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certifiedhitmaker · 2 months
Yandere Sae pt2
Pt 1
It was only a matter of time before you were captured. It was inevitable, one might even call it fate. But now that you’re finally his, there’s nothing in his way, not even you. He had his plan and executed it perfectly. You were endlessly and hopelessly trapped and no one could save you.
All those sleepless nights and absentminded thoughts. It was a miracle he didn’t lose his mind already. Constantly being bombarded with the thought of you. He could make a replica of you with just how much your image popped into his head. But he didn’t want a replica, nor would he ever be satisfied with just a mere replica.
It’s no use in worrying about all of that now though, it’s behind him. But..why are you pushing him away? And..why are you begging him to let you go? He cant set you free, you just got here. And after all you’ve done to him, torturing his thoughts and occupying every nook and cranny of his brain. You even captured his heart and took over his body. Yet you still have the nerve to ask this of him.
Why can’t you just suck it up and stop acting like a brat? He had to go through way worse and you’re acting like it’s the end of the world. Maybe he should tape your mouth shut until you learn how to act right hm? Maybe he should chain you up and leave you in the cellar so you can appreciate the beauty of his company. Maybe then will you start to accept his love.
He’ll starve you of all human contact for days, weeks, a month max. Don’t try to call him on a bluff, it will only end one way. You know which way. Escaping isn’t in option for you so from now on you’ll have to live your life abiding by his rules. His only rule is that you must open your heart up to him. You must reform your thoughts of hatred, change your entire mentality to please him. You must love him, all is well if you love him.
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tinymaru · 6 months
Tumblr media
I got Crunchyroll premium for this
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gh4ul · 17 days
pussy is quite literally the prettiest sight, but it feels even better. it’s soft. pillowy folds all wet, slick oozing from the center. the fat of your pussy lips feels good when he cups a hand over the mound.
and your clit, it’s all puffy and swollen, and throbbing. he hasn’t done a thing to it yet.
“how pretty, right?” he marvels as he rubs two fingers through your folds, slicking up your slit and gathering cream to your clit, the excess dribbling down the globes of your ass. “it’s messy. your pussy’s a mess.”
that has you closing your thighs and crossing your arms over your face, but he tuts at you, snaking his hand in the apex of your thighs to cup your cunt. “don’t be shy. it’s pretty.”
then he’s grinding his palm against it, the joints of his fingers getting all sticky and tacky with cum. he keeps grinding and grinding despite the noises of disapproval from you, despite the death grip of your thighs closed around his wrist, despite the squirm of your hips.
when you cum, thighs finally parting, he focuses his hand in an angle that digs the heel of his palm over your clit, then swipes it up. your pussy throbs and twitches. back arching, eyes rolled back, mouth agape in a silent scream, legs twitching, you squirt and squirt your release.
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earthtooz · 1 month
rin ACCIDENTALLY publicizing ur relationship bec mf got jealous as hell when ur face appeared in the kiss cam IN HIS GAME??????? WITH A RANDOM GUY AND WAS HE FUMING??? YOU AND I KNOW HE WAS THROWIN HANDS
thats all
I'M HEARING YOU OUT. warning for unrealistic scenario, i wrote this in like 20 minutes so it's unedited :p apologies for any mistakes.
imagine being rin's secret partner, the one he keeps behind closed doors because he values you too much to let the invasive eyes of the internet see. he values your relationship too much to let it get tarnished by social media, so he hides any affiliation with you like his life depends on it, only to come home and shower you with the adoration and affection he wishes he could show to the rest of the world.
in the spotlight, he is itoshi rin, japan's prized striker, their golden player, but when he's out of the spotlight, he is your lover. the man who drapes himself over you when things get too rough and he needs a breather. he is yours to cherish, where you have to change your phone wallpaper every other week because there's so many good photos of you two. he is yours to love, he is yours to go to when you feel too lonely, he is yours.
but also imagine, itoshi rin's jealousy and possessiveness no longer being able to rest at bay. it'd been accumulating for the past few weeks, this desire to show you off and boast that it's him who gets to know you like no other.
then the cup overfills, his jealousy tearing him by the seams that he loosely stitched together to withhold this carnal beast resting within him.
all because of a damn kiss cam.
you had been sitting in the vip section of the stadium- where special members are granted tickets, and even though you tell rin that it's fine for you to just sit in the general area, he refuses and tells you that he's bought you the ticket anyway. leaving you with no room for arguments. well. not that there was any to begin with.
anyways, you'd just so happen to sit next to someone who bought vip tickets with no affiliation with any blue lock members. you think he's just a die hard fan, so when he asks you if you like them, you lie and say that you won these tickets at a raffle.
the guy wasn't the most favourable person ever, in fact, you found yourself awkwardly responding to what he was saying, sometimes giving him short and succinct replies because of how... weird... he was. not to be disrespectful but you did not like his vibes. you just hope these 90 minutes can be over quickly.
yeah well, how funny is it that the kiss cam lands on you and the insufferable guy beside you?
you're mortified when you see it on the screen but the person beside you doesn't warrant the same reaction. immediately, he turns to face you, anticipation heavy on his features. in fact, he looks rather... excited...
"no, no, i have a boyfriend, i-" you begin abruptly as he leans in and you have no choice but to helplessly lean back, evading his lips and delaying it as much as you can. you even try rejecting him by frantically waving your hands, panicked and unsure of what to do.
until you hear him.
"back. the. fuck. off!" comes a shout from the pitch; the voice very familiar to your ears that you can't help but instantly relax from hearing it.
your seat was relatively close to the field which meant that those around you could hear the distinct voice of itoshi rin ripping through the air, fury evident and baring its fangs as he all but punches the barrier with each word.
however, everyone in the stadium could see itoshi rin as all cameras pan to him, witnessing his wrath as he shouts from the top of his voice. everyone around you is silent and you don't know whether you want to shrivel up into the ground or run to him and embrace him as tightly as you can. to find sanctuary in his warmth, away from the pushy guy who can't wrap his head around the idea that no means no.
itoshi rin decides for you, effortlessly jumping over the (considerably high???) barrier and making a beeline for you, skipping some stairs. thank goodness for a side seat because he comes to a stop before you, adrenaline still coursing through his veins as he looks at you with heated passion, huffing and puffing.
"rin?" you whisper. he doesn't hear it, looking up at the various stadium screens to see if the kiss cams were still on you. smirking in satisfaction when he realises they are, rin all but pulls you up from your seat and kisses you with so much intensity and fervour that you feel lightheaded. very much so.
the stadium is cheering but you can't focus on it, not when rin's holding you to him so closely, practically trying to meld you to him. not even trying to push him away is enough to snap him out of whatever primal instinct has taken over him, so you grab his face and jerk away from him, not wanting to get too carried away.
before you can utter a word, rin looks behind you, and the coldness in his expression says everything you need to know.
he doesn’t care about dignity at this point. he just needed the world to know that you were his.
"you're dead if you try that again, you lukewarm fuckface," he then turns to you. you shiver from the intensity of his gaze. "i'll kill him next time," he promises before hugging you close to him once again, practically glaring at the cameras. "i'll kill anyone who tries to get to close."
THANK YOU FOR THIS ANON would u believe me if i said i'd been waiting for an opportunity like this? well i'm speaking the truth and i'm so glad u gave me the opportunity i've been waiting for AYEEEEEEE COME BACK ANY TIME YOU ARE SO WELCOME ON THE EARTHTOOZ BLOG, PRETTY <33
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evercelle · 2 months
Tumblr media
the u-20 team and this field... will fall to the two of us!!
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garoujo · 1 month
✩ ˛˚ . WARM ME UP ; — cock-warming various blue lock boys.
Tumblr media
FEATURING: nagi seishiro, itoshi rin, itoshi sae, bachira meguru + mikage reo.
warnings: f!reader, cockwarming, all characters written 22+, a little teasing in some, slight somno in bachi’s [hes inside of u before ur asleep], slight body worship (?) in reo’s, sensitive boys mostly. note: my mind spiralled w nagi’s first so that’s why his is longer but i decided 2 make it into hcs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“fuck—ah, y’re g’nna make me die, quit feeling sooo good ‘ts no fair.” nagi murmurs from where he’s got you spread across his lap, resting on the edge of his bed with his cock buried in your sweet walls as he tries to beat his own high score on his game.
you’d gotten a little bored watching him, a little needy as you pressed yourself up against him and admired the way he’d bite on his lower lip as he concentrated, skilful fingers tapping at the buttons on his controller as small, low grunts of frustration fell from his parted lips.
but nagi had welcomed you so easily when you’d made your way into his lap, lifting up his arms to allow you to slide right in before he sent you a lidded, questioning look when he felt you pull at the waistband of his sweats. “huh? ‘m in a game right now, angel.”
“it’ll help you concentrate, sei.. promise.”
it’s doing anything but though, the snowy-haired striker underneath you realises with another needy, warm twitch of your walls around him. even just the press of your chest against his is driving him crazy, feeling you press kisses along his jawline when he whines from missing another shot — he can barely concentrate on anything but you.
“no fair.. you made me miss another headshot, pretty thing.” nagi grumbles as he presses his forehead against your shoulder, sighing while a tight, cute pout rests on his lips. but it’s almost like an apology, the sinful press of your hips against his as you push closer — just enough to knock the air out of him when you press his cock even deeper into you.
