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Kids 1-0 Daryl
S11 Dad!Daryl x fem!reader ft. Bellie
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A/n: so uh….I got a soft spot for Dad! Daryl now and it’s you guy’s fault
More dad!Daryl fics (i'll surely post more): Old enough to understand and An unusual bedtime story
Word count: 961
Tumblr media
You would’ve never expected the apocalypse to bring you a gift such as family. Mabel had grown up beautifully and now, she wasn’t an only child. Both you and Daryl had agreed on taking in Judith and RJ, occasionally, Lydia also stayed at your house and a new addition just happened to fall into your arms. A group of scavengers found a mother and her baby girl. The mother had been bitten and by the time they got to her, she had already died so they took care of her and brought the baby back. You decided to take her in until you figured out what to do, never knowing that the sight of Daryl as a dad of many would be so attractive to you.
 It was bedtime and while you tidied up the downstairs, Daryl was in charge of putting the kids to bed. You could hear his voice as you stopped midway up the stairs.
“Daddy can I help you tomorrow on mama’s truck?” Mabel asked as Daryl tucked her in.
“Yea but ‘s gotta be after school and after ya’ve done yer homework”
“It’s always math homework…i hate math” she complained “Will mama be home to help?”
“I dun think so. Sorry, sunshine”
“I can help her” Judith intervened from her bed.
Judith nodded and Daryl exited their room to stand at RJ’s door way, who was putting away some toys before bed. “Alrigh’ hop in buddy, ‘s gettin’ late”
“Maybe we can go to Eugene and ask him for the answers” Daryl heard the girls whisper.
“‘M gonna pretend i didn’t hear tha’!” he called out to them, the baby he held against his bare chest squirmed to get into a better position.
“They always do that” RJ confessed “With everything”
“Hey! That’s not fair! You do it too” The girls complained.
Daryl chuckled, tucking RJ in with one hand.
“They’re lying uncle Daryl”
“Mmm, sure they’re…Two against one buddy, ya migh’ get ambushed tonigh’” Daryl joked watching RJ’s eyes widened before he frantically called Dog who sped past you up the stairs and entered RJ’s room.
“Smart choice” Daryl praised before starting to walk out of the room “Dun scream too loud if it does happen though, i do like t’ sleep in peace” he advised playfully, watching RJ’s brows furrow and his mouth fall agape knowing well he would've call for uncle Daryl if it happened.
The archer walked back to the girls room and looked between them with his dad look “Spare the kid alrigh’? At least until after breakfast”
“We made a deal” Mabel yell whispered “He wouldn’t tell on us if we didn’t tell mama that he ate the last cookies wayyyy after bedtime—shit”
Daryl sighed “Bellie–”
“I’m sorry !…i could’ve said worse” she apologized and reasoned while Judith face palmed herself and hid her giggles under the covers.
He scoffed and nodded to himself “I know ya could. I’ll tell yer mom it was me but ya gotta stop snitchin’... all of ya. Ya hear me RJ?”
“Good” Daryl shook his head and bent down to kiss both of the girls foreheads.
“Ya kids are gonna make me start baldin’” he muttered to himself after turning off the light in the girls bedroom and walked away, hearing the kids giggle. You saw him walk with the baby to your shared bedroom and finally decided to come up silently. You stood at the doorway and watched him sway the baby slowly against his chest, making sure she was asleep before setting her down in the crib he put together for her. In the midst of that swaying, he turned around and met your eyes, you smiled softly at him before resuming what you had been doing and going to the room in the attic.
You were on your knees on the floor, putting away some of the last summer clothes from the kids that had been in the wash, when you heard Daryl come in and sit at the edge of the bed behind you. Once you were done, you rose to your feet and walked slowly towards him, your lips stretching into a smile.
Both of his hands rested at the back of your thighs while he looked up at you, your hands moved some hair out of his face and you bent down to kiss his forehead.
“You’re a great dad” you whispered as you sat on his lap, his hands now on your waist and lower back while yours hugged him close. Daryl pressed his lips against yours tentatively before nudging your nose with his. You pecked his lips again. “And an even better husband”
He groaned as if he couldn’t believe your words. You weren’t waiting for a vocal answer from him so you continued running your fingers through his hair.
“What’s that?” you asked furrowing your brows, your fingers still in his hair.
“Wha’s wha’?”
“I think…It might be a bald spot, Dixon” you joked, Daryl’s face morphing into a stern look, the same one he’d give RJ when he wouldn’t eat his vegetables.
“Ain’t funny”
You chuckled “Yeahhhh…It kinda is”
Daryl pinched your sides causing you to giggle and squirm closer to him while begging him to stop until he did. He then ran his hands over the spots he tickled until your breathing went back to normal.
“So ya heard everythin’?”
You hummed knowing well that your eyes couldn’t lie to him “I don’t know what you’re talking about”
The archer smiled knowingly, burying his face in the crook of your neck and hugging you close, occasionally pressing a few kisses on the skin there.
“Being a dad looks good on you” you whispered.
“Yer the one who made me one”
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wrong impressions ✿ k.m.
Tumblr media
pairing: katie mccabe x reader
summary: a misunderstanding leads to conflicts and tension between katie mccabe and arsenal’s newest signing.
warning: cursing, katie and reader being idiots, bad writing 
word count: 5.1k (i don't even know how this happened)
a/n: here’s a little something in honour of ireland's second game today ;) also, this was my first time writing something like this and english isn’t my first language, so bear with me please <3 anyway, i hope you enjoy this and i’m always happy to hear your thoughts :)
Tumblr media
“Oh, McCabe isn’t good. She’s borderline reckless and very petulant, plays way too aggressively and all she does is collect cards for her team.”
“The fuck,” muttered Katie with a quiet scoff after hearing Arsenal’s newest signing’s words as she walked into the training facility. Not wanting to hear more comments, she quickly made her way to the locker room and sat down at her designated spot, an annoyed frown still etched onto her face.
As the brunette was tying her shoes, a shoulder nudged hers, “You excited for our new additions?” Katie looked to her left to be met with the buzzing smile of her blonde friend.
The corners of Leah’s mouth dropped, “Hey, what’s wrong?”
Finishing the tie on her shoe Katie leaned back up, let out a small sigh and opened her mouth. Before she could utter a word though, the door opened.
“So, as you all know, we have two incredible players joining us this season. I’m sure you’re all acquainted with Alessia,” Jonas pointed to the taller of the two women, who sent everyone a friendly grin, “and this is Y/N Y/L/N. Before coming to us she played for Barcelona but because of an injury, our paths haven’t crossed yet,” after he finished his sentence, you raised your hand for a timid wave and looked at all the girls with a nervous smile, a blush coating your cheeks, resulting in a few excited greetings being thrown your way. “I trust that you’ll make them feel at home and yeah, that’s all. I’ll see you on the pitch in 5,” were his last words before disappearing behind the door.
Turning around to face your new team, you were welcomed with open arms - literally. In front of you, you found almost all the girls waiting to greet you, each pulling you into a hug and introducing themselves.
After you were done introducing yourself, you quickly changed. The warm welcome they gave you resulted in your heartbeat finally slowing down (maybe not to a normal pace, but considerably slower than when you arrived). Later, you would also realise that your hands had stopped shaking halfway through the training, filling your body with warmth, that felt like the sun thawing the frost off of colourful flowers on a warm spring morning.
Right now though, your shoulders slumped as you noticed that the forward you were most very thrilled to play alongside of, didn’t greet you (and if you weren’t imagining things, even sent a glare in your direction).
Shaking off those thoughts, you made your way to the pitch, walking next to Leah. “How are you feeling?” she questioned, looping her arm through yours.
“I’m literally shitting my pants,” you chuckled, “but I’m also excited to play in this amazing team like, I don’t know, I feel like I can learn so much from you.”
Leah waved you off, “Don’t worry, you’re gonna be just fine and I have a feeling it’s gonna be the other way around.” When you felt the blonde’s hand ruffling your hair, you jokingly pushed her away, muttering about how you were going to get back at her.
And that you did. The end of the training came with a scrimmage, in which Leah and you were on opposite teams. Getting the ball from Lotte, you quickly made your way towards their goal and consequently came face to face with the blonde defender. Before she could do much, you nutmegged her and sent the ball straight to the far post, Alessia scoring a goal with a beautiful header.
Fidgeting with your sleeves, you turned to your friend with a sheepish laugh, “Sorry, I just don’t like people messing up my hair.” Chuckles coming from the girl instantly relaxed you as she patted your shoulder, “That was a nice play.”
Heat crawled into your cheeks as you muttered a quiet ‘thanks’ and made your way back to your side.
Sadly, not everyone took the scrimmage as light-hearted as Leah. With the frustration growing after each goal your team scored, the game quickly became physical. You would feel the wrath of that a few moments later.
Running along the sideline, you were just about to send another ball into the penalty box when you felt cleats connecting with your ankle and your legs being swept from under you.
You let out a groan as you held your foot, trying to stand up. Rotating your ankle a bit, you attempted to take a few wobbly steps, the new blonde forward approaching you, “Are you all right? That looked like it hurt.”
“No, it’s fine, I just have to walk it off.”
Limping a few metres, you felt the pain slowly subside and glanced at the girl that had tackled you. Not seeing her making any moves to apologise nor a glimpse of remorse on her face, a crease formed between your eyebrows, wondering why Katie was acting this cold towards you.
When the game continued with you, in particular, being the one the Irish woman directed her fury at, the uncomfortable feeling in your chest grew. That was why, when Leah and you were collecting the balls that had been shot to god knows where, you inquired, “Does Katie not like me?”
“No, what makes you think that?”
Putting the last ball into the bag you shrugged your shoulders, “I don’t know, I just feel like she has it out for me, you know?”
“Hm, it looked like she was already in a lousy mood before you came in, so she probably just had a bad day. I’m sure yous will hit it off tomorrow,” consoled the blonde with a comforting touch to your arm.
Alas, it didn’t seem to get better the next day.
Being on the receiving end of her tackles once again, this time even from the beginning of the training session, your patience was wearing thin. Your dislike for conflict made you keep quiet though, not wanting to cause drama on your second day and because no one else said anything, you just presumed that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
After a particularly gruesome duel, where Katie had stepped onto your feet multiple times, you couldn’t push your agitation down anymore, the anger bubbling inside of you like an active volcano, fiery red lava spewing out of your mouth, “Okay, what the fuck did I do to you? Why do you hate me?”
Surprised at hearing your angry voice directed at her, the Irish woman turned around with a scoff, “Don’t pretend like you don’t know what you did.”
“I don’t, I wouldn’t be asking if I did, Sherlock.”
You watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head before she turned around and marched to her position. Feeling a presence behind you, you tried to get your whirring thoughts under control, “Everything alright?”
Pulling your shoulders to your ears and letting them drop again, you returned, “Yeah, I’m not so sure about her not hating me, though,” eliciting a frown on the blonde’s face.
Unfortunately, for you two and for everyone who had to hear your petty arguments, you were paired up with Katie on one of the gym days.
For the most part, everything was fine. Even though the Irish woman couldn’t help but follow a few drops of sweat that rolled down your abs with her grey eyes, which sparked her irritation, wondering how she could be thinking about a person like you like that, you two didn’t exchange any words.
That is until you were supposed to spot Katie. Padding over to her waiting by the bench press, you thought about how you could finally relax for a moment after all the tiring exercises you had to go through.
Boy, how wrong you were.
Standing at the head of the bench you had a perfect view of Katie doing her tasks. It felt like a magnet being pulled to the strongest metal, the way your eyes were glued to the forward’s arms. Not knowing what hit you, you couldn’t pull your gaze away from the heavenly sight.
Katie noticing your dazed expression, rolled her eyes with a smirk, before an idea formed in her head. Pretending to lose her grip on the weight, she laid it down on her chest and let out struggling breaths.
After she tried to get your attention with faux breathless words, you suddenly jumped out of your stupor and quickly lifted the weight off of her.
“Do you want to kill me?!”
“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” you mumbled, regret filling your voice as you looked down sheepishly.
Shaking her head the brunette enjoyed teasing you further, “You can’t do anything, can you?”
“I said I was sorry, relax.”
Across the room, Leah and Alessia were watching the scene unfold with confusion written over their faces, “Where did this weird tension even come from? It looks like they want to kill and fuck each other at the same time.”
“I don’t know,” Leah responded, “but I think we need to separate them or one of those two things will happen any minute now.”
These little quarrels eventually developed into a common component of Arsenal’s training sessions, even being present outside of them, like on team bonding nights.
All the girls were gathered at Leah’s house to watch a few movies and just enjoy each other’s company. Everything was fine until Katie got up from the couch to get another drink for herself. During that time you arrived at the blonde’s flat, having had an appointment before, and unknowingly sat down at the spot that was previously occupied by none other than the fiery winger.
When she strolled back into the living room and saw exactly who had stolen her spot, the brunette let out an annoyed sigh. Making her way towards you, she stopped in front of your frame, “Did you make it your personal life goal to annoy me whenever you can, or what?”
Only being met by you looking at her with those stupid eyes and your stupid button nose and a stupid mischievous grin on your face, she scoffed, “Move out of my seat, you knob.”
About to stand up, you felt a few drops of something land in your lap, which made you look up only to see the brunette raising her eyebrow, “Oh no, I’m so sorry, I guess my glass was too full.”
“Tell me, Katie, is it hard being such a relentless asshole, or does it come naturally to you?” you sent her a fake smile, before moving to the other side of the room, not before jamming your shoulder into hers though.
Before Katie could retaliate, Beth let out a tired sigh, “Girls, can we just enjoy the movie now?”, gaining agreeing mumbles from everyone else.
It all came to a head when Katie tackled Alessia, who you had grown very close to in the last two months and now considered one of your best friends.
You were running along the sideline, waiting for Alessia to pass the ball, when you heard her outcry and immediately stopped. Hastily making your way to the blonde, you kneeled down and softly put your hand on her left leg, trying to calm her down, “Oh my god, Less, are you alright?”
“It hurts,” she groaned, still holding her foot.
“Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine, the medics are gonna be here in a second.”
Looking up when they arrived, you also saw the woman that had caused Alessia to fall to the ground.
Only seeing red, you stood up so fast you were surprised you didn’t get whiplash, shoving the brunette with both of your arms, “What the hell is your problem?! You don’t get to just treat people like that, jackass!”
“What did you just say to me?” barked Katie as she invaded your personal space, your faces only a breath apart, meaning you could see the vein on her forehead popping out and almost smoke coming from her ears.
“You heard me, McCabe,” taking one last step towards her, your foreheads touching, you poked your index finger into her chest, “stop playing like a fucking hazardous idiot and go apologise to her right now! I know you hate me and you can come at me all you want, be my guest, but if you ever hurt her again, I’ll break your goddamn kneecaps!” Your chest heaved up and down with the rage inside of you, “Stay. The fuck. Away. From her,” punctuating each word with a jab of your finger, you gave her one last push before turning back to Alessia still laying on the ground.
With it being the last training before the first match, it wasn’t a surprise when the atmosphere was a bit tense.
So, when you accidentally bumped into the one and only Katie McCabe, because the exercise had you all running backwards, and somehow landed on top of her, her snappy remark came almost instantly, “Watch where you’re going and get the fuck off of me.”  
Putting your hands on either side of her head, you started to pull yourself up, scoffing at her overdramatic reaction, “Go take a walk and calm down, babes.”
As she quickly stood up and pushed up against your body with her glowering eyes, that reminded you of the sea after a terrible storm, the gray rolling clouds reflecting onto the almost-blue surface of the water, her intoxicating scent invading your nostrils only infuriating you further, “Why don’t you take a walk back to Barcelona?”
Having had enough of this constant back and forth, you raised both of your arms and let them fall back to your sides, “What’s your goddamn problem?!”
“You! And don’t try your stupid innocent act on me, you know exactly what you did.”
Seeing the frown on your face, Katie continued, “Unless you’re gonna admit it, you can take your shit-talking self elsewhere.”
“God, you’re so full of yourself, I’m not gonna kiss your ass and apologise for something I didn’t even do!”
“Are yo- ”
She was interrupted by Leah separating you two, “Let’s take a deep breath, ladies.” Still glaring at one another you two slowly parted ways.
The locker room was buzzing with everyone’s excitement for Arsenal’s first game of the season, excited chatter coming from every corner. As you were all about to enter the pitch for warm ups, Jonas appeared, “McCabe, Y/L/N, a minute, please.”
He waited for the other girls to leave before addressing you, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but you need to get it together,” his tone emphasising his disappointment. “When I made you the offer, Y/N, I thought you two would come together as a fantastic offense, because I know Katie has wanted to be winger again for a long time now and your styles and techniques just compliment each other perfectly,” the words causing you to look at your shoes shamefully.
“Now I know that you can destroy Liverpool’s defense out there but in order to do that, I need you two to work together, okay?” he looked to the two women in front of him expectantly, causing both of them to nod, his last words only making them repeat the motion, “And if you pull anything like the the shit that went down yesterday, you’re instantly being subbed off, understood?”
Jonas’ words apparently made something inside the both of you switch. Throughout the whole game, Katie and you seemed to link up every chance you could and waltzed through Liverpool’s defense like a hazard. Even when you were behind the Irish woman, she could somehow feel your presence and get the ball to your feet. You had to admit that playing with Katie when you were both working together felt amazing, giving the impression of flying over the pitch.
Even though the game went as well as it did, you went back to being at each other’s throats afterwards.
The snarky comments exchanged in the locker room extinguishing any hope your teammates had that you would at least be civil now.
One day at lunch in the team cafeteria, Katie couldn’t help but let her gaze float towards her self-appointed enemy.
Watching as you laughed with Alessia, made her thoughts run wild. Why would you say that about her? And why was she so bugged by it, when she normally just let the nasty comments brush past her without giving them a second glance?
A fork dropping to the floor startled her, making her eyes flick towards the direction the sound came from. She could see Alessia leaning down to pick it up and noticed you putting your hand between the blonde’s head and the edge of the table, efficiently sparing the forward an uncomfortable collision with the table.
This wasn’t the first time, the brunette picked up on your kindness. All the other times, for example, you staying behind and helping the staff clean up or you giving the girl you’d walked onto the pitch with your jacket, making her wonder why you were treating her so differently.
The heavy feeling in her gut made a crease form between Katie’s eyebrows. Turning to her right she questioned the captain of England’s national team, “Why is she literally the nicest human being to everyone but me?”
“Hmm, let me think, maybe because you’ve been nothing but mean to her since day one?” spoke the blonde after tapping her chin with a faux thoughtful face that turned into an ‘are you kidding me’ look.
Grumbling and stabbing her food with her fork she retorted, “She started it.”
“What do you mean? There’s not a bad bone, not even a bad cell, in that girl’s body.”
“Well, when I came in on her first day, I heard her talking to someone and she was saying pretty nasty things about me,” Katie claimed with a defeated tone.
A confused look crossed Leah’s face, “Are you sure it was her? What did she say?”
Thinking back to said day, she tried to get the words together, “Yes, I’m a hundred percent sure, and she was saying something like ‘McCabe is way too aggressive, all she does is get cards and she just isn’t good’ and I don’t know, normally I don’t really care about what people say about me, but I was just so excited to play with her and-”
“Are you serious?!”, exclaimed the blonde incredulously.
“Did you listen to her until the end?”
Grimacing, Katie replied, “No, why would I? So that I could hear more of her borderline offensive comments?”
Fishing for her phone in her pocket, Leah grunted, “I can’t believe you sometimes, you useless lesbian.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” the Irish woman starting to feel lost now, as her friend put her phone down in front of her, a video playing.
Scanning the screen she could see the title of said video ‘Y/N Y/L/N’s first Arsenal interview’ and the fog in her brain only thickened. Then she heard a voice behind the camera, “So, what are you most excited about?”
You smiled nervously, fiddling with the rings on your finger,  “Uhm, I’m really excited to play with this team cause their style is so different and I just think, uh, I can learn a lot from these amazing girls.”
“And who are you most excited to play with?”
“Oh, that’s easy, Katie McCabe,” you told the interviewer animatedly, “many people might say like ‘Oh, McCabe isn’t good. She’s borderline reckless and very petulant, plays way too aggressively and all she does is collect cards for her team’,” you imitated while doing air quotations.
“But I’m like, have you seen this girl play? It’s amazing to watch and maybe she’s a bit more physical but it’s working, isn’t it? I don’t know, I just think it’s very admirable and just so unique cause you don’t see a lot of people playing like that, you know? Sorry, I’m rambling,” you chuckled with rosy cheeks.
The blonde taking her phone back, brought Katie back to the real world. The realisation of what she had done came crashing down on her like a ton of bricks.
She hid her face behind her hands before she muttered ashamedly, “I’ve just really been an arsehole to her this whole time for no reason, haven’t I?”
“Yup, you have,” Leah patted her on the shoulder consolingly, “but I’m sure she’ll forgive you if you apologise.”
“Well, here goes nothing.”
When you heard footsteps approaching your table, you looked up from your plate to come face to face with the most infuriating person you knew, “Hey Y/N, could we maybe talk for a minute?”
Expecting her to start another fight, you couldn’t hide your surprise. “Uhm, sure I guess,” you told her as you got up to follow her out of the crowded room, shooting Alessia a confused look and only getting a shrug in response.
You arrived outside and when she stopped, you let your gaze study the woman in front of you. With her head down and her hands fidgeting, your eyes caught a sight you never would’ve thought to see. Used to her confident and feisty persona, you were astounded when you heard her speaking in a voice softer than you’d ever heard it before.
Trying to calm herself down, Katie took one last deep breath, before rising her eyes to meet your questioning ones, “I know you hate me and that this will not make up for the horrible way I’ve treated you and the awful things I’ve said, but I still want to apologise and explain why I acted the way I did.”
Your eyes widened as you took in her words and noticed that she looked to be on the verge of crying, so you sent her an encouraging smile, which she gratefully reciprocated.
“God, this is gonna sound so dumb,” she put one hand on her forehead and the other on her hip and continued, “Uhm, you remember your first day?” You nodded your head. “Well, I came in when you had your interview and I may have overheard a bit of what you were saying, only it was just a snippet of what you actually said, so I got the impression that you hated me, which I hope I didn’t make true, because I walked away before I could hear the rest of your answer.”
“I was just so excited to be able to play with you that I felt devastated after hearing your words, and I don’t really know why I did what I did but I just want you to know that I’m very very sorry, I truly am. When Leah showed me the whole video, I felt like the biggest fool ever. I know that this doesn’t excuse my behaviour but I hope you can forgive me and if not, I totally understand! Just tell me and I won’t get in your way until the end of time,” spoke Katie with her voice wavering on a few words.
The melodious sound of your laugh is what breaks her eye contact with the floor. Perplexed, she looked at you, trying to make out what your reaction meant.
“Sorry,” you let out another chuckle, “this is just the most rom-com movie type of shit I’ve ever experienced.”
You could see the girl in front of you visibly relax at your words, her shoulders finally dropping and letting out a quiet sigh of relief.
“And I should also apologise, it was wrong of me to treat you the way I did, especially because I just joined and don’t really know what everyone’s like and I also shouldn’t’ve provoked you like that and said the things I did, so yeah, I’m sorry too. I hope we can move past this,” seeing the hopeful glint in your shimmering eyes, Katie herself felt something inside of her spark.
With a thrilled smile, the Irish woman held her hand out as she proposed, “Friends?”
A beaming grin broke out on your face, feeling a tingling sensation in your tummy, you nodded giddily and pulled the woman into a tight hug. Your arms wrapped around her back as she leaned up to snake hers around your neck, squeezing tightly.
The warmth that encompassed you couldn’t even compare to drinking a hot chocolate under your fluffy blankets with your favourite movie playing on a snowy winter night.
The following weeks were filled with Katie and you spending more and more time together. One particular day, Katie couldn’t keep her eyes nor her thoughts off of you.
It all started with her struggling to get a glass that had been placed on one of the higher shelves in the cafeteria.
She had been trying to reach the goddamn thing for at least two minutes now and was just about to give up, when she felt the heat of a body behind her. Before she could turn around, the person took one last step towards her, their front touching Katie’s back, and reached out to hand her the item she had been failing to grasp.
If the familiar smell of your vanilla scent wasn’t enough of an indication of who exactly was pressing their body (a very fit one at that, if Katie’s sinful thoughts were anything to go by) against hers, your teasing voice definitely was, “You know, I’ve always wondered, has anyone ever mistaken you for being in middle school before?”
Ripping the glass out of your hand with a glare on her face the brunette retorted, “Fuck you.”
“Don’t mind if you do.”
Seeing her dumbfounded expression only caused your smirk to spread across your whole face, enjoying the sight of the usually confident woman trying to hide the heat rising up her cheeks and squirming in her place.
You found her flushed face extremely adorable, so there was nothing else to do but squish her cheeks between your hands - and that’s exactly what you did.
With you still squishing her warm face you exclaimed, “Aww, aren’t you the cutest?”
Slapping your hands away, she grumbled something unintelligible and turned on her spot, strutting back to her table. The laughter coming from you (which still put a slight grin on her face) didn’t help her face cool down, making the teasing from Leah inevitable.
“If you two don’t get together soon, I’ll lock you in my basement until you do, I just can’t watch this anymore.”
Katie already knew the comment would irk her, so she didn’t try to resist herself, “You don’t have a basement.”
“I don’t care, I’ll find something else to lock you in!”
A few hours later, her lack of concentration led to another incident involving you. She wasn’t paying attention for a minimum of two minutes (her thoughts being on anything but the exercise) when she collided with someone.
Tumbling to the ground, she grunted at the impact of the floor and the person landing on top of her. As soon as she saw who was almost laying on top of her, every last complaint flew right out of her head.
She looked up at your eyes to find them slightly creased at the edges, “I thought we would stop meeting like this, since we’re friends now,” you laughed.
“Maybe I just like having you on top of me,” retorted the girl laying on the ground, sending you a wink, which allowed Katie to see your eyes roll into the back of your head, as you jokingly swatted her arm and walked away.
It was her last straw though, when you two were the last ones in the locker room and you pulled a box out of your bag, “Oh, I almost forgot! I made these blueberry muffins cause you said you haven’t had any in a long time and they were always your favourite.”
You handed her the box and she sent you a grateful smile, the butterflies in her stomach awakening, “That’s really nice, thank you, Y/N!”
You waved her off with a ‘No problem’ and trudged back to your bag to continue changing.
Remembering what you had wanted to add, you snapped your finger, “Also they’re glutenfree so your niece can have some if she wants! She’s coming to yours tomorrow, right?”
The butterflies reappearing with what felt like twice the power, Katie’s whole body was overflowed with a warm tingly feeling as she realised that you had remembered every little detail.
Lost for words, the Irish woman just stared at you from across the room. Unaware of the watching eyes trained on you, you took of your shirt.
On the other side, Katie stood, still in a daze from your kind gesture, and now unable to look away from your almost uncovered upper body. The way the sweat glistened on your toned abs enchanting her with a seemingly unbreakable spell. When she broke out of her stupor, she strode over to you with quick steps.
Hearing the hurried footsteps approaching, you turned around alarmed, “Wha-”
Before you could get out another word, the smaller woman had pushed you against the wall behind you, and like the oceans being pulled towards the moon, your lips found one another.
