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Yandere Bachira/ Yandere Shidou + Obsessing Over Their Agent
Giving into their egos at the end of Blue Lock, they're used to getting everything they wanted and what they wanted next...was their cute little agent who handled their public relations and contracts♡
Characters: Bachira Meguru, Shidou Ryusei
Tumblr media
"You're staring again."
Bachira blinks at your words, dazed as he slowly was brought back to reality. Huh, he must've zoned out staring at your face again. Your sharp (e/c) eyes focused on your phone, your stoic expression making his heart beat a bit more quickly in his chest, and your hair which was all fixed up and neat was just begging for his fingers to come through it with how it looked. He tilted his head to the side cutely and closed his eyes, flashing you his most charming smile.
"Can you blame me?" He chuckled, moving his way over to you. With lightning fast reflexes, you stuck your foot up in the air to stop him while still focusing on your task at hand as he whined and tried to pinch your cheek. He pouted after a few unsuccessful minutes and frowned, "Aw! You're no fun, (Y/n)-chan!"
You resisted the urge to roll your eyes but you did respond to him.
"Sir, don't be misinformed; this relationship is purely professional. I am your agent, you are my client. That is all." You spoke sternly to him as if he were a child, "Now, let's get you ready for that commercial shoot."
Just a client, huh?
Bachira sighs and holds his chest where his heart would be and looks at you with his big yellow puppy dog eyes: "That hurts, (Y/n)! After everything we've been through!"
Again, his attempts were met with silence and he frowned, seeing that you were still focused on your phone. That's not fair, (Y/n), so many people would've absolutely killed to be in your shoes in this moment and you have the audacity to brush him off? Fine, he'll just have to make it clear that there was no one else but you.
- He makes everything difficult for everyone if it doesn't involve you, he's still likeable, but everyone just talks about how he's a bit too energetic to stay still. You can't tell how many times make up crews, directors, and training coaches or even other players had to shyly come up to you and make Bachira comply with their wishes because "he behaves when you're around".
- Many times Bachira tries to make it appear you two are a couple; telling you that he loves you as you do his foundation for his upcoming interviews, excitedly running at you in between commercial breaks to ask you if he did well, and often wanting to take you out for casual outings as celebration but you declined. You didn't want to feed into whatever delusion he had in his head about you two.
- You tried to be a bit personal and suggest he try out some sports modeling, casually mentioning how a current model heart throb was interested in collaborating with him in hopes that it'd be enough to get him to move on but he frowned and shook his head. NO! He's not posing for pictures with anyone, especially not for some random model, if its not you!
- Even though you're in charge of his social media; he will still post pictures of you to his own account, admiring how cute you are when you're in the zone, or just captioning the photo with a simple: "Mine♥️💕" and even though you tell him to delete those photos everytime, you feel a bit uneasy when you realize you didn't even notice him pulling out his phone and getting these photos until he tagged you in them. You just hope he doesn't have anymore photos of you that you didn't know about.
- Bachira is without a doubt obsessive, he gets giddy when you call him because he believes one of these days you'll wake up and realize you love him back just as much, only to be slightly dissapointed when you are merely calling him to discuss contract details. That's fine, though! One of these days you're going to have to face the reality that you two were meant to be together♡
- You're just like him after all! It's just that you want to dominate a different field than him. Your goals are similar, be the best that Japan has to offer, making sure that Bachira succeeds on and off the field helps ensure your own success, and while you didn't want to deal with his annoying behavior all the time; it'd be a foolish choice to quit working for him. You think that he knows that too because he'll always try to test the waters of your relationship, never really believing your threats of switching to a different player.
- Because even if you didn't love him, you needed him, just as he needed you. Surely you'll end up loving him back, though, after all: there was no one else in his eyes besides you. So he'll work hard to be the best, not just for Japan, but for you. Each goal he makes, he looks at you and sees the briefest smile on your face and it drives him wild the rest of the game to keep scoring and scoring.
- Don't think you've tamed the monster inside of him, though. Because it'll never be truly satisfied until it finally has you. All of you.
Tumblr media
"Why're buying flowers for that asshole?"
