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—𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐮𝐭 !
Tumblr media
ft. isagi yoichi
summary : isagi got a new haircut without telling you first! (it was his beta character design)
wc : 0.9k
Tumblr media
you opened the window as the fresh morning air made its way into your home.
you placed your head into your palm staring outside at the trees that were full of flowers in all the shades of pink. It was certain—the hot whether is arriving any time now, but spring is sure making an visual impact.
"mm morning love!" you heard your boyfriend yawning, pulling you out of your trance. He had sleeped in since he didn't have practice today, this being one of his well deserved day-offs.
"Hi baby! I made breakfast!" You cheerfully said as he put his chin on your shoulder pulling you in a hug from behind, smiling slightly against your cheek.
"why did you get up! wanted to sleep more with you!" You patted his hair, turning around to cup his cheeks "I wanted to! but the sun woke me up! look, it's so nice outside Yo! What do you think about going out for a walk later, hmm?" and with that you kissed his nose.
His face formed a pout, with an apologetic gaze, looking anywhere but your eyes.
"What is it love?" You said with your brows furrowed in concern. Isagi hated to disappoint you.
"'m sorry, [name]" he started shyly looking behind you out the window, then his eyes meeting his feet. "I promised to Bachira and the rest I'll go bowling with them today...".
He looked up at you scratching the back of his neck, while a red tint crept on the tips of his ears.
You put your hands on his shoulders, flashing him an ear to ear grin while closing your eyes shut giggling. "don't worry love. have fun! tell your friends I said hi, yeah? we'll have plenty of time another day to go out!"
You kissed his cheek and isagi instantly felt like all his worries washed away. You instantly started to shove him in your shared bedroom so he can get ready, after saying a string of "don't worry isagi!" 's to him. You were just reassuring him!
When the time came, it was still early afternoon. He put his shoes on starting to say something while you watched him get ready to leave.
"are you sure you-"
"yes, love, I am, now go have fun! Your friends are definitely waiting for you! and I think I'm sure you don't want them to come inside for you like last time." You cutted him out, and isagi scrunched his face at the memory. Nope. He didn't want them in here.
He was ready to step out the door when you called out for him. How could you forget!
"Yoichii! Your hoodie dear! 'Heard it's chilly at night."
You passed him his hooded sweatshirt, while he grinned at you, mustering out a quick "thanks"
A few hours passed and you didn't realize, but it got quite dark outside. You were busy watching movies all day since you had nothing better to do. It was quite nice.
You heard the front door creek open and your eyes were quick to look away from the screen, in the direction of the entrance. You sprinted to the door, only to stop when you saw isagi. He had the hood of his sweater on, pulling extremely hard on the strings in a motion away from his head. Now the only thing you could make up were his nose, mouth and pink tint on his cheeks.
"Hi love, welcome back...but uhm...what's all of this about? Everything 'kay?" You slowly made your way towards him. He let loose of the strings so you could see his eyes now.
You crossed you arms waiting for an answer.
"Did somebody upset you, Yo? Oh, ‘cause if they did-!" you closed your eyes, some determination painting your features.Your hand made a fist that lightly punched your palm. You just wanted to make sure that your boyfriend knew that no one was allowed to say bad words to him when you were around!
"mmm nothing the sort [name]" isagi said while looking anywhere in the room but you. Suddenly even the carpet seemed interesting.
"I just sort of, kinda, uhh lost a bet." A few seconds passed and he revealed to who.
"To bachira..."
oh-uh. This wasn't good.
You opened your eyes quickly making your way into his direction, wanting to stick your hands under his hood but isagi was fast, quickly catching your wrists, only the tip of your fingers brushing across his flushed face.
"I should've asked you first. Probably. I know"
ahh isagi stop! You were growing so curious and impatient!
"okay...Let's do it slowly, let go of my wrists please." You looked sincere, but your poor boyfriend should've known better when he let go.
You were fast to pull his hood off revealing isagi's lost bet—a new haircut—that looked very attractive on your lover.
Yoichi covered his face with his hands while you just were going circles around him, admiring him. He probably expected a worse reaction from you, because when he looked at you, you looked so mesmerized.
"Yoichi! You look so handsome! Aww you're so pretty! My pretty boyfriend!" You beamed tilting his head side to side staring at how beautiful he looked.
Isagi on the other hand, if he was in a competition called "who is more red" and his opponent was a tomato, he would probably win.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
content: you leave them with your sibling while you’re at another store but they text you with unexpected news.
characters: nagi reo isagi bachira x f!reader
contains: disappointment | sfw
notes: I did these with kuroko’s basketball and it did good!! so hopefully this one also does well <33 reblogs will be appreciated
Tumblr media
reo & nagi — 🍧
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— reo !!
You arrive at the store where you left Reo with your sibling and see him nervously looking around while biting his nail. You stomp your way to him only to be pushed to the side and feel hands wrap around your hips. "I WIN!!" your sibling practically yells, which makes everyone at the store turn towards the scene. His tense body relaxes as he sees you and the kid he lost for 20 minutes. "Did you see Reo?! I can be a chameleon too!!" your tiny sibling jumps up and down towards your purple-headed boyfriend. "yeah, buddy, That's cool but don't do it at a mall, okay." he kneels down and silently points at you.
"Your sis doesn't seem pleased that you were gone for so long."
— nagi !!
When you arrive at the candy store, you see Nagi crouched beside your sibling while looking at candy. Still upset, you approach two of them and tower their bodies. The shadow makes them turn around slowly, fear in their eyes. "Sis look! Nagi-kun is going to buy me a KitKat!" you dangerously smile down at your sibling. "Are you okay, sis? You seem angry" your sibling tilts their head with a cute innocent smile.
"Spare his life Y/N, please" Nagi stands up, trying to grab your hand, but you snatch it away. "Both of you are in big trouble, especially you, young man." you point a dangerous finger at your sibling. He turns to Nagi and hides behind the 6'3 male. You stare at him with fire in your eyes. He tries to smile and says, "I love you," in a small voice.
Tumblr media
isagi & bachira — 🍞
Tumblr media Tumblr media
isagi— !!
The toy store had people standing at the entrance; you took it as if they were waiting for your sibling to go that way so they could catch her. So you push through the people and call for your sibling's name. But unfortunately, Isagi is the only one to approach you and is on the verge of a breakdown. "They found her. She was hiding in the play house." he tries to breathe normally. You pat his shoulder, but he pulls you into a hug and repeatedly repeats sorry. You hug him back and tell him it's okay.
When your sibling comes out of the play house, she's looking down. "Apologize to Isagi and say goodbye to weekly mall trips."
bachira — !!
