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Yandere Bachira/ Yandere Shidou + Obsessing Over Their Agent
Giving into their egos at the end of Blue Lock, they're used to getting everything they wanted and what they wanted next...was their cute little agent who handled their public relations and contracts♡
Characters: Bachira Meguru, Shidou Ryusei
Tumblr media
"You're staring again."
Bachira blinks at your words, dazed as he slowly was brought back to reality. Huh, he must've zoned out staring at your face again. Your sharp (e/c) eyes focused on your phone, your stoic expression making his heart beat a bit more quickly in his chest, and your hair which was all fixed up and neat was just begging for his fingers to come through it with how it looked. He tilted his head to the side cutely and closed his eyes, flashing you his most charming smile.
"Can you blame me?" He chuckled, moving his way over to you. With lightning fast reflexes, you stuck your foot up in the air to stop him while still focusing on your task at hand as he whined and tried to pinch your cheek. He pouted after a few unsuccessful minutes and frowned, "Aw! You're no fun, (Y/n)-chan!"
You resisted the urge to roll your eyes but you did respond to him.
"Sir, don't be misinformed; this relationship is purely professional. I am your agent, you are my client. That is all." You spoke sternly to him as if he were a child, "Now, let's get you ready for that commercial shoot."
Just a client, huh?
Bachira sighs and holds his chest where his heart would be and looks at you with his big yellow puppy dog eyes: "That hurts, (Y/n)! After everything we've been through!"
Again, his attempts were met with silence and he frowned, seeing that you were still focused on your phone. That's not fair, (Y/n), so many people would've absolutely killed to be in your shoes in this moment and you have the audacity to brush him off? Fine, he'll just have to make it clear that there was no one else but you.
- He makes everything difficult for everyone if it doesn't involve you, he's still likeable, but everyone just talks about how he's a bit too energetic to stay still. You can't tell how many times make up crews, directors, and training coaches or even other players had to shyly come up to you and make Bachira comply with their wishes because "he behaves when you're around".
- Many times Bachira tries to make it appear you two are a couple; telling you that he loves you as you do his foundation for his upcoming interviews, excitedly running at you in between commercial breaks to ask you if he did well, and often wanting to take you out for casual outings as celebration but you declined. You didn't want to feed into whatever delusion he had in his head about you two.
- You tried to be a bit personal and suggest he try out some sports modeling, casually mentioning how a current model heart throb was interested in collaborating with him in hopes that it'd be enough to get him to move on but he frowned and shook his head. NO! He's not posing for pictures with anyone, especially not for some random model, if its not you!
- Even though you're in charge of his social media; he will still post pictures of you to his own account, admiring how cute you are when you're in the zone, or just captioning the photo with a simple: "Mine♥️💕" and even though you tell him to delete those photos everytime, you feel a bit uneasy when you realize you didn't even notice him pulling out his phone and getting these photos until he tagged you in them. You just hope he doesn't have anymore photos of you that you didn't know about.
- Bachira is without a doubt obsessive, he gets giddy when you call him because he believes one of these days you'll wake up and realize you love him back just as much, only to be slightly dissapointed when you are merely calling him to discuss contract details. That's fine, though! One of these days you're going to have to face the reality that you two were meant to be together♡
- You're just like him after all! It's just that you want to dominate a different field than him. Your goals are similar, be the best that Japan has to offer, making sure that Bachira succeeds on and off the field helps ensure your own success, and while you didn't want to deal with his annoying behavior all the time; it'd be a foolish choice to quit working for him. You think that he knows that too because he'll always try to test the waters of your relationship, never really believing your threats of switching to a different player.
- Because even if you didn't love him, you needed him, just as he needed you. Surely you'll end up loving him back, though, after all: there was no one else in his eyes besides you. So he'll work hard to be the best, not just for Japan, but for you. Each goal he makes, he looks at you and sees the briefest smile on your face and it drives him wild the rest of the game to keep scoring and scoring.
- Don't think you've tamed the monster inside of him, though. Because it'll never be truly satisfied until it finally has you. All of you.
Tumblr media
"Why're buying flowers for that asshole?"
You felt a shiver go up your spine, feeling Shidou's sharp chin resting on your shoulder and feeling his warm breath on the back of your right ear, he was still a little sweaty from his daily drills and workouts...technically, he should've been working out still but his fitness coaches knew the moment you stepped into the room that he wouldn't be able to focus on anything but you.
"Technically, you're buying him flowers," You corrected, moving away from him. He raised an eyebrow but kept a deadpan face as you turned around to explain to him, "Shido, you're already controversial. You played way too hard and broke that man's ankle. Sending flowers is the least you could do."
Aw, give him some credit...he could've done a lot worse if he wanted too but he managed to restrain himself from doing that, all for you. Plus, it was entirely the other guy's fault anyways. That asshole was eyeing you up and down when you weren't looking and jokingly told Ryusei that he wished he had an agent that was as hot as you were instead of his current old and grumpy one. Shido knew he had the best things: the best cars, the best shoes, the best career a soccer player could ask for...but you were different. You were one of the things he had that made him the best, flipping his controversies into picturing him as this passionate player whose just motivated to represent his country, but you were meant for only him to admire. Everyone else is allowed to stare at you two with envy and jealously but that's ALL.
"I'm not sending him no damn flowers and neither are you." He scoffed, taking your phone from your hand and canceling the order. You frowned and tried to grab it back from him, he raised it above his head am to force you to reach for it and when you raised one arm and stood on both your tippy toes, he used his free arm to hook it around your waist and pull you close to him. Pining you against the wall, his pink eyes focused on you in a way that a predator would eye its prey.
"Quit thinkin' about some nobody player. You're MY agent."
- Before you, Shidou went through a lot of agents. Agents who quit on the spot because he was impossible to work with, agents who just stormed out of the doors because they couldn't take anymore, agents who still badmouth him to the public and feeding into his reputation.
- Then you walked in through those doors. Steely gazed, chin up and proud. You were cute, that's for sure, but you weren't gonna be any different then the rest of them. At least, thats what he had originally thought. You never lost your mind over the way he played, you never complained about how he was making your job impossible, and you never lost your cool.
- You were a professional at your job, you knew how to make him appeal to the audience and frame him in a better light while also making sure he didn't have to change too much...because he would never change. So you would work with what you had, how did the saying go? There's no such thing as bad publicity.
- Unlike Bachira, you just being there isn't gonna make him behave. If you're gonna make him do some lame ass photoshoot then he better be getting something out of it. At first it was just things like arranging a deal with a brand he liked, setting up a soccer match with some good players only for him to absolutely ruin them. He started to like you because of those things.
- However it escalated one day when he asked for something that took you off gaurd. A kiss. It was for an interview and he refused to let anyone touch him so they all ran crying to you, he instantly looked at you as you put a gentle hand on his shoulder and asked him what he wanted this time so you both could get through this.
- He didn't even really think about it either, he was a little shocked when he said it himself but he was just mesmerized by your lips that he wondered what it'd be like to kiss them. So he wanted to find out. You were flustered, rightfully so and tried to bargain with him but he was dead set on that kiss...oh well...it was one measly kiss. So you kissed his cheek and he frowned, not exactly what he wanted but you did give him what he wanted technically.
- But yeah, that just kinda sparked his obsession with you and his obsession isn't what you should be concerned about. It's his possessive nature, you work for him so you belong to him. He doesn't like you talking to other people most of the time, constantly grabbing your phone and hanging up important calls when the conversation goes somewhere he doesn't like or deems isn't as important as him.
- Shidou knows he doesn't love you but love isn't exactly on either of your radars since your focused on your career, which only does well as long as Shido's does well. It doesn't stop him from looking at you tying his tie for him, imagining you doing something more intimate than a mere kiss on the cheek, to take you out on fancy dates and buy you nice things and all the crap (he's tried before but you always refuse) and when he wakes up in the morning, he wonders how different it would be if you were next to him. He might love you but overall, it's a matter of possession. You belong to him. No one else.
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⋆𝕊𝕙𝕚𝕕𝕠𝕦 𝕒𝕤 𝕒 𝕕𝕒𝕕⋆
Tumblr media
⋆Pairing: Shidou Ryusei x reader
⋆Warnings: pregnancy, parenting and fluff
⋆Summary: Shidou never wanted to be a father. Kids were annoying. But when you told him that you were pregnant, his world changed.
Tumblr media
Shidou never wanted children. He thought that children would hold him back from having fun. You had to be careful around them and had to set a good example. And that was exactly what he didn’t want.
He had met you three years before your marriage in a convenience store because he had bumped into you. You later found out that he was actually your neighbor and a rather famous football player. That’s how you started talking, developing feelings, and your relationship.  
Shidou was already hesitant about becoming a husband, but now that he was, it was so different from what he imagined it to be. It was fun and loving. Just like he wanted his life to be.
He came home after practice, smiling because he had a good day. He was rambling about his day, but something was off about you. You didn’t seem to listen to him. When he walked into the bedroom, he saw that you had packed stuff of your belongings together.
“Why are you packing, sweetheart?”, he asked almost hesitantly as his smile dropped. What was going on? Were you going to leave him?
“I´m pregnant”. This sentence made his world stop spinning. You were pregnant? That meant he was going to be a father? Within a second there were a million thoughts in his head. All speaking of how he was going to deal with that situation.
But there was one question that stood out more than the others. Why did you pack your bags? Did you think he wasn’t going to take responsibility?
When he saw the terrified expression on your face, he hugged you, letting you cry on his shoulder. “Do you want the child?”, he asked in a quiet voice after you had calmed down a bit. You answered him with a nod.
Shidou was going to be a father and he wasn’t going to run away from responsibility. Why should he? It was his child. The child he created with you.
You got cravings for specific foods pretty early in the pregnancy. Even before it was showing that you were indeed pregnant. Shidou would groan each time he had to go to the convenience store to get something you didn’t have at home, but he still did it anyway.
Shidou actually tries the foods as well commenting to them with stuff like: “The little munchkin does have good taste. Nothing other to expect. They´re my child after all”. You would roll your eyes each time he started talking like that.
When he found out that he was going to be the father of a daughter, he was overjoyed, but he didn’t understand why. He swore to himself to protect his little princess forever, never letting any harm get to her.
When you gave birth, Shidou had to wait outside because he would just stand in the way of the doctors. While he was sitting there his hands started to shake. He was scared. Scared of what would happen to you. Scared if his munchkin was all right. Scared of all the pain you must feel right now.
The second the door opened, he stood up, looking at the doctors with wide eyes. “Both your wife and daughter are fine. Your wife will just need a bit of rest. Congratulations on becoming a father.”
Why was this feeling coming to him now? This panic? Would he be able to protect his daughter? Was he going to be a good dad? Was he going to be able to make her happy?
He took a deep breath before entering the room. He just heard the quiet whines of a baby. Not those loud screams that he had heard from other children.
The nurse walked over to him, smiling at him. “Would you like to hold her?”, she asked, waiting for a reply. Shidou was too stunned to speak when he looked at the baby that the nurse was holding. His daughter. His munchkin.
She was beautiful. He was able to see some of your features on her face, but also some of his. Her hair was the same as yours… He quietly gasped when she opened her eyes. The same pink shade as his.
Shidou takes his job as a father very seriously, but he also loves to include some fun in it. When his daughter was barely three years old, he taught her how to play football just so he was able to show off and be the hero of his little princess.
He has this habit of poking or stretching his daughter’s cheek. It had developed when he couldn’t resist the temptation to squish those soft cheeks. Shidou was careful not to hurt his princess, but this was something he called “teasing”.
 His little princess gets spoiled to no end. No matter how often you tried to stop your husband from buying her too much, he always brought back a stuffed toy. “Keep it a secret from your mum, okay munchkin?”
One thing that was important for Shidou was that he taught his daughter how to talk back to someone. Anyone was being mean? She could counter it within 0.2 seconds. Shidou wanted his daughter to be able to protect herself. That’s also why he sometimes “fought” with her when they were punching each other. He would of course go soft on her, but he let his daughter hit him full force.
Shidou is bad at expressing his honest love for his daughter. But he tried to show it to her in every way possible.
He learned to cook alone for the fact so that he could make his daughter cute bento boxes for lunch. Shidou will look up references on Pinterest and try to recreate them. Surprisingly he´s very good at that.