You felt a shiver go up your spine, feeling Shidou's sharp chin resting on your shoulder and feeling his warm breath on the back of your right ear, he was still a little sweaty from his daily drills and workouts...technically, he should've been working out still but his fitness coaches knew the moment you stepped into the room that he wouldn't be able to focus on anything but you.
"Technically, you're buying him flowers," You corrected, moving away from him. He raised an eyebrow but kept a deadpan face as you turned around to explain to him, "Shido, you're already controversial. You played way too hard and broke that man's ankle. Sending flowers is the least you could do."
Aw, give him some credit...he could've done a lot worse if he wanted too but he managed to restrain himself from doing that, all for you. Plus, it was entirely the other guy's fault anyways. That asshole was eyeing you up and down when you weren't looking and jokingly told Ryusei that he wished he had an agent that was as hot as you were instead of his current old and grumpy one. Shido knew he had the best things: the best cars, the best shoes, the best career a soccer player could ask for...but you were different. You were one of the things he had that made him the best, flipping his controversies into picturing him as this passionate player whose just motivated to represent his country, but you were meant for only him to admire. Everyone else is allowed to stare at you two with envy and jealously but that's ALL.
"I'm not sending him no damn flowers and neither are you." He scoffed, taking your phone from your hand and canceling the order. You frowned and tried to grab it back from him, he raised it above his head am to force you to reach for it and when you raised one arm and stood on both your tippy toes, he used his free arm to hook it around your waist and pull you close to him. Pining you against the wall, his pink eyes focused on you in a way that a predator would eye its prey.
"Quit thinkin' about some nobody player. You're MY agent."
- Before you, Shidou went through a lot of agents. Agents who quit on the spot because he was impossible to work with, agents who just stormed out of the doors because they couldn't take anymore, agents who still badmouth him to the public and feeding into his reputation.
- Then you walked in through those doors. Steely gazed, chin up and proud. You were cute, that's for sure, but you weren't gonna be any different then the rest of them. At least, thats what he had originally thought. You never lost your mind over the way he played, you never complained about how he was making your job impossible, and you never lost your cool.
- You were a professional at your job, you knew how to make him appeal to the audience and frame him in a better light while also making sure he didn't have to change too much...because he would never change. So you would work with what you had, how did the saying go? There's no such thing as bad publicity.
- Unlike Bachira, you just being there isn't gonna make him behave. If you're gonna make him do some lame ass photoshoot then he better be getting something out of it. At first it was just things like arranging a deal with a brand he liked, setting up a soccer match with some good players only for him to absolutely ruin them. He started to like you because of those things.
- However it escalated one day when he asked for something that took you off gaurd. A kiss. It was for an interview and he refused to let anyone touch him so they all ran crying to you, he instantly looked at you as you put a gentle hand on his shoulder and asked him what he wanted this time so you both could get through this.
- He didn't even really think about it either, he was a little shocked when he said it himself but he was just mesmerized by your lips that he wondered what it'd be like to kiss them. So he wanted to find out. You were flustered, rightfully so and tried to bargain with him but he was dead set on that kiss...oh well...it was one measly kiss. So you kissed his cheek and he frowned, not exactly what he wanted but you did give him what he wanted technically.
- But yeah, that just kinda sparked his obsession with you and his obsession isn't what you should be concerned about. It's his possessive nature, you work for him so you belong to him. He doesn't like you talking to other people most of the time, constantly grabbing your phone and hanging up important calls when the conversation goes somewhere he doesn't like or deems isn't as important as him.
- Shidou knows he doesn't love you but love isn't exactly on either of your radars since your focused on your career, which only does well as long as Shido's does well. It doesn't stop him from looking at you tying his tie for him, imagining you doing something more intimate than a mere kiss on the cheek, to take you out on fancy dates and buy you nice things and all the crap (he's tried before but you always refuse) and when he wakes up in the morning, he wonders how different it would be if you were next to him. He might love you but overall, it's a matter of possession. You belong to him. No one else.
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some doodles of bachira and nagi 💪
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Kids will be kids.
