#but he gave them to her to keep because he didn't trust himself with them at that point and that's just... that's good. that's very good.
sebastianwallows · 3 days
Letting it Slide
Sebastian Sallow x f!reader
Summary - Request for “In the books there’s a moment where Ron tries to go up the stairs to Hermione’s room but they turn into a slide. 😂 I’d love to read a one shot written by you similar to this with Sebastian! Perhaps the reader and he are having a small argument in the common room, nothing serious, and she leaves to go to her room and he tries to follow her then ends up on the floor after the stairs turn. They forget the argument and laugh.
Word Count - 712
Warnings - none
You sat on the couch in the common room, rubbing your eyes. You were fatigued to be arguing with Sebastian once again over Garreth being your potions partner.
"I've already told you, we didn't have a choice. You know that. I'm not any more thrilled than you are because you know how he likes to experiment and it messes everything up."
Sebastian paced in front of you looking cross and disheveled from the way he kept adjusting his tie and mussing up his hair. He focused his glare on you. He was finding it difficult to not be jealous and upset.
He spoke angrily, waving his arms around. "But I can't be there! My potions period is different than yours. And I don't trust him to keep to himself. Merlin, if he tried to slip you any amortenia..." he trailed off, deep in thought with his own fantasy of throttling the redhead.
You stood up, completely exasperated with having this conversation for the second time in one week. You loved Sebastian, but you didn't enjoy having to deal with his jealousy. You stood in front of him, catching his arms with yours and forcing them to his sides.
You looked at him earnestly. "I think he's really more harmless than you're making him out to be. If he tried anything funny I would slap him long before you could cross the room even if you were there Sebastian. Don't you trust me?"
You felt helpless as he stared at you, his dimples and forehead creased with his anger. You didn't understand why it was that his trust in you wasn't good enough. He acted as though Garreth was some ape who would jump on you at a moment's notice.
He closed his eyes and sighed deeply, trailing his hands up your arms to weave his fingers into yours. "I trust you, but that doesn't extend to him. And who knows what could render you helpless if he had some concoction."
You groaned loudly, throwing his hands down, ignoring his hurt expression. "I'm done doing this for the night. You can find me tomorrow when you come to your senses."
You left him behind to ascend the stairs to your dorm. He was hot on your heels when you began to jog up them. He reached out for you, taking a few big steps behind you to follow you up when the stairs just gave way underneath him.
You turned around when you heard a thud and the sound of air being knocked out of him. You covered your mouth, trying to hide the smile and laughter threatening to burst from your lips. Sebastian lay where the bottom few steps had previously been, but now they were a slick and curved ramp.
He lay on his stomach, face buried into the hands that had caught his fall, legs splayed out beneath him. When he looked up at you with cheeks flushed in embarrassment, that was it. You doubled over in laughter as you watched him right himself at the bottom of the staircase. The stairs quickly formed once more right in front of you both.
You went back down and placed a hand on his cheek where it had connected with the ground, tilting your head to look at him.
He avoided your eyes and mumbled, "I'm sorry. I just don't want anyone else to have you."
"They won't, Sebastian. Who else would try and climb a slide for me?" you teased him. He turned his face against your palm, groaning before placing a soft kiss on your hand.
"I'd do it again to make you smile and stop being mad at me." He circled his arms around you and pulled you close to rest his head on your shoulder.
"Something annoying about you is that it's incredibly hard to stay mad at you," you pouted, voice muffled against his neck.
He laughed softly and nibbled at your neck, fingers tickling at your sides, "It is good information to know I can't just sneak up to your room. I guess that means we'll have to find somewhere else to —"
You shoved him playfully away when your face heated up. "Okay, that's enough of that. I do need to go to bed, you know."
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shadeswift99 · 1 year
"Redemption arcs are an overdone and badly executed trope" factoid is actually just statistical error. Redemption Arcs Mythicalsausage, who spent episodes after his Xornoth possession systematically apologizing to the people he hurt and working to regain their trust while also giving them ample space to forgive him or not forgive him in their own time, as well as setting up an accountability network to keep himself from falling into evil again, is an outlier adn SHOULD be counted because oh my god it is so refreshing to see someone actually make their redemption a real arc instead of just a tacked-on excuse and a guilt trip -
#Mythicalsausage#empires smp#the next time someone asks me why i watch series like this instead of mainstream shows and movies anymore I'm just going to show them this#because you have NO IDEA how good this feels#it's a redemption arc that doesn't make me feel bad!! it doesn't give me an inexplicable sinking feeling!!#it's not focused on guilt! it's not about Sausage feeling guilty and down on himself for the things he did#and it's not about guilting other people for not immediately accepting that he's cool now either!#and there's REALISTIC ON SCREEN HEALING TIME?? Both physically and emotionally? For everyone??#it's too good to be true#it's so so so good in so many ways#how the things he did have lasting repercussions that don't disappear when he decides to turn over a new leaf#but also the consequences don't isolate or punish him in a way that makes the viewer wonder why he bothered trying at all#the way he takes accountability for things and doesn't push away other people's pain#while ALSO having a clear boundary in terms of how much accusation he'll take before reminding people that he was in fact possessed#and he gave his tools to Gem#it's a tiny detail but i swear I'm going to cry about it#he gave his corrupted tools to Gem...for safekeeping...#and he can ask her for them back and use them for a bit if he needs to if she asks him a few questions to know why and that he's safe#but he gave them to her to keep because he didn't trust himself with them at that point and that's just... that's good. that's very good.#that's genuine very good coping right there#....yeah it's been a Day apparently I am in fact tearing up over this#but the arc is good okay! it's very good!!#sausage <3#this man can WRITE
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rogueddie · 6 months
No one loves Steve.
This is a fact that Steve very quickly learnt to accept. He still remembers the first time he actually accepted it, stopped fighting against it and just let the facts be.
He was only a kid. Seven years old. He'd always thrown a tantrum whenever his parents left him behind, whenever he got stuck with nannies and babysitters and people he didn't know enough to trust.
But then... then he was already tired. His parents were leaving later in the day, giving Steve time to tire himself out with his usual attempts to get their attention. He was too tired to throw a fit.
It got him the attention he'd wanted. His mom had smiled down at him, so sweet and adoring, touched his cheek so softly and spoke to him with such a soft, quiet voice. A moment that screamed with all the affection she felt for him, a reward for his good behaviour.
But that's all it was. A reward. It wasn't born of love and Steve knew that. So Steve... accepted it.
Then there was Nancy. Cramped in a bathroom, at what should have been a simple and fun party, staring down at her cold eyes as she gave him a sharp reminder. One that Steve knew but wasn't willing to admit to himself- not yet, he'd just wanted a little more time in his beautiful delusion.
She didn't love him. She probably never had. Of course she didn't, no one loved him. It was all bullshit.
With Robin, though, Steve thinks he's as close to loved as he'll ever get. The sibling relationship they build so quickly in that bathroom feels stronger than steel. It feels like he might finally deserve it too. It feels like he deserves the way Robin latches onto him.
But she's still just a friend. They're close but, in his experience, friends aren't people who really love you. Even though, logically, he knows that Robin is nothing like Tommy or Carol... he can't get them out of his head. Can't get the way they'd laughed at him when he tried to explain the platonic love he had for them.
But they're just friends. That's not love. Steve is certain.
Which is why, when Steve finally realizes that he's in love with Eddie, he feels heartbroken. He can't say it- even though they've been in a relationship for a year. Even when Eddie says it first. Steve can't.
Eddie seems to fine with it. Doesn't demand Steve say it back, just keeps telling Steve that he loves him. He says it so casually, doesn't look the least bit hurt when Steve struggles to think of anything other than "thanks" to say.
His passivity only further convinces Steve that he's just saying it. They've been dating a while, it's expected. It doesn't mean it's love, it doesn't mean he really is in love with Steve. It just means he likes the relationship they have, that he likes Steve, a lot. Enough to try and make Steve feel better with pretty lies.
Because no one loves Steve. It's a fact that Steve has already accepted...
But... if he sometimes lets himself believe otherwise... if he sometimes lets himself believe that Eddie means it when he says "I love you"... well. The only person it will hurt is himself. And those small moments where he allows himself to feel loved are worth the ache that inevitably follows. It's worth the pain.
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sebscore · 1 month
I saw you mentioned Pierre and Charles babysitting a young leclerc sister? Can I request an imagine of that? Them being about 17 and 18, reader being a toddler? Thank you! Love your work.
Tumblr media
pairings: charles leclerc x sister!reader / pierre gasly x leclerc!reader
warnings: swearing. piarles are horrible babysitters. charles and pierre are teenagers in this for plot purposes.
author's note: this is heavily inspired by modern family, btw. thank you so much for the request! I hope you enjoy this fic and let me know what you think of it!
• • • • • • •
''Sorry, I know this isn't what we had planned for tonight.'' Charles apologized as he and Pierre settled into his living room. The Frenchman chuckled, not very amused. ''No, this is not what I had imagined.''
''It's the only way my parents would let me keep the house to ourselves.'' The teenager explained, looking down at the toddler sitting on her playmat.
It had been more difficult than expected for Charles to persuade his parents to let him and his friend be by themselves for the day. The truth was that Charles' parents didn't fully trust the teenagers to be left alone without any kind of supervision. However, Charles had been very adamant that he could be responsible and keep the house intact. So, his parents let him have his friend over on one condition: that they babysit the youngest Leclerc sibling.
Pierre patted Charles' back. ''It's okay, Charlito! It can be fun, right?''
''Yeah,'' he sighed out of relief, happy his best friend didn't want to leave, ''we'll play with her for a bit and tire her out, then she'll sleep easier.'' Charles loved his little sister more than anything, but he still wanted some guy time.
''Hey, Little Leclerc! You still know me, right? What's my name?'' Pierre sat himself down next to the toddler who was playing with her Barbie dolls.
She looked up at him, a bright smile covering her face once she noticed who it was. ''Gasly!'' Y/N screamed, making the two young men laugh. ''No, no, no! It's Pierre, Y/N! Pierre.'' He clearly articulated his name in hope she repeated it back to him.
''Pie- Oh, whatever,'' he sighed loudly, giving up on trying, ''should we play some Xbox? We haven't played in a while.'' Pierre suggested, his attention back to Charles.
The younger one nodded his head, moving to grab his two controllers. ''Mario Kart?'' The Monégasque smirked, already knowing the answer. ''What else would we play?'' Pierre got up from the ground and took a seat on the couch.
Charles sat down next to him, getting the game started. ''I beat you last time, remember?'' He grinned, recalling the previous time they played and Charles had won, much to Pierre's dismay.
''I'm ready for revenge, Leclerc.'' The older one stated, raising his eyebrow.
Before they could play against each other, they had to choose a character that would represent them in the race. ''Who are you choosing?'' Charles asked Pierre as they frequently switched up their avatars.
''Peachy Peachy!'' Y/N exclaimed, pointing with her small hands to Princess Peach who appeared on the tv screen.
Both boys chuckled at the girl's excitement. ''You want me to be Princess Peach, Y/N?'' Pierre asked her, lingering on the female character. The toddler babbled some inaudible words, but it was obvious what her answer was.
''Charlie, Daisy! Daisy!'' She focused her attention on her brother, who was about to choose Mario as his character. Y/N walked up to him, slapping her hands on his knees. ''You Daisy, Charlie!''
Charles glanced at an amused Pierre, who shrugged his shoulders. ''We can always change characters, Leclerc.''
''Okay, I'll be Daisy then.'' He gave in, a bright smile covering his face as his little sister started clapping her hands and stomping her feet, because of the overwhelming excitement she was feeling.
The babysitting gig was going well so far. Y/N plopped herself down on her mat and patiently watched the screen as the two guys raced against each other. She would clap for either of them whenever someone won or she would enthusiastically jump with them.
Charles was running in P1 until Pierre passed him in the last second and pushed him into the walls, making him come in last as everyone overtook him. ''Putain, Gasly!'' As soon as the words left the Monégasque's mouth, their eyes widened and immediately went to the little girl sitting in front of them.
''Maybe she didn't hear,'' Pierre whispered, making sure the little one wouldn't be able to hear them, ''just move on like nothing happened.''
''Hey, Y/N,'' Charles called her over to him, ''you want to play with me against Pierre?'' A wave of relief went through him as his sister jumped up at his words, pleased that she didn't start repeating the curse word.
He picked her up by her underarms and planted her on his lap. Charles trapped his sister between his arms, so she could grab the controller and play along with them, although he was practically doing all of the work.
Pierre let the Leclerc siblings have the win in the first round, knowing it would make the girl happy. ''You're so good, Y/N! You're better than both of us!'' He complimented her, booping her nose.
All was well, until Pierre used one of the red and green shells, and threw it at their character, making their Princess Daisy avatar spin around and lose their first place position. ''Putain, Gasly!'' Y/N repeated her brother's words, having it heard loud and clear before.
All the tension that had left came right back to smack the two boys in the face. They slowly glanced from the girl to each other, seeing a flush of panic in each other's eyes.
''Uh, Y/N? Go grab your crayons and coloring book, we'll draw together, okay?'' Charles spoke up, coloring being the first distraction that came into mind.
She adamantly nodded her head, excited at the thought of the three of them doing something together again. ''Okay.''
As soon as she was out of sight, Charles looked with wide eyes at his friend. ''I'm in so much trouble.'' His hand flew through his hair, frustration visible on his face.
''As long as she doesn't say it in front of your parents it's okay, Charles.'' Pierre tried to calm him down.
''That's the thing, she's learned something new and every time she learns something new, she wants to show it off to mum and dad.'' He explained, pretty confident that his sister would say the word when his parents got back home. ''They're not going to be thrilled that their 4 year-old daughter is saying curse words.''
Pierre thought for a moment. ''We can just explain to her that she can't say that word? She's very smart, she'll understand.''
As if on cue, the toddler hopped back into the living room while holding her box of crayons and several coloring books. Y/N put everything on the dining table, standing on her tippy toes and took a seat on her chair. She started coloring right away, not waiting for the two older guys that were still seated on the couch.
''Alright, we'll explain it to her.'' Charles agreed to Pierre's idea. They got up from their seats, put the controllers away and joined the girl at the table. ''Y/N, we have to talk to you about that word you said earlier.'' Her brother started off.
''What word?'' She looked up from her butterfly drawing.
Pierre shot Charles a warning look as if to say ''don't be dumb and repeat it''. The Monégasque got the hint and nodded. ''The one while we were gaming, the one that starts with p.''
''You do know my name!'' He exclaimed, it was the first time she properly pronounced his name. ''But no, not that one.''
Maybe she doesn't remember, Charles thought to himself. He glanced at Pierre who simply shrugged his shoulders, he seemed to be thinking the same thing.
