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tired-teacher-blog · 2 days
Bakugou places his head on your shoulder and huffs furiously during one of your movie nights.
It's just a stupid romance film to be honest, one you insisted on watching and he couldn't find it in himself to deny your wish, you've always granted his desires wholeheartedly anyway, and the glint appearing in your eye when he easily gave in to you was worth sitting in for a two hour typical tear jerker that— for some reason, you seemed to enjoy.
_ "Oh look look! Did you see that? He finally confessed his feelings!" you're tapping on his thigh excitedly, too invested in the movie ahead to notice the warm hand slipping under your shirt and resting on your belly.
_ "Yeah I saw that, we're watching the same movie dumbass." but he's not, he's actually not following the predictable events unfolding, nor the long ass journey the main character had to embark upon in order to find his long lost love.
How could he be focused on anything other than the fragrant smell of your shower gel tickling his nose, and the soft skin under his rough fingers as he eagerly explored your delicate flesh.
He closes his eyes slowly, inhaling the faint flowery scent emanating from you, and pecking the side of your neck, right where he's been nuzzling the whole evening.
Maybe this is not such a bad idea after all, you're happily watching your sappy movie, and he's easily succumbing to a peaceful slumber in the comfort of your shared cushiony bed, right by the only one he's willing to bare his all around.. you.
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baku-bombshell · 2 days
Tumblr media
DoNg_98_ on twitter
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blaazeee · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki 💥💣
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explosionkatsu · 2 days
"Age doesn't matter" 8
Tumblr media
Dad!Bakugo x F!Babysitter!Teacher!Reader
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"So." Eijiro started as they both exited Y/n's apartment. 
Katsuki stayed silent while carrying the sleeping Kazui in his arms along with his things for school.
"She seems nice." Eijiro grinned. "And very helpful." He added as he clicked his car keys unlocking his car.
"Straight to the point," Katsuki mumbled carefully getting in the car.
"Well, you both look close to each other, especially after the news," Eijiro said getting in the driver's seat.
"The news is nothing. They're spouting lies. That's all they fucking do." Katsuki mumbled once again, trying not to wake Kazui.
He's not ready. Not yet. But he sees you fitting to be Kazui's mom knowing how close you were with his son. Of course, he knows him being a single father is fine, but he also knows Kazui will be looking for a mom. Now that he can see other kids being picked up by their mothers.
"What do you think will happen if she saw the news?" Starting the engine, Eijiro slowly drove off of the parking lot.
"The fuck do I care," Katsuki growled lowly. "For all I know she's fucking banging any other guy in every bar she goes to." 
He doesn't care.
He doesn't care that they're not officially divorced. He won't accept her back. Not after what she did. 
"Hey, that's not how you talk about your-
"She's not my fucking wife. Not ever." Katsuki scowled deepened, but soon disappear when he shifted his eyes to Kazui's peaceful face.
He'll do everything for his son. He'll risk his life if he has to just keep him safe.
"Okay, okay. Sorry." Eijiro apologizes.
"Kazui doesn't deserve to know her." 
After Eijiro dropped Katsuki at their home, he drove to a secluded area. 
His eyes were serious while he focuses on driving. No one knows he's here. Not even Katsuki.
Suddenly, he stopped in front of a dark alleyway and roll the passenger seat's window down. 
"Get in." He said.
When the person got in, Eijirou started driving once again. 
"You'd be surprised by my intel." 
"Tell me," Eijiro said quietly while his eyes focuses ahead.
"Didn't I say she's in the city?" 
"Surprisingly. She got her own home."
Eijiro side glances at him after he what he heard. "We're you able to track her house?"
"Give it to me."
“Good morning, class.”
Friday finally arrive. That means tomorrow, Y/n can finally rest.
“Good morning, Miss Y/n.”
But deep inside Y/n, no matter how tiring her job is, she loves children. Maybe it's because of a quirk? Pft. Of course not. Was it? Seeing the children smile after she mends their booboos away makes her feel warm. So maybe it was indeed her quirk.
“Alright everybody, today we’ll do arts!” Miss Y/n smiled cheerfully.
A loud cheer of small voices engulfed the room.
“Be quiet everyone.” Miss Y/n spoke up clapping her hands to settle the children down. “Take out the art materials that I advised you to bring. If someone needs more art materials, come to my table, okay?”
