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saintlulls · 2 days
♱ PROTECTOR. — simon "ghost" riley
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
when a random guy tries to hit on you at the bar, you’re thankful simon was there to help you.
warnings. — drunk creepo at the bar, harassment, price and gaz are oblivious but don’t get mad at them!, reader is a medic at the company but it wasn’t really mentioned.
notes. — based off of this request! thank you, lovely :) i’m not too confident in this one but whatever.
photo creds. — yumethefrostypanda.
Tumblr media
This wasn’t usually your crowd; bar’s weren’t somewhere you spent your time at. You only really went when there was a successful mission. And it just so happened that the boys had done just that, once again. So of course, when they invited you to a bar that a few of them were well acquainted with, you couldn’t possibly say no.
That’s how you found yourself here—playing pool with Gaz and Price as the others chatted away somewhere nearby.
“Ha! I told you, Price: never fuck with me and pool. I’ll smoke you every time,” you boasted, making a dramatic bowing motion in Price’s direction.
Price rolled his eyes, the corner of his mouth tugging up into an amused smirk as he brought his cue stick up on the pool table. “Okay, okay. Don’t get cocky, now.”
You stayed quiet as you watched Price line up the cue stick, silently praying on his downfall. Gaz walked up beside Price, sticking his head in his line of sight, smirking. “I dunno, Captain. Think that’s a miss, right there.”
You giggled as you watched Price straighten his back a bit before shoving Gaz to the side. “Sick of people doubting my skills,” he groaned playfully. “See who’s gonna be laughing after this.”
Just before Price takes the shot, a man walks up beside you. He stood awfully close to you, brushing his shoulder flush against yours and then putting a hand on your lower back. You look up at him, noticing the hazy look in his eyes as his gaze bore down on you. He was obviously drunk, and that added with the strange proximity made you want to move away from him, fast. Though you found yourself unable to look away from him, much less move. It was like your body was stuck. And not willingly.
As soon as the white ball collided with one of the other pool balls, you snapped out of whatever moment you were stuck in. You looked at Gaz and Price, who were too busy having a squabble about Price not making the shot to notice this man who walked up to you like he knew you.
Moving your hand to reach behind your back, you pried the man’s hand off of you, stepping back a significant amount to create distance between you two.
“Don’t fucking touch me,” you spat, immediately getting a feeling of fear when his disturbing smile stayed plastered on his face. He took a step towards you and you took one more back. But when your back hit a chair, you stopped moving. “Fuck off, dude.”
He fake pouted at you. “Oh, come on… I’m much more interesting than some game of pool.”
You looked around the room to hopefully find someone who would help you. Your brain wasn’t really all there in the moment to just yell at him, instead, you were searching for someone. Someone who you didn’t even realize you were looking for specifically, until your eyes landed on him walking out of the bathrooms hallway.
“Ghost!” Within a second, Ghost’s eyes were on yours. And then on the man. You let out a relieved breath when he started making his way over to you, walking so fast you felt out of breath just watching him.
He pushed his way between you and the man and shoved him back roughly. “You okay?” he asked you. All you could do was nod.
“What the fuck is wrong with you, man? We were havin’ a conversation!”
All you saw was Ghost’s fist collide with the man’s face before he was on the ground. The sharp sound of bone cracking and a loud thud as he hit the ground alerted everyone nearby, including Price, Gaz, and the others. Their eyes widened as they took in the scene, the surrounding area going far too quiet, save for the music still playing over the speakers.
It seemed like Ghost took notice of the staring eyes just as you did, as he turned and grabbed your arm to move you in front of him. He placed his hand on the small of your back, but this time you didn’t move it. He guided you two out of the bar and into the cool, night air.
“—The hell was that?” Soap asked, rushing out of the bar after you two barely a few seconds later. The others came out after him, the same look of confusion written on their faces.
Ghost looked at you, noticing the look you were giving him that pleaded for him not to say anything. He sighed, but complied. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it,” he said, turning to the others.
“Didn’t look like nothing,” Alejandro poked.
“It was nothing.”
He furrowed his brows, obviously knowing something was wrong. They all knew something was wrong, but they didn’t push any further when Ghost thankfully shut them down.
“I’m gonna take her home,” you nodded along to what Ghost said. You weren’t sure why, honestly. But you trusted him. “I was gonna call it a night for myself anyway.”
With quick goodbyes and worried glances, you and Ghost left the bar. You made it a point to let them know that bar was now completely off limits for mission celebrations when you were in a cleaner headspace.
Tumblr media
☆ — © saintlulls, 2023 - don’t repost, translate, or copy.
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lvlyghost · 2 days
Cold Nights
Pairings: Simon "Ghost" Riley x F!Reader
Summary: Reader doesn't show up for morning training. Ghost doesn't know what to think.
tw: fluff, angst, mentions of being sick, soldiers being scared of simon lol, ooc simon probably, he calls reader kid, i think that's it🤭
A/N: I'm sick and this came to my mind, I just want simon to take care of me okay???🥹🤧 this is super bad as usual. still hope you like it. pls remember english isn't my first language, corrections are welcome ✨💖
Tumblr media
Ghost doesn't see her at the cafeteria, nor the training room. He's disgruntled. His eyes keep drifting apart from the soldiers in front of him, waiting for the next round of endless push ups he's gonna make them go through.
Why isn't she here?
His body feels restless, pacing back and forth.
Soap doesn't say anything, just shifts his weight from one foot to another.
"Johnny," he calls him. "You're in charge."
"Lt.?" He quirks a brow, not understanding. That's so unlike him.
"Got things to do."
He storms out of the room, the walls rattle when he closes the doors.
It's a cold day. Just like the day before.
Days used to mean nothing to him.
Until she came along. Three years ago.
That woman... he sighs.
Was it something he said? Didn't they talk about it last night?
Everything was fine.
Or so he thought.
"We shouldn't be out here, kid." He mutters. It's freezing, he can see her trembling even beneath her hoodie. Well it was actually his. The hoodie completely swallowing her small form.
"I know, I know!" She laughs. Her cheeks a beautiful shade of pink. "I just... it was too loud inside." That he can agree on. "Is it true?" She asks a few seconds later.
Simon stills. Choosing his next words carefully.
"What Soap said." A heartbeat. "About us."
There's a silence that falls between them.
"Those were the words of a drunk man."
"Were they?" her smile is contagious. Damn her and her beautiful soul. "Would you come with me if I asked you to?"
He stares directly at her, trying to find any sign of doubt. He's always mesmerized by her gentle nature. That's something he never knew. Perhaps that's why he was so drawn to her. Longed to be wherever she was. Breathe the same air.
"I'd say that's highly inappropriate." He states. "And that you've had too many shots of whatever poor excuse of a whiskey Johnny made you drink."
"Price called it piss water." She shooks her head. "You're changing the subject!"
Simon chuckles. He really does.
"You've got such power over me no one else could ever have, kid."
And he's doomed.
He's trying so hard, going through the events of the night, trying to remember. What happened? Nothing out of line was said. She seemed content when they parted ways, right after he had kissed her good night outside her room. Simon saw the way her eyes lit up with a spark he never saw before. The longing stare. Remembers vividly how she had stopped him, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt pulling him down for another heated kiss.
He walks down the corridor with long strides. Hands balled into fists. He shouldn't be this mad. But that was the effect she had in him.
He tries to cool down. Ghost was scared too. What if she had changed her mind and didn't want anything to do with him? He was messing up his head at the mere thought.
He finally makes it to the room, knocking twice before her soft voice tells him he can come in.
Inside the room, all the curtains were closed, not a single ray of light made it inside apart from the lamp casting shadows around. Furrowing his brows he closes the door behind him with a low click.
"Kid?" He calls her. Immediately rolling on her side she welcomes him, red eyes, stuffy nose and looking disheveled.
"Sorry I missed training." She apologizes. Changing to a sitting position and waits for him to sit next to her.
"What's wrong?" He demands with a soft voice. She's still wearing his hoodie from last night. Rubbing her eyes she gives Simon a tired smile.
"I'm just really sick Simon." She answers, he can hear her hoarse voice now.
"Bloody hell, love." His hand goes straight to her face, caressing her cheek. "Did you go to the infirmary?" Closing her eyes, she rest her head against his hand.
"Mhm. Got some painkillers prescribed. Still feel horrible."
"Good, it'll take some time for you to feel better. You need to rest, okay?". The look he gave her leaves no room for discussion.
"Wasn't planning on leaving my bed you know?" He smiles ever so slightly. "Would you stay with me?" When he doesn't answer right away she adds: "never mind you'll catch whatever this bug is and i don't ..."
"Sweetheart," he interrupts her rambling. "Scoot over."
She looks at him wide-eyed.
"You... you don't," she stutters.
"No, I don't mind at all. If there's anything you need just tell me, copy?" She nods, staring at his blue eyes. "Told you we shouldn't have been outside last night."
"Even if it meant catching a cold, I'm glad we did, Simon."
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d3vilsadv0cate · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"We're friends, no?" "We're teammates. Friendship is not in the field manual, Johnny" "Neither is mask-making"
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daisies-daydreams · 3 days
Under the Desk (John Price x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: John Price x F!Reader Category: Smut (18+) Warnings: Oral Sex (M!Receiving), Semi-Public Sex, Swearing, Spanking, Hair Pulling Word Count: 1.2k+
A/N: Just a little something I wrote while I'm working on a few requests. 👅💦
You squealed as you wrapped your arms around Price's thick neck. A small squelch erupted from your lips as he thrusted his tongue inside of your mouth. A small jolt of electricity shot through you as your clothed sex bushed against his stiffening cock. The action earned you an eager squeeze to your bum, your boyfriend’s hand kneading the flesh in his rough palms. Price parted lips with you, his chest heaving as he gazed at you with blown pupils.
“Get under the desk, sweet girl. You know what to do,” Price rumbled, his wet lips dancing over yours. You nodded, your hands trailing down his t-shirt as he pulled back in his office chair. You gave a harsh grind of your hips one more time, savoring how he gasped at the friction. You slowly slid off of his lap, maintaining eye contact the whole trip down. Price stared at you through half-lidded eyes as you shuffled onto your knees, your hands working at his belt.
