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饾枒饾枂饾枓饾枈饾枔饾枡饾枤饾枓 | iridessence photography + gold frame photography IG
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une reine sans le hameau | iridessence shot with Kelly Lenza
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Hello, Can I request a Wednesday X Reader where the reader is a generally fun and mischievous person? Essentially the reader thinks Wednesday hates them as 鈥渓oud and energetic鈥 are not usually associated with Wednesday, but that鈥檚 thrown out the window when Wednesday confesses?
Tumblr media
You and Wednesday shouldn鈥檛 work. Your aesthetics clashed as much as your personalities did and you were reminded of such whenever you interacted. You were well known amongst the student body of Nevermore as the trickster; playing pranks on teachers and students alike when you felt they were deserving of such a fate. Your 鈥榮tick it to the man鈥 shtick had earned you to becoming the ire of the few and the idol of the many outcasts, who felt as though they stuck out more even in a school for outcasts.
You didn鈥檛 hold an ounce of care for the thoughts of those who hated you. Not when you had friends along the likes of Enid, Ajax, Yoko and Xavier at your side who only ever encouraged you with their chants and cheers. However with Wednesday, she was more prone to stand behind the curtain, puppeteering the events and people from behind the scenes then perform before a crowd beneath stage lights. She despised being paid too much attention, preferring to lurk in places overtaken by darkness and shadows and out of sight. Wednesday was a cunning mastermind who didn鈥檛 allow her hands to be dirtied unless the situation calls for it, a wolf in sheeps clothing, the uncanny evil hiding in plain sight.
You were so loud and energetic that you could power an entire town with your laughter for decades whilst Wednesday was the inevitable power outage that casted everything in pitch black darkness that you couldn鈥檛 see you own feet, never less past them. You were so unalike and yet you share a table in the quad, sitting so closely together that your bodily warmth seeped into her colder one. You were Nevermore鈥檚 enigma that could never be solved because everything about you both getting along seemingly went against nature. You were just as lost as they were as Wednesday鈥檚 mood towards you seemed to change periodically throughout the day.
One moment she would be within close proximity of you as you walked to classes, so close in fact that you swore you felt her hand brush against yours as though signifying to you a hidden message; The next she was stood as far away from you as humanly possible. She was pulling you in and pushing you away just as quickly that you felt like a helpless mouse being toyed by their predatory until they eventually get bored and or hungry. You don鈥檛 know what you did but you couldn鈥檛 help but think that Wednesday only tolerates you because of your shared friend group and had you not been friends with them, she would鈥檝e avoided you like she avoided daylight. Which only proven to hurt more when you came to terms that you held feelings for the mistress of everything dark and morbid; and as cliche as that was but it was true.
So when you noticed that it had been one of those days where Wednesday pretended to be ignorant of your existence when she dragged Enid away from yours, Ajax and Xavier鈥檚 table elsewhere during lunch; you couldn鈥檛 help but feel the hope that you had held onto for so long about the possibility that Wednesday might in fact like you, die a little. You sigh, slumping back in your seat to pick at your food that you suddenly had little to no desire in consuming, for it would only taste like ash upon your tongue due to your dampen mood. 鈥淒on鈥檛 beat yourself up about it y/n. You know how Wednesday can get.鈥 Xavier said, trying to uplift you whilst Ajax mirrored him by patting you on the shoulder reassuringly, thinking it would help. It didn鈥檛.
鈥淚 know but,鈥 you pause to wet your lips, 鈥渋 know I shouldn鈥檛 take it to heart but it feels as though she鈥檚 been avoiding me as of late. I鈥檓 not sure what it is I鈥檝e done but it hurts鈥t hurts to know that the person you like is treating you as though your nonexistent鈥ike you don鈥檛 mean as much to them as they do to you.鈥 Ajax and Xavier couldn鈥檛 help but feel hurt for you and ashamed in themselves for keeping silent on the reasoning as to why Wednesday has been avoiding you. Enid has accidentally slipped up and told the boys whilst Wednesday had threaded to smother them in their sleep should they tell you before she was ready to tell you herself.
They knew that Wednesday needed more time but considering the downward projectory you were throwing yourself into and how fast it was hurdling up to greet you, they feared that Wednesday wouldn鈥檛 be able to act fast enough to save you from yourself. So it was up to Xavier and Ajax to keep your head above water until then. 鈥淢aybe she has a valid reason in avoiding you.鈥 Xavier glared at Ajax over your moping form as the gorgon merely shrugged his shoulders and mouthing his apologies to his friend before turning back to you in hopes to backpedal his statement. Ajax鈥檚 situation was only made worse when he caught you looking at him with hurt lacing your once gleaming eyes only made the gorgon feel even worse then he already did in lying to you.
鈥淥h yeah? Mind telling me why that might be since you seem to know her better then me.鈥 Your bitter words weren鈥檛 intentionally aimed at him nor Xavier but more so at yourself for not being different for Wednesday. Had you been more aloof or morally questionable would she like you any better? Or hate you even more? You didn鈥檛 know anymore and as of right now you didn鈥檛 want to talk about her reasonings as to why she had been avoiding you. It only hurt you the more your mind came up with worse and worse conclusions by the second. Ajax and Xavier tried to come up with something convincing when the pair saw that you were running on a short fuse.
However even with their combined mind power, they were unfortunately too slow for your liking as you scoffed a short, 鈥淚 knew it,鈥 as a response before removing yourself from between them and left the quad before Xavier could hope to grab your wrist in time. 鈥淔uck.鈥 He hissed under his breath as he turned to look over at the table Wednesday and Enid were only to see that they were staring back at him and Ajax. Enid was staring at them in concern before getting up out of her seat to chase after you whilst Wednesday was staring at them with murderous intent, she gave them one simple job and they managed to fucked that up to high heavens.
Boys were incompetent in doing jobs they weren鈥檛 tailor made for she concluded as she stood up from her chair, only to sit in the one across your vacant one as she clasped her hands together out on the table in front of her whilst staring at the gorgon and the artist; Almost as though they were about to be throughly investigated. 鈥淲hat happened and I suggest that you tell me quickly because I鈥檓 quite positively livid at how you two can muck up a perfectly simple task.鈥 In all honesty Wednesday didn鈥檛 care for the reasoning as to what happened, her mind was permanently stuck on the dark expression across your face as you stormed out of the quad.
She knew she was the reason for the expression but she couldn鈥檛 quite grasp why it hurt her more then any wound ever to be inflicted. Almost as though you had devised a plan to make her feel how you feel. So as Xavier and Ajax presented their alibis as to what had happened, Wednesday abruptly stood up and starting walking out of the quad in the same direction you had left when Xavier called out to her. 鈥淲here are you going off to now?鈥 Wednesday stopped to look over her shoulder and said, 鈥渢hat鈥檚 for me to know and you to find out.鈥 Before continuing on her way out of the quad and down the corridors like a bloodhound.
It didn鈥檛 take her very long in tracking you and Enid down from the smell of her dorm mates perfume to the sound of her voice, set to a hushed whisper as she sat beside you amidst the school garden. Upset wasn鈥檛 the word Wednesday would use to describe your current state, you were down right distraught. No longer were alight with the fires of your passion, no longer was your face alight with life but instead covered by the guise of disappear. As inappropriate as it was but Wednesday couldn鈥檛 help but envision you as a weeping deity in your moment of sadness, the flowers nearby seemed to weep alongside you with how low their heads hung from their stems.
To her you were the vision of beauty even in the most vulnerable moments that she couldn鈥檛 help but see you in dark mourning attire, tissue in hand as you grieved her death, cursing the gods for taking her away from your eternity together; your love for her persevering even under the guise of grief. Knowing that she couldn鈥檛 have you hung out to dry any longer then she already had, Wednesday plucked a nearby black dahlia from it鈥檚 flower bed and presented it in front of her chest as though she was about to throw it upon a grave. Enid saw her approach from afar and stood up, causing you to look up at her before following her line of sight as you eyes widened at the sight of her.
鈥淲ednesday?鈥 You said when she was close enough to hear you and without a word on her part, she offered up the black dahlia before you. 鈥淎s an apology for my recent behaviour.鈥 She claimed as you accepted the flower, bringing it up to your nose to take in it鈥檚 scent. 鈥淪ince your here in person, would you mind telling me why you鈥檝e been so avoidant?鈥 You asked. At this point Enid has already left in order to give you both space to resolve the issue that lingered between you two like a rotting corpse. 鈥淚 have feelings for you.鈥 She admitted without hesitation, 鈥渁t first I thought it was because I found your brightness intolerable,鈥 you flinched, 鈥渂ut some time after that I found myself craving your brightness like a vampire craves blood, like a zombie craves flesh.鈥
Wednesday stops to gauge your reaction to see how tightly you held the dahlia against your chest as though it were to be ripped apart from you at any given moment. You clung to it like a lifeline. 鈥淚 found my chest fluttering at the sound of your loud and brazen laughter, I found that my cheeks would set themselves ablaze when you look at me with that wildness in your eyes that you鈥檇 get after a successful prank. It scares me.鈥 She steps closer to you so that the only you could see was her and vice versa. 鈥淗owever I wish for you to invoke that reaction with me again for as long as we live because it was the safest option then to allow myself to crave the feel your lips against mine.鈥
Your breath hitched in your throat as you held the dahlia even closer against your chest. 鈥淚f that was the case then why didn鈥檛 you tell me? You really hurt me when avoiding me.鈥 You uttered, going in to rest your head against hers, finally feeling your soul healing. 鈥淚 know it was pathetic of me to run away from my wants and wishes rather then claim them like my parents would.鈥 Wednesday pressed her forehead against yours, 鈥渂ut I only wanted confirmation that what I feel for you isn鈥檛 a fleeting fantasy but more of a permanent entanglement of our souls, cara mia.鈥 You smiled widely at her confession, filled with so much relief that you didn鈥檛 take notice of the tears that brimmed your eyes.
鈥淵ou fool,鈥 you said affectionately, flinging your arms over her shoulder, 鈥渕y mon cher, my love for you is boundless as the night sky.鈥 Wednesday smiled briefly at your short and swift confession as her hands held you by the waist. 鈥淕ood because I鈥檇 be a dead fool to ever let you go.鈥
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Tumblr media
猡 incubus!soobin x fem!reader
猡 w.c: 5.7k
猡 summary: to you, he was the prettiest human you鈥檝e ever seen, and thanks to your luck, you two end up becoming partners in your psych class. as time went by, the boy kept appearing in your dreams at the weirdest times. but now, you鈥檙e not too sure about the human part鈥
猡 contents: dom!soobin, sub!reader, religious corruption, oral (fem receiving), degradation, slight dumbification, pervy soobin, FILTH, wet dreams, demon-like features (horns, nails, tail, teeth, split tongue, and wings), mirror sex, overstimulation, masturbation, soobin is BIG, unprotected sex, if i missed anything sorryyy :( 猡 author's note: this is my first publicly published fic but i'm super excited to share! hopefully you guys enjoy! also, the lowercase is intentional. 鈥 jae
Tumblr media
鈥渨hy did i think signing up for morning classes was a good idea? i basically just set myself up.鈥澛
that thought ran wild in your head as you stared at your purple lit ceiling. it was was too fucking early to learn psychology but hey, your day was done right after it so, like the 鈥渞esponsible鈥 student you were, you forced yourself out of your bed and put on cute yet comfortable clothes to get yourself started with the day. thankfully, campus wasn鈥檛 that far from your off-campus apartment so what鈥檚 the point of wasting gas when you could just walk?聽
perfect timing, 15 minutes early and nobody was there. you picked the most convenient seat in the room and unpacked your folders and notebook to begin with class. not even 10 minutes later, more and more students started rolling in and finding seats beside their friends or people they found attractive to grab their attention.聽
but then there鈥檚 him..
yeah, him the one with the specks and black hair that stood out to you but probably not to everyone else; why is that? you remembered the first time he came in the class, he was just a week behind because of the class switch period but, once he walked in he immediately caught your eye. if you could recall, you believed his name was soobin; tall, pretty face and beautiful lips, everything about him was beautiful and portioned correctly. it鈥檚 a shame you were the only one who appreciated his beauty.聽
鈥渁lright guys if you check in our class section, you will see the group that you鈥檙e in for the rest of this project so get comfortable with one another cause you鈥檙e stuck with them for a while,鈥 a small laugh fell from the professor's lips like it was sooo funny. everybody groaned at the end of his spiel and started moving towards the numbered tables. you were table 2 so you didn鈥檛 have to move at all but in the corner of your eye you saw two bodies approaching you.
鈥測ou must be鈥斺溌
鈥淿___! hi,鈥 you smiled. you turned your head fully to get a glimpse of your two partners and dear god your luck must be either shitty or great. soobin sat down beside you while the other partner sat across from both of you. to you, this had to be either some sort of punishment or blessing; he smelt so good like freshly folded laundry with a hint of cologne. you couldn鈥檛 even imagine what he sounded like too.聽
you pulled out the rubric of the project quickly before you could turn to the pretty boy and ask him his name. he didn鈥檛 seem tense and he didn鈥檛 seem nervous to talk either but, he did seem a little standoffish the way he immediately went to write notes down before introducing himself.聽
鈥渨hat鈥檚 your name?鈥 you asked looking directly at his face hoping to burn holes in them so he could have eye contact with you. the other partner already introduced themself right after asking your name. he finally took his focus away from the notes and looked at your eyes glowing with curiosity as to who the hell he was.聽
鈥渋鈥檓 soobin.鈥
on your way back home all you could think about was him. the rest of the class he was quiet, only wrote down notes, and typed in the things that he thought would help us out with the project.聽
鈥渕aybe he鈥檚 shy,鈥 you convinced yourself. this is the first time you鈥檝e met him so maybe he鈥檚 just a little nervous.聽
before you left the class, you asked your group if they wanted to come to the food court on campus to discuss the project and possibly get to know one another. sadly, the other partner had to attend another class right after so the only one was soobin. to no avail, he looked down at you with an unreadable expression and said, 鈥渘o.鈥澛
it wasn鈥檛 like you did something to him so why was he so cold? you brushed it off once you got inside of your apartment and took a quick shower. you threw yourself onto your bed and cuddled up in your sheets to take a quick nap.聽
it was so blurry. you couldn鈥檛 make out anything except for the fact you were in class. everyone was sitting together with their group but you were sitting all by yourself. you checked your phone looking at the time seeing class was going to start in 10 minutes. finally, soobin walked in and took his place beside you smelling good as usual but this time with a little more cologne. the professor came to your table explaining how the other partner dropped the class and how it will just be you and soobin this time. you nodded your head and faced the pretty boy watching him as he eyed your face and then your stature up and down with a sly smirk on his face. 鈥渨anna go to the food court?鈥澛
you woke up to your ceiling being lit blue this time and the sky dark. you literally just started talking to the boy and here you go having dreams about him but, it was nothing crazy so you went on about your night.聽
well鈥 you wished it was nothing crazy..
