriend from your peripheral vision. you slowly chew the remaining tteokbokki in your mouth.
he’s holding his phone… and he hasn’t called you yet?
“wow, did you seriously forgot about me?”
upon hearing your familiar voice, jungkook’s features soften, not having to squint at the sunlight either because you’ve kindly blocked it with your back.
“where did you even go? i didn’t see you!”
the password-protected device that’s been giving him a headache for the past ten minutes is abandoned in the depths of his pocket.
“baby,” he utters airily as he stands on his feet, reaching out to hold your forearm. “i’m sorry. i took so long, didn’t i…? i went to buy you flowers but they didn’t have tulips anywhere. anywhere. every shop said someone bought all of them!”
he scratches his head with a sheepish grin, revealing the bouquet he’s been concealing behind him.
“i got you sunflowers instead… they-” he points at them, eyes flickering on the bundle of yellow flowers he’s offering as a gift. “they’re not bad. i think they’re pretty too. you like them too, right?”
sunflowers are pretty. after all, it used to be your favorite in middle school, mostly because it’s the first flower you received from an admirer… it was for your birthday and you felt like you died when it withered, heavily on-brand for a young heart drawn to romance. excluding that, everything has changed. it’s a typical saturday and beads of sweat have formed on your lover’s forehead after running around under the sun. you think you can keep them alive longer this time around.
“i like you the most.”
and then he receives his gift in return, that particularly sweet smile of yours he only sees when you’re so giddy.
his heart flutters wildly at your following actions.
“kiss.” you adorably demand, copying his pout earlier when he was asking for a kiss.
but unlike you who left his wish ungranted, he crosses the distance to plant a kiss on your lips. he pulls away a mere three inches, muttering to confront you. “but i thought you hated me?”
“who said that? that wasn’t me.” you feign ignorance, eyes so wide as to mimic being confused. you carefully take the flowers into your embrace, subtly exchanging it with the paper bowl you’re holding. “thank you, baby… here, do you want tteokbokki?”
he goes for the fish cake first, poking it with the stick and popping it in his mouth. you find yourself too absorbed in admiring the sunflowers one by one to sense your boyfriend staring at you, thinking to himself, you’re always worth the effort and this overpriced tteokbokki is pretty damn good.
“i turned on my location like i promised i would. did you see?” you mention without looking at him, acting laidback, still too shy when anything related to the incident is brought up.
he awkwardly smiles. no, he didn’t, unfortunately. he’s still fucking locked out of his phone.
you whimper when he pinches your cheek. “good job, baby.”
jungkook removes his head on your stomach to lie down beside you on the red picnic blanket. his hair touches his face and he tucks them behind his ears for the millionth time today.
“will you type my password for me?”
you take his phone without question, putting yours over your chest for the meantime. you successfully unlock it within a second, experienced fingers nimble after years of typing on the daily.
“here.” you hold it out for him without looking, picking up your own phone to continue scrolling through trending topics. however, seconds pass and the heavy weight on your hand has yet to be eased, so you wiggle it to catch his attention. “hey, it’s done.”
he gasps, gaping at you in bewilderment. “how did you do that?”
“you changed it again last night, remember? because i told you our anniversary isn’t a good idea.”
shit, right. he added a new one to the list of passwords that he uses for everything. he totally forgot about that. you’ve taken over every working brain cell that he has in his body.
“baby, this is your fault!” he groans, finally snatching away his phone. “ah- i wanted to throw it away. i didn’t know what was wrong with it. i was seriously so close to crying!”
that bad? was he about to get all his data wiped out? your poor baby. you laugh out loud at his reaction, belly aching as you roll over to wrap your arm around his waist and bury your face on his side.
“anyone can guess it if they try hard enough.”
“but that was the trick, you know? they’d think it’s too easy. they wouldn’t even consider it!”
“that doesn’t mean they won’t try it!”
“ah, i don’t care. i’m changing it back.” he stubbornly pouts, falling back on the blanket.
you want to cuddle. he feels a tug on the sleeve of his shirt and he immediately understands. he allows you to use his tattooed arm as a pillow. it envelopes you entirely when he reaches for his phone to type with both hands, and you automatically snuggle with him closer by resting your head on his chest.
“fine. do what you want, you dummy. you better not leave your phone lying around.” you mutter, heavy eyelids fluttering shut as the wind blows to softly caress your face. “and don’t take more pictures of me sleeping.”
“you’re sleeping? i thought we’re going to the mall.”
“we are. i’m letting you rest before you carry shopping bags.”
“ah- wow. thanks, baby.”
you don’t how much time passes, a minute or ten or more, but falling into a deep sleep proves to be impossible with the cacophony of sounds you’re surrounded with. you’re resting somewhere away from the crowd, but there’s still the hiphop music from a bluetooth speaker, honking of vehicles… and the main culprit, jeon jungkook scrolling through tiktok on your phone and bookmarking videos for you to watch later on. you can hear his giggles louder than his heartbeat, feel them make his body vibrate throughout.
so, you give up. you open your blurry eyes with a tired sigh, blinking to readjust to the brightness. he feels your movements, your nose brushing against his neck, and he squeezes you to his side, dutifully stroking your head to remind you that you’re safe despite being in a public place because you’re with him. you kiss his cheek to show your appreciation.
you end up harmonizing with his giggles when you do decide to join him, nearly tearing up at the sight of a cat riding a motorcycle toy on the screen. a little while later, your fascination is then stolen by fiddling with his tattooed hand — tracing the veins, the lines, the tattoos; pressing the faded heart like it’s a button connected to the beating one in his ribcage; grazing the rough areas of his palm calloused by lifting heavy weights.
and as you do so, you mull over the house by the sea you’re saving up for. how much longer will it take? should you check out more locations? do you tell jungkook? that it’s your back-up plan, a place where no one knows your name, just like how this city once was. it’s where you would run to, where you would build a new life if the time comes that this one falls apart, too. if not, if not, if not, would it be so bad to wake up beside you with an ocean view when he’s sixty?
fuck, you don’t know anymore. it shouldn’t be this hard— not anticipating the worst, but still being prepared for it. you despise being an adult.
you do it absentmindedly, taking off one of your silver rings and slipping it into each of his fingers to see where it would fit best… he knows you’re only entertaining yourself, but feeling it in his ring finger still puts a lump in his throat.
“are you proposing to me?”
“this is your right hand, silly.” you tease your stunned boyfriend, sticking your tongue out. “if you want me, come and get me.”
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luvrxbunny · 17 days
pairing: bf!Eddie Munson x f!reader
summary: Eddie is trying to see what it takes for you to ask him for help.
warnings: 18+ MDNI, praise kink, dry humping, cum in pants (lmk if i forgot anything)
wc: 2.2k
a/n: i blacked out after two sentences i have no clue where the rest came from. apparently i was too horny to give a proper ending?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eddie can see your hyper-focus on your hands, his heart is melting at the way you’re trying so hard to follow what he showed you even though he knows you can’t focus when you’re high. 
It’s 10:37 pm, you and Eddie are high and he’s been trying to teach you the chords to his new song for 20 minutes now. He’s chuckling quietly as your fingers fumble over the strings again, drawing a frustrated whine from your mouth. 
“Aww, It’s okay, baby. You’re doing much better than you were earlier! You’re actually picking this up way faster than I thought you would.” Eddie is genuine when he says it but it’s your reaction that changes that.. that changes his intentions. He watches your face as he praises you, he watches your eyes glaze over, and your lips part gently as a soft smile spreads over your face. 
“Th- Thank you, Eddie. That’s so nice of you, thank you.” You sound so out of it. It shocks Eddie for a moment but makes perfect sense. He thinks of all the time you ask him for help with your studies, even though he knows you know the material. He thinks of all the time he cheers for you after getting the right answer, how he praises you and calls you his smart girl. He thinks of all the times you bake for him, asking for him to taste test them even though you’ve made the recipe a million times, he thinks about his exaggerated moans of delight, how he would get on his knees and beg you to make him a batch. 