“What do you mean you don’t know this movie?! Sit down, princess. You can do homework later”. Shidou shows his daughter all the “classics”. Like music and movies, he enjoyed it when he was in his teens. It was an important bonding time.
He even bought old gaming consoles for an overprized amount of money just for the fact that he could show his daughter the classics like “Bomberman” and “Bubble Bobble”:
Shidou feels so much pride and love each time he looks at his princess. He didn’t know that it was even possible to feel that amount of emotion. But you showed it to him and he couldn’t be more grateful.
Tumblr media
This is one of the most biased posts that I ever did haha.
For those who don't know bubble bobble. It's a game where you play as a dragon thingy and trap enemies with bubbles that you have to destroy
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@Noechi2023 𝘥𝘰𝘯'𝘵 𝘳𝘦𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘰𝘳 𝘤𝘰𝘱𝘺 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘵. 𝘐𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰 𝘐'𝘭𝘭 𝘩𝘶𝘯𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘰𝘸𝘯 凸( •̀_•́ )凸
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Shidou Ryusei
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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- box dye (ryusei s.) !!
Tumblr media
features: ryusei s.
contents: strong language. shidou almost fights someone. rain. public embarrassment. shidou is himself. 1.6k words
Tumblr media
shidou ryusei who picks up on every trend.
the first time you met him, he looked at you and point-blank said “not even a side eye, blank stare.” he was stone faced when he said it and you were so flabbergasted that your mouth hung open while you looked at this roach-ass man. he threw his head back in a manic chortle and stalked off.
you stood deathly still for another minute, wondering what sin you had committed to earn experience whatever the fuck just happened.
shidou ryusei who is incapable of being embarrassed.
the second encounter with shidou was in the middle of class, a class he wasn’t even in, somehow. the door slammed wide open and there he stood. you felt your heart drop as you contemplated the atrocities you must have did in your past life to deserve being subjected to this.
he handed some papers to your teacher, pink eyes scanning the classroom before landing on you: who was making intense eye contact with your book in hopes he wouldn’t see you. but he did, of course.
“hey schnookums!!” he said in front of your entire class while waving at you with the most shit-eating grin. you waved weakly back and immediately slammed your head onto your desk the second he was gone.
your teacher ended up sending you to the nurse because she was so worried at the red mark on your forehead from your embarrassment.
shidou ryusei who was everywhere.
your third instance was during lunch. well, this was rather a collection of mini-instances. you didn’t like to sit after eating so you usually roamed the hallways with your friends, but they all were in the same club, one that you had refused to join.
so here you were; wondering the hallways alone. every now and then you would see a flash of pink and blond, making you turn straight around. but eventually you’d see it again, leading you to turn back around.
it had gotten so bad that you were stuck in one hallway because every time you got to the end of it, you’d see him and have to go back to the beginning: where the process would repeat.
you were tired and lunch was about to end, so you just w through the end, locking eyes on your tormentor. he had the sweetest grin on his face as this thick lashes fluttered over his tanned skin. you hadn’t ever gotten a good look at him before.
when you got back to class you heard the kids gossiping about how some kid named ‘ryusei shidou’ who was running up and down the hallways during lunch. you wondered who that was, having never heard of them before.
shidou ryusei who was at the store while it rained.
for your fourth sighting, you ducked into a covinence store after coming home from work, wanting to wait out the rain. you closed your umbrella and looked through the aisles, feeling a bit peckish.
suddenly, the bell dinged as a loud voice came in. “damn this rain is hampering my explosions!!” of course it was him. you went to the aisle the furthest from the door: the candy aisle. as you absentmindedly looked at your favorite candy you heard footsteps. there: standing at the end of the aisle, was your mortal enemy.
so, naturally, you grabbed your favorite and sped the the register. checking out and hurrying out. the rain had stopped so you just splashed through the puddles as you sped away, ignoring the heat at the back of your neck.
loudly approaching footfalls distracted you as you turned to see the roach guy running towards you, holding a bag. you stopped, mostly in shock but partially in horror. it didn’t take him long to reach you.
“you forgot yer candy..” you looked in the bag you were holding and saw it empty. you thanked him and quickly went on your way with the bag he had given you.
when you finally took a peek, now sitting on your bed, you saw a lot more than one candy bar. there were three of your favorites, along with some generally similar varieties. there were also a couple cans of a neon pink soda and other hot pink and cream things. like he put himself into the bag. the mist unique item was a package of baby star ramen.
it was growing harder and harder to ignore the heat that creeped up you day by day.
shidou ryusei who waved from the field.
for the final spotting, you came to a soccer game with your friends, wanting to see your school’s winning team. you all sat in the stands, relatively close to the green turf of the field. the game was pretty packed, especially with soccer being an unpopular sport where you lived.
the crowd roared as the ball was raced up and down the field, it was then that you saw it. a familiar cream and magenta insect, who was scuttling down the side of the pitch.
it proved to be right as he swooped in and took the ball from the opposing team. he then kicked like a hail-mary in the opposite direction and bolted, connecting to his own pass. with a shout he hurled the ball straight into the goal, right in the top left corner. the goalie didn’t even have time to get from the right side to try to block it.
the crowd broke out in cheers and you felt yourself join in, screaming like a maniac as your eyes screwed shut in your joy.
you looked back and saw a member of the other team looking at him funny while talking. no one else around you noticed, still blindly cheering. but you saw the look on the other players face, and you also saw your insect grab his collar and start shouting.
a whistle from the ref rang out as he paused, eyes flicking to the stand before settling on you. this time you weren’t embarrassed as you cupped your hands around your mouth and yelled. “DON’T MIND, SCORE ANOTHER BOX DYE !!”
a wicked grin part his lips as he dropped the other guy and returned to his position, sending a thumbs up your way. you felt your cheeks flush as your friends and just about every other spectator looked at you.
the game resumed as you rotted in your embarrassment.
shidou ryusei who scores the game-winning goal.
you had long forgotten about your boldness as the game was now tied 2-2, having gone into additional time. roach guy wasn’t moving like earlier and a part of you thought it was to spite you.
but on the last kickoff, with about thirty seconds left, he suddenly has the ball and is going down the pitch like a lightning bolt.
his teammates are all beside him, perfectly lined up for passes, but he shoots straight through the other team, as if they were paper.
he reels his leg back and slams it forward, the ball going so fast you can barely see it. but it slams against the goal post and goes flying to just above him.
you feel your heart sink as you expect a tie.
but. suddenly he’s upside down, kicking the ball from a handstand. the ball moves to his foot almost magnetically as he lurches forward, effectively sending the ball back forward. his body ends up tumbling as the goalie’s fingers graze the ball. only grazed, not stopping.
as it sinks deep into the net, a whistle screams out, the game was over.
box dye gets up and points to you with one hand, the other points to the goal. the crows erupts in cheers as you find yourself screaming with them, standing up in a stadium-wide standing ovation.
“a game-winning goal by shi-…” in your excitement you were unable to hear his name, catching only one syllable. the crowd continued to roar until the field had emptied.
you exited with your friends as they teased you for the roach-looking guy, but they never mentioned his name either.
shidou ryusei who is mentioned on the announcements.
as you sat in your homeroom, listening for the announcements: hoping that you would hear his name then maybe. your friends chattered about things like their boyfriends, homework, and you being in love with number thirteen… wait.
“i’m not in love with him!!” you screeched as you flung an eraser at them, fuming as they giggled. the heat under your collar and the glow in your eyes did not helo your case, instead doing the opposite.
your teacher came in and everyone went to their seats. the overhead clicked as the announcements began, you tuned most of it out.
until you heard what you were listening for.
“last night our soccer team beat west high 3-2, with the game-winning and first goals being scored by shidou ryusei.”
your head perked up as you muttered to yourself, “ryusei shidou, huh.”
you heard a chuckle as you spun around, seeing the man himself. he wasn’t even in your class why was he here?
“so m’not just box dye anymore?” your face heated up as you stammered for an answer, watching as he leaned forward in his seat, only inches between you.
“by the way, the hair’s all natural sweetie. so’s my explosive football <3”
you could get used to the name ryusei shidou, because if you had a say, this would be far from the last time you’d hear or say it.
Tumblr media
okkotsuus 23
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Hiii hope you’re having a great day :D
I wanted to request the blue lock boys(Chigiri, Bachira, Nagi, Shidou and Kaiser) comforting ADHD reader that is overstimulated during a match and can’t play properly
Don’t have to do it if u r not comfortable
Hi Clovers!! I'm neurodivergent but I don't have ADHD, so I'm not comfortable with writing an ADHD reader. I'll just write about sensory overload in general. Also, I changed the situation to it happening during practice because that's easier for me to write. I hope it's okay!
Masterlist and request rules
Tags/notes: gn!reader, comfort, sensory overload is written in the way I experience it, reader is implied to be neurodivergent, all of this is before Blue Lock starts, headcanons are meant to be platonic but you can see it with a romantic relationship as well
Chigiri notices there's something off with you at practice, so when he gets the chance to, he asks you what's wrong. At first, you tell him you're fine and continue playing, but Chigiri notices you're lying to him. He doesn't ask again, tho. But then you start being unresponsive to what is happening around you and your tone when speaking is getting more and more irritated, to a point where you're just torturing yourself by playing. You've gotten sensory overload a handful of times during practices already, so your coach knows about it and you can sit down on the side of the field if needed. When Chigiri sees you sitting down there, he sits down next to your and holds your hand in silence until you feel better.
Bachira can see how you're slowly getting overwhelmed with everything around you, but you keep pushing yourself to continue. As much as he admires how eager you are to push yourself, he doesn't like seeing you in pain either. He can see you trying to stim with your hands, but can't seem to get your mind clear again. Bachira makes sure you're okay with being touched at the moment before he gently holds your wrist, guiding you to a bench on the side of the field to sit down.
You've mentioned your sensory issues towards Nagi a handful times, but he's never seen you with sensory overload. Now during soccer practice, he doesn't pay that much attention to you. He's just waiting for practice to be over. But then he sees you're missing, which makes him a bit worried, so he asks one of your teammates where you are, who tells Nagi that you're not feeling well so you went to the locker room. Nagi goes there to check on you. When he sees you overstimulated and shaking a little, he sits down next to you and puts an arm around your shoulder. He doesn't know what to say, so he just stays silent until you're feeling better.
Note for Shidou: he didn't play in a team before Blue Lock, so I'm doing another scenario for him
Shidou invited you to play soccer with him after school, which you agreed to. The day has been pretty overwhelming and you thought soccer would take your mind off and let you release stress. But instead of that, it makes you feel even worse. Shidou is challenging you more than usual and jokes about how bad you're playing today, not knowing your day has been rather rough. That combined with the uncomfortableness of not wearing the right clothes to do sports in and the feeling of sweat making your shirt cling onto your skin just gets you so overstimulated, you stop playing and get ready to grab your stuff and leave. Shidou is confused and asks what's going on, to which you respond in a very irritated and stressed tone about how bad everything has been today and how he just made you feel even worse. It makes Shidou feel a little guilty, so he apologizes. He didn't mean to make you feel bad with his jokes. He knows he's not good at comforting, so he tells you he'll walk you home. He also gives you one of his earbuds and lets you choose music for you two to listen to while walking.
You don't want Kaiser to think you're weak, so throughout the entirety of practice, you try to hide how overstimulated you're feeling today. Soccer practice isn't the cause of it, but it's not making you feel better either, which is unusual because it usually helps you to release any build-up pressure inside of you. Kaiser doesn't notice there's something off about you until Ness points it out. When your team is taking a short break during practice, Kaiser approaches you to ask if you're alright. You tell him you're fine, but he knows it's not the truth, so he keeps asking until you give in and tell him what you're feeling. You expected he would think you're weak for feeling like this, but instead he tells Ness to get you some water and asks the coach if it would be okay if you can take a longer break than the rest of the team.
