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janeaustenlover · 3 months
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“What's this, Sara? What's this blood, Sara?”
Cerdita (2022), dir. Carlota Pereda
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Silent Night…
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Scott Lang x Fem!Mindreader!Reader
Warnings and Tags: Xmas, Established Marriage, Babies, Gifts, Die Hard, Yet More Breakfast Club references
Notes: It’s a short and sweet one, to be followed up with something not so sweet :)
She adored her baby. Much more than she thought she ever could give her heart. She watched as her nine month old nodded off slowly on the carpet, chuckling. Morgan went down easier and easier these days.
Which was nice.
This time of year always ended up feeling sort of okay. Even if Tony was still in a bit of a tiff they had used the same baby name he had. (To be fair, they weren’t thinking about the Stark’s, and their Morgan was honored.$
She gathered her baby into her arms, passing by the door to Scott’s office. Swearing could be heard from inside.
‘God damn wrapping paper. Why won’t you just let my scissors glide through?’
She shook her head. The man was a wreck at wrapping presents, but insisted he could do it all by himself. Silly. Very kind, but he was stressing himself out.
She knocked gently on the door.
“Yeah?” he called loudly.
‘Shhhh. Morgan just fell asleep.’
‘Ohhhh. Sorry. What’s up?’
‘I’m about to put the baby down. Wanna give yourself a break and enjoy a glass of wine?’
‘I’d be delighted to. Let me battle these ribbons and I’ll be right out.’
“You are a bad influence.”
She scoffed, raising an eyebrow, “If I’m the bad influence, it’s because of you.”
“You got Cassie to watch Twilight.”
‘God. Twilight….she’s gonna like guys like Edward now….’
(Y/N) shook her head, switching her wine glass from one hand to the other. She leaned against Scotty’s shoulder, sighing, “Don’t worry. I’ll continue to have the conversation about healthy relationships.”
“That’s comforting,” he grumbled.
‘I actually am comforted by that,’ he followed up quickly in his head, catching the tone.
“Ah, what’s life without you criticizing my media choices?”
“It’s not criticizing. There’s just a bigger world out there beyond romance and drama.”
(Y/N) gestured to the movie plying on the T.V., “Like Die Hard, on Christmas Eve.”
“Absolutely,” he smirked.
‘It’s the ultimate Christmas movie. Good triumphing over evil, all that jazz.’
Oh, her ever passionate husband. She wouldn’t ask for anyone else.
“So…” he began.
She raised an eyebrow, looking back over at him, “Yes, love?”
“You’re gonna be honest if you hate my Christmas presents, right?”
She snorted, “You know me better than anyone. I think I’ll be happy with what you give me.”
“But, you’ll be honest if you hate them.”
She shook her head, scoffing.
‘Promise me.’
He was adorable, around all the weird times.
“Sure. I guess I’ll be honest. Not like we can hide much from each other, anyway.”
“And that,” he leaned over, giving her a kiss to the cheek, “is the best Christmas gift I could ask for.”
“I am a bit concerned…”
‘So then Bender snaps up and starts breaking down at the Jock. And no one knows how to react—‘
She laughed out loud, hitting him with a pillow. He continued hiding his secrets, nonetheless. They stayed wrapped up together on that couch, watching the snow fall outside.
It would be a big week. God bless them all.
Tumblr media
TAG LIST: @brianmayscurls , @aeterna-auroral-avenger , @merleisapartygod , @druigswh0ree , @ttzamara , @uhokaygoaway , @shaded-echoes-recs , @not-ellie
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eileen-crys · 1 year
Tumblr media
Merry Xmas everyone! ☃️💖
Christmas at Garden Lodge is always a bit... particular 😅💜💕💖 The idea for this drawing was born a while ago thanks to @freddiefiction who thought about the Queen boys and crew putting on a play for Christmas but things soon escalated quickly in the chat 😂 Despite John, Roger and Brian having plenty of children, Freddie knew who is his real baby: Delilah! Jim accepted to play the role of Joseph, and while he's slightly embarrassed, he can't deny the whole thing is funny and amusing. He loves Freddie and Delilah too, after all! Angel Phoebe is up there blessing all of them, while Roger and little Joshua seem to have lots of fun! 💕 Crystal and Ratty were a bit less lucky though 😅🤭 Sorry boys, you'll get a raise after this! 🙏🏻
I hope you'll like this and that it'll make you smile in this rather difficult Xmas! 💖 And please don't get me wrong: I didn't make this to offend anyone and I hope none of you will get offended, it's just a silly fictional scenario like many others to celebrate the holidays and have a laugh all together! Bless you all 🥰
Please don't repost! Reblogs and comments are welcomed! 💕💕💕
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bookgeekgrrl · 3 months
My media this week (18-24 Dec 2022)
Tumblr media
🥰👂‍ Agatha Christie: A Very Elusive Woman (Lucy Worsley, author & narrator) - an excellent biography
😍 All That You Are to Me series (2bestfriends) - 87K, shrunkyclunks - holiday reread, 'the lumberjack steve/twink bucky fic of our hearts' - main fic 67K, sequel fic 20K
😍 It's the Best Time of the Year (chicklette) - 40K, shrunkyclunks, holiday time fic - reread of a fave with baker!Bucky & Cap!Steve - perfect blend of angst, fluff and action
😍 (if only in my dreams) (jehans) - 45K, stucky no powers AU - reread of holiday season friends2lovers/2nd chance with some QUALITY pining
💖💖 +323K of shorter fic so shout out to these I really loved 💖💖
SHOCKING! Spiderman's Alien Baby: Friendly Neighborhood Hero and His Hanukkah Blessing (AggressiveWhenStartled) - MCU: Peter Parker v the Geriatric Supersoldier Husbands, 4.8K - no one writes the adventures of a hapless Peter tangled up with the Geriatric Supersolider Husbands like AggressiveWhenStartled - pure hilarity throughout (and ZERO alien babies despite the title)
One Does Not Simply Walk Into JoAnn Fabrics (And other millennial lessons from The Winter Soldier) (attackofthezee (noxlunate)) - MCU: shrunkyclunks, 11.9K - forever fave; holiday reread of a recovering WS who gets a job working at JoAnn's and falls hard for a customer
Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself) (betts) - MCU: stucky no-powers AU, 14K - holiday reread of recovering vet Bucky & single dad baker Steve
Here Comes Santa Claus (AidaRonan) - MCU: stucky, 6.7K - holiday reread - hilarious and hot - Bucky meets Santa!Steve and this santa definitely fucks
then a small thing happened (BeaArthurPendragon) - MCU: stucky no-powers AU, 35K - new holiday fave about recovering photojournalist Bucky and astronaut Steve - LOVED LOVED LOVED
rockin' around (wearing_tearing) - Stranger Things: Steddie/Ronance/Fruity Four, 13K - an absolutely DELIGHTFUL advent collection of ficlets - every day was a pop of pure joy to read
Knit One, Purl Two (mollus) - MCU: stucky, 32K - holiday reread, forever fave - recovering WS/Cap with healing via crafting with a delightful knitting group
Taskmaster - s14, e1-10
Glass Onion
Single All The Way
Decoder Ring Plus - Encore: ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Got It Wrong
Switched on Pop - Anitta & Rosalía on the borders of Latin pop
The Atlas Obscura Podcast - Tumbleweed Christmas Tree
99% Invisible #519 - Balikbayan Boxes
The Atlas Obscura Podcast - Priscilla’s Homecoming
It's Been a Minute - (Almost) 20 years of 'Love Actually'
Off Menu - Ep 41: Joe Lycett (Christmas Special)
Into It - Matt Rogers Has Heard of Christmas, But 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'
Off Menu - Ep 175: Alex Horne (Christmas Special)
Simply Christmas (Deluxe Edition) [Leslie Odom Jr]
Merry Christmas…Have A Nice Life [Cyndi Lauper]
Trans Siberian Orchestra playlist
Classical Christmas
A Sunny Brazilian Christmas
A Merry Little Christmas [Linda Ronstadt]
A Legendary Christmas [John Legend]
Jingle Bell Swing
It's a Holiday Soul Party [Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings]
Twelve Songs Of Christmas [Etta James]
Home for Christmas [Daryl Hall & John Oates]
A Very Too Many Zooz Xmas [Too Many Zooz]
A Heavy Metal Christmas [Christopher Lee]
A Heavy Metal Christmas Too [Christopher Lee]
Merry Flippin' Christmas Vol. 1 and 2 [Bowling For Soup]
Punk Rock Christmas
Classic Soul Christmas
my rockabilly christmas playlist
my xmas playlist
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leecyprint · 4 months
Christmas Gift Ideas For New Moms
Christmas is a time of love and giving. It's also a time to reflect on the gifts we have received in the past year and to start thinking about what to get for that special someone this Christmas. Christmas shopping for new moms is not easy. There are lots of Christmas gift ideas for moms that are so incredibly expensive, you don't know if you really want to buy them.
So I've listed my top 5 Christmas gift ideas for new moms that are inexpensive and will be loved by all new moms on your list!
