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LOVE ON TOUR – Los Angeles (1/29)
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Pretty in pink
Tumblr media
Requested here
Fandom: All of us are dead
Pairing: Gwi-nam x gn!reader
Summary: You've never realised just how jealous Gwi-nam was, nor what the result of his jealousy would be.
Word count: 696
Warnings: established relationship, kissing, mentions of jealousy, slight angst but mostly fluff, ooc Gwi-nam
A/N: Good lord, this isn't my best work or my longest one but this past month has been quite bad and I didn't have the time, energy nor the motivation to write at all, but I also made this blog with the goal of posting at least one thing every month and I didn't want to break my streak so early on. I'm doing a little better now so I'll be writing more of the requests soon, hopefully 😌
"Gwi-nam, stay still! I swear to God.."
"But it buuurns, how am I supposed to stay still? You're doing this on purpose, y/n!" 
"It will burn even more if you won't stop moving, you silly! Are you trying to get it in your eyes?" You pretended to be annoyed with his impatience and childish behavior, but in reality you had to try really hard to contain laughter and focus on what you were doing. You didn't actually want to hurt him, obviously. 
It was still hard for you to believe he agreed to do this. You and Gwi-nam have been together for almost a year now and you could, with all confidence, say that you knew him better than he knew himself. And yet, never in a million years would you imagine he'd let you dye his hair. Pink. Pastel pink to be more specific. But, as unbelievable as that fact itself was, the reason why he asked you to do it in the first place was even more absurd. 
It was no secret that Gwi-nam was the jealous type, possessive even. You were his and he was yours, you knew it and he made sure everyone around you knew it too. You didn't know however that his jealousy went far beyond the people you surrounded yourself with, or so happened to meet in your day-to-day life. Oh no. But it wasn't till a few weeks earlier that you learned your boyfriend doesn't like for you to look at any other man. Not even celebrities you've never met before and most likely never will.
One of those celebrities, a young actor from a very popular Netflix show, posted a few pictures of himself with his new haircut and without thinking much about it, you made a comment about it to Gwi-nam. 
"You know, he kinda reminds me of you a little. Just with a way cuter hair color."
You didn't think he'd react so emotionally, an innocent remark apparently hurting him more than either of you expected. It took a few days of radio silence, countless unanswered texts and missed phone calls for him to finally talk to you again. And when he did, it wasn't what you expected. He wasn't mad. He didn't want to break up with you. Instead, he asked for you to.. dye his hair. It would be nice to try something new, he said. And you didn't ask any questions. You were just happy to have him back.
"Okay, I'm done! Now you have to wait about forty minutes, then we can wash it off."
"Wait, forty minutes? That doesn't sound right. What if it burns my beautiful hair?" He asked, pretending to be genuinely concerned. 
"Well.." You hesitated, pulling him closer to you. "..I guess I'll still love you. We'll just get you a pink wig." You couldn't contain laughter any longer when he tackled you, leaving a bunch of kisses on your face and neck. It was adorable how careful he was to not get the dye on you or any of your furniture. 
You spent the next hour cuddling, trying to pay attention to the movie quietly playing in the background, completely forgetting about the timer. It was nice to have Gwi-nam by your side again, it was even nicer to feel his lips on yours, your bodies complimenting each other perfectly. It wasn't until you tried to brush your fingers through his hair that you realised you still haven't washed off the dye, dark pink stains forming on his forehead and neck. You could only hope his hair has survived this unexpected attack.
"And?" Gwi-nam asked, nervously shifting his gaze from the mirror to your face. He was trying to keep his cool but you knew how much your approval meant to him. "Don't be like that, just tell me what you think?" 
"I think..Well, pink is definitely your color." You answered honestly, before giving him another kiss. You could feel him smiling against your lips, your next words only causing his smile to grow bigger. "You'll always be the most attractive guy I know, Gwi-nam. And I wouldn't want anyone else by my side."
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Hello!! If it isn’t too much to ask- may I request Jack x a coulrophobic s/o? One that couldn’t stand the thought of clowns at first- but has an exception solely for Jack the more their relationship progresses?
I feel this so much. Ordinarily clowns freak the hell out of me but I'm a whole fucking simp for Jack idgi.
Tumblr media
Oh god, oh fuck, oh NO--look its one thing to pass out after putting in a VHS/DVD/movie, we've all done it right? But when you wake up and there's suddenly a grown ass man in YOUR apartment decked to the nines in primaries and clown makeup?
Fight or flight? This is YOUR apartment- you're scrambling up like you're absolutely feral. Groping for anything to use as a weapon of sorts. Brandishing your $5 Target throw pillow? Not super effective but pop off boo, you can smother anyone with enough gumption I guess
Jack is just as taken aback- your reactions are very much playing off each other. Anyone on the outside looking in might find it comical. There's you, on one end of the sofa with your weapon of choice barking questions while Jack is on the other side- hands raised non-threateningly, talking softly to try and calm you
Your first meeting us now something the pair of you look back with a laugh. Frankly it took time to get to this point, you'd been pretty up front from the jump with Jack. You didn't like clowns. Scared of them, untrusting, horror media certainly did nothing to help (or Shaun's movie nights). You'd told Jack it wasn't anything personal he seemed like a perfectly nice guy or entity or whatever the hell he was.
Of course Jack has a few prodding questions regarding this. Clowns and characters like himself are supposed to be the good guys, the heroes, the ones who make you smile and laugh by jokes or magic. How open you are to the discussion is entirely up to you: if you're pretty open about it- the situation is smoothed over pretty easily. If you don't want to talk about it- Jack doesn't press further out of respect.
Regardless, Jack gives you plenty of space. Well...as wide a berth as he can sharing this space with you. In attempts to appease you, Jack will either try to remove the pigmented makeup from his face or ask you to get him makeup to conceal them. Maybe some spare clothes to change into.
It's very obvious that these are difficult things for him to ask of you. Jack isn't accustomed to having someone wary of him or feeling subconscious, these things definitely shine through in his actions- going further out of his way to help you in any way he can. Dinner? Done and your meals for work prepped in the fridge. Have to run the snake down the shower drain? Nah, go finish that chapter or episode you were just enjoying- he's got this. Just anything and everything not only to show his affections and worth to you but to hopefully find his appearance and demeanor less offputting or tolerable.
Also, with this information- Jack will not share your bed with you until a proper relationship or agreement of sorts is come to. He'll offer to sleep in the living room- he'd never forgive himself if you woke up frightened. It's all for your comfort and your boundaries, that's without a doubt the top priority
His efforts don't go unnoticed by you, especially when he attempts to tone down his clothing or asking you for others and covering the shapes over his facial features. At first you acquiesce, letting him loan clothes that maybe are too big for you or shopping online and letting him choose thing. Taking him makeup shopping though: Jack cant help but think it'd be more fun given better circumstances seeing that cosmetics come in such a variety of shades and colors now.
Jack grows on you, genuinely. You know he's pulling double duty to try and ease you into accepting and going so far as trying to make his appearance easier on you. Sure, he came into your life like a color wheel of a hurricane but nothing bad had come of it. Jack made you feel safe, made you felt cared for, he was supportive and kind- never asking anything of you save for assistance on the supplies of normalcy. Guilt gnaws at you a little. Jack wasn't so much a clown. Not in your opinion or anything. He wasn't one of those creepy 2016 killer clowns or a cartoony chucklefuck.
One morning while Jack is leaning over the sink to carefully dab concealer and foundation over the red shapes decorating his face clad in a well worn maroon shirt and plain gray sweatpants that you pause in the doorway just watching him. Jack eventually catches you, greeting you warmly as ever. "I'm almost done, Sunshine. Just a sec."
You didn't want him to have to change for you, he was a handsome guy regardless and a golden one on the inside. "Nah." You state simply, with a click of your tongue before reaching for your makeup removal balm. Unscrewing the lid, Jack watches you, clearly confused- moreso when you start smearing makeup remover on his face. With a warm wash cloth you gently wipe away the cosmetics from his face with the red circles and shapes on full proud display.
"You be you. I don't want you to change if you don't want to." You can see Jack's mouth drop open right away to reassure you that it's fine, that he's fine, to wave it off even though you know better. You press a finger to his lips with a stern look. "Not everything needs to be about me, okay?...I like you better wearing your colors and face paint." And you mean it, he can tell this isn't something you're forcing yourself to do.
He melts and his worried gaze softens, acceptance was always sweet but it was infinitely better coming from you. Quietly he asks if he can hug you to which you oblige- giving him a fond squeeze around the middle. You shoo him off after a while after finishing washing his face and to go change, with a statement over your shoulder that you'll handle breakfast this morning.
You're more than willing to make an exception for Jack, he's become such an integral piece of your life. He doesn't scare you, he doesn't make you uneasy or uncomfortable- quite the opposite with how careful he is when he dotes upon you so gently. Always asking for consent before bridging any gaps as not to push boundaries.
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Spree Driver// Kurt Kunkle
So i put this up on Wattpad, but i don't really think that's the platform for it, so imma put it on here and hopefully y'all like it(:
Tumblr media
warnings: Kurt being Kurt, cursing, car sex, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex, sub! Kurt
word count: 2.5K
You had ordered a Spree ride. Now, you usually wouldn't but your car had broken down a few days ago and it had yet to be finished with repairs. So that meant you had to request a rideshare. You tried not to think anything of it, as people did this all the time. It usually turned out fine.
Your ride was soon confirmed by a driver named Kurt. You saw his car type, license plate, and profile picture. You saw that he was highly rated, but you weren't aware of that trick-he actually wasn't at all. But you didn't know that yet.
You saw the car pull up and the driver's side window slide down, "Hey, y/n?" called out the driver. "Yeah, you're Kurt?" "Yep, that's me. I'm your Spree driver. Get on in here." You nodded, took ahold of the door handle and hopped into the back seat.
Kurt started driving and took a moment to clarify your intended location with you. He seemed nice, just maybe a bit of an oddball. His hair was slicked down on his forehead, and he wore a bright blue shirt. You look at his face in the rearview mirror, to get a good look at him, just in case you would need to identify him later. You knew that you couldn't trust anybody in the world you lived in.
You came to realize that, under the bad hairdo, he was actually a handsome guy. Nice complexion, pretty brown eyes, and a kind face. "Hey, there's some water back there if you need it. It's pretty hot out there today." you heard Kurt say. But you weren't raised to take drinks from strangers, so you politely said, "No, I'm good. Thank you though."
He was most likely harmless, but you could never be too sure. You decided to look out the window, to help kill some time during the drive, but you noticed a camera attached to the window. "Um, excuse me, Kurt?" "Yes, y/n?" You looked ahead, and he met your eyes in the mirror, waiting for what you were going to say. You looked around and saw other cameras in various spots in the car.
"What's with the cameras?" "Ohh, yeah sorry, I hope you don't mind. They're for my protection." Okay that made sense. "Oh, I see. It's a pretty brave thing to be a Spree driver." "Yeah, totally. But it can also be fun and good for content." Kurt said confidently. "For content? What are you, like an influencer or something?" you asked, laughing.
"Well, yeah." he answered, a hint of hurtfulness in his tone. "KurtsWorld96. Ever heard of me?" "No, I don't really keep up with social media." You looked up in the mirror again, and his eyes were as big as saucers. "Seriously? Like how can you even sat that?" "I don't know maybe it's because all that stuff doesn't matter?" you retorted back at him.
"Oh? So having a social media presence means nothing to you?"Kurt was nearly shouting, just with disbelief. "I mean, maybe it does to some people, just not to me." you shrugged. "Well, sorry to say this, y/n, but if you're not documenting yourself, you basically just don't exist." he said, matter-of-factly. Kurt wasn't trying to come off as rude, he was just giving his thoughts to you. Social media and growing his audience was his entire world. It consumed him. "If that's how you feel, Kurt. We can agree to disagree, I guess."
"I guess so. I can respect your point of view as long as you respect mine." Kurt said. The car came to a stop, there were other cars all around at the stop light. traffic was built up, as it was late afternoon and people were getting off of work. "Sorry it's taking so long. I hope you're not in too much of a hurry." "Oh, no, it's all good. It's not your fault anyway." you said, looking at him in the mirror.
You looked out the window, and despite the busy city, the sun was setting, and the colors in it were beautiful. You started to forget about where you were even headed-oh that's right, meeting friends for dinner. Eh, you weren't really feeling it to begin with, but now as you looked at your driver in the mirror, you wanted so badly to change your plans.
"So, Kurt?" you said, getting his attention. "Yeah?" he responded, pressing his lips together and widening his eyes, looking so cute doing so. "You got a girlfriend or something?" He laughed, "Oh, me? No, no, y/n, I don't have a girlfriend. I don't have the time, ya know with trying to grow my following and all." "Oh, yeah I'm sure that can keep a guy busy." you said, adding, "So do you have any free time?" You watched him by scooting forward in your seat. You put your hands on the back of his seat and took in his body language.
"Yeah, that's where Spree comes in." "Well, that's still work, Kurt. I mean, don't you have any friends that you hang out with?" "Aw, yeah, Bobby Bud Lee." Kurt looked at you in the rearview mirror like he was waiting for you to recognize the name. You just stared back at him. "Oh, am I supposed to know who that is?" "You don't know Bobby Basecamp? Man, you really are disconnected, y/n." "Yeah, I guess I am."
"Do you have any friends that aren't... influencers?" Kurt chuckled, "Why are you asking so many questions?" Okay, that's a no. His face was really starting to turn red now. You smiled, feeling your own blush coming on. "I don't know. I just think you're cute is all." "Oh, really?" "Yeah, really." You leaned further forward, almost touching your mouth to his ear. "Are you gonna do anything about it, Kurt?" His face dropped upon hearing the seductiveness in your voice. He was definitely nervous.
Kurt looked over at his phone, which was secured on the dash. "Oh look, we're only two minutes away from your destination." he said, flatly. "No, I don't want to go there anymore. Take me somewhere else, Kurt." You inched even closer, "Somewhere private, where we can...talk." you slowly reached up and touched his hair gingerly. "Want to?" you asked. Kurt kept his eyes on the road and was stiff in his seat, but he said, "Yes."
He took a turn off of the main highway and drove a few minutes out of town. "It's just this old junkyard that my mom's dad used to own. So no one should find-uh, bother us out here." "Okay, cool." you said, "I mean, it's not like you're gonna kill me, are ya?"Kurt chuckled lightly as he put the car in park. He then eyed his phone, which made you suspicious, but you didn't know why.
"What was that on your phone?" you asked him. "Oh, nothing." he said looking back at you. You took his answer, not really caring, as your hormones were taking over your body. "Okay well, do you want to come back here with me?" you bit your lip after the question, trying to act all innocent. Kurt grinned and nodded frantically. "Come on." you held your hands out to him. He grabbed your hands and climbed into the back seat with you.