鈥測our partner dropped the class so you and soobin will just be the only group with two people. if you need help with the project just let me know.鈥澛
this was too much like deja vu, too much of a coincidence. the dream happened two days ago but you remembered it so vividly when the professor spoke. maybe it was just a foreshadowing, usually dreams like that can happen.聽
all class, you and soobin worked on the project and he spoke a little more than usual. 鈥渋 created a doc where we can jot down ideas at the same time,鈥 you spoke taking out the said document. the title was called 鈥渢he mind of sex;鈥 your group decided to talk about the minds of those and how one鈥檚 psych can effect their sexual adrenaline and desires. 鈥渋 found some sites that can help us as well.鈥澛
soobin nodded as his fingers went to work on his computer. honestly, seeing him focus and type away made you wonder what goes on in his head. this topic is definitely going to open some weird behaviors and some awkward feelings but he seemed like he didn鈥檛 care. you both are adults after all but you knew this topic would make you feel extremely awkward, especially around somebody so handsome.聽
鈥測ou want to go to the food court?鈥 you blinked once you realized he was staring at you. the shuffling of people packing up and talking about whatever the hell tuned back into you; were you staring that hard?聽
鈥渙h- yeah we can, sorry..鈥 you never put your stuff away that fast before. the way he asked in such a soft yet deep voice made your cheeks warm. little did you know, soobin knew the effect he had on you, watching you with a little smirk.
days, weeks, even a month passed and this project was close to being finished. every week, you and soobin decided to go to the food court after that class. he鈥檚 much warmer than you thought he was, laughing at your jokes, sharing food, and being an amazing partner that didn鈥檛 make you do all the work. you also realized that the topic isn鈥檛 as awkward as you thought.聽
鈥渉ey you wanna try this ice cream flavor with me? i heard it鈥檚 super good,鈥 you asked. you already purchased it and grabbed two spoons getting ready to dig in but you believed it would be better if he tried it with you. he laughed and grabbed the spoon getting ready to taste it with you. your eyes grew wide at the flavour loving it so much while soobin on the other hand hated it.聽
鈥測eah.. you can have it..鈥 he gagged, drinking his soda to flush the taste down. you giggled at him and continued eating it with glowing eyes, those same glowing eyes you gave him when you asked him his name. he nibbled on his lip watching you look around while eating it. almost like a little kitten. 鈥溾ute.鈥澛
you didn鈥檛 hear him.聽
thank god you didn鈥檛.聽
ironic of him to be saying 鈥榯hank god鈥︹
soobin looked to the right to see two men watching you.聽
鈥渟eems like at least one of them has the hots for you,鈥 he sighed. you looked over to see the two men nod their head up 鈥榟ey.鈥 you rolled your eyes and looked back at soobin.聽
鈥渕aybe they want you instead,鈥 you smiled, bringing your attention back to your ice cream and phone. soobin wasn鈥檛 stupid, he鈥檚 a man too after all. you were absolutely beautiful to him and definitely to others, and the way you鈥檙e licking around that spoon could have anybody go nuts for you.聽
yeah.. especially the way you were licking it.
it鈥檚 in soobin鈥檚 nature, he can鈥檛 help it. somebody with such a cute face licking the spoon sinfully can only make his brain run wild. thinking about how you would look getting on your slightly red knees, licking at his clothed dick begging for it to choke yo鈥
鈥渟oobin?鈥 his eyes were dark. way too dark. almost like your dream. lately, you鈥檝e been having dreams about him more and more. they would be normal dreams like you two going to the food court or going on a cute small date but before you would wake, his eyes would look dark. no life, no feeling, just dark. and every time you saw them your stomach would churn. a pool inside your gut will toss and make your face feel hot, almost like you were aroused but it was only for a slight second, not enough for you to fully pinpoint the kind of feeling it was.聽
but it happened again and this time you weren鈥檛 dreaming.聽
鈥渙h shit, i forgot i have to go! i鈥檒l talk to you later okay, text me when you get home!鈥 before you could even say goodbye he left. you blinked a couple of times before brushing off that anxious feeling. you loved soobin yes, but every once and a while this anxious feeling would come to you, itching your brain like it was telling you to run but you ignored it. soobin has proved himself more and more that he鈥檚 a sweetheart and wouldn鈥檛 do anything to hurt you. so why was your gut reacting this way?聽
where were you? it almost looked like your room鈥aybe? you were burning up, sweat running down your face but your lower half was uncomfortably wet. your gut was tight with arousal wanting nothing more than to get off but you just couldn鈥檛 move.聽
now, it cut to a body. a head actually. your hands gripping their hair as their tongue lapped against your folds and slurped against your clit. every muscle in your body wanted to buck your hips into their mouth, wanting them to go faster but dear god the strength that they had around your hips was inhumane. curses left your lips as you felt that rope begin to snap but why wasn鈥檛 it. it felt drawn out like you couldn鈥檛 release at all yet you were so close. they sucked harder, using their fingers inside of you hitting that spot every time they curved them up.聽
鈥減lease.. please please i鈥檓 so close,鈥 you sighed, knowing your juices were sticking to the bed and the strangers face. their hand came up to your chest, pinching your hardened nipple taking you to the edge but not there. it was only a little bit away. just a little.聽
鈥減lease.. soobin鈥斺溌
your brain didn鈥檛 stop. the dream kept going, completely ignoring the fact you said his name. it was just a dream right, no harm or anything, you couldn鈥檛 control it.聽
if anybody else was living in your apartment, they would definitely hear the noises you were making, such slutty and dirty noises. you tossed and turned in your bed, humping the air feeling like your dream was real.聽
and it was all his doing.聽
soobin sat on the balcony, right outside of your window. legs crossed, eyes gold, horns curled, nails long and sharp, and wings larger than the average demon and a long tail with a heart shaped spike at the end. his presence is only sensed by you in your dream, nobody else. he could see how the dream was playing out, making the scenes unfold but to his surprise, before he could bring himself into the mix, you were already begging for him. a shiver ran through his spine after hearing his name fall from your mouth so prettily. his sharp canines bit at his lip, feeling himself get hard at the thought of you bucking up into his face, begging for him to fuck you and make a mess of you.聽
he鈥檚 so close to making you finally his.聽
the dreams wouldn鈥檛 stop. every morning you would wake up unsatisfied, aroused beyond belief at that thought of soobin. he appeared in your dreams more often then at usual doing the most unholy things to you. at one point, there was a time where your plump lips wrapped around his girthy dick, feeling every vein on your tongue, and watching his face with wide eyes. then, there was when he fucked you against the wall, burns on your back from the friction. and then, you sitting on his face, riding his tongue feeling so fucking good.
it was driving you insane.聽
you would wake up around the same time every night, 3:45 am. your panties soaked with precum and that itch that you needed to fulfill.聽
the average person would just change their underwear and sleep it off. but you? you couldn鈥檛. you immediately took your phone and scrolled through twitter to find something, just anything to help you finish. your vibrator in one hand with the phone in the other, finding some pretty girl getting pounded by this man with a huge dick just like soobin had in her dream. her moaning, drool coming out of the side of her mouth and cum spilling from her cunt.聽
maybe it was the lack of sleep.聽
or maybe it was the frequent dreams about him.聽
but as you looked at the videos, it seemed like the video changed from the girl to you, and the man to soobin, him being the one pounding into you like you were some lifeless fuck toy.聽
you felt so guilty. you felt like complete shit, but fuck you couldn鈥檛 help it. moaning out his name as you finished yourself off after the blue-balled dream that you had.聽
yet you still went to class. guilt rushed through your body as you saw the pretty boy walk into class with a big smile on his face as he saw you. you tried to return the favor but the guilt just kept eating at you.聽
but the devil was winning terribly today.聽
soobin became awfully clingy today. his hand placed on your thigh, his fingers playing with your own, even a tight back hug here and there and it was driving you insane. your panties soaked once again as you thought about your unforgivable actions, seeing the size difference between your hand and his, wishing it was around your neck instead.聽
more and more arousal fell into your panties and fuck soobin can smell it. it was intoxicating to him. if he didn鈥檛 have all that self control his eyes would鈥檝e immediately turned gold. he both knew that you and him could not fight it off any longer.聽
鈥渟ince we have to present on thursday, is it cool if i come over so we can practice it?鈥 he asked. maybe it was because you were eager for a crumb of his presence. or maybe something or somebody was controlling you to answer the way you did.聽
鈥測eah sure!鈥澛
you both walked together, grabbing snacks along the way. you had some bottles of wine as well so you guys can have a good time.聽
鈥測ou鈥檙e really good at speaking,鈥 you told him. you both just ran over lines to get a grasp on it to see how much you both could remember.聽
鈥測ou think so?鈥 he asked, sitting back down beside you taking a sip of his wine. the wine definitely made you feel more loose and not so tense, it鈥檚 almost like you forgot about why you were so tense.聽
鈥測eah, it鈥檚 almost like you鈥檙e drawing people in when you talk. its really good.鈥 it鈥檚 almost like you were talking from experience. his voice was intoxicating, it drew you in immediately. you two talked more about the subject and ate some of the chips you guys bought as well.聽
鈥渋t鈥檚 still funny to me how kinks are considered psychological disorders,鈥 you chuckled watching the tv.聽
鈥渨hat? you saying you have some?鈥 he chuckled. yeah he was a demon alright, he knew where this was going and so did you but the wine didn鈥檛 make you back down from the question.聽
鈥渋f you tell me yours i鈥檒l tell you mine.鈥澛
鈥渙h please,鈥 he laughed. 鈥渢his has to be a set up. you probably don鈥檛 even have one.鈥 you smiled and bit your lip trying to hold back a laugh but you took one more sip of your wine and drew your attention back at him.聽
鈥渋 like鈥 looking at myself in the mirror. is that a kink?鈥 you asked, eating your chips again. usually you鈥檙e not like this but this feeling that this man was resonating made every impulsive thought leave your mouth. he looked over at you as he drank his wine, his adam鈥檚 apple bobbing up and down.聽
鈥測ou鈥檝e had sex in front of a mirror before?鈥 his voice low and his eyes heavy as he watched your reaction. every hormone that he was giving off was slowly affecting you, your lip between your teeth and your legs closed together trying to calm yourself down. from your reaction, it didn鈥檛 seem like you had sex in front of one. 鈥渙r did you fuck yourself in front of it?鈥澛
god you hope he didn鈥檛 hear you.聽
a small gasp came from your lips at his words.聽
he was so close to jumping on you. the little bit of sanity that he had left stopped him.聽
鈥渇or me,鈥 he began. 鈥渋 love seeing my partner beg and look helpless under me..鈥澛
it was like you were under some spell. words that you understood started to turn into a different language, like it was demonic. your body started to burn up, stomach turning creating that same churn that you had in your dreams. your breath started to quicken as you felt yourself drip into your panties.聽
鈥渇uck..鈥 you moaned throwing your head back. the trance wouldn鈥檛 stop and so did his words, it felt like torture. you gripped onto the arm of the sofa trying to find something to give you leverage. the voices wouldn鈥檛 leave your head and this addicting feeling wouldn鈥檛 either. where was soobin? was he okay?
just like he read your mind, he looked down at your helpless state, eyes gold and horns showing. his beautiful hand grabbing your face.聽
鈥測ou poor thing,鈥 he whispered. the voices went away but this rope in your gut didn鈥檛. your skin was on fire making you want to rip your clothes off one by one. 鈥渄oesn鈥檛 this feel so familiar?鈥澛
what was he talking about? you couldn鈥檛 even think, your focus only being on wanting this feeling to go away. but he was right, this did feel familiar.. the fever like temperature, the churning, and his presence, this felt too familiar.聽
鈥渁ll those dreams, you thought those were normal?鈥 you moaned at his words, scenes of your dreams played behind your eyelids. you bucked your hips into the air trying to feel something, just anything. you opened your eyes, looking at soobin鈥檚 state.聽
his eyes gold, horns curled, canines sharp.