Dearfoams Women's Sydney Shearling Scuff Slipper
Tumblr media
Cozy slippers are a no-brainer, but this pair from Dearfoams is especially great because of its versatile design and reasonable price. The moisture-wicking shearling will keep her feet warm and dry, and the thick soles make them feel more like sturdy house shoes.
Bearaby Hugget Knot Pillow
Tumblr media
The Bearaby Hugget is so much more than just a decorative knot pillow. It’s available in three different sizes, ranging from a small one that works like a stress ball to a large 3-pound one that she can cuddle with on the couch or use as a weighted lap pad.
Drink Up Grinches It’s Christmas Jack Daniels Whisky Funny Xmas Sweaters
Tumblr media
If you’re looking for gift ideas for a mom that loves whiskey, then look no further than Drink Up Grinches Jack Daniels Whisky Sweaters. These colourful, festive and fun gifts make the perfect Christmas special occasion to congratulate somebody on their new blessed life as a mother.
Merry and Graceful Multi-Initial Bracelet
Tumblr media
This custom bracelet is a thoughtful gift for mom that can be engraved with the baby's full initials or the whole family's first initials. There are multiple lengths, fonts, and colors to choose from, and you can get anywhere from one to six discs on it for a growing family.
Silk Pillowcase
Tumblr media
If she's not getting much sleep, one of the nicest things you can do is ensure the few hours she has are as rejuvenating as possible. This pillowcase, made of the highest-grade mulberry silk, allows skin and hair to glide across the surface, preserving hairstyles and protecting the delicate facial skin.
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100yearoldcomics · 1 year
Tumblr media
December 25, 1921 The Katzenjammer Kids by Harold Knerr
TOP PANEL: [ID: The Kids jolt awake in the middle of the night. They find their stockings on the fireplace filled - one with a large club, the other with a cat o' nine tails whip. /end]
MAIN COMIC: [ID: The Katzenjammer family welcomes a guest into their house. /end] Der Captain: Dod souse my timbers if it ain't Dick Slick! Merry Christmas, dod gast your binnacle! Mama: Merry Christmas, Mister Click! Dick Slick: Hello, folks! Brought something for the kids! Dear little chaps! Put a crab in my bed the last time!
[ID: Dick Slick pulls a fiddle out of its case. /end] Dick: A fiddle, boys! Jes' practice two hours a day and you'll be a great window-washer! Captain: Dot Slick iss a great magicker! Mama: Who? Mister Crick?
[ID: Mama ushers the boys out of the room with their new fiddle. They do not look pleased. /end] Dick: SH-H-H! Captain? V'y? Mama: Ain'd dot nice? You chust blay on Mister Stick's fiddle und we haf a concert mitouid tickets!
[ID: The Kids, in the other room, open the case. Dick Slick and der Captain watch with mirth from the living room. /end] Fritz: It iss empty! Hans: Say! Dot guy gifs me der woozies!
[ID: The boys walk back into the living room. Dick Slick stands with his back to them, admiring the tree. The neck of the fiddle sticks out the back of his coat. /end] Dick: My, what a pretty tree! Captain: Now vatch! I seen him do qveer tricks in Copenhagen. Mama: V'y did he done it?
[ID: Dick begins pulling a large pile of string out of one of the fiddle's f-holes. /end] Dick: Bless my soul! How did all this string get in there? Captain: Ain't dot great? Mama: Ve could safe it to tie up bundles mit!
[ID: Dick bows and presents the Kids with two rabbits. The fiddle stays tucked under his arm. /end] Dick: And last but not least, here are two bunnies for your Christmas! Captain: Ain't he a vunder? Mama: Ooh! How did dey get in der fiddle?
[ID: The Kids watch the rabbits eat, perplexed. /end] Mama: Dinner iss ready, Mister Flick! Fritz: Ain't dot nice und sveet? Hans: I guess ve got to gif dot smart aleck a Christmas present too!
[ID: Fritz rolls up a massive snowball while Hans drags a baby calf out of the barn in back. /end] Fritz: Aw, gif him a push in der slate! Hans: Dot's right! Efen on Christmas you got to get bossy!
[ID: Der Captain, Mama and Dick Slick sit at the dinner table. The massive snowball rolls down a plank stuck into the open window and falls right on the dinner, throwing plates and silverware every which way. /end] Captain: Vot der dod-gast...! Mama: Hellup! Der snow-ball vill make der toikey cold!
[ID: The snowball, now a pile of snow covering the table and Dick Slick, reveals the calf, with a tag around its neck reading "FROM HANS & FRITZ" /end] Captain: Ah, ha! Shenanigans again! Mama: Ooh, look! It iss a Christmas present from der boys for Mister Pick! Kids: Merry Xmas! Calf: MOO!
[ID: Der Captain and Dick Slick exit the house, ready to beat the kids. Der Captain carries a cane, Slick a large club. Mama, sheltering the boys, stops them with an outstretched hand. The calf runs away in the background. /end] Mama: No! It iss nix on Christmas mit lickings! Dey said dey iss magickers like Mister Blick! Calf: Moo!
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escailyyy · 1 year
Hello there! It's your Sherlolly Secret Santa! I'm excited to begin working on your gift! Are you having a good week? I hope so! I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite Christmas/Winter songs for you to enjoy (if you've not heard them already!)
Warmer in the Winter - Lindsey Stirling
Christmas Tree Farm - Taylor Swift
As Long As There's Christmas - Paige O'Hara (Beauty and the Beast)
What are your favorite Christmas songs? ☃️🎄
Hi sorry for taking so long to answer!! I loved your songs, I've been busy with xmas shopping and work. lol
my favorite Christmas songs? probably
Mary did you know Pentatonix
God bless ye merry gentlemen Pentatonix
Santa baby by taylor swift
And 'Jolly old st Nicholas' has been my favorite carol since childhood
And if you're thinking about me today secret santa, listen to 'Sing my song for you' by demi lovato and joe jonas.
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teedamma · 1 year
I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt - TeeJeep
Tumblr media
I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt
The British soldier when interviewed during the Blitz in 1940 said it would have been unsporting to shoot (to be fair he couldnt have known Hitler would go on and do everything) so he paused and waved Hitler on with hia rifle. Thus a young Adolf Hitler safely ran back to German lines and the British soldier kept kicking butt that day. (Really look him up hes a serious bada$$) On Xmas day 42German radio had sdiers from all over far flung German outposts report in and wish the homeland a Merry Xmas! Shocked starving soldiers in Stalingrad were dumbstruck to hear a healthy group “report in from Stalingrad on the banks of the I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt and bravely wish Germany Merry Xmas”. There was no radio report from Stalingrad. All the soldiers in the Stalingrad pocket were given a chance to write goodbye letters. In a utterly cruel and cynical move the High Command collected and destroyed the letters. It never gave them to the families.
(I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt)
A personal story. My father was the only station hand on a property, the husband had no interest in the farm as he had an oyster lease on the coast. The wife rode around on her horse throwing stones at her useless dogs. Pre 1966. Their accountant said to spend 2000 pounds otherwise they would pay too much tax. My dad was probably on about 19 pounds per week. This was not 2000 pounds total income just spend cos otherwise they would pay too much tax. they bought a D2 bulldozer. When dad got his xmas bonus that year it was the same as other years. He quit. the owners panicked and offer him 10 pounds a I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt over the award to stay. i remember he would be stripping right up till dark on Xmas eve and back to work boxing day. No overtime in an open header and mum washed his silk shirt every night because of the chaff that got on him.
I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Vneck, Unisex and T-shirt
On and on I made excuses. On and on I continued to ‘feel’ happy and in love, but all the while I continued to ‘think’ of how stupid he was, and how these two things can’t possibly be a good combination. When I found out he was using cocaine, I thought it was a blessing in disguise. I thought, ‘Now is my chance! I can end this once and for all, and blame it on the drug use.” It was a very bittersweet discovery.But then, he wanted to get help for it, and asked me to go with him to talk to a I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt. Sitting there, in that little office, next to him… I will never forget the question he was asked, how he answered it, and how it brought tears to my eyes, and pulled me right back into the black hole of loving someone who didn’t even know how many days there were in a year, or what day Christmas is on. The counselor asked him, “How do you feel when you take cocaine?’ He said, “I feel smart. I feel like, for once, I know what’s going on.” Ohhhhh my GOD. Hearing him say those words – realizing for the first time that he had a self-awareness about his ‘low intelligence’ – and that he felt bad about it. Wow. It killed me. I wanted to hug him and protect him and take care of him like he was my own child.
Best I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt
She would (if she couldnt hang on to her Prince) become not just a divorce statistic that could be forgotten and paid off. No a baby means she would have to be cared for, in high style for life, and be allowed to remain at some level in royal circles just because she has a royal offspring. Yup I’d have hit that fertility clinic really quickly as well. Why do you think she is constantly and nauseatingly always holding, patting and I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt rubbing her bump in public. Because that bump is her ticket to a free high life from now on. Furthermore even her best friend for years since childhood dropped her over how she behaved with her ex husband, re the dumping and Fed Exing rings. I mean seriously who actually does that.  This man apparantly adored her and was devastated. He supposedly still cares which is why he refuses to speak to the media. He just wants to move on and forget her.