Bachira found you a few minutes after sending you the text about your sibling's sudden disappearance. You glare at them both with your arms crossed. He looks at you with embarrassment and shame. You take a deep breath as both of them stand in front of you in silence, knowing they are in big trouble. If they stood any closer to you, they could feel the steam coming out of your body. "apologize to Bachira for hitting him," you demanded. Your sibling lets go of Bachira's hand and turns to him, her head still towards the floor. She bows and says sorry.
He smiles, still feeling uneasy. "It's okay, S/N-chan," he patted her head. He turns to you with worried eyes "are you breaking up with me?" you had to giggle at his comment. You shook your head but said nothing else before returning to the store.
Tumblr media
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𝑺𝒐𝒇𝒕 𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒔𝒖𝒏~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ Yoichi Isagi x F!Reader, 730 w
♡ Warnings: established relationship, 100% fluff
Tumblr media
The sun gently tickles your nose, gentle, warm, as it shines through the sheer curtains, golden rays tinting the room a soft yellow. Strong arms are tightly wrapped around your middle, the sounds of soft snoring and slow breathing filling the room. Slowly, you open your eyes, temporarily blinded by the bright, golden rays of the morning sun, before you look down to see your boyfriend Yoichi cuddled up to you, head comfortably resting against your chest. Your lips curl into a soft smile, hand lifting to gently rake through his fluffy hair, the midnight strands silky smooth against your fingertips. 
Slowly, you lean down to bury your nose in the fluffy mess, being engulfed by Yoichi's comforting smell and his warmth, placing a tender kiss onto the crown of his head, whispering an almost inaudible "I love you." 
Yoichi stirs in his sleep, face twitching and eyelids slowly fluttering open, revealing a pair of beautiful cerulean eyes. He blinks, eyes adjusting to the light, as he stares at you, lips forming his usual soft smile. "Mornin' love." He rasps, voice deeper than normally, still thick with sleep. "Mornin' beautiful." You reply, hand trailing down from the top of his head to his jaw, pulling him in for a kiss. Yoichi hums, the sound low as it rumbles through his chest. "You're so pretty." He mumbles with a lovesick smile, his gaze flicking across your face, taking in all of your beautiful features. "Not as pretty as you." You reply, gently stroking his long bangs to the side and pecking his forehead, the warm kiss lingering on his skin. 
"Can't be, you're the prettiest person on the planet." You snort, head snuggling into the crook of his neck, inhaling his comforting scent. Yoichi is so warm, his body radiating heat as his arms are tightly wrapped around your waist. "Wanna get up?" You mumble against his skin, and Yoichi let's out a quiet whine, shaking his head. "Would rather spend some more time cuddlin' with you." He replies, and you lift your head to look at him again, his hand combing through your messy hair. "You wanna skip out on your morning run? For me?" Yoichi smiles back at you. "Oh baby, you know I'd do everything for you." His cheesy words immediately turn you to mush, and you snuggle impossibly closer to his warm body. "That's a big sacrifice, tho." You joke and Yoichi shrugs his shoulders, hand not stopping its motion of gently stroking your head. "It is...but you're worth it." He replies, acting all serious, albeit not able to hide the smile his lips want to form. 
His warm hands mindlessly knead your thighs, rubbing circles and random patterns into the soft skin. You're about you're about to doze off again, being lulled back to sleep by the steady beating of his heart underneath the shell of your ear, and his calm breathing, when the loud growling of his stomach makes you jump. "Sorry, did that wake you?" He whispers, as your eyes flutter open. "No, wasn't asleep." You mumble. "Hungry?" Yoichi hums, another growl from his stomach confirming the answer. "I'll go make some pancakes." Yoichi grumbles, his hold on you temporarily tightening, arms squeezing you before he releases you, so you can get up. You stretch out your limbs, letting out a yawn, the oversized shirts you're wearing (technically Yoichi's), rides up at the movement, revealing the cute panties you're wearing underneath. Yoichi's cheeks redden at the sight, he doesn't care if it's something he's seen a million times, every time he sees your exposed curves they make his heart skip a beat just like the very first time. 
He follows you into the kitchen, watching as you sway your hips, quietly singing along to the song playing on the radio while the pancakes sizzle in the pan. His arms wrap around you from the back, his chest pressed flush against your back, body matching your swaying movements. Yoichi hums together with you, his breath tickling your ear as he leans down to place a cluster of kissed all over your neck and shoulders. "Love you" He mutters against your skin, and your lips form a soft smile. In return, you say your 'I love you' through a heart drawn onto his pancake with syrup, and a soft kiss. 
Tumblr media
A/N: I got the idea for this fic in a convo with @kazutora-lover we talked about the chapter in which Yoichi wakes up after fainting and I mentioned how I'd kiss his forehead
And that's how this came to be ✌️ it took me way too long to write this, but in the end I'm just in love with the soft and gentle vibes of this piece <3
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#Three Clicks and I'm Home
Tumblr media
Sypnosis: It's been so long after leaving for another country to play against big shots, and boy does he misses every single inch of you. Oh, how he fantasized - wishing that he was home.
Note: The quotes are from Pinterest so you can find them and a lot more there!! I did not come up with these, at most edit them a bit.
Warnings: Not proofread (again), post blue lock when they're popular world wide and stuff
Featuring: Seishiro Nagi, Yoichi Isagi, Bachira Meguru
Tumblr media
Seishiro Nagi
"Asleep or awake, I dream and miss you all the same,"
It wasn't as if Nagi despised that feeling lurking at the back of his brain. Some rational part of his mind brushed it off, insisting that it was nothing other than a bit of homesickness. Another piece of him, deep down in his heart, knew that this feeling would devour him from the inside out.
That lingering feeling of emptiness whenever he stepped back into the hotel room. He's clearly aware that you're not with him, but - old habits die hard - he still calls out your name, announcing his arrival home to an empty room.
Nagi hurls his bags into a corner, throwing himself onto the bed, and melting into the mattress. His palms tap across the vacant bed, still not used to sleeping alone. Maybe he should have dragged you along to that soccer match with him, maybe he should have tried a little harder to insist instead of always telling himself that everything is a hassle.
His hands wander to his chest, the palpitations of his aching heart didn't make him feel anymore alive. Clutching his shirt, Nagi pulls out his phone and texts you.
Nagi: I miss you, babe :(
(Name): Sameee, I wish I could have come along with you to your soccer match
Nagi: That project you have is such a hassle
(Name): It's graded, sweetheart. I have to do it
Nagi: Boo, L project. You could be cheering for me and seeing me play live right now if it wasn't for that :((
(Name): I'll always be cheering for you, no matter where I am, you'll win for sure <3
Nagi's vision fades in and out of blurriness, blinded by the stream of tears from the corner of his eyes. They escape as droplets, landing straight on the bed, soft sniffles escaping him. Just how long has it last been since he cried?
