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depressedoompaloompa · 2 months
Looks like someone is wasting their time on tumblr needs a glass of ✨water✨
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akhuna01 · 4 months
So my village has a charity christmas fair on the last sunday before christmas every year. My sister is in charge of organizing prizes for the lottery/tombola, and she always writes to local businesses to donate items, gift cards, whatever. The companies are usually really generous, it's awesome. First prize is s flat screen tv from a electronics dealer.
We have one shop for home decor that's sadly giving up its business, and donated a whole box of glass decorations.
Among them, this glass shrimp. In a fancy jewelry box.
Tumblr media
I'm the only one who loves him 🥺❤. My sister wanted to throw it in the bin because 'who would want a glass shrimp'.
Edit: sold!
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velvetchaika · 9 months
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vitariesocks · 1 day
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Happy Trans Day of Visibility 2023! I love being trans -- the part that makes it difficult is the transphobes.
Tell me in the replies/tags/reblogs what trans joy looks like for you. :D
Transphobes do not touch this post.
Image ID: 10-image cartoon comic featuring Joey, a boy with short hair. Image 1: Joey smiles and gesticulates to the title of the comic which reads: “Accessing gender-affirming care as a minor has allowed me to experience trans joy as a transgender adult!”. The words “trans joy” are in large block letters the color of the trans flag. Image 2: A younger Joey wearing a sweater and boxers receives his first T shot from a nurse. The text reads: “I started testosterone 5 days before my 17th birthday after spending the year jumping through a bajillion hurdles. Today, my home state is trying to criminalize my care and specifically shut down the trans specialty clinic that cared for me. Throughout all of this false ‘debate’ about best-practice medicine, I have seen no politicians, reporters, or cis allies talk about trans joy.” Image 3: A younger Joey in a hoodie stands at the stove cooking. He is happy, and there are music notes around his head. The text reads: “When I realized that I was trans years earlier, the world became lighter. I suddenly had answers for why I felt the way I did, and I knew that I wasn’t alone. I found myself humming and singing again”. Image 4: Joey is posed stretched across the frame. He’s wearing suspenders and plaid pants and throwing up a peace sign. The text reads: “I discovered my fashion sense for the first time. I had never been happy in any clothing, but realizing that I was a boy let me explore and find the clothes that made me feel great”. Image 5: Joey’s hand holds up a phone, and on the screen are thumbnails of videos of his face. The text reads: “Most trans people can tell you the day they started hormones (or another transition milestone). It’s like having a second birthday! I’ve got a digital diary recording my monthly changes from the first 2 years.” Image 6: Joey sits on the ground next to a friend, and they are both drawing in notebooks and smiling. Joey’s friend has glasses, an undercut, earrings, and facial hair. The text reads: “I have the most wonderful trans friends who enrich my life every day. I am so lucky to be part of such a loving community”. Image 7: Joey holds hands with his boyfriend, who is a taller boy with long hair in a ponytail and facial hair. The text reads: “Realizing that I was a boy made me realize that I was gay. Up until then, I just thought that I couldn’t experience attraction at all (which is also perfectly normal, by the way!). A wonderful boy and I fell in love 5 years ago, and we get to watch each other grow. Image 8: Joey is shirtless and holding a toothbrush while his boyfriend hugs him from behind. They are both smiling. The text reads: “He often reminds me of how good I look, and boy do I know it! I love my trans body. It’s perfectly me!” Image 9: Joey is shirtless and showing his chest and top surgery scars. The text reads: “Like most places, my clinic does not refer minors for surgery. But when I turned 18, I got top surgery to remove my (bountiful) breast tissue. It’s one of the best things to ever happen to me. I adore my chest. I’ve been freed.” Beside a small doodle of a cat, the text reads: “My cat sleeps on my flat chest every night”. Image 10: Joey has his arms behind his back and is addressing the reader. The text reads: “In the midst of purposeful misinformation and frankly genocidal language and laws, I’d like us to remember the joy of getting to be ourselves. Gender-affirming care not only saves but enriches lives for people of all ages. The joy of being oneself is what the Right wants to eliminate. It is imperative that we preserve and encourage the continuation of trans joy by allowing all trans people to safely thrive.” The comic is dated March 31, 2023. End ID.
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unfuckyourhabitat · 5 months
Updated Emergency Cleaning List!
As thanks for the warm (and, at times, hilarious) welcome back, here's an updated, significantly less wordy version of my Emergency Cleaning list. The original will be a decade old in a few months, if you can believe it!
You may need to modify or adjust the steps on this list based on your own situation — it's meant as a general guideline for those who need a little help pushing past the "Where the hell am I supposed to start?" feeling. This is also not meant to be a comprehensive "How to clean your house properly and maintain it forever" guide. It's for those moments when you have to quickly half-ass it because someone is going to be in your space soon and it's a disaster. If you can close some doors and cut some steps from the list, even better. Definitely do that.
(This is one of many checklists and downloadables available on my Patreon, if you're into that sort of thing.)
Tumblr media
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gayvampcentral · 2 months
I've seen a lot of posts (and reblogged/queued a few as you might've seen) abt the HP game recently which I'm assuming means it dropped? Anyway I don't want to put this in the tags of posts by jewish people as I don't want to add onto those even in tag form as a gentile and reblogging someone else's post that says to unfollow me if you support the game doesn't feel direct enough, so I'm making my own post for it:
Please unfollow/block me if you plan on playing this game.
Yes, pirating counts. I don't want you here. If you don't care about the safety of jewish people enough to do the bare minimum of not fucking playing this game then I'm begging you to reevaluate. If you still are into HP in the year 2023 then I don't know how to help you.