“Yes, Miss Y/n!”
“Okay! Draw your favorite hero and you will show it to everyone.” Miss Y/n said.
She was about to make her way to her table when suddenly, a loud crash was heard from the other side of the room alerting Miss Y/n. The children began crying due to being frightened.
“Everyone, please evacuate the premises. Everyone, please evacuate immediately.”
Y/n’s eyes widen. What is an attack? No. This is not the right time to think about it. She needs to take the children outside. Then another loud crash was heard.
Then a laugh.
Terror and fright were getting ahead of her. She couldn't think straight. Seeing the children crying around her makes her heart clench.
Y/n let her eyes roam around her classroom. There must’ve been something she can use.
Her eyes suddenly focused on the windows. So without any reluctance, she rushed towards it opening it wide enough for the children to fit.
“Children. Come to teacher, we need to leave.” Miss Y/n said as gently as she could say. “Everything will be okay. The heroes will arrive. They will save us.”
One by one, she held the children and pass them through the classroom window with another teacher outside waiting for the children. But her eyes went wide when she was missing one.
“Kazui!” She shouted. “Where are you, come here, baby!”
“Miss Y/n. You need to get out!”
“No no! I’m missing one student.”
Y/n was now panicking. Her eyes were scanning the classroom repeatedly. He was nowhere.
“Kazui, baby!”
Then another crash was heard. But this time, it was the classroom door she was in.
She yelped in terror and surprise.
“Miss Y/n.”
Miss Y/n turned her head to her left. There she saw Kazui hiding under her table.
“Kazui!” Instantly she took him in her arms protecting him. “It's okay. Don't cry.” She needs to be strong for him. She needs to protect him. Y/n was frightened as he is but right at this moment, she was willing to give her life to protect Kazui.
“Isn't that the number 2 hero’s son? Well well, ain't I lucky?”
“Ugh. This is so boring!” Eijiro complained as he walk to the pavement with his buddy.
“That just means the crime rate was decreasing, idiot. Be glad.” Katsuki crosses his arms saying this.
“Oh yeah-
Their communicator suddenly started making a buzzing noise. Someone’s trying to communicate.
“Dynamight! The daycare from ***** is under attack!”
Not letting the person on the other line finish, Katsuki blasts his way to where the daycare.
Kazui was all he can think of. He can't lose him.
“Back off!” Y/n yelled at the villain while carrying the crying Kazui in her arms.
“Ya know. You can just show me where the money is. Every money in this establishment then will be all over. You’ll save the heroes from work.” the villain smirked.
“As if I’d tell you! Heroes will come here and they will arrest you!”
Where was this courage coming from?
“Suit yourself,” The villain suddenly launched itself into her but Y/n was quick to dodge and move away. Although, that movement made her catch her breath.
“Aha. You’re fast.” The villain smirked evilly as they slowly pull a knife out of where.
Y/n watches in fear. She doesn't know what to do.
“Oy? Where's that brave face you were wearing? Although I have to say, that look suits you more.” After what the villain said, they once again launched themselves at Y/n.
Y/n manages to run away though. Why hasn't she thought of running away before?
“Miss Y/n I’m scared!!” Kazui cried out loud.
“I know baby, but we’ll be safe. Your papa will protect us!” You said between breaths.
“Where do you think you're going, doll!?” The villain suddenly appeared behind her.
“Papa!” Kazui cried.
Her lungs felt like burning. She's starting to lack oxygen due to running. But she needs to keep both of them safe. She needs to protect Kazui.
All of a sudden she felt immense pain in her back and it made her slow down.
“Miss Y/n!!”
Was all she heard when she felt another. But this time, she knelt, still holding Kazui tightly in her arms.
You were now panting. Every breath you take hurts you.
“Miss Y/n, no!” Kazui was still crying. He slightly pulls himself away from you to look at you.
You were hurt.
“Miss Y/n heal yourself like what you did to Papa and Uncle Kiri!” Kazui cried as he held your face with his small hands.
“Not so tough now, aren't you?” the Villain sneered watching them. “If only you gave me what I want-
“You! Villain! Just wait until Papa came here!” Kazui cried staring angrily at the villain.
“So I was right. You are indeed the no. 2 son!” The villain laughed. “Where was he now though?”
Kazui was sobbing. He shifted his eyes back to you when you suddenly tried to stand up.