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kokon0is · 2 months
Tumblr media
with — Rin, Shidou, Sae, Nagi
basically just about what canceled people have done but its blue lock characters
cw: mentions of violence (shidou and sae) mentions of reo x nagi 😭 (they’re not in a relationship here just a online inside joke in their fandom)
disclaimer: all just headcanons, all of em never happened, not canon 🫡
Tumblr media
just some random day his name was just trending on twitter and people just keep on saying that “Rin is a nepo baby but his brother is the famous one” — “he’s only famous because of his brother”
honestly got canceled for no reason and he doesn’t give a fuck
he would wear those shirt with a “nepo baby” text on it
he would also get alot of backlash about his behavior. “he doesn’t wave at his fans” “he doesn’t want to take pictures together” “he flip us off”
he would go live on insta and have the funniest response on his issues (and they’re mostly used on tiktok as reaction vids)
haters wont affect him if he’s the biggest hater in this planet 🫡
and also restored tweets literally just bashing some other soccer players
mainly literally brawling with rin in the middle of their game
“why is he still on the team anyway” “i can’t believe ya’ll still support shitdou” “all this tiktok girlies will make edits of him being this violent, poor rin :((“
people (rin’s fans) hated his guts because he always pick a fight with rin
another mf who won’t give a fuck about the internet have to say
restored tweets. mostly just saying the most horny statement known to man
has cheating allegations too
“bro thinks he’s aiku 😂” — “are they real? HAHWJSHA” — “bro he gets girlfriends?”
he enjoys being a menace in the internet, he’s fine being a clown of it or whatever he just want to piss people off
being literally friends with shidou 😭😭
“no wonder he’s also a meanie”— “yall need to see someone if you guys find red flags like them hot😭”— “gahdam what’s wrong with his hair🤨”
he gets alot of hate already about his attitude
said a slur once
run over a paparazzi once with his luxurious car
but people find it really hard to hate him fully because he always get the best plays whenever he’s on the field, that at the end of the day more people still will be cheering for him
one of his big issue is literally having a own fight with his OWN brother
people think that’s too far already and feels sorry for rin
“poor guy no wonder why he’s so emo he have a brother like this” — “its always the older siblings” — “this whole soccer thing is turning into a drama”
he has very overly obsessed fans
yep. i like to think that aside football, he also streams online to show off his gaming skills
doesn’t care about the hate comments he gets because he know that haters can’t be avoided when you’re famous. BUT HIS FANS ON THE OTHER HAND…
if you said something that he didn’t like the world will most likely know your address or something because his fans are gnna come for you
and his fans will probably bully tf out of his haters too 😭
“nagi stans are krazy bruh dont mess with them” — “those nagi stans need jail time 😬” — “nagi control ur fandom 😐 they’re ruining lives online”
will apologize on his fans behalf
has probably said something homophobic accidentally and didn’t know it was that offensive til he reads his chats
“ayo! HAHAHAHAH don’t you have a boyfriend?”— “reo collect ur man HAHAHA” — “bro why u said that 💀”
would apologize for the lack of knowledge
nagi: guys reo is not my boyfriend, he’s my best friend y’ll
Tumblr media
thanks for reading lads
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honeybachira · 3 months
So the your not me that your wrote do you think you could write it for Nagi, Rin and Shidou if that’s ok?
𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐌 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 ğ“ğŽ ğ’ğŽğŒğ„ğŽğğ„ ğ‚ğŽğğ˜ğˆğğ† ğ˜ğŽğ”
Tumblr media
When some bitch decided to pull some 'pick me' tricks to get their attention and basically decided to be your own personal mirror.
𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲: I hope this is good enough lol it feels a little rushed smh
Part 1 / Part 2
𝗧𝗪 : ğ–¼ğ—Žğ—‹ğ—Œğ—‚ğ—‡ğ—€ , ğ–¿ğ—ˆğ—Žğ—… ğ—…ğ–ºğ—‡ğ—€ğ—Žğ–ºğ—€ğ–¾
This is an x fem! Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nagi couldn't help but sigh in dissapointment. This stupid airhead really thought he would never notice?
How she oh so 'slightly' press her pancake boobs in his biceps whenever she offers him a water bottle?
For fucks sake Nagi is barely holding into the thinnest thread of patience you begged him to keep, but there was a point where he couldn't keep his irritation anymore.
"Sei-kun! You did great out there"
the girl smiled sweetly towards the tired boy
"where's Y/N?"
Nagi asked Anri who was about to answer when she was interrupted by the bitch herself
"why are you looking for her when I'm here?"
she innocently pouted which only subtracted more of his remaining patience that is now close to none.
"shut up you bitch I'm not talking to you"
Everyone was shocked because of the foul words that escaped his mouth, but they were more surprised when he approached you like a tame puppy when you finally walked into the feild.
Tumblr media
Is a menace.
Lowkey finds it entertaining how someone could be so dumb enough to think that they'd ever be able to come close to your level.
You said that it didn't really bother you that much, but admited that she does get on your nerves, proving that no one in this world could tolerate her behavior.
Not even you.
"Hey Shidou-chan! Have you eaten yet?"
There she goes again.
Popping out of nowhere so early in the morning.
"Of course I've eaten"
Shidou smirked looking at you struggling to stand up from across the room
"I must say, a sweet breakfast may be my new favorite thing from now on"
It was satisfactory to see her face contort into realization when she finally pieced things together.
Tumblr media
Another one who's only surviving not punching her because of your request not to. I mean, not just him, but everyone basically hates that girl and how much she tries to copy you.
It started when he noticed how she tried to replicate your perfume, but she failed and ended up with a cheaper imitation because she couldn't afford to buy the original one.
Rin blatantly refuse and straight up plastered a disgusted face 24/7 when she tried to make a move on him or his teammates.
"why are you sticking with someone like her anyways"
The ompa loompa opened her mouth once again
"I mean she's smart and all, but she ain't that pretty right?"
She batted her eyelashes towards the team which only gained both disgusted and flabbergasted looks.
'She really went there.'
The team thought with a sweat drop.
"your right she's not pretty"
Everyone looked at Rin, the ompa loompa with a grin and the team with widened eyes
"she's the most beautiful masterpiece."
Rin smirked in satisfaction
"a masterpiece a cheap imitation like you could ever compare to"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
𝚝𝚊𝚐 𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝 :
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playboys-bunny · 4 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ğ„ğƒğˆğ“ğˆğŽğ 𝟏
୨⍣୧。 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : 𝐈𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢 ğ’ğšğž, 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐮 ğ‘ğ²ğ®ğ¬ğžğ¢, ğŒğ¢ğœğ¡ğšğžğ¥ ğŠğšğ¢ğ¬ğžğ« (𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 ğšğ«ğž 𝟐𝟏 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐮𝐧𝐢 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬)
୨⍣୧。 𝐒𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 : 𝐁𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲, 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 ğžğ±ğ©ğžğœğ­ğžğ 𝐭𝐨 ğ¡ğšğ¯ğž 𝐚 𝐛𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲. ğ”ğ§ğŸğ¨ğ«ğ­ğ®ğ§ğšğ­ğžğ¥ğ² 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦, 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐧𝐨𝐭 ğžğšğ¬ğ² 𝐭𝐨 ğ›ğ«ğžğšğ¤.
୨⍣୧。 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐬 : 𝐍𝐨𝐭 ğ©ğ«ğ¨ğ¨ğŸğ«ğžğšğ, 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭 ğ¦ğ¢ğ¬ğ­ğšğ¤ğžğ¬ 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐫𝐞-ğ«ğžğšğğ¢ğ§ğ  ; 𝐖𝐜 : 𝟓.𝟕𝐤.
୨⍣୧。 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : ğŒğšğ­ğ®ğ«ğž, 𝟏𝟖+, 𝐌𝐝𝐧𝐢, 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 ğœğ¨ğ§ğ­ğžğ§ğ­.
୨⍣୧。 𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐬 : 𝐁𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐧𝐨𝐧 𝐜𝐨𝐧, 𝐝𝐮𝐛 𝐜𝐨𝐧, 𝐩𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲, ğğžğ ğ«ğšğğšğ­ğ¢ğ¨ğ§, 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐡𝐨𝐥, 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲, 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐝𝐫𝐲 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝 ğ›ğ«ğžğšğ¤, 𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨 ğ«ğžğœğ¨ğ«ğğ¢ğ§ğ , 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥, 𝐝𝐨𝐦! ğŸğžğ¦! ğ«ğžğšğğžğ«
୨⍣୧。 (𝐀/𝐍) : 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐠𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 - ğŒğ¢ğœğ¡ğšğžğ¥ ğŠğšğ¢ğ¬ğžğ«. ğˆğ§ğ­ğžğ«ğšğœğ­ğ¢ğ¨ğ§ğ¬, ğœğ¨ğ¦ğ¦ğžğ§ğ­ğ¬, ğ«ğžğ›ğ¥ğ¨ğ ğ¬ 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 ğšğ«ğž ğ°ğžğ¥ğœğ¨ğ¦ğžğ !!
୨⍣୧。 𝐃𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲, ğ©ğ¥ğšğ ğ¢ğšğ«ğ¢ğ³ğž, 𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭, 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐫 ğ­ğ«ğšğ§ğ¬ğ¥ğšğ­ğž 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤.
Tumblr media
𝐈𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢 ğ’ğšğž
Tumblr media
Maybe it was the Universe’s way with you for the enjoyable time you had in your school years, making friends and going to the arcade with them after classes or the years of school that you had taken for granted, the road to university becoming more dangerously narrow as you had the pressure of a system and society on you. And along with that came the rough shoulder pushes that made you spill your books onto the floor or even with your knees meeting the tiles of the hallway on certain days of shared classes with a mean stare from green eyes of a familiar classmate,
Itoshi Sae.
He didn’t even bother to apologize, looking down at you while people stopped to stare with their worried gaze while the others laughed. You didn’t know how or why you had got yourself into this predicament, yet if there was one thing you knew it was the fact that Itoshi Sae was the bane of your existence.
“And your lab partner is… Itoshi Sae.”
You groaned as the teacher stared at you through her glasses, closing the book with a fold on her palm, the sound of the shutting of pages leaving no room for argument as you looked on helplessly. It wasn’t long till he had made a rude appearance, sliding a book across the table, making it fall to the ground to capture your attention.
“You can give her puppy eyes as much as you want; it won’t get any work done. And I’d rather get something done than not having the best grade. If you try to damage my reputation in any way, I will not hesitate to put you in your place, dog.” he stated, green eyes narrowing at you as he kicked away at the fallen book.
Even if he was your lab partner, he never hesitated in making your life even more difficult, dropping test tubes onto the floor, causing the teacher to shake her head as she scolded the both of you for breaking equipment. Yet, he showed no remorse, going back to his bullish ways, this time taking the extra mile to make you spill soda on your white lab coat.
“What the fuck is wrong with you, you asshole!” you yelled, crushing the can and throwing it at him as he dodged it. Not wanting it to stain you rushed to the girl’s bathroom washing the coat under the sink. Luckily, it was the end of the day for you, giving you time to dry it when you reached your dorm room. Pushing open the door, you took the right, heading for the doors that lead to the exit of the building, before you were pulled in with a rough grip into the boys bathroom, a strong hand pulling you the head of the person seeming a familiar dyed red into one of the bathroom stalls, pushing you in with force as he came behind you, locking the door in place.
“Look, Itoshi- I don’t have time to play your fucking games-”
Placing a firm hand against your lips, his eyes stared into yours, wide yet grim.
“Shut the fuck up.” he said firmly, body pressing into yours as he pressed his hand further on your lips. “You have quite the attitude on you.” he added, hand on your blouse as he clenched his fist on it, pulling the tucked fabric out of your pants.
“Throwing a soda can at me. You think I’d let you get away with that?” he asked grimly, his hand moving from the waistband of your pants onto your stomach as you stared at him with wide eyes, your one hand moving to the hand that was over your mouth to remove it while the other was placed on his hand that was circling around your belly button.
“Look into my eyes.” he commanded you. Not listening to him, he removed his hand, pinching your cheeks together while your hand held tightly onto his wrist and his other dug into the side of your waist.
“Look at me when I’m talking to you,” he said, squishing your cheeks together. “Say yes if you understand.”
You were starting to get pissed off.
Moving your hand from his wrist, you moved it to his throat, your fingers squeezing the column of his throat while the other let go of his hand on your stomach, moving towards his sweater, fingers slipping into the holes that it had, hand forming into a fist as the threads of the sweater threatened to rip. Catching him off guard, you turned your face, slipping it out of his touch, pulling him closer to your face.
“No, I don’t understand. After tormenting me so much, you must be a fool to think I would give into your demands, Itoshi.” you scoffed, his lips close to yours. “After the amount of times you pushed me down in the hallway, shoved me to the ground, costing me my dignity and pride, you really thought you had the upper hand? After getting scolded by the teacher when you broke things, you thought you could make me submit?” you taunted, hand moving from his throat to his hair, pulling back as he moaned.
“Answer me, slut.”