He thinks about times exactly like this one, when he’s playing his guitar for you and you beg him to teach you. He thinks about how quickly you pick them up and how you beam at him when you finally get it. The only difference now is that you’re higher than he’s ever seen you. 
You wanted to celebrate for midterms so Eddie rolled you a blunt instead of his usual joints. Of course, his little lightweight got high out of her mind. You got so soft and cuddly that he could’ve never denied you when you asked him real nice to teach you the new chords. 
He comes out of his thoughts just in time for him to hear you nail the part you’ve been struggling with, perfectly. His blood rushes to his cock when he notices the way you look up at him, expectantly, almost… desperately. “Such a good job, baby.” It comes out more sultry than he meant it to but he’s never been able to hide his emotions with you. 
He watches your eyebrows, twitch in confusion but you don’t break his gaze. You’re waiting for more. He has to take a deep breath as his sensitive tip presses against the zipper of his jeans. His hands are twitching at his sides as he gets up, leaving his desk and making his way to where you sit on his bed. “That was amazing, honey. You’re better than I am, you’re perfect.”
He watches your thighs tense, trying to rub together as your hips lift to press you against his guitar as you get a faraway look in your eyes. You’re looking right at him as you grind yourself into his guitar, he doesn’t think you even realize you’re doing it. He lays down next to you, watching your bottom lip tuck under your teeth as you shake your head with a small smile. “No, not better than you, Eds. I could never beat the best, baby.” 
Eddie has to actively bite back a moan at the pet name, he feels like he’s gonna fucking pass out as all his blood rushes south. He knows you’re trying, he knows you’re trying to turn him on, asking him to make you feel good without actually saying the words. 
He’s told you time and time again how hot your pet names get him, he knows it’s silly but he cannot help it. Every time you speak to him with any ounce of sweetness he’s fattening up in his jeans. “But you’re perfect then?” He presses his hips forward, loving the pressure your plush thighs provide against his throbbing cock. His eyes almost roll back as he watches a silent moan fall from your mouth as your hips twitch, forward first against his guitar but back again to press into his boner. 
He smiles and raises an eyebrow at you, challenging you. You never initiate. He knows you’re shy, he knows it’s hard for you. He knows he’s all of your firsts but he needs— he craves to hear you beg him- to hear you ask him to touch you. He’s insecure, he can’t have this be so one-sided. He wants to see how far he has to push you before you say something. 
You’re nodding at him desperately. “Yes- Yes, I’m perfect.” He’s smiling so fondly at your agreement, his dick twitching painfully in his pants. He knows you feel it by the way your hips twitch, pathetically confused and you whine. It’s short and cut off as you turn to put his guitar away, placing it gently on the ground. You brush his cock and give him a beautiful view of your ass in the process. He’s silently begging you to say something, he doesn’t know how long he can keep this up. 
You turn back around and just stare at him, waiting for him to say something. He watches confusion bloom over your face, your head tilting like a puppy. He mimics your action with a teasing smile. “Do you have something to ask me, baby?” He watches realization and dread spread over your features. 
“Eddie…” Your thighs are rubbing together, nervously or for friction. He doesn’t falter, just looks at you expectantly as you pout. His hips are subconsciously thrusting up into the air, getting hot under your gaze. You press your hand to your forehead, astonishingly stressed at this seemingly simple task. Eddie considers letting up as he analyzes the distress on your face but you speak up. 
“Eddie can you-” You whine and avert your gaze. “Can you make me feel good? I—“ You huff out a breath of embarrassment. “I want you to make me cum… please.” His heart bursts at how nicely you ask. He’s taking a slow deep breath, trying to calm himself before answering you but you take his silence as a demand for more. “Eddie please!” You sound so upset, it's so cute. It makes him so hard. “Please, I- I need it. I need you, Eddie, please.” You’re still not looking at him as you whine. 
Eddie turns your head and smashes his lips into yours just to shut you up. If you had kept rambling about how bad you need him he would’ve cum in his pants. “Yeah. Yeah, I can make you feel good, baby. What do you wanna do, pretty girl? We can do whatever you want. You asked me so nicely, honey. You’re so sweet.” 
He’s desperate and all over you as he speaks. His hands are in your hair as he kisses all over your face and down your neck. You feel like you could suffocate in his need for you, it rushes over you and makes you need him more. “Your- Can we- Eddie.” 
He’s biting into your neck as you try to answer. You can feel him smirking in your neck as you struggle to answer him. “ ‘M sorry, baby. Go on, talk. You’re doing so well, honey.” He pulls himself closer to you so he can press his bulge into you again, his eyes fully rolling back at the pressure this time. “I want you to…. fingermeplease?” He moans at the way you rush out the last part of the sentence but still manage to use your manners. 
“You want me to finger you, baby? Fuck, yeah. I can do that. Mhm. You wanna sit between my legs? Let me open you up and play?” You’re nodding frantically and whining against his face as he lets filth spill from his lips. “Yeah? Will ‘ya squirm, honey? No, no I bet you’ll stay put like a good girl, huh?” 
He pummels you with his embarrassingly arousing words as he gets up to take his pants off (as you do the same), leaving his boxers and situating himself against the headboard. His thick thighs spread wide over his bed, leaving room for you to crawl between them. You don’t move though, you’re too mesmerized by the way his cock is pressing against the fabric, leaking into it and leaving a rapidly spreading dark spot. It can’t help but twitch as you admire him, he can’t take it; the hungry yet somehow innocent look in your eyes as you crawl towards him. 
Normally this is the part where you turn around, your legs spread and trembling over his as he shoves his fingers in your pretty pussy over and over until you’re quivering around his fingers, moaning and gripping his hair behind you desperately. Normally this is the part when he presses his boner to your lower back, thrusting against you in time with his fingers, imagining that it’s actually his cock inside you and willing himself not to cum when he pictures it for too long. 
Instead, you lift yourself to your knees. His face becomes level with your panties, his hips thrusting into the air as he groans at the pink bow resting on the band. You put your hands on his shoulder and slowly lower yourself onto his lap, letting out the sweetest moan as his soaked cock pushes into your dripping lips. His hands come up to your hips and force you down to him rougher than he meant to when he hears the sweetest whimper of “Oh, Eddie” slip from your throat. 
“Oh my fucking god, baby. You feel incredible, so fucking perfect. I can’t take it. Mm- Oh— What happened? I- I thought you wanted my fingers, sweetheart?” He’s throwing his head back and groaning when you collapse into him, leaning your weight on his bulge. You’re huffing out like you’re gonna cum, looking up at him with your pretty, glazed over, fucked out, high as fuck eyes. 
“I dunno, Eddie. I- It looked like he was- like he was crying for me.” Your hips stutter with a moan as your eyes roll back, Eddie’s hard cock rubbing against your clit perfectly. He feels like he’s gonna cum as you confess. It confounding to him; how you can say the most whorish things in the sweetest way. 
“You are in-fucking-credible, my love. I have no clue how you do this to me. I’m already so close, baby. You’re so amazing, so soft for me, love.” His eyes roll back and he’s losing it.
“You’re gonna make me cum— fuck. Holy shit—faster. Oh-h f-fuck me faster, baby. I love you so much. I- I’m gonna cum so hard. I- dammit. I wanna make you cum first. L-lemme make you cum first- shi-itt.”
You’re rabid against him, your hips moving at a pace that has him weak. You have him questioning who’s in control. He’s wound even tighter when he feels your hips falter, losing their rhythm as your mini whines evolve into desperate moans. “H-Help- Ed—” 
Your breathing is scattered as you whine and twitch against him. “Yeah, I’ve got you, baby.” He grabs your hips and grinds you against him, lifting his hips to meet your heavenly pussy and pressing magnificently into your clit. It has your hands digging into his shoulders, dropping down to his waist as you hug yourself to him. You’re moaning into his ear as he feels your thighs tensing on his sides.
