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rymslim · 11 hours
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ME: Maybe I'll come back and properly draw Batman instead of being tired…
Also ME: This works…. 😅😅😅
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incorrectbatfam · 4 hours
Bruce: Harley Quinn is throwing bricks at my house but what am I gonna do, stop her?
Selina: She's just making it stronger by increasing the total amount of bricks. She's saving your life.
Bruce: Queen of throwing bricks and saving my life.
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sisaloofafump · 10 hours
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The moment he takes off the cowl he’s a normal guy, but until then…
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leotheeworld · 21 hours
people need to get rid of the idea that duke thomas is the normal one of the batfamily. he was a leader of a gang of robins, a meta that has light and shadow control, adrenaline junkine, his dad is an immortal being from age old period of time, his mom was headhunted by ra’s al ghul and rejected his offer, duke himself may be functionally immortal! like this bitch is not normal?? he’s fuckin crazy!
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tiredofsatansbullshit · 21 hours
Another chapter of my "The Waynes on Twitter" work on AO3
Masterlist of Tweets
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28 - Human Disaster Bruce Wayne
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dcbutredd · 22 hours
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spacedace · 4 hours
So, sat down to write some more for Business of Family, got sidetracked by the idea of Jazz & Danny eventually joining Penguin at a Gala, further got sidetracked by trying to figure out what Jazz & Danny would wear, started looking up reference images to try and get an idea and -
Guys, Guys, GUYS!
Tumblr media
I wasn’t even looking up Batman themed suites, I was looking at Art Deco inspired evening wear and it was just there in all it’s glory
Just, just IMAGINE someone wearing it at a gala. Is it Danny? One of the BatKids? Clark? BRUCE???
I just - holy shit. Holy shit. This suit is just, absolute perfection. Imagine it in like, the highest rich folk nonsense quality, gold thread embroidery in place of bright yellow print. Tailored perfectly. Oh god, imagine that it actually has a light system so that all the Bat-Signals LIGHT UP
I love it, it’s awful, I needed to share it with all of you, it’s going to be in every Batman related thing I write forever now
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frownyalfred · 15 hours
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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Whoever decided he needed to have smoked out eye makeup for half this movie ATEEEE
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sisaloofafump · 2 hours
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Neither of them ever live it down (more mini bat here and here)
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You know since Jason is involved in a Batman/Catwoman event for whatever reason, I think it would be funny if they recreated this panel with him as an adult.
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daily-bruce-wayne · 2 hours
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fancyfade · 13 hours
"Batman and catwoman aren't main canon bc editorial can't have happy batman" omigod guys accept that a long term heterosexual relationship does not fix a man's issues and Bruce in a long term relationship with Selina would still have his current issues, just with Selina also there. That doesn't mean you have to dislike (or like) the ship it just means stop treating Selina as some magical key to Bruce's happiness. That's something he's got to sort out himself
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bruciemilf · 6 hours
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I think Kon would look at Bruce and say “MY dad now, Ghost Boy” and honestly that’s so valid of him
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frownyalfred · 22 hours
thoughts on superwonderbat orgy in the pool late evening bruce bottoms
MY thoughts?? Anon, it sounds like YOU have some thoughts 👀
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soupysoot · 3 hours
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JL picture day but only the Trinity + Hal show up
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xxgoblin-dumplingxx · 9 hours
Arranged! bruce being awkward with his new wife
"Good Morning, Mrs. Wayne," Alfred said, pouring coffee for you deftly, noting with a small frown that you looked neither well-rested nor calm.
"Good morning, Alfred," you answer. A quiet, well-bred voice. Soft but not mumbled- a tone Alfred assumed had been trained into you and wouldn't be your natural register. He'd assumed that sort of training had fallen out of favor for young ladies but then; you had been raised under some rather... Draconian conditions. He wouldn't be surprised if somewhere you had a collection of embroidery samplers with pithy sayings and flowers on them. It surprised him more to learn you'd been given an education. Even if it did come from a small private college.
You accept your coffee with a small smile of thanks but take a sip from your water glass first. "I hope we get a break in the weather today," you tell him, turning to look out the window at the overcast sky. The weather was doing nothing for your mood.
"It would be nice to get a bit of sun," he agreed, following your gaze for a moment, frown deepening. His roses were going to drown before long and he'd be very put out. He'd been about to say more, ask about your plans for the day- feeling like someone should- When Bruce's familiar footsteps stopped at the breakfast room door. Blinking like he was shocked to see you there.
"Good morning," you tell him, distracting yourself with your coffee cup. Feeling more out of place the longer he stared.
"Good morning," Bruce answered, clearing his throat. "Did you sleep well?" He stepped forward, not moving to kiss you hello- or touch you at all but to take his chair.
"Yes, thank you," you murmur, forcing yourself to smile. Ignoring the ache in your chest. You weren't a little girl anymore. You shouldn't be expecting a knight to come and save you. A prince Charming to whisk you away. But you'd hoped anyway. "Yourself?"
"Very well," he hummed, accepting his own coffee and picking up his paper. Noting that you lied to him. And white lie or not, it still wasn't true. "Anything you want to do today?" he asked. Expecting you to demand a manicure. Or some other frivolous thing.
"I'd like to get some sketching done- if the weather breaks I might go to the beach and do it."
Bruce blinked behind his paper and hummed. You'd studied art history- some nice safe little subject. One that wouldn't require you to do anything too "masculine"... Sure. But he didn't know if he could pretend to be impressed by little landscapes and still-life paintings of fruit.
"That sounds like a lovely way to spend some time, ma'am," Alfred said crisply- annoyed that neither of you were eating- taking your plate to ply you with eggs, toast, and fruit. Mollified somewhat when you picked at it dutifully.
"I don't think we'll be getting a break in the weather today though," you sigh. "It looks like I'll be going to the Museum instead if-"
"Yes fine," Bruce said. "Be sure to phone Alfred if you'll be late for dinner."
"Of course," you answer. Trying to keep the melancholy out of your voice, "excuse me. I should go gather my things." And feeling like you'd been scolded, you slip out of the room. Leaving your breakfast and too bitter coffee behind. Most of the Art in Gotham's museum was reproductions but... At least you wouldn't be rained on inside.
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