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handwrittenhello · 2 months
There's a weird pattern with vriska votes surging whenever she's behind. I know there's really nothing you can do about people abusing the system this way, however they're doing it, but I would like it noted that we see it.
i definitely noticed this yesterday. which is why the tags on her poll today are fucked up, actually: i had the post ready for izzy's clear win made before i went to bed, but by the time i woke up vriska had gained thousands more notes somehow. the same thing happened today where zuko was clearly winning, and yet now it's 60/40 for her.
i'm not making accusations or anything lol but i do know for a fact that the tumblrwoman poll was rigged by cheaters who sent bots to spam vote. please, nobody cheat on these polls, it takes away the fun for everyone else. this is supposed to be a silly lighthearted honest competition! your meow meow is still valid even if they don't win.
but maybe vriska voters just gather at night, idk!
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buckyalpine · 5 months
I’m just here to say that im sure one of your AU Bucky’s would be like this (if not all)
Tumblr media
(If the world ends up exposing ryan cheating on Blake, my straight ass would prolly not even do romance anymore, I love their relationship 😭)
Also, I believe this couple fits in one of your AUs.
(PS. Agree to the previous ask, PLS take time to rest and take care of urself!! We would support and be here for u always)
Literally ALL AU's. Bucky never thought he'd find happiness. Or love. Or have a family. And then you came and bam, you've given him everything. He's so in love with you, he's never been happier honestly.
But like....he's become this cocky little shit. You're glowing, pregnant with his baby. Maybe its the serum. Or maybe its just you, either way, you look amazing with your cute little baby bump.
Everyone loves to see it, but no one more than Bucky. Your belly is full of his baby, this man never misses a chance to let people know he did that.
"Y/n, you're glowing"
"DAMN RIGHT SHE IS" He's standing somewhere near by with a proud smirk, you're so fucking pretty and so pregnant. When ever someone compliments you, he's right there, just so proud because you're all his.
"You look amazing"
"I know"
"I was talking to y/n, Bucky"
"I know"
Don't even get him started on when you're all dressed up to go out to an event at the tower. His hands are wrapped protectively around your belly. Then he over hears some younger agents talking about you by the bar and while he tries to ignore it, he can't
"She looks great, lucky gu-
"Yeah, I'm lucky as hell" Bucky dead pans, his classing broody stare scattering them away before he's back to his puppy like self, grabbing you some soda water to sip on.
This guy's social media is all your baby bump pictures. He only has 1 caption for every single picture he posts.
I did that.
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nirvanawrites111 · 7 months
My Right Hand Man (Sub!Wooyoung x Dom!Reader)
Tumblr media
Word count: 3227 Warnings: Smut obviously, cheating on Hongjoong (pls don't do this stay loyal to this man, or he will get you!!!),  Hongjoong is in jail, Gang leader, San is two-faced and mean and calls you out your name, Wooyoung is your submissive, pegging, unprotected sex, talk about drugs, safe word mentioned, dom!reader, gentle femdom, a little degradation, fem pronouns
Pairing: Sub!Wooyoung x Reader
A/N: I wrote this in one sitting this morning, so it's slightly different from the teaser, but it's good! I put my all into it, so you enjoy it. Please comment and reblog!
"Wooyoung? Bro, you aren't up yet?" San's melodic voice travels through the apartment, and you gasp for air.
The heaviness of Wooyoung's hand is like a thousand pounds. You jump from the bed with nothing against your skin. You jet over the closet and fall back into the corner.
Your back aches from the fall, but you cover your mouth. The last thing you need right now is to get caught.
The bed creaks, and Wooyoung yawns. "Shit, what time is it, bro?"
"It's eleven a.m. We were supposed to go to the gym at eight, and you flaked."
"I'm sorry, fam. I was so tired last night. I had to go over the books again for Y/n."
"She's demanding a lot of you lately."
"I mean, I'm the only one with an accounting degree, so I have to ensure things stay afloat while Hongjoong is inside."
"I still can't believe he would hand his whole organization to that bitch. She doesn't know shit about the street life."
"Don't call her that. She knows more than you think. Sure, she does shit differently than him, but she's surprising the hell out of me."
"Whatever. I ain't falling for her shit. You know folks ain't going to want to fuck with us when he comes home."
