#but anyway all u need to know for now is
pocketsizedquasar · 16 days
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new batch of sketch pages up on Patreon! here’s some previews💖💖 ft starhab smooches and other starhab nonsense, short king fedallah, fedallah & ahab’s first meeting, and , most importantly, WAMEN!!!!! multiple wamen (including mary starbuck, ahab’s wife, and both of the wives’ (wamen) lovers) !!!!! and more
u can find me there @ pocketsizedquasar
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reggiestein · 4 months
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i always get nervous posting my art bc i feel like i draw him Different than how other ppl do but i guess that is a good thing kinda. peace and love. god bless🙏
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turtletoria · 5 months
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i was having some wordgirl reboot thoughts and then embarked on a 9+ hour straight journey i can never take back (my hands and back hurt so much) (i have never drawn so much in such a short period of time) 
also im sorry the quality is so bad; i just hope theyre clear enough to see!
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seaquestions · 5 months
Tumblr media
MY HOME ALL ALONG. (id under cut)
[ID: an illustration with a busy composition depicting, in parts, a person and a robot. the piece is coloured in a palette of peach, turquoise and brown.
the upper left corner is divided into five panels by cables that join together at the top. panel 1 contains several computer windows opened to security camera footage and many folders. panel 2 is a close up on a person's eye. the person is wearing glasses. panel 3 is a close up on the camera-like head of a robot with a silhouetted reflection of the person. panel 4 shows the person closing their eye tightly. panel 5 shows the robot looking away.
at the upper right corner is a balcony overlooking an empty field, with curtains to the side.
at the centre is a pair of robotic hands putting on a latex glove. at the centre right is a translucent profile of a brain. under the brain is a camera lens with cables connecting to veins that go down to the bottom of the image, over a door with cables on it.
at the bottom left, there is the person's neck in profile, showing a band-aid on the nape. next to them is the robot, in shadow, facing away from the viewer, a ribbon tied at the back of its neck. at the bottom right, the person's nose and mouth can been seen, with two gloved fingers opening their mouth.
at the top right corner, there is also text that reads:
"__ is not a person.
__ is not an extension of my self, is not a part of my self, is not my self or not not my self, is -
(a mind-reader, a caretaker, a helper, a lover, a tormentor, a therapist, a friend, a watcher, a house, a cold dark void in the corner of every room -
anything i want, anything i need, anything i think of -
within the limits of what this tired brain can think of)
not you, not me, not it, not he or she or they or -
in my loneliness and desperation and apathy and decay, lying wide-eyed on a grassy field, warm sun smiling at me, debris and shrapnel and explosions and fire behind me, i realise, finally -
__ was -"
end ID]
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mokutone · 8 months
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page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4 | page 5 | page 6 | page 7 | page 8 | page 9 | page 10 | page 11 | page 12 (you are here)
image desc under readmore:
Panel one shows Tenzō having turned away from Kakashi. There's tears running down his face again, but his posture hasn't gotten tight and defensive again. "Hah. That's a pretty big drawback," he says, half joking,
Panel two, Kakashi's arms enter the frame and grasp the edges of Tenzō's happuri. Tenzō, seemingly caught off guard, lets him do this, too surprised to even mind that Kakashi can see his tears. "On the bright side, you have a home," Kakashi counters, "people you trust,"
"and a shiftless, good-for-nothing Captain, who's too lazy to fill out the paperwork for hospital-dodging." Kakashi says in panel three. The image shows Kakashi smiling more convincingly, if a little apologetic, gripping Tenzō's happuri in his hand.
Panel four shows him holding Tenzō's happuri out with one hand, and Tenzō grabbing the metal sides of it with both of his own hands. "Anyway, I'm pretty sure you're not a liability or a threat to Konoha," Kakashi says.
In the final panel of the comic, Tenzō ducks his head, looking up with one tearful eye as Kakashi reaches out. Tenzō is still gripping his happuri in his hands, close to his chest. Kakashi's back is drenched in the yellow light of the hall.
"My couch is yours, if you want to stay the night," Kakashi is saying as he ruffles Tenzō's long, now-unbound hair.