He misses you, so damn much. Those long hugs that let him bury his face into your neck and inhale your cologne, those soft snores that he loves to listen to which reassure him that he isn't alone, there's so much he wants to do with you.
This isn't like that burning feeling in his chest after he loses, this isn't the same as that hunger he has to win every match he encounters. No, they aren't the same at all. This is sorrow.
"I could hug you for hours."
"Where is he?" You feel your phone buzz and vibrate constantly in your hands, squeezing past the crowd of fans and paparazzi ecstatically waiting for stars of Japanese soccer to finally arrive at the airport.
"Nagi?" You pause, holding your phone and tucking it back into your pocket. You watch as he turns his attention to you, his shoulders dropping from the release of tension, his eyes softening, white locks still messy.
You hesitate briefly, scanning his tired facial expression, eyes red and nose stuffy. You brush off the thoughts in your head, deciding to pretend you don't notice anything.
"Nagi!" You run up to him, tackling him into a hug. You feel his hands wrap around your waist, his hold around you unusually tight as if it's been years since he's gotten a hug. No matter how much you squirm, you find his embrace to be inescapable in the best way possible.
Nagi finally releases you, but his hands remain at your waist, an evidently rare smile plastered onto his face, "I'm so glad to be back."
"Glad you're back too," You peck his cheek, gazing at how the tip of his ears begins to flush - just like when the both of you just started dating.
Nagi points to his lips, tapping on them a few times. You nod and share a deep, long, heated kiss with him - satisfying that desolate part of your heart, finding your other half.
"I don't want to ever go again unless you're going with me." His grip on your waist hardens.
"Alright alright, I promise to go with you if you ever go overseas to another match." You grin.
"Good. I don't want to be away from you for so long, ever again."
Tumblr media
Yoichi Isagi
"Sometimes, I just want to go home..."
Isagi sighs to himself in his room, hands numb from constantly adorning merch with his signature until 12 am. His fingers, legs, back, shoulders - everything just feels sore to the point where he just wants to hibernate in some cold corner of his room.
Yeah, it does feel great to actually have an opportunity to play against such big-time soccer players. It was something he could never dream of doing before blue lock, it almost doesn't feel real. There are so many people rooting for him and the immense pressure had multiplied.
But, it sucks that you aren't with him.
Isagi uses the little strength he has left to limp over to the bathroom, startled by the image staring back at him in the mirror. When did he look so... dead?
His hair is sprawled, he hasn't changed out of his jersey, and his eyebags have noticeably gotten darker. "Probably all that intense training," he mutters, fingers combing through his hair in an attempt to make him look more... pulled together.
What would you say when you see him in this kind of state? "They would probably scold me to take a bath," Isagi mumbles under his breath, chuckling to himself, unable to hold back his smile whenever he thinks about you.
It would really be nice - to have his head rest on your thighs and take a nice long nap, to feel your fingers massage his scalp and soothe him to sleep, to be spoiled in kisses. He already feels his eyes threatening to flutter shut as his balance becomes wobbly.
He would love to hear your voice right now and sleep to the sound of it - but it's already so late, maybe leaving you a text to wake up to would be better?
(Name): You're finally online? Come on, call me!!
Isagi: Why are you still awake??? Didn't you say you would be busy this whole week?
(Name): It's hard to sleep alone. Plus, it doesn't matter to me if we talk the whole night away! I just really miss you.
As if you could read his mind from completely different countries, you arranged his thoughts into words. Man, you really do understand him.
"...and you feel like home to me."
The crowd was in an uproar as Isagi scores a goal, winning the match after an extremely close round. Isagi falls to his knees, the exhaustion and relief hitting him like a meteor. He gasps for air, using his forearm to wipe off the sweat on his face.
"Isagi!" You shout out his name, waving your hands to him. You were almost sure that your voice would be drowned out by the cheers in the stadium, but it would be good to give it a try, right? You got front-row seats just to surprise him for this after all.
As you repeat his name for a second or third time, you see his head jerk up - just like he would if he had heard your voice amidst all of the noise. Isagi snaps his head around, scanning every face in the crowd until he manages to spot you.
"Sweetheart!" You grin at him when he dashes towards you, eyes brightening like he had just seen stars.
"We did it! We really won," That dreary feeling of fatigue fades away in an instant the moment he saw you. His palm cups your cheek, pulling you in for a deep and long kiss suddenly.
Your eyes widen, and that hot feeling in your cheeks suggests that you're probably bright red right now. Isagi pulls away too soon, the embarrassment of having such a tender moment in public probably getting to him.
"You really are amazing, sweetheart!" You beamed, a wave of pride for your lover washing over you, "I knew you could do it."
Isagi laughs, peering over his shoulder to spot cameras flashing at the both of you. "Seems like I unintentionally made you famous overnight,"
You lightly jab him, "It's fine, I wouldn't want any rumors stirring up of you dating someone else now, right?"
Isagi jabs you back, stealing another quick kiss before running back to his teammates. You couldn't hear what they were saying, but judging by Isagi's reddened face, they were probably using this as a way to tease him.
Tumblr media
Meguru Bachira
"You showed me what love is like."
"We haven't seen any sightings of (Name) recently, will (Name) be watching the show Mr. Bachira?" The reporter practically shoves the mic in front of him, awaiting a response.
"Nope, they're busy and won't be able to make it for the upcoming match."
"That's a shame," the reporter latches onto anything he can use for gossip, "Though, you don't seem very bothered by their absence,"
Bachira's smile drops into a frown, visibly upset with what the reporter was suggesting. "Huh? When did I say wasn't bothered? (Name) is busy and I shouldn't force them as much as I want them to see me play."
"(Name) is my biggest supporter and fan! If they can only cheer for me from afar, then I'm okay with that." Bachira excuses himself and rushes off to his other teammates, grumbling under his breath and stomping away.
He does miss you a lot, but he can't force you of course. To Bachira, if you're supporting him, if you're cheering his name, wearing his jersey, and believing in his passion and dreams, that's enough of a reason to continue playing soccer.
He does wish he could show you off to the entire stadium, and boast about how lucky of a guy he is to be yours in front of the world, but he could always do that next time.
Suddenly, he feels his phone vibrate in his pocket.
(Name): Aww, you defended me?
Bachira: Woah, they already posted that video of the reporter interviewing me??? That's quick
(Name): Yeah, my phone blew up like crazy though 💀💀
(Name): But seriously, thank you. That meant a lot. I was worried I wasn't being a good significant other by missing your matches.
