#but still i guess y’all can have it
Younger Aizawa: It’s so fucking hot. Like. It’s so hot having the window open does nothing because there’s no wind to move the air about. I was not built for this. I’m an emo with an emotional attachment to onesies and hoodies with sensory issues. I’d be better in fucking Antarctica than here.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hylian mipha… pretty woman who could kill you 💕
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Finding Family
Chapter 2
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notes: Next chapter! I was very excited for this one cause I finally get to write for everyone I like to write for in this chapter. Also, first chapter is also under the “Finding Family” tag if you haven’t read it <3
And oh boy we may be starting to get into plot here >:)
tw: none
The next morning was seemingly as normal as always as Schlatt woke up, stretching and reaching to take his phone off the charger. He groggily checked to see if there were any missed messages and was a bit more than surprised to see over 50 missed FaceTime calls from…Charlie of all people? Huh. That was…odd. Schlatt was about to call him back when the phone started to vibrate in his hands, showing Charlie’s profile picture.
He accepted the call to see Charlie looking more tired than he’d ever seen him, along with Minx just slightly farther from the phone, petting a giant guinea pig. Well, not giant, but on calls it was easy to forget just how small Charlie and Minx really were, so the sight off-put him a bit. “Jesus Christ, dude, finally! We’ve been trying to call you for like 40 fucking minutes!” Charlie shouted, interrupting Schlatt’s thoughts. “Yeah, I noticed. What the fuck is this urgent?” “There’s more borrowers coming to your apartment.”
Schlatt raised an eyebrow as he sat up and turned his lights on. “So? There’s a lot of you coming here already, what’s a few more?” “You don’t get it. My captain’s coming here. He ran the colony when the extermination happened. Y’know, in that apartment.” Schlatt winced at that, especially when he saw Minx’s eyes fall to the ground in the background. He knew that she had been in the colony longer than Charlie, and he expected that she had been there when it happened, but he never clarified it with her. If she didn’t want to talk about it, he wouldn’t force her to.
“I get that there’s been some bad shit that happened here, alright? But I didn’t have anything to do with that, and you know it. Just tell your captain that and-“ “He doesn’t get it.” Charlie interrupted. “He doesn’t think humans can be like us. He thinks you’re all soulless sociopathic monsters, he’s not willing to give human-borrower relations a chance.” “Then what do you want me to do?”
“Hide anything that could let the captain know that Tubbo is there. Ladders, ropes, anything you made to fit Tubbo’s size, hide it. Lock up his room and make sure he’s out of the apartment for the day.” Minx said, lifting her head in the background and joining the conversation. She stood up from Mochi’s side and walked closer to the screen. “I don’t think the captain would hurt him, but I don’t think he’d be to happy to know that a borrower as young as Tubbo has lived with humans for so long. I wouldn’t hold it past him to…take measures into his own hands.”
Schlatt sighed, swinging his legs off the bed and getting ready to start his day which was apparently going to consist of hiding all the small ropes and ladders he had set up for the borrowers’ convenience. “Alright, I get it, it’s urgent or something.” He said, running a hand down his face as he tried to make sense of the (apparently very non-specific) threat that this random borrower posed to his son. “When is this happening?” “Tomorrow before dawn.” Charlie answered. “Make sure Tubbo knows to stay away.” “Got it. Now if you’ll excuse me-“ “Go tell him now before you forget.” Minx interjected, crossing her arms. “I know how you are, Schlatt, your gonna put off tellin him and I’m gonna have to go and yell at you in person.” “How about you don’t tell me what to do you little bi-“ “Don’t fucking start with this it’s too early...” Charlie sighed.
“Jesus Christ fine, I get it, I’ll go wake him and tell him what you told me. He can stay in Quackity’s apartment tonight into tomorrow, is that what you want to hear?” Tension that Schlatt hadn’t even noticed before drained out of Charlie and Minx, their shoulders dropping and both of them seeming just a bit less stressed. “Yeah, that’s what we wanna hear.” Charlie answered, Minx nodding right next to him. “Sorry to bug you this early, dude, I wouldn’t if this weren’t important.” Charlie sighed. “Don’t worry about it, you ever need anything just call. But I have a kid to go wake up, so…” Charlie laughed slightly. “Yeah, man, go do that. I’ll see you later!” Charlie smiled back, him, Schlatt, and Minx waving as he hung up the call. Schlatt set his phone down fully got out of bed, stretching and letting his joints pop into place. He needed to go warn Tubbo about whatever was going on tomorrow. And, as much as he liked to pretend Minx didn’t know anything, she was probably right about him forgetting if he waited too long to tell Tubbo.
