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Tumblr media
𝕤𝕒𝕖 𝕚𝕥𝕠𝕤𝕙𝕚 ࿓ 𝕞𝕒𝕗𝕚𝕒 𝕒𝕦
♡ 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 ࿓ not only did your mafia husband spoil you with all his illegal funds, but he also spoiled you with his cock
♡ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 ࿓ mafia boss!sae itoshi x afab!reader {feat. hitman!shidou ryusei}
♡ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ࿓ mafia au, dom!sae, spoiled!sub!reader, exhibitionism, semi-public sex, cockwarming, teasing, vaginal sex, rough sex, breeding kink, creampie, petnames “princess”
♡ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 ࿓ 1.1k+
♡ 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 ࿓ @s-souya
Tumblr media
���𝐀𝐑𝐄𝐍’𝐓 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐀 𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐋𝐄 𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐃 𝐁𝐎𝐒𝐒?” shidou asks as he sits on the other side of sae’s large desk. the hitman couldn’t understand how sae could get any work done with such a pretty thing like yourself sitting in his lap. and yet… sae appeared to be doing paperwork like he was unaffected by your presence.
sae ignores his right hand man’s question, and instead he keeps his eyes glued to the documents in front of him. meanwhile your head is resting on your mafia husband’s shoulder, twirling a strand of his land around your finger. not appropriating the lack of acknowledgment, shidou takes things a step further.
“you know, i could take them off your hands. how does that sound, sweetheart? want ryusei to entertain you for a bit while the boss finishes signing a few things?” shidou offers, flirtatiously licking his lips.
that definitely gets sae’s attention. his eyes flicker up to shoot shidou a dangerous glare. the gang member should consider himself lucky that he was the only one who would get away with making such a joke. anyone else might have been shot dead on the spot. that being said, shidou figures this is a good time to leave.
“alright, alright, i’ll leave you two lovebirds free. if ya need anything boss just lemme know” the hit man says before getting out of his seat.
you wait, watching shidou leave. it’s not until he closes the door to sae’s office that you allow yourself to whimper. you’ve been biting your lip to hold back your noises the entire time that the other man was in the room. it was a relief that you no longer had to pretend that you weren’t currently cockwarming your husband as he shifted through papers.
“please sae” you whine, burying your face even further into his neck. “i’ve been good. can you please take a break and fuck me properly?”.
sae hums as he considers this. however you’re starting to get impatient with how long it’s taking him to decide. now you’re practically pawing at his shirt with frustration. any other time sae would give you whatever you wanted. you didn’t understand why he was teasing you and being so mean now.
sighing, sae rolls his eyes as he pushes his paperwork aside. “you’re too spoiled for your own good. fine, princess. i’ll take care of you”.
he doesn’t give you much time to feel relieved. within the blink of an eye sae’s picks you up and places you on his desk without removing his cock from your snug pussy. he doesn’t say it but fuck- you look so stunning laid out for him like this. it was something that sae would never admit but it was killing him just having you sit on his dick without any moment. he wanted to fuck you as badly as you wanted him too but he was too proud to confess such a thing.
instead he grabs hold of your hips and starts to set a steady pace. “you should be grateful for everything i do for you. don’t i treat my princess so well?” he asks, acting unaffected by how deliciously your cunt swallowed him every time he thrusts inside of you.
frantically, you nod your head in response. “y-yes. so good to me. please gimme more?” you beg, wrapping your legs around sae’s waist to pull him in even deeper. he groans when he feels his tip kiss your cervix. what a greedy thing you were, pleading for more when he was already giving you what you asked for. it was a good thing he liked you greedy. who else would he spend his money and time on if you weren’t this way.
“like this, princess?” he asks, increasing the intensity of his movements. all of a sudden he’s snapping his hips so hard that the only reason you don’t go flying off the table is sae’s iron grip on your waist. that was exactly what you wanted and you let sae know by moaning even louder for him.
“that’s it,” sae tells you, bringing one of your hands to his lips. he kisses your wrist, right below where the bracelet he bought for you sits. it reads his initials in shiny gold letters. there was no better way to let everyone know that you were his. well… maybe there was one other effective way, and that was cumming deep inside of you to mark his territory.
“i’m gonna breed this cunt”. it’s less than a warning and more so it’s sae ordering you to take all the seed he gives you. he doesn’t have to worry. you’d happily take whatever gift that sae gave you and that included his cum. “make sure to repay me for my kindness by cumming with me, yeah?”.
well how could you say no to that. sweetly whimpering his name, you cream around sae’s cock after a few more thorough thrusts. he doesn’t follow far behind you, painting your walls white just as he said you’d do. normally sae was good at keeping his composure. a mafioso like himself had to assure that that was one of his many skills. however, something about your post orgasm cunt manages to break down his walls. for a split second you see sae looking completely lost in you. although it’s a sight you don’t get often you savour it while you can.
“are you satisfied now?” he questions, wiping sweat off his forehead as sae pulls out of your overstimulated hole. there he goes again, acting like that was ALL for your sake. you don’t complain though. instead you send him a little smile and nod your head. “i’m glad. now, let’s get you cleaned up before that idiot shidou-“.
“who me?”.
the voice comes so out of nowhere that it startled you. sae reacts in an instant, grabbing the jacket that was hanging on the back of his leather dress chair and draping it over you. with your body shielded, he snarls at the hitman who’s standing in the entrance to the office. when did he come back?!
as if thinking the same thing, sae talks to ryusei in a tone that’s so dangerously cold that it sends a shiver up your spine. “how long have you been there?”.
“didn’t you hear me come back in?” shidou answers playfully. there was a lot that he could get away with but he was about to cross a line. shidou must have realized it because he tones it down a little. “don’t worry. i missed most of the good stuff. i just wanted to let you know that the cops raided one of our warehouses. 𝐈’𝐃 𝐇𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐆 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐌 𝐃𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐅𝐀𝐂𝐄 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 𝐁𝐔𝐓 𝐖𝐄 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐁𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐘 𝐇𝐀𝐕𝐄 𝐓𝐎 𝐆𝐎 𝐓𝐀𝐊𝐄 𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐄 𝐎𝐅 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐓”.
Tumblr media
𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟚–𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟛 © 𝕤𝕒𝕖𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕖 — 𝕕𝕠 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕣𝕖𝕡𝕠𝕤𝕥 𝕠𝕣 𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕤𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕖 𝕞𝕪 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕜. 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕤, 𝕣𝕖𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕤, 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕤 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖
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What are some pervy things the Blue Lock boys might do?
Isagi, Bachira, Rin, Reo, Chigiri, and Nagi please 🙏
Lots of things, very wonderful pervy thigs.
Pairing: Yoichi Isagi, Bachira Meguru, Rin Itoshi, Hyoma Chigiri, Migake Reo, Nagi Seishiro x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, mutual masturbation, video recording, taking panties, voyeurism, cum marking, Reader wearing a collar
A/N: Lets go with one for each of the boys.
Isagi has stolen your panties multiple times. Well not exactly stolen but maybe borrowed is the better word. You offer them to him when they're wet with your cum after he's fingered you under the table. He pockets them with the most polite smile, as if its no big deal. Later he sends you a picture of them covered in his cum asking if you'll wear them again.
Bachira loves to watch you masturbating and join in with you. He'll start off with slow, slightly lazy strokes, instead trying to get a good look of the way your fingers sink in and out of your pussy, how wet they are. He'll talk you the whole time, telling you how he wants you to touch yourself and where. You can do the same to him, in fact please do, edge him all you want, it only means he'll have more to unload into your pussy when he gets to fuck it.
Rin makes you wear a pretty green collar around your neck with his number on it. Just wearing his jersey isn't enough for him, he wants everyone to know just how much he owns you and how completely. That after every game he has a ready and willing bitch, spreading her legs for him to congratulate him for his newest victory and be a better reward then any trophy.
Chigiri isn't ashamed to admit that he has peaked on you several times while you were pleasuring your self. Sometimes he would join in, sometimes he would just watch, pumping his cock while you rode that pink dildo into sweet oblivion. He likes to surprise you, letting you think you're all alone, sneaking in and whispering into your ear before replacing the toy with his cock. The real thing feels much better for you needy cunt doesn't it?
Reo needs you to send him videos of yourself when he's traveling, he can't go long without seeing you. It was your idea to make the videos sexy and by god did he have a sudden and panful boner the first time you sent him a video of you fingering yourself while moaning his name and looking directly into the camera. Ever since then its become a couples thing for the two of you, trading videos that is.
Nagi goes feral on you when its time for him to come. Almost always he will pull out, not because he doesn't think you're not being safe but because there's nothing sexier to him then seeing you covered in his cum. He's careful not to get it on his jersey so if you're wearing it make sure that it's lifted past your breasts, that way he can get his cum there too without worry.
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tims-shi · 2 days
tags: itoshi!sister, baby itoshi is named kei, fluff, sae and rin as older brothers, some spoilers for the u20 match !!, this is v self indulgent tbh 😭 kinda ooc characters im sorry
first post !! also not proofread lols again this is p much self indulgent oml ending is rushed my mind went blank,, i tend to coddle my baby cousins A LOT and ive been missing them these days so it led to this 😧
Tumblr media
“hey prodigy boy, a little lady’s looking for you.” aiku announced, entering the break room with a miniscule smirk on his face.
sae merely raised a brow, coldly saying, “send them away.” aiku laughed, waving his hand in the air, “i can’t do that. she seems very persistent. i feel like she’ll cry if she gets sent away.”
getting annoyed, sae dropped his bag. rolling his eyes as he stomped his way out of the room. he opened the door, prepared to tell the tepid creature to scram off, only to be met with air.
“are you fucking with me, you selfish captain?” sae muttered to himself, about to close the door. pausing halfway when he hears small mutters.
“nii, up.” looking down, sae sees his little sister, no older than three years, looking up at him with raised arms. “kei,” sae lets out a grunt as he picks her up. running his eyes through her figure once she’s nested in his arms. quirking a brow at the familiar looking blue pentagon brooch pinned at her jacket. 
“why are you alone? where’s mom?”, sae interrogated, fingers tucking her maroon locks behind her ear. “i’m with nanny. told her i’ll be back.” kei replied, fiddling with the string around her brother’s neck.
“okay, you’ve seen me. now go back to nanny.”
“no! wan’ see rin-nii, too.” kei whined, arms tightening around sae when he tried to put her down.  at the mention of the name, sae’s face scrunched up, reminded of the not-so-good relationship he has with his brother. “do you know your way? i can’t bring you there ‘cause my manager’s looking for me.” at that, kei nodded. placing her palms on his face and kissing his cheek before wriggling down his hold. “do you have your phone? i’ll text your nanny where you are. stay safe, alright?” sae crouched down, pinching her cheek.
“i will. bye-bye!” kei waved at him before dashing off to where her rin-nii could be.
kei’s lost. at first she was confident she’ll reach her rin-nii in record time, but after a few turns in this maze of a facility, kei’s starting to lose hope. tears brimming at her eyes, letting out sniffles.
with blue lock winning the match against japan’s u20, it’s safe to say the excitement hasn’t really died down. now done with showering and freshening up, the athletes are now on their way to the cafeteria, where a feast is waiting for them, as anri said. 