If before Katie had butterflies, she could now feel a whole zoo dancing in her tummy, a kind of warmth overtaking her that she’d never felt before. When the woman’s soft lips caressed yours, your heart stopped for a moment before picking up at double its pace.
Warm hands landed on your bare waist, pushing you further against the wall and impossibly closer together, you felt the thud of your combined heartbeats getting quicker with every second your lips were connected.  
Your hands quickly found themselves tangled in her brunette hair and when you slightly pulled on it, Katie let out a raspy groan against your lips, sending tingles shooting from your fingers to your toes, the smell of her perfume dizzying you further.
Pulling away and getting a short breath of air into her lungs, you fisted her jersey in your palms and yanked her back, her lips landing on the silky pillow that was your mouth.
Just feeling the careful swipe of her tongue on your bottom lip, you breathed out a blissful sigh before being forced apart by the need for oxygen.
Your eyes were still closed as you felt Katie’s breath wavering across your face, “Why didn’t we do that earlier?”
Finally looking at her, you were enthralled by the sight before you. Katie McCabe with messy hair, rosy cheeks, a dazed look in her dazzling eyes and her swollen red lips slightly parted would be the death of you.
“I don’t know but we need to make up for lost time,” declared the brunette with a dreamy smile and pulled you back in by your waist.
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lukevangelista · 6 months
there's beauty in the comforting lies you tell | these michigan summers
series masterlist
a/n: yeah i don't even know what to say except i'm sorry (there's an additional note at the end)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It didn't feel like much had changed. Even though Libby now lived in Michigan, the drive from the airport as the deepening summers of June bloomed was still the same, and like clockwork, Sam and Dorothea, with the recent addition of Charlie, picked Libby up and drove to Canton.
Even as Libby slid out of the backseat and Jack came running over, bulldozing her to the ground, it was all the same.
"Missed you, Sissy," he mumbled as Charlie perched his front paws on his spine.
Libby groaned at the added weight. She patted Jack's back. "Yeah, miss you too, J. Now, get off. I can't breathe."
He pushed himself off her, forcing Charlie to scamper off. Tugging Libby to her feet, he asked, "What happened to southern hospitality?"
"Doesn't apply to you," she said as Luke approached them. Her eyes widened as she tilted her head up slightly. Maybe something had changed. "What, did you hit a growth spurt in the time I was gone?"
Luke's face flushed with color as Libby brought him into a hug. His fingers scrunched the soft material of her shirt like he was scared she would slip away, and he hooked his chin over her shoulder. "Missed you, Lils. Jack and Quinny were bein' mean."
Libby laughed as Jack protested. "Missed you too, Lu."
When they pulled away, Libby asked, "Did Alex go home?"
Jack nodded. "Last week."
Libby frowned before she spotted Quinn on the porch, leaning against the wooden post with a soft smile on his lips, hands stuffed in the pockets of his shorts. Without a moment's hesitation, she practically all but skipped to him, grinning. She didn't know how much longer she could convince herself that her racing heart was due to her skipping and not the fact she was near him. "Squish!"
Quinn chuckled when her arms curled around his neck. As he returned the embrace, bringing her flush against his front, his gaze slipped to his brothers, who were clinging to each other, making kissy faces in an attempt at mocking them. He rolled his eyes, adding fuel to the fire when he kissed Libby's forehead. "Welcome back, Sunshine."
She untangled herself from him, suddenly bashful as she met the green of his eyes, the kind of shade that reminded her of watercolors and verdant trees in an oasis. Libby just hoped the sunburns on her cheeks would disguise the blood rushing to her face.
"Glad to know who the favorite brother is!" Jack snarked from the driveway.
"Oh, please," she snorted. "It's never been you."
"My birthday's your password."
Libby looked over her shoulder, face screwed up. "It was my birthday first, ugly."
Luke laughed when his brother huffed.
Jack grumbled obscenities under his breath as he crossed his arms. "Can we get ice cream now?"
"Would it kill you to slow things down?" Quinn asked, despite how Libby padded down the porch steps with a jovial bounce in her step. Something about her trip back to Tennessee and Mississippi seemed to reveal a juvenile excitement hidden beneath the layers of stress life had swaddled her in; it was like she was able to shed the weight off her shoulders for the first time in a while.
And fuck, Quinn would do anything to keep her like that.
It didn't help that she'd come back looking better than ever. All her time under the sun revealed the cute freckles speckled across her rosy face, sunburned and peeling from venturing to the creek or running around while working on the farm. Her body, too, glowed with the comings of summer—tan and sunkissed in a way that only solidified his impression that she was the Sun personified.
Libby turned around. "C'mon, Squish!"
Quinn swore he would melt right then and there at the sound of her eagerness. He walked up to her, and his throat dried when she grabbed his hand, pulling him toward her driveway.
Sam closed the trunk of his car. "Hey, Libs, you don't mind if I skip out on ice cream today, do you?"
Libby frowned, eyebrows pulled together slightly. "No, of course not."
He gave a gentle smile. "We'll still do sunset time."
She nodded and guided the boys toward her car, that'd been sitting untouched during her absence instead. The ease at which she'd been able to do that without any questions raised some flags in her head; she hadn't heard a single protest, huff, or question about why Sam wasn't joining them.
Libby knew Sam had ended up at the hospital during her time away, but he'd cited it as nothing more than a fall, and she believed it because Sam had never painted himself as a liar. Not to mention, he was getting old. She had to expect those sorts of things.
Still, it was unsettling. Did the boys know something she didn't?
Quinn squeezed her hand, and at that moment, Libby realized they'd still been connected. She glanced at him, watching the telling expression materialize across his face like he could read her thoughts. It wouldn't be too far from the truth.
Libby climbed into the driver's seat, pushing past the anxiety creeping through her mind. She didn't want to slink back into the shell she'd just crawled out of during her visit home.
Their drive to Delia's was nothing short of normal—the shouting, the music blasting, the chirping. Libby was smiling the whole way there, her cheeks sore. She was glad to be in the presence of her boys once more, just like it always was.
The four of them walked into Delia's, uttering a greeting to Nancy like always. They ordered their ice creams and slid into a booth, continuing their conversation from the car until Luke was once again bringing up the idea of letting them join her in Mississippi someday.
"Please?" Luke practically pleaded. "It looks so fun. And your mamaw promised she'd make me her mud pie."
Olivia chuckled. "I'm not the one you should be askin', Lu."
"You know Mom and Dad will say yes. You could breathe, and they'd say yes."
Quinn's shrug was slight. "He's not wrong."
Libby rolled her eyes at the running joke that she was the favorite. Half of the time, she chalked it up to Ellen wanting a daughter; she was merely the next best thing, the person who happened to be at the right place at the right time. "We'll plan it out when the time comes, okay?"
Luke grinned. "Dea—Shit."
Everyone's gaze instinctively drew to his hand, where ice cream melted along his skin. Jack's cackle reverberated into the air just as Quinn groaned, kneading the heels of his palms into his eyes. Libby reached for a napkin, handing it to Luke.
"Seriously, Moose, I will start ordering your ice cream in a cup," said Quinn.
Libby gently elbowed his arm. "Don't be such a grump, Squish. It's tradition at this point."
"Yeah, Squish." Luke lifted his chin with a smug gleam in his eyes, too amused when his eldest brother sent him an annoyed expression that went over Libby's head.
"Hey, only Sissy can call him that," Jack teased.
Quinn rolled his eyes, though the narrowed stare and set jaw softened when his gaze met Libby's. He didn't even care that he could practically hear his brothers' mocking him. Still, the way she was looking at him, her mere presence, was enough to make him lower every single wall around his heart like a silent declaration that it was hers to take if she wanted it, if she could just see it.
Why couldn't she just see it? She was looking directly at him.
By the time they returned home, the sun nearly began its descent into the horizon. Jack, Quinn, and Luke trailed back to their house, stares lingering as Libby met with Sam on the front porch.
"She'll be okay," Luke said with cadence, as though he was trying to reassure himself. "She'll be okay, right?"
"It's gonna crush her," Jack responded, and if they listened closely, there was the faintest crack in his voice.
"I know," Quinn mumbled before urging his brothers to hurry up the steps. He spared Libby one final glance before heading in. She just couldn't catch a break.
"Ready?" Libby asked Sam.
He nodded, and they made their journey to the hill. Despite the long stream of conversation, Libby picked up on the strangeness in Sam's face—the fogginess in his eyes that made her wonder where his mind was, the slowed responses, the constant crinkle in his eyebrows like he was thinking too hard, trying too hard.
They reached the hill, watching the sunset as insects chirped all around them. And despite the tranquility she always felt during Sunset Time, a heaviness steeped the atmosphere until Libby couldn't take it anymore.
She had to know.
"Hey, Grandpa?" Her voice was laced with hesitancy.
Sam turned his head. "Yes, kid?"
"It wasn't just a fall, was it?"
Sam paused, and the silence that lasted a moment too long was enough to answer the question. He took another moment before shaking his head. "Glioblastoma."
Libby's face screwed up in confusion. "What's that?"
Another beat of silence. "Brain cancer."
Sam wished he could take the words back the moment he saw her expression drop. No one liked being told they had cancer, but even more, he hated seeing the realization settle in his granddaughter, sucking away the bright sparkle in her eyes that had returned in her time away.
"There's a cure, though, isn't there?" Libby asked. More silence dragged on, and her lips quivered as tears glossed over her eyes. "No, Grandpa...please tell me there's a cure."
Sam's gaze softened with the foretelling of splintering words. "I'm sorry, kid."
And just like that, Libby felt like everything around her was falling apart. Yet, despite feeling like she was crumbling, something wrapped around her body—a false sense of safety that veiled the true purpose of suffocating her rather than keeping her together. Her vision grew fuzzy, and the world went spinning, drowning the sounds around her until all she heard was the ringing in her ears paired with the thoughts that spiraled with panic and fear.
She couldn't lose her grandfather. Not after she lost her mother. Sam had been there for everything—every graduation, every major tournament, every significant event. He'd even flown down with Dorothea for her senior prom, despite still grieving the loss of his daughter. Whenever she needed him, he was there, and though she knew at some point he wouldn't, she didn't think it would be this soon.
No matter how much she told herself that he wasn't gone just yet, her anxiety feasted on the knowledge that there was no cure. Every single one of those thoughts broke through the weakly-built walls of her mind.
She tried to hold her cries back, tried to tell herself that this would affect Sam harder than anyone else, but seeing the apologetic glint in his eyes was enough to shatter her resolve. Libby pressed her hand against her mouth as Sam pulled her into him. And she stayed there, wrapped up in the feeling of his comforting and safe arms like a little kid. She hugged him close as though he'd fade away if she didn't, and the thought alone was enough to plow through her soul, decimate whatever she'd repaired in the past few weeks.
"It's gonna be okay, kid," Sam assured, and Libby hated that he was the one comforting her when she should be telling him that. "I'm gonna do everything I can to get better. If I have to do a million rounds of chemo and radiation—I'll do it. I wanna see you graduate. I wanna see you grow up and do all the things you used to tell me about. I wanna see you get married; make sure you're taken care of."
Libby hiccuped, ready to demur, but Sam had already beaten her to it.
"Yeah, I know," he sighed. "You can take care of yourself."
His words only made her sob. "I love you, Grandpa."
Sam sniffled, rubbing Libby's back. "I love you, too, kid. I'm not going anywhere, okay? It's gonna take a lot more than a little tumor to take me out."
Libby nodded into his shoulder with a slight, nasally chuckle at his attempt to lighten the situation. Her gaze trailed toward the sunset, the way the sun was melting into the ground, and the colors felt warm, soft, and gentle against her skin, comforting like a fuzzy blanket on a cold winter's day. It was like the sky was telling her everything would be alright—Sam would be alright.
"Hey, Libs?"
"Yes, Grandpa?"
He squeezed her shoulder. "Don't get mad at the boys for not telling you."
Libby paused. She hadn't even thought about that. "How long have they known?"
"From the start," Sam said after a second of hesitancy, and suddenly, it made sense why they hadn't put up a fight when he didn't join them for ice cream earlier. "Quinn was the one who called 911."
The heaviness in Libby's chest continued to anchor her heart down. She knew what it was like to call 911 for someone you cared about: the endless panic, the disorientation, the terror, the uncertainty, the hopelessness. It was a feeling she never wanted anyone to experience, and yet, Quinn probably did.
"Oh, my God." More tears blurred her eyesight.
"Promise you're not mad at them?" Sam asked, desperate to ensure nothing would affect her relationship with their neighbors. "I was the one who asked them not to say anything. Didn't wanna worry you while you were with Nash. I know how much spending time with him means to you."
Libby swallowed the lump in her throat at the thought she didn't find out sooner because she was fucking around in the middle of nowhere Mississippi. She hadn't been there for him, too engrossed in her friends and having fun, and that was no one's fault but her own.
"Yeah." She blinked herself back to reality. She wiped her hands under her lashline as she moved out of his grasp. "'M not mad."
"Okay. I'd make you pinky promise, but that seems more like your and Quinn's thing," Sam said, making her smile, albeit it was so minuscule, it was almost imaginary. He tousled her hair. "We'll be okay, kid."
Libby wanted so badly for that to be true.
"Grandpa," she said after they’d sat in silence for a few minutes. "Remember how, when I was younger, whenever I'd hurt myself, you'd kiss it to make it feel better?"
Sam's eyebrows pinched together briefly before a distrait smile tugged at his lips, his eyes glazing over with the memory. "Yeah. Yeah, I do. You'd come through the back door with knees so scratched up, I wondered how they hadn't been torn off. Always took forever to get them cleaned up."
Libby's glossy eyes crinkled.
"Why'd you ask, kid?"
She gently cradled her grandfather's head, angling it down so she could kiss his forehead. "It's my turn now."
And for the first time since she'd been born, Sam let his tears shed in front of her.
a/n: so um....yeah. i'm not gonna lie, i cried while writing this. this part's a little personal to me because someone i know and care very deeply about has glioblastoma, and this part heavily mirrors my experience with it. it's a constant battle when you have a clock ticking in your head, counting down the days, wondering if they'll make it past the life expectancy, if you'll get to see them one more time. tomorrow's not guaranteed, y'all, so make the most of today: tell your loved ones you love them, show them too. keep giving, keep trying your best, keep doing what you love, keep loving.
everything will work out in the end :)
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rvp32 · 8 months
Headcanons for Twice having to sleep with sponsors.
I made a small mistake and posted it before it was complete hence I am posting it like this. I really enjoyed this!
Tumblr media
Initially opposed to it, she gradually develops a fondness for it but continues to deny her affinity. Over time, she becomes hooked and continues to engage in it even when it's no longer necessary.
He thrusts into Nayeon and plays with her clit. What is this? why does it feel so amazing, no I can't cum while fucking this bastard. The thrusts get harsher and Nayeon slowly starts to lose control. The slap on her tits is the thing that finally pushes her over the edge. “You enjoyed that didn’t you?” he questions but ashamed that she squirted all over him Nayeon tries to deny it but it is to no avail as her body continues to shake from the previous orgasm.
Tumblr media
As a person with a strong moral compass, she finds this act repugnant. However, she agrees to participate in it only to assist her group in staying afloat. Once the need for sponsorship ends, she would immediately sever ties with the sponsors.
"Let's get this over with," Jeongyeon says in disgust, she takes off her clothes and moves to the bed spreading her legs. "Take out that tiny cock and fuck me so that you can experience your 2-minute heaven," Jeongyeon says. “Those are some harsh words coming from a whore who is selling her body for some money, yeah?” You say before grabbing her throat. “You are doing this out of your own decision, don’t act like you are above all of us, Whore” 
Tumblr media
While she craves attention from men to fulfill her increasing desires, she doesn't necessarily detest it. However, she would feel dissatisfied since the attention isn't on her own terms. Her pride would prevent her from acknowledging someone's ability to satisfy her, even if they do.
Momo pulls down your pants to notice the huge bulge. Shocked by the sheer size of it, she was excited as to how it would feel inside her. You pull it out and slap Momo's face with it.  Without protest, Momo takes it into her mouth bobbing her head. "Enough of your mouth I want to fuck that tight pussy of yours," he says pulling Momo up and pushing her onto the bed. You thrust into her without any warning causing Momo to scream. The pain turns into pleasure as soon as you are hitting all the spots and Momo cums multiple times by the time he cums on her tits. "Are you done? I have to leave," Momo says before limping her way to the washroom to clean up. 
Tumblr media
Sana relishes this opportunity and revels in the attention it brings her. She puts in extra effort to impress the investors, hoping for additional perks for herself. Occasionally, she would push boundaries by behaving provocatively during performances to garner more attention from the sponsors. She would also develop a massive daddy kink. 
Walking into the room wearing a trench coat. “Daddy, are you going to fuck me till I can’t walk anymore,” Sana says before taking off her coat revealing her naked body. The thigh-high boots made her look like a hooker. “You are such a good girl baby, you came prepared,” you say before slapping her pussy.*Gasp* “Yes, Daddy, anything for you. Now fuck me like you mean it and make me your whore” she whispers the last part of your ear and kisses her your ear. She pushes you onto the bed and starts to grind on your cock. 
Tumblr media
As the leader, she may initially offer to take on the responsibility alone, but both you and the sponsors reject her proposal. While the sponsors may have a preference for who they work with, they won't have much control over the situation. During your sessions with her, you would find it challenging to exert any control as she exudes a powerful aura that demands obedience. A massive mommy kink, but she won’t say it out loud. 
“Take off your clothes and get on the bed,” she commands, walking to the bed. “Now you are going to fuck me hard and fast.” grabbing your cock and tightens her grip on it.  “No cumming till I say if you do cum you will be punished and now we wouldn’t want that right puppy.” You nod, “Yes, Mommy. I will make sure that you cum multiple times Mommy. Your pleasure matters more than mine!“ 
Tumblr media
When she first meets the sponsors, she would be very clear about how she wants it, and if they don’t obey she will take control, if that happens you better pray because she will ruin you and make you obsessed with her to the point you get withdrawal symptoms if she doesn’t play with you. If you do agree, you will have the most loyal pet. She would love it in fact she would even ask for the sponsors to be harsher with her. She likes it hard and has a thing for pet play. Would put in the effort to meet more sponsors and get used. 
“So this is how this arrangement is going to go, you are going to make me your personal pet and use me whenever, however, you want. Treat me like I am made for your pleasure,” Mina says in a demanding tone. 
“What if I disagree?” You ask, trying to gauge how she would react.
“If you don’t want to take control then I will and trust me you don’t want that. I will ruin you and make you obsessed with me. It's up to you” Mina walks to you and places her knee on your crotch. The pain that you were feeling was a sign that she wasn’t bluffing and that turned you on.
Tumblr media
She would definitely hate, only doing it to help her group. She tries her best to satisfy the sponsors without any sex. Offering hand jobs and blowjobs. Trying to get out of it whenever she can, asking one of the members to go in place for her, faking sickness to get away.
“Hi, I am here to meet the sponsor,” Dahyun says as she walks into the room. “Yes, come here I will show you an amazing time,” you say as you hold Dahyun’s waist and pull her closer to you. To your annoyance, Dahyun pushes away and says “No sex, vaginal or anal. I will satisfy you in other ways. If you don’t agree then call someone else, if you try to force me I will leak all of this I don’t care what the consequences are. And if you are okay with it, pull down your pants and I will let you use my beautiful face” 
(I am not gonna lie this was very hard to do for Dahyun)
Tumblr media
She holds a nonchalant attitude towards sex, considering it a casual activity devoid of any emotional significance. Therefore, she doesn't attach much value to it and engages in it purely for pleasure. When presented with the opportunity, she doesn't display any emotional reaction and treats it like a job, executing it without involving her feelings.
“Alright let’s start,” Chaeyoung says and begins to remove her clothes. You are shocked by her straightforward approach but listen and strip. When both of you are naked, Chaeyoung gets on her knees and sucks your cock. Once it is wet enough Chaeyoung gets on the bed and spreads her legs. “Put on a condom and fuck me” You follow without any protests. The sex is very boring, but you try to enjoy it by playing with her tits and clit causing an occasional moan to slip from Chaeyoung. After you are done, she gets up and walks out of the door like nothing happened. 
Tumblr media
She is the shy type who barely had any experience with sex. There would be very few times where she is actually called on because her unnies try to prevent the younger ones from being involved in this. But whenever she is called upon she is an obedient girl who will do anything you ask for as long as it's vanilla. Due to her lack of experience, she only knows about vanilla sex anything rough would scare her.
Tzuyu doesn’t make eye contact as she gets out of the shower. She had requested that you take a shower before sex. Tzuyu looked very shy and scared since this was only the third time that she would have sex. You kiss her and move to the bed without breaking the kiss. Once on the bed, you stimulate her pussy with your fingers causing a moan. She gets wet pretty fast and you take that as a sign to insert it into her. A loud moan leaves Tzuyu’s mouth, “Slowly please, it's too big.” complying with her request, you slowly insert it until you bottom out. “Wait, please let me adjust and then you can move.”  The sex is slow and very intimate, not the type you would expect from a transaction like this.
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barleyo · 2 months
Demon Knife.
Jake Sully X Fem! Metkayina! Reader (smut)
Tumblr media
A/N: My first, and hopefully not last, post for @pandoraslxna 's Avatar kinktober! Sorry for the late addition, I had almost forgotten that today was a prompt I had chosen! I hope you all enjoy; apologies for this work's rushed nature.
Wordcount: 1.1K
Tags: knife kink, knife play, mentions of blood and cutting, Na'vi reader, fingering (?), oral sex (f receiving), sex with a stranger, risk play, semi-public
(Y/N) had been going through Jake’s belongings in his marui. She was nosy by nature, and he had left earlier to attend a meeting with the rest of Metkayina in order to interrogate him in his search for uturu; she greedily took the opportunity to snoop through the stranger’s personal items. Seeing the small bag in the corner of her temporary pod, she immediately opened it and dug around. 
“What is this?” she mumbled to herself, picking up a leather sheath. She opened the Velcro patch then looked inside. A large combat knife sat in the sleeve. “Hm…” Her hand wrapped around the black, padded handle. She gave it a squeeze, feeling the handle spring back slightly. 
She ran her other hand over the flat of the blade and peered into her reflection on the shiny silver. Of course, she had seen blades before, but this one was different, something that could have never come from her people. Her finger faltered a bit at the tip of the knife, slicing her fingertip open. The tiny cut flowed with pricked blood, and she quickly threw the knife back into Jake’s bag, wincing at the sharp pain.
“What’re you going through my stuff for?” Jake stood in the marui’s opening silently watching as (Y/N) held her bleeding finger. 
“Toruk Makto,” she said respectfully, bowing her head, placing her hands behind her back before she continued, “I was only trying to see that your quarters were in order, I would not want you to feel unwelcome.”
“Right.” He was unimpressed at her attempt to hide her finger. Walking over to her, he grabbed her wrist and pulled the hand up to his face. His nose scrunched at the scent of her blood. “You were searching through my stuff. You don’t trust me.” 
“No, that is not true–”
“You are skeptical of me,” he said, interrupting (Y/N) swiftly. “I can prove myself trustworthy.” Jake ran his tongue over her finger, clearing up the red pool on her skin. 
“Jake,” her voice felt like it was bubbling in her throat as she struggled to force the name out of her mouth, “what do you mean? I— I am not sure if I am understanding correctly.” 
Everything about the man made her feel nervous, like an outsider. He looked different from her, and from everyone else in her village, but it was more than that. His mannerisms, his speech, his name: they were all foreign to her. 
He was unlike any man of Metkayina making, or any Na’vi that she had ever met.
“Let me show you my value,” he explained again, voice wispy, yet firm. “I will prove myself useful.” He gently took purchase of her shoulder and pushed her onto a flexible wall in the marui pod. 
On his knees, Jake leaned to the side and hooked his hand around the strap of his bag and inched it closer to him. He grabbed the knife, and held the handle of it loosely, just tightly enough to keep it in his grasp. He cut the thin fabric that kept her tweng tied, chuckling softly as she gasped at the cold air hitting her.
“You’re a sensitive one, yeah?”
She hummed in response before feeling a small, faint scratch on her thigh. “Ah? Jake, what are you doing?” Her eyes widened a bit when she looked down to see him pressing the knife’s blade to her inner thigh, then widened even more at the feeling of him latching onto the small cut on her leg. His teeth gently nibbled at the skin around the spot he was sucking, leaving deep, purple marks over it. 
Briefly removing his mouth with a pop, he looked up at her and hushed her, playfully smirking at her. “Quiet down, girl. So impatient.” 
Instead of returning his mouth to her thigh, he flipped the knife in his hand, calloused palm expertly holding the blade’s sharp end. His hand covered the entirety of the silver, yet no blood was pricked. 
“Your hand–?” She tried to bend down to look at his palm, assuming he had cut himself like she had moments earlier. 
“Shh,” he put his finger to his lips and hushed her again, giving her a soft nod to calm her. 
Jake prodded at her hole with the handle of the knife. The soft, rounded tip felt different, but welcome in her greedy cunt as she lowered her body, sinking onto it. 
“Thought you’d be nervous ‘bout this thing,” he said with a whisper, hitching the handle up into her jaggedly. “Ain’t never seen one like this?”
She tried to shake her head, but her body was too focused on clenching around the leather handle. Her hands found their way to his shoulder, pulling his torso close to her lower half. Taking that as a hint, he wrapped his lips around her clit and swirled the aroused bud around.
“Jake, please, do not stop,” she pleaded, on the cusps of her orgasm already. 
“I wasn’t planning on it,” he said through his long drags over her cunt with his tongue. 
He brought his arm behind her leg, pulling her body down and forcing all of her weight on his forearm. Holding her up let him completely bury himself between her legs.
The black leather felt soft against her gummy walls as she went slack, and she whined as he aimlessly plunged it into her.
“Oh my, now, s’happening, ma’--” she stumbled over her words, pleasure clouding her mind as she almost moaned his name in a way too personal for what was happening between them. Her legs wrapped tightly around his head, coated his face in a sweet sheen of cum, and left a white trail of arousal to drip down the blade handle.
“Say it,” he urged, lapping at her clit faster, forcing her body into sharp overstimulation. 
“Ma’Jake, I cannot handle any more, s-s’too much.”
Jake let his tongue tease over her for a few seconds extra before pulling his knife out of her and his face away from her core. He wrapped his hands around her waist to stabilize her body as he stood up.
A few seconds passed, pure silence between the two as they just stared at each other: Jake’s face shiny with her cum, and her face flushed purple with her afterglow. 
“I– I did not mean to search through your belongings,” she said shamefully, eyes averting from him.
He laughed, a small huff of air passing through his nose.
“I’m glad you did. You’re a curious girl.”
“I wanted to know more about you– you are very different, Jake Sully.”
“You’re a smart girl too, eh? Glad you noticed.”
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vanwritesfan-fiction · 4 months
Personal Record (18+)
Tumblr media
You adjusted the elastic band of your workout shorts, the fabric snapping beneath your fingers as you got ready for your next set. You felt the pads of your palms pull as you gripped the barbell, your PR weight loaded on each end of the metal bar. You let out a sharp breath, preparing your body to lift, starting with an adjustment of your footing, digging your heels into the springy ground.