Price pulled out one of the desk drawers and fished a fresh cigar out. He flinched when your fingers slowly pulled down the elastic of his blue boxers. His hard cock jumped out of his pants, the red tip dripping with precum. You licked your lips, taking his burning hot shaft into one of your hands as you pumped it slowly. Price grunted as he flicked his lighter, setting the tip of his cigar ablaze. He puffed at it a few times before releasing a stream of smoke from his nostrils.
“That’s a good girl,” Price praised as you continued to stroke up and down his length. He inhaled another drag of smoke, only to nearly choke on it when you kissed the tip of his cock. “Bloody fuck,” he groaned when you swirled your warm tongue around his plump, bulbous head. His balls ached as you worked your hands in tandem with your tongue. You raised his dick before licking a stripe from the base all the way up to his leaking tip.
“Fuck, lovie,” Price grunted as he shallowly bucked his hips. You sighed and closed your eyes as he slid his hand down to your head, threading his fingers through your hair. He puffed at his cigar again as he massaged at your scalp.
You moaned around his cock, taking it an inch deeper into your wet cavern. You let your hands fall to his inner thighs as you shifted closer, allowing him to sink in even further.
“That’s right-use your mouth just the way I like,” he rumbled, billows of smoke pouring past his lips. You suckled around his dick before starting to pull your head back, leaving his head between your lips. Price released a subtle moan as you bobbed your head across his length, his cock stuffing your mouth full. His fingers began to grip at your hair as you used your tongue to smooth over the vein on the underside of his cock.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck-“ he grunted. Price quickly set his cigar in his ashtray as you watched the resolve slip from him. His free hand clutched at the arm of his desk chair while he used his other to guide your head up and down his shaft. You repressed the urge to gag as his cock began to hit the back of your throat.
“Mmm, love how your lips wrap around me, baby,” Price swallowed thickly. You squeaked when he thrusted his hips into your mouth, his cock nearly splitting your jaw apart. Tears pricked at your eyes as your fingers raked down his pants.
“Shit-gonna cum,” Price growled, his cock twitching inside your wet cavern. Your eyes opened to look up at him and his face scrunched up.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Captain? Mind if I have a word real quick? It’s urgent," Gaz spoke from the other side of the door.
Price’s head whipped forward before looking down to you. You reflected his gaze of panic, his cock still lodged deep in your throat. Your love’s breathing stuttered as he pushed himself forward.
“Not a sound, bird,” he demanded softly as he scooted you beneath the desk. You nodded as Price straightened his clothes out. He sighed as he held his hands on his desk.
“Come in!” he called. Gaz opened the door, his brows instantly knitting when he saw the Captain's red face.
“You alright, Price? Look a bit feverish,” Gaz stated as he approached the desk. Your heart thrummed against your sternum as you felt some of his precum slide down your throat. Your mind was swimming with arousal, numb to any consequence of being caught. You fluttered your eyes closed as you cracked a wry grin.
“Ah, well, I’m not faring too well-Gaz,” his voice strained as you hollowed your cheeks around his cock. Price's hands squeezed together, his knuckles turning whiter by the second as you swiped your tongue against a prominent vein. Gaz raised a brow, his eyes scanning his Captain.
“Right. Well, there’s some important news from Las Almas,” Gaz stated. Price kept his hands tightly wound together and nodded as Gaz explained the most recent report given by Alejandro. You shallowly drove your mouth up and down his length, careful to not make too many wet sounds. Price’s hands twitched every so often, his left eye twitching whenever his head tapped the back of your throat. Gaz paused.
“You sure you’re alright, Price?” the Sergeant asked. Price nodded and gritted his teeth as you deftly massaged his heavy balls with one of your hands.
“I’m fine, Sergeant,” he seethed as you stroked your thumb across his raphe. His hand slipped down to the arm of his chair, grasping at his as Gaz finished his conversation. Your eyes widened as Price snatched your hair, squeezing his fingers around it roughly. You didn't cease your ministrations as Gaz saluted and saw himself out. You released his dick from your mouth, smiling up at him.
"Little minx," Price huffed. You squeaked as he shoved his cock far down your throat, using your hair to guide you along his thick shaft.
“Think it’d be funny to make me cum in front of one of my men, hm?” he asked. Hot tears streamed down your cheeks as he relentlessly drove himself into your mouth, each squelch louder than the last. He groaned as your eyes rolled into the back of your head, your wall clenching around nothing.
“You're gonna take all my cum like a good girl,” Price grunted when he gave a few more hungry thrusts. He bit his other hand as he stiffened, his cock twitching over your tongue. Your moans were muffled as he came down your throat.
"(Y/N)..." he slurred as you felt the warmth drip down your esophagus.
He panted before shifting his gaze down. You looked up at him with wet doe eyes as he kept your hair in a tight grip. You felt the tension in your throat loosen as he slid you off of his cock. You gasped and sputtered for air, some of his cum dripping down the corner of your mouth. Price clicked his tongue before swiping at the drop and shoving his fingers between your parted lips. You clamped your mouth down and swirled your tongue around his fingers, suckling his spend greedily.
“Fuck-look at you,” he groaned as his chest heaved. You whined as he withdrew his digit, wiping it on his pants leg. You rested your cheek on his inner thigh, your hips wagging like a dogs. Price patted your head before rolling back in his chair.
You blinked as he nodded his head towards the desk.
“Come up here,” Price softly commanded as he curled his finger. You quickly bounded up, squeezing your thighs together as you stood in front of him. The Captain hummed, a dangerous glint in his eye as he rose from his chair. He splayed his hands over your hips before leaning his face down to your ear. You yelped when he laid a sharp smack across ass, the flesh instantly stinging.
“Turn around and bend over," Price rasped as he lined his cock up to your soaked entrance. You shuddered as he raked his teeth over your pulse, his hand wrapping around your hair.
"I'm gonna make sure you truly understand what it means to listen,” he husked.
Thank you for reading! ❤️
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ghostaholics · 9 hours
𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒔𝒊𝒎𝒐𝒏 '𝒈𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒕' 𝒓𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒚 𝒏𝒔𝒇𝒘 𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒏𝒔
Tumblr media
➸ PAIRING: Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley x fem!Reader; 18+ only ➸ BANNER CREDIT: cafekitsune ➸ OTHER GHOST NSFW HEADCANONS: here & here
Tumblr media
➸ BLINDFOLDING: obligatory, a deal-breaker especially early on in the relationship; lots of things he has planned for you that involves his mouth, and while he could pull up his mask as far as he needs to, just have the hem of it resting on the bridge of his nose, sometimes he prefers to do away with it all so as not to become an obstacle that's impeding on his fun – hence, a blindfold (maybe a spare military scarf that he's got lying around or any other scrap of fabric that'll suffice) to block out the visual of his face – the temporary deprivation of sight has your other senses heightened, with tactile being the most obvious as you become extremely responsive to his touch when you’re not sure what to anticipate next (❝ Should tie you up too, tease you 'til you can’t stand it anymore. How’s that sound, sweetheart? ❞)
Tumblr media
➸ RECEIVING HEAD: likes it almost as much as giving; will never turn it down when the opportunity presents itself
(1) deepthroating - you need the practice since you couldn't get it all the first time he fed you his cock, couldn't quite accommodate the girth of him no matter how hard you tried that night; so, you've been working up to it, finally able to get your mouth full, throat fucked, just your wet heat encasing him and he can't help but apply light pressure, palming the back of your head to push you down on his dick and letting out a guttural groan whenever you occasionally gag while taking him down to the base (❝ Breathe through your nose, love. Choking on my cock like this... fuckin' hell. Don't go hurtin' yourself now.❞)
(2) when he's sitting with his legs spread wide, you kneeling in between them and looking up at him through your lashes - doesn't rush you, tells you to slow down in fact, so he can enjoy the sight of your lips wrapped around his dick for longer, how you're so enthusiastic about making him feel good - about cock-worshipping - practically drunk alone on the pleasure of sucking him off as if this might be more for your benefit than it is for his; you start working him with your mouth - gently licking at the seam of the sensitive head and lapping up the prespend there because you're a good girl for cleaning up the clear and sticky mess gathering around his slit before pressing a kiss to the blunt tip, or when your tongue runs wet along the length of him before trying to swallow him down your throat (❝ So good to me... love this almost more than that pretty pussy of yours. C'mere, sweetheart. Gonna return the favor and spoil that li’l cunt with my mouth. ❞)
Tumblr media
➸ PARTIALLY-CLOTHED SEX: can be impatient when he’s in a rush, certainly has little to no tolerance for undressing you or himself for a shag somewhere inconvenient (it’s called a quickie for a reason but he’s only interested when there’s a high probability that you’re already wet before he’s even laid a finger on you, e.g. eye-fucking him across the room for the last hour while lightly chewing on the tip of your pen and dragging it across your bottom lip before pausing at the corner of your mouth, or verbal foreplay throughout the day where you’ve been dropping dirty comments about how you much you’ve been thinking about him just slowly rubbing at the entrance of your cunt, having him fill you up with his fingers or his cock); honestly doesn’t want to waste time sliding into you after all of that – the most he’ll otherwise do is ruck your shirt over your chest to paw at your tits, knead at the flesh and pinch/roll your nipples between his fingers while pounding into you from behind (❝ Move these panties to the side before I rip ‘em off you. Really don’t think you should’ve been bloody wearin’ any in the first place. ❞)
Tumblr media
➸ SQUIRTING: riding him, leaning back slightly with one of your hands grasping at his muscular thigh to stay upright – and the view drives him crazy, how you’re bouncing, fucking yourself down on him over and over, along with these desperate little rolls of your hips; you’re doing so good for him that he makes the executive decision to assume control now, thrusts up into your aching hole, bruising – almost punishing, but he can’t stop when he’s got you moaning even louder now and gasps spill from your mouth when you take him to the root – cockhead brushing against the front of your cunt at this angle every time he drives inside you (❝ Right there, huh? That the spot? Fuckin' know from how goddamn wet you're gettin' me— ❞) and he keeps going until you start coming hard then, soaking his cock so bad that the fresh rush of slick pools across his thighs, leaks down his balls (❝ Christ, got you gushin’ all over me. Let's see it again, c’mon. ❞)
Tumblr media
➸ DEGRADATION KINK: light on the insults, doesn’t necessarily mean it in a literal sense but knows that they have their time and place during sex; he equates them to something affectionate – prefers to use the ones that possess a more positive connotation in lieu of/alongside praise based on the situation and really enjoys how your cunt involuntarily clenches upon hearing that sort of stuff
❝ Yeah, can feel this cunt pulsin’ around my cock. Such a cute li’l fucktoy – jus’ can’t help it, can you? Need you to stay still for me, though. ❞ (e.g. cock warming)
❝ Taking me so well… being so good, aren't you? Careful love, don’t want ‘em hearing how loud you are; they might get the wrong idea about you, moanin’ like a whore and all that. ❞
❝ Where’s my dirty girl want me to finish? Inside, is that it? Fuckin’ Christ you’re a naughty one, sweetheart, lettin’ me fill up this cunt. Greedy for it, like a bitch in heat— ❞
❝ I know you’re more than a cumslut, love. But you beg me to fuck you stupid, damn near let me abuse every single one of these holes of yours, and—c'mon, you see why I might have a hard time believin’ myself, right?”