You couldn't stop smiling as he sat close. You could feel the heat from his body. Nonchalantly, you rubbed your thighs together. "Kurt, can I kiss you?" you asked, put your hand on his arm. "Yes, I'd really like that." he said, leaning in and closing his eyes. You took the lead, and put your hands on his face, cupping his cheeks. You leaned in, pressing your lips to his.
You opened your mouth slightly, and so did Kurt. He tasted like Monster energy drink. You swirled your tongue into his mouth and after that, he became more eager. His lips moved fast, brushing over your mouth like he was starved.
You put your hand on his chest, gently pushing him back a little bit. You grinned and took ahold of the bottom of your shirt, pulling it over your head and dropping it onto the floor of Kurt's car. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Wow." he said, eyeing your breasts, his hands ready to reach out and touch them. He moved, and you were ready, ready to fuck without another word passed between the two of you. "Y/n, I-I can't, I just, I'm sorry."
Kurt hung his head, "I can't do this. I can't do this to you, because the truth is: these cameras aren't really for my protection." he pointed to one of the window cameras. "I'm live-streaming right now, like there are thousands of people watching by now." You were completely dumbfounded. "Are-are you serious?" "Yes, I am-I just couldn't have, I couldn't like, ya know, without you knowing that we're being watched. And I'm sorry."
"Oh, well, can you turn them off then, so we can actually do this?" you asked. Kurt sat there, doe-eyed look on his face, "Y-yeah." "Then do it and show me that the cameras are off." He did as he was told, and grabbed his phone, turning off the livestream. He turned his phone screen to you. "See? Here are all the cameras-the camera shots, and they are all off. I swear. I wouldn't make a-I wouldn't do a leaked sex tape without your permission. Because number one: it's way, way-totally wrong, and number two: it's criminal-illegal." he said, nervously nodding.
You scanned your eyes over his phone, and then looked at him. "Okay, I trust you, Kurt. Now, fuck me." you smirked, reaching behind you to unclasp your bra. You could hear his breath hitch in his throat as you dropped your bra to the floor. His mouth formed an "o" shape. He gulped, "They're so prett-so beautiful." He licked his lips. "Kurt, you can touch them, sweetie." You pushed your chest out toward him a little.
"Oh, okay." he put his hands on your breasts, gently squeezing them, your nipples peaking against his fingertips. "Mm." you whimpered. "Does it hurt?" Kurt asked, looking into your eyes. "No, no, just the opposite." You caressed his sweet face. "Do you want to fuck me, Kurt?" He tightened his palm grip on your breasts, he pressed his lips together, and let out a high pitched, "mm-hmm."
"Here, let's take your shirt off." you suggested, pulling on the hem of his shirt. He nodded and grabbed the back of his collar to help you pull the shirt over his head. Kurt had hair on his chest, and he clearly hadn't seen the inside of gym in a while, or maybe even ever. But hey, he wasn't unattractive by any means. To you, he was actually quite cute. You could feel how hard his cock was underneath you. Instinctively, your folds started to coat your panties with your arousal.
"May I?" you asked, making a small gesture to his sweatpants. "Yes-yeah, please." Kurt was obviously eager for what was to come. With a tug of his pants, his cock sprang up, free from its confinement. "Ooh, big boy." you said, biting your lip and looking at him seductively. The tip was already red, precum teasing the opening of his slit.
You swiped your tongue over it, tasting the saltiness of him. As you tucked your lips over your teeth and sheathed him, you could hear him whimpering softly. Kurt put his hand on your head, but he wasn't brave enough to apply any pressure or to guide you in any way. He was thrilled with whatever you were willing to give him. You rolled your tongue along the underside of him as your lips sucked him back and forth.
You started to moan on his cock, letting him feel vibrations from your mouth. Kurt's breath hitched again, "Oh, that's good. Fuck yeah." He spoke softly, but his fist tightened around thick strands of your hair. He swallowed and made a sound in his throat. He was groaning, saying, "oh" in hushed tones. His breath quickened into a pant. You were sucking him hard and fast.
"Oh, shit!" he called out, spurting his cum into your mouth. You swallowed him up and sucked his tip until it was clean. Kurt watched you wipe your lips, his seed glossing over them. "That was sexy, so hot, y/n." He was still panting, but there was a sense of relief about him. Like he really needed that release. "Well, if you liked my mouth," you moved onto his lap, straddling over his semi stiff cock, "you'll love my pussy."
You took his dick into your hands and spit onto the tip. Your palm lathered in the saliva and massaged him up and down. "You gonna get hard for me again, Kurt?" you teased. "Yes." he said, nodding like the most obedient student. You giggled, stroking him a little faster and as he got hard again, you said, sweetly, "Good boy." You leaned in and kissed him on the lips, he didn't even care that his spunk was still on your mouth.
Kurt's cock stood tall, and you settled onto his tip, letting him split you as you slid down his length. "Ahh, yeah." you moaned softly, closing your eyes. "No, look at me." Kurt had the tendency to stumble over his words with nervousness, but not those words. He looked you directly in the eyes, he was commanding you. You popped your eyes open, starting right into his caramel-colored irises.
He reached the pit of your insides, and it was as if you took a hit of ecstasy. He felt perfect in your pussy. You began to rotate your hips forward and Kurt put his hands on your hips and kept his eyes on you. His mouth fell open in awe as you glided further on him, and he was hitting you as deep as humanly possible. "Oh, Kurt...feels so fucking good." you cried, feeling short of breath as the moment of passion was creating a humidity inside the vehicle.
You rode him for several minutes, and Kurt was practically melting into the material of the seat underneath him. He was simply letting you have your way with him, and he was like puddy in your hands. He was panting, sweating, and moaning like a little bitch. You were sweating too, and your skin slapped against his with wet sounds. There was a mixture of both his and your sweat, as well as you arousals dripping and slipping around between you.
"I'm gonna...I'm gonna come." his speech was very labored, and his words got stuck in his throat. "Come for me, Kurt, please." you begged. "Ar-are you sure?" he asked, looking up at you with near panic, like he was about to erupt at any second. "Yes, it's fine, baby. I'm on birth control. Just let go for me, okay?" You put your hand on his face, caressing it. He grunted, closed his eyes, and with a huff, he bucked his hips and shot his warm cum inside of you.
You both panted softly, gradually trying to catch your breaths in the stuffy car. Kurt let out a small chuckle, "That was so much better than going viral could ever be."
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Okay new Tails-tube short came out and I want to talk about it (mostly about Knuckles edition)
Under the cut because I go on a bit:
#1 Knuckles voice and character direction:
I absolutely love this new Knuckles voice a LOT. Of course Knuckles is being voice by Dave Mitchell, with his first Knuckles role being in Team Sonic racing where his voice there wasn't exactly bad to say but it was clearly trying tbh a bit to hard to be a Travis Willingham impression which I get for the sake of continuity but in that game at least it just seemed kind of too forced and a bit too noticeable to say at least. However, now as this short proves that he is no longer trying to do the Travis impression and is doing his own take on the character which is good!
Like I was very grown used to Travis' Knuckles when having his voice in so many games for so long and I believe personally Boom!Knuckles (at least when ignoring the canonverse Knuckles for just a moment) was definitely his best take on the character and honestly for me at least is most of the part of why Boom worked like it did, not as a sonic show but as a dorky little comedy.
Movie!Knuckles I think is what proved to me that change can absolutely work and was absolutely needed for Knuckles as a character, for so long his character had been so dumbed down and mostly just either used for jokes or incompetent decision making (look at everything he done while he was in charge in Forces) but thanks to the writing and Idris Elba's voicing it turned the page and started a new with Knuckles' portrayal, having him as warrior with honor who spent most of his time growing up alone and made it where while he's not stupid but he does have this naivety to him about how to be around people and exactly what it means to have a true friend letting the S3&K being tricked by Eggman plot line feel more natural than it did in that game. He felt like he had a healthy scale; one end being a warrior with the highest of honors and is absolutely ready to fight whatever and whenever nesscary and on the other end is naive kid new to society and learning the ends and out of what it means to have friends and family and not to be alone, throughout the movie he goes to different parts of the scale depending on the situation and the key of success here was it always felt natural when he did - both sides were him but if need be he can easily switch from one to the other if the situation called for it. It's a nice touch in my opinion and complexes his character out more.
Why do I bring this up? Because new and different voices can do very much a different direction of a character along with different writers and voice directors (there's many examples here in this franchise to take you're pick from) and here in this Tails-tube short Knuckles is proof of all of that; new voice that isn't just an impression of the previous Knuckles' one, new writers especially Ian Flynn which we know was involved with at least this short in particular thanks to one of his tweets, and we *know* there's new voice directors at least in some way while not doing the his 'new voice' for Sonic in this short but given so just how vastly different Roger's Sonic sounds in the small footage we've seen him speak in Frontiers, but even so just everyone who speaks this short sounds WAY less like their interpretations from the meta era sure they made jokes but nothing was nauseating to listen too like it was from colors-forces like you can just telling its Flynn's writing because of just how much it sounds like the IDW comics except it is more exposition dumpy but that's kind of the point of Tails-tube to give us lore and world building for maybe the younger audience who doesn't know much about the previous games so I'm fine with it.
Edit: It's actually Tyson Hesse who wrote and directed this short but pretty much my point still stands, they did an amazing job! :)
#2 Just some more things about Dave's Knuckles I noticed:
Anyway, Dave's Knuckles seems to be slowly forming his own identity in this short and will hopefully be fleshed out more in the Knuckles' prologue short (which I'll come back to later btw) so far he seems to be a lot less bullshity and more serious about his job protecting the Master Emerald than he has been in a very long time, this I'm very happy to see. Also??? This short addresses his consent leaps of absences away from the emerald and actually explains it??? That alone knocked me to the floor. Like he says he leaves to help Sonic whenever trouble he needs his help with comes around, which okay doesn't explain every situation because sometimes Knuckles is seemed just chilling around before the big bad of whatever game it is happens but again maybe there's something a little deeper there of him actually wanting to spend time with his friends just because but he doesn't want to say it out loud so that's the explanation he gives but maybe everyone around him knows that isn't truly the case but chooses not to say anything because the guy tries to keep a front of a guy only concerned with his job but actually cares a lot (which you can both see in this short given the fact even if he doesn't seem impressed or to get why Tails is doing his little internet show he still calls him though concerned at first that he was in danger but still stays on the line to answer Tails' interview questions and even oblivously in that older brother-like way teases him a bit about throwing him off the island for wanting to do tests on the Emerald even though the fox can fly, which was sweet. It's only when Sonic appears that he switches it up back to that front and breaks the camera. So... tsudere a little? Maybe but honestly it was never overbearing or all that noticeable that I think it kind of works and which I find cute but at least Sega is finally remembering that Sonic and Knuckles are also rivals even though their relationship is definitely better than Sonic and Shadow's rivalry which is, you know, more of a cliche hot-mess.
Knuckles' reaction to Rouge just being mentioned was funny.
Not Boom!Knuckles quality of jokes, which is good, but the fucking rock bit was also funny so good thing to know they're trying to regain balance which comedy when it comes to Knuckles' character, afterall even in S3&K comedy was indeed a part of his character (look at the him alone in that game trying not to fall scene and his boss fight being... a joke in itself) "I don't chuckle-" line in his SA2 theme when literally in his first interaction with Sonic that's what he does. ALL OF HIS THEMES IN SA1&2. Literally all of his in game animations in Sonic Riders. This face:
Tumblr media
Yeah they might've dumb down his character over the years and went overboard with the jokes but that's not to say the jokes weren't always there, even indirectly. And that's what makes it work, make him indirectly funny.
When asked about if he what to know more about the Master Emerald he straight up gives the most SA1!Knuckles ass response which it's fitting given his SA1 theme is playing the entire time.
They are straight up hinting at some kind of new form for him involving the emerald in some way, I fucking swear. I feel it in my gut.
Anyway I love him.
#3 Frontiers.
Giving the fact they literally state so in the ending, just happens directly before Frontiers with them mentioning picking up Amy to come and join them. A few things:
Knuckles is still on the island so I'm also assuming the Knuckles prologue takes places right after this short. But we know he's going to also be on the Starfall Islands and is most likely also going to be saved like Amy and probably also Tails so exactly what is going to go down in the prologue animation that is also going to drag him also into cyberspace? Something also having to do with the emeralds?
Speaking of which; they are REALLY hamming in hamming in the roles of the emeralds, which I think is good given its been SO long since they had actual importance in a game. And we know we're getting super sonic at least maybe a few times each on every island given there's some bosses you can only fight using him... but that leaves one question what about the final boss of this game? Are we just going to use maybe a more powered up version of super sonic? Or maybe something else? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
The glitches around the image of Starfall Islands. We know their connected to cyberspace so its not surprising that their glitchy but Tails said the chaos emeralds... lead/shown him the islands? How? I know their magic and all that but don't you think it's strange? Exactly how are these two places connected where the emeralds would sense them enough to want to go there? We know they have a subconscious of their own and thanks to Origins we see them travel as they please but why there? It's mysterious and I'm actually invested into learning more about it which is something I don't say going into many sonic games in recent years. I'm very excited.
#4 Prime.
Nothing in this short particularly made me want to talk about it but I wanted to talk about it anyway. So we know Sonic Prime is canon and it's Sonic is supposed to be gameverse!Sonic in some form. It's been speculated and rumored to come out in December and with the recent trailer confirming a winter 2022 release window I think that's very much plausible and at least says one thing: it's coming after Frontiers. Why am I bringing this up? Because I have a question:
Do you think since Prime from what we understand is canon takes place before or after Frontiers?
I'm asking because we know from interviews that Sonic is going to go through a character arc in Prime due to him supposedly being responsible for the dimensional rift or whatever and feels guilty over it and his motivation is to fix it and make things right.
We also know that in Frontiers Sonic is going to go through a similar situation and at least we're going to get a bit more character from him.
It's probably not going to be confirmed and we are kind of only left to guess until we have the game in our hands/watch the show to its fullest but given the two release not that far from each other which would make more sense coming first? Or maybe given the whole different dimension thing maybe (and this is just pure fan theory) they could both be 'versions' of gameverse!Sonic but also be parallels of either the same/similar event that comes out to the same result: improving Sonic's character and address some hidden things over the surface he's hiding (using some of the lines about fear and stuff from the Frontiers main theme as evidence here)
I don't know, we're kind of left in the dark on this one until we get both 🤷🏻‍♂️
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fandomregina · 1 year
Can we talk about the scene when Mirabel finally stands up to Alma and Casita breaks? (This is going to be a long analysis post so you have been warned) I also apologize now for the bad GIF quality
(I will not be posting all of these at once but, hopefully, they won't be too far apart. The GIFs just take so long lol)
Part 1- this one!