“that was a fun match! i’ve never played a match with so many talented players before! hell! i wasn’t even expecting we were gonna win!” bachira babbled excitedly. at his chatter, chigiri’s brows furrowed, “what do you mean you weren’t inspecting us to–”
“do you guys hear that?”, isagi hushed them. 
“...hear what?” reo asked. “it’s like someone’s crying” isagi answered, looking around for a person crying?
“is that a child?” nagi, who had been silent throughout the walk, pointed out the small figure not too far from them. bachira, ever the happy person, approached the crying child. “hi! are you okay? why is a little girl like you crying?” he asked, now on his knees in front of the child.
“can’t find my nii. ‘m lost.” kei muttered. feeling comfortable with the stranger before her, she went closer to him, hands now gripping his shirt.
“do you want us to help you find your brother?” this time, it was chigiri who asked. also crouched in front of her as he wiped her tear-stained face. “wan’ my nii.” the little girl uttered out, cries gone and was left sniffling. 
as bachira and chigiri were comforting the little girl, reo can’t help but feel familiar with the child. has he seen her before? he can’t really recall. looking over at isagi, it seems like he has the same thoughts as well.
“doesn’t she look like rin-chan? so cute!” bachira exclaimed, now holding kei in his arms, cooing at her cheeks. hearing her brother’s name, kei perked up. eyes twinkling at bachira, silently pleading to lead her to her brother. 
“oh? is he your nii?” when kei nodded, bachira turned to isagi and handed him the child. “isagi will bring you to your brother. right, isagi?” 
while panicking inside, isagi couldn’t help but sigh softly when kei looks at him expectantly. “i’ll take her to rin. save us some food.” isagi bid them goodbye. over his shoulders, kei waved at the group of boys left behind. 
“what’s your name?” isagi sparked up a conversation, the awkward silence getting to him. “kei and ‘m three!”
“what’s your name?” kei asked him, resting her head on his shoulders. “me? i’m isagi. i play soccer. do you play soccer, kei?” 
“no, can’t push the ball by myself.” kei pouted, recalling the times she tried to do the sport both her brothers love. “then you have to eat a lot so you get strong and kick the ball by yourself.” isagi told her, a palm resting on her back.
“we’re here. are you good by yourself?” isagi put her down. kei nodded at him, smiling at him in gratitude. “thank you, ‘sagi.” 
rin can’t help but be disappointed. at himself or at his brother? he’s not entirely sure. maybe he’s angry instead? he doesn’t know surely, too. sat alone in the break room with a towel over his head, rin curses inwardly as multiple thoughts run over his head. small pats on his knee made him look up. as teal eyes meet with another set of teal eyes, rin wasn’t expecting to see his little sister in here. let alone, by herself. “kei, are you alone?”, rin hushed out, picking her up and settling him on his lap, facing his body. 
“wan’ see rin-nii. miss rin-nii.” despite his cold demeanor, it’s no doubt that itoshi rin has a soft spot for his sister. always the sweet and loving child she is, unaware of the darkest sides of the world as she keeps lighting up every corner of their home and their hearts.
“rin-nii missed you too. have you eaten yet?” rin hummed, tugging kei closer and fixing a part of her hair that got messed up.
“i cooked my lunch! nanny helped me with the stove but i made my lunch by myself.” kei puffed up her chest, boasting about her blooming skills in the kitchen. “that so? should we go to the cafeteria? i think they have your favorite.”
“what we waiting for? let’s go! hurry!” with eyes gleaming at the sound of food, kei got off and started pulling her brother’s hand. “you wait here, i’ll just freshen up.” rin told her, arms under her arms as he sat her on the bench.
“rin-nii.” kei called out. “yeah?”
“can i sit with ‘sagi?” 
Tumblr media
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mikage reo x female reader
reo knows just what you need, pretty baby. #TW: smut, nsfw, reader has unreciprocated feelings for nagi, bit of possessiveness sprinkled in, reo reeks of yan vibes but it’s all consensual, charas 18+
all hearts & reblogs are very appreciated! ♡
Tumblr media
He knows you’re not all that interested.
Or at the very least- not as much as he is in you. But Reo also knows that his bestfriend isn’t exceptionally well-versed in love, and romance has never crossed his radar; far as your persistent crush on him is concerned, you’re alone, and will be for a while.
Not to pat his own back, but- He himself is good at this kind of thing…
Plenty of girls- just like you, cute and clingy, some confident, others shy and blushing- have lined up for him in the past, and he’s perpetually got a side chick or two tucked away in his contact list for safe keeping, so Reo knows just what pretty things like you need.
In his expert opinion? Just a little bit of loving.
…Maybe a good dicking down too, but that’s besides the point.
He can help you, he’s a firm believer of that, and though you certainly won’t be his first lovesick, painfully-ignored client, he thinks you’re quickly becoming his favorite— and he hasn’t even hit you up yet.
Now, Reo’s gonna take full responsibility over you in the next upcoming weeks, don’t worry your pretty little head about that— but he can’t help but feel a pang of… sympathy for his best friend.
A quick flicker of something whenever he tosses a cursory glance at the snowy-haired player.
Poor bastard.
After the bell rings, he makes his move.
All cunning and suave, the promising heir of the Mikage corporation is all honey-tongued as he finds you on the west wing of the school, stops you just before you can go up the steps (though, he’s never had anything bad to say about the show he gets following behind), and grins a boyish sort of grin.
There’s been a little bit of talk before, sly allusions on his end weaseled into your brief conversations of passing. But Reo wants to lay it on thick now.
You ought to make the decision soon, cutie, because the longer you wait, the more heartbreak you’ll feel seeing Nagi completely miss your presence and hopeful attempts at flirting. He can help ya out, though, and you should know that by now- you trust him, don’t you? He doesn’t look like the sort of guy to lead girls like you astray… does he?
Reo realizes well by now that you’re a shy thing, have a little more trouble maintaining eye contact with him and carrying the conversation, but you do manage to settle on a jerky nod, blurting out an invite to your place with a bashful smile.
While he appreciates the offer (he really does, and how could he not when you ask him so sweetly, balancing back and forth on your tippy toes as you sway idly), baby, his sheets are a little bit softer, and his parents are so detached that he doesn’t have to worry about any interruptions.
He wants it to go smoothly.
He promises it will if you agree on his place- this is just the standard sort of protocol he relies on when dealing with girls who want rebounds or quickies (that always go better than expected, might he add) to ease their affinities for other men besides himself.
With your belated, humming murmur of approval, Reo has you hook, line, and sinker.
Before you can part ways, though, you nervously add that you’ve never actually done this sort of thing before— y-you’re a virgin, and you understand if he wants to call it off now that he knows the full truth.
He’s assured you that it’s more about your pleasure than his, but considering the experience gap and all, you worry he’ll hardly find any between your legs.
But if anything, those glittering, lavender eyes of his seem to twinkle as you stammer your piece out, a flash of delight curling at his lips. And while he appreciates your concern, the newfound divulgence does not phase him.
Nope, quite the opposite.
He’ll make sure your first time is something to remember, babe.
Besides, if he was being entirely honest with you, you’d discover that this is one of his first’s, too.
…He’s… never actually fucked a girl in his own bed, but, you don’t need to know all the lesser, unimportant details of his conditions.
Just put some trust in your love doctor, yeah? He’s got your sad little prognosis, and knows just the cure.
Reo was right. His sheets are soft.
Much more than yours, and his mattress feels like dipping yourself into a cloud, pillows all silky, perfectly fluffed.
…You try to use ‘em to muffle your delighted little screams every time his index finger rubs that spongey, lovely part inside you just right, tongue flicking over your clit. But he tells you, cute as your reticence is, none of that is really necessary.
His parents aren’t currently home to hear, he reassures you for perhaps the tenth time, no doubt attending some stupid business matter, selling just a little bit more of their soul to the industry.
And considering he’s lending you all this mind-numbing, positively revolutionary pleasure, the least you can do is let him hear, no…?
So you do (that is, after he snatches the cushion away), tossing him this adorable, hazy glance as he peppers kisses in between your thighs, and the sweet mewls you let him have are sort of like a peace offering, you vaguely think, for the absolutely predatory glint to his orchid eyes.
Similar-colored tufts of hair fall over his browline, but he pays it no mind at all, instead focusing solely on the brook between your legs, nestled there as he sucks and laps at your glistening folds like a man starved.
“Oh, you’re so pretty,” he murmurs into you. Teeth grazing continuous, sensual marks on the flesh of your thighs that you suspect to result from a (very) possessive place.
A trace of a complacent smile pulls at his lips, slick with your juices, and when he sinks another finger into you- his middle, you surmise shortly- you’re certain he knows you’re gonna break soon.
“Just give it to me, baby,” he encourages with every shuddering moan he draws out of you. “Uh-huh, like that. I want ya to cum, pretty. I really want you to.”
Oh, fuckin’ hell, if he gives you that look, you just might. You just might—
Squealing, with one last pump of his digits and a final, diligent kitten lick at your sweet pussy, you cum the hardest you ever have before.
Your smaller fingers dig into his scalp so hard some of the bouncing stars you see travel through to him, but though you keen and start to writhe with overstimulation, your self-esteemed doctor does not let up.
“R-Reo— I’m—… I can’t.”
You manage out, cheeks dusted with humiliation as he eats you deliciously, milking your orgasm for all its worth, lewd schlick sounds tainting the air.
You’re spasming, still, when he sucks generously on the puffy bead of your clit.
“That’s it, pretty girl. Mm, yeah, give it to me. Fuck. All of it.”
When you finally find the nerve to glance down, those deep, orchid eyes are set dead on you.
Unrelenting, perhaps a bit depraved, and pupils very, very blown out.
He moans shamelessly when your narrowed gaze meets his, lashes dewy and fluttering shut, bottom lip caught between your teeth- and when his hand fumbles down for his trousers, you realize your appointment is far from over.
His fingers ease out of you with a squelch, Reo loosing a small, soft laugh at your blatant embarrassment before popping them into his mouth- totally self-indulgent— and licking your fluids right off.
His eyes roll back some before he screws his eyes shut, insinuating himself over you.
You’re still struggling to collect your bearings (you ever cum so hard the ceiling spins?) as he nudges a toned leg between your pretty, marked-up thighs, sticky with his spit and the remnants of your orgasm. So for that reason- and also simply because he’s so charmingly handsome as he descends his lips upon yours and lines both your hips up- you don’t fight him.
“Nagi’s really missing out, babe, isn’t he?”
Reo lets out a final delighted- if not slightly disbelieving- laugh, giving you a soft shake of his head as you feel the blunt, throbbing length of him prod at your abused, well-worked pussy.
“No complaints here.”