You were facing the villain now. You kept Kazui behind you as you stare at the villain. “I will n-never give you want you to want.” You manage to say.
“Come on now. Less the hassle. But eh. It's not like you can fight me. I can just end you right here.” With that, knives were thrown and stabbed right at your shoulder, stomach, and legs.
Everything hurts. Y/n couldn't believe her life will end like this. She always thought she’ll grow old and just die peacefully. Her thoughts are slowly slipping away. Her vision was darkening and her body was numb. She couldn't feel anything.
Y/n’s body just fell on the floor.
“Maybe I wouldn't mind touching you while this kid watches us, eh?”
“Don’t fucking touch my wife.” 
Took me a while to do part 8. I'm sorry! Don't forget to HEART and REBLOG for part 9. Love you, guys!!
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moon-suki · 2 days
Tumblr media
headcanon where kacchan gets scars from the last big fight, leaving izuku feeling guilty </3
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jullovve · 20 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
bakugou and deku doodles <3
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agendercrisisx · 2 days
A Whole New World
Bakugou x gn!reader (afab)
Bakugou is sick of always getting second place next to Izuku, so he makes a bet about the first person he sees. Saying that he could get to you before Izuku could. Now he just has to figure out how.
Tags: angst, smut, fluff, (adding things as they come up)
Chapter 1
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erebusbored · 2 days
They were asked to do so by Mina.
Tumblr media
the original picture
Please do not repost my art whithout permission or credit. Tho, reblogs and comments are really appreciated :]
More of my art
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aprilidy · 2 days
Aizawa, driving Katsuki and Izuku: So how was your day?
Izuku: We almost got surprise adopted!
Aizawa: What?
Katsuki: We almost got kidnapped.
Aizawa: Oh, okay.
Aizawa: *slams on the breaks* WAIT WHAT?!
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lemon-qu33n · 3 days
its an alpha bakugou where he is a barbarian king and comes to endeavors kingdom where reader is an omega in hiding and endeavor drugs her to keep her omega instincts at bay. Then bakugou and kiri swear they will take her away from endeavors kingdom.
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kiwanopie · 6 months
suggestive. college au boyfriend!bakugou. installment II “poor timing”
He’s barely awake when he picks up his phone from where it’s charging near the bed, blearily sliding in one of his amplifiers as he presses it to the side of his head.
“Th’fuck are you callin’ me at 2am for?”
Kirishima pauses from his side of the line, curious male voices leaking into the speaker that irritate in their familiarity. “Are you just waking up?”
“What the fuck else would I be doing?”
“That’s what I’m wondering too.” He plops himself on the large bean bag sitting in the middle of his roommates floor, after knocking on his door for what felt like hours. Kaminari starfishes against his comforter, and he has to snap a few times to stop Sero from going through his friend’s stuff.
“Dude, where are you?” He asks. “Your truck’s not in the parking lot. Are you at a hotel?”
Bakugou stays silent for a long moment, fleeting as it is, it's a little disconcerting, and the chat runs empty as the sound of a running fan hisses through the static.
He sighs, brief movement stirs sleepily under his bicep and he figures it’s best to end this conversation as quickly as possible. “I’m with ____.”
“You’re-“ Kirishima stammers a little. “Can you say that again?”
“I’m at _____’s apartment.” Bakugou repeats himself - he’s obviously trying to be quiet.
“No fucking way! Dude?!” Kaminari chimes in from somewhere in the room, because of course he’s on speaker. “Like is she right next to you?”
“Can you be any fuckin’ louder?!” Bakugou whisper-yells.
“She totally is, isn’t she?” Sero chimes in. “Did you two fuck?”
Kirishima grimaces up at him from where he’s sitting. “Don’t be crude.” Though, he hesitates a moment before speaking a little closer to the speaker. “Wait, did you?”
Bakugou kisses his teeth. “What the hell was so fuckin’ important that you had to call me at two in the morning anyway?”
“Well, those of us who weren’t out getting some wanted to know if you wanted to play DnD. Since it’s the weekend and all.” Sero says.
“But I guess now you’re too good for the loser club, now that you’re some bigshot with a hot girlfriend.” Kaminari pouts.
Bakugou audibly scoffs. “I was never a part of the loser club to begin with.”
