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Friendly neighbourhood detectives
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chuuya’s role in bsd is so funny to me. you’re watching this show and every 10 episodes or so this pretty guy drops in, and he’s the coolest most OP guy in the show so he can really only hang around for a few minutes before he makes any conflict obsolete. and he’s supposed to be part of the villains but he never really does anything that evil and is mostly helpful? he just appears and does something badass and fucks off again. and this is all already really weird but also every time he shows up it’s clear that he and one of the other main characters have like, definitely fucked, which adds a whole other layer of absurdism. and the best part is he accomplishes this in maybe 11 total minutes of screen time.
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(domestic skk?? here???)
Sometimes it's hard to be vulnerable but they're working on it.
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another redraw except i kind of like yassified the lighting
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They make me feel sick to my stomach
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[analog horror au]
two detectives come across a crime scene
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Mori is a grounded genius, and I love it
We all know how BSD super geniuses can sometimes feel way over the top and almost like their just all knowing, this is mostly limited to Dazai, Fyodor and Ranpo, but I wanted to talk about an underrated genius who feels a lot more grounded and realistic
Mori Ougai.
Using a death threat written in crayon and a gifted who no one could ever take seriously (Kaiji) to make the guild underestimate him, only to destroy their base and two of their top gifted without a single casualty.
Faking an assassination attempt to find out where the agency's base is.
His strategy of using the office staff to get the guild and agency to fight each other without wasting any manpower was amazing and he managed to get both sides in a position where they couldn't refuse despite knowing it was a trap.
All of these are brilliant strategies that workout exactly as he wanted, but they are also grounded in real life tactics in war and actual game theory, which we know Mori study's, they also all make sense and don't rely on some kind of crazy super omniscience to work like some of Dazai's plans. overall it makes Mori feel like an actual competent leader and that makes him even scarier.
He makes mistakes, Mori also does sometimes make mistakes in his strategy, or is blindsided by things he has no way of knowing about, like unleashing Q which was a reckless move that he probably only did because he was over confident after all his victories.
He is blindsided by Lovecraft since he could never have imagined their would be someone immune to Q's curse in the Guild and it cost him dearly when the city was nearly destroyed.
He is also very opportunistic, making a deal with the agency to benefit the mafia, taking advantage of their desperation to bolster his own forces.
He never makes a move that doesn't benifit him, and he always acts logically which makes him both more terrifying and effective, he doesn't pointlessly try to destroy the agency when it wouldn't help him.
He doesn't try to take over the world, he simply works to maintain the city and organization he loves using whatever means necessary even the most cruel and disturbing things imaginable.
Overall he is an amazing villain/character who I find far more scary then Fyodor and I'm glad he is written so grounded yet terrifying
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videogamelover99 · 2 days
Everyone tries to claim Chuuya is dog-coded cause Dazai is gaslighting them but have you read Stormbringer?? Chuuya is extremely cat-coded actually:
1) Goes from chill to angry enough to throw a man out a window in 2 seconds
2) Broods in high places
3) Pretends to not like you (actually really likes you)
4) Fluff
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they are judging you
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Character bingo made me remember to finish my “How will Bones ruin Storm Bringer when they adapt it” bingo here you go
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I would do so many atrocities for this cat
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I don't know what to write, honestly. Painful loss always leaves wounds in the soul, so you want to run away, but you can’t run away from yourself.
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The Arahabaki Incident:
"The breaking of Arahabaki's seal led to it unleashing its true powers that surpassed human comprehension. Arahabaki showed its true form, destroying everything in the area.
"Arahabaki and Chuuya, Bungo Stray Dogs
I hope Stormbringer gets animated~
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