Tubbo sat up, stretching as he yawned. He leaned over a pressed a small black button just to his right. The large duck nightlight (a gift from Quackity when he was very young that he had promptly named “Benson”) glowed brightly, illuminating the small corner of the cupboard he called a room. As he stood up and opened the little chest full of his clothes he flicked a few more switched stuck to the walls, turning on bee shaped fairy lights that had been stapled to his ceiling, fully lighting up the rest of the room.
He wasn’t sure what a normal room looked like for other borrowers, but he liked his room. Back when he was younger, on his 10th birthday if his memory served him right, his dad had cleaned out and fully re-purposed a cupboard in the kitchen for Tubbo to turn into a bedroom, and had given him full say over what went in it. He and his dads had spent hours online looking for decorations to make it feel like a normal human room. And that it did.
There were a weird number of things perfectly his size that humans used for things like school lockers and dollhouses, and he had found him-sized normal appliances like shelves, vanities, beds, and other things. Did he choose to use these things? Admittedly…no. Not most of them, anyway. He took advantage of having a few chests, chairs, and a nice little bee carpet that he found on Etsy, but there were still plenty of things in his room that were fashioned from bigger things than him. And while some borrowers might have jumped at the chance to have a room that didn’t remind them of their small stature, Tubbo couldn’t bring himself to care. After all, apparently beanbags make great beds! And Schlatt had the great idea to install an outlet in his room and glue a phone case to the wall, so it was like having a giant tv screen right across from his bed! He didn’t know many humans who had that. Well, he didn’t know many humans, period, but it made him feel good anyway. And it certainly beat the drawer in Schlatt’s room that he slept in for the majority of his life.
His morning routine was interrupted by a short knock on his “door” (and by door he meant the entire wall that faced away from the kitchen). “One second!” He yelled as he finished changing from his pajamas into regular clothes. He ran to a small lever to the right of his bed and pulled, releasing the wall and lowering it down till it was an extension of his floor.
That was another thing he liked about his room: both walls did that. It reminded him of the mystical castles in fairy tales he was told as a child, where a door would be lowered over a dangerous moat and allow entry to a some magical kingdom, which he thought was cool as shit. One wall could fall down towards his kitchen and give him a view of the window, where he could see the whole city. The other would fall down towards the living room, and he could interact with his family from the comfort of his own room. And that wall specifically was lined with a fluffy carpet! How cool was that?
The wall fell and Tubbo made his way onto the extension where Schlatt was standing, plopping down onto the carpet and idly fiddling with the course fabric. “What’s up?” “I got a…weird call from Charlie and Minx earlier. They said some other borrowers are coming over tomorrow and-“ Tubbo’s eyes widened as he cut of his father. “New borrowers?” He couldn’t help the excitement that rose up on his chest. New borrowers. More people like him. As much as he loved his human family, he knew so few borrowers, and the idea of conversing with someone new and his size was more than intriguing. “Hold on,” Schlatt interrupted his train of thought. “Charlie said it was really important that you absolutely don’t make contact with them. He and Minx were being really cryptic and shit, but they seemed serious. Said their captain and some others were coming by and Minx said she didn’t know what would happen to you if you were spotted.” Tubbo tried to process that. Why couldn’t he meet them? Would they hurt him? Were they cruel? Would they not want a borrower that wasn’t in their colony intruding in their territory or something? But Schlatt said Uncle Charlie and Aunt Minx referred to the new borrower as their “captain.” Uncle Charlie and Aunt Minx wouldn’t live with cruel borrowers, they were too nice for that. Schlatt apparently saw how much Tubbo was thinking about it, and began to lightly trail his fingers down Tubbo’s back, causing the borrower to snap out of his spiral of thoughts. “Look, I don’t know what the fucks going on either, but you should probably spend the night at Q’s place while I hide your ladders and shit, how about that?” Schlatt said, concern obvious in his tone. And though Tubbo would absolutely love to know what’s going on, he realized that whatever was happening was happening for his own good. He trusted Uncle Charlie and Aunt Minx and he definitely trusted his Dad.