(I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt)
With filming completed in Rome, production moved to Mexico City in late March to shoot the film’s opening sequence, with scenes to include the Day of the Dead festival filmed in and around the Zócalo and the Centro Histórico district. The planned scenes required the city square to be closed for filming a I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt involving a fight aboard a Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105helicopter flown by stunt pilot Chuck Aaron,which called for I Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt to be made to several buildings to prevent damage. This particular scene in Mexico required 1,500 extras, 10 giant skeletons and 250,000 paper flowers. Reports in the Mexican media added that th
Buy it now: All I Want FI Am Dreaming Of A Lung Cancer Free Christmas T shirt - TeeJeep
All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure For My Mom Diabetes Awareness T shirt - TeeJeep
All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure For My Mom Diabetes Awareness T shirt - TeeJeep
All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure For My Mom Diabetes Awareness T shirt - TeeJeep
Official Day of the Dead Costume Dia De Los Muertos Sweater
Official Day of the Dead Costume Dia De Los Muertos Sweater
tag:donald trump, christmas sweater, ugly holiday, christmas sweaters, ugly republican, christmas, sweater design, GOP christmas, sweater,Speedsolving, Erno Rubik, Speedcubing, Rubik’s Cube, Geek, X-Mas, Speedcuber, Nerd, Merch, 3D Combination, Puzzle, Magic Cube, 80s Game, Merchandise, #officialbrands Ugly, Christmas Sweater, ugly christmas, sweater, reindeer, red and green, pattern, christmas, funny christmas, santa, sweater, ugly xmas, xmas ugly donald trump,
Hompage: Teejeep Cataloge
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nikosomething · 2 years
HEYYYY I'm back, very late, I know! But *distressed gurgling noises*. Sorry?? As for fic recs and sangcheng, I'm going to wait until the reveal so I can DM you about it, if you would like? Yess, it's precisely sweating that makes me hate summer haha. It is, truly, yes, the time between Christmas and new year is so sweet, the liminal days as some Tumblr post put it. OMG I'M CACKLING. That was a ride!! dfgdhjshxjdjd yes it's Heaven's official blessing, or TGCF (shortened Chinese title). Yes, I have read both of mxtx's other works- TGCF and svsss. TGCF is my favorite of all three of her books!
Oh yeah, having Meng Yao realise earlier what a douche his dick of a father is would be most wonderful for him AND other characters. Much less grief, surely. I'm alright with any canon divergence with the side characters. I just don't like wwx and lwj making different choices lol. ANYTHING ELSE is super fine! Omg that sounds beautiful. I hope you had a merry Christmas, Niko! Ah we don't celebrate xmas, no! But my holidays have been delightful! Oh wow, that's such a detailed answer. (2)
I prefer tea these days. Back in college, I used to drink coffee on the regular. Now, however, I'm more interested in ginger tea these days. I make it fresh each time- grate fresh ginger, boil it in water with tea powder and some sugar on the stove. I haven't really tried fancy teas, I don't think I'm much of a teabag person. I'd need loose tea haha. I like the ritual of making it, you know? As it so happens, Niko, this bunny is allergic to apples. I start sneezing as soon as I eat even a single bite of an apple, same with pears as well. Guess what my favorite fruit is? Apples! *saddest bunny sniff* green apples more so but I can't eat them! 😔
Cooking shows are soooo good, but it's been years since I have seen a proper cooking show. All of your recs sound amazing, I might check them out next year when I have time (busy with college work, you see). Oooh what all have I watched? Mostly Netflix shows and cdramas. Cdramas first cuz those are the ones I recently watched and hence, also remember - Joy of Life, Nirvana in Fire, the romance of tiger and rose, Hikaru No Go, Go ahead, TGCF donghua. Western shows- locke and key, Euphoria, Sex Education, (ohmygod I seriously can't recall any other. Rip my memory but I watched SO MANY shows ahhhhhh), I'm currently watching Bridgerton. If I remember, I shall tell you when the reveal happens. NIKO, even I watched the pillowbook and it's prequel, and yes, I have to agree that they aren't my favourites too. They were mehhh. I only liked it cuz of Dijun (purple robes, silver hair fella)! (3)
I'm pretty sure I messed up the numbering. I hope you can figure them out AHHHHHHH I don't even know the number of this text dfgdjdhdjdhdhd
Questions now! Idk have many questions honestly haha. I'm just excited for the reveal lmao. Who amongst the MDZS characters, would be your best friend and who would be your enemy? Kiss marry kill- JC, NHS, WWX? What's your favorite and least favorite arc/subplot in MDZS/cql? Alright, that's all for now! Talk to you soon- 🐰
Heyyyyy my dear bunny, I missed you!! But don't worry, life happens! I understand haha Alright, let's wait for the big reveal so you can give me all da SangCheng fic recs! I am EXCITED! Omg okay yes, TGCF, I recognise that. And SVSS, taht one too. That was one crazy ride it's true hahaha If TGCF is your fav then it's all the more reason for me to get to TGCF next! Who is your fav character in TGCF (I wanna have that in mind when I read it haha) Ohhh! Now that's interesting! Why don't you like canon divergence for WangXian? I am intrigued! And thank youuu! I had a great Xmas and great stomachache cause I just didn't stop eating hahaha I lay awake with cramps regretting everything just to do it all over again the next day oops... talk about learning from your mistakes and stuff... hahaha May I ask where you come from? Is it a personal decision that you don't celebrate, is it religiously influenced or is it because of where you live? I hope that didn't sound disrespectful, if so (if I ever sound disrespectful for that matter) please let me know. I am always willing to learn and improve! <3 Ohhh yes, fresh ginger tea is amazing! I have never tried it with sugar, though, but now I am curious. And I actually have a teashop right around the corner where I can get fancy loose tea. Tell me what you like and I'll send you something ;)
Ohhhh noooooes you are allergic to apples! Nooooo! I am so sorry, esp since you like them! I have a friend who is allergic to tomatoes but loves tomato sauce. Ahhh it always breaks my heart Oh! I watched the first episodes of Euphoria but then I didn't have access anymore and I was so sad about that. And I think I also watched Sex Ed! And Netflix recommended Bridgerton to me only yesterday. It seemed interesting! Do you like it so far? (Also Imma so gonan check out your recommendations!!) HAHAHAHA OMGGG BUNNY! YES; I ONLY WATCHED IT FOR DIJUN! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT hahahahahaha Also I was so confused when everything was different in Pillowbook. Like they took great care to build it all up in Eternal Love and then EVERYTHING. IS. DIFFERENT. Ohh but I loved the General. What's his name... the one who was by Dijun's side as his right hand man and leader of the troops during that one life. Do you know who I mean? The sweet sweet boy ahhh man I took a bazillion screenshots of him hahaha I enjoyed your numbering haha it was almost perfect hahaha
My Answers
Who yould be my best friend? Uhmmmm... I guess someone who supports me, likes my enthusiasm but also helps me remember how the world works and sprinkles in a tad of realism. Lan Xichen perhaps! And I'd also have a great time with Lan Jingyi! haha omg all the LansBut I'd enjoy the presence of most characters tbh!!Enemywise... I only dislike people who hurt others so I guess if I witnessed one of them hurting my friends they'd become my enemy? Sadly I guess it'd be Xue Yang then. Or my baby Meng Yao if I had been close with NHS and or NMJ. I mean JGS and WRH are a given so I don't really mention them.Now tell me about you! I can't wait to hear about it!!omggg why are you giving me that super hard choice!!? Uhmmm... Kiss them all, have them marry their loved ones and pls, pls let them live! xDDDDD *sneakily sneaking out of this one*As for arc/subplot please let me know your thoughts on this! I honestly can't tell, I's have to watch it all over again cause I forget way too quickly. But there were defo parts I enjoyed mor ethan others. I'll think about it!Feel hugged!!!
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epicureancaravan · 3 years
ushering in 2017
Just as the calendar slips into December and the clocks strikes midnight to usher in the last month of the year, I find myself moving into a joyful and happy zone. The festive spirit filled with cheer has begun to manifest itself all around me: and I have made it my business to usher more friends and family into this mood.
As they say, if you know the power of positive thoughts, you wouldn’t let a single negative thought cross your mind. And likewise, it is like all forces have come together to make it an even more extraordinary month for me and those around. It has been a month of jamming with my closest pals to celebrate life and our knowing each other.
We celebrated Rajesh Bhatia’s birthday over some fine wine and dine with hubby Rahul and my closest pals Radhika, Bala, Anita, Jaya Ashar and my favourite boy Shantanu Ugrankar. My evening with Asha Kulkarni Almeida and Asavari Dubhashi, my two close school buddies  just happened  out of the blue when we connected at 11am and decided to catch up later that evening after work over some retail therapy at the mall followed by gapshap on what we call as ajoba (grandfather) reclining chairs on how our lives were unfolding. Food and I go hand in hand and so we wrapped the evening with some steaming sizzlers and ravioli. . Don’t analyse the combination, but in the right company; all things fall into place.