Tumblr media
➸ HAIR-PULLING: if he finds out you're into it, then he’s very much in favor of grabbing a handful of your hair, fingers spanning over your scalp and slightly tugging so that he tips your chin up – not enough to hurt; usually only does it when he’s trying to get you to look at something (bent over the sink, and you need to look at your reflection, don’t want to miss that, of course) or he just wants something to grab onto (when you’re on your knees while he’s face-fucking you, gotta make sure you maintain eye contact); accidentally discovers you share this kink when his intention is to give you a low warning for teasing him, bringing your ear close so you can hear him properly without him having to raise his voice but you just end up letting out a soft moan in response
(1) if your hair's long enough - he likes wrapping a ponytail around his hand, and will appreciate a nice plait, but he's not choosy
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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d00bmiee · 2 days
Intense Touch-Starved Ghost Brainrot
All I can think about is a touched starved Simon Riley </3
At first he doesn't really know how to act when his S/O brushes their bicep against his as they walk side by side. He would be almost tense upon contact with you, not sure what to do he just tenses up. Over time he leans into your touch, trying to hide how it warms him up inside, basically leaning into it slightly more and more, but he'll never admit how much your touch completes him. He loves when you do simply almost unknowing acts of touch so simple, such as your hands brushing together as you hand him something.
Once he realises how much he loves your touch he'll basically be resting his hand on your thigh as he sits down next to you, having a hand on your back as he walks besides you or just simply having his shoe against yours as you sit at opposing ends of the small kitchen table as you eat dinner. His face cold and almost completely emotionless but his eyes soft as he leans into your touch more, finding it source of comfort, something he never knew he needed until he met you.
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mesukohi · 2 days
Tumblr media
"I can make you talk"
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morthern · 1 day
Tumblr media
König 👉👈 cutie
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annaphoenix1994 · 2 days
Ch.94 - Ghost the Brat Tamer
Previous Chapter - Masterlist - Next Chapter
Tumblr media
Photo Credit: @yumethefrostypanda - check out this blog for so many amazing in-game photos! I personally love it myself!
Tags: Heavy BDSM-style smut (heavily inspired by Fifty Shades as I've watched all three movies this weekend - sorry not sorry!)
The dining room in the lodge was full - having to bring in extra chairs in order to seat everyone in both Kiera's family and Simon's. 
Although the family was together, Simon couldn't help but briefly feel overwhelmed with the swarm of familiar faces as they all sat at the table to mingle before the women would bring in the dinner. Simon couldn't quite agree with waiting at the table along with the other men for the food, but Kiera assured him that it was something both she and her mother enjoyed as well as teasing him that "nothing went wrong when the women of the house served the food". 
Kiera took notice of this and gently cupped his knee with her palm under the table, feeling the halt of his tapping leg after feeling her touch. With his hand resting on top of hers, he found himself merely calming down at her touch. "I'm going to go help mom." She whispered, her hand now resting on his shoulder before she excused herself from the table and towards the kitchen with her mother and Price's wife, Alice. 
"Kiera, darling!" Alice smiled, opening her arms to embrace her. "I'm so happy to see you! This place is beautiful!" 
"I'm so glad you made it!" She smiled into the woman's shoulder. "I was worried your flight was delayed because of the holidays." 
She laughed, "Well, knowing my husband, he was sure to get me to schedule my flight early as well as the earliest time in the morning so that if it did delay, I'd still be here a day early." 
"I'm surprised he didn't go and get you himself." She poked. 
"Believe me, I'm sure he's thought about it!" She giggled. "So, what presentation can I grab to take to the table?" 
"I'm finishing up the turkey now," Eva replied, taking a quick glance towards Jacob and Evie that were in their chairs, smiling at their perfection. I can't wait to spoil you two like eggs! She hummed to herself. "The potatoes and green beans are done."
"Great! I'll go ahead and take them to the table." 
"Thank you so much," Eva smiled, wiping her hands on her apron. "Just keep the sides away from that husband of mine. He's notorious for trying to sneak an early bite." 
"Heavens, I'll have to put them towards the middle because my husband tries to do the same thing too!" Alice laughed. 
"We might as well take it all out at one time, because I wouldn't put it past Johnny to try and sneak a bite, too. He's towards the middle of the table and my dad and Price are on the end." Kiera added. 
"I'm sure Simon wouldn't let Johnny considering he has that established death glare with him, sweetheart." Eva giggled. 
"I don't know about that. He's too busy keeping an eye on that boy." 
"How's the young man doing?" 
"He's improved a lot," Kiera relieved. "He and Simon had a rough start, but he's growing on him." 
"You mean Simon is growing on him?" Eva questioned, confused. 
"No, Baler is growing on Simon," She corrected. "They're just alike." 
"You know, I was just thinking that little Baler and Simon have similarities." 
Kiera hummed in agreement, glancing towards the dining room to make direct with Simon who had been staring - admiring - at her. She wasn't sure what he was thinking about when she caught him staring, but she couldn't overlook the gleam of lust behind those brown eyes of his. She smirked at him, getting out of her mother's line of sight before removing her phone from her jacket pocket, purposely sending Simon a rather suggestive image of herself she had taken and meant to send to him, but she was glad she waited until now to send it, knowing she was continuing the dangerous dance of lust.
She watched him look at his phone, concealing it under the table as a part of him knew she had sent him something only his eyes needed to see. 
Breathing heavily through his nose, he knew he was going to rail her twice as long for teasing him - especially having the nerve to test his intimate patience while in an area where he couldn't express it. Bloody lass is going to be begging me to let her come, he huffed to himself, knowing he and Kiera shared the same heavy desire towards each other courtesy of their playful teasing hours prior. 
Although it was completely unexpected that the Thanksgiving dinner took longer than expected as judged from the year prior, Simon and Kiera ended up heading back home a quarter until one a.m. "Sir, can I sleep in the bunkhouse tonight?" Baler asked suddenly, catching the couple off guard. 
He gulped in nervousness, "I know it's late, but with the holiday I figured I'd sleep in the bunkhouse and get started early with chores..." 
"Why don't you want to sleep here?" Kiera questioned, her brows furrowed in concern as she suddenly felt like Baler didn't want to be in their household. 
"Honestly," He sighed. "That couch is very comfortable and I'm afraid I'll oversleep where I don't have an alarm clock. I figured if I slept in the bunkhouse, I'll be up when the wranglers do and won't get behind." 
Kiera shrugged, "I respect your responsibility, honey. If that's what you want to do." 
"I'll take you down there." Simon responded, holding Evie close to his chest as Kiera did the same with Jacob, keeping their small bodies secured within the warmth of their blankets. 
"O-Okay. Thank you." 
You just did yourself a favor, lad, Simon mused, strongly resisting a smirk as Baler had unconsciously saved himself from possibly having to hear the couple's unedifying and extended withholding from each other. "Just give us a minute to put them to bed and I'll take you down there." 
"Okay. I'll wait on the couch." 
Simon followed behind Kiera on the way to the nursery, watching her lay Jacob's drowsy body into his crib, smiling at how he nursed on his pacifier with heavy eyelids. However, Evie wasn't as easy to put down for bed as she grew to grow restless after being carried. "She's probably hungry, babe. I'll get her settled while you take Baler to the bunkhouse." 
He nodded, handing Evie to her mother before his hands found their way to her hips, squeezing slightly as he pressed his lips to the crown of her head, "I didn't forget about that stunt you pulled at dinner." 
She blushed, "Oh... My phone must've been acting up and sent that picture by accident." 
"No, I think you were acting up, love," He breathed against her hair. "Don't be a brat about it." 
"I might just be a brat," She giggled. "You won't do anything about it." 
He sighed heavily through his nostrils, "You'll see." 
"Should I break out the burn creme from my hospital days for when you tie me up?" She teased. 
"Negative, love," He smirked against her head. "I won't tie 'em too tight." 
"Oh, so you're planning on tying me up now?" She arched her brow. 
"If you want me to. I know plenty of knots and have a couple in mind to brat tame your arse." 
"I look forward to it. I'll make up a safe word while you're gone." She teased while moving to the rocking chair, sitting down slowly while holding Evie close to her chest. 
"You'll need one." He huffed playfully before exiting the room to take Baler to the bunkhouse, knowing that if he stayed in her presence any longer, he knew he wouldn't be able to hide his arousal unless he was able to do something about it. 
After taking Baler to the bunkhouse, Simon found himself rushing to get back to the house knowing that he and Kiera could finally be alone. 
His first stop was to the nursery, glancing in the dimly lit room to see if she was still in the rocking chair. Seeing that both babies were in their cribs, Evie making small little noises as she nursed on her pacifier, he was satisfied that they were tucked in and comfortable before continuing his pursuit of his partner. 
Their bedroom was dimly lit by the single lamp on the nightstand as Kiera sat on the edge of the bed with a silk robe clinging to her shoulders. He breathed heavily through his nose at the sight of her. "I had some trouble making up a safe word," She breathed a giggle. "I wasn't sure if you were serious or not..." 
"I was dead serious, love," He replied, standing in front of her and reaching out to cup her jaw. "Only if you want to."
"I want to, but I'm nervous..." 
"That's when you leave it to me." He breathed, rubbing the pad of his thumb against her cheek. 
"How rough are going to get rough with me?" She asked nervously. 
"Depends on how rough you want me to, love," He assured her. "This ball is in your court when it comes to this." 
She nodded, peering her tongue from between her lips, "I'm ready." 
"I have another question for you." 
He leant over her to gently push her body down onto the bed with his torso, caging her between his arms while her legs instinctively went to wrap around his waist. "I can get rougher than what I've done with you before..." 