you鈥檝e heard of this before. an incubus. somebody who comes in your dreams and feast off of your wet dreams. to think it was real鈥 to think it was soobin.聽
his hand let go of your face but placed it softly under your chin with his thumb caressing your cheek.聽
鈥渋 almost feel bad,鈥 he whispered bringing his face close to yours. 鈥渂etraying you like this. you look so helpless and confused. it makes me want you more, lovely. do you still love me? you still love the soobin you knew before?鈥
you can鈥檛 be this insane鈥 you swear you couldn鈥檛.聽
looking at his face, his demon features, and the surprising warmth coming from his hand, it made you spiral.聽
鈥渟o鈥 so pretty鈥︹ you whispered. your heart rate sped up the longer you looked at him. you knew it, everything about him screamed he was hiding something and yet you found it so attractive. the darkness in his eyes that he had for a split second every time you looked at him, the sly smirk,the anxious feeling that you got, everything screamed something to you. yet, this soobin was just as beautiful.聽
you brought your weak hand up, placing it on his cheek. the sharp heart shaped end of his tail slowly moved along with your movement, anticipating your every move.聽
鈥減l鈥 please soobin鈥︹ you whined, your stomach still churning wanting to feel him inside of you. soobin must鈥檝e gone soft, his heart weak for you after he heard those soft words leave your lips.聽
he brought himself around and picked you up, placing you against the wall. one of his hands held you up while the other ran up your stomach. his plump lips found yours, canines biting down onto your lip. the sigh of relief that left your lips after finally feeling what you鈥檝e been wanting for months. his large bulge rubbed against your clothed cunt, making you whimper into the kiss.聽
breaking from the kiss, he made his way to your neck. rubbing his nose against you, taking in your scent and hearing the blood pump through your veins. his lips placed soft kisses against your neck until his tongue found its way.聽
his fucking tongue. his tongue soft, long, and split slowly taking in the taste of your skin. a groan came from within him, making him buck into you.聽
鈥渉oly fuck鈥︹ you breathed. he smiled against your skin at your choice of words. he looked at your face, your eyes low and dark with lust and cheeks flushed. fuck he could鈥檝e came just looking at you. he brought his sharp nail to your shirt, easily ripping it in the center showing your braless chest. he place his hand on you stomach making your chest tighten more. a deep moan came from your lips feeling your blood rush further down to your cunt.聽
鈥渟oobin please鈥!鈥 you pleaded.聽
as evil as soobin can be, he has a rule set; in order for him to give you what you wanted, you had to invite him in. this was a form of consent for the demon for you to give him your all andfor him to do the same. this was also a bonding form for you to stay with him, to be his till death.聽
a circle with words in a different stroke pattern appeared on your stomach, glowing a bright yellow.聽
鈥渄o you want me, lovely?鈥 he groaned into your ear. 鈥測ou want me to give you want?鈥澛
tears streamed down your face as whimpers came out of your mouth. you could feel your slick slide down your leg, coating his covered dick.
鈥渋f you let me in baby, your life will change. your Lord won鈥檛 be able to save you, love鈥︹ his tongue wrapped around to the other side of your neck, feeling you gulp at his menstrations. 鈥測ou will be a walking sin along with me, no verse, no prayer, no forgiveness can save you. do you want that?鈥澛
you didn鈥檛 care, you wanted soobin, every part of him you needed. even if that meant staying with him for the rest of your life, you didn鈥檛 care.聽
you nodded your head but that wasn鈥檛 the answer he wanted.聽
鈥測ou need to say it baby. invite me.鈥澛
鈥測es鈥! i.. fuck i invite you鈥!鈥澛
his middle and ring finger traced the circle on your stomach flashing red when finished. soobin wasted no time bringing you to your room and throwing you on the bed.聽
he threw his shirt off, his spiked tail moving side to side in excitement. he pulled down your shorts and panties in one movement, seeing your cunt unbelievably soaked.聽
鈥渇uck鈥︹ he breathed, pulling your ankles and dragging you down to the end of the bed. he brought your thighs around his head, flattening his split tongue separating your folds. your back arched from the bed, gripping onto your sheets for mercy. you tasted so good, so sweet and addicting.
ideas of what to do to you kept running through his mind. he wanted to see you on your knees, he wanted to see it slide into you, he definitely wanted to taste you to the point he wouldn鈥檛 forget your taste. everything was running through his mind and his dick. his hand climbed up your body, finding its way to your breast pinching your nipple between his fingers. his tongue never finding a break between your folds; his split tongue scissoring along your clit intensely then finally making its way into your entrance. your thighs began to shake around his head, threatening to close around him but of course he wasn鈥檛 going to let that happen. he slapped your quivering thigh making you whine at the pain only for it to be followed by two more slaps. his tongue showed no mercy, reaching places within you making your build up come quicker than usual.聽
he pulled away, bringing himself up to look into your eyes. his nails contracted into a human-like nail bed making it easier for him to coat his digits with your arousal. his slick lips finding its way to your chest,your neck, and then to your cheek.聽
鈥測ou want me right here baby?鈥 he groaned against your cheek. his fingers only grazing your clit and entrance, making it messier. for a slight second his hand stopped its menstrations causing a whine to fall from your lips, bucking up into nothing trying to follow his touch.聽
but fuck he didn鈥檛 like that.聽
a wave of pain ran through you as his hand slapped your cunt. he licked at your cheek with a smile forming on his lips. then he did it again.聽
and again鈥
and again鈥
鈥測ou鈥檙e not gonna answer me babe..?鈥 the salty taste of your tears fell on his tongue as he continued to lick your reddened cheek. of course a slut like you would enjoy that pain, your pussy getting wetter by the second. his fingers slowly rubbed against your clit, riling you up more. 鈥渢ell me that you want me.鈥澛
his name fell from your lips as his digits slid through your entrance. the pace was antagonizing yet so fucking delicious. who would've thought that would send you over the edge?聽
鈥渟hit鈥︹ you gasped as your pussy convulsed around his fingers. the rope finally snapped, making your mind go blank and body go numb. soobin chuckled to himself as he pulled his fingers out, cum slowly rolling down his fingers.聽
鈥測ou鈥檙e so pathetic.鈥 bringing his fingers towards his mouth, his tongue licked around his covered fingers making you clench around nothing. the sight was unbearable, you could feel your gut begin to churn again at the lewd view. he鈥檚 a demon for a reason, looking so sinful by doing the most unholy thing. his fingers made its way back into you, curling against your g-spot drawing out moans that fell from your lips once again. you whined at the overstimulation but fuck you loved it.聽
鈥溾攁nt it鈥 inside鈥︹ you begged. you couldn鈥檛 take the foreplay any longer. he pursed his eyebrows up as he looked at your face. you turned your head over to look at him, chest heaving up and down and drool running down the side of your lip. 鈥渟oobin..鈥澛
god you were so beautiful. his chest felt tight as he watched you beg for him, only saying his name. he brought his hands toward his sweats, dick begging to be released. his dick flew to his belly button, precum slapping against it. you lifted yourself onto your elbows wanting a glimpse of what was going to go inside you and holy shit鈥斅
鈥渋 wonder if it鈥檒l fit?鈥 he smiled to himself. his hand wrapped around his dick slowly pumping it. you lifted yourself up just a little bit more, bringing your quivering hand to his shaft. 鈥渋t will鈥︹ you whispered. he watched your actions with lidded eyes, feeling his heart pound in his chest faster and faster. you pumped his cock slowly, feeling the vein pulse against your soft hand. your thumb rubbed against his tip and his frenulum, collecting his precum. his head fell back at the sensation, fucking into your hand wishing it was your throat already. 鈥渃an i鈥 um鈥︹澛
he knew what you wanted, you wanted to finally taste him as well. he brought his head back to look down at those same glowing eyes only making his dick twitch more. he brought his hand to his face, smiling into his palm. 鈥測ou鈥檙e gonna drive me insane.鈥澛
he grabbed at your ankles again, pulling you closer to his standing dick. he brought his tip to your entrance slowly pushing it in bringing out an elongated moan from the both of you at needed feeling. his nails retracted against your hips, losing control of his abilities. 鈥渄amn you feel so good.鈥 he pushed himself more into your heat finally bottoming out forcing your breath to聽 quicken trying to regain calmness but fuck his dick was so big it was unbearable. his thumbs rubbed circles against your sides, shushing you. 鈥測ou鈥檙e okay鈥 you鈥檙e okay i got you.鈥澛
he pulled his hips away slowly pulling out a gasp from your lips. the pain was turning into intoxicating pleasure, bringing a moan out to聽 indicate you were fine. the grip on your hips became tighter as he jolted his hips into you.聽
there was no turning back now.聽
the sound of skin slapping at a fast pace ripped through your silent room. his sharp teeth bit into his plump bottom lip causing some blood to run down them. your voice wouldn't stop, the force this man鈥攄emon鈥攚as using was pushing it out of you more and more. your breast jumped from the impact, becoming a beautiful view for him.聽
鈥渋t鈥檚 like you want your neighbors to hear you,鈥 he smirked. your neck was too far for him to reach, resulting in his tail to wrap around your neck, pressing against the arteries causing your head to go light.
鈥渙h鈥 mygod鈥斺 you choked out. soobin was making a complete slut out of you, using his abilities to bring the sin out of you. his tail became tighter around your neck making you moan at the pressure. you could only imagine how disgusting you both looked.聽
and you were right, it was fucking disgusting.聽
鈥渙pen your eyes, lovely.鈥澛
you slowly opened your lids and found a random mirror on the ceiling. soobin鈥檚 tail around your throat, his head thrown back in pleasure, and your body convulsing around him. fuck it was so hot. the view of his dick thrusting inside of you and the strings of arousal sticking to his body after each thrust was the breaking point for you.聽
鈥済onna cum鈥!鈥 you mewled. his tail brought your body up just a little to make eye contact with him. his eyes dark instead of gold, making you whimper even louder. 鈥渢hen beg.鈥澛
pleads fell from your lips as that rope was starting to snap again. his tongue stuck out just a little and his sharp teeth showed into a smirk. he was approaching his high as well and the need to cum inside of you was incredible.聽
鈥渃um with me..鈥 he groaned, his thrusts becoming more frantic and off pace. your voice gradually became louder as you clenched around his dick. that action alone made him release inside of you, his warm cum hitting your walls and sliding out of you. he pulled his dick out, seeing the cum drip out of your spazzing cunt. fuck, you were beyond everything he wanted. he couldn鈥檛 believe that you, the one that he desperately needs, bonded to him for the rest of your life. god, he felt his dick get hard again, eyes wavering between your fucked out face and your cunt. before he even realized, he was stuffing himself back into you.聽
鈥渋鈥 can鈥檛鈥 ahh鈥 fuck soobin please鈥︹ the overstimulation was too much but he felt so right against your walls. he brought his chest against yours, lips attached to your neck as he slowly fucked into you.聽
鈥渇uck i鈥檓 losing my mind鈥︹ he breathed into your ear. his hips started to speed up, listening to the lewd sounds you and him were making. his groans turned into whimpers as he rutted into you. 鈥渇eel so good鈥︹澛
his name fell from your lips again, your hips meeting him at a perfect pace. your nails dug into his wide back, biting into his shoulder as your moans got louder. fuck he was approaching fast and so were you.聽
鈥渒iss me,鈥 you whined. he pecked at your cheek until he finally met your sore lips. teeth clashing here and there and moans being drowned out by the other鈥檚 lips. your cunt clenched around his dick, milking every little bit of him out.聽
he lifted himself off of you looking at your half-conscious state. the seal on your stomach appeared once again, glowing red. the same two fingers he used earlier he used again, tracing the outline to officially complete the seal.聽
鈥渟ee you soon, ____.鈥澛
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fouryearsofshades 3 months
hi! do you have any information on how hanfu were traditionally washed and stored? thank you :)
First, sorry that it has been so long. Then, sorry that it is a short answer. Hope it is alright.
Expensive clothes were not washed. In the old days they used a lot of plant dyes and those things discoloured when they came in contact with water. Modern plant dyes are slightly better due to the fixative used in dying but the colour still faded with every wash. Hence, people in the old days used to wear layers to avoid dirtied their fancy clothes with sweat.
Clothes can be scented with something called 鐔忕/X奴nl贸ng (lit. "smoke cage").
Tumblr media
It is usually made from bamboo, but rich people could have them made from porcelain, like this one from the Three Kingdoms period.
Tumblr media
A book on incense from the Song dynasty, 娲皬棣欒氨/H贸ng sh矛 xi膩ngp菙 (Hong's Book of Fragrance), recorded the method of scenting clothes: first placed a bowl of hot water to moisturize the clothes, then smoke the clothes with incense.
Tumblr media
Sometimes clothes could be washed separately.
鎶ら/H霉l菒ng (lit. "Collar protector". They are usually white in colour) were often detachable so people only needed to wash that instead of the whole clothes. It could also be made from paper.
Tumblr media
Those type of embroidered/painted collars from Song dynasty were attached separately, so it was possible that they were removed while the body of the clothes were washed separately.
Tumblr media
People usually washed clothes in water with the aid of a 鎹h。鏉/d菐oy墨 ch菙 or 娲楄。鏉/x菒y墨 ch菙 鎼撹。鏉/cu艒 y墨 b菐n wash stick and/or a washboard.
Tumblr media
The earliest type of of soap recorded being used was 鑽夋湪鐏/c菐om霉 hu墨 (wood ash). Other plant based soaps were also used, such as 鐨傝崥/z脿oji谩 (Gleditsia sinensis, black locust), 鏃犳偅瀛/w煤hu脿nzi (Sapindus saponaria, soapberries), 鑼剁畭/ch谩g奴锛坱he dregs from pressing oil from camellia seeds plus hay) etc.
Tumblr media
There were also records of potassium soap. Those soaps however were usually in liquid form and often used in fabric manufacture [鎴戝浗鍙や唬鐨勬礂娑ゅ墏].
鐚儼瀛/Zh奴 y铆zi Pig pancreas was also used. 鐧藉浗鏂/B谩i Gu贸b墨n (in 2021) wrote how they made pig pancreas soap when he was young - pasted the pig pancreas, then dried and powdered it. Later mix with alkaline water and made into ball to air dry.
Tumblr media
婢¤眴/Z菐od貌u was made from the combination of powdered pig pancreas, bean powder and other herbs. There are many recipes, such as a recipe by 瀛欐濋倛/S奴n S墨mi菐o from Tang dynasty includes 16 materials. They were also known as 鑳板瓙/Y铆zi.