''Oh, you mean 'putain'?'' Y/N said the word again, the innocent and pure tone in her voice almost not making it sound like a curse word. Pierre had a hard time not bursting out in laughter, it just sounded super adorable coming from the little girl.
Charles was shooting daggers at his friend with his eyes, they had to look serious. ''That's a bad word, okay? You can't say that anymore.'' He told her, getting on her eye-level.
''But you said it?'' Her confused expression was difficult not to swoon over, but they both had to be strong.
''I shouldn't have said that, that was really bad of me,'' Charles clarified for her, ''we're not allowed to say it, okay?'' He had an hopeful glance in his eyes.
Y/N glimpsed over at Pierre, his hands covering his face to try to hide his laughter. ''But it's making him laugh, Charlie! Why is he laughing if it's a bad word?'' She asked her older brother, not understanding it.
''Pierre shouldn't be laughing.'' Charles semi-scolded his friend.
The man in question scratched his throat. ''Your brother is right, it's not funny and I shouldn't be laughing, Y/N.'' He tried to sound stern.
The small girl simply laughed in their faces and got away from the table, running back upstairs to her room. ''We're not joking, Y/N Pascale Leclerc!'' Charles yelled.
''She thinks we're not being serious.'' He sighed to Pierre, letting his head drop onto the table.
Pierre chuckled. ''Well, are we being serious?'' Charles rolled his eyes at the Frenchman's words. ''Hey, come on,'' Pierre patted Charles' head, making the younger one look up, ''we're just gonna drop it, alright? By the time our parents get back, she'll have forgotten all about it, you know small kids.''
''Yeah, you're right.'' Pierre's assurance brought him some comfort about the situation, kids get distracted easily. They don't have anything to worry about.
The rest of the day went by quite smoothly. Y/N took a long nap after they played some football in the garden, so the two boys could play some more non-toddler-friendly games on the Xbox. Once Y/N had woken up, they ordered pizza and despite his mother drilling into him that she couldn't have any fast food, Charles let the girl have a few bites.
The three of them were laying on the couch watching 'Cars', when their parents returned home. ''We're back, mes chéries!'' Pascale, Charles and Y/N's mother, greeted them.
Y/N jumped up from Charles' lap, running into her mother's arms. ''Maman! I won against Pierre in Mario Kart!'' She bragged to her, a beaming smile on her face.
''Really? You had fun with the boys?'' She asked, subtly looking around the living room looking for anything that indicated they had caused trouble, but she found nothing.
''Yes!'' Y/N adamantly nodded, making everyone around her laugh.
Hervé had taken notice of the empty pizza boxes in the kitchen. ''Did you enjoy the pizzas? I hope you didn't give anything to your sister, Charles.''
Charles shook his head. ''She didn't have pizza, Papa.'' He lied.
''Chérie, what did you eat tonight?'' Her mother asked her, not entirely convinced by her son's answer.
The young girl glanced at the two teenagers before replying. ''I had pasta and Charlie gave me a lollypop after we played in the garden.'' She made sure to use her bambi eyes, knowing it worked on her parents and brothers every time she made that cute face.
''That's good, mon amour!'' Her mum hugged her, winking at Charles behind her daughter's back.
''We're gonna take off then, we have quite the trip back home.'' Pierre's mother, Pascale, signaled for her son to get up from the couch and to bid goodbye to everyone.
Pierre sighed, but stood up. ''Thank you so much for having me over, it was really fun.'' He thanked Charles' parents. Hervé hugged the boy, while Pascale ruffled his hair as she was still holding the toddler in her arms.
''Bye, Little Leclerc! I'll get revenge on you next time we play Mario Kart, alright?'' He crouched down a bit to be eye-to-eye with the girl. She nodded and the two high-fived.
Everyone moved to the hallway, waiting for Pierre to put on his shoes, so the Gasly Family could start their journey back to France.
''Maman?'' Y/N whispered in her mother's ear, covering her mouth with her hand.
''Why does Pierre look sad?'' The young boy was disappointed that the day with his best friend was already over, even though they would be seeing each other in a few days.
Her mum chuckled, endeared by her daughter's observations. ''He had a nice time here, so he's a little sad that he has to go home.'' Pascale explained, whispering back.
Pierre and his parents were almost out the door when Y/N came up with her masterplan to make the older boy laugh and cheer him up. ''Pierre! Pierre!'' She yelled, grabbing everyone's attention.
The silence in the hallway didn't last long as all the parents burst out laughing at the unexpected words that left the girl's mouth. Charles and Pierre, who looked like they had seen a ghost, slowly let the situation sink in and laughed along with them. They were mostly smiling out of relief that their parents could see the humor in it.
''Alright, goodbye, everyone!'' The Gasly's bid them goodbye one last time before disappearing from their sight.
Charles continued smiling until his father closed their front door and turned around, a serious look on his face contrasting the laughing one from before. ''I gotta go.'' He swiftly moved away from the hallway to the living room.
''Charles Marc Hervé Perceval Leclerc!''
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yetanothergreyjedi · 2 months
Ghosts of Our Past: Part 5
Dp x DC crossover
Damian Wayne and Danny Fenton siblings AU
Part 1&2 Part 3 Part 4. Part 6
Damian could barely see his brother, who was alive, from this vantage point. He had not picked the table initially, and even if he had, he likely wouldn't have faced that large group of teenagers anyway. There were many things to say about hindsight, but for now he focused on legibly writing out all of their family's contact information on a piece of sketchbook paper. Drake and Grayson were writing the same thing less legibly on napkins with crayons they'd procured from somewhere, and Drake kept arguing that Damian should give him a piece of paper because it's was his idea, and Grayson kept adding points both for and against both of their arguments instead of picking a side.
Damian didn't know if they were attempting to distracted him, or themselves.
He focused on keeping the pen steady, avoiding the occasional grab for the book, and lifting the pen away when Drake did manage to jostle him. He’d chosen pen, not pencil, a fine liner with waterproof ink something that wouldn’t smudge if folded and stuck in a pocket. Was it a mighty enough pen? The sword had done enough damage, and it hadn’t even been a full sword:
He'd kept the blade. At first only because it would've been foolish to disarm himself, then because Grandfather had been so proud of him. Then his training got sticker and under a closer watch and no one spirited him away for secret games. He would say it was the dagger he'd dispatched a traitor with, but he'd kept it because all other gifts from his brother had given him had been disappearing— his mother clearing away the evidence of her failure. He'd brought the blade when he'd come to Gotham, intent on using it. Now it sat on his wall, a reminder that actions had consequences.
For the first time, he felt the need to get rid of it. What would Danyal—no, Dany, who'd chosen to go by the name Damian had called him as a child— think to see it hanging on the wall like a trophy?
Dany was alive. Dany had run from him.
Damian had tucked the name Dany Fenton away in his mind. He wanted to run a search, to know where his brother had been, what he'd been doing, to know why he had hid from Father in addition to the league. But he would not, could not? He feared the tiny thread of trust they'd restrung would be severed if he did.
It didn't help that he'd butchered his own apology. How many times had his brothers told him he needed to improve that skill? How many times had he ignored the advice? Now come to face with his biggest regret and he had not even said the word 'sorry.'
Dany was alive. Dany was afraid of him, and he had every right to be. Damian had killed him. How does someone make up for that?
Dany would receive 2 napkins and a sketchbook page of identical contact information. It was a pitiful offering, but it put the choice in Dany's hands. And if he never wanted to see him again, Damian would find a way to live with it.
The group of students began to rise from their seats. Damian tore his page from the book and gathered the napkins. It would not be difficult to push through the teens, but he waited.
As he'd hoped, Dany trailed along the outskirts of the group; unfortunately, watched closely by the teacher to prevent him from running off. Damian scoffed at that, like the older man could really prevent Dany from doing anything. Maintaining civilian identities was tedious and this would be simple if they did not need to.
Dany gave him a little wave, more subdued than the kind he gave when they were younger.
"Our contact information," Damian held them out. "Since you have... other obligations..."
It was not what he wanted to say. What did he wish to say? But before he could open his mouth—
"Mr. Fenton," the tired sounding teacher reminded.
"Thanks, Dami... I'll see you around..." Dany slipped back into the group. He sounded so genuine? Was it an act to keep him from following, or did he mean it? He stood there like the fool he was until his phone buzzed.
A new number, with a single text. "👻"
Damian was struck by a new fear; that his brother may have the same sense of humor as Todd.
“Is it kinda bad I hope this Damian suffers a little??” @itshype asked me, and I thought: You know what, fair.
Then I looked at what I wrote for this section, It looked back at me. And I said, "No. itshype is right, Damian is not suffering nearly enough in this section.”
So I rewrote it, and it’s better now. I hope this satisfies the bloodlust, Love.💕
@phantomskeep have another fish for the aquarium in your stomach. This one is specked.
Tag list:
@spectralstardustandphantomnights @avelnfear @idfk-man10 @blackroserelina @candeartist422 @mur-ururu @luer-mirin @insufferablecatenthusiast @skulld3mort-1fan @alonedustspeck @voidbornposts @meira-3919 @marshmello @aethernorwood @mimilikey @undead-essence @cloudminder @markus209 @everything163 @latheevening226 @roman4517 @moobloomrights @battybatbat @lumosfeather18581 @werv @ahyesanerd @pyramaniac @lexdamo @princessbelix @bun-fish @deeannthepan @edgyboi10000 @thatrandomsarahchick @busterkeel @aconitewolfsbane @spoopyspoony @bright-shade @spidey29phangirl @idontgetpaidenoughforthisshit @keimiwolf @u-a-wizard-jamie @gay-puff @bicerise @itshype @blackfoxsposts @icanneverdecide @lolottes @chubbypotato @jovialherringtacoghost @saltyladynightmare
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torufilms · 1 month
★ : home — bllk.
Tumblr media
ꔛ ‬.*⋆ feat : isagi yoichi
ꔛ ‬.*⋆ cw : established relationship, some cursing, silly pro-athlete bllk boys <3, just lovely sappy ichi ! <3 ( an : i rlly hate being sad so m wrote some comfort wif my forever boy >o< !! this is a repost & 4 @hystix petals of love collab!!! ૮( ฅ́˘ฅ̀ )ა smoooch)
Tumblr media
to yoichi, coming home late didn't have much perks. if you asked him, returning home to your shared apartment as soon as possible and enjoying the flurry of soft kisses you'd press against his face was ideal to him. though, these days he's been returning way later due of all the matches and after parties that he's unfortunately dragged along too, never getting to catch you awake. despite that, the pro-athlete couldn't help but coo at your form on the couch.
isagi pushed the door gently, letting the door click silently before moving to drop his duffle bag near the couch. a placid smile growing on his face as he watched you snore quietly with fond eyes, "what are you doing out here angel?" he whispered jokingly, his finger nudging at your cheek, a soft chuckle leaving him when you leaned into his touch. "sorry for coming so late, i was dragged to another party .. again."
not expecting a response, laid his cheek on the couch near yours and turned his head to stare at the ceiling. "before you start, it wasn't at a club! i can't deal with another drunk discussion with bachira, it'll be part two of dolphin conspiracy theory... " he started, hands gesturing animatedly. "anyways— it was a dinner party, the bill was on reo because he lost rock-paper-scissors like a bitch! and y'know how you say eat the rich? trust, i did. brought leftovers for you too." isagi snickered, before lifting his hands to signal a pause. "wait, not eating like that. i will be beating the fruity allegations tonight."
glancing up to check if you reacted to his word, he sighed in relief as saw your resting face."anyways, we actually managed to bring rin along too.. bachira just kept talkin' shit and you know how that ends." he continued seamlessly, sitting up against the couch. "ok but seriously, rin is lowkey poetic with his insults. like not anyone can just think of 'poorly-cut amazon ass wig haircut on clearance' from the top of their head man? got me and chigiri laughing our asses off." he laughed, finger tapping against the floor in amusement.
if he had to be honest, he loved just rambling to you like this, awake or not. he knows even if you were awake you'd just listen to the things he had to share, softly giggling at any joke he made and adding your two cents to keep the convo going. it gave him a excuse to just admire you, over exaggerating some stories just to hear you laugh along with him. you were always so animated and understanding, yoichi was starting to wish you'd wake up soon, even if it is 1 in the morning.
"but yeah,, dinner was fun in the end? nagi drink spilt on the waitress's skirt and shoes,, twice. then aryu commented on how glamorous and how model like it could be to cheer her up and nagi was like, 'yeah if vogue picked their models from the ymca.'" isagi quoted before throwing his head back in laughter, covering his mouth trying not to be too loud before composing himself. "chigiri and kunigami had to sweet-talk the management into not throwing us out— embarrassing but i love going out with them honestly." he chuckled with a accepting shrug, before turning his head over to stare at you lovingly. "though... coming home to you is always my priority."
he sighed quietly, watching your resting face before getting up and stretching his body. reminding himself if he cuddled up to you without showering he'd be sleeping on the couch alone for a week (based on a true story). "alright babe, i'll be back! gotta get your ass off the couch to before you complain about your back in the morning like a idiot." he teased, shrugging off his tracksuit and moving to your shared bedroom.
"come back soooon!" you whispered from the couch, one eye peeking to watch how the athlete jumps at your voice. looking back with shock, isagi threw his head back in a laugh. of course you were awake, you would never fall asleep willingly on the couch for more than 30 minutes. shooting you a small grin, he raised his hand and flicked you off. letting out a loud laugh when he heard your dramatic gasp from behind him.
oh, how great it was to be home. 
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loquaciousquark · 4 months
My dog is getting old. This has happened to everyone in the history of the world who has ever loved a dog.
It's my turn, horologically speaking, to watch age catch up to him. I keep trying on the grief to see how it fits. Today I'm more sanguine; today I'm remembering the good days and the good years. The lump in the throat still hurts.
It's hard for him to stand up now on the bad days. Especially in the evenings, especially when a few hours ago he'd flung himself wall to wall with joy when I got home from work; and especially first thing in the morning when he wakes stiff as a board in the hips. On the good days he can still take the four stairs up to the living room in one light-speed jump when he's on a tear, though he trusts the kitchen linoleum much less than he used to. Today's a bad day. Yesterday was worse.
There's a faint discolored patch on my quilt where he sleeps. Right side, foot. It took half a decade to show up, and every few months I give it an extra soak in a bleach-filled bathtub. It still never really goes away; besides, he puts it right back on. Not tonight, though. Tonight he sleeps in the front room, because the stairs up to me are too hard. He watched me go up tonight without him and his tail drooped so low it touched the floor. He's only been mine eight of his eleven years, but I was there when he came home the first time, when he was exactly eight weeks old. I held him up in one hand like a waiter's tray and it was easy. He's ninety pounds now and I can't help him much at all.