Bachira: It's fine!! You're busy, I get it. I'll win this one for you <;33
"I want to be the biggest reason for you to be happy."
Genuinely, he wouldn't mind if you screamed, "That's my lover!" at the top of your lungs once he wins a game. He would feel pride in knowing that he can put a smile on your face. You make him smile so easily - naturally, he'd want to do the same.
He doesn't care who judges the both of you. It's like you and him are living in your own world, laughing and giddily grinning at each other like children.
That's why he couldn't help but gaze at you screaming out praises and congratulations to him in the crowd the second after he scored.
"Megu! Megu!" Your grip on the border separating the crowd and the field tightened, "You were amazing up there!"
Bachira immediately tackled you for a hug, almost kicking the border down in the process, "We won! I can't believe it." Bachira still felt his hands shaking, his body remaining in shock.
Your fingers intertwined with his to stop his hands from shivering, pecking the back of his hand to calm his nerves before pressing your lips against his cheek.
"I can't even begin to explain how happy I am right now," You spurt out on a whim.
His hands travel down to your waist, slowly shifting their way to your hips - but were unable to reach their destination because Isagi dragged Bachira away by the jersey before anything else could happen.
You reached your hand out to Bachira - who was zapping Isagi for dragging him away so suddenly. You relaxed, dropping your hand and pulling out your phone. Taking a picture of the two wrestling and tickling each other, you save it for memory's sake.
And perhaps blackmail!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You attack my he♡rt!
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ Paring: Gn!Reader x Isagi
: ̗̀➛ Content preview: Fluff, established relationship, sillies in love, first kiss. All ages
Tumblr media
You and Isagi had been dating for a few months now, call it a relationship that was filled with excitement and love as you both grown comfortable with each other's company, and it was evident in the way you spent most of your free time together.
Today was no different, both of you found yourselves sitting on the couch, cuddled up between each other's arms and watching a action movie.
As the movie progressed, you couldn't help but to sneak glances at Isagi whom looked so focused on the screen, making your heart swell with affection.
You leaned in closer to his upper body and catching his attention, before he could ask anything, you interrupted him with a soft tone.
"Isagi...kiss me."
His eyes widened in surprise yet he quickly regained his composure as he leaned in towards you, and for a moment, you felt your heart beat in anticipation. But instead of kissing your lips, he kissed your nose.
You let out a surprised giggling that was muffled by the movie's sound, but the dark haired still heard it.
"What was that?"
"I couldn't resist (Name), you looked too cute."
His voice filled with amusement, you then, leaned in to nuzzle your nose against his, smiling widely.
"Guess I'll have to ask for a real kiss then.."
Isagi grinned before grasping your arms and turn you to your back against the couch, his lips meeting yours in a sweet, gentle kiss. It was a moment that you've been waiting for, and it felt like all of the deep affection that you have been feeling for him was finally being reciprocated.
As you pulled away, already breathless, Isagi rested his forehead against yours, both eyes fluttering open and meeting in a loving gaze, holding each other close and ignoring the outgoing movie with your heart throbbing with happiness at his words.
"Love you, (Name)~"
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bachirasbodyguard · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
blue lock + that one famous parks & recs scene
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by-moonflower · 11 days
“please, isagi?”
isagi winces at your plea. it's the third time you've asked this evening, not to mention the fifth time today alone, and he hoped you'd forget about that ridiculous request by the end of the day. you certainly haven't though, and now you're keeping up with his hastened stride down the street as if you won't let the matter go.
"no," he says, again.
"pretty please?"
isagi glances at you before realizing that was a mistake. "...no."
you take matters into your own hands by blocking his path and isagi has no choice but to stop and observe the slightly desperate glint in your eyes. you have your hands clasped together over your chest and it makes isagi wonder if this really should be something worth begging him for.
"just once, isagi? i swear, just this once and i'll never ask this of you again."
"i find that hard to believe," he says sheepishly, a hand coming up to scratch the back of his head.
you purse your lips like he's seen right through you. "okay, maybe i lied."
isagi sighs, his shoulders drooping in resignation. "...why though?"
why are you asking me to do something so embarrassing?
"i find it attractive that my boyfriend can be like that," you shrug, your words way more honest than what he was prepared for. isagi's stomach churns at the nonchalance in your tone too and he has to look away to keep the blush on his face from growing.
then, after a long, contemplative and reluctant silence, isagi relents. "uhh... fine—"
just as he's about to give in, someone calls his name from across the street. he turns to find bachira waving, looking both ways before crossing the road with a slight a jog. he greets isagi with a bright grin.
"oh, hey bachira."
"are you heading home? did you hear that tomorrow's training session got cancelled?"
"eh, really?" isagi pulls out his phone to find a few unopened text messages. "ah, kunigami did text me. coach is sick?"
"yeah, though i don't think it's anything more than a common cold, but you know how coach is."
isagi nods, recalling the coach's most repeated motto: "you can't stand on the field if you're not at 100 percent."
"since we don't have practice tomorrow, some of the guys wanna go out bowling. you wanna come with?"
"tomorrow? sure, i don't think i have anything."
feeling like he forgot something, isagi suddenly senses a cold, looming presence coming from just behind him. and as if to say he felt it too, bachira leans to the side before subtly jutting his chin in your direction.
"anyway," bachira says, a slow smirk creeping up on his face, "sorry for interrupting you both!"
crap, isagi thinks. he completely ignored you the entire time he spoke with bachira and he knows it's something you won't let go of so easily.
"um, right... bachira, this is my—"
you interject him with your own introduction before he can finish and that's how isagi knows you're really annoyed. then, to top it all off, you turn to him with that innocently sweet but undeniably fake smile on your face to say, "i can walk the rest of the way home on my own, isagi. seems like you want to hang out with bachira..."
isagi knows he brought this upon himself, that he's worked himself to a corner and that there's only one way out. he takes in a sharp breath, fists his hands, and steels his nerves for what he's about to do next.
suddenly, isagi grabs your wrist with the type of aggression he never displays in front of you, pulling you roughly towards him until you almost stumble. his voice is so harsh it almost sounds as though he's growling.
"are you fucking dense? you really think i'd let you out of my sight and have you walk home alone in that skimpy outfit?"
cringe. you're not even wearing anything remotely scandalous so he doesn't even know why he added that stupid comment.
bachira, whose mouth is hanging open as he witnesses isagi's 180-degree shift in attitude, doesn't say a word.
"sorry, bachira," he says, turning to his shocked friend with a nonchalant wave of his hand, "i gotta go and take this idiot home. i'll see ya tomorrow."