Cw: Bachira x Reader, gender neutral reader, Reader is playful, Goofy Bachira, this fic is from,Bachira's mother point of view, reader and Bachira are underage
Authors note: I'm sorry the 'Cute things they do part 3' isn't posted. The reason is this stupid website deleted my draft and I'm upset about it and refuse to work on it for now so until I get over my attitude with it, it will not be posted. I really do apologize! Enjoy this short fic until then! I will also be doing some stuff for Kenyu, Nico and Michael soon so look forward to it ^^
Loud sounds of laughter and playful sceams filled the air as the two teens ran around in circles. One kicking a ball, the other running away from it. This was a normal routine, no matter how old they've gotten the routine stayed the same. It started when they were young, around the age of six and continued all the way to the time they turned seventeen.
A sudden thud, caused the older women to look over at the field she had been watching a while before. The sight of (h/c) hair laying sprawled out across the ground, while black and yellow hair stood above victorious yelling something incomprehensible. Both were laughing, the sound filling the air with a beautiful melody.
It was a beautiful evening. The sun was slowly setting, the gentle spring breeze, the damp grass, the dewy air, everything was perfect for a painting. That was the original reason why she sat outside. Her paints in hand, her easel already set up with her canvas. And yet now she wasn't just painting the beautiful sunset. She was painting the two laughing teens, looking nothing more than meer children from where she sat.
(H/c) hair sticking to (s/c) skin, along with sweat, dirt and grass. While black hair did the same to pale skin. Both teens wearing basic clothing, dirt and grass stains littering their clothes. But that wasn't the beautiful part, nor the reason she begun to paint them. The beautiful part that dragged her attention to paint them was their smiles. The large, goofy, childish smiles that etched itself onto their soft features.
They looked so happy, so free, so childish. It was adorable. Just two kids being kids, no restrictions. No adults telling them what to do. No curfew forcing them to rush home. No loud noises of other people. Just peaceful air and goofy gestures.
When the sweet sound of laughter died down, the woman turned her attention back to her painting. The painting nearly finished, aside from a few last touched. Sound of footsteps running towards her pulled her attention once more as she looked towards the owners of such sounds.
"Mom guess what, I won again! (Y/N) is such a klutz that they tripped over their own feet!" a certain loud, black haired boy cheered, poking fun at his partner. Said partner found little amusement in such teasing, wiping their hand against their (s/c) cheek smudging dirt that stained their cheek onto their hand.
"Oh be quiet! You were cheating! You stuck your foot out when I turned!" the (h/c) haired individual spat playfully, remembering how the black haired male moved his foot in the way of their feet effectively causing them to fall over. "No I didn't! Your just clumsy!'' "No I'm not!"
Playful banter filled the air, noises of play fighting coming after, all soon followed by sound of more laughter. Oh yes this was what she loved to watch. Just two kids having fun. Her gaze softened as (s/c) hands brushed back black bangs placing feathery kisses along sweaty, dirt filled skin. The action caused the boy to giggle returning the gesture ten fold, completely showering (s/c) skin in quick kisses before finally placing a quick kiss against their lips.
Yes this is it. This was what she was so happy about. This was why she approved so happily to her son's relationship. It was pure, gentle and playful. Her son now having someone to laugh and tease, hug and kiss, play and hold. (Y/n) (L/n) was what Bachira Meguru needed more than anything. This was who allowed her son to act his age. This was who she could see her son marrying in the future.
As the sun finally set, and her gentle voice called the teens along to go inside to get clean up before dinner, her nearly finished painting resting gently in her hands, other supplies held by the two teens, her mind was occupied by a single thought while she watched the playful teasing and nudging between the two walking ahead of her.
Aw yes. Kids will be kids. And she was more than happy with that.
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blue lock + that one famous parks & recs scene
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Blue lock babies brightening your day! ☀️
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hold it right there! this is the cock block police!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝ just think about us, the night is long ❞
➜ how they almost lose their virginity with you
➜ fem!reader
sugar level: 100% | cw: nsfw, fingering, cunnilingus, breast play, handsy make out sessions, consent specified in each parts, mdni!
click this to read part 2
in the beginning of the relationship, shy touches of holding hands and kissing each other's cheeks were some of the display of affections you and isagi would share. of course, those slowly grew out to become long lasting hugs of comfort or sharing of warmth to tasting each other's mouths as the relationship progresses in the later months.