“hey, c-come on! angel, y’re playing dirty, wanna up my online ranking.” there’s an unsteady waver to his words that’s followed by the instinctive twitch of his hips into yours, like he’s chasing more of the friction you're teasing him with as he sighs.
“think of it as a boss fight, sei.. don’t wanna make it too easy.” your words are whispery and pretty as you pull back to trace your fingertip across the shape of nagi’s jawline — drawing his full attention as his head twists to look at you. hes starry eyed and dazed, flushed from his cheeks to his neck and you’re pretty sure the eye contact alone makes his cock twitch from where it’s pressed into you.
“eh, ‘ts no fair when you know all my weaknesses, pretty thing. gotta try somethin’ else, i guess.” it’s drawled, filthy the low tone his voice takes before he’s drawing closer to kiss you, whimpering against your lips before he’s forgetting the controller in favour of grabbing you instead.
the quick movements are followed by your back meeting the mattress as he presses you into the sheets with every deep, messy press of his lips. “sei! your game.” you gasp when your words urge his first real thrust into you, so deep and good that your toes curl from where they’re wrapped around his hips.
“eh, it’s fine.. ‘ll beat it later, f-fuck—wanna win this side quest first.”
Tumblr media
sae was tired from practice today, but you were feeling particularly needy and as much as his muscles ached — he still couldn’t help but use this opportunity to his advantage, especially when you were already palming at him just as he returned home.
“i’ve been at practice all day, know i’m tired. is this how you welcome me home?” he drawls from where he’s got you spread out against him — your back is resting against his chest as your head rolls back against his shoulder, thighs hooked over his own as his fingers circle your clit — unmoving even though his cock is already buried deep inside of you.
there’s a certain sharpness to sae’s tone that makes you twitch, shaking your head against him as your nails scratch along his forearm. you’re so desperate for him, for him to move and fuck you — it wouldn’t take much, not when he’s touching you just right, but it’s not enough — he knows that.
“just need you, sae. i, ah—missed you today..” your hips twitch above him, an obvious little plea as his cock brushes along the spongy spot inside of you but he’s too fast, sighing before his free hand is pressing your hips back tight against his.
"how much?" sae grunts with the sweet, frustrated whine that pushes past your lips as he grinds up into you - offering you an inch before he takes it from you completely, pressing a kiss against your shoulder after like hes trying to soothe you. "how much did you miss me, hm?"
the way he presses into your clit is deliberate, baring down harder on the puffy bud until you’re thighs are shaking and twitching, begging for him to hurry up and move. your lips part, head lolling back against his shoulder before he’s pressing another smeared kiss against your cheek, and sending you a sharp looks that’s urging you to hurry up and answer.
“so much, missed you so much! been waiting for you, sae.. wanted you here.” your voice breaks under the weight of your arousal but you swear you feel sae’s cock twitch at the sound. it’s followed by a low hum, like he’s considering your answer before his hand on your hip eases — finally letting you move with another slow roll of his own that presses his cock against the swollen, sweet spots inside of you.
“then take what you need, sweetheart. don’t keep me waiting.”
Tumblr media
it was impossible to move rin from his place on the couch when he’s examining team plays, his own most importantly — teeth gritting with concentration despite the way you’re pressed into his chest, palming at his body as his cock rests inside of your slick cunt.
but as good as it feels, finally having him buried in you like you asked, you’d rather he was moving — turning you to putty above him and fucking every single thought out of your mind that wasn’t him. so you decide to test the boundaries a little, shifting your hips deliberately until you feel his large palms squeeze at your hips and your boyfriend hiss from between his teeth.
“quit— fuck, quit it.” you almost shiver at the low, sharp tone rin’s voice takes but you can tell there’s no real irritation behind it when you notice the unsteady rise and fall of his chest. he’s just as wound up as you are, his brows crumbling as he tries to focus on the tv infront of him — nibbling on his lower lip to distract him from the warm squeeze of your walls.
“you said you wouldn’t move..” he grits, still refusing to meet your gaze despite the way every squeeze of your hands across his body makes his breathing hitch. you’ve got him so fucking wound up, he’s so lukewarm — so sensitive, he can’t even control himself for 10 fucking minutes.
“but i need you, rin. not my fault you feel so good.” rin can feel the back of his neck stinging with a flush when you smear a kiss along his jawline, making his fingers squeeze even tighter into your hips before he’s growling under his breath. but the way you purr when he readjusts himself beneath you, melting into him with a tiny, slight grind of his cock into you makes him feel fucking dizzy.
it’s fast, the way he’s suddenly readjusting his feet and beginning a pace that’s too quick, and if it wasn’t for his grip on you — you’d have bounced off of his lap completely. every wet smack of his hips is loud and clapping and driven by the pure determination to feel you creaming around him as he sends the game on the tv a lidded glare.
“can’t even control yourself—uggh, shit—you’ve got until the first half finishes to cum or ‘m stopping.. and you better—take all of it.”
Tumblr media
it had become sort of a routine at this point, bachira would come home from practice — wound up and so fucking hard before he was fucking you senseless, followed by him falling asleep pressed up against you while his cock still rested inside of your cunt.
you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t comfortable though and he knew exactly how to get you to accept, bathing you in wet presses of his lips and low chuckles. “jus’ wanna feel you round me, baby. m’kay? sleep sooo good like that, so warm.” you couldn’t deny him, not when you’re still coming down from the orgasm he’s dug out of you.
but now, you feel yourself wake up from your own nap — roused by the sudden movement behind you as you feel bachira’s chest press tighter against your back — followed by the sudden, deep press of his cock along the still swollen spots inside of you. “baby~ already so wet, should’a just woke me up if you wanted it, gotta take care of you.. m’kay?”
you’re not sure if it’s the sleep that still laces your body but you already feel like putty at his touch, he’s deliberately grazing his cock along the spots that crave him most — sending intoxicating little aftershocks through your body that have you gasping with every quick thrust.
bachira chuckles when your lips part to moan, followed by another loud, wet smack of his hips as his head rests against the back of your shoulder. “already so wet, baby. mhm.. you been dreaming ‘bout me? feels like you have~” he sings, whimpers when he feels you squeeze around him at the words but that only pushes him to go faster, deeper.
it’s hard to believe he was sleeping a moment ago with how well he’s working your body, palming and grabbing at your figure as moans fall from his lips — burying them into your skin as he smears kisses along your shoulders. every deep press of his cock is eased by the remnants of both your previous orgasms, squelching loudly as he pushes himself even deeper.
“awww~ i knew you wanted it, baby. mhm— ah! just gotta ask, can make you feel so good~ lemme take care of you, m’kay?”
Tumblr media
reo was obsessed with you, that much was obvious — although he’d spend his whole day proving it to you if he had to. every touch of his hands on your skin made you melt into him, he worked you with such precision but such a gentleness that you couldn’t help but seek out more.
but these moments specifically were some of your favourites, the ones when he’s pulled you onto his lap — onto his cock as his fingers leave featherlight touches along your skin as he looks up at you. it was intoxicating, to watch him appreciate every part of you, taking a slow, languid palmful of your breast as he loses himself in the mindless squeeze of your walls around him.
“does that feel good, bunny? yeah?” reo asks as his breathing cools the spit he’s left across your tits, giving you a lidded — dazed look until you’re nodding out a yes and he’s messily dragging his tongue along your nipple. you feel dizzy with how good it feels, every squeeze of his palm as he suckles at your nipples languidly, massaging and pinching at you as you try your best to keep your hips still.
but every lav of his tongue, every slow and mindless roll of it over your aching tits makes him twitch from where he’s buried in you but he’s too intoxicated, too enamoured by the way your walls squeeze with every swipe of his muscle against you.
“fuck, bunny. look so pretty, keep still for me. kay?” it almost hurts how tight your fingers are digging into reo’s shoulders with your sweet little uh huh, followed by another dreamy whimper as he suckles kisses from one breast to the next. his cheeks and chin are slick with his own spit from every sloppy press of his lips against you, and it feels so fucking good despite the way his cock still hasn’t moved inside of you.
a shaky sound breaks from his lips when you let your head roll back, your hands smoothing through his hair before the pull at the roots and he feels like he could fucking cum right there and then. you feel fucking boneless above him, melting with every greedy palm and press of his lips and hands.
“that’s it, bunny. wanna see how much you need me first.”
Tumblr media
© 2023 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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tatsumessy · 26 days
Bloody nose - { Rin, Sae, Nagi }
You get elbowed in the nose at their game.
Tumblr media
rin itoshi
you were sitting in the VIP section scrolling through your phone during a break not noticing the the couple arguing right next to you. apparently the kiss cam showed up and focused on the wrong couple so they were now arguing and the guy next to you was waving his arms around being obnoxiously loud when his hand knocked your phone out of your hands. you bent down to pick it up seeing the cracks on the phone and as you were coming back up his elbow came back and hit you square in your nose.
you fell back onto the ground holding your nose in pain. the man didn’t even realize what he did because he was so busy arguing with his girlfriend. thankfully the man that was sitting behind you yelled at the guy for hitting you which ended up with them two fighting each other. it was a big mess and to make it worse your nose started to bleed. the blood was dripping onto your clothes along with unwanted tears and before you could figure out what to do a pair of hands were cupping your face forcing you to look up.
before being forced to look at the sky you caught a glimpse of Rin. he had ran across the field after seeing you fall onto the ground. the cameraman was so nosey that the whole incident was being filmed on the big screens. “are you okay? y/n? speak to me.” his hand stayed pressed against your cheek while he used his sleeve to clean up the blood from your nose. “I-I’m okay.”
he let out a low sigh then focused his attention towards the man who elbowed you. everyone at that point had gotten quiet and we’re watching the two of you interact. as the medical team finally arrived he covered your ears even though you could still hear and spoke threatening words towards the man, “you hit my girlfriend you prick. if I would’ve gotten here sooner you’d be gone already.” he removed his hands and grabbed your arms leading towards the tunnel so that the medical team could check you out.