“Says the guy who’s gonna make us look for another DM in the middle of a campaign.” Kirishima retorts. “Seriously, you couldn’t have picked a better night to fuck ____? With you two gone Jirou’s gonna wanna take over your post - and she always gives us the worst scenarios.”
“They’re not that bad.” Bakugou jumps a little when the hand around his waist slithers to wipe at her sleepy eyes, cursing hushedly before the men hear him quietly apologize away from the speaker.
His three friends blush as a familiar voice leaks softly into the receiver.
“What’re you doing…?”
“…Nothin’, angel. Go back to sleep.”
The three squeal in unison.
Bakugou kisses his teeth again, whispering angrily into the speaker. “Shut the fuck up. And don’t call me this late, again!”
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poutsiez · 24 days
𝐂𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐌𝐀 | katsuki bakugo
Tumblr media
warnings . . . fem reader , semi - public sex ( in a bathroom at a kickback ) , dacryphilia , overstimulation . . jus a bit , creampie , squirting , embarrassed 'suki ( not really a warning but the reason of such ) , abrupt ending cuz brain fart prbbt !
word count . . . approx 2k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“jesus fuckin’ . . . . christ.”
katsuki wouldn’t categorize himself to be a perfectionist. he doesn’t attach his worth to his performances and achievements, he doesn’t have a fear of not being liked by others, and he’ll admit that he has his lazy days — fuck it, sometimes he doesn’t want to spend an entire day writing a paper, studying for an exam, and, or rather, because of being on the university’s football team, watching his calorie intake in fear of gaining a pound or two. so fucking what?
but with you . . . you bring out something . . carnal within him; something so all-consuming and depraved that it makes his balled fists tremble with frustration at the simple, mere thought.
he wants to be perfect for you and he doesn’t, for a god damn fucking second, understand why. he doesn’t want to make you angry, make you upset, leave you unsatisfied — thinks something inside of his brain would click and blow his head into a billion chunks if either were to happen.
but when it happens — when he doesn’t communicate over text and leaves you silently frothing with irritation upon him seeing you in person again, when he sometimes, unintentionally ( always, always unintentionally ) scowls out a sarcastic comment even while knowing how soft and sensitive you are, knowing that things like that hurts your feelings and makes you bury yourself away from him — katsuki wants to plain out, fucking die.
miscommunication is inevitable, arguments are inevitable, that, he knows.
however, leaving you unsatisfied? that shouldn’t be too common, yet it is.
katsuki doesn’t know when he noticed — when he noticed that you had been faking your orgasms for almost the entire two years you two have been together. he thinks it had to be sometime during his spring break visit to your university whose location was pinpointed in the next city beside his.
sophomore year, it would’ve been the first time he’s seen you again since the christmas before and he’ll be honest about this, of course he will . . . he’s missed you.
you had opened the door to your dorm with the most enchanting smile on your face, dressed in nothing but the cherry red football jersey he had sent you two months back, with the number your birthday fell upon sewn on the back in white, jumped up into his arms, uncaring about the two, massive duffel bags he had been carrying on each shoulder and kissed him.
and it was this specific way you kissed him — your soft, dainty hands cupping his face as you dipped your head to the side. your tongue attained his without a moment’s delay, tangling, weaving, and sucking. warm, soft, and tasting of sweet, artificial watermelon. katsuki emitted a small grunt of firm ardor, blindly walked further inside of your room to spare your gawking RA the show, and kicked it shut without another second wasted.
“oh god,” you had panted quietly into the cusp of his neck, with your entire body holding onto his — legs around his waist and arms locked around his neck approximately seventeen minutes later. “oh . . . g-god — ‘suki.”
he claps a large, rough paw over the round cheek of your ass, pulling your pelvis closer as he ruts himself deep inside of your dripping, little cunt, needing more, more, more.
he could tell that you clearly had been thinking about this since the last time you saw one another, because you were needy. it showed in how your back arched to push your tits into his hard chest for closer contact, how you tangled your legs around his as if refusing to let him go, how you slipped and slid your hands within the tufts of his soft, blond hair to gently pet when katsuki took a moment to slow down.
he hummed — rocking and pulling his hips back and forth, knowing he was going to cum from that, from just the feel of your soft hands sliding up the muscled plane of his back, to his neck as your lips glided against his. quietly, he gulped on a gruff murmur, “y’gonna cum with me?”
you nodded with your pretty lips popped open and eyes hazed over with nothing but adoration and want for the man on top of you, “uh huh.”