"keep the door open, yo chan!" his mother would always remind him whenever you'd drop by at their house, causing him to mumble incoherent words of annoyance, not having the chance to make a bold move on you.
"would you like to look at yoichi's baby pictures, y/n?" his father would ask, stirring your attention from him and into his printed pictures of when he was still a little ball of joy in the photo album his parents' treasures.
"you have such a cute butt!"
"y/n didn't needed to see that-"
but when one day comes and he's home alone with you, isagi doesn't hesitate to get you on top of him, hands on the cheeks of your butt, guiding your hips to grind on him, loving the sounds you emit from your lips.
it was through your consent that had you two now in this position, him hovering on your top between your legs, buttons of your uniform blouse undone, your face flushed from the make out session. when isagi felt a little bolder, he hooked his fingers on the waistband of your panty, ready to unpeel the clothing for you when-
"y/n! isagi! we bought watermelon bread and red tea from the convenient store!"
seeing you and his mother getting along so well made bachira's heart swell with happiness. the only two women he needed in his life are getting along, of course he has every right to be happy!
"when he was a little boy, he liked my oil in canvas portrait of the monster!"
"oh! may i see that portrait too, mother?"
in the relationship, bachira absolutely has nothing to hide from you. as early as getting together with him, what's his is yours too! and despite his playful personality, he always makes sure you're comfortable with him and in any place you two are at.
even when you've given him your consent and you're comfortable with giving him your first. hands experimenting each other's bodies, touching sensual points like ears and neck, kisses that leaves you two wanting for more.
just like an ice melting when the sun finally rises, the want to step the relationship further begins to unfold.
handsy make out sessions in the back of the school or inside his room when his mother is out, hand slipping inside your panty during movie night; two fingers entering your wet pussy and the lost focus on the movie (with the blanket concealing the hidden motive), shoving his hands inside your shirt to grope your breast while rubbing his hard on against your butt cheeks.
"huh? where are you going?" his mother asks as she catches sight of her son fixing his backpack in the living room. "i'm about to finish cooking dinner."
"i'm going to pick up y/n in the station. i wanted to see her too-" before he could even continue with what he needs to say, a pack of condom came out.
despite having two little sisters, baro doesn't think it's going to be a problem. and that's the problem!
"baro nii, we want to play with y/n!"
"baro nii, when is y/n going to come over?"
"yeah! she promised to play dolls with us!"
he loves his little sisters he really do, but sometimes, he wants to let them understand that he needs alone time with you. time wherein they don't monopolize you from him.
"i thought were going to watch this movie?"
"your sisters are so cute! playing tea time with them is so nice! i even met mr scruffy!"
"who's scruffy?"
but when the gods above has finally noticed how he's suffering, the day wherein it's just you two in his house finally came. and baro didn't wasted any time with the consent that you have bestowed upon him.
"ah! what if..." you huff between breathing, cheeks light pink in color while your boyfriend's situated between your legs, having them over his shoulders. "...what if...they get back?"
"fat chance, baby." baro replies, sliding his hands up to grope your breasts through your clothing, deepening his tongue inside your pussy.
"we're home!" the front door opens, followed by sounds of rushed footsteps.
"y/n is here!"
"y/n please play with us!"
immediately halting and pulling away from each other, the two of you have never dressed so quickly. embarrassed and baro groaning in frustration.
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Head empty, just Bachira with a breeding kink😔
Acting so sweet with the neighbors’ children until the baby fever’s kicking in
Free me from this cage😩
no because you’re so right <3
do i want children? hell no; do i still read every fic with breeding kink in it? fuck yes
Tumblr media
tw: breeding kink (duh), mentions of pregnancy, pet names, use of mommy (once), cream pie, implied multiple orgasms
Bachira loves playing with the neighbours’ children, chasing them around the yard at gatherings and making them laugh with stupid tricks and jokes
He teaches all of them how to play soccer for sure and is so supportive, encouraging them to practice more on their own too
The kids love him and the parents do too, finally catching a break to catch up with one another while their children are distracted
Bachira always thought they were cute and thought about what it would be like to have his own with you but baby fever didn’t kick in until he saw you bounce a little kid on your hip, smiling as the little thing grabbed your thumb with surprising strength
After that sight, he was a changed man; he started noticing happy families everywhere and couldn’t tear his eyes of the teeny tiny shoes in shop displays
And naturally, you notice that something is up; it’s unlike your husband to be so distracted, normally giving you 100% of his attention
While he’s usually already incredibly handsy, the way his palms cup your stomach more often than anywhere else and trace the skin there isn’t lost on you
So you confront him about it
“You’re so beautiful like this,” Bachira murmured into the heated skin of your neck, lavishing it in kisses and attention as his hips rocked into you, his thrusts slow and deliberate. “My gorgeous wife… you want me to give you a baby, hmm? Make you a mommy?”