Part 2
Part 3
Part ?
Extra symbolism and things I saw
Tumblr media
Starting off just after Mirabel and Isabela finish Isabela's "What Else Can I Do?" Number. She has around her blue (calmness, peace, comfort, happiness), red (strength (which is probably why Luisa has a red hair ribbon) passion, determination), and purple (transformation) (also bi colors!) flowers around her. I'm pretty sure they're Dahlias (symbolize elegance, inner strength, change, creativity, and dignity) and Primulas/Primrose (a sign spring has arrived=new life after suffering (winter); youth, femininity, and safety and protection).
Now, when Alma gets there, starting off with Mirabel, she just looks upset that the time with her sister has ended and is upset and concerned because she probably know what's about to go down. Isabela looks terrified. She flinches when she hears Alma. She looks down at her clothes. They're messy, colorful, not perfect. This girl is terrified.
Tumblr media
["Abuela? It's okay! Everything's... We're gonna save the miracle. The magic..." "What are you talking about? Look at our home! Look at your sister!" "Please just... Isabela wasn't happy and she didn't-" "Of course she isn't happy. You ruined her proposal."]
Here we see these flowers dying. Isabela gets rid of them. She's ashamed. She tries to clean herself up. She's glancing nervously between Mirabel and Alma and making sure that what they just did isn't able to be seen around the house. She doesn't know what to do. She stands there as Mirabel starts to argue with Alma. The lighting of the scene also begins to change. The sun has set and it's getting darker. The house is getting darker and the only light really is at the center of the house where Alma and Mirabel stand and the candles surrounding them.
Tumblr media
["No, no, no. She needed me to ruin her proposal. And then we did all of this! And the candle burned brighter and the cracks-" "Mirabel." "That's why I'm in the vision! I'm saving the miracle!"]
We see Isabela move to Alma's side. Taking her side. After Mirabel says she needed me to ruin her proposal she glances nervously over at her like she doesn't want Alma to know that she does want to marry Mariano. She doesn't want her "perfect" image that her Abuela has of her to go away. As she walks towards Alma, she also tries to wipe her face. Mirabel is trying her hardest to explain to Alma what's going on but she just isn't listening, as always.
Tumblr media
["You have to stop, Mirabel!"]
Stop what? Influencing her siblings? Standing up to Alma? Trying to change things and make them better? Trying to figure out how to help the family? At the beginning of the movie, while everyone is setting up for Antonio's gift ceremony, Mirabel tries her best to help. While in the town, she sings "The Family Madrigal". Alma asks her "What are you doing?" Then, she gets in the way a bit when she enters the house, Isabela telling her to stay out of the way. She then tries to set up the candles and paper outside of the doors and Alma tells her "Maybe you should leave the decorations to someone else?" When she burns Alma's paper. She continues saying "Mirabel, I know you want to help, but tonight must go perfectly. The whole town relies on our family, on our Gifts. So, the best way for some of us to help is to step aside. Let the rest of the family do what they do best." Alma is pretty much telling her because you don't have a Gift, you can't help anyone so step aside. I mean... here, she's just telling Mirabel to stop trying to help the family because she's doing nothing but being in the way. Mirabel, at this, recoils and furrows her brows. You can see the wheels starting to turn in her brain as the last of the pieces fall in to place.
Tumblr media
["The cracks started with you. Bruno left because of you."]
Although she's technically right that Bruno left because of Mirabel, it wasn't because of Mirabel. It was for Mirabel. He knew that if Alma saw the vision of the house breaking behind Mirabel, because Bruno often saw the future and it had bad outcomes, he broke the vision and left to protect Mirabel. Alma pretty much stalks towards her. Mirabel continues to shrink and move backwards. As she moves backwards, so does all of the progress she's made to help the cracks and the miracle. The cracks start again. She's scared. Upset. Alma's yelling at her. To me, I think this is to sort of remind us that Mirabel is only 15 and Alma is ranting about how everything bad that has happened in the last 10 years is because of her. (She also seems to have a nervous thing of picking her nails/holding her hands together)
Tumblr media
["Luisa's losing her powers. Isabela's out of control. Because of you!" I don't know why you weren't given a Gift, but is is not an excuse for you to hurt this family."]
They look ashamed. Because of Alma yelling about their issues (powers and un-perfectness/no obedience) or because their younger sister is standing up to Alma and they aren't on her side. The two are powerless (and literally about to be).
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[I will never be good enough for you.]
(I'm going to put these 3 GIFs together).
The cracks start to get worse, get more violent, foreshadowing what's to come. Mirabel finally understands how her Abuela sees her. Nothing more than a nuisance hurting the family. No matter how hard she tries, no matter how far backward she bends, no matter what she does, because she doesn't have a gift, Alma will never see her how she wants her to. And she's hurting the family? If anything, she's helping it. She listened to Luisa. She lets Isabela be free and non-perfect. She helped Antonio get his gift. She figured out how to stop the cracks. She warned Alma about them the night of Antonio's gift ceremony. She was the only one who tried to seek answers on how to help Casita. But Alma is so set on keeping things the way they are, not changing them, that she rather push all of the blame on Mirabel than to try and step away and listen to someone else. I know this is because she doesn't want to lose her home, her family, again. But we can't just say that it's ok for her to act like this for 50 years and not change. We have to hold her accountable for her actions while also remembering the trauma she has. Again, this movie deals with generational trauma. We see this in the last song where Abuela apologizes and starts taking the steps to better herself and start communicating with the family better about her fears and changing her perspective on what she needs to do to protect her family.
Tumblr media
["Will I?"]
Now, we see Mirabel's parents come in. Everyone is technically on Alma's side.
Part 2
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euovennia · 2 years
always - jasper hale
summary: in which you and alice come up with a game plan.
original request can be found: here
pairing: NB!reader x jasper hale
word count: 1,221
Tumblr media
"I don't know, Alice. What if your vision is wrong? Surely that's happened before, right? I just don't wanna mess anything up," You spoke as a frown settled deep onto your face.
"I know it's scary, but you've gotta take that leap of faith. Do you really wanna keep going around having to try and stop yourself from cringing every time he misgenders you?"
You fell back into the sofa as you crossed your arms and looked down at the wooden floors, "Well he doesn't even know he's misgendering me so I can't really be upset with him about it," You admitted.
Alice let out a small sigh before taking your face into her cold hands and guiding you to look up at her, "But think of how great it'll feel for him to finally get it right. Just imagine the relief and happiness you'll feel, don't you want that?"
You let out a small sigh of defeat before nodding, "More than anything."
Alice gave you a bright smile before pulling back from you and crossing her legs, "Then let's come up with a game plan."
"You make it sound like a spy movie," You say with a laugh.
"Well this is obviously eating away at you, so why not make it into this super cool mission? It might help ease up some your nerves."
"You have a point, just seems a little silly."
"Just be glad Emmett isn't in on this otherwise we'd all have walkie-talkies and codenames."
"I can just imagine him begging Carlisle to get us all mics so he could do that thing where one person is telling the other what to say."
Alice scrunched up her nose with a playful smile, "Oh we are so never doing that. Talk about overkill."
"To be fair, it is pretty funny to see it backfire in the movies."
"Yeah but this isn't a movie, it's real life. Now stop stalling and let's plan!"
It had been a little under a week since your planning session with Alice. Admittedly the plan you two came up with wasn't anything crazy or special, but the mere fact that Alice had purposely gone out of her way to take time out of her day to lay down some of the basics meant the world to you. At the time, you'd told her that you'd be willing to do her a favor to make up for it but she simply said, /"You telling Jasper will be more than enough for me." So now there was virtually no getting out of telling him otherwise you'd have bigger things to worry about other than Jasper misgendering you.
Speaking of which...
"Hey, Y/N! How've you been? Feels like it's been a while since we last talked," He spoke as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder.
"Yeah sorry, that was my bad. I've been pretty stressed out lately."
"Ah I see, 'm sorry to hear about that, darlin'. Is it about school? If it is, I can certainly help out with that, you know I already have all the answers."
"No, I'm actually doing well in my classes. Thanks for the offer though."
Jasper looked at down at you with narrowed eyes as he studied you before speaking, "Even in geometry?"
"Even in geometry," You affirmed with a proud smile.
Jasper removed his arm from your shoulder as he leaned back on the couch, "Well color me impressed. I never thought I'd see the day you'd become a scholar."
"Hey, I can do well in all my classes, it just takes some effort."
Jasper gave you a lazy smile, "Well I'm glad you're feelin' confident."
You smiled back at him momentarily before your mind drifted off to the "game plan" you made with Alice. Biting you lip, you began to fidget with your hands as you felt a wave of nervousness and anxiety begin to build up inside of you. Just as you were about to get up from your spot on the couch to hopefully walk off some the anxiety, you were greeted with a sudden wave of serenity. You looked up at Jasper who stared back at you with a focused look in his honey-colored eyes.
"Thank you," You muttered.
"Anytime but...Are you alright? Seems like that all just came outta nowhere."
You took in a deep breath before looking at him, "I uh, actually had something I wanted to tell you."
"Oh, what is it?"
You felt yourself begin to cringe as his eyes stared directly into yours, "Could you actually um...I don't know...Turn away from me? I just..I think it might be easier for me if that makes sense, " You say as a furious blush began to light up your cheeks.
Surprise took over his features momentarily before he nodded and turned away from you, "You need anything else..?"
"I'd ask if you could maybe send over some confidence so I could grow a backbone, but I think it's better if I just come out and say it."
You could see his blonde curls bounce slightly as he nodded.
You closed your eyes and let out a deep breath as you thought back to Alice's words of wisdom as she dubbed it,
Just come out and say it, don't even think about it. Just say,
"I'm nonbinary."
Once the words flew out of your mouth, you closed your eyes in an attempt to hide away from the curious gaze of Jasper as he turned to look back at you.
"Can you open your eyes for me, please?"
Reluctantly, you opened your eyes as you felt the nervousness begin to build up again.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. It's so stupid, you can ignore me-"
Your spiel was abruptly cut off by a groan from you as Jasper threw all his body weight onto you in a hug.
"'M sorry, Y/N."
"You're crushing me," You got out in wheezing breaths.
Jasper's eyes widened as he quickly climbed off you as he sat back in his original position.
"It's fine," You remarked quietly.
"Can I ask you something?" He spoke in a surprisingly gentle tone.
You only nodded.
"Is this what you were stressing about?"
Another nod.
Your eyes trailed down to your hands as Jasper took yours into his with a gentle squeeze.
"How long have you been keeping this from me?"
You gulped before speaking, "I'm not too sure anymore actually. It's been a while though."
His hands let go of yours before he put a hand on your chin and lifted it so you could look at him, "I'm glad you told me. I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like you couldn't come out with this sooner, but I just want you to know that you can tell me anything. I'll always be here for you, Y/N."
You could practically feel your heart bloom out of your chest at his words as you grabbed his spare hand, "Always?"
He gave your hand a gentle squeeze, "Always."
With a smile, you leaped forward and gave him a hug as you buried your face into the crook of his neck while he began rubbing circles on your back.
"Thank you, Jasper. That means so much."
"Anything for you, Y/N."
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technowoah · 2 years
Tumblr media
THESEUS - a dsmp story ( DreamSMP x Queen!Reader)
Chapter Summary: You had gotten what you wanted, but at what cost? Nightmares ensue, and Dream’s true colors begin to show.
pairing: c!wilbur x queen!reader
an// IM BACK!! hopefully yall like this chaper cause this is the last one that I wrote in the past, Im writing chapter 6 rn so it might take a while. Also sorry for not posting requests I really wanted to get this chapter out there
⚠︎ swearing, dsmp spoliers(?), angst, arguing, smoking, explosions, gaslighting(?), not proofread.
Series Masterlist 
"Good job you two! This is all yours now.”
Dream had led you and Eret back to the castle, all of them still battered and bruised from the war they recently had. You had already taken off your armor and now you were wearing underneath your L'Manburg outfit that was torn and burnt showing some of your skin which was also burnt or cut. You had noticed on the way to the castle that Dream had kept on looking at the outfit that Eret and you had on with disgust, like a taunt.
You could finally relax in the huge castle that you apparently deserved because you and Eret had taken the first lives of the citizens of L'Manburg. In your heart you knew that L'Manburg was still a country. They all have two more lives and they will build the country up again with those two lives. You sighed then kept walking into the throne room. you looked at the two big thrones that sat next to each other. One for a king and one for a queen.
"Why are you standing there? Sit down! Relax!" Dream patted one of the thrones.
You and Eret had sat down on the thrones next to each other looking around the huge throne room and Dream smiling right in front of them. Once you both sat down you tried to sit up straight, but you wanted to slump down into the comfy, plush, velvet and gold chair. The two of them sat on velvet and gold thrones while in burnt and torn L'Manburg uniforms. It was a sight to see, and if someone didn't know the context of what just happened, this scene would've made sense to them.
"I'm happy you did this. You deserve all of this." Dream said while walking along the marble floor.
"It's beautiful, but I'm exhausted." You let your head fall to the side. You sighed wanting Dream to leave so you could finally get some rest.
"I bet."
"Eret are you okay?" You spoke up after Dream.
Eret had a look that you couldn't make out. He just stared off into space in his own mind. He shook his head after you called for him again.
"Yeah, yeah I am fine. I'm just thinking." Eret quickly responded.
"What are you thinking about?" Dream said in a monotone voice.
"If we did the right thing." Eret sighed.
You slowly nodded because you were thinking the exact same thing. They were traitors, you had built somewhat of a connection with those people you helped kill. And now what? you're living in a huge castle and apparently you "Shouldn't be feeling this way", Dream claimed.
"You two are overreacting. They are fine." Dream said bluntly while staring at them with a straight face.
That was a huge lie, their lives were taken today. They're not just “fine”.
"You two were never a part of that place anyways. This is your home! Why would you need to wear those hideous colors? They look bad on you, it's unflattering. There is no need to go back." Dream explained.
You hang your head not knowing what to say to the man, there wasn’t really anything to say but you spoke up hoping the words will come to you.
"I don't-"
"You don't have to say anything, it's okay. You're safe now. Did you get hurt?" Dream asked.
The bruises and scars said differently.
"Remember when I said that?" Dream pushed the question.
You rubbed a burn mark on your wrist and laughed a bit. "No! Actually I don't. We're safe now, but that doesn't mean we aren't hurt." You chuckled in disbelief.