“i will be fine. go finish the game, I will be right here when you get back.” he kissed your cheek and ran back into the field to finish his game.
sae itoshi
the moment sae saw you get elbowed in the face seemingly for something you didn’t do he calmly jogged over towards you and climbed up the railings to get to you. he stood infront of you gently gripping the bottom of your chin to get a better look at your nose.
he turned towards the man who was standing protectively infront of his wife, the one who elbowed you. “get your dog before I get her for you. lay a finger on my girlfriend again I’ll make sure you two personally will never step foot in a soccer stadium ever again-” “sae…” he turned hearing your voice watching as you held the back of your hand up to your nose.
the blood was flowing and it wasn’t stopping anytime soon, he held onto your elbows while calling for the medical team to come and check you out. his gaze lingered back to you and he just felt horrible for what happened. you rarely get the chance to come to his games and when you do you end up getting hurt.
when the medics finally arrived he kissed your forehead and shot the husband a nasty glare one last time before returning back to the field to finish his game. make no mistake though, the couple were banned from EVERY stadium in the country. he never told you because you’d be upset with him, he was just worried is all.
nagi seishiro
nagi had never moved to fast in his life and at a quick pace too. jumping over the railings he bent down onto his knees holding the tissue you had up to your nose watching your blood soak the napkin because of your injury. “where did they go?” looking up the two that were occupying the seats next to you were long gone and the only thing you were focused on was your painfully bleeding nose.
his hand rubbed along your back to calm you down while pressing soothing kisses on your head. he could feel your body shaking because of how scared you were. you suddenly got elbowed out of nowhere and because of your laid back non violent personality he knew you were on the verge of breaking down.
he was pissed, really pissed but he wasn’t going to show it because he knew you needed him right now. and this was your first time watching him play too.
nagi did not go back to his game, they still won without him but if anything you were more important. the two of you sat down in the seats as he had his arms wrapped around you and forced you to lean your head back so that no more blood would come out.
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yorukia · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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escapenightmare · 1 month
soft n pouty bf nagi <3
Tumblr media
"you forgot something," nagi mumbles from behind you.
"what?" you ask him as he wraps his arms around your waist from the back, resting his chin on your shoulder. he had stopped you at the door a second before you were about to leave, telling you that you had forgotten something. "what is it?"
he holds out a book in front of your face, "book."
"oh shit," you quickly stuff it in your bag, escaping from his lingering touch. "thanks sei."
"you forgot something else too."
his drowsy voice makes you stop again and let go of the doorknob, groaning. "what now?"
"bro." you deadpan, turning around to face him and his little unconscious pout. you quickly press your lips to his, "okay?"
"that wasn't meaningful," he narrows his eyes at you, looking sleepy even though he'd been awake for an hour already. his hair was all messed up, more than it usually was, sticking out in all ends and looking all soft and fluffy, just like him.
"sei," you groan again and kiss him once more, making it last longer than the previous one. "happy?"
"no," he lightly huffs, his hand reaching out and grabbing yours with a more defined pout.
you narrow your eyes at him the way he did at you earlier. "why?"
"’don't want you to leave," he said softly, pulling you to him with your hand and wrapping his arms around you once again.
"but i have to go, sei," you tell him, lifting your hand to stroke his hair.
"why?" you could literally picture him stomping his feet like a child. "return the book tomorrow?" he suggests.
"the due date's today," your hand is still stroking his hair and he leans into your touch, face relaxing and eyes closing.
when he speaks again it's almost in a whisper, "just for a little while?"
you think about it. if you stayed for even just five more minutes, you'd be smothered with affection and attention, pulled onto the couch for cuddles, probably get so caught up in the moment that you'd forget you had to leave in the first place.
or, you could leave right now and come home to a poutier and more affection-seeking, drunk on not having your love seishiro.
"...?" even his silence looks like he's asking you a question.
"what?" you reluctantly ask.
"don't go," he says, voice drowsy and as soft as could be. "just for a little. ’swear." a pause before he adds, "please."
your heart almost shatters at how broken he sounded, and you let him know your answer by wrapping your arms around him in a hug. "okay. but only for a little."
he eagerly nods, tugging you to the couch and sitting down before pulling you on top of him, hugging you close to his chest. you could hear his steady heartbeat as he looked down at you with nothing but pure love in his eyes.
"so," you start, maintaining eye contact. "what's wrong?"
his long legs tangle with yours and he seems to hesitate before he answers, voice as gentle as it was before. "just missed you."
"hm?" you brush a few locks of his hair away from his forehead and look down at him. "we were together the whole day yesterday."
"i know," he replies, hand on your back and thumb tracing random shapes that you could feel through your shirt.
a circle.. a six... an eight.. a square...
nagi lets out a soft and content exhale. "i like it when it's like this." his eyes sparkle a little and his lips curl up in a small smile. "when it's just the two of us."
you snuggle closer to him, letting him lean his forehead on your shoulder as he hugged you tighter. "me too, sei."
unsurprisingly, you fall asleep, wrapped up in nagi's arms and warm and comfortable hoodie.
only for a little while my ass, you thought when you woke up again.
he's setting a mug containing your favorite drink down on the coffee table in front of you.
your eyes immediately wander to the window and you sigh, it was dark outside.
the library was closed now.
"here," your boyfriend hands you a book, sitting down next to you and cuddling up to you.
your eyebrows furrow, it was a book in your reading list.
"i went and returned the book for you," nagi says. "and got that."
you brighten up with a grin, "thanks, sei." your hand moves up to pat his head a few times and he pouted when you put your hand down.
there's no words exchanged as he curls up to you, and you wonder how someone could be as cute as he was in this moment; hair messed up more than ever, eyes sleepy and half closed again, drowning in an oversized hoodie and lips forming a tiny 'o' shape because of.... well, you had no idea.
you bring your free hand up to his cheek and smile. his hand comes up to hold yours as he nuzzles into your palm, eyes affectionate and loving, pout no longer visible on his face.
"i love you," he mumbles, leaning down and slowly kissing the corner of your lips. "a lot."
you gently smile, "i love you too."
nagi pokes the book in your hand, "read to me?"
Tumblr media
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officialmiintee · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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certifiedhitmaker · 11 months
Noel Noa
This man has a monster cock (very girthy mm)
He’s like a sex machine
ONLY hits it raw
Sex is a form of stress relief for him - (you cant tell me this man isn’t stressed he literally has to deal with Michael Kaiser 25/8)
Dominates the bedroom
I picture him being the type that would fuck you in front of his teammates just to let them know you’re his
He likes to manhandle you it boosts his ego (which i’m sure is already big enough)
He’d probably be open to anything if you begged him hard enough
Brat tamer (sorry I don’t make the rules)
Probably prefers to be called master or sir rather than daddy
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kaiijo · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: isagi yoichi, bachira meguru, kunigami rensuke, nagi seishiro, chigiri hyoma, rin itoshi, barou shouei content: gn! reader, kind of but not really suggestive content notes: a new day, a new way for me to simp for the blue lock boys
Tumblr media
⋆。° isagi yoichi
his intense eye contact has you feeling hot all over. like when you’re talking or doing something that demands attention from him, isagi is focused. only. on. you. literally nothing can break his eye contact
not only is his stare (he’s got pretty eyes!!) but it’s also because it shows that he’s attentive and listening and actually actively engaging with whatever you’re doing or saying and there’s nothing more attractive than that
⋆。° bachira meguru
he has a habit of poking his tongue into his inner cheek when he’s focused on something or when he’s revved up and ready to go, he runs his tongue over the bottom of his front teeth
it’s just whenever he really does anything with his tongue and it has you contemplating whether or not it’s an appropriate time to pull him away from whatever activity he’s doing  
⋆。° kunigami rensuke
he pulls your chair closer to his. like if he thinks you’re too far away or he can’t hear you, he’s grabbing the leg of your chair that’s closest to him and dragging you over, draping his arm over the back of the chair
it makes your face burst into flames every time, especially when he gives you a satisfied smile and smirk and tells you to continue on doing whatever you were doing or saying
⋆。° nagi seishiro
he leans one arm against the doorway or leans on the top of the doorway with his hands. because nagi’s so tall, it’s just a reflex to lean his weight towards the top of doorways
it’s the nonchalance of the action that gets you. you’ll just be talking to him and he’ll do this and it’s so effortlessly cool and casual, and coupled with his heavy-lidded, constantly sleepy stare and a tilt of his head, it all has your heart skipping beats
⋆。° chigiri hyoma
when he’s holding you anywhere (hand, waist, etc) he likes to draw shapes and patterns on your skin. like, you two will be sitting across from each other at a restaurant or something and holding hands and as he listens to you, he’s tracing random swirls on the back of your hand with his thumb or when he’s got his arm around your waist, he’s doing the same on your hip
it’s the delicate, elegant motions of his fingers and the lingering heat that has your own face warming rapidly and it doubles as something that you find hot as well as something that’s soothing to you as well
⋆。° rin itoshi
he wears a tight black t-shirt and a pair of gray sweatpants. that’s it, that’s the tweet.