You attempted one lift, bringing the weight to shin height, before you realized there was no way you were going to clean without support. “Urban.” Your boyfriend was zoned out, nodding his head to the music blaring in his headphones, sitting on the bench while he waited for you to finish this exercise. He was wearing a cut up tank that revealed his muscular form, his toned obliques on display where the cutout met the top of his shorts. You had to stop yourself from drooling at his perfect physique.
You dropped the weight with a thud, before walking over to where he was sitting. You bent over, placing both hands on his thighs, so he had a perfect view of your ample cleavage spilling over the top of your sports bra. He removed his left earbud, his eyes still focused on your breasts.
“Can you spot me?” You tone was lustful and feminine. Urban could never say no to you when you asked like that.
“Yeah, babe, of course.” You both walked back over to your set up, and you resumed your position in front of the bar while Urban remained behind you, his hands hovering around your waist for support. You could see his muscles bulging, that singular vein that traveled from his hand to his shoulder visible from the strain of his own workout. You pushed your butt out toward him, barely grazing his crotch.
“You’re asking for trouble, babe.” Urban smirked, adjusting his stance, his dick twitching at your move. You turned to him, giving him a wink and a cocky smile. “Maybe I want trouble.”
“You’ve got to finish this first.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes before you turned back to the mirror. “Fine.” You used an offhand grip this time, providing you with better leverage as you heaved the bar against, this time clearing the bar over your head with no problem. You allowed the bar to drop, your excitement overflowing at lifting the heaviest weight you had ever done.
“Fuck, yeah! Good job babe.” Urban gave you a celebratory pat on the butt. His hand lingered, squeezing your ass a couple of times. You swatted his hand away. “You’re asking for trouble.” You threw his words back at him, making him chuckle.
“I wanna go up.” You told Urban, breathless as you recovered from your last rep. You took a chug of your water bottle, wiping your mouth “What do you wanna add?” Urban asked, wrapping a hand around your waist from the back, patting your lower stomach. “35. I was so close last time, I think I can press it.”
“Whatever you want.” Urban helped you load two additional plates on your bar. He returned to spot you, this time your bodies touching in case you stumbled back. You squatted, almost sitting in Urban’s lap as you lifted the bar, feeling his bulge press against your behind. You managed to lift the bar to chest height before your muscles fatigued and you had to let go.
“Shit.” You wiped your brow, defeated. “Don’t worry about it.”
“You fuckin’ distracted me.”
“I could feel your hard on.” Urban blushed red, but you could barely make it out due to his already red face. “If you weren’t wearing those shorts, I wouldn’t be hard.” He teased you, making you giggle. “I can fully see the outline of your pussy.”
“I can’t wear underwear with these shorts, they give me a panty line.”
“Let’s get out of here. I need you now.” You squeezed your thighs together, the thought of having euphoric, post workout sex making you wet. You grabbed your gym bag and headed to the women’s changing room. As you rounded the corner, you felt an arm grab around your waist and lift you off the ground. You shrieked in fear, thinking you were being kidnapped.
“My boyfriend is 6’5”, he’ll kick your ass!” You yelled out, hoping to deter them, shutting your eyes.
You felt your feet touch the ground before you opened your eyes. “What the fuck girl, don’t tell people that, you know I can’t fight.” Urban laughed as you slapped him on the chest. “What are you doing?”
“I can’t wait.” He pulled you into a rough kiss, pushing his pelvis against yours. You drug him into one of the changing stalls, slamming the lock shut. You dropped to your knees, ghosting kisses over his covered bulge making him shiver. You pulled down his blue and red shorts, freeing his hardened cock. “Fuck baby.” He edged out, his chest rising and falling quickly. “Help me.” Urban gathered your hair in one of his hands, while you licked the tip of his dick, tasting the precum the leaked from it. You drug your tongue from the base, up the vein before taking him inch by inch against your tongue until he was hitting the back of your throat. He groaned out, feeling the tightness of your lips around his base, as he thrust in and out. “Fuck, baby.”
You pulled away to catch your great, saliva dribbling out the sides of your mouth. “Fuck, you’re so big, baby.” You whispered, stroking his ego while you wiped your mouth. You tapped his cock on your tongue, Urban pushing your head to take him back down, quickly building his orgasm. You bobbed your head back and forth, gripping whatever you couldn’t take in your hand. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” You pulled away, presenting your tongue to him. Urban clenched as he released into your mouth, his hot cum dripping down your throat.
“Swallow for me.” He held your mouth closed by your chin as you took his seed down, opening to show you had complied. “Good girl.” He praised you as he helped you stand up. You ran your hands down his bulging biceps, your eyes following the contours of his muscles. He pulled you in for another kiss, his tongue exploring your mouth. “I love tasting myself on your tongue.”
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kilbygrl · 2 years
KNOW IT ALL; jack harlow
pairing: jack harlow x virgin!fem!reader
summary: jack wants to show his girlfriend a good time with his head between her thighs.
category: smut and a lot of fluff.
warnings: talk about sex, virginity, oral sex (fem receiving), fingering. MINORS DNI or you'll be blocked.
a/n: yay! smutty! thats jack's pov, so i hope you like it? yeah, i had to post it before first class drops. and remembering: my first language is not english, so dont come for me if you find any grammatical errors.
Tumblr media
I'M NOT THE TYPE OF GUY WHO USES TO PLAN THINGS, but I've been planning an opportunity like this for the past few weeks. The opportunity to have sex with my girlfriend. Sounds like a bit of an asshole saying it like that, but we were both had an agreement with that. I’d say halfway because she doesn't fully know my intentions at the moment, but from past conversations I know she approves.
I mean, considering she's underneath me, kissing me, she approves it a lot.
We've been dating for about four months, I would say the best four months of my life. She has the most beautiful smile, in addition to being the most beautiful, most affectionate, cutest and most perfect woman in the world. I press our lips together, feeling our love. She wraps her arms around my neck as I hug her around the waist.
I found out that she never had sex, or had any sexual experiences, about two months ago, when things started to “heat up” between us.  She wasn't ready when I first came forward, but she's the person who's been investing more and more in the last few days, which made me plan something really good, at least for her.
She's not exactly the innocent type, but not really know it all either. Let's say she knows what she likes, but she doesn’t know everything I can give her, and I only know that by talking, we are open with each other about anything. And as an amazing boyfriend I'm willing to teach her every little thing I can that she wants.
"Are you comfortable, ma?" I ask a whisper, leaving a kiss behind her ear.
She nods, spreading her legs a little wider, letting me fit between them. I kiss a few spots on her neck, hearing a few low sighs escape her lips. The way she sensitive kills me. I almost cum right there, hearing a moan when I suck the skin lightly. I gasp against her skin, feeling my heart stop for a second.
I press my fingers into her waist, because the shirt she’s wearing is short, and she pulls back slightly. She scratches the back of my neck as she throws her head back. I move the kisses up her neck, biting her chin and stopping at her soft lips.  Damn, she's the love of my life. I pull my face away, staring into her eyes. She is so mine. I smile slightly and end up deciding to lie down next to her.
Okay, maybe I should just stop and breathe.
I throw myself on the bed, feeling the girl's confusion. I turn my face to face hers. In an unexpected act she literally climbs on top of me, wrapping her legs around my waist and supporting one on each side of my body. She smiles mischievously, resting her hands on my chest.  She stares at me with her tongue between her teeth, as if waiting for an answer to her action.
"What do you want, baby?" I move my hands up her thighs, stopping at her hips.
“You…” Her low voice increases the tension in my body.
Her eyes have expectation and I don't want to break it, after all she deserves all the good life has to offer. I look at her, running my hands up her back until they stop at her breasts. I shift my gaze from hers, staring at the part covered only by her blouse. After a while I noticed that she almost never wears a bra, which contributes to my imagination. Seeing her without anything covering her has been my fantasy lately.
“And what do you want from me?” caress the soft skin.
“Any good feeling you can give me.” Her lower lip is bitten by her shortly after speaking.
I let the air out of my lungs, feeling the volume my dick starting to get hard. I sit on the bed, bringing our faces close together as she sits on my thighs. I bite her chin lightly, bringing one hand to her hair and weaving my fingers between the strands. I kiss her neck slowly, pulling her hair back and making her skin more exposed to me.
I suck lightly on the skin between her shoulder and neck, hearing a low moan come out of my girl's mouth. I land my hands on her hips, griding her body into mine. We moan together when she sits specifically on my crotch. Her short fingernails scratch the back of my neck a little harder than usual, and when I pull back a little, I admire her closed eyes and tilted head.
Okay, she's enjoying this way more than I am.
“Yesterday, I…” she starts to say, but stops, lowering her head.
"Yesterday you...?"  I encourage her, holding her jaw and making her look at me.
“I was scrolling through twitter and…” she pauses, putting her head in the crook of my neck, in a sign of embarrassment “I saw a video and I was… uh… I imagined the two of us”
She lets the air out of her lungs, twitching still embarrassed.
"And what was the video like?"  I have a slight expectation of what she will say.
"There was a couple and…" she stops again.
“What were they doing?" I ask, kissing her shoulder.
“The girl, hm, was lying in bed without...her clothes and... the man was lying in front of her... and he... he started to...” she breaths out.
“No need to talk if you don't want to, ma” I stroke her hair, pulling it away from the part she was kissing.
“I want to, it's just…” She cringes a little, taking a deep breath again “Then he starts to masturbate her, then… he eats her out, you know?”
“Yeah, I know.” My voice comes out shakier and hoarser than usual.
Okay, that left me... dead.
"You've... done that to someone, haven't you?"  She asks still with a shy voice and if I know her well her face is flushed.
“A few times, yes – I won't tell her it's one of my favorite parts of sex.
"And have you ever wanted to do it on me?" The question surprises me.
“If I ever wanted to eat you out? You can’t even imagine how many times” I agree, sucking on the uncovered part of her shoulder.
“Do you want to do it now?” her voice is so whispered that I can barely hear it.
"Do you want me to do it?" I tug at the strands of her hair, making her look at me.
I stare at the red face and the eyes full of shame and curiosity. She nods, biting her bottom lip. I don't look away from her, running my hands down her body and stopping at the hem of her shirt.
"If you want me to stop, just say so, okay?" she nods again, placing her hands on my neck.
In a second, I flip us over on the bed, getting on top of her. Her hair traces the white pillow as she smiles slightly. I kneel between her legs, stopping at the hem of her shirt again. I look at her, asking for permission and she nods. I take mine first, then I pull the piece off her body, pulling it over her head. I slowly look down her torso, biting my bottom lip as I look at her boobs.
It doesn't take long for my mouth to be sucking on the soft skin. I squeeze her waist, running my tongue over her right nipple, feeling her squirm. I change my breast, squeezing it lightly. I'm going down the kisses down her belly, biting the skin in some spots. I kiss her hip bone, then leave a little bite on it.
“You're the hottest woman in the world,” I say, grabbing the hem of her shorts and underwear, pulling them down.
She moans a little louder when she realizes I've taken both body parts off her. I stare at her naked body undermine, and I'm fucking more in love with this girl every day. I go back down, kissing her crotch, and the insides of her thighs. I grab her legs, pulling her body closer to mine. I turn to face her, kissing her lips in a second.  I move my right hand down her skin slowly, brushing my fingertips in places. I stop as soon as I reach her legs, spreading them a little wider.
In a quick movement I'm completely on top of her, kissing her lips and once and for all taking my fingers to her cunt, running my middle finger along her slit, spreading her slick all over her wet skin. I hear her moan against my lips, biting my bottom lip then. I stroke her clit with my index finger, using the slowest possible speed.
“I know, baby” I whisper, kissing her face then “Do you want it faster, slower?”
“Faster,” she says on a low moan, scratching the back of my neck.
I do as she asks, increasing my speed slightly, watching her reactions. I kiss her cheek over and over again as she moans softly. Okay, I need to eat her out before she comes. I stop with my hand, hearing a grunt from the girl. I get back between her legs, bringing my fingers to her mouth and making her tasting herself. I stare at her pink cheeks, kissing each one before moving my face down her body, kissing every part I can. crotch, opening her legs a little more. I pull her body closer to hers, first running my tongue along the length of her slit, hearing to her moaning loudly.
I hold onto her thighs, spreading her legs a little more. I start sucking her, interspersing with licks. One of her hands tugs at my hair as she pushes her hips against my face. To make my work easier, I consist of bending her legs, leaving her more exposed to me. A few shy moans escape the girl's lips, which makes my willpower grow stronger. My lips suck her skin carefully as I lift my eyes to look at her.  His eyes closed and his head thrown back a lot.
I run my tongue over her clit, moving my hand up and hooking my middle finger into her entrance. I slide it on slowly, feeling her hot and wet and so fucking tight against my finger. I raise my face a little, lying on her belly. I move my finger slowly, bringing my thumb to her clit, kissing her belly.
"Love..." Her voice trailed off, making me look up. "I..." She doesn't finish, although I know what she means.
I feel her squirm against my finger, moving her hips against me. I continue with the same speed, while she pants over and over again. This is the best feeling of my life. Seeing her feeling pleasure is the best feeling of all.  Her skin tingles as I move my face higher, kissing the gap between her breasts.
“Come for me, baby” I tell softly, kissing her way up her neck until they stop on her lips.
I kiss them lightly, making her release the bottom one, which she was holding between her teeth.  A few moans escape wildly through her lips, until she lets out a louder one and arches her back in the same second.  For a few seconds she sighs heavily, causing me to take her hand away. I give her many pecks on her face, lying next to her soon after.
“Can we do this more often?” she asks after long minutes of silence.
“Whenever you want” I smile lightly, turning my face to face hers.
Her eyes sparkle. The shy smile always won me over, along with her flushed cheeks. She is beautiful.  Beautiful and very mine. I bring my face closer to hers, giving her a long peck. A few seconds later she lays on my shoulder as I wrap her arm around her waist. Even though I needed a little help, it wouldn't interfere with her moment. We shared it, but she sure enjoyed it more than I did. At least we are slightly prepared for the next steps.
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babydollmarauders · 10 months
nico hischier x fem!reader
request: “Can you please do a Nico fic inspired by Wildest Dreams? Maybe it could have a happy ending”
summary: in which y/n and Nico go on a spontaneous trip during the off season.
warnings: pet names (?)
notes: this is shorter than my usual posts, but i feel like it works.
gif not mine.
Tumblr media
“we should go on a trip.” i look up from the puzzle splayed in front of me on the floor, to my boyfriend, Nico. my brows furrow.
“what? to where?” i’m sort of confused. Nico isn’t usually a big traveler. or at least he wasn’t last summer when we started dating. sure, he goes back home for a month or so, but he does so much traveling during the season that he doesn’t usually like to go on unneeded additional trips.
“i don’t know. anywhere. i just want to get out of this town.” Nico leans off the couch to pick up a puzzle piece and place it in the obvious correct spot. maybe i’m not a puzzle person. i shrug, standing from the floor and taking a seat in Nico’s lap.
“okay.” i wrap my arms around his neck. “were you thinking somewhere in the U.S? or out of the country?”
“where do you want to go? where’s somewhere you have always wanted to go?” i ponder his question, well i guess there is one place that pops into my mind.
“Paris. i’ve always wanted to see the eiffel tower at night and go to a nice dinner at a restaurant in France.”
“well then, i guess we’re going to Paris.” he leans forward, placing a small kiss on the tip of my nose and i smile wide.
“yeah?” excitement bubbles up in my chest.
“yeah, pretty girl.”
it’s been a week since Nico and i decided to go on a trip to Paris. we spent the rest of that night booking flights and a hotel room for our trip, and the day has finally come. we arrived in Paris early this morning, and after an extra long, twelve hour flight, we’ve spent today in our hotel room, napping.
i wake up to the feeling of golden rays of sunlight warming my face. turning over in Nico’s arms, i let my eyes flutter open, glancing up at his sleeping face. i can’t help the loved-out smile that stretches across my own. i spend a few minutes just soaking up the silence and watching as my boyfriend slept, just thinking of how grateful i am to have him.
when Nico and i met, i had just graduated college with a public relations degree with a focus in social media marketing. i was lucky to have gotten a job handling social media for the New Jersey Devils, and Nico and i quickly became best friends. we started started spending all our time together; if he wasn’t on the ice then we were joking around and talking in the arena, if we weren’t working then we were having movie nights in his apartment, or just finding any excuse to see each other. eventually the other guys on the team just assumed we were together. and of course, with spending so much time together, i had developed feelings for Nico. so when summer had came and he asked me to go on a date with him, i had jumped at it, and when that went well and me asked me to be his girlfriend, i said yes. and now here we are, a month past our one year anniversary.
obviously, as with any anxious overthinker, i have my moments of doubt and fear. thoughts of ‘he could do so much better than me’ and ‘eventually he’ll realize that he’s out of my league’. but Nico is so observant that he’s able to tell when i’m having those thoughts, and he’s quick to snuff them out.
lost in thought, i don’t realize that Nico’s eyes have opened and now the tables have turned, with him staring at me.
“hi, pretty girl. what’s going on in that head of yours?” i snap out of my thoughts, smiling at him.
“nothing important.” i roll over in the bed, reaching towards the nightstand and checking my phone for the time. “i should probably start getting ready. we have to leave in an hour in order to get to our reservation on time.”
Nico made us a reservation for an early dinner at a really nice restaurant down the street, and there’s a dress code of formal attire.
his arms tighten around me for a second, holding me close and not letting me go, before he lets go. unwinding his arms from around me, he rolls over and sits on the edge of the bed and then stands, opening our suitcases and pulling out his clothes for the evening. i take that as my moment to get up and start my own getting ready.
Nico and i just got back from our dinner, which was nice, but as weird as it is, i think i preferred our alone time in our hotel room. Nico sheds his suit coat and tie, leaving him in black dress pants and his white button up shirt, and i look out the window as i kick the heels off my feet but stay in my dress. spotting the pink hue of the sky, i open the balcony doors and step into the warm summer air, watching the sky as my favorite part of the day starts; sunset.
not but a few moments later, i feel his arms wrap around my waist from behind, and i let myself lean back into his hold. we’re silent, but my mind isn’t. i can’t help but slip back into the same thoughts as earlier in the day.
“what are you thinking, love?” i can feel the heat of his breath fanning across the side of my face as he whispers in my ear.
“someday, when you leave me, i bet these memories will follow you around.”
“i’ll never leave you.”
“you can’t predict the future, Nico.”
“maybe not everyone’s, but i can certainly guarantee ours.” his arms wrap tighter around my waist, pulling me even closer to him. “and there is no future for me without you in it.”
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annab-nana · 1 year
“It’s one thing to steal my spot, but did you have to steal my jacket, too?” with eddie sounds so cute
it does sound adorable hehe
warnings: not proofread
❀ masterlist ❀
Tumblr media
"so what happened last time?" you asked the boys when they came into the theater room. eddie had dropped his things off there, gave you a quick kiss, and then left you to go see mrs. o'donnell with gareth after school for a moment. once he was out, it was hellfire time. you weren't a member of the club, but you were a member's girlfriend, specifically the dungeon master's girlfriend, and you were going to eddie's after they met. 
"you know how we went through that dark portal?" lucas prefaced and awaited your nod to continue. "well, that wasn't the best idea."
you chuckled when mike mumbled, "yeah, no shit."
"let me explain," dustin piped up, "so we went through because we told the townsfolk to go that way and figured they went in there too and we had to save them."
"obviously," you agreed, leaning against the table from eddie's dungeon master throne, "were they there?"
"we were still in there when we stopped last time and we haven't seen them yet," jeff added before dustin continued with his explanation of the last meeting's events and a shiver ran through your body. 
eddie chose this spot to be his because he often got riled up when dm'ing and that in addition to the fact that he just naturally ran warm led him to get hot. his chair sat right under the air conditioner for that reason and it was also january, so it was really cold for you. in the colder months, eddie wore a burgundy zip-up hoodie underneath his normal leather jacket and dio denim vest combo and all three of those items were laying together right behind you, sleeves all in one another as one and ready to warm you up. 
"vecna is the big bad guy without an arm, right?" you asked upon hearing the name. you slipped your arms into the jackets and pulled the zip up to cover your freezing frame more. 
"an eye too," lucas commented with a giggle. 
your brows furrowed at the new information as well as lucas's reaction to it. "what happened to his eye?" 
"i shot it with my arrow," mike boasted with pride, his youthful smug grin making you smile as well. 
"way to go, wheeler," you congratulated and sat back, bringing your legs up into the chair to hug them closer to yourself in an attempt to trap your body heat in one area. eddie should be back soon and maybe sitting with him could warm you up better. "did you guys kill him?"
"i think so, but-" dustin was cut off by eddie's words. 
"sweetheart," he called from the doorway before making his way to you, a look of adoration on his face at you bundled up in his clothes, "it’s one thing to steal my spot, but did you have to steal my jacket, too?"
"my spot was gone and you sit right under the frickin' ac vent. i don't get how you don't freeze over here," you told him while standing so he could sit down and coming face to face with him. "i'll give you the vest and leather jacket, but i'm keeping the hoodie."
he pressed a kiss to your cheek. "i'm just messing with you. you can keep all three on." then, he moved to sit down. 
"what's your spot?" dustin asked innocently as he was confused about that part of your sentence. mike and lucas looked to you for an answer as well. you have a spot at the lunch table you shared with them, but you never came to their hellfire meetings. you didn't have a spot here that they knew of. 
you grinned and sat down on eddie's lap before responding. "right here."
Tumblr media
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wow so in the championships of fucked up batshit posts written by rhi✨, i do think this takes the title but i am really concerned that this might be the case... so,, hear me out
s2 = possibly clue? like, for real???? like alternative EP1 ENDINGS/SCENES???
Tumblr media
so laure @theeminentlyimpractical and i had basically noticed at the same time that crowley's sideburns drastically change clip to clip, promo to promo, throughout the stuff we have of s2 so far, and this led us to have the, i guess, fairly insignificant theory that there is a falling out and a timeskip. now obvs this theory is quite old, very much in its infancy, and probably very inaccurate, but like 2500 people have at least seen it and we have reputations to maintain so we looked into it further
now pretty much ALL content released to us is either ep1 or ep2, or minisodes, or maybe the odd photo (e.g. i think the aziraphale/clipboard one is firmly ep5). but most stuff we have tbh can almost be chronologically traced and plotted. well - all except this:
the scene where crowley finds out about the naked man friend? short sideburns:
Tumblr media
in the shop, finding out that it's gabriel?
Tumblr media
long sideburns.
(not to mention that crowley's glasses change between ep1 and ep2 somewhere but that's a different story)
now i know that this could be an error with make up, or additional photography etc blah blah blah but one appears to be forgetting that this is amazon, and id put my money on every single person on that set wanting s2 to be nothing short of loophole free, continuity error-less perfection *😘👌*
so my Occam's razor is there is something we are missing between these two scenes in particular, or one of the scenes is not as it seems. from what we have worked out (and save this post because ill hopefully link in a sideburn timeline once laure and i have got our shit together and are operating on the same timezone again) most of ep1 and ep2 plot seems to feature crowley with short sideburns and predominantly the silver (not grey) sunglasses
whilst we have spotted a couple of confusing possible exceptions to this (example is below), it feels like overall that's basically right. bearing in mind that stuff that might say it's an official promo from e.g. ep4 may actually refer to events in ep2 --- there is nothing to say that the story has to be told in chronological, linear order!!!
so yeah overall; everything with crowley, present day, for ep1/2 is shortburns. now an interesting tidbit ive found from accounts of the nycc screening (and speaking to lovely people who gave me more info, not sure if they want to be named!!!) is that the screening
did not show an ending for episode 1.
that it basically ran straight through to the job minisode cold open, and then into the ep2 opening credits. for clarification, there was no ending credit for ep1, and apparently nothing to show that there was an end (e.g. no big gutsy 'well then... welcome to the end times' scene) ***and this is where i need input from sdcc people!!!
so apparently (and this may need further input), the last scene that took place before the job minisode is crowley returning to help with the miracle on gabriel to hide him... now im not sure if this is the same scene as the "I'm back"/apology dance scene (which btw we think is a shortburn/silver glasses scene, which is even weirder) but if someone could let me know that would be great ✨EDIT: CONFIRMED✨
👀 at sdcc viewers that only saw ep1 - WHERE DID IT END???
so in summary: the first sideburn loophole we have is the "ah gabriel!!" scene. obvs people have seen it so it's not a flashback, but i think potentially there will be additional scenes added to ep1 + an official ending upon the full release... or potentially scenes are replaced altogether to prevent spoilers from the screening? hmmm
does this remind anyone of clue lmaooooo wink wink
second, this is also an issue: so the first screenshot im pretty sure is late ep2 after aziraphale is talking to a rug salesman...? but features les longburns and possibly grey glasses:
Tumblr media
but then this ep3 interaction with muriel? them burns are definitely short, which could obvs mean it is posed as a flashback, but those are DEFINITELY crowley's new grey glasses?
Tumblr media
so yeah I'll be honest I'm not sure how far ill swing with this but ill keep updating with more info and link to the timeline etc etc, but yeah i think someone might have been writing a love letter to clue rather than writing s2 hahaha✨✨✨
but all nycc screening viewers pls come scream at me about this!!! and sdcc please tell us where ep1 ended??????
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[CN] Victor’s Trend Date (Eng Translation)
⌚Warning⌚ This post contains detailed spoilers for a date, 潮流之约, that is yet to be released in the global server! ♡
Tumblr media
[Translation Under The Cut]
✧ [Chapter 1] ✧
Tumblr media
MC: It’s the efforts of all of us that have made [MC’s Company Name]’s today’s achievements possible…
In the splendid banquet hall, I look ardently at the employees off the stage as I hold the microphone.
MC: Thanks to everyone that the ensign of “Finding Miracles” has not collapsed in the pursuit of continuing the trademark of [MC’s Company Name];
MC: It’s also thanks to the subsequent addition of new blood and the introduction of various projects that [MC’s Company Name] has been able to rise above others in the fierce competition;
MC: So, I’d like to share the good news with everyone present here––
MC: Our [MC’s Company Name] has been selected as the best media brand in Loveland City!
Thunderous applause erupts from the audience. I no longer say those words of polite greetings, raising my wine glass to everyone.
MC: It’s an honor worth celebrating, and also worth raising our glasses like this!
When the party starts, I make my way to the table where Anna and others are seated.
MC: Phew, I’m tired to death… pour me a glass of water first.
Willow: Boss, Vivian wrote you a speech of nearly a thousand words. Why did you only say so little?
Tumblr media
MC: I thought some of the words were a little too corny, like— “With the spring in full bloom, [MC’s Company Name] embarks on a new expedition”...
MC: Well, why don’t we just get to the business! It’s the good food and tasty drinks that will say all!
Kiki: That’s right. In any case, we did come here to freeload on Boss’ great feast of a treat!
Everyone merrily engages in cheerful laughter. I lower my head and take a look at my phone. The last text message on it is from Victor, which I received five minutes ago.
Tumblr media
Victor’s Text: “Looking for a parking spot.”
MC: He’s been looking for five minutes; why hasn’t he come up yet? Is the parking lot full…
As I’m muttering to myself, the staff from the other tables approach my table one after another to toast. Unable to withstand the enthusiasm, I end up drinking several glasses.