/end ID
#my art#naruto#comics#yamato#tenzō#yamato tenzo#kakashi#ok u can all breath a sigh of relief now#the situation is mostly over. tenzō is still coming down from his panic attack but its much less intense#and kakashi is going to set him up on the couch + probably put pakkun out there with him 2 help tenzō further if needed#and then kakashi is going to fix the wards that tenzō destroyed. hes going to flop down on his bed. and hes going 2 try his best 2 recharge#tenzō is going to tuck himself in on kakashis couch w/ pakkun resting on his stomach staring at him (its fine. its what pakkun does.)#and he's going to stare blankly at the ceiling for a few hours#occasionally flipping between thoughts of ''I'm the worst Kohai the world has ever seen. This was so inappropriate.''#or alternately just feeling impossibly lucky and warm and grateful and u know what. dare i say it. safe.#because. guess who just learned that he can rely on kakashi if he's out of his fucking depth. YEAH BABEEEYYYYY#not that he wants to put kakashi in a situation like this again. he very much does not.#anyway final tag notes:#thank u all for everyone whose been leaving their reactions in the tags and replies it has been soooo enjoyable to me#ive been slurping them up like noodles. yum yum yum. some of u have been right on the money and others of u have come up with#really interesting interpretations that i hadnt even thought of#and overall theres nothing like. being able to share ur work and see how people react to it kinda in real time? like page by page?#it was a pain to post it like this and i have no doubt it was a pain to read like this.#but it was lovely to recieve reactions to individual pages
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bones-of-a-rabbit · 5 days
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Doodled a bit of Solar from the Flipparoo au during a stream yesterday,, I almost forgot how much I love hims goofy ass 😔💕💕✨💕💕💞💕❤️💘💘💕💝
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mylimoji · 10 months
fanon kim practically working as harry's psychologist vs canon kim who sighs and says something along the lines of 'it is what it is' when harry's literally having a mental breakdown. the delusionism...... that man doesn't know how to comfort people, stop making him this 'talking about your feelings' person.
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andy-clutterbuck · 10 months
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4x11 | for Anon
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nostalgia-tblr · 4 months
So I am ostensibly doing Fic Research by rewatching an episode of telly and re that post about Depressing Sylvie Headcanons I think it is probably correct and Sylvie no longer speaks Asgardian, for I def got the vibe that she has no idea what the words to that song are.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, look at the stance, look at the swagger:
Tumblr media
This 'serenading the lady (or gentleman, or whoever) to win them over' technique has worked before and is expected to work again. That's confidence. Misplaced confidence, but it's still confidence.
Tumblr media
Oh no, the lad is smitten. Caught in your own spell, you idiot. You fool. You protagonist who will be heartbroken a few episodes from now.
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bunkernine · 24 days
society if hoo had them at uni age and the lost trio went to chb and chiron is like "how tf are ANY of u alive and unclaimed". wilderness was just community college.
#on a serious note this changes a lot actually. annabeth and percy would not be in chb anymore so when percy goes missing#its like. a genuine possibility and fear because demigods don't make it that old. there is also some added time between tlo and tlh as well#further adding to jasons isolation as being even WEIRDER than everyone else. he also would've been praetor for longer so maybe the romans#wouldve cared more. this also does away with the plot hole of ppl not giving a shit that jason piper and leo (and dylan) straight up#dipped. introducing piper especially to a summer camp makes chb less appealing because they're too old for that and thus makes their#departure from chb make more sense in toa. yet also it opens up the possibility of new rome uni.... which i cannot see any reason as to why#leo would not go there!!!!! outside of being banned cuz he bombed new rome lol. but pipers sexuality arc works for college too!!! ur never#too old to find urself. but also this is the question of if you are able to relatively function in society (this is more for piper leo fran#and i guess percy) then why would you even fight this prophecy??? anyway lol them being college aged is perfect cuz percy is literally#going to a new place and having a new transition with new ppl... like u do in college LOL. now the question is would hazel still be 13. nic#is a lot older at this point and perhaps has the same age gap as bianca and him did 🤔 cant remember. but also don't know why hazel was 13#in the first place lol. idk. in my college hoo she is just a senior in hs about to graduate from spqr and thinking about staying there or#possibly going to newru after seeing frank make the decision the previous year! SAD!#anyway in hoo. percy and annabeth are sophomores. frank and the lost trio are freshman.#but then in toa. percy annie frank and the lost trio are all graduating cuz percy got held back and Annabeth failed after tartarus fr.#but then also know that piper never went to newru and is adamant about going to mortal uni. and leo kills in newru but is bored. nvm i#forgot he died 🧍‍♂️ ummmmmm ok. ignore leo. and jason actually. so um. ok that really threw me off but are u getting it. that's when apollo#is like 'heeyyyyy i need help pwease 🥺' and they're all like 'dude.'#OK!#but also i ackowedge that this is a children's book and i am not its demographic so god be with you.
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doodlerh · 10 months
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WHAT’S THIS??? surprise artfight part 11!!! actual last one i promise
[Courage’s Era (two of em), @s0bk‘s Ramses, pachirichiyu_’s Rui, @ehiiehn‘s Clam Mari]
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turtletoria · 8 months
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a mask of my own face
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bylertruther · 2 months
i don't like season three when viewing it as a continuation of seasons one and two, but i do very much like season three when viewing it as the prequel to seasons four and five... hmmmmm.