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delvalentine · 23 hours
BLLK Boys: Their Drunk Persona & Dealing With Them
Tumblr media
❥ Headcanons for: H. Chigiri, M. Bachira, R. Itoshi, R. Kunigami, R. Mikage, S. Nagi, Y. Isagi
❥ Notes/Tags: All characters aged up to 20+, gn!reader & pre-established relationship between consenting adults, nicknames & JP honourifics, no spoilers, SFW
❥ WC: Short; ~500 each
❥ CW: direct mentions of alcohol and drinking too much, emetophobia warning
❥ PC: YI ♡ . SN ♡ . MB ♡ . HC ♡ . RI ♡ . RK ♡ . RM ♡
♥ Yoichi Isagi: The Blackout Drunk
❥ Poor Isagi probably gets drank under the table every single time. His competitive nature makes him believe that this is going to be the night where he’ll be able to catch up to the others; alas, despite your dutiful reminders of what happens every time he lets himself get riled up, his Japanese genetics are his own worst enemy. He also forgets how badly his body reacts every time, which doesn’t help you to convince him that he and alcohol are not friends.
❥ He’s a notorious puker, but at least he’s a champ about it and manages to hold it until he gets to an appropriate receptacle. People know to keep a trash can near him. 
❥ His red face/Asian glow is very cute on him. His blush is full-body and he gets really warm really fast. 
❥ He might unwittingly start to think out loud about things he’d usually keep to himself while hunched over the porcelain throne, so whoever’s in there to make sure he’s okay is going to hear the inner workings of Yoichi Isagi—which should make for very interesting commentary. 
Tumblr media
“Yoichi-kun, I got you a Pocari Sweat… you okay?” 
Bounding up the stairs to the washroom two at a time, you’re rushing with the bottle tucked under your arm to check on your boyfriend. You told him not to play that drinking game with the others, and look where it got him. He might excel at soccer, but he’s definitely no winner when it comes to holding his liquor. 
“Not enough… need to be… hic… more…”
You slow down at the partially-closed door, hearing him muttering conspiratorially with his head bowed over the toilet. You can still see how red his neck and ears are, even from here, dark locks of hair plastered against his sweaty skin. 
“Yoichi?” you repeat louder to announce your presence, gently knocking the door with your knuckles. He raises his head and blinks at you blearily, dazed. 
“I-I’m fineghk—”
“Not fine.” You sigh, kneeling beside him to brush back the bangs on his forehead as he hurls up whatever’s left in him. He rests his head exhaustedly on a limp elbow, eyes closed, probably to help with the dizziness. “You should try and drink this electrolyte,” you prompt.
“Need to be better,” he mumbles again, like he never even heard you, lost in his own head. “Gotta be better for [Name]…”
At this point, you’re used to his unknowing mumblings. Knowing that he’ll never admit to saying this when sober, you let yourself smile secretively and whisper back into his ear,
“You’re already my number one.”
He cracks a blue eye open, looking shocked. The sweetest smile you’ve ever seen cracks over his blooming face. He won’t remember this, but you’ll just have to keep reminding him once he’s sobered up. 
♥ Seishiro Nagi: The Touch-Starved Drunk
❥ 190 cm of lover boy is going to end up draped around whoever’s close enough (or unfortunate enough) to end up stuck beneath him. 
❥ His sleepy disposition + a couple drinks = immediate snooze town. He’s able to fall asleep literally anywhere, so if you don’t want him conked out on a bench in the middle of nowhere, you better hope you’re strong enough to haul him around. 
❥ He falls asleep on you like a koala hugging a branch to get as much of him touching you as possible. He whines like a baby if you try to wake him up or move him. With a face like that, how could you ever say no?
❥ He craves your warmth and refuses to let you go, even if you’re embarrassed by how openly he’s displaying his affections. He doesn’t care if everybody can see you because they should all know you belong to him, anyways.
Tumblr media
He already knows that you’re ticklish, but that doesn’t stop him from burying his face into your neck. White strands of coarse hair make you shudder, and you can feel how cold the tip of his nose is when he presses it into your skin. Some other party-goers shoot you odd looks as he wraps his arms around you possessively, trapping you in your seat.
“Uh, Sei?” you try to reason, panicked, but there’s no use fighting him when he’s three times as strong as you. “Don’t fall asleep yet…
“Sleepy.” It’s all he has to say for himself as he sighs, the warm breath once again making you flinch as it sweeps the baby hairs on your sensitive nape. “You’re comfy….”
“If you fall asleep on me, I won’t be able to get up! You’re too heavy!”
“Where would you want to go without me anyways?” he grumbles, hugging you even more tightly so that air is squeezed out of your lungs. He treats you almost like his personal teddy bear, sighing contentedly as he leans his full weight into you. “Don’t go anywhere. Stay right here. With… m…”
He doesn’t even finish his sentence, falling asleep with his mouth still half open. People are still staring at you for having a giant man wrapped around you on the couch. No matter how much you wriggle, he refuses to let go; and when he stirs, he just holds onto you tighter. You might be more annoyed if he wasn’t so damn cute about it, his face happily content to be holding you.
You decide he’s earned five more minutes of getting his way before you really start to try and shake him off of you. 
♥ Meguru Bachira: The Reckless Drunk
❥ He’s already impulsive enough sober and lacks social anxiety, so he’d be an absolute menace after a few drinks. 
❥ If you do not lay eyes on him at all times, he’s absolutely going to disappear, and you’ll find him doing rooftop parkour or something equally outrageous. He’s a wanderer and is the person that always goes missing with nobody knowing where he went. You’d probably need to strap him into those kiddy backpacks with a leash just to keep track of him.
❥ He would not have the capacity to hold his tongue and would probably accidentally start a couple fights just by making some off-hand comments. 
❥ As much of a handful as he is, there’s reasoning behind it. He’s used to acting out for people to notice him, even if it’s negative attention. He feels like he has to do something crazy because all he wants is for your eyes to be only on him.
Tumblr media
“Megu—how the hell did you get up there?!”
It’s freezing cold outside at this hour, but here you are, shivering as you shout up into a tree. Your boyfriend laughs down at you gleefully as if he’s not perched on a branch that looks like it’s one dirty look away from snapping in half. 
“Are ya’ impressed yet, [Name]-cchi?” His words are somewhat slurred, which is ever more worrisome. You can’t let a star athlete break his bones because he fell out of a damn tree. Teeth chattering, you shout up to him again. 
“Come down! Please?”
“Mm… don’t wanna.”
It’s times like these that you remember he will always be a kid at heart, and if you’re going to win, you need to address the child inside of him. You happily wave and turn around. 
“Okay, bye then! Have fun up there!”
He’s quick to jump down from the tree the moment you pretend to walk off, rolling in the sand before bouncing up to his feet. He pouts, stumbling after you. He obviously expected you to yell at him more.
“Gotcha’.” You turn around and quickly wrap your arms around him, squeezing him meaningfully with a stern look. “Seriously, Megu, stop climbing random things. You’re gonna give me a heart attack.”
“It just looked like it’d be fun.”
“Do something crazy like that again and I’m going to die young. Do you want that to happen?” You peer up at his reddened face meaningfully, and he shakes his head fervently. You smile softly to assuage the scared look on his face that he’s made you angry. Then, you realize;
“Where are your pants?!”
♥ Hyoma Chigiri: The Secret Drunk
❥ He would hate going out and would equally hate the drinking culture because it’s so noisy. On the off-occasion that he concedes and indulges, nothing much changes at all; he seems like he’d have a high tolerance and simply doesn’t bother with drinking since it’s bad for your health. 
❥ He’s picky as all hell and would end up critiquing the alcohol like a wine connoisseur, much to the annoyance of the other jocks around him who are just drinking to get drunk. 
❥ He would find the quietest corner in a party setting or hunt down the family pet, preferring to be alone or with you to avoid dealing with everybody else’s mess. 
❥ He probably ends up disappearing halfway through the night, timing his exit with the moment people start to forget about him. 
Tumblr media
"Pspspsp... c'mere, kitty-chan..."
"There you are, Hyoma-kun!"
The cat, startled by noise, darts away to retreat even further into the shadows. Chigiri sighs irritably before realizing that it's you, and his expression brightens immediately.
"Hey," he greets quietly, barely audible over the music thumping downstairs. "Sorry I dipped. You looked like you were having a good time catching up with your old friends."
"I know, don't worry." You kneel beside him, offering him your glass. He eyes it judgementally to which you smile wryly. "It's not 150 yen beer, I promise. It's a fruity drink that I like."
You always admire how he looks when he's serious. His pink eyes look almost crimson red in this low-light, and the braided hairstyle you helped him with earlier tonight frames his angular face. He sucks his teeth, aerating the drink in his mouth like a professional—as if this also didn't come from a can.
"It's too sweet," he decides, though he's more gentle about it with you than he was to the other guys who tried to pressure him into doing shots of something vile. He passes it back to you with a reassuring smile. "But drink as much as you want."
"I think I'm done, actually. Should we get out of here?"
His eyes light up as if you've told him that he's won the lottery. He grabs your hand and is already immediately hauling you up to your feet.
"The next part of Shingeki no Kyojin came out. I haven't watched it yet because I was waiting for you, but we'll have time if we go now. Did you leave anything? Do you have your coat?"
It's hilarious how excited he is to get home to watch anime, but knowing that he wants you there when he doesn't care for the company of anybody else makes the warm glow on your face fill your heart, too. 
♥ Rin Itoshi: The "Gap Moe" Smiley Drunk
❥ Rin probably would never touch a drink until he’s goaded into it. You’d really have to get under his skin to convince him to put a toxin into his body when his entire life revolves around conditioning himself to be the world’s best striker. But he hates losing even more, so he’d cave pretty easily. 
❥ He’s trained his face to be incredibly stoic and has suppressed his feelings for so long that when he becomes even the slightest bit inebriated, those emotions break past his barrier.
❥ He isn’t even ‘drunk’ and talks/acts with the same blunt unfriendliness as per usual, but he’s stuck with a goofy smile that makes people take him a lot less seriously. People think it’s creepy because he’s locked into a cheerful looking grin until the drinks clear out of his system. 
❥ It’s the only time anybody besides from his partner can catch him smiling so openly. He hates pictures, but nobody would pass up a chance to get a shot of the infamous Puppeteer going “😊”.
Tumblr media
"I'm not drunk," Rin snaps at you in a very hostile tone of voice. "Just leave me alone." 
To anybody else, they would've backed off by now. But his entire demeanour is completely negated by the peaceful smile that tugs on his lips. At this point in your relationship you are fully aware that Rin accidentally says things he doesn't really mean; and it seems like that cheap shot of sake did you a favour into revealing his true thoughts. Literally. Even now, he's smiling.
"If you're not drunk, then why do you look like that?"
"I always look like this," he retorts.
You laugh. Openly. You have to, because no way in hell does Rin Itoshi of all people walk around grinning like he's Buddha or something. He looks like he's about to start skipping away, flower petals raining behind him. It's unconscious, you know, but it's still hilarious. He flushes red, brightly, and you're even more delighted to know that you've gotten this crazy egoist to blush all because of you. 
"It's cute," you say (stifling another laugh), patting him on the shoulder. He always begrudgingly lets you have your way with him—you're the only one who's earned this privilege. Rin always takes things too seriously, so you've decided for him that you'll be the one to lift him out of the ruts he digs himself into. 
"It's not," he groans defeatedly, rubbing his eyes with a sigh. "I can't go out there and be seen like this."
"Then let's just stay here for a little while longer." You sit down beside him on the bed, unable to help yourself from smiling back to him even if he isn't meaning to smile at you. "For what it's worth, I really like this look on you. You could stand to smile more."