“T-tell me-” You whine higher, more pathetically than he’s heard all night, his cock pulses, spurting out a dangerous amount of pre-cum into his boxers. “Tell me I’m good. T-Tell me I’m pretty—” You cut yourself off with a gasp as you buck your hips against him, a newfound energy coursing through you. “Oh- please- please tell me I’m pretty.”
Eddie’s right on the edge, moaning so loud he wouldn’t be surprised if the whole trailer park heard him. “YES- Yes, oh my god. You’re so beautiful, my love. You’re a fucking goddess among peasants. You’re a flower in a field of fucking hay, you’re my dream. You’re my soulmate.” He dissolves into a whine as you cum against him. You’re moaning into his shoulder, trying to muffle yourself in his shirt but you’re too loud. 
“There you go, fuck yes. Good girl— Oh shit. I’m gonna-” His eyes are in the back of his skull before he can finish. His hips twitching insanely and spurting out an outrageous amount of cum into the fabric of your panties. He’s panting as he tries to come down but you’re deliriously humping him. Forcing more ropes of cum into his boxers, he just can’t seem to stop. 
“Oh. Oh my god- I- I can’t stop. You’re such a good girl. Mine. My good girl. Askin’ me to make you feel good, takin’ what you need. God-” A ragged moan bubbles out of him as his cock finally stops drenching your poor panties. 
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading!! please please please give any feedback you may have! I want it all! also if you liked it please take a look at my masterlist!
Tumblr media
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loveshotzz · 2 months
for your blurbs:
‘bent over a table while something bakes in the oven.’
with my favorite bartender. maybe it’s his birthday or somethin’ :)
Hi bf 🥰 I hope you enjoy your boyfriend being a birthday boy menace.
A/N: this blurb is with bartender!eddie from my whatta man au, but can be read as a stand alone. just know it’s your bartender boyfriends 32nd birthday.
wc: 1.9k
warnings: 18+ for smut,fem!reader, dirty talk, mild food play, spanking, cream pie for days
Tumblr media
“I thought I wasn’t supposed to see the cake before the party babe?”
Eddie’s voice echoes down the hall from your bedroom, an annoyed sigh escaping from between your lips when you stop stirring the chocolate icing you’d just ask him to come try.
“That’s the bride before the wedding, and you weren’t supposed to be hereeee.” You call back in an irritated song when you remind him of his three a.m. decision to come and see you after his shift at The Foxy Lounge using the significance of today to get you to say yes. “But since you are, I want the birthday boy to tell me if this is sweet enough for him.”
You wipe your hands on your sleep shorts that you haven’t been able to change out of yet, turning around only to be crowded against the counter in a blur of black and ripped denim by mister thirty two himself. Your palms land flat against his chest as his full lips start peppering kisses all over your face and the giggles he gets only encourage him further. The hard formica pressing against your back becomes smooth against the bottom of your thighs when he lifts you up to sit on it instead. You squeal his name when he pushes himself between your legs with the kind of smile that gives you butterflies like the first night you met him.
“I really like it when you call me birthday boy.” Wiggling his eyebrows, you can still see the dimples that poke his cheeks under his scruff, while big ring-covered hands find a home on the curve of your ass pulling you closer to the edge. The silver chain attached to his wallet that dangles from his belt is cool against the skin of your calf from the A/C when you wrap your legs around him.
“I’m not surprised in the slightest,”You grin, unable to stop the way one of your hands fluff’s out his freshly washed curls. The softness from your deep conditioner is evident against your fingertips. “Now are you going to try this frosting or not before Steve takes you away.”
“I also really like when you’ve got a lil attitude like this,” Eddie teases, nudging the round end of his nose with yours as he leans to try and steal a kiss only for the plush softness of his full lips to hit your cheek instead and it actually makes him whine a little, “come on, it’s my birthday.”
“Try the frosting and maybe I’ll reconsider.” Crossing your arms over your chest, you catch the way he has to physically pull his eyes away from your now pushed up tits.
He sucks the skin of his teeth, looking at you with a narrowed stare before raising his eyebrows at you in a silent challenge. Nodding before shrugging a little too casually, he dips his index finger into the rich velvet, the boars head that dons it catching in the sunlight.
“Fine, I’ll try it. No problem baby, anything for you.” His tone is the only warning you get before the chocolate that matches his eyes is smeared sloppily across your lips.
Eddie doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of your open mouth when you gasp, doing what you asked of him while also still getting what he wants. His hand reaches up, cupping your cheek in his palm letting the pad of his thumb coax you open for him with a swipe of his tongue collecting the chocolate from your bottom lip before meeting yours in the middle with a low groan. It’s a battle for dominance before he sucks yours gently, getting your back to arch and fingers to bury themselves in his curls, melting into him just like the sugar.
He grins into the kiss when the heels of your feet start to dig into the curve of his butt, your irritation from before forgotten with a roll of your hips. He smacks his lips against yours once, twice, three times before he pulls away more than proud of himself when you look at him with a dazed smile and glazed over half hooded eyes.
“Mmm, I think I need another taste. What do you think?” His nose ring bumps against your heated cheek when he kisses you again, this one softer, his teeth nipping at your bottom lip while his finger makes its way back into the bowl of chocolate by your hip.
“I think it’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want.” The double meaning in your words doesn’t go unnoticed, black pupils taking over coffee ground eyes.
The sarcastic remark he has about your attitude just minutes ago is quickly forgotten when your hand wraps around his wrist bringing his frosting covered finger to your lips. He can feel the warmth between your thighs that lock him in place, cock twitching against the seam of his ripped jeans when you lick a long stripe up the side before bringing it entirely into the heat of your mouth. Hollowing out your cheeks as you suck, his eyes hit the back of his head with a muttered ‘fuck’ and a rock of his hips in search for the kind of friction only you can give.
You release him with a loud pop that bounces off the walls of your kitchen and you’ve never been more thankful for your roommate to be out of town. There’s a hunger in his stare that wasn’t there before when it meets yours and the fingers spread across your ass grab at the soft flesh pulling you closer. The evidence of your teasing makes you moan when it presses against your clit.
“Gonna let me bend you over then?” The gravel in his voice is unmistakable, leaning his forehead against yours as he looks at you from under thick lashes.
“Uh huh” you nod, letting your top lip connect with his bottom one in a dare, a deep exhale blowing through his nose when he smells the chocolate on your breath.
“That’s my sweet girl,” he grins, stepping back just enough for you to get off the counter, both of his hands finding your sides to help you down, “just like your icing.”
Your eyes don’t leave his as you make a show of letting your body slide down the length of him with a smile. Nipples hardening under your tank top as they rub down his chest. He curses under his breath, licking his lips when you turn around to press your ass firmly against the throb in his jeans. A teasing thrust from him has your palms find the counter top for support, while his hands wrap tight around your curves.
“Fuck, look at you.” He’s mesmerized by the dip of your back as you arche for him, the hem of your shorts stretching over the fat of your ass, riding up just below your cheeks. He wants it to be his birthday every day.
“Better hurry up before Steve starts callin’” You tease looking back over your shoulder with a wiggle of your hips.
“Hmmpf '' Eddie huffs with one more thrust, ringed fingers curling around the sides of your shorts, stepping back just enough to let them pool at your feet. “He can wait, this is more important.”
He grabs a handful of your ass, spreading you apart to reveal just how wet you already are and the sight of it makes him groan. He works on the button of his jeans, metal clinking when they fall to the floor.
Dripping for him, he slides the tip of his cock along the seam of your cunt with ease, catching against your clit making you keen. You push back for more and the heat of his palm connects to your cheek with a smack, the metal of his rings adding an extra sting that makes you gush.
“Don’t be rude baby, I’m the birthday boy.” He reminds you, watching how your ass jiggles the way he likes.
“Don’t get cocky - ohmygod” The air is taken out of your lungs when he lines himself up with your entrance and pushes in without warning, the stretch when he bottoms out with his chest to your back makes your eyes pinch shut with a whine.
“I think you like it,” His words come out right next to your ear in a breath of peppermint and chocolate that make goosebumps rise along the back of your neck.
