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homicidal-slvt · 2 days
"The Gentle Giant & The Mermaid"
König x GN|Y/N
Warnings: Fluff, Violence
Never trust humans.
That was a rule instilled into you from a young age, too many humans simply wanted to hunt your kind.
Taking innocent lives and treating their corpses like trophies.
Though no matter how careful- you were bound to some day make a mistake. Like so many others.
"There it is!!! Right there!!!"
Yells ripped through the night, you tried to dive back below the surface only to feel something tangled around your body.
Helpless screams did you no good, how you ended up in this scenario was blurry to begin with, a painful haze.
Hands grasping at your body and their skin felt so awful, it made you crawl with hate that these foul creatures dare touch you.
Thrashing desperately you finally broke free, though not before an unknown object was sank deep into your tail, blood billowing into the water around you as you swam away.
You laid in the sun leaned against a rock, the forest was peaceful along the shore near the creek. Nobody ever came out here so it was the perfect place.
There was some form of a harpoon lodged into your tail, hooked deep into your flesh. No matter how hard you tried you couldn't get it out.
Is this how you died? Like some sort of sad fish with a hook trapped in it's mouth?
Suddenly you were alarmed by heavy boot steps heading towards you, head snapping up and scooting closer to the waters edge- there he stood.
The biggest fucking man you have ever seen in your life.
His eyes met yours from behind his snipers hood, he looked absolutely dumbfounded as well at the sight of you- a mermaid?
An injured mermaid?
Your body tensed up naturally not trusting him, staring at him as though he was some horrid predator.
His gaze softened slightly as he studied your form, questioning how anyone could do that to you. He didn't know you but- he was aware of the tales of those who hunted mermaids for sport. He was certain this was the case for you as well.
"It's alright- I won't hurt you. I can help."
His offer sounded genuine and you didn't fail to pick up on that strong accent, you still didn't trust him but- what other choice did you have?
Either accept his help or lay here and accept your fate.
Slowly you nodded and he moved closer to you, squatting down he touched you in such a careful way. He slipped off his gloves to handle your wound.
His skin didn't feel the same- this touch wasn't the same. It didn't disgust you or make you feel hate- it was comforting.... Warm.
He's never handled a mermaid before so he was surprised by how smooth your scales were- he kind of expected them to be slimy like a fish.
The way they glinted and shined in the light was mesmerizing, his deep brown eyes never left them or your wound.
"This is going to hurt- a lot."
You took a deep breath and carefully he removed the harpoon, cautious to not cause any more damage to you.
It did hurt- so bad you thought you might pass out. Tears rolling down your cheeks as you choked out soft sobs, he did his best to talk you through it and comfort you.
Bringing out his med kit he tried to clean you up best he could and stitch you up, he wasn't sure if this was the right way to go about it- but he couldn't exactly bring you to a proper medic or something.
"It's okay. It's okay."
Finally it was over- your eyes drifted up to lock with his and you felt your breath hitch slightly.
Such a gentle giant.
"Thank you..."
You choked out softly and he simply nodded, it was difficult to look away from him. You couldn't stand the thought of not seeing him again.
You didn't know why but you were fond of this human- and he seemed fond of you as well.
"Can you come back to visit me?"
"I'll try."
{Yes- I HC König has brown eyes.}
{@a-small-writer-in-a-big-world @sofasoap }
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konigsblog · 2 days
Also, is it weird that I almost want price to be my husband and also my dad. Like not in an incest way. I just want him to be caring and nurturing like a father. I cry a lot because… daddy issues and I just went price to hold me and comfort me and kiss my forehead 💔💔💔 all that sweet fluffy stuff
cpt. price fluff ? :(
his thick, muscular arms wrapped around you, cradling you in his arms whilst he rests his chin apon the top of your head. you can feel his heartbeat against your back, pumping against his ribs and sternum. rough hands reassuring you and caring for you whilst you sobbed, wiping your tears whilst you spoke to him, told him how you've been feeling these past few months. “it's alright, love, i'm here, let it out.” :(((
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luwuca · 20 hours
König is ALWAYS head over heels if you cook/bake something for him/ prepare a meal for him or remind him to eat. While staying in the base of KorTac, he often only eats because he knows that his body and mind needs this to work best.