"That wasn't a question?" She giggled, pressing a kiss to his hot lips. 
"I was getting to it, but you're distracting me." 
"I'm sorry," She smiled. "What were you going to ask? If I wanted Simon or Ghost to put me in my place?" 
"Such a good mind reader, love." He smirked. 
"I knew it," She hummed. "I think Simon gets minorly rough, but Ghost? Fuck, I'm in for it." 
"Well?" He arched his brow. 
"I think Ghost can handle putting me in my place," She giggled, thoroughly excited for it. "Simon wants to, but I know he'll feel bad." She continued, talking to him in third person. 
"What makes you think that?" 
"Just an assumption, babe." 
He breathed a chuckle, "Well, if that's what you want, I'll gladly comply." 
"I want you to do what you want to me." She said sternly, a gleam of confidence in her eyes at the desire he made her fantasize about. With him, she had managed to void the haunting and traumatizing thoughts of what had happened to her in her past as well as after the hijacking and hostage situation in Urzikstan. She trusted Simon with her entire life - multiple times over if she could. 
Simon knew he couldn't do everything he wanted when it came to playing rough, sincerely wanting to avoid making her uncomfortable or hurting her in any way, especially where he knew she was still mentally recovering from the trauma she and many other women endured during their time held hostage. A part of him felt that she was asking him to be rough with her as a way of healing - a way of trusting him with her body as she knew he would never take advantage of her in any way. 
Especially intimately. 
"In that case, have you thought about a safe word yet?" He spoke lowly into her ear, satisfied at feeling her shiver under him by his words alone. 
She shook her head and licked her lips out of nervousness. 
"How about red? You can remember red, right?" He snickered, watching her nod in agreement. "Good girl. Give me your hands." He continued, watching her do as she was told while he moved his body to stand at the edge of the bed, bringing her up by her hands and moving them to where her palms pressed against his stomach. "Keep them there." 
She nodded, breathing in excitement as she watched him remove his belt and gently twisting it to where it secured her wrists together while her palms still pressed against the hard muscle of his abdomen, her eyes widening with lust when his right hand clasped gently against her neck, forcing her gaze to peer up at him, seeing Simon's eyes darkening at the sight of her doe eyes staring up at him. He studied her face for any discomfort before continuing, keeping an prominent note of her body language before he did anything else. Seeing that she was rather excited instead of uncomfortable, he reached down to tuck at the silk belt that kept her robe clasped shut, untying it with one hand and releasing it from the loops on the robe that kept the belt in place, breathing heavily as its front clung to her breasts, revealing only to him those two perfect mounds that drove him wild at the sight alone. 
Running the pad of his thumb against her bottom lip, he then used both of his hands to slowly and gently place the silk belt around her eyes, tying it together at the crown of her head before his hands cupped her face, "This is only the beginning, love." He breathed. 
"Is it crazy how I was expecting you to push me down on this bed and gut me from the inside?" She giggled. "I was kind of excited for that." 
"You need to walk before you run, sweetheart. You have a long night ahead of you." 
Her breath hitched at his proposal as her tongue slipped from her mouth to nervously lick her bottom lip. "I look forward to it." 
"Such a cocky little minx, yeah?" He chuckled, watching her nod in agreement as well as growing immensely excited at his mild degrading. "On your knees." 
"Okay-" She said nervously.
"It's not okay," Simon warned, arching his brow. 
She giggled, "Yes, sir." 
"Good girl," He praised, gently grasping her upper arm as he helped her move into position, looking down at her while she willingly sat on her heels and kept her bound wrists in her lap. She heard the zipper on his jeans move as well as felt his presence step closer to her, feeling the tip of his cock press against her lips. She couldn't help but pucker her lips against his aching head, tasting the semi-sweet taste of his precum flood her desire even more. "Open your mouth," He breathed, grasping her hair and moving her head back. "Flatten your tongue." 
He shivered while he watched the head of his cock disappear between her teeth, feeling the roof of her mouth with his sensitive tip, gently pushing forward only to feel her throat constrict briefly as well as her body's natural instinct to pull away, except the grip from Simon's hand on her head prevented her from doing so. "What's wrong, love? Too big for you?" He mocked, watching the corners of her mouth curl into an exciting smirk. "Don't worry, sweetheart. You can take it. Open wider." He directed, using his other hand to clasp the bottom of her jaw, the pad of his thumb against her chin as she relaxed against his touch, flattening her tongue under his cock and his tip protruding past the tight muscle of her throat. "Your tongue is bloody perfect," He growled. "All fucking mine." 
Slowly, he began moving her head against his cock, keeping a sharp eye on her for any trace of discomfort as he truly didn't want to ruin this type of play for her, letting her take it at her own pace, except Simon saw himself as coaching her through it instead of forcing her. She moaned against his length, the vibrations from her mouth making his cock twitch. Simon couldn't help but lean his head back at the sensation from her perfect mouth, letting her take her time with pleasing him with her tongue. He soon felt her hands pressing against his thighs. Looking down, he had realized that she had released her hands from the restraint of the belt he had loosely tied around her wrists - only loosely tying them for her own good as triggering a stress habit was the most of his worries when it came to this type of intimate encounter with her. Once Kiera had realized he saw she pulled her hands free, her lips curled into a smirk before she heard him speak, "Looks like I'll have to tighten that up, yeah?" 
He let her pull her head away from his cock, tilting her head up as if she were looking at him, although Simon perfectly pictured those perfect hazel eyes through the silk of the makeshift blindfold, "More like you have to work on your binding skills. You made it too easy, babe." 
"You have a knack for talking your shite, love." He scoffed. 
"What're you going to do about it?" Her brow arched. 
"I got something to shut that mouth up," He growled lowly, cupping the crown of her skull and returning his cock into her mouth, feeling her giggle against him before her throat seemed to relax against his length, welcoming him in further down against her tongue. "Much better." 
The next several minutes was pure bliss for him as she managed to twist her tongue perfectly against the bottom of his shaft as well as applying the right amount of suction by hollowing her cheeks. Using the grip he had on her hair to move her head against him, he stilled after a few minutes, filling her mouth with his hot spend before pulling her head back by her hair, "Open your mouth," He directed, groaning as he watched her do as she was told. "Swallow it." 
She swallowed without a second thought, licking her lips clean before he helped her to her feet by gently grasping her neck while letting her hands clasp against his forearms for support before he slowly pushed her down onto the bed with his body, smirking at how the robe completely revealed her body for him. "Look at you," He breathed. "You were fucking ready for me when I got back." 
"How could I not?" She giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck only for him to pin her hands by her head. 
"I haven't given you permission to touch me yet," He warned. "And by the way, although you are completely stunning in this, it's going to be a shame that it'll be unable to wear again after I'm done." 
"Lace doesn't rip so easily, Simon..." She giggled, moaning once his lips came in contact with her neck just below her ear. 
"Probably not, but I know it cuts rather easily." 
She shivered at his words, relaxing against his touch as his right hand delicately traced along the smooth skin of her leg and up her thigh, tracing up against her side and gently cupping her left breast. She couldn't help but wrap her legs around his waist and pull him closer to her, feeling his semi-hard cock against her hot core, begging him to stretch her around him. "Not so fast, love," He groaned. "You haven't earned it yet." 
"I think I've earned it since you put a ring on my finger." She giggled. 
"Oh, I've been all yours since before I did that," He smirked. "As for right now, you haven't earned it yet for teasing me all day." 
"Silly me." She poked, smiling when she felt his left hand clasp her wrists together. 
"Don't move," He said, leaving the bed to retrieve his belt that she left on the floor before walking around to the side of the bed to grasp her wrists and bind them back together and buckling the belt around the headboard. "Be careful when you try to pull yourself out of these this time. They'll bite." 
"So do I." She giggled. 
He huffed, "Well, sink those pretty teeth into me all you like, sweetheart."
She shivered when she felt his presence grow distant from her. Not being able to see him due to the makeshift blindfold, she grew slightly nervous when she realized he had briefly exited the room, returning after a couple of minutes and feeling his presence next to the bed. "Nervous?" He chuckled, grasping a chunk of ice from the glass he brought with him. 
"No." She shook her head.
"Good. Last thing I want is for you to feel like you should be nervous around me." 
She licked her lips, feeling his lips coming close to hers and willingly welcoming his kiss, shuttering at the taste of wine filling her mouth. She gasped after she swallowed, feeling his lips making a trail of their own against her neck, between her breasts, and down to her abdomen, the ice between his teeth leaving a cold trail against her skin. She couldn't help but pull at her restraints when she felt his hot breath fanning over her core, feeling the tip of his nose against her lace underwear, anticipating the sensation of his lips surrounding her clit. Unaware that his eyes were locked on her from between her legs, she gasped when she felt the tip of his tongue dance against her aching clit against the lace fabric of her underwear. She moaned at the sensation, desperately pulling at her restraints to lock her fingers through his hair, but she had no luck. 
With a smirk, he curled his index finger around her underwear, feeling her anticipation against his finger, chuckling at how she arched her hips against his touch, desperate for friction to satisfy herself. "The more you keep begging for it, the longer I'm going to tease you." He warned. 
She groaned, "Please, I need you!" 
"Such an impatient minx you are. You'll be lucky to just get the tip." 
Huffing, she relaxed against him, knowing he was going to continue teasing her with just the tip of his tongue, assuming that he enjoyed giving her this sexual torture by how he fanned his breath over her clit and only kissing around her vulva and against her labia, purposely not giving any attention to the areas she desperately wanted touched the most. He moved her leg to where it rested against his shoulder, using the leverage to her advantage to move her hips upward against his mouth, giggling when he snaked his arm above her waist to pin her back down on the bed. "Pushing your luck, sweetheart." 
"Worth it." 
He shook his head against her thigh, barely coaxing his index finger past her folds and curling upwards, finding the spongy material of her g-spot. "I knew you'd let me have it." She teased, her smirk fading once he pulled his finger away and out of her. 
"What was that?" He arched his brow, moving the fabric of her underwear back over her core and leaning up to bring his soaked index finger towards her mouth, satisfied that she willingly accepted by letting his finger enter between her lips. "Lick it clean." He ordered. Do I always taste this sweet? She wondered. 
He pressed the weight of his hips between her legs, feeling her moan at the sensation as his aching head was only centimeters away from her core, knowing that he'd be able to effortlessly slip in if he kept gently rolling his hips against her. 
