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venusbby · 5 hours
i just feel like being itoshi rin's bestfriend is a whole new experience.
there is something about being rin's closest person that brings you a feeling of warmth and pride altogether. knowing each other for years, you were aware that the mighty itoshi rin was selective when it came to people he wanted to spend time with. sure, he had many friends, he was a professional player after all- but even he can't help but admit that nobody could compare with you.
maybe it's because to him, you aren't really a friend at all.
you're much more.
and he definitely does not want to admit that. so he does not.
you, on the other hand, have a hard time trying to figure it all out. one part of you thought in a more simple way.
he's just closer with me because we've known each other for so long, that's all it is.
and then there's the other part of you that is greedy and aching and yearning to get some sort of sign that he's interested.
you're not expecting much. this is itoshi rin we're talking about. he just doesn't do any of that stuff. it's crazy that you're even thinking about the topic of dating when all these years you haven't heard a single word from him about having a simple crush on someone. but again, this is itoshi rin. he doesn't say the things he doesn't want to say. he doesn't show the feelings that he doesn't want to show.
you scolded yourself every year for not getting over your little crush on your bestfriend. unfortunately for you, it went on increasing until your heart was overflowing with care and adoration for a guy who seemed absolutely clueless about romance and the wildly trending best friends to lovers trope in almost every recent book or movie.
in your case, the best friends to lovers trope feels a little less sad because rin never really showed any interest in other people.
oh, little did you know. but you're still glad that the person writing your story didn't pour the cup full of jealousy into your life.
it's almost comical how stupid the both of you are.
a hopeless romantic and her hopelessly unaware bestfriend.
the stupidity goes for a few more months. sneaky glances, touches that feel like a spark, those short words of affection that rin manages when you're at the lowest and oh, the birthday.
the stupidity finally stops at rin's birthday.
ten minutes left to 12 AM. you were trying to drive as slowly and as patiently as you could to rin's apartment. arriving early would just ruin the surprise. you needed to get out of the car when there were just 8 minutes left, so that by the time you reached the high floor of the apartment complex it would leave you with 5 minutes to prepare yourself and the box of cake in your sweaty hands, waiting outside his door. then you would enter when there's just a minute left.
only rin deserved this type of difficult and serious planning.
you felt the pride for being able to think so much and felt extremely smart for calculating this plan accurately. however, the feelings were quick to drain out and be replaced by nervousness.
he wouldn't be mad, no. you just didn't want to make him feel awkward.
rin never really made a big deal about his birthdays. that never stopped him from letting his teammates and friends from blue lock enjoy the day, though. every year, he booked some place they could spend time, eat, drink, party, whatever. he didn't care much, just watched bachira and isagi wreck havoc. as long as he had you sitting next to him, laughing at his friends' antics, he was okay. he also liked seeing you happy. his chest bloomed with some unfamiliar feeling every time you said that you were happy because he was happy.
one minute left.
you quietly entered with the spare key rin had given you.
for emergencies.
somehow birthdays counted, right?
the lights were off, and you felt a little dumb. it would be really embarrassing if rin wasn't even home. maybe even more embarrassing if rin didn't expect you to come at all and told you to go back home or something.
from the living room, you could still see rays of faint warm light making its way into the hallways, escaping through the doorway of his bedroom. judging by the low sound effects, you guessed he was watching another movie or tv show.
one thing your dumbass forgot to plan. how the heck were you supposed to call him into the living room without scaring him?
fuck it, you thought.
"rin, im home, come out here please." you tried, trying your best to sound as less alerting as you could, hoping you didn't scare the guy. from the way the sound of the movie quickly stopped after your voice, you grimaced.
quick, heavy footsteps followed as itoshi rin entered his living room. his expression was a mix between a scowl and a frown- a face only he could make. you paused before you could even try to explain.
paired with the handsome, annoyed face was the absence of a shirt.
what were you going to say again?
well, it didn't matter. rin spoke before you could even adjust to the unfamiiar view.