He said nothing, making you pull his hair harder as he shut his eyes and moaned, his hands moving the sides of your blouse, pulling at it.
“You can't, can you? Could’ve been a good boy and asked me nicely, but no.” you said, hands letting loose on his hair as his eyes opened to see you. “Had to go about it the reverse way. What did you fantasize about? Pinning me against the wall and letting you have your way with me while I stayed pretty for you and made the right sounds like - Ahhh” you moaned, making his green eyes stare at you with shame as a blush spread across his face, inciting a chuckle out of you.
“Well, if my attention is all you wanted, you didn’t have to go as far as pushing me on the ground, Itoshi- “ you said, closing in on his face, kissing his lips, feeling him give into you as he slipped his tongue onto yours, pushing you back with the intensity of it. Breaking away from the kiss you watched him in his drunken gaze as he moved to your lips for more.
“Ah ah ah.” you tutted as he scrunched his eyebrows at you.
“Don’t give me those puppy eyes, it won’t get any work done.” you mocked, repeating the lines he said from the other day, his eyes widening at the recall of it. “Remember something else you said the other day?” you added, hand placed on his chin to make him look at you.
“Let me rephrase that. It doesn’t matter that you’re on your way to becoming a football star, or you have more wealth than I do nor does it matter that you consider yourself better than me. Get in my way… and I'll make sure to break you. Break you until you’re nothing but begging me to stop. Are we clear on that?” you asked grimly. Hand going to his neck as he glared at you, you cupped it, your thumb stroking the pale flesh of it.
“I asked you a question. Keeping your silence isn’t going to do shit and neither is your pathetic excuse of a glare.” you chuckled, making him smack your hand as he tried to regain his composure. Picking up your lab coat off the ground, you turned to leave.
“Make it any harder for me and I will not hesitate to put you in your place, whore.” you said, unlocking the door as your heart raced from both the adrenaline and the fact that you had managed to face him, leaving him alone in the bathroom stall. Reaching your dorm you were both relieved and in a state of shock at the events that had transpired in the quiet bathroom stall of the university; while Sae had a hardon to deal with, moaning and whining into the pillow of his dorm room while his roommate was gone. His hand gave a slow tease to his cock as he remembered your words;
‘Answer me, slut.’
‘Don’t give me those puppy eyes, it won’t get any work done.’
“Nh- hah”
‘Get in my way… and I'll make sure to break you. Break you until you’re nothing but begging me to stop.’
“Hah- ha-”
‘Are we clear on that?’
“Fucking bitch- hah hah-” he cursed, his hand moving up and down his naked cock, wet noises filling the empty room as he fantasized about you calling him your good boy, his heart racing at the thought of it yet his brain refusing to give into the tempting thought of you.
‘Make it any harder for me and I will not hesitate to put you in your place, whore.’
He could feel himself inching closer and closer, his stubbornness making him shake his head to get the thoughts of you out of it. Yet he couldn’t, his back arching off the bed, his chest heaving at the thought of you praising him, taking his cock into your mouth, your eyes looking seductively into his as your hand stroked his thigh.
‘You can be a good boy for me can’t you?’ his thoughts giving him an image of you behind his eyelids as he tried to recreate an image of you. ‘See? You’re so good when you behave for me.’ you said, hand teasing his cock, his mind trying to remember the feeling of your hand, slowly choking him as you pumped him, your hand moving up and down his cock, lathering the surface of it with his leaking precum.
‘Cum for me.’
“Hhhh- ahhh”
‘Cum for me, Sae.’
‘Cum for me, my filthy slut.’
“Fuck-” he cursed, hand pumping his cock quickly until he had cum all over it, his messy hand giving shallow pumps as some of it spilled onto the expanse of his abdomen that had a light sheen of sweat. Opening his eyes, his chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath, angry at himself with the clench of his jaw at losing himself in you, yet the feeling of seeing you again lingered; a notification from his phone catching him off guard.
‘Meet me at the library tomorrow. Finish at least 3k words regarding the content of the assignment based on the research conducted while I’ll handle the rest. And get your laptop with you.’
Clicking his phone shut, Sae pulled up his boxers and pajamas, throwing on a loose tee to sit at the desk as he typed away at his laptop, a thought coming to mind.
If he were to piss you off with mistakes in his research… Would you stick to your word and break him?
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐨𝐮 ğ‘ğ²ğ®ğ¬ğžğ¢ :
Tumblr media
There were plenty of odd people that you had come across in your life such as the old lady who would give you a mean stare as she held her cat, watching you from her patio while you were walking on the curb to go home or old man who would run after you when you rode your bicycle on the grass of his neatly trimmed lawn on a summer dare your friends had given you. Despite growing up and enrolling into university, it was safe to say you had seen enough odd cases such as Emiko,your roommate who had a habit of scribbling her pointy pencil to a blunt point at the back of her notebook before writing a note down.
The world was plenty of odd people, yet the oddest case of them all had to be that of your biology classmate;
Shidou Ryusei.
He had been popular and had everything in life going for him such as a football career from clubs that were scouting for him and maintaining a high status in university, getting invited to parties every other night. Rather than scaring off the students with the footage of him being muzzled in the locker room, keeping him from moving for he had a violent tendency on the field, losing his sanity at the sight of the ball when it was in his line of sight for a goal, delivering a kick so powerful that it scared yet thrilled the crowd; not to mention the fact that he was a party animal. Rather than the alcohol he could tolerate influencing his image, it did nothing but bring him more invitations.
Interacting with such people was never your strongest pursuit; often choosing to stay away from them as they had a poor attitude and were often looked down upon by elders, yet trouble always seemed to find you within the confines of the campus, even as Ryusei had poured soda on your book bag, while the others around him cheered him or stared at him in horror yet couldn’t do anything as they stood frozen to their spot rather than helping you, afraid of what he could do to them.
“Oh? What’s wrong, smart mouth?” he cooed, giving a mean grin as he emptied the can of pink soda that would no doubt stain your canary colored satchel and seep through the pages of your book. “Aren’t you always answering in Biology class? Raising your pathetic little arm when the teacher asks a question? Whatever happened to that hm?”
You grit your teeth as he dropped the can next to your drenched satchel in mockery, shoving your shoulder as he walked past you. People continued to watch while some smirked at your figure when you rushed to kneel on the floor, one hand pulling away at the wet cloth of your bag and the other pulled out your books, your shoulders dropping in relief that the only thing that had been stained were the corners of it and not the edges.
The next day, there was a new transfer student in class as he waved nervously and introduced himself as Ayato to the class. You were never one to wish ill on anyone, yet the hope lingered that the new student would be the subject of Ryusei’s torments for all you wanted was to study in peace and move up the ladder in society, hoping to earn a good salary that could buy you a comfortable house- a thought that had fueled you work harder rather including the want of independence from the miserable dorm room, and a job that was decent to meet both your daily and luxurious needs.
Was having a peaceful youth while studying to achieve a dream too much to ask for?
The thought made you groan internally as you laid your head on your desk the bell for a break ringing in the background as you rubbed your forehead into the pages of your notebook until the feeling of your chair being kicked hard came from behind, making it lose balance as you fell down to the ground, the wood of the leg of the chair cracked under its impact. You rubbed your lower back that ached from the fall, eyes shifting to the teacher’s desk that was empty. Looking up you saw the figure of none other than Shido, dropping a book and kicking it in your direction.
“Get that done in two days. And if you don’t… can’t say what will happen to you.” he stated grimly, sticking his tongue out as he walked away from your form. Your ass sore from the fall, you stood up taking the help of the corner of your desk as the new student came to your aid.
“Do you need to see the nurse?”
“I’m fine. Don’t come near me or you’ll be the next thing.” you said, ruffling your shirt, picking up the book and walking towards your dorm, deciding to skip out on the next few classes, unaware that Ryusei watched the interaction between the two of you.
“You sure you want to sit this one out?” Emiko asked, reaching the doors of the house that had blaring music coming from inside, one of the students looking like he was ready to throw up in the bushes around the house; Ayato holding his shoulder as he waved at you while you returned the gesture.
“Just come in. You can be the sober one and drive us home rather than me having to call you up.” Emiko whined.There were times you had seen her drunk before , her movements sloppy as she stayed laying on the floor. Looking away from her to the chaos inside the house, you watched as people drank and created scenes while others cheered them on.
You couldn’t leave her alone in this condition.
“Fine. I’ll come with you.” you gave in, walking past the threshold of the house, moving between the bodies of people, your face contorting into the expression of discomfort as you felt a push and shove, trying to make it on the other side of the room. Wading through the crowds, you kept a watchful eye on Emiko as she danced with a stranger while your other hand scrolled away at your phone; Ayato coming to stand next to you.
“It’s pretty loud in here isn’t it?” he asked awkwardly, making you chuckle.
“Seems like you’re the stickler for the rules, but I can tell that small talk isn’t your strongest pursuit.” you remarked, making him rub the back of his head. “You can relax around me, Ayato.”
“Am I that easy to read?” he asked, taking a sip from his can of beer.
“A magician never reveals her tricks.” you said with the shrug of your shoulders, the noise in the background becoming louder as someone fell onto your back, drenching your pants with alcohol. Groaning, you shook your leg both in disgust and annoyance.
“I’ll be right back.” you told Ayato, heading towards the hallway of the house, opening doors to find the bathroom until you turned the knob of the right one.
Stepping in you grabbed tissues, running it under cold water, a poor attempt to wipe away at the alcohol on your pants. It wasn’t save all, but it was better than nothing, not wanting it to stain and smell like you had stepped into beer when you were perfectly sober. Hearing the click of the door open, you remembered that you had forgotten to lock it in your haste.
“Its occupied.” you said lowly enough for the person to hear, yet it didn’t stop the sound of footsteps from circling around you, clicking the door shut in place, a heavy arm coming around you. Looking up from the sink you watched as Ryusei cocked his head to the side, a hand on a lollipop that was in his mouth while the other was hanging loosely around your neck, his gaze staring into yours.
“What's smart mouth doing at a party like this? Don’t you have a curfew to get to?” he sneered looking at your reflection. “Hmm? And what about my work? Are you done with that yet?”
Dropping his arm from around you, he stepped behind you, resting both his arms on either side of you, holding his lollipop in front of you.
“Open your mouth and say ahhh ” he commanded, sticking his tongue out while pushing the sticky sweet candy on your lips. Angry that you weren’t ready to open your mouth, he squished your cheeks together with his free hand, fingers digging into your cheeks to make your mouth form an ‘o’ shape, pushing the blue colored lollipop in, moving the stick back and forth.
“Seems like you can suck on something-” he teased, testing your patience;
Until you had enough. Lifting your foot, you brought it down on his foot, making him cry out in pain as he stumbled back a few steps. Spinning on your heel, you caught him by his shirt bringing him eye level with you. Using your other hand, you repeated the same action as he had done with you, squishing his cheeks together as he furrowed his eyebrows, his hands clawing at your coat, the lollipop falling on the ground with a clatter.
Collecting saliva at the tip of your tongue you let it fall sweetly into his mouth until you were satisfied, the sound of you spitting on his tongue being heard around the room.
“Swallow it.” you ordered, watching the bob of his adam’s apple after he had done as you wished.
“Seems like the bitch can listen.” you said lips coming close to his jaw as you licked up a stripe. Moving south, you rubbed the tip of your nose against the skin of his exposed neck, you made him shiver. Running your tongue over it, you heard a hint of a whimper before biting down on it, making him moan.
“That’s what you get for spilling soda on my bag.”
Running your tongue on the bite mark you made, you sucked on the area, making sure to leave a deep purple bruise as he clenched
“Want me to mark you up and let you know who do you moan for?” you taunted, leaving a searing kiss to the now bruised skin that would only turn darker with time.
“Imagine what people are gonna think? Feral Shido was tamed none other than his victim- (y/n); who he bullies everyday. Won’t that be something for people to discuss?” you added, chuckling as he stared at you with half lidded eyes, lust present in them, his hands circling around your waist to bring you closer to him. Placing a knee on his crotch, you applied light pressure, rubbing the surface of your knee up and down, making his grip come loose, his forehead coming into contact with yours, his breath playing on your lips.
“Look at you. Can’t believe this is the same dog they muzzled in the back of the locker rooms just because he lost in the field.” you said, lips moving to leave more marks on the other side of his neck. “You can be an obedient bitch for me can’t you?”