when you clenched down on him, katsuki couldn’t help but wince — felt too good, makes a cold shudder run down the length of his spine to his toes, “yeah?” he exhaled. “do it then. cum with me.”
folded up, pinned down, and battered into, katsuki could feel you clamping down on his cock again through the throes of his own orgasm but there wasn’t any . . gasps from you — weren’t any shivers, whimpers, wetness. he had been faintly panting upon pulling his face from the crook of your neck, eyebrows dipped low, and eyes staring straight down into yours with meager skepticism. “. . . fuck was that?”
you had been wide eyed and quiet, letting his question linger in the air for a couple seconds before you answered with a gentle, “what was what?”
katsuki let the wet popping sound of his cock being freed from your pussy answer for him. he watched it gape for a moment or two, then let his eyes flick between your own and that little clit a couple times, “. . you didn’t cum.”
“i did.”
“nah, you didn’t,” he was quick with an answer as he shook his head and let his tongue rub against the interior of his cheek. it hadn’t made any fucking sense . . . he’s made you cum before . . he thinks, a couple times. a couple times? thinks? it all seems to hit him like a fucking truckload. “oh, fuck.”
you watched his lip scowl as his hands pulled away from your body as if they’d scar granted that he touched you for even a second longer — your body followed his like a magnet when he suddenly let his feet fall onto the floor so that he can stand and quickly slip on his briefs. “ ‘suki, stop. relax—“
“—all this fuckin’ time?”
you were pouting when you whispered, “you’ve made me cum before.”
he hadn’t believed you. it showed on his face when he gave you a sarcastic side eye from over his shoulder as his lips pursed, “yeah? when? fuckin’ when? why haven't you told me this shit? all this time i’ve been—“
“that time in your car a couple months ago,” you were meek and quiet, thumbing with your fingers in your lap as you listed. “our third time together after you took my virginity, that time after you won a game last year, and last christmas . . . at your mom’s house.”
katsuki’s eyebrows had gathered in close as he stared at you for a couple seconds. you had listed off the times without a second’s hesitation — you were sure. and he’s positive that this only meant that you’ve thought about it already.
humiliation scalded deep within his chest as he felt his ears begin to burn.
“but - but you always make me feel good, baby. honestly, really.” you had to stand up, in all of your naked glory to wrap your arms around his waist to keep him from trying to slip away again. “i don’t know. i think . . . i think it’s me. it’s hard for me to cum on my own sometimes too, so i don’t want you to think that—“
“—shut . .” he gathered your pretty face in the palm of his hand then squeezed to make your lips pucker. “the fuck . . up.”
and katsuki realizes, since then, he’s been on a bit of his own, personal mission. which leaves you both now here, lodged together in the tiny bathroom at one of your mutual friend’s kickback. it had only been about twelve to fifteen of you guys in the house and katsuki knows that after only the two of you being gone for so long, someone is going to put two and two together, however, he’s been trying really, really hard to find one, but he just doesn’t give a fuck.
because you’re dressed . . in this tiny, fucking skirt and a long sleeved, cropped top with a zipper on its front. since the both have gotten here, he’s been curiously eyeing you, wanting to know if that zipper was just for decoration or use. if he pulled it down with his fingers, would your tits spill and bounce as they recoil from being freed from the tight elastic?
“oh my god.”
he’s eager — it shows in the way how he has you bent up on the little sink, ass hanging off the ledge, back of your knees held within his hands with your panties hanging from an ankle and shirt askew.
he fucks you hard, thick brows dipped in close and the bottom hemming of the hoodie he wears clutched between the rows of his pretty, white teeth. “give it here,” he murmurs around the fabric as eyes of darkened, ruby red glare into yours. “give it to me . . give me this fuckin’ pussy.”
your little cunt squeezes and pulses out a shot of cream at his words. you’re holding on tight to the edge of the sink as the back of your head pushes up against the mirror behind you, “ ‘s-suki—“ you’re trying to be quiet, you’re trying to keep from gasping too hard and squeaking too loud, but he’s making it hard.
he doesn’t care. your skin meeting his is overpowering — anyone walking past the door would be able to hear it and you reach out a hand to push his hips back, hoping he’d get the hint but he only fucks you harder which makes you choke on a cute sob.