But not before we planned a date in January to brunch at Olive.  Though each one of us is so different, with one being a research microbiologist and the other an Ayurvedic doctor and me from the corporate domain, our shared bonding over naughtiness and  what we choose to believe as our evolvedness that keeps us together. We have a name for us Trio; but that is for another day.
Can’t let this month pass without mentioning my school bestie Promila Jethwani who is in Dubai, but just a phone call or a chat away for me. I have made this special buddy a December promise to be there for her next birthday so long as it is somewhere in Asia. ‘Prom, I hope you are reading this and not going ahead with Las Vegas; mujhe naukri jo karni hai. Am not going to give up on convincing you that  Koh Samui is so us; all the wine, fish ,sand and sea. Beach party toh banti hai’.
Parsi bhonu(food) is my hot favourite and what more could one ask for when our close pal Jaya  hosted us at her old world charm of a gymkhana PVM at Cooperage on a sunny afternoon over white wine and sas ni macchi, bheja fry, the signature cheese samosas of PVM, Salli boti, prawn cutlets . A parsi meal cannot be complete without having  good old Dukes Raspberry; and that we did have in plenty. They must have run out of bottles that afternoon.
And then my pal Rachana (whom I possibly know for a short while; but we seem connected like from decades from an approach to life perspective; celebrated her 40th birthday along with her hubby Vishal over a rocking evening. Flower themed decoration, khazana wala khana and crooning into what I understand continued to be 'A Party all night'. Meeting with my baby niece Rhea was the highlight of this weekend. She is an epitome of innocence, delight, joy and mastic all bundled into one. Got me to play Hide and seek after decades and insisted she won despite my desperate attempt to find the ultimate hiding space .
 We also celebrated two birthdays in our building Ganpati group at our famous Essbel Khau(Eatables) katta (place of sitting) and homes, It was a Happy Birthday for Rajesh and Avinash and so no dinner at home on those days as ‘Khane walon ko.. Party ka bahana chahiye’.
At work, we hosted some children (girls)from an Orphanage run by nuns and it moved me to see them so happy and carefree as Santa made them merry. May God bless the nuns who love and take care of them like mothers and teachers. This is true selfless service and I do hope all of I for one can make a difference in the lives of those who may not be as privileged.
We are missing our friends Rongsen Anungla(Anu),Gautam  and their sweetie pie daughter Jiah this  month as they are visiting home in Nagaland. Not a year has gone by without one long evening with them during the Xmas week.
So, as December unfolds, I have finally got started with my 2015 resolution to write my blog. My motivator to this blog has been Manisha Talim, Rahuls cousin who has managed to multi task with her profession as a doctor as well as her interests and hobbies.
So much more happening in the last ten days with a Christmas get together with my near and dear gang; followed with some bonding time with them in Mahableshwar. Mahableshwar will not be complete without at least two meals at Dinas where Hormuz has preserved British and continental recipes handed down three generations along with divine Parsi food. Radhika and charted out our day wise plan at 3am last week. That calls for some spirit;, doesn’t it?
This is also my month of heartfelt thanksgiving to God for bringing people in my life who have been with Rahul and me through thick and thin. So Aai(mom), don’t say I missed you on this one.
Adios for now as I sign off with one of my many favourite quotes. ‘Life is short, Buy the Shoes, Drink the Wine, Order the dessert’.
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womenofcolor15 · 3 years
Tristan ‘Mack’ Wilds Is About To Be A Dad After Revealing 2019 Was Rough For Him!
Congrats are in order for Tristan “Mack” Wilds and his long-time girlfriend Christina Hammond. They’re having a baby! See the baby bump and find out what Mack said about the baby being a blessing after such a rough year inside…
  Baby on board!
        View this post on Instagram
                  Aight, serious moment... Earlier this year, I was in a really dark place. Shit, honestly? I’d been there for a while. I dunno, i was just letting life take me wherever she may. But I told God I needed a light. I needed a sign that I was supposed to be here, and that my presence here on earth was needed...Heard ju, God. Thank you for this. Merry Christmas.
A post shared by Tristan Mack Wilds (@mackwilds) on Dec 25, 2019 at 9:55am PST
  Actor Tristan “Mack” Wilds is about to be a dad! The “Shots Fired” star is usually hush-hush when it comes to his personal life, however, he let his fans in on something special he has coming down the pipeline.
On Christmas Day, the 30-year-old announced on Instagram that he and his longtime girlfriend Christina Hammond are expecting a baby, something he said was sent to him by God after struggling through a tough year. He posted a picture of a baby blue ribbon attached to his shirt that had “Father-To-Be" written on it. At the start of the year, he said he was in a “really dark place,” and needed a sign that he’s supposed to be here.
”Aight, serious moment... Earlier this year, I was in a really dark place. Shit, honestly? I’d been there for a while. I dunno, i was just letting life take me wherever she may,” he wrote in the caption. “But I told God I needed a light. I needed a sign that I was supposed to be here, and that my presence here on earth was needed...Heard ju, God. Thank you for this. Merry Christmas.”
He shared a second photo of himself kissing his girlfriend's forehead.
Based on the blue ribbon, we assume they're having a baby boy!
        View this post on Instagram
                  10 year Challenge. #grateful
A post shared by Nina (@ms.cnh) on Dec 25, 2019 at 10:57am PST
  Christina also shared the news on her IG, posting a 10-year throwback picture of them. So it seems these two have at least known each other for a decade and now they're about to be new parents. She has been posting baby bump photos since October, but it wasn't until Christmas that she confirmed Mack is the baby's father.
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                  thankful for the tribe
A post shared by Nina (@ms.cnh) on Dec 25, 2019 at 3:19pm PST
            View this post on Instagram
A post shared by Nina (@ms.cnh) on Dec 25, 2019 at 1:15pm PST
            View this post on Instagram
                  & where she stood, she stood tall
A post shared by Nina (@ms.cnh) on Oct 10, 2019 at 11:33am PDT
            View this post on Instagram
A post shared by Nina (@ms.cnh) on Nov 25, 2019 at 12:13pm PST
  Twitter has been reacting to the pregnancy news and the ladies are crushed: 
  Mack Wilds having a baby. Imma go jump off the roof!
— (@IsadoraBriony) December 25, 2019
    Mack Wilds has officially hurt my feelings this Christmas lol
— Gabrielle Dominique (@everybodylovesg) December 25, 2019
    Bitch, ALL my boyfriends have gf and I’m finding out on Xmas. Mack Wilds got a WHOLE baby on the way with his gorgeous gf. I hate y’all. pic.twitter.com/k3mJqHV7xr
— chile... (@Ke_la_soul) December 25, 2019
    Damn Mack Wilds having a baby on me? Christmas is ruined.
— Lil Intro Vert (@JackiOssassin) December 25, 2019
    Hey y’all we just lost Mack Wilds pic.twitter.com/t4yE0WnSuv
— iLL Scott (@DeLaLuckee) December 27, 2019
  Over the summer, the "Tales" actor was arrested in NYC after a wild night. Police initially pulled him over for having darkly tinted windows. After running his name, they discovered he had a suspended license for failure to pay summonses. He also had an outstanding warrant for an incident in Staten Island, where he grew up. During his arraignment proceeding at Manhattan Criminal Court, the judge said the charge would be dismissed if he can stay out of trouble for six months. Glad that's behind him.
Congrats to the couple!