“…Ok,” Tubbo nodded. “Sounds good. I can bug them about this in a few days.” Schlatt laughed lightly. “Me too, bud. Now what do you say we go get some breakfast, huh?” Tubbo grinned, nodding his head and stepping off the wall extension back into his room. He jokingly saluted as he pulled the lever once again and the wall began to rise. Schlatt smiled and saluted back. Tubbo laughed as the wall clicked back into place and he turned around to the lever on the left of his bed, pulling it and lowering the wall adjacent to the kitchen. The moment the wall was lowered enough, Tubbo jumped out. He knew Schlatt wouldn’t let him fall. And sure enough, he fell for approximately two seconds before he was caught, his father mumbling something about “lack of self preservation instincts,” but Tubbo was too busy laughing to care. Schlatt set him on the windowsill and began to get ingredients for breakfast out. Tubbo leaned against the cool glass of the window and watched the sunrise over the silhouette of the city, the colors blending together mesmerizing him.
He sat and stared until the sky was fully blue and the sun hurt his eyes. He turned to his dad, who was putting a very small amount of yogurt and very crushed up granola into a tiny bowl (that had been probably been made to go in a dollhouse set) with the ease that only someone who had done this everyday for twelve years would be able to do. “Hey Dad?” Tubbo asked. “Yeah?” “Can me, Ranboo, and Tommy have a sleepover?” Schlatt finished filling the little bowl and gave it to Tubbo, scruffing his hair with one finger. “Sure thing, kiddo, just don’t get into too much trouble.”
“…So apparently I’m just not allowed to meet them! What kind of bullshit is that?!” Tubbo ranted, pacing back and forth across the floor of Ranboo and Tommy’s “house.” In reality, it was a few small interconnected rooms in the walls with little light and more dust than he would ever consider ok if he lived here, but neither other borrower seemed to mind it. That, and the one time Tubbo had brought it up, both of his friends had mocked him for being “extremely wealthy” and “too upperclass to be in the dwelling space of peasants like them” for a month. And don’t even get him started on the “eat the rich” comments, he still gets those. So yeah. Tubbo would deal with the shoddy living space that his best friends apparently preferred, all of them sitting in the one room that was just slightly larger than the other three, apparently making it the living room.
“That’s…weird.” Tommy said from where he sat on the floor. “I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? They don’t like you, so what? They’re not gonna murder you if they’re friends of Charlie’s.” “That’s what I was thinking!!” Tubbo shouted in frustration, flopping backwards onto a stolen cornhole beanbag that Ranboo was sitting on, laying directly on top of him. Ranboo didn’t seem to mind. That, or he had just gotten used to this. Tubbo assumed it was the latter, but like hell was he getting up. Ranboo was comfy.
“Are they a threat to you specifically or to any borrowers in this area? Cause if they were dangerous, Charlie would have told us, too, since we’re pretty close to your apartment.” Ranboo added, completely ignoring the fact the Tubbo was on top of him. “That’s a good point. But what would they want with me?” Tubbo thought aloud. The three of them sat thinking for a minute before Tommy turned to the other two with a mischievous grin on his face, his cat like eyes narrowing the way they did every time he got a bad idea. “Why don’t we find out?” He said simply, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “No…” Ranboo started, turning to Tubbo who, to his horror, seemed to be actually thinking over the idea. “No! Absolutely not! We don’t know who these people are, and even if they’re not a threat to me and Tommy, are we really willing to risk you like that?” Ranboo finished, pulling Tubbo off of him to look him in the eyes. Tubbo sighed.