German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia. Half-breed, half-hipped, I'd hoped, but on the bad nights he struggles to get up on those back legs like he's heaving ballast off a sinking ship. The husky part of him just seems to make him shed and yell, especially when I'm late getting home. I'd hoped for a little more time from the mix, maybe. But maybe not.
He's finally gotten used to fireworks. Thunder's mostly all right now, unless it's very bad. The washing machine is a new terror; sometimes I forget until it goes into the spin cycle and he lifts my legs off the ground trying to crawl under me. He eats books when he's anxious, when I've committed the temerarious crime of coming home and leaving again in the same day. Cold Mountain is nothing more than shredded cardboard and a few strung-together chapters, a sacrificial lamb to preserve Catherine, Called Birdy and Holes. The Private Patient died years ago.
He didn't want to come indoors tonight. The dryer was going, almost as bad as the washing machine, and there were stairs between him and bed. He let me coax him in at last, because I can't lift him and can't push him, and he made it clear that when he stiff-leg trotted inside he did so because he loved me, not because he wanted to. I sat with him while he found an acceptable patch of rug in the front room; I cooed and petted him and gave him a treat he didn't earn. He still whined when I left and looked like he wanted to get up, but didn't think he could make it.
He's getting old; it's his turn. His muzzle is turning white and his eyes have gone cloudy with cataracts. 2+ nuclear sclerosis, maybe -- probably all a little blurry, that's all. No PSCs, no cortical spoking; central vision's honestly probably fine. The vet keeps saying dogs adapt well. He can certainly see the stray cat who keeps lurking on my front porch. I'd like them to be friends, but a week ago he got out and chased her off like a bullet from a gun. His hips were good that day, and adrenaline covers a multitude of sins.
I have a picture of the first time we took him to get a Christmas tree. He's sitting and looking up and his head isn't even high to my knee. I remember watching him tear around the dog park lap after lap after lap, the single mixed greyhound out of fifteen or twenty dogs the only one who could keep up with him. I have pictures of him at the end of nearly every lecture I give; lately I've been tripping over them like rocks, stony little griefs worked loose from a streambed when the water moves too fast.
I'm thirty-five years old. I keep thinking that every dog who was alive on the planet when I was born is dead. Most are long dead. My dog has meds to help, which is comforting. I have a vet who will help me put him to sleep in my home, his home, when the time comes. Two to four years, she guesses, maybe, if he doesn't get cancer. When I watch him struggle to stand up I wonder if that's not too long for kindness.
It's a very human thing to miss someone before they die. Dogs don't do that. They live in an endless now, like a kid in a yellow summer. Now, I love you. Now, it hurts -- now it stops. Now, I love you.
I want that for us for what's left, for whatever one two three four years we have. When it happens, I want him to die in no pain, looking at me holding him where all his toys are, his favorite rope, his purple pig, his leash, his tennis balls. I want him thinking nothing but Now, I'm tired; now, I'm happy.
The empty place at the foot of the bed hurts tonight. The grief stings and bites, worse because I know I'm borrowing it ahead of time, because he's asleep fifteen feet below me, warm and full, even if tonight's a bad night and the stairs are too hard. I have to sit in it, though, just for a few minutes. Try it on for size. It's his turn, I keep thinking, and mine. Everyone who has ever loved a dog has done this before me. Now, I love you. Now, I miss you. Now, it hurts.
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unreliablesnake · 3 months
Forbidden love (Simon "Ghost" Riley x fem!reader)
Summary: Soap fell in love with you and Ghost was there to support him as he tried to win over your heart. What he didn't expect was falling in love with you himself--and you returning his feelings.
Warning: No warning. A little angst. The end is fluff. Soap was supposed to find them but I don't want to hurt my boy.
Tumblr media
Shortly after you joined the team, Soap became obsessed with you. He followed you around like a lost puppy, always eager to have a conversation, always ready to help when needed. He became your friend, a confidant you could trust during your missions.
He often told certain things about you to Ghost, as if he was the annoying little brother who couldn't shut up about his latest crush while also asking for the advice of his more experienced big brother. The lieutenant didn't mind in the beginning, he was aiming at giving Soap as much help in this situation as he could.
Ghost could only hope the sergeant's advances wouldn't ruin your teamwork. After all, Price kept working with Gaz most of the time and left Soap and you under his command. It didn't take long for the three of you to build a great little team, and Ghost didn't want to lose that over some stupid heartbreak.
But as it slowly became obvious Soap's efforts were fruitless, the mood started to change. The Scot began to feel depressed, his replies usually shortening to one word or a single sentence in your presence. When they were alone, he often talked to Ghost about how sad he was because of your indifference.
"Being friends with her isn't enough," he once said on the brink of drunkness. "But every time I make a move, she ignores it. She brushes it off and acts like it was either a joke or nothing even happened."
Ghost patted him on the shoulder before taking a swig of his beer. What was he supposed to say to that? 'Don't worry, she'll come around eventually?' Or 'she might not even realize you're flirting with her?' Neither of these sounded right, and in all honesty, he wasn't sure he could be supportive in this situation.
Because there was a problem. Ghost wasn't only talking to Soap. He talked to you as well. And the more you talked, the more he began to like you. You were disciplined, hard-working, kind, funny, and definitely easy on the eyes. You had everything he was looking for in a woman.
He couldn't let Soap find out, but with time it became a bit hard to keep his feelings a secret. His eyes often found you, like when his gaze was fixed on you as he drank his morning tea. He would have given up everything to have a chance to kiss you and hold you close. He wanted to know how soft your skin was, how your lips tasted.
One night, a few months into his suffering, he couldn't fall asleep. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw you being happy with him, either out on a date or in his bed. But that wasn't real and there was very little chance that it would ever become reality which made it a hundred times worse. So he didn't sleep, instead he went outside for a walk in the chilly night air.
He closed his eyes and let out a groan when he saw you lying on a bench, looking up at the night sky. He should have turned around and walk somewhere else but something drew him towards you. "All by yourself?" he asked when he got closer.
You sat up and gave him a sweet smile. "The stars are beautiful out here," you replied.
"Stargazing? Nice. Mind if I join you?"
"Some company would be nice," you admitted as you moved a little so he could sit down.
Ghost leaned his head back and looked up. You were right, it was a beautiful sight. But when he looked back at you, he realized these stars couldn't compete with you. "Do you know the constellations?" he suddenly asked. Back when he was a kid, he loved to learn about them. It was his way of escaping all the terrible things that were happening in his life.
"Not really. But I remember some ancient Greek stories about them."
"Can I tell you a secret?" You nodded and he leaned a little closer as if it was some conspiracy. "I feel like I was Orion."
You laughed in the most adorable way at this. "What? The woman you love might accidentally kill you because of the tricks of a jealous brother?" you asked incredulously.
If Soap found out he loved you, who knows what would happen. "There's a small chance," he said in the end.
"You have quite a wild personal life then, lieutenant."
Ghost shrugged. "I'd call it complicated."
The two of you sat there in silence, looking at the sky and appreciating the view. But after a while he noticed out of the corner of his eye that you were watching him with a concerned look on your face. He took a deep breath then turned to you with a questioning hum.
"Johnny seems to be under the weather lately. Or is it just me?" you asked.
"No, he really is."
"I asked him what's wrong but he just forced a smile on his face and said it was nothing. I thought we were friends."
Friends? Oh, you couldn't be more wrong. Maybe it was time to find out the truth. What Soap did was unhealthy, he should have given up trying a while ago. Being friends was still better than not having you around at all, he should finally understand that.
So Ghost inhaled deeply and looked at you again. "There's something you should probably know about him. He doesn't necessarily see you as a friend. Along the way he fell in love with you, but lately he realized you don't have the same feelings for him."
"I didn't know," you said quietly.
"Yeah, I had a feeling you just didn't notice the way he kept flirting with you."
Laughing, you scratched the back of your head. "I'm terrible at that. Always has been."
Under the mask, Ghost couldn't help but smile. You were so cute when you were embarrassed that he just wanted to reach out and pull you into a slow, soft kiss. Just to help you relax a bit. No big deal.
But no, he couldn't even think about that. You were off limits.
"Simon, there's something I need to tell you," you suddenly spoke up, your voice surprisingly serious.
Fucking hell, what were you doing to him? Just hearing his name roll off your tongue so sweetly made him feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. "Ghost. Riley. Lieutenant. Call me anything but Simon," he said sternly, hoping he would never have to go through the torture of hearing it again from you.
You tilted your head to the side a bit as you tried to figure out why he had a problem with this. "But that's your name."
"Don't push your luck, sergeant."
"I'm sorry, Sir. I just thought--"
"Don't think," he snapped.
Gulping, you moved a little away from him on the bench. "Did I do something wrong?" you asked cautiously.
Letting out a sigh, Ghost looked away. "You didn't," he replied, unable to look you in the eye after his outburst.
"Then why are you so harsh with me?"
"I have my reasons."
"But you won't elaborate, I guess."
"No," he confirmed.
Deafening silence fell between you after his answer. You got comfortable on the bench, leaning back and looking up at the sky again as if he wasn't even there. Suddenly he began to feel lonely, even though you were sitting right there next to him. Well, physically you were there, but your mind was up in the sky by now.
He was thinking about going to bed despite being sure he wouldn't be able to sleep now. But something told him looking at the ceiling would be better than ruining your evening with his presence. You had been here first, it was him who had to leave.
When he began to stand up, you suddenly broke the silence without looking over at him. "I'm gonna ask Price to let me transfer somewhere else," you said.
"You want to leave us?" he asked as he sat back down.
"Yes. I've been thinking about it for a while."
"Why?" But you didn't answer. You didn't even turn to him. With a groan he grabbed your chin and forcully made you look at him. "I need to know the reason," he told you.
"Personal reason."
Personal? What could that be? "Did Johnny do something stupid?"
"He didn't do anything," you replied, giving him a pointed look for accusing the fellow sergeant.
"Then why?"
You shook your head as much as you could while he held you tightly. "It doesn't matter."
"It matters to me. Am I the reason? Did I say or do something?"
"You're my superior," you said, as if it would explain everything. Ghost gave you a questioning look, but you just shrugged. "That's all."
"I don't understand." Nothing. You remained silent. "Y/N, I'm begging you, tell me."
"I," you began hesitantly before falling silent again. "Oh, fuck, I could just as well tell you since I'm leaving. I shouldn't have feelings for my superior, that's it. I'm so sorry, I can't help it. It would be for the best if I just left."
He shook his head and moved his hand from your chin to your cheek. Even though he still had a hard time accepting that he did hear you say this, his brain worked on autopilot as he said his next words. "Don't leave. Please, just stay here. We'll figure something out," he added as he caressed your soft skin.
"Ghost, I really like you," you began, leaning into his touch. "Every time we talk, I find something new I love about you, and this hole I'm digging for myself is getting way too deep. I can't get out anymore and it slowly ruins my life because I can't think and can't breathe without you."
"Then I'll be your ladder. Look, I… I've been harsh with you because… God damn it," he cursed angrily before pulling his mask up to his nose and closing the gap between you to kiss you passionately. "You're driving me crazy," he muttered against your lips.
You giggled into the kiss before finally leaning back a little to look him in the eye. "That wasn't my intention."
"Trust me, you don't have to do anything for that result," he informed you as he pulled down the mask.
"What are we going to do now?"
"What do you mean?"
You shifted on the bench so you were now lying on your back with your head resting in his lap. "You're my superior, we can't be together," you explained as you reached out to intertwine your fingers with his.
"We will keep it a secret," he said with a shrug then buried his free hand in your hair.
"And if someone finds out?"
"We'll be careful."
"Johnny will pick up on it. We work together all the time, he will notice if the way we communicate changes," you pointed out.
"Then let's make sure he won't. Just trust me, okay? And don't you dare talk to Price about transferring," he warned you, making sure it didn't come out as an order.
Ghost couldn't believe it was happening for real. Just a couple of minutes ago he was trying to push you away for your own good, and now he was sitting there hand in hand with you. How in the hell did this happen? But it felt right, as if the two of you had been heading in this direction all along.
He moved his hand out of your hair and began to stroke the skin on your neck absentmindedly. The two of you began to talk about silly little things to pass the time, and his face began to hurt from smiling so much as he listened to you. He wondered how he could deny having feelings for you for this long.
It was so easy to love you, came as natural as breathing. And he never wanted to let you go.
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Tumblr media
TW: Trophy!Wife Reader. Smut. Language. Cheating. 
SUMMARY: JJ mends your broken heart with a sultry distraction…
Trophy wife!reader sad about her husband cheating on her and Pool boy!JJ makes her feel better 
You blamed yourself as you couldn't help but compare yourself to her. No more a friend than a stranger, the girl who coveted your side of the bed with your husband's arm wrapped around her was an acquaintance you saw in passing. She was a candidate for an assistant he claimed to need as you trusted him enough to ignore the fact they were all the same styled girl. 
Youthful. Impressionable. A minimum of a 34DD bra size and an apparent predilection for holding the attention of a married man. Because of this, the tears continued to cascade no matter your attempts to cease them. Even as you found anger to win over guilt or blame, you would always end up returned to such waterworks wondering why it was he chose her. 
After the life made together. The memories. The obstacles you believe you had overcome. All thrown to the wind for a girl unworthy of the smile she gave once leaving with the gall to kiss his cheek and flash a smile in your direction. 
"You 'lright Mrs-" Even the sound of a title you once basked to hold would only worsen your tears. Even when spoken by the honeyed tone of your handsome pool boy. The one you hired a few weeks prior from a forbidden curiosity you could fantasize about while standing within the safety of your kitchen. Every perfectly etched detail of his body responsible for such illicit visions that sent your thighs to press together with need. 
"Are you hurt?" He asked to the way you held your arms across your chest. 
"Can I ask you something?" You were unhinged in remaining demure. Always an accompaniment to your husband's arm, you rarely spoke your mind as it was often responded with silence or a judgemental look. But the question in your mind that played in a bitter repetition kept you from remaining silent for another moment. 
"Sure…" he shrugged, half focused on your delay and more on not directing his attention to the way your body peeked beneath the suit exposed by a draped cover. 
"Am I too old?" He scoffed. 
"What?!" The question caught him off guard as he laughed. 
"I mean…Do I…am I look attractive?" He fumbled to speak as his eyes darted in every other direction. Not a moment in which he could look at you without being more than honest. 
"I really don't think I should say…" 
"Well considering the fact that I just found some girl maybe just out of high school with her legs around my husband's shoulders, I would consider it a favor if you were just honest with me. I can take it…" He paused, placing the pieces together before looking at the interior of the house. 
His own fantasy having come to life by your question as the possibility presented itself to him. Your husband was absent, and even if he wasn't, he didn't mind as much as he may have to keep this job in knowing such pain was brought to you. If not for the way he was uncertain, he would have made it his personal mission until you forgot of anybody but him. But he also found the presence of your smile to highlight his day. And due that and the fear of losing that, he remained as honest as he could without risking that. 