By now, only half of what your husband said registered in your mind as you tried to keep up with him. His stamina already outlasted yours by a long shot on normal days but tonight Bachira showed no signs of ever wanting to stop whatsoever.
How many times had it been already? How often had he already stuffed you full since you admitted to wanting a child as well? You couldn’t recall but if the fullness you felt and the mess between your legs was anything to go by…
“Meguru—,” you panted, resisting the urge to close your eyes as you felt a familiar knot curl in your stomach. Instead you blinked up into bright pools of amber and found unmatched passion and determination staring back at you. The way his bangs were sticking to his forehead and single drops of sweat rolled of his chest had you gripping onto his hands intertwined with yours tighter.
“Shit, honey, you’re so good—,” Bachira cut himself off with a deep groan as you clenched around his cock when his pelvis grazed your puffy clit. “So good for me… Can‘t wait to see you all round with my child…”
You whined as his hands left yours but he sweetly shushed you with a kiss to your temple. Not that you had much time to think about it too hard with the way he pushed your legs towards your chest and his thrusts felt just so much deeper.
There was no way he could fit another load in there, not when he already sat so snugly against your walls. But you knew it wouldn’t stop your husband from trying either way. His weight pressing you down further into the sheets had your eyes rolling into the back of your head as his form towered over you.
“I— Meguru—“
Apparently your incoherent babbling made sense to him because he grinned down at you, finally slightly out of breath himself as he neared another orgasm. “Cum for me baby. Just let go, yeah? I got you.”
And with a sob you did, arms looping around Bachira’s neck to hold on to him. Your hips squirmed around to get away from the sinful pleasure but firm hands kept you in place as a familiar warmth filled you up once again, paired with a drawn-out groan into your neck.
After catching your breath, you tried rolling your husband off of you, his cock still nestled deep inside of you, but he wouldn’t budge. Instead you felt more kisses pressed against your shoulder. Even an airy call of his name only got you a distracted hum in response.
“Gotta… Gotta make sure it takes,” he mumbled. The deep tone of his voice in combination with the unwavering resolution of his words made your heart beat quicken again. That’s when you noticed how his cock twitched against your walls, still hard as it pressed against all the right spots.
“Now that I think about it,” Bachira purred right against your ear, “I should give you another one. Just to make sure…”
Tumblr media
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theyluvmiu · 3 months
HI can i request for headcanons for meguru, rin (if u are already taking requests for him), and chigiri. what would be some funny paparazzi photos of them lmao, or paparazzi in general with their s/o thank u!!!
Okay here’s my first time writing for Rin ૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა let’s go!
Paparazzi Headcanons 📸
Bachira Meguru
There’s a paparazzi pic of Bachira wearing his mom’s hot pink stilettos with grocery bags in his hands just outside the door of their house (he was helping her with the groceries ok and his slippers weren’t there 😭)
The type to whip out his phone and point his camera at the paparazzi as well
Omg there would be photos of him trying to hide behind his mom and using her as shield 😣💞
And his momma would just go ✋😠🛑
He pulled this stunt again when you were walking with them, both of you grabbing onto momma Bachira and hiding behind her as the camera flashed everywhere
You two once pretended to argue inside the car when the paparazzi showed up so they would think you guys were a toxic couple
Just for the shits and giggles but you two have a very harmonious relationship irl so dw y’all <3
Itoshi Rin
Most of his paparazzi pics is just him flipping them off lol
While you two were out shopping, one of the paparazzi managed to capture a photo of Rin just holding your handbag, hand on his hips as he waits for you outside the bathroom
I just know that some of his photos are just him snapping at the annoying ass paparazzi LOL he’s all like >:o and they be like 😄📸 “look here Rin!”