Aromatic herbs and other xiang (fragrant things) could also be added into the water in the end to add pleasant fragrance to the clothes, such as a book in Ming dynasty銆婂鑳介剻浜嬨/Du艒 n茅ng b菒 sh矛 ("I can do a lot of humble things") by 鍒樺熀/Li煤 j墨 recorded: Tree Peony Bark 31.25g and Spikenard 3.125g, powdered.
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toxicccred 7 months
饾攺饾敒饾敱饾敘 饾攽饾敠饾敜饾敟饾敱 饾攧饾敔饾敱饾敠饾敵饾敠饾敱饾敠饾敘饾敯
Tumblr media
Seonghwa x Fem! Reader聽
Genre: literally just pure smut 鉁
Summary: It's not your fault you're so horny. It's the wine clearly, but stupidly handsome Park Seonghwa just sitting there eye-fucking you from across the dinner table is definitely NOT helping. You might just have to take matters into your own hands.
W.C: 1.6k
Warnings: nsfw, mention of alcohol, fwb, dom! Seonghwa, sub! reader, reader鈥檚 a good girl and she knows it (i am so sorry), Seonghwa has a filthy mouth, shower sex, oral (giving), brief throatfucking, degradation, unprotected sex (wrap it up, people), rough sex, name calling, pet names
Author鈥檚 note: This is actually the first fic I鈥檝e ever posted on the internet! Please keep that in mind. I鈥檓 very open to feedback, negative or positive, as I would like to improve my writing in any way I can. I am incredibly whipped for Seonghwa so I hope you enjoy this filth as much as I enjoyed writing it 馃枻
Song Rec: i listened to Howlin' by I.M on repeat while writing this loll as well as Desire by Ateez so just sayinggg it might heighten the experience hehe ;)
You stared across the dining room table, watching your drunk friends laughing and periodically trying to talk over each other. You suddenly became too aware of your tight clothes, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. It was definitely time to dress more comfortably; the night was coming to a close anyways and your social battery was draining dangerously fast. You stood up, wobbling slightly.聽
鈥淵ou okay, Y/N?鈥 Seonghwa鈥檚 concerned eyes were suddenly focused solely on yours. Somehow he was more worried about you, despite being just as intoxicated as you.
You blushed instantly from simply hearing the man say your name. The mental hold he had on you was almost too much to bear, especially being in your inebriated state. Your hazy eyes flicked from his eyes to his plush lips, noticing the slight pink tint they had. You remembered the way it felt to have his lips against your neck and him whispering dirty things into your ear, his slender fingers drifting down your hips and鈥
鈥淵/N?鈥 he spoke up again, eyebrow raised slightly.聽He analyzed your face, easily noticing the way you were looking at him. He always knew when you were horny. Seonghwa's tongue poked out of his mouth in order to drag it across his bottom lip, his eyes never leaving yours.
鈥淚-I鈥檓 good. I just really want to take a shower, to be honest,鈥 you tried to reply as smoothly as possible, as if you weren't already feeling a low burning sensation between your legs. Seonghwa nodded, before clearing his throat to grab the attention of the others.
鈥淲ell, I guess I better escort these fine folks out. The princess wants to take a shower,鈥 he stated in a teasing manner, his intense gaze finding its way back to your own, before escorting your drunk friends to the door and making sure they were able to order their Ubers' without passing out beforehand.聽
You slowly made your way up the staircase and walked into the bathroom, only noticing how buzzed you were when you stumbled in front of the mirror. Not to mention, how incredibly horny you were. It wasn鈥檛 unlike you to be so horny after drinking a fair amount, but this time was different. It felt like a flame was lit inside you and the only way to quell it was with a big dick. Specifically, Seonghwa鈥檚 big dick. The two of you had hooked up in the past, but it had been quite a while since the last time, and luckily for the both of you, you were feeling particularly bold.
You fixed your hair in the mirror and checked to see how your makeup looked. Still presentable. You looked at your slightly hazy reflection, almost surprised by how well your strapless black top and matching black leather skirt looked hugging your body.
Hearing Seonghwa coming up the stairs, you prepared a surprise for him. Pulling off your bra from underneath your top without a second thought, you opened the bathroom door and walked over to the top of the stairs. You stood above him, catching his attention instantaneously. His lips twisted into a pleased smirk, as he stopped in his tracks.聽
鈥淚 thought you were getting in the shower.鈥澛
You slowly pulled your top off and over your head, dropping it onto the floor.聽鈥淚 was, but I didn鈥檛 want to take one by myself,鈥 you pouted, gently running one of your hands down the middle of your chest and in between your breasts.
Seonghwa nearly fell down the stairs trying to piece together what was occurring in front of him. You had never been the one to make a move on him; it was always him being the aggressor, not that either one of you were complaining.
鈥淵-Y/N鈥-you鈥︹ he stuttered, his dark eyes solely focused on her exposed upper half. You giggled in response and casually walked away into the bathroom, knowing he was eagerly following after you.
Seonghwa鈥檚 warm breath tickled your neck, his hands groping your body lazily. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so hot, baby鈥︹ he mumbled against the shell of your ear, squeezing your soft globes in his cold hands. His fingers tweaked your nipples gently at first, but then pulled at them roughly, earning a moan from your parted lips. "You wanted me so badly that you resorted to being a little whore on the stairs like that? You want my cock that badly?"
"S-so bad, Hwa...Please give it to me..."
"Mm, I love it when you behave like the dumb little cumslut you really are. Not pretending to be the innocent girl you want everyone to see you as."
You moaned softly at his mean words, incredibly desperate for his touch. Seonghwa stripped himself, as you took care of your lower half, before he somewhat roughly pulled you into the shower with him.
"Are you gonna be a good girl for me, princess?"
"Of course, Hwa...M' always a good girl for you..."
He caged you against the wall with his toned arms, watching the water drip down along your curves. His usual friendly eyes were replaced by incredibly dilated ones, full of intense lust.
"Then show me."
You noticed Seonghwa鈥檚 dick becoming quite obviously hard, the tip already pink and swollen. Satisfied with your actions up until this moment, you took it upon yourself to get down on your knees. The man groaned in response.
"Good girl..."
You held Seonghwa鈥檚 dick in your small hands, appreciating how long and girthy it was. The fact that Seonghwa was such a caring and wholesome man and was still always hiding such a big cock in his sweatpants made your pussy throb.
Taking the tip into your mouth, you swirled your tongue around it and down the side, earning another groan from Seonghwa. After teasing him until the point of pre-cum dripping out of the tip, you took him fully into your mouth.聽
"You love this cock. I bet you'd worship it, wouldn't you, princess?"
You sucked his cock diligently like the good girl you were, gazing up at him with a loving expression, as if sucking him off gave you immense joy. (Spoiler alert: it did.) However, this kind of attention proved to be too much for Seonghwa to handle.
鈥淔-fuck鈥鈥檓 cumming鈥︹ he suddenly whined, gritting his teeth and gripping the sides of your head with his slender fingers.
"A-ah...that's right...take it, baby..." He throat-fucked you out of desperation, panting harder and harder until hot ropes of cum shot out into your open mouth and onto your face. You choked a bit from the sudden intrusion of his dick in your throat, but you swallowed his cum obediently afterward.
鈥淵ou taste so good, Hwa鈥︹ you purred, gazing lovingly up at him, eyes half-lidded. Seonghwa helped you up from the shower floor and immediately pushed you up against the tile wall, his toned body flush against yours.聽
鈥淚 bet, baby. Maybe I should only let you drink my cum from now on. Nothing else, not even water," he exhaled into your ear, his lust for you taking over him completely.
He wanted nothing more than to fucking ruin you at this point, desperate to hear the way you sounded and looked like when you were being pounded to hell and back.聽All fucked out and full of cum for him. Only for him.
Panting and moaning, Seonghwa held you up against the shower wall, thrusting wildly into your already cum-soaked pussy. He growled into your ear, his fingers tightly gripping your thighs to the point that you knew he would leave bruises.
鈥淪-Seonghwa鈥! Fuck!鈥 you cried out, on the verge of losing your mind to ecstasy. 鈥淒on鈥檛 stop! Don鈥檛 fucking stop!鈥
It was too much for you. All of this pleasure at your disposal. Seonghwa was experiencing something similar, but that didn鈥檛 keep him from fucking you like if he had no time left to live.
His duality was always so intensely hot to you. Seonghwa was usually so calm and sweet; to see him in such an aggressive state and hearing all of the filth spouting from his mouth always turned you into a slutty moaning mess.
"Oh, god...I'm gonna fill your pussy up with so much cum, it'll still be dripping out of your slutty little hole by next week..."
That was it; you couldn't take it anymore. You were about to cum for the third time. Seonghwa was in the same predicament, seemingly turned on by his own words. His grunts slowly turned into almost whiny sounding moans as soon as he felt your walls tighten around his throbbing cock.聽
鈥淥-oh, fuck! Y/N, I鈥檓 gonna cum!鈥 he exclaimed, squeezing your upper thighs firmly in his strong hands.
鈥淗urry up and cum inside me, Hwa!鈥 you begged, your nails digging into his back.
You were euphoric, feeling waves of immense pleasure ripping through your body. It was too much; a few tears escaped your eyes and slid down your flushed cheeks. Seonghwa slowly pulled out, watching his cum drip out of your swollen pussy.
鈥淗oly fuck鈥︹ he exhaled, trying to catch his breath. Beads of sweat dripped down the sides of his temple; his previously slicked back hair now glued to the front of his forehead. Now that he wasn't blinded by unadulterated lust, his attention turned back to your face, wanting to make sure you were alright.
"You did so good for me, baby. I hope I didn't go too far..."
You leaned forward against his chest, resting your head in the crook of his neck. You were spent. Like, you weren't even sure if you could walk tomorrow spent.
鈥淚 loved every second of it, Hwa...Like always..." you whispered, barely conscious at this point. "Can we go to sleep now?"
Seonghwa nuzzled you in response and kissed the top of your head. He couldn't help but smile. You were so adorable. So perfect for him.聽
鈥淥f course, princess.鈥
Apply for the taglists here 鈬 鈾
漏 toxicccred, 2022.
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shourin 7 months
Just dropping by to check on Morax's down bad lover. How are you doing sweetie?
Although most of your intimate sessions with the Geo Archon were gentle and filled with nothing but raw love from the man, it seems he cannot help it if he desires to see you crying, whimpering beneath him as he penetrates your little cunt, his cum from the previous rounds slowly dripping down the bed sheets, a ring of white forming at the end of Morax's cock.
I imagine him having what the omegaverse describes as heat (I believe that's what it's called), and during that time period, his urge to breed you, to fuck you senseless until you cry, to fill you up so much that a small bulge is appears on your lower abdomen.
During those times, his arms turn black, lines of gold tracing around them like it were a type of jewelry. His grip on you is rougher than before, his eyes revealing golden irises fit for a dragon as he slips right inside you, ready to eat you up like a predator to its prey.
Hope you have a great day, Meirin <3
good morning! i'm doing great!! how are you emi? i hope you're having a good day so far and- *sees 'nsfw', 'intimate sessions', and 'geo archon'*銉
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ahem. oh my. how unbecoming of me. sorry about that. smut to start the weekend, ay? you are a woman of culture *nods sagely*
omegaverse seems to ick a lot of people but i personally love it for how it reimagines and touches on the feral and baser urges in humans so the concept of heat hit me hard dlsnskdldjflsjf yes i approve i volunteer to be his obedient lil cumdump whenever he's in heat thank u &lt;3
ohhh what if... what if he can smell your 'heat' too?
Tumblr media
morax smelling your scent for the very first time and he knows he has to have you as his mate. you're so pretty and pliant for him, so sweet and caring and kind, so perfect to be his.
morax who tries so hard to be gentle to you in the beginning, pressing down his inner urges, tempering his draconic instinct to give you gentle touches instead so you won't feel overwhelmed or worse, fear him.
morax who smells your pheromones on your fertile days for the first time, and he just. s n a p s. when he sees you begging for him, pleading to be filled and bred and fucked into oblivion, telling him he doesn't have to hold back anymore, that you won't break because you were made for this, made for taking all of him and serving his needs.
and who is he to disobey his sweet mate?
he's so pretty like this, clothes utterly disheveled, hair a wild mess, geo lines pulsing erratically, amber eyes dilated as low growls and grunts escape his throat in his hurry to slip back into you, fangs nipping on your bruised skin yet again. you've lost count on how many times you cummed - or how many times he's cummed for that matter - and yet, he's still not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.
you're sobbing and whimpering, eyes fluttering into a close as you lose grip on reality from the overstimulation, but your lover seems to have a different idea. a deep snarl followed by a hand tapping your cheek peels your heavy eyelids open, and you gaze at him with dazed eyes.聽
"focus on me."
it's not a question nor a statement - it's an order.
slender, calloused fingers stray down to your neck, fingertips digging slightly into skin, and you shudder - the small burst of excitement making you clench around him. the corner of morax's lips twitch, and the appendage squeezes, just slightly, with enough pressure to make you gasp and squirm but not to completely cut off your windpipe. the power trip makes him groan in approval, and although you're mewling pitifully in response, he knows that you're enjoying this just as much that he does, with the hearts in your eyes and the way your hips shift to enable him to reach even deeper.
"you were right," your lover purrs, eyes pouring with equal amounts of love and lust, molten gold shining with adoration at the lewd way of your body splayed beneath him so helplessly like this, "this body of yours - no, you, all of you were made for me, sweetheart."
you cry out from the brutal pace he sets right after the endearing nickname leaves his lips, holding on for dear life as he grinds against that sweet spot inside you relentlessly. rumbling baritone fills your auditory senses, rendering your mind to a halt as he speaks right beside your ear.
"and i intend to thoroughly enjoy your whole being until i'm satisfied. you can take it all, can't you, my dearest?"