#rewatching it bc i wanted to make another foreshadowing compilation post for myself regarding what will's actions will#likely be in season five re: vecna and lmao. so many things are just... it's like. it makes me laugh how In Your Face it is now#that we know all that we know. so many direct parallels both with dialogue and actions. mike/will/lucas/el foreshadowing their s4 roles.#the flaying of the holloways and the creels. the dormancy / activation shit. the building shit. the natural progression of their arcs.#the different ways that their characters approach problem solving and how we see tht reinforced by s4. it's so fascinating#genuinely i think idk it was just such a big culture shock i guess u could say from 1 and 2 that it was hard to digest on its own for me#but now that 4 is in the same vein it's like Oh. Okay. Yeah no. I get it now. That's cool. I'm forever bitter but I get it and respect it.#3 4 and 5 are a package deal considering they also said 4 was like part 1 of 5.#it also makes sense bc the point of 3 was that everyone was changing and building themselves in a new way and that#includes vecna so. just so fascinating how they link everything and how their vision is so consistent with certain plots and characters#like. the lucas max mike n will + el involvement is right there. the idea that they have to kill vecna and not just his puppets is right#there. that 2nd point starts in season two but three is where it really turns into an ''the end justifies the means'' situation#(especially for will which i think is something a lot of people overlook but—)#s3 is painful when considering their personal character arcs but fucking delicious when considering the overarching supernatural vecna plot#bc thts also when he starts his ''there is no stopping this'' shtick and actually enters the story#and he's fucking slimy lol. which i Love#anyway. omg first i defended mike in the rain fight and now i'm saying i kind of like season three who the FUCK am i!!!!!#crazy what feeling the need to defend a white boy's honor will do to you 😳
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padfootastic · 1 year
just gonna rant about fanon sirius real quick don’t mind me & my rapid descent into incoherency. everything’s under a cut bc this serves no purpose.
i fucking hate when he’s conceptualised as this dramatic, over-the-top-angry, unreasonable manchild. actually, no. even one of those traits for him annoys me so much. people can write him however they want but atleast have the decency to slap an ooc tag on it if ur gonna butcher him that badly because he’s !!! not !!! like !!! that !!!
the only time he shows an ounce of ‘melodrama’ (and i have issues w that term) is during the shrieking shack which he waited over a dozen years for in hellish conditions. he’s probably starving, half delusional, and definitely a combination of angry and terrified out of his mind. he’s been single-mindedly focused on one task, has probably used it to fuel himself through all material and psychological obstacles, and now that it’s in front of him, of fkn course he’s not gonna wait around for tea and crumpets to be served.
every other instance we have of sirius is him being cool, collected, logical, and rational as fuck. i recently read the ‘padfoot returns’ chapter in gof for mc purposes and by god, i fell in love with him all over again. he’s so terrifyingly competent?? the way he’s gone through some of the most horrific trauma in the entire series, and his mind is still so sharp? his memory is impeccable? the way he joins dots and comes to conclusions? not just that, but he’s one adult who listens to and trusts the trio, treats them like children with the weight of the world on their shoulders, actually seems to see them without rose tinted glasses on.
and his entire speech about crouch/the ministry/snape???? this is not someone who mindlessly hates slytherins. fucking hell, he was giving snape the benefit of the doubt in that chapter. ‘i don’t think dumbledore would hire him if he was really on the other side’ (paraphrased) and this is where he makes the point about observing how someone treats their inferiors. sirius has so many layers and he’s such a complex character and he’s so wonderful in his own right it annoys me sm to see him dumbed down into this- not even 2D but massively ooc version of him. and again, like, i don’t mind ooc at all. i read tons of ooc character fics! it’s great and super fun! but for the love of god tag it that way.
and back to the being dramatic thing. this man lived in the same set of tattered robes, in caves, feasting on rats, generally not giving a single fuck. he tore chicken straight off the bone. lived on the run, breaking into people’s houses and roaming around as a dog. he’s not going to freak out over a broken nail or shriek or jump around for anything. when faced with a hostile molly weasley or a curious harry asking about his family (a sensitive topic) he chose to rely on cool answers and clipped tones, not outward explosions of anger. ugh. so much nuance, and it’s all gone just like that.
also adding on to this to say—he doesn’t even show that much anger or bitterness. my man literally forgave everyone who turned on him in a second. he literally didn’t blink before hugging remus. where are people getting some ideas of him from 😭😭
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dykefever · 2 months
guess who . is a bit lactose intolerant :-(
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geisterzeit-art · 10 months
Tumblr media
Maybe someday he’ll feel comfortable living for himself, but right now the thought of doing so is too sickeningly selfish to bear. For them, though... he can do that. He can’t live for himself, but he can live for his soulmate, and his friends, and the memory of Benten.
I've been re-reading Separate but Syncopated by @prydon, one of my favorite Penumbra fics from one of my favorite authors on here. There's nothing quite like diving back into a story you hold dear... So here's a little piece for the last scene of the first chapter!
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