you’ve seen him in a number of form-fitting ensembles but in this one you can definitely see all the planes and angles of his muscular body and he looks so cuddly and boyfriend-y at the same time. it takes everything in you not to jump him when he wears this combo, especially in the morning when his hair’s a mess and his voice is hoarse from sleep
⋆。° barou shouei
it’s the typical resting his arm on the headrest of your car seat and backing the car up. you thank every higher power around whenever he has to reverse park because you get to watch him do it a lot
it’s a universal phenomenon of hotness that you’re not even sure why it attracts you (maybe it’s the way you can see the impression of a vein in his neck or the sharp angle of his jaw or it’s just the confidence he does it with) but there’s something about it that sends butterflies flitting in your stomach
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piichuu · 17 days
ft. isagi yoichi, kunigami rensuke, nagi seishiro, mikage reo, itoshi rin
if you don’t know what this trend is, it’s basically this <3
Tumblr media
you’re getting ready to leave for a date with your boyfriend. he’s sitting on the edge of the bed, watching intently as you apply makeup to your face, to be specific, you’re drawing your lips red with the help of a lipstick.
isagi looks at you with wide eyes and suddenly gets up from the bed to walk over to you, kissing the crown of your head before catching eye content with you through the mirror. “have you seen that one trend on tik tok, you know with the lipstick?” he rubs your shoulders and watch as a smile begins to form on your now red lips.
you tilt your head back to get a better look at him and nod. “mhm, do you want to do it?” you ask and reach your hand up to his warm cheek. “yeah, want to make sure everyone knows i’m yours. also want your kisses,” he mumbles those last words and tries to hide the blush suddenly creeping up on his cheeks.
you get up from the chair you were previously sitting in and cup his cheeks, looking right into his smiling eyes. without saying anything, you begin to press your lips to every single space of his face. his cheeks, the bridge and tip of his nose, his forehead, jaw, chin, temple and lastly his lips, painting them red. “all done,” you mumble while pulling away, but isagi pulls you back for more of your lips. he sighs contently against your them and moves his hands down to your waist.
“yoichi,” you giggle against his lips and once again pull away, now seeing the amount of red covering his face. there’s marks from your lips and an even wider smile than before pulls at the corners of them. they have lost the previous color they wore, all because of isagi’s idea. “okay, let’s sit here, you can film it on your tik tok,” he leads you towards the bed and pulls you onto his lap so the two of you will be closer to each other.
you pull out your phone from your pocket and click on the correct app. isagi wraps his arms around your waist as you search for the right sound to use for this specific trend. you then grab your lipstick once again to apply it just as you begin to record the video. you intentionally get some under your lower lip and isagi quickly reaches his hand out to get it off. then, you turn the phone towards him and he looks at you with such a loving look you could almost melt right then and there.
as soon as the video recording ends, he leans in to kiss your lips. it’s just a quick peck, but his lips are completely smudged and messed up after the few kisses you’ve already shared. “i’ll never hear the end of this from my teammates,” he sighs and he’s absolutely right, it only takes ten minutes after posting it and his friends are already commenting about him being whipped.
“rensuke,” you sing while walking into living room where your boyfriend is sitting on the couch with his eyes closed. “right here, sweetheart,” he opens his eyes and opens his arms for you to warm yourself in his embrace.
you crawl into his lap and wrap your arms around his neck, flashing him a smile. “there’s this trend i’ve seen on tik tok and i really want to do it with you,” you say and kunigami tilts his head to the side, raising his eyebrows. “hm? what trend are you talking about? if i have to dance i won’t do it.”
he watches you switch your phone on and how you begin to scroll a little on tik tok. you then find the perfect video and show him what you’re supposed to be doing. he looks at it a few times before looking at you and chuckling. “you know how bullied i’ll get if i do this right?” you groan and cup his cheeks with a serious look on your face. “but we don’t have to post it publicly. i really want to do it with you, you’ll look so pretty,” you try your best to persuade him and fortunately, he’d do anything to hear you call him that again.
“fine,” he hums and you squeal, running out of the living room to grab your lipstick and take it back to him. he can’t help smiling at the sight of you being this excited over something that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it only makes him fall in love with you even more. “okay, i’ll need to kiss you first before we start recording.”
kunigami allows you to kiss every single part of his face, marking him with your red lips and if only his friends would see him now, they’d most likely wonder who this man really is. he can’t stop smiling at the feeling of you sitting in his lap, peppering him with kisses as if it’s the last day of living. “you look so pretty,” you say before pecking his lips.
he then decides it’s his turn to place kisses to your cheek while you search for the right sound to record the video, he only pulls away a little when you begin to record. this was most likely the best idea you could ever have come up with as kunigami rensuke won’t leave your side for the rest of the evening just so he can have more of your red lips pressing against his warm face.
“look sei” you show him the recent tik tok you found and he rips his eyes off his own phone to see what there is you want him to see. it’s a simple video of a girl “accidentally” getting some lipstick on her chin and her boyfriend wiping it off while being covered in red lipstick.
“can we please do this? it looked really cute,” he puts his phone to the side and leans further into the pillow beneath the back of his head. “sure, if you give me a lot of kisses. i was almost about to reach one of the most difficult bosses in this one game,” nagi puts his hands on your thighs as you straddle his lap while also applying lipstick to your lips.
he closes his eyes as soon as you lean down so your lips can freely move around his face, pressing kisses all over it. his hands go limp at the warm and comforting feeling, and a smile pull at his lips whenever you get close to them. “want them here too,” he points right where you haven’t kissed him yet and you roll your eyes but lean down to kiss his lips.
nagi hums when they move against yours and his hands now find a new place in your hair so you won’t pull away too quickly, but when you eventually do, he allows it to happen. “alright, move over, i need to lay down beside you,” you climb off his lap and begin to push him to the side. he whines but shuffles a little bit to the side so you can lay down right next to him.
butterflies immediately fill his stomach at the sight of you smiling as wide as you are after covering him with your red lipstick. he watches you record yourself and is quick to follow through with the rest of the recording. as soon as you stop filming, he smiles, looking straight into your eyes before nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. “you’re so cute,” you giggle before closing your eyes and wrapping your arms around him.
“what’s got you smiling so much, hm?” your boyfriend peeks over your shoulder as you’re leaning back against his chest. even from behind you, he can see the wide and clear smile prettily painting your face. he kisses your cheek and looks at your phone where the first thing he sees is a boy with red lipstick all over his face.
he looks at you with a smile of his own now playing at his lips and tilts his head to the side, waiting for you to turn your head to look at him. “do you want me to look like that?” he asks and you play the video all over again so he can see if from the beginning. “you need to see the whole thing, but yes i want to do it, it looks cute.”
reo finishes watching the video and kisses your clothed shoulder. “alright, go get that lipstick and cover me in it, baby,” your cheeks immediately begin to heat up by hearing his words and voice. mikage’s gaze follows you until you’re in your bedroom, looking for the reddest lipstick for this occasion. you’re quickly back and sit down beside him before painting your lips red and covering him with it.
he chuckles as you don’t leave a single feature untouched and when you’re all done and press one last kiss to his lips, he wraps an arm around your waist and lays his head on your shoulder. meanwhile, you open your phone and prepare to record the video he’ll most likely make you post for everyone to see, only so they’ll know he doesn’t love anyone else but you.
you begin to record and do exactly what others have done in the other videos. reo wipes the lipstick away and looks at you before looking towards the phone with a lovesick smile on his face. you end the video and show him how it turned out. “you look really pretty like that,” you tell him before leaning further into his embrace. “and you look really pretty with that beautiful smile on your face,” he says, pulling you in for a soft and sweet kiss.
“no, i’m not doing that lipstick trend.”
you look down at him as he has his head in your lap. the two of you are watching the tik toks that’s popping up on his for you page and as soon as you saw one video based of the recent lipstick trend going around, you got an idea. unfortunately, rin isn’t too keen on making tik toks with you, no matter how many times you ask.
he keeps scrolling, but the thought of him being covered in lipstick and having marks of your lips on his face does warm your heart and fill your stomach with butterflies. “we don’t have to post it anywhere, i just want to try it out,” you begin to comb your fingers through his hair in case it’ll make it easier to persuade him. he does close his eyes and seem to think about it for a second before opening his mouth to once again speak.
“fine, but i’ll clean it off as soon as you’re done filming,” he sighs and looks up towards you who can’t stop smiling after talking him into it after only five minutes. “stop looking so proud, i can always take it back,” rin slowly begins to sit up while you grab the lipstick and cover your lips in it. he doesn’t even have the time to react before you pepper his whole face with kisses.
his eyes flutter shut as soon as you reach his lips and leave a lingering kiss there. when you’re done covering his face with kisses and lipstick, you pull away and clap your hands in excitement. “it looks so cute on you,” you say and he rolls his eyes before sitting down beside you so it’ll be easier to record the video.
you begin to record and when he reaches out to wipe the lipstick off your chin, there’s a light blush on his cheeks. it’s almost not noticeable, but when you turn the phone towards him and keep your eyes on his face, it becomes more evident than ever. they grow even more red when he locks eyes with you, but he quickly looks away and you finish recording.
rin peeks down at your phone and watches the video the two of you just made together. he can clearly see his own blushing cheeks, but he can also see the smile playing at your lips and that’s when he accepts that this might have been a good idea. “you can post it if you want,” he mutters and crosses his arms, but quickly opens them up again as you fall into his embrace.