"Well maybe if you listened to me you wouldn't be so anxious. If you listened you wouldn't have been so hesitant. You're safe." Dream said sternly.
"Maybe you're tired, Dream. We're all tired. Shall we go to bed?" Eret stood up and held out his hand to help you up from your seat.
You accepted his hand and started to follow Eret through the huge castle making your way through the huge, high ceiling halls. The three walked towards the king's and queen's room in the castle, Dream kept a slower pace and walked behind the two wanting to get one more word in before leaving the castle.
"If you two are ever in doubt just remember that you are on the right side of history." Dream said then turned around to leave the two alone.
You both stopped and turned around to see Dream’s back facing the both of you as he walked away. You and Eret eventually made it to your new bedrooms. There was a big door which held a huge room made for the both of them to sleep in and two separate rooms next to the bigger door which were made for one person. Eret and you stood in front of the bigger door staring at the intricate designs on the door not speaking to each other.
"So?" Eret laughed.
"So!" You exclaimed while chuckling.
"Are you okay sleeping in that huge room tonight?" Eret asked.
"I'm not totally comfortable with that, but it would be weird if we slept in the same bed. Don't get me wrong! You're a great friend, but-"
"Y/N/N stop! I'm okay with that too. I wasn't looking to sleep in the same bed. Yes we're married, but we're just staying friends, hey we might get a divorce later." Eret explained.
"If I do, we won't be king and queen anymore." You said softly to your husband.
"Is that what you want? To be "queen"?" Eret asked while putting air quotes around the word queen.
You paused for a moment then answered his question.
"I don't know where I'm supposed to be, Eret." You looked up at him sadly and he pulled you in for a hug. It took you everything you had to not cry into the L'Manburg uniform Eret was wearing. Today drained you mentally and physically, your hands were raw from shooting arrows, you had burn marks on your skin and your feet hurt from running through the kingdom. You weren’t sure about where you would go, because this didn't feel like your home.
"Let's go to bed and we'll talk in the morning. Rest on it because I'll happily divorce you so you can find your place in this huge kingdom." Eret laughed and let you out of his arms.
You chuckled and then let him go walking into what was supposed to be the queen's room and right next to it was the king's room which they both walked in after saying goodnight and closing their doors finally having time to themselves after a long day.
You finally took off the L'Manburg uniform and laid it on a velvet chair in the corner of the huge room. You stared at the uniform before going to the nearest closet and picking out something to wear for that night. The queen's room was basically the huge couple's room that you found before, but just with a smaller bed. There were still trinkets, jewelry and even clothes in the closet. you took a nightgown out of the closet and sat on the plush bed. You ended up laying down staring at the high ceiling thinking of the predicament Eret's question brought.
You finally retired for the night and crawled into bed and got under the soft covers. The window was open so a soft cool breeze was blowing through the room letting the curtains flow with the breeze. If you left you wouldn't have anywhere to go except back to L'Manburg, they would never let you back even if you tried. They probably hated your guts by now, so maybe divorcing wasn't a good idea. You had a set home here, you had food, clothes, and you weren't under attack every minute. you didn't have to watch your back for any enemies.
Your mind slowed down as you finally lulled yourself into a deep sleep forgetting the troubles in your mind for only a moment.
The sunset fell over the horizon making it a gold, red color. It was beautiful. The trees were illuminated and the lakes had a certain glow to them. you could see mobs began to crawl out of the ground and caves, but you was safe up here.
You looked down and saw the familiar obsidian walls. It seemed like a faint memory, but in reality the walls were real. It was like you could feel the stone underneath your feet at this moment. you could see inside L'Manburg.
you saw Tubbo and Tommy laying in the grass talking to one another. you saw Fundy sleeping in the grass next to them. There were two new faces you had never seen before. It was a woman with short pink hair and another man with a shaved head. It might've been your mind putting people in your dreams to fill space. Then you saw Eret sitting by a small river letting his bare feet flow in the water. It was a peaceful scene.
"Beautiful sunset isn't it?" A voice showed up beside you.
It was Wilbur. He had his uniform on, it was clean like the war didn't even happen.
"It is really beautiful." You agreed watching the sun continue to lower over the trees.
"You know everything the sun touches is yours? It's all of ours. It just so happens that you can see the sunset and sunrise from L'Manburg. You can do anything as long as you see the sun rise and fall." Wilbur said, keeping his gaze soft at the sunset.
You hummed but stayed quiet admiring his words and the sunset.
"Let me tell you what I wish I'd known when I was young and dreamed of glory. You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story. After you took one of my lives away I understand now. You can't control other people and their motivations."
You hang your head in disappointment, but then Wilbur continued.
"But I know that we can win. I know that greatness lies in you, but remember from here on in that history has its eyes on you. History will forever have its eyes on you no matter what you do." Wilbur looked into your eyes as the sun set on the two of them the stars began to shine.
The light brown eyes Wilbur had turned darker because of the sunlight being gone. You looked out back at the mobs in the forest and the huge towers in the sky made the kingdoms members. you turned around and looked into L'Manburg. Or what was considered L'Manburg.
There was no one there anymore, instead of people there were huge amounts of TNT that filled the walls behind them. you could hear faint voices around them, people that you didn't know. It sounded like chaos. you whipped your head around to Wilbur who was dressed in a brown tattered trench coat, brown pants, and a white shirt instead of the L'Manburg uniform.
He had a cigarette in his mouth and matches in his hands. He smirked at you as the voices around you got louder and your head sounded like you were in the middle of a tornado. your head was buzzing as your eyes couldn't focus on Wilbur in front of you. It felt like these moments were happening right in front of your all at one time.
"You want to be a hero Tommy?"
"You know if I die, this country goes down with me."
"if respect is the only thing protecting you from a knife in the back, then respect is nothing, right?"
"Kill me, Phil. Phil, kill me, Phil kill me! Phil, stab me with the sword, murder me now, kill me! Look-"
"You know Y/N" Wilbur started next to you. He lit a match and turned around to L'Manburg which was now filled with TNT.
"Somethings. Somethings were never meant to be." He threw the match into the huge pile of TNT and all in a second the obsidian underneath your feet disappeared as you fell into the explosion beneath you.
"Fuck! Where am I?!" You shot up from your sleeping position in a cold sweat.
You frantically felt around the bed trying to convince yourself that you were physically at the castle in your bed. You finally caught your breath and laid back down in your bed finding yourself staring at the ceiling again. Even with the window open blowing cool air into the room, your skin still felt hot. You ended up tossing the covers off of you and making your way towards the entrance of the kingdom to get some air.
That dream was so much stuff in it you couldn't comprehend all of it. It was like Wilbur was there as if he was talking to you directly and it wasn't a dream and it made you second guess yourself and think that it may have not been a dream. You finally made it outside and sat on one of the steps that led people up into the kingdom. you sighed and breathed in the fresh air and it immediately relaxed your body and mind. You were alive, you were here and sadly Wilbur wasn't there. You closed your eyes and felt the breeze around you until you were startled by a figure beside you.
"You're up late. I thought you said you were mentally tired." Dream chuckled sitting beside you.
"I had a bad dream." You sighed.
"Hey don't take my name in vain like that" Dream laughed trying to bring up your mood.
Dream sighed and stood back up when he didn't get a response from his companion.
"Come one, let's go. Let's get your mind off of the one bad dream." Dream held his hand out, gesturing to you to take it.
You took his hand and then released it letting him lead the way to wherever the wind may take them. The dream is currently still stuck in your head. The voices from different people confused you and made your head spin.
"You want to be a hero Tommy?" What did that mean? Was someone threatening Tommy? Will someone threaten Tommy? You grew to care for that kid.
Who said "If I die, this country goes down with me"? What country. L'Manburg?
"If respect is the only thing protecting you from a knife in the back, then respect is nothing, right?" That one stumped you the most. you didn't even know if this was being spoken to you or to someone else. All of them except for the Tommy one.
Were they all even dreams? The one that haunted your mind the most was the one where someone was telling a man named Phil to kill them. Were you there for that moment? Did Phil kill the person? Who was Phil? All these thoughts and questions plagued your mind so much that your feet mindlessly carried you wherever Dream led you to.
"Here we are." Dream led You on top of a hill, a tall enough hill to see the main attraction. The place you missed the most, L'Manburg.
Tears started to form in your eyes and you tried blinking them away. All the moments of that dream appeared in your brain, but even stronger. you never felt these emotions before. Maybe L'Manburg was your home all along. you missed seeing Tubbo, Tommy, Eret and Fundy doing their own thing while your and Wilbur had a deep talk inside the van. you had spent weeks with them growing too attached to them and then ended up becoming a traitor.
"That place. You never belonged there. You're too good for them." Dream started and you stayed quiet watching the stars begin to disappear.
"Do you trust me?" Dream asked.
You stayed quiet not having the answer he wanted to hear. He wanted to hear you say that you trusted him when in reality you couldn’t, you weren't fully there yet, not anymore. 
"They lied to you. It's not your home." Dream continued on letting you listen and not talk.
"How did you know if someone said it was my home or not?" You asked, startled.
"I might've been keeping an eye on you. I wanted to make sure my flower was okay." Dream kept his gaze on L'Manburg.
"Stop calling me that." You sighed.
"I never started. This was the first time I said that. Who called you flower?" Dream suddenly got serious, staring at you.
you kept your sights on the obsidian walls, not sparing him a glance. The stars began to fade and the sun peeked over the horizon. As they stayed longer the sun rose over the walls of L'Manburg. You started to remember the words in the dream you had.
"You know everything the sun touches is yours? It's all of ours. It just so happens that you can see the sunset and sunrise from L'Manburg. You can do anything as long as you see the sun rise and fall."
L'Manburg stands for independence. Independence. That word kept ringing through your head like a mantra until a few voices below the hill and near the walls alerted you.
"HEY! Hey Wilbur! Give me back my shit!" Tommy yelled as he stomped after the older man.
"Wilbur get Tommy to stop shouting and give him his swords back please!" Fundy yelled trailing behind the two.
"No not until he learns not to go start stabbing shit!" Wilbur yelled back at the other two.
You missed that. you missed the bickering and the nonsense they all shared. you were upset that Tommy still hadn't learned his lesson and you wished you were there beside them at that moment.
Dream spoke up giving you a look you couldn’t quite get. "You are never allowed to step inside those walls again.
"What gives you the right to tell me what and what not to do? Who does that make you? Who do you think-"
"YOU ARE NEVER ALLOWED TO GO IN THOSE WALLS!" Dream yelled getting dangerously close to you.
You continued to stare at those blue eyes as the bright sun rose over the dark walls of L’Manburg. you didn't say anything but descended down the mountain alone with the sounds of Tommy, Fundy, and Wilbur bickering in the background, wishing you were there and not next to the man next to you who was staring at you angrily.
"I know what’s good for you! I know what's good for this country! Just trust me Y/N!" Dream yelled starting an argument
"Would you calm down! You came here to be all quiet and now you're yelling at me. You might want to be quiet before Wilbur hears you. Or do you want me to get him myself?" You yelled back, getting furious.
"Oh you wish! He doesn't care for you as much as me, Sapnap and George do! They agree as well!"
"Don't put words into his mouth!" You accused
"Oh! So if he cares so fucking much he would've help save you. And do you know what would happen if he saved you?! You would've died! I saved you! You were in a perfect situation and all you had to do is not complain! You're always overreacting." Dream ended with a huff and rolled his eyes while turning away..
you were speechless at this point. Overwhelming emotions consumed you. you couldn't believe you were overreacting. Maybe Wilbur wasn't everything you needed. you were overreacting, you were being selfish too. Dream was right. Dream walked over to you pulling you in a hug with L'Manburg was still in your sights.
"I did everything because I love you. You're too precious for them, you're not for them. They don't deserve you, you deserve someone who wants the best for you. A flower that needs a home and I'm here to give it to you." Dream softly explained.
Your eyes kept tearing up at the words and different emotions flowing through you. The sights on L'Manburg make your memories and questions come back. Where did you belong? But more importantly who was telling the truth?
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mysticpetals · 2 years
When we were young (1)
Pairing — Jake × f!mc (Syianne Langford)
Genre — Hogwarts!au, (reluctant) friends to lovers, humor, fluff
Word count — 1.5k
Summary — Jake and Syianne had known each other since their first year, but growing up has changed their relationship and not for the better. While one of them tries to save it, the other doesn't want anything to do with it. Whatever will they do?
Notes — so! I'm back with a Jake fic after 7372862 years lol this is honestly not my best work and I hope you guys can ignore any discrepancies in there. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it 💖 p.s I'm a Slytherin myself ;)
Tumblr media
It was a well known fact in Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry that every Slytherin needed a Hufflepuff.
The mostly brooding house members get a bad reputation because of the work of previous students in Slytherin and that's why, it was an unspoken rule amongst the Hufflepuffs that they'd all befriend at least one Slytherin so that no one feels alone at the magical school. Because no matter which house they belonged to, no one deserves to feel as if they're not wanted.
And while the houses were much more comfortable and united with each other after the defeat of Voldemort, some stigmas ran too deep to be ignored so easily.
Jake knew this. Had known it ever since he sat down at the Slytherin table after his sorting and the older students mentioned that they'd be greeted enthusiastically by the Hufflepuffs and not to be put out by this. They'd be getting a friend for life after all, one that won't discriminate against them because of the colors they wore.
He just didn't expect his Hufflepuff to be a cheerful, bubbly and overly optimistic girl, Syianne Langford.
Don't get him wrong, he really appreciated having a friend right from the beginning of his journey at Hogwarts. It had seemed like a godsend at first, considering how shy and antisocial he tended to be. And Syianne was nice, she really was. It was just…..she was too nice. He couldn't understand how a person could be so happy at all times and as much as he appreciated her, he also didn't like spending a lot of time with her. It was confusing in the beginning, to say the least, how he could hold a civil conversation with her one day and then didn't speak to her again for two.
Now in his fifth year, he wished he had gotten anyone else other than her as he watched her enter the Potions classroom and scan the room for him. His attempts to hide himself by ducking his head seemed to not have worked as he heard her quick steps come towards him, sliding on the stool next to him.
"Hello, Jake!"
Merlin, how was she so loud? And why? It was only 11 am, and he just wanted to go to sleep. But of course, his Hufflepuff was the human embodiment of sunshine and he sighed, lifting his head and giving Syianne a strained smile.
"Hello, Syianne. How are you doing?"
"I'm doing good! I'm so excited for herbology today, I heard Professor Sprout is going to let us handle the venomous tentacula!" She chirped, practically bouncing on her stool, which teetered uncertainty. She had a wide smile on her face and Jake almost felt bad for what he was about to say.