Tumblr media
漏聽shourin聽| 2022聽鈼喡爊o repost. reblogs much appreciated. feel free to reach out to submit suggestions, feedback,聽comments, or if you just want to talk!
Tumblr media
鈼 taglist 鈼 @genshinparty | @abyssmal-skies | @hamdehlesmis
ps. if you want to be removed/added from the taglist, just send an ask or dm me!
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heartfullofleeches 1 month
I am politely asking for you to write about Erin cross dressing please
(Going off an old request I vaguely remember with Erin overhearing you like feminine guys)
"They're so cute- Hey, Y/n what do you like in a partner?"
Erin leans back in his seat away from the commotion at his table to eavesdrop on yours. You were surrounded by friends flapping their gums over someone one of them was interested in - put on the spot for not giving your two cents.
"Uh, I don't know- someone pretty I guess."
"You mean like those people you follow who wear nice makeup and skirts?"
Your coughing fit is enough of an answer for everyone listening in on the conversation. Erin returns to his group, subconsciously groping his features. He had some softer details thanks to his mother, but was he what others would call pretty? The tingle in his chest combated the nausea from eating school food at the thought of you praising his looks. He picks up a tater tot and chucks it at a girl across the table; it being the only way to get her attention otherwise.
She picks it out of her fruit cup. "What the hell, Erin?!"
"Shut up and give me your lip gloss, Bea."
"Why in the fuck would I do that?"
"I'll tell coach you're the one who stole her flask and replaced it with bleach for giving the lead spot in the parade to someone else."
Beatrix angrily shifts through her bag. "Here."
"Thank you." He tosses her his unopened cup as he gets up from the table and heads to the bathroom. He stops by the janitor's closet and jimmies the broken lock until it pops open, grabbing the out of order sign. He wants for everyone to come out of the restroom and sets the sign up as he enters.
Erin reevaluates himself in the mirror. His long hair did confuse the older crowd when they saw him from a distance. He tucks it all into a high ponytail using a spare bracket as a band. Next, he pulls out the cheerleader's makeup. This isn't his first time with the stuff. Both his mom and older sibling dressed him up in the past whenever he asked about their clothes and was interested in trying them. He let his mother put eye shadow on him whenever they went out as a family.
Erin dispenses some of the gloss on his finger, puckering his lips as he cakes them in the foundation. He smacks them together to even the coat out and looks at the results in the mirror.
It's a start. The gloss is barely noticeable outside bright light, but it adds a little more volume to his lips. He goes back in to work on other parts of himself, but the bell cuts his session short.
Erin hurries out of the bathroom and down to the cafeteria; forgetting about the sign in his haste. The dining area is nearly empty by the time he gets back, and you didn't have the next period together. He looks back to see if you've already gone, the next person to walk by bumping straight into him.
"Sorry- Oh, hey Erin."
You look him up and down. Erin's teeth pick at his lips in anticipation.
"Not much. You look good. See you next period."
The light force of you walking by almost knocks Erin off his feet. You said something nice about him. He didn't think he'd get this far. Maybe a passing glance, but you completely acknowledge him. You thought he looked good. It was a high he never wanted to fall from. One he craved more of with only one possible solution.
Erin hisses in pain as the teeth of his skirt's zipper lodge into his skin. "Fucking damn it-"
He pulls the fabric away from his hip and zips it up; kicking an empty shipping box under his bed. It sticks out of the corner due to the other packages overcrowding the space, but he was too excited to take care of them now or throughout the week they all had arrived. The skirt was the final piece of his outfit which also took the most time to arrive. Erin hooks mini pearl earrings in his ears and pulls his shirt from inside the shirt before looking at himself in the full body mirror by his closet.
The outfit consisted of an off the shoulder light pink top and a black skirt that went down to his thighs. The rest of his legs were covered by white stockings and his ginger hair was yet again pulled back. He wore a more noticeable shade of gloss on his lips and his long eyelashes were extended with the use of a wand. His regular choker was switched with a red one with a heart shaped dog tag. He had muscle, but the skirt hugged his body in a way that showed off his curves. Staring at himself, Erin felt pretty. Time for the next phase.
Erin snaps a photo of him at the mirror. He then gets in his bed with his back against the headboard. He grabs a pillow and hugs it to his chest, tugging his shirt down a bit more as he gets into position. He makes sure that his stocking clad thighs are in frame as he takes another pic and pulls up his contact. He knew your number by heart from the various acquaintances he hustled it off of and when you gave it to himself yourself for a project, but what good boyfriend doesn't have their partner in their phone without a cute title?
Erin sends you the pictures without saying a word. He waits about five minutes to pick up his phone again, both happy and disappointed you haven't opened his text.
"Sorry for the pics. Lost a bet and sent them to the wrong number."
His heart leaps out of his chest as his phone chimes.
"No worries. Hope this is okay for me to say, but you look pretty."
It's more than okay. Erin stares at his phone for ages; eyes rolling over the message countless times yet his brain fails to retain it to memory. He'd probably explode if it did. He experiences a moment of clarity in wondering what your expression was when you saw him. Did you see him as desirable. Did you crave him as badly?
Luck worked in Erin's favor that night - for he may soon have an answer.
"Hey- actually, do you want to come over? I'm bored and thought we could hang out or something."
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astrologynightzz 2 months
Tumblr media
Woman's Mars in Scorpio/8th/7th house don't fuck just anyone. When they see someone they want, they find out every single detail they can about that person, before even trying anything at all. They don't like surprises, and they're very secretive when it comes 2 sexual conquests.
Man's Mars in Scorpio is sneaky as hell. I've met multiple men with this placement and one thing they all got in common is they think with their dicks. BUT FREAKY ASS HELL!! THEY LIKE ASS PLAY A LOT馃槵
Gemini/Aquarius/ 3rd house placements love using toys, especially toys where they can use their hands. They also love oral btw
Taurus placements LOVES 2 be neck kissed, damn just go wild there and they'll go crazy 4 u I promise 馃憚馃憛
Tumblr media
Woman's Venus in Pisces/8th/12th house is the "I'll do anything I can 2 satisfy your needs, before my own". I love these placements, they want their partner 2 feel all the pleasure and doesn't even think about their own.
馃崋馃崋 Man's Mars/Venus/in 11th house in Aquarius is FREAKYYYYY, they'll try anything with their partner. MOSTLY ON CAM 馃檭馃檭馃檭 PERIOD.
If your 8th house ruler is in your 8th house, sex is so transformative for u but you'll probably only hookup with a few people throughout your life tho. Only having sex with people you feel a deep soul connection with.
Tumblr media
馃槇馃槇 Mercury conjunct Black moon Lilith can dirty talk 4 days, and make u cum like that with their voice 馃挦馃挦. They know what to say, cuz they subconsciously feel what you need, and want 2 hear.
馃憛馃憛馃憛 Mars in Gemini changes their minds a lot when it comes 2 sex. One day they like 2 dominate, and the next they like 2 be submissive. It really comes down to how they feel on that particular day, it makes sense. Mars ( planet of sex) in Gemini - Duality.
Man's venus/mars in Leo wants praises from u. They want 2 hear how good they are, and how amazing they are in bed. If u don't, they'll get bored of u, and seek it somewhere else 馃憖 馃憖
Tumblr media
Man's Venus in Leo/1st house is mostly all about themselves in bed, they want 2 get off first and then maybe, if you're lucky they will finish u off 2. No hate, I just don't fuck with it 馃槷鈥嶐煉煒嶐煉煒嶐煉
馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏 Look at aspects from venus (the planet of love) and mars (the planet of sex) to other planets in your chart. That way u can really see what u like, and what u need sexually. Look at houses and signs 2 ofc.
Virgo placements loves to fuck ass, and use their fingers there.
Neptune conjunct Black moon Lilith can make you so damn ethereal, especially if you got mars or venus aspecting it 2. people want 2 rip your clothes off but r afraid 2 even say hi 2 u 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Tumblr media
Man's venus, mars and saturn in Capricorn is the definition of a dom in bed. They'll make you scream their name over, and over again, and won't stop until he made you cum multiple times.
鉀撯洆 Saturn can show chains, bondage, handcuffs. So if you're into that stuff, check your natal and synastry with someone you fuck, or have been fucking.
Lust asteroid : 4386 conjunct jupiter has crazy sexual needs. Even if they had sex all night, they can go again all day 馃樀鈥嶐煉煒拆煠ゐ煠
Asteroid Priapus: h22 conjunct jupiter in a man's chart gives him a big dick, or a really big grower 馃し鈥嶁檧锔忦煠封嶁檧锔忦煠封嶁檧锔
Write me if you got any questions<33
Thanks4reading 馃枻馃枻馃枻
Tumblr media
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luxus-aeterna 16 days
Tumblr media
iridessence by markosian for Vogue
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iridessence 1 year
Tumblr media
My new best friends. IG | Scottish Highland cows
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hotdogdynamitezzz 8 months
Lilith's Dark Secrets
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Black Moon Lilith is a calculated point in the birth chart that is along the Moon's orbit and farthest away from the earth. This point isn鈥檛 a planet or asteroid but instead a point symbolizing vengeance, destructiveness, ostracization, deep jealousy, and sexual promiscuity. Black Moon Lilith in our charts is what we are, how we act as it is self-destructive in nature. The house placement of BML determines where we experience the mistreatment mentioned below.
鈿狅笍TW: mentions of physical/emotional cruelty, bullying, and substance abuse. This is a dark post read with caution. This doesn't mean you will experience it yourself.
Plug in h12 on astro.com under extended chart selection.
To be clear, I am explaining the mistreatment, misfortune, deception, and manipulation that comes with each lilith placement. I explain the mistreatment in correlation with the zodiac sign/houses area of life. Therefore, this isn't a beginner post as it's expected you understand each house.
馃 Lilith in Aries/First House: There's usually a theme for being outcasted from other people, especially during first impressions due to your diversity. People end up becoming unwilling to accept your individuality and differences as your presence stirs the pot and leaves them uneasy. Often times you experience hate and unjust jealousy for wearing clothes that express yourself, voicing opinions, or just being in the room. Your presence is enough to piss people off as they paint you to be rude, aggressive, and manipulative when you鈥檙e sweet and soft on the inside. They鈥檙e criticized for going against the mainstream flow which can result in slut-shaming and bullying.
馃 Lilith in Taurus/2nd House: Your beauty, voice, glamour, and body are seen as a powerhouse and force to be reckoned with like many rappers and female beauty icons who have this placement. Yet, this destroys your confidence as you鈥檙e only seen as an object of desire. People only want to use you to climb the ladder and get ahead, people treat you like an asset and tool for fame and money. You鈥檙e want to be recognized for who you are as a person, not flaunted around for your looks. Being the victim of monetary or material blackmail was how others controlled you.
馃 Lilith in Gemini/3rd House: Early school years may have been a traumatizing period in your life. Insecurity involving how you speak and think results from being criticized for having a unique voice, different perceptive skills, and overall an individualistic way of communicating with others. You end up feeling shut down and afraid to voice your opinion on any topic, creating a false meekly shy persona that doesn鈥檛 reflect your real personality. You could be a chatterbox on the inside and voice brilliant ideas yet no one accepts this. Your ideas are highly likely to be copied or you鈥檙e accused of copying people鈥檚 projects.
馃 Lilith in Cancer/4th House: Emotional codependency was forced onto you in a toxic manner. This involves blackmail, withholding love and affection, and deceptiveness expressed within the family. Whether it's you who is codependent on your family's attachment or your family relies on you to the point of exhaustion, there's an emotionally constrictive theme present. Your relationship with females and parents might be strained, as you often experience malice or resentment from those who possess feminine or motherly energy. You've experienced manipulation frequently and are aware of the tactics people use to control those they love, therefore you can end up becoming manipulative yourself but most of the time it's used for your own survival and emotional protection. 鈿狅笍TW: there are patterns of this placement falling victim to emotional or physical cruelty from the family.
馃 Lilith in Leo/5th House: Your childhood may have been lost, often you were told not to express your childish personality and joyful expressions or you were forced to put it on display and fake being happy to put on a "show" others approved of. Many wounds come from the hindrance of creativity and hobbies you got to experience or the fear of letting others' expectations down. This has to do with performing, stage fright, and the inability to openly go after your passions. Others' judgement and ridicule bogged your free spirit down and made you develop an ordinary minuscule persona. Being bullied or having deep wounds from past relationships and crushes are common, you want to feel special and worthy of love but you are usually left as the side piece or fun fling people make fun of.
馃 Lilith in Virgo/6th house: health problems, medical misconduct, the wounds from pets dying, and your overachiever mindset has plagued your life more times than you can count. Working part-time jobs while for many can be fun and exciting, however for you it brings some left behind trauma with co-workers and scheduling that left you in the dark and used. You probably felt like a robot as you were raised, being told to do nothing but work and study yet still never being good enough. You could have taken the same judgemental attitude towards others by ridiculing and belittling other people if they aren't seen as good enough in your eyes due to the expectant and condescending environment of your jobs or parents.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
馃 Lilith in Libra/7th house: Falling victim to being the hidden sidepiece or unrequited love is something you're accustomed to and weary of. Most of the time when you get into a relationship there is a third party pining after them or a crazy ex involved. You are seen as innocent and sweet, people assume you'd do no harm. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Your toxic side reveals itself from the shadows in relationships and where you showcase manipulative, over-controlling, and overly jealous behaviors stemming from past relationship traumas or intimacy issues. A lot of women distrust you, think you are secretive and fake, criticize your appearance, and most definitely spread rumours and gossip surrounding your promiscuity. More often than not you have male or masculine friends and most of your relationships are based on exchanges like clout = love, or money = love, because your relationships focus on compromising or losing your self identity. This is the epitome of the best friend who steals boyfriend arc from what I've witnessed as you may experience your partner cheating or being taken away from you.