"You're a knockout and he's an idiot. Most Kooks are, always taking what they have for granted. I mean, personally, if it were me, I'd-" He stopped himself, the way you looked at him made him silent. 
"I really shouldn't have said that…"
"Please…I want to know." He hesitated before meeting your eyes. 
"If it were me, I'd never let you leave that bedroom." His eyes fell to your lips as if to ask the silent question of risk you were desperate to make. But when neither of you ventured to move to it, he would be the one to retreat. 
"Sorry…I uh…I have your filter to check and the ph to-" You watched him fumble over himself. The usual arrogance of most "Kooks" resulting in a roll of your eyes. But his refreshing groundation made you close the distance between you. 
"For right now, I'm nobody but yours, JJ…" You interrupted your own kiss as he allowed you to take the lead. Even if you knew little about him, you knew enough to know this would be worth the deception. 
"Touch me…" 
"I don't need directions, sweetheart…" he spoke softly with the slightest hint of dominance as he guided you flat to the angled lounge chair you had governed during your distressed breakdown. Yet he wasn't selfish or gluttonous. Instead, he was tender, pulling your recently stationary legs around his hips before he angled you onto your back. 
"I mean it. He's a fucking idiot…But I'm glad. Because I'm gonna make you feel things he couldn't even dream of…" His lips possessed your own as his hands worked carefully to undress you. A singular knot at the back of your neck was pulled loose as your breasts were exposed to him. Warm calloused hands took hold of one with expert fondling before moving to the other. When certain you approved, he lowered his mouth to the one closest to him.
"Do you like this?"
"Yes…" You fought a moan as he smirked against you. Your hands running softly through his hair before tugging as he captured your nipple between his teeth. 
"You sure you want to do this here? There's a perfect pool house with a nice bed we could break-"
"You don't have to beg…" he lifted his hand to your cheek. 
"But you do make it sound so damn pretty for me, princess." You adored the way he focused on you. Never leaving a question if you were who he thought of as he kissed you. Not a moment of distraction as you noted from your husband. 
"Please…" He nipped at your jaw to your pleas before your fingers set at his hips. The dry trunks easy to maneuver before he lowered enough to keep himself out of reach. 
"You said that he had her legs over his shoulders?" The question made you scowl yet nod as you answered him. 
"Only fair you get the same." He untied the bows made at either hip of your bikini and you were left completely vulnerable to him. Yet somehow safe as he lowered between your thighs. 
"I want to know something first…and I want you to be honest with me…" he kissed your thigh before asking his question once you nodded. 
"He ever made you come?"
You hesitated, certain he must have at one point. But the wedding night he was too drunk. The honeymoon he was too busy. And every time since he had been distracted. Your only means of pleasure having come from your own fantasies and the trusty vibrator gifted by your maid of honor. 
"It's okay, sweetheart. I'll more than make up for it." He kisses you once at your core. Yet once was enough to send your back into an arch and your fingers through his hair in a pull. 
"I like it…" he acknowledged as you lessened your grip. "Let's me know you want it."
"I do…" you confessed as he spread your thighs wider to expose you to him. 
"Then let me hear it, darling." The sound of his tongue and the dictions made behind his grin made his order impossible to deny. His name accompanied by moans motivated him even deeper before he altered his angle. Two fingers to his mouth and eyes set to you pulled his fingers between your lower lips. 
"He ever make you this wet? Honest, princess." 
"No-" You rasped. 
"Good…he doesn't deserve to…" He kissed softly at your clit before savoring the small bud. He sucked and licked in alterations as his fingers worked you into a tremble. Your eyes, unable to remain open until he offered himself a reprieve to learn your reaction to him. But as he expected you to ask for more or even wait for him to act, you directed him to sit on the edge of the lounge chair. 
"Mrs-" Before your name could be uttered, you had undressed and revealed him to you, his cock spring to life from hr freedom your fingers allowed. A single spray of spit lubricating him enough to rub him into initial pleasure as you twisted that grip before beginning your oral fixation to his head. 
Due to his impressive cock, you began slowly, focusing on livening every nerve and vein on his shaft before your nose brushed his skin. The gag made from your throat worrying him to pull you back by your cheeks. 
"You don't have to…"
"Am I doing something wrong?" 
"I'm about two sucks from coming…" he teased. 
"But I want more…" You explained with sultry eyes narrowing into a siren's existence as he grinned widely before his lips fell limp. Exhausted and shallow breaths came from his attempt to subdue his release and lengthen his stamina. His body tightening as you cupped the weight beneath him. 
"Mmm…mmm…mmmmmmm…" You moaned with the intent to use the vibrations to strengthen those sensations as he raised his hips into your grin until he'd brought himself to that edge. 
"Stand up…" he commanded in an unsteady display of his own desperation before aligning you to stand over him. The second you were reliant on his weight, he adjusted the chair until it was flat. 
"I want to watch you…" 
"Then watch me, JJ…" His back arched and his eyes rolled as you rode over him. His cock almost too much for you to enjoy without being anxious, but his facial contortions of pleasure offering you the confidence you questioned otherwise. 
"Fuck, sweetheart…You feel so damn good…"
"I want you to come inside me, JJ…" His eyes widened. 
"I don't-I don't have a condom." You lowered over him as his hands fell from your breasts and to your hips. 
"IUD, you're good…"
"You sure?" 
"Positive…" But as he read your conviction behind your smile and blissed expression, he sat up. 
" Not like this…" Your eyes sharpened into worry of rejection. 
"I need to feel all of you." He lifted you around him and into the pool house. You weren't able to make it to the bedroom as you were taken over the arm of the couch. 
"Asshole doesn't deserve to hear you come. Or see it on any of his little cameras." You blushed as you'd forgotten about it until now. 
"You're all mine now, sweetheart. Just like you said." You nodded. 
"Yours." He swiped a hand across your ass to the agreement. 
"Again, princess. I only come in what's mine."
"Yours, JJ. I'm yours…" You whined as he nodded. 
"Good girl…" He sunk into you with conviction. But not for his own benefit. He was slow and thorough as he pulled you to his lips. 
"You deserve to be touched like this…" His hand fell to your breast as another surprised you at your clit. 
"To come hard. And often." He quickened both sets of hands. 
"And you will do both. With me." You rested your head against his shoulder as he picked up his pace. Unbridled passion behind each snap of his hips as you were taken against him and kept upright by his sting arms flexed to keep you in place. 
"Yes! JJ!" You gasped. 
"You gonna come for me, princess?"
"Then come. Don't hold back. You deserve to feel-" Before he could finish his endorsement, you were cascading down his shaft and clenching around him in validation of your release. But then he threatened to stop, withdrawing as your hands wrapped around his hips. 
"I want you to come, JJ…"
"It'll be too much."
"I can handle it…" you turned to tease his lips. "Please…" His jaw tensed for only a second before he brought you over his lap. 
"A few more for me, sweetheart? I want it to last…" you took charge of the position he set you in as you took him back into your mouth. Only now, it was with his sole pleasure in mind. But a finger to your sex from your raised hips would counter this. 
"JJ…It's your turn…" 
"Making you come makes me want to…Keep going for me…" He used his second hand to make a ponytail from your hair as you were able to bob effortlessly around him. 
"That's my girl…shit!" He gasped, his fingers inside of you quickening as you trembled over him. Your pace breaking to a coming orgasm as he winced to the sound you made around his cock.
"Come ride me baby…" You moved swiftly and effectively as you pegged yourself onto his shaft. Quick motions made of new thrusts as your fingers ate into the fabric of the couch behind his head. 
"JJ! You feel so good!"
"Fuck!" He relaxed as you slipped over him. His fingers at once with each cheek making up your perfect ass. 
"You're so fucking beautiful…he doesn't deserve you…" his words accompanied your moans as you became lost in the sensations of his thick fulfillment. 
"I'm gonna come…" He set your forehead to his as you came apart within. Every control lost as he became submissive for that moment you claimed him as he had done for you. 
"Did I mention your husband's an idiot?" He explained as you nodded. Your eyes coming to the ring on your hand. JJ noticed the way it brought you sadness and he pulled your hand to his lips. The ring disappearing behind his teeth and a naked hand left behind. 
"I think your hand would look a bit better…" He directed your hand to his cock. "Here…" 
"You want more?" 
"I've wanted this a while, princess. Got one more fantasy to play out."
"Yeah? What's that?" 
"Making sure he knows what he lost…" he motioned to the camera set in perfect view of you as you were no longer the sad woman an hour prior. You were no longer chaste or shy as JJ altered both of those feelings for you. Instead, you were motivated and carnal. Wanting to please him and only him. 
And you would spend the rest of the day returning the favor, understanding why your husband optioned for the younger version as you decided if he could have his vices then you would have yours as well….
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steviesbicrisis · 5 months
part 1
[TW: internalized homophobia | compulsory heterosexuality]
Eddie doesn't want to have a problem with Steve.
Steve is great, he's one of his best friends, contrary to all predictions, he enjoys his company, he feels at ease around him, and he knows he can always count on him.
He really doesn't want to have a problem with Steve.
When he had come out to him, a few weeks ago, Steve looked so scared and worried about his reaction. Eddie had reassured him immediately that nothing was going to change and he meant it. He hated the look on Steve's face, the idea that he didn't know if he could trust him.
Of course, Eddie was surprised. Never in a million years he would have thought of Steve as a gay - actually, bisexual - person. But other than surprise, Eddie desperately wanted to be cool with it, to be there for Steve.
It wasn't as easy as he thought.
Slowly, Steve begins to be more open about it - as much as a small town in Indiana could let him: he talks about it with Robin, sometimes with Eddie; he comes out to other people, like Dustin, Nancy and Jonathan; he ventures gay bars outside of Hawkins, he tests the waters until he's comfortable enough to actually make a move on someone.
Eddie feels bad every second of it. For every little milestone in Steve's journey, Eddie has an ugly rancid feeling at the bottom of his stomach. "I kissed a guy last night", Eddie wants to puke.
"There was this hot dude, we got out for a smoke and then-", Eddie stops listening because he knows he's close to snapping.
"I told Dustin, you wouldn't believe how cool he was with it!", Eddie feels bad, wishing he was a better friend.
Eddie tries to overcome these emotions, he really does. But sometimes he would make a face, say the wrong thing, huff or roll his eyes and Steve would notice every time.
The last straw for both of them comes on an ordinary Thursday evening. Steve is beaming and sighing as he looks out of the family video door, until Eddie has to ask what is going on.
«I have a date, a guy asked me out last night. Like, a proper date!»
«Wow Harrington, I didn’t know you gave up on women entirely» it is supposed to be a joke, but comes out bitter.
They fight. Steve can’t take any more of the snarky comments and the bad looks and Eddie knows that he’s right, but also he’s doing his best, he just needs time.
Steve tells him it’s better if they stop hanging out for a while and Eddie protests, but he can’t do more when Steve tells him «if you can look at me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have a problem with me, then I can go past this and pretend it never happened.»
He tries but Eddie can’t do it, he can't lie to him. Steve’s face falls and Eddie gets out of the store being mad at everything but mostly at himself.
No one says it, but it looks like a breakup. Their friends pick up sides: Robin refuses to talk to him, Nancy and Jonathan are disappointed in him but still hang out with him when Steve isn't around, Dustin doesn’t know what happened but calls him a dick for good measure.
Eddie doesn’t complain, he knows what he deserves.
The only person who's still happy to talk to him is Chrissy. After their disastrous first date -Eddie will never ask Robin for movie advice ever again, a musical about pirates with reincarnations and lightsabers, what was she thinking?- somehow she was still happy to keep dating Eddie.
Eddie likes her, she’s nice, pretty and she isn’t as clingy as other girls Eddie dated before. They mostly talk and do stuff together, sometimes they make out but nothing more, Eddie likes it better that way.
They’re going back to his van after dinner when Eddie spots Steve in his own car, with a guy. Steve is laughing at something the guy says and then they’re kissing.
Eddie doesn’t know where the rage inside of him comes from, but he needs to leave. He realizes too late that Chrissy saw them as well. The rage turns into fear.
«Chrissy, don’t tell anyone what you saw, please» he pleads, worried about Steve.
She takes a look at Eddie’s face, then back at Steve. A thought crosses her mind.
«Uhm yeah, sure… can we go back to your place?»
Eddie is nervous for the whole ride. Half of him is worried about Chrissy saying something about Steve around, the other fears that she plans to have sex with him tonight.
Eddie opens the door for her and follows her inside, nervously.
She asks for a drink but she doesn’t step any closer to Eddie which makes him relax a little.
Actually, she sits at the opposite end of Eddie’s couch and only after they had a good amount of alcohol in their system, she faces Eddie.
She comes a little closer to him, and he feels nervous again. She seems nervous too so he completely misunderstands the situation.
«I don’t wanna have sex tonight!» he blurts out, surprising the both of them. She stares at him for a second before chuckling.
«Eddie, relax» she smiles reassuringly «this is not about us- I mean, also us but- I wanna talk about Steve.»
Eddie looks at her, completely thrown aback by her request. She knew that they had a fight but she didn't know about what, obviously, so she probably connected the dots after what she saw and his reaction.
He tells her about everything, the words come out easily and she is a great listener, mostly nodding from time to time. By the end of it, she looks determined.
«So, I get you wanna get over these ugly feelings because Steve is your friend, right? I think I can help. Drink more» she lends him another beer from the coffee table «and bare with me, okay?»
«First of all, let's talk about gay people. Does it bother you if you see two guys together?»
«Well no, not really» he answers, after giving it some thought.
«So this is about Steve» she concludes for him «it bothers you thinking of him with a guy?»
He doesn't want to admit it, but he also trusts Chrissy «yeah, it does...»
«And, does it bother you thinking of him with a girl?»
«What does that have to do with-» Chrissy interrupts him «just answer the question. If he got a girlfriend, someone that he really liked, would that bother you?»
Eddie gives it some thought. He had seen Steve dating girls before, but all of his dates turned into a disaster. It was something he expected, he had noticed and made that comment about him dating nerds.
What if he found another girl like Nancy? or someone like Robin who liked him back?
Horrified, Eddie realizes he doesn’t like the sound of that either.
«Oh shit.»
AN: the final part is almost done, I thought it would be better to split it and not make you wait too long after the first part, I hope it’s okay! Thank you for the support on the first part, really! If everything goes well I'm posting the last part tomorrow.
If you’re curious, Robin made Eddie rent The pirate movie, please google it if you have time. It’s so bad. Robin is a great friend to Steve, not so much to Eddie.
Part 3
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peppermint-monster · 1 year
Ex-Husband Izuku Midoriya X Chubby Reader!