(You look away before meeting his eyes; then, you would've been able to tell that his gaze softens, and the smile is genuine.)
♥ Rensuke Kunigami: The Competitive-But-Always-Loses Drunk
❥ He’s always going to be super nice, but even after the tiniest bit of alcohol gets into him, he is so. Freaking. L o u d. Like, shouting at the top of his lungs even if you’re sitting right next to him because he thinks he’s talking normally kind of loud.
❥ Would end up trying to arm wrestle anybody he talks to. If they decline, he’ll try to get them to play rock-paper-scissors with him. He’s just super competitive and truly believes he can win even when he can barely walk straight.
❥ He worries a lot about people’s perceptions of him being a mean person, so you suspect that’s why he tries so hard to be extra sociable. He doesn’t seem to realize that people already think of him fondly as an older brother figure. 
❥ As his partner, you often end up bearing the brunt of his series of shouted challenges. Have an abundance of patience, because he cannot stand losing and will continue to beg you to play him until he wins one. 
Tumblr media
"Wh—why am I going backwards? TURN AROUND! TURN AROUND MUSHROOM BOY!"
"His name is Toad—"
"Ren, you're holding the controller upside down..."
"NO!" he protests, shaking you off when you try to reach over to help. "I got this! I... YOU WON FIRST PLACE ALREADY?! HOW?"
You ignore all the heads that turn to track the source of the noise. Kunigami is still driving poor Toad off the road, too drunk to comprehend that the controller detects his full-body leaning—and that, it is still in fact, upside down in his too-large hands. It's too funny not to laugh, even if you do pity him somewhat for earning yet another DNF in last place for what might be the eleventh time in a row.
"Rematch!" Kunigami grumbles, whipping his head to look at you. "What kind of MAN am I if I can't even win this stupid.. Ma... Marine Camp game?"
"It's called 'Mario Kart'. Marine Camp?"
"Whatever! REMATCH!" He's already spamming buttons on his (still upside down) controller. "You said... if I won, I'd get to pick your outfit... 'n I have to take that seriously! It’s on my pride!”
You feel yourself become bashful; you had said that passingly, but only because you thought he was too drunk to remember. Kunigami looks at you pointedly again, face so red it just about blends in with his orange hair. 
"C'mon, rematch!"
"Okay, okay... but only if you let me help you fix your controller first!”
♥ Reo Mikage: The Sloppy/Weepy Drunk
❥ Two words: absolute. Crybaby. So many tears. 
❥ Don’t expect cute sniffling or anything either. It’s the full ugly cry: dripping snot, wailing, whining, etc. Reo is complete waterworks by drink two. 
❥ He likes to talk big about revenge and all that, but in the end he simply never learnt how to cope with his emotions, so alcohol just sets him off even more. He is incredibly easy to make fun of in this state because he’ll just start to cry even harder, so you definitely need to usher him into a private room or something. 
❥ He’ll start crying about things that happened years ago, like how embarrassing it was to rip his pants in elementary school; then he’ll start to complain about Nagi and cry harder, even if Nagi’s not even around; then he’ll cry about how cute you are and that you don’t love him as much as he loves you (no matter what you say to console him). 
Tumblr media
"There, there..."
"A-and then... he s-s-said... ugh—said "So, wh—cough—wh—"
"You have to breathe, Reo."
"I'm trying!"
With a small sigh, you end up wiping tears off Reo's cheeks with the same tissue he refuses to take from your hand. You lost track of him during the party, and in that short amount of time he had already managed to slosh down one too many drinks. You're still shocked that he'd subject himself to drinking when he ends up crying his eyes out in front of everybody every single time he does. For somebody so preoccupied with reputation, he's excellent at tanking his own. He's lucky you managed to excuse him before he started to weep in front of somebody of corporate import... or somebody malicious enough to take the scene to the internet. 
"You probably hate me too, s-s-seeing me like this..." 
"I don't hate you, Reo. If I did, I wouldn't be taking care of you."
"Everybody hates me!" he wails miserably, another fresh set of tears welling in his violet eyes, spilling down his face. You have to say; he spends so much time fronting with a media-trained smile or brooding with a deep scowl that it's somewhat of a relief to see him actually vent his feelings out. He's vulnerable like this, and it shows his undying trust in you. 
"What if I said I liked you a lot?"
“Y-you—you do?" His eyes widen past the tears, doe-eyed and cute with eagerness, but he's sporting a shiny snot bubble now. You know you’re in real deep to be able to say this to a face like that:
"I do."
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kruinka · 15 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
highschool au but isagi is a backpack kid and they all go to the same school bc i can do this
Thank u @windshieldwiper for the refs
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scandalous-writing · 3 days
Imagine the other part of the Blue Lock program is creating a manager who can keep up with their players. It is heavily competitive as well. It is heavy mentally and physically draining. The analyzing based on the previous footage from the participants, along with numerous exams based on the sport, management, and PR. The other is being able to carry or aid players out of the field in an event of an accident. 
Blue Lock has this on the side because they are creating monsters as strikers. There is a need for a manager who knows the importance of success and uses all the tools to be the best manager for your team. There is no need of having someone who is a pushover or anyone who can get intimated by their own players. There is no need of having sheep as managers.
You better hope you have a good team and use them as a resource. They could give you an explanation of the reasons why you got a question wrong since they are in the field playing the sport unlike you unless you have done it before.
The hardest part is getting along with your players. Depending on your team members, you may need to come to an agreement because it will affect your score in performance.
Continuation of this idea
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earthtooz · 10 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
x : LOVE OF A KIND :*+゚
in which: kaiser needs to be reassured that you love him, even if it's just a fraction of how special you are to him.
warnings: 2.3k words, toothrotting fluff and minor angst, kaiser is intoxicated, mentions of alcohol and clubbing, insecure!kaiser, gn!reader, BAD WRITING and ooc!kaiser probably, established relationship, if this flops i will cry. here we love pathetic men.
a/n: fuck you @kruinka for birthing this. actually fuck you. that's the a/n. enjoy whatever this is!
Tumblr media
it’s approximately 1am when your phone vibrates violently on the kitchen counter, disturbing the gentle, unrushed ambience of friday evening (or saturday morning) in your apartment. pressing the space bar of your laptop with a lot more force than necessary, the show you were watching pauses as you throw the blankets off you, the chill of the air seeping into your body with each step you take.
noticing the contact name, you accept the call readily, pressing the ‘speaker’ option. immediately, you hear the noise of club music, people singing along and indistinct chatter.
“hello?” you ask, directly into the microphone.
“y/n?” ness’s voice returns.
“hey, what’s up?”
“sorry for bothering you so late. were you about to go to bed?”
“no, actually, i was staying up. something the matter?”
“it’s kaiser,” the brunet-purple-haired boy tells you and your heart drops with anxiety, mind beginning to race with whatever your egotistical, narcissism-driven boyfriend could have got himself into.
probably tried to square up someone far more impressive, for all you know. did he break something? spit in someone’s drink?
“i-it’s nothing bad!” ness reassures, “he’s just asking for you.” 
oh. that’s not so terrible. “okay, but why?”
in the phone’s proximity, you can hear someone stumbling and muttering in the background. there’s an indistinct mumble of your name and ness confirming your presence on the other side of the phone, followed by an excited ‘really?’ from the mystery figure. you find comfort in the fact that you know it’s kaiser before the person even has to announce himself.
“sorry, he’s just asking for you… a lot,” the soccer player informs with a little hesitation.
before you can inquire further about it, kaiser’s voice echoes in the background. “let me talk to y/n!” he sounds faraway, but you can imagine his expression regardless from just the desperately excited tone he has. 
“i can tell,” you chuckle. 
“give me the phone, ness,” kaiser demands. there’s a sentence of complaint from the midfielder and some (aggressive) rustling before you can hear your boyfriend loud and clear. “baby!” he slurs.
“hello, kaiser,” you say, grinning stupidly at the sound of his voice.
“hi beautiful. are you well?” the blond sounds a little clearer now and the music seems to have diminished a little. he must have retreated to a ‘quieter’ corner of the club. 
“as well as i can be at home. what about you?”
“i’m great now that i’m with you,” he murmurs, sounding more melancholy than usual, just ever so slightly. you dismiss the shift by blaming it on the alcohol, but there’s a tug at your gut that tells you that the drinks aren’t the sole reason.
you melt a little. “shouldn’t you be dancing or something? why are you calling me?”
“i love calling you,” he whines. “please don’t hang up.”
“if you’re sure… i’m not too sure that a club is the best place to call though.” 
“i don’t care. so long as i’m with you, anything’s fine.”
you huff, tapping your fingers on the counter, trying not to let his sweetened words get to you. “really though, you should be going back to partying and letting loose-”
“do you not like talking to me?” kaiser whispers. you can practically hear the pout in his tone, imagining the way his shoulders slump defeatedly. funny how such a powerful, influential, and unbreakable character can be reduced to nothing in your grasp. 
you couldn’t ever imagine abusing that power though, not when michael kaiser is the one in the centre of your palm. “i do. i love talking to you, i’m just concerned that you’re not using the time wisely.” 
“i’m wise. i’m super wise. right, babe? tell me i’m wise.”
where you would have played with him a little and strung him along with saccharine sarcasm, a small giggle escapes your lips instead. that would be saved for sober kaiser. “you are, you are,” you reassure, suddenly filled with the urge to see him. 
“thanks babe. i love you,” he whimpers. “please say you love me too.”
furrowing your brows at his uncharacteristic display of neediness and constant gratification, you were beginning to grow concerned at his odd behaviour. sure, kaiser loved to be praised for his skills, but there was something wrong about the athlete tonight. you’ve never heard him beg to be complimented like he is tonight, but with the add-ins of alcohol and whatever else, you don’t know whether to flag this or not.
“kaiser, can you give the phone back to ness?” you ask gently.
he whines, “say you love me too!”
“i’m picking you up, kaiser, give the phone back to ness so i can tell him.”
“will i get to see you?”
“if you give the phone back to ness, you will.”
“really? hang on, babe!” 
there’s a bit more rustling, resembling something that sounds like kaiser pushing through a crowd as he holds the phone in his grip, saying ‘move’ to bypassers in his way. after a short conversation that you can’t pick up between the familiar voices of your boyfriend and his best friend, you hear ness’ voice clearly once again. “hey, everything okay?”
“everything’s fine,” you say, having grabbed your keys and a jacket whilst waiting. “i’m driving over to pick kaiser up, hope that doesn’t inconvenience you guys.”  
“not at all. i’ll send you the location of the club. there are 15 minute parking places just outside.”
“thanks ness, i appreciate it.”
“don’t worry. see you soon.” 
“i’ll let you know when i arrive. tell kaiser to wait for me.”
you hang up after that, not waiting for a farewell from the soccer player as you plug your keys into the ignition, the car revving alive. after a 20 or so minute drive to downtown (the lack of traffic at one am made it so much easier to get there faster), you park at the curbside of the street opposite the club, clambering out of your car to lean against the driver’s door, where you could see the club entrance easily.
after shooting a quick text to ness, you wait patiently for the appearance of your beloved boyfriend, hugging your jacket close to your figure. 
six minutes later, you see them; a shorter figure lugging out a taller one over his shoulder with little struggle. regardless of kaiser’s inebriated position, you could recognise his silhouette anywhere, heart picking up a little as you jog over to the club, feet taking you where your heart wanted to go.
