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allthingsobrien · 4 months
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kai + eyefucking bonnie
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shadowcatgirl09 · 3 months
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hysteriaww · 5 days
Favorite bonkai moment?
Wow it's been a while since I got one of these haha! MM I'd say my answer to this changes pretty often but rn I think it's the 6x05 scene when Bonnie challenges Kai to siphon her in the woods in front of Damon *just* to prove Kai doesn't actually know the spell to get them out of 1994. I enjoyed how Bonkai were so wrapped up in their petty power struggle that Damon ended up feeling like a third wheel with nothing to do there xD It showed that Bonnie and Kai were on a similar mental wavelength, somehow able to sense what the other was thinking/hiding, whereas Damon was left feeling lost and out of touch with their battle of wits. Also, I appreciated Bonnie being confident enough in her own intuition and skills as a witch to take a giant risk with Kai and be proven right!
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That being said, this scene was also the first time Bonnie ever murdered another character in canon, and I wish the show had.. emphasized that more?? She remorselessly kills Kai with no idea that he'll respawn and yes, Kai deserved it, but how did neither Damon nor Bonnie discuss the fact that Kai was her first kill ever?? That's huge! Ofc tvd had lost a lot of their care for continuity by that point so they prob didn't even realize Bonnie had never killed anyone before Kai when they wrote that scene but STILL.
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But yea, as of now, that's currently my fav Bonkai scene! It was also one of the first times their sexual tension was so absurdly LOUD to me and in-your-face that I had to pause the scene and wonder if it was intentional or not.. bc I thought "SURELY it can't be ambiguous subtext anymore if it's THAT overt, right??" As a fan of many shows, have I been guilty of reading too much into innocent scenes to find underlying meaning that isn't there or wasn't intended by the creators? Eh, sure. But with scenes like THIS, there's no way the vibe wasn't there!!! You'd have to be willfully blind not to see it!
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veladoe · 4 months
Slight flash warning! Helllooooo it’s been awhile:) but here’s the kai section of the grimoire that I manage to work on all this time. Sorry for how long that took, but life’s wild, anywho-hope you like my spin on kais backstory and lore-I’ll be back to post the pages after a good sleep:)
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celestialsmessy1 · 3 months
Bonkai Dating Sim
Who wants to play a dating simulation?
What if it was specifically about Bonkai? Can you help our resident Mystic Falls witch choose between the dark, psychopath Kai and his twin brother, the all powerful siphon, Malachai?
Who should she choose? On:
𝓛𝓮𝓽'𝓼 𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓐 𝓒𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓷!
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elenasalvator13 · 9 months
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Bonnie Bennett quotes aesthetic
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darklinaforever · 1 year
Me, when someone comes to explain to me how much I have a deviant morality, that I am abnormal, disgusting, or whatever, to ship this or that fictitious couple, that obviously I shouldn't ship at all.
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bonnie-sheila-bennett · 8 months
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So because my GF and I do now Bonkai RP she made her first Fanart, and of course I want to share it. I love it so much!
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stupidocupido · 2 months
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my favourite kind of toxic fictional pairing dynamics be like
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pugohou-oter · 10 months
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Bonnie Bennett ❤️
I did. this Quickly a few weeks ago and wanted to post it with my Kai but I still need to finish him 🤧😭. Anyway here she is (I’m jus putting that Spotify thing here .I dunno what it actually does I just got curious ad don’t know how to get rid of it )
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midastouch4ari · 8 months
I Can Already Tell This Fic is Going To Killlllll Me.
None of This is Okay by rogerthatmarshall
"Bonnie makes him nervous, and desperate, and sick, and something within him aches at the thought of her. He just can’t think straight, he can't think at all; all he can do is feel. And although he wasn't totally emotionless before the merge, his feelings didn't sway so widely in unfamiliar directions.
Anger, fury, revenge, depression. Those were the feelings that motivated him in every single thing that he did for so long. But now… 
He enters the house quietly. She's still in her room; he can hear her moving around and the soft scent of her soap wafts down the stairs and he wants. Wanting is what motivates him, needing her near has been his purpose since he stepped foot back into the real world. "
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allthingsobrien · 9 months
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The Vampire Diaries (2009 - 2017) 4x18 // 6x07
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shadowcatgirl09 · 3 months
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dirtygoldensoul · 11 months
I've got a great idea for a Human AU with non-chronological chapters that would honestly work great with either Bonkai or Klonnie, but I'm not sure which one to go with.
This is apart from Imperator Princeps btw. Something with Bonnie being a professional dancer who's married to Klaus/Kai and the fic shows their relationship's ups and downs with mostly up moments and Kai/Klaus being stupidly in love with her and vice versa.
Just a plot bunny.
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veladoe · 9 months
This last bit of the grimoire is taking a little longer since it’s a little, um narrative focused😉 gotta lot to test and work through but we’re almost there:) here’s a little scrap of it!:)
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celestialsmessy1 · 8 months
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“Come On Bonster, You know you want to....” 
Absolutely in love with this couple and their dysfunctional relationship. Wish we got to see more of the angst and the love. 
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