When I’ve finally sent them off with great difficulty, I suddenly realize that something is a bit amiss.
MC: Anna, didn’t we arrange for the same department to sit at the same table beforehand?
Anna: Yeah, what’s wrong?
MC: Then how come Brother Zhang and Sister Liu are sitting over there with the editing department? And the new recruits from the planning and the operations departments are sitting together?
MC: They don’t have some kind of conflict going on between them, do they?
Anna: I don’t think so? I guess it’s just that people feel more at ease chatting and being close to their acquaintances for such a lively event as a dinner party.
Anna: Just like us…
Anna’s expression freezes slightly as she finishes, as though she, too, has realized something.
Anna: However, regarding gathering the departmental cases recently, there indeed is a bit of stark contrast between the newcomers and seniors in the company.
Anna: Both parties seem to feel that they can’t have a conversation together, and the proposals they delivered are also vastly different in style.
I reflect on this closely. In recent meetings, although everyone preached freely on their favored topics, it’s indeed true that the approach and style of proposals of the new and old employees were as different as black and white.
Tumblr media
MC: That does seem to be the case. And I remember the acceptance rate of the proposals from the new recruits being a bit higher?
Kiki: It is. Also, they didn’t seem to have much interaction aside from work when I ran into them in the pantry these days.
MC: Mm… the age gap between the employees in the company is a bit big now. So, maybe they really find it hard to get along with each other.
MC: But it can’t keep going on like this. We need to find a way to tune the atmosphere…
?? (Victor): It’s actually the first time I’ve seen a certain someone working so actively while eating.
MC: Victor! Why did you sneak up on me!
I turn my head, and sure enough, I'm met with the familiar, tall, and straight figure.
Victor: Seeing how invested you guys were in the discussion, I didn’t want to interrupt.
He scans the hall with his gaze, the corners of his lips arching upward.
Tumblr media
Victor: [proudly]  A certain someone has quite a lot of people working for her now.
MC: Of course! I’m a big boss now! Although not as big as you, the big, big, big boss…
Beaming, I pull out the chair at my hand, motioning for him to sit next to me.
Tumblr media
MC: Big, big, big boss, please take a seat~
Victor: …
The “big, big, big boss” shoots me a rather speechless glance, then nods to the others at the table before sitting down.
MC: By the way, aren’t you going to say a few words to everyone as an investor? There are still many people in our company who have never met you!
Tumblr media
Victor: [sulking-mode alert]  Did you invite me here as an investor?
Before I can even answer, Victor has already unhurriedly snatched away my wine glass, stressing certain words while appearing as if it were nothing.
Victor: [and the sulking-mode is ON]  I won’t say anything.
Victor: Because I can’t get along with people who are a bit too far apart from me in age.
MC: Okay… wait, what?
✧ [Chapter 2] ✧
What did Victor mean by that sentence?
Is he upset?
But he seemed quite normal throughout the party. Could it be that he merely said it offhandedly, and I’m the one who is being oversensitive?
These questions are still swirling in my head even after the banquet has ended and I’ve gotten into Victor’s car.
However, the parching of the alcohol continues to unceasingly surge within my body, making me unable to ponder properly.
Tumblr media
Victor: We’re home. Get off.
MC: Uhm… Victor, are you angry with me?
I tug on Victor’s sleeve, finally speaking up.
Victor: No.
Tumblr media
MC: You must be!
Victor: …
Victor: What makes you think that?
MC: Intuition!
Tumblr media
Victor: [helplessly]  …don’t talk about intuition when you’re drunk.
Victor leans over and presses the safety buckle for me. I take advantage of this opportunity and circle my arms around his neck, pouring out all the words in a gushing torrent.
MC: Victor, did the comment I made to Anna about age upset you?
MC: I repent it. I’m sorry. That was a very inappropriate thing for me to say.
Tumblr media
MC: After all, we are six years apart. But you and I get along very well. We have a very harmonious relationship, and we chat with each other about anything, isn’t that right~
I kiss Victor ardently, fixing my eyes on him anxiously.
Victor looks at me with downcast eyes and leans forward a little more.
Tumblr media
Victor: [extremely softly]  Do you not think about why we can get along and have a harmonious relationship even when we are six years apart, not to mention that we are colleagues?
MC: Of course not!
I rest my head against the back of the seat, shaking my head to declare it untrue immediately. Victor half-squints his eyes.
Victor: [even softer]  Is that so?
Tumblr media
MC: We are Souvenir’s chef and the line cook, Pudding’s guardians and the ones it complains to, the Omnipotent CEO Victor and his thoughtful counterpart, the empty-headed and the sulky!
MC: And each other’s one and only partner for life!
Tumblr media
Victor: [laughs softly]  …just keep the last one, the rest is quite excessive.
Feeling that I must run my fingers through Victor’s hair, I become more and more reluctant to let go of him.
MC: I want [MC’s Company Name] to always be a harmonious big family where everyone can communicate with each other on equal footing without the existing age gap…
MC: So, can the Omnipotent CEO Victor give me some advice? How do you guys handle the communication barrier between the old and new employees at LFG?
Victor: I don’t know. The HR department deals with communication problems between employees. Moreover, LFG is not a “big family” style company like yours.
Tumblr media
MC: …
MC: Dammit, showing off again that LFG is an elite company.
When I pout and mutter, Victor also laughs along with me, akin to an obscure and ambiguous soothing kiss sent to me through the airflow.
Victor: However, there is indeed a clear gap between the employees of your company.
Victor: The group of employees when your father was there came out of traditional media; and the ones recruited after [MC’s Company Name] expanded are young people educated in new media.
Victor: When two viewpoints collide, some invisible friction is bound to arise.
Victor: The higher acceptance rate of the new employees’ proposals will inevitably bring an adverse effect on the mentality of the older employees, creating a sense of crisis regarding working age.
Victor: If it were other companies, they might have seized the opportunity of the trend to lay off old employees on the grounds of “Survival of the fittest.”
Tumblr media
MC: I don’t want to lay off…
Victor: And you don’t want to lay them off, and you’ve never even considered that option, is that correct?
Victor speaks the words in my mind aloud almost at the same time. My heart smoothens because of his low and mellow voice, and I nod hard.
Victor: In that case, you have to make them feel that they are not “old.”
MC: So, how am I gonna do that?
Victor: Think about it yourself.
With a click, Victor opens the car door, and the fresh air rushes in from outside. His index finger softly draws a line across my cheek.
Tumblr media
Victor: [heavenly laughter spilling from his voice]  If you have to trouble the Omnipotent CEO Victor to help you with this kind of thing, that’s not exactly being the “thoughtful counterpart,” is it?
✧ [Chapter 3] ✧
Tumblr media
Victor: …put together a copy of the budget on page 4, as I’ve suggested just now, and submit it again next Monday.
MC: Okay~
I nod with a beaming smile on my face, brisk walk to Victor, and take the document. He can’t help but glance up at me.
Victor: [sulking-mode alert]  Why do you seem especially lively today?
Tumblr media
MC: Because I’m happy!
Victor lifts his eyebrows, hinting at me to continue.
I prop myself on the table with one hand and raise a finger.
MC: Cough, cough. Allow me to report one more piece of info on the latest situation of [MC’s Company Name].
MC: With my great efforts in communication and a series of team-building activities, the relationship between our new and old employees is gradually becoming more harmonious.
MC: And in order to improve the mindset among the former employees even better, we’ve decided to organize a “hipster party”!
Victor: ...hipster party?
MC: Mm! We’ve planned to invite everyone to have fun at the newly opened PUB called “STRAY” tomorrow.
Tumblr media
MC: Willow was the one who recommended it. She said that they have loads of handsome men and beautiful ladies, and the environment is cool too!
MC: There is only one problem now though, and that is that some of the older employees said they might not be able to adapt to that kind of atmosphere, and they really don’t want to go...
MC: But if they don’t come, there will be no point in me hosting this party.
MC: Victor, what do you think I should do?
Tumblr media
Victor: [and the sulking-mode is FULL ON] ...asking me to be your consultant again?
MC: You are the Omnipotent Victor~ Worst comes to worst, help me settle this difficult problem, and I’ll be your ox for next week!
[Anika’s Notes]: MC uses an idiom here– “当牛做马” which means “working hard and without complaints like oxen and horses.” i.e. “doing whatever is asked of you”. I definitely could’ve gone for a more polished wording in the dialogue, but I really just wanted to keep the hilarity of MC’s speech 😂
Victor: Every time a certain someone says something like this, she always ends up creating a bit of trouble.
MC: I don’t…
Despite quipping about me, Victor still smiles and points to the proposal in my hand.
Tumblr media
Victor: The way you persuaded me regarding the feasibility of the proposal is how you can convince them.
Victor: Adopt special measures for the stubborn crew members.
Victor: As long as the other party does not firmly refuse, there is still a chance to continue inviting them.
MC: I think I’ve got it… thank you for the pointers, CEO Victor. I’ll go back and re-compile my persuasion talk!
Victor: Wait, MC.
Just as I’m about to leave, Victor suddenly stops me by calling out to me.
MC: What’s wrong?
A little unnaturally, Victor sits up straight and lifts his eyes to me.
Tumblr media
Victor: That party of yours… what time is it tomorrow?
MC: Mm… around 8 or 9 pm?
Victor: How long are you planning to have fun?
Tumblr media
MC: I’m the organizer, so I guess I’ll have to wait until everyone leaves…
Tumblr media
Victor: [OH GOD THAT 100x SULKIER VOICE]  Owh. It seems I can cancel your midnight snack that day.
MC: That’s not necessary. So long as the party ends early, I can…
Staff Member: CEO Victor, the partners are already in the conference room.
Victor: Got it.
The employee outside the door interrupts my words, and Victor doesn’t give me a chance to wrangle as he stands up and walks straight to the door.
MC: Victor…!
Tumblr media
As it turns out, I don’t get to see even the shadow of the “busy bee Victor” until the following evening. Although he already reported his itinerary to me, I still can’t help feeling a little depressed.
MC: Is everyone here?
Anna: Everyone except Brother Zhang.
Brother Zhang is one of the earliest employees to come into the company and is the “elderly” who most often engages in disagreement with newcomers.
After everyone else agreed to attend, he was the only one left. Anna and I did a lot of ideological work on him, but we don’t know if we’ve been able to talk him into it.
Anna sends another text message to Brother Zhang, then shifts her gaze to my phone.
Tumblr media
Anna: Are you still warring with Victor?
Tumblr media
MC: Well, of course. How could he cancel my midnight snack just like that!
Even though the words in my mouth are very fierce, in reality, I dare myself and type on my phone, “Nothing in this PUB is delicious. Chef Victor’s craftsmanship is the best QAQ~”
…damn it. He is not texting me back.
I sigh, consistently having this thought in my head that I may have touched the whiskers of a certain big cat again, which is clearly not to be meddled with. But I’m unable to figure out what exactly went wrong.
And at this moment, Anna waves toward the other end.
Anna: Brother Zhang is here!
Brother Zhang’s expression is still a little hesitant when he meets our gaze, but the others have already pulled him to a table with cheerful laughter.
Brother Zhang: Ah, I just came over to say hello.
Brother Zhang scratches his head, waving his hand repeatedly.
Brother Zhang: Mainly, I felt that I couldn’t have fun the way you young people do, so this kind of occasion wouldn’t be appropriate for me to come…
MC: You mustn’t say that. There is no occasion for which a person cannot be “appropriate.”
MC: If you always keep thinking about the age gap and don’t wish to communicate with each other, won’t the barrier keep growing deeper and deeper?
Tumblr media
MC: And what’s more, Brother Zhang may not know what we young people do for fun nowadays, but we also don’t know the things Brother Zhang used to do when he was young.
MC: I heard from our sister-in-law that you won her heart with your breakdance back then!
Intern: Wow, Brother Zhang can breakdance! That’s so amazing!
Intern: Brother Zhang, we happen to be working on a feature about dance and specific periods. Can you please tell us more about the days of your youth?
Brother Zhang: That… there isn’t much to talk about from when I was young…
Despite saying so, Brother Zhang’s face rises to a smile as he talks about his affairs, crowded by the youngsters.
Anna: Are you relieved now?
I nod, smiling knowingly together with Anna as we clink our glasses. At this time, Anna’s gaze suddenly crosses over my shoulders, and she raises an eyebrow in astonishment.
Anna: Hey? MC, is that a new recruit from our company sitting over there at the bar? Looks… pretty handsome.
I follow her line of sight, and there really is a tall and straight figure sitting near the bar in front of me. It’s just that the light in the pub is too dusky, making me unable to see his facial features clearly.
MC: His figure from behind really is very handsome… but why do I feel that he seems a little familiar?
Tumblr media
As though sensing my gaze, the other party turns around and takes off his sunglasses.
The neon lights overhead project a bewitching splendor in that pair of slender eyes, his gaze firmly locking itself upon me.
MC: ––Victor?!
✧ [Chapter 4] ✧
I prance up to my feet with a start.
Tumblr media
When did Victor come here? And… why is he dressed like this?
In my impression, Victor is always either attired in a neat and tidy suit or an understated outfit, never failing to look like an elegant and meticulous gentleman.
But the Victor before my eyes at this very moment is wearing an unruly leather jacket, and inside is a printed shirt I’ve never seen before.
Two delicate silver-colored chains fall to his collarbones, glinting with a shimmering light as he turns around.
There are a few rings on his slender fingers, and the light draws the outlines of the rough patterns of the rings as he rubs the frame of the eyeglasses.
He is akin to a lion lying dormant in the darkness, inharmonious with this noisy environment yet blending in perfectly.
MC: Victor, you…
Just as I’m about to open my mouth, the music in the room reaches its climax, and a large group of people from the next table also rushes over at this moment.
Employees: Brother Zhang, we are short of people to play games here. Come to our table, hurry!
Employees: Boss, you come too!
MC: I…
Tumblr media
Anna: MC can’t go right now.
Amidst the tumultuous pulling, Anna steadies my shoulders and says to the employees with a beaming smile on her face.
Anna: Your Boss fancies a certain handsome guy and is on her way to talk to him.
Anna makes a signal at the group with her gaze. Puzzled, everyone turns their heads, followed by letting out an “oooh” of realization.
Employees: He is indeed a really handsome guy who is super rich, gentle, and considerate. You go, Boss!
–– These guys!
I stifle my laughter, wave at them, and then quickly walk up to Victor.
MC: Hello, Mr. Handsome. May I have your contact information?
Tumblr media
Victor: …
Victor shoots me a rather speechless glance, half-squinting his eyes.
Victor: You’re very proficient with your pick-up lines.
MC: [nervously]  Hehe, I learned them all from TV. And usually, I don’t have the opportunity to practice…
Tumblr media
Victor: [HELP THE WAY HIS VOICE GOES—]  What? Where do you want to practice?
Tumblr media
MC: No! No! I only want to practice on you!
I immediately express my loyalty and take his arm, swaying it as I pretentiously throw coquettish glances at him.
MC: So, Mr. Handsome, would you be willing to give me your contact information?
Victor: …you really are addicted.
Victor arches his eyebrows and changes his sitting posture, followed by a hint of interest suddenly gracing the corners of his lips.
Tumblr media
Victor: My apologies, Miss. You’re not the type of girl I like.
Tumblr media
MC: Victor! How dare you!
I break character in a heartbeat, causing Victor to laugh out loud in a low voice.
Victor: Not playing anymore?
Tumblr media
MC: …humph, I can’t deal with you, so I’m not playing anymore.
I pull another bar stool over and sit on it, kicking him gently in the shin with my toes.
MC: Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming here? You didn’t even reply to my messages.
Victor: My phone was on silent, so I didn’t notice.
MC: Humph, fine, that’s a good enough reason.
Curious, I once again poke at the leather jacket he is wearing.
MC: Why did you suddenly dress like this? I almost didn’t even recognize you just now.
Tumblr media
Victor: It’s common sense to don the most suitable outfit according to the corresponding setting.
Victor: Do I have to wear a three-piece suit here as well?
MC: I mean… I never imagined that you’d show up at the PUB.
Tumblr media
Victor: [OH GOD THE WAY HE SULKILY MUTTERS UNDER HIS BREATH]  “Wouldn’t show up.” That’s because a certain someone didn’t invite me.
Victor speaks in a low voice and very speedily, and I’m unable to catch it properly through the beats of the music.
However, Victor has already leaned in slightly, looking straight at me.
Victor: [how do you sound 🥺 so while sulking]  Or do you think I’m not a fit for this kind of setting?
MC: Huh?
Suddenly, I vaguely understand something.
No wonder he asked me about my schedule like that yesterday, deliberately canceled my midnight snack, and appeared fully armed in front of me like this today…
Staring at his pursed-up lips beneath the intertwined light and shadow, my heart feels a little itchy, as if it’s being gently stroked by Pudding’s paw.
I pick up a glass of wine and speak solemnly.
Tumblr media
MC: I have received CEO Victor’s protest.
MC: From this day forward, we must always be together no matter what the setting is, okay?
Victor doesn’t answer me, but his eyebrows have clearly donned the curvature of satisfaction.
He sits up straight again, raising his glass to me.
Victor: Since this is a rare visit, let’s sit for a while longer.
MC: Okay! I also want to look at more of this version of you, but… I also want to eat the midnight snack you’ve prepared for tonight.
Our wine glasses clink, producing a crisp and pleasant sound.
Victor’s smile prevails amid the rich aroma of the cocktail, his low and mellow voice carrying an indolence of satisfaction.
Tumblr media
Victor: [VOICE DROPS TO HIS SEXY WHISPER]  That will depend on your performance tonight, and then I’ll consider again whether to cancel it or not.
📞 Call and Moments: HERE!  (! Fair warning, they are equally gold)
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daninotfound · 2 years
pairing: fireborn!sapnap x fem!l’manberg!reader
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: sapnap cares for you— maybe more than he should. and he cannot bring himself to ruin one last good thing.
WARNINGS: angst, blood, injuries, general violence, implied wilbur x reader relationship but not really, dream being a sly manipulative ass + punz, swearing, enemies to lovers/star-crossed lovers, suggestive themes, wilbur’s an ass in this one sorry, it’s just sapnap going through the five stages of grief honestly.
WORD COUNT: 14.9k (my longest imagine to the date by a lot but it’s worth it I swear)
NOTE: based on this post! I’ve been wanting to do an imagine around that excerpt for a while so,,, here we are!!! It has a few additions made by me ;))
Tumblr media
ONE: This sort of love is not allowed. You are both too soft, and the world around you is all knives and sharp teeth.
Sapnap recalls the days when they first founded the SMP — boundless lands, forests that seemed to stretch to places beyond their imagination. Rivers that flowed through the hills, weaving and curling beyond the realms of what they had discovered.
He recalls spending nights and days carrying bricks to finally finish the Community House. He remembers his first few trips to the Nether alongside Dream and George. He remembers catching Mars and Beckerson while gathering materials. And he remembers building his very first home from scratch.
What Sapnap doesn’t remember, however, is when he first started seeing walls rising over the horizon of their lands.
“We have a new visitor.”
He hears Dream’s steps before he hears his voice. There’s a certain familiarity to them— one that makes Sapnap’s shoulders drop instead of having his fingers reach for his sword.
Punz stands besides him, leaning against one of the tables from within the Community House as he picks at his nails in disinterest. Despite the relaxed air of conversation, Sapnap knows where this conversation is headed. He can tell by the way Dream’s jaw ticks, annoyed.
And before he even gets the chance to respond, George’s indifferent voice beats him to it. “Let me guess, friend of L’manberg?”
Dream rolls his shoulder, netherite chestplate making a metallic sound as he does. With a roll of his eyes he says, “Yeah.”
Punz quirks a brow, finally raising his blue gaze. “Do we know who it is?”
Dream’s jaw tightens at that, mask resting over the table as his head tilts to the side, thinking. “No.” He finally responds. Green eyes briefly meet with Sapnap’s amber ones. “We don’t.”
The nether-born quirks a brow at that, recognizing that look from a mile away. The corner of his lips twitch upward. “Sounds like you wanna change that.”
Dream’s solemn look shifts into a grin, lips curled with mischief. And as if posing a challenge, he smirks and says, “Only if you’re up for it.”
Despite the towering walls of obsidian and blackstone, sneaking inside L’manberg is not nearly as hard as Sapnap first thought.
He lands on the ground silently, weaving through the trees like second-nature. It’s an advantage they all have— they’ve spent enough time within these lands to know them like the back of their hands. Every vantage point, every blindspot. And, much to his satisfaction, it seems that Wilbur’s people happen to be strangers to the very soil they’ve named an independent nation.
This should be easy enough.
Sapnap halts on his path as soon as he hears voices up ahead, and like a knee-jerk reaction, he reaches for his sword and ducks behind an oak tree.
He waits a second. Two. Then, he peers over his hiding spot, wishing he could just barge in guns blazing as he usually does. But Dream was very clear with his instructions— he just needed to find information on L’manberg’s new possible ally. Verify how much of a threat they could be, and then report back.
It’s only once he takes a glimpse of the newly taken land that he first sees you.
The sound of your voice gets carried by the wind as you walk out of Wilbur Soot’s tacky van— and despite not being able to understand what you’re saying, Sapnap can’t deny that you’ve definitely caught his interest.
You look out of place— standing out due to your lack of a revolutionary uniform. There’s no coat wrapped around your frame, no hat atop your head, no sword by your belt. And, still, Sapnap can tell you could easily become an inconvenience. Because as soon as you step out, the so-called leader of the revolution follows.
Sapnap’s no stranger to Wilbur Soot— he’s had his fair share of encounters with him, and he’s been a pebble inside the SMP’s shoe ever since he first showed his face around the lands. One thing he’s noted, however, is how old Wilbur has always looked in comparison to his allies— not worn by war, yet still cursed with knowledge. Always looking after everyone like some mother hen, always dictating what should or shouldn’t be done. The way Sapnap sees it, it’s as if Tommy’s brother is constantly carrying a weight over his shoulders, never knowing when he’ll finally be able to set it down.
And yet, while you may not look like much, Sapnap doesn’t miss the way Wilbur seems… different. Lighter, if that makes any sense. Because as he steps off the van with a bright grin, he shakes your hand, before quickly wrapping his arms around you into a warm hug.
Sapnap doesn’t know who you are. He doesn’t know your name, your skills, or how exactly you found Dream’s kingdom. But while he may not know you, Dream has already made his judgment on Wilbur after their first confrontation. And he looks rather… thankful. Almost at ease upon seeing you— certainly a strange sight when you find yourself in the midst of a war.
And, somehow, as Sapnap makes his way back through the trees, he simply knows he’ll be seeing more of you in the future.
TWO: No one ever taught you how to love. Your war paint and scarred hands could never hold her like she deserves.
The second time Sapnap sees you is when he’s walking down the prime path.
His netherite armor glistens underneath the sun, the enchanted glow creating a smooth violet reflection. His similar sword still drips with hoglin blood— something he’ll undoubtedly have to clean up later.
His original plan was to go stash his newly found materials back to the Community House— maybe even check Bad’s chests for any possible loot. And yet, as he strides down the worn wooden planks, with ash and a vague scent of smoke clinging to his body, he comes to a sudden halt.
Because, only a few steps ahead and standing in front of Tommy’s old house ( if you could even call it that ), he sees you.
Once again, you look oddly out of place. This time, however, he notes that you’re wearing a brand new L’manberg uniform— and for some strange reason he can’t seem to place, Sapnap’s first thought is, ‘Huh, pity.’
“Trouble in paradise?”
His sudden question nearly makes you jump, head quickly snapping in his direction. Your shoulders grow tense at the sudden interruption, fingers inching closer to your iron sword. And, at last, he finally gets to see you up close.
Pretty, he thinks almost instantly— and thank Prime he didn’t open his mouth to say it out loud. Instead, he simply tilts his head ever so slightly, an amused glint dancing in his amber gaze as he awaits your response.
“I could ask you the same thing.” You say, voice strangely even for someone who stands mere feet away from the very enemy of their self-proclaimed free nation.
And yet your stance doesn’t waver, shoulders dropping from their previous stiff state. It’s an unexpected reaction— definitely not one Sapnap was awaiting. Because the picture the two of you paint should seem threatening— you, with a mere iron sword and boots, while he stands with a full netherite armor suit and a bloody sword. It makes a dangerous curiosity brew within his chest.
You merely quirk a brow, e/c eyes flickering past him and towards the rest of Dream’s Kingdom. And then slowly, softly, as if it may get carried away by the wind, you add, “You’re a long way from home, Sapnap.”
So, you’ve heard of him. It makes a smirk curl onto Sapnap’s lips, interest spreading through his body like wildfire. Despite your first reaction, you don’t seem that intimidated. Strange, considering his track record and previous encounters with the other members of L’manberg.
You make him curious. The sort of curiosity that sets root within your bones and takes a hold of your clear judgment. And so, with the corner of his lips twitching upward, he decides that maybe, just maybe, he’ll play along for the time being.
“What can I say?” He begins slowly, yet it’s nowhere near as soft as your voice. He takes a swift step back, amber eyes doing a quick once-over of you. Then, he shrugs innocently, “A little something caught my eye.”
You furrow your brows briefly, head tilted to the side as you fold your arms over your chest. “Something?”
Sapnap’s features brighten deviously before he corrects, “Someone.”
His comment evidently takes you by surprise, impassive façade faltering as red creeps up your neck and cheeks. It makes Sapnap swell with something reminiscent of pride, smirk widening.
In a way, it humanizes you, if that makes any sense. After all, he’s only ever seen you as Wilbur Soot’s picture-perfect second in command. The one who, according to a trusted source, maintains the peace within the walls of the new country. And for Sapnap, knowing that even L’manberg’s should-be vice president isn’t immune to his advances, that you aren’t as idyllic as you were made out to be… well, let’s just say he relishes at the sight.
Yet instead of calling you out on the pink that dusts your cheeks, he simply opts to ask the question that first echoed within his mind. “You know my name.” And as it leaves his lips, he realizes it’s no longer a question, but a statement.
“That I do.”
Sapnap takes a prompt step forward, amber eyes carefully watching your expression. Much to his surprise, you don’t take a step back, and instead remain rooted to your spot.
Dark brown hair falls over his white bandana when he speaks. “I think it’s only fair that I learn yours too.”
His words spark a scoff from you, a trace of disbelief and annoyance dripping from your tone. “Right. As if you don’t already know it.” You bite, almost as if accusing him of some crime he’s yet to commit. He tilts his head to the other side, questioningly, ready to ask the thoughts lingering around his mind when you beat him to it. “I saw you spying on us the other day.”
Ah. There it is. Not a crime he’s yet to commit, but rather one he’s already pulled off, unaware that he had been caught red handed. Sapnap can’t help but wonder how he didn’t notice he’d been spotted. Did you see him right away, as soon as you stepped off Wilbur’s van, or did you catch a second-worth glimpse of his retrieving frame, blending in with the woods?
You’re smarter than he initially gave you credit for. That’s his mistake— he should’ve known what type of person Wilbur would choose for his second in command.
“You’re not getting any information from me.” You say definitively, making Sapnap furrow his brows, failing to conceal the sudden confusion etched onto his features. “You can tell Dream to try better next time.”