“really?” you look up at him with wide eyes and he nods, not saying anything else until you ask him yet another question. “do you want to help me clean it off? i have makeup remover in the-“ “no, not yet,” he mumbles, wrapping his arms around your waist and closing his eyes, trying to ignore the loving look you give him. you might just be the death of him.
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earthtooz · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
x : NO FEAR :*+゚ i wanna love you with no fear !
in which: itoshi rin rejected you, so why isn't he handling your avoidance well?
warnings: 5k wc, fluff with minor angst, jealous!rin, food cw, swearing, reo is reader's best friend, COLLEGE!AU, gn!reader, non-canon complaint
a/n: happy valentine's day !!! shoutout to @ryekoo for finally giving me inspo on what to do for the rin fic of my event - u rly saved my life &lt;3
Tumblr media
you:i’m going to end you. <reo3: i’m too pretty to die ._. you: and you told me i was too pretty for itoshi rin to reject!?!?!?! <reo3: oh... <reo3: i’m sorry. <reo3: condolences fr.
with a disappointed sigh, you pocket your phone, decidedly ignoring the next few messages that reo sends as you wait for your bus. he owes you a million yen for the amount of grief and distress he’s currently putting you through, especially with the way he shattered all hopes you had with your love life.
well, hopes that you were stupid enough to feed into because this was itoshi rin you’re talking about; possibly the most standoffish, calculated, and devastatingly gorgeous man you’ve ever met in your life. yet, despite his detestable personality, you still found yourself falling hook, line, and sinker for the man, despite his insults, cold comments, and dismissive attitude.
maybe it’s masochism. 
now that you look back on it, rin’s rejection seemed almost inevitable. even if you lead yourself to hope with all the times you caught him staring at you, the prompt replies to your messages, and willingness to somewhat tolerate you during group projects, it was rather obvious that this would be the outcome to your heartfelt confession. 
‘i don’t see you like that’.
it’s cringeworthy simply thinking about it. now you’re going to have another memory that’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.
recalling the expression he made after your confession; eyebrows scrunched and lips tugged into a slight frown, was traumatising enough for you to wish for the ground to swallow you whole. his face will plague you for an uncertain amount of time because today truly, was so very humbling.
the sight of your bus approaching your stop rouses you from the crevices of your thoughts and after you jump on and settle yourself into a seat in the relatively empty carriage, you bring your phone out to text reo again. he’d sent four messages since.
&lt;reo3: this doesn’t make any sense we all thought rin was into you &lt;reo3: like DOWN BAD into you<reo3: everyone on the team has literally made bets on you two <reo3: i’m sorry :c r u okay?  you: yeah. just gotta take the L and move on you: hey at least i’m free for valentines <reo3: LET’S GOOO we’re definitely doing something <reo3: i’ll be a better valentines than r*n you: you’re sexier too babes xoxo <reo3: duh!
maybe you’ll let reo see another day. 
── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
your university schedule was never the same after the ‘itoshi rin’ fiasco.
it was never an amazing schedule to begin with since a few classes were quite inconvenient, and there’s only so much to enjoy out of your seminars. the fun part about them was being able to sit beside rin and talk to him whenever you could without getting waved off, but since his heartless decline of your feelings, acting ‘buddy-buddy’ wouldn’t be acceptable. so you resorted to sit by yourself in a section of the space you’ve never really occupied before, busying yourself on your phone as students walked in to class.
despite the temptation to look at the door to see when rin would come in, you do not budge one bit, eyes glued to your phone screen (which had nothing entertaining on it). this meant that you couldn’t see the confusion on his face when he didn’t see you in your normal spot and how it merged further into a look of offence when he instead spots you across the room.
reluctantly taking his usual seat, rin’s gaze lingers on you, hoping to meet your eyes at least once. but upon your insistence to pretend your phone was more important than him, he sits down, practically flopping onto his chair with his backpack cushioning his fall. 
sitting here feels a little empty. rin can’t help but think how it used to be much better when you insisted on being next to him.
── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ── 
&lt;;reo3: you can come now rin isn’t here yet
you: kk b there soon
the trek across campus towards the university’s soccer field, although long, is harmless enough, especially since you were doing a favour for your best friend by bringing the soccer guards and water bottle that he left at your dorm. the harmful part was the looming threat of itoshi rin’s presence and your fear that you would encounter him on your way. 
all you needed to do was drop in quickly and leave. 
when you get to the field, nagi’s the one who sees you first from where he was lounging on the bleaches, changed in his soccer gear. 
“oh, y/n,” he mumbles, sitting up. “hello.”
“hey nagi. are you trying to nap before practice or something?” you ask.
“won’t that drain you though before practice starts? you’ve got like… five minutes.”
“still classified as a power nap. wanna collect a power up before startin’.”
amusing as ever, he is. “sure. hey, you know where reo is?”
“he’s changed, probably warming up with isagi and bachira and whoever else.”
“shouldn’t you be doing that too?”
“not until reo forces me to.”
as if on cue, a friendly and very familiar voice calls out nagi’s name and you’re delighted to see the purple-haired in question. you can finally give him his stupid stuff back; the ones you’ve been holding in your hands this entire time like an idiot.
“come on nagi!” reo exclaims, jogging over. a smile appears on his face when he sees you. “yo! y/n! thanks for bringing my things.”
“‘s not a problem. next time i’ll burn them so don’t leave them again,” you counter as the purple-haired takes his things from you with an eye roll. “i filled up your water bottle for you.” 
he places his things down before sitting beside nagi to put his guards on. “so considerate even whilst terrorising me.”
“of course.”
“seriously though, thank you for bringing my things.”
“not a problem. i’m gonna head back to my dorm to study so i’ll see you later. bye reo, bye nagi,” you wave at the two, fixing your backpack strap before turning around to leave the field, only to bump face-first into someone.
the apology that surfaces on your tongue quickly withers away when you lock eyes with a pair of steely, teal ones, partially hidden by strands of dark hair. he looks at you like he has something to say.
but you’re not ready to hear it. 
“uh, hi rin! gotta go!” you squeak before stepping to the side and running away, leaving rin to stare in bewilderment after you.
part of him has the urge to run after you. 
── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
<reo3: isagi’s invited a bunch of us to the on campus screening of spirited away
<reo3: wanna come?
you: ykw why not
you: not like i have essays to write
if you knew that this would lead you to be seated (uncomfortably) between reo and isagi, who acted as the only barrier between you and an-unnamed-man (rin), then perhaps you would’ve dedicated yourself to your essay rather than a fun opportunity to hang out with your friends. 
1500 words sounds better than having to pretend like there wasn’t an icy cold stare penetrating the back of your head every time you turned to talk to reo, or isagi trying to keep his interactions up with rin so the latter wouldn’t try to talk to you.
you owe isagi a vending machine drink after this because a ‘thank you’ will never suffice. 
it’s easy enough to forget about rin when the movie plays and isagi begins whispering little pieces of commentary to you from time to time, eliciting giggles from you that you try to suppress to not annoy those around you. however, each sound that slipped past your lips was enough to make the dark-haired boy scrunch his face in disgust, an ugly, green monster climbing up his throat when he catches a glimpse of how happy you seemed with someone that wasn’t him. it kills him to see how easily it is for you to just ignore him like your friendship never existed.
since the campus movie was scheduled during a cool but bearable, autumn dusk, you severely underestimated how cold the night would get. heating wasn’t the best in the gymnasium so the committee had instructed everyone to bring their own blankets and warm covers, yet in your haste, you couldn’t bring adequate layers.
so after a while of trying to warm yourself up and convincing yourself that you were warm enough with a measly sweatshirt, rin notices from the corner of his eye how you kept rubbing your arms. 
he doesn’t hesitate to take off the fleece jacket that he was wearing over his university jumper. sure, it will be significantly colder without his outer layer, but rin’s willing to suffer as long as you were okay (when has he ever been this considerate?), except he stops when he sees nagi handing you his very oversized jumper. you accept it with a gracious smile and the white-haired boy merely shrugs before going back to watching the film. rin, on the other hand, feels a cauldron of rage brewing within him.
the sight makes his chest twist, wringing him dry as he stares dejectedly at how snug you seem in someone else’s clothes. the green monster inside of rin bubbles in contempt, a being that makes him want to rip the hoodie off you and replace it with his own for you to wrap yourself up in. he wants you to be content with him- happy because of him, not because of another.
you confessed to him only two weeks ago- barely even two weeks ago, so how could you so easily forget about him and move on? pretend like his rejection didn’t shatter you and him when he saw a devastation like no other on your pretty face?
rin doesn’t know how much longer he can live like this. 
── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
the following tuesday, you’re already seated in your new spot for your seminar, busy setting up your laptop in preparation when rin walks in. you see him from the corner of your eye, backpack slung around his shoulder, hands tucked unassumingly in his pockets as all 185cm of him saunters towards the seats. however, when you notice that he bypasses his normal spot and walks even further out of your peripheral vision, alarms blare deafeningly in your head.
you freeze when you hear someone take the seat behind you.
there’s a hard gaze on the back of your head, one that roots you to your spot and wills you not to turn around.
sneaking out your phone from your bag, you hide it so that rin can’t see it from his angle. 
you: terrible start to valentines day smh
<reo3: WHAT!??!!???!???! fr.