He doesn’t wait for you to respond before he stands up straight, fingers digging into the dough of your hips when he pulls almost all the way out before filling you back up to the hilt. Circling his hips, his tip bullies the spot that makes your toes curl and the flutter of your walls encourages him to start his unrelenting pace. The first three strokes make your jaw go slack, fingers curling around the edge of your countertop, the ends of your nails scratching against the wood underneath.
“Always feel so good baby, Jesus - sucking me in like she can’t get enough.” The lewd sounds of your slick and the slap of his hips against your ass fill the quiet of your apartment, a low whine pulling from your throat when he adjusts hitting a different angle.
“Eddie - fuuuck.” You can’t find it in yourself to care how pathetic you sound, not when two calloused fingers start playing messily with your swollen bundle of nerves.
“Yeah sweet girl? That feels nice?” Hunching over you, his strokes get deeper the tip of his nose nudging the shell of your ear.
“S’good” you manage to get out, pushing your hips back meeting his.
His hold on your waist becomes bruising as he keeps making circle eights with the pads of his finger to your puffy clit, while the pattern of his thrusts start to get sloppy when he feels the way you tighten around him like you're close. The slow burn that started deep in your gut starts to become all consuming like this, one of your hands releasing its grip from the counter to cover on top of his between your legs. A low chuckle vibrating in your ear when he picks up the pace.
“Yeah, it’s like that?” You can hear the grin in his voice, and your smart mouth from before is gone. All you can do is nod, your arousal coating both of your fingers and leaving them to slide messy in a way that has your chest tighten, and your mouth fall open.
“Give me my present then baby, come on, give it to me then. Wanna feel you on me all day.” He grunts nipping at your earlobe, and it’s enough to get him exactly what he wants.
“Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!” Your eyes squeeze shut when you scream his name, your orgasm washing over you in a burst of heat as he thrusts into you hard enough to push you on to the tips of your toes with every one.
“Shit - that’s it, that’s fuckin’ itttt.” The feeling of your walls constricting around him so much that they try to push him out only makes him bury himself deeper as he paints your insides white. Muscles tensing with his release before they go limp when he melts back into you, huffing out a laugh that fans against your neck.
“The icing is great sweetheart, I can’t wait for the cake.”
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minki-moo · 3 months
✧˚ ༘ ⋆。 ˚ 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙤 𝙗𝙤𝙮𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙛𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙭 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙤𝙣𝙨 ✧˚ ༘ ⋆。 ˚
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n ♡ ok i couldn't sleep so i did another one hehe :)
tags ♡ fluff, bf!felix, smut, oral (m.receiving), soft!felix, mentions of pet names rating ♡ e for explicit
best friend!felix who is the literal definition of supportive bestie
best friend!felix who knows exactly how to cheer you up after a bad day
best friend!felix who tries to get you to play games with him, finding you cute whenever you get confused
best friend!felix who will come over with his best brownies when you call him sobbing
best friend!felix who loves sending you cafes that he wants the both of you to visit
"best friend!felix" who takes you to the beach, kissing you while you watch the sun set
boyfriend!felix who comes over to bake with you on date nights
boyfriend!felix who will help you however you can when you're feeling overwhelmed
boyfriend!felix who gives you his sweaters because he thinks you look cute in them
boyfriend!felix who buys little things that reminded him of you
boyfriend!felix who love loves to make out, holding you on his lap and feeling you grind into him
boyfriend!felix who's obsessed with the noises you make when he makes you feel good, wishing he could record them and play them over and over again
boyfriend!felix who loves soft, sleepy sex, fucking you gently from behind and whispering how much he loves you
boyfriend!felix who tries so hard not to thrust into your mouth whenever you give him head, but you look so pretty choking on his cock that he can't help it
boyfriend!felix who would call you the sweetest names as he forces orgasm after orgasm out of you
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kentosbabes · 8 months
*little bit smutty
Bf-Gojo who spoils you rotten, sending you large bouquets of flowers to your office desk and keeping one of the flowers to himself so he knows when to replace them. Not only does he spoil you with expensive gifts but takes you out to expensive restaurants and trips around the world on his private jet.
Bf-Gojo who makes sure to wake up early sometimes to make you a cup of coffee and your favorite breakfast so you get a good start to your day. He also loves waking you up with his fingers deep inside of you, feeling your hips instinctively move into him as you sleep, and when you wake up your are too wrapped up in the pleasure to use your words the only coherent thing being you repeating his name over and over.
Bf-Gojo who watches his bank balance fluctuate knowing you are out shopping and spending all of his money. He can't wait for later to watch you prance up and down the hallway showing off all your new clothes to him like a model. Especially when you wear that specific light blue color matching his eyes. It makes him go crazy knowing you're all his. He loves it even more when you wear the same color lingerie, and he's quick to bend you over his thighs rubbing your clothed swollen clit as he stares at your plump lips as they make an 'o' as you let out sweet sounds.
Bf-Gojo who loves when you get all dolled up for him. The dress your wearing barely covers your ass, it slowly rises up as you walk hand in hand with him so you end up tugging on the ends every so often in an attempt to not flash the whole restaurant but Gojo just smirks at you because he knows he's going to be teasing you for the remainder of your date. He doesn't care that you have an audience his leg moving in between yours to spread you apart. He would be saying things like 'You got all dressed up for me? such a good girl' that goes straight down adding to the wetness between your legs.
Bf-Gojo who although has his big rich life loves the little things like holding your hand in public or when you kiss his cheek, he would hate to admit how it much it makes him blush. He also likes the domestic side of life with you that lets him imagine what your future looks like. He loves coming home to the smell of his favorite food and freshly baked cupcakes.
Bf-Gojo who shows you off to everyone you meet. It only adds to his cocky nature knowing how other people look at you yet they can't have you because you are all his. He would say things like 'Isn't she the most beautiful person in the world' leaving them stuttering not knowing how to answer while you just stand there awkwardly blushing while Gojo shows you off.
Bf-Gojo who adores how easily you get all shy and embarrassed when your bent over the kitchen counter as he pounds into you from behind whispering praises in your ear. He loves how you give into his ploys and he can just fuck you senseless not being able to think about anything but him. 'Satoru I- I can't take it, w-wait' you'd stutter 'Awe baby I know you can, just be a good girl for me okay?' you would only be able to nod in response.
Bf-Gojo who loves sitting with you curled up in his lap while you talk about your future and life in a few years' time. He's already brought you a ring double the amount of your yearly salary that promises he will propose and grow old with you.
Bf-Gojo who slowly spends more time away from work so he can be with you longer. He would be training up his employees and talking to his co-CEOs in order to agree on a 9-5 schedule and a 4-day week so he can propose as soon as he can and have a tight schedule meaning he would be there for you and your future kids <3
part 2
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nichoswag · 4 months
soft intimate moments with enhypen
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: bf!enhypen x gn reader
warnings: sfw intimacy, physical contact, kissing
song rec: tfw - enhypen
a/n: i swear i'll get to the other requests soon 🙏🏻 pls enjoy this for now ♡
Tumblr media
-♡ heeseung
singing random chris brown and justin beiber songs for you for no reason. drinking coffee out of matching "wifey" and "hubby" mugs for no reason. holding hands under the table at dinner with your parents.
-♡ jay
late night drives where he gives you the aux. baking together wearing matching aprons. taking you on fancy dinner dates. asking for suggestions of songs he should play on his guitar. buying matching accessories.
-♡ jake
cuddling on the couch together with layla. kissing the tears off your face when you're sad. sharing earbuds while listening to the playlist he made for you. taking you on spontaneous dates when you've both had a busy week.
-♡ sunghoon
slow dancing in the kitchen at 2 am. taking you ice skating when there's not a lot of people around. walking on the beach hand-in-hand. secretly buying the same pajamas as you so you can match and playing it off as an accident.
-♡ sunoo
holding your waist constantly. doing face masks together before bed. wearing matching couple outfits every day of the week. kissing you sweetly in front of people when he's jealous. painting your nails matching pastel colors.
