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Friday is Black for Me
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Lex jumpscare
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[posts for the first time since 2021 and hopes u dont notice]
goldswift truthing on main
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rentumblsstuff · 2 days
NPMD!Steph: I asked Pete to Pasquali’s on the first date.
AC!Steph: I asked Pete to shower with me.
YJ!Steph: Who the fuck is Pete and why are we thirsty for him? Get a grip, ladies.
NPMD!Steph: Okay, okay, imagine the biggest nerd you can think of?
YJ!Steph: Oh the bow tie kid.
NPMD!Steph: That’s him.
AC!Steph: But then also like make him funny and sarcastic.
NPMD!Steph: Yeah! And sweet.
AC!Steph: And weirdly sexy and secretly jacked and you just kinda wanna break his brain so that the only thing he can think about is pinning you to the wall of the shower even though it’s nasty, so-
NPMD!Steph: Wait the other one is right. Get a grip. Please.
AC!Steph: *shaking* I’ve been stuck at Camp Idontwannabang for a month and he’s the only sane one here other than me. There’s only one thing I’m trying to ‘get a grip’ on around here, and it’s down the shorts that his ‘Virginity Rocks!’ camp tee is tucked into.
AC!Peter: I broke my leg trying to improvise a weapon to protect Steph and myself.
NPMD!Peter: I almost sacrificed my life for Steph!
TGWDLM!Peter: Also who is Steph and why are we willing to hurt ourselves for her?
AC!Peter and NPMD!Peter: *OFFENDED GASP*
AC!Peter: Imagine you have really low blood sugar and all you have to fix it is fuckin’ raisins… And Steph gives you a chocolate bar. Relief, finally, you can think straight for what feels like the first time in your life. That’s Stephanie.
NPMD!Peter: Imagine an eldritch god tells you that you have to give up what you treasure above all else and you suddenly realize in the worst way possible that your Pokémon cards and comic collection mean nothing to you in comparison, and as weirdly slimy and wiggly fingers brush the hair from your neck, you realize that the girl who’s suddenly become the most important person or thing in your life thinks of you the exact same way and that one of you has to die before you’ve even worked up the nerve to admit to the coolest girl you’ve ever met how you feel. That’s Stephanie.
AC!Peter: … Are you okay?
NPMD!Pete: Better than that guy’s doing.
BF!Pete: I watched a man get kicked in the head until he died… I can still see the bomb falling through the air as I spent my last moments alive with my big brother…
NPMD!Grace: I can explain!
NPMD!Grace: Wait, no no no! It’s okay, I killed the guy it was about!
AC!Grace: You better have!
NPMD!Grace: But then he came back to life and I had to sacrifice my chastity to send him back, so we had sex in the middle of a football field and five evil gods dragged him to Hell! Also by the way, Jesus isn’t real and it’s up to us to cleanse the earth of all perverts for our new gods, the Lords in Black!
AC!Grace and PB!Grace: …………… WHAT THE FU-
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Hey my mom said we can invoke the names if it's okay with your mom
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dyingnerdyprude · 3 days
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wetcatschwartzy · 3 days
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idk what to draw send requests perhaps
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teranobriss · 3 days
"Made in America" gave us motifs from "America is Great Again", "Inevitable", and "Nightmare Time" all in the span of like 10 seconds and I'm eating that shit up so much
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nanxq · 20 hours
date idea:
we watch the guy who didnt like musicals
we watch black friday
we watch nightmare time 1
we watch nightmare time 2
we watch nerdy prudes must die
you tell me what hatchetfield characters do you think i remind you of
we yap about hatchetfield uncontrolably
we kiss listening to hatchetfield soundtracks
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nico-tines · 15 hours
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zeauxie · 1 day
has anyone asked if ley lines are a part of the reason Hatchetfield is bonkers?
i looked it up and a ley line falls on lake michigan.
thoughts, musings, concerns?
note: ley lines are (supposedly) invisible lines around the world that intersect, and cause the area they are in to have supernatural abilities. for example— if you live on a ley line, then you are more susceptible to experiencing things like magic.
also, this isn’t what ley lines mean in every culture— this is just the condensed general definition for the culture Starkid probably grew up in.