馃 Lilith in Scorpio/8th house: The fear of letting go, you may have been exposed to your fears or generally inappropriate behaviour from an early age that most kids wouldn't comprehend at that age. There's a theme of exposure and patterns in your life because this is the sign and house of regeneration and transformation. that means, old toxic habits can be passed down and reoccur in your life frequently. You may constantly deal with the same types of toxic people or constantly go through periods of debts and loans. often times people will pray on your downfall, purposely trying to sabotage you in the shadows as you just go about your day. There's a big sense of unfairness, you were always getting the short end of the stick in your family while others inherited more desirable things or gifts from your parents. You are the shadow, your emotions get pushed to the side and you are forced to solve many problems thrown at you by other people. these problems are usually financial as well as emotional baggage. You're very protective of your energy for this very reason as the closest people to you tend to be energy vampires and you find it hard to escape a difficult life. This placement craves stability the most.
馃 Lilith in Sagittarius/9th House: Education has been a longhaul for you, it feels like a trainwreck and you don't feel free to study the subjects you want. that, or professors constantly try to undermine you and mistreatment occurs within educational and religious institutions. This is the archetype that reminds me of the priest using his authority to misbehave. Or, professors using their knowledge and power to do what they want while you the student are thrown under the bus constantly. Beliefs are usually forced from the family or community which result in feeling outcasted within those environments as you want to explore new areas of religion or studies. There's deception between what you're told to believe vs what is actually right. People use knowledge to control you which you're often aware of and despise. I do see purity culture common here as it ties into what you're told to religiously follow and what is deemed as acceptable in order to control you. Transportation can be dangerous as you probably have less than stellar interactions with people on there. Sometimes this placement can attract potential stalkers as people who are lost in life constantly seek you out to guide them and could even worship you to an extent (vice versa too). There's a dehumanizing theme that occurs with the house of the divine and higher knowledge involved with your mistreatment.
馃 Lilith in Capricorn/10th House: You're feared in the workspace and hold the ultimate authority, but often fell victim to bosses misusing power to control you before gaining respect. There's a threat seen with your presence as you are skilled and intelligent, specifically with business and management. Others assume you're the favourite out of jealousy but you've been pushed beyond your limits by your family's expectant attitudes which usually ends in a damaged relationship with the father who possessed most power, control, and the means to destroy your family. People will try to take you down in the workplace, blame you for mistakes, and sabotage you through flase accusations or monetary blackmail. However, after experiencing the downfall period, you end up gaining mass amounts of respect and power as well as misusing your power to gatekeep it from others.
馃 Lilith in Aquarius/11th House: cancelled, always being cancelled. This placement is the archetype of cancel and stan culture turning toxic and unjust. You were either the victim or user of these tactics because you believed in one ideal only or you went against popular beliefs. Celebrities and fandoms may mistreat you, the internet is kind of a scary place for you. There's this fear about standing up for what's right because you often got cut off in friend groups after expressing your concerns. There was definitely gossip, rumours, and backstabbing that surrounded your life and people didn't want to give you a chance as this was your reputation in communities and you feared being persecuted for speaking the truth.
馃 Lilith in Pisces/12th house: 鈿狅笍TW: but every time I see this placement in someone they've always been through drug addiction or had/have parents struggling with drug addiction, this can go for alcohol or any substance as well. These individuals have experienced the misfortune sides of life too many times to count, often hidden enemies appearing as your friends or emotional support systems, knowing people in hospitals and prisons, and often become used to those environments. Your own dark emotions feel hidden to you and others, you may use escapism in any form to cope or feel swallowed whole by these dark emotions. It's hard for you to rationalize what you're feeling or sense in others but you possess a radar that can pinpoint others' vibes or intentions, you just struggle to pinpoint the reasonings. Sometimes sudden deaths within the family or close ones can appear here, there's such a big theme of hidden and misfortunate events that take you by storm whether it being randomly evicted, or suddenly your best friend of 10 years burns your house down. Whatever it may be you can sense but don't see it coming. People here are skilled at pretending or lying but, this it's used for protecting themselves from the world. Sadly you end up hiding too much, never feeling free enough to comfortably express yourself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pixieknj 2 months
oui | PJM (18+)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉂airing: jimin X black!reader
鉂enre: dating, smut, some angst and fluff
鉂ummary: almost getting caught with your boyfriend鈥
.鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃嗉衡媶锝♀媶嗉垛媶藱 .鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃嗉衡媶锝♀媶嗉垛媶藱 .鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃嗉衡媶锝♀媶嗉垛媶藱 .鈰 .鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃
鉂!!warnings!!: none
鉂ther warnings: riding, missionary, protected sex/condom use [please use protection!], sneaky sex, almost getting caught by parents
鉂ord count: 2.1k
-inspo: link + jimin in this frat jacket gives me 90鈥檚 boyfriend vibes (idk what period this outfit would fit into tbh I鈥檓 a 鈥02 baby)
-song inspo: oui- jeremih (slowed + reverbed) [a song that I imagine jimin鈥檚 ethereal face to]
-author鈥檚 note: this was supposed to be on time for Jimin鈥檚 birthday but yk how it goes. hope you enjoy!!馃鉁
鈥淵our parents are home, remember?鈥
Jimin鈥檚 mumbling against your lips reminds you that you two are indeed not alone as you feel each other up on your bed. The plethora of red markings around his throat wasn鈥檛 going to be received well either if your room was busted into, but that was why you鈥檇 locked the door after sneaking your boyfriend in. No interruptions.
鈥淭hey鈥檙e sleep,鈥 you mutter, pulling Jimin back to your mouth with a sigh. The shuffling of clothing as he allows you to roll over on top of him is making you irritated that he isn鈥檛 naked yet.
Jimin finds it adorable鈥攈ow needy you get in his presence, how needy you were during the screening. A drive thru scary movie couldn鈥檛 even hold your attention long enough to stop you from palming him through his navy pants in his old-school Cadillac. You were close to giving him a handjob, but he had the roof down and too many people were there.
Having to deal with you being dick obsessed was challenging, but having to deal with you being dick obsessed all while dodging your strict guardians was a skill.
And your parents loved sweet, little Jimin. Proposing how he was such a great choice in a boyfriend and how they would have endeared a son like him. He wouldn鈥檛 be so respectful in their eyes if they knew how he really made you get down.
Jimin was terrified of being found out, but never afraid to ask you to鈥
You鈥檙e not even able to get your top all the way off before he鈥檚 cupping your breasts through the bra and bringing his mouth close to kiss you over your cleavage. You hold a giggle in at how ticklish his tongue feels there but eventually push him into your sea of pillows to get up and finish undressing.
You unbutton your jeans as he undoes his pants, him snickering at you getting your foot stuck and close to busting your ass.
鈥淚n a rush? Or are you that excited?鈥 He asks.
To hide your embarrassed face, you turn around to get your pants off correctly. 鈥淪hut up. How many times have you had your nut cut short? I鈥檓 helping you out by trying to be quick.鈥
You hear him sexily groan when you bend over to get your underwear down your legs, so you look over your shoulder. His eyes flit away just in time and glance about the room as if he wasn鈥檛 staring at you get naked for him.
He becomes 鈥渇ascinated鈥 with the lamp on your desk, a smirk playing on his smart mouth. 鈥淥h, don鈥檛 worry. I鈥檓 leaving with one tonight.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檒l see.鈥
You unfasten your bra and throw your date outfit in the dirty clothes, in case you had to make your room as inconspicuous as possible if you heard footsteps.
Jimin wasn鈥檛 thinking as far as you as he usually would, for he was lying back on your bed with his eyes low and his lip caught between his teeth, dick out and proud as he raked his gaze over your nude body.
He bit down on his finger for a second before slowly blinking, and saying鈥
鈥淐ome ride this dick, baby.鈥
Jimin looks like a wet dream amongst your blankets with each step you take. A gorgeous smile graces his face as you hop on the bed and into his lap, his plump lips then forming into an O when you bypass his cock and lift up his shirt to see his abs. You were going to get every glimpse you could of your fine man if he had to stay fully dressed.
You kiss again for good measure, him thumbing your brown nipples while you run your fingertips along his strong V line. It鈥檚 going good until Jimin pulls out a condom from his pocket, rips it with his teeth, and rolls it past his pretty, pink tip.
鈥淣o noise,鈥 you say lowly.
鈥淣o noise,鈥 he promises. He holds out his pinky with a goofy grin to cross it with yours.
Then, he鈥檚 gripping his shaft and pulling you closer by the waist to drag his thick head between your wet lips. You bite your tongue as you move to sink down on him on your cozy bed.
鈥淛imin!鈥 You hiss, clamping his mouth shut before he can finish his yell. Once his breathing slows, you move your hand and halt your hips so he can catch himself.
鈥淲hat happened to no noise?鈥
鈥淵ou sat on my dick in one go,鈥 he argues beneath you. 鈥淲hat did you think was gonna happen?鈥
鈥淵ou break your promise every time,鈥 you roll your eyes, out of breath, as you tilt your hips up.
鈥淏ut you feel so good,鈥 he whines. 鈥淚 make you so wet, I should be allowed to scream about it鈥︹
鈥淵ou can when we get alone.鈥
Because now wasn鈥檛 the time to be loud. You had to uphold an innocent persona for Jimin with your strict parents, and being found out would have you grounded at home until the holiday break was over.
You don鈥檛 let the risk stop you from slowly riding your boyfriend though, just grinding into him enough to relieve tension. Jimin鈥檚 loving hands on your tits soothes your nerves down to let it last for a while, not really chasing an orgasm and reveling in the feel of one another. But your toes keep curling, he smacks your ass in encouragement, and it starts becoming worth getting caught.
Jimin鈥檚 groans fall huskier as his blonde hair sticks to his sweaty forehead in waves. Your pace picks up and there鈥檚 a little squeak in your bed that makes you anxious, but Jimin and his dick is hitting you so deep and sweetly that you don鈥檛 care.
Until there鈥檚 a noise downstairs that has you stop for a second to listen out.
鈥淣o one鈥檚 coming,鈥 Jimin hotly groans, leaning up to initiate the kiss again and gripping your hips to get you to keep going. He鈥檚 getting to his limit and wants to fill the condom up before his orgasm is ripped away.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e still being too loud,鈥 you hum against his lips. Your fingers drag through the back of his touseled hair as you begin bouncing again, going as far as trying to get his varsity jacket off.
鈥淒o your parents really think you鈥檙e a good girl?鈥 He mumbles. The sound of your juices and his dick gliding inside of you was what was making all the noise, having fucked you messy while you were supposed to be sleeping like a good, educated daughter.
鈥淣o,鈥 you say. 鈥淏ut they think you鈥檙e a good guy, who has the best intentions for me. And wants to wait til marriage for sex.鈥
Jimin lies back into your pillows and admires the way your body moves on top of him, the wet ring you鈥檝e made around the condom. 鈥淲ell, I guess we鈥檙e married then.鈥
You giggle as you bend down to lay chest-to-chest. 鈥淢hm.鈥
Jimin slides his tongue in your mouth for a passionate kiss before you lift up enough to keep the tip in, teasing. With a groan, he stuffs you all the way back down on his cock which causes you to moan a bit too loudly.
There鈥檚 a quick, heavy knock on the door.
Oh, shit.
鈥淵ou okay, honey?鈥
It was your dad.
Your heart leaps out of your chest in fear as you move to get off of Jimin, but he scowls at you and holds you down to keep your hips flush to his.
鈥淣o, fuck,鈥 he begs through the muted sound of skin slapping against skin. 鈥淎 little longer, babe.鈥
鈥淲hat was that, honey?鈥 Your dad questions again. You have no choice but to answer.
鈥淣-Nothing!鈥 You yell back. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine!鈥
You motion for your boyfriend to chill out, though he鈥檚 too concentrated on deep stroking your pussy to listen.
鈥淵ou sure?鈥 The doorknob jiggles, and even though it鈥檚 locked, you quite literally piss yourself. Or cum, you can鈥檛 tell what the heat is knotting up your stomach. 鈥淚 heard a noise a few minutes ago鈥?鈥
Jimin has a mischievous grin on his face as he watches you try to conjure up an excuse and takes the opportunity to roll over on top. You stutter over your words while he fits himself between your legs and starts thrusting with an easier angle.
鈥淵-Yes! I鈥 just鈥! Dropped something, s-sorry!鈥 Your voice squeaks at the end of your lie, but you鈥檙e able to cut out anymore noise that wants to escape your mouth as you throw your head back and let Jimin fuck you.
It has you clenching rapidly around your boyfriend鈥檚 cock that any wrong move could expose you both.
鈥淲hy can鈥檛 you be honest with him, babe?鈥 Jimin murmurs huskily into your ear, biting along your jawline.
鈥淲hy is the door locked?鈥 Your dad asks as he tries the doorknob again.
A particularly hard thrust makes you dig your nails into Jimin鈥檚 forearm. He feels satisfied at the small whine he pulls from your throat, your scared yet seductive eyes watching where you鈥檙e both connected at.
鈥淭ell him that you鈥檙e getting fucked so good鈥︹ Jimin dares.
It takes everything in you to ignore Jimin and his thick dick ramming into you and his Busan dialect whispering a challenge. This is the guy who blushes every time your parents compliment him, the guy who shyly asked your father about starting a relationship with you. His duality is no fucking joke.
You finally manage to tell your dad, 鈥淚鈥檓 studying!鈥
Jimin tsks, but your father lets you have that excuse. Unlike your mom would have.
鈥淥h, okay鈥 goodnight.鈥
You let out a relieved sigh when you hear your dad walk away and down the hall. Sure, you were safe for now. But he鈥檚 not stupid.