Photo: Getty
  [Read More ...] source http://theybf.com/2019/12/27/tristan-%E2%80%98mack%E2%80%99-wilds-is-about-to-be-a-dad-after-revealing-2019-was-rough-for-him
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Joe & Ronnie
Joe: what are you actually doing Ronnie: having an orgy Ronnie: ain't you gutted you didn't stay Joe: was before Joe: however appealing or un that is Ronnie: cry to some other cunt Ronnie: I told you not to go Joe: I ain't interested in no other cunt, that's what I just said Joe: I had to, didn't I Ronnie: don't be a pussy Ronnie: you ain't gotta be a mummy's boy all your life Joe: it's christmas Joe: that's what has to be done Ronnie: and what? family's for life Ronnie: tell that to your ma Joe: you should've come Joe: it's a mess, you'd have had fun Ronnie: I don't do babies Ronnie: and I weren't invited Joe: me either Joe: and you are Joe: come now Ronnie: whoever the fuck your ma wants me to be ain't who I am Ronnie: try telling her the truth and see if I'm still given a seat Joe: you don't need to be anyone for her Ronnie: swallow your own bullshit sayings first Joe: alright so it's stupid Joe: but I need you here Ronnie: you can't have me there Joe: for fuck sake Ronnie: you want me or you wanna be her golden boy Joe: you know exactly which I want Ronnie: you think you know but one look at my tracks and fun's over baby Joe: I can have you and drugs Joe: that ain't mutually exclusive Joe: never has been Ronnie: you can't have fuck all around your family Ronnie: a uni degree and a 9-5 is your lot babe Joe: they'd not even notice Joe: baby central, yeah Ronnie: they'd notice me Joe: we could find out Ronnie: don't Joe: alright Joe: fine Ronnie: it's not all about you Ronnie: selfish prick Joe: I know you don't wanna be here Ronnie: then don't fucking ask me Joe: I know what I am Ronnie: you know who I am Ronnie: you're wasting your own time Joe: yeah Joe: and you know I don't care Ronnie: that's why you're there pissing away the day, yeah? Joe: what do you suggest? Joe: taken every pharmaceutical I could get into the country Ronnie: leave the country Ronnie: grow a fucking pair mckenna Joe: on xmas day yeah Joe: called a fantasy play the game Ronnie: you want me to show up Ronnie: why the fuck can't you? Joe: selfish prick Ronnie: I don't pretend to be anything else Joe: no, me Ronnie: it comes out of your mouth so easy for me Ronnie: just tell 'em Joe: tell 'em what Joe: I don't wanna see you no more Joe: bye Ronnie: any of the ugly truth will make her not wanna see you no more Ronnie: it don't take much Ronnie: pushed me out of her and right away, like Joe: that wasn't about you, was it Joe: selfish runs in the genes Ronnie: not deep enough when it comes to you Ronnie: you're fucking soft mckenna Ronnie: that your da's fault, yeah? Joe: yeah, you should be the favourite, we both know it but ain't gonna wish it on you Ronnie: nah she should've swallowed or got scraped Ronnie: did the next best though Joe: you want me to say lucky you so you can hate me for being privileged and ignorant Joe: I'll do it for you Ronnie: such a people pleaser Joe: you know it Ronnie: call me when you're ready to shatter your wine glass and put the pieces in your mouth Joe: you dare me? Ronnie: I'm not playing games here Joe: come on Joe: get your paper hat on Ronnie: you want me to get on some old bloke's knee too or is that where the fantasy ends? Joe: not got any grandparents Joe: sorry Ronnie: shame Joe: isn't it just Ronnie: but we don't have to let it die 'cause you're a letdown Ronnie: I know loads of old men Ronnie: some of 'em have gotta still be alive Joe: 🤞 the holiday blues haven't claimed them Ronnie: yeah 'cause you wanna be special Joe: but I am Joe: if I cared about it I'd say no old cunts Ronnie: I'll lick your brains off the wall when you pull the trigger baby, how's that? Joe: Better than Courtney, babe Ronnie: the bar ain't high then Joe: she might've pulled the trigger Joe: don't you want that? Ronnie: you know what I want Joe: you know what I can't give you today Ronnie: yeah and I know that's your fucking fault Joe: didn't ask for jesus to be born Joe: or for me to into this family Ronnie: stop having a tantrum and come back Joe: tomorrow Ronnie: today Joe: didn't drive Joe: what flight am i getting on christmas Ronnie: fuck's sake Joe: I can't hack it Ronnie: drop a baby they'll kick you out faster than you can say merry christmas Ronnie: especially if it's one of your brother's Ronnie: gonna have limited brain cells as it is Joe: 😂 Joe: that would require picking one up and nah Joe: nope Ronnie: you've touched worse Joe: I don't know Joe: it's weird Joe: fucked Ronnie: they're just little bags of meat and bone Ronnie: get a fucking grip Joe: says you Joe: you ain't here Ronnie: for me it ain't about nothing but resisting the urge to shake 'em and how I don't reckon I've got that in me Ronnie: one of many negative impulses I fight or don't on the daily like Joe: like you said, be a kindness really Joe: they're all just pretending it's a good thing when it clearly ain't Joe: not got the energy Ronnie: jail ain't gonna be that for me Ronnie: and like I also said you ain't the only selfish prick that bitch spawned Ronnie: they don't know a good thing they ain't tried it Ronnie: shoot 'em up it'll be a decent christmas for everyone Joe: you've not got room for the gang tats Joe: I get it Joe: oddly enough I've not got 💉 on my prescription Ronnie: baby I'm nobody's bitch but 💉 Ronnie: and we're exclusive 💍 Joe: you wish Joe: making do every other time Ronnie: don't fucking remind me Joe: miss those student loans Ronnie: I'm gonna miss being a christmas temp Joe: not just for the lap sitting priviledges Joe: yeah Ronnie: knew you were into it Joe: just miss you Ronnie: don't say shit like that Joe: whatever Ronnie: I mean it, it hurts Joe: I'm sorry Joe: if I could go back and not find you Joe: I know I should Joe: I wouldn't but established Ronnie: fuck you Joe: yeah Joe: I know Ronnie: nah you fucking don't Joe: you reckon Ronnie: I said it Ronnie: you're the cunt saying shit you don't mean Joe: no I'm not Joe: just 'cos you don't need to hear it don't mean it ain't real Joe: it is, that's the issue yeah Ronnie: tell it to your ma Ronnie: well full of it Joe: why would I Joe: not trying to convince you of anything here Joe: it is what it is Joe: however fucked Ronnie: 🖕 Joe: yeah love you and all Ronnie: if you did you wouldn't have left Joe: ever Ronnie: shut up Ronnie: you're not funny mckenna none of you lot are Joe: who's trying to be funny Joe: what do you want from me Ronnie: you're a fucking joke either way babe Joe: make up your mind Joe: glad I amuse you now, apparently Joe: one of us should be having a good time Ronnie: laugh or cry, yeah? Joe: goes something like that Joe: could go full newborn and do a puke shit cry combo Joe: why not Ronnie: if you're rattling hard enough, anything's possible Joe: getting by Joe: making do is never the same as previously lamented but not gonna start convulsing in my plate Ronnie: shame Joe: 💘 Joe: dunno how you reckon on me ruining christmas Joe: sister just became a teen mum Ronnie: it's an od or a run out take your pick baby Ronnie: both have worked for me Ronnie: you say that like its not a badge of honor who wouldnt wanna follow in your ma's footsteps, like Ronnie: if she starts dealing too give her my number Joe: ha, I forgot to tell you Joe: there's one here already Ronnie: if you wanted me there you should have led with that Joe: I know right Joe: no one tells me anything Joe: you'd like him Joe: purely 'cos she hates him Ronnie: you don't tell me anything Ronnie: too late to ruin christmas now Joe: I know you'd be here if you wanted that more than you don't wanna be here Joe: but don't worry, atmosphere is awkward enough regardless Ronnie: could still show up for your brother's big birthday Ronnie: freckles is a no go but he's old enough now to be on the table Ronnie: work my way through by new years, yeah? Joe: hilarious, babe Ronnie: not joking babe Ronnie: fucking the dealer won't make enough of a splash Joe: you do know they know you're related, yeah Joe: even if he weren't gay Ronnie: didn't stop you Ronnie: and being a massive homo ain't ever stopped Charlie Joe: we all do trauma different don't we Ronnie: if you want some therapy for christmas we can roleplay that shit Joe: why would i settle for that when i've got drugs and you Ronnie: saying that ain't gonna make me not hate you Joe: good Joe: hate me Joe: don't be an idiot like everyone else Ronnie: baby brain ain't gonna be a thing over here Ronnie: 💔 Joe: my deepest sympathies Joe: can't say I'm sharing in your 💔 though Ronnie: when have I ever used an emoji meaningfully Ronnie: not a fucking kid Joe: damn Joe: I really thought you meant those 😍 Joe: 💔 Ronnie: fuck off Joe: 😂 Joe: you're cute Ronnie: count how many glasses you've had Joe: is that an OCD joke Joe: you're on 🔥 today girl Ronnie: you wish no lighters at the table baby Joe: Charlie really sticking to those rules hard Joe: how are you gonna light the pudding? Ronnie: afters ain't like that round here Ronnie: 💉💊🚬 Joe: it's minging Ronnie: you love it then, all the pain, like Joe: don't reckon we've actually got one either Joe: how passive-aggressive of them Ronnie: ma keeps bringing the disappointments, yeah? Ronnie: reckon