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its-my-barbeque · 19 hours
Started thinking about the implications and now I have a theory: The reason why General John MacNamara is so different in TGWDLM and Black Friday is because of who is telling the story.
We know the narrator for TGWDLM is Pokey. Its a retelling of the events and he is in control of what we see and hear - its why the characters cant hear the instruments but we can. This is also backed by the title number and Emma specifically (but that's a post for another time).
In Black Friday, we don't have confirmation on who the narrator is but tis safe to assume one of two options; either the ensemble (Tom, Becky, Lex, etc) or Webby. In this case, we're leaning towards Webby as there are interactions that would be difficult to see otherwise - ie the presidents office before the start of 'Monsters and Men'.
In regards to MacNamara, we know the Lords have history with him. During 'Made in America', while Wilbur is the one who calls out to him, in the captions its credited to Wiggly. This could be attributed to him being a General for PEIP, but there was a little too much malice in the ost for me to believe that's the case. While we don't see it happen, it's clear that MacNamara has not only impeded the Lords progress, but has actively stopped them - probably on multiple occasions. Additionally, he is a Warrior of Light: he can wield the Blade of Truth and has helped Hannah and Lex (Webby's chosen vessels) on multiple occasions (Orb Weaver isn't out yet but that is the synopsis so that would make the pervious point true on two sperate accounts). And even if he isn't a Warrior of Light, the enemy of my enemy is my friend - he is at the very least and ally of Webby.
Now for how that affects his characterization;
In TGWDLM MacNamara is a bit more aggressive and sporadic, even to a silly extent that can seem a bit much at times. He has wide eyes, he's constantly moving, and goes on tangents. Then, despite his title of General, he is easily defeated and absorbed by the Hive. Why is that? Well, because Pokey is the narrator. I wouldn't push it so far as to say its propaganda against PEIP ("look at how silly this so-called military is. even their general is weak! they couldn't be a threat if they tried"), but it absolutely carries a mocking tone. Pokey wants you to laugh at MacNamara, not take him seriously.
In Black Friday, however, MacNamara carries a very different tone. He's calm, collected, knows exactly how to handle almost every situation. In this one, you could actually believe that he is a General and not just some guy with a gun. This can be attributed to Webby being the narrator. She agrees with his values (note 'the value of the human heart' dialog vs 'The Witch in the Web' and how Webby treats Willabella) and, as stated previously, is allied with him in some way. Webby wants to paint MacNamara in a good light, and have you see him as a hero.
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myryathedreamer · 2 days
Every time I try to wrap my head around the fact that Lex Foster and Grace Chasity are played by the same person, my brain just bluescreens.
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https-envy · 2 days
me and my friends were finally watching tgwdlm (we are all massive theatre kids and are currently doing a production of legally blonde I WILL REVEAL WHO WE GOT IN A LATER POST SOON!!) and when paul didnt come on stage in the opening number, they thought of a hilarious scenario i just had to post on here
"so what if later on like after this opening number, the guy who doesnt like musicals was just late for rehearsal and comes to the place they were all singing and dancing like 'omg im so sorry i missed rehearsal guys i had to get my iced caramal coffee from starbies!' and they all forgive him and do vocal warm ups?" that wasnt exactly what my friend said but it was the same idea
then we were just all making jokes about that afterwards and were just laughing about it the whole time HHEHAHh
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letitiaswrightone · 24 hours
Pete: Grace just be cool...
Grace: NEVER.
Grace in fact did not keep the beans cool.
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dyingnerdyprude · 1 day
i love the scene in nerdy prudes must die when max almost fell through the floor but they caught him before he fell and he survived and became a better person and richie and ruth end up completely fine and alive ! dont you love that part ?? 😁😁
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