Dream? What does he have to do with anything? Why would he—
Once he snaps back to his senses, cogs slowly beginning to turn inside his brain as he puts two and two together, he realizes you’re halfway out. Your back is already turned to him, Tommy’s hobbit hole left behind as you head towards the Prime Path.
And, as if he was running out of time, he quickly remarks, “Dream didn’t send me.”
Surprisingly enough, his words make you stop, at least falter for a split second— and, then again, a split second is all Sapnap needs.
He’s quick to catch up with you, voice teasing and body close as he murmurs near your ear, “But alright, I see how it is.” He hums in contentment when he picks up on the sudden stiffness of your body upon the close proximity. His amber gaze lingers on your side profile a moment too long, unable to meet your e/c, but wanting to see the reaction he caused. He enjoys it— maybe even more than he should. And yet the thought doesn’t stop him from prodding just a little more, the cadence of his voice dropping with a tinge of annoyance.
“Bet he told you I’m just Dream’s mindless soldier, huh?”
You whip your head towards him, the movement clearly without further premeditation. Otherwise, you would’ve thought of the lack of distance that would be left standing between you and the enemy— not that Sapnap can bring himself to care. Not when his fiery amber finally get to meet your e/c.
“He told me about the trees you burnt down.” You bite back, never missing the mirthful lilt to Sapnap’s actions.
To the accusation he shrugs nonchalantly, corner of his lip curving upwards. “Not my finest moment.” He says easily, and as soon as you start walking again, he chuckles. “But c’mon, are you really gonna judge me off someone else’s opinion?”
You don’t take another step, and instead offer a side-look to the stranger-now-made-acquaintance. You think about it for a second. Two. And then, with sincere yet vaguely amused tone, you ask,
“How do you know I’m not making my own judgement?”
Sapnap hums, the edges of his face rising in the slightest as mirth drips from his features. If the thought crossed his mind before, then it’s definitely sticking now— ‘cause somehow, underneath all that revolutionary bullshit, you’ve caught his interest. His nerves buzz alive when he cocks his head, tousled darkened hair falling over his bandana as he responds,
“I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”
THREE: Her heart is carved from gold, while your soul remains scarred and bruised. And why would you risk burning something beautiful when she’s already perfect from afar?
The inside of Dream’s chosen cave is cold. The air is damp, there’s a chill wind coming from somewhere, and Sapnap has to keep looking over his shoulder in case another creeper shows up.
( Not because he’s scared — trust me, he’s longed since outlived those days — but rather due to the big inconvenience they become sooner or later. )
Still, and rather reluctantly, Sapnap understands why Dream chose such a place. Why they showed up an hour before, mapping out the tunnels and memorizing every nook and cranny. For any places other spies could be hiding in, for any previously set equipment to conceal the presence of a third party. Which, if he may add ( and as George pointed out ), is absolutely stupid. After all, they’re the ones that chose the meeting place— not that any of their protests would make Dream change his mind.
Then again, the stakes are high. Which would mean — and not that he’d ever say it out loud— Dream’s paranoia is somewhat well-founded. After all, who’s to say that their spy on the inside won’t just double-cross them?
And so, after waking up at the early dawn, reaching the meeting point and searching every pathway, Sapnap stands besides Dream with a sword by his hand. A preemptive measure, he told George, as if neither of them were aware of the fact that Sapnap simply enjoys the intimidation factor a little too much.
They’ve met up with Eret before— so much so that it slowly became routine. As to how he excuses every scheduled disappearance to the rest of L’manberg, Sapnap can’t really bring himself to care. As long as he doesn’t cause suspicion to rise, then they should be good.
Sapnap’s bored amber drift away from Eret’s frame and towards George and Dream. The goggled boy appears about as bored as he currently is, yet the annoyance doesn’t take away from the daunting aura that seems to surround him. With his netherite armor looking pristine— save for a few scratches here and there— George’s apathetic attitude only seems to add to his little formidable image.
As for Dream, well— things are different, to put it simply. Sapnap often wonders what it’d be like to stand against the masked man— out of mere curiosity, of course. Because as much as Dream may make rising nations crumble at the seams, he still is Sapnap’s best friend. The same guy who he witnessed tripping to get out of a boat, and landing face first on a muddy swamp with kelp stuck to his teeth.
In short, Sapnap finds it hard to be intimidated by Dream.
He does, however, notice the effect he has over other people. Over ones he considers enemies. And Sapnap doesn’t miss the distance Eret puts between herself and the group— he’s certain Dream doesn’t either. It’s understandable, really. But as he glances towards Dream for a quick moment, he briefly realizes just how threatening his best friend appears. Standing in a dimly lit cave, with an axe in his hand and a blank stare hidden behind his mask. And that’s not even mentioning his armor which— unlike George’s— has dents and scratches, blood and ash, is dirty and clawed.
Eret, on the other hand? Well, let’s just say that the iron armor he put together isn’t exactly threatening. Sapnap’s gaze lingers on their aviator sunglasses— definitely an odd choice for a lowly illuminated cave. To each their own, he guesses, ignoring the curiosity that inches inside his chest. After all, he’s heard one or two rumors about the L’manburgian.
“—For the majority, none of them are a threat, really.” Sapnap hears Eret say, making him straighten. He zoned out again, he realizes, jaw tensing.
“L’manberg’s walls aren’t as impenetrable as they say.” He remembers Dream saying offhandedly earlier, as they searched the labyrinth of tunnels and caves. With his mask raised only slightly over his head— enough for Sapnap to notice the slight curve of Dream’s lips, bordering a smirk. “All it takes is the right person, and the right motivation.”
Sapnap narrows his eyes at the deserter. Everyone has a price. How can Dream be so certain that he’s figured out theirs?
The masked man huffs, green hood pulled over his head as he tilts it to the side. “I didn’t ask your opinion, Eret.” He states blankly, voice emotionless and cold. “I’m asking what their weaknesses are. What areas we have to press to get them to budge.”
Sapnap nearly scoffs at that. To get them to kneel. He’s been around Dream long enough to know how he operates— to notice when he’s speaking between lines. And he knows he doesn’t just want L’manberg to agree to their terms.
He wants to make an example out of them.
Eret raises his brow, almost surprised. He inhales sharply, hazel curls falling over his sunglasses before he decides to start over. “…Well, Tubbo and Tommy are kids.” He begins slowly, hand lingering near his diamond sword. It’s not enough to make Sapnap grow tense — he knows Eret’s not enough of a threat, much less against the three of them — but it’s enough to snap him out of his hazy state, carefully keeping an eye on him for any sudden moves. “Fundy’s just Wilbur’s son—”
Dream exhales, annoyance rippling from him in waves. “Weaknesses, Eret.”
Eret’s jaw ticks, and even though Sapnap can’t see, he can imagine them narrowing their eyes.
“Right.” They mutter stiffly. “Well, uh…”
Sapnap feels his back straightening. He recognizes that feeling— he’s seen it before in other people.
Is she having second thoughts?
Maybe Dream was wrong. Maybe, for once, he was wrong— and Eret isn’t as willing as she seems to give up her friends. It wouldn’t surprise him. After all, they’re the people she’s been working alongside with— allies, comrades, friends, family. It would make sense that—
“Wilbur’s a dreamer.”
The words echo and ricochet for a moment among the stone tunnels, bouncing off the walls.
Sapnap’s shoulders drop with something reminiscent of dissatisfaction, a strange taste seeping into his mouth. For some foreign reason, hearing their voice makes him stand ever so close to disappointment.
So, who would’ve thought? Dream was right.
Eret sighs. “He’s got his head looking too high to notice what happens right underneath his nose.” He pushes up his aviator sunglasses when they start to slip down the bridge of his nose. “But he’s smart. He has plans beneath plans, and he’s got a way with words.” Shaking his head, he adds, “Not so much with weapons, though.”
The masked man lets the new information sink in, taking mental notes of it, as he doesn’t doubt his two friends are doing as well. Then, a hum, “What about his second in command?” Dream asks, and Sapnap tries to stifle the way his whole body perks up with newfound interest.
You. He’s talking about you.
The three people in the room turn to Sapnap as the word impulsively leave his lips, more out of instinct than rationality. Once he voices your name, it echoes with an oddly proud undertone.
The sudden interruption earns him the most minimal glance from George, who quirks a brow, not out of confusion, but rather curiosity.
Sapnap merely shrugs, and leaning back against the stone cave wall, he attempts to downplay his piqued interest. “What? I’ve been paying attention.”
Dream chuckles at that, offering Sapnap a brief glance. “Okay, Y/N.” He corrects, dragging out your name in a way that makes a strange feeling set within his gut. It’s a foreign one, a new one— definitely not a good one. “What’s her deal?”
Eret straightens, trying to stifle any sign of hesitation. They clear their throat, folding their arms over their chest to stifle any fidgeting. “Old friend of Wilbur’s, apparently.” They say, as if reciting information that had been previously said to them. “She’s been training the ki— um, a few of us. Teaching the basics.”
George — not wanting to be left out of the interaction — finally opts to speak, arms folded over his chest with disinterest. “So, she’s a good fighter?”
“I would think so.” Eret responds, shrugging. “She keeps away from conflict for the most part. I don’t think I’ve seen her hold any weapon other than a wooden sword for training.”
Dream only hums, yet this time, Sapnap manages to miss it. You’re training the others— which should mean you know your way around weapons. Is that why you barely reacted to him back in Tommy’s old home? Why you didn’t tremble when seeing his bloody sword? He always thought himself to be intimidating— he’s bested several fighters in combat to earn that title.
“She keeps away from conflict for the most part.”
Huh. Interesting.
FOUR: She belongs in a museum, and you are merely here to gaze. Look around you boy, all the signs scream ‘do not touch’.
The next time Sapnap sees you is by mere chance. A twist of fate. A right place at the right time type of deal— or wrong place at the wrong time. Truly, it depends on who you’re asking.
Sapnap deems himself a skilled fighter. He’s been like that long since he was a child— and has bested his friends more than once. And still, knowing he is a warrior at heart, he is well aware of the fact that his ability is nowhere near close to whenever he’s in the Nether. Sure, with the years he’s learnt to make home of the Overworld— used every edge, studied every spot that could be exploited. He learnt to make it work. But it doesn’t change the fact that he’ll occasionally — very, very rarely — feel like he’s out of his depth. Like despite all the time he’s spent living in the land of sea and sky, he’ll never be able to harness it to its full potential.
He inhales deeply, nerves buzzing alight beneath his skin. The warm scent of soot, ash and molten lava greet him home. It makes his lips twitch upward. Finally, he’s in his element.
The Nether greets him back, like a lost son finding his way home once again. He weaves through the different biomes with natural swiftness, most mobs straying out of his way with ease. It brings a grin to Sapnap’s face.
There’s another thing that the Nether has that the Overworld doesn’t. Back in the Dream SMP, mobs are a pest, a nuisance. But here? Not only do they live in peace with one another, but they can sense something around Sapnap— an aura of sorts. One that borders the line between friend and foe, and it’s enough to have them turn away from him. Whether its out of respect or out of fear, he can’t bring himself to care. All he knows is it makes adrenaline buzz beneath his fingertips, and he loves it.
As Sapnap strides through falling flows of lava — the scalding liquid feeling like a warm embrace over his shoulders — he sees it. A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type moment. And with lava still dripping down his back, for a fraction of a second, he sees blue. A shade too cold, too unnatural. Blue— weaving through a crimson forest.
He rolls his eyes.
Of course his friend was too stubborn to tell him that he was coming to the Nether.
With a tch sound escaping Sapnap’s lips, he makes a point to make his strides longer, quicker— after all, while he may be in his element, it doesn’t mean George is any less sly and swift. He reaches for his sword, and with a precise move he cuts through a few weeping vines that fell on his way.
“Alright George, what—”
His voice dies in his throat, the scene before him taking him by surprise— which is a lot to say, because Sapnap’s rarely caught off guard. And where he believed George to be, he instead finds you, clad in gold armor with three piglins lingering all too close.
Remember when he said that Nether creatures are more pleasant than Overworld ones? Well, he’d like to make a correction. Piglins — Sapnap finds — are more of a nuisance than they are helpful. One of the few species that can be stubborn enough to stand their ground to fireborns like him. And though he finds the sight to be pretty amusing, ( that with you futilely attempting to swat the creatures away from you ) he’s unable to ignore the strange bitterness yet acidic feeling that curls around his gut. He watches as the piglins’ prying hands try to reach for your armor while you gently try to back away, knowing better than to accidentally anger them. For a moment too long, Sapnap hesitates, remaining close to the edge of the crimson forest. It’s only once one of them tries to get close enough to catch your scent — the golden armor hanging from your body all too alluring for the mindless pigs — that Sapnap instinct kick in. And as if saying ‘Okay, that’s enough’, he swiftly heads towards the group.
Amber eyes briefly meet with your slightly panicked and apprehensive e/c pair. He ducks his head to his right, noting the way the piglins quickly dismiss him — too entranced with the gold reflection of the metal to pay attention to the new threat that has entered the scene. It makes Sapnap huff, feeling as a brash impulse rapidly takes hold of his body. And before he can help it or think this through, his hand is already latching onto a piglin’s shoulder, forcing him away from you and towards him.
The creature lets out an angered grunt, bones tensing until Sapnap wills his own eyes to glaze over. Call onto that sleeping fire that lies deep within his body. And, soon enough, the dim amber in his eyes turns a bright, borderline furious orange. It’s reminiscent of lava— a reminder of what Sapnap actually is beneath the human-looking exterior.
The previously surprised — and nearing angered — piglin halts. And for the first time since he showed up, the Nether-born animal finally realizes who— or rather, what stands in front of him.
Sapnap notes how the other two piglins — both evidently smaller in size, making him believe the one he stands in front of is the leader — seem to freeze, or at least tense noticeably. Sapnap’s now lava-like irises meet with yours as he offers a small nod, one you ( despite your current situation ) quickly reciprocate.
He turns back to the leader of this little troupe, allowing the molten color to fade from his eyes. The three must be scouts from one of the Bastions, or maybe just mere scavengers.
The taller piglin starts ranting in a gravelly, slightly distorted voice. It makes the fireborn straighten. Sapnap’s piglin is a little rusty— and though he picked up on it back when he was a kid, he hasn’t needed to communicate outside the realm of trading in a good long while.
He hears as the leader keeps ranting with a harsh tone — one typical of the piglin language — when he notes one of the other pigs starting to walk closer to you. Sapnap is quick to take a few steps and flick them away. The shorter one snarls, and Sapnap doesn’t miss how it was trying to lay its scent around the gold armor you donned.
He shoots it a glare, willing the glow back to his eyes as it stiffens. Even then, Sapnap can feel them lingering too close for comfort, and decides to put his arms around you for good measure. When he meets their eyes over your head, a scowl sets on his features, making them back away in the slightest. It almost— almost brings a smirk to his lips. And if some distant part of him vaguely feels you stiffening, he doesn’t show it. Instead, his now fading amber eyes remain glued to the leader.
The biggest of the three lets out a grunt and a snort— something he doesn’t doubt sounds like garbled nonsense to anyone from the Overworld. Despite the rustiness he holds over the language, he still manages to catch a few words here and there.
At one phrase in particular, Sapnap straightens painfully, eyes narrowed into a sharp glare. He can feel his jaw tensing, body growing rigid and arms tighter around you, dangerously nearing a protective manner. The impulsive, reckless part of his brain — the one that drives on pure instinct — calls for him to reach for his sword and leave their bodies to rot over the netherrack ground. And yet he keeps the fire at bay, opting to listen to the colder, more calculating side that still whispers to him to stand his ground in a less volatile way.
“No.” He seethes, venom dripping from his voice. It earns him a similar response from the leader, who squares his shoulders with a gravelly snarl. Sapnap glances towards the other two and decides to take a gamble— and if things do go sideways, using his sword is always a respectable plan. For the time being, however, he mimics a sound similar to that of the pink creatures, making the three stand upright.
The leader of the little pack narrows its red eyes, before returning to you— or more specifically, the golden armor you’re wearing. Sapnap’s gaze hardens. You shouldn’t be wearing as much gold, much less brand new armor— it’ll draw these greedy bastards out, you should know that.
The piglin’s eyes linger a moment too long, and before he can help it, Sapnap is reaching inside his bag and tossing him a couple of gold bars.
“There,” he huffs, squaring his shoulders. “now we’re even.”
The sun has long since fallen over the horizon, a dark blue — dangerously nearing black — paints the sky above you. Snow crunches beneath Sapnap’s boots, layers upon layers of hail melting beneath his feet as he heads south. His jaw is clenched tightly, his mind mocking him as he thinks of course it’s fucking snow.
For the first time in a while he thanks the dark cloak his dad gave to him, and although it doesn’t do much, it puts him the slightest bit at ease. Thankfully, he’s still coming off that Nether heat— otherwise he’d be struggling to keep a steady pace, that with the brittle cold nipping at his skin.
He’s gonna need to talk to Bad and fix the whole Nether portal network. He glances back to the tiny shape that was their gate to the Overworld. It was supposed to lead them to one of the many hills surrounding Dream’s Kingdom. Somewhere, he knows the gods are laughing down at him. And instead of finding himself home, ready to fall victim to sleep, he finds himself walking in a desolated land of ice and cold. Well…
The sound of footsteps falling heavy on the snow, shortly trailing after him remind Sapnap that this place isn’t exactly desolated. Slowly, he turns to face you— sneak a quick glance to check on you.
He doesn’t know why he decided to stick with you— or why you decided to stick with him. It was a sort of silent agreement, one neither of you wanted to speak of, apparently. You’ve both refrained from saying anything ever since your little encounter with the three Nether creatures.
You carefully watch your strides, and if Sapnap didn’t know any better, he would’ve thought you were simply minding your step. No— you’re avoiding his gaze. As to why, he’s not entirely sure.
“What did you tell them?” The sudden sound of your voice surprises him, breaking the heavy silence that had settled between the two of you. You will your strides to be longer, faster, at least enough to catch up to him.“The piglins, I mean. Back in the Nether.”
“Uh…” Sapnap quirks a brow, noting the pink blush that has taken form over your cheeks. It’s due to the harsh and cold wind, yet he can’t help but find it strangely endearing. “I told them to back off. Said I already had a claim on you.”
“A claim?” You ask, confusion etched onto your features as you draw your brows together. “What does that mean, exactly?”
His lips set into a line. “It’s…complicated.” He gestures with his hand, as if trying to find the right word. “It’s like…dating but for mobs— especially piglins.” He shrugs, ignoring the way his shoulders seem to tense. “They usually stick to their communities but they’ll occasionally stumble upon something— someone shiny and pretty enough to catch their eye.”
You flush a darker shade underneath his gaze, temperature rising within your body at his vaguely teasing accusatory edge.
“They were trying to leave their scent on you when I showed up.” Sapnap straightens, scrunching his nose. The lingering scent still wafts around you, making him stifle a huff. He hates that the higher temperatures have heightened his senses, the scent of the piglin pact pungent to him. A part of him — some deep, obscure, long since hidden away instinct — wants to take matters onto his hands. As he glances down at you, he feels the urge to try burying his face against the crook of your neck grow within his gut. To finally let the other scents fade out and allow them to be replaced by his. And he suddenly remembers why he doesn’t visit the Nether as often as he once did— especially around other people. Sapnap rolls his shoulders, shaking the thought away. Instead, his jaw and knuckles tense as he mutters “Fuckin’ magpies, that’s what they are.”
“You don’t seem to like them very much.”
There’s a slightly amused undertone to your voice that wasn’t there before. Sapnap raises a brow. “I’m surprised you do after your little encounter.”
You huff. “They were trading with me just before!” You exclaim defensively, “I even got a few—” And then, suddenly, the easy conversation is cut short. Sapnap watches as your shoulders drop, as if finally realizing who exactly you’re talking to. Now in a lower, softer, less excited tone you mutter, “A few things for L’manberg.”
“Right.” Sapnap nods, disliking the returning stiffness to the air. “Word of advice?” He asks, amber meeting e/c. “Next time, try going to the Nether in a group. Strength in numbers and all that.” Then, softer, he adds, “Going alone was a reckless thing to do.”
You think his words over for a second. Two. You nudge him. “Well, I got you, don’t I?”
You’re closer to him than you were before. Like ever since you started striding next to him, your body unconsciously drifts closer to Sapnap’s. And then, as sudden as a lightning bolt, it hits him— you’re cold. He’s nearly certain that his body is still giving off heat, and though it’ll be ephemeral, you can’t help but seek the warmth.
“Maybe counting on the enemy as back up isn’t the most thought-out plan, sweetheart.”
You look up to him, the corner of your lips twitching upwards as you try to seem nonchalant. “You’re the one who said I should make my own judgement of you.”
“Are you now?” Sapnap muses, feeling as your shoulder starts to brush against his. “How am I doing so far?”
As your e/c meet his amber once again, he finally sees the same devious glint he donned earlier. “I guess we’ll see, won’t we…” Your gaze drops, doing a slow once-over of his frame as a matching grin curls onto your lips. “…sweetheart?”
And, surely, the blush that threatens to burn his face is due to the arctic cold.
FIVE: She’s is all cherry blossom kisses and clear blue skies, and you cannot bear to watch the life fade out from another person’s eyes.
Hours have turned into days. Days have turned into weeks. And despite himself, Sapnap keeps finding himself having serendipitous encounters with you— some by dumb luck, and others… well, let’s just say he may have taken a liking towards you.
And so what, if he has slowly started to enjoy spending time with you? You’re something new— something he hasn’t seen in these lands before. So what? Blame him for having a dangerous curiosity always toeing around his thoughts— which, oddly enough, now always seem to revolve around you.
His excuses to cover for his continuous absences have started to run out. First it was keeping a closer eye on L’manberg, then it was gathering materials, exploring nearby lands, going fishing— he’s never even gone fishing before! Sapnap is almost fully certain that the others have started to pick up on his strange behavior, though none of them have mentioned it yet. He can only imagine how things are going over on your side.
Sapnap trails shortly after you, steps unnaturally light. His whole body seems as if it’s lighter, like the spring breeze that brushes against his cheeks could carry him away.
For someone who’s been around the lands as long as Sapnap has, he’s surprised when he looks around at the place you brought him to. A surprise, you teased, knowing just how impatient he is. Still, he waited. He waited solely because of the gleeful glint dancing in your eyes. He waited only because of the slight quirk in your lips. He waited because you told him to.
Worth it, he thinks, the corner of his lips pulling upward as he looks around. It’s a narrow piece of land, hidden from prying eyes by a clear river. Rows of trees stand on each side of the river, velvet petals blooming to welcome spring. Cherry blossom trees. So what if Sapnap’s never been an avid observer of nature? It doesn’t mean he can’t start appreciating it now. Still— trees are trees. Flowers are flowers. Moss is moss. And yet — despite having seen lands beyond his days — he can’t help but feel like this place is the most beautiful riverside he’s ever seen. There’s nothing particularly special about it. Just cherry trees, water, and tall grass.
He lowers his gaze from the branches and down to your frame. You walk with a steady pace, never too quick, never too slow. This time — and much to Sapnap’s delight — you’ve opted to ditch the revolutionary uniform, instead opting to choose a longer skirt that would be more pleasant underneath the sun. Your whole being seems to glow, and even when Sapnap’s face accidentally smacks against a stray branch, it’s all worth it to hear your laugh.
Ah, he thinks, revelation sparking inside his brain, it’s not the setting that makes the place so beautiful.
It’s the company.
The blackstone walls still serve as a heavy reminder of where he is. Just in the outskirts of L’manberg, hidden away from plain sight, and yet a world away from the places he should be at. He tugs his cloak closer to him. You asked for him to bring it, just to avoid any attention either of you could get from anyone passing by.
“Penny for your thoughts?” His gaze lingers on your frame a moment too long. Amber eyes meet a curious pair of e/c.
“Nothing important, doll.”
There it is again— a nickname that seems to roll off his tongue perfectly. he doesn’t know why— all he knows is he enjoys the sight of your flushed cheeks whenever he uses it.
“You’re quieter than usual, Sap.” You muse, e/c eyes carefully scanning his face. “Are you sure there’s nothing important on your mind?”
He has to bite his tongue down to prevent him from blurting it out. If he’s being absolutely honest, he does have a few things weighing within his brain, begging to be spoken for a while already. Because the past few weeks have been a bliss. From acquaintances to friends to this— because ever since that encounter in the Nether, he can feel something has shifted. Like the universe — for once — has finally tipped in his favor. He knows this isn’t meant to last. No— this is a transitory thing, but wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t?
Sapnap’s stare briefly drifts to the towering walls. And, as if allowing himself a moment of weakness, he wonders.
Would you join his side if he asked? No more climbing walls. No more hiding in the woods. No more sneaking around.
His jaw tenses, inhaling sharply. It’s stupid— definitely not a good idea. Because beyond the fact that he does not want to wonder how things would take a turn if you said no— at heart he knows Dream’s Kingdom won’t be the best place for you. After all, he’s already seen it take effect on some of his friends. The way the light in their eyes seem to grow dimmer, harder to see. He doesn’t want to be the reason it happens to you too.
A cold, stinging feeling crosses his chest. Dream has grown distant and aloof. George apathetic. And he has the feeling the only reason Punz has stuck around is because Dream is willing to pay. Something sour, reminiscent of jealousy festers like a weed in his chest. How is it, that despite the feeling of war that hangs from the air, everyone in L’manberg remains bright?
“What’s got you so silent today?” You ask, and this time, he takes note of the slight nervousness that hangs from your voice. Oh— you’re worried he doesn’t like this. As if he could ever dislike the sight of you, with sunlight casting around you like an angelic aura. Pretty, that inner voice repeats. Pretty, pretty, pretty. “You can tell me, you know.”
What’s on your mind?
“It’s…” He purses his lips, and before he can help himself, he finds himself blurting out, “you.”
The expression that takes over your face is one Sapnap hopes to remember for the rest of his days. First, it’s surprise— an unexpected response. Then, it starts to sink in, and heat rises to your cheeks, reaching the tips of your ears. Your lips fall open ever so slightly, e/c eyes staring back into his amber. It makes his heart beat louder, faster.
His lips part to speak, a grin starting to take over his features when—
Tubbo’s voice rings out like a bell in an open field, making both of you stiffen. His shoulders tense and your back grows taut. Amber meet e/c for a brief second. “We were looking for you everywhere! Wilbur said—”Sapnap supposes the kid finally steps into your vision, your back growing as stiff as wire. “Oh, uh, who’s your friend?”
Before Sapnap can process what’s going on, make an exit, maybe stage a fight, his line of sight is suddenly cut short. You pull down the hood of Sapnap’s cloak up to his chin, completely covering his face, a nervous laugh leaving you.
“Oh, um, no one!” You exclaim, that flustered edge to your tone almost making him smile. “He’s no one.”
No one.
Maybe it would sting a little more, if it wasn’t for how beautiful your voice sounds.
SIX: She’s an angel gazing below, and gods— you’d climb walls and burn the lands if it meant getting a mere glance from her. How could your bloodied and soot covered hands ever deserve to hold her?
It’s night time when Sapnap sneaks into L’manberg. The moon is nowhere to be seen, hidden away by stray clouds. In other words, it’s the perfect time to enter without being spotted.
The thought weasels its way to his mind before he can help it. Is this creepy? He winces, leather bag shifting with the movement. This is definitely creepy.