“jus’ . . let me,” he lets one of your legs go after throwing it over the solid hill of his shoulder, licks his fingers then presses them against the chubby bulb of your clit. “lemme make you fuckin’ feel good — q-quit, fuck, bein’ stubborn.”
he wants to make you cum. he knows you’re close — you always get close but that’s never enough. not for you, and surely not for him neither. pill vials and bottles of medicine rattle and shake within the mirrored cabinet behind your head as the sink lightly creaks and grits with each inward pound of katsuki’s cock pushing deep inside of your soaking pussy.
and as the two of his fingers circle and rub your clit, something seems to ignite within you. something that has your voice clogging up the tunnel of your throat and your thighs fighting to snap closed around his wrist.
you can’t form a word, but you find it within yourself to give a little nod at his question.
katsuki knows not to change his rhythm. he sees your eyes roll back, sees your body start to tense — but his knees bend a little and suddenly, you’re squeaking and shooting your hands out to dig the sharp ends of your acrylics into the muscled lines of his forearms. “right there,” you’re crying. shiny pearls of tears drip out of your closed eyes and down the chubby meat of your cheeks as your legs tremble. “oh g-god, rightthererightthere.”
and so he keeps himself there, keeps his knees hooked with just the tiniest bend so that the thick mushroom of his cockhead could meet the sensitive, little cake of your g spot beat for beat. “oh, f-fuck.”
katsuki doesn’t think he’s ever seen you feel so good in his life. your eyes are closed and your mouth is agape, but not a sound leaves you. it’s like you’re on an entirely new dimension.
he’s going to cum, in spite of that, he knows to keep going. keep going, keep going.
and your eyebrows slowly start to gather as your body begins to tense.
“jesus . . fuckin’—“ you’re clamping down on him again, anchoring his dick inside the tight cavern on your core. “c’mon, give it here . . cum on it, baby.”
and you do.
and it’s a fucking mess. the second a jet of your release squirts out from around katsuki’s cock, he’s right behind you — slamming his hips into the meat of your ass with each shot that emits from his head. his hands are trembling where they grip onto your waist. “god, yes. yesyesyes — f-fuckin ‘ yes.”
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baku-bombshell · 3 days
Tumblr media
DoNg_98_ on twitter
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tired-teacher-blog · 30 days
Katsuki Bakugo loves it when you enthusiastically babble about your day.
Maybe you're straddling his waist on the couch as you two settle in for the evening, while the incomprehensible sounds on the TV behind is casting a relaxing atmosphere around you.
And there you are, tripping over your own words while prating for hours about fun trivial events of your day.
And he's listening -he absolutely is- so don't let the sneaky fingers dancing on your thighs, or the eager lips trailing soft kisses along your neck mislead you, because he truly is listening.
He loves the way your voice gets all squeaky when you're excited about small things, and the way your arms flail as you struggle to convey something that your words failed to express.
_ "Uh huh I see, and what did they do after that?"
And his voice is incredibly sweet and gentle as he coaxes you to carry on, his smile grows and he wishes you would never stop talking..
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explosionkatsu · 2 days
Forgotten Muse
Singer!Drummer!Bakugo x F!CollegeStud!Reader
I was filled with a thrill when I witnessed him launch their first piece.
They were all happy, celebrating in their small garage.
He may not show it, but I can see the delight in his eyes when the music hit the trend bringing it to the top 5 most played.
I’ve witnessed everything. How their band became popular, how they write their music saying that it was mostly his work. I remember his saying the support I give him inspires him to create more and how their fans grew. Opportunities are everywhere. Some are even offering them on a world tour.
Everything was going great.
Until I was forgotten.
It was the peak of their band. Katsuki always brings me with him on his world tour which you can say I’m really happy about. But this time, I wasn't able to come with him. Why? Because I was a college student taking the track of Nursing. Maybe someday I’ll become a doctor.
Nevermind that.
I was a college student and there are a lot of opportunities knocking on Kastuki’s door. Of course, he’ll snatch it knowing his ambition was to be a well-known celebrity around the world. He wanted to receive awards, praise, and recognition. So he didn't hesitate to accept them.
For his 5th world tour, he told me to come with him because I am his muse. I am the one who he’ll be starting through the crowd.
But I declined.
“What? Why?” Katsuki raised his eyebrow at her as he looked at her ridiculously. “Are you serious?”
“Yes, I am.” You look back at him seriously. “I have an exam for my license, that's why I couldn't go.”