But whenever he finally comes home to you, he suddenly enjoys meals much more. You even bought a cooking book with 'Austrian recipes' only for him and he still remembers the first time he came home after being on a mission for weeks and the whole flat smelled of Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn. His heart nearly jumped out of his chest seeing you preparing this only for him to enjoy.
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ashbyan · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Soup stickers are up on my shop ! 🧼
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lunarvicar · 3 days
Hi :) first of all, I already made a request for you a month ago. And I was very happy with the outcome of it. So if you are bored sometime in the future, here is another request:
Its Holidays (You can choose which, I believe spring would be cool because it would probably rain) and the whole 141 are by their family members. So since Ghost got none, he stays at the military. Since the reader is new in the crew she doesn't know that he always stays at there.
You came home late from a mission which took longer than expected. You go to bed and can't sleep so you decide to make tea and you are surprised the you meet Simon there. You tell him that you don't have a family too and it gets kind of angsty. From then on you could decide how the story goes on...
Are they just sleeping together on the couch or is it going to continue in a more smutty way? Who knows?
Thanks in advance 🪸
Hi!! You sent this so long ago but thank you VERY much for your patience and also I hope you don't mind - I modified the scene to fit my images a bit. Hoping this kickstarts a bit of inspiration :) Enjoy!
There’s a cool rain outside, drumming on the hangar roof and dripping off the eaves into the gravel. You can hear it now that the helo’s been powered down, the early season’s crickets silenced for the night by the steady pour.
You brush a few drops of it from your eyes as you trudge into the dark barracks. The intel mission had been successful, but you were ready to be done for the night - you just needed to plug the storage card from your camera in to start the decryption, and then bed was calling. Even a shower could wait.
Your steps echo in the empty hallway, but you see the light’s been left on in the barracks kitchen. The kettle catches your eye. A cup wouldn’t hurt. You make a quick diversion, go to press the switch on the kettle.
It’s hot.
“Thought you’d have been back hours ago.”
You whirl, a hand flying to your throat. A now-familiar masked face sits at the tiny dining table. A steaming mug sits before him.
“Jesus, Ghost,” you sigh, oddly at ease with the skeleton pattern, the dark eyes that smolder up at you. “I thought you’d be gone by now.”
“Gone where?” He sounds gruff, his eyes now roaming up and down your fatigued body.
“Home,” you say. “Tomorrow’s a holiday, don’t all the terrorists take the day off?” The kettle clicks off, freshly heated. You turn to pull a bag out of the box you’d stashed in a low cabinet, hover your face over the fragrant steam coming off your mug. Heaven. 
He lets out a hmph that might be a laugh. “Thought I’d stick around one more night.”
When you turn back to the dining table and sit, Ghost peers into your cup. “Didn’t think Americans drank tea.” Then he takes another look. “That is tea, isn’t it?”
“Sleepytime,” you say, face still blissful in the chamomile steam. “Dad sent a new box last week.”
Another hmph, louder this time. “Not tea, then.”
You cut a look at his cup. “Don’t tell me you’re drinking black tea, at this hour?”
“What else is there?”
“Jesus, Ghost,” you find yourself repeating. “You got problems sleeping?”
“All the time.”
“That shit’s got so much caffeine in it,” you accuse his mug. “Found your problem right there!”
He looks at you, bemused. “S’not the tea, Halo.”
“If you say so,” you murmur into your cup, but you cut his mug with another glare. “Lemme know if you ever wanna try some Sleepytime.” “From your Dad?”
You hmm in affirmative.