“Ah” Ryusei moaned, one arm coming to your waist while the other pressed behind your head, wanting to have you as close as possible, moving his head back, to give more space to have your way with him.
“Who said you could touch me, brat?” you growled, grabbing his hand from the back of your head, placing it on the wall beside him; leaning more of your body weight forward, moving your thigh against his clearly hard cock that was constrained by the black pants he wore. Ryusei’s chest heaved as he felt you press more of yourself into him, a rush of warmth spreading across his face, feeling feverish at your touch until you had pulled away, your lips placed on his. The kiss started off slow, becoming more sensual with the passing of time as his arms came to your shoulders, hsi face leaning forward into yours, tongue sliding over tongue when you pulled away with a teasing bite to his lip.
You moved back, taking in the picture of the flustered man in front of you with a hardon.
“Where are you going?” he asked, an arm reached out towards you. “We’re not done yet.”
“I think we are. When I fell to the ground after you kicked my chair, you weren’t there to lift me up were you?” you asked with a smirk making its way to your face.
Opening the door, you stepped back, closing the door once you stepped out with a tiny crack in it as Ryusei blinked at you, confused at the predicament he had found himself in.
“You better take care of that. Don’t want to walk out with a tent in your pants neither do you want to keep someone waiting outside, do you?” you chuckled, closing the door and walking away.
Tumblr media
ğŒğ¢ğœğ¡ğšğžğ¥ ğŠğšğ¢ğ¬ğžğ«
Tumblr media
Studying at an establishment was a tedious task, but studying in a fine establishment was another feat as students passing by stared at you, a hand on their mouth to cover their laugh as you couldn’t tell the difference between the right forks and spoons, each defined by their function or the way you dressed, simplicity standing out in a sea of grandiosity.
You were an odd one and you knew that, whispers about your father’s line of work circulating wherever you went. It didn’t stop there, you often found your things vandalized, hands finding themselves in a wet puddle of white paint as you stuck your hand into your bag during the first week of university when you had left it unattended at your desk, the desk spray painted in red with the words “Slut” and “bitch” along with the terribly made portrait of a clown causing uncomfort among the teachers as they passed by your desk; powerless to do anything about this as their salaries depended on the students and their families, the prominence of capitalism making its mark on the education system making you scoff. It was very difficult to figure out the doer of such heinous acts, making your life in university difficult with each passing day.
Michael Kaiser.
Despite ruining the image of the perfect child born with a silver spoon, he had it going for him; with teachers who did not bat an eye to his notorious nature, turning every low grade into an excellent one while the others who didn’t meet the tier fell below him. The rotten system made you grit your teeth as he smirked at your miserableness, lips curling and exposing his pearly whites as he was given his test that he didn’t have to try too hard in, the answer key arranged by one of his minions that was on a payroll from his endless pit of wealth while your eyebrows furrowed at the average grade you received even if you had given it your best and were positive you’d get good grades this time like you had promised yourself the previous. Torments during lunch break wasn’t anything new, the dumping of buckets of water over your form as you occupied a bathroom stall that made you catch a cold when you walked home shivering, irritation spreading through your body as you clenched your fist, willing yourself to get through the year until the goal of having an impressive resume was reached. A dream that you were ambitious in achieving yet it seemed far away; your dreams being crushed with the amused laughter of none other than Kaiser who had managed to turn the classroom itself into a puppet show to entertain himself. It was unfair and rotten to say the least.
Yet everything played out beautifully in this flawed system for Kaiser.
“You never seem to give up. Must I strip you bare and present you before everyone? You’ve even fallen below the status of a court jester.” he remarked, pouring milk over your textbook while Ness watched helplessly, not daring to utter a word that would question his loyalty to kaiser, a smile plastered on his face as he watched the blonde empty an entire box of milk on your desk, raising an eyebrow at you. Not uttering a word, you looked to the side as you felt him place a hand on you, wiping away the drops of milk that clung to his fingers onto your top.
"I'll make you kneel before me."
You clench your fists in frustration and anger. With every passing day since then, the dream of wanting to finish business school on a scholarship, a letter of recommendation and an interview seeming pointless under the torment Kaiser and his puppets had caused you.
You could do this, just another ten months.
Your resolve crumbled at the sight of your research and project papers being mixed with glue as Ness and Kaiser watched over the students get their hands messy. Your eyes watered at the sight of the hard work and progress you had made weeks prior getting wasted in a tub of glue, wiping your eyes off traitorous tears, you were quick to leave, wanting to take a break from the university and everything that came with it. Maybe spending a free evening wouldn’t hurt; getting back home to work on your assignments and projects again. Sending a quick text to your family, informing them that you would arrive home late that night.
Rather than going to the club like some people under stress would, you decided to spend your time at the local library, reading through comfort books, even if it were children’s picture books, a drink along with it as you curled your toes on the sofa, getting comfortable into the plush cushions of it. After having emptied your cup, you placed it on the table, getting up and going to fetch another book from the shelf. Stumbling on the shelf, a shadow of someone approaching behind you fell on the shelf in front, making you aware of their presence, your heart racing at the thought of turning back to take a look. Arms coming on either side of you, you noticed the familiar tattoo of vines that disappeared into glove-covered hands that were placed on either side of the shelf, trapping you between a tall yet muscular build, making sure that you had no space to move.
“Never thought I’d find you here of all places, peasant.”
Clenching your jaw you grimaced at your own luck, wanting to break away from your tormentor, escaping into a library that was distant from your home yet not a hassle to go back. Placing the book into the shelf you turned around to face him, you watched as his blue eyes stared into yours, eyebrows raised as if he were expecting some kind of a revelation from you. Raising your hands, you struck his elbows, making a shiver crawl up his spine as he stared at your bold move. Never before had you raised your hands at him, the gesture catching him off guard.
“You felt a shiver didn’t you?” you asked, taking a step towards him, making him take on back. “That’s called the funny bone. It’s the skin over the ulnar nerve that’s embedded in the region of your elbow. When hit, struck or knocked, it can create a feeling of numbness or pain.” you said, making him hit his back on a wall, his hands placed awkwardly on either side of him.
“Aren’t you a footballer?” you asked, cocking your head to the side as his blue eyes had taken a shade darker, avoiding your gaze. “You should be knowing this.” you added, reaching for the phone in your pocket, opening the camera of it.
“Just like how you should be knowing this-” you said, hands reaching for the nape of his neck, as Michael straightened his back, inching away from your hand until you let your hands sink into the tresses of his soft hair, fingers tugging at the roots of his hair, making him lean into your touch, his eyes closed and mouth parted as you held your phone up to record him. Using the pads of your fingers, you scratched at his scalp lightly, making him groan, your heart racing equally fast from the thrill and fear of being caught. Hand traveling from the back of his head, you slipped a thumb between his parted lips. Expecting for him to show defiance and bite down on your thumb, you were surprised to find him sucking on the digit, eyes seductively staring into yours, until they widened at the sight of you recording it.
“What the fuck do yout think you’re doing?” he asked, while you shoved your thumb further into his mouth, making him choke in surprise as you clicked your phone shut, pocketing it quickly.
“You sounded much better when you didn’t talk and sucked my thumb like someone who hasn't had anything to eat in days.” you smirked as his expression turned into that of a flustered one.
“What? Daddy not feeding you enough with that shit ton of money that you keep throwing around?” you mocked, your hand moving from your pocket to his face as he avoided looking at you while you slipped your thumb out of his mouth, repeating his actions from the other day by crudely rubbing it onto his clothes as he scrunched his eyebrows at you. Turning his head to you, you gazed into his eyes that were clouded with shame and lust.
“It seems like your highness likes getting degraded, does he not?” you mocked, making him protest as you covered his mouth with your hand.
“Don’t talk in a library, Kaiser. Don’t you know it's the rule… or have you forgotten your manners as a gentleman that you had to start acting like a bitch?” you snarled, all the anger coming out of your system, hand going from the side of his face to his throat.
“What if I leaked this video? Hm? I can think of a few things people would say… the student council papers no longer filled with news about your matches but how their star player turned into a bitchboy.” you taunted. “Tell me something, Kaiser. Does it stem from your mommy or daddy issues?”
Coming close to the base of the column of his neck, you placed your hand under his jaw, pushing it up gently as you bit and suck as spot, making him moan and whimper, his hands finding purchase awkwardly on your shoulders.
“Quiet mongrel. Or you’ll draw attention.” you warned him, continuing to lick and suck as the spot until it had left a deep mark on his skin. Satisfied with the result, you pulled away from him, watching him pant lightly, a violent blush spreading across his face, his cock seeming to stir.
“Easy there. Don’t want a hardon now do we,” you said, quickly pulling out your phone to take a picture of him in such a state, the deed already being done before his reflexes.
“Such weak reflexes for someone who plays football.”
The term making him stare at you.
“That’s what you said to me the other day.” you added with a small smile. Leaning in close to his ear, you whispered gravely.
“Now that I have something as leverage against you, I wouldn’t step out of line if I were you. So, for the next nine months, be on your best behavior like a good boy and the secret remains safe between the both of us.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Don’t blow your load just yet.
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i love your lilbro!nagi fics sm!!♡ and the nagi's older sis!reader having a enemies to lovers with itoshi sae would be just🤗🤭😋😙😚☺️☺️ it makes me twirl my hair and giggle like a highschool girl in love so🤐🤐🤐🤐 maybe a small fic, if it is not a bother? have good day feel free to ignore xx
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: itoshi sae x fem!reader
warning: manga spoilers, cussing, reader is nagi's older sister ( i love you guys for doing these hehe ), reader is also a pro athlete. timeline where the blue lock project already ended (multiple timeline also), 3 years older than sae. mentioned other chars. english is not my first language...
note: idk what the hell is this plot. idk much about sports (im srs, im not a sport person. i throw balls that didn't even reach the person im targeting) i love sae he's sec fave to me (chigiri is on top), i personally don't see nagi having a relationship with someone. i liked the idea of him having a siblings and you guys really loved my older sister nagi reader 🤭 (i like it too). happy 200 followers!!!
Tumblr media
your first meet with itoshi sae was when he went to picked a striker for the u-20 vs blue lock match. you were one of the people that helped with the blue lock project, despite your precious little brother being there. you didn't revealed to your brother that you were one of the people. you were always behind the scenes. what you meant is, you were one of the people for the wild card. itoshi sae locked eyes with you for a moment but the male completely ignored your existence.
you were a bit offended but that's that, too think he would choose that shidou guy. literally what's in that goddamn mind of that midfielder. "[name], i never expected for your brother to developed quickly." you glanced at anri, crossing your arms. "looks like he found his dream." with a gentle smile, you looked at the screen that displayed your brother.
something that i could never had. a dream.
on the day of the match, you didn't even tried to hide your identity. despite being a famous athlete with many rewards received. oh, what a luck — you coincidentally met itoshi sae while on the way to the blue lock locker's room. "we have met before, right?" monotone voice. he had always have that type of voice. to think he still remembered you from that time when you two were still a child. it was only one time though, when you guys met as kids.
"nii-chan, the ice cream im looking for isn't here..."
"are you looking for this?" child you met itoshi sae and his younger brother at a convenience store. the teal eyes of the younger brother looked at you and the ice cream back to back, feeling awkward by it, you just gave the ice cream to the younger brother. you saw how his eyes lit up and for some reason it warmth your heart seeing the younger boy happy — maybe because it reminded you of your own little brother...
"you should thank her, rin."
"it's okay. i don't mind."
"thank you, nee-chan!"
ah. how cute. you definitely won't forget these two siblings that you coincidentally met. one had a clean hairstyle while the other have a messy and horrible hairstyles (you know who you are). what an interesting pair. you waved to them goodbye and after that you never met them again.
"i never thought you will remembered me after all these years."
"i was just guessing."
"if you'll excuse me, i have somewhere to go.."
sae suddenly tug on the sleeve of your blouse and he looked at you with an unreadable expression. "you're coming to watch for who?" why is he asking you this? it's not like you guys were close or anything. tbh, ppl who tug or touch you and not to mention if they're a stranger, you will definitely get annoyed by them. "i came for blue lock... itoshi." he let go off your sleeve after he hears the irritated voice you have even though you were smiling. itoshi sae weren't really stupid in this kinds of stuff.
you waved him goodbye just like last time...
seeing your precious little brother you rush up to him and hug him. nagi wasn't expecting a hug to come so basically the two of you fell, with nagi being the pillow. "ouch." nagi groaned, the blue lock players didn't expect someone to come (other than anri and ego) and suddenly hugged nagi. wait a minute.
the person who just hugged nagi seishiro seems familiar...