In his defense, he just wants to check on you quickly. In and out. Just a moment. You won’t even notice he was there in the first place.
Punz’ words from earlier echo and rattle within his ears.
“Where have you been?” Sapnap distantly hears George ask, and despite the way his spine stiffens, this time the question isn’t directed at him. Instead, mismatched eyes stare at a certain blond’s back. His mischievous blue meet with Sapnap’s amber, as if saying, I know something you don’t.
“Ah, just around.” Punz drawls, smirk etched onto his lips.
“If you’re gonna say something, just say it.” George bites in annoyance. Well, someone evidently didn’t get enough sleep.
“Saw something you might like to hear,” he continues, disregarding George as his icy blue turn to Dream. His mask lies by one of the tables, faint scars over his face now visible. The green eyed man quirks a curious brow, intrigued.
“Is that so?”
“Let’s just say, L’manberg probably won’t be much of a problem in the next few days.” Punz says, a troublesome lilt to his voice.
“How come?” Sapnap finds himself asking, suddenly intrigued.
“I saw Tubbo and Y/N by a Nether Fortress.” Punz shrugs nonchalantly, as if he’s not the reason Sapnap’s heart has dropped to his gut. “Apparently, she got hit by a wither skeleton. And if L’manberg’s resources are as scarce as Eret claims, well…”
There it is again. That knowing, borderline irritating smirk. He’s toying with Sapnap, he’s sure of it. But he can’t know— he doesn’t know. “Let’s just say, Tommy might just get that second in command title sooner rather than later.”
Wither skeletons. Out of all the Nether creatures humans can come across, they are by far one of the worst. They leave nasty marks— in some cases, not even a health potion can do much. His leather bag seems to grow heavier at the thought. Sapnap conveniently happened to have a few spare golden apples with him. Casualty, of course. He obviously had them lying around— after all, how could he ever go harvesting apples and hunting for gold in mere hours? Psh, definitely could not be him.
It’s only once he draws near to the caravan that he first hears you.
“Why are you being like this?” Your voice, usually sweet and overall nice to listen to sounds… different. And as Sapnap strides become slower, he feels an acidic feeling settling within his body. He doesn’t like this sort of different— he’s never heard you like this before.
“It’s a yes or no question, Y/N.” The voice makes his back grow unbearably stiff, bones turning cold while fire buzzes over his nerves. What are you doing with Wilbur this late? “Have any of them approached you, yes or no?” Wilbur asks, tone as firm as steel. It doesn’t sound like this is the first time he’s asking. “I’m talking Dream, George, Sa—”
Sapnap straightens, shoulders bunching together as he leans against the side of the van. And before a coherent thought even gets the chance to fully form, you respond in a clipped tone, “None of them.” Then, your voice becomes softer— cautious. “You know I’m on your side. What’s this all about?” You wait a moment. “Wilbur.”
The self-proclaimed leader exhales sharply, tensely. “Tommy saw you talking with Sapnap a few weeks ago by his old house.” He says, voice now carrying an edge. “You know, one of Dream’s most trusted associates? His second in command?” With curiosity gnawing at him, Sapnap raises his head ever so slightly, just enough to see but avoid being spotted. Wilbur stands close to you, but there’s a distance— one that definitely wasn’t there a few weeks ago. “What the hell were you thinking?”
Your features twist, and he can tell by the look on your face that it feels like the other shoe has finally dropped. “So, you’re spying on me now?” You ask, and neither of them miss the accusatory edge.
Wilbur pinches his brows together, cheeks growing pink with embarrassment. “What? No!” He shakes his head, disarray brown curls shifting as he does. “No, no, you know I—”
Then, suddenly, Wilbur freezes.
The blush fades away, and a darker look crosses his face. The atmosphere has gotten colder, he can feel it even from the outside. Sapnap noticed— and now he doesn’t doubt Wilbur did too. You’ve yet to give him a straight answer— the only question is why?
Wilbur Soot chuckles humorlessly, a bitter, sharp edge to his tone. “Oh, I see what you’re doing.”
Your click your jaw shut, shaking your head, as if saying, I’m not dealing with this now. A sour presence remains etched onto your expression. “I’m leaving.”
You’re halfway out the van when Wilbur’s voice sparks to life once again, this time less leveled, less calculated.
“You walk out that door and you can forget about coming back.”
His words waver ever so slightly, and Sapnap holds his breath. Your limbs suddenly turn to stone, unable to take another step forward. The ultimatum — the promise — hangs in the air, looming over you like a pile of bricks that threatens to collapse on you.
It’s a bluff, Sapnao thinks. He knows it is. It should be— because, as much as he may dislike him, Wilbur Soot is a smart man. At least, smart enough for when to know he’s made a mistake.
“What?” You ask, and this time your voice is smaller, weaker.
Brown meet e/c. And although there’s an evident hesitation in his gaze, his words are cold. “You know what I said.” His jaw tenses, eyes avidly searching your eyes for the answer he seeks. He doesn’t seem to find it. “And you also know you haven’t answered my question.”
This time, a scoff escapes you, serving as a shield for the moment of weakness. Your body still feels cold, it still feels like it’s been shackled to a ball and chain. “I don’t owe you explanations, Wilbur.” You say, and Sapnap wholeheartedly agrees. His body itches to do something— to head in, maybe even cause a distraction to get you out. His mind shouts at him to just barge in, and still, he remains frozen on his spot. “But since you must know, we were just talking. He was being nice, so I returned the favor. Happy?”
Your words sting. Even when he knows — when he hopes — they are just a front for Wilbur, they still feel like a punch to the gut.
A borderline mocking chuckle leaves Wilbur and echoes within the van. He looks amused, in a strange, bitter sense of the word. “Being nice. Right.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Wilbur shakes his head, faster, with more determination than before. His jaw is tense, tense enough that it might just splinter. There’s a dancing glint in his eyes— one that looks so familiar, yet he can’t seem to place. And after a moment of scrutiny, it hits him— it’s familiar because he’s seen it before.
He’s seen it before in Dream.
Wilbur takes a step forward, frame looming over yours as he fumes. “It means he’s clearly trying to use you and you’re too blind to see it.” He says, and he doesn’t need to yell his point across. His voice is already cold enough, already spiteful enough.
You, on the other hand? You look like you’ve just taken a punch to the gut. It passes— quickly replaced by new, more dangerous emotions. You look like you want to yell. Like you want to punch him square in the nose. Hell, Sapnap would’ve kicked him to the curb ages ago. Set the rest of his fucking van on fire to make him apologize for treating you like that.
And yet that’s where the difference between the two of you lies. Where the line is drawn between sea and sand.
You surprise him once again by lowering and relaxing your squared shoulders. You take a deep breath. In. Out. You swallow, feeling as your chest slowly unwinds. As the knots become loosened, untangled.
“Look, Wil,” You begin softly, tentatively. He doesn’t deserve it, Sapnap thinks. He doesn’t deserve any of it. Wilbur visibly stiffens, brown searching your gaze for an ulterior motive. “We’re both tired, okay? So, I’m gonna go back to my cabin, we’re gonna get some sleep,” you lick your lips, inhaling a small breath, “and you can talk to me again once you’ve let go of your paranoia.”
The silence stretches a moment too long. You’ve left him speechless. You’ve left them both speechless. And yet there’s a fragility to your movements, to your words. Like if he had pressed just a moment longer, you would’ve finally cracked. Finally snapped.
Now, however, you take a hesitant step forward, briefly closing the distance between you and the brunet. But it’s no longer the same— and it doesn’t even begin to compare to how you both were when you first arrived.
Brown meet e/c. You sigh softly, and gently press your lips against his forehead, feeling as he grows tenser underneath your touch.
SEVEN: She touches you like you’re fragile, and if you break you won’t be able put yourself together again.
The sound of dripping water was long since faded away from Sapnap’s ears. It’s odd— that feeling of drifting away, of the buzzing world fading to black with him being unaware.
Sapnap has always prided himself in his sharp instincts, and yet you make it easy. You make it so, so easy to simply relax, to drop his shoulders, to lean back and let you guide his movements. It’s almost like falling asleep, like letting your body be guided by the flow of a current.
While he sits with his two legs spread out, you remain sat between them, gently leaning forward as you scan the side of his face. Sapnap carefully follows your focused eyes, then your hands, as they reach to inspect one particular bruise.
Like the flow of a current. And yet, even the calmest waters can have dangerous turns.
He feels his fists tightening over his own lap. He wants to confront you about Wilbur. He wants to ask you, to hear what you have to say. And it’d be so easy— because you deserve more than this. You deserve more than living in a tiny wooden cabin, than remaining trapped between four walls. Better yet, you deserve more than following him, than having to stand every fit, every accusation. And Sapnap knows— he knows you’ve been nothing but kind to Wilbur— and he has yet to have seen him return it.
But things are complicated ( hell, aren’t they always? ) because he wasn’t meant to be there— he wasn’t meant to listen to that conversation. He wasn’t meant to know. But he does— and that’s an issue, isn’t it?
“What is this?” You murmur, making the boy beneath you straighten. His dazed amber blink a few times as you lean back, putting some distance between you. His hand instinctively reaches for the spot you gestured, making him wince. As far as he can tell, it’s a pretty bad bruise— one by the side of his jaw. There’s a cut— one he hadn’t taken note of before he came here.
You shake your head, turning on the faucet by your side and dipping a piece of cloth. You exhale, leaning closer to clean the bothersome injury. “You should be more careful, you know. I can’t keep patching you up like this.”
His amber meet with your e/c as you look back up to see his gaze. You’re close— too close. Sapnap gently shakes his head, the corner of his lip curving upward as he chuckles. “But then I wouldn’t have an excuse to come see you.”
You scoff, rolling your eyes playfully as you slowly set the cloth down. “And yet you still visit.”
“Yeah,” he begins slowly, softly— uncharacteristically soft. You feel his fingers wrapping around your waist— and, strangely enough, you don’t stiffen this time. Because something has shifted— you both know that. It no longer feels like walking around broken glass, but rather a familiar path. Sapnap leans closer, carefully setting his chin over your shoulder. And with his lips ever so close to your ear, he hums, “but this way I get to be closer to you.”
Your cheeks explode with red warmth, heart stuttering within your chest at the words. Gods, he’s so— so—
“Idiot,” You mutter, matching his quiet tone.
You two remain in that position for a few moments, nestled against each other, basking in the seconds of peace— of silence. The ephemeral moments in which the world is asleep, when walls and alliances don’t exist, when it’s only you and him.
Sapnap inhales quietly, body relaxing as he leans against you. Amber eyes slowly flutter open after a few seconds, before they land on his bag. He bites his tongue before reluctantly shifting away from you, now face to face.
“I found a few golden apples in one of my chests.” He says after a beat. “I… thought you could give them a use.” He sees the way your brows furrow together, lips parting, about to protest. After all he’s the one with wounds being treated not you— which you should know is a pretext to see you. Because, yeah, maybe Sapnap is a little banged up, but he’s seen worst days. And, if he’s being honest, he couldn’t have cared less about his own bruises. Hell, add it to the list of untreated injuries he’s had during the past years and move on. And yet…
And yet here he is. Sitting in front of you like some banged up puppy— which should feel embarrassing, but somehow it doesn’t. Because instead of humiliating thoughts, Sapnap finds himself thinking about how warm and comfortable you feel next to him. About your conversation with Wilbur. About what Punz told Dream at the Community House. And, soon enough, he’s realizing every single one of those thoughts revolve around you.
And fuck, he should be kicking himself because shit he’s down bad— six feet under type of bad. And yet he can barely process the thought when a new one sends his mind is reeling back. His fingers tighten around your waist slightly, gaze hardening.
“I heard about the wither incident.”
You straighten underneath his grip, e/c gaze meeting his evenly. Something flickers within your eyes, a glint Sapnap doesn’t manage to place before it’s gone. You shake your head, the corner of your lips twitching upward. It doesn’t reach your eyes. “I’m okay, Sap. You don’t need to worry about me.”
I want to.
Sapnap bites the inside of his cheek, turning to look away. When he leaves — which he’ll have to do before the sun rises, before the people of both L’manberg and the SMP wake up — he’ll leave his bag there. By mistake, he’ll tell himself, knowing those three golden apples will be put to better used by you than him.
But for now, he sits. He lets you clean and cover his bruises, offering a smile to wave off Sapnap’s concerns. And as you tend to his injuries, he notices your gaze is too gentle. That bright look in your eyes is too naïve.
He looks away, feeling as his insides curl with a sour feeling weeding there. Thoughts of tomorrow. Thoughts of the real world— the one that lies outside your cabin, the one that will await you both in mere hours.
Yet here you are.
And, gods, he will not be the one to tell you that not everything can be fixed with a smile.
EIGHT: If you jump, she might catch you, and then you’d have to watch as she tumbled through the dark.
The sun has long since risen over the walls of L’manberg, and the country is quiet.
It’s eerie, strange, unseen. Because as soon as sunlight touches the land, L’manberg is already coming alive with its people waking up. It’s peaceful on occasion, sure, but its never quiet.
You turn to look around, wondering if you somehow missed something. Everyone— everything— seems to have fallen asleep without previous notice, even when it’s well past noon.
It’s as if the world around you is preparing, bracing for something. But for what, exactly?
“What the hell?”
The voice comes from the forest— the one that grows just by the west wall. It’s Tommy’s voice, that’s a given— yet it sounds different. It’s enough to send alarms through your mind, and with quick instincts you reach for Fundy’s axe and hurry to the trees.
“Don’t fucking move.”
You’re met with Tommy’s back, blond head of hair looking down at something. You can’t manage a good look, that with Tubbo and Eret’s backs facing towards you. You weave through branches, jaw tense. “Tommy, what’s—”
The blue eyed boy turns to face you, shoulders stiff and nostrils flaring. You move your head ever so slightly, gaze flickering back to Eret, who shares a similar stance to Tommy’s. “What’s going on?”
The boy moves to the side, and you swear your heart drops to your gut. Because standing in front of the three boys, with hands cuffed together with a pair of metal bands, is Sapnap. His hair is a mess over his white bandana, eyes dead set forward as he avidly avoids your gaze. His face is bruised with injuries you’re certain weren’t there a few night ago. There’s a cut by his cheek, a bruise by his jaw and an arrow by his shoulder. You take a hesitant step forward, eyes never leaving his frame. They look new— brand new. This isn’t— this wasn’t a fair fight.
Wilbur’s words from your first days echo within your ear drums. Everything’s fair in war, dove.
You should know that.
“We saw him climbing the wall.” Tubbo begins stiffly, sharing a look with Tommy. “He was trying to get into L’manberg.” He reports, voice uncharacteristically monotone.
You inhale sharply, finally taking your eyes off Sapnap and onto the other three. You nod at Eret, jaw tight. “I’ll take it from here.”
Tommy’s shoulder bumps against you as he once again takes a stance in front of you, snarl curling onto his lips.
“No, no, I will.”
Tommy glares down at Sapnap, and although his back is stiff and his shoulders are bunched, you can feel the resentment radiating off him in waves.
“Tommy—” Eret begins.
“No, no, you know what?” Tommy snaps, temper slowly getting a hold of him. And yet, despite the evident anger in his tone, its not directed at Eret— it’s not directed at you, either.
For the first time since you got there, Sapnap looks up. Not by choice, anyway. You don’t realize when Tommy unsheathed his sword. You only feel as needles of anxiousness prick against your skin all at once, watching as the boy uses the sharpened iron to lift Sapnap’s head.
“You’re the reason we had scarce food in the beginning. Why we had less access to resources from the start.” He bites out.“You’ve been a thorn at our side for long enough, bitch.” And despite the words are leaving his mouth, it doesn’t sound like Tommy at all. If anything, he’s starting to sound like Wilbur.
“Wilbur said we’d need something to assert that we’re not messing around. That we’re not pawns in a game Dream is here to play.” Tommy’s jaw clenches and unclenches. “This is war.” He says solemnly, finally. “And wars have casualties.”
The world warps around you, and if you’re being completely honest, you’re not sure what happens. One moment, you’re watching Tommy ( Tommy, the same boy that used to have bright blue eyes— eyes you don’t recognize anymore ) raising his sword. Time slows down. Then, you’ve risen your axe as well. Time speeds up. And then—
You’ve risen your axe, yes— you’ve risen it against Tommy. You don’t know when— you don’t know how this happens. But it’s too late, and the damage has already been done.
“Tommy, drop the sword.” The boy freezes, as do Tubbo and Eret beside him. They both have swords, you realize, yet none of them dare to move. They can’t move. You inhale deeply, trying to hide the way your wrist trembles. “I’m only gonna say it once, Toms. Drop it.”
Tubbo scrambles to speak, unable to find the right words. He takes half a step forward, blue eyes confused. “Y/N, what are you—”
Tommy turns around, eyes equally puzzled as Tubbo’s— but there’s something different. Something you can’t— you don’t want to place. His chest rises and falls.
And then, he drops his sword.
“Now back away. Slowly.”
Your heart hammers against your chest, your knees want to give out, and your limbs feel as if they’re made of wire. Despite your throat feeling as if there’s stones lodged inside of it, you hold onto your axe like a lifeline. You hold it up to defend the same boy that you should be standing against. You hold it up to defend Sapnap.
And there it is— because he knew. All things burn out eventually and he knew. And like an long awaited omen, here it finally is.
Your own fall from grace.
NINE: She is too good. She is so good, and you cannot bring yourself to ruin one more good thing.
Huffs and pants. Ducks and parries. Swings and misses.
Dream and Sapnap sparring was routine to them long before the war started— months before L’manberg even existed. Once, it had just been the two of them. Laughing, teasing, mocking, promising to make the other kiss the floor.
By now, they both have each other’s movements memorized. The way Sapnap is more brutish, while Dream is more calculating. How Sapnap will go for the chest, while Dream will aim for the legs. One will jump and the other will duck, one will pull and the other will push.
In a different world, they would’ve been each other’s perfect enemy.
Just as Sapnap is about to land another blow with his sword, amber eyes briefly catch sight of a silhouette outside. It’s a jarring sight, especially considering he’s looking right outside the Community House — ergo, their territory. Because there you are, underneath the glowing sun, sitting by the edge of the bridge with your feet inside the river water.
Dream hits the back of his knee, almost making him lose his balance. Amber eyes narrow at a smug pair of green.
“What’s got you so out of it today?” He asks as he takes another swing at Sapnap, who narrowly ducks before striking back. Metal clashes against metal.
Sweat clings to his forehead, dark brown hair falling messily over his white bandana. “Nothing.”
“Don’t worry,” Dream’s lips quirk upward into a knowing smirk, voice deceptively understanding. “She looks like she’s enjoying the new company.
Sapnap pushes Dream back with his sword, a pit forming within his stomach at his words. And, before he can help himself or even think better of it, his eyes are flicking towards the window. True to his word, you’re standing outside with Punz, who stands too close for comfort. The blond hovers near you, that damning smirk clinging to his lips as he tilts his head slyly. He mouths something that Sapnap isn’t quite able to get. What’s he saying to you? Why’s he—
Dream ducks and sweeps his leg, sending Sapnap straight onto the mat with a loud oomf. A groan escapes him at the sudden hit, though it’s not nearly as painful as his bruised ego.
Green eyes peer down at him with a grin, before offering a hand. Sapnap rolls his shoulders as he takes it, standing back up. He runs a hand through his hair, ruffling it, before his eyes return to you.
Dream raises a brow— not curious, but intrigued, if that makes any sense. Not unknowing, but rather wanting to pick Sapnap’s brain.
“You’re distracted.” He states bluntly.
Sapnap rolls his eyes, finally moving along and tossing the practice sword onto one of the tables. “Thanks.”
Dream chuckles, a similar sound echoing as he mimics Sapnap’s actions. He tilts his head to the side. “You’ve gotten soft, you know?”
Sapnap turns to face his friend, folding his arms over his chest. “Oh, really?”
Dream only shrugs nonchalantly, golden hair and green eyes the picture of innocence— but he knows better. Because one of the many advantages of having someone like Dream as a friend is that, with time, you learn to read him. Not like an open book — Sapnap’s certain that’s not possible when it comes to Dream — but rather highlighted words in a redacted document. Not clear intentions, but enough to see the puzzle pieces of a blurred picture. Dream shrugs as he heads towards the window. “Gotta say, she’s full of surprises.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sapnap scoffs, and to any stranger, he would have sounded amused— like an inside joke between friends. But Dream hears the faint stiffness to his words, the sourness, the tentativeness.
It’s Dream’s turn to look down at you— in a literal sense, of course. You’re… intriguing. At least, in the same way a riddle is. His green briefly glance at Sapnap, who’s joined him by the glass pane. He’s interested as to the effect you’ve had on his friend— as to what you plan to do next. And Sapnap may have let his guard down already, but Dream? Well—
The freckled man drops his shoulders with a lazy smile. It’s calculated, meticulously designed— and this time, Sapnap misses the intentions behind it.
“Don’t know. I kinda always thought she’d end up with Wilbur.” He nudges his friend’s shoulder. “I mean, all it takes is one glance at them, well…” he notes the way Sapnap stiffens, making Dream quirk a brow. “They certainly look the part.”
Amber meet green. His voice sounds hoarse, unsure. “You think so?”
The green eyed one nods. “Oh, yeah, absolutely.” He gestures with his hand. “I mean, it only takes a look to figure it out, don’t you think? They look like they’re cut from the same cloth. Whereas us…” Dream’s gaze shifts down to the scars in their hands, before flicks his fingers against Sap’s chestplate, sweat dripping down his forehead.
“Well, something tells me you’d much rather have a sword than a pen.”
Sapnap tightens his jaw, before pushing himself away from the window and towards the stairs. “Whatever.” He mutters, missing the way Dream’s lip twitches upward.
He hates it, but Dream has gotten into his head.
TEN: You will not watch her crumble under the weight of your sins. She is too light, too breathless to be caught up in the dizziness of your heart.
“Hey, you okay?”
You nudge Sapnap’s shoulder with your own, making him sag a little to the side. Curious eyes peer down at him, brows raised upward. The water of the lake kisses Sapnap’s ankles and legs, colorful fish close enough that if he wanted, he could reach over and touch them.
Sapnap hasn’t always liked water. In fact, when he first stumbled upon the Overworld, he found it repulsive, the mere sight of it making him want to back up. Now, however, he relishes in it. A small, fleeting semblance of peace in a world of chaos.
“Huh?” Sapnap shakes his head, snapping back to his senses. He licks his lips. “Yeah. Yeah, fine.” He exhales softly, a bittersweet expression taking over his features, amber gaze drifting away from the lake and onto you. “I feel like I should be the one asking you that.”
Perhaps you hope he doesn’t notice the way your breath seems to hitch for a moment, a split second of tenseness before reverting back to an easy smile. He does— he always does. You gnaw at the inside of your cheek, nodding your head slowly. “I’ll… I’ll be okay.”
It’s a lie. Even if you’re unaware of it, it’s a lie. Because, yes, Sapnap wanted you to come with him. Yes, he wanted you to leave those obsidian walls behind and join him. But he wanted it to happen under your own terms. He wanted it to be your decision, not your only option.
Sapnap’s jaw ticks. You deserve more— so much more. And it’s unfair that this happened to you— that it happened because of him. All because he wanted to take a risk and see you during the day, knowing, fucking knowing that it was a stupid call to make.
You look back at him, amber eyes conflicted. He inhales sharply. He wants to say something else, he does, but before he gets the chance, he hears footsteps behind them. They’re not light at all— if anything, they’re obnoxiously loud. As if they’re trying to make their presence known.
Amber eyes meet with Punz’s icy blue ones. His white hood rests over his head, yet still revealing stray blond tufts of hair. The mercenary tilts his head, axe slung over his shoulder with his other hand stuffed inside his pocket. “Dream wants to see you in the planning room.”
Sapnap rolls his eyes, a light scoff resonating within his chest. “Tell him I’m busy.”
Punz raises a brow, almost amusedly. “I wasn’t talking to you.” His blue drift away from Sapnap’s now straight frame, and center around you. The corner of his lip twitches upward, and Sapnap’s jaw tenses. “He wants to see Y/N.”
“Me?” You frown, puzzlement etched onto your features. As you stare back at Punz, you manage to miss the way Sapnap’s hand inches closer to yours, almost as if wanting to reach for you and pull you away from the mercenary. “Why?”
Punz shrugs, almost too nonchalantly. It makes Sapnap narrows his eyes. “You know the ins and outs of L’manberg, don’t you?” He clicks his tongue, taking his hand out of his pocket and offering it to you. “All information is valuable at times like these… wouldn’t you agree?”
If asked to place the sourness that spreads throughout his chest almost instantly, Sapnap wouldn’t be able to answer. It’s… odd. Unfamiliar. It started spreading as soon as Punz began talking, and for the life of him, Sapnap cannot tell what it is. All he knows is that he hates it.
You hesitantly reach for Punz’ hand, reluctantly standing up from the lakeside, when Sapnap’s hand latches onto your other wrist. You turn down to look at him, only to find his gaze dead-set on the blond.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He says, voice cold. And surely, you agree.
Punz quirks a brow, cocking his head to the side. “Yeah?” He asks condescendingly. “I don’t remember asking.”
Sapnap’s body grows tense, and he’s ready to stand up and knock that cocky smirk off his lips, when you stop him. You simply offer a smile. It’s not a genuine one— he’s seen enough of those to know the difference. “It’s— okay.” You lick your lips, biting down your tongue. And Sapnap doesn’t miss the way your body looks straighter, stiffer. “I’ll handle this, yeah?”
He wants to say that no, it’s not okay. Because despite understanding Dream’s want for information, it’s too soon. You’ve barely joined a few days ago. The scars are still too new, too fresh.
And as he watches you walk away, Sapnap can’t help but think how fucking unfair this whole situation is.
And so, hours continue to pass, the sun already nearing the horizon once again, and you’re still nowhere to be seen. Something reminiscent of concern itches at Sapnap’s gut, fingers distractedly picking at blades of grass to try and ease his mind.
He has yet to move from the spot where you left him at. After all, you’re not all that familiar with the place. So, he agrees it’s a good idea to remain at a site he knows you’ll be able to find.
Then, as he lays against the ground, he hears it. Distantly, almost getting carried away by the wind, he finally hears your voice.
Relief and delight crawl onto his chest (and gods, is he really that smitten with you?), and before he can even make sense of his actions, he’s turning around, ready to stand up and greet you—
And then he sees it.
In the distance, maybe all the way across the Community House, he sees Dream walking beside you. It… it almost sounds as if he’s laughing, yet he’s wearing his mask. Which means he’s not letting his guard down— he’s using you. As for what, Sapnap can only imagine.
That sourness from earlier returns, except this time is more acidic, more dangerous. And just when he’s about to stand up and see for himself what Dream is planning this time, a voice snaps him out of his reverie.
“She can handle herself.” Bad murmurs, so softly, yet so unwavering. His dad barely even offers him a glance, eyes boring into a small book by his lap. The man raises his gaze only slightly, but it’s enough for Sapnap’s shoulders to slump at his sides. “There has to be a reason why Wilbur had her as his second in command, right?”
