bonkai4ever94 · 2 days
I never understand why kai always gets compared to lizzie and Josie other then them being siphoners and sharing blood they have nothing in common with the man
They didn't grow up in a coven filled with manipulation abuse and pressure to merge and kill their own sibling
Nor was they isolated away from their siblings out of hatred for having the ability to siphon
The Gemini coven had at least a century of hatred and lack of understanding of the ability to siphon their hatred was mentioned throughout kai arc and the heretics after
Kai has a mental illness that isn't comparable to lizzie because his was developed by years of Psychological abuse and possibly magical abuse because how else does anyone think Joshua probably Enforced the lack of touching throughout kai childhood and I imagine whenever kai was tempted he was Severely punished in some way shape or form I wish we got more in depth details about kai life before the vampire diaries there is so many unanswered questions about him and the Gemini coven and the Bennetts connection with them there was alot of wasted potential that will never be Rectified unfortunately
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allthingsobrien · 4 months
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kai + eyefucking bonnie
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dayas · 11 months
Just realized my ship type is Absolute Bad Bitch and the Hot Guy Who’s Obsessed With Her
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melmedardasworld · 6 months
Bonnie deserved to have gotten everything and more.
I'm glad for the pro Bonnie Bennett fans that put so much effort into their work. I love reading ya'lls, metas, theories, stories, and what ifs. Your edits, celebrations, planned events, and watching your edits!
I love our interactions and discussions. A lot of talented people with great ideas. Your passion is noted and welcomed.
Try not to be discouraged by the negativity or antis. To navigate through fandom is already hard by itself.
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wearesociety · 11 months
Tumblr media
Kat said what she said and I completely agree.
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bennett-mikealson · 6 months
It’s funny how a lot of TVD Stans all of a sudden lose the ability to envision anything outside of canon when it comes to Bonnie and her only. All these fantasies, hypotheticals and what if’s can be thrown around for other characters but God for bid it’s Bonnie. Now it’s either Bonnie Stan’s are doing too much, we’re trying to make her the main character and give her too much attention/spotlight or we’re being delusional giving her storylines that make her ooc even tho the entire show was hella inconsistent in how characters were written.
It’s not our fault y’all choose to only see her for what was given in the show and nothing more. Take that close minded energy elsewhere.
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occulthours · 14 days
Julie plec really created a narrative kai was worse then all the dudes because she didn't like he was set up romantically interested in bonnie and wanted a excuse to get rid of Elena plec and co wasn't that involved in the beginning stages of kai character and s6 of tvd that's why it was written so differently
This is so true!
Bonkai is not that different from ships like D.elena and Kl.aroline yet Bonnie stans have to hear “you must HATE Bonnie to ship her with that man”, but y’all don’t hate Elena when you ship her with the man that killed her brother because she didn’t reciprocate his feelings for her? Y’all don’t hate Caroline when you ship her with the man that stabbed her with a lamp because she didn’t want to leave her boyfriend for him?
The only difference between Bonkai and DE/KC is that Bonnie had a negative reaction to Kai’s treatment of her. You’d think that would be a good thing give how dehumanizing TVDs treatment of Bonnie was but it really was just another way to excuse them from giving Bonnie the same things the other girls got romance wise. Caroline and Elena got their toxic sexy dark romances with the villain of the season who spewed declarations of epic love and showered them in gifts but Bonnie doesn’t even get to have a reaction to Kai heavily flirting before the stabbing incident. Caroline and Elena get to live in their delusional fantasies about making their evil boyfriends better people while Bonnie has to stand on business and take Kai down.
Now do I think that Caroline and Elena should’ve been able to whack Klaus and Damon for the torment they endured by those men? Absolutely! All three of those girls were getting used and abused by the men in the show yet Bonnie was the only one that doesn’t get to take part in the more “fun” and “sexy” parts of the whole dark romance thing.
I didn’t know that Plec didn’t create Kai though! Bonkai had much more of a foundation than Bon.enzo
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ladyinrosso · 5 months
Lookin at my ships I’ve come to the conclusion that there are several dynamics I tend to fall for:
- outsider and popular kid that under the surface aren’t that different at all (and have a lot of interests in common)
- heroine/hero x villain
- enemies to lovers (or enemies AND lovers)
- bickering couple
- moon x moon
- moon x sun (it can be either their personality or their physical appearance or both. Bonus if the slightly introvert dark haired is full of life and the light haired extrovert deep down thinks they don’t deserve to be loved)
- short passionate (and/or full of rage) woman and the over than 1 ft taller than her person she has to deal/is stuck with
- I hate everything and everyone but the love of my life
- shared trauma
- girlboss power couple
Give me one or more of these tropes and there’s a really high chance that I’ll ship that ship to hell and back
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queenotdamned · 1 month
I am over here contemplating returning to the tvdu just to give us all the Bonnie Bennett content we are all hungry for !!!! How is it going into 2024 and you have dumb people in this fandom still giving Bonnie and Kat so much shit. Let me block some people so my Bonnie-related tags don't look so gross!!!
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hydesjackiespuddinpop · 6 months
The only thing that makes shipping a non-canon/non-endgame ship less painful is writing and reading fic
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ebster777 · 8 days
Why would I rewatch TVD when the Tumblr and Fan Fiction girlies write better plots?
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wherethesunsetsblog · 5 months
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I loved their sexual tension.
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anabondelight · 10 months
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Bonnie Bennett species and definitions.
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shadowcatgirl09 · 3 months
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pinkhysteria · 4 months
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- "Why did you want to come back here?" - "Because I can finally show it to someone?"
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httpbonkai · 2 months
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''I would ask you to stay here, I would come back and erase everything that made us this way.''
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