-♡ jungwon
linking pinkies while doing literally anything. sitting down on the counter while he cooks for you, kissing him every time he passes by to grab something. moving your hair out of your face for you when you're really focused on something.
-♡ niki
backhugs where he rests his chin on your head. underwater kisses when you swim. purposely leaving his hoodies at your place so you can wear them. putting his arm around you while you watch horror movies to "protect you."
Tumblr media
©nichoswag | do not copy my work or repost onto any other platform.
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jack champion bf headcanons fall edition
Tumblr media
takes any and every opportunity to hold your hand because he's "cold" (he isn't he just wants an excuse)
immediately takes off his sweater and gives it to you the moment you slightly shiver
holding on to you extra tight every morning not wanting to let you go
going on long walks because he knows how much you love when the leaves begin to change colors
spending way too much time picking out the most perfect pumpkin he can find for you. going home to carve them and he just looks so proud next to his carved pumpkin
convincing you to go on ice cream dates because he swears it tastes better when it's cold outside
spending a whole night baking way too many deserts. driving around singing songs and dropping them off to friends and family
whenever you're out he loves to wrap his arms around your waist from behind and rest is chin on top of your head
him making a whole list of couples costumes he think would look amazing
resting your head in his lap while you read. he lovesss to play with your hair (not as much as when you play with his)
setting up a bonfire outside and talking for hours on end
slow dancing in the kitchen to your favorite songs
binge watching every single classic halloween movie, loves to hold onto you whenever you get scared. always joking about him playing ghostface
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classickook · 1 year
könig headcanons
a/n: i have absolutely zero knowledge of this game but he’s my special little guy, i couldn’t help myself.
next >>
Tumblr media
- he’s definitely the type who pays super close attention when you’re talking and will encourage you to keep going even if everyone else tunes you out or if they talk over you
- he is SO attentive of everything in general but especially everything you do. since he’s pretty quiet and shy, he stays in the background and just observes everyone and finds himself focusing more on you, picking up little details that no one else would really notice
- like he knows what your nervous tics are and what books you tend to read in your spare time and where you grew up
- could recognize your voice anywhere! his eyes literally light up when he hears you coming around the corner :)
- loves it when you lift his hood enough to playfully nip at his chin or when you sneak under it completely while giggling and kissing him all over his face
- also loves nose kisses <3
- blushes easily
- anytime you look up at him, he has stars in his eyes and feels his heart stop a bit and he for sure is blushing under that hood because he’s completely head over heels for you and can’t believe you feel the same
- gives the best hugs!!!!!!!!
- his love language is definitely physical touch okay don’t fight me on this (also gift giving but we’ll get to that later)
- like just imagine that giant mountain of a man with the sweetest heart holding your hand (or linking fingers omg!!!) or lightly touching your shoulder or waist when he walks by <333
- he obviously has social anxiety but once he’s comfortable with you, he will 10000% turn to you for reassurance or comfort by just touch alone
- also… since he’s so freaking huge, imagine clinging to him like a koala and he just casually walks about with you wrapped around him
- this guys strikes me as ticklish idk why but let’s go with it
- imagine cuddling with him (how the two of you manage to fit into one cot i have no idea) and your hair brushes against the sensitive skin along his neck or you rest your hand on his abdomen and chest and he just gets kinda giggly all of a sudden
- has nightmares a lot :(
- he feels pretty awkward about it and apologizes for waking you up and starts to roll over in bed but you immediately comfort him and wrap your arms around him and distract him with random facts or hobbies you want to try, anything that’ll get his mind off of the bad dream
- you usually make him hot chocolate after a nightmare so the two of you curl up in bed, sipping on the sweet drink while asking him questions about his hometown until he’s smiling again
- on that note… he definitely has a sweet tooth
- you’ll bake him all sorts of sweets and try out new recipes and he’s like a little puppy that follows you around the kitchen or sits at the table and offers to help you or lick the spoon or something, he’s so cute <3
- he’s a people pleaser for sure so he would literally do anything for you
- this guy radiates sunshine/golden retriever bf vibes but would absolutely lose his shit if something bad happened to you or if he found you hurt/crying
- can go from 0 to 100 real quick
- back to the topic of gift giving!!! he always picks fresh flowers for you when he’s out and about, like he’ll make it his mission to scout out fields or little markets to get something nice for you
- also, he sketches a lot ! so he’ll oftentimes gift you with his drawings, like just leaving them on your cot or tucking them in the mirror or somewhere you’ll find them during the day to cheer you up
- overall, könig is a total sweetheart and i want to hug him immediately !!
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slxtmeri · 5 months
Hello! If u have open requests can u do more quackity bf headcanons? (Also can I be 🇵🇱 anon?)
hi, anon!! ofc you can be 🇵🇱 anon <3
a/n: i've been literally praying for a headcanon request omfg i have no motivation for fics rn
bf!quackity headcanons : part 2
♡ absolutely would teach you how to cook mexican dishes. he may not be the best cook, but he wants to share his culture with you!!
♡ gives you piggyback rides
♡ anytime you're playing/streaming a game together that requires teams, he always insists on teaming up with you.
- if it's auto generated and he ends up on a different team, he never kills you or attempts to beat you (which sometimes results in his team losing)
♡ listening to latino music and him teaching you how to properly dance to it
♡ loves having you on his lap when you make out, it gives him much better access
♡ like schlatt, he'd love it when you tug on his hair. it automatically turns him on
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gh0stswh0re · 1 year
christmas dribbles, hoe edition:
"you are freezing, soldier" (army (!) reader, inappropriate relationship with a superior, lost/stuck in the woods during a snowstorm trope)
"it's so hot when you talk back" (brat (!) reader, pissed off simon)
"relax your throat" (reader struggles giving softdom (!) simon a blowjob, insane amounts of unholy praise, incoming on 10.12.)
"you're drooling everywhere, darling" (cockdumb reader fails to realize that they are, well, drooling on simon, incoming on 10.12.)
"shit, it hurts so good" (pain play, kinda sub (!) simon, incoming on 10.12.)
"are you holding back? don't." (shy (!) reader, simon loves their moans a bit too much, incoming on 10.12.)
"were you just touching yourself?" (f! masturbation, army (!) reader, inappropriate relationship with a superior, humiliation + praise, mutual masturbation, incoming on 11.12.)
"you can sit on my lap" (army (!) reader, inappropriate relationship with a superior, in public, light teasing + under the table, incoming on 12.12.)
"sorry, baby, i've made a mess" (domestic + morning sex, handjobs, cum eating, incoming on 13.12.)
"how can you screw up this badly?" + "don't tease me" (putting up christmas lights together, height difference + tinniest bit of a size kink, light teasing, manhandling, simon's being kinda rough, incoming on 14.12.)
"i know, darling, i know. 'm right here, just breathe" (shy (!) reader, overstimulation, softdom (!) simon doesn't take "no" for an answer, previously established consent + a safeword, incoming on 15.12.)
"it looks better on you than it does on me" (domestic + morning sex, wife (!) reader wearing simon's clothes, incoming on 16.12.)
"why not tonight, sir? i'm even wearing something real pretty" (going out + in public, kinda bimbo (!) reader, incoming on 17.12.)
"i'm your lieutenant and will be addressed as such" + "shut the door behind you" (army (!) reader pushing her limits with simon, making him fuck her brains out, inappropriate relationship with a superior, incoming on 18.12.)
"i had this dream ... you couldn't keep your hands off me" (just pure filth, no plotline, fuck buddies trope, incoming on 19.12.)
"quit whining, i'll buy you new ones" (tights + lacey underwear, impatient (!) simon, clothes tearing, incoming on 20.12.)
"thought i told you - i don't know how to bake" (kitchen sex, bf (!) simon, beginning of the relationship trope, incoming on 21.12.)
"you still have a bit of my lipstick on your lips" + "let me do it" (bimbo (!) reader, who loves makeup x simon who pretends to be annoyed, but secretly adores it, incoming on 22.12.)
"try to stay quiet" + "we're in public, y'know" (army (!) reader, established secret relationship with simon, reader is tone deaf and sees basically no one but simon, incoming on 23.12.)