"um, no problem, man..."
isagi yanks you forward, his pace picking up so quickly he hopes he can outrun the sheer embarrassment swallowing him whole.
as soon as you both turn the corner, where you're out of bachira's sight and earshot, isagi falls to his knees. he loosens his tightened grip on your wrist, watches how it leaves reddened marks on your skin when he slips his hands down to gently intertwine his fingers in yours.
when he looks up, you have the most satisfied, blissful expression on your face. he likes making you happy but he's really questioning the means that you prefer. you crouch down to meet him at eye level, a soft chuckle leaving your lips when you cup his cheek.
"thank you," you say, smiling in a way that melts isagi's heart all too quickly. "and i'm sorry."
"you're so weird," he mumbles, further leaning into your touch.
"i can't help it," you laugh. "you're so cool when you get mean and harsh during games."
"yeah, that's 'cause i get caught up in the heat of the moment and the competition. i'd never treat you like that."
"i know, isagi... but once in a while is fine, right?" you joke.
"nooo," he groans.
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Blue lock babies brightening your day! ☀️
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reotheworld · 3 months
hold it right there! this is the cock block police!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝ just think about us, the night is long ❞
➜ how they almost lose their virginity with you
➜ fem!reader
sugar level: 100% | cw: nsfw, fingering, cunnilingus, breast play, handsy make out sessions, consent specified in each parts, mdni!
click this to read part 2
in the beginning of the relationship, shy touches of holding hands and kissing each other's cheeks were some of the display of affections you and isagi would share. of course, those slowly grew out to become long lasting hugs of comfort or sharing of warmth to tasting each other's mouths as the relationship progresses in the later months.
"keep the door open, yo chan!" his mother would always remind him whenever you'd drop by at their house, causing him to mumble incoherent words of annoyance, not having the chance to make a bold move on you.
"would you like to look at yoichi's baby pictures, y/n?" his father would ask, stirring your attention from him and into his printed pictures of when he was still a little ball of joy in the photo album his parents' treasures.
"you have such a cute butt!"
"y/n didn't needed to see that-"
but when one day comes and he's home alone with you, isagi doesn't hesitate to get you on top of him, hands on the cheeks of your butt, guiding your hips to grind on him, loving the sounds you emit from your lips.
it was through your consent that had you two now in this position, him hovering on your top between your legs, buttons of your uniform blouse undone, your face flushed from the make out session. when isagi felt a little bolder, he hooked his fingers on the waistband of your panty, ready to unpeel the clothing for you when-
"y/n! isagi! we bought watermelon bread and red tea from the convenient store!"
seeing you and his mother getting along so well made bachira's heart swell with happiness. the only two women he needed in his life are getting along, of course he has every right to be happy!
"when he was a little boy, he liked my oil in canvas portrait of the monster!"
"oh! may i see that portrait too, mother?"
in the relationship, bachira absolutely has nothing to hide from you. as early as getting together with him, what's his is yours too! and despite his playful personality, he always makes sure you're comfortable with him and in any place you two are at.
even when you've given him your consent and you're comfortable with giving him your first. hands experimenting each other's bodies, touching sensual points like ears and neck, kisses that leaves you two wanting for more.
just like an ice melting when the sun finally rises, the want to step the relationship further begins to unfold.
handsy make out sessions in the back of the school or inside his room when his mother is out, hand slipping inside your panty during movie night; two fingers entering your wet pussy and the lost focus on the movie (with the blanket concealing the hidden motive), shoving his hands inside your shirt to grope your breast while rubbing his hard on against your butt cheeks.
"huh? where are you going?" his mother asks as she catches sight of her son fixing his backpack in the living room. "i'm about to finish cooking dinner."
"i'm going to pick up y/n in the station. i wanted to see her too-" before he could even continue with what he needs to say, a pack of condom came out.
despite having two little sisters, baro doesn't think it's going to be a problem. and that's the problem!
"baro nii, we want to play with y/n!"
"baro nii, when is y/n going to come over?"
"yeah! she promised to play dolls with us!"
he loves his little sisters he really do, but sometimes, he wants to let them understand that he needs alone time with you. time wherein they don't monopolize you from him.
"i thought were going to watch this movie?"
"your sisters are so cute! playing tea time with them is so nice! i even met mr scruffy!"
"who's scruffy?"
but when the gods above has finally noticed how he's suffering, the day wherein it's just you two in his house finally came. and baro didn't wasted any time with the consent that you have bestowed upon him.
"ah! what if..." you huff between breathing, cheeks light pink in color while your boyfriend's situated between your legs, having them over his shoulders. "...what if...they get back?"
"fat chance, baby." baro replies, sliding his hands up to grope your breasts through your clothing, deepening his tongue inside your pussy.
"we're home!" the front door opens, followed by sounds of rushed footsteps.
"y/n is here!"
"y/n please play with us!"
immediately halting and pulling away from each other, the two of you have never dressed so quickly. embarrassed and baro groaning in frustration.
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rntoshi · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— isagi needs his cock sucked more than he thinks.
☆ yoichi is what you’d call himbo adjacent. he's not a full-fledged himbo but he has tendencies. like how he forgets that he has this absolute bombshell of a girlfriend at times. we’re talking... a cherry lip gloss kind of girl— an effortless beauty who enjoys going the extra mile to look pretty not just for herself, but for him as well. Pretty acrylic nails, glossy lips and a sweet perfume that will linger in a light trail. It’s the perfect amount to make any boy to turn their head. there’s something sweet but that was you: isagi’s pretty girlfriend.
it’s so cute because you wear that title with so much pride. you’re isagi’s girlfriend. it doesn’t get better than that. even walking through the halls with him feels like you’re his trophy wife. he got you this dainty little gold necklace with his initial on it for your birthday and to you, it’s the equivalent of an engagement ring. it hangs right above your cleavage— right where you spritz a bit of your perfume. it’s pretty. when the sunlight catches it, the small diamonds that trace the along the cursive "I" lettering twinkle and reflect like the moonlight does bodies of water at nighttime.
isa can be so... you don’t want to say “uptight”, but he definitely forgets to have a little fun when he’s so caught up in his soccer. of course, it’s his passion— he feels as though it’s his purpose to become the best striker in the world, but you have to remind him of balance, because yoichi is certainly the type to fall off the deep end. you like to think of it as there being a switch in isagi’s head, and once it’s turned ON, it will stay on. It’s hard to turn it off.
these days it's rare to see your little lover boy, but when he has his weekends off from blue lock you can't help but to chew on your acrylic nail, pupils practically blown into heart shapes as you watch him fiddle with whatever. when he comes to visit you turn into a complete damsel in distress. you ask your boyfriend to help you with any little thing when you're fully capable of climbing kitchen counters to get a can in the pantry and lifting your furniture when you're in a mood to rearrange your space at 3 am after watching an aesthetic home tiktok.