"what the fuck."
"uh, look-" you managed.
"no, what the actual fuck."
you pursed your lips in an attempt to put your mind to work, to come up with something- anything. those teal eyes felt vibrant even in the darkness of the living room with just more of the golden light from his room passing through- because of the bedroom door now being opened all the way. you shifted from one foot to another. he continued to stare, his eyes slowly travelling down to the cake you were holding.
"happy birthday."
itoshi rin, your bestfriend, exhaled.
two strides and he was standing right in front of you, expression unreadable, and maybe you were hallucinating, because in the slight darkness you thought you saw him smile.
"y/n, you're insane." he breathed out, running a hand through his dark, disheveled hair. rin's face felt a little warm when he realized how he looked in this situation. this is by far the most out of pocket thing you've done, in his opinion.
for you though, this reaction was somewhat better than what you'd expected. you bit your lip to hold back a smile and set the box down on the neatly kept coffee table next to you. "i might be."
it was already three minutes past twelve. but you didn't care anymore.
while you carefully removed the cake out and placed it on the table, rin turned the lights on, still not recovered from your sudden appearance.
"shit," you realized when the brightness of the light hit your eyesight, "i forgot the fucking candles in the car. sorry."
now as unbelievable as it sounds, it was rin's turn to hold back a smile as he muttered quietly, "stupid."
it was even harder to focus on the cake without candles in front of you, when itoshi rin was sitting next to you on the couch, shirtless.
silence filled the room, and none of you made a move.
why would you do anything anyway? wasn't it rin's job to cut the cake?
apparently, you seemed more interesting than the cake, because rin was staring at you instead. you stuttered underneath his gaze. "what, you want me to sing the song for you?"
he huffed, attempting to fix his hair so he could stop thinking about your sleepy eyes. god damn it. he didn't know how to deal with this, with the erratic beating of his heart.
"thanks. for this."
itoshi rin was malfunctioning. and you were the cause for that.
to that, you managed a genuine smile. it was nice to hear.
"it's nothing. i did it because i care." you said quietly, fiddling with your fingers, eyes focused on the cake. you don't think you can handle looking at him. it might tempt you to pour out all your feelings. you could save them for another day, just not his birthday.
the mess of your hair kept together by a hairband, your heavy eyelids and the nervous fumbling of your fingers, rin knew you meant more. you wouldn't do so much for him despite being so tired if you just cared. there was only one option he had, to show you how thankful he was.
you're out of your short anxious trance when his bare, strong arms slowly but confidently pulled you into him.
the shock doesn't last for long and you find yourself melting in his embrace, face resting against his shoulder as your arms made their way to his back, to hold him tighter.
the cake must be satisfied with this outcome as well because it doesn't complain as you both stay in the same position for quite a few minutes.
rin felt your breath against his collarbone and sighed.
"stay the night. i can tell you're tired."
you don't deny it, but still whisper, "let's eat the cake first."
he finally let out a soft chuckle, feeling relieved that you couldn't see him as he mumbled something along the lines of "that's why i love you."
did he say love?
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aesterblaster · 3 days
Might sound messed up but I headcannon that characters like Rin cry veryy messily. He rarely lets his emotion show, he's literally all those toxic memes about men not needing to cry rolled up into one...but when he does he is absolutely sobbing, i'm talking face red, eyes super puffy, needing to wipe his face a bajillion times, voice cracking. You just gotta hug him when he cries because boy oh boy does he not do it often for a reason.
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Tumblr media
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rosie-moon · 2 days
Tumblr media
Blue Lock: Episode Nagi (ブルーロック-EPISODE 凪-)
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itsshizyne · 1 day
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Fellow manga readers…YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!!!!