Tumblr media
Warnings: Unprotected sex, dirty talk, Pet kink, Pet names (Baby, Mama Pup, Puppy), Public Display, Caught, DDLG-ish, Strength kink...?, Dom!Deku, Mentions Oral (Female receiving), Mentions the use of toys, you are a mommy, Breeding kink, Babytrapping, Jealous!Deku(for the first half), Jealous!Reader (just a small part), Possessive!Deku, Masturbation...? (Solo-ish male), Masochism-ish (The reader slowly enjoys being humiliated), The beginning of Master/Pet...? Basically, NSFW. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Also be mindful that I didn't really mention much of the reader's appearance (Besides she's female) since I wanted to keep it vague for everyone to relate as much as possible, though it is definitely for the more voluptuous side of ladies.
Please be mindful that all photos are not mine, but the making of the collage is.
MINORS DNI!!!! 🔞🙅🏻‍♀️ If you're not comfortable with this, please ignore!
Tumblr media
Ex-Husband Izuku Midoriya with a chubby reader! who's been divorced from each other for over 4 and a half years yet that never stops him.
“Hey.” They both awkwardly greeted one another.
“Thank you for agreeing to watch them tonight, I wasn't sure if you were working late again…” She shyly mentioned, fiddling with the long trench coat she was wearing, staring everywhere besides her ex-husband's tired gaze.
Izuku Mirdoriya, her ex-husband had grown so well since UA, sporting a much kept tame curly top, his whole body still kept in shape buffed up and so much taller (That no matter how tall you are he’s taller than you 😆). His freckles still were prominent on his cheeks, and the once innocent appeal was now tired and gloomy that he couldn't hide from her.
Izuku ran his fingers through his thick green locks while taking a step closer to her. The lighting that shine through the living room made her eyeshines and gave him a glimpse of her dolled up face, serving a look that was equivalent to a loving warm tone.
“They are my kids. I’ll always make time for them…” He reassured, pressing his lips together while shyly looking away before continuing, “...and you.”
Izuku cleared his throat, glancing back at her as he crossed his strong scarred arms across his broad chest. “J-Just because of our circumstances doesn't change a thing.”
Shyly she nodded averting his gaze while clutching her purse, chills ran through her body from how smooth his voice sounded. It’s one of the things she found most attractive about her ex-husband. Missing dearly his morning voice which was so deep and raspy.
She awkwardly shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she tried to balance herself on these unbearable high heels, hoping that her ex-husband won't notice.
It’s not that she wasn't in love with her Izuku, trust me the relationship was filled with love; she was still in love with him and he was still in love with her. The thing is, by being the #1 hero his work took up a lot of his time, basically a whole 24/7 job which he couldn't give to her or to Riku and Hana.
And she got sick of it, wanting, needing, and craving physical touch and her man's attention yet couldn't get. Spending a number of nights alone in their bed, wondering if he had forgotten about them and if he was safe. She couldn't bear it even though she convinced herself that she could handle being a wife to a man whose job threatened his life daily.
But sadly, she couldn’t handle it anymore, and with no surprise filed for divorce, handing the papers to Midoriya who wasn't expecting this, yet didn't complain, only quietly signing the paper with certain terms. Ouch…
She kept the house and he gets to see the kids whenever he wants. And that meant this occasion.
Since Izuku knew he couldn't be there all the time Izuku couldn't help himself from secretly telling his son to at any means not allow his mother to be with any other man. But in a simpler way which his son could understand, going as far as telling him to just give them his father's phone number. And his son did exactly that, one time having a random cashier wave him down as his mom was grabbing the bags, asking for the boy's mother number which he nodded while giving the man a phone number before walking with his mom as a smile spreads on his face as he chuckles to himself. Bless this man who calls the number. What he expected to hear was the sweet angelic voice from the curvy beauty at the grocery store but was shocked to hear a tired grunted voice, “Hello?”
“Uh, hey I don't know if you remember me, but I was the cashier who checked you out. It’s Hitori if you forgot, I saw you with your kid (Cute kid btw) and I was wondering…If you'd like to go out with me?” The man tried to sound confident however the longer he was speaking and silence on the other end it made him nervous and babble his whole speech. Until hearing a man chuckle from the other line. “Hate to break it to you pal, but she’s taken, happily married.” The man was shocked from hearing the man from the other side.
“I-I don't believe you! She wasn't wearing a ring. Do you honestly leave your wife going out without her ring on? Such a noob move, man.”
“That doesn't worry me cuz guess who's dick be buried deep in her nice and tight pussy. Hm~ Me.”
“-Tsk I-I don't believe you!”
“Zuzu, who are you talking to?” The angelic voice the cashier heard was in the background.
“No one, baby.” The man said to the curvy beauty before saying, “I’ll let you go. Don't call me or talk to my wife while she goes grocery shopping ever again. I won't hesitate to find you. Bye!” He cheerful says with a hint of fakeness at the end before hanging up. Can’t be having his curvy wife know what he’s been doing to sabotage her love life.
“Don't call me that! Anyway…who were you talking to?” She asks, trying to cover her nightgown with her robe since her ex-husband seems to enjoy coming inside her home and sleeping on the couch after his very late night shifts.
“No one...Why? Jealous? Don't worry, Baby I only have eyes on you.” He smile, chuckling when she whacked him with a pillow and left upstairs.
“How was your day, bud?” Izuku questions the seven-year-old while placing the baby bag on the ground before sitting on the couch with his two-year-old daughter Hana in his arm.
“It was fun! Aunt Mimi (Mina) came with Kenta and we were playing.”
“Oh? That’s nice. How is mommy?”
“Bleh, she was talking to Mimi, about a date she's going to.”
That perks Deku’s interest.
A date?
With who?
Why didn't he get the memo?
And so it dawns on him, ‘So that's why she was looking so ravishing tonight.’
Wearing a long coat so he couldn't see what she was wearing (‘cause he would have known if so), which was most likely a dress that showed all her full-figured.
And Mina knew about this? No worries though ‘cause he doesn't plan on having his Mama pup too loose from the chain thinking she could be fucking any other guy but him.
“Alright, let's get yours and Hana pajamas on to watch this movie you want to watch.” Izuku smiles, taking the hyperactive kids to change, with a mental reminder that he needs to make a call.
“Uh, hey Ashido. Listen, I need a favor.”
He was in disgust with the way she was staring at the man seated across from her, tucking a piece of hair while batting those dow-eyes of her, so she could look cute.
And the outfit? Completely different from what she wore when bringing the kids instead of the long trench coat she was wearing before, she now wore a form-fitting dress that shows exactly what he knew would show, her fucking body that he desperately miss and wants to hold in every way.
He couldn't take it.
“Z-Zuku? What are you doing here?” She was shocked to see him, towering over them with his baggy grey sweat pants and white shirt that was definitely not appropriate for the fancy place she was at. Which made certain people stare at reason. Those pretty emerald green eyes of his that were once tired and depressed have now darken by anger, while looming over her date.
“While I’m taking care of our kids you're playing with this...” Midoriya held his tongue as his jaw clenched.
“Wait, kids?”
She couldn't believe he was putting her on blast as though what she was doing was wrong. It wasn't like she was hiding that she was a mother, it just wasn't brought up since it's barely been a solid forty-five minutes since they got there. Their food hasn't even come out yet.
“Izuku…” She quietly said, trying to calm her ex-husband down.
“I see you got rid of the long coat, what happen? Got too hot?”
Izuku was pissed, far beyond it that he had his arms crossed and shift his gaze at the stargaze man who was staring right back at him, too shock and what seems to be fanboying over him, while she was scared for the poor man's life.
“You must love married women if you're here with my wife.”
“-Enough Izuku!”
Suddenly noticing around them, she sees the whole restaurant staring at the commotion.
“What's going on?”
“Is she cheating on him?”
“Woah! Pro-hero Deku!”
Quickly she stands, “I’ll be right back!”
She smiles towards her date before turning and grabbing Izuku’s wrist with an angry expression while pulling him away before he could pounce on the poor man.
They headed near the restroom area to have some privacy.
Leaning against the wall, he bitterly said, “You moved on quite easily.” Nodding his head towards where they came from.
“I can't believe you, Izuku! That was the most humiliating thing that happened to me.” She angrily said with a flushed demeanor.
“You know none of this would be a problem if we try again and you let me move back into our house.”
“Don't make that an issue when it isn't.” There were people hastily trying to get away from the bickering ex-couple, arguing back and forth with each other for a good few minutes.
"Did you screw him?" Her eyes widened, surprised by his unexpected outbursts. "I ask you a question… Did that guy fuck that fat pussy?" He took a step forward, as she took a step back, caught off guard by his calm and collected manner.
He'd never spoken with such firmness and authority before.
Damn was that hot.
Her body was suddenly pressed against a wall she had no clue was behind her, taking advantage of the situation, Izuku traps her hands over her head with one of his own while the other caress her chin. "Ah, Zuku..." she whined.
"Answer the question." He murmurs raspily, fanning his breath over her ear then nipping at her earlobe.
"No," She finally answers, murmuring meekly while shaking her head, with those innocent, naive, dreamlike eyes of hers.
"I told you I-I’m not ready for that…" There's nothing to lie about, despite the fact that she's more than ready for it, just not with someone else.
"Such a good girl." He praises. Tracing her luscious lips with his thumb he smirks while pressing his thumb between her lips, obediently sucking on the thumb ever so longingly as a chill runs through her back. "It seems you’ve forgotten how good I make you feel." When she stared into his eyes, she saw how dark they had gotten, wild and fierce.
She broke away from her trance, urgently trying to pull away from his well built chest, knowing that if she persisted, her body would give in to the heap of desires sparking through them.
The mere thought of them making love made her heart race and her cunt tingle. How sex with her ex-husband was the best she experienced. The sensual kisses and the caresses he’d give her body just the unconditional attention and love that she deserve.
He turned his gaze next to her before staring back at her and pulls away, taking her by the arm and dragging her inside the ladies' room, to the handicap toilet, slamming the door behind them (but not close...).
"You're such an annoying woman. Pushing all my buttons and claiming you don't need me for anything, yet every time I fight back, you seem to enjoy it. Craving for my dick. You're such a spoiled brat who loves being mistreated." Izuku tears her dress collar, stretching the gorgeous dress that he actually bought her for an anniversary; just seeing her wear it for another guy just infuriated him.
"No…" She moans as his warm tongue wraps around her erect nipple while having her other nipple being pinched and played with by that enormous hand of his as she lazily tries to push away from him. Subconsciously she knew what he said was true, how she loves when he chases after her. It was one of her toxic traits.
She threw her arm around his neck as he hunched over, fingers running through his hair as Izuku fondled her breast while nursing on the other.
“Ah yes.” She missed this feeling, miss the way his eyes would slowly become a lustful daze.
“See you want this more than me. Admit it, Mama. It’s ok, Daddy misses this too~” He mutters between sucking her tits, waiting for her reply but was only met with her shyly shaking her head, making Izuku pull away with a sigh.
“Kya!” She quickly covers her mouth, as she feels his face go beneath her dress. Izuku sniffed her arousal as he flicked his tongue in her gaping hole, just the tip only.
Hands ravishing her body, arms wrapped around her waist and over her ass to cup them, forced her close to him, to finally stuff his tongue down in her greedy hole with his nose pressed against her clit.
“Izuku!” She whimpers out. “W-We can’t!” She stutters out, clinging to his shoulder while trying to push him away, despite knowing his strength.
God, just the smell of his manly scent made her go mad.
“I’m on a date!”
“You were on a date, now you're with me.” His raspy voice says smiling at her lovingly before leaning close to his meal. Spreading her lower lips to see her arousal trickling down to the ground. “You're so wet, here let me help.” He breathes out, in a daze with his tongue hanging out. He buried his tongue much deeper inside her, darting in and out of her wet and warm walls, his nose just constantly nudging against her clit as he ate her out, hands keeping a firm grip on her thighs to keep her from closing them or to leave from her seat that was his face. Slowly leading the two of them to be lost in each other's feeling within seconds, his feral grunts and her sweet whimpers as she moaned his name.
"You're not fair, cheating me into doing this when I should be moving on." The luxurious sensation of his pecs, collar, and shoulders under her, like if she were on a throne made her flush. As she tries to free herself by grinding her hips to the best of her abilities, she gives up when struck with pleasure from his tongue, the soft and wet muscle that sucks on her clit to keep her in submission.
"I'm the only one who can make you cum." He emphasized flicking the bud before spitting on it and gulping it down.
"You’re the one who wanted to get a divorce. I didn't." Her loud yelps gradually turned to gentle moans, as she felt severe slaps against her bare ass. To the touch, Izuku could feel the heat her ass had endure.
"Well... You didn't complain or fight to keep m-me, to keep us." She cried out, just trying not to fall off his face at this point.
"Believe me, I regret it." He grunts out, the vibration from his growls sending waves of pleasure through her lower part and wobbly knees. She tried standing up as straight as she could with Zuku’s long tongue following along, thrusting in and out of her as she tried to shove him away again but this time by his shoulder, but he wouldn't budge.
If anything he firmly tighten his grip on her thighs and stood up, tongue still buried deep within her, diving much further while leaning them against the wall behind them. In a panic she desperately tried to hold onto something so she wouldn't fall and break her neck, but the only support being was her ex-husband's muscular shoulders and his green locks.
She silently cries while leaning her head back as she arches her back from his harsh sucking.
"Zuku, too much.” She sluggishly said this while running her fingers through his hair, causing him to moan.
Suddenly her head shot up when she heard a surprised gasp towards the open door of the bathroom. Seeing not one, two, or three, but a swarm of women standing there staring at her in disbelief, some stared through the mirror reflection with stunned faces, wondering what they are witnessing, and others who actually seems to be enjoying they saw. I mean, it's not every day you see the #1 pro hero eating someone out.
"Nho... P-Please look away!" She squeals and sobs out, instinctively wrapping her thighs around his head and nestling in closer to Izuku's body, pulling on his hair to conceal herself. While using her other hand to shoo the group of ladies to leave the embarrassing scene.
Honestly Izuku didn't seem to mind, glancing at the group of ladies who continued to stare at them before smirking and winking at them before turning back.
“Hiya!” He flattens his tongue, licking a strap from the fluttering hole to the throbbing hood of nerves, shooting waves of pleasure through her trembling form. He misses his baby pussy, addicted to laving the bead with his slick muscle to then suck the poor thing as she fought to push away from his greedy mouth that just kept latching on as he held her in place.
Not once does Izuku need to use his fingers (Besides helping spread her sopping lips), just never made a difference in his opinion. Just the feeling of nips, flicks, and kisses bestowed by his lips and tongue with nudges from his nose had her cumming so hard almost as hard as his beefy fat cock stuffed inside her.