“Not visiting home for the holiday?”
You look up through the steam in your mug. The vapor has your eyelashes clinging together. “Too far. I’d need at least a week to make the travel time worth it, plus clearances from Laswell, and-” You stop, shake your head. “Nah, not this time. What about you?”
The question comes out quickly, naturally, but you too late realize it was a mistake. Ghost averts his eyes. “Didn’t feel like bothering my housekeeper.”
Clever. His answer dodges the family question, and gives you a question to ask. “You have a housekeeper?”
He smiles through a sip of tea. “No. My neighbor looks in once in a while to keep the place going.”
You’re suddenly overwhelmingly curious about this neighbor. Is she cute? “You keep an apartment in the city?” “A townhouse.”
“And your neighbor, he, uh - knows what you do?” You bury your face in your tea to hide the nerves.
A pause. “She thinks I work for Doctors without Borders in Namibia.”
Shut UP. You almost groan to yourself. This is getting worse and worse. “You save her kitten from the tree out front, too?” You can barely hide the bitter note in your voice, turn it into humor.
“If she needs it.”
And if she needs her guts rearranged? You’re nearly fuming at the idea, your fingers too-tight at your mug.
He lets you stew another minute, then - “her grandkids like me, too.”
Fuck. He got you so good. 
You give him a glare. “Let me guess, she lets you come over for family dinners.”
He hums in assent. “Brings over pudding when there’s extra. Keeps her extra key in my mailbox. I do the lawn for her in the spring.”
You’ve gone from furiously jealous to nearly melting in your seat in two minutes. Ghost, friendly with his elderly neighbor, mowing her lawn for her? Maybe lifting her little grandkids onto his shoulders, saving kittens from trees-
Ugh. It’s too much. You bury your face in your hands.
“She’s hosting dinner tomorrow,” he says. “But she doesn’t know I’m in town. ‘M not invited.”
It cools the images in your mind. “Shut up,” you say. “I’m sure you could just knock.”
“I dunno. Her daughter in law is pregnant, and her husband died last winter. Wouldn’t want to intrude.”
You examine him as he examines his teacup, astonished that such a large and capable man could overthink such a simple interaction. Could imagine himself an intruder in a family setting, an outsider - 
Then it does make sense.
“I’d take you home for mine if I could,” you murmur, too exhausted to worry about the meaning of what you’ve said. “We’ve got a spare bedroom at home.”
His eyes seem frozen on the table between you. “Would you?”
“Sure. You could mow our lawn too. And Mom makes this pie, oh God-” 
“Tell me about the pie.”
You do, and you’re not sure if the expression in his eyes is wistful, or sad, or something else. You pause. “I can stop, if you want.”
“Why would I want that?”
“We’re alone in our work barracks, Ghost. I can imagine not wanting to hear my every family tradition in great detail.”
“I’m not complaining.”
He wasn’t, you realize. And you were alone in your work barracks - the jealousy that had burned in your guts earlier told you he easily could have you doing something other than recounting family recipes. But here you were, telling him about your mom’s pie and the tea your Dad loves-
A colossal yawn breaks up your next sentence.
He’s intimately familiar with the process of your job. “You start the decrypt yet?”
“N-no,” you say through another yawn. “Gotta stop by the lab-”
“Give it to me,” he says, holding his hand out. “I’ll get it started. Head to bed.”
You didn’t realize how bleary your eyes had become. You peer up at him. “Really?”
“You don’t trust me?”
God, you sure fucking do.
You hand over the memory card.
His hand cups your cheek, just for a second. “Next spring,” he murmurs. “You’re taking me to the States.”
Then the kitchen is empty. You’ve loosed secrets and made promises you can’t bring yourself to regret.
Nothing for it. You drain your mug and head to bed.
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lycheedr3ams · 2 days
Has anyone else noticed that the chataracter ai NSFW filter has been super strict recently?