He let her roll her hips into him while he kissed her neck with pure excitement, unable to refrain a groan of his own when he felt the head of his cock slipping towards her core with every roll of his hips, the fabric of her lace underwear moving to the side with every roll. 
Eventually, the head of his cock slid in slowly, feeling her wince in his ear at the welcoming stretch his length always gave her. She couldn't help but wrap her legs around his waist and squeeze, desperate to pull him fully into her. "Not so fast," He groaned. "Just the tip, love." 
She huffed in frustration, continuing to squeeze her legs around him anyway just for him to clamp his hand around her neck - a warning. "You know you want to." She begged, licking her lips. 
He smirked against her neck before his lips found their way to hers and forcing his hips to stop, "I want to fuck you absolutely blind, love." 
"Then do it." 
"Careful what you wish for." He grumbled against her lips, pulling away to sit back on his knees, grasping her hips and forcefully turning her over to where she was bent over in doggystyle. He removed his pocketknife and cut the lace underwear from her hips and tossed them to the side. When he felt her lean back towards him, he couldn't help but swat her ass harshly before he lined himself up with her entrance, waiting a few moments to give him another reason to spank her again. 
She licked her lips with excitement, leaning her rear towards him again just to feel him slap her ass again, "Am I making you angry, sir?" She giggled. 
"Not in the slightest," He grumbled, grasping both of her cheeks with his massive hands, holding her still before he slowly entered her, forcing himself to hold back just how rough he could get until she took him with ease, knowing the stretch he always gave her could be uncomfortable, no matter how many times he had gotten rough before. She gasped at the sensation, naturally arching her back while her walls couldn't help but constrict around him. He nearly lost himself right then and there, but he refrained. "Fucking hell, love." He grumbled. 
"Always so fucking tight for me." He winced, squeezing her ass in his hands while he began to thrust slowly for a few strokes, knowing she was purposely squeezing her walls against him to test his patience for a desired release. 
Once he felt her relax against him, his thrusts began to grow into rough strokes, bottoming out every time as he swore he could feel her cervix. Her moans were loud and quick, making Simon wonder if he was hurting her with the force of his powerful hips, but when he saw that she was equally as excited, he continued. 
Soon, his hands trailed along her scarred back before stopping at her shoulders - his left hand grasping her hair at their roots while the other clamped down on her shoulder, holding her still while he continued rutting ruthlessly into her, that same hand that clamped on her shoulder reaching up to cover her mouth, "Can't be making too much noise, love," He breathed into her ear. She moaned into his palm, pressing her lips against him before his fingers curled into her mouth, groaning when he felt her suck his fingers while he continued to thrust. "Get those fingers nice and wet for me, sweetheart." 
She moaned in reply when she felt him still briefly, letting go of her hair and removing his fingers from her mouth, her body tensing when she felt his index and middle finger trailing the column of her back and stopping at her ass. She then knew what he meant by getting his fingers wet. In truth, she was scared of letting him enter her there as she had never done it willingly before as well as it being something that was ruined for her by her assailants, but she forced herself to trust him and take it as something that she could grow to enjoy as she knew that Simon wouldn't take advantage of her like that. 
With that thought, she began to grow excited for the new sensation. 
A small gasp left her lips when she felt his index finger slowly enter her anus, adjusting to the sensation. "You alright, love?" 
She nodded, relaxing her body against him as he pressed his finger further into her while his cock was still and buried between her slick walls. "Fuck," He winced, excited to enter her there as it was tight against his finger as well as feeling her walls tighten against his cock. "Do you want me to fuck you here?" 
"Yes, sir." She nodded, licking her lips, hoping Simon wouldn't recognize the nervous strain of her voice. 
But he noticed.
That's why he used his fingers. 
If he were honest, he didn't want to because he knew that it could trigger a stress response from what happened in Urzikstan, but he had remembered that it was the subject of conversation between them at some point when she wanted to talk about having sex again as well as having anal sex with him to help her mentally heal from the experience and wanting to enjoy it. Only with him:
"Simon, can I ask you something?" She asked with her head against his chest, the couple having one of many nights where they both couldn't sleep. 
"Anything, love." 
"When we... have sex again, I-I think I want to try something." 
"What did you have in mind?" 
"Um, I've never willingly had, you know, ana-"
"Don't force yourself to do it, love. I don't want to put that pressure on you." 
"No, I want to... eventually, but after what happened... I'm afraid I'll ruin it for you."
"You won't ruin anything for me, love," He assured her, rubbing his thumb against her shoulder while pulling her closer against him. "I won't do anything without asking you first. You know that." 
"I-I know, but I want to enjoy that at some point, but it hurts." 
He knew what she was talking about when she implied it. 
"Don't force yourself to talk about it," He breathed. "When you're ready." 
"I think I'm ready for it, but I don't know how to enjoy it without being reminded of what happened." 
"How about this: I'll start with a finger and if you don't want to, I'll stop," He suggested. "I don't want to do anything you're not ready for, love." 
She nodded, "I trust you, Simon. With my life and my body. I know you wouldn't just outright do it without bringing it up to me." 
"I never would."
"Remember to use your words with me, love." He reminded her, hoping that she was truly ready for it as it was a big step for her as well as overcoming her trauma. 
"Just go slow, babe." 
He nodded, removing himself from her and moving his body to where he could reach her nightstand, removing the silicone rabbit vibrator and a bottle of lube from the drawer, deciding to use the vibrator and dildo combo for her own pleasure and the lube for easier penetration when he entered her there. He turned the dildo on its lowest vibration setting, replacing his cock with the toy as the vibrator nestled against her clit, causing her to moan at the sensation, Kiera mentally thanking him for the distraction while she felt the cold sensation of the lubricant against her rectum. 
She couldn't help but wince when she felt his shaft slide between her ass, spreading the lubricant all over his cock before he rested the tip against her anus, pressing slightly while keeping a sharp eye on her face, willing to stop if he felt she was uncomfortable. "Ready?" 
She nodded, waiting for the sharp pain of him entering when it was rather enjoyable. Slowly, he managed to squeeze the head of his cock into her with slow, even pressure, stopping once he entered just the tip, "Are you okay, love?" 
She nodded again. 
"Use your words, sweetheart." 
"Yes, Simon." 
"Good girl. Just relax, the hardest part is almost over." He assured her, pressing in just a bit more before feeling her body tense against him again, her jaw agape as she moaned. Once fully inside, he held himself still as he let her body adjust to the new sensation. "How does it feel?" 
"Good," She breathed. "It kind of hurts..." 
"Do you want me to stop?" 
"Are you sure?"
She nodded. 
"Words, love." He reminded her, his voice soft and patient as his thumbs rubbed circles against her ass. He couldn't be rough with his words like earlier - he knew this would be a hard obstacle for her to hurdle over.
And he wasn't going to continue being rough when he knew this, even when she said she wanted him to be rough in the very beginning. For her sake, he wasn't going to do it even when she said so.
"Remember to tell me if I need to stop." 
"I will, Simon." 
He nodded to himself when he felt her body relax around him, reaching down to increase the vibration on the dildo before beginning to thrust himself slowly into her. He couldn't lie, it felt great for him and he hoped she felt the same amount of pleasure as he did, especially with the combination of a penetrative toy and vibrator against her so she could chase her own high while he did. 
He watched her grip on the pillows tighten with every thrust, careful to not snap his hips into her like he did before, ensuring to himself that she was enjoying it more than him, watching her mouth open to release a moan every time he fully sheathed himself inside of her. Her walls tightened around the toy, feeling her stomach tighten as the tidal wave of her orgasm was on the horizon, concentrating on the new sensation to help her achieve her release, forcing herself to focus on Simon and not what happened to her as a part of her didn't want to ruin the new position for him. Judging by his groans, he was growing close to his release as well, his goal of achieving his release with her always in his mind. "How are you feeling?" He asked lowly. 
"Good," She breathed. "Harder." 
"Are you sure?" 
His thrusting began to pick up pace, increasing the sensation for the pair of them as the toy moved further up into her vagina every time his thighs met the back of hers, her body began to rock against him as the vibrations against her clit began to draw her orgasm closer and closer. Soon, she could barely even remember how painful it was when he first entered her, knowing that her body fully relaxed as she took his length with more excitement than fear. Her body began to tremble as her orgasm took over her, feeling him still as he found his own release, keeping himself sheathed inside of her as his hands moved against her back when she propped herself up. She turned her head, her lips meeting his while his other hand slid the makeshift blindfold from her eyes. "There you are." He smirked, searching her eyes for any trace of discomfort. 
She hummed, kissing him again before pressing her chest against the pillows, her arms weak from holding herself up and enjoying the sensation of Simon's warm palms tracing down her back and reaching down to slowly remove the toy from her folds, tossing it to the side before he slowly started to remove his cock from her rectum. "Relax," He spoke. "It may feel uncomfortable." 
His eyes never left her face as he pulled himself out slowly, watching her body relax once he was fully out as well as a sigh leaving her lips. He leant down to press a kiss to her temple before releasing her wrists from the belt keeping them against the headboard, "Let's go shower before going to bed, yeah?" 
"Okay," She giggled. "What time is it?" 
"Almost five." 
"Jesus! I'm glad we don't have much to do later." 
"I told you that you were going to have a long night ahead of you." He chuckled. 
"Yeah, you weren't lying." 
"I mean, I can go a few more rounds..." 
"Maybe another day!" She giggled. 
"You're right, we'll save that for the honeymoon." 
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cockyoinlover · 2 days
ideas for y'all to write (part 5)
Cod mw2 guy's x male reader who has a THICK ass
And when they're having sex they just eat mreaders ass like it's their last meal on earth 💀
They prolly go crazy and VERY happy about it and than they would beg for mreader to SIT on their face 👀
(i would read this if anyone write this 🙏)
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Tumblr media
Battle buddies
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honeymoon-ss · 17 hours
Old man price… grumpy, mean old man who we have wrapped around our bratty finger.. the entire squad bring shocked when we yell at him and he just chuckles and kisses us cause we are his little princess and he worships the ground we walk on 😩 (it is obvious I have daddy issues)
"johnnnnn...pretty please?" you say before going into the debriefing. "dolly, you can't just not go into the debriefing.."
you huff and punch his arm. "i don't wannaaaaaaaaa! i want a bath in your bathroom.."