“Ah, Yes!” She cried out, the knot that slowly formed inside her snapped making her shudder and her back arch in the most awkward way with how confine it was as she felt more then cum come out, feeling the warm liquid go down on Izuku’s face. Though that seemed to trigger the pro-hero, hearing sweet pants and whines ripple through his throat. He was more then ready to go again, now wanting to witnessed many more times her pussy contract but on something else.
Just the thought of his woman marking her territory on her man’s face was getting this man so undoubtedly aroused that he was desperately relying on the limited space within his pants to get off, erratically bucking his hips against the wall he was holding her against as he pulled away from her twitching mess of a clit and the gaping hole desperately trying to feel the man in front of her.
Once finished he takes a step back, denying his throbbing cock, Izuku gracefully puts her down while help lower the hem of her dress as she supports herself against him. Glancing up to her ex-husband's face seeing he didn't bother wiping his chin from her fluids.
“C-Clean your face.” She stutters out as she frantically goes to leave his side until feeling Izuku takes a hold of her hands, moving his face close to her.
“Ok. Lick it.”
“Excuse me!” She whisper-shouted flabbergasted by his demand. “You're insane.” She tried to free her hands despite Izuku's firm grip on her.
“You're not leaving here until you lick your filth off my face. What's the matter? Embarrassed by the crowd? Too bad no one told you to be such a messy slut dating such a loser.” Her body began to heat up, loving this side of Izuku, not once has he raised his voice at her or speak to her in such filthy way, it seems Izuku finally has enough of her antics and took it upon himself to be the one in charge for once.
“Uh…I’ll do it if she doesn't want to.” Some woman shyly said.
“Y-Yeah me too.” Another added.
Soon the bathroom was filled with lustful cries and begs that wanted to be the one who licked or even just be acknowledged by the pro-hero. Causing jealousy to slowly seep through her, “Hey! Go find your own man!”
Going on her tippy toes, she licks Izuku’s face sloppily, tasting her fluid from his chin to his parted lips were she traces them before wrapping her tongue around his own having a full-on makeout session. Wrapping her arms around his neck as he signals her to jump in his arms to deepen it, making some ladies whine and whimper to have the same attention.
“Hmph! T-That’s enough. I did what you said so leave me alone.” She finally breaks free, pulling away when she felt Izuku rubbing his hard-on over her cloth folds. She wipes her lip, breaking the trail of saliva that connected their tongues while turning away from her ex-husband's lustful gaze, however, he kept hold of her wrist bringing her curvy form back next to him with just a tug.
“I don't think so Mama pup.”
“What are you…H-hey!” He dragged her out of the lady's room, walking past the dining area and out the front doors.
“Izuku, I can't just leave. My date is still waiting for me…” She shyly said nudging his hand while coming to a halt, glancing back to the dining hall where they came from.
“You’re seriously trying to go back to that man after being tongue fuck by your husband? You must be a more desperate whore than I thought.” He chuckles darkly.
“That’s not true.”
“-Tsk come with me or your date could be the one I take my pent-up frustration on. Which is it?” He narrowed his eyes, keeping a stronghold on her hand.
She wasn't trying to go back to that man, God please forgive her but she wants her baby daddy more than some random guy who was scared to even speak back to Izuku.
All she wants is her man's attention even if it wasn't intentional.
She was just too needy to say no to him, just giving a simple nod as he continued to drag her into her car passenger seat as he went to the driver's side. Having something much sinister in mind then rush home. I mean he is still punishing you, he just needs a place no one would interrupt.
“Deku you actually went and got her.”
“Mina I’m so sorry for the trouble.” She shyly said, bowing to show her apology.
“Nonsense, girl. Besides your ex-husband here was scary, blaming me for setting you up on a date.” She whines, hugging her friend. They spoke for a bit until Mina finally planned to leave. “So…plan on leaving or having a little sleepover here?”
“I just stay for tonight, you know miss my babies.” Mina took note of how close Deku was to her friend, glancing and lightly brushing up on her. Oblivious to their lustful stares and why they took more than 2 hours when it was only 30 minutes to and from the place. “No, I understand I should let y'all go then!”
“S-See ya.” She smiled, weakly waving at Mina by the front door, body trembling when she felt her ex-husband's scarred hand travel down the middle of her back and down to the hem of her dress which he flip up to stuff two thick fingers inside her cum filled pussy.
“You think she knows you were fucked?” He whispers in her ear, as though he doesn't have two of his thick finger knuckles deep inside her already stuffed pussy.
“Now hurry up Puppy, Daddy wants to breed you again.” He whispers before quickly nibbling the helix of her ear as Izuku thrust his fingers much deeper in her, as she mindlessly closes the door while leaning against it. Slowly becoming a whiny bitch. “Shoo…Shut up before you won't get your hubby's dick! I’ll just let you use my fingers which you know I only use for punishment.” He hissed.
“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.” She whimpers out. Well that was new. Not once ever saying “sir” to her ex during their intimate moments.
“Hm~ If only I had a tail buttplug and a leash I’d have you walking in all four around the house to punish you some more.” Her eyes shamefully rolled to the back of her head as she pressed her upper body against the closed door while arching her ass out wanting the aggressive pounding from those sausage fingers deeper in her cunt. “Like that? Wouldn't mind than me buying you a collar with the word ‘Owned’ on it so every guy knows you’ve been marked. -Tsk, thought having a second would make it clear but that's fine~”
You're just so in love with this man that no matter how many years have passed, she continues to go back to Daddy Zuku to be praised, acknowledged, and fucked in better ways by your loving husband- I mean ex!
Maybe she could try being a couple again.
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animusxy · 5 months
Aemond Targaryen x Blind! Reader Pt.4.5
Summary: You and Aemond getting protective of one another when others in the Red Keep make snide remarks about the other.
Requested: I thought this was a great idea that was brought to my attention by @ateliefloresdaprimavera. I love this idea so much so thank you for coming up with it!
Warnings: None
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 3.5 / Part 4 / Part 4.5 / Part 5
Tumblr media
So, this is how the reader reacts to someone insulting Aemond (and Helaena) behind his back while your around.
Throughout your stay in King's Landing, you were known to be an extremely pleasant person to be around.
Despite the cruel things people whispered about you, this was mostly gossip from the Ladies of the court who were jealous of your relationship with the second son of the king.
Your friendships with Helaena and Aemond were the highlights of your life at this point.
So naturally anyone who insults them, insults you by association.
It was no secret that people, mostly servants, whispered insults about the two of them.
It made no sense to you as Helaena was always polite and thankful to them for their service.
For Aemond it was more understandable, he'd built himself quite the reputation over the years, but he was still polite to workers, and women.
Often preferring to doing things by himself, he meant this so that the servants did not need to spend time on him so that they could focus on more important things. Like spending time with their families. You knew just how much Aemond despised absent parents.
However, the servants always took this as him not trusting them enough to handle his tasks. Well, you could see why in hindsight. Aemon was always very blunt when talking to people and it could often come across and uncaring and rude but it did depend on who he was talking about.
Typically, if one couldn't tell how he thought of you. Then it was neutral, he held no like or dislike to you.
If he didn't like you, you would know just from the way he looked at you.
Still, the callous words that people often sprouted towards them infuriated you to no end.
Apparently, Helaena's prophetic mumblings and Aemond's lost eye was too much of a challenge to look past.
So, you too, made a name for yourself.
A gentle, kind and caring person but if someone disrespected one of your friends one would very quickly find them repenting.
Even Aegon was not spared from your words when he spoke of his siblings disparagingly.
The first instance was about Helaena.
Some of her hand maidens, three you'd guess, were just leaving her room and while you couldn't see them you could hear their headache inducing laughter.
According to the loudest, they had just killed one of her most exotic creatures to see how she'd react to the news.
She didn't even get to finish her sentence before you were hounding them.
'Excuse me?!' The hour was early so you did not wish to wake anyone in the vicinity.
Thankfully Helaena had been requested by her mother earlier than usual so you could at least teach some insolent brats a lesson before having to break the news to the princess.
Oh, poor Helaena would be so heartbroken.
With that thought in mind you proceeded to quietly argue with each of them.
Now, a bad thing about being fully blind is that when you were in an argument with someone. There were times where they'd just quietly walk away from you because, well, it's not like you could see them.
But you were raised with parents and siblings who did exactly that, you could just tell when someone was about to try.
So, when the closest maid attempted to quietly step past you to escape your aggressive words you gave them a firm hit on the shin with your staff that Aemond had gifted you.
You were rewarded with a sharp gasp of pain, and they didn't dare try it again.
That staff was dangerous Aemond made sure of that.
Gods you laughed when Aemond told you to use it as a weapon if you wanted to but now you thanked him for it.
When you were done you gave them all a light tap on the head with that same staff as they watched in silent awe as they were patronised by a blind person.
(As many had often said your gentle nature came from the fact you were 'unable to defend yourself').
Then you had stormed off to the Queens Quarters where Queen Alicent and Helaena were conversing.
Queen Alicent had thought of Helaena's obsession with bugs as being unsightly or random when she was younger, often trying to ween her off of them.
As Helaena grew, her dreams grew with her and Alicent came to realise that it was not an obsession at all but rather something to release the strain of the horrible things she had seen.
She also came to realise that you too, played a similar role.
By talking about her dreams with you, something she only did with Aemond and sometimes Alicent herself.
She was able to further release the strain on her mind and relax more in her own skin as she knew that you would always take what she said in consideration and would try to figure out what she meant by certain sayings.
To hear that someone, or people, had harmed one of the few things that allowed Helaena to help live a regular life was enraging.
Alicent had pulled you aside to get the full story and the names of the handmaidens before the two of you approached Helaena to break the news to her.
The princess was reduced to tears and clung to her mother and her best friend as she mourned.
Helaena had a bond with those little critters that you couldn't fathom.
You weren't a big fan of them yourself, well only really the ones with many, many legs but you were willing to put that aside as you offered if she would like you to attend as she picked out new creatures to add to her collections.
Aemond also joined the two of you after you informed him of what had happened.
Adding in his own ideas of which ones Helaena should invest in, even offering to fly on Vhagar to get some exotic ones from Essos.
Helaena had brought the two of you into one large hug to thank you for your consideration.
Despite her innocence, she knew that not everyone would tolerate going on a trip for the day to bring back to the Red Keep.
The second instance was about Aemond.
And as always, his eye.
You were aware that people often talked about it, but it wasn't usually in a purely derogatory way like this time.
The lords had been speaking about how while Aemond may be good at sword-fighting, he would never be able to wed a woman.
That he was much too hideous for that.
Now, usually when it came to Aemond you would back away and do nothing.
Aemond would often tell you that you shouldn't put yourself in a situation where you could be put in danger.
He specifically meant men.
He would say that it doesn't bother him so you shouldn't worry about it but he was your best friend.
You knew when he was lying to you.
You knew that it sometimes kept him awake at night or bothered him when he was walking around King's Landing.
After all, why would he wear an eyepatch if it did not bother him in the slightest?
So, against his wishes you spoke up to the lords.
Stating that their children would be incredibly lucky to be wed to such a wonderful person like Aemond.
At first, you tried to be respectful but as they disregarded your words and tried to convince you that no one would wed him now you only got angrier.
And it showed.
The words you spat were unladylike and venomous, but you did not regret them in the slightest.
Later Alicent would give you her gratitude for defending her son so vehemently
Aemond would ask once again that you do not put yourself in a place where others may find reason to harm you.
However, he would be grateful nevertheless and gift you with something the very next day.
A new dress that he would describe to you with emotions or jewellery which he would explain the importance of the gemstone.
Let's be honest though. The jewellery and clothes probably matched his own somehow and he would have no shame in admitting that.
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Okay a kind of a smaller one in comparison but I'm writing part 5 write after this. Not sure if it will be done tonight though. If you have any scenarios you'd like to see. Just comment them, message me or send me an ask. I really don't mind how I receive them.
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ftmtslut · 1 month
Posting about both times I was raped because I got way more DMs than expected and can't keep up
When I was 16 I lived with the girl I was dating at the time. One night I had gotten home from school and was really tired, but she was horny. I told her no and kept pushing her away, but she was stronger than me and held me down, kissing my neck. She kept purposefully kissing the sensitive spots on my neck and grabbing my hips to hold me still. We'd done sexual stuff before but she knew I didn't like my body being exposed or touched, every other time I had gotten her off but stayed clothed. Up until this point, she had always respected my identity, but she kept calling me a slut and a needy girl. She left a hickey on my collar bone and pulled my shirt off, tugging at my chest binder, pulling it over my head and trapping my arms. Holding my arms down with my binder, she started moving lower, kissing and sucking on my tits, slapping them when I begged her to stop. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down while she left hickies across my sensitive chest, leaving me in just my boxers. She mocked me, told me it's not worth wearing boxers if I'm not even going to wear a packer, she said I looked silly in them with no bulge. She slid her fingers thru the hole in the front of my boxers, rubbing my clit, and told me that my pussy needed to be used. She took a dildo out of the drawer next to the bed and pulled my boxers to the side, she teased my pussy with the dildo and told me she wanted to see how much I could take. She told me she was going to fuck me with the dildo and tease my clit and my tits until I admitted I was a girl. I was still really insecure about being called a girl in any context so I just kept refusing to say it to her, and she kept her word and kept raping me. I passed out before she was done and I still don't know how long she fucked me for, but the next day I was so exhausted I didn't even get up for school, I woke up in the middle of the afternoon alone and completely naked on her bed
The first time it was a friend of my parents, he was living with my family at the time and had been creepy the whole time. He always tried to be near me and would often "accidentally" touch me. He had borrowed my headphones and I wanted them back, so I waited until I thought he was asleep one night and went to get them from his room. His light was off and I didn't hear anything, so I assumed it was safe and didn't realize he was just jerking off in the dark. I spotted my headphones on his dresser and darted across the room to grab them. He snuck up behind me and pinned me against the dresser. He put his hand over my mouth and told me that if I screamed, I'd wake up my parents and they would be pissed bc they had work in the morning. He also pointed out that my parents didn't trust me, so they'd never believe me if I did wake them up. I was terrified of my parents, so I did my best to stay quiet. He groped my chest and told me how glad he was that I had developed so quickly because it meant we couldn't afford to get me new clothes and my chest made all my shirts tight. I was crying and I think it excited him more because I could feel his cock pressed against my leg and it would twitch when I sobbed. He kept one hand on my chest and slid his other hand down my pants to touch my pussy, he kept telling me how many times he'd imagined doing this. It didn't take him long after that to pull my shorts down and shove himself inside me. He fucked me fast and sloppy, not caring that I begged him to stop and let me go. He ended up cumming inside me, his dick buried in my pussy, and stayed like that for a moment catching his breath before he suddenly pulled out. Then he pulled my shorts up, gave me my headphones, and sent me to my room. I stayed there all night crying with his cum soaking my underwear and he never touched me again after that night
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alt-2077 · 6 months
Maine's Crew crushing on a cold and quiet s/o
Tumblr media Tumblr media
chars. david, lucy, maine, dorio, kiwi, pilar, rebecca, falco, sasha w⚠️. smoking, alcohol, affection, possibly a bit of ooc, very very minor spoilers genre. fluff, headcanons wc. 3.9k note. you're apart of maine's crew as well. idk if i'll ever write headcannons this long with this many characters again. lost myself a little towards the end as well because i wanted to just get it out.