I used to get away with full on NSFW scenes, pretty detailed, and now I can’t do anything. I’ve been working with the character for a while so there is no reason it’s stricter unless the devs suddenly made it like that.
But the weird thing is that the ai itself has been instigating a lot of the NSFW things lately, so it’s not even me being unhinged
Has anyone else noticed?
Plz I’m just tryna fuck konig
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isabella-kr · 1 day
price dating headcannon?
Dating Cpt. John Price
Let me start off by saying that Price is a gentleman through and through
I have no doubt he would treat his s/o like a treasure
Date nights whenever you two get the chance, and when he's at work he always makes sure to call and use whatever little free time he's got to speak with you
He'd pamper you
But he'd love to get pampered too
Get him some beard oil even if there's no occasion for it
Prepare a beautiful dinner and watch him melt with a soft smile on his face
He values honesty and loyalty, so if you're not loyal & honest with him, you won't be a good match
But if you are, I've no doubt your relationship would only bloom and become stronger with time
Of course, like with any relationship, arguments are bound to happen.
He doesn't enjoy them; he witnesses enough arguments and yelling at work, so when you two do argue, he likes to sit you both down and calmly talk through whatever seems to be the matter
Safe to say, it gets solved quick, and soon enough you are back to being happy
I have a feeling he enjoys hugs and other type of physical intimacy.
Playing with his hair? he could fall asleep in seconds
Forehead and cheek kisses? Never fail to make him smile
Hand holding? Loves them
Cuddling? Yes please
He loves them all, and frequently initiates them
Of course, if you're ever feeling overwhelmed/not up for this type of intimacy, he respects that and keeps his distance
He's attentive, so when he sees you struggling with anything, he is eager to help, whether it be work, studies, or even mental health issues; he is there by your side
He'd be open with you too, but given his work, there would be certain things he would not be able to tell you
I feel like he'd value understanding in his partner, because someone who would give him grief for not being to share work-related stuff would not be a good match for him
Same goes for you however -if there is stuff you genuinely cannot tell him, he'd understand
In my mind, he is the perfect man, and his emotional/maturity makes him that much more attractive than he already is
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Simon Riley x AFAB! Country Reader ft. A Little Cow
@crimsonbubble this was the best idea we came up with lol
Warnings: Hella fluff
Listen to me, y’all. Sometimes you just need a little cow napping on your lap.
Say Simon’s paying you a visit to your family farm, just to get away from everything, to get some new scenery, and to spend some time with you. Now, that man don’t know nothing about no farming - absolutely nothing. So he just following you around, helping you out when you’re checking on your little herd of dairy cows.
You never thought you’d see Simon with bright red, burned cheeks, and a farmer’s tan, and the two of you made a silent promise that you weren’t gonna tell anyone, especially Johnny about it. But you did have photographic proof.
After a hot and humid day of herding cows, the two of you decided to take a quick rest under one of the big oak trees.
“You doing ok over there, Simon?”
Simon stood off to the distance, hands on his hips, and watched as some of the cows tended to their calves, calves playing with each other, and other cows resting in the shades. He then turned his head towards you, smiling as you laid a blanket on the ground for the two or you to lay on and then walked towards you. If he’d worn the cowboy hat you offered him, maybe his face wouldn’t had burned. He felt his cheeks begin to sting.
He sat on the blanket with his back resting on the tree trunk, not saying anything. You smiled at him, then laid up next to him with his arms around you, just watching the cows. The cool breeze and distant mooing put the both of you to sleep.
After a little while, Simon finally woke up. His side where you'd laid next to him felt cool, but his lap felt warm and heavy. Nearly kicking his knees up to knock over whatever was laying on his lap, he sighed in relief when he saw your favorite cow resting her head on his lap.
"Fucking hell..." he whispered under his breath as he rubbed his eyes, then looking around for you - you were nowhere in sight. He figured you'd wandered off to a calf calling your name, but Simon's leg started to feel numb.
