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Breklenkamp, the Netherlands
This ‘bakspieker’ (cottage used for baking bread) was built in 1738. However, in 1900 the tenant of the house wanted to expand it to include a pigpen. Baroness van Twickel, the owner of the land, didn’t like that as the oak next to the house would have to be felled. The tenant, who was apparently quite solution-oriented, found it no problem at all and built the extension around the tree. Every year, the size of the tree increases by about three centimeters, and the roofpanes move along with it.
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Pics Of A Beautiful Countryside In The Netherlands - Twente
Morning Gold At Breklenkamp
Photographer: Vincent Croce
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We hadden een stedentrip geboekt, dachten we, maar zo zitten we nu in het übergat Lattrop-Breklenkamp. Nooooooit van gehoord! Wel heel mooi, maar errug landelijk. (bij Lattrop-Breklenkamp) https://www.instagram.com/p/B29oqFAHICv/?igshid=1ovc2mgzm1ovi
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postcode Lot van 100.000 euro gevallen op postcode in Nieuw-West is Trending on Monday January 1 2018 http://www.aioinstagram.com/postcode-lot-van-100-000-euro-gevallen-op-postcode-in-nieuw-west-is-trending-on-monday-january-1-2018/
AT5 says: Lot van 100.000 euro gevallen op postcode in Nieuw-West Tubantia says: Lot van 100.000 euro gevallen op postcode in Lattrop-Breklenkamp
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Voor bewoners van de Hendrik Dienskestraat (Nieuw-West) die meedoen aan de Postcode Loterij, is 2018 goed begonnen. Zij mogen met elkaar 100.000 euro verdelen. De winnaars worden in de derde week van januari geïnformeerd over de hoogte van het gewonnen Lot van 100.000 euro gevallen op postcode in Lattrop-Breklenkamp. LATTROP-BREKLENKAMP – Inwoners van de Pastoor Brandtsstraat in Lattrop-Breklenkamp beginnen het nieuwe jaar goed: op de postcode is de Buurt-Ton van 100.000 euro gevallen. Dat maakte de
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Description: 4567: Pics like this one from @seahavennoosa remind me it’s been too long between Noosa visits {insert long romantic stare at this photo} Head to sheshopped.com.au and search ‘Travel’ to read blogs from our ‘Postcode’ series || Australia you are inspiring
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Description: @Regrann from @stroop_film – — NEW SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM IN KRUGER — MEDIA ALERT For immediate release LAUNCH OF THE POSTCODE MEERKAT SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM IN THE KNP A wide area surveillance system, known as the Postcode Meerkat, was launched in Kruger National Park (KNP) last night (7 December 2016). South African National Parks (SANParks), Peace Parks Foundation and South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have partnered to research, develop and manufacture this innovative system. The Postcode Meerkat comprises a suite of radar and electro-optic sensors that will detect, classify, monitor and track humans moving in the park over a wide area. In addition, the system has been designed to be mobile so that it can be rapidly deployed to prevent poaching crisis zones from developing. This is the first time that this kind of technology is being applied in a counter poaching role in a bushveld environment, which makes the system unique. Smart thinking in its development allows it to differentiate between humans and animals, while its application will guarantee early warning and rapid response capabilities. This will augment ranger reaction times, allow for better preparation and support the proactive apprehension of poachers, which could save the lives of both humans and animals. It also has the future potential to be used in a conservation role, for example to better understand animal behaviour. The Postcode Meerkat will significantly increase KNP’s ability to protect rhino and other vulnerable species. It will enhance the capacity to combat wildlife crime, along with the many other systems already put in place, such as improved ranger skills and support, increased aerial and ground mobility, gate access control and zones with increased wildlife protection. Apart from developing and manufacturing the system, the CSIR will also provide on-going technical and administrative support to KNP. Funding for the development and deployment of the Postcode Meerkat was secured by Peace Parks Foundation from the People’s #Postcode Lottery of the UK, made possible thanks to the lottery players. Funding the Postcode Meerkat is the People’s Postco
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Description: On this day in 1856 the Post Office devised the postcode map for London. The map was a 12 miles radius from the central post office at St. Martin’s Le Grand, near St Paul’s Cathedral and consisted of EC, WC, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW. Within a couple of years they scrapped the NE and S codes as they weren’t needed. NE was eventually used for Newcastle and S for Sheffield.
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