There’s truth to his words— there always seems to be. Much like you, Sapnap’s dad doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the people from the SMP. It’s… odd. Makes you wonder why he ever accepted joining Dream’s Kingdom, when he prefers to keep away from conflict. And there’s something so… calming about his presence. Like he always knows what to say.
Sapnap inhales sharply, and exhales softly. “Yeah.” He mutters, mostly for his dad to hear. He vaguely registers George lingering nearby, knee-deep into the lake, but opts to ignore him for the time being. Bad’s right. There’s a reason why you were Wilbur’s second in command— you’re quick, clever. And yet everyone can commits mistakes. Misteps. And in a new environment, surrounded by the same people you were told to stand against, well— that’s enough to throw anyone off balance, isn’t it?
Bad hums. “Something on your mind?”
Sapnap bites his tongue, turning to look away from him before nodding. “Yeah.”
“You wanna talk about it?”
“Not really.”
Bad nods with a small shrug, watching as his gaze turns back to focus on you. “Okay.” He says quietly, tilting his head curiously. “Well…” Sapnap’s gaze turns to Bad. “If it makes you feel any better, she looks at you the same way you’re looking at her right now.”
A pink heat creeps onto his cheeks. “What?” He asks, more out of surprise than an actual question. Bad simply returns to read the book by his lap, lips curled into a small smile.
Sapnap bites his cheek. Okay, now he sees it. He’s messing with him. Ha ha, funny. “How exactly, huh?”
George — who up until that moment had remained a silent listener — finally parts his lips to speak, before Bad swiftly cuts him off. “Ah, too complicated to explain.” He waves him off. “You’ll figure it out.”
Sapnap furrows his brows, turning to George, who shuts his mouth closed, shakes his head, and rolls his eyes— all as if to say, fine, suit yourself.
Eventually, Bad decides it’s time for him to head back home, and bids them goodbye before heading down the prime path. And yet, despite his absence, his words still create a weird echo in Sapnap’s mind. He tries to shake it off more than once, but it always ends up coming back to him.
“Alright.” George clasps his hands together, before reaching for a bucket with a tropical fish swimming inside it. “I’m going head back for now.” He turns to Sapnap expectantly, who still remains sprawled against the grass.
George huffs. “Are you coming?”
Sapnap groans exaggeratedly, making George let out a vague sound of displeasure to hide his amusement. “Ugh, fine.”
The two head down the wooden path towards George’s still unfinished home. As of the moment, it only has one room with all four walls up— and there’s no one to blame except for George’s laziness.
You’ll figure it out. And just like that, that nagging echo is back. You’ll figure it out—that’s what Bad told him earlier, wasn’t it? Figure out what, exactly? Sapnap’s gaze drifts off to George. He looked like he knew what Bad was talking about, right?
Sapnap licks his lips, clearing his throat. “Hey, uh, what was that all about?” George’s apathetic brown meet with Sapnap’s amber. The former raises a questioning brow. “With Bad, earlier?”
Recognition sparks in his eyes. “Oh.” George says simply. “You mean about Y/N?”
George stares at him for a moment, ever so unreadable, before a snort escapes him. It makes Sapnap straighten, while the latter looks awfully confident— as if he’s certain he knows a secret Sapnap’s not privy to. “You’re a clueless idiot, you know that, right?”
Sapnap’s lips twist. “What the hell?” He shoves the brunet to the side, making him stumble. “Okay then, fuck you too, George.”
A laugh leaves George, as if the whole situation is so unbelievably entertaining to him. He covers his mouth to stop another fit of laughter. “Oh my gods, do you just genuinely not know?”
Annoyance creeps onto his tone. “Know what?”
George blinks once, twice. Then, he stares as his friend for a moment, looking at him as if Sapnap’s suddenly grown another head. “That girl literally turned her back on her friends, on her country for you.” He begins, shaking his head. “And you’re too much of a coward to accept the fact that you have feelings for her.” Then, he shrugs relaxedly, as if he’s not the reason Sapnap’s ears have turned red with embarrassment and something he’s unable to place. “To be fair, she probably does too.”
George continues to walk, bucket hanging from his hand, barely acknowledging the fact that his Nether-born friend is no longer walking besides him.
Sapnap heart stutters inside his chest, a warm, familiar heat taking over his whole body.
“She what?”
By the time Sapnap comes back to the lake, he’s surprised to see you sitting by his previous spot, warm rays of sunlight against your back as you lean against your palm. He walks towards you rather hesitantly, this time with a flutter in his heart that he hadn’t noticed before. Or perhaps it always was there, and he just couldn’t tell what it meant.
Sapnap takes a seat next to you before he even realizes he’s strayed away from the prime path. He licks his lips before asking, “How did everything go?”
You inhale sharply. “Um, fine.” You bite your tongue, turning to face him— this time without a smile, neither genuine nor fake. You exhale. “I… I think.”
Sapnap licks his lips, watching as your hand falls besides you instead of your lap. It’s close to Sapnap’s hand— maybe too close. But this time, he finds he likes it. Even without touching, feeling that warmth he always finds himself chasing.
“Earlier you said you were okay.” Sapnap sets his lips into a line, shifting on his spot as he turns to get a better look at you. “It’s alright if you’re not… okay.” He’s awful at this. He can feel pink starting to dust his cheeks— because gods this is embarrassing. He clears his throat awkwardly. “What I’m trying to say is things changed. Quickly. But, um,” Sapnap inhales softly. “I just wanted to say, uh, thank you.” He nods slowly, as if in affirmation. “for what you did back in L’manberg.”
You don’t smile, he notices. Instead, you simply nod curtly before averting your gaze towards the lake. “Don’t take it to heart.” He frowns. “Tommy… he’s just a kid. Reckless, but still an impresionable one.” You scoff, shaking your head. “He was just reciting bullshit Wilbur’s said in the past.” You turn to him again. “It was… nothing. Anyone would’ve done the same.”
“Stop doing that.”
You raise your brows, surprised by Sapnap’s sudden cutting tone. “Doing what?”
“Selling yourself short.” He shakes his head. “Playing it off as if you don’t do great things for others— for me.” He watches as your gaze softens, his voice nearly cracking. It’s a weight, a pile of stones, still on his shoulders, yet about to fall. “You could’ve chosen to stay quiet. To watch the others do whatever they planned on doing.”
He stops for a moment, and you watch as this boy — the same boy with those beautiful amber eyes and pretty brown hair — looks like he may just crack open in front of you.
Sapnap’s voice grows quiet. “And yet you helped me.” He says, slowly, unsurely. “And I don’t really think I deserved it.”
You turn your head, leaning closer to face him. “Sap…”
He shakes his head vehemently. “Just—” he stops, reconsiders, and continues, “I-I don’t know if you made the right choice, okay?” Your hand is close, so close— and this time, he decides to reach for it. It’s tentative, hesitant, and he feels as if his heart might explode when you intertwine your fingers against his. “There’s no turning back from here. And if I’m being honest, I don’t think this place is the best place for you.” He licks his lips. “What I’m trying to say is…” Amber meet e/c. And it’s different this time. Because things have shifted one too many times between the two of you, and yet this is different. A new sort of different.
“I’m here for you. You know that, right?”
You nod, the corner of your lips curling into a small smile. “I know.” You murmur, eyes carefully scanning his face. “And you don’t need to worry about me.”
Your words ring a familiar tune. He remembers it clearly— back in your cabin. Back before everything went to shit. He remembers the warmth, the closeness, the you don’t need to worry about me, Sapnap.
This time, Sapnap doesn’t bite his tongue.
“But I want to.”
And there it is. That feeling stirring inside his chest— he doesn’t know what it is. But he’s felt it before. Almost like a swarm of butterflies in his gut, a heat in his chest. He knows it because he felt it when you encountered each other in the Nether. When you trudged back, perhaps too close to call each other the enemy. When you met by the cherry blossom trees, craving each other’s presence too much to be mere acquaintances. When he went by your cabin, wanting to stay close to you, near you— with you.
He’s leaning closer. His eyes shift from your eyes and down to your lips. He can feel your hand closing around his, and he’s certain his heart skips a beat when you do.
Not enemies, not acquaintances, not friends.
He swallows, remembering what George told him only less than an hour ago. There’s a blush on your cheeks— one he only notices because of your closeness — but it’s enough to make him smile. Pretty, pretty, pretty.
What does that make you?
The butterflies are there again. The skipping heart, the blush on his cheeks— he’s down bad. But it doesn’t sound too awful, does it?
Amber eyes meet your own. He’s close to you, so close in fact, that your nose nudges against his. Your e/c flutter closed as he inhales shakily.
He leans in, hoping, praying, that this isn’t him be misreading this whole situation.
Your lips meet his with a smile.
ONE: She loves you, and her eyes are closed, and didn’t your father ever tell you not to leave a good thing waiting?
Tumblr media
ADDITIONAL NOTES… thank you for reading!!! this one took over two months to finish writing so i hope you enjoyed! please try to leave a comment and reblog as they’re the main thing that keeps me writing <3 even if it’s just a keyboard smash, i love to read all of them :DD
GENERAL TAGLIST… @sushisoot @nonsensicallynarnian @krazykupcakes113 @god1ngs @incorrectarrowverse @scootersmccall @wingedghostpepper @bubblezbee (shoot me an ask to be added!)
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fanfic-inator795 · 5 months
~Self promotion time~! I was recently able to get some more motivation to work on some more TGaMM drabbles, all of which I feel turned out pretty well. So yeah, in addition to dropping all of those, I figured I’d give an overview of all the drabbles in this fic so far in case people are interested. Soooo-
Second Impressions: Ollie is still getting used to his new mindset regarding ghosts and has a chance to discuss some of his new feelings with Molly while they’re hanging out.
A Post-Halloween Talk: Geoff and Jeff come home from the Brighton haunted house and stay up late talking.
Pasts and Power Sets: Ollie and Scratch talk one-on-one, with the former being eager to learn some actually accurate ghost facts while the latter just wants to enjoy a snack.
Talents Embraced: A brief look at Sharon and Pete, their respective talents, and the small ways that they inspire and appreciate each other.
Old Newbie Meets New Newbie: Ollie takes some time to get to know his fellow Ghostfriends teammate, Libby.
Opening Up to Yourself: Scratch tries to start a journal for himself but struggles with actually starting one, so Molly decides to give him some advice.
Solo Mission: While visiting his favorite haunting spot, Jeff finds himself surrounded by ghost hunters. Thankfully, one of them is willing to help him out, still a bit apologetic about the last time they met.
Obligatory Drabble for Pride Month: Geoff and Scratch end up discussing romance, and Geoff learns something new about his best friend.
A Rough Morning: Molly finally gets her period. It’s not as exciting or cool as her friends made it out to be, but at least she has her family’s support during it.
Isn’t it Love?: The day that Geoff and Jeff first met.
Turnip Fest Redux: Molly and Ollie decide to enjoy this year’s Turnip Fest together.
Favors and Flavors: Jeff asks Scratch to help him taste-test a dish he’s making for Geoff, and the two get to know each other a little better.
New Recipe, Same Ingredients: Pete and Sharon make a new Anniversary cake together and end up reminiscing.
Bring Your Shark To Work Day: The Ghost Council meets Ghost Shark, and Allister specifically is less than amused.
A Quick Look at Curses: Ollie asks Scratch to curse him for research purposes, all while continuing to both learn facts AND un-learn misconceptions about ghosts.
Comfort and Content: Scratch visits Nin in her new retirement community, Nin doesn’t mind at all.
Let Me Protect You Too: The Jeoffs run into some Frightmares, and when Jeff is knocked down, Geoff shows that he can be pretty strong (and VERY protective) too.
As I’ve said before, this is very much a “when I feel like it/when I’m not busy with other writing” type of fic project, so I can’t say when I’ll update again. But if you end up giving any of these a read, please leave a kudos/comment if you can since I’d love to hear what people think of them! ^v^
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sailorsally · 2 months
That troll posting those insane things about Misha and aging, hit a sore spot in me.
I'm not that old but I'm reaching a point in my life where I'm questioning my life choices and tbh I'm a little afraid of aging.
People always tell me I look "good" for my age, that I look younger, but this past months every time I look at the mirror I look old and that scares me.
I think a lot of it has to do with those horrible beauty standards TV, movies and media in general like to shove to our throats every single time.
I just want to enjoy life no matter my looks or my age.
Anyway sorry for this sad ask, Misha is beautiful no matter his age.
He is aging like fine wine.
I get it, anon. I look literally half my age. People usually have a fit when I tell them I'm over 30 and not in fact 16. These comments still happen but I have in last year lost a lot of weight so consequently my few wrinkles/laugh lines have become more prominent & I do notice them a lot when looking in the mirror and kinda had to face the yeah that I will not always look half my age. So having someone like Misha I look up to certainly makes it easier for me to deal with these things 💗
I feel like we are harder on ourselves re looks because we know what we looked like when we were younger. Someone you meet in your 30s has no 'frame of reference' for the lack of better words so they see & like you the way you are now, they aren't constantly comparing you to your younger self & neither should we tbh.
Your ask is sadly such a great example of why people shouldn't be mean online - Misha won't see the addition but you & others did.
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Won't You Be My Bodygaurd? - Steve Rogers X Female (Celebrity) Reader
Tumblr media
Won't You Be My Bodyguard? Series
Title: Rolling With The Stones
Steve Rogers X Female (Celebrity) Reader
Additional Characters: Stalker (Mentioned), and photographers (Mentioned)
| Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |
WC: 1,377
Warnings: Mentions of being stalked, spooky letters, crying, Reader is scared, and fluff
It had been a couple of days since you had posted the picture with you and Steve. Your phone had been blowing up since then, with many people liking and commenting on it. Some asked who the man in the picture was while others just complimented and congratulated you. Even some of your celebrity friends commented on how great you looked, they themselves were curious about the man you were with.
But, today felt... Off. There was no other word to describe it. After making that post, you felt uneasy about the fact that your stalker might see it. It didn't help that they seemed to know when you were going out or coming home. You had tried changing your schedule but that didn't seem to stop them. You were thankful you had Steve around, him only being around the block at some hotel, having researched him last night, you've come to know how good of a bodyguard he was. Now, you were not stalking him, you just wanted to know who else he's worked for and how successful he was. And, true to what he said. He was good.
Getting up and off your couch, stretching your arms up in the air, you notice something move in the corner of your eye. Looking over, you see a small piece of paper in front of your door, obviously having been slid under it. You stare at it for a moment, your mind racing with so many thoughts and worries, as you pick it up and look at it closer.
"What is this?" You ask yourself quietly before reading it aloud. "You are mine!" It read in dark red ink, startling you.
You're breathing picked up as you read the letter, seeing that the words, 'You are mine!' were written over and over again. The letters near the end being scrambled and jumbled to the point you couldn't understand them. Your eyes went wide as you put the letter down on your kitchen island, staring at it. Your stalker knew where you lived? That scared you. What if they got in here? You quickly moved back to your couch, grabbing your phone from its spot and dialing Steve's number.
Steve picks up his phone after two rings, answering it quickly. "Hello?" He says into the phone, sounding like he's tired.
"Hey, Steve." You say, trying to sound calm.
"Yeah, Y/N? What's wrong? Has something happened? Are you alright?" He asked, sounding worried.
"I... I don't know! I got this weird note that just came through my door saying..." You pause for a second. "...'You are mine!' Over and over again." You finish.
"Do you think it's your stalker?" Steve asks calmly.
Your eyes widen, nodding slowly. "Y... Yes. Yeah, it could be," You reply softly.
He takes a deep breath, sighs loudly, and then replies, "Alright. I'm going to come over there, alright. I don't think it's safe for you to be alone. I'll be there soon."
"Okay..." You murmur, hanging up the phone and looking at the letter once more. "Crap."
Steve shows up right away, you let him in once he arrived and stood there nervously as he picked up the letter. His deep blue eyes stared down at the piece of paper, a deep frown on his face as his eyes scanned the words. "This isn't a joke, is it?" He growled.
"No. It's definitely real," You replied, sitting down on your couch and watching him.
His eyes widened, "He knows where you live..." Steve mumbles, his voice filled with worry.
"Yes," You nod. "That's why I called you."
Steve's eyes narrowed as he thought hard for a few moments. Then, he sighed, running a hand through his hair, giving you time to see what he was wearing.
Steve was wearing a plain white shirt, tight around the chest, showing off his muscular physique. He wore black pants that fit tightly against his legs and waistline. You gulped silently. Why did your bodyguard have to be so attractive?
After thinking for a bit longer, he spoke up, "Well, we can't do anything now, until morning."
"M... Morning?" You blink, confused.
Steve nods, "We can't do anything tonight. It's getting late, and who knows if this person is out there waiting for you to leave or something." He spoke, dropping the letter back on the island before turning to you with his hands planted firmly on his waist.
"Oh. Right." You nod, looking down at your lap. "Can I ask you for a favor?" You ask.
"Sure. Anything." Steve nods, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Could you... Stay the night... Here?" You ask curiously.
Steve stares at you for a moment, blinking rapidly before speaking up. "If you want me to, I can, but I'll just be down the street."
"Please, Steve... I'm scared." You whisper, tears beginning to form in your eyes.
You were scared, you didn't want to be alone with the fact that your stalker knew where you lived.
Steve's eyes soften slightly as he looks at you before he sighed and nodded. "I'll stay. it'd be safer for me to stay here with you for the time being anyway. If you like, I'll call the hotel and cancel my reservations, and tomorrow you and I can pick up my things before I drop you off at your photoshoot." He offered.
You smiled, wiping away your tears and nodding. "Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate it."
Steve smiles, "No problem."
That night, you grabbed some extra pillows and a few blankets and set up Steve's bed on your couch, feeling sort of bad that he was downgraded to a couch, rather than sleeping in a nice hotel bed.
Once you finished setting everything up, you turned when Steve stepped out of your bathroom, and changed into a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. Stopping yourself from staring too long, you smiled at the man, and gestured to the made couch.
"Here you go." You offer him, which he accepts gratefully. "I hope it's alright. Let me know if you need more blankets or pillows or anything." You smile.
"This will work great, thank you, Y/N."
He grabs one of the pillows and lays it behind himself, propping up his head while he drapes the blankets across himself.
"Alright then, good night Steve." You murmur, turning off the living room light.
"Good night." He replied before you headed to your room, shutting the door.
You sit on your bed, and you lay down, curling up into a ball and closing your eyes.
♥ ♥ ♥
Dressed in a black Gucci jumpsuit, you posed in front of the camera for the Rolling Stones magazine. You had been doing a photo shoot for their latest issue and you were loving every moment of it, posing in front of the cameras as they snapped photos. They would give you a little direction and just told you to act like yourself.
The photographer smiled. "Don't forget to smile!" He calls out to you, snapping a picture. "Perfect!"
Steve was standing near the exit of the room, arms crossed, surveying the area. His eyes go to you periodically. He was dressed in a simple black t-shirt and dark jeans, again. He looked good in anything you realized. You always found yourself staring at his arms when he was wearing that tank top, noticing how toned and well-defined they were. Him in that black shirt, was making your heart race. You just wanted to touch him. Distractingly, your eyes trailed up his body, resting on his face. You loved his big, expressive eyes. His full, pink lips. The way he pursued them when he was thinking.
"Y/N, do you need a break?" The photographer called out to you.
"Yeah," You snap out of your gaze, nodding. "Let's take a short break."
"Alright! We'll be back in fifteen!" He cheered, turning around and heading towards the back.
"Come on, Y/N. You can do this. You've been around cute guys before." You mumbled to yourself, but slowly, your gaze went back to him.
"But they were never this cute." You thought to yourself, biting your lip before sighing.
These couple of weeks were going to be interesting.
@lucifersnipnips @princess-paramour
Let me know if you want to be added to the taglist
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wiypt-writes · 2 years
Consciousness Of Guilt
Tumblr media
Chapter 22
Summary: You and Andy celebrate impending parenthood…and then welcome your new addition.
Warnings: Language, adult themes, Smut (NSFW, 18+)
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar the reader and any other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer. I do not consent to my work being translated or posted elsewhere. If you see this fiction on any site other than Tumblr it has been taken without permission.
W/C: 7.3k
A/N: Thanks to my beta @spectre-posts​
Consciousness Of Guilt Masterlist // Main Masterlist
Chapter 21
Tumblr media
Andy’s hand was clasped around yours as you sat on the chair outside the radiographer room. You stole a glance at your husband as he sat, his eyes focusing on a spot a little way away.
You gave his fingers a gentle squeeze and he turned to you, smiling.
“Can you believe we’re here already?” You said softly, “five months?”
"No, to be honest, it's flown." He gave your hand a squeeze in return and kissed the back of your hand.
It felt like time had stopped for you both and took ages for the nurse to call your name. The two of you stood and with his hand on your back, and yours on your bump, Andy guided you to the nurse waiting in the open doorway.
You were directed up onto the bed and got yourself comfortable as instructed and then smiled at the Doctor as Andy took a seat besides you. Once again, he fell silent and you knew why.
Today you found out if Baby Barber was pink or blue.
In all honesty, you’d been happy to leave the sex a total surprise. But when you’d asked Andy, he’d confessed he wanted to know. And he’d never admitted out loud why, but you knew. If it was a boy, he wanted to be prepared.
"Hey," you said softly, "I know."
Andy looked at you, an apologetic expression on his face and you gently took his hand again, pressing a kiss to his knuckles just above where his platinum wedding band sat.
"Alright, Mrs Barber, tuck your pants down and pull your shirt up to your bra band. Let's see what we have today, if Baby Barber is ready to show us of they're a boy or girl."
You did as told and that seemed to jerk Andy out of his contemplation and he smiled at you, his eyes flicking to your bump before they looked back at your face.
You beamed at him, the nervous excitement in your bones coming through your smile. It was time and no matter what, it would be different than the last for him. You knew deep down Andy feared raising a boy and having things in his life go the same way they had with Jacob.
Very quickly your own thoughts were silenced as the sounds of your baby's rapid heartbeat filled the room and you felt your cheeks pinch from your grin and your eyes sting from the burn of happy tears.
Your doctor typed in a few codes and measurements on his pad and looked up at the screen pointing out the baby's perfect shape and image, reading the heart rate and circumference of their head.
"Everything looks text book. They're right on schedule and I'm going to guess you're due on time so far still, and while it's still a bit soon to tell, they'll be around six pounds maybe seven and a half at delivery. But we'll see." Then he smirked, "you ready for the big news?"
You looked at Andy and he nodded, sitting up as he took a deep breath.
“Yeah…” you smiled at the doctor. Your fingers remained laced in Andy's hand while your other arm settled above your head.
A few adjustments of the ultrasound wand and a little roll of the ball on his keyboard and your doctor turned the screen towards you and Andy, more dead on. "Baby Barber is a baby girl."
“Oh…a girl?” Andy whispered, his lips curling into a smile. “Angel…”
“Yeah…” you sniffed.
He leaned over and gave you a soft kiss as you spluttered a laugh. "A little girl...."he cried against your lips. His forehead pressed to yours and you reached up, wiping the tears from his eyes with your thumbs.
“You okay?” You asked him gently.
"Yeah," he nodded and whispered. "I love you, so much, Angel."
“I love you too.” You smiled as he pulled back.
“Do you guys want a copy of the scan image?” The doctor asked and you nodded.
"Yes," you both said together and couldn't help but laugh at yourselves.
"Congratulations! Let me get this printed up for you and we will schedule your next appointment at the desk."
Fifteen minutes later you were heading back out to the parking lot, Andy’s arm around your waist as you walked, the photo in your hands.
“Best start thinking about names, huh?” Andy pressed a kiss to your temple.
"Yeah, suppose so." You sighed contently.
“You hungry?” Andy asked as you stopped at his Audi and he opened the door for you.
"I could eat, I could always eat."
“Patti’s? We’re not due back in the office until 2.”
"Patti's is great." You nodded. "A cheesecake snack sounds delicious!"
Andy chuckled as he made sure you were settled and comfy before he headed around to the drivers side. Once he was behind the wheel, he took a deep breath and turned to you.
“You do know, if it had been a boy…I wouldn’t have loved him any less.”
“I know.”
"I mean it, Angel," Andy sighed as he started the car. "I..."
"Andy, I know." You turned to him as best you could, "and I would expect the apprehension. But I understand. I always have."
The drive to Patti's was quiet, both of your minds on what led ahead. A new baby girl, a first daughter for Andy and clearly your first baby. It was a huge deal, a happy one that you couldn't describe entirely. His hand held yours and every so often his lips would find the back of your hand as he drove through town.
“So…” you grinned at him as he held the door open for you, “I had an idea about how we could tell everyone.”
"Yeah? Tell me, honey." His hand fell to the small of your back again as the two of you waved at Patti as she stood behind the counter.
“Imma record the bit on Jurassic Park where Muldoon says clever girl…” You revealed your plan just as you and Andy slipped into the booth and he roared, quite literally roared with laughter. So much so that his eyes watered and his cheeks flushed above his bearded face.
You grinned, as Patti walked over, her brow arched.
“Something tickled him…” she observed and you popped a shoulder.
"Yeah, our baby....girl!" You grinned at the woman who'd become a surrogate family member over the years.
“Ohhhh!” Patti clapped her hand over her heart, “a little girl, to wrap him around her little finger!” She bent over to hug you, “that’s amazing”.
"Thank you, Miss Patti," you grinned.
She then turned her attention to Andy and pressed a sweet kiss to his cheek and hugged him tightly. "I'm thrilled for you both, I truly am. Lunch is on the house, and cheesecake to go."
“Look, we gonna have the usual argument where I just stick a twenty in the tip jar?” Andy arched his brow
"Yup." She winked and quite literally hopped off with a bounce in her step.
"How do you feel about the name Patti?" You looked at Andy, before he burst out laughing. "Okay, yeah me too," you snorted. "But I love that woman."
"Maybe she has some ideas," Andy plucked a menu, even though he wasn't going to order from it as his order was always the same. "You know, kick start our minds."
"Well, think on it," you sighed, "what would you choose?"
“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “I always thought maybe I’d name a girl after my mom but the more I think about it, the more I don’t want anything connected to my past, at all.”
“Yeah…” you bit your lip, “I know what you mean.”
"We have a little time, Angel," he reached across for your hand, "let's enjoy it." He sighed softly, "a girl. It's still settling in, you know."
“I know.” You smiled, “it’s all still sinking in for me.”
Andy couldn't help but smile as Patti set your drinks before you. A coke for Andy and a water with lemon for you. It wasn't until halfway through your lunch that Andy shook his head, "you know what, we're not going back to the office today. Fuck it, we're going home, I'm going to treat my ladies to an afternoon and evening of pampering at home and we are going to let everyone know about our little girl."
You blinked before you shook your head, “double T is already moaning-“
“Fuck her.” Andy snorted.
"She wants to fuck you," you rolled your eyes. "I'm gonna kill her."
“No you’re not.” Andy chuckled.
"No, but I mean, I'm capable," you joked.
Andy's face froze and his expression hardened. "That's not funny."
You looked at him with mischief in your eyes and a twitch of your lips, "I thought it was."
He sighed, “don’t…”
"Alright, fine." You sighed, "I'm sorry. It was a poorly timed joke."
“Hmmm,” he arched a brow, “when are your jokes anything but poorly timed?”
"At least mine aren't permanently dad jokes." You sniggered.