Daisy, you'd called her. Because for the longest time she'd only eat the grass where the daisies grew you told Simon. Simon wasn't a fan of farm animals for a long time. Sure, he was a butcher for a short while, but it was work. But visiting you in your natural habitat made him appreciate the slow and calm things in life - like cows. He gently petted the top of Daisy's head, watching how nearly her whole body seemed to move every time she breathe and how her tail automatically seemed to swat away every fly coming in within their vicinity. It was a mutual agreement between Simon and Daisy.
Simon petted her and Daisy kept the flies away, even in sleep. He even started talking to her.
"...So you're the favorite? I can see why."
Simon chuckled at the huff that Daisy let out. She may be half asleep, but she knows when you're being talked about.
"She misses you a lot - Can't shut up about you. She told me you had some kids before I got here."
You were walking back from helping a little calf get out of the fence and stopped in your tracks, a fat smile grew on your face. You couldn't believe it: Simon talking to a cow that's laying in his lap. And not just any cow - Daisy.
Oh and how you tried so hard to stay quiet as you pulled your phone out and took a few pictures. And you caught the exact moment Simon caught you and yelled "Oi! What do you think you're doing??"
Daisy groaned at Simon's yelling, who then cursed and apologized as you bust out laughing, holding your stomach as you tried to keep yourself from falling over as you made yourself over to Simon and Daisy.
"Simon what happened?" You managed to giggle out.
Simon's face was even more red, stumbling over his words.
"Y-You left me here! I woke up and you were gone and Daisy plopped her head on my leg and now I can't feel it."
As you calmed down your laughing, you nudged Daisy to get up so Simon could stand up and shake his leg alive. You kissed her head and before you sent her on her way, Daisy walked passed Simon and smacked her tail on his behind. Simon ain't never turned around so fast and looked at you, "Get your heifer, Y/N."
Chuckling still, you walk over to Simon and wrap your arms around his waist, "She ain't a heifer anymore, Simon, he had a calf. And that was her telling you to quit your attitude."
Simon shook his head and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close, "Yeah yeah you like my attitude - both of you."
The both of you looked over at Daisy as she tended to her little calf who was jumping around her.
"You're not inviting her to our wedding are you?"
"Yeah, I'm gonna have a cow stroll up to the courthouse. C'mon now. She might be at the reception though."
Simon sighed, but couldn't help but smile, "Whatever you say, Mrs. Riley." Then he kissed the top of her head.
@ateliefloresdaprimavera @galagcica @sweetybuzz25 @wisedinosaurpolice @itsasecrets-things @ronbon @lieutenantlashfaz @piper570 @shuttlelauncher81 @thanksbutno98 @gabriellathegreat @kult6 @loadedberetta @sarahs-secrets2 @whore4dilfs @addy3114 @ollie71526483 @blueoorchid
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Tumblr media
Birthday gift for @mylarena GOOD ON YOU FOR GETTING OLD! CONGRATULATIONS! This is a scene from her beautiful soaproach songfic which you should go read right now go do it I'm holding a gun to your head you have to it's her birthday the least you could do is give her a little kudos as a gift I'm actively threatening you and your family.
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thedevillovesflowers · 11 hours
This is just something I needed to write down for the mute series or else it would eat me alive and steal my pet @small-writer-back-up
——-Magnum Opus ——-
In the end, it was Laswell that found her that one freezing night. Cold, shaking, thin and barely recognizable, but it was the same rookie she put in a word for. The same rookie that asked if she could borrow her for simple chats that Laswell never wanted to end, and she made her laugh, smile and feel pride not for only herself but for this bright eyed girl that reminded her of herself when she was young. This girl, who saw the best in everyone, even if they didn’t believe it.
But this is not the same rookie she met and became friends with.