鈥淗e knows,鈥 you say to your boyfriend as he lifts your legs higher up on his hips. 鈥淲e can say it was another study session sleepover if my dad brings it up.鈥
鈥淭hey believe I don鈥檛 be beating up this pussy in here?鈥 Jimin scoffs boyishly, smirking.
You hold your whimper when he starts fucking you again. 鈥淢mm, whatever. Our excuse needs to match in the morning.鈥
鈥淪ir, your horny daughter wouldn鈥檛 stop touching my dick on our date鈥攖he one she snuck out to, by the way鈥攁nd she snuck me into her room so we could have sex. How does that sound?鈥
鈥淛iminnn~鈥 You whine in annoyance at his goofiness and the pleasure he鈥檚 blessing onto you. You want to participate in his joke, but you鈥檙e becoming too dick dumb and incoherent to as your climax starts building again.
He knows you want to speak, but Jimin already takes a little while to cum, per why these quick and sneaky hookups usually end with a painfully hard boner.
鈥淛ust cum on me and then we can worry about it later,鈥 he whispers.
Jimin pounds into your pussy like no one鈥檚 home. It鈥檚 easy to cum when you鈥檙e rubbing your clit to the beat of his hips and begging him to fuck you harder. He鈥檚 able to get his orgasm then, filling the condom full and kissing you so that his moans aren鈥檛 too loud.
Your limbs untangle from around each other so that he can get up and toss the condom in the bin underneath your desk. He falls into the bed next to you after cleaning up and throwing a t-shirt over your nude body.
鈥淏onnet on,鈥 he reminds, snatching it from underneath your pillows and tucking your hair into it. He kisses your forehead as he finds another movie to watch for the rest of the night on TV. You鈥檙e too sleepy though, so you cuddle your face into his varsity jacket and close your eyes.
A light knocking at the door is what awakens you in the morning. Your mom.
鈥淗oney? Breakfast is done!鈥
You鈥檙e surprised she isn鈥檛 banging and asking why the door is locked. Even Jimin is a bit on edge of your mother鈥檚 demeanor as he rubs his eyes. You assume she woke up on the good side of her bed today. Or your dad kept his mouth shut about last night.
So you keep it cool and say, 鈥淭hanks! I鈥檒l be down in a few!鈥
You did not expect to hear, 鈥淥kay! And tell Jimin there鈥檚 some for him, too!鈥
鈥淔uck,鈥 Jimin threw his head back on the pillows with a laugh. You hid your face in his chest in embarrassment. Of course she knew he was here.
鈥淭hanks, Mrs. ________!鈥 Your boyfriend calls to her, and you swear you can hear your mom roll her eyes before laughing. Maybe they knew of this all along and let you think you were getting away with it.
鈥淐ome and eat quickly, you two!鈥
.鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃嗉衡媶锝♀媶嗉垛媶藱 .鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃嗉衡媶锝♀媶嗉垛媶藱 .鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃嗉衡媶锝♀媶嗉垛媶藱 .鈰 .鈰嗭健鈰嗋级鈰喫欌潃
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festering-obsession 9 months
Tumblr media
TW/CW: Yandere Content, Manipulation, Kidnapping, Dubious Touching, Monster x Human, Slight Implications of Stockholm Syndrome, Na鈥檝i x Human! Reader
You kept yourself pressed up against the corner of the treehouse-like place the male Na'vi kept you in. Fear still rode through you as your mind kept pondering over what he's told you.
What does he mean you're his?
At least that question doesn't make you as anxious as before. Before, you heavily panted, fogging up the mask but not anymore at least. Steady breathes, they'll come to save you, right..? It's been a few days, they've had to have some lead where you are.
You wanted to escape, you would get up periodically to look around. But you were so damn high up from the ground, one slip would send you down to your death. Even if you miraculously did get down, you had little idea where you were as your map had been lost when the Thanator chased you down.
The Na'vi was not at the house long which allowed to look outa bit, coming back in shifts, and although he would glance at you, he wouldn't approach you all that much. He would bring you some interesting things, alien-like flowers, juicy looking fruit, or the occasional piece of jewelry or bead.
Yet, your anxiety kept you from eating anything. There was a way to slide the food into your oxygen mask, so you could eat, they had these designed for long expeditions on Pandora, but all you could do was pick at the fruit which you were doing now.
You heard footsteps outside, and you knew he was back. You felt your breath hold as you saw his lean figure enter and unlike the other times he's returned, he made a beeline straight to you.
Your heart raced again as he sat down in front of you, leaning down even more to look at you. Like before, he was unreadable. His hands reached around to bring down his makeshift mask. There was a scar curved from his cheek down to his bottom lip, but it took nothing from his beauty. His head titled to the side, blue eyes studying you as his black and red hair strands pooled on the sides of his broad chest.
"Are you feeling better, S/O?" His voice was deep, yet pronounced each word velvety as his hand grabbed yours gently. If it weren't for the question that startled you, you would remain entranced.
"How, how do you know my name?" You asked too quickly. Your eyes opened wide as you looked up at him.
He chuckled, causing your heart to warm up. He was nearly hypnotic.
"Before I saved you from the rest of those humans, I observed you." His hand slid to your cheek, and you unknowingly leaned into his touch. "I'm Hewu'itan."
"You stalked me!" You pushed back away from him.
"No, like I said, I observed." Hewu'itan stated firmly. "I observed many things about you, like how you have a terrible sleeping schedule for a human."
Slightly disturbed of his behavior, but you wanted to know the full extent of what he's seen. "...What else?" You looked up at his straight lined face.
"I've noticed how you work yourself to death. You do so much for those people, and they have yet to appreciate you." He leaned in closer. "You try to voice your opinions and research, yet they all go unheard only for the next scientist to just repeat what you said. You deserve more." You felt tears prick at your eyes. That hurt.
"You're lonely, like me." His hands lifted you up and placed you in his lap. You gripped the black cloth on him as you felt tears race down, but you could do little to wipe them away.
As you sobbed, you felt a necklace placed around your neck.
"I can treat you like you deserve." His voice rumbled, shivering down your body. His hands wrapped around your much smaller figure, leaving a light kiss on the top of your head as you sobbed.
A/N: Anyways, with the whole Hewu'itan "observing you", I think I might be able to make a smutty spin on that.
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fleurlx 4 months
So I basically followed a 61 point meditation from Jason Stephenson鈥檚 channel on YouTube and when he stopped talking I started affirming for the void. I did this last night. Throughout the day I affirmed about how I was such a master manifester and looped and listened to a subliminal playlist. These are the subs I listened to (I listened to them in this order but it doesn鈥檛 matter what order you listen):
@pinecone77鈥檚 鈥渁 booster but it鈥檚 stronger than you鈥
V1PER鈥檚 void state booster
leji鈥檚 cafe鈥檚 2,400,000 affirmations void sub
pinecone77鈥檚 鈥渁 void subliminal but it鈥檚 stronger than you鈥
pinecone77鈥檚 enter the void in 1 sec sub
V1PER鈥檚 鈥渆nter the VS w/ intention鈥 sub
@kiramizukiii鈥檚 black hole void sub
baejin cafe鈥檚 infinite manifesting space sub
I鈥檇 also edit and re edit the list on my notes app with all my desires and scroll through Pinterest and make boards of what I want to manifest 馃槶 idk I just think doing that along with listening to subs motivated me a lot and made manifesting to enter the void a lot more fun and not so much of a chore yk?
I think it took me around 10 to 15 mins? Not very sure though. I used the blanket aff 鈥淚 have everything I wrote in my notes app鈥 and ALL OF IT was there when I woke up the next day!
I literally wrote 138 points on my list so I鈥檓 not going to write all of them here 馃拃 but here are some I remember:
My desired face (pretty much the same as the one I already had but without a butt chin and a better side profile)
My desired body (just taller and skinnier)
My desired smile (kind of like BLACKPINK Jennie鈥檚 but not exactly a cc- also I just realised that desired smile comes in df but oh well 馃槶)
My desired hair (straighter and softer)
Hair to look good in every hairstyle and even when messy or wet; never to have a bad hair day
No undesired body or facial hair
Glass skin throughout body
My Invisalign treatment to end on Thursday (it started on September and was supposed to take a year but I鈥檓 not waiting that long 鉁岋笍)
Beautiful, alluring eyes
An elegant, dreamy, mysterious and alluring aura and beauty
Perfect balance of hot and cute
People to get butterflies and keep taking glances at me cause that鈥檚 just how beautiful I am 馃き
My desired people to text me and follow me on Instagram
Controlling my facial expressions easily (I鈥檇 literally laugh and smile at like the WORST possible moments omg)
Certain desired scenarios to play out exactly the way I want
To be photogenic AF
Revised my pictures in my school ID card and passport to be better
Periods are light, painless, easy to deal with and always come on time
Some clothes, stationary, shower and skin care stuff from my Pinterest boards
To sweat and less and have no body odour
Me to get above 95% on every exam no matter what
Sister to get above 90% on every exam no matter what (I want her to score good but not as good as me sawry)
Revised embarrassing moments to have never happened
Me and my family to have perfect mental and physical health
Me and my family to always be safe and never in danger
Immune to mosquito and bug bites 馃檯鈥嶁檧锔
To like vegetables 馃槶
Perfect skills in art, guitar and basketball
To be able to do push-ups and planks perfectly (this was solely to flex on everyone during PE class 馃)
This cheap bottle of perfume I have but never used to smell exactly like MM Replica鈥檚 Whispers In The Library perfume
And a lot more personal stuff!! Thank you so much fleur, @littlemissprettyprincess, @gorgeouslypink for giving me motivation and the sub makers for making such wonderful subs 馃拰馃拰
OH MY LOVELY 馃崶 ANON! CONGRATULATIONS MY LOVE! THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU HAVE NO IDEA, i just came back and saw this, BEST NEWS EVER <3 enjoy your life angel 馃.
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jungk0oksthighs 4 months
Against The Odds | My Time
Pairing - jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader
Genre - angst, smut, fluff, established relationship, ceo!jungkook, ceo!reader, attorney!taehyung
Word Count - 4k
Tumblr media
Jungkook's patience is wearing thin, and your time is running out
Warnings: swearing, heavy angst, mentions and descriptions of kidnapping
Time. That鈥檚 what life bubbles down to, isn鈥檛 it? Time.
How much time we spent with loved ones. How much we didn鈥檛.
The seconds fade into minutes, the hours into days and before you know it you鈥檙e suddenly nearing thirty years old with nothing to show for it aside from the beginnings of wrinkled skin and a few stray grey hairs. That鈥檚 the case for most of us, but of course there鈥檚 an exception to each and every rule of thumb.
Jeon Jungkook being the exception. CEO of Jeon Industries, proud billionaire, excellent businessman and soon to be husband to the love of his life. From an outsiders point of view Jungkook has it all. The wealth, the love, the connections; he鈥檚 the owner of everything that a man of status requires, anybody can see that. His family, friends, the paparazzi who gawk at him and wait three hours outside in the pouring rain for that one snap shot of him wearing an Armani suit.
But if there鈥檚 one thing Jungkook has learned recently, appearances can be deceiving.
It鈥檚 been one week since your birthday, one week since his penthouse apartment was broken into yet nothing of value taken. A whole seven days since you and he fought and he鈥檇 left in borderline tears. While a week doesn鈥檛 seem like a lengthy amount of time for most people, the past seven days has been an excruciatingly difficult period of time in his life.
Usually you are his rock, his anchor. You keep him grounded and support him through the darkest days, shining your ray of light on his future. It鈥檚 one of the many reasons he asked you to marry him, you are without a shadow of a doubt the only person he鈥檚 ever been able to see a future with. You鈥檙e smart, optimistic, caring. And you smashed straight through his emotional walls like a joyous wrecking ball with a bratty attitude wearing expensive lingerie. You鈥檙e the only woman Jungkook has ever truly loved, he鈥檚 memorised your tiny quirks and questionable habits 鈥 so of course he noticed when all these things he loves about you suddenly disappeared.
Your smile was the first to go, replaced with an empty looking shadow of a sinister grin. Next was your positivity, one day you were a glass half full type of girl and the next thing he knew the glass wasn鈥檛 even half empty 鈥 it ceased to exist.
Last night was the final straw for him, the nail in the coffin, the only absolute definitive proof he needed to confirm his suspicions. The woman living under his roof, sleeping in his bed and for all intents and purposes his fianc茅 鈥 is not his fianc茅. He likes to think he knows you pretty damn well, maybe not as much as your best friend Jimin does, but he knows the things that make you you.
Which is why when he caught 鈥榶ou鈥 throwing clothes over the closet floor in a frenzy, complaining about how you wanted to 鈥榬einvent yourself鈥 and 鈥榯hrow this old shit out鈥 he immediately grew suspicious. He eyed you cautiously as you held up a navy blue dress, one that Jungkook remembers very clearly in his mind as what you were wearing the night he first encountered you in Black Swan, with nothing but disgust in your eyes.
鈥淗ey鈥 I uh, got off work early.鈥 Jungkook mumbled, watching you like a hawk from the corner of his eye. The bruising on your face was beginning to settle, and there were differences, teeny tiny insignificant ones that the untrained eye would probably miss, that he caught straight away.
It's no secret you and your sister are identical, but he knows you like the back of his tattooed hand. He knows all the scars, dimples, the texture, the tone of your skin. He knows you, he's seen you in all your glory on your best days and held you in the darkness of the bad days.
The woman in front of him isn't you.
You hadn鈥檛 bothered to look up at him standing against the doorway, didn鈥檛 greet him, didn鈥檛 throw your arms round his neck and tug him into a warm embrace or loving kiss like you usually did. No, you just stared at that god damn dress as though it was the ugliest article of clothing to ever exist. There was no nostalgic twinkle in your eye, heat didn鈥檛 rise to your cheeks at the memory of how Jungkook slid his inked fingers down every square inch of that same fabric before fucking you for the very first time. Your smile was empty, unbothered and tainted by the way you rolled your eyes at his arrival.