Andy shrugged and popped a shoulder, “you love my dad jokes, Angel,”
"I do, I really do," you winked, "you old bone, you."
At that he leaned down a little, his arms resting on the table and his voice dropped. “I can give you an old bone if you want.”
“Andrew Steven Barber!”
"What?" He snorted. "I mean how else did you think I was going to pamper my wife."
“Oh, I dunno…maybe a massage, foot rub, facial…”
"I can give you all of those," his gaze went dark for a moment.
You grinned as you bit your lip. “Yeah?”
He hummed deeply, "mmhmm."
"And the facial?" You raised a brow.
At that he smirked, “it’s supposed to be very good for the skin…”
“What- oh my god!” You reached over and slapped his arm, “you’re vile!”
Andy nearly choked on a fry and you shook your head at him. "Let's get outta here," he winked.
That afternoon you got your ‘pamper’ and more, which was the way your entire pregnancy went down.
Andy couldn’t have been any more attentive if he tried, sharing in your excitement at every little milestone as if this was his first time too.
Your hunt for a new house had been put on hold when at sixteen or so weeks you’d suddenly come across all funny when viewing a place in the suburbs. You'd only just made it to the bathroom in time to throw your stomach contents into the immaculately clean toilet bowl, and Andy and you had decided then and there to wait until your baby was here and you’d both got more time and head space to think about purchasing somewhere and no doubt wanting to decorate it throughout.
Time felt like it flew after your gender scan. Family and what friends you both had were thrilled and high amused at your gender reveal and you'd started your list of names around six months.
But it was a list that seemed to grow and grow instead of shrinking. And by the time you were five weeks off giving birth, you had twelve choices, and neither of you were any closer to making a decision.
"This is crazy, Andy," you said with a hefty sigh as you sat in your glider, watching him put together your daughters crib.
“You know, if we can’t choose, we could just put the names in a hat.” Andy teased as he worked.
"Maybe we just have to look at her. Then figure it out?" You shrugged. Grant whined as you pushed his heavy head off your lap. "I'm too hot, Grant." And you were, despite the December weather.
“I still like Holly,” Andy looked at you, and you chuckled.
“That’s because it’s almost Christmas,” you grinned. “You’re feeling festive.”
Andy popped a shoulder and then stood, admiring his work as the final piece was secured. "Suppose so."
The speaker which was playing a selection of random tunes that Andy had on his Spotify, flicked over to something non-festive which you vaguely recognised but couldn’t quite place as you held out your hand. Andy tugged you to your feet as you wrapped your arms around him, as much as the basketball in your belly would allow.
“Good job, BB” You beamed and he chuckled, kissing your head.
You stood, Andy humming along to the music slightly as you looked around the fully decorated nursery before you then heard the bridge and chorus of the song as Andy gently sang along.
“Lucy in the sky with diamonds…” His soft baritone filled your ears and you smiled, before you pulled back, a warm feeling filling your chest.
"Andy...That's it. Lucy.”
Andy looked down at you, “huh?”
"Her name.... Lucy."
Andy blinked and then looked at you, before he chuckled. “That was my moms middle name, well, Lucille.”
"Oh, well, we don't," You sighed. "Back to the list."
You knew how he felt about names of the past just as much as you did and you hadn't even thought of it as you'd said Lucy.
“No…no, I…I like it.” He smiled as kissed your head, “and wanna know some random, pointless trivia from the depth of my mind?”
"Humor me."
“Lucy comes from the Latin word ‘lux’ meaning ‘light’. And she's our brightest light, like you were mine." You couldn't help but sniff, your hormones getting the better of you. Andy smiled, his face soft as he cupped your face. “Yeah. Lucy Barber, I like it.”
You blinked slowly, "its beautiful. Now her middle is all we need."
At that, Andy looked a little sheepish, “yeah…erm, I kinda had a thought already…just a little one, and it’s just now making me feel a little like a total hypocrite as I know I said I didn’t want anything connected to the past…”
"Okay," you dragged out.
“Well, when I was swimming yesterday, I was thinking about when me and Laurie were deciding on Jake’s name,” he took a deep breath, “and, well, cut a long story short, his middle name was Owen, his initials being J and O. So…how would you feel about Jo?”
"Lucy.. Jo.. Barber is the perfect name for our little girl, Counselor. Well done, Daddy."
He sniffed as he smiled and nodded. “Lucy Jo it is.”
You beamed as he whispered, "thank you."
"For her brother being here even if..."
You silenced him as you stood on your toes to give him a kiss. "Enough."
He gave you an apologetic smile and you pulled away, his hand reaching down to your bump. A smile spread across his face as his hand gently moved, mapping his daughters movements beneath your skin.
“She’s wriggly, huh?”
“Very." You giggled. "Let's order pizza and sit on the couch, you can tell her her name."
“Sure, you head down, I’ll just clear this lot up and be right with you.” He gestured to the various plastic and cardboard wrapping the crib had been in, and his tool box.
"Okay," you kissed his bearded cheek and made sure to allow it to linger. "I love you, Andy."
“Love you too, Angel. So, so much.“
Andy watched you go before he turned and looked around the freshly decorated room which was now pretty much complete and ready for your baby girl when she arrived in the new year.
Whilst you’d both considered the fact you would be moving house eventually, you’d still wanted to decorate for your new baby. The walls were an off white colour, bar the one against where the crib lay, which was a pale dusty pink. The shabby chic decor was sweet and simple, pure and innocent. Andy took it all in and and felt his face tingle with emotion. This was his life now, the most valuable second chance he'd ever be given.
Taking a deep breath, he tidied his tools away, gathered the various wrappers the crib had been flat packed in and scooped it into an awaiting trash bag. Slinging it over his shoulder, he headed down the stairs, his heart full.
He smirked to himself, 'Lucy Jo', he thought. "Always with me, bud."
You'd changed into your pyjamas; which by now were merely a sports bra and a pair of Andy's sweats before padding down into the living room and taking up refuge on the couch in Andy's spot. The chase lounger had become more comfortable for your back and swelling ankles lately and he didn't mind it one bit. He did however hate how Grant still attempted to burrow his spotted bastard way into your side and would take his sweet ass time, stretching, grunting and moaning as Andy waited for him to move.
You picked up your phone, called in your typical pizza order and waited for Andy to join you.
He walked into the living room, giving you as smile as he headed through to the kitchen, then out to toss the bag of trash.
“Fuck, it’s cold!” He exclaimed as he came back in, shutting the door quickly. He looked at you with your belly out and in his pants and your full breasts spilling out of your sports bra.
"I'm sweating!" You snorted.
"I was going to start a fire." He plopped down onto the couch.
“Please don’t!” You groaned as he looked at you, his eyes twinkling in the light of your Christmas tree.
"Then keep me warm!" He joked as he wrapped himself around you, the feeling of his cool clothes and cold hands on your body made you moan in comfort and relief as he did so. The tip of his nose buried into the joint behind your ear his lips pressed into your neck.
You shuddered a little, turning your face to meet his, “how exactly do you propose I do that?“
"I mean we've got ways," he kissed you again.
Soon enough you were naked from the waist down, straddling him, his cock deep inside you as you rocked gently to and fro. Your swollen belly rubbed along his solid abs and hairy chest.
"Andy, I'm close."
“Me too, Angel…” his hands held your hips, palms resting either side of your bump.
"Feels so good... I can't... I gotta...." You tensed trying to hold off until he was right there.
“Let go, honey…” his lips softly kissed at the swell of your cleavage, “I gotchu…”
Your head titled back as you came, a silent 'oh' curving your lips as your body gave way around Andy.
“Atta girl…” he grunted, thrusting up into you, his feet planted firmly in the soft shag of the rug.
It was long and intense, your hormones making you crazed and sensitive, soaked and so pliant to his ways. You were that far gone, you weren’t aware Andy was quickly reaching his own end and barely registered the groan and soft whimper of your name as he stilled his movements, before two shallow thrusts saw him sag back in the seat, a hum rolling in his throat.
"Fahk, Angel." He panted. "You alright?"
“Mmmhmmm.” You managed, your face burried into his neck as his hands smoothed up and down your back.
Then he had to chuckle as he felt a little flutter at his belly, where your bump pressed against his abs. "I think we woke Lucy up."
“Well, sure she will be getting her own back when she’s here.” You sat up and looked down at him. “I do love that name you know, I hadn’t even considered it until before but…it’s so beautiful.”
"Like her Mom," he sighed. He helped steady you as you sat up and climbed off him, finding your panties and his sweats from the floor. A knock sounded and Andy bolted upright, tugging his own sweats up and snatching his shirt.
He pulled it over his head as he headed to the door, grabbing the pizzas and handing over a tip before he kicked it shut and made his way back in You were waddling back into the living room having grabbed him a beer and you a water.
"I'm starved."
“Yeah me too.” Andy opened the boxes as you sat down and once settled he placed one on your lap, grabbing his.
You happily twitched your feet as you dug into your anchovy and pineapple pizza, each bite making Andy gag internally while he enjoyed his combo slices. Grant stood at the end of the couch waiting for a drop of anything the entire time.
As you ate, you flicked through Netflix, settling on a crime drama thriller flick that Andy picked apart the whole time.
“Oh my god!” You slapped his arm as he pointed out the ridiculous error one of the cops had made in the investigation, “will you stop!”
"It's fahking ridiculous!" He snorted.
"This is why we can't watch these movies. You can't see the entertainment value and not go full DA, every time!" You laughed.
“The least they could do is make them realistic…”
“They’re not supposed to be, they’re entertainment!” As you spoke, a big kick from Lucy made you suck air in through your teeth.
“Hey, you okay?”
“Yeah, even she’s thinking you’re being a douche!” You laughed as you rubbed your belly.
"Or its the disgusting pizza you plagued her with." He sighed and handed Grant the last of his crust.
“She’s the reason I wanted that!” You scoffed as he placed the empty boxes on the table and moved. His hand gently splayed over your skin and he bent down.
“You think your old man’s an idiot already, huh Lucy Jo?”
Your fingers ran through his hair and scratched at his neck as he talked to your stretched out belly. It was the start of your nightly routine where he'd talk to her for a long while and you just listened, feeling her moving through you and watching his body language and eyes react. But tonight, hearing her name from his lips choked you up.
He chuckled at something he’d said and then sat up, his eyes meeting yours. “You alright?”
"Yeah," you sniffed. "Perfect."
The happy mood stretched over the holidays, your parents flying out the day before Christmas Eve and staying until the 3rd January. And then, you really were on the home stretch. You finished work the day before your parents arrived to start your maternity leave, and in the days running up to your due date, Andy was on high alert.
He called you at least twice an hour from the office, and every single little movement or twinge you felt had him dashing for the keys and your hospital bag that was permanently by the door.
"Andy, settle down," you laughed on one evening.
He had barely come home from work when he’d demanded to know in full details how you felt, despite the fact you had told him less than an hour ago when he’d called to say he was leaning the office. And now, the two of you were squabbling playfully over what to eat for dinner.
He chuckled a little as he held his hands up. “Fine, okay, you want the chicken then…”
"Yes, please."
“Okay.” He moved around you to pull the accompanying veg for the tray bake out of the fridge.
Andy roughly chopped the veg before tossing it into a roasting tin along with the chicken thighs before coating it in oil, herbs and spices, and placing it in to the oven. Grant whined at your feet as you sat in the stool at the bar watching your husband and soon to be father of your daughter.
“What’s up with him?” Andy turned from where he’d been cleaning down the side and you shrugged.
“Dunno, he’s been like that all day.”
"Huh," Andy shrugged. “I’ll walk him after dinner.”
In thirty minutes your food was served as the two of you sat at the dining room table just off your kitchen. Grant remained under your feet as you and Andy ate the meal he prepared with a sparkling water in your glass and a beer in his.
You ate some of it, but then started to feel a little uncomfortably full, heartburn your worst enemy at the moment and you pushed your half full plate away and exhaled.
“I’m full,” you shrugged, before you burped slightly and slapped your hand over your mouth, “and this heartburn is a bitch.”
Andy chuckled a little at your mishap and smirked. "I'll clean up, go relax."
“Okay…” you took a deep breath as you pushed your chair back and made to stand. But then a wobble came to your legs and you leaned forward, a hand to your belly, the other to the table top.
Andy was up like a shot, speaking your name as his hand gently came to rest on your back, the other curling around your arm in support. You inhaled through your nose and slowly through your mouth. "I'm okay... I think."
He gently rubbed your back until you straightened up and took a deep breath. The unasked question hung in the air and you looked at him, “I don’t know…”
"Okay. Let's just take it slow, see how it goes." Andy helped you do the couch and you listened as he went back to clean up from dinner. Grant didn't leave your side as he did so.
When Andy joined you not even ten minutes later. You felt flushed from the inside out and your skin tingled.
"I think I want to stand for a few minutes."
Andy didn’t even question you. He stood and helped you to your feet. Thirty minutes from your first weird feeling, you had another, just as you were pacing the living room floor.
You gripped Andy’s shirt, the material in the palm of your hands as you breathed deeply, the pressure building in your back and belly.
"Angel, I think we're having a baby."
“Yeah… yeah me too.” You exhaled and looked up at him. "Andy, I want to sit down again."
“Alright…” he helped you down and then crouched in front of you, hands on your knees. “I’m gonna load your bag into the car, then I’ll come back and we’ll just sit quietly until it’s time to go, okay?”
The cramping wasn't intense at the moment but things were definitely happening. You nodded, focus shifting from his voice to your body. He stood, kissing your head, one hand gently on your bump before he left the room.
It took another couple of hours as late into the evening your labor progressed and Andy felt confident enough to persuade you to go to the hospital.
And it seemed he was right, as when you stood to head to the car you felt a wet trickle down your leg.
“My waters…I think…”
“Okay…” Andy smiled, his face beaming with excitement and nerves. “Let’s quickly get you changed and we can go.”
"Yeah, okay, okay." You did what he asked of you. He grabbed a clean change from the laundry room and a towel, dropping everything at your feet and helping you change. Grant whined and paced as you went about.
"Andy...." You strained as a contraction came and came strong.
“Okay, honey…” he stood, your arm curling around his bicep as you breathed in and out, a low groan slipping from your mouth, “just like in the classes…in….out…”
"Wow, this hurts," you ground out.
"Let's get you to the car and we'll go," he stated calmly.
“Don’t worry about the dog, I’ll call Ron.”
"And my parents. Oh God and Eva, Amber, my sister. Jo, oh Andy, you've gotta call Jo."
“Stahp, okay.” He chuckled, “all in good time.”
"Okay, yeah, okay," you swallowed. "Oh here we go again"
Andy waited for you to ride through the contraction before you both headed slowly to the car. The hospital wasn't far but with the icy road and cold weather, Andy took no chances. He had anxiety in his stomach about the conditions but he was in control, he had to be. He set the 4x4 into the tires with the press of a button and off you two headed.
You made it in slow but steady time, and soon you were both heading up to the maternity ward. Checked in and settled into your room, you were hooked up to your IV as your labor progressed. Andy could tell, even before the moans and the sighs of discomfort arrived that a contraction was happening as your conversation would tail off.
"Breathe through it, Angel," he held your hand, the back of your palm pressing against his bearded lips as you squeezed his hand. "You're doing great, baby."
“God, this hurts…” you sagged back, a temporary reprieve as you looked at him. “Where’s my epidural?”
"Soon baby, it's coming Y/N."
You nodded and then looked at him. “Andy?”
“I’m real thirsty.”
"I'll get you some ice, you just can't have anything else. I'll ask about a popsicle."
“Oh, yeah…popsicle sounds great,”
"Cherry or grape?"
“Both?” You asked, hopefully
"We'll shoot for one."
“Cherry then “
"Okay." Andy let go of your hand and headed to the door, poking his head outside into the hall. He quickly came back and behind him was your anesthesiologist.
“Mrs Barber, I’m here to do your epidural.”
"Oh thank God," you chuckled dryly.
The man smiled softly and shortly, you were all done, epidural administered and you could finally have your coveted popsicle
You felt much more relaxed as your contractions were pressure filled rather than painful. You and Andy passed the time by talking and him gently encouraging you to rest and close your eyes for a little while because your time to push would soon be upon you and your entire world was about to be rocked again, and very happily so.
You woke a little later, to see Andy dozing in the chair by the bed.
He stirred, and cracked one eye open, before he smiled and sat up, “hey, you okay?”
“Yeah, what time is it?”
“Erm…” he reached for his phone, “just gone 2am. You’ve been out an hour or so.”
“Did you-“
“Spoke to your mom before,” he nodded, “and Ron has been to collect the spotty bastard.”
"Stop calling him that," you sighed. "Can you help me turn, I can't feel anything but I need to move."
“Yeah, sure.” He stood up, stretching and cracking his neck. “Dumb question but apart from the obvious, you feeling okay?”
"Yeah, I'm tired though. Just can't seem to get comfortable enough to rest long enough."
"You're almost there, Angel, I promise." Andy sighed, helping you roll from one side over to the other. He ran his hand over the top of your head, tucking a strand behind your ear. "I love you." He smiled softly.
"I love you, too." You matched his expression.
“I’m so excited to meet her,” he whispered
Your hands settled atop your massive bump, "me either. Andy... I've waited so long for this. Something I never thought possible until you."
Just then your doctor came in with a nurse. "We're just going to check your numbers and cervix, see how you're progressing. If you haven't dilated much more we might want to start considering Pitocin to help you along a bit. I don't want you to go too long with your water broken."
“Okay,” you nodded.
Andy held your hand as the doctor took a look and she smiled, looking at the nurse then to you. “Your fully engaged, we’re on the home stretch now, Mrs Barber. When you feel pressure, you're going to want to push, alright?" He turned to the nurse, "Let's get her ready."
After a bit of reshuffling and moving you where they wanted, you were ready and sure enough, ten minutes later you felt the band of pressure as it tightened around your back and abdomen
"I need to push," you told everyone.
“Okay, chin to your chest…” the doctor instructed.
You nodded and tucked your chin down. Andy’s hand gave yours a squeeze as you did as told, gritting your teeth.
You pushed for thirty minutes, completely spent but had one or two more to go and your daughter would be taking her first breath.
“I’m so tired,” you looked at Andy as he leaned over, his lips brushing your head.
“You’re doing so well, Angel, so well.” He coaxed, “you got this, okay. A few more…”
"I can't, Andy, I just can't." You started crying from hormones, emotions and exhaustion.
“Yes, yes you can.” He gave you a soft kiss, his voice calm and gentle, but also firm. “I know you can.”
"Her head is out, one more, Mom, you can do it," your nurse encouraged.
Your hand tightened around Andy’s as another contraction hit you, and you summonsed every last bit of strength you had. You pushed, letting out a loud groan and cry as you did.
And then, your ears picked up the loud cry of a baby coming into the world. You'd done it, Lucy Jo Barber had taken her first breath of life in the world.
“Oh, Angel…” Andy sniffed, tears in his eyes, “you did it. You hear that? Oh I’m so fahking proud of you…”
"You got a job to do now, Dad," your doctor summoned him.
“Yeah, erm…”
Despite yourself, even in your tired and drained state, a smile spread across your lips as you watched your usually composed husband flap a little as he hurried down to cut the cord
And as he did so, Lucy was placed on your chest wailing and flailing about, beautifully colored with life and breath, messy with birth muck and you sobbed as your hands reached for her.
“Hi, Lucy…” you whispered through your tears as you pressed your lips to her head, “hi baby…oh, Andy….”
The trauma of the past completely overcome with the beauty of your future and your entire world that screamed in your arms. Andy let out a sob as he wiped his eyes, one large hand cupping the back of his baby girls face. "Hi, Bunny…” he whispered softly. You smiled at his nickname, one he’d come up with a few months back when you remarked she felt like she was jumping around inside your belly one evening, the first time you’d seen the movements from the outside as well as felt them
“Angel, she’s beautiful.” He kissed her forehead and then your lips before his nose tucked into the crook of your neck as he just sobbed.
“I’m sorry…” the doctor spoke gently, “but we just need to borrow her for her scores and then you can have her straight back.”
Andy moved back, wiping his eyes and when the doctor and nurse briefly took Lucy for her vitals and measurements, he kissed you deeply.
"I'm so proud of you, so wonderfully proud of you, Angel."
You smiled and then once Lucy was cleaned up and wrapped in her little blanket, Andy was offered his chance to hold her for the first time
You watched him, your heart soaring as you took in the sight of him with a baby in his arms and how natural he looked. His tired eyes, red and swollen from tears of joy, his lips pursed and puckered, softly moving as he whispered his secrets to her. His bearded cheeks catching those said tears. She looked so tiny with him, and she was.
"Lucy Jo Barber, born at 2:47 am." Your nurse spoke softly, "six pounds, seven ounces, twenty inches long."
You were cleaned up and stitched up as Andy held Lucy and all you could do was watch and feel the intense love you now had for them both.
"You ready for her, Mom?" The nurse wondered, and you lit up like it were still Christmas.
With a vigorous nod, you allowed the nurse to help you prepare to hold Lucy for the first time. You were going to attempt to nurse her with those first vital drops of life serum from your breast and then get an hour of just the two of you together, skin to skin, resting and bonding.
You took her in your arms, and after a few attempts she latched to your breast and started to take her first meal. You looked up at Andy who stood in dumbstruck awe.
"My girls," he sniffed.
You smiled at him, words escaping you
Once Lucy had finished her few little pulls and you'd switched her to your other side, her naked little body bar her newborn diaper rested against your bare chest.
Andy’s finger gently stroked down the side of her cheek as she lay, eyes closed, nuzzling into you, those precious grunts and squeaks of a new born filling the silence between you. "How you doing, Mommy?" He whispered.
"I'm good, so good."
“You hungry?”
“Yeah, and thirsty.”
"I'll make sure you get something real soon," he nuzzled you. "I'm gonna grab you some water though."
“Thank you,” you kissed him softly as he stood up from where he’d been sat on the bed.
Again he went into the hall, and once he closed the door, a great wave of emotion overtook him. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, he couldn’t help but thing about the last time he’d been in a hospital. The day he had to make the decision to turn of Laurie’s life support a month or so after they’d lost Jake. Wiping a hand down his face, he composed himself and flagged a nurse down who promised to bring you a jug of water, and also said that your meal would be along shortly. He then took the chance to fire a few messages off, not surprised in the least when your dads number flashed up on the screen.
“Hey,” Andy greeted him softly,
"Congratulations, son," your dad's wet words clearly audible. "She's beautiful. How's my little girl?"
“She’s great, amazing…I’ve no words,” Andy beamed as he spoke, clearing his throat, “both doing well, healthy…Y/N is exhausted but…fahk, I’m so proud.”
"Yeah, I would be too. She's a looker, Andy. You and Y/N did real good. Her mom is just besotted. Made me call because she can't get the words out. Once you get home, we'll be right back out."
“Of course,” Andy smiled, “be good to have you all, and no doubt Y/N to have her mom around too.”
"Got the flights on standby, you just gotta say when. We'll drag Penny along too."
“Sure thing,” Andy chuckled.
“I’ll let you go, give her our love won’t you?”
“Of course, and I’m sure she’ll call once she’s rested.”
“Take care, Andy. Look after them and congratulations again. We love you all, buddy.”
"Love you guys too," he beamed.
The call cut, Andy placed his phone in his pocket once more struck by the difference in the situations. When Jake had been born, Laurie’s parents, had been pretty hands off when all was said and done, not that it bothered Andy really. Whilst they’d been close in their own way, he had never felt like part of their family. Just the person their daughter had fallen pregnant to and then married. But this…well, this felt different. He loved your family, like they were his own, and when he thought about how your dad would fire him a filthy joke pretty much every day, or message him about the Red Sox or Patriots, it filled his chest with a warm feeling.
And he understood why. Because he felt part of a family unit, not merely the patriarch of one.
The responsibility wasn’t all on his shoulders, he had people he could look up to, turn to, a mother and father in law who he knew wouldn’t judge if he fucked up or needed some advice.
And most importantly, he had a wife that loved him despite his chequered past, because you too knew only too well how the ghosts of time gone by could come back to haunt you when you least expected. You allowed him to talk about his feelings, he didn’t have to hide it when he had a thought about Jacob or Laurie, and likewise neither did you when you had a flashback or something triggered a memory that you didn’t like.
It worked because you both just understood. And that made it liberating, leaving him free to enjoy this second chance at fatherhood. Not in a better way, but a different way.
Stepping back into your room, Andy heard you whispering to your daughter and he stood back behind the curtain to take it all in.
“You’re so loved, Lucy Jo, so loved already, your daddy is going to be the best man in your life, just like he is in mine. And your Grandpa, and Nanny… and Auntie. Not to mention everyone else that’s there too…”
“A big, dumb four legged spotty bastard no doubt ready to eat your dirty diapers…” he spoke softly as he stepped around the curtain and you looked up, chuckling.
"Don't listen to Daddy, Grant is going to protect you and spoil you rotten with his love." You said softly.
"I talked to your dad, he says he's proud of and loves you."
You beamed, “I’ll call them later. The nurse said I can eat once we get up to recovery."
“Yeah, she said she’d make sure of it, did you get your water?”
"I did, just before you walked in."
“Good,” he smiled, raking up his precious place on the bed next to you. “How’s she doing?”
“Sleeping,"you beamed up at him. "She's perfect, Counselor."
“She’s part you, how could she be anything but,” he chuckled, “can I have her again?”
“Of course,” you nodded.
You watched as Andy took his shirt off and settled back in. Gently and carefully, you lifted Lucy off your chest and settled her onto his.
With a gentleness you’d fast loved from the start, Andy’s large and strong arms held her close as he settled back, bending over to kiss her head. He led the blanket over her as you covered up and relished now in the view you had.
“Hey, Looby.”
He shrugged, and looked at you a little sheepishly, “Lucy Loo, kinda sounded like Looby Loo… you know the song? My mom used to sing it to me when I was little.”
You smiled softly, "sing it for her."
With an arch of his brow, Andy swallowed and took a deep breath, Lucy rising and falling against his chest. “Here we go Looby Loo, here we go Looby Light, here we go Looby Loo, all on a Saturday night…” He chuckled a little and looked at you, “I used to swing Jake around all over the place singing that to him, he used to giggle up a storm.”
"Now she will too," you sighed.
“Yeah, I hope so.”
"Talk to me, BB."
“I can’t…I really can’t explain it,” he looked down at Lucy, “I’m just utterly in love, again. And it feels amazing.”
You knew what he meant and yet you didn't. And you were perfectly fine with that. It meant the world to you, the situation you were in and you couldn't have been more grateful.
“When she’s old enough, we can tell her all about Jake,” you looked at him, “she’ll know about her big brother, and what he means to you.”
The wobble in his lips told you you'd hit the soft spot and your tired and sore body leaned forward to kiss him.
"I love you, Andrew Steven Barber, more than I could have ever imagined myself loving anyone again." You whispered against his bare and tattooed shoulder. "Thank you for this life. Thank you for our baby."
“Oh, Angel,” his voice cracked, “it should be me thanking you. You gave me a second chance, not a do over a such, but another pass at fatherhood. Something I never, ever thought I’d want to or get to do again.”
"Then we're even."
“Yeah…” his lips kissed Lucy’s head again as she slept, safe and warm in his arms. “I guess we are.”
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