this time it's the little light bulb above the stove? it went out weeks ago but now your dear yoichi is changing the bulb for you while you watch sipping at the starbucks he also was so generous to treat you to. it’s such a silly little task you could have easily fixed yourself but there’s just so much more satisfaction watching your boyfriend do it for you. while he’s doing it, he’s going on about how its “dangerous” to cook without a light. you’ve been doing it for nearly a month— it might just be boyfriend talk, you know? similar to how fathers speak to their daughters about oil changes. you're not listening though.
he’s so fit. it's ridiculous. that tiny waist makes something within you scream. not to mention he's parted his hair today; you think you'll pass out if he looks at you like that one more time. isagi has this habit of looking at you directly in the eye when he's speaking to you-- he's always been good with eye contact in regular conversation but with you he wants to make sure you know he's listening to you, as well as you're hearing what he's saying.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it's obvious you're zoning out, but you can't help but to think it's been so long— so long since you've had his cock in your mouth. you miss it and you miss him. the feeling, his taste, the sounds he makes. the sex is great, but there's nothing quite as fun as sucking his fucking cock. there's just something about it that sends stupid amounts of serotonin and dopamine to your endorphins-- sucking his dick rewired your brain since the first time you did it. he deserves it because he’s isagi yoichi.
which is precisely why you sweet talk him out of his panties. it’s not that hard.
isa doesn’t even realize how pent up and tense he is until the moment you’re on your knees, hands moving up his muscular things until your fingers curl over the waistband of his joggers and boxer briefs (specifically). he brings a hand to your wrist for a moment, stopping you just as you're about to pull down. you look up at him with curious eyes, head tilted as you silently ask what was wrong.
“I haven't gotten the chance to.. you know— trim down there.” which then leads to a reply of: “Isagi, as if I care about your happy trail right now.”
In his defense, the blue lock program is both physically and psychologically demanding— he may have let some maintenance slip. after all, he doesn't have access to the frilly skin care and lotions he used when he was with you as frequently as he was. so naturally he took a bit more care of himself with you.. but it's not like a bush is going to get in the way of you sucking his dick.
is it too much to say his natural saltiness from his cock and the sweetness of the iced coffee still clinging to your tongue pair quite nicely together? because it does ♡. your hand holds his cock at the base, and you take your tongue to lick one long stripe on the underside of his shaft all the way up to his tip, where you then swirl your tongue around his glistening head. you bite your lip as your eyes light up in excitement, taking his cock so you could cheekily slap it against your tongue. it makes a wet little noise. it feels good for him too, he can't seem to suppress the butterflies in his lower belly as he looks down at you.
“Come on..” isagi says just above a whisper, his eyes lidded in pleasure as he gazes down at you. the pleasure he’s already feeling is making him feel a bit antsy as he replaces your hand with his, guiding the tip of his cock at your lips. his other hand rests on the crown of your head. “Suck it good..”
it’s now that he remembers just how much of a luxury it is to have a pretty girlfriend. not that he took you or the relationship for granted to begin with you, but it's really put in perspective for him right now. blue lock gets quite tough— there’s nothing but the huge egos of men and raging testosterone. he can't remember the last time he's cum, which is probably why he feels so close to blowing his load already.
“That feels good— ah..” he sounds to breathless as you practically swallow his dick whole, your nose brushes his patch of hair every time you bob your head back down. it's so hot that you can feel his throbbing and pulsating in your mouth, his hips also jerking involuntarily from the pleasure.
you know when he's close. his abs start to flex and contract, and his moans start to become a little higher pitched. isa's head is thrown back as he relishes in the feeling of the onset of his orgasm. he can't hold it anymore and his body starts to tense.
“Hah.. hah..” he looks down at you while he does it. “i'm cumming..” he pumps his load directly into your mouth. and suddenly he feels refreshed, like all the stress pent up in his body disappeared.
the takeaway from this is:
sucking isagi cock = therapy.
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pulvisetsumbra · 2 months
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Kaiser VS Isagi
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torufilms · 3 months
 ☆ : stress reliever — bllk.
Tumblr media
ꔛ ‬.*⋆ feat : isagi yoichi !
ꔛ ‬.*⋆ an : HAPPY NEW YEARSS ! i just had to start the new year right wif the love of my life ( ⌯ノㅿノ), this is v self indulged + my first finished nsfw work :o! lil nervous!!! ( + aged up isagi, 20+ ! )
ꔛ ‬.*⋆ cw : nsfw, shower sex, lots of cursing, dirty talk, pussy drunk! isagi, creampies, hints of breeding, soft ending! dom isagi/sub reader!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"c'mon baby, do it f'me? move them hips." isagi grunted, hands molding at your hips brutally. his darkened blue eyes locked on how pretty your ass looked all marked up, only to look down and watch how fucking good you were taking him. "you were doing so well angel, don't tell me that's you got?" he taunted breathily, his hips grinding brutally into your pussy, head buzzing at every choked moan and desperate whimpers that escaped those pretty lips of yours.
"haah, f—fuck.. yoichi, m'trying..!" you struggled, because how couldn't you? with the way isagi looked so deliciously sexy with his hair drenched sticking to his face, almost hiding his lust clouded eyes that watched you with such a mean intent. he was staring down at your figure as if you were pathetic for even offering to help him release his stress. it so unlike the the sweet, supportive isagi you were used to.
well, not that you minded.
infact, it was the last thing on your mind when isagi was absolutely bullying his cock into your pussy, the force of his pelvis hitting your hips as if he was using a toy made solely for his pleasure. his lips peppering your neck, latching his lips at spots that could make you cry out the most. it was as if he was in a daze, grabbing your neck and tilting your neck until his kisses trailed up onto your lips before he meeting you with a sloppy kiss. his mind all fogged by the way your pussy clamped around his cock at every thrust he gave, wrapping around him like you couldn't live without him fucking into your sweet lil' pussy.
"that's it love, fuckk ..such a pretty pussy taking me so good, you're so good f'me .." isagi murmured ontop of your lips, as he rocked your hips back and forth om his cock. "ah.. yoi— ngh.. sso much.." you slurred, hitting your climax for second time. needy breathy moans slipping out as you felt his thumb rubbing along your clit, causing you to tense at the overstimulation. "yoichi..!"