Hating nazis and terfs is not enough. You have to love transfem and jewish people more than you claim to hate their oppressors and that starts with shit like this. So once again: If you plan on playing this game because you still can't let go of a franchise the support of which directly harms the people you think you care about then never talk to or interact with me again please.
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theshippirate22 · 19 days
listen st4 ROBBED us of so so so much, but really I think the the biggest travesty is the fact that we never got platonic Harringham. Like, of course, platonic Stobin is so perfect in every way- i worship it really- and i don’t mean to minimize that AT ALL but like.
Steve and Chrissy absolutely LOSING THEIR SHIT at a football game.
Steve and Chrissy having a crush on the same baseball player and arguing over which pants his ass looks better in.
Steve and Chrissy giving each other the same ??? look when Robin or Eddie say something nerdy.
Steve and Chrissy going to the gym together and losing track of whose basketball shorts are whose.
Steve and Chrissy bonding over the fact that their mothers hate them.
Steve teaching Chrissy to cook and slowly helping her get over her eating disorder.
Steve and Chrissy sharing tips for sore muscles and collapsing on the couch together with bags of frozen peas and corn after going a little too hard.
Steve and Chrissy going for runs at dawn together and getting back long before Robin or Eddie would ever dream of being awake.
Steve and Chrissy throwing the biggest super bowl party ever and screaming and grabbing each other’s arms every time there’s a touchdown.
Steve, who’s been having migraines since his first concussion, helping Chrissy out, who’s started getting headaches since Vecna fucked with her head.
Chrissy offering to drive Lucas to and from basketball because she’s going to the school for cheer anyway, and it’s one less thing he has to worry about.
Steve and Chrissy sitting in on a DnD game, getting bored a few hours in and going out to the driveway to play Horse (Chrissy has never won- she wants the challenge so she never lets Steve go easy on her and he respects her enough not to)
Steve and Chrissy side-eyeing each other when someone has the AUDACITY to say they like the Colts, knowing full well that they’re going to have to dish on the person the second they get in the car (They know the Colts are Indiana’s team. The Steelers are just… better.)
Steve protecting Chrissy from creepy ex-boyfriends who just want to take advantage of her, and Chrissy protecting Steve from creepy ex-girlfriends who just want to take advantage of him.
Chrissy convincing Steve to get back into swim, and him agreeing as long as she gets back into dance.
Chrissy wearing her whole cheer uniform to his meets and sitting on the edge of the bleachers every time he’s in the pool, palms sweating as he flies through the water- Robin and Eddie went to go get McDonald’s an hour ago- eyes darting from his silhouette to the clock and back again, muttering under her breathe, “Come on, Steve, come on!”
Chrissy screaming when he wins, running to the edge of the pool to grab him, even though he’s soaking wet and she spent so long on her hair and “Holy shit, you did amazing!”
Steve making his own sort of cheer uniform to wear to her competitions, always driving her to them so he can hype her up in the car on the way. Calling “You’re a god, you can crush ‘em with your thighs!” as they split up so she can go to the dressing rooms backstage.
Steve leaping to his feet in the audience to clap the second she’s finished, whether it’s a team dance or a solo, or a duo-She’s the only one worth watching- whistling and cheering for her so loud, it would be a phenomenon if she didn’t hear him.
just let Steve have another bisexual jock bestie who won’t make fun of his interests. Who knows how much he wants this, who knows how hard it is.
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ladyteldra · 1 month
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whx-m · 5 months
PROTECT THE INDIAN CHILD WELFARE ACT(ICWA)!!! TEXT: “sign  PCCPGW” to 50409 - a letter will be sent on your behalf to your congresspersons.
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errorryx · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it's literally 50/50 RIGHT NOW. this is UNACCEPTABLE. please just let him get through the first round please he doesn't fucking deserve to go down like this
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mysticalspiders · 5 months
Dracula phrases to implement in your everyday life
It is a foul bauble of man's vanity
I am surely in the toils
I am anxious, and it soothes me to express myself here; it is like whispering to one's self and listening at the same time.
I love you with all the moods and tenses of the verb
Is this a juggle?
Alas, but that sentence is a puddle; is it not?
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dykeredhood · 9 months
Cannot fucking believe I have to say this but:
butch ≠ big and broad and muscly
femme ≠ waify and delicate and shy
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chaosnightmare · 4 months
i feel bad for the people i see who don't know much about sonic and assume shadow is like some hypermasculine manly hardass dude character. not the case
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radiodark · 1 year
Tumblr media
from Letters of Note
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onlinekittengf · 6 months
Tumblr media
✨FULL NSFW version via Twitter & Paetron!✨
♥︎via terubossu on twitter! ♥︎
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enveeable · 19 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A fun PSA from everybody's favorite blorbo, here to tell y'all to put your age in your bio!! In adult communities, when you're forthcoming to blogs you follow about being an adult, regardless of whether you post or not, that helps us feel safe! Even if you're just here to like things and be quiet, please at least put in your bio "I am older than 18 years old!" We appreciate your silent support so long as you respect our DNI.
I actually totally encourage y'all to make your own versions of these with your favorite characters saying this, since people are more likely to pay attention to art than text posts.
Strade: "Oh! Did you know that adult communities like this one require followers to state they're adult?"
"Blogs like this are likely to be blocked! The bio doesn't clarify your age is 18+!"
"Just like in sex shops and strip clubs, artists need to know you're old enough to consume their 18+ content! So, if you're an adult, go ahead and say so in your bio!"
"That includes lurkers like you, ja!"
Default Tumblr Icon Head: "No."
"DON'T DOX YOURSELF! Photo IDs are not necessary to state your age and are dangerous to share online! Simply saying you are 18 or older is enough in this community." -Envee
Strade Says! Keep the murder community safe! Age in bio!
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