your brother's golden boy now he's sprogged up Joe: I wish Joe: marginally less of a disgrace than Ali Joe: but still Ronnie: your sister is gifting those flashbacks for christmas Joe: Truly Joe: poor kid Ronnie: she should've picked a white lad Ronnie: calm your ma right down Joe: maybe next time Joe: 2nd time's a charm, eh Ronnie: yeah Joe: have you ever been knocked up Ronnie: could probably have got a freebie down the clinic how often I've been down to get rid Ronnie: none of 'em were yours though you can relax Joe: god bless the nhs Ronnie: you ever knocked anyone up? Joe: not to abortion stage Joe: just had to get plan b Joe: as far as I know, anyway Ronnie: cute Joe: thanks 💕 Joe: ours wouldn't be so thank fuck Ronnie: that kinda shit passes for a date for us scousers 💋 Ronnie: you don't want a kid with gills or two heads? Joe: hot Joe: least you could see what was up with it Joe: but 👶💀 Ronnie: can't and won't happen Ronnie: you'd have to fuck your fertile sister Joe: we can pretend that's why I like you Ronnie: you like me 'cause I'll always find a vein for you Ronnie: what else is there Joe: what ain't there Ronnie: 👶🍼 Joe: exactly Joe: one of the main things I look for Ronnie: are you on one knee right now or what? Joe: get you a rock worth having Joe: how's that for a proposal Ronnie: I don't trust it but I'll take it Joe: why not Joe: got that christmas cash Joe: not gonna waste it Ronnie: why would you wanna share with me, selfish prick from your own mouth, like Joe: 'cos getting high together is better Joe: deny it Ronnie: you know I can't Joe: gonna be a white christmas Joe: no need to trust just see Ronnie: when Joe: tomorrow Ronnie: don't fucking lie Joe: I ain't Ronnie: swear Ronnie: swear they ain't gonna guilt you into staying Joe: swear Joe: they ain't gonna even try Ronnie: make sure they let you on that flight Joe: 'course Joe: I'm totally legally medicated rn Ronnie: you're also a pussy Ronnie: bet all the younger siblings have drunk you under the table Joe: you're not wrong that lots of them pride themselves in their light alcoholism Ronnie: whatever gets 'em through the day, yeah? Joe: can't judge really Joe: not with a 💉 sticking out my arm Ronnie: that's tomorrow Ronnie: today anything goes baby Joe: I'll be the one to dish out the home truths Joe: that'd be unexpected Ronnie: someone's gotta your ma will be too busy trying to chuck the babies out Joe: playing hostess with the mostest 'cos can't keep playing the boy when she's got two kids here knocked up Joe: his ma is well smug 😂 Joe: *blaming Ronnie: one of us is having fun then Joe: take the small victories, ms cavante Ronnie: if she's not gonna kick your ma in the tits it'll have to do Joe: wish on a 🌠 baby Ronnie: I've got bad luck or no luck baby Ronnie: that shit don't work Joe: you won't care come tomorrow Ronnie: I don't care now Joe: see? Joe: lucky Ronnie: 🖕 Joe: seriously Joe: my head is Ronnie: I know Ronnie: mine screams too but I go louder Joe: I can't do anything in here Joe: need to go outside and none of those other bastards better take their 🚬 break 'til I'm done Ronnie: if you didn't give so much of a fuck you could do anything Ronnie: that's why I can't show up to your family christmas, you ain't ready mckenna Joe: just shut up alright Joe: let me fucking think Ronnie: you ain't keith richards how many more years of me do you need to stop having such a limp dick Ronnie: every junkie is on borrowed time Joe: you really thought you were gonna fix me Joe: come on now Joe: you're better than that Ronnie: I'm not better than anything Ronnie: lowest of the low baby Joe: then what Ronnie: you want answers from me? you're better than that Joe: no Joe: what the fuck are you doing Joe: you're the one wasting your borrowed time Ronnie: what, you're the only cunt who gets to hide from family christmas? Ronnie: I'm sick and they're sick of me Joe: I don't mean just today and you know it Ronnie: I don't give a fuck what you mean and you know it Joe: it's been years Ronnie: you want out, get out Joe: I don't Joe: but I'm the one with the limp dick Ronnie: yeah Joe: that's what I thought Ronnie: you think too much babe Joe: no shit Joe: don't wanna play therapy, thanks Ronnie: what do you wanna play then? Joe: you're sick, I'm sick Ronnie: no game Ronnie: it's how shit is Joe: fun never stops, babe Ronnie: if your idea of fun is making me wanna top myself, soft lad Joe: you can't Joe: you've gotta lick it up after Ronnie: can't I? race yous Joe: wait 'til I'm there Joe: don't ruin their day any more Ronnie: I'm already waiting for you to decide you wanna come back and be scum of the fucking earth with me again Joe: it ain't a choice to be made or not Joe: it's how shit is Ronnie: you made loads of choices to get there Ronnie: plane rides to dublin don't just happen Joe: basically Ronnie: pathetic Joe: yeah Ronnie: fuck you Ronnie: don't agree with me Joe: disagreeing ain't gonna change that I'm here now Ronnie: you don't wanna change it Ronnie: you love it Joe: yep Joe: big time Joe: fucking hell Ronnie: you've got such a misery hard on, you shouldn't be near kids Joe: why don't you hit them up Joe: let them know Ronnie: you're the only cunt with their mummy on speed dial Joe: alright well I ain't up for telling everyone I'm a predator Ronnie: do you wanna fuck her too or what? Joe: do you? Ronnie: nah Ronnie: why I don't come running every time someone in your family blows their nose or whatever the fuck Joe: me either Joe: it's christmas fucking day Joe: how many times Ronnie: like this is the first and only time Ronnie: but I'm crazy, yeah Joe: you are Joe: you're nuts Ronnie: don't forget it Ronnie: I'll be crazier by tomorrow Joe: promises promises Ronnie: I promise I'll ruin your fucking life, prick Joe: oh honey Joe: that's not a brag Joe: not hard is it Ronnie: you ain't talking to fitz baby I don't brag Joe: you can't Ronnie: you think you can tell me what I can and can't do Joe: don't take it personal Joe: try it Ronnie: don't take it personal when I kick the shit out of you mckenna Joe: how can I not when I love it so much Joe: think on Ronnie: 'cause I still love you 😍💋💘 Joe: s'alright baby, the way I wanna go out Joe: 💀💀💀 Ronnie: call me when you've stopped pleasuring your ma, I'll make it happen for you Joe: so understanding all of a sudden Joe: who's got your phone Ronnie: fuck off Joe: there she is Ronnie: what now you miss me? Ronnie: running late there baby Joe: I already told you I did Joe: you said I weren't allowed no more Ronnie: I said don't tell me Ronnie: I can't handle hearing it if it don't change a fucking thing Joe: alright Joe: but it changes a fucking lot Joe: you know Joe: not just for you Joe: I promise I'm really fucked from it Ronnie: yeah? Ronnie: so stop fucking around and come back to me Ronnie: first chance you get Ronnie: 'cause it's shit Joe: I know, I really know Joe: you've got no reason to believe me but you will see me tomorrow Joe: regardless of what any of them have gotta say on it Joe: never wanted to be here so not prolonging it Ronnie: I wanna believe you Ronnie: don't fuck me over twat Joe: I won't Joe: fuck myself over too Joe: time to start being fully selfish prick, yeah Joe: there's enough going on now, don't need me Ronnie: tell the truth that you're threatened by the off their tits 18 year olds that birthday boy will be surrounded by Ronnie: got more game than you Joe: yeah Joe: not the one chatting about fucking the barely legals Joe: but sure Ronnie: you would if they'd give you the time of day mckenna Ronnie: come on Ronnie: one day in dublin turned you into an old dried up nun? Joe: I dunno, I've not scoped out the guestlist that hard Joe: unlike my brother, girls I've known since they were kids don't do it for me, what can I say? Ronnie: blood relatives only like Joe: only when they're you Ronnie: such a lost fucking cause Joe: don't worry, was before you Joe: not gotta add that to the tally Ronnie: our safe word can be trauma bonding Ronnie: loads in common Ronnie: 💘 Joe: you're alright Joe: when you're not a total raging bitch Ronnie: never then Ronnie: what am I when I'm a raging bitch? Joe: for me Ronnie: you sure you don't wanna party with the homos babe? that was proper gay Joe: fuck off Ronnie: write me a symphony next, yeah? Joe: and I'm the gay Joe: alright, romantic Ronnie: don't get an attitude 'cause I've fucked more lasses than you Joe: still time Joe: not as old as you Ronnie: you wanna make it to that age or what? careful how you talk to me Joe: wow, just like having a nan Joe: cheers babe Ronnie: fuck you Joe: 💘 Ronnie: we all know if you had a nan you'd wanna fuck her too Ronnie: step outside the family baby you might enjoy yourself Joe: doubt it Joe: do have one technically but she ain't all that Ronnie: 💔 Ronnie: you need the scouse accent to get it up, yeah? Joe: you or the beatles ain't it Ronnie: that was mildly funny calm down Joe: steady on Joe: might think you like me Ronnie: won't last Ronnie: due a mood swing in like 2 seconds Joe: s'alright Joe: all 23 of you love me Ronnie: 😂😍 here 'course Joe: yeah, never trusting your emojis again Joe: need photographic evidence, like Ronnie: [sends it cos that bitch but imagine her actual grumpy cat face bye] Ronnie: in proper stitches, alright Joe: should play poker pro Joe: you're too cute though, never believe that face