He didn’t like disobeying people he cared about, since he knew that they did everything for his well-being. He shouldnt want to spy on random borrowers. But…his dad was confused, too, wasn’t he? He knew what was going on about as well as Tubbo did, and Tubbo was confused as hell. So, maybe he was spying for the both of them? A flimsy excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. Besides, when had Tubbo ever just denied a chance for adventure? “…as long as we aren’t seen it should be fine.” Tubbo finally answered. Ranboo groaned and put his face in his hands as Tommy whooped in excitement. “But we absolutely can’t be seen!” Tubbo rushed to clarify. “Even if we figure out those borrowers aren’t an actual threat, I’d get an earful from Uncle Charlie and Dad. We have to be sneaky about this.” “Don’t even worry about it, Tubs, sneaky is my middle name.” Tommy said, moving to the shorter borrower to sling an arm around his shoulder. “Uh huh. Because trying to steal an entire can of coke out of a fridge and then cussing out Sapnap when you got caught is the definition of sneaky.” Ranboo deadpanned at his roommate. “Tell me, is ‘Sneaky’ before or after ‘Careful Danger Kraken’?” “Why don’t you shut up, boob boy? My many middle names are just too cool for you.” Tommy shot back, sticking his tongue out at Ranboo. Tubbo laughed at their antics, the lighthearted banter helping ease some of the weight off his chest. This was gonna go well. It had to. So why was he so nervous on just spying on a few borrowers? Maybe it was just the lack of specified risk. His dad said Charlie wasn’t specific about why Tubbo had to stay away. That had to be it. But he didn’t have anything to be afraid of, it wasn’t like he was doing this alone, he had his two best friends coming along. And he didn’t think they were dangerous borrowers. So, there wasn’t anything that could go wrong…
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I am like 20 minutes into Purple Hearts and I am trying to understand so hard how what anything that Luke or his friend say is like, normal and not like, idk, bigotry?
#Netflix outright said be as leftist conservative as possible and destroy those pronoun blue haired people huh#like……… ion like where this is going#i bet y’all 50 bucks by the end of it we will have Cassie be given a 180 like yeah we’ll not ALL leftists are bad#and they are not! you don’t have to feel invalidated but your pollito al opinion#political**#but luke is definetely not a good guy!! like?? their friends are racists right in front of him and they all just laugh and point ?? how#does that make you a good person?? yeah tragic backstory or whatever idk what’s coming but it’s still biggotery and they seem to be trying#yo excuse ir at the end and it just doesn’t really sit right with me#and I don’t like getting political on here nor come here to tell you what to believe or not to believe in#but misogyny/racism/xenophobia/homophobia or anything of the sorts is uh not excusable in my book!#just be a good person dude lol it’s literally not that hard#luke calls woman females he is that sort of dude bro#like the acting is good and Sofia Carson is an amazing singer I just don’t understand what they are trying to do#the message seems to be like yeah. you might differ in political views. but if you are hot you can still makeout maybe!#like you can disagree on things but if you are this much politically strayed from each other I am sorry but I don’t think it’ll work out#so then in the future when you are taking big life choices that oppose political views what then?? idk it’s just very tied to someone’s#moral and value compass that it’s just…. idk sksksk netflix what is going on#I’ll be back at the end maybe I guess I might be wrong who knows I love romance stories but this is starting on the wrong foot for me#anti Purple Hearts#i guess lol#Purple Hearts#netflix
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
bring a friend home today! adopt, don’t shop 🐶@metroitdetroitanimals 6.28.2022