"Why are you happy about coming in contact with a poisonous plant? One that could kill you?" He scrunched his face, not liking Herbology or the hazardous greenhouses they had to study in. They were too bright and colorful for his taste.
Syianne's eyes dimmed a little and she pouted, narrowing her eyes.
"You could at least pretend to be excited. The plant is actually very sweet once you get to know her," she grumbled and Jake looked at her in disbelief and something akin to horror.
"Her? Are you—"
"Good morning class! Let's begin today's lesson shall we?"
The Professor entered the classroom and they began the lesson. Jake would have thought that Syianne would be cross with him after he insulted her precious plants but to his chagrin, she was back to her usual self and talked to him all throughout the lesson, with him giving less than enthusiastic responses to her rapid questions. By the end of the lesson, Jake's hands were tired from stirring the potion and his ears were about to fall off.
He finally heaved a sigh of relief when the Professor said that they could leave and continue making it in the next class. He practically tossed his books in the bag and got up from his seat when a hand caught his wrist. He swivelled around to frown at Syianne who only smiled in return.
"We have Herbology next, let's go walk together?" She asked and he thought of various reasons he could use to get out of it but in the end, nodded wearily, getting a blinding smile from the girl in return.
"Great, let's go!"
The walk to Herbology greenhouses was rather pleasant. Syianne didn't speak as much, taking in the sight of the large grounds and Jake had a minute to himself. He was thinking that if it was like this all the time, he could get used to Syianne's company, before his thoughts were interrupted by Syianne grabbing his arm and yanking him towards herself.
He stumbled and almost fell onto her but at the last minute, held onto her shoulders to avoid the both of them tumbling to the ground. He raised his head to angrily berate her but froze realising how close they were to each other. Jake, never being one for close physical contact, blushed furiously, his cheeks turning the color of Griffindor's flag and sputtered, releasing her shoulders and stepping aside.
"Wh-why did you do that?" He cleared his throat but didn't have to wait for an answer as Richy Rogers, a Ravenclaw, swooshed past them on his broom, laughter ringing behind his wake and Professor McGonagall's angry voice telling him to 'come back here at once!'.
Jake turned to Syianne, awkwardly trying to thank her for saving him but she just shook her head with a smile.
"Come on, we're friends. It's what we do for each other," she said and then continued on towards the greenhouses.
Jake felt a little silly afterwards. Since growing up, he had even less interest in talking to anyone and usually remained by himself or occasionally with his half sister Lilly. He began to distance himself from Syianne, who he used to spend some time with earlier but now it was only when they had classes together. He decided that he'd try to be a little more civil with the girl who was still trying to save their friendship. He didn't have to constantly be around her but he'll try not to give dry answers in response to her never-ending questions.
The Herbology classroom was filled with nervous students with a few excited exceptions and Jake found himself stepping back when Professor Sprout placed a writhing tentacula on their table. Syianne looked like Christmas had come early as she watched the plants arms slither around the table, trying to find something to latch onto.
"Today you'll be collecting three leaves from your respective plants for your Potions inventory. These plants are still babies but that doesn't mean they can't hurt you. Be careful not to let them sting you, you'll be out for days if it happens. You can use a stunning charm to stun them and collect the leaves. Now please begin!"
Jake had even less of a desire to do anything after hearing Professor Sprout's words but Syianne was all for it, wearing her dragon hide gloves and looking at him.
Jake sighed and wore his gloves, carefully stepping towards the plant. He took out his wand to perform the stunning spell when Syianne came between him and the plant, cooing and stroking it's vines. He faltered, looking at her in disbelief as she baby talked the plant and to his surprise, the plant calmed down and stopped moving.
"How are you doing that?" He couldn't help but ask and she turned to him with a grin.
"They're babies, aren't they? So I'm just calming them down. We won't have to stun them that way. Here, you try!" She stepped aside to allow him to tackle the plant but he immediately shook his head.
"No, I'm good."
"Nonsense, it won't bite."
But alas, Jake's luck for the day seemed to have run out because as soon as Syianne stopped touching the plant, it started writhing like before and one of it's vines immediately wrapped around Jake's arm, tightening around it. Before Jake could stun him, the vines yanked him forward and his stomach collided with the corner of the table, knocking all breath out of him. He fell to his knees, wincing as the thorns cut his arm.
Just as suddenly as it had happened, Jake felt the vines release his arm and Professor Sprout leaning over him, with Syianne at his side, looking at him worriedly.
Efforts to reconcile be damned, he didn't even want to see her face right now.
"I'm afraid we might have to go to the hospital wing, dear. And don't worry about your assignment, I'm sure Syianne will manage by herself," Professor Sprout said, lifting him up and Syianne nodded rapidly at her words.
Gritting his teeth, he sent her a sharp look, making clear his dislike and took grim satisfaction in the fact that her face fell and she wasn't smiling anymore.
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how to train your dragon: how you met your dragon
Tumblr media
Why did you do this? Are you insane? Just because you really want to train a dragon doesn't mean you let yourself be captured by Berserkers! You idiot! Well, to be fair, you did fly on one - for about a few minutes - then you fell and the Gronckle left you on the spooky island. And why you may ask? Because you didn't create a bond with it! And it was scared! It was a Gronckle! As you were pacing in your cell and waiting for Daggur to show up, a man suddenly broke into the hall. "We need you two outside! Some Whispering Deaths escaped!" And just like that, your guards disappeared.  Well, now you can escape - you only need to figure out how. You looked at the bars, trying to find a weak spot or something, but you didn't find anything. Ugh, if only you had a key!  You defeatedly sat down next to the bars, resting your back against the cold rocky wall. Are you going to die? Are you about to be slaughtered? Pf, you went to find a dragon and now you are going to be its food! This is surely your lucky day. You were just about to rest your head against the bars when you realized, that uncomfortable rocky wall wasn't upright. A little bit of the lower part was missing, making a distance between the wall and one of the metal bars big enough for you to crawl through. That's it! You can escape! You took your chance and began to run. You didn't remember where was the exit, so you just carefully followed your instincts. The very first thirty seconds went great, but then one guard spotted you. Oh no! You ran in a different direction and hide in a room. It was a really weird room, really. There were keys everywhere! Fortunately, the guard didn't think about checking the room, so you were safe... for now.
You looked around, admiring the key room. Well, it saved your life, after all. And apparently, it really liked you, because you spotted another door! You opened it and found dragon cages! There were no guards - they were probably still fighting Whispering Deaths - but there were lots of other dragons. Few Monstrous Nightmares, Deadly Nadders, Gronckles, and at the very back of the room a Skrill. Yes. A Skrill! And not just any Skrill. It was the one that met Hiccup and Toothless. You were in shock at seeing it. Didn't Hiccup set it free? Why is it here? The Skrill is intelligent enough not to be caught! You curiously went to its cage and found out the Skrill was kept in a little pool of water, so it couldn't shoot the lightning. "You poor thing," you said, but the Skrill growled. He looked frightened and hide in the corner, so the only thing you could see were spikes on his head and dark purple color. You badly wanted to touch it, but you knew that it would hurt you. "I will get you out of there!" You run back to the key room and checked all the keys. All of them were marked - and one of them had Skrill word written all over it. "Yes!" you said to yourself. But that was when the guard finally found you. "There you are!" he hissed and went after you. You reacted quickly and run towards the Skrill. He wasn't happy to see you, but when you tried to open his cage, he came out of the darkness and exposed his teeth.  "It's okay. I want to help you," you whispered, but that was the time when the guard caught you. "No!" you yelled and tried to fight back but it was no use. The guard was stronger. You looked back at Skrill, finding him looking back. He wasn't exposing his sharp teeth anymore. He looked as if he was thinking. 'Well, hopefully, he is intelligent enough to see, that I am not his enemy,' you thought. 'Or else, I'll be dead.'  Just as the guard finally realized you're not fighting anymore, he loosed his grip. But that was a bad move for him because you easily slipped out. "Hey!" he roared surprised. But it was too late. You opened the Skrill's cage. You didn't know if you should have been scared or happy, but either way, it was your only chance. He was your only chance.
And he knew that!
That's why he quickly flew out of his pen, taking you by his strong legs, and passed the frightened guard. You just hang there, shielding your eyes from the wind and waiting for the Skrill to find the exit.
Now and there he shot the lightning, but it didn't scare you. You somehow started to trust him. Well, you saved him and now he is saving you - and that's enough to begin to bond with a dragon, right?
After he found his way out of the Berserkers' island, he landed on some rock. "Thank you," you said. He just purred, placing his body right in front of you, watching your every move.
You looked away. "It may sound crazy, but even though people are more afraid of you than of the Night Fury, I don't. I trust you." You reached out your hand towards him, focusing your eyes on the ground. "Do you?"
The Skrill placed his nose against your palm and you smiled.
"Now, what should we call you?" The Skrill looked at you with his big eyes, understanding your every word. Just as you were thinking, he shot his lightning towards the clouds. "Hm, Bolt?"
He didn't complain, so you smiled and scratched his scaly skin. "Bolt it is then. How about I introduced you to my family and feed you some fish?"
As much as Bolt enjoyed the scratching, he licked his mouth and lowered his body, so you could hop on. This was the start of your relationship.
Tumblr media
Hideous zippleback-
It was late in the morning and you were just leaving your house. You had a great dream and you were well fed. 'Well, this is going to be a really good day,' you thought. You headed towards the woods and soon found a little cave. It was small as your bedroom and it had this really big opening that kind of looked like a large window.  "Hello," you greeted your two friends, Odias and Hanka. "Here is our sleeper!" said Odias amused, while he was drawing something on the paper. "Why do you always sleep so long? It's almost lunch!" "Gotta get my beauty sleep." You sat down next to Hanka and asked: "What have you guys been doing?" "Playing with Bea," she simply answered and took the little Terrible Terror from the ground. "She is so lovable, isn't she?" You looked at Hanka's bright red dragon and scratch it under the chin. "Yeah, yeah," you agreed, but you haven't sound as enthusiastically as she.  "Why don't you get your own little dragon?" She asked you and smiled at the thought.  "Err, but it's just a Terrible Terror. What's the point of having a dragon, if you can't ride it?" Suddenly, Hanka became angry. She couldn't believe what you just said! She felt insulted. "What's the point of having a dragon, if you're not brave enough to get one!" "What did you just said?!" You two stood up and faced each other. "I am brave!" It was normal for you to have a fight with Hanka. I mean, she has been your close friend since kindergarten and arguing with her was quite normal. "Then prove it!" "Fine!" And without another word, you left the cave. You needed to chill out. The forest was warm at this time of the year so you decided to take a short walk. "Not brave enough," you mumbled under your breath. "I'll show her." After like ten minutes, you found two Terrible Terrors playing with each other. You sat down next to them and they curiously came closer. You scratched one Terror's head and it purred. "You dragons are soo easy to get." You picked one up. "Come on. Let's get you to Hanka." Terrors still thought you are playing so they didn't mind going with you. They looked really happy, but you were so annoyed, you almost didn't see a movement from behind the bush. "Who is there?" you asked out loud while placing the Terror back on the ground. "Hanka?" Is she stalking you? Or is just someone pranking you? "Show yourself!"  The creature came from behind the bush and your eyes opened wide. It was a goldish green Hideous Zippleback with red spikes. Its heads were calmly looking from you to Terrible Terrors. The Hideous Zippleback probably sensed you were a friend to dragons and that's why it came from its hiding place. "Well, you will help me with my 'Hanka problem' just fine," you smiled, forgetting all about two Terrible Terrors. You reached your hand and touched one head. "But maybe I should name you first." You touched another head and scratched it. The Hideous Zippleback liked it and fought for your attention. It was amazing how one dragon can have two personalities.  "How about Vengeance and Revenge? I think it'll suit your next task."  *** "Where are you?!" yelled Hanka. "Look, I am sorry. I shouldn't have said you're not brave!" "Yes!" agreed Odias, yelling as well. "She is an idiot! Now don't be angry! Show up!" They have been searching for you in the forest for the last ten minutes and your amusement just grew. You have been looking at them from the sky (of course, you have been riding Vengeance and Revenge as low as possible for your friends not to see). "Show yourself! Please!" While Hanka yelled, Vengeance quickly showed Odias from the ground and put him onto his neck. He looked shocked but after he saw you, he grew mischievous as well. "Odias! Where are you?!" Vengeance and Revenge hid themselves in the bush and when Hanka turned around they roared.  "W-who is it?" She held her Terrible Terror so tight you had to cover your mouth not to laugh. "Now," you whispered to your new dragon and it jumped from behind the bush. Hanka fell on the ground looking pale as the moon and breathing heavily. You and
Odias burst in laughter, jumping from the dragon. "Got you!" "What?" asked Hanka. "That's my new dragon. Vengeance and Revenge," you said casually. "Still think I am not brave enough?" Hanka stood up - but she didn't look angry nor pale. She just looked sorry. "Ok. I am sorry. You got me." You two smiled. "But seriously, you've got yourself a dragon and named him Vengeance and Revenge just to show me up?!" "Yep." "Well, I should've known." "Wanna ride?"
Tumblr media
(had to put that gif there lol)
It was that time of the year when Gothi gave you a list of ingredients you needed to find on the Healer's island. You really liked doing it. You had a free day for yourself just collecting flowers and stuff. Who wouldn't want that, really? Every time, you pick some random Gronckle to give you a ride, so you don't have to get to that island on the boat. You really liked Gronckles, but they weren't your type of a dragon. You wanted a strong and fast one. But there wasn't enough time to find you your own dragon, so you just used Gronckles when they were needed.  It was a really great day. Sun was shining, birds were singing and your basket was slowly being filled. At the time you were heading towards the rare yellow flower, you heard a loud sound - as if someone was smashing a piece of metal against another piece of metal. It was weird. As you were wondering what could be possibly making that sound you saw it. A female Razorwhip. From what you could see, it accidentally got its long neck in the rope that was hanging from the tree and when it was trying to broke free, it sliced the tree in half and as the tree fell on top of the dragon, it knocked off one big stone from the rock wall and that stone fell on the dragon's wing, trapping it completely. "Oh my gods!" you exclaimed looking at this mess. You immediately dropped the basket for Gothi and made your way towards the poor Razorwhip. Your steps were slow, but that didn't stop the dragon from being scared. It raised its tail and shot the spines but because of the fallen tree, it was unsuccessful. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you!" You made your way back towards your basket and found a dragon nip you store there for Gronckles. You picked it up and made your way back to the Razorwhip. You didn't get too close, of course, just enough for the dragon to smell the dragon nip. When you saw that the dragon relaxed, you decided to come even closer. And fortunately, the Razorwhip let you. You let her smell the green plant some more, but then you let it fell to the ground so you'd get the dragon's full attention. It was a girl - cause it had really long eyelashes - and her eyes were, unlike Windshears, red. But not bloody red, more like strawberry kind of red.  "Now let me help you," you said while reaching your hand. Razorwhip had to be really intelligent because it pressed its scaly head against your palm, letting you touch it. She probably knew you were her only chance now. After you caressed her smooth metallic grey scales on the head you took insight into her full appearance. Well, you definitely needed some help with that stone on her wing and also with that entire tree, but the loop on her neck could be removed easily straight away. "Now I will take my knife and cut that rope off your neck, okay?" you informed her. "Please don't freak out, I won't hurt you with that knife."