"well, honey..you need to come to the debriefing. you know, if you sit through half of the debriefing, you can go have a bath, yeah?" he says, wagering with you. "yaaayyy! thank you priceyyyy~" you say, jumping up to kiss his cheek.
throughout the debriefing, you'd been giving him sass and rude comments. "johnnnn. its half way through! give me your room keysss." you kick his leg under the desk. "Don't kick me now. wait another 5 minutes. then we're done." he'll say.
when asked his reasoning for the favouritism, you just kiss his cheek infront of whoever is asking and say "who wouldn't?" and he'll just chuckle along and rub your hip and arse.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
He looks like he's having fun
Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 Trailer
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shacked up and locked in
'scars do heal' chapter 8
pairing: captain price x reader
rating: mature
outline: a way to escape chicago. a way back to Las Almas. all you needed now was a plan to stop Graves and put an end to Shephard's alternative motives.
warnings: canon violence
requests are open! hope you enjoy, petals <3
masterlist II 'scars do heal' masterlist
Head down. Fast steps. No words. Your hands in your pockets, fingers tapping against one another from anxiety. You shuffled forward, keeping up with your Captain’s steps as he hurried along, leading the way. You didn’t know he safehouse location. It was on a need to know basis, apparently. You’d be fucked if you were alone.
“Almost there, rook. Don’t worry.” Price could see you darting around with your eyes occasionally, peering at the locals and visitors you passed on the way. Were they dangerous? Were they a threat? Could they be Shadow Company hiding in plain sight? Finally out of the dark and on the hunt? You couldn’t tell. Who knew who else Shepherd had deep in his pocket, what other companies he had paid off or bribed to follow his orders. You didn’t even want to think of the endless possibilities that could come with that in that one singular thought.
The two of you came to a fork in the road, and you stayed a step behind Price to allow him to guide you to the safehouse. He looked up at the street signs, reading the signs quickly before turning right down a skinner one-way street. You stayed close behind him, eyes glued to his back as you followed his steps. “John, any idea how much longer until we-”
You were cut off as his hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling you down a darkened back alley behind a hotel. He pressed you against a wall, his body flush against yours as he looked to the street, watching the people pass the two of you. “The hell are you doing, Price?” You asked, confused. But he shushed you, putting his hand over your mouth gently to shut you up.
You turned your head just at the right moment when a large black truck passed the alleyway slowly. It was unmarked, blacked out windows, moving very slow along the road as though the driver was searching for something. Or someone. Shadow Company. Or someone else under Shepherd’s control. It had to be. You and Price looked at eachother knowingly, the look in one another’s eyes indicating you knew exactly who it was.
Price dropped his hand from your mouth slowly, cupping your cheek. “Gotta keep moving. It’s only around the corner, okay?” He whispered, and you nodded. Price kissed the side of your head before grabbing your hand. You had to blend. Tourists. That’s what you were. What you had to be. 
There it was. The building. It was desolated. Decimated. Perfect for the 141 to use. Looking around behind Price and yourself, you felt the Captain pull you inside and slam the door closed behind you. Coming face to face with barrels of several guns, you failed to breathe. But they lowered almost immediately, your team’s faces on the other ends of the weapons. 
“Shit, you guys are alright,” Soap’s brash accent cutting through the air as he pulled you and Price into an embrace. “Didn’t know if you would make it, Shadow dickehads are patrolling the streets. Have been all morning.” He released you both from the bone crushing hug and stepped back. “You are both alright, yeah?”
Price spoke for the two of you. “We’re good. Laid low for the night, didn’t raise any alarms.”
“What the fuck was Graves up to?” Ghost asked from the corner where he stood, leaning against a table. “Fucker tried to kill us all. Got most of Valeria’s men, the rest scattered when the shooting started.” His arm was bandaged, Gaz’s arm too. Alejandro and Rodolfo were stood together, silent as mice.
“Clearly Shepherd gave him different orders. Ones where we weren’t valuable as assets anymore. But he won’t get away with it, don’t worry. We’ll get back and find them.”
You thought for a second. How would you find them? Where would they even be able to take the missile that would have a large or safe enough space to contain it?
“Las Almas.” Everyone looked to you now. “It has everything Graves needs for the missile. The transport to get it to Shepherd, the weapons, the men. That’s where he has to be.” The boys looked to one another, nodding in agreement. 
“How do we get back there?” Soap asked. “Our ride was Graves, I don’t think he’d be willing to take us back.”
“No,” Alejandro interjected. “But there might be someone who would. To avenge her team. To get revenge.”
She chuckled to herself for a few moments. “So now you need me? Oh, Alejandro, isn’t this a fun coincidence,” Valeria smiled broadly through the screen. Alejandro just rolled his eyes, unhappy with the choices they were left with. 
“Valeria, think about this. With that missile, who knows what Shepherd is capable of. He could wipe out your entire operation, your entire country. We can’t let that happen.”
Valeria was silent. Thinking. “You are right, though I hate to admit it. You’re still in Chicago, right? I sent transport for my men after things with Graves went south, I’ll send the coordinates to their extraction point. They arrive in two hours, so make sure you get there.” With that, the line went dead, and several numbers came through the screen. Coordinates. A way out.
“Let’s get moving,” Alejandro grabbed his gear. “If we don’t make it, it’s only a matter of time before Graves finds us. Then we’ll all be dead and thousands of lives will be at risk.”
So you packed. You prepped. And you got moving.
Silently through the streets. Caps weren’t the best disguise but it was all, but it was all you had. It didn’t help that Soap wanted the one with a goddamn Scottish flag on. Very inconspicuous, Soap. Well done.
It was broad daylight, sun beams beating down on you like floodlights in a police hunt. Those lights haunted you. Took you back to last night. To the helicopter. To the Shadow Company. To Graves. 
“Alright, should be right around here,” Price announced, eyes surveying the surroundings as he checked your location. Quarter mile down the road. “Just this way. Gaz, how long we got till the pickup?”
Gaz checked his watch. “Ten minutes, boss.” You kept moving.
In the distance you saw a group of four men standing around on the outskirts of the field. “I assume that’s Valeria’s men?” Ghost said, pointing at the figures in the near distance. Price nodded as you all made your way closer.
Alejandro conversed with the men in Spanish, Soap’s eyebrows knitted together as he nodded along, pretending to understand them. You just rolled your eyes. He didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about. 
A swift gush of wind pushed through your hair and you looked to the sky with a hand shielding your eyes. A helicopter was lowering to the ground, about twenty meters from where you were standing. Blacked out windows, no tag or lettering on the body. It was definitely Valeria’s.
Boarding the helo, you all sat beside one another, entirely silent. You looked to Price who was seated on your left. He looked over to you, an unreadable expression on his face. He squeezed your thigh to calm you and looked to the rest of his team. “The second we land,” he whispered to the 141, “we head to Las Almas. We can’t trust anyone else right now, so we rely on eachother. Okay?” 
“Yeah, Cap,” they all answered in unison. 
The rest of the flight was silent, everyone’s brains wracking through the possibilities of how this was about to go down. How they could pull this off with just one team. The whirring of the blades filled the silent void of the compacted machine as you flew to the outskirts of Las Almas. Valeria’s territory.
Climbing off the chopper, you departed Valeria’s team and made your way to the 141 safehouse in Mexico of which Graves didn’t even know existed. When Price had first met Vargas, he’d asked him to scout for an undisclosed location that was unknown to Shepherd or anyone else in the military that could track the 141 down to there. 
It was a small barn, three miles from the military base holding the missile for transportation. Stocked with weapons, armour, supplies. Most importantly, a vehicle. A large armoured military truck that Alejandro had stored there for emergencies. This certainly filled the category. 
Walking into the barn, you looked around at the armoury, the truck, the racks of clothing and protective oerwear and helmets and stealth kits. You were impressed. 
“We’ll be safe here while we figure out our plan,” Alejandro said, walking through to an open space further into the large barn. For an old building, it was surprisingly well kept. Warm, heated, sheltered. It was a good place to hide out. For now. “There’s beds in the back. Separate rooms. Two to a room though, so you’ll have to pair up. Well, most of you, anyway. Nix, you get your own, okay?”
“I don’t mind pairing up,” you interjected. “As long as its not with Soap. The man snores like a freight train.” The boys laughed, and Soap looked at you in sheer confusion.
“I don’t snore, lass. I’m just an active sleeper,” he defended, rolling his eyes.
“Trust me, hermana. You don’t want to shack up with any of these guys. I did it for one night and wanted to throw myself through a wall,” Alejandro chuckled, Rodolfo joined in and nodded in agreement.
“Hey, Price. He’s even got a table like the one back at base!” Soap yelled out from around the corner. He’d wandered off by himself to explore. Much like a child in a toy store for the first time. “Now you can make all your big Captain-y speeches from right here. Yay. Go team.” His enthusiasms drifted to sarcasm at the end of his sentence, and it made you smile.
Hours had gone by. You’d restored to laying on the table beside Gaz who laid beside you, but the opposite way. Papers were strung around the room by string, loose files scattered on the other half of the table not taken up by your bodies. Soap was sat on the floor against the floor to ceiling corkboard, banging his head with files, as though it would perhaps whack some information or an escape plan into his brain. Ghost was pacing. Never a good sign. He was silent, pacing, occasionally looking at the corkboard with Graves’ face plastered to it, before shaking his head and returning to his routine of wearing a hole in the floorboards. Price, Vargas and Parra were hunched over the papers on the table, blueprints of the facility were practically imprinted into Price’s brain.
“So we need to get in, get the rest of my men, find the missile, and take out Graves,” Alejandro laid out as though it was just that simple. “But how do we do this quietly without walking through the front door? As soon as they see us, they’ll all my men, and then us.”
“So what if they don’t see us?” Gaz mumbled, still lying down on the table, his foot poking your shoulder. You were so glad for the sock covering his foot or you would have kicked him off this table two hours ago. Ghost stopped pacing and looked over as soon as he heard the mumbling.
“What are you talking about, Gaz?” Price asked. “Because if you say the words ‘invisibility gear’, I will put you through that wall right there.” He pointed to the direction where Soap was sat. 
“No. I mean, we spent a lot of time in that facility. A lot more than Graves did.” It seemed like Gaz was getting to something, but getting him there faster was a different story. “There are tunnels. Running right through that facility. Sewer grates all over the compound.”
“He’s right,” Parra spoke up for the first time in a while. “They run circuits all over that place. And the sewer tunnels are big too. I’ve been down there a couple times to help with maintenance, big enough for a person to walk through.”