#vladislav namestnikov#dallas stars#be the red wings content you want to see in the world i guess#absolutely devastated by these thanks. it’s been like a week and i’m finally able to post this because i had such an unreasonable reaction 😭#we don’t need to talk about the fact that i liked this it’s fine just ignore it & instead we can not talk abt how i went 🥹🥹 vladdy came home#realized. that i typed be the ‘red wings’ content you want to see right when i needed to type the tags & move them so they show up &. he’s.#i was trying to be clever with the caption but my entire brain just kept wailing ‘BRING HIM HOMEEEEEEE’ but actually now that i look w/ the#draft coming up… adopt don’t shop bring vladdy home we can buy a new little defenseman at the store we already have centers at the shelter#all of the terrible articles i have been reading that are like ‘why the red wings should acquire claude giroux’ and i’m like actually yeah#we can adopt that one guys!! adopt don’t shop!!! also should mention i was reading an article about what free agents yzerman should sign &#it wasn’t even about vladdy for the main one but it was some dude & at the bottom of each profile they had like ‘other options’ and for one#of them one of the other options was just ‘vladislav namestnikov’ & i did screenshot it & highlight it & cry bc i love him & i still forget#that vladdy isn’t a red wing anymore. like my brain simply REFUSES to acknowledge it every time it hits me all over again he’s in dallas now#dallas stop taking the men i love & ruining my narratives i want you to put them back#detroit ride or die forever & always#vladdy with DOGSSSS have y’all SEEN his little frenchie he and fabs are frenchie besties please you need to bring them back together#just like how aspen & millie are girlfriends & if you won’t bring moe back for the team’s sake do it for the dogs like what about ellie????#vladdy coming back to support the charity he picked back when he was still a wing makes me (oozing pile of tears in the middle of the marsh)#vibes of pk STILL being one of the biggest supporters of the montreal children’s hospital except it’s not little kids it’s an animal shelter#to explain to you the extent that i have not stopped thinking about this post the other day when i was at work i was thinking about how mtl#did like a ‘tourists in mtl’ thing & was like okay but i want them to take the mojoe show around to show people detroit but then i went wait#do you remember connor’s farm workout like what hockeys do i want to see on a farm & i immediately went ‘VLADDY’ like can’t you just see it#he would just be absolutely delighted to be on a farm & he’d be so excited to see all the animals & i want them all to take a trip to belle#isle & go to the aquarium & the conservancy & i just think that vladdy would love hanging out w/goats & then i had to go ‘hE’S nOt On ThE-’#what i’m saying is: detroit bring vladdy home so that i can see him hang out with cool animals. i want to take vladdy to the zoo#he seems really nice & he would sit at one enclosure with me for four hours & we would just watch them chill out & he should come home pls
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anyways. 10 bucks to whoever can guess the name.
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crimeloyalty-arch · 7 months
* i take harleen away from c*onner and p*almiotti. i do not give her back. *
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magic-can · 11 months
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pavlovean · 6 months
can’t watch extreme rules until at least monday but i’m hyperfixating HARD on pro wrestling which means in order to get my fix while avoiding spoilers i’m gonna have to brave the tags of classic wrestlers and sift through all of the mile long fanfic posts. pray 4 me
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Ml au where Lila makes up a story about seeing a mermaid because “if superheroes can be real why not mermaids?” so everyone begs Ladybug to check it out when they see her next (for the purposes of this au everyone knows about the aquatic powers), and you know the drill, Ladybug checks it out, there’s obviously nothing there, but Lila will not stop with her story
So every now and then when she has free time, Ladybug checks out any large bodies of water just so whenever anyone asks she can be like “yeah checked it out, nothing there,” until one day she notices a really long tail and when follows it, she sees a creature that has a fish tail with fins, but the upper body part almost resembles a human with creepy eyes and sharp teeth, and decides never to look into water again because ignorance is bliss
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Finally we’re moving on from this arc..
Tumblr media
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Apparently, people were still complaining about the Demeter boss fight on twitter and were calling it “P2W,” and unfair like man, what??!?($(?