"mmm.. shit, yeah? talk to me baby.." he panted, the shower's heat making him more drunk on your pussy then ever. the feeling of your pussy fluttering on his cock right after your high is giving him a absolute rush. he was gonna blow a load soon, shit... he's gna fuck his cum so fucking deep in you, fuck.. he's only stopping just to admire how cute your face flushes as his seed spills out of you. it was the only rational thought he had left as he massaged your clit in circular motions, the groans leaving his lips becoming more breathier and whiny.
catching onto this desperation, you decide to spur him on and push him even further. "w—wan' ur cum, want it so— shit, so bad!" you whimper, head tilted back in pure ecstasy as you meet his thrusts. head dancing at the sound of fast he was picking up his pace, loving the way he dragging his cock against your walls.
"shit,, want my cum huh? look at you, tryna make the #1 striker a daddy."
you felt knees buckled at his words., "yes! let me, ngh pleaseplease... g—give it t'me!"
isagi rested his head against the shower wall, a groan escaping as he quickened his pace once more, gripping your hair as he pounded his hips. "g'na release all my fuck stress f'me? gna let me fuck my— shiiit angel , fuck my cum into you?" he babbled, letting out broken groans as flicked at your clit a couple more times.
"yesyesyesyes, giv' it to me yoichi!" you whine, tears pooling in your eyes in need, lips parted with breathy moans and pants combined. "shit, let go baby, cum f'me one more time.." he grunted as he snapped his hips, causing your vision to go blank. a breathless string of moans leaving your lips as you came once more, mixing with isagi's groans as he bucked his hips a couple of times into you before spurts of his cum filled you to the brim. both of your heads fuzzy, but extremely content, barely processing the sound of the water droplets pattering on the floor.
"yoichi, baby.." you mumbled first after catching your breath, laying back against his chest eyes closed as you blindly switched the water to a colder temperature, "you with me..?"
wrapping his hands around your waist, as his head dropped down to your neck after letting out a breath. "yeah..mm i'm right here." isagi muttered, pressing a soft kiss on your nape. "thanks angel,, you're the best" he cooed, massaging your smooth waist lovingly.
"mmhm..anything for you.."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jei1107 · 4 months
Tumblr media
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marycorn · 2 months
𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐕𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ Summary: What you'd get them on valentine's, and how they'd repay the favor on white day~
♡ feat. Yoichi, Rin, Nagi
♡ Short drabbles, school setting, mutual pining <3
Tumblr media
𝐘𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐢 𝐈𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐢
Before becoming blue lock's star and being known nationwide, Yoichi wasn't very popular at his high school. He had his small group of friends, the soccer team, and you, the girl he's crushing on. But since Yoichi's friends always kindly reminded him of the fact that he's nothing more than "average", both in looks and personality, he never thought he'd stand a chance, if he were to ask you out. 
Which is why his heart won't help but take a joyful leap as he opens his shoe locker on the morning of the 14th of February, valentine's, and finds a small box inside. 
He knows you're the one that's placed it inside, the box is tied off with the ribbon you usually wear in your beautiful hair. Hesitantly, Yoichi takes it out, shaky hands untying the delicately tied bow and lifting the lid. Inside he finds a handful of what seem to be handmade chocolates. Perfectly round pralines topped off with delicate swirls of white chocolate. The thought that you carefully crafted every single one of these for him, out of all people, makes heat creep up in Yoichis cheeks. 
"Oohhhhhh, a girl got her eye on you~ lucky guy!" His friend teases, cooing while walking past, causing Yoichi to flush up to his neck. "You're just jealous, man!" He replies with a cocky grin and his friend laughs.
While the raven-haired boy sits at home, savoring the delicious chocolates, he thinks about how he could repay the favor to you. 
Should he just give you chocolate as well, or maybe a little gift, hand cream or perfume? Everything doesn't seem good enough. 
March rolls around and white day is right around the corner, yet Yoichi is clueless about what to gift you. "Oh, Yocchan, I never thought you'd ask me for advice with girls, you're only ever interested in soccer. Who would have thought~" She teases, swooning over the fact that her son does indeed have a love life. "Mom, stop, I really need your help!" 
"You want to give her something that comes from the heart, so why not give her handmade chocolates as well. You can add a nice card, with a love poem on it, Yocchan, that will surely win her heart." 
"Y/N! I would like to give you something!" Yoichi exclaims, once the two of you are alone in the classroom, he's lucky that both of you are on cleaning duty today. He was tempted to just put the present into your locker, but there was a part of Yoichi that wanted to give it to you personally, that wants to see your reaction. 
Your soft lips curl into a soft smile, and you take the box from his hands, fingertips grazing his hands, causing the striker to flush even more. "Thank you Isagi." You say with a polite bow. 
You smile at the handwritten note attached to the box, the poem short and sweet. 
Roses are red, violets are blue, 
the stars are bright, 
like my love for you. 
Eveytime I see you, my heart pours, 
So I would like to ask you, 
To make me yours <3 
"Who knew you could be so poetic." You say before gently embracing him. 
𝐑𝐢𝐧 𝐈𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢
It's no secret that Rin Itoshi is the school's most popular boy, which is why he can only roll his eyes as he walks into the classroom, and is met with the sight of a pile of gifts on his table. It's the same every year, and Rin couldn't care less for the countless chocolates and miscellaneous other presents his classmates gift him on valentine's. 
What does catch Rin's eye tho, piquing his interest and causing his heart to skip a beat, is a small box on top of the pile. A familiar looking bow adorns the lid of it, and Rin can't hold back the pink blush spreading across his cheeks as he picks it up. 
He knows it's from you, the only girl he's ever had eyes for, ever. Rin has had a crush on you since seeing you on the first day of school, and he was beyond ecstatic when he got to be your seatmate ever since. (of course he didn't show that tho)
"Wow, Mr popular~" you chime as you walk into the classroom and Rin quickly shoves the present back onto the pile, trying to compose himself. 
"What do I even do with all of this stuff?" He mutters, "how do I even get all of this home?" 
"I guess eat the chocolate...?" You ask while sitting down. "This is like a year's worth tho." He says with a frown and then looks over at you. You're currently unwrapping the wool scarf around your neck and taking off your jacket, you look oh so cute, Rin thinks to himself. "Here, you take some." 
"No, they are yours!! Some girls put a lot of effort into these chocolates!" You protest, but Rin shoves a bunch of boxes onto your desk nonetheless. "And if I don't eat them, that effort will go to waste!" He argues, and you huff, stuffing the boxes and bags into your backpack. "Thanks." You grumble, but can't help but notice that he was very careful to keep a particular box to himself, having secretly put it into his bag. 
At home, Rin finally has the peace he needs to open the present, inside he finds a variety of candied fruits and a handwritten note. 'I know you're not a big fan of chocolate, so maybe fruits can tickle your fancy <3' he smiles softly as he plops the sugar-coated strawberry into his mouth, it's sweet but not the point where it's obnoxious, he likes it, Rin finds himself craving for more, similar to your company that he just can't get enough of.