Price thought about it for a few seconds. “So we enter through a tunnel outside the compound. This one here will have less guards,” he pointed to a grate on the map just outside of the facility, round the back, shielding from view by the hangar. “We collect the vaqueros from here,” he says, pointing to another point of the map labelled ‘holding cells’. “And then take down Graves. He’ll probably be in the main sector over here, so that’s where we’ll catch him.”
Finally. A plan. Something concrete. A way to end this all.
“Alright guys, I’m calling it for tonight. We do this tomorrow. No way we’re doing this without sleep.” Price sent everyone to get some rest, you included. 
The room was small, compacted. But it felt so empty. Looking to the bed, flashbacks of the previous night seeped into your brain. Dressing into something more comfortable, that being one of the oversized shirts Vargas gave to you along with a stack of clothes for the next day, you cleaned yourself up a little. You let your eyes flutter closed as you laid on the bed. It was too hot to lay under covers so you resorted to lying atop the sheets, the window open to let in a cool breeze. 
Memories of last night came flooding back. His arms, holding you. His hands, all over you. His lips, attached to your neck, your thighs, to your own lips. His shaky breaths in your ear, his quiet moans being the only thing heard in the entire room. You couldn’t help yourself. The temptation was too great. 
Your hand slipped under your shorts and you were embarrassed to find the dampness that had already collected there. Fingers gliding through your folds, you knew how incomparable it was to how Price touched you. You could only use your imagination now. Your mind racing through images of him, how he knew all the places to touch you, to caress you, to tease you. 
Gasps slipped from your throat as you slipped your fingers inside. They weren’t rough, callused, thick like his. But they would have to do. You focused for a moment. On your breathing, the own sounds coming from your mouth. You focused on how Price’s name also came from your mouth in a mergence of the raspy breaths you couldn’t help taking. 
You felt a knot in your stomach. Nowhere near as powerful as your night with the Captain. But enough to get the job done.
Knock knock. 
You halted immediately, hairs standing up on the back of your neck. You stood from the bed, adjusting your shorts and wiping your hands with a tissue from the nightstand. Making your way over to the door, you silently prayed it wasn’t Gaz telling you to shut up, knowing he was right in the room next door.
But it wasn’t Gaz. it was Price. Your eyes widened slightly but you managed to compose yourself as you opened the door fully. “Price? You okay?” You asked, trying to act as normal as possible. 
“Yeah, just…couldn’t sleep.” His eyes were slightly red from restlessness. His hair dishevelled from tossing and turning. “So I thought I’d come and check on you. See how you were doing.” There was something he wasn’t telling you. You could see it in his eyes. 
She sounded so pretty from the other side of the wall. Her gasps, her breathy moans. He gave thanks to the fact Gaz was fast asleep on the opposite side of their room. He couldn’t help himself, he had to see you. Now. 
Getting out of bed, he made his way out of the room, quiet as to not wake Gaz. Reaching your door, he hesitated. Quieting his breathing, he listened instead. John. That’s what he heard. Your words. Your voice. His name. 
So he knocked. With no other thoughts in his head, he knocked.
“I’m okay. Just surprised to see you up so late,” you whispered, not wanting to wake anyone else up. 
“Well, I knew you were up. Could hear you through the walls.”
Your throat closed up. Shit. He’d heard you. How much had he heard? Fuck, you were embarrassed. But not as much as you thought you would be. You actually felt sort of…glad? 
“Heard me? I wasn’t saying anything or-”
“I think we both know what I heard, rook,” Price smirked slightly as he leaned against the door frame. “Nothing to be ashamed of, love. Now do you want to explain why I could hear my name through your door in the middle of the night?”
Your heart was beating faster now. Pounding through your chest. But he just stood there. Calm. Collected. Almost smug. He just stood there, a smile pulling at the corners of his lips, his arms crossed across his chest.
“I don’t know what you mean,” you whispered, breaths shallowing as he leaned closer. His body was so close to yours now. His face inches from your own. 
“Let me rephrase that, rookie,” he said calmly back, his breath tickling your ear, his hand finding your waist. You melted into his touch. “Why don’t you show me what exactly it was that you were up to when you were moaning my name.”
You legs almost buckled to the ground, but you grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him into the room before locking the door behind you.
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daisies-daydreams · 21 hours
Next Round’s On Me (Simon “Ghost” Riley x Jealous!Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Simon “Ghost” Riley x Jealous!F!Reader Category: Smut (18+) Warnings: Drinking, Car Sex, Marshmallow Hell, Breast Play, Cowgirl, Handjobs, Clit Play, Slight Bondage, Mutual Masturbation Word Count: 2.7k+
A/N: Part 2 of an anonymous request (original ask linked below).
Next Round’s On Me (König's Version)
You sighed as you rubbed your temples. Your boyfriend, Simon, was currently in the shower. He recently returned from a long mission, his body aching and sore from the intense situations he found himself in. While you were over the moon that Simon returned, you were so swamped with your job that you barely had time to make even a single conversation with him. You jumped when a pair of wet, rough hands slid over your upper arms.
“Didn't mean to scare you, lovie,” Simon chuckled. His soaked, dirty blonde hair fell flat against his forehead, his dark brown eyes focused on your exhaustion-ridden face. You only flapped your hand.
“It’s fine,” you sighed before turning back to the paperwork set before you. You relaxed when you felt him run his fingers through your hair before pressing his lips to the top of your head.
“I know you’ve been busy-but I think a break is in order for the both of us,” he suggested as he smoothed his hand over your hair. You glanced up from your work, your cheek resting in your hand. “Besides, gotta celebrate me coming back to you in one piece somehow,” Simon raised his brows. You shook your head as a faint smile traced across your face. He hummed as you spun around in your chair, your hands grasping at his towel as you licked your lips. Your brows furrowed in confusion as he placed his large hands over yours.
“Not quite what I had in mind,” he rumbled.
You swayed along to the sound of the music crashing over the bar. It was fairly late-only a few patrons were floating around as the bartender busied himself with cleaning up the counter. The corner of Simon’s eyes crinkled as he kissed your cheek…forgetting that he was wearing a dark face mask. Both of you chuckled before he pulled the fabric down. You stared at his pink lips as a rush of warmth rushed over you. You closed your eyes as you wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned forward.
Your eyes snapped open when your phone suddenly rang to life. You sighed and pulled it from your pocket. It was a coworker. You glanced over at Simon and he nodded.
“I’m sorry,” you said. Simon shook his head and squeezed your hand.
“It’s alright, love. I’m not going anywhere,” he assured you with a wink. You giggled before slipping out of your booth. A brunette woman eyed you from the bar, her stare dark and territorial. You shook it off as you walked outside and finally answered the call.
It probably only lasted about five minutes. Something about them losing track of what to bring to the next meeting. You went down the list of items before they thanked you and apologized several times. You sighed as you hung up, quick to turn your phone on silent. You looked up at the stars that were sprinkled across the late night sky before heading back inside.
You froze when you saw the woman at the bar now sitting at your booth. Not only that, she was sitting right next to Simon, her legs slightly spread apart as she nibbled on her straw. Simon sat stiff as a board as she kept gabbing into his ear.
“What are you doing after this?” she purred, her eyes raking down his broad chest. You fumed as you stomped over to them. Simon’s eyes remained cold as he avoided her gaze.
“Probably going to have sex with my girlfriend,” he replied with a straight tone. She cackled and threw her head back just as you neared the booth. Your eye twitched as she placed a hand over his tattooed forearm. Simon’s shoulders tensed as he glanced over.
“Silly-you’re looking right at her,” the woman cooed as she brushed her fingers over one of his inky skulls. You crossed your arms and cleared your throat. The woman’s brows knitted together as she turned. Her eyes widened slightly as you raised your brows.
“Care to get out of my seat?” you asked, venom laced in your voice. The woman rolled her eyes as she hesitantly shuffled out of the booth. She shot you a nasty glare, an expression you happily returned. She was out of sight as you turned your attention back to your love.
“My hero,” he chuckled deeply. His voice was husky as his shoulders relaxed. You remained standing at his side of the booth, your legs suddenly pressed together as you felt a twinge of heat stir in your core. Simon tilted his head. “You alright, love?” he asked. His voice sounded even deeper now. Did his muscles always ripple like that? You nodded as you released a hot, shaky breath.
“Uh-huh, just feeling a bit buzzed is all,” you said as you fanned your flushed face. Simon grunted as he checked his watch.
“Gettin’ pretty late. Let’s head on back, yeah?” he said as he nodded towards the door. You licked your lips, lust quickly clouded your mind as you nodded back.
“Y-Yeah,” you blushed as you stepped back for him to get out. Simon glanced down at you, his pupils somewhat dilated as his hand sprawled across your lower back. You gasped, the slight contact sending shivers down your spine. He paid for your drinks before guiding you towards your car. The vehicle beeped across the nearly empty lot as he unlocked it. Your eyes shifted to the back seat as he opened the passenger car door. He laughed when you climbed in the back instead.
“Where you goin’, lovie?” he mused. You wiggled your hips as you sat squarely in the center of the backseat. You avoided his gaze as you puffed your chest out.
“I think I’ll stay back here,” you lilted, glancing at him out of the corner of your eye. Simon chuckled as he shook his head.
“You’re more smashed than I thought,” he teased. You gasped as you turned towards him. He stepped closer towards you, his covered face inches from yours.
“Or maybe…you’re just being a naughty little minx,” he rumbled as he cupped your chin with his hand. You batted your lashes and parted your lips, his thumb threatening to slip into your mouth. He barely had time to blink before you snatched his mask from his face. Simon clicked his tongue as he watched you crawl as far as you could from him.
“Naughty minx, then,” he huffed with an amused smile. You knew Simon was a smart man-that he’d see through your paper-thin guise. You smirked as he closed the door behind him, the car shaking slightly from the movement of him crawling towards you. His eyes widened as you suddenly pounced on him, swiftly pinning him beneath your thighs. Your pupils grew as your face lingered over his exposed neck, your hot breath fanning over his pulse. You pulled a strained groan from him as you sucked a hickey over his skin, enjoying the slight flavor of his sweat.
The windows were cracked just enough for some air to trickle in as you licked and suckled his flesh. Simon grunted while his hands wandered down to cup your ass. You unlatched your lips from his neck before swallowing his mouth with a sloppy kiss. Your hips sank down as you grinded against his clothed sex, his cock already hardening beneath your ministrations. You finally parted your lips and gasped for air. Both of your chests rose and fell, his hands gently massaging the flesh of your behind.