"isn't that [stage name]? the famous female badminton player." hiori spoke up among them.
wait what.
a shocked gasps could be heard around the room, some are uninterested and some are flabbergasted how nagi could know someone so famous. reo watched the scene and didn't expected this either, he also didn't know that you would come to the match since he didn't even contact you (nagi also didn't).
the female was patting nagi's head also! some were jealous of nagi because a famous and a beautiful woman is doing that to him. just what are their relationship?
"sei, do your best on the match, okay? nee-san will be watching you."
WHAT. [stage name] is nagi's older sister. jaw dropped, mouth open.
"bye bye!"
just as you got out of the room, everyone looked at nagi. nagi being nagi, he made a confused face with his signature :x face. reo took the honor of explaining that, yes; indeed you were nagi's sibling. the fact that you having a siblings wasn't mentioned at all on the internet and suddenly you were revealed as nagi's older sister to them was shocking enough. no one knew of this information, i mean even your name isn't your real name.
Tumblr media
in another country...
the blue lock project ended, you have nothing to do with it now. your little brother become a pro soccer player and the fact of you being his older sister went viral on every platform — 'the number one female badminton player in the world is nagi seishiro's older sister!? how long have she kept this from us?" you scrolled the comments on twitter about the post and had a laugh with it since some of the replies were just ridiculous.
'holy shit what... my bae [stage name] have a little brother?!? how could i have not known this.'
'is this a family full off prodigy? they should show us their parents too!' that's probably never gonna happen, you thought.
'ZOO WEE MAMA, BOTH OF THEM ARE FABULOUS JUST LIKE THE ITOSHI BROTHERS!!!' oh? interesting. being compared to those two brothers.
'[stage name] future's partner are gonna be so lucky...' your future partner, you don't think that you could find one tbh. maybe if you quit being this exhausting pro athlete, you would find one.
itoshi sae?
ah, no.
it's an interview request and the other people that you would work with is itoshi sae...
you immediately accepted it, the reason for it was simple. you were bored and maybe having itoshi sae, the man who is very rude to interviewer and working with him on this interview might be interesting. you just wanted to find some fun in your life.
everything was ready for the interview, your clothes, makeup, mic on and everything. they said that you and itoshi sae will be answering questions with a lie detector on. it was a good idea. you want to see the face on itoshi sae change, even in the slightest, you would be happy with it. you greeted the staff with a smile while itoshi sae is beside you being quiet.
"let's get this over with." sae murmured with a slight annoyance voice. averting your gave from him, you look at the set-up for the interview. a seat across from each other with a table in the middle — on the table, there's the device called the lie detector (made from the mikage corporation, this is the real deal). you two sat across from each other with hands already set in the lie detector.
"ready? action!"
let's just escape the greetings and move to the questions...
"itoshi sae, what's your first impression of [stage name]. you two may have met, right? on the u-20 japan soccer team vs blue lock!"
"i didn't really talk to her but one thing about her is fake smile."
"why is that?"
"just a feeling."
this guy... is really only good at soccer. he really can't make something up, huh? was my smile really fake that time? blunt much. i can't show my annoyance to it, i just have to act like i always do.
the lie detector make a sound of approvement — indicating he was telling the truth. you just hoped that after this interview it wouldn't go wrong on the internet. you hated how he knows that you're faking it, you have always been good at lying, everything. without the presence of your parents, you became independent on you own and the aunties around your neighborhood always have something to say about your parents or your little brother. you hated it. you hated how they gave backhanded compliments to you — saying that you are a good girl and maybe you should become their daughters instead of your parent.
"[name], you should stop trying too hard. get some rest."
"will they come?"
i just wanted my parent attention, that's all. i mean, i have been dedicating my life on nagi. i just want some attention — i don't want attention from my friends but my parent. that's all i ask for, maybe if they did give me attention one day. maybe i can quit being the 'prodigy'. im tired, i don't find anything fun anymore. i have lost that feeling ever since i started doing sports.
"[stage name], what about you? what's your first impression of itoshi sae."
"he's really blunt, straightforward, very serious. personality like him would never find a girlfriend."
itoshi sae finally talked to you. you could definitely feel the annoyance radiating off him after you said that. the staff sweats at the both of you and yet you still kept a smile on even after saying that. you could go cancelled for this or be praised — it looks like the lie detector didn't sense a lie from you and make a ding sound. he frowned at you and you averted your eyes from him, looking around the room.
"this is a question for you both. if you were to live in a fantasy world with monsters. will you guys worked with eachother."
the fact that the both of you replied at the same time. twitter gonna have so much fun with this interview when it comes out... and luckily the two of you didn't get that electric shock. you sigh at the awkward silence after that and wished this interview will end.
"do you like soccer, [stage name]? considering your little brother is also a soccer player like itoshi sae."
"just to not get shock by the lie detector... i don't really liked soccer. i don't mind it but i probably have some memories with it that i don't want to remembered."
'no shock...' sae thought, he was actually glad that you didn't say anything bad about soccer. you and him already have a problem with each other tho.
time flies fast and finally the interview ended. you stretched your arms as it were a little sore. you prepared yourself to leave the building but you wanted to do one last thing before you go. "itoshi, it was nice working with you." sae felt like that was backhanded. your voice didn't sound convincing enough that he was a pleasant to work with at all. it was sarcastic even.
"i don't want to work with you again."
"you'll be seeing me a lot more."
why are you ain't even bothered with sae. even when he said that. "btw, you should probably reconcile with your brother. it won't do you any good." you added before leaving him alone. reconcile with rin? how is sae gonna do that, if he doesn't even have any communication skills (the two brothers suck at socializing but sae is still better at that). anything that comes out of your mouth is just nonsense (in denial).
what the hell.
how did sae meet you again, at his practice too? you waved at him when you two locked eyes and he glared at you for your friendliness towards him. he was too focused on his thoughts that he didn't even noticed you are already beside him. sae's leg was stepping on the soccer ball, you looked at it and stole it from him (using your legs ofc). sae was startled from the sudden feeling of the ball's absence and he saw you running away with the ball.
sae wanted to open his mouth and said something but went against it. he chased after you to get the ball back from you. luckily, there was no one there to witness the two of you — it will become an embarrassing moments for you and him. "you probably have only played soccer once?" sae did managed to catch up with you and you stuck out your tongue at him — you dribbled past him. "you're going easy on me, right? well, don't do it. go all out."
that definitely lit a spark inside sae. you? a badminton player challenging him? he maybe is underestimating you, but that didn't mattered at this point. he will show you, how good he is. while you were basically fighting for the ball, you two were exchanging remarks and sae was glad you could handle his cruel remarks.
it felt like rivalry at this point. you two weren't even in the same sports...
"stop disappointing me, itoshi."
"shut your damn mouth."
"my parents will cry if they heard that from you."
you were definitely a genius — he won't denied it anymore, you managed to score two goals against him. you said that you only watched clips. "yk itoshi, maybe if we're friends.. i will tell you my secrets." it felt like you were mocking him. it felt like the time he was in spain, the feeling when he was..
'he's not saying anything.' you looked at him and stopped your movements. he also stopped — he is definitely giving you a death stare now. is he gonna devour you? probably not.
"we should stop."
sae is definitely closer to you now — despite having a tall figure for a woman, sae was still taller than you and he was practically kinda trying to assert dominance (in your perspective). this is his weakness, and you found it.
"atleast, i don't sleep 5 hours a day."
ah, he was only going to say that.
"are you stalking me? i didn't know the itoshi sae is a stalker!"
"im not."
in the end, he's still not good enough. he knew he lose to you and you were still smiling like a crazy person to him. he feels a nudged and saw a water bottle up his face, you gave it to him. you didn't say anything to him and just quietly sipped your water bottle without even looking at him. sae was a different story, he keep on side glances to his side — which is you. you had an unreadable expression, your eyes weren't shining, it never was, even when you were playing soccer with him minutes ago. you were smiling but your eyes isn't.
is he the first one to noticed this side of you?
things happened between you two. some people thought you were rival. some people shipped you two, which is funny. some people just found you two as a funny duo. the social medias actually went crazy when the interview video came out. not expecting a duo like you two to came up. they also thought that itoshi sae would actually rejected the offer since you know...
they had a blast with it.
'sae was side eyeing [stage name], fr.'
'me personally wouldn't let that slide if someone said that im faking a smile.'
'say thank you to this show for letting us see this unexpected duo!!'
'have you guys ever thought what's [stage name] real name is? i mean we know that her surname is nagi, then what's her first name?'
'if she doesn't want to reveal it, it's her choice.'
'who cares.'
'lmao, she already stated that her name is a secret she doesn't want to reveal.'
Tumblr media
your relationship with sae developed more over the years. you could probably see some edits of them at tik tok from time to time as a duo they said. his cold remarks make you wanna slap him but you would get cancel for that. you had some photoshoot with him. surprisingly he was ACTUALLY a pleasant to work with. you pity the interviewer who had to face his cold behavior in the past — but you still slightly dislike itoshi sae.
eating a pavlova at a cute cafe that you find aesthetically pleasing to the eyes while you were taking a walk. you were just scrolling on your phone, texting your little brother if he's doing good there. tbh, you missed taking care of nagi. even if your childhood was basically forced to be taken away from you the moment nagi was born. itoshi sae and his brother had a strained relationship based on your observations, you wouldn't know much about it since both of them are private of their life and doesn't revealed it to the public (just the same as you). you could see it that sae still cared for his brother since rin would do anything to avoid him but sae is making a slight effort at talking to him.
they would never reconcile at this point. it's pointless if they're sitting around without taking action — but fortunately you're not one to get involved into family matters.
oh how lucky it is that this party is called the 'blue lock reunion' — is your secret of being involved with the blue lock project gonna be revealed? only one good thing is that you get to see your brother. "you actually did come, [stage name]." anri was the first one to greet you and you greeted back to her. she said that ego is also in the party well technically she forced him too. you had some things to catch up with her and soon enough you leave the conversation and just basically roam around the party. you looked at your surroundings on how the former blue lock players were so happy. they admitted that they actually missed ego and anri. "nee-san? what are you doing here." i guess it's time for you to come clean...
"ahaha... i was one of the staff.."
"you were in japan all along when i was in blue lock?"
you hummed and didn't say anything yet until you were pulled into a hug by you own brother. you felt like crying because this is the first time nagi actually hugged you since it was always you giving the affection. maybe, nagi was homesick... you patted his back and laugh it off. why is your little brother taller than you so much?
"thank you, nee-san. for taking care of me all these years."
why is he thanking you? it was your responsibility to take care of him — but, it's nice to see nagi matured now.
"sei, you've matured."
this was such a scene to cry on for nagi's friend. the hug only lasted for 5 minutes (nagi wanted more minutes but you said you were tired of tip toeing to him). the fact that nagi was talking alot, only to you tho. like he was basically telling you everything that happened to catch up with you. in a corner, there was basically someone who was staring at you two, probably thinking if that could be him and his brother one day. like the old days. basically you were looking at nagi in a loving manner, like a mother does.
at this point, your social battery went out. you feel like the party has gone for too long. it was exhausting you. a matter of fact, you just wanna lay in bed right now but that didn't work as there was a familiar face walking towards you. you guess it, it's itoshi rin. the younger brother of itoshi sae. if you mentioned sae right now, rin might just turned away from you or looked at you with disgust because you said that man's name.
"[stage name], are you dating him?"
you felt like your soul was coming out of body. visibly shocked that rin would ask you that. you thought he was just gonna say something and immediately left after that. is he thinking that his brother is dating you?
"im not dating anyone though..." you stated and rin looked at you suspiciously.
basically that was the first interaction you had with itoshi rin. both of them are really similar in personalities. itoshi sae would kill you if he heard that. you decided that you are gonna leave the party so you searched for anri to informed her, you were going to left but she was nowhere to be found so you only told your brother and left. you wanted to have some time alone. you rode your motorcycle in the middle of the night like you used to do when you were in highschool. your usual stop is a beach and god decided to give you a surprise.
itoshi sae was at the beach gazing at the sea. you doubt that he didn't heard the motorcycle sounds, he's probably here for the same reason as you. the light from the moon shone against the sea wave creating a beautiful scenery for you and him. he didn't looked back to see the person who decided to disturb his peace at the beach.