"i'll be home for christmas, i promise, baby" (a bit of angsty fluff, simon is away from wife (!) reader, incoming on 24.12.)
"i'd fuck you from behind, but then i wouldn't get to see those pretty eyes" (simon with shy (!) reader, who he likes teasing just a little bit too much, lots of dirty talk, incoming on 25.12.)
"your ass or tits, darling - the choice is yours" (tit fucking, incoming on 26.12.)
"you should wear red more often" + "gonna breed that pretty, little cunt of yours" (who would ever guess that maroon red is simon's favourite color? it certainly awakes a part of him you never knew before. heavy breeding kink, incoming on 27.12.)
"you take the bed - that's an order, soldier" (army (!) reader, getting ambushed and finding an abandoned place + only one bed trope, with a bit of an unusual twist, incoming 28.12.)
"watch your language, soldier" + "behave" (army (!) reader, simon overhears a conversation he's not supposed to and can't get it out of his head, incoming on 29.12.)
"don't you dare pull of another little stunt of yours" + "don't give me that look" (army (!) reader being reckless, nearly scaring simon to death, kinda mean (!) simon struggles with finding words to finally confess, incoming on 30.12.)
"fuck" + "already did" (pretty self explanatory, maybe a bit of voyeurism type of thing, leaving a random poor fucker (probably soap) traumatized, incoming on 31.12.)
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waitingonher · 6 months
Hi can you do some Percy Jackson x Hades Child hc?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
percy jackson dating a child of hades
Tumblr media
pairing: percy jackson x child of hades!reader
content warning: cursing
word count: 780
author's note: sorry this one's a bit shorttt
Tumblr media
a son of poseidon and a child of hades? ANOTHER POWER COUPLE. 
everyone knows not to mess with either one of you, or else they’re in for a doozy. 
percy’s always making sure that you’re not overworking yourself. he saw what it did to nico, so he for sure does not want that happening to you too. 
he’ll usually ask in more subtle and casual ways like “training was rough yesterday, how’d you sleep?” or “the lunch selection was good today, what’d you think?” 
it may be overbearing to some, but percy honestly can’t help it. the very last thing he wants is you being too hard on yourself. 
when you two first started dating, you guys—for some reason—decided to make gardening your little thing together?? but when you had accidentally killed them with your aura, you and percy decided to go forward with something a little less…alive. 
LOL so now your guys’ little thing is baking!! 
somehow chiron allowed you and him to use the camp kitchen?? 
anyways, you guys are pretty much pro bakers now! well, if you ignore the time when percy mistook the salt for sugar, then you guys are basically pros. 
you reach your hand out to your boyfriend, “perce, pass me a cookie.” “here,” he passes you a cookie while grabbing himself one, “on the count of three?”  you nod and begin counting, “one, two, three.” taking a bite of the warm cookie, you both immediately realize something’s wrong. the cookie tastes…salty? you see percy’s eyes widen as you two make a dash towards the sink.  “oh my gods! why is it salty?” percy screeches, the chewed up cookie muffling his voice.  after what felt like years of rinsing your mouth, the unpleasant salty taste had left your mouth, “babe, you were in charge of the dry ingredients...so did you use the salt instead of the sugar?”  percy’s eyes widen to the size of saucers, “no…i’m not that stupid. look,” he grabs the plastic container and turns it around, only to reveal the label that reads ‘salt’, "oh…yeah, that’s my bad.” 
considering the reputation your dad has, percy’s always looking out for you. but don’t get me wrong, everyone at camp could not give less of a shit about your dad, but it’s the newcomers he worries about. 
some of the new kids are so bold??? but don’t worry, cuz you and percy ALWAYS find ways to humble them. 
percy’s the type of bf to have almost anything you may need on hand. you need a hair tie? he’s pulling one off his wrist. your lips are chapped? he’s taking out his aquaphor. 
he loves seeing you use your powers, because like…pretty gf who has cool powers over the dead?? what is there not to love??
sometimes when you two are training, you’ll look out the corner of your eye to see your boyfriend just staring at you? percy has ZERO shame and will stare at you whenever he feels like it. 
whenever you guys have sleepovers, he always makes sure you fall asleep before him. it’s more of a comfort thing for him. percy just sleeps better knowing that you’re already sleeping. 
normally he’s a pretty light sleeper, but around you, he’s an even lighter sleeper. he just wants to make sure that he’ll be awake to comfort you in case you have any particularly alarming dreams. 
when you two eat, he never fails to save and offer the last bite to you. but percy doesn’t want you to feel bad about you eating his last bite, so he just nonchalantly offers it to you. 
movie nights with percy!!! 
you’d make him watch all the classic horror movies. shit talking the ones with bad acting and graphics is your guys’ favorite pastime. 
“oh my gods,” percy groans for the umpteenth time, “i swear, it’s probably a mortal who made this movie. they can’t even get the stupid ghosts to look right.”  you laugh at percy’s passion for complaining, “literally! okay but can they get some other guy to play the main character?” 
at this point, you two should make your own horror movie because you’re too busy making fun of them instead of actually enjoying them. 
you also made percy watch tusk… 
ever since watching it, he can’t look at walruses the same. (me too percy)  
gods forbid he runs into one in the ocean. 
percy also has a cork board in his cabin with a shit ton of polaroids on it jdfsksd 
they range from pictures with you to pictures of the sunsets.
but if you pay attention, you’ll find that the majority of the photos include you in them <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rinkkuma · 6 months
ft. : chigiri hyoma, reo mikage, & sae itoshi
୨୧ tags — a bit of cussing, the use of “blackmail” in reo's part is used jokingly (no toxic relationships here!!), reader implied to have longish hair in chigiri's, gn!reader, all fluff ! / author's note : thank you sm for the support on the first part!! pt 1.
Tumblr media
LOVES doing his haircare routine on you, and if you're too tired, he'll be a sweetie and do it for you!! (also loves skincare routines, but his hair is his top priority)
tests new hairstyles on you and you pull every one of them off, but when he tries them on himself, he's upset about how they don't look as good on him as they did on you. >:(
plays those random dress up games online, (gacha life) and makes you and him.
has disney movie night marathons with you!! his favorites are definitely tangled, (totally not because he just wonders how she takes care of THAT much hair) frozen, the little mermaid, and lilo and stitch. sets up the couch with lots of pillows, blankets, & snacks to make sure you're comfortable!! you end up not using half of them and just use him as a pillow the whole time
wakes you up early (which you don't mind) on sundays so you guys can go to the local farmer's market. people running the stands compliment you two for being such a cute couple!! :’) chigiri buys LOTS of fruit while he's here, (he believes farmer's market fruit is the best, he's right) especially strawberries. he also likes going to strawberry fields with you to pick strawberries!!
would love to adopt a cat with you!! (canon that his favorite animal is cats! sorry if you don't like cats </3) has a whole list of names planned in his notes app and a bunch of toys he plans to buy for the cat.
a little cliché, but look at ANYTHING for a little longer than one second and he buys it for you. i mean, what else is he supposed to do with all of his money??? if you could fill a room with all of the things he's brought you just because you looked at it, you would need multiple rooms
his whole ‘hidden’ photos folder is full of silly photos he has of you just for a little laugh every once in a while. (totally not to use as blackmail and to send them out of the blue to you)
has a dedicated section in his closet full of clothes for you whenever you stay over at his house mansion. (bro probably has a walk-in closet)
two words, staring problem. just having a conversation with him, and his eyes are burning into your face, carefully listening to every word as if you're giving a very important speech. (which you are in his mind) you could be talking to a friend across the room, and he will be staring and pouting, waiting for you to hurry and come back to him. point is, man is staring at you 24/7.
although you two are dating, still stalks you on social media. (shamelessly) deadass one day he got up to use the bathroom and he left his phone on the bed, and you decided to peak at his phone, (not trying to be noisy, just curious) and saw that he was looking at the instagram highlight you had that was photos of you. (you never let him live it down and still tease him relentlessly to this day)
holds your hand anywhere, anytime. while walking, sitting on the couch and chatting, while you guys sleep, LITERALLY WHILE DOING ANYTHING. the warmth of your hand brings him comfort and makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside.