is 21 or over Ronnie: call me cute again and I'll carve it into your chest Ronnie: capital letters Joe: [sends voice memo] Ronnie: I proper fucking hate you Joe: you knew I'd wanna so you clearly want to as well Joe: don't blame me you sadist Ronnie: you know what I want mckenna Ronnie: we ain't got a secret santa going Joe: take these socks back Ronnie: you'll wanna keep 'em for your misery boner babe Joe: you've not got me an escort then Joe: gutting Ronnie: crazy, remember? you could fuck her but I'd have to kill her Joe: alright, I'll keep your charges at manslaughter level Joe: for you Ronnie: 💋 Joe: when do you next have a shift or are you done fully now Ronnie: tomorrow but that ain't happening if you've meant a word you said Joe: I'll make it worth it Ronnie: not hard to beat out retail when there's sales on Ronnie: wouldn't have gone if you were here or not Joe: don't tell me that Joe: I was talking 💸 not the #experience Ronnie: you wanna be my daddy too now? these roleplays are getting hard to keep count of Joe: again, thinking how much gear I'm gonna get but you can pout about it if you wanna Joe: already earned the scars so I don't mind saying it again Ronnie: rain man ain't a fantasy, gutted for you, like Ronnie: doing my best here Joe: you do it well Joe: smarter than everyone I know Ronnie: the princess will be gutted Joe: you don't have to tell her, like Joe: but not too fussed Ronnie: no secrets among scumbags baby Ronnie: even if she reckons she's levelled up Joe: you don't? Ronnie: anyone can drop a sprog Ronnie: trap a lad Ronnie: didn't saint your ma, did it? Joe: nah Joe: just don't reckon she was ever really one of us Joe: surprised if you do Ronnie: she wouldn't fight it so hard if she weren't Joe: I dunno Ronnie: I do, seen it loads Ronnie: gutters such a good fit it scares her shitless so she's gotta cling to that poor cunt Ronnie: he's her life raft through the shit Joe: hardly dragging him down though, is she Joe: not gonna be complaining any time soon, I've seen a lifetime of that Ronnie: everybody needs a fix that's theirs Joe: guess so Joe: no sign of getting over it any time soon Ronnie: I'm more likely to get clean before she does of him and I've got a nosebleed from all the shit B's ground up to stop me puking up Charlie's christmas feast Ronnie: sent my boss a pic though so it ain't all 💔 Joe: ☁ Joe: so glass half-full you, baby Ronnie: no shit Ronnie: can't be trusted with an empty one Joe: why are you the only one who talks any sense Joe: least all they're chatting is just waves now Ronnie: I pay attention Ronnie: you'd have broke your rules and 💘 me as a kid babe Joe: yeah? Joe: charlie's told me stories but never fully know what's bullshit or at the least exaggeration with him Ronnie: a solid 85% at least Ronnie: I was fucking feral though he's got that coined right Ronnie: you think I'm crazy now this shit's nothing Joe: I should've known you Ronnie: everyone who touched me back then has got a bite mark out of them Ronnie: you wouldn't have made it Joe: nah Joe: shit was different then Joe: so was I Ronnie: still gonna have been too soft whenever Joe: not the point though is it Joe: she should've got bitten Ronnie: she should've done loads of things Ronnie: she didn't Joe: I know Joe: fucked Ronnie: you won't give a shit tomorrow Joe: well Joe: be too numb to chat about it and think about it Joe: good as Ronnie: deal with it til then Joe: 🤐 got it Ronnie: unless you wanna bite your ma yourself like Ronnie: whatever gets you off Joe: you too Ronnie: cheers Ronnie: swallowing too much blood to fit in a dick but I'll try again later Joe: are you alright? Joe: where are the lads Ronnie: don't cry Ronnie: they're enjoying the show Ronnie: it ain't christmas til someone bleeds, pukes or pisses themselves Ronnie: can't give 'em the other two I ain't a pussy 💔 Joe: adorable, some would say Joe: is it really so much to ask that they keep you alive 'til I'm back Ronnie: relax I've had heavier periods Ronnie: you'll have to kill me yourself Joe: be fun trying Joe: challenge accepted Ronnie: hot Joe: don't forget it Ronnie: not gonna black out this shit ain't working that hard Joe: good Joe: call me needy all you want just don't go Ronnie: if I wanted to take the piss I could better than that Joe: not that gone either Ronnie: what are you on? Ronnie: 🍾 Joe: and my meds Joe: managed to get some extra 'cos I'm terrified of flying, obvs Ronnie: you're the one who's gonna die before you get here Ronnie: basically sober Ronnie: baby that's fucked Joe: I know Joe: options are limited Joe: not like I can go in on whatever anyone else is having when one lot is off the coke and the others are off the psychedelics Joe: fucking babies Ronnie: I mean, you could suck on the princess' tits but that ain't gonna give you what you really need Ronnie: talk to the dealer at your table, he's a baby too but he'll be holding something Joe: she's not got 3 Joe: and shut up Joe: though the latter isn't a terrible idea Joe: like you said, not gonna have anything good enough but Ronnie: I know, she weren't fully clothed for the 3way Joe: what part of shut up don't you get Ronnie: make me bitch Joe: such a twat you Ronnie: stop being a little fucking girl Joe: stop chatting about bullshit for a reaction Ronnie: you wanted me to stay Joe: yeah Joe: don't need to talk about that Ronnie: what then Ronnie: how much you love me Joe: anything but that Joe: literally Ronnie: I've plugged the 🩸 you can dry your eyes Joe: good Joe: don't be wasting it on something so lame Ronnie: you reckon that's lame I'm gonna have to eat the 💊 like it's the fucking 90s Ronnie: fuck's sake Joe: very retro Joe: see what throwbacks I can get from this kid too Joe: be a party Ronnie: get your brother some poppers for his birthday Joe: probably be appreciated Joe: hence I won't Joe: chuck the obligatory tenner his way Ronnie: 🌈🙌 Joe: 😬 Ronnie: such a prude joseph Joe: you didn't have to live with them/partially raise them Joe: not something I wanna think about and they insist on making me constantly, pretty much Ronnie: didn't get to, you mean Ronnie: we're all 💔 babe Joe: you can revel in how much of a blessing it is on that score with your commiseration toast Ronnie: yeah Joe: yeah Ronnie: now we're finishing each other sentences 💘😍 Joe: christ 😂 Joe: oh Joe: you know uni sophie is engaged now Joe: wanna go if they make it down the aisle? Ronnie: I really fucking do Ronnie: did I miss her engagement party? Joe: dunno actually Joe: I'll actually ask next time she tries to talk Joe: bet she's missed you almost as much as me Ronnie: ask her now she'll have wished you merry christmas Joe: how'd you know? Joe: hacked my accounts Joe: hot Ronnie: I could but don't need to Ronnie: a 💍 don't mean she ain't still 😍💘 for you mckenna Joe: still only human, after-all Ronnie: 🖕 Joe: awh come on Joe: you know you wanna see 'em all in their festive jumpers Joe: [sends post] Ronnie: fucking hell Ronnie: she one of your plan b girls like, she's got fat enough that you might wanna check she swallowed it Joe: ugh no Joe: any plan b baby of mine would be toddling by now Ronnie: reassuring Joe: if you want 99% on that front I'll sweep the old friends list Joe: make sure they've got no offspring with the 👂s Ronnie: you reckon I haven't Ronnie: living with such a computer whizz Joe: true Joe: his talents are probably better spent getting free netflix Ronnie: way ahead of you Joe: boxsets are what the season is really about Ronnie: gutted you ain't here, yeah? Joe: yeah Ronnie: you'll be back in time for the finale where the korean robots stop fighting to the death long enough to save the world or whatever the fuck Joe: 😂 Joe: can't wait Ronnie: 'course not Ronnie: edge of your seat shit Joe: do you ever think about going back Joe: to liverpool Ronnie: for what? Ronnie: am I losing the accent? 💔 Joe: not as bad as I have Joe: I dunno Ronnie: no fucker there I wanna see Ronnie: you'll have to do the mckenna childhood ghost tour on your own Joe: come on Joe: gear must be good Joe: fuss they made about it Ronnie: it's decent here Ronnie: take another swing babe Joe: cheaper there Joe: everything, like Ronnie: you know how to get freebies Joe: fine Ronnie: I'm not gonna play house with you in that shithole, shut the fuck up Joe: I said fine Joe: jesus Ronnie: couldn't hear it through your tears like Joe: piss off Joe: it ain't about you Ronnie: you asked me if I wanted to go back Ronnie: I ain't stopping you Joe: can't anyway Joe: doubt their orchestra pays as well Joe: assuming there is one Ronnie: if everything's cheaper they don't need to Joe: whatever Joe: be a stupid thing to do regardless Ronnie: and you never do anything stupid, yeah? Joe: it's the one area of my life I don't Joe: yeah Ronnie: don't be a prick Ronnie: you know you could join the philharmonic Joe: I ain't going Joe: forget about it Ronnie: fine Joe: funny Ronnie: feels like shit don't it, getting one back Ronnie: just 'cause you're surrounded by sprongs don't mean you can't use your words Joe: you don't wanna go, there's nowt else to say Ronnie: it ain't about me Ronnie: you forgot you just said that already? Joe: doesn't mean I wanna go without you Joe: don't be stupid Ronnie: you can find another girl to shoot you up babe Joe: if you're gonna chat shit don't bother Joe: I love you Ronnie: give yourself a