"didn't know you could ride a motorcycle, [stage name]." ah, he knew it was you and yet he still didn't bothered to look at you. his voice was slightly off from the tone of voice you used to hear from him.
"everyone have their own melancholy time. right, itoshi?"
you always came here to gathered your thoughts when you were in highschool.
"you're the worst for not giving me an alone time."
"don't be like that, itoshi. i have always come to this place when i was a teenager."
"then share this place with me. bring me with you whenever you want to go to this place."
"is this your way of saying 'i love you' to me?"
he's not denying it. is he being serious? this is the first time someone confesses to you like this. it was always with the straightforward i like you and those typical cheesy lines that you could see in a romance drama. for the first time, sae turned his back from you.
"you're not smiling."
"do you want me to smile all the time?"
"i don't care if you're not smiling but... i want you to smile with your eyes once."
you slightly widen your eyes at what sae said. did he saw your expression just now? what's with this guy always understanding you. he reminds you of someone, someone you left long ago. your lips turned into a thin line before you spoke again.
"sure, i will bring you to this place whenever i want too."
the winds from the beach make your silky hair to be swayed from it. you looked beautiful to him. is this the end of your rivalry with him? yup, definitely. the start of a new relationship with you. maybe you will smile with your eyes for him now.
"itoshi, have you played with the water here?"
"you want me to call you that?"
"didn't know you like older woman."
"and i didn't know you like a younger man from you."
a few weeks after you guys became lover, you guys relationship was publicly announced by an acc that keep track of what's happening in the soccer community. some people did believed it untill the two of you released a statement. you two qrt the post.
'yes, i am dating the world famous badminton female player. stop saying it's fake news under the post.'
'yeah, i am dating the itoshi sae. lol.'
the relationship between you two shocked the world and especially the former blue lock players. your brother cannot believe it but he also release a tweet. the fans thought that this was a funny moments now they are only waiting for the other itoshi to release a tweet too to captured this moment.
'lmao, i also didn't know my sister was dating someone.'
'now i wanna know what does the other one thinks.'
'that's crazy bro...'
'we need update about their relationship and how it happened.'
your pet cat was purring at your lap. the cat already ate, and it was probably feeling playful. your cat was a british shorthair breed. what's the cat name? lokhi. loki but with a h. you just wanted the cat to fit choki, you brother's cactus. it you who gifted it to him. you found it funny how now you're dating itoshi sae. you've never dated anyone in your life neither have you liked someone too. do you love sae? yes. he was one of the people that understand you and you have no doubt that sae haven't dated someone either. so you two basically were a rookie at dating but things worked out!
you two have a tight schedule and fortunately after the big revealed you two are dating, alot of shows are begging for you two to come to do the interview but you didn't wanted that. you only took the photoshoot offer with sae. you especially liked the time when you two photoshoot for dior. it was the little moments that you loved.
intentionally brushing your hands at sae's hand and he looked at you, confused — you're just making an innocent face at him. it's funny really how you two are still trending on twitter. people are still freaking out by this and you kinda felt bad for rin when the day you got together with sae was the day rin asked is the two of you dating. you just hoped that whenever sae get back to japan to visit his parent, rin wouldn't say anything.
two years in the relationship and you smiled with your eyes for the first time on the 1st anniversary. you were happy that sae stayed with you, giving you the attention. the unconditional love you never had from your parents. he knew you loved cinnamoroll, so he gave you a bouquet of it. your parents knew of you two relationship. sae's parent response was positive but for your parent... i mean they were traveling around the world, who cares about their opinion.
you never thought that he would be your first love and lover. you hope that he was the groom to your bride. oh, not to mentioned you met his parent formally and his brother too.. ofc. you managed to make rin like you and reconcile their strained relationship and yet you still see them not talking to each other from time to time. you doted on rin because it feels like you were taking care of nagi. sae didn't said anything about doting on his little brother, he appreciates it since it feels like the first time the brothers met you.
you liked ice cream. they do too.
sae become more affectionate with you now since it was always you gotta peck him on the lips. you definitely want to marry this guy and he want to marry you too.
Tumblr media
note: done. this thing is more than 1k, im sure of it. WAJJH IM FINALLY FREEEE.. i don't really think this is enemy to lover so I'm really sorry for this like umm weird shit idk lah... have fun.
Tumblr media
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yuustars · 2 months
tiktok sounds scenarios (crack)
feat. shidou, nagi, chigiri, kaiser, sae, bachira, rin
warning(s) : crack (it’s a weird concept), chopping food(?), parties, tiktok trends
a/n : idk maybe i’ve watched tiktok and blue lock too much to suddenly associate different characters with specific audios 😭 anyways i thought this would be a fun and new type of hc to do so hope you enjoy!!! 
Tumblr media
sin city - shidou
ok this one is so funny. it’s not on purpose of course, but when shidou gets cocky and sarcastic, he has that LIGHT SKIN STARE. I SWEAR HIS EYEBROWS MAN- anyways, you catch up doing the usual trash talking with his opponents on the field after he scored another insane goal. and then you SEE IT. THE STARE. from the sidelines, you literally burst out laughing and the other blue lock players look at you in confusion, to which you reassure them it was nothing. after the game ends, you mention your very...unique observation to him. needless to say, he was not impressed. but ig anything to see you happy right?  
krissed - nagi 
nagi would totally kriss you. i mean he spends so much time online playing games and watching tiktoks that he gets krissed ALL THE TIME. so if you’re on tiktok, and you’ve already been krissed quite a handful of times, you’re sure to get krissed more from all the tiktoks nagi sends you. at first you think oh that’s so cute! he watches tiktoks and thinks of me! but when you click into the link and kris jenner pops up 5 seconds later lipsyncing “gitchi gitchi yaya dada”, you really consider breaking up with this boy. 
after last night - chigiri 
he confessed to you only yesterday and you two have only started dating for 15 hours. but here u are, lipsyncing to the tiktok sound that makes his heart skip a beat. “after last night,” you start, holding your fist to your mouth as a microphone. he's a little startled and shy, but he continues the lyrics, “after last night-” and you cut in with “i think i'm in love with youuu~.” he doesn't even register when you had gotten so close to his face, now he's getting really nervous. your singing is off tone and loud. you're dancing around the room and jamming out to the song like it's metal. you’re not even being serious about this. and yet, he think you've never looked more adorable. 
kill bill - kaiser 
when kaiser asks you about your ex, he didn’t think you would get pissed off??? he was sitting at the dinner table, watching you cook lunch for both of you when he popped the question. “soo what was your ex like? bet i’m 1000x better than him, huh?” he cockily says. he knew something was wrong as he was answered with nothing but a deadly silence. a few moments later, you speak up, “alexa, play kill bill.” YOU SWITCH TO THE SONG REAL QUICK!!! you even started chopping more aggressively at the vegetables (he’s scared). but rest assured, i’m sure kaiser won’t be asking you anymore questions anytime soon. 
it's a wrap - sae
you and sae gossip with each other so much, it’s a given you two would definitely use this sound to trash talk someone. i dont think sae would voluntarily film a tiktok with you to that sound though. so u come up with an alternative. whenever you and him gossip, you would set uo your phone somewhere close by and record a time lapse of the convo. hopefully sae won’t notice because he’s too engrossed in the convo. when you finally put the audio and video tgt to post on tiktok, sae goes viral for ‘trash talking literally everyone' with his s/o. 
if u see us in the club - bachira 
disclaimer! i am underage so now clubs for me, but this will be written in a party context instead
you and bachira go to a party, and it becomes a little hectic. you two enter and somehow, the volume of the party doubles. from then on, it’s just chaos. you two go around, greeting annoying all the blue lock players attending. then you hog the food, the punch, the chocolate fountain, EVERYTHING. and when the dj starts playing music, you both get in the center for a romantic, CHAOTIC dance battle. honestly, no one cares anymore at this point because it’s such a normal occurence. at some point, you two start filming tiktoks and even lipsync to the audio in the middle of the dance floor 💀
side eye - rin 
ok he literally hates everyone. so it’s no surprise that he’ll be side eyeing people left and right. his facial expressions when he shows obvious dislike for someone is SO FUNNY. he literally glares so hard!! all you can think of is the viral tiktok sound when he shows his disgust to someone. you definitely want to laugh out loud but you know that will only get him more mad so you choose to calm him down instead. “rin, you shouldn’t glare to much, what if your eyeballs fall out?” you pat his shoulder sarcastically LOL. “shut up.”
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sunananaa · 3 months
hii! i hope ure doing well >< feel free to ignore this if it goes against ur rules (i cant seem to find/open it, tumblr is being mean D:)
but anyways, i would like to req bf texts w rin itoshi. I RLLY DONT KNOW IF U CAN BUT! perhaps w a reader who's an athlete too? like gymnastics or volleyball idk . thank u!
Im gonna do volleyball like the other ones and I’m gonna add shidou too cuz I think someone else wanted that 🤔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: itoshi rin + shidou ryusei
prompt: gn reader!, established relationship
warnings: swearing!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
all right reserved © please do not copy any of my works!
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arlestial · 5 months
Hiii can you mabye write boyfriend hcs for aiku sae shidou and luna from bllk please?💖
synopsis : How does it feel to be their fantastic s/o ?
pairing : Aiku, Sae, Shidou, Luna x gender neutral!reader •— Blue Lock
tw : None, that’s mainly fluff and comfort (a bit suggestive on Aiku and Shidou’s part, some « feminine » pet names in Ainu’s part)
word count : 1850~ words
author-note : Hii !! Thanks for your request. To be honest, I didn’t even remembered who was Luna lmao, so I read again Blue Lock to see his face.. I swear I forgot about him ejxkzlfozod.. Hope you like it and that I hadn’t made them too occ !! I’m becoming a simp for Aiku help. Take care of yourself <3
AIKU OLIVER seems quite intimidating at first, maybe because of his famousness or because of his height, but meeting him the first time made you nervous. He’s super outgoing, and straightforward (it’s a bit scary-). But when you get to know him better, he’s going to be the sweetest of these four boys ! Aiku puts his whole heart into everything if it’s for you. You want a new plushie ? He’s going to search for the perfect plushie for you, with the cutest design, your favorite color : prepare yourself, he’s gonna take some classes to learn how to make one. Alright, it won’t be the most beautiful plushie you’re gonna see but hey !! He did it with his hands ?? And it took a while to do so !! He prefers to do something more significant for you than to simply buy something (but he will buy you a lot of things, jewelry, books he thinks you’d like, ect.). He’s a flirt, ngl, he likes to embarrass you, but he always makes-up for it, by pressing a soft kiss on your forehead. I definitely think he would call you honey, sweetheart or my girl.
"- Sweetheart, I’m 200% sure eating two chocolate bars are not very good for your stomach…"
"Nah, don’t worry about me- AIKU !"
He grabbed the chocolate from your hands and put his over his head.
"I don’t wanna hear you whine like a baby because your stomach hurts, mkay ? My sweet girl can’t even take care of herself well", he said in a playful tone.
"Shut up, Aiku, and give me my chocolate bars. Now."
"Then make me, honey", he winked at you and you rolled your eyes. You approached him, hugging him, and putting your hand on his torso, in a seductive way. He felt his heart beating faster, harder in his chest, and the kiss you gave him on his neck made him feel kinda hot, his cheeks becoming red.
You snatched the chocolates bars from his hands and ran away, leaving the poor man alone, flustered. Yeah, he’s whipped for you. A big simp with absolutely no shame.
ITOSHI SAE is extremely different from Aiku. His demeanor is cold, and he was extremely distant and dry in the beginning of your friendship. Then, as the time past, he was more and more attached to you, and started catching feelings. He was so mad at himself : you probably saw him as a friend, and nothing more. Plus, he was kinda mean towards you, he thought you would like a nicer man.. but when you confessed to him, he (almost) had a smile on his face. This man’s gonna pamper you the best he can, buying you the most expansive jewelry ever, the prettiest clothing, taking you to dates often, even if he’s extremely busy. His love language is surely gift giving and quality time !! I feel like he’s very protective too, especially to soccer players; and kinda his brother, who’s one of your friends. He’s a bit insecure and he’s definitely touch starved, so you need to boost his confidence and assure him you won’t leave him anytime soon (never). He would definitely call you dear or babe.