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xxkaeya · 3 days
rewatching blue lock before its last ep drops and thought "wow it must be nice to be aryu's girlfriend!!"
aryu jyubei as your boyfriend:
he would let you style his hair! from braids, pigtails, to space buns, you name it! aryu would find them all "glamorous" ♡.
aryu would have your hair tie around his wrist 24/7 🗣️.
manicure and pedicure day!! notice how he wears those black nail polish in the series? y'all would definitely enjoy painting each other's nails.
not to mention that he will ask you for make up and hair care tips too.
i bet he plays the electric guitar, i mean who doesn't love it when a guy plays an electric guitar? and as he said in episode 23, he likes western music. with this info, i'ma bet that he listens to artic monkeys, the neighbourhood and/or the 1975 😻 (real, the author told me) .
oh and he would definitely support your kpop/taylor swift shenanigans. i can imagine him listening to ateez/seventeen/bts/aespa and even buying your fav kpop band's albums too.
aryu would help you pick out your outfits when you go shopping together. someone as "stylish" as him would also want his gf to be stylish as well. so him sitting in front of your fitting room, analysing your outfits is something that he would enjoy as past time.
he always compliment your looks whenever he has the chance. ngl, he seems to be the type to worship your beauty. would always say things like "my girlfriend so pretty, i'm on my knees ��🏻‍♀️🧎🏻‍♀️" (literally gets on his knees).
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moodybluesbabe · 2 days
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starlighwook · 2 days
i'm so curious how rin will react to whatever the hell dynamic isagi and kaiser have
in any case, he will instantly hate kaiser, i'm pretty sure of that
i can't wait for their match it's gonna go crazy
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n3croart · 1 day
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Blue lock Chapter 211 page 15 Barou is Coming!!
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bluelockblog · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Blue lock Manga Ch. 85 — Ch. 87 — Ch. 88
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nanakorobiyaokii · 3 months
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saibeosei · 1 month
𖤐 BIG BOY! feat. nagi seishiro
Tumblr media Tumblr media
content warnings. nsfw content, top! amab reader, characters are aged up to 21+, size kink, probably dacryphilia, reader is implied to be bigger than average, even six feet eight inches.
𖤐 author's note. head empty no thoughts just nagi w size kink. absolutely dig that shi wanna see my silly boy getting manhandled. the story is small & it's considered a drabble.
Tumblr media
the first time you met him, he was absolutely astonished. nagi seishiro did not expect to meet someone surpassing his idea of “tall” & “big”. naturally, he thought he was the embodiment those words and carried that title around in the blue lock facility. because though people marked a person like him the words “sloppy” or “lazy” or knew him cursed, they did not forget to add about his impressive genetics and debatable hard work. yet that time he stared at you in bewilderment as you passed him by.
tug tug, “hey hey, how’d you get so big?”
when you two started dating, nagi often brought this question up. he deemed it jealousy at first, then as envy. but both those conclusions did not answer why he would be overwhelmed and excited by your figures presence alone. then again, he might not show it, but he took pride in this. he was so used to towering people and it was a ghastly new experience to him. the fact that he had to look up to face you directly made him a bit weak in the knees.
but whenever you have both his wrists pinned above his head, he strips himself of all his denouements and can’t help but make a mess of himself.
and when you’re finally shoving your cock inside of him, he’s crying, because such a small, good boy can’t possibly take your entire length inside. and you’ve finally managed to thrust your way in, he begs you to fill him to the brim, even though the poor boy can’t stop shaking and stuttering like a desperate slut. god, you’re so big.
the way your length always presses against his prostate and stretched his walls automatically builds a long lasting stamina. he loves when you lift him by his thighs like it’s nothing. he loves when you wrap your huge hands around his waist and go balls deep inside. he loves it so, so much that he forgets all his morals and breaks down into whatever nearby.
he hates doing all the work even now, it’s such a pain. thankfully, you’re there.
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aftersieves · 3 months
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Isagi ships: A primer
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fyeahbachisagi · 4 months
Isagi when others get too close to him:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isagi when it's Bachira doing it:
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Blue Lock (ブルーロック)
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katasstrophy · 4 months
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come get your newest batch of blue lock text posts fresh from the oven (part 1) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)
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