“ness!” you call out. 
upon hearing your voice, kaiser’s head shoots up from where it was drooped, scanning the general vicinity of where you were before he spots you. the smile that lights up on his face is instantaneous; a grin that rivals that of the club lights.
“my love!” he exclaims excitedly, stumbling over to you with surprising accuracy for someone who must have drank his body weight in alcohol. immediately, the athlete wraps you up in his arms, the smell of beer invading your senses as kaiser shields you completely from the outside world. “i’m so happy to see you.”
“i’m happy to see you too.”
after a few seconds of relishing in his warmth and (much-appreciated) silence, you take a mini-step away from him; an action the blond clearly did not take well as he groans, manoeuvring himself to now hug you from the side, head resting against yours as you pulls you towards him possessively.
you wave at ness from where you stood, unable to move with the striker clinging onto you. “thank you, ness. i’m sorry for disturbing your night out, you know how kaiser gets,” you say with a laugh, patting your boyfriend on the back.
“no, thank you for taking care of him. i’m glad he has you.”
“and i’m glad he has you too. you should go back inside, i got it from here.”
he nods, waving after a quick farewell before heading back in, disappearing from sight. sighing, you reposition yourself so that it was comfortable to prop him up against you. 
“hey, handsome, you with me?” cupping his face with both of your hands, he nods in your grip, eyes drooping here and there as he stares down at you with unmatched gentleness and love. you add as a light-hearted joke: “you used to be able to party until the clubs close, what happened?”
he grabs your wrists, holding on to them as he speaks, “you still never said ‘i love you’.” 
“oh,” you laugh, letting the sound spill freely. “my bad-”
“-why are you laughing?”
his question shuts you up, catching you off guard as the laughter diminishes like an extinguished match. uncertainty dances within you like smoke, greying the giddy mood you were previously in from being reunited with him. 
looking him square in the eye, you notice something that you’ve never seen him wear before: insecurity. 
kaiser looks so… abashed. sheepish. dismayed. your chest clenches at the sight, a feeling of protectiveness overwhelming you. 
“what do you mean?” you ask cautiously.
“why are you laughing at me?” repeats the athlete.
“oh kaiser,” brushing a strand of hair behind his ears, you see his frown even clearer. “i’m not laughing at you, it wasn’t meant to be mocking, i was laughing because you’re adorable and that you make me happy.”
he huffs, furrowing his brows. “are you sure?”
“of course i am. is everything okay, love?”
no answer. after a moment of simply standing around, you let it go because maybe it was just the alcohol that was making him act this way. you don’t want to think too hard about it. 
“let’s go home,” you whisper, grabbing his hands with yours, intertwining your fingers as you wait for his response.
“okay,” he slurs, nodding compliantly. 
“do you need my help walking?”
“yes,” he drapes himself over you without hesitation, causing you to groan uncomfortably. your question was said majorly as a joke, but kaiser will never let go of an opportunity to be as close to you as possible. 
stumbling back to the car with a half-coherent athlete was difficult but not impossible. unlocking the vehicle, you open the passenger’s door rather easily, shoving him in there with an ‘oof’ from both of you. however, when you tried to pull away, you were met with a chain and lock around your waist, manifested in the form of your overgrown boyfriend who is too liberal with the amount of physical affection he spares.
you place a hand on his shoulder to try and steady yourself from his iron grip. “hey, i need to go to the driver’s seat, can’t you let me go to do that?”
kaiser whines loudly, pulling you even closer. “please don’t make me let go. i don’t want to.”
he was not good for your health. you exhale, slightly perplexed, slightly touched by his devotion. “babe, i’m just going to the driver’s seat. you’ll let me, won’t you?” 
“no. wanna keep you with me. want to love you forever,” his words are muffled into your jacket before the athlete brings his head out of your stomach to look you square in the eye, and the shiny, emotional look in them makes your heart lurch. “please say there’s no one else for you but me.”
grabbing both sides of his face with tender affection, you place a kiss on his nose; an action that causes him to scrunch his nose out of instinct. “you know there will never anyone but you. i love you just as much in kind.”
he sighs, melting against you. the night air nips at your exposed skin but you can’t find it in you to care much.
“so… you don’t think that i’m too much?” the star striker questions and you think you’ve uncovered the root of tonight’s strangeness; the main problem that’s been bothering him.
“a lot? maybe” you whisper and his face falls slightly at your confession, a flash of devastation crossing his features. his expression of ruin is slow to fade so you kiss it off, sealing your lips with his in a gentle meeting of two hearts, hoping to heal his sorrow that was carved from a moment of misunderstanding. 
you pull away from him but the striker continues chasing after your touch.
“but never too much.” 
an exhale of relief leaves him before he straightens up to meet your lips again, hand snaking up to the back of your neck to hold you against him as he tries to communicate all that he feels-  which is everything. 
kaiser loves selectively, but he loves hard, dedicating everything of his that he can until he’s squeezed dry and rendered empty, ready for a refill that he’ll inevitably give away, all to you. 
kaiser’s heart rests in your hands, where it rightfully belongs.
“i love you,” slurs the striker against your lips. “i know i can be a lot but i love you. please never leave me. what is the meaning of life if you’re not there with me?” 
you can’t help wondering about what happened tonight for him to reach such a state of existentialism, but there’s no time to dwell on it now whilst he’s still intoxicated and vulnerable. gently, you hold his jaw so he could look up at you. 
“i might not show it as unabashedly as you do, but please never doubt that i love you. i adore you with my whole being, kaiser, there’s no one else in the world for me like you,” you confess, voice gentle and unwavering. 
he doesn’t let you see the way his eyes mist before closing them and leaning into your touch. “i would do anything for you,” the striker whispers.
“anything, you say?”
he nods.
“then let’s go home and sleep. what do you say, handsome?”
“what a brilliant idea. you’re so smart, my love.”
“thank you but you need to let go of me in order for that to happen.”
he begins wailing in protest.
Tumblr media
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bloody--wankers · 2 days
Trigger Warning! Yandere! Implied Non-Con! Forced Marriage! Forced Cultural Assimilation! Power Imbalance! Royalty AU!
Yandere Blue Lock | Yandere Michael Kaiser | 5.4k words | unedited
Michael Kaiser was arrogant, and surpassed all reason with his gall. As if it had not been your people who had fed and clothed his own when their ship sank near the coast of your island.
Provided them with shelter and welcomed them with open arms when they had nowhere to go in the vast ocean.
Whether it was gold or medicine, you wasted no expense to extend your generous hand towards them, ensuring your guests stayed comfortably while within the confines of your island.
Their culture was strange to you who had grown up in a matriarchy, surrounded by warriors and women admirable in both strength and intelligence. In fact, it was the opposite of your own. Men were the ones who held most of the power in their country, no wonder they looked so flabbergasted when there were no other men on the island beside themselves, surrounded by well built women tanned under the scorching sun, beyond anything they were used to as they had said many times.
They weren’t as bad as many stories told, they shared whatever was spared from the ocean on their ship, blankets, food that you had never come across and strange trinkets you still couldn’t fully understand.
Kaiser was strange even when you first met him, commanding those around him so naturally unlike you who was egalitarian in the making. Treating everyone with equal consideration and respect. Conceit lining his every action, as if he looked down on all those that surrounded him.
Had it not been for them not having anywhere else to go, you wouldn’t have let them near your people, especially not when it was evident he looked down on you.
“Your ‘country’ is run solely by women?” He seemed almost indignant when presented with this information. Despite this, you still bid them farewell with a smile on your face and nothing but prayers of good fortune for the journey that lies ahead of them.
So imagine your surprise when you receive a letter, a threat, the familiar arrogance dripping from each sentence written in the paper. ‘Surrender or else.’ That was basically what he was saying, that bastard. Acting as if your people hadn’t done all they did for his own.
But yours was a country of warriors, you’d fight them even if it cost your lives.
Or so you had thought, but the enemy never came. Instead, your numbers fell from within, one after another, all those around you fell ill, weakened until they could barely stand. You had barely managed to contain the infection when he came, that coward.
“You don’t seem to be doing very well.” He taunted, grinning from ear to ear as he looked down on you.
“A country run by women… isolated from the world. I was wondering for how long that’d work out for you.” He said as he walked circling around you, as a hyena would to its prey. He spared a few glances towards your surroundings, examining the sickly state many, including you were in. A rather cruel idea came to mind as he looked into your eyes, that defiance, sheer hatred that lined them, he wondered if he could crush it, like taming a wild animal in a sense.
“You’ll all die at this rate, why not come with me? The old geezer’s been pestering me lately to get married and I think you'd do nicely [name]. What do you say?” Even as he suggested something as serious as marriage, he had a certain playfulness in his tone, as if he was just mocking you, waiting for you to say yes just to laugh in your face.
“Even at a time like this you seem to spare no opportunity to mock us.” You spat back at him, not having braced yourself for the bruising hold on your jaw he now had.
“I’m sorry, I think I should rephrase that, I made it sound like I almost gave you a choice.” And with that, he released your aching jaw and walked out, you could overhear him ordering one of the men that came with him and while you didn't understand their language, you could assume it had something to do with you.
While most of the girls were against it, they understood you had no choice unless they were willing to face off against those strange men in their current condition. So it was decided, in exchange for treatment and protection from other invaders with similar intentions to Kaiser’s, you’d go with him. It felt dehumanising, to be traded like livestock but you didn’t want to think of what would happen had you opposed the idea as vehemently as you planned to.
Instead you focused on what to do once you reached his home country, it was a long journey, turns out that his men had settled on the just a few days on boat away from your island. His true home country, the one you learnt he would rule over was much further, a climate noticeably colder and duller than what you were used to.
“I expect you to be on your best behaviour once we get there, we wouldn’t want them to think you’re an uneducated savage, would we?” You despised how he spoke to you, slower, in a simpler way and overwhelmingly patronising, as one would to a child.
“I’m aware.” You replied.
He made you learn his country's language during the journey, so while he read government papers and complex books, he forced you to read children’s books out loud. Laughing at how you’d pronounce certain words, chuckle as you tried your best to differentiate between one sound and another and ensure you were thoroughly embarrassed before explaining anything you didn't understand.
He let you wear your own clothes at least, but even this, he assured, was only until you reached land, until he could have a tailor skilled enough to make something befitting of his future wife.
You couldn’t help but curse him under your breath every single day, pray he’d come down with sickness or fall overboard, pray he’d die, a slow painful death. But even this had to be done in secrecy, not because of how ill you wished him but because he forbade anything that held any semblance to your culture.
It was foolish to think he’d lose interest once you returned to his homeland, surrounded by enough women and shiny things to forget about you, men were fickle, or so the older women always told you. But not Kaiser to your dismay, instead he seemed even more invested in finding ways to make your life more difficult, from dance instructors to history and politics. Each day felt daunting as you missed your small island home, wanting for nothing more than to return to your home and your true family.