Razorwhip purred, so you carefully took out the knife from your pocket and did as you said. The dragon didn't even flinch. "You're a brave girl, you know?" you said happily because it went so easy. "How about I call you Fearless?" She looked happy since her neck wasn't in the loop anymore so you could tell, she was content. "Now how do I take care of this?" You made your way towards the stone and then the idea hit you. "Wait here I'll get some help!" Fearless roared for you, but you ran away. Soon, you came back - but on a happy green Gronckle. "We'll get that stone away, okay Fearless?" you asked and fly towards it. "Don't worry, it will be over soon!"Gronckle's strong legs lifted that rock up and placed it on the grass. Then you made Gronckle do the same with the tree. It was tough at first, but with Fearless's help, you actually managed to break her free. "That's it!" you yelled happily and quickly made Gronckle land on the ground, so you could hug Fearless. "I told you I'd help you. Is your wing alright?" She raised both of her wings straight up to the air, showing you her strength. You laughed and waved at the leaving Gronckle. "Now, do you want to help me found a yellow flower? After that, we'll get you some sea slugs and you could come home with me back to Berk!" You were really excited about creating a bond with her! But so was she.
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otakween · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Digimon Adventure (Blind Watch) - Episode 21
Okay, this episode was really good and I'm glad I made sure to watch the prequel movie before it for context. Definitely getting Dot Hack vibes, as it always felt really hype when you got the slightest glimpse into the IRL world. The art style was really nice, even though it wasn't as detailed as the movie. You don't really realize how simplistic the background/colors/lighting are in the regular setting until you see the real world and the digi world back to back.
I guess this was just a one-episode deal for now, but that's alright with me. It gives me something to look forward to for later when they return (hopefully lol).
-So throughout the episode it's confirmed that only some people can see digimon, including the little girl at the beginning. Is it an age thing then? The magic of childhood innocence?
-I've never been to Odaiba but it looks really cool. Kinda reminded me of Yokohama. I'm definitely adding it to my bucket list.
-Lotsa food porn in this episode. It makes sense plot-wise because Taichi's been deprived of normal food for so long. Koromon chugging a coke was really funny looking.
-I found Koromon pretty annoying this episode. They made him really bratty and overly hyper-active. (I mean, I guess he is a toddler kinda). I was thinking "was he always like this?" but I guess we haven't actually seen a lot of Koromon yet since he usually evolves to Agumon pretty quickly.
-Hikari has an interesting, mysterious air about her. She's kind of has a flat affect which feels autistic to me. The fact that she still carries her whistle around is also interesting. I don't want to diagnose her with anything after only seeing her for like 2 seconds, so we'll see where they take her character. I could be totally wrong.
-So we learn no time has passed and it's still Aug. 1st 1999 (I was 7 lol). Kinda convenient for the kids. They can now live out their whole journey without worrying about most real world consequences I guess.
-Taichi really went on a whirlwind of emotions here. He's not sure what reality is anymore, he's relieved to be home, AND he's feeling guilty about his friends. Also, Koushiro tells him not to come back through the computer (at least from Taichi's POV) so yeah...talk about confusing
-They made a big deal about Koromon crapping on the table. Does that mean the digimon are crapping all the time in the digi world but it doesn't matter because they're outside? Hikari's pep talk about wetting the bed was super cute.
-How the heck was Koushiro hearing Taichi's voice. I don't remember those giant PCs having built in mics, what is this witchcraft!?
-For some reason they decided to depict the digimon with monochromatic colors IRL. It looked really cool, so I'm not complaining. Just wonder why that choice was made. I noted that Agumon is back to his smaller size for consistency purposes.
-So Agumon defeats one bad guy and they're like "whelp, our work here is done." What the heck? What about all the other digimon that have shown up around the world? Like they showed Yukidarumon in North America. Did they all get sucked back into the digi world too? Well I guess time is frozen anyway so oh well.
-I wish the narrator guy wasn't like "Don't worry kids, Hikari will be joining the party soon." Spoilers dude! Show don't tell!
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peninkwrites · 1 year
Hi Hi! I like making playlists based on characters and was wondering if you had any recommendations for a tddd!Tommy playlist and a c!Ponk one?
I've made c!Tommy one but I've been wanting to put more idk depressing but hopeful and religious aspects into this other one. It seems super edgy but that's okay XD
and the c!Ponk playlist kinda is focusing on their relationship with Sam :/ but hopefully, the playlist as a whole doesn't take away from Ponk's entire personality and character y'know. ^^
ohhh you have come to the right place!!
To start, I do have my own playlists for both of them! So, feel free to peruse for recommendations there :D
one for tddd, which is very focused on Tommy
[it's called d(r)ead. as in dread AND dead]
And one for Ponk! Which I'll admit is a LOT about their relationship with Sam :(
[it's called a healer and a wound. because. ponk.]
Here are some of my favorites– they're all in the playlists but these are some ones that came to mind/some lyrics that hit!
They don't all apply fully, like aspects of romance in tddd songs or reference to substance abuse in Ponk songs etc etc you know how it goes, but some parts just have the right themes!
(this will get long so gonna put it under the cut)
for tddd!Tommy:
Dead Inside by Foreign Slippers
this one especially so. I'm planning on linking to an animatic I love that inspires a... certain scene in a certain chapter that hasn't come out yet.
Factories by Autoheart
One mistake is all that it can take / Look at how I'm scratching at the surface / When you found my body by the lake / You wasn't sure if I was still alive
You picked me up and took me home / You scrubbed away / The bloodstain on the carpet / I am petrified of changing / You can't tell a loser how to win a battle
Neon Brother by nothing but thieves
I heard my brother crying out / Well we'll build something new and we'll do it together / Wake up from our sleep
Look Up, Look Up by Autoheart
Forgive my need for absolution / I know I'm not the one who's done wrong / Oh, clemency you come to me / For being foolish, being weak / I need to gain control of this
It's not right of you to do / What you've done to me, it is criminal
Wait For Me (Reprise) from Hadestown
This one is about Orpheus and Eurydice. so. just the whole narrative of rescuing a loved one from death.
Home by Cavetown
I can't really think right now and this place / Has too many colors, enough to drive all of us insane / Are you dead? Sometimes I think I'm dead / 'Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my head / But I don't wanna fall asleep just yet
Godlight by Noah Kahan
To know me is to hate me / Is to hate what I've become / It's to watch me as I'm fallin' / From that ladder's last rung / It's to feel bad, like a secret you can't keep in / I'm not the way I was
Were you freed within, did you leave your skin? / Are you tethered in your doubt?
OKAY. Ponk time (these are very awesamponk-esque but I am not sorry about it)
Hands Down by The Greeting Committee
I don't want anything / But all of you / I know I swore, I said: / "I'll never love again." / But man, oh man, you're my best friend.
Hungover in the city of dust by autoheart
Our friends have all but left us / They departed many years ago / And they won't come back / They won't come back no more
We've changed so much / I barely recognize our formative lives
There's no feeling in my left arm
Lost on You by LP
Let's raise a glass or two / To all the things I've lost on you, oh-oh / Tell me are they lost on you? / Just that you could cut me loose
Freaking Out by The Wrecks
(this one is only sort of a joke lmao it actually applies pretty damn well in some regards)
There's a picture on the wall of Kanye West / He's staring at me, he's staring at me / I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out
I look around I look at her she looks at me / She's suspicious, she's suspicious / I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out
Okay! That's it :D This was so much more than you asked for but I have so many thoughts on this stuff lol you hit two of my favorite characters! When you make your playlists I'd love to have a listen if you feel comfortable sharing.
(As a sidenote: some songs overlap between these two playlists. Which sure says Something.)
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Sherlock xMute!Reader •Part 6•
Tumblr media
You turned around in your sleep, trying to not lose the cool dream you just had and to dream on.
But something was off and kept you from drifting off into your wonderful dream world again.
It smelled different, nasty, like iron and dirt and your hand hurt.
There was something cold around your wrist.
Startled you opened your heavy eyelids and tried to sit up but a sudden wave of pain rushed in your head and made you feel dizzy.
You narrowed your eyes to make the dizzy feeling go away before you opened them again.
It was pitch black around you, you couldn't even see your own hand before your face and something around your left hand stopped you from getting up from the mattress you were sitting on.
Scared you felt for the thing around your wrist.
It was a handcuff. You are handcuffed to something.
Panicking you wildly yanked at the handcuff, trying to get it off.
But it was no use. You just hurt yourself by bruising your wrist even more.
              ------- 1 week ago ------
"Waiter!", someone from the other side of the cafe shouted, holding his hand in the air and waving widely.
Sighing you grabbed your big black wallet from the counter and the sales check, knowing that he probably wanted to pay. As you walked over you heard the bells of the door and from the corner of your eye, you saw a tall man in a long coat entering the cafe. You first mistook him for Sherlock but quickly realized that it wasn't him as the man pulled down the wet hood from his head, ruffling through his messy black hair to get the raindrops out of it.
He flashed you a bright smile as he noticed you staring at him.
Blushing slightly you returned the smile before turning back to the customer, handing him out the sales check.
He tipped you and left the cafe with the women who had set with him on the table.
Swiftly you cleaned the table and brought the two cups back to the kitchen.
While washing the cups, your thoughts drifted off to Sherlock again. You thought about him often but lately he never really got the time to visit you at work. He jumped head over heels from case to case and when he was at your cafe, he barely noticed you, being too caught up in a case he was working on.
Right now he was in Germany, he followed the trace of a "big fish", as Watson called it, and you haven't seen or heard from him for two months.
Hopefully, you checked your phone. Your screen lit up and showed the picture, which Watson did some month ago, of you and Sherlock cuddling. But there was no message from Sherlock.
Sighing again you pushed your phone back in your pocket.
You felt silly. You fell in love with a man who was known for not having any kind of sentimental feelings.
The thought that he probably didn't even care about you as much as you cared for him got stuck in your head and pulled your mood down for weeks.
"Is everything okay?", a deep voice suddenly asked and you flinched.
You looked at the man beside you startled after being pulled out of your thoughts before nodding a few times.
The man was the person you had first mistaken for Sherlock some minutes ago, he smiled warmly at you and had his hands in the pockets of his coat.
Now, fully back, in reality, you noticed that he was standing in the kitchen, the place where no customer should be so you quickly pushed him out.
He looked at you a little confused but chuckled: "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you."
You waved your hand slightly to show him that it's okay, but he just looked at you even more confused.
'I can't talk', you wrote on a side of the little notebook you always had with you and showed it to him.
"Oh! I'm sorry.", the man apologized kindly. "Uhm, I just wanted to get you because some customers have shouted for you and you have been back there for over 20 minutes so..."
Over 20 minutes? You could have sworn that it has only been a couple of minutes. Puzzled you looked at the clock on the wall above you. He was right.
The man laid his hand on your shoulder and bend down to you a little: "Are you sure that everything is alright?"
You slowly nodded your head again, even though you were clearly not okay.
Smiling widely at him you tried to overact the fact how worked out and emotionally drained you were.
Taking a deep breath you walked over to the few customers, taking their orders and collecting the money.
It was 19 o clock and about time to close the cafe. All the customers had already left, beside the man in the coat. He was still sitting on the table on which Sherlock used to sit and sipped on his third coffee.
With a smile, you placed the sales check on his table and pointed to the clock to tell him that he needed to go.
"Oh, sorry.", he laughed nervously and gave you the money plus a big tip "Thank you for the coffee".
The man grabbed his coat from the chair and waved you goodbye before leaving the cafe.
Panting you placed the broom back in the storeroom, grabbed your jacket and donned it.
The cold air crawled under the thin fabric of your clothes as you stepped outside and closed the door of the cafe, locking it.
Shivering you pulled the scarf closer to your face.
"Hey-", a voice next to you suddenly said and you jumped in shock, letting the key from your hand fall to the ground.
The man in front of you knelt down to pick the key up and placed it back in your hand.
"I'm so sorry!", he apologized. It was the man from before with the coat again.
Disappointment grew inside of you, your heart ached for Sherlock and you saw him in every person who looked similar.
You tried to smile at the man and gulped the feeling down.
"I think I forgot my phone at your cafe, so I ran back in the hope that you would still be there.", he explained and scratched his head, laughing embarrassed.
Huffing amused you opened the door again and gestured him to follow you.
Quickly you got two phones you found today out of the little safe and showed them to him.
He picked the black one and checked if it was still working.
"Thank you so much, you just saved me.", he said laughing and put his phone in the pocket of his coat.
"My name is Jonathan by the way."
Smiling you shook his hand and pulled your notebook out to write your name on it.
"(Y/n), beautiful name.", Jonathan complimented. "May I take you home? It's already pretty late and I think it's safer for you if I accompany you."
You had agreed to him taking you home, and he did, talking a lot to you about everything he could think of.
Jonathan came often from now on, nearly every day he sat there, drank a coffee or two and talked to you whenever you had time for him before walking you home in the evening again.
You both exchanged numbers and wrote for hours in the night.
He made you happy and brought this warm feeling back.
He made you forget about Sherlock.
The doorbell rang while you were humming your favorite song inside your head.
You looked up to see who just entered the cafe and nearly dropped the empty glass in your hand.
His wild brown locks hang on his face.
His grey coat all wet from the rain outside.
And his blue-green eyes searched for something in the room.
As they met yours, they stopped searching and a small smile appeared on his lips.
Tears swell up in your eyes. Tears of happiness and tears of anger.
You couldn't decide if you wanted to slap him for not having heard a word of him for 3 months or if you wanted to hug him.
"Is everything okay?", Jonathan next to you suddenly asked and laid his hand on your shoulder, worried.
Sherlock narrowed his eyebrows, he eyed Jonathan up and down and instantly had a bad feeling about him. He didn't know what it was, but he didn't like that guy.
Without thinking Sherlock grabbed your hand and pulled you into a tight hug, pressing you against his chest.
You couldn't see it but Jonathan stared with poor evil in his eyes into Sherlock's.