has a secret instagram account dedicated to you. posts ALL of his photos of you and the captions are just him ranting about how much he loves you. <3 (blocks you to make sure you never find it because he's a little embarrassed)
LOVESSS baking!! (source: trust me) his favorite thing to bake is muffins and bread, and let's you be the taste tester! request something for him to bake, and he makes enough to enjoy the rest of the month! if he ever needs to leave the house early for practice or meetings, you always wake up to a muffin, freshly cut fruit, and a note on the kitchen counter neatly set for you. on days he doesn't need to leave the house early, you wake up with breakfast in bed!!
puts up with you and your shenanigans. hungry and too lazy to get up? he already prepared your favorite 10 minutes earlier. can't sleep? cages you into his arms and strokes your hair until you fall asleep. bag too heavy? he was already carrying it. you're the only person he'll put up with. <3
although the doesn't quite know how to express his emotions with words, definitely does with his actions. to physical touch, gift giving, and just spending time with you, sae doesn't let his inability of expressing feelings with words stop him from letting you know how much he loves you. (I KNOW I JUST SAID EARLIER HE CAPTIONS PHOTOS ABOUT HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU, BUT JUST PRETEND HE HAS A HARD TIME ACTUALLY SAYING IT OUT LOUD)
NEEDS you to give him a kiss before you or him leaves the house for anything. these kisses last a little longer depending how long he'll be gone. if he's leaving for a trip overseas, he kisses you until you're breathless and pulls away every few seconds to murmur an ‘i love you’.
loves going on walks while it's raining with you. (brings an umbrella and makes sure you're bundled up, you can't get sick on his watch!)
Tumblr media
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hee-poster · 1 year
♡ ꒱ things your golden retriever boyfriend Jake would do
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: bf!sim jaeyun × gn!reader
genre: fluff
a/n: hellaur and thank you everyone for the support on my first post 💖 here's a little hc for our official Golden retriever bf, I hope you like it, and please let me know if you do 🥹💖
🖱⌨️: masterlist
Tumblr media
Waking you up everyday with soft kisses and a breakfast by your side.
Jake loves waking up before you cause he gets to watch your cute, puffy face and since you're his baby, he takes it as his responsibility to being your caregiver. Therefore he'd cook and sometimes try to bake for you in the mornings, usually messing up the ingredients but well, at least he looks cute with flour smeared all over his cheeks 🥹
Calling you or texting you hourly if you're not spending the day together.
Jake misses you, he misses you so much even if he doesn't see your for a day, it's like you're the source of his happiness. He's so needy when it comes to you, he just can't go on without hearing from you for so long. His anxiety of separation peaks up whenever you're too busy to respond to his texts or calls, so please make sure to check up on your clingy boyfriend hourly 💖
Reminding you to eat your meals and drink water, also to take your medications when you're sick.
There are times he becomes like your nanny, especially on times that you get sick. Doesn't matter if it's just a flue, he's gonna check your temperature hourly and make you all types of soups. He'd insist to warm you up with his cuddles as well and would get all sulky if you don't allow him, telling him that you don't want him to get sick as well. He probably would leave sticky notes on the days he's busy with work to remind you when to take your medicines and as if that's not enough, he'd face time to tell you just that 🥺
Constantly needing skinship with you, no matter what the situation is.
Jake often acts like he's glued to you, no matter where you go he has to follow. You're going to the bathroom? He can wait on the door. You're gonna sleep? He's gonna cuddle you while you do. You're studying? He's gonna lay his head on your lap and tell you to pat his hair nonstop while waiting for you, asking when you'll be done every two minutes. It's no joke how much he's attached to you, he feels like without you, his heart would stop beating 😔
Buying you desserts & flowers on the days you seem down.
Jake is so good at noticing your mood changes, he could even understand that you're sad through a short text message. He would never pressure you to open up, knowing very well that whenever you feel ready, you'd share your issues with him. Nevertheless, he'd always show up on your door with a box of your favorite chocolates and a bouquet of your favorite flowers, just so you could know he's there whether you ask him to be or not. He'd relieve you only by being present, never letting you feel alone 🤕
Doing anything to get your attention, if you haven't been giving him enough time.
Jake's need for attention from you is limitless, he's like a baby when next to you. That's why its nearly impossible for you to do separate activities when together, because he would always go like, "Hey y/n, look what I'm doing baby." Or "Baby, did you just see what I did?" He is cutest in the world but if he notices your disinterest, he gets so sulky and gives you the silent treatment with a pout on his face, literally demanding an apology of a sort because how can you not focus on him when he's putting on his best show for you? 😪
Getting excited over simple things that you offer to do together.
Jake is like a little puppy who gets super excited when you put their collar on to take them out for a walk. He gives the exact same reaction when you tell him you've got a surprise for him and take him out, big boba eyes blinking with enthusiasm while he jumps on his spot, asking for clues to guess. He'd get so hyped up even if it's a regular thing, like going out for a walk or to have something to eat, letting out cute squeals and clapping his hands together. He just loves you so much and gets so happy when you want to do something with him, he is just like a baby pup adoring his owner fr 🥹
Never wanting to argue with you because he won't be able to hold his tears.
Jake is terrible at arguments, he can never respond back or even raise his voice at you. If he does something to piss you off, it's either on accident or a prank gone wrong because he likes to joke around. He'd get tears in his eyes immediately if you treat him in a cold way, constantly mumbling apologies after one another because his heart can't take being distant from you. He'd always come to hug you, to snuggle in your arms after every disagreement, telling you he loves you so much and he wants nothing to get in the way between you two ☹️
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jaywonjuice · 3 months
baking with enhypen 🥧✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: bf!enha x gn reader
warnings: sfw intimacy, physical contact, kissing, mentions of food
wc: 1k
a/n: some super warm and cozy domestic enha for you this sunday afternoon, i hope u enjoy :3 (i only write romantically for enha adult line !)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
when you ask what he wants to make, hee immediately suggests coffee and walnut cake (he doesn’t even like coffee but he knows it’s your favourite)
gets himself told off for snacking on the crushed walnuts when you’re not looking. he grins mischievously at you, finding your exasperated expression endlessly cute, and resumes munching the second your back is turned again.
he slips his arms around your waist while you’re mixing the coffee cream, and rests his chin on your shoulder, kissing your neck softly. ‘hee, if you ever want to actually get to eat this cake do you maybe wanna help?’ you say, suppressing a smile. ‘mm-mm,’ he hums his refusal, earning an eye roll from you.
you just know that jay has to be out here choosing the most complicated and ambitious recipe ~ think sour cherry and pistachio danish.
he’s in the middle of rambling to you about how to get the compote a perfect gooey consistency, when you lean in quickly and give him a sudden kiss. you promptly return to looking at him expectantly to carry on, as if nothing had happened. he blinks, taken aback for a moment by the interruption, before smiling as he continues with what he was saying, detailing how absolutely *crucial* it is that everything be finished off with a brush of orange liqueur…
he loves to supervise from behind, watching over your shoulder as you roll out and fold the dough, using the excuse of ‘helping make sure you get it all even’ as he leans over you and places his bigger hands on top of yours, guiding their movements with his, causing your heart to race.
the danishes come out looking and smelling amazing, and as you stare at them, wide-eyed with excitement, jay can feel his heart swell with pride at you taking an interest in his favourite hobby.
jake insists on his auntie’s australian lamington recipe, enthusiastically declaring that he wants to make them for you to try because he loved them so much growing up ..’)
jake is the messiest chef, and he leaves the kitchen looking like a storm has just passed through - somehow he has managed to use last every cup, bowl, and utensil in the process of baking one little tray of cakes for you.
and of course he manages to get flour all over his face, and you laugh at his oblivious expression as he stares at you with big puppy eyes, confused why you’re laughing. he looks so adorable right now that you simply have to kiss him on his floury cheek.