The type to have photos of him trying to drink from the straw of his Starbucks and just missing
So now there’s a viral photo of him with his mouth just open while his straw was poking on his cheek
He was just trynna look at something y’all everybody makes mistakes 😗
Just look up funny paparazzi photos of Leonardo Di Caprio, that’s the kind of funny pics Rin would have 😭
Chigiri Hyoma
Chigiri the type of guy to run away from the paparazzi
“omg 😮 it’s Chigiri Hyoma 📸” “🏃‍♂️💨”
Please he wouldn’t even spare them a glance just from the sound of his name being called he’d be dashing off without wasting any second
It’s way funnier when you two began dating because the moment they interrupted your date night, Chigiri was quick to drag you out the scene
You and Chigiri: 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
No but fr when he is in the mood, he’d pose for the paparazzi with a blank face, giving them different poses per second then walking off as if nothing happened
There’s also a photo of him running off with a camera he stole from the paparazzi (they were being annoying so) all while he had a big smile on his face as if that was his biggest achievement in life
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jei1107 · 4 months
Tumblr media
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08theverysmallhuman · 3 months
Tumblr media
it works for both of them
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blueparadis · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pfpanimes · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌕ blue lock - bachira meguru.
like or reblog if you save/use.
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hinagarasu · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗕𝗟𝗨𝗘 𝗟𝗢𝗖𝗞 𝗖𝗛𝗜𝗕𝗜 (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠✧⁠*⁠。
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bachirasbodyguard · 2 months
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bllk x reductress
(bllk x the onion)
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mei404 · 13 days
Headcannons on Pervert!Bachira Meguru (NSFW)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[A/N]- Megs is so possessive here, he is manupilative asf,these might've been the filthiest headcannons I've ever written,sorry not sorry.
Tumblr media
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who knows you through a mutual friend (Yoichi <3) and when you both first meet you instantly hit it off, little do you know that he's not as nice and innocent as he makes himself appear to be.
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who ends up getting your contact and social media info after you both first meet because "I'd love to make more friends! after all any friend of Isagi is a friend of mine!" but that statement is just partially true because he just wanted your Instagram ID so he could jerk off to you at night.
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who hasn't been able to get his mind off of you ever since you both met, but hey those pictures he took of you when you weren't looking are still locked away in his camera roll if he misses you too much.
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who hugs you when you both meet again saying he is really excited to hangout with you, acting all innocent! when he really just wanted to feel your tits and how soft they are
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who takes you to the beach as a first date just so he could see you in a bikini and sneak some pictures of you in said bikini.
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who actually genuinely likes you! not just for your body though, your body is just a bonus, he likes how innocent you are and how easily he could break you apart.. so cute so fragile..
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who puts his hand around your waist to guide you through crowded places, you think it's cute and how sweet and caring he is! it just gives you butterflies.. but he does that because he wants to feel you up and this is the best way to do so without making it seem weird.
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who steals your first kiss when you both have a sleepover, You're completely unaware as you're literally sleeping, oh [Y/N] how dumb can you be trusting someone so easily and letting your guard down so easily? you're really pathetic aren't you.. he'll have to make sure to protect you from other people, after all he has already marked you as his..
Pervert!Bachira Meguru who touches you everywhere, during said sleepover.. he even ends up leaving a hickey on your neck, which you're confused of when you wake up. but his excuse is "Must've been a bug, quite a big one at that! does it hurt? are you okay?" you really are a bimbo, because you believed every word he said, after all why would Meguru do that? he's your friend! he would never!!
When you both start dating, he can't keep his hands off of you, kissing you all over, touching you all over, because he's your boyfriend so why not? Pervert!Bachira Meguru, will have his way with you without you even realizing it
Lastly he gaslights you into having your first time with him, saying things like "I understand if you don't want me to be your first, I know I'm not deserving of it.. I really am not a good boyfriend or a good friend am I?.." Pervert!Bachira Meguru.. is a very good manipulator.. because otherwise you would have noticed all the off putting things he has done before you both started dating.. no normal friends do stuff like he used to do..
Tumblr media
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