With what little you spoke of their language you could tell you weren’t the most welcome of guests, the maids’ glances towards you weren’t exactly overflowing in kindness and the older men that visited Kaiser seemed equally troubled by your presence.
“Who would dare say anything to my kaiserin.” There it was, the new nickname he had picked for you among a myriad of others, some more insulting than others. Not that Kaiser cared, he seemed to pay no mind to what you thought. Instead he seemed to be much more focused on your untouched plate.
“You’re not eating. I can’t have you looking like a corpse at our wedding, darling.” You just continued to stare down at your plate, its contents didn’t seem fit to be called food to you, not with how tasteless they were, even prisoners ate better in your homeland. You furrowed your brows as you took a bite, trying to chew as little as possible as to not taste any of it.
“I’m sure you’ve been taught better table manners than that, dear.” You didn’t like the way he looked at you, it’s as if he was looking at something lesser than him, lesser than human in his eyes.
“The food…I don’t like how it tastes.” You muttered under your breath in what little German you spoke.
“I suppose it’ll take time to develop an appreciation for high class food, I understand, especially after you’ve been eating garbage most of your life. No wonder you were so weak back then.” He never seemed to miss a chance to insult your culture. You were sure whatever garbage you had eaten before was much more filling than these scraps.
You had always enjoyed running around freely in the past, taking in the beauty of nature, but here, it would be rare to find any nature at all among the concrete jungle. And whatever little greenery there was was hidden by the accursed weather. Dull and gloomy, much like the country itself.
And god forbid your handmaidens let you out without hiding you among layers over layers of fabric, weighing you down just enough to make sure you would tire yourself out to not suggest going out for another few days.
But even that seems like a privilege to you now as you look out the large window in your room. He had come to visit earlier, drunk— clearly as seen from the pink in his cheeks and the unmistakable stench of alcohol coming from him.
“You’ll look so nice in a wedding dress, my precious kaiserin. I can’t wait to see you in white.” He said as he got closer than you’d have allowed, draping his arms around you as he sunk into the crook of your neck. You couldn’t help but scrunch your nose as he took in your scent. For an emperor as great as he claimed he was, he seemed to act a bit too depraved.
That’s when he went for it, tried to remove your dress. Your heartbeat racing as a mix of anxiety and dread overflowed from your thoughts as they clouded your judgement. In the midst of the moment, you shoved him away, ending in him being pushed onto your bed while you were now on the floor.
“What…?” He seemed angry, really, really angry. You didn't want to know what he would do so you just spewed whatever came to mind in hopes of something convincing enough to at least reduce whatever punishment he would give you now.
“The… The wedding! You have to wait. We should only do this after marriage. That’s what the priest said, we cannot do this unless we’re husband and wife!” You exclaimed as Kaiser simply looked at you, now having regained his composure.
You hoped this would buy you some time, at least enough to think of a way out without endangering the lives of your people. Your wedding was still a few months away, this would be enough time to do whatever was necessary.
Or so you had thought.
“Your highness, we cannot allow you to go out like this! Please understand, we’re under strict orders from the emperor. You must focus on your bridal studies. The tailor will also be coming today with the finalised dress.” The maid said, or rather pleased, she didn’t look any more pleased with the current arrangements as you were. That bastard, he moved your wedding from a few months to just weeks away after that. No wonder he had been so quiet lately. Everyone had begged that he rethink it but he paid them no mind, simply ordering that they prepare everything by the end of the month, sending everyone inside and outside the palace into a frenzy.
He didn’t forget to reprimand you for pushing him away either, forbidding anyone from allowing you outside the walls unless he himself allows it himself. Leaving you confined to your room most of the time, preparing for your wedding. Your stomach dropped at the mere thought of it.
Despite what he made you think, Kaiser was just as busy with wedding preparations as you were. Only the most grand event would be worthy of him and his precious wife. You used to be so aggressive when you first came, refusing to speak the language, firing insults at him every time he spoke. He found it adorable how you stuttered this time around. He did have to punish you for pushing him away, that was unacceptable, but the way you tried to reason with him, that desperate look in your eyes made him want to devour you right then and there.
It was rewarding to see the fruit of his labour.
It brought a smile to his face just to think about you.
“Have you heard? Apparently the empress is so beautiful that the emperor keeps her in a separate palace, he doesn’t allow any male servants near her so they aren’t seduced by your beauty.” A younger man, probably the son of a noble, seeing as how ignorant he was, said. The other men around him simply added more fuel to the fire as they continued to gossip amongst themselves.
The male couldn’t help but let out a dry chuckle. Would they have said the same thing had they seen you as you were back in your little island? Ragged and sickly, so ready to jump anyone that came too close to you as a string of curse words left your mouth. So unladylike, he was sure they wouldn’t.
None of them would have seen your potential like you did, he was the one who polished you into the gem that you were today so it’s only right he’s the only one to enjoy the benefits of it.
He’ll have to make sure you don’t have to interact with these scum too much during the wedding, Kaiser thought as he held himself back from ripping their tongues out right then and there, there were better, quieter ways to deal with people like that. No point in causing a commotion, especially when your wedding was so close, when you would finally have to resign yourself to your fate, sealed in his hands and his alone.
“Your highness please keep your arms up so that the tailor can fit the dress.” One of the maids said as a few others rustled around you, trying to fit the dress on you, ensure that it was safely fastened so as to avoid any accidents during your actual wedding.
“I hope you don't mind me intruding on your fitting session, my precious kaiserin.” Kaiser said as he invited himself in, his eyes set on you and the dress that just made you all the more alluring. Jewels that were worn by women of his family for centuries before this splayed all around the room as the maids tried to agree on the most fitting one and a dress made by the most prestigious tailor in the continent, all to represent his country, the mother of his nation.
The servants had all long gone now, leaving you alone with Kaiser. They giggled amongst themselves as they left, you had heard many talk about the lovely relationship between you two, oh how you wished to deny it all.
“You didn’t have to come.” You said, still insistent on avoiding eye contact with Kaiser.
“I can’t help but notice darling, you never seem to say my name. We’re to be wed soon, wouldn’t it be better for you to refer to your husband-to-be by his name?” You couldn’t understand why he seemed so intent in closing the distance between you two, as if to keep you from running off— not that there were any places where you could seek shelter from him and his overbearing presence.
Discomfort was evident in you as you tried to pry him away. It’d be hard to believe that you were the same person capable of taking out his men with relative ease. Kaiser, however, paid it no mind, instead leaning in closer as he took a hold of your chin, barely any distance left between you two, your breath hitching as you tried your best to divert the topic on to anything else.
“Come now, how hard can it be to say Michael, you’ve pronounced harder words darling, this should be easy for you.” He said leaning in even more. His lips practically on yours at this point, your efforts to pull away being left in vain as you hit the back of the sofa you were on.
“Michael, I said it, now please stop this!” You pleaded, but it would be difficult to reason with him now. Something about the way you said his name just felt so attractive to him. Maybe it was your accent, despite your best attempts, it was still hard to conceal it.
“Say it again.”
“W..what?” He looked like he was in a trance, no sign of his usual shit eating grin, a blank expression on his face as he stared back into your eyes, waiting for the words to leave your mouth.
“Michael.” You knitted your brows as your cheeks went red from embarrassment. It felt strange, demeaning almost. As if he were watching a child say its first words.
“Again.” Was he serious? You thought to yourself.
Hate Kaiser as you will, at the moment, he was the only one that could allow you to go out so in some messed up way, you had started to look forward to his visits. And with only a few days until your wedding, you couldn’t help but grow anxious so as insufferable as he was, at least you could enjoy a breath of fresh air, away from the stuffy palace in his presence.
You couldn’t help but take in the scenery, the same that seemed so lacking compared to your homeland just a few months ago
“That dress you wore earlier today suits you well, darling.” He said, eyes still focused on the freshly bloomed flowers.
“I’m sure it did, seeing how they had to practically starve me so that I could fit in it.” Your German had improved a lot lately, you could even use complex sentences now, not as insistent on using your mother tongue as you used to be, it brought him pride every time he heard you speak it.
“Stuffing your face like an uncivilised beast would be unbecoming of a lady of your standing regardless of whether there is a dress to fit into or not, my dear.“ Some part of you was convinced he did this so you wouldn’t have the energy to escape.
“I wasn’t aware basic human needs had become uncivilised in your glorious empire.”
“You’ve been behaving well lately, it’s in your best interest to keep that up, darling.” It had been ages since you last acted up, Kaiser had thought he had crushed your rebellious spirit by now. He could forgive this, maybe it was just you getting antsy because of your wedding.
You’d received many congratulatory gifts before your wedding, most from people you had never before met. Foreign emissaries, nobles and others, all filled with congratulations and well wishes but you spared them no attention, instead focusing on the letter sent to you by your friends and family back home, your real home. During the time it took for the letter to get to you it was already quite dated but you still read it over and over again, written in your home tongue and filled with words of encouragement. Details you feared you had forgotten, people who you couldn’t picture in your head anymore but longed for each passing day. Kaiser didn’t allow letters most of the time, especially not when they were written in your home tongue, a reminder of your unruly past as he saw it.
This one was a wedding gift, a final goodbye to your friends and family before you became someone even you couldn’t recognize.
You read it over and over again. Tears formed in your eyes as you realised just how much you had forgotten, turning into a sobbing mess before you even realised.
“Had I known this is how you’d act, I'd have thought twice before giving you that letter.” There he was again, so eager to interrupt any thoughts of your home.
“I- I’m sorry.” You managed to say between sobs, trying to compose yourself before he said anything else, carefully tucking the letter away into your study drawer.
“May I write back to them?” You asked, practically pleaded considering the pathetic state you were in.
“We’ve talked about this before, dear. You know I dislike repeating myself.”
“Only once please—! I won’t ask again, Michael please just this once—!”
He seemed displeased with your request but instead of saying anything, he merely got up and approached your desk. However, to your surprise, he simply walked past you, instead kneeling in front of your drawers, taking the letter out and before you could react, he ripped it to shreds, right in front of you. Not even sparing the remains, opting to throw them into the lit fireplace, making sure they were burnt to a crisp before facing you again.
He took out a piece of paper from his pocket, leaving it on the desk.
“W-what’s this?” It was hard to talk to him after what he had just done, you wanted nothing more than to curse him.
“A list of names I’ve narrowed down, choose the one you like most by tonight, otherwise I’ll choose the one I like most.” He said nonchalantly.
“Names…? Why would you need me to choose a name?”
He merely looked at you disdained.
“You’ve not been baptised yet, I can’t be marrying a heretic, dear.”
“Is it really necessary to change my name though?”
He slammed his hand on your desk.
“You were behaving so well up until yesterday, so you seemed to have forgotten under whose jurisdiction that beloved island of yours is, my dear.” And with that, he stole a small kiss from your lips and left.
None of the names on the list felt pleasant to your tongue, they all sounded so foreign so Kaiser ended up choosing for you, he seemed happy to do so anyway. Things moved fast from there, in under a week so much had happened. Everyone around you seemed so overjoyed, everyone except you who was intent on ignoring your reality. Repeating over and over again the words you had read in that letter as a desperate attempt to remember your homeland. With even your name now replaced, nothing besides fickle memories was left but even those seemed to fade so fast.