"Nah, they are still fucking with us now. Business is still booming, so let's not speak negative shit into existence."
Your heart is pounding, and San's words have confirmed that he doesn't like you.
You always had a slight feeling about how he acted around you and constantly questioned your decisions. But, this conversation confirms that little voice in your head that told you that San is against you.
"I guess, but you know she still hasn't decided who her right-hand man is."
"Well, it won't be you."
"Trust me. I don't want shit to do with her. I'm gangteez for life, so nothing will push me away from my brothers."
"Why don't you like her? Are you mad Hongjoong didn't put you in charge?"
"I wasn't his right-hand man. Seonghwa was, and if the bitch had any sense, she would just let Seonghwa take over. He's more than qualified."
"You didn't answer my question."
"I don't need a reason. I just don't."
"Whatever, she's held it down for Hongjoong. Look, I'm going to catch up with you later. Thanks for stopping by and roasting my leader. Next time don't."
"Your leader?"
"Yes, she is our leader while Hongjoong is away."
"This bitch has you brainwashed."
"Y/n, is the baddest bitch in our city. She's made us so much money, so she's my leader."
"Yeah, okay," San groans.
The bedroom door closes, and footsteps tap along the hardwood floor. The closet door is pulled open.
"Mistress?" Wooyoung extends his hand to you and helps you off the floor of his closet. You stand up, and you throw your hands around him.
"Yes," you whisper against his lips, and your body sways with him for a bit.
"You heard everything, right?"
"I did," you say.
"You know I can't change how he feels about-" You hold a hand up to his lip and shake your head. The last thing you need right now is for him to explain another man's actions.
"His opinion isn't valid," you discuss.
You've experienced so much judgment since Hongjoong got locked up six months ago. Everyone questioned why he decided to leave you in charge, but the truth is you were born for this. Since you started dating him years ago, he's been exposing you to all aspects of the game if he gets locked up.
At first, you were hesitant to learn about the drug game because you didn't want to manifest him going to jail, but the reality is that it's a common thing in this fast life. So, in secret, you learned as much as you could.
"This is why you are my leader," Wooyoung giggles against your lips, and the sound is heaven against your ears.
It sends endorphins throughout your body. This life has become so lonely, but Wooyoung is the sunlight you need in such a dark time right now.
Birds chirping fills the room, and your body freezes. You pull away from Wooyoung. You are snatched from your current reality, and you race over to your purse in his drawer. You tear open the drawer, and you grab your burner phone.
You can't ever miss this phone call, no matter what you are doing. You are his lifeline to the streets and his business. You flip open the phone, and you speak into the phone.
"Yes, Hongjoong."
"Good Morning. I didn't receive my usual good morning call during breakfast. Did you drink last night?"
"No," you sit on the side of the bed, and you look up at Wooyoung. You can see the smile darken on his face and disappear in a flash.
"Where you been, princess?"
Your chest heats up and tightens. Hongjoong doesn't know you don't like him calling you that anymore.
You've allowed yourself to another side of your feminine energy, and you can only see yourself as Mistress, Goddess, or Queen. Thanks to Wooyoung.
But, for an odd reason, princess seems inferior to you.
You can protest to him, but you rather not waste your minutes on something so small to him.
"Sleep, baby. I just woke up."
"Run me the numbers from last night."
"I'll have to get them from Wooyoung. Can I give them to you in a few hours?"
Hongjoong's heavy groan is enough to tell you that he isn't pleased with you. He sucks his teeth and takes a deep breath.
"Y/n, you know that I like to have the numbers during breakfast so I can advise you how to move for the day. I can't run a business if you are sleeping away the day."
You swallow hard and hold the flip phone between your ear and shoulder. You grip the edge of the mattress and count to three in your head.
What about him telling you thank you, Y/N, for how well you are running his business or how are you? Is everything okay? But, instead, he wants to dig into you because you slept in for the first time in six months.
"Hongjoong. I'm sorry. You know that never happens. I will get you the numbers as soon as possible," you say.
Wooyoung kneels before you and kisses you on your legs. You mouth for him to stop because the last thing you need is to moan on the phone while you are talking to him.
"Y/n, I want to come home to a business. Please don't play games with my organization."