later on, when the two of you are snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket watching your favourite show together, you realise you can still smell the sweet coconut scent from your baking escapade lingering on him when he leans in close.
of course you and hoon are going to be making his favourite, tiramisu.
dusting the cocoa powder over the dessert tickles your nose and makes you sneeze like five times in a row, and hoon teases you about how cute your sneeze sounds for the rest of the morning.
he looks unbelievably fine stood there in front of you right now, you think to yourself, in his navy apron and pressed white shirt, brow furrowed slightly in concentration as he whisks mascarpone into a big mixing bowl. he looks up and catches you watching him, and your cheeks flush instantly.
the determined expression on your face as you grate chocolate over a bowl, sunghoon thinks, is maddeningly cute. before he can stop himself he’s reaching out to tuck a rogue lock of hair that has come loose back behind your ear. you don’t even have time to look up and meet his gaze properly before his lips are on yours.
together, the two of you are definitely on a mission to make this the prettiest strawberry lemon cake the world has ever seen.
his long fringe keeps falling into his eyes as he’s mixing up the buttercream, so he allows you to tie it up for him with a little hair band. you have to try *really* hard not to giggle or tease him about the way the little hair sprout wiggles side to side on top of his head as he vigorously whisks the cake mix.
while waiting for the cake to come out of the oven, you decide to check and see how it’s doing. as you open it up to take a peek, sunoo at your side wordlessly puts an arm around your waist, and instinctively you let your head rest on his shoulder. you feel an inexplicable surge of comfort in the warm moment. you stay and watch together quietly as the soft sponge of the cake rises steadily.
the decorating is his absolute favourite part, blushing when you compliment the way he delicately arranges thinly-sliced strawberries and freeze dried lemon pieces over the cake’s surface.
when jungwon suggests baking cinnamon rolls you can’t help yourself from laughing a little bit. ‘jungwon you literally are like, a cinnamon roll personified,’ you tease. he pouts, doing his best to look offended by your poking fun, but you can tell that really he’s enjoying it.
you had expected baked goods and jungwon to make an adorable combination, however, as you watch him now, with his hair pushed back and sleeves rolled roughly up, kneading the dough on the countertop, the muscles in his forearm flexing suddenly catch your eye and…. you feel the heat rise in your cheeks, flustered by the unexpected reminder of his surprising strength.
won holds up his complete decorated cinnamon roll for you to see, beaming proudly. as your eyes rest on the pastry, a smile plays on your lips. the surface is a little wonky, and icing is dripping unevenly round the sides, but it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t look delicious. you could tell how much care he’d put into making it. ‘for you,’ he tells you shyly. ‘it’s made with love.’
Tumblr media
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neoraso · 13 days
bf things with tbz
sfw, gn reader , similar to my subtle skinships but something a little new ♡ hope you enjoy
Tumblr media
waking up before you to prepare breakfast and maybe even pack a lunch for your school or work day
drawing bubble baths for you (and if you ask him to join of course he will oblige)
day trips!! always opens the car door for you and makes sure you're buckled up before leaving
buying you gifts especially jewelry and leaving it on your bed while you’re away so you have something sweet to come home to
literally already acts like a husband to you like . once you do get married not much will change,,he worships you
playing his guitar when you can’t sleep
making playlists with songs that remind him of you/your relationship. sometimes he sends them to u and they're called like "for my love"
wants you to be involved with his family and includes you in his calls and facetimes with them
likes driving you to spots and parking just to listen to music and talk with you
very even-keeled and becomes your rock. always there to listen to you talk about your day looking at you with heart eyes the whole time.
always getting you little things when he travels on tour like even if its a little keychain, and writes a little note or card to go with it
regularly talks about your future together like it's obvious you're life partners
literally never argues with you,, even when you disagree he's very sensitive to you and just wants to work things out peacefully with you.
you're his whole world. he adores you, has to let everyone (including you) know as much as possible, reminds you he's a better person because he met you.
will drop everything to make sure you're ok. brings you drinks or food when he can during your day. if you're feeling down he will like - run errands for you, bring you snacks etc
regularly brings you to his family home bc he knows how much his parents (and darong) love you
sends you pics of the sunset when he’s away at work but thinking about you
frequent hugs with kisses that start from the top of your head until he works his way down to your cheeks
has to be holding your hand,, crossing the street? laces your fingers for safety, sitting down together? grabs your hand and kisses the back of it
likes when you do his hair care and fix it for him the best. closes his eyes and hums when you're putting the product in and massaging his scalp
petting your hair when he’s sat next to you and his arm around you also loves to give you shoulder/neck/head massages to relieve your stress
always keeping an eye out to make sure you’re good in social situations (he may seem aloof but he’s in tune with you!!) ur happiness is his happiness
that being said . sometimes he doesn’t realize when you’re flirting with him he just thinks you’re making conversation T^T but then he catches on and tries to play into it which usually ends up in yall giggling maybe kissing
refuses to let you pay for anything, provides for you happily
so patient with you, always listening attentively with eye contact and appropriate responses <3 an angel
always trying to make you laugh whether it be twerking, sending you tiktoks he thinks you’ll like
baking and cooking for you ! his lucky taste tester,, literally doesn’t care if you just sit there and watch him but would love if you joined him!!
loves that you have a good relationship with stella lowk gets jealous when she texts you with news before him
brags about you to anyone that will listen "they're so funny and cool and great and smart,, i'm so lucky"
makes up little songs to narrate what you're doing even if it's like. the dishes -_-
couple fashion yes yes ! obsessed with taking ootd pics with you
expect his whole camera roll to be you and his favorites are all the ones of you together
always attentive to you whether it be getting something off your clothes, getting you water, reminding you to rest and offering his shoulder when he notices you're tired, moving your necklace clasp to the back, etc
lowkey gets nervous around you like NOT THAT HE'S NOT COMFORTABLE but if you give him too much eye contact he starts blushing and laughing
always leaning on you, head on your shoulder, hanging on you holding your hand/arm. JUST loves u sm and wants to be close to you it's sweet.
wants to “do your hair” and ends up knotting it up (he’ll brush it out though)
gives you really weird hypothetical situations bc he knows you'll actually put thought into your answers <3
he's a silly guy but he likes his chill time and loves it more when you're with him. sometimes he'll bring you home and you take ghana on walks together,, or he just wants to watch a movie with your feet propped across his lap yktv
whenever you're out together at a cafe or restaurant he always lets you taste his order before him and lets you have as much as you want if you like it
will bite you. you'll just be laying together and he bites whatever part is closest NOT even hard enough to leave marks like juyeon but just enough where he can express his ,,,, cute aggression
shares his love through food with you
has a specific time slot for you in his week set aside for just spending time together whether he's taking you out or spending a night with snacks and a movie :>
loves when he can get you up early to watch the sunrise together (always brings coffee/tea and a pastry for you)
your biggest cheerleader. literally texts you with a message every morning encouraging you for the day
comes home singing loudly to announce his presence. you're the first thing he looks for when he walks through the door and has to give you an ENGULFING hug and at least 3 kisses on your face to prove how much he missed you
saying you’re “too far” when there’s more than 5cm between you
if he's sitting across from you he holds your hand(s) INSIDE his sleeves
low-hanging fruit but he absolutely has a folder FULL of songs about you
loves nights where he's just laying in between your legs or when he's holding you,, either way just wants you close, doting on you all night
pretends to be too cool for being your sweet angel baby sugarplum fairy but when you pull away from showering him in affection he goes "why did you stop -_-"
has a picture of you as his lockscreen and his wallpaper, in his wallet, on his mirror, a framed one on his dresser, etc. etc.
if you're watching a movie and an attractive person comes on, he covers your eyes with his hands and says you should only be looking at him bc he thinks he's sooooo funny
always buys you a mango juice or whatever drink you like when he gets his from the convenience store
wants to include you in everything he does as much as possible whether it be going out with his friends, all his days off, his early morning walks
needs his face as close to yours as possible; kissing your cheeks/eyelids/nose biting your ear, etc etc
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