Time moved fast when you were trying to hold on to it, hours turned into mere seconds. It became hard to grasp something so intangible as you walked down an aisle surrounded by strangers, in a building equally as unfamiliar.
Ironically, the only thing that wasn’t foreign was Kaiser, the man that had dragged you out so far across the map in the first place.
As the priest had you decide words you couldn’t fully comprehend and as hundreds of eyes peered onto you, you couldn’t help but lean into his touch. Seeking what little comfort there was in them.
“All hail his highness the kaiser and kaiserin. May god bless their reign!” The man exclaimed as a string of cheers echoed through the large chapel, flower petals gently falling as the light from the stained glass windows of all colours seeped through.
Your breath hitching all of a sudden as you felt Kaiser’s hand on your waist.
“Nothing will save you today my darling bride.” He whispered into your ear with his usual devilish grin, his eyes still facing the guests.
You dreaded what was to come, his mere presence brought shivers to your spine. How were you supposed to spend the rest of your life with a man like that?
In the large ballroom, one after another, the guests greeted you, paying respects, asking if you remember them and their wedding gifs, each trying to outdo the last. But even in all the commotion, with the music drowning the room in even more noise, even then, your mind could only dread what awaited you once the music stopped and you were guided away.
You could feel it, his heartbeat. The constant thumping, mechanical like a clockwork in a sense. It wasn’t as erratic as yours, fast paced yes but you were sure the wine he downed earlier had something to do with that.
Reflexively moving away as he tried to inch closer, only to be met with a bruising grip, one fully intent on keeping you in place.
“Not today, my kaiserin, no. Today, I’ll enjoy all you have to offer and so will you. All you have to do is be good.” He said, barely audible as he looked at you with something between drunken stupor and sheer lust. Burying his head in the crook of your neck, taking a moment to breathe in your scent before his teeth sink in, you let out a hiss, trying your best to push him away or to at least have him stop but to no avail.
He took your home, your name—identity and that night, he took your body as well, leaving you with nothing at all.
He took all you had to offer and in turn left you with child, his child.
You only found out months later, as the sickness seemed to become too much to excuse as just a cold or upset stomach. As your dresses became increasingly difficult to fit into. And as if to add insult to injury, the physician thought it to be more important to inform Kaiser before he did you.
As if it wasn’t you who would carry this child for months to come.
“You’re the mother of my empire and now of my child as well, my kaiserin. You’ve brought me nothing but joy.” He said as he brought you into an embrace as the physician left.
But while Kaiser spewed affirmations of love and joy, you couldn’t help but feel guilty. Not when the first thought in your mind had been to compare his—your child to a parasite, like its father it would take and take from you.
Even beasts loved their kin, what a monster you had become to think that of your own child.
“Ahh.” You couldn’t help but wail. You didn’t want to bring such a child into the world, what a cruel mother you were. Uncontrollable sobs echoed through the room as you tried to cover your face, block out the man whose head up until mere moments ago laid on your lap, now looking at you with an unfamiliar expression of surprise. But it was quick to contort into something more akin to hurt and anger.
“…Why are you crying?” He whispered, the lack of his usual confidence and playfulness putting you off. His hands now firmly holding your face in place, leaving your tear stricken face with no choice but to face his.
“My first thought when I heard of the child…” You paused as more tears streamed down your face.
“I wished it’d die!” You exclaimed. “H-How can someone like me be a mother?”
“What have I become? What have you turned me into?!” You broke down once again, unable to see the sheer disgust in Kaiser’s expression, not until he forced your face up again.
“You’re carrying my child, the heir to my empire. You’d best act like it, my dear.” He scared you at times like these, when the familiar playfully hint in his eyes got replaced with a cruel look, one you would give your enemy, or someone you saw as less than human.
There was only one thing you hated more than that, it was when he acted like nothing happened the day after.
As he embraced you and his child, a smile wider than any you had seen before, acting as if you hadn't said what you did. As if you didn’t wilt away every day before your son's birth. He looked like him, like Kaiser. The same eyes, same hair, even his face held more semblance to him than you.
You sat in the shade, sheltered from the pathetic rays of sun if they could even be called that. Tea and other snacks set on the small table in front of you. Looking out the garden to see three young boys running around.
They laughed and chased after one and another, wooden swords and whatever the garden could provide turned into toys.
“I’m the emperor so I get to take all your land!” The eldest proclaimed.
“That’s not fair, you were emperor last time! This is my land, you can take Wilhelm land instead!” The youngest retorted, pointing towards his older brother.
“No! That’s not fair, you’re both cheating! Mother, tell them to stop, it’s my turn to be the hero!” Your second son, Wilhelm said, insisting you tell the other two off for cheating.
An airy buckle leaving your lips as you looked at the small boys, little, all three of them holding little if any resemblance to you.
“You two all got your turns, let’s let Wilhelm be emperor today, hmm?” The boys both let out a whine before they resumed their game, still equally as loud as before.
It was hard to face your children at times when you were reminded of when you first found out about your pregnancy. But you’ve learnt to bury those memories now. Between official duties and your children, there was little time for such thoughts in your day. Perhaps that was why you had forgotten all else.
You used to have a home but you remembered nothing of it, not what it looked like nor where you lived, maybe, if you tried really hard, you could recall its name.
There used to be people in your life before Kaiser but now, even if they were in front of you you doubted you would recognize them. It’s hard to hold onto memories when they’re so fleeting regardless of how hard you try. Not when even recalling them is an offence worth punishing in your husband’s eyes.
“Father!” Speak of the devil. The children screamed in unison, running towards Kaiser who had already opened his arms, welcoming them all for a hug.
They looked so innocent, unaware of the true nature of their father. Of course they would be when he stopped you from teaching them a single word in your home tongue, to utter a single word of your past would not be easily forgiven.
“My, if it isn’t my little princes.” He said between chuckles as the children tried to tackle him to the ground.
“Where’s your mother?”
“Mother is over there!” The youngest said, pointing his finger towards you. Kaiser giving you his classic grin. Taking the two youngest boys by the hand as he walked towards you.
As they walked side by side it was easier than ever to tell how much they resemble their father. Everything, from how they looked to even their names was foreign to you.
A chaste kiss on the cheek waking you from your trance as you looked behind you to find your husband and children, all smiling and laughing amongst themselves,
“What were you thinking to be so deep in thought?” He asked, receiving a simple ‘Nothing much.’ As a reply, interrupted by one of the children who seemed eager to jump on your lap and reach for sweets from the small table.
You doubt you’ll ever come to accept this life as your own, you’ll forever look into the mirror and try to recognize the stranger that you had become. But there was no home to return now, Kaiser had made sure of that, tearing it apart piece by piece, no people left on what was once your entire world, not when they all left for better opportunities to neighbouring countries. Nor did you have any pride, not when he tore it apart bit by bit.
Now you could only hope to be content, to one day entirely forget what you had known. To forget the pain or forgetting and to truly live in the present. Even if it’s with the man responsible for putting you through such pain.
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annzera · 23 hours
Isagi, sweating: There’s something I need to ask you-
Y/n: Finally! You’re proposing!
Isagi: How’d you know?
Y/n: Honey, you’ve dropped the ring five times during dinner.
Y/n: I even picked it up once.
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marycorn · 2 days
rin/sae so muscular he can bring his kid in one arm and the other carrying his wife’s shopping bags (idk if u like family stuff, but i wanted to point out how muscular rin can be)
-ali :)
Ok, so family stuff isn't my thing for writing, but I still like to indulge in it once in a while 😌🤚 And yes you're so right, they would do that 😵‍💫 here's some hc's
They would carry their child on their hip a lot, or on their shoulders 🤭 they're both able to effortlessly carry their child, even if it's a bit older and a toddler
-> would be the kind of parents to carry their child to bed if they fall asleep in the car or on the couch
Rin loves cuddling with you and his child, I think demeanor would get a lot softer (same for Sae...) he wouldn't huff when the child comes crawling into your bed at night or in the morning, instead opening up his arms so they can cuddle up to him
They would both hate how often they have to be away from home for work, missing important things in your child's life. Even though you try to make up for it with videos and photos, it will never make up for core memories and the pure joy they felt when their child called them dad/papa for the first time
They'd both spoil their children rotten, nothing is too expensive 😐🤚 but I do think that both would try to teach their kid at least some respect of money and how to handle it
Would love to see you and their child at their match (ofc in the vip lounge, only the best seats for the most important people in their lives)
Both of them value family a lot once they have one, so they'd try to spend as much time with you as possible
-> they'd literally ditch a press conference to be at their childs theater play (wouldn’t care if all the other parents look at them weird because they recognize them)
If Rin/Sae are with you and the child, nothing else matters. It's their private time, and they'll dismiss reporters and paparazzi, because this time belongs to only their family
Tumblr media
A/n: I really love the idea of them having a family, I think they'd both be great dads :(( if they had a daughter (or in general child with long hair) I think they'd even make an effort to learn how to braid/style their hair <33
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sanb3rry · 2 days
Hi! I would like to order where nagi,isagi,rin and sae react to your period ? 😭😭💗💗
pairings : nagi seishiro x f!reader, rin itoshi x f!reader, sae itoshi x f!reader, isagi yoichi x f!reader
summary: how the boys would react when you're on your period
Tumblr media
as cliche as it sounds nagi is definitely the type of boyfriend to just be with you.
you feel really shitty right now cause of your period? no problem nagi's gonna help you feel better! he's already clingy so this is just a plus for him.
he'd take naps with you and if you don't really feel like sleeping, he'd cuddle and play video games with you.
all in all, he just wants to be with you and make you feel better as much as he can.
Tumblr media
rin would probably not know what to do, he'd try his best to help you however he can.
he'd get you whatever you need. chocolates, blankets, a cold drink, you name it and he'll get it for you.
he's probably stressing out cause he doesn't like seeing you in pain, but he calms down and does whatever he can to help.
if you have any work or errands, he'll try and do most of them so you can rest.
Tumblr media
sae is similar to rin, i mean they are brothers so it makes sense, but unlike rin he probably knows what to do, and isn't as stressed.
he probably has a cabinet with stuff just for when you're on your period in his apartment. he's like mary poppins, lolol.
he has whatever you need. you need tampons? he has it. you need heating pads? he has it. you have a craving for a specific food? he'd go get it for you.
if you have cramps, he'll take you to bed bridal style and sleep with you.
Tumblr media
isagi is an absolute sweetie about it.
he'll keep reassuring you that you're gonna be okay if your cramps hurt really bad.
probably the type to do everything for you, even when it comes to eating, lool.
he'll try and feed you but you always tell him you're capable of feeding yourself.
you two would probably cuddle on the couch and watch movies.
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jvnluvr · 2 days
look at me ; itoshi sae ♡
itoshi sae is cold, but who said you didn’t like it? he secretly had a soft spot for you anyway. <3
itoshi sae x f!reader
authors’s note: i’ve been reading a lot of blue lock, safe to say i’m obsessed with both nagi and sae, but sae brain rot is active. as always, please enjoy, my lovely readers <3
at some point it came became tradition for you and sae to drive to his practices together. you had a horrendous habit of staying up too late for your own good, so you barely got any sleep before sae gently woke you up in the morning. you don’t mind though, you love being with him as soccer takes up a good portion of his life, and at this point, it feels wrong for sae to go out to practice without you.