He looked mad, really mad and only Sherlock saw it.
The doorbell rang again and you peeled yourself out of Sherlock's warm embrace, even though you wanted to stay like this for the next couple of days.
Watson had entered the cafe and smiled at you warmly, giving you a quick and tight hug as a greeting.
You turned around to Sherlock again and saw how Jonathan held his hand out but Sherlock didn't shake it, he just stared at him blankly with his hands in the pockets of his coat.
"I think he's jealous.", Watson whispered into your ear and you giggled.
It really looked like this from your point of view, but in reality, Sherlock was just analyzing Jonathan. He tried to read him.
And he could. Easily. Too easily.
It was as if someone had placed the right hints at the right places, it wasn't natural.
Middle-aged man.
Lives alone, his shirt and trousers are crumbled.
Likes coffee, a coffee stain on his shirt.
Not much money, his coat is old, the color washed out and the sleeves are fringe.
He's a smoker, yellowing of the teeth and between the index and middle finger.
Annoyed Sherlock looked away. Jonathan was too easy to read and too friendly to you.
A little forcefully he pulled you out of the cafe, Watson following you both, wondering about what was going on.
"He's dangerous.", Sherlock told you while holding you by your shoulders. "Something about him isn't right. He tries too hard to make you like him, with all this perfume and the outfit, trying to look like me. You should stay away from him."
Watson laughed at Sherlock's words and you joined him, your shoulders shaking in amusement.
"Are you jealous, Sherlock?", Watson asked mockingly and got an angry look from him.
"I mean it, Watson! Something is off, he's too easy to read and-"
Smiling you ruffled through Sherlock's hair and kissed him on the cheek, to show him that he doesn't need to worry before you walked inside the cafe again.
"(Y/n)!", Sherlock shouted after you but you had already closed the door behind you.
Angry and frustrated he ran his hand over his face and into his hair.
Watson patted him on the shoulder: "I knew that you are also just human."
He left him alone in front of the cafe and walked down the street to their apartment.
Worried Sherlock bit his underlip and gulped his frustration down.
He felt helpless.
You didn't take Sherlock's "warning" seriously and let Jonathan walk you home again.
He was too nice to be a bad guy, Sherlock was probably just jealous or maybe just a little paranoid after all those cases and everything that had happened to you.
Jonathan wished you a good night as he dropped you off at your home and you hurried to get in your bed, under your warm blanket since you were exhausted.
Cuddling into your blanket you slowly drifted off into a deep sleep with a smile on your face, thinking of Sherlock.
You turned around in your sleep, trying to not lose the cool dream you just had and to dream on.
But something was off and kept you from drifting off into your wonderful dream world again.
It smelled different, nasty, like iron and dirt and your hand hurt.
There was something cold around your wrist.
Startled you opened your heavy eyelids and tried to sit up but a sudden wave of pain rushed in your head and made you feel dizzy.
You narrowed your eyes to make the dizzy feeling go away before you opened them again.
It was pitch black around you, you couldn't even see your own hand before your face and something around your left hand stopped you from getting up from the mattress you were sitting on.
Scared you felt for the thing around your wrist.
It was a handcuff. You were handcuffed to something.
Panicking you wildly yanked at the handcuff, trying to get it off.
But it was no use. You just hurt yourself by bruising your wrist even more.
New chapter will be up next weekend!
Hope you liked this one and thank you for reading 🥰
My Wattpad: @/lilakudo
Tag list ❤️ @misselsbells06 @fictionalhoomanofnowhere @a-paper-cut
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youarestellarverse · 11 months
hello i am SO curious about "but really it's nico's story" and "rrverse polycule"
WIP meme!
HEY SO remember this post? That's where that title came from.
I'm not completely sure what I'm doing with it yet, but I started writing it out. I have a ton of these, small excerpts of scenes that might not end up anywhere or might end up turning into a multichapter or might just ultimately be oneshots.
The scene I have is a conversation between Nico and Jason, meant to semi-mirror their canon interactions, set during tech week for Sweeney Todd (Nico and Sally are assistant stage managers— re, they're the members of the run crew who wear headsets so Stage Right, Stage Left and the stage manager can communicate during the shows).
"Let me guess. The Smiths." 
Nico turns off his cassette player, his lips twisting into a reflexive scowl. 
"Virgin Prunes, actually." 
"Isn't that the one Bono was involved with before U2?" Jason sits down next to him, his hair a good inch longer than it was when they met and startlingly black. 
"You look like a sick, male Thalia." Nico almost lets himself smile when Jason snorts with laughter in response. 
"Yeah, black is really not my color. The same thing happens to her when she goes blonde. I guess she went through a Hole phase when she was about fourteen." 
He doesn't look terrible in it, but it brings out his stress. The circles under his eyes are a lot more pronounced, his usual tired paleness exaggerated into a stark, almost deathly pallor. It's worse when he's in the pure, blinding white of his costume shirt, a color that oddly enough lights Percy up like a— fuck. 
Nico shoves that line of thinking away as hard as he can. 
"Right. I forgot who raised you. That explains how you know about the Prunes." 
Jason smiles, and it almost looks sincere. "She got me into Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush, which sent me down a rabbit hole into goth and new wave. I like Sisters Of Mercy a lot, mostly because their music is in a good range for me to sing along with." 
He's not wrong. Nico can hear it in his head, if he thinks about it. He's not sure why the idea makes him so uncomfortable.
"You should be Andrew Eldritch for Halloween. Your sister could go as Patricia Morrison."
"She probably would. We were already planning on going as Billy Idol and Joan Jett some year." Jason sighs. "It was Percy's idea. He's threatening to go as Robert Smith." 
So much for avoiding that subject. 
Nico sinks into his auditorium seat. Percy's down at the piano, his bright voice carrying through the auditorium. 
"I am in the dark beside you, buried sweetly in your yellow hair!" 
I'm sure it'll explode in length when I get to House of Hades, but I'm still just over halfway through Mark of Athena at the moment. 😅
rrverse polycule is the next multichapter up after I finish HiOB, which is plotty, so I want it to be done before I post to hopefully prevent getting stuck and writing myself into a hole. MORE UNDER THE CUT.
The reason it's "polycule" is because it's the part of the multichapter that's from Percy's POV, as relates to the bit where he and Jason temporarily break up and Percy ends up being "fostered" by Clarisse and Charlie and Silena and Chris. There's some more chatter about that plotline under the tag #rrverse polycules, which I will add to this post for easy browsing!
It's pretty angsty so far. It will get worse, but it will also get better, I promise. 🥴
Content warning for references to self injury and unsafe kink.
"I didn't cut myself." 
Clarisse leans forward, her elbows on her knees.  
"I know. I've been debriefed."
Percy fidgets with the edge of the medical tape at his wrist. His arm itches. She hasn't stopped looking at him since he sat down, and he hasn't looked back at her at all.
"I don't think it looked as bad as it was. I told her I was fine because I honestly felt fine, and by the time I came down enough to realize I wasn't actually fine, I was already on the train."
"She should have stayed in the room with you until you came down completely, regardless of how 'fine' you told her you were, and you know that."
Percy is overcome with the distinct sensation of being dunked in cold water, without any of the clarity or release of the real thing.
"It wasn't intentional," he gets out eventually, slow and reluctant. "I didn't go in there thinking 'gee, I hope I find a shitty dominant who seriously hurts me'."
"No, you just slept with the first person in a pair of leather boots who insulted you and ended up in urgent care because she couldn't be arsed to do the bare minimum of her responsibility."  
There's an accusatory note to Clarisse's bright voice, but it's not directed at him. It makes him twitchy and self-conscious. 
"She did the bare minimum."
"She literally put a fucking bandaid on you and walked away." 
"Several bandaids, and they were very large." 
"And you still bled through your shirt and got an entire subway car convinced you'd been fucking stabbed because, again, she cut you so deeply you needed three fucking stitches, Perseus Read Jackson." 
("Your middle name is 'Read'? Shut up."
"You shut up. I'm named after the pirate queen. I would have been Estelle Anne if I'd been a girl— Marie is after Paul's mom, but Gramma Blofis likes sharing an homage with Mary Read and she thinks it's cute that we match."
"Okay, I would, too.")
"Thanks for drawing my attention back to it." He wants to glare at her, but he can't, so he focuses on the wall instead. "I just distracted myself from the pain."
"If you don't find a better way to do that, you'll end up in the hospital or worse." 
He scowls at the floor. He can feel her eyes on him, burning into his skin.
"I told you I didn't do it on purpose."
"Bull. Your subconscious figured out that you can say you're not hurting yourself without it being a lie if you get someone else to do it for you. Like, oh, some chick you've never met who's arrogant enough to try a kink she doesn't know how to safely do, that you've been doing for way too long not to recognize the sloppiness of her technique."
"Okay, maybe I'm not being as careful as I should," he mutters. "And maybe that's kind of by design. I always feel really stupid about it afterwards, if it's any consolation." 
"No, it isn't, because feeling stupid about things is what sets you off in the first place." 
Clarisse crosses her arms over her chest.  She's in a brick red wifebeater, well-worn and thin enough that he can see the lace on her bra through the fabric.
Percy blinks, and finally meets her eyes. 
"When the hell did you get so observant?"
"You're not that subtle, pretty boy." 
"Why, Miss La Rue, are you hitting on me?" 
The banter stops, with the abruptness of a cartoon character running face-first into a brick wall. 
She stares at him. He stares back. 
"You're serious." 
Now that she has his gaze, she's somehow locked it in place with a shift in expression so small he can't pinpoint it— yet somehow enormous in impact.
He never realized it before, but she's actually hot.
She's not pretty, and she doesn't try to be. That's not what makes her attractive: it's the way she moves; the power in her stance; her bold, assertive attitude. That's why her renaissance faire character— the Red Knight, Slayer of Dragons, defending champion of the joust for two years running— has so many clamoring groupies, even though she spends almost the whole time shut inside her boar-shaped armor.
"I don't want your pity." 
"It's not pity, it's that I know what I'm doing and I give a shit about your welfare." She smirks, and something about it is almost feral. "And while I actually do think you'd be hot in one of Charlie's shibari harnesses, mostly it's because I'd rather you didn't fuck your way into the morgue." 
Somehow, her voice remains calm and even. It's like she's talking about the fucking weather. Percy's blushing at the mental image she just gave him and feeling torn open, pinned like a butterfly to a board, over the insight. 
"So, what, Beckendorf will tie me up and you'll kick my ass so I stop recklessly endangering myself by subconsciously seeking out the worst tops I can find?" 
"Pretty much." Clarisse leans forward, her elbows on her knees, looking more serious than he's ever seen her. "If you're not interested, don't feel like you have to take me up on it, but I'm not going to stand by and do nothing when you're in trouble."
He's tempted. Oh, he's tempted. 
The problem is, he knows that look, and there's only so long he can ignore the similarities. 
"How bitchy can you be?" he asks, half serious. She rolls her eyes, but he can tell it makes her happy that he's considering it. 
"Would my middle school levels of bitchiness be enough for you? I'm not shoving your head in a toilet, but I can think of a few other places I could shove it."
"I can't—" 
His voice stops abruptly, and he can't spit it out. 
"You can't handle someone being nice to you right now," Clarisse finishes for him, surprisingly sympathetic. "Which is why you're being reckless, and why I'm offering to be a bitch. I can be as mean as you need me to be."  
That one's longer, with bits involving the other three as well. It's currently sitting pretty at just over 7300 words. I'm imagining it'll become clearer where I'm going with it as I finish off HiOB!
Thank you for dropping by, friend 💜
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babyboyblasty · 2 years
"You look nice, Deku" Uraraka smiled, her hands held behind her back as she rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet in a childish manner, looking at her green haired friend. "Is there anyone in particular you're trying to impress?" she gave him a knowing look that Izuku stuttered and blushed to.
"No! O-of course not" he immediately denied and averted his eyes when that only seemed to make Uraraka's smirk widen. Izuku knew he was a terrible liar and Uraraka could be very scary sometimes. "But um, hypothetically speaking.. if I /were/ trying to impress someone- which I'm not- but hypothetically speaking do you think they'll.. you know. Be impressed? Hypothetically."
Uraraka looked her friend up and down. Izuku's fashion sense has definitely improved since the beginning of their first year. Both Tsuyu and herself had made sure to teach Deku and Todoroki a thing or two about dressing themselves since they were completely clueless sometimes. Midoriya was wearing brown, cuffed corduroy pants with a forest green oversized short sleeve button up, a lighter green long sleeve underneath that to create layers. The red shoes were never going away though and Uraraka gave up in trying to get him to wear another pair of shoes. He looked good and Uraraka noticed how his hair was a bit neater too so he obviously put a bit of extra effort into trying to style his curls. In fact, looking around the common room it seemed that Deku wasn't the only one who put a little extra effort into their appearance today. Half the boys there looked like they were going off to a party instead of a casual class outing. Even Iida looked like he was trying out a new hairstyle. No glasses either.
"Umm, Uraraka-san?" Izuku waved his hand in front of the girl's face to get her attention. She zoned out for a bit there and she blinked, turning to face him again.
"Oh, right! Well, /hypothetically speaking/ right?" she smiled and he nodded, "I think they'll be very impressed." Deku beamed and her eyes shifted to Todoroki who was just arriving downstairs. "Oh, look! There's Todoroki-kun. Let's go talk" she grabbed Deku's hand in hers and took him with her. He looked very good! Todoroki's aesthetic was more of a simplistic/classy style with neutral colors. This time he decided to switch it up and was wearing a white t-shirt with an unbuttoned, loose fitting pale blue and white striped dress shirt over that. He had black jeans and white sneakers too. He looked very good. "Oooo~ is there anyone /you're/ trying to impress, Todoroki-kun?" Ochako teased.
Ochako didn't expect such a direct answer but giggled anyway at her blunt friend. Deku on the other hand didn't find it as funny.
"Is Bakugou here yet?" Shoto changed the subject and looked around the common room but didn't spot the explosion quirk user anywhere. He felt a little disappointed.
"No, Kacchan isn't here. Neither is Kirishima-kun" Izuku really tried to keep the bitterness out of his tone. He knew that they were best friends but did they really have to be glued at the hip 24/7? Deku doesn't like the way he starts to feel when he thinks of those two together but he can't help it.
"Oh" Shoto mumbled. There was an awkward silence where no one said anything for a few seconds until Uraraka couldn't stand it and broke it.
"So how are you feeling, Todoroki-kun? Are you still tired or are you feeling a bit better from earlier?" Ochako questioned. That got Izuku's attention and he turned to Todoroki with a curious expression. Was he sick? Todoroki didn't mention anything to him today. He wondered why he didn't tell him.