“Just take it some other day. You will come with me.” Katsuki insisted and shift his eyes toward the tv.
“Katsuki. You can only take the exam once a year. I can miss it.” You said convincing him. “Maybe it's fine if I couldn't come with you just this once. I have to work on my ambition as well.”
“Maybe it's fine if you won't come with me at all.”
His statement made you widen your eyes.
“Fuck your ambition. What about mine-
“Don’t you dare say that.” You said tearing up. “I did nothing but support you as you attain your ambition. You are being selfish!”
“Who said I needed your support?”
“I can do it without you! You're just getting in my way.” Katsuki suddenly stood up as he aggressively grabs his car keys and slam the door shut behind him.
You couldn't believe what you heard. Does the fame make him like that? Does this mean you two are over?
My thought was running wild.
Katsuki never returned to our shared apartment. I didn't even know he left for his tour until Kirishima told me.
It breaks me that he can just ignore me like that. All the things he said were still lingering inside my head making me lose focus on studying. But I did what I have to do.
The day of the exam came. This is the day of his band will play. But I couldn't let that bother me.
5 hours went by and I finished my exam. I answered everything as much as I can and I know I’ll make it. Everything I studied was on the exam so I was confident I’ll pass.
I went home and finally rest my back on the soft sofa Katsuki and I bought when I suddenly remember the world tour will last for almost 9 hours since they were not the only ones will be performing. So immediately, I turned the tv on and switched to every channel where there was a live telecast of the said world tour.
Finding the right channel made me smile, but what it shows made my heart ache.
There was Katsuki, kissing another woman in his arms.
I couldn't believe what I was looking at.
My eyes started watering as I held my chest tightly. Every throb gives me pain.
It hurts.
I was sobbing. The emptiness of our house wasn't helping me at all. Everything in here screams Katsuki Bakugo.
What did I do to deserve this?
I’ve been nothing but a perfect girlfriend.
When I heard on the tv that their band ended I took my phone out of my bag. With shaking hands, I dialed Kirishima’s number. It rang in a bit until Kirishima can finally answer.
“Hey Y/n..” he sounds sad.
“K-kirishima. What's-
“Y/n. I’ll be honest with you.”
His words made my heart stop beating. Anxiousness was eating me.
“Bakugo, he..” He paused for a moment as if hesitating to say it. “He's not with us. He's with a random girl he saw from the crowd and invited her to his hotel.”
Every breath I take hurts.
“W-we tried stopping him. Believe me! We don't want to tolerate his behavior. But he was just yelling at us not to tell you.”
I was sobbing loudly. This isn't enough. Crying isn't enough to ease the pain.
Kirishima held the call for a moment. I can hear him comforting me, saying it’ll be alright.
It won't be.
Not anymore.
I couldn't bring myself to say this.
It was then I heard a loud bang from the call. I can hear Kirishima, Denki, and even Sero shouting in what seems like Katsuki’s room. Then I heard another loud sound followed by Kastuki’s voice.
“Didn’t I say not to fucking kno-
“Y/n is on the phone,” Denki spoke up.
Everything was quiet for a few minutes until I heard Katsuki speak up.
“You told her..” Katsuki said. Terror filled his voice.
“Katsuki,” Kirishima spoke up. “We’re friends, heck even best buddies since high school. I would go through with anything you do as long as you're not hurting anybody. But this? I’m sorry bro. Y/n doesn't deserve this. She doesn't deserve you.”
Suddenly, I heard a loud smack followed by coughing.
“Bakugo!” I heard Sero.
“We’re just telling you what you're doing is not right!” Sero said.
“Don’t tell me what to fucking-
“Okay! Do whatever you want. We don't care. Let's go Kirishima, Sero.” I heard Denki and suddenly the call ended.
Days have passed after the incident. Kirishima messaged me they were going back which scares me.
Why am I scared anyway?
But before I knew it, I heard a jiggle of keys from our front door.
He’s here.
I was in the kitchen preparing my mealwhen he came in. I saw his eyes widen seeing me.
“Y/n..” I heard him whisper.
I averted my eyes away from him to the meal I was cooking. I couldn't look at him in his eyes. It reminds me of what he did.
I saw him take a stride closer to me but I kept my back on him.
Suddenly, he slid his arms around my waist embracing me.
I did nothing though..
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