“Careful now. We could get caught,” he husked into your ear. You bit your bottom lip before tugging at your shirt. Simon seemed to disregard his own warning as you let your breasts spill out from your bra. One of his hands wandered to your hip while the other grazed over your nipple. His grunts were muffled when you shoved his face in between your breasts. He inhaled deeply through his nose as he moved his face back and forth. Your hand gripped the back of his head as he rolled his tongue over your tits, lathering them with his warm spit.
You moaned as you continued to grind your clothed sex over Simon’s growing erection-his cock scorching below you. A jolt of arousal shocked through you as he kneaded your tit with one hand while he latched his lips around your areola. Your hand remained glued to his head as he tugged your nipple between his teeth, his tongue soon smoothing over the pinched nub. He muffled something into your breasts, the vibrations sending small waves of arousal down into your dripping core.
“What was that?” you tilted your head as you loosened your grip on him. Simon leaned his head up and smiled gently, gazing directly into your eyes.
“I said ‘I love you’,” he breathed. You gasped as a wave of warmth crashed over you, your hips coming to a complete halt. Your lips parted as your fingers curled into the back of his neck.
“I-I love you, too,” you sniffed. Simon’s brows knitted as he brushed your cheek with his hand.
“What’s wrong, hun?” he asked. You shook your head as you blinked away a few tears.
“I-I just-” you cut yourself off as you stared down at his abs peeking up from beneath his rustled shirt.
“(Y/N), look at me,” Simon said. You slowly glanced up at him, your bottom lip trembling. Something seemed to click as his eyes widened slightly, though he wanted to hear it from your own lips. You sighed as you pressed your forehead against his shoulder.
“You really mean it?” you asked. Simon leaned back slightly as a frown etched onto his face.
“Of course I do, love,” he assured, his hand falling down to grasp and knead your hip. You nodded and relaxed in his hold. He kissed your temple, allowing you to rest on him. “You realize your tits are still out, right?” he piqued. You rolled your eyes and slapped his shoulder playfully. He chuckled before admiring you shoving your shirt and bra off, your breasts bouncing down as you shifted your hips.
Simon grabbed and massaged them in his hands as you went in for another kiss. He gasped into your mouth as your fingers traced over the outline of his cock from beneath his jeans. You shivered-he was hard as a rock. You kept your lips on his as you undid his button, then his zipper. Simon bucked his hips up slightly as you pulled his boxers down. You looked into his eyes for any sign of discomfort, but all you saw was a man staring at you with a hungry, half-lidded gaze.
You swallowed a lump in your throat as you slid your hand beneath his briefs. You gasped as his cock throbbed beneath the tips of your fingers. His hands tightened around your tits as you pulled his dick out. It nearly smacked against his rough abs as you pulled him free. You plunged your tongue into his mouth, tasting the remnants of smokey liquor.
“Fuck, baby,” Simon groaned as you pumped his erect cock. His hands fell down and dipped below the hem of your pants. You moaned as he pressed his thumb to your clit, his fingers dipping into your slit. “So wet, sweet girl,” he purred. You panted as you roughly squeezed the base of his cock. He cursed beneath his breath as he swiped over your swollen nub, your folds squelching as he spread them with his digits. You were teetering on the precipice of losing control, but soon smirked as you stopped jerking him off. Simon huffed as he stared you down.
“Why’d you-” his words were cut off when you raised yourself. You clumsily shucked off your pants, fishing your panties out. Ghost eyed the article of clothing curiously as you held them with your index finger. His shoulders tensed as you leaned forward.
“I want to ride you, Si,” you moaned into his ear. He shuddered beneath you as he swallowed thickly.
“Fuckin’ hell,” he groaned. You took his wrists in your hands, wrapping your panties around them as you kissed along his jaw. “Never seen you this riled up before,” he commented as you placed his now tied hands behind his head. You giggled and nipped at his earlobe.
“I’m just getting started,” you rasped. He groaned in approval before you sank your hips back down. Your pussy lips spread over his cock, smearing your slick across his girth. His back arched as you shifted your hips forward, the car rocking with your subtle movements. You could see him straining against the panties wrapped around his hands as you circled your hips. You keened at the flush tip of his cock slid over your sensitive clit, a bolt of pleasure rushing through you.
“Fuck, lovie-that’s it. Moves your hips just like that,” he panted. You kept a steady pace as you pressed yourself against him, your nipples brushing over his now damp t-shirt. The slick sound of your cunt sliding over his dick made you feel numb to your surroundings, including the night air that seeped in through the cracked windows.
“God, yes,” you cried as your clit caught on his lower abdomen with each movement of your hips. You were sure the car was rocking now with how hungrily you were thrusting against his hard length.
“Fuck, baby. Please, I need to feel your tight cunt around me,” Simon nearly whined. The sound of his desperate tone made you slow your movements. You smashed your lips against his as you angled your hips. His tip kissed against your dripping slit before you slowly sheathing his cock within your tight walls. The stretch was always immense, his dick stuffing and stretching you to the brim. His head rolled back as you buried yourself to the hilt. Both of you shook as your cunt greedily sucked him in. A deep rumble came from his chest as you flexed your cunt around him.
“Fuck,” he drawled out as you kissed up his thick neck. You shuddered as you slowly slid up. A moan left you as you back down on his length, his cock stretching your hole wide open.
The car windows began to fog up as you rocked your hips against him, his cock threatening to split you in two every time you sank back down. You squeezed his shoulders as you bounced on his dick, each stroke sending you closer to falling off the edge. The sound of fabric tearing ripped through the car. Your eyes shot open as your panties lay in tatters behind his head. You whined as Simon’s hands came down to squeeze your hips.
“I’ll get you some new ones,” he husked quickly as he bucked his hips in time with your rocking. You keened as his dick reached up and pounded your cervix, your head falling back and lungs gasping for air.
“Yes!” you cried out as your fingers flexed around his shoulders. One of his hands slid between your sandwiched bodies and rubbed sloppy circles around your puffy bundle of nerves. You emitted a sharp moan as your cunt clenched around him.
“Shit, Si,” you gasped. Your movements became more frantic, his cock slipping through your tight walls as your slick soaked his lap. “Fuck, gonna cum!” you cried out. You shoved your hips down, your mouth opening into a silent scream as your walls convulsed around him. Simon groaned, his cock twitching inside you as your body was wracked with wave after wave of euphoric rapture. Your pussy fluttered around his dick, milking him dry as he filled your pussy with his thick cum.
You rested your forehead on his, your bodies covered in a sheen of sweat as you caught your breath. Your heartbeat slowed as Simon pressed his lips to yours.
“I love you so much,” you murmured. He beamed and kissed your forehead.
“I love you too, hun,” he said softly.
Thank you for reading! ❤️
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me-my-mental-self · 2 days
I Can’t Believe You’re Mine
Tumblr media
Keegan x reader
CW: nothing pure fluff
It was a glorious, colorful autumn.
We'd just left the coffee shop. When we walked by, she giggled and pulled me inside, saying, "C'mon, let's be a basic couple and get some pumpkin spice!"
I don't like coffee. I never really have. But when she handed me my cup and looked into my eyes while I tried it, it was the best thing I'd ever tasted.
My hand still tingles where she grabbed it.
As we walked through the park with our drinks, a drizzle began to fall she pulled out an umbrella from her bag, I pulled up my hood and hunched my shoulders.
"Don't be silly," she giggled, pulling me under the umbrella with her. I couldn't help but laugh too, her laugh is infectious.
As the sun started to shine again, she pulled me down to sit on a bench. She beamed down at me, and I could only gaze back adoringly.
"So, Keegan..." She began. I knew this tone of voice, it's dangerous.
"Who do you like?" She whispered, and I looked away. I wanted to say, 'you, you, a thousand times you. You're the only one I can ever think about. You're gorgeous and sweet and funny and...'
Instead, I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my cup.
She looked at me with a cautious smile.
 "If I tell you mine, will you tell me yours?"
"Okay," I say.
"The person I like...is you."
I drop my drink.
"I've been wanting to tell you for a while though. I know you're not interested in me, but I-"
 I put my hand over her mouth.
She looks at me in surprise.
 I take a deep breath.
 "Y/n, I-"
 My voice catches in my throat.
She removes my hand from her mouth and leans in a tiny bit closer. "What is it?" She asks, looking concerned.
Because I can't seem to form the words, I can tell her how I feel the only way I can.
Before I can lose my courage, I lean forward, pressing my lips to hers. After her momentary shock fades, she kisses me back; as her lips move against mine it's like there's fire in my veins.
Her hands gently cup my face as mine timidly grab her by the waist. She pulls me deeper into the kiss, running her tongue along my lips and nearly making me moan.
I think, "I can't believe this is happening."
We finally break apart when we're both completely breathless. She tilts her head so our foreheads are touching. "Wow." She whispers.
I nod in reply.
"Keegan- so, does this mean..." She stammers. This is the first time I've ever seen Y/n at a loss for words. I feel a bit proud of myself.
Finally getting the courage, I grab her hands, pulling her to her feet.
 "Y/n," I pause.
 "Will you be my girlfriend?"
She squeals, jumping up and down in that way that I always thought was simply adorable but was never able to tell her.
 So I tell her now.
 "You're adorable."
I've never seen Y/n blush before either, but she does. She pulls me into a hug, and I rest my head on her shoulder.
"So, is that a yes?" I whisper against her skin, and she giggles, grabbing my hands and spinning herself around. "Of course, that's a yes, silly!" She laughs.
"Good," I say. "Because now I can do this again."
I press my lips to hers, and it's like everything else in the world fades. Over and over, I keep thinking, "I can't believe you're mine."
I'm still thinking, "I can't believe you're mine" the next year when we move in together.
I think "I can't believe you're mine" as she walks down the aisle on our wedding day.
But the biggest "I can't believe you're mine" is when she holds our daughter for the first time.
I didn't think it was possible to love someone more every day, but Y/n proved that wrong.
"Keegan? What do you want to name her?" She asks, both girls looking up at me with big, beautiful eyes.
"Autumn," I say, and she beams in agreement.
 "Autumn" she whispers and kisses her little head.
And that's not the first, nor the last, of many, many, "I can't believe you're mine."
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