"I feel better, thank you. I'm excited to be going out with my friends" he smiled briefly and Izuku returned it. After that things started to go back to normal as they talked about what stores they wanted to go to and if they had anything in particular they wanted to buy. The common room was filled with brief conversation before the 'ding' of the elevator was heard and everyone turned to look at a nervous Kirishima standing on the far opposite side of a bored looking Bakugou. Izuku felt a knot form in his throat and Todoroki felt his heart skip a beat, their faces heating up a little at what girl Kacchan was wearing. He looked good. Hell, even if he was in his normal body and wore that he'd look good.
"You're here!" Mina rushed forward to hug her two friends in a crushing hug which Kirishima gladly returned. The girls may or may not be feeling smug at how everyone reacted to seeing Bakugou. Yeah, they did that.
"I said I would go with you extras, didn't I? Now let go, pinky" Bakugou groaned. She smiled wide before stepping back.
"This'll be so much fun!" Mina jumped up and down.
"Everyone please form a single file line for attendance! As class president I must make sure everyone is accounted for before we vacate school grounds" Iida made sure to grab everyone's attention by speaking loud and clear as well as waving his arms about. Where he pulled the clipboard from no one knows but Iida started to check off names in the class roster to submit to Aizawa sensei once they come back in a few hours. "Alright. Everyone is here. We can go now" he nodded in confirmation.
The class had to take the bus to go to the mall so Iida stayed by the door until everyone was inside before going in himself. Bakugou was planning to sit with Kirishima but the redhead as soon as he was in the bus went and sat beside Sero instead. Katsuki was confused since they always sit together and even Sero was looking between the pair in confusion. "You don't mind, right Bakubro?" Kirishima awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. Bakugou just shrugged and moved on to find an empty seat to which Kirishima let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding.
"What was that?" Sero questioned once Bakugou was out of earshot.
"What was what?" Kirishima turned to him.
"That. You always sit with Bakugou so why all of a sudden did you decide to sit next to me? I don't mind but I was a little caught off guard, man. You know, you've been acting weird ever since the night we played games in my room. Is everything cool?" Sero had an idea of what was happening but he wanted to hear it from Kiri himself.
"Yeah, everything's good. I just need to sort some things out for myself first" he explained and Sero nodded, leaving it at that. Kirishima appreciated that about Sero. He knew if it was Mina or Kaminari they wouldn't stop pestering him about it. Kirishima just wanted some time to hopefully figure out why he was all of a sudden feeling so weird around Katsuki.
On the other end of the bus, towards the back, Bakugou found an empty seat. Everyone else seemed to be already sitting with someone else but he didn't really mind it. Once seated, Bakugou put his elbow up on the edge of the window and looked outside. He felt someone slightly tap his shoulder though and looked up to a shy Koda. 'May I sit here?' he signed and Bakugou raised an eyebrow. He rolled his eyes and signed back 'go for it' and Koda smiled a little, quickly sitting down beside Bakugou. Aizawa did mention that because of his quirk, he may experience hearing loss in the future if he didn't take the proper precautions so Bakugou has been taking JSL classes from Koda since the beginning of their second year and developed a somewhat mutual understanding with the guy. He really wasn't all that bad, just a little quiet. And while they weren't friends friends, Bakugou knew that if he ever needed a quiet place to study or just hang out for a bit without talking, he could go to Koda's room. The same went for Bakugou. If Koda ever wanted to spar or wanted pointers to help in improving his fighting skills, Bakugou is available.
Now that everyone had a seat, the bus began to move. The ride was going to take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes so he just wanted to use the break to relax. Bakugou could tell Koda wanted to say something based on the way he would look at him every few minutes but then look away though. "What is it?" he finally asked a little less than halfway into the trip and Koda shook his head. "I know you want to say something, now what is it?"
Koda looked hesitant at first but then signed 'how are you feeling?' with a sincere look. Maybe if it was someone else Bakugou would have told them off for getting into his business but Koda was someone who earned his respect and admiration throughout their time together in UA and who he saw as an equal.
"Why do you ask?" he asked instead, a bit defensive, and Koda responded by signing 'this is a big change and I was just wondering how you were doing.' Bakugou shrugged. "It isn't something I can't handle. Besides, today is the last day of the quirk so I should be back to normal by tomorrow morning" Bakugou mumbled, adding in a "thanks" as an afterthought. Honestly speaking, Koda has been the only one who's asked him how he felt about this whole quirk situation. The rest of his classmates all just seemed to be having fun with it and while he didn't mind, it was nice to be asked.
'You're always welcome to come hang out with me and my bunny if you ever need quiet time,' Koda offered. 'He told me he misses the angry blonde boy with the warm hands" he joked. Bakugou smirked a little with a "tch, sure whatever. Tell 'im I miss the furball too" leaving his lips. After that Bakugou and Koda fell into a comfortable silence where Bakugou closed his eyes to rest for the few minutes they had left on the bus ride.
Everyone else in class 3-A never thought they'd see the day where they all wished they were in Koda's place. The anivoice boy was sitting perfectly still so as to not wake the pretty blonde that had leaned his head on the other's shoulder sometime along the trip and was now sleeping peacefully on him.
[word count: 1775]
Tumblr media
( this fan art isn't in correlation with the story chapter but oH MY GOD LOOK HOW PRETTY GIRL BAKUGOU IS- 😩)
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cellard0ors · 2 years
Ficlet: Beneath The Blue
Mermay isn't over and people enjoyed Part 1, so here's some more...
Tumblr media
Rhett has a bit of a gambling problem.
No, that's not quite right. More like a gaming problem. He likes games. He likes the rush of winning and it's not so much about money as the thrill of nailing a dart on a bullseye or getting a hole in one or - well - being right.
He really loves that one. Trivia, guessing games, riddles - lucking out on the right answer or just knowing it, always makes him feel fantastic. He's had marginal luck in his life. With basketball, with singing, and now - with his new current career - fishing, but games?
Rhett's always mastered those, rarely ever a loser. But the thing is, to do those things, he tends to have to use cash as an entry to play, thus - a sort-of-not-really gambling problem.
And winning in those kind of situations is also a problem, because, after some time - it tends to attract...attention. And usually the bad kind. Recently it was very much the bad kind, because he was at The 101, engaging in his normal play only to be snatched up by some very rough looking characters.
Ones who took him into a backroom and decided to skip right over the 'broken knuckles' threat and jump right into the 'you're going to go sleep with the fishes' threat.
To be fair, they probably went quickly into the decision once he started fighting back. Rhett's not much of a brawler, but he's a big guy and that in and of itself can create...issues. Especially if his temper is up.
Long story short - Rhett's bit of a gambling problem led him to being clonked over the head (more than once, matter of fact) and taken out to sea. His last real memory before hitting the water was that he'd been amazed at the boulder they'd found to attach him to - where had they gotten such a huge rock from? A landfill?
Not that it mattered - rock, rope, and Rhett all went overboard and into the deep. Rhett tried not to hold his breath, to struggle enough just to get loose, but, in the end - he'd been lost.
Except he hadn't been.
He'd awoken to find the setting sun bathing him in golden light and, above him, an angel. Because only an angel could have such eyes. Eyes as blue and deep and mysterious as the sea he was supposed to have died in.
His throat ached from damn near drowning but he'd still managed to ask the angel for his name. And he'd gotten it.
But then the angel had turned, vanished, and Rhett had seen that - while he was right about his mythical savior - he was not at all right about what kind.
Because Link had a tail.
A fish tail.
One as sparkling blue and captivating as his eyes and he'd disappeared into the surf so fast, Rhett began to question his sanity.
Had he imagined it all? The entire experience had been traumatic as heck - maybe it was just a coping mechanism for his mind? But then, far out, he'd seen a head appear above the waters.
Seen it and a shy wave and he'd waved back, because what else could he do? He wasn't dead and he wasn't crazy. He'd been saved. Saved...by a mermaid (merman?) named Link.
Which leads to now and his camping out full time on this small rocky stretch of lonely beach. Rhett made sure to check in with the local marina, see if it was okay for him to dock his tiny fishing boat, The Bluegrass, nearby. And 'nearby' was about a mile or so away, because this bit of land is pretty unoccupied and small.
...the perfect place for a merman (mermaid?) to drop off someone they saved. And, hopefully, return to? Rhett's not sure - honestly, this whole thing might be a fool's errand, but either way - he has a tent pitched and is waiting.
Waiting to see if Link returns.
Night after night seems like a failure. Still, Rhett doesn't mind. He can be patient. His last haul (fish-wise, not gambling-wise) earned him a considerable amount, so there's no harm in waiting.
Still, as he sits here now, the sky a lovely lilac as the sun dips low beneath the horizon, he can't help but feel like time's running out. Honestly, what did he expect? For Link to return and want to...what? Be best friends?
The person...creature...per-creature? Did what he could and Rhett should just be grateful and move on. But there was something about him...and those eyes...and that voice...
Rhett cracks open another can of soda, takes a deep sip when he hears it. The water's waves have become almost a white noise at this point, so consistent, but this...this is different. Just a little splish. Or splash. Or whatever.
And it's close. He puts the can down and quickly surges to his feet, looking out intently over the water and then he sees it. Just the top of someone's head. His head. Dark wet hair and blue eyes behind...are those glasses? And Rhett can't see his nose or anything else, but he can see enough to cry out, "Hey!"
The head rears back, sinks some, and Rhett feels a surge of panic, not wanting to lose this opportunity, "No! Wait, wait! Link! I-!"
The head stops, goes still. Rhett continues on, desperate for this to continue, "Please...don't go."
He doesn't.
Bolstered, Rhett continues, hoping he's heard, understood, "I...I just-? You saved me."
Link simply blinks.
"Thank you."
There's a bobbing in the water around him and Rhett's pretty sure Link nodded. Rhett edges just that little bit closer, "I...I'd hoped you'd come back. Not only so I could thank you, but so...um...maybe-? Maybe we could-? Could talk-?"
Link sinks a little more again, but Rhett can still see his eyes and, as long as he can see those, he feels okay, "I mean...you-you came back. Right? So-so maybe you'd-? You'd like to talk too?"
Link's head disappears.
Rhett feels his heart break. But then he notices that the water is moving. There's a rippling, the kind he sees when fish swim close to the surface. As if to punctuate that thought, the broad tip of a blue tail rises up and out, pushing against the waves.
He's swimming closer!
Rhett resists the urge to hoot in delight, to pumping his arms in victory, as Link pushes forward and, on the next movement of water, he surges upwards - his whole head visible now.
Link's entire face is nice.
A strong jaw, a good nose, a very fine mouth and yeaaaah, Rhett doesn't want Link to swim off, so he's going to do his very best not to focus on that mouth too much as he says, "I'm-I'm Rhett."
Link licks his lips, dips his head shyly, "I'm Link."
"Y-Yeah, you-you said..."
They both just sort of eyeball one another, both clearly unsure of what to make of the other. Of how to proceed. Eventually Rhett does, "So, ah, you're-? You're a mermaid?"
Link's eyebrows rise.
"Just Mer," Link clarifies, "Our kind doesn't really attach those bits on the end there."
Link nods, "Humans came up with that one."
"Oh? We-we did?"
Another nod, "Back when we first used to come across one another."
"...take it that doesn't really happen now?"
"Not really. No."
Another awkward silence falls. Rhett scratches at one cheek, struggling for something else to say when Link blurts, "You're hairy."
Rhett lowers his hand and - much to his own surprise - he bursts out laughing. Link colors some and he gives a bashful smile and okay, Rhett said he wasn't going to pay too much attention to that mouth, but it's hard when it's so danged cute, "Yeah, yeah I am, brother."
"Bro-ther?" Link repeats and it's clearly a word he's unfamiliar with. Rhett beams, "'Brother'. We use it for family members. Y'know, the boys born from the same Momma and such. Can be a term of endearment too."
"Oh..." Link seems pleased with this and Rhett grins, "You got one?"
Link's eyebrows knit together and Rhett explains, "A brother? Or-or some other family or-?"
"I was spawned from another Mer. She came to shore to give birth to me."
Rhett's eyes grow wide, "You-? You were born on land?"
Link nods, "Most of us are. Mers walk between both worlds more often than not."
Rhett lets that one wash over him even as Link comes closer. Rhett can see his tail better now. It's amazing. Glossy and sparkling blue, the scales tightly knit. Rhett's first reaction is wanting to touch it but he quickly shutters that idea - recognizing it as beyond rude. They've just started talking to one another, for goodness sake!
Still, seeing it rest against the wet sand of the shoreline is tempting and seeing it move, more so. It slides and slithers, but in such an enticing way. Rhett moves a little closer, foam teasing at his toes as Link looks up (and up) at him, "Hard to talk at this level..."
Rhett realizes he probably looks like a giant at Link's angle, the Mer practically lying at his feet, so he lowers himself down until his butt hits the sand, crossing his legs at the ankles, "Better?"
Link nods and Rhett does a bit of a wiggle backward to avoid getting his khaki cargo shorts wet. There's an amused smirk around Link that says he recognizes that action. But of course he does - Mers, apparently, can traverse between land and sea.
So, Link is probably aware of how clothing works. Has he ever worn clothing? Come to the shore? Rhett wants to ask so many questions, but isn't sure what's appropriate and what isn't, but Link beats him to the questioning, "Are you a fisherman?"
Rhett lets out a strained 'Ah-?' as he immediately realizes that the true answer will no doubt insult his new acquaintance, but, again, Link beats him to the punch, "You've got the attire for it. Flannel shirt, baseball cap..."
Rhett frowns, "You think fisherman have a particular attire?"
"To my recollection..." The remark makes Rhett chuckle again, unable to help himself, "'Recollection' - you sound so danged southern. Just like me. I was born and raised in North Carolina."
Link beams, "That's where I was spawned! My sire came from the same location. Not all Mers are from the sea. Some reside in lakes, rivers - any water deep enough to conceal us, but a lot of us return to the ocean, considering its the biggest body of water."
Rhett lets that sink in even as Link again asks, "So, you are a fisherman, right?"
"It's okay if you are," Link assures him, folding his arms and resting his chin there, "It's not really a proud profession amongst my kind, but it's understandable."
Rhett's lips twitch from side to side, "So I'm not, like, catching up your friends or something?"
Link snorts, "What - you think we talk to them?"
"Heck, man - I don't know how it works," Rhett lets out a peal of nervous giggles, getting the idea that Link is teasing him. Link returns the laugh and Rhett relaxes as a realization settles in.
Whether or not Rhett wants to admit it, he did want Link to return. He wanted him to return and be his friend and it appears that that is indeed what is happening.
It's happening and Rhett couldn't be any happier.
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