" Sae, what are you look for ? ",you asked, seeing your boyfriend searching something in the closet of your shared home.
"My white shirt, I have an appointment with some journalist today, but I don’t find- oh."
He saw you holding out his shirt, a proud smile on your face.
"I put your shirt away this morning, I was sure you were going to be late"
"Thanks, babe", he said, a small smile creeping on his face, taking his shirt and your hand in his, kissing your knuckles gently. He put his shirt and then headed to the door of the house. You followed him.
"Don’t forget the restaurant this evening dear", he said, taking his coat.
"Mmh", you kissed him goodbye, smiling through the kiss.
"I won’t be long, I promise, love you."
SHIDOU RYUSEI is… a special lover, to say the least. Prepare yourself for tons of adventures and tons of weird stares. He has literally no shame, he’s extremely bold, even in public (this dude doesn’t understand PDA ig) and he doesn’t give a shit about people around him, not what they think of him. But when it comes to you ? Ohh man. He’s extremely proud of you, he’s gonna show you off to everyone 24/7, and if somebody says something about you that he doesn’t like, you would need to calm him fast because he’s ready to throw hands. He wants to hang-out with you all the time, he’s capable of everything for you. Definitely a simp and a hype-man !! He wants to be in your arms 24/7 and absolutely love when you praise him about his skills in soccer or in anything else. This man has a lot of respect for you, your family and friends, but he’s sometimes a bit harsh towards your friends, especially if some of them disrespect you because « it’s fun » or because they’re the « pickme » type.
"Oh hi, Y/N !", you turned your head towards the noise to see two friends you haven’t seen in a while.
"Oh, hi, long time no see ! How are you ?"
"I’m fine ! How are-" answered your first friend, before being interrupted by the second one, that was looking down at you.
"I heard you have a boyfriend now ?"
"Uh… yeah I have, I’m waiting for him to get out of his training right now. He’s a soccer player !", you responded, a bit nervous, a strained smile on your lips.
"Wondering how you get a hottie like this to even take a look at you."
You felt immediately humiliated, you haven’t seen her for almost one year and a half, and she’s already trying to belittle you ? You frowned, and she stopped laughing in a high-pitched voice to look at you again, then sighed.
"Man, you’re so sensitive, chill. It’s a joke."
"A joke is supposed to be funny, bitch."
Shidou appeared behind your second friend, pushing her towards the first one, hurting her a bit in the process.
"Get the fuck out of here now or I’m going to smash your fucking head into the concrete."
They ran away, the second one literally scared for her life, and Shidou put his hand on the small of your back, gently guiding you to the exit of the corridor.
"Don’t listen to her doll, you’re the prettiest girl in the whole world, you know that. I’m the luckiest man here."
LEONARDO LUNA is a sarcastic yet, loving man. He absolutely loves to tease you and to fluster you, it’s his hobby. Making you blush ? He’s smiling. Making you laugh ? He’s crying from your cuteness. His humor is so good, you’ve never seen a funnier man in your life, istg. He’s even more funny when you two go on a date and when he decides to judge every. single. person. that walked past both of you. He’s fond of you, and each day he has you on his side makes him realize he’s the happiest man of the world, thanks to you. He wants you to come to his games with his jersey, and he told his coach he wanted you on the bench near the field, to hold you in his arms after each win, and each defeat. You literally have him warped around your finger, he’s willing to do anything for you to be happy, even belittle himself. His friends tease him about you, but he can’t protest : you’re the light in his life, he counts the days before seeing you again (when he needs to be in a foreign country for soccer), you’re his wallpaper screen, he’s always calling you or texting you, sometimes in the middle of training.
"Luna, what are you doing ?? We’re training man", scoffed his teammate, seeing him on his phone, smiling like a kid.
"I’m texting my s/o, ‘kay? So stop disturbing me, thanks."
"You’re such a simp", he laughed.
"Shut the fuck up", Luna answered, cheeks red, embarrassed.
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maochira · 22 hours
Hi! Congrats on making it to 100 :) I’m not sure if you’re interested in writing this but feel free to delete/not respond if not! Could I request ShidouxReaderxSae hc? Where it was like unexpected they all fell for each other and how they would be together (fluff and stuff). Thank you!!
I LOVE THIS REQUEST mainly because I ship my Blue Lock OC with Shidou and I've thought about adding Sae to that ship a handful of times. Also thank you!! It's always a little funny and crazy at the same time to see people congratulating me for hitting 100 last week. BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I'M AT 250??? Also I only noticed after writing I forgot the entire "unexpected" part of the request I'm sorry I got lost in the excitement of writing Shidou LMAO
Masterlist and request rules
Tags: Shidou x gn!reader x Sae, established relationship, fluff
-you equal each other out perfectly in terms of differences and similarities! Especially when it comes to Shidou's craziness and Sae's calmness
-no matter if you're a soccer player like them or not, Shidou will ask you to play with him all the time. Don't expect him to go easy on you, tho. He'll use his full skill and tease you for losing
-in general, Shidou loves teasing you and Sae over literally everything. It's kind of his love language
-Shidou LOVES to annoy you and Sae. But you love him so much, even when he gets on your nerves a little too much, you can never be mad at him
-Sae gets pissed off because of Shidou sometimes tho
-Sae isn't that big on verbal affection most of the time, he prefers quality time and physical touch. Shidou's main love languages are physical touch and small acts or service like tieing your shoes or helping you pick out clothes (he also tries to be affectionate with words, but that's your main part in the relationship)
-when the three of you cuddle usually it's you or Shidou in the middle, Sae prefers being on the side but doesn't mind being in the middle every once in a while. Usually so you and Shidou can rest your heads on his chest and stomach and Sae gets to pet your hair
-you and Sae cook together fairly often. Shidou just watches and keeps asking over and over when the food will be done. You tell him to help but he usually declines
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sunnysanae · 2 months
my turn for fun.
syn. it's a classmate reunion party, and your friends start annoying you about your bygone crush. the bad thing is that it's not him, ryusei shidou. (anon req) 🃏`、. minors please stay away. settings. 16+, gn!reader (written with fem!reader in mind), sexual themes. tw/cw. foul language, suggestive content, jealousy, possessive!shidou
Tumblr media
you sat uncomfortably in the plastic chair, adjusting the tiny clothes you mistakenly put on. sharing giggles with your much-missed classmates, as many of you recalled dated events from forever ago. the alcohol was working its way up to your cheeks, and your laughter only seemed to grow as the hours passed. leaning into the long table, your loose sleeve slipped, exposing your bare shoulder. from the seat across, shidou shot a quick glance over. a frown arising from between his furrowed eyebrows; as he adverted his feline irises away, seeding his chin in his palm. you were just having fun.
amidst the clamorous chatters, a voice piqued up from beside you. your friend had seated herself in the tight room around you, giggling with a witty sneer, as she moved in to whisper to your ear.
shidou monitored your gossip with interest, silently watching. watching as your friend pointed a finger at a male sitting in the distance, watching as your eyes travelled, watching as an indescribable look mixed with embarrassment or shock filled your face. the way your pretty face sullied in a red haze, while your classmates giggled at your reaction.
you were just having fun.
at least that's what shidou assured himself, watching as your classmates loomed their arms around yours, dragging you to the floor for a dance. their devious smirks and giggles littering his ears. upon the suffocation, he saw you mouth something to him, simultaneously pointing to the source of the music. 'can i go?' or something around those lines, he couldn't make out what you were saying, and he didn't exactly want to—the 'o' shape your plump lips pushed into pleasurefully distracting him from this disaster of a reunion party.
in return, he nodded, a leer curling the edges of his lips. the relief of his tension was shortlived, as you rose from the flimsy chair. thighs in the cool air, wait, what? thighs in the cool air? the fabric of your shorts had all bunched up in a tight knot. covering just enough to be safe, but exposing too much to be sound. if you'd turned around in time, you'd have spotted the dark shadow developing over your boyfriend's face. "go ahead." he whispered under his breath.
although you trusted his affirmation, stepping your way onto the dance floor, something didn't sit well with you. shidou wasn't usually this calm. the voice of your friend dusted your anxious worries aside, screaming in an excited tone, "wasn't he your crush back then?" pulling your shoulders to face the unfamiliar male. "yeah, name, you should totally go for it!" pushing and nudging you to his position, as you painstakingly attempted to explain you were taken. discomfiture spreading over you in the form of rosiness.
by this point, you're practically inches away from your, what, middle school crush? awkwardly engaging in small talk, as you writhingly tried to refrain from participating in the conversation.
all your persisting behaviours associated with escape happened to have hit the blind spot of your partner.
shidou's had enough of this 'just having fun' bullshit.
enough of your blushing and giggles in front of this unidentifiable man. frustration triggered through his nerves, the two of you were in a relationship. so, why did you seem flustered while chitchatting with this person? why did you start scratching the back of your neck, all shy and red-faced? and why did this man's eyes lay on you, your face, your shoulders, and your thighs? those were his, and he's made the terrible mistake of not writing his name all over you before this irksome party.
coarse hands brushing his blonde locks out of his face, as he makes his way to your location. bright pink eyes noticeably gloomier than typical. striding his way to engulf your hands in his, wrenchingly tugging you to exit with him. he needed to leave. with you. now. the way you tried to politely explain to the guy why you were leaving did not go unseen by shidou. yeah, he's had enough.
shutting the obnoxious music off with the bathroom walls, and shutting your misbehaving mouth up with his crashing lips. waiting to paint a blush that was his on your cute face. tensed arms pushing your legs right up against the bathroom door, centring his face between those thighs he oh-so-worshipped,
"you've had a lot of fun... now it's my turn."
he was the jester, so how could you leave him out of the fun?
Tumblr media
an. i'm not too comfortable nor skilled in writing nsfw works currently, but i hope this is alright anon! I'll consider a part 2 for the future.
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honeybachira · 3 months
Buying matching plushies with Rin/sae, shidou, and nagi! (Gn!reader pls)
i love ur posts bestie 🐱 and also i very love plushies so YES (maybe bear plushies or cat ones)
𝐏𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐄 , 𝐂𝐔𝐓𝐈𝐄 , ğ‡ğŽğŒğˆğ„
Tumblr media
They might call you childish, but they just love you very much so they always gives in.
𝗧𝗪 : 𝗇𝗈𝗇𝖾
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well even how many times he told you how to quote on quote 'childish' it was for you to still desire for a toy only kids would enjoy, he still went with you because he didn't want anyone looking your way.
Once the two of you entered the gift shop, the raven-haired Itoshi grimaced at the pastel interior and glittery products that made your eyes sparkle with glee. In a blink of an eye, you were gone and left him behind for some kids to ogle at because of his tall build.
He may act all annoyed and snappy about your constant pestering and question which one is cuter, he actually put in the effort to answer you (rudely) so it's an 8.5/10
Tumblr media
Say no more.
When you said that you'd like to buy a plushie, best beware that he had already contacted the store before informing them to close the store so that the two. Of you could enjoy some alone time. That, of course, you didn't know of.
He would slightly smile whenever you'd squeal and run around the store scanning every shelf to find something bigger than you.
The store owners nearly melted at the adorable sight of the both of you (mainly Sae who's getting dragged by you) getting all lovey-dovey with a cozy atmosphere hugging the both of you.
You ended up deciding to buy a day plushie that has deadpanned teal eyes and maroon fur just because it looked like him. You didn't know though that he had bought everything you touched in the store, you only found out about it once you opened your shared home and saw a bunch of bags already delivered by his manager. 9.9/10 just because he goes a little all-out.
Tumblr media
This man would join you, mostly for entertainment porous.
He would shove the ugliest plushie in your face saying that it was your long-lost twin, as he watched your face gets agitated. But of course, being the menace that he is, he wouldn't stop teasing you until you're crying.
Instead of soothing you and trying to stop you from crying, he would pull out another ugly plushie that was crying and say that you found your match. 7/10 because he'd just tease you the whole time.
Tumblr media
Now, you two were in an aquarium and you two happened to pass by the store that sells animal plushies, and so, with some puppy eyes and sugar-coated words, you managed Nagi to come and choose something from the store.
Once you two entered tho, he was also invested! Agreeing with whatever the heck you babble about and tell you some random fun facts about the animals that you saw.
In the end, you both settled in a huge grey sea lion who was sleeping and hugging a fish and decided to name it 'pon-pon' your first child. All in all, 10/10 because I love him.
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