"Well, if you don't trust me, why don't you have San or Seonghwa run it," you spit into the phone. Your tone is laced with venom, and at this point, you are over it.
Wooyoung looks up from you at his favorite position. He loves kneeling in front of you and loves the power you possess over him. 
No one will understand how powerful his mistress is. Not even Hongjoong, and he's known you for years.
Wooyoung's lips lift into a frown when he notices your body's stiffness and how tight you are gripping his mattress. He wants you to squeeze him tight and take your frustration out on him.
He'd do anything for you to make you smile. He decides to make a bold decision that can cost him a punishment later.
He moves closer to you, and you are trying to explain yourself to Hongjoong, and Wooyoung knows his former leader very well.
Hongjoong isn't trying to hear any explanation of why you haven't done what is required of him.
Wooyoung leans forward and plants a gentle kiss on your inner thigh. He knows that he needs your permission to further engage in pleasing you the way he wants to.
Wooyoung's eyes sparkle when you spread your legs wide for him. He looks up at you, and you nod your head in approval of him pleasing you.
It's risky the fact that you are on the phone with Hongjoong, but he can't stand anyone upsetting you, mainly after San talked shit about you while you were hiding in the closet.
Wooyoung tried redirecting the conversation earlier when San ran off at the mouth. But, he didn't want to make any indication or inkling that he is involved with you in any way.
If it were up to him, he'd tell the whole world how you own him, but you want to keep it a secret to protect Hongjoong.
Wooyoung kisses your sex, and he looks up at your eyes closed. You are chewing at your bottom lip and mumbling into the phone.
"Absolutely, Hongjoong. It will not happen again."
Wooyoung is for sure you are getting scolded for not having the numbers from last night when he wants them.
Wooyoung plants gentle pecks up and down your slit. He smiles when your body shudders in reaction to his gestures. All he wants to do is satisfy and appreciate it in the way you deserve.
He doesn't waste any more time and dives into you. His tongue explores you with patience and care. He knows that if he takes his time, it will be so worth it for you.
Usually, he hums to himself, but right now, that's not feasible because the last thing he wants is to get you in anymore trouble. He cares about your well-being more than he cares to admit.
In his eyes, he belongs to you, and his existence is to make you feel wanted, admired, intelligent, powerful, and in charge. Serving you and being on his knees for you makes everything he does worth it.
Wooyoung's belly is flooded with butterflies, and he spreads your most sensitive folds with care and dusts his tongue against your pearl. You lean back against the edge of the mattress, at a perfect angle where he can still see your facial expressions.
You are so wet for him. He doesn't know if the excitement of being caught or how much you need to cum. Either way, he isn't going to complain about this moment.
Wooyoung circles around your love button and flicks over it. His actions cause you to drop the phone nearly, but you grab it.
"Sorry, Hongjoong. I almost dropped the phone."
"Yes, I understand."
"Yes, this is serious to me."
Wooyoung listens to you try not to moan through this interaction. He nibbles with soft intention at your clit, and a gush of your arousal drips down. Wooyoung is pleased in the moment of how you are reacting to be worshipped like the goddess you are.
"Goddess," Wooyoung whimpers against your sex.
He knows he isn't supposed to speak, but he can't help it. His tongue goes down to catch all of your nectar. He's obsessed with the way you taste on his tongue. He's honestly addicted, and he tells you every single time that he's lucky enough to devour you.
You grab him by the hair to signal to him to calm down. Wooyoung's devious smirk appears on his face, and he returns to worship his goddess.
His tongue dances along your pussy. He etches sorties against your flesh in a way to apologize to you.
Wooyoung knows that the way you are now rocking your body against his face that you are close.
Wooyoung knows your body so well. He holds his hands behind his back because he is painfully hard.
He wants to stroke himself while you cum on his tongue. But, his goddess comment has cost his access to that.
Wooyoung laps at your juices, and you rock harder against him. He's in heaven now, and he looks up to see you pressing your lips together so tight that you are holding that delicious moan in.
He wants you to slip up a bit. Not to the point where you get caught, but so that he knows that his actions are bringing you closer to that orgasm you so deserve. He needs that verbal praise.
Wooyoung's tongue goes into your wet canal, and now he's tongue fucking you. Your hand is at the back of his head, and you are literally fucking his tongue.