<reo3: maybe *don’t* do that???? 
you: CRY???????????? IDFK???????????
you: oh fuck class is about to start
you: i’ll let you know if anything happens
<reo3: STAY SAFE 
you tuck your phone away with fear and dread looming over you, personified through the form of itoshi rin, who sits so indifferently behind you, head propped on his hand. you hear his pen click behind you and you don’t even need to see him to know that he’s taking out that stupid notebook of his since he preferred to take notes by hand. you want to turn around and rip said book into shreds.
as the professor starts the class, you try your best to shake rin out of your thoughts, wanting to leave him behind in the depths of your mind so you can concentrate on this damn elective. none of the notes you were typing onto your document made sense and it felt like everything the professor was saying went in one ear then out the other. curse rin for having this effect on you. 
at least you get to gossip with reo after this.
though your seminar was only 60 minutes, it might as well have been 60 years because of how significantly older you feel at the end of it. the weight of rin’s stare was heavy on your shoulders when you hurriedly grab your things and make a dash for the exit.
well. you try to make a dash for the exit because somehow, rin gained the ability to teleport and beat you there, grabbing your wrist unceremoniously before pulling you into the hallways. you fumble with your phone, hurriedly texting reo.
<reo3: WHAT’S HAPPENING?????
“hey!” you exclaim, helplessly being pulled by rin’s long strides, shutting your phone off as you try to match his eagerness. he could at least be a little more considerate and lighten up that grip of his on your wrist. “rin- what? where are we going?”
“you’ll see,” he responds gruffly.
your mind blanks despite the hurricane of questions that circulate your mind. how did you get here? is the delirium finally hitting you after countless sleepless nights? you stayed up until 2am last night to make valentine’s chocolates for your friends so maybe it’s the sugar and the sleep deprivation. 
as rin pulls you through the hallways, you think about how weird it is to allow him this close to you again- well, you didn’t exactly allow him, he kind of just… invaded your personal space. but after a whole week of not talking to him, responding dryly to his texts, avoiding your regular hangout spots, and overall pretending like he doesn’t exist, being exposed to his intimidating presence once more is… exhilarating? unreal? 
“wait, can we stop for a second?” you demand, breaking out of your funk when you step outside as if the harshness of the sun’s rays woke you up. “i’m so confused right now. where are we going?”
“we’re going to have lunch together at that café you’ve been wanting to try out,” he tells you with a serious expression, not breaking his usual aloof and stern personality. 
rin doesn’t give mixed messages: no, he gives messages that have completely been lost, fallen astray somewhere along the path of communication.
shifting your weight between your feet awkwardly, you tell him: “well, i kinda had valentine’s plans.”
his mask of coolness and uninterest cracks, exposing all the emotions he’s been withholding from surfacing for the past weeks; jealousy, envy, greed, they all manifest through the helpless scrunch of his face. “with who?” asks rin, tone a lot harsher than he had intended, matching the crease of his eyebrows and the frown he was wearing.
it’s the green monster in him talking.
if you were going out with someone else, someone new, rin’s not too sure what he’d do. determination and pettiness can only take a man so far before his resolve cracks and you have the power to crush his heart with a single stomp, extinguishing his flames in one, swift sweep. 
“with reo,” you confess. the dark-haired relaxes again, his face returning to a neutral expression.
“okay. ditch him then.” his audacity is baffling.
“i can’t just do that!” 
“why not?”
“cause that’s a shitty thing to do!” you say, before murmuring under your breath, “not that you’d know the first thing about being polite.” 
“i don’t care, it’s reo, you two hang out everyday. tell him to give me a turn.”
“you’re a horrible person, rin,” you murmur, ignoring the butterflies that erupt in your stomach.
he doesn’t say anything in retaliation, merely eyeing you expectantly, waiting for your next step. huffing, you reluctantly take out your phone as a sign of surrender under his suffocating pressure, muttering complaints under your breath as you find reo’s contact - literally your most recent one, to send him a quick message. almost instantly, your best friend responds with a thumbs up paired with a smirk and you almost want to block him then and there. 
“perfect,” rin goes to grab your hand again but you retract from him just in time. when you look up to meet his gaze once more, you see his unimpressed expression whilst he keeps his palm extended towards you expectantly.
“i don’t need your help walking places,” you grumble, not liking how fast your heart was racing.
he gestures to his open palm once more. “i know.”
after a moment of silence, you give in, hesitantly placing your hand in his. with a small grin, rin intertwines your fingers before pulling you to his side. without another word, he begins walking, leaving you to merely follow the brutally fast pace he’s set.
you must’ve looked ridiculous to other people. being dragged around by an 185 cm man, how humbling.
the place rin led you to was not too far from campus; a totally manageable distance for the two of you to remain in silence during the walk. you try to bypass the awkwardness of it all by focusing on other things, like how warm rin’s hand is and how you hope he doesn’t mind your sweaty hands. he seems to be content from what you’ve observed, happily walking beside you whilst sparing a few occasional glances over; ones that you pretend you don’t see whilst admiring the cityscape around you.
there are various valentine’s decorations hung up around the insides of the cafe that made you cringe slightly. although they were very cute, you feel humiliation climbing up your throat, serving as a reminder that you were currently spending a day of love and romance, or whatever, standing beside the very man who rejected you. 
this is the cruellest version of a sick joke.
“welcome!” a cheery voice greets, breaking you out of your thoughts. “table for two?” rin nods. “perfect! are you here for valentine’s day because couples get access to a special menu on top of our regular one.” 
when you open your mouth to reject her offer, rin beats you to it. “we’ll take the valentine’s menu.”
“okay, right this way,” the waitress guides you to an empty table for two that was right by the corner. the atmosphere of the place was cozy with various candles and statement pieces to really bring it together, but you have no time or brain space to appreciate the aesthetic of the café. 
it’s not until the waitress leaves that you speak up, utterly confused. “why’d you get the valentine’s menu, we-”
realisation hits you like a truck. 
“-are we on a date right now?”
rin’s unmoving, save for the purse of his lips as he stares at you. you feel a little foolish right now.
“yeah, we are,” he answers, curtly and concisely.
alarms are blaring in your head, the earth is tremoring below you, there are distant screams somewhere in the back of your mind and all you can manage out is a simple ‘oh’. 
“get what you want, i’ll-” rin begins before you abruptly cut him off.
“-no, hold on, i’m so confused right now,” you rub your temples, staring at the stupid valentine’s day menu decorated with pink and hearts and chocolates. “why?”
“why what?”
“why are we on a date?”
“because it’s valentine’s day?”
“well- i know that part,” you murmur under your breath. “it’s just, y’know, people celebrate this day when they like each other.” and not when one party is miserable because the other rejected them. 
“we do like each other though.”
there are no words to describe the shock you feel. really. not even an anvil dropping on your head could wake you up from whatever dream you are conjuring right now. 
“no, we don’t! i like you, you don’t like me.”
he looks away, the tips of his ears turning red. “that’s not true,” he murmurs, no louder than a whisper, yet your jaw drops all the same at his confession. “i do like you.”
“a week ago you didn’t!” 
“a week ago i wasn’t ready to get into a… relationship… or whatever.”
“oh,” you fix the strap of your bag, feeling slightly awkward. “and you’re ready now all of a sudden?”
“i don’t believe you.”
“the fuck? why?” 
“you don’t really seem like the type of guy to turn around on yourself like this. what changed?”
rin won’t ever tell you about how much he missed you during these two weeks and how it was his jealousy and greediness that spurred him to act on his feelings. instead, he simply slides the menu to you, pointing to a milkshake-‘lover’s brew’, and since the menu was decorated with pictures on the side, you could see what the concoction consisted of. whipped cream, heart sprinkles, topped with a caramel heart and fairy floss. 
“the milkshake?” you ask, trailing off towards the end. “you hate sweet things and this especially looks like it could give you diabetes.”
the dark-haired shrugs. “so? i thought you’d like it.” 
“sure, but it is kinda pricey for a milkshake.”
he shrugs again, putting his elbows on the table which causes his sleeves of his turtleneck to roll down a little, exposing the shiny silver of his, no doubt expensive, watch. “i’ll pay for us, it’s fine.”
“hold on-”
“i’m paying. end of argument.” 
it’s an offer you can’t really reject. being a university student and all, funds are limited, so wherever you can, you want to avoid withdrawing money out of your account. that said, it doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about draining rin’s, but with how long you’ve been friends, you know that once he’s set his mind to something, it’s hard to change it.
“if you insist,” you grumble, straightening up your spine as you awkwardly fiddle with your shirt. you feel so scrutinised under his gaze, even as you reach for the jug of water and pour two cups of water. “what else should we get?”
the waitress then comes around to take your orders and when she’s gone, conversation flows easily, reverting back to how things were between the two of you (to rin’s relief). he listens as you talk animatedly about the unfortunate series of events you had with your professor the other day, how cute your encounter with the campus dogs were, and the really unfortunate run-in you had with a guy from your shared tutorial classes.
(the dark-haired boy makes a face when you mention another man’s name before his usual face of indifference melts back in.)