#it was… surprisingly easy like lmfaooo#I felt stupid for initially overthinking the fight because of the reactions I saw from jp players and fgo ytb talking about it but man#all you really need is a single target rider (or alter ego) with some support on the side and you’ll be fine you do not need to use#SQ or even command code for it#but I guess I’m being unfair saying this since I have some good riders#(all of my servants minus the last few that I’ve gotten are fully leveled including skills at 6 so I do have quite the variety to pick from)#and my kintoki is level 100… and I don’t expect others to have theirs grailed as well#but he can do plenty of damage at his base level and then there’s Ushi like you have sm options#I feel like some ppl just don’t know how to play and that’s fine man#that’s what yt is for like bro if y’all don’t go check out#honako green’s videos if you need help clearing hard battles lmfao#he’s like the go to for stuff like this and he’ll show you how to do it with your low rarity servants and#sometimes he might use CE’s that you may not have but his playthroughs are always pretty solid regardless#rambling#I also have my own skadi so my run on the Demeter fight only took me 4 turns… and I used double skadi so maybe I was just lucky to be able#to do this but still#you do not need high investment and expensive teams to clear most of the content in fgo like#if you have a decent support list then you can just grab whoever you need from there and do your best#thank god fgo let’s players borrow supports btw#I wished they’d let us use the support’s NP’s though#I think that’s a bit unfair still but whatever#I’ve already forgotten if the Demeter fight made us use a forced support but that’s another issue lol
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i am, regrettably, feeling hopeful
#so! i came out to my mom#it. it went okay! it wasn’t confrontational like i thought it would be; she didn’t try to talk me out of being trans or transitioning#she seemed. willing to listen and try to understand#i’m telling my dad tomorrow; hopefully it’ll go about as well#what. i guess surprised me? is that she still wanted me in her life. which shouldn’t have been surprising! but man#i was asking a friend for advice; and they said to remember; ultimately; that she loves me. which is funny; because i didn’t consider that?#i didn’t think of love as a force at play; i thought that coming out would be the end of it and i would lose it#i was prepared to! i thought that was how it was going to be#but my friend was right#not 2 b like love and light and hope but. she said that her future had to have me in it; and having thought for so long#that my future wasn’t compatible with my family; that i had to pick one or the other? i think it’s a good sign#i don’t know what the future holds; but i was to the point where i couldn’t believe in a future anymore#there was only the past-forced-present; dragged on past its half-life; crumbling even as i held onto it#as everything ground to a halt around me. i may still be there; in the dry-rot space between; but the door is cracked open now#there’s a way out; and even bound as i am to here and now and what that means; i can feel the fresh air of a life beyond this one.#i don’t know what that future holds; but the present-past is barren and lifeless and all-consuming; and even now the veil is lifting#anyway sorry 2 b sentimental and stuff but it’s how i’m feeling atm and i figured i should update the mutuals#i don’t get my hormones until monday but i’ve made it this far without them i can wait another ~48 hours#thanks to everyone who’s offered support; it’s nice to know i have people rooting for me even if we’ve never met#lucky to have y’all as my mutuals <3 <3
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So I just binged DOTA and I just love Davion. 🥺
Tumblr media
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Is it just me or are the dragons from the dragon prince kind of assholes? (Not counting Zym obviously)
#dragon prince#mainly thunder & sun guy & that red dragon I can’t remember the name of#mostly thunder & the sun guy tho#oni talks#thoughts#coz like in tht dark magic flashback it’s like yeah he’s shit but also if you follow the plot the humans are clearly suffering#& the dragons don’t give any fucks at all? like ofc they are gonna use dark magic to avoid idk starving to death?? maybe this would be#resolved If the ppl who could do regular magic gave even a slight fuck? like ok sure humans should clearly not be doing dark magic but they#also clearly need specifically magical assistance? & y’all are basically just going haha fuck you got mine. like remember that arc abt#starving kingdoms sharing suffering? I feel like a lot could have been resolved if they could ask the magical ppl for help#also tht dark magic flashback dragons immediately go to murdering innocent ppl? like bro wtf#season 3 spoilers dragon prince#just in case idk if tagged correctly but that + in that thunder flashback it clearly shows he could’ve tried talking to the humans#instead of just like murdering on sight? so it’s like obviously at some point someone’s gonna retaliate? humans did a bad but again if the#magic is supposed to be good then obviously they could just talk shit out maybe? not talking it out is weirdly realistic but still#another case as well of hey if you guys actually communicated to ask for help maybe they wouldn’t need to resort to being evil? it’s wtf#like no fair trial or anything everyone’s minds just go to murder wtf? also the moon shadow elves clearly suck too tbh#idk it just weirds me out the conflict is just conflict for conflicts sake? ik irl ppl can be like that too but it’s like come on man stop#I guess that’s the point to stop the cycle but it’s also like this rlly didn’t need to start & could have been stopped many times over#feels like some conflicts could be solved just by not actively being an asshole/giving a fuck about others/literally just talking#again Tbf irl is like tht too sometimes. but it’s just… why? thinking abt when they tried to say the dragon was unprovoked but it wasn’t???#like it really feels like the elves basically said fuck you got mine to the humans & expected that to go well??? like they could’ve helped
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