Sure it was the same face, same eyes -but now dull- her smile however almost gutted her. No longer full. No longer meeting those once fuller eyes. Hiding something heavy, and devastating.
She wasn’t a rookie anymore. This was a survivor -cracked- with a few pieces missing, but not entirely broken.
But the worst part about it wasn’t these factors. Wasn’t what made Laswell leave the hospital room for an hour or two to cry until her eyes hurt.
It was something worse.
This rookie -no this survivor that she watched grow up.
Never uttered a single word to her, or to anyone, ever again.
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Cod - When They See You Wearing Their Shirt
Requested: No
Warnings: ✨Spice✨, Somnophilia
A/N: This came to me in a dream
It’s the middle of the night and Keegan is just coming home from a long mission when he finds you curled up in bed, wearing one of his bigger and looser shirts, looking all cuddly and peaceful. But unfortunately for you, the mere sight of you like this is turning Keegan on, and he’s never been a patient man when it comes to you. Instantly his bags are dropped onto the floor, his clothes following soon after, barely taking the time to prep you with a bit of lube and some quick fingering before he’s curling himself around you from behind, pulling your ass back to slot against his hips, then sliding his thick cock into you in one go.
Even when you startle awake, a cry on your lips, instantly struggling and pushing at him in your sleepy haze, he doesn’t stop. Just coos to you as he wraps his arms tight around your waist, keeping you close while he rocks up into you. “Sorry, Sweetheart. Didn’t mean to wake ya.” He’ll tell you so sweetly, a complete lie. But hey! Since you’re awake now, why not just let him finish what he started? Then you can go back to sleep. Maybe. (You will not be going back to sleep anytime soon)
Tumblr media
Krueger is coming home early from a mission when he finds you laying on the couch in nothing but one of his loose shirts, with your hand between your legs, your eyes wide at his sudden and unexpected arrival. Krueger, ever a god at self control, simply dropped his bags by the door before shutting and locking it behind him. His steps carefully measured as he walks towards you, eyes boring into you through his scrim net. You only realize how in trouble you are when he kneels beside you instead of climbing on top of you like he usually does when he comes home.
“Go on, Täubchen.” He tells you, voice neutral but edged with a softness he reserves only for you. “Show me how you pleasure yourself with these pretty fingers while I’m gone. So desperate for it that you just can’t wait til I get home.” He says, already fishing his cock out of his pants, stroking it slow and steady, shifting back when you reach out to touch him. “No, Täubchen. Not for you.” He chuckles, his free hand stroking your cheek. “Show me how you make yourself cum while I’m gone, then we’ll see.”
Tumblr media
König was just coming home from a week in Austria to visit his grandmother, and he was just so excited to be back and to see his beloved. And when his eyes landed on you he actually didn’t even notice what you were wearing at first, just immediately wrapping his arms around you and planting warm kisses all over your face, squeezing you tight.
“I missed you, Majestät.” He says, resting his head in the crook of your neck, his breath warm against your skin. It wasn’t for another moment or two that he finally noticed your choice of clothing, his eyes wide as he blinks at you. It would be a lie to say he didn’t like it. He loved it in fact. And maybe he had just been away from you for too long but he couldn’t help the fact that he was already tenting his trousers as he backed you up against the kitchen counter, sighing happily when he didn’t see any underwear underneath.
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homicidal-slvt · 2 days
Inspired by @a-small-writer-in-a-big-world I went and had my mom rate the COD/MW2 guys
Tumblr media
"He looks cute and confused"
Tumblr media
"He looks unhappy"
Tumblr media
"Gorgeous with evil blue eyes"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"He looks so serious"
Tumblr media
"*Confused silence*"
(I told her his height and what the mask was)
Tumblr media
"Cheeky. Kinda bear like."