“here’s your milkshake,” the waitress says, placing the drink in the middle of the table before walking away, “you guys are really cute by the way.”
“thanks,” rin says calmly, a stark contrast to your flustered reaction.
two straws stick out from the milkshake and when you put one in your mouth, you almost choke when rin takes the other one, causing your noses to bump in the middle. the look he gives you is nothing short of mischievous before pulling away, a knowing smirk playing along his lips. 
“ew. that is really sweet,” he mutters before leaning back, crossing his arms. 
“yeah,” you cough. “it is really sweet.”
recovering from your embarrassment, the rest of lunch goes by quite seamlessly. he goes to pay for everything with a confident tap of his card, causing you to stand awkwardly behind him, keeping all complaints to yourself as it goes through. thanking the waitress, you leave the café hand-in-hand once more. 
“thanks again for paying,” you repeat and rin gives a hum of acknowledgement whilst you two walk aimlessly on the path. “what do you want to do now?”
“i don’t know. do you have anything you want to do?”
“i might have an idea.”
leading him in the direction of a nearby store that just opened recently, you come to a stop in front of a shop that had neon-lights illuminating its inside and claw machines filled with adorable plushies lining along the walls. 
glancing at him, there’s a glimmer of amusement in rin’s eyes as his lips turn upwards into a small smirk. “really?” he asks, looking over at you.
“really. this’ll be fun!” you promise before walking in, the dark-haired following suit as you stop in front of a token-purchasing machine. 
from the corner of your eye, you can see him taking out his wallet already and you immediately put your hand on your wrist, ceasing his movement.
with just one glance, a whole conversation passes between you two. “if you pay for me i will sock you.”
“i’d like to see you try,” he deadpans, quirking a brow before pressing the ‘20 tokens = $19’ button on the machine, “but i’m paying.”
then the sound of his card meeting the reader and the transaction being approved rings through the air, followed by the deafening noise of coins clashing against metal. the look he gives you is nothing short of proud. 
“come on babe, bet you won’t be able to get any prizes,” challenges rin as he brushes past you, the pet name causing your stomach to churn as insults rest on your tongue, offended by his declaration.
he’s gracious enough to give you half of the coins, allowing you to play four games each. you only manage to win on one of them and even then, you were astonished at your own achievements, excitedly grabbing the plushie and hugging the stuffed toy to your chest protectively. rin, on the other hand, comes back to you with two in both hands and the gawk you let out was completely against your will.
“how did you do that?” you ask, a little stupified at the sight (it was kinda hot though). although at this point, you shouldn’t really question how itoshi rin works since he takes the meaning of ‘march to the beat of your own drum’ to a whole other level. 
instead of answering, he hands them over to you and you have no choice but to take them, your arms now overloaded with three stuffed toys. 
before you can even open your mouth to ask if he broke into the machines, your phone buzzes with a notification and the second you open it, you’re met with a familiar ‘⚠️bereal’ banner, one that makes you excited over the impeccable timing. rin raises an eyebrow at your sudden surprise.
“bereal! quick, pose!” you demand and rin obeys, raising a peace sign with a slight smile before the camera turns around to you and the many stuffed toys you’re cuddling. 
how adorable you are might just kill him. 
the dark-haired shakes the thought away before taking out his phone, instructing you to smile. you pose for the photo, hugging all the plushies closely to your chest whilst rin gives his usual deadpan stare into the camera. he then gives you his phone to check if it was okay to post and when you approve, you press the ‘post >’ button for him.
shutting off his phone for him, it’s at the same time that the bereal notification pops up again, this time detailing how one of his friends had posted but that’s not what caught your attention.
it’s a certain photo that made your heart thump loudly in its ribcage.
“am i your lockscreen?” you ask, pride and flattery swelling in your stomach, manifesting through the warmth of your cheeks. 
the slight widening of his eyes give you all the answers you need. “you weren’t supposed to see that.” 
nothing could stop the slow grin from erupting on your expression. it’s ridiculous to say so, but it almost feels like a weight is being lifted from your chest, the pains of the last few weeks erasing themselves completely with this one detail. 
that’s how you know rin was meant for you.
“out of all pictures of me, you chose this one?” you question, gesturing to the selfie that you once sent him during your study sessions. your hair was messy, there was a semi-crazed look in your eyes, but at least the moisturising lip gloss you had reapplied then made you look somewhat put together. 
looking at his phone once more, you feel a little warm.
“i like it,” he mutters shyly, unable to look you in the eye. despite his embarrassment, his statement fills you with endless relief, providing gratification for your relationship with rin that you didn’t know you needed. 
though you’ve been friends with him for quite some time now, you feel as though you don’t really recognise the man in front of you. past perceptions you’ve had of him has now been shattered by his flustered gaze, the relentless blush coating his cheeks, and the uncharacteristic way he slumps, as if defending himself from any judgement you might throw at him. 
luckily for him, that’s not what you’re interested in doing.
unlocking your phone, you hand it to him. “take a matching selfie so i can make it my lock screen too.”
at least you have all the time in the world to get to know him all over again.
(rin will never tell you that he only has been active on bereal so he could see what you were up to. except it backfired every time because instead of satisfying how desperately he was longing for you during your two weeks of no contact, it only made him want you more. he wanted to be there with you through your intense study sessions, he wanted to be going on walks with you, he wanted to be there with you when you were watching one more episode of your favourite tv show before going to bed, he just wanted to be there with you.
now he has all the time to make sure he is.)
── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
[@y/n’s BeReal]
@ karasu69: @fruityninjaotoya YOU OWE ME TWENTY BUCKS   → @fruitninjaotoya: Shut your micropenis up
@ yocchan: Y/N WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS   → @ nagixxxxxxxxxxxxx: ratio   → @ yocchan: DON’T RATIO ME RN
@monsterbachira: omg are y’all 😍❤️😍 rn   → @y/n: wut.   → @itshrin: Yes   → @monsterbachira: y/n rin is actually a good kisser   → @y/n: thanks for letting me know meguru!   → @itshrin: i’m going to end you. 
@bbgreo: i’m glad y’all had fun but no itoshi rin on our platonic date pls!   → @y/n: would never dream of it luv <3   → @itshrin: Sleep with one eye open, Reo   → @y/n: that’s my best friend :(   → @itshrin: You don’t need him   → @y/n: reo and i are one you can’t separate us   → @itshrin: Ok fine 😒   → @bbgreo: yay!   → @y/n: yay!
<reo3: told you you were too pretty to reject xx
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bxnnybtch · 3 months
Pro athlete yanderes who text you a link to buy tickets for their next game. They only play as hard as they do to get your attention, you know?
As soon as you click it, the website crashes and the page closes itself. Hmm...maybe try again? Ah, nope. The page won't even open now! You take a screenshot of the '404: ERROR' and send it to him with a frowny face. Not the ☹️ though, you send him a ':('. God, you're so fucking cute.
He hates when you're sad though so he quickly apologizes with one too many 'sorry's' and sends you another link. One that works this time.
To make it up to you, he'll pay for your tickets (invite your friends!), backstage passes, snacks+concessions, any merch you wanna get and he'll even take you out for dinner afterwards just because he really truly is soooo sorry..... :(. All you have to do is choose your seat and let him know.
Huh? Sold out?! There's only one seat left and it's in the front row plus it's already reserved? Ahhh, don't worry about it. He'll figure something out. Just wear something cute and show up, he'll take care of the rest. Oh, and I hope you're not planning to travel in this weather, nuh uh, he's already sending an uber over.
Don't worry about getting lost at the huge venue either.
He'll be able to find you anyways from the tracker you unknowingly just downloaded :)
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bachirasbeloved · 2 months
chapstick challenge
various bllk boys x gn!reader
ft. bachira, rin, nagi, kunigami, chigiri
genre: fluff
warnings: none
a/n: sunny put this idea into my brain and it grabbed me by the throat so this is the result. head so empty rn. brainworms are so bad. might make a part two hsjghbhjsgdfsk
tags: @keqism @venexus @astranne @stellumi @lilikags
Tumblr media
bachira - keeps kissing you like a brat and says he can’t figure out the flavor. (he is lying) barely even lets you finish applying the next one before he’s kissing you again oml. 
is literally so excited when you bring the idea up to him after all of the chapsticks arrive in the mail one day. 
keeps trying to sneak a look at the packaging when you’re setting everything up so you make him turn around and face the wall.  
whines and complains about how long your taking until you have the first one applied and hidden away before giving him the okay to face you again.
bachira lunges forward and presses his lips against yours as soon as the words leave your mouth, kissing you firmly for a few seconds before pulling away and licking the residue off of his lips with a contemplative glance to the side. 
anticipation hangs heavy in the air as you wait for him to guess the flavor. you started off with an easy one so you’re expecting him to get it right away, but to your surprise when his yellow eyes meet yours they only look confused. 
“well?” you say impatiently. 
“i don’t know yet, let me try again.” he responds and leans forward to connect his lips with yours again, this time kissing you deeper and for a bit longer than necessary. 
when he pulls back his lips are coated in a thin layer of the chapstick and your stomach flips pathetically when he sucks the bottom one into his mouth to taste it better. 
however, after a few moments he only gives you another confused look and shrugs. “try a different one, that one’s hard.”