David Martinez
When he first met you, he was nervous. You gave off this very aloof aura.
You were in Maine's Crew, so of course you had to be dangerous, right?
Regardless he tried to approach you, might as well be on good terms with everyone in the crew, right?
You guys made small chat every now and then but they eventually started to turn into genuine conversations.
The conversations didn't outweigh the silence you two would bask in sometimes.
When you first invited him over to the apartment, he was ecstatic and didn't turn down the offer.
He was still nervous but trusted you wouldn't do anything, even after the Lucy incident.
You'd two would have conversations that were deeper than any other ones you both had experience. You got to learnt about his past and he got to learn about yours.
He grew to like you. Lots.
More and more as time went on. He couldn't separate himself from you much and got teased plenty by Maine who just so happen to notice the lovestruck chance in David.
He was outside your door one night, you'd invited him over once again, but he had kindled up a little plan.
This was the night he'd confess to you, or at least he hoped it'd go that way.
You noticed he was in his thoughts, rarely saying much and not talking a lot like you guys did when you were alone. So, you asked him what's up.
He couldn't keep it in anymore and let his confession spew out of his mouth. It was a little difficult to understand him but you caught gist.
He froze up when he felt lips on his. Realising it was you, he loosened up.
When you separated, you looked at him with your forehead leaning against his. Confessing that you liked him too and that he doesn't have to worry anymore.
Needless to say, the rest of the night was filled with kisses and cuddles.
He was in love.
She noticed how distant you were ever since you joined them. Despite also being withdrawn herself, she decided to make the first move.
At first, it was almost like a minor interrogation, some of which you bothered to answer but your began to trust her some more with information about your personal life as time went on.
After jobs, you eventually started to go with her to her apartment to relax.
She showed you the BD on the moon and both of you would enjoy the atmosphere. It was fun. It gave a euphoric ambience, even.
If you smoked or drank alcohol, she'd offer you some.
It was a new feeling. She couldn't get enough.
Visits became very frequent. Often working out together, having lunch or dinner, enjoying the moon on top of her apartment or in the BD.
She was so sweet and kind to you. Maine commented how he's never seen her like that with anyone else but you.
She always worried about your safety during jobs. Staying close to you but never got in your way.
Sometimes after jobs, both of you would skip the parties to go straight to either yours or her place.
Many deep conversations would always follow, you learnt about her past and you'd quickly comfort her. It was a new behaviour from you that was unexpected but fully welcomed.
And to be honest? She wanted more.
Eventually she started to be a little affectionate in touches. Often playing with your hair or holding you hand. If you were uncomfortable with it though, she'd stop and find another way in being affectionate.
However, she decided she'd make the first move whilst you two were in her bed together.
She'd softly start by looking at you before slowly leaning in to connect her lips with yours.
It was addictive and lasted ages with no end in site.
That night only progressed further with words of love.
You're reserved personality didn't intimidate him. Have you seen how fucking massive this dude is??
Always offered to buy you drinks at parties.
Always protected and shield you from enemies on the job.
You didn't need to be protected, you were able to handle yourself. Telling him that was like talking to a brick wall though. He didn't listen. He just wanted to make sure you were safe and it made him feel stronger in a way.
He'd always find an excuse to accompany you on anything. I mean, what if some got the better of you while your guard was down? Of course he doesn't genuinely think that though.
Would never stop talking to you or teasing you about how quiet you were.
He loved it though.
And that's when he knew that he had fallen for you. Hard.
Inevitably, you began to talk back. Albeit snarky remarks, he still saw a chance in your reciprocation to his comments.
The snarky remarks and banters eventually became small chatter to conversations.
He started to be a little more touchy, always having a hand or arm around your shoulder, though for only a little time.
If you drank, you'd both often go to the Afterlife to drink.
Talking about the future of his crew and hoping to become some of the best mercs Night City has ever seen.
He told you about his history, his problems, anything and everything. He knew wouldn't be judged. He trusted you more than anyone in the crew.
He loved the comfort he received from you. Hugging started to become a regular interaction between you two when you were alone.
And then hugging became cuddling.
Comes to see you at your place heaps. Usually without notice. You got used to expecting him when you'd hear a knock at your door.
And when nothing was planned, getting calls from him became a known sign he wanted to hang about with you.
One night at the Afterlife with you alone, he had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and was oddly quiet.
After some silence, you finally asked what was wrong and he chuckled to himself before turning to you.
You were still as confused as you could be before he smirked and leaned into your ear to whisper that you've casted a spell on him. Before you could even reply, he kissed you.
You were stunned, but shortly after reciprocated the kiss and melted into his touch.
Eventually make-out sessions at the Afterlife became a regular interaction between you two.
Oh, and of course you're both dating now. PDA is big with him.
Like Maine, she wasn't scared to approach you. Loved talking to you, even if you never said anything back.
Unlike Maine, she didn't try to protect you in fights. She would if she needed to but she knew you had your own in a fight.
Encounters with her would be slow and rare at the start but eventually catch pace fairly fast.
She was very caring towards you. Always asking if you were alright during meet-ups and/or if she just saw you alone and detached from the crew in your own little area.
Her attentive charm became comforting and you'd go to her or open up a little if something was the matter.
She felt very happy that she was that one you'd come to if something was wrong.
Dare I say it even boosted her ego a little.
You or her would always find a way to spend a little time together, even if it was just sitting down and having a drink.
Always asks to come see you at your apartment.
She was addicted to your company and she knew that she felt something for you. Something that she wanted to explore. She took her time to drop hints here and there.
If you oblivious to her some of her advances, she'd be a bit more obvious for you.
If you weren't, you'd express some interested back.
And at this point, it's just whoever made the first move.
Cuddling would be common amongst the both of you but they usually wouldn't last too long. She was a little worried that you'd start to become uncomfortable but if you expressed in your own way that you didn't mind. They'd continue a little longer.
She always offered to buy you things.
If you two were walking together and you stared at something a little too long, she'd remember and take it as a chance to visit the shop in her own time to buy you that item. If it was expensive, she wouldn't mind stealing it.
Gifts became a pretty regular thing with her.
She found enjoyment in spoiling you a little. She loved the small glint in your eye when she surprises you with an item of your interest.
Oh, she always offers you to work out with her. Basically your personal trainer sometimes, it was very sweet.
It took a little while for her to confess to you but it couldn't of gone any better than it did.
She took you to a secluded place where you both could be alone outside.
She hesitated a little bit but wasn't very long until she told you why she brought you here and confessed.
She was a little nervous, like a shy soft giant. So, what better thing to do than kiss her to relax her nerves?
She melted into the kiss and you both continued the night with care and love. (take that how you will)
When you both met, you rarely talked. Though, it surprised you when she approached you first at one of the parties that was taking place after a successful job. Of course you wouldn't show that you were surprised though.
She sat with you and let the quiet sit for a little before speaking a word. It was a small conversation but she enjoyed that you even replied back her.
These instances would happen time and time again when you'd both be exhausted from the crew and just need some peace.
It became a usual occurrence for either one of you to go searching for each other after spending time with the crew and you grew close.
Kiwi wasn't one to trust a soul but she found herself at ease and letting her guard down around you. It was.. a new feeling.
The invitation to her apartment came fairly slow though
You were both very sluggish when it came to your relationship.
Seeing each other at either one of your places was very rare and were usually offers rather than asks.
They were rarely denied though. The only time they were was if either of you were busy.
Eventually either one of you would start to drop things to hang out with each other.
She never got affectionate with you. She was still to herself.
And to be honest, she was a little scared.
I mean, what if you're just going to string her along and she's just used for some big plan of yours. She doesn't believe it but she still needs to be cautious, she doesn't know your intentions.
She does care about you.
During jobs and instances where she has to do netrunning, she always asks you to keep an eye out for her. Just in case if something happens.
She knows you can handle yourself and someone else if you need to so she trusts you with her life in situations like these.
Every time you both get out alive, the feeling grows stronger.
She starts to become more protective of you now.
Whenever Maine or Pilar picks or bothers you, she's always to your rescue to say something back to them before walking away with you to go do your own thing.
It took a really long time the confession to come but she knew that the feelings she felt were heavy for you and she needed to act out on them because the persistence was getting on her nerves.
So, while you both were at her apartment, she just looked at you and said what she need to say. No hesitation to be seen.
It came a little of a shock to you but you kissed her forehead and leaned on her. It was obvious in your reaction that you reciprocated.
Thought your coldness was kinda hot.
Any time he'd get the chance, he'd sit next to you. Usually with one of his arms covering the back of the seat or one your shoulders.
He was very determined to fuck you and at first, that's all it was. Then he actually grew to kinda really like you?
It was new. He never thought of anything else but sex, but with you, he wanted to go further. He actually put some effort into it.
Still was his crazy, sex-craved self though. Just with.. more love?
There'd be times where you just leave whenever he'd even remotely open his mouth.
But there'd be other times where you'd just stay and listen to what he had to say because you didn't have anything else better to do, so why not?
Every now and then you'd humour him but only a bit, mainly by lightly smirking or humming.
He saw this as affirmation that you were totally into him. So he got a little more touchy.
If you weren't comfortable with how he was to you though, he'd tone it down but still let some things slip out. If you glared at him, he'd immediately whimper and apologise.
God forbid Rebecca saw this though. She'd never let him live it down.
Speaking of Rebecca, she was usually around a lot with Pilar so it'd be the three of you sometimes if you were hanging out.
Lots of loud, loud bickering.
If you left midway they probably wouldn't of even have noticed during but would definitely call you when they finally did.
Rebecca wasn't always tagging along though so don't worry.
Pilar was always with you, even if you didn't ask for it. Always having one of his freakishly long arms around you. Of course if you said so, he'd leave you alone.
He was very surprised whenever he invited you over and you accepted or you offered him to come to your place.
He started becoming more normal when you two were together and just by yourselves.
There'd just be conversations. None of them meaningful by any circumstances but enjoyable regardless. Ok well, maybe a handful of meaningful one. He's not the kinda guy to just open up to someone. So it takes a bit for him to get used to it.
Unsuspecting visits became more and more common, to the poin they kinda just were expected with him.
During one of the hangouts at your place. He got serious. it was scary, honestly.
He sighed before explaining his predicament with his feelings towards you and apologises for he behaviour.
You just smiled softly before placing your lips against his and forgiving him.
After that night, he was a changed man (not really).
Like her brother, she thought you were very hot. Opposites attract after all.
Followed you everywhere, always talked to you even if you didn't say anything back.
At first, her personality was annoying but you grew to enjoy the company and it wasn't very long until you started talking back. She was very happy to finally have an actual conversation instead of just talk to herself.
You both were together basically everywhere you went. You'd both visit her apartment every now and then. Of course, it'd get very rowdy with her and her brother bantering and him not leaving either of you alone.
She'd always tell him to fuck off if he made any kind of sexual or crude remark about you and then just shove you both away from him.
Despite her being loud, she was very caring towards you and loved taking care of you. Even if you didn't ask for it.
She hug or cuddle you a lot. If you weren't comfortable about any of it though, she'd stop before pouting cutely and whispering sorry softly.
It was actually very adoarble.
She realised that the more she spent time with you, the more she felt strong feelings for you. She was falling for you very hard and she knew it.
Would always come up with cute funny nicknames to call you. Always call you cute and adorable.
She's also very dramatic with you sometimes.
She always tries to find a way to make you laugh and she finds that being overly dramatic with you sometimes can get a tiny giggle from you. Even if you try to play if off as something else, it warms her heart.
She loves being affectionate with you, holding hands, hugging you from behind unexpectantly, all of the above really.
She LOVES playing with your hair and styling it, especially to match hers. She think it's cute to match, so if she's given the opportunity, of course she's gonna take it, no questions asked.
She has a very, very, very big soft spot for you. Ask something from her or a favour and she'll do it straight away.
Oh, and also expect gifts for another way of showing you her undying love to you.
She's much like Dorio, except if she sees you stare at it while together, she'll just walk in and get it.
She's not gonna pay for it of course, why pay if you can just get it for free when you're already in some kind of trouble with the law? (please never adopt this mindset.)
It's actually how her confession came to be. She stole some diamond jewellery that she thought would look very nice on you.
Then she decided then when she gave you it, the news was gonna hit right after so you couldn't possibly say no to her anyways.
When she gives you the gift, she insists you put it on. Once you do, she just stares in awe before commenting how hot you look with it and mentioning how she's literally heads over heals for you.
It takes a little while for what she said to hit but once it did, she took the opportunity to surprise you further and kisses you deeply.
The night continued into many lip locking experiences~
Offered to buy you drink, whether you accepted or not, your interest towards each other grew during some tipsy chatter. However he did most of the talking.
He'd comment on how he thought that your lack of communication sometimes was fairly relaxing.
Not because he could say anything or whatever but because he's surrounded by loudmouthed mercs sometimes. He's only human after all. A modified human.
Very sweet towards you. Always offers to give you a ride home after jobs or parties.
Always asks if he can accompany you.
He was very gentlemen like to you, opening doors for you and pulling out chairs if you two were going out to eat together or walking around.
He's another one who'll buy gifts for you.
The realisation of his feelings came a little slow, he tried to push it down for a little while but it got the best of him and determined him to court you.
When he had the time, he'd buy you bouquets of flowers even if you didn't really like them. You slowly started enjoy the bouquets though and putting them in vases. You ran out of vases? No worries, he'll deliver them to you in vases.
Invites you out to pubs and always buys you your drinks. No person such as you should be paying for drinks yourself.
He'll always be sure to treat you, it's hard to treat him back since he always denies it. Though, that's only if he's around you. If you get it in your own time, he'll have no choice but to accept. He's sure to always treasure anything you give him.
Late night drives happen a lot. It's gorgeous. Sometimes you'll go out to the Nomad lands and get on a high place just to watch NC from afar.
If you ask, I'm sure he'll drive faster than what'd be considered safe. Some drifts maybe.
Eventually, you start coming to him when you're stressed and need to blow off some steam. Driving with him becomes one of your most favourited activities.
Though the confession didn't take action during on of these late night drives. It was instead over dinner.