gift and hate me Joe: If I could, it'd have been on sight Joe: it's not like you charmed your way into my 💘 Ronnie: nah I injected myself into your veins Joe: don't give away your secrets Ronnie: not to shit on your christmas but it's only a secret for that lot where you are Joe: worst kept Ronnie: why keep it then? Joe: why announce it? Ronnie: you reckon she should get bitten, that'd do it Joe: 🥂 gather round fam Joe: they'd not believe it Joe: find a way to laugh it off, ignore the obvious Ronnie: roll up your sleeve, they can't fucking ignore that Joe: I'm pissing off mid-festivities Joe: that'll do it Ronnie: pussy Joe: what's it matter to you Ronnie: fuck you Joe: I mean it Joe: I'm coming back Ronnie: and that's all I give a shit about, yeah? Joe: obviously not Joe: but it makes no odds to you if I ruin their lives or not Ronnie: you're a cunt Joe: yeah Joe: but why specifically Ronnie: why the fuck do you think Joe: you want me to pick you Joe: to burn it all to the ground for them Joe: it ain't enough all the ways I've already done both Ronnie: you want me to be happy that you've had your cake and ate it Ronnie: nah, I hope you fucking choke baby Joe: I'll try my best Joe: I can't go back and make her keep you, there's shit I can do Ronnie: I don't want her, I want you Joe: it's been four fucking years Joe: you have me Joe: fucking Joe: I'd die without you Joe: I could get clean before I could leave you Ronnie: you did leave Joe: okay Joe: I did Joe: I left Ronnie: and they want you to stay Ronnie: these pricks want the princess here over me Joe: baby Joe: they want you Joe: they just need a chance to miss you, it's all it is Joe: we can go somewhere Joe: anywhere Ronnie: I'm fucking off to yours Ronnie: after that wherever Joe: I promise Joe: wherever you wanna Joe: and for how long Ronnie: wherever you want Ronnie: I don't give a shit Joe: it don't matter Joe: I just need to see you Ronnie: yeah Joe: you know I want you don't you Ronnie: show me when you drag your arse back here Joe: of course Ronnie: 💘 Ronnie: it's like walking through a ghost town, you'd have such a boner if you were here Joe: shame Joe: is the cat there Ronnie: yeah Ronnie: singing carols for me Joe: she's talented Ronnie: shame I ain't a pushy stage ma Joe: why live vicariously when you can be a double-act babe Ronnie: you're not funny mckenna Joe: s'okay Joe: won't insist on being the warm-up Joe: not that kinda dad Ronnie: you need the practice though Joe: have to write my set on the plane Joe: impress you Ronnie: give you something to do besides cry and touch yourself Joe: not flying first Joe: or business even Joe: no blanket, no tissues Joe: 😿 Ronnie: poor baby Joe: I know Joe: tragedy Ronnie: I'm not doing the dance moves, like Ronnie: keep dreaming Joe: 💔 Joe: send me a video of your duet at least then Ronnie: [imagine that sassy cat please] Joe: I miss her Joe: shame she'd probably gouge our eyes out if we tried to take her with Ronnie: so will I but that ain't ever turned you off Joe: no one's going to ring RSPCA if they see me kidnapping you Ronnie: childline maybe Ronnie: I ain't forgot you said I had a fucking 👶 face you twat Joe: 😂 Joe: true Joe: but I'm banking on you being that offended you'll sort 'em out, like Ronnie: and you Joe: 💘 Joe: banking on that too Ronnie: 🖕💋 Ronnie: brb calling Briggs for a full face tat before you show up Joe: if you don't wanna kiss that bad, just say Ronnie: shut up Joe: so what's it to be Joe: spiders web Joe: skull Ronnie: see what the genius comes up with Joe: I look forward to the big reveal Ronnie: what time's your flight? Joe: [some ungodly AM 'cos xmas madness] Ronnie: fuck Joe: don't worry Joe: won't wake you Ronnie: all these pills will probably keep me up Ronnie: fuck knows Joe: n'awh, you wanna wait up for me Joe: how sweet 😏 Ronnie: kill yourself Ronnie: you've got more of my attention than korean death robots, calm down Ronnie: it's not a brag babe Joe: isn't it Joe: it's pretty epic if Bronson's livetweets are anything to go by Ronnie: it's the pills talking Joe: 😂 Joe: never have that affect on you 💔 Ronnie: deal with it Ronnie: I ain't gonna clean your flat, like Joe: probably enabling that, if you think about it Joe: so caring, babe Ronnie: how late did you leave packing there's shit everywhere Joe: I didn't Joe: only needed what I've got on Joe: got their presents in town Joe: easy Ronnie: you fucking knew you were gonna come straight back and still wanted me to beg Ronnie: maybe you ain't as soft as you were Joe: wanted makes it sound like I planned any part of it Joe: I knew I was coming back 'cos today was all I could stand Joe: being here, not being there Ronnie: don't ruin the fantasy Joe: poor baby Ronnie: yeah I am Ronnie: climbing the fucking walls here Joe: you or sid Ronnie: me and her Joe: babies Joe: what can I do Joe: need something to do Ronnie: do me Joe: alright Joe: call me Ronnie: [obviously does so we can end it there]
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writingsbychlo · 4 years
Merry Christmas!
I know I’m super-late to the party, as always, but I was working today and it was stressful as heck, and I’m only just getting around to this so lets make it a little more special, shall we?
@dumbass-stilinski is up first. steff, I just want to say a massive thank you to you, because you’ve been my friend for two solid years now, and you stuck through tough times with me, you’ve always trusted me, had faith in, had time to talk to me and you’re just great. I have strong hope and a high beliefs that we’ll be this close, if not closer next year, too. i love you so much.
@mf-despair-queen M A L I S S A. you always message me when you don’t hear from me in a while, you check up on me and you always have the right gif on hand?? explain yourself?? superpowers? you are a great friend, and I know we don’t talk as often as we should but ily and I’m always thinkin’ about you, and hoping you’re well.
@thelittlestkitsune lau you are literally so fab. you snap me everyday, you chat to me at odd hours and keep me motivated on my writing. you support me and you never look anything less than flawless, your makeup and hair skills gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to hold a brush correctly. rip.
@cxddlyash you are literally always on hand to have a good fangirling session with me, to give me advice when I rant about my problems and to send me snapchats of your hot coworkers to cheer me up. 
@bonniebird we literally have so many inside jokes and little laughs, I love it when one of our old posts pops up again on my feed, it is fantastic, truly. you have also introduced me to so many new fandoms and characters, my imagination has literally expanded, thanks to you!
@stardustmccall SOP my gal, always there to have an absolute rant about Chris Wood and/or Nathaniel Buzolic. among all other hot men. urgh. literally my best pal for sinful chats and soppy fantasies.
@rememberstilinski kenz, my baby, I love you bunches, even though we never get a chance to talk because out free times never cross over. I still think about ya’, and you’re great.
Last, but not least, @spageddiekaspbrak my ducky, we’re going on four years, fwi. four years. four years. 4. that’s a lotta years, and I have loved every minute, even when you bring up screenshots of out spiderman conversations to prove me wrong. you cry with me, you laugh with me, and you take screenshots of me watching twilight while I’m smashed off my tits on facetime. there has literally never been a truer friendship. also i love ur ‘mom’. ur mum is the best and she bought me a voodoo doll, bless her heart. merry xmas to you and the whole fam.
Also, a massive thank you and happy holidays to all those who sent me messages, and asks, and tagged me in things. particualarly, I’d like to thank @mischiefandi @voidkitsune24 @my-malachai-stilinski @petey-benjamin-parker @fan-child @belleknows @savage-stilinski @just-jordie-things @catcrown21 @destiels-child10 @leighsphotos-blog @the-yellow-giraffe @sarcxstic-stilinski @thegirlwhoimagined @imofficiallyobsessed and so many others. I check my notifications everyday, see who’s liking, commenting, reblogging. I check my ratings, my interactions and my asks. I notice every single one of you. Thank you so much!
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redrubied · 4 years
Tumblr media
Merry good times! 😍 I love the festive season so much. I hope this Christmas has brought you love, joy & family. Here are a few pics from my night with some of my chosen family (though I’m missing a few people from the shots 🤦🏾‍♀️ @ahradoway & Jason+ baby Decklin) . Its a blessing that when away from you bio fam you can find a chosen one too. Started with brunch and presents then loads of cooking that felt real easy and seamless this time because i let @travel_love_learn_live cook with me, we laughted way too hard throughout. Results 👌🏽👉🏾 Cornish Hens (awesome @jamieoliver recipe), ham, scallop potatoes, veggies, black rice, salads & so much dessert. As @wamuyumugure said to me aka threw some shade 😂 my xmas tree is “soo bare” 🙄 😔 i tried tho..... #merryeverythingandhappyalways #love #weatetoomuch #christmas (at Vancouver, British Columbia) https://www.instagram.com/p/Br3wMc-BQuZ/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=n0a615evp5se
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