“c‘mon [name], get up already or we’re gonna be late.” sae said curtly. you let out a small groan before finally sitting up, brushing your hair down with a confused look in your eyes. even if sae is mostly staring at you with his straight eyes, secretly he’s filled with admiration. he can’t help but think how adorable you look, he almost feels bad for waking you up, but sae is a bit selfish.
“i’m up, i’m up...” you quietly say before removing the soft, warm blanket off your legs, getting up and pulling your shorts and tank top down from being rolled up. “can i just go like this to be honest?” you asked, you didn’t really have the energy in you to change. sae sighed, internally not wanting you to have your arm and legs exposed to all of his horrendously down bad teammates, but he didn’t really have the heart to refuse you either. therefore a compromise was made.
“you can go like that but i’m giving you my hoodie, wear it on top of that. now let’s go or i’m really gonna have to hear it from my shitty coach.” you let out a slight laugh while sae put his hoodie on for you. you quickly brush your hair and teeth before stepping out, sae taking your hand in his, while exiting out the front door.
while he started to drive, your eyes kept dropping. what do you do when you are tired. drink a bunch of caffeine of course! “sae, can we get coffee?” as he stopped the car at a red light, he stared at you. “seriously woman, we just got out of the house.” you grabbed his free hand, retorting, “pleaseee, i don’t wanna fall asleep on those uncomfy chairs.” even though he kept his hand intertwined with you, he replied, “i’m already late, [name]” as he continued to drive again. you pouted, but didn’t say anything back.
you felt sae’s eyes look at you once more, but you didn’t think much of it. that was until you saw that he went of the road he was supposed to go. “wait, where are we going sae, your practice is that-” he squeezed your fingers tighter, rubbing his thumb against yours. “if my princess wants coffee, fine. i don’t care if i’m late anyway.” you could feel your ears turning red as he turned into the coffee shop’s parking lot. he kissed your hand before unbuckling his seat belt. “i’ll get it for you, won’t be long.”
you could only let out a small sound of approval when sae was already off in the distance. you lean against the window, warm from the touch of your boyfriend. your eyes were already half closed, so as they fully shut, all you could think about is how much you loved sae.
it had only been a couple of minutes, but you had already dozed off in the cold car waiting for sae. he came back, opening the door, “i got your coffee- oh.” as he sat back in his seat, he put your drink in the holder, then to look back at you. “jeez woman, you fall asleep so fast… you’re lucky that you’re cute.” he sighed, moving your body towards his as he gave you a light peck on the lips. “c’mon [name], wake up, i bought your caffeine.” you slowly opened your eyes, only to be embarrassed realizing you had fallen asleep yet again.
“s-sorry. i must be really tired today, thanks for buying the coffee.” you muttered, putting the sleeves of the hoodie over your hands to hold the hot cup. after finally being able to start drinking the coffee with one hand, sae grabbed your hand yet again to intertwine it with his. you didn’t mind though, it was really comforting. plus he was really warm somehow. you definitely felt more awake after that though.
eventually you both reached the building sae practiced in. you opened the door, getting out with your hands in the pockets of your hoodie. “it’s way too fuckin’ early for this, sae.. how do you do this everyday?” you grumbled, but he just ruffled your hair quietly before saying, “maybe because i sleep at a decent time, woman.” you huffed at his obvious response. “okay, see you at my break, don’t let any pushovers talk to you.” he hugged you one last time before you both departed ways.
you sat in the bleachers as usual, not having much to do this week. you stared at quite literally everything possible. stared at ceilings, at walls, at people walking by, at your phone, at yourself. weird but it was an accurate representation of how bored you were. at some point you just watched the click tick as each minute went by. 10 minutes before sae’s break started, you went down to go watch him play in the field with his teammates. safe to say, not only was he really good at what he did, but also really attractive while doing it. a genius and pretty, oh how lucky you are.
as you zoned out in admiration of your boyfriend, you couldn’t notice the man walking towards you with a wide grin on his face. “oh well if it isn’t [name]. i always knew sae bought you here but you were always hidden until he left. what made you come out here today, doll?” your eyes widened. what did he just call you? you turned around to see none other than shidou, looming over you figure intensely.
“uh, first of all. don’t call me that. second of all, i just wanted to see my boyfriend practicing.” you knew shidou was not only a flirt, but a menace. his teasing could go too far, hence why you were starting to get quite cautious of him. “seems your little boyfie’ is too busy focused on the ball. c’mon, let me buy you something.” he was oddly persistent. you couldn’t really find the words in the moment to get him to back off, so you just kind of stood there, avoiding any eye contact with him.
“ah the silent treatment, don’t do me like that… i could treat you better than sae anyway. look at me, cutie.” he slowly started to move towards you, which in return you could only start to back away as your head finally collided with a wall. “i’m not interested, could you please move...?” your eyes were still averted down, scared of what shidou could do next. you really wished sae could pop up in your face right now.
“didn’t you hear her? she said move.” you ran under shidou’s arms over to sae, hiding behind him in an attempt to continue avoiding his eyes. “you know i was just teasing.” he laughed, giving sae a grin. “dont fuckin’ touch or get near my girl next time, got it? next time i might beat those words into you.” he grabbed your hand, quickly taking you away from the man who was once almost not even an inch apart from you.
“i’m sorry, i kind of became defenceless against him..” you felt sad, not wanting to upset sae over something you could have avoided yourself. he stopped you before pulling you into a hug and kissing your forehead, then your lips. “look at me, not your fault, pushovers are pushovers for a reason. that’s why i’m supposed to protect you. now let’s go home, don’t feel like being here anymore.” you hummed in agreement with him as you both went home, just spending the rest of the day in each other’s warmth.
sae was cold, but he has a tremendous soft spot for you. his precious girl.
(JSIDJSBBD IM SCREAMING, not me about to read this everytime i want soft sae)
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nkogneatho · 2 days
ight mfs enough smut, time for angst. Now the only thing that'll be wet is your eyes, hopefully. Have fun.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—Nagi Seishiro x gn!reader.
Tumblr media
𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐮𝐩 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐍𝐀𝐆𝐈 might be one of the worst moment in your life. It was not easy to watch him slowly slip away from you and focus more on others. You knew he loved you but he couldn't provide you the time or validation. He tried. He really did but when something doesn't work out, you can't force it to. Though the worst part had yet to come.
After coming home from the most heartbreaking conversation with him, you barged into your room to get your mind off it. All you could re-imagine was his face when you told him that it's not working out. The Seishiro you knew should've debated, gave you reasons to stay. Instead he just stood there with an expression you've never seen before. It was both grief and acceptance. He knew it was useless to save it because nothing would've changed your mind after so many chances. So he let go.
You tried to sleep while rustling on the bed, but your eyes fell onto the polaroid photos on the nightstand. It was from your first date. Nagi argued because he is not photogenic. That was not a lie but he doesn't need to be photogenic with that pretty face. You turned to the other side to snap from the memory, a faint smile appeared on your face. You hugged your squishmallow in comfort only to realize it was gifted by Seishiro on your birthday.
Tears started falling from your eyes as you took a look around and realised everything in that fucking room was filled with a part of him. The soccer poster on the wall of him you designed, his sweatshirt hanging on the closet that he gave you, his ring around your finger. He had plagued the room. He plagued you. Or maybe his love did.
Tumblr media
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officialmiintee · 3 days
Tumblr media
reonagi / yesterday, today, tomorrow (together)
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niko-hugs · 2 days
do you have any ideas about perverted chigiri headcanons? 👀 i’m obsessed with your rin ones!!
꒱࿐♡ ˚. ᴘᴇʀᴠʏ!ʜʏᴏ!!
Tumblr media
꒰ ͜͡➸ having a good fashion sense has it‘s peaks! Especially when someone‘s in the closet | mdni
˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ ⁀➷
Tumblr media
Chigiri, the guy that comforts you as you went through your breakup with your ex. He‘s so caring, comforting you in every way possible, really he‘s going all out. He was never able to get along with your ex lover, hyoma hated how he touched you, hated how he touched something that should be reserved for his and his hands only!!
And what does a good and nice friend do when someone’s sad ? Taking you out for a day shopping, just walking around the mall and trying on cute outfits. He has such a good fashion sense, picking out pretty clothes that compliment your body so well, especially those flimsy little tops that show off your breasts so nicely. Chigiri just wants to take a selfie for his insta story, holding the camera with one arm over your and his head to get the nice view of your boobs on the cam!! „Ugh hyo this one is too big for me, can you get me the smaller size of this piece and maybe pick out some more?“ and who is he to deny ? Purposefully gives you way too small clothes, showing off not only your nice tits that threaten to spill out of the top, but also your cute butt and thighs he wanted to squish so fucking bad. Chigiri asks you to spin for him, good opportunity’s snap some pics for the following night that will accompany him. You need help slipping out of your top or pants ? He’s here to help you, grabs you at your waist too pull the top over your head, „accidentally“cupping both your breasts in his smooth palms. Sliding the pants down your hips and thighs. And luckily he had some clothes hanging down his torso in his arms or his raging hard on would’ve scared you away. Quickly leaving when you tell him to get another color of the crop top you’re currently wearing, his dick hurts in his pants when he sees your tits jiggle with every movement you make. Give him some minutes, let him rub one out at the public bathroom before he comes back, yeah ?
It surprises him when you admitted you wanted to buy new lingerie to push your libido after the toxic relationship you had with your ex. As the very nice friend he is, he searches the cutest adorable pink set in the shop, passing it through the opening at the bottom of the changing room. Huh, did just called him in to ask for his opinion? Of course he’s coming in, seeing the bra and panties snug against your body got chigiri even hotter than before. He helps you adjusting the bra straps, brushing his palms against your chest and stuffing a finger in your bra is normal, right ? You ask him to take a cute picture of you with your phone, and right after he did that, he airdropped himself the photo without you knowing!
Chigiri still keeps his resting face on the way home, he just wants to come home as soon as possible tonight. When he finally arrived at his flat, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his boxers to relief his aching cock. So aroused at your innocence and body all at once got him almost creaming on the spot. He grabs a pillow as he fucks up into the tight ring of his fingers, squeezing the pillow in his free palm like he would do to your plush ass or pretty pretty tits. Not forgetting to pull out his scoret little Passcode locked album of your sweet sweet pictures. Hyoma knows he’s a pervert, it‘s disgusting he thinks to himself, but who could blame him when such s pretty little thing like you is around? Maybe, just maybe he‘s gonna be a little bolder on your next shopping spree! According to him, he wouldn’t mind fucking you in one of the changing rooms, ruining you completely in those flimsy things you’re teasing him with is a dream to him, you should definitely help him out a little. Rubbing your nipples and humping against you at sleepovers isn’t enough for him anymore!!
Tumblr media
I have a weak point for perverts <3
© niko-hugs 2023, please do not translate, modify or republish my works
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