“it’s one of the most basic ones!” you huff out with a smile as you wipe your mouth off with a makeup wipe. “turn around again.”
with a tiny pout, bachira complies and faces the wall once more while you dig around in the box for the next one. this time you go for one a little less specific to see if it’ll somehow be easier, and before you can even finish telling him to turn back around he’s already latching to your lips again. 
the kiss lasts a few seconds too long, but when you try to pull away bachira mumbles out a rushed, “not sure yet let me try again.” and tugs you back into the searing press of his lips. 
the chapstick is all but gone at this point, and when he finally detaches himself from you to catch his breath you immediately give him a pointed look. 
“meguru,” he grins mischievously at the exasperation in your tone. “please tell me you got that one.”
he thinks for a moment, and then, “lemon?”
“it was grape you little-“
Tumblr media
rin - claims it’s a lame idea but takes it SO seriously. literally sucks on your lips to try to get as much of the flavor off as possible skjdjfjfjf makes you go through every single one until he gets them all right help. 
could not seem more unimpressed when you tell him about the challenge, though deep down he is internally celebrating over the chance to not only kiss you but to be able to guess them all correct and impress you simultaneously. 
makes sure to look away when you’re sorting everything out because he is certainly not a cheater. he doesn’t need to cheat - he’s confident he’ll get them all on the first try. 
“okay, turn around.” you call out from behind him. when he does, there’s a determined frown set on his face - similar to the one he has right before a game, like he’s ready for any obstacle that might come his way. 
he begins to lean towards you, but stops once he’s a few inches away. “ready?”
at your nod rin finally presses your lips together in a quick peck before retreating back to evaluate the taste. the kiss was a too chaste though and he barely got any of the chapstick on his own lips, so he’s surging forward to connect his mouth to yours again within seconds. 
this time the kiss is deeper, lips sliding together sensually a few times before he pulls back and tries to identify the flavor a second time. when he looks like he’s about to lean in for a third attempt, you press a hand against his chest to keep him in place. 
“nuh uh, you gotta guess now.”
“what?” he freezes, teal eyes meeting yours with confusion. 
“you already tried twice, now you gotta figure it out.” you respond smoothly. rin looks like he wants to argue and demand he be allowed three tries since you didn’t tell him this in the beginning, but instead releases a sigh and concedes. 
“that rule is dumb.” with no choice left but to answer, he smacks his lips together again and thinks for a few more moments before taking his guess. “strawberry?”
“bingo!” you cheer quietly. with a proud smirk, rin turns around again while you wipe off the precious chapstick and apply another. when you’re done grabs your waist to tug your forward and captures your lips in another deep kiss, but pulls away just as fast. 
“coca cola.” 
“yep! okay that one is easy, turn around again.”
the third one is slightly different, because this time when he turns around to kiss you, he’s suckling lightly on your bottom lip and running his tongue over it slowly. you can’t help but shudder at the action and push him away with a slightly scandalized look on your face. 
“was that really necessary?” you splutter, cheeks burning hot at his boldness. rin, however, is too busy trying to identify the flavor to care about how he’s kissing you and doesn’t spare you a single glance while he contemplates silently. 
“hmmm, black cherry?”
and, shocker, he’s correct this time too.
Tumblr media
nagi - isn’t even trying. does not care about guessing the chapsticks just wants to keep kissing you. loses patience four flavors in and attaches himself to you so you can’t even put more on, challenge be damned. needy smh. 
agrees immediately when you bring it up for the first time. doesn’t even stop to think about what you actually said, just processed the part where you mentioned he’d be kissing you. selective hearing is real and he has it. 
doesn’t even bother turning around while you set everything up next to him, closes his eyes and somewhat drifts off until you announce that you’re ready.
“okay, open your eyes.” you urge and poke nagi’s shoulder until his eyelids squint open and he draws forward lazily. not even sparing a single word, nagi connects your lips with his and kisses you slowly until you push him back. 
with a bored hum, nagi shrugs and blinks. his bangs are falling into his eyes and you can’t help but mentally beg him to move them despite knowing he won’t. “dunno.”
you frown playfully and roll your eyes. “you really don’t know?”
“mm,” he hums in agreement, eyes following your hand as you reach up to move his bangs out of the way yourself. “let me get another taste.”
before you even get a chance to respond his lips are already back on yours, moving softly together until you push him back again. nagi pouts at this and holds onto your wrists where they rest against his chest before you can move them. 
“green apple. next one.”
he’s right, and you snort fondly at his impatience. “close your eyes then.”
he does as you ask and lets his eyelids slip shut, but only waits until he hears the cap of the new flavor get snapped back in place before he’s pulling you into him and kissing you again, softly and drawn out the same as before. 
you get so lost in the feeling of his lips that you almost forget what you’re even supposed to be doing and quickly separate him from you with an embarrassed huff. 
“sei, this isn’t how you’re supposed to-“ you begin, but he cuts you off with his mouth again and inches forward to drape himself over you like a blanket. you melt into him instinctively, and the box of chapsticks falls off of your lap and to the floor in the process, the challenge long forgotten as quickly as it started. 
Tumblr media
kunigami - tries his best but gets literally every flavor wrong what is wrong with his tastebuds fr. dude just cannot figure it out for the life of him. kisses you so many times trying to guess that you have to keep reapplying bro pls it’s literally cherry. 
doesn’t really understand the whole concept, but is happy to try anything you ask of him and is more than willing to go along with it. 
turns around and covers his eyes with his hands while you sort through the box of chapsticks, he is a lot of things but he is certainly not a cheater.  
“alright, first one! turn around.”
kunigami drops his arms and turns to face you. his hands fidget together slowly in his lap while his eyes go from yours, down to your mouth, and then back to your gaze again. 
“so, do i just…?” he asks slowly. he’s always so careful about boundaries despite the fact that you’ve been together for as long as you have and the whole point of this challenge is him kissing you, and your heart swells because it every time. 
it takes every ounce of willpower in you not to laugh, but you nod instead. “yes, you kiss me now.”
with a small sound to signify that he understands, kunigami finally leans forward and captures your lips in a gentle kiss, it’s soft and quick and only lasts a couple beats before he pulls away and licks it off of his own together to get the flavor into his mouth. 
"root beer?" he guesses hesitantly, brows upturned in question. 
"nope!" you respond smugly, popping the p at the end. "one more try?"
he nods and surges forward to place another light kiss against your mouth, his fingers brushing the side of your face for a few seconds until he leans back. 
"mango?" he tries and you blink at him in confusion, still trying not to laugh. 
"those are two very different flavors," you point out in a teasing voice. "and no. next one!"
kunigami once again looks away and covers his eyes until you give him the okay to turn around. he moves in for the kiss without hesitating this time and pulls back with a tiny frown. 
you shake your head, feeling somewhat bewildered by the fact that he keeps guessing wrong. "nope. last chance."
when he kisses you again and pulls away, this time theres a confident look on his face. it’s so convincing that you actually think he has it for a moment, but then-
Tumblr media
chigiri - this guy kisses you so deeply and intensely that your knees are weak and then backs away to guess the flavor like he didn’t literally just steal the air from your lungs. will not stop doing this either even if you start calling him out on it, he just smirks at you and keeps doing it. 
has definitely heard of this challenge before and is more than willing to do it with you. thinks couple challenges are cute and even considers recording it to post online but decides against it. these moment and for him and you alone <3
doesn’t fully turn his body around when you start organizing things, but faces his head away from you and hums softly while you set everything up. 
he is an avid chapstick user and has probably tried and used every flavor you have in that little box of yours, but that isn’t going to stop him from using this as an excuse to fluster and tease you a bit. 
“ready?” chigiri asks patiently after he hears you snap the lid back on the first chapstick. 
“mhm, you can look now.”
at your confirmation, he twists his head back in your direction and gently leans forward to connect your lips without a second to waste. his warm hand cups your jaw softly as his mouth presses against yours firmly, and you can’t help but feel a little flustered when he pulls away. 
after licking the residue off of his lips, chigiri thinks for a moment before his face lights up with recognition. 
“vanilla coke.” he answers correctly on the first try. 
“yeah!” you exclaim, feeling a bit impressed. “how did you get that right?”
chigiri shrugs. “it’s not that hard.”
“showoff.” you mumble lightheartedly under your breath. 
once again, he faces away from you while you wipe off the rest of the first one and apply the second, and then turns back to you as soon as he thinks you’re done. 
“you won’t get this one.” you tell him assuredly when his eyes meet yours. he raises a single brow at this and sends you a look that makes your stomach flutter a bit. 
“we’ll see about that.” 
and then he’s kissing you again. a deep, intense kiss that makes your knees feel weak despite the fact that you’re sitting down. he stretches it out as long as he can while his fingers run lightly through your hair before pulling away and pretending not to notice the slightly dazed look in your eyes. 
“watermelon.” he guesses correctly again, but tilts his head contemplatively a moment later.
“wait, actually, let me be sure.”
his lips are on yours once again before you can even process his words, and all you can do is melt into it and cling onto his hands where they hold your face while he turns your entire nervous system into jelly. 
when he pulls away, there’s a pleased smile playing at his lips. “yeah, definitely watermelon.”
“you’re doing this on purpose!” you accuse, cheeks burning. the sound of his melodic laughter only makes it worse but you immediately join in with him despite the pout on your face. “that’s cheating!”
“it’s not against the rules.” chigiri points out, sending you a teasing smile. and of course, he continues to do it every flavor after that, successfully making your brain cease all function. 
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