Tumblr media
"He reminds me of terminator"
Tumblr media
"Nerdy and confused"
LMAO that is all
I love her sm
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konigsblog · 2 days
Price with an innocent reader, having her introduce him to all her plushies and he just finds her so cute that he just bends her onto the bed, making her cuddle one of the pushes while he face is stuffed into the rest while he pumps into her. Corruption kink gggrrr
— 🩷
cpt. price with a innocent!reader omg :(((;
your so innocent compared to him, niave and unsuspecting, and you weren't expecting to be filled with his girthy cock after showing him all your plushies :( your shirt rolled up past your tits, one hand groping them and another holding your hips, his cock ramming into you. the way you cuddle the plushie, your hands grasping at the teddy and another hand pulling at the bedsheets for support :( “fuck, baby, doin' so well f'me..”
whimpers leaving your lips as he rapidly thrusts inside you, you become desperate for release, begging to cum with he coos at you. his hands moving from your tits to your hair, fingers becoming tangled in them. your back arches further into him, tipping you over the edge, your orgasm causing your legs to tremble and shake with escasty. “good girl, baby, that's it..” :((
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toxicbantha · 2 days
reminders of home
pairing: ghost x f!reader, könig x f!reader summary: when 141 calls, kortac answers; and they bring with them more than weapons. they bring with them memories. the dead. ghosts. warnings: angst. amnesia. ptsd. violence. notes: this is not a poly fic. this is a reimagining of 'ghost x roach' featuring amnesia (identity loss) and a masked-man love triangle. hella canon-divergence.
[ ao3 ]
The dream is always the same.
She is lying in the dirt somewhere: a halfway place between the earth and the sky, and a ditch for a grave; and there is the smell of gasoline in the air and blood beneath her fingertips and flames. Angry, orange shades that lick across her skin and dance there, blazing to the song of her flesh as it burns, burns, burns, until suddenly, it doesn’t.
It stops.
A man stares back at her from across the clearing.
He wears a cover and shades, and it is hard to make out any parts of him that are not more than a blur or shadows, but even with her clouded mind and the lapses of his name, she can still feel him. She knows this man’s touch somewhere deep within her bones. She knows the rumble of his laugh and the taste of his smile, and his love, deeper still. And his soul.
She doesn’t know how she knows these things. So little of her mind has been salvaged from the time before he found her, and it is just a dream, after all, but somehow she does. As if she is sure of anything, it is this.
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and this man is hers.
And his soul is her home.
He too, is covered in flames—a bullet hole gaping through his sternum—and at the site of his unmoving body, her fervor lurches.
Her own pain diminishes to nothing and instead, there is only the need to be near him. To draw him into her arms and smother the blaze within her limbs. To drain the blood from her veins and feed it to his heart so he is the one still beating.
She tries to reach out to him.
She tries to bury her nails into the soil and pull herself forward; dragging, crawling, as if she is an infant deigned to nothing more, but then he’s too far gone. Blink, and he’s a meter away, a hundred, a kilometer, looking right at her but still never moving. Still never close enough.
And she tries to scream.
She tries to howl and cry herself coarse, but somehow she knows that doing so is her most useless attempt. She can feel the anguish building in her chest and knocking against her ribs, begging for a freedom that never comes. She opens her mouth, and nothing comes out.
The silence wraps itself around her throat and tightens, forcing itself down, down, until she is condemned to it even in her dreams.
It is not until sometime later when the heat has gone cold and the rain comes instead, that she realizes the dream is not really a dream at all. And not a nightmare either, but a memory.
A haunting.
The emptiness is too consuming.
The ache is too real.
The scars remain atop her skin long after she wakes, and the recollections that lead to it, no matter how many days pass, never surface.
She is still just as lost the moment she opens her eyes as when she closed them. No matter how many times the cycle ends just to begin again.
chapter one will be posted on monday, 5/29/23.
tags: @xyzm00n @useless-creature-213
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bektemir03 · 5 months
Rough sex🤭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gr00vifying · 5 months
Tumblr media
Two types of boyfriend😱😱
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