鈥淕ood for you.鈥 You shrugged him off nonchalantly.
His muscles grew tense beneath his tailored grey suit, Taehyung had warned him not to lose his temper in front of you because they needed to find the real you as soon as possible. Letting his emotions get the best of him could possibly put you in danger. And so without thinking too much about it he quirked a thick brow, probing his tongue against the inside of his cheek in an attempt to stop the putrid insults he had waiting from escaping his lips.
鈥淒id you go to work today?鈥 He asked with deep breaths, busying himself by finding a lounge wear set to change into.
While his fingers dug into his drawers he peered over his shoulder, you were still sitting in front of the full-length mirror holding the navy dress. It was like something from a horror movie, the eeriness, the tension, the way he could鈥檝e sworn your reflection displayed an evil smirk but when his eyes flickered to your profile it had completely vanished. Jungkook didn鈥檛 know how much more of this he could endure, but the prospect of you being held somewhere against your will, or worse, gave him the strength he needed to bite his tongue.
鈥淣o鈥 I鈥檓 still pretty shaken up after the break in I guess.鈥
鈥淢hm.鈥 Jungkook physically bit his tongue, until the metallic iron taste of blood tainted his mouth. 鈥淪o what have you been doing today?鈥
It wasn鈥檛 like him to go into a different room to change, but ever since he鈥檇 connected the dots of who the woman sitting before him truly is 鈥 he鈥檚 made a conscious effort not to undress around her. Standing in the ensuite bathroom he slipped into his comfort clothes, fists balling tightly before they slid into his sweatpants. He can't keep doing this. When the ensuite door swung open thankfully he was already dressed, and his whole body grew equally as rigid as his jaw when you stood in front of him with an empty yet flirtatious smile.
鈥淲aiting for you of course.鈥 The purr landed on his ears like a swarm of blood thirsty mosquitos, draining him.
It took everything inside him not to grimace, stomach bile quickly rising to the back of his throat upon seeing your long eyelashes blink at him seductively. There were changes in the details of your face, your skin, down to the way your hair parted. Even if he wanted to be selfish and blissfully ignorant to the fact the woman in front of him was not the one he loved, he couldn鈥檛. Because when your fingertips brushed up his abdomen, tugging up his hoodie in the process, those differences were the only thing he could concentrate on.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna go to the gym.鈥 He barged past you, heart thundering inside his chest threatening to implode. He didn鈥檛 spare you a second glance, didn鈥檛 listen to whatever words you uttered under your breath. All that mattered in that moment was that he had to escape your presence before his wrath did the talking for him.
It took him five hours of hitting his favourite punching bag to calm down. Five hours of ignoring your texts and calls. Five hours of being anywhere but around you. Because deep down he knew the longer this scenario panned out for, the closer he got to quite literally killing 鈥榶ou鈥. And when he got home last night things went from bad to worse, the hairs on his body standing to attention before his physiological fight or flight response ultimately kicked in.
鈥淛ungkookie鈥 Why don鈥檛 you come to bed?鈥
鈥淣ot tonight, I鈥檓 tired.鈥
鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 even kissed me since my birthday鈥︹ You said, feigning an upset pout.
"Haven't I?" His stare remained cemented to the television.
He knew full well he hadn't, how could he? You're not you. You might walk and talk, look and dress like you - but you're still not you. Being intimate with you right now is the last thing on his mind. He's only fucking doing this to protect you, keep you safe. At least that's what he says to himself to get him out of bed each morning.
"I guess there are ways you can make up for that though..." Your voice was low and sultry, burning his ears with each syllable. He didn't dare look in your direction, knowing that you were wearing lingerie in an attempt to lure him closer.
Fuck this. He鈥檇 thought. Fuck being a pawn in whatever sick and twisted game this was. Perhaps it was a foolish error to make, but he couldn't catch the scoff that emitted from his throat in time, fleeing the apartment within minutes. Bringing him here, the same guest bed he鈥檇 just woken up in mere moments ago. The one place he knows you鈥檙e avoiding like the plague.
Jungkook doesn鈥檛 know the details of how you and Jimin became best friends, but he knows that not even a single day goes by where the two of you don鈥檛 communicate. Up until one week ago.
The familiar comfort of the thick cotton sheets slide over his frame when he shifts in bed, stretching. Jungkook has been staying at Jimin and Yoongi鈥檚 place almost every night since the break-in, under the ruse of 鈥榳orking late in the office鈥.
Over the past few days himself, Jimin, Yoongi and Taehyung have been working their hardest to get to the bottom of this situation. A private investigator was hired, one who informed the group that no official police report had ever been filed after your birthday. It was a lie. It was all a lie.
Of course the other members of Jungkook鈥檚 trusted friends felt for him, they really did, having to live with you and act normal in your presence when they all know full-well that you are not you. For the others, avoiding you had been pretty effortless, giving the fact that you鈥檇 actively stayed away from them. But Jungkook hadn鈥檛 been so lucky.
The revealing outfits. The bitchiness. The blatant disregard for what had happened. The guilt trips. The attempts to lure him into bed. It鈥檚 all chipping away at his heart and truthfully he knows he doesn鈥檛 have much heart left to share.
鈥淗ey鈥︹ It鈥檚 Jimin鈥檚 soft voice that pulls Jungkook from his thoughts, opening the guest bedroom door quietly. 鈥淐an I come in?鈥
With a lazy morning voice thickened with sleep Jungkook chuckles, sitting up in bed, 鈥淚t鈥檚 your house Jimin.鈥
Your best friend smiles nodding once before stepping over the threshold, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 hear you come in last night, you should鈥檝e woken me up.鈥
鈥淣ah,鈥 Jungkook frowns, pursing his lips, 鈥淵ou two were already in bed I didn鈥檛 want to disturb you, thanks for leaving your door open for me though.鈥
鈥淒id she make a move on you again?鈥
鈥淢hm. Bolted out the apartment and came straight here, I should probably go back soon.鈥 He sighs, feeling the weight of the world struggling to rest on his broad shoulders. He can鈥檛 keep doing this for much longer, he knows that, but he can鈥檛 risk the real you getting hurt because of his impatience either.
Jimin鈥檚 expression is nothing short of pained when he sits on the edge of the bed, keeping a good amount of distance between the two men, 鈥淪he鈥檚 not there, the PI called about twenty minutes ago and said she left, he鈥檚 gonna try and follow her and see where she goes.鈥
鈥淢mm. Probably for the best.鈥 Kook nods, fingertips messily combing his hair, "I'm getting pretty close to hitting a woman for the first time in my life."
鈥淛ungkook鈥︹ Jimin sighs, averting his gaze to the corner of the room, 鈥淚t鈥檚 been a week鈥 Maybe we should go to the police. I-, I know pretending you鈥檙e okay is slowly killing you. You can鈥檛 keep living like this, and Y/N wouldn鈥檛 want鈥斺
鈥淵/N is the only reason I鈥檓 doing this.鈥 Jungkook bites, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, the situation is less than ideal and if I had it my way that bitch would be six feet under by now. But鈥 She鈥檚 the only one who knows where Y/N really is, like Tae said we have to be smart about this.鈥
鈥淛imin I know you鈥檙e worried about her, believe me I am too鈥斺
鈥淒o you really trust Taehyung鈥檚 motives here?鈥 Jimin鈥檚 question is like a dagger to Jungkook鈥檚 spine, forcing him to sit up straighter with furrowed brows and a confused slack jaw, 鈥淟ook I like Tae, but don鈥檛 you think it鈥檚 a little suspicious that he鈥檚 the one saying we shouldn鈥檛 inform the police? He鈥檚 in love with your fianc茅. Why wouldn鈥檛 he want the police to help us? It鈥檚 not like you鈥檙e a regular guy with a regular problem, the police will actually listen to you because of who you are.鈥
At this Jungkook pauses, blood running cold while he mulls over the facts. You鈥檙e missing, the police should be informed. Except you鈥檙e not missing missing. Should the police be informed? Taehyung does love you. As does Jimin, and if Jimin鈥檚 suggesting to go to the police why would Taehyung be against that? Is he looking for you himself to play the hero? No. He wouldn鈥檛. Would he?
鈥淚 know your head鈥檚 up your ass right now,鈥 Jimin wears a sympathetic frown as he speaks, 鈥淏ut it鈥檚 obvious Y/N has been replaced by her cunt of a sister. How did she even know Y/N was alone in the apartment? Taehyung was the last person to see Y/N, knew she was home alone, and suddenly there鈥檚 a break-in and you 鈥榮houldn鈥檛 go to the police鈥? Come on Kook connect the dots yourself.鈥
鈥淚-, I don鈥檛 have time for this. Thanks for letting me crash here but I need to get to the office.鈥 Jungkook mumbles, Jimin鈥檚 words scratching every corner of his mind until he has the beginnings of a painful migraine. It simultaneously makes sense and no sense at all. Does Taehyung know where you are?
The concept of time has been truly lost on you. You don鈥檛 know how long you鈥檝e been held captive in this tiny dark room. You don鈥檛 know if anybody鈥檚 even noticed you鈥檝e gone. All you know is that you鈥檙e being held in the same place as your nephew, giving that most of the time you鈥檙e the one to care for him in here.
There鈥檚 a man in here sometimes too, a faceless man, who speaks quiet enough for you to miss most of his words. You long for a wave of recognition to wash over you one day and know who it is, remember that voice, see his face, who鈥檚 keeping you here, but it鈥檚 yet to happen.
鈥淚鈥檒l get us out of here I promise.鈥 You whisper to a sleeping Charlie, who鈥檚 bundled up atop the small mattress in the makeshift dungeon you鈥檙e residing in. This is no place for a child. At least he鈥檚 too young to remember any of this, you tell yourself over and over until the guilt somewhat subsides.
A dull vibration earns you to jump, especially when you register that it鈥檚 coming from inside your room. Did Ruth leave her phone here? You鈥檙e sweating, dirty, scrambling to your feet to follow the sound and try to save yourself from this nightmare. It feels too good to be true. Like being stranded on a desert island and seeing a rescue ship in the distance. Every ounce of hope surges your body and manifests into energy.
It's a black Samsung phone, and Ruth is calling it.
Fuck this, you think, fucking being a pawn in whatever sick and twisted game this is. Your thumb trembles as you decline the call instantly, adrenaline coursing your veins while you weigh up your options. This is it. You鈥檙e going to be saved. There鈥檚 a lock on the device, because of course there is, so you鈥檙e only able to call the numbers you know by heart.
999? Or Jeon Industries?
Against your better judgement you opt for the latter, desperately wanting nothing more than to hear Jungkook鈥檚 voice. You鈥檒l call him first, the police second. The battery is only at 2% and you know time is against you if Ruth's already figured out the owner of the phone left it here. But you don鈥檛 care. You鈥檝e barely eaten, drank, slept, you鈥檙e delirious and wearing a tight frantic smile when the line starts to ring and you hear the familiar sound of the main receptionists voice.
鈥淗ello Jeon Industries, how can I help?鈥
鈥淗i! Oh my god hi. Hello,鈥 You clear your throat, voice hot and sore, 鈥淐an you put me through to Jungkook please. It鈥檚 urgent.鈥
鈥淢r Jeon hasn鈥檛 arrived to the office just yet, I can put you through to his assistant who鈥檒l gladly take a message for you?鈥 The woman sounds chipper, truthfully you鈥檝e never really liked the receptionist there because the times you have seen her she鈥檚 always been gawking at your man. But in this moment she鈥檚 without a doubt your favourite person on the planet.
鈥淵es, yes that鈥檚 fine okay pass me to Hoseok please.鈥 You鈥檙e nodding, hands shaking, heart pounding, palms clammy from anxiety and panic. Please hurry, you think, please鈥
鈥淛eon Jungkook鈥檚 office you鈥檙e speaking with his assistant, how can I help you today?鈥
鈥淗obi!鈥 You sob, tears clouding your vision while you struggle to keep it together, 鈥淗obi it鈥檚 me, it鈥檚 Y/N. Is Jungkook there? Or can you pass me through to his personal number? Please. I don鈥檛 have much time鈥斺
鈥溾/N?鈥 Hoseok鈥檚 voice is eerily quiet yet oozes surprise, and as quickly as he answered the call he vanishes.
聽You peel the device away from your ear, disappointment weighing down every joint in your body. You ran out of time. It鈥檚 dead.
Running late is something that Jungkook has been doing a lot lately. Usually he鈥檚 painfully punctual, to a point where it pisses people off. He hates tardiness, bad time keeping infuriates him so finding himself jogging into the office twenty minutes after he was supposed to arrive doesn鈥檛 particularly make him feel great. Never mind the fact he鈥檚 going through absolute hell on earth right now, countless conspiracy theories circling his brain.
Jimin has a point, but Taehyung has a point too. Is telling the police about this going to be better for your safety, or worse? What if Taehyung does know where you are? What if he doesn鈥檛? Who does? Jungkook is just about ready to punch the large glass door to his office when he sees his assistant in his peripheral vision.
鈥淢orning Hoseok, do I have any messages?鈥 He waves his hand politely, forcing a smile. The two are dressed almost identically today in three piece black suits, and for a split second Jungkook finds peace within the sense of normality and routine this building brings.
Hoseok鈥檚 eyes flicker to his boss, the Adam鈥檚 apple in his throat bobbing up and down as he swallows what Jungkook imagines to be his breakfast. It鈥檚 early, Hoseok usually has breakfast with your assistant Yuri before making his way here. An unconventional couple, Jungkook thinks, but at least their situation is nowhere near as messy as his own.
鈥淲ell?鈥 Jungkook smiles, doe-eyes widening as if to force an answer, 鈥淒id anyone call before I got here?鈥
鈥淣o sir鈥 Nobody called.鈥
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