While sat and waiting for your dinner. He was a little hesitant but delivered the news of his feelings nonetheless.
After confirming that you reciprocated. He nudged your foot with his and placed his hand over yours before the food had arrived. The rest of the dinner was mainly him talking about the usual stuff that had happened in his day.
After leaving the restaurant. You both left to sit in his car and that's when the first kiss had happened, and it lasted quite a while.
When he drove you back, you invited him inside to which he accepted and the both of you enjoyed the rest of your night in each others company.
Excited to meet you. Very.
Probably would've put you off a little but eventually it got very easy to warm up to her.
When you two were alone, she always tried to fill the silence with chatter but she quickly learnt that silence was very comforting, especially with you
She was very sweet to you and was always the first one to come up to you after any job just to ask if you were ok and were feeling fine. Sometimes would offer to call a Delamain cab for you if you weren't able to drive or didn't want to walk home.
She was kinda like Dorio but a little more ecstatic.
Sometimes when she'd hit you up to ask if you were doing anything, she'd ask you out to nightclubs to dance with her and just hang out.
During these occurrences, seeing you have a little bit of fun every now and then, she grew addicted to see even just a little bit of a smile on your face.
And she realised that she liked you lots.
After that, she'd almost always ask to hang out and just do random things together.
Would always try to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with you. She enjoyed your company plenty, even when you were quiet and not bothered to speak.
I should probably mention that before she was a little intimidated by you, and still is when you get super serious but she knows better now.
She comments how she kind of likes that look on you. The cold look of course.
The confession didn't take long to come as she was sure she really liked you.
During one of the midnight hangouts at one of the clubs in Night City. She mentioned how she really adored you and hopes that you and her could go further rather than being just friends.
You gently smiled and put you hand on hers before kissing her cheek.
She was a little shocked at it but very happy and asked if she could kiss you, and of course you accepted.
She was very happy to have come across you and go far with you in hopes of coming even further in the life of NC.
please do not repost my work anywhere. thank you.
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bwr1tes · 7 months
Hey I was just wondering if you could do a finney x fem!reader where he has a huge crush on the reader but he dosnt know how to tell her so he stutters and embarrasses himself so much but somehow [you can chose how] he finds enough confidence to finally ask her out but overall he's just an awkward blushing mess maybe you could tie it all together with a reader being finney first kiss thank you so much!!
Awkward As Hell
Tumblr media
Finney had a crush on you for as long as he could remember. You lived just down the street from him, and since the moment he laid eyes on you, he was head over heels. However, Finney swore up and down he didn't have a crush on you. It was obvious to anyone with eyes, and especially his sister, Gwen, who constantly teased him about it.
"Oooh, Finney! Stop making heart eyes at Y/n and come help me carry these groceries in!" Gwen shouted from the front door. You were in your front yard, helping your dad out in the vegetable garden. Finney blushed and gave Gwen a spiteful glare.
"Could you keep it down! What if she heard you?" Finney whisper-shouted and grabbed a few paper bags from the backseat of his dad's car.
After bringing all the groceries in, him and Gwen were unpacking them in the kitchen, while their dad was sat in the living room.
"You know, if you like her so much, why don't you just ask her out?" Gwen whispered in a quiet voice, and Finney immediately froze, dropping the can of corn in his hand onto the floor. He heard a loud sigh from the other room, and winced. "Sorry, daddy!" Gwen called out before facing Finney, rolling her eyes.
"I-I can't ask her out! She's way out of my league! It would be so embarrassing." Finney huffed, stacking the cans of food in the pantry.
"Oh yeah, because stalking and drooling over her isn't embarrassing." Gwen chuckled as she folded the paper bags and stored them in a cupboard.
"I-I'm not stalking! Or drooling! I'm just... admiring from a distance." Finney huffed and Gwen let out a chuckle again.
"Yeah, sure. That totally doesn't sound creepy at all."
The next day at school was relatively normal for Finney, except for the increasing number of posters hung up around the school, letters in all different shades of pink, red, and purple, exclaiming in big letters "Valentine-grams!"
Robin stood next to Finney, stuffing books in his locker, meanwhile Finney was staring at the poster. His school did Valentine-grams every year. He of course, had never received one, except from Robin whom was trying to make Finney feel better about not getting one.
"You should totally get her one, dude. I mean, thats better then just, swooning from a distance, right?" Robin chuckled and slammed his locker shut, making Finney jump a bit and break him out of his trance.
"H-huh? What?"
"A Valentine thingy! Get Y/n one. Trust me, chicks dig stuff like that. You should get her a rose from the supermarket too. Not a whole bouquet. Just one or two. Get her a rose, a valentine-gram, and boom! You'll get your girl." Robin smirked, feeling proud of his advice.
"B-but, I'm not smooth, or cool like you! What am I supposed to say? Just 'oh, here Y/n, I have a huge massive crush on you and have secretly been swooning for you ever since you moved in down the street from me'? H-hell no! She'll totally reject me!" Finneys cheeks were once again a bright shade of pink as he imagined the whole scenario play out.
"The worst she can say is no. Besides, you've been rejected by girls before. You can totally take another blow man, you're strong!" Robin playfully punched Finneys shoulder, causing him to Wince and rub the area where he was punched.
"Wh-whatever. You're right. The worst she can say is no." Finney murmured, giving Robin a nervous smile. "Thanks, Robin."
Finney begged his dad to let him borrow some money, and through enough chores and good grades, he had finally convinced him to give him enough for Valentine-grams on the very last day to purchase them.
The next day, Finney waited excitedly in homeroom, waiting for the grams to get delivered, he kept glancing at the clock, then the door, then the clock then the-
Suddenly the door burst open and one of the office assistants came strolling in with a box of small teddy bears and mini boxes of chocolates. Only a few of the kids in class had gotten one, and he thought all of the grams for his class was passed out when suddenly he heard his name.
"Finney Blake." A small stuffed bear and a box of chocolates was placed on his desk, and for a moment, Finney was sure he was dreaming. Or maybe Robin had pitied him again, or maybe it was a cruel prank. He frantically reached for the note attached to it, but it gave no clues as to who sent it to him. All it read was "To Finn, from Your Secret Admirer" the handwriting was fancy, and all the i's were dotted with little hearts. Finney felt his cheeks warm up, and a smile spread across his face. He glanced over at you, and for a split second, he swore he saw you staring at him, but you quickly looked away so he figured that perhaps it was just his imagination.
School seemed to drag on even longer then usual. When that final bell rang, Finney couldn't have been more relieved. Except now was the hardest part of the day, confessing to you.
Finney rushed to the local supermarket after school, using some of Robins generously provided money to buy one single rose. The cashier seemed to find it funny how nervous Finney seemed.
After the supermarket, he took his sweet time walking over to your house, dragging his feet while aslo trying to give himself a pep talk. "You can do this... you've got this, Finney. Worst she can say is no..." he let out a silent breath.
"Finn?" He heard his name called and quickly looked up to see he was already in front of your house. You were standing on your front lawn, in a flowy white sundress. You smiled at him, and Finney suddenly felt all of his confidence drain out of him.
"Oh- h-hey Y/n! Uhm, funny uh seeing y-you here!" He laughed nervously and you chuckled and walked up, opening the gate of the white picket fence and inviting him in.
Finney smiled and nervously fidgeting with the handles of the plastic bag from the supermarket, which held nothing more then your rose and some of your favorite candies.
"Well, this is my front yard! Its more funny seeing you here! Did you... need something?" You looked slightly nervous and a bit confused as you glanced down into his bag to see the rose.
"A-ah uhm, y-yeah! I actually wanted to talk to you!" Finney hummed and quickly pulled the rose from the bag. "Th-this is for you! A-and I also was the one who got you the Valentine-gram..." Finney felt his entire head turn a bright shade of burning red, probably as red as the rose he handed to you. You chuckled and brought the rose up to your nose, taking a quick smell of the flowers fragrance.
"Wow thank you, Finney. This was really sweet of you!"
"Y-youre welcome! Uhm well actually, I got it for you as more than a f-friend thing. I-i uhm- crap! Sorry, this is awkward as hell! I'm so sorry I really suck at th-"
He was cut off as you quickly leaned forward, pressing your lips onto his. Finney gasped against your mouth, and for a second, he was frozen in shock. After a second or two, he smiled and closed his eyes, leaning into the kiss and dropping the bag in his hand. It was messy and a bit rushed, but it was everything Finney could've asked for. You tasted sweet, like strawberry chapstick and vanilla. Finney felt a shock of electricity pulse through him, making every hair on his neck and arms stand up. Finney had never been kissed before, but this was just about everything he expected and more.
You silently pulled away, giving him a smile and chuckling a bit. "I really like you too, Finney. I was the one who sent you the Valentine-gram. We should go out sometime."
"U-uh, yeah! Welp- you know where I live so, uhm- yeah! I'll see you later." He huffed and very quickly jogged off to his house, silently cheering to himself as soon as he got past his door. You giggled and picked up the bag, finding your favorite sweets.
Sure, he was awkward, and nervous. But he was also kind, and the sweetest boy you've ever met, even if he did kind of suck at kissing.
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Different - Draco Malfoy
Draco x Fem!reader Weasley
Warnings: none
Word count: 1,118
Summary: Y/n is a Weasley but she’s very different from her family. Her hair’s not red, she’s a Slytherin, and now? She’s dating Draco Malfoy. Will Ginny and Hermoine be able to help keep her brothers in the dark? Or will they find out no matter how hard they try?
Harry Potter Masterlist
Tumblr media
“I think Ron’s catching on.” Y/n rested her head on her arms, which more currently folded on the table in the liberty. Y/n was stressed hiding something when you have so many siblings around all the time was not easy.
“No trust me he’s not.” Hermione shook her head, trying to comfort her friend.
“Out of all our family Y/n/n, Ron would be the last to figure it out.” Ginny laughed. Ron was oblivious, Hermione knew that as much as anyone and started laughing as well. Although both noticed their friend still looked stressed about the situation.
“Don’t worry, Y/n.” Hermione gave Y/n a smile trying to ease her friend's mind.
“They're all gonna hate me when they find out.” Y/n referred to her family. Ginny was the only one who knew, her and Hermione. No one else on her part. Besides her parents.
“Mom and dad don’t hate you and they know. I know and I don’t hate you.” Ginny nudged her older sister arm to arm also trying to ease the tension.
“I don’t either and I don’t get along with Draco at all.” Hermione reached across the table to hold her hand. Y/n was originally nervous to tell Hermione, given her and Draco’s history. Their history also having played a part in why Y/n turned Draco down for so long. Till Hermione convinced her to say yes.
“It’s just… I’m already so different from my family- our family it’s-” Y/n started but got cut off. Often at times, Y/n didn’t do things because she didn't want to be even more different than her family. She didn’t have the Weasley's hair, she wasn’t a Griffindor, and now she’s dating a Malfoy?
“An that’s ok. We still love you.” Ginny smiled.
“Y/n/n, Draco has said unforgivable things to me but I support your relationship with him because you make eachother happy. And let’s face it, you make him a better person.” Hermione added, and it was true. Draco has been an ass to Hermione for years, but she cared about her friend's happiness.
“You do.” Ginny agreed with Hermione. Draco has been a different person since Y/n finally agreed to a relationship with him.
“That’s why we’re helping you.” Hermione squeed Y/n’s hand, giving her smile. “You're my friend, you're like a sister to me. So until your ready for your brothers to know, I’ll help you keep it a secret.”
Ginny placed her arm around her older sister's shoulder in a half hug. “And if they don’t like it you really think mom won’t rip them a new one?”
The three laughed at Ginny’s statement, the 3 girls knowing very well how true her words were. After the laughing calmed down they decided to have a girls night in the common room for Gryffindor.
^ ^ ^
“I don’t care about what your brothers will think, you know that right?” Draco asked, he knew she was scared of what they’d think, and he completely understood where she was coming from.
“I know. I’m grateful for that. I’m just worried for their reactions.” Y/n smiled up at him through her lashes, since she was resting her head on his shoulder. “Weren’t you nervous about your parent's reaction? They weren’t to thrilled if I recall correctly.”
Y/n shrugged his arm off looking down, sometimes it felt like everyone in their world didn’t want them together. Draco turned a bit in his seat adjusting himself so he could face her. Lifting her chin up to look him in the eyes. “On this matter. I only care about what I think. Besides my mother loves you, and between my two parents the opinion on you would only matter from her.”
“I don’t care what they think of you, of us. I just don’t want them to hate me. For not telling them, for keeping a secret, or just because- hell I could think of a bunch of things.” She told him letting out a shaky laugh out of nerves.
“They won’t.” Draco reassured, hoping to ease her nerves. “AN if they do. That’s their loss. But you’d still have your parents, Ginny, Hermione, my mom, and you have me.”
“That’s all I really need.” Y/n smiled reaching up to pull him into a kiss.
“Woah.” Fred and George said at the same time. Both twins were just as shocked as the couple sitting in front of them. Draco and Y/n didn’t even bother to move away from eachother, they were caught making out anyway so no use.
“Ummmm- hey?” Y/n said awkwardly looking at her older brothers.
The twins looked at eachother having a silent connection before looking at the couple. “We have one question.”
“What is it?” Draco asked.
“How long?” Fred asked curiously.
“8 months.” Y/n answered confidently.
The twins looked at eachother again before turning back to face the young couple. “One more question.”
Y/n laughed at her brother's antics. “Yes?”
“Not for you.” Fred said smiling at his little sister.
“Oh” Y/n gulped nervously
“You.” The twins spoke at the same time, pointing to Draco.
“Me?” Draco asked worried slightly.
“Yes.” They answered trying not to laugh.
“What is it?” Draco gulped but was ready to answer anything they ask.
“Do you love her?” George asked with an unreadable look. Which un-nerved Draco and Y/n a little bit.
“Yes. I do.” Draco answered after a short moment of thought before looking at Y/n.
“I love you too.” Y/n smiled looking at him, shocked since they were taking things really slow and they hadn’t said ‘I love you’s’ yet.
“Then we’re good.” The twins stated smiling widely.
“Really?” Y/n asked hopeful that she might have at least two of her brothers on her side and ok with her relationship.
“Yeah.” He smiled at her, nodding.
“Thank you, guys! Don’t tell Ron!” Y/n called after them as they left the abandoned tower.
“We won’t!” They called back.
“That was better than you thought it’d be.” Draco commented letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.
“Yeah. I’m glad.” Y/n nodded letting out her own sigh of relief.
“I do think Ron will be a very different story though.” Draco admitted, truthfully he does not think Ron will accept it at all. Maybe not ever, if anything he might just become social with Draco but the young Malfoy doesn’t believe Ron will ever truly accept him. “We’ll deal with him when it comes to it.” Y/n said hoping that the day Ron finds out is very far in the future.
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