Now for how to repay the favor...something came to Rin's mind immediately. He should've done this a long time ago anyway. 
"Hey, y/n about that gift you gave me on valentine's." He says bluntly. 
"W-What do you mean I didn't-" 
"I know it was you. I want to repay the favor by taking you out on a date on white day." 
Rin Itoshi has never been this nervous, and you have probably never been this happy, your smile beaming and blinding the raven haired striker as you eagerly agree. 
𝐒𝐞𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐨 𝐍𝐚𝐠𝐢
Due to his...nonchalant nature, Nagi wasn't even aware of the fact it's Valentine's Day until Reo reminded him, talking about all the gifts he's already found in his locker this morning. According to Reo his shoe compartment was about to bust from the amount of things in there, apparently he couldn't even close the door of it and Ba-ya has to help him get all the gifts home later. 
Nagi doesn't care for all of that tho, in fact he doesn't care for valentine's at all. Why would he, after all, it's not like he's going to get gifted anything anyway. While Reo keeps talking his ears off about what a great tradition Valentine's Day is, they both enter the classroom. 
Nagi's eyes widen at the sight before him, on his desk there's a small box, it's tied off with a red ribbon and about as big as his hand. Was he being pranked? Maybe there's something disgusting inside, a fake spider?
Hesitantly, Nagi lifts the lid, peering inside. "Chocolates..." he mutters, lifting the lid fully. "Oh, someone's got their eye on you?" Reo coos, elbowing Nagi's side. "Seems like it, but who would-" pink dusts his cheeks upon catching you staring at him. Now that you've been busted staring, you hastily turn around and act like you're busy flipping through the exercise book. 
"I guess you've got your answer. So our little miss manager has a thing for you~" Reo says with a wide smile, shoving his elbow into Nagi's side once again before going to his seat. 
So it was you, the football club's manager that always takes such great care of everyone...who always is so nice to him, so incredibly sweet. Heat rushes to Nagi's cheeks as he realizes your feelings aren't one-sided, he adores you just as much as you (probably) like him. 
"Hey Reo... I need your advice." Nagi mutters, the two of them training while the sun is already about to set. His purple haired friend meets his gaze, signaling that he's listening, "What do I get a girl that I like...like really like."
Reo can't help but snort at the question. Nagi interested in girls? Being in love? That's something new thing... 
Reo smiles at his soccer partner, who's now sheepishly avoiding his gaze. "Mhhh, you wanna know how to return the favor of receiving chocolates for valentine's?" He asks, even tho Reo knows this is exactly why Nagi is asking for advice. The white-haired genius nods, "I say spoil her." Reo replies with a big grin. "Get her really expensive chocolates, or maybe perfume…jewelry perhaps?" 
"I don't have any money Reo..." Nagi interrupts with a deadpan expression. "Oh, don't worry about that! It's on me!" 
You're stunned when you open your locker and are met with the sight of two presents inside, chocolates and perfume. Who...your gaze falls onto a white-haired soccer genius, that's looking at you from the corner of his eye, trying to be inconspicuous. It will probably still be a long way until the two of you are completely honest about your feelings, but you're certainly headed in the right direction. 
Tumblr media
A/n: I hope everyone has a nice valentine's, wether you're spending it with a partner or as a single <33 I'm currently very stressed with school but I still wanted to put out something for this holiday of love (although I have to admit I don't love these drabbles)
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mitsies · 1 month
LATE NIGHT TALKING ; isagi yoichi > addiction is a disease, and isagi is sick with infatuation.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
isagi's favourite thing to do is wake up with you. he's always been fond of how you curl against him and try to get him to stay an extra 5 minutes, and how your hands tousle his hair. he loves your voice and how it's wonderfully raspy in the mornings.
unfortunately for him, though, his tight schedule often denies him such mornings. as of late, he's had to rise with the sun and leave you alone to wake up.
by the time he's pulling on his shoes and ready to walk out the apartment doors, you're stumbling out of bed to bid him farewell. this little gesture, of you forcing yourself awake only to press a parting kiss onto his cheek means the world to him-- but isagi can't help but feel a little bit deprived of the wonders of early-morning conversation.
it's one such morning- one where isagi is up and early and unlocking the door to go when you’re just barely conscious as you move to meet him by the exit.
“have a good day, okay?” you hear yourself and almost cringe at how thick your voice is with sleep. “i’ll see you when you get back.”
moving your hands onto his chest, you place a chaste kiss on the apple of his cheek. it leaves his face reddened with bliss.
“i’ll see you, babe!”
and then he’s gone, leaving you alone in the apartment.
a beat of silence passes and you exhale, shuffling over to the kitchen counter to prepare yourself a mug of coffee. a sound breaks the quiet atmosphere- someone’s texted you.
yoichi: can u call me? i miss ur voice:(
you fight the smile rising on your face at his message, instead opting to bite the inside of your cheek as if there was anyone to hide your expression from.
you: babe you just left like a minute ago
yoichi: yeah ik i’m still in the lobby of the building but i wanna talk to u!!!!
your phone rings shortly after you’ve read the text, and you pick it up to hear the voice of your boyfriend, who is oddly chipper considering the early hour.
“yoichi? why are you calling me?”
there’s some shuffling on the other side- you hear isagi greet someone in passing before replying to you: “i missed you!”
“it’s literally been 2 minutes maximum.”
“2 minutes too long.”
your brows furrow. “you’re so gross.”
“and you’re in love with me. what does that make you?”
“that makes me out of your league.”
he laughs and you can’t fight the grin any longer. “maybe you’re right.”
“i am. but really- why are you calling me?”
a door closing can be heard in the other end- you presume that isagi’s entered a car. “i already said. i miss your voice.”
“okay? you heard me talk this morning.”
“yeah, but not long enough! i haven’t been able to talk to you as much in the mornings anymore. so i have to get my fill somehow.”
your heart softens at his statement and you lean against the kitchen counter. the coffee machine pours your drink and the air smells warm and cozy. you wish that it could compare to the feeling of isagi’s arms around you.
“okay,” you relent, “i guess that’s a good enough reason.”
“yeah, i knew that would get you.”
“never mind. i should hang up now.”
some muffled sounds can be heard before isagi replies: “no, no, don’t do that.”
“ask me nicely and i’ll consider it.”
“don’t hang up on me.. please?”
“fine? so you’ll stay?”
“i’ll stay.”
he cheers on the other end and you decide not to tell him that you never had any intention of hanging up the phone.
Tumblr media
✄ written for the mitsies 3k event with the prompt “can you call me? i miss your voice.”
Tumblr media
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08theverysmallhuman · 3 months
Tumblr media
it works for both of them
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