Your legs are damn near numb because he's giving it his all to make you cum. You can't deny how amazing it feels to have Wooyoung between your thighs while Hongjoong is ripping into you about his business.
You are simply just replying to him, but you aren't present with him. Your body is on another plane with Wooyoung. You two are co-existing in another dimension because he's eating the soul out of your body.
You want to cry out in ecstasy because of how fucking talent your submissive is when it comes to cunnilingus.
Your juices have created a wet spot underneath you on his mattress. You thrust his head into your cunt. You are approaching your climax, and you want it bad.
This isn't how you expected your morning to be, but you aren't going to complain.
"Are you listening to me, Y/N?" Hongjoong growls into the phone.
You wish you could put the phone on mute so you can scream Wooyoung's name, but you can't. So, Hongjoong will have to ride it out with you without knowing.
"Yesssss!!!" You cry out, and you explode onto Wooyoung's tongue.
The groan is loud and mixed with pleasure and frustration of Hongjong being an absolutely dick to you.
Wooyoung embraces all of you and drinks from your essence. He licks all the way down and catches all of you. He cleans you out. Because that's what a submissive is supposed to do, he's supposed to clean up the mess that he makes.
You lean back against the mattress, somewhat out of breath.
"Well, I see you got an attitude. I'll call you in a few hours for my numbers," Hongjoong says, and ends the call. You close the phone and toss it on the bed.
"Fuck, Wooyoung, that was amazing," You say, looking down at him.
You pull him up onto your body, and you slip your tongue into his mouth to taste yourself.
"You deserved to be worshiped like a goddess," Wooyoung moans against your lips.
His erection pokes against you, and you look down. "Sorry for getting hard, Mistress. I didn't touch it, though."
You stroke him while he's hovering over top of you. "Don't apologize, baby. But, you know you almost got us caught, right?"
"I know.."
"Get the strap," you instruct him. You know that he needs to be punished, and you aren't sure whether his little act was the intention or not. But, either way, it's time for him to get fucked.
"Yes, mistress," Wooyoung says. He retrieves your strap-on and helps you put it on. You grab your favorite lube and pour it onto the plastic.
"Did you do this on  purpose?"
"Do what?" Wooyoung plays coy, and that tells you everything you need to know.
"Eat me out."
"You looked stressed, and I just wanted you to smile. I'm sorry."
"You moaned out, goddess."
"Sorry, I got lost in the moment."
"You know I'm not into spanking.. but I'm not going to go easy on that hole."
Wooyoung's wicked smile appears again, and you know he wants this.
"I know, Mistress. I deserve it."
"What's our safe word?"
"That's right, baby. Turn around," you say. You add lube to your fingers, and you prepare him to take all of you.
You get off of the bed and push him over the mattress right where you came at. You push his head down against the soiled mattress.
You slap his ass and inch into him.
"Mmm.. yess, mistress. Fill me up. Please, don't go easy on me."
"Why you gotta be so slutty and crave to be fucked by me?"
"You do this to me. I'm addicted to you," Wooyoung moans hit your ears, and you go faster. You need praise and admiration. It fills your head up. Since, your so-called boyfriend can't express any gratitude or recognition for all you do.
"Only me? Right?"
"Yes, mistress. Only you," he says. You damn near lose it and pump into his faster. The feeling is perfect. You enjoy making him feel good.
Wooyoung is throwing it back on your strap. "Mistress, can I stroke it while you fuck me?"
"Mmm.. let me coat you," you say. You jam your fingers into your soaking pussy and cover his dick with your juices. You get it nice and coated. "There, I put lube on it."
"Fuck, I love your cum," Wooyoung moans and strokes his dick while you fuck his ass hard. "I'm gonna cum.."
"Not until I tell you to."
"Yes, Mistress," Wooyoung's voice is shaky. But, you know he's so close. You want him to explode just like you did earlier. You love how he's a whore for you and only you.
"One," you count.
"I'm so close... my legs are shaking."
"Fuck mistress, you fuck me so damn good. Please don't stop. I'm your slut. I'll do anything for you," you say.
"Hmm.. cum for me then," you say.
You slow down because you know that he loves that. He cums into his hand, and you pull out of him. He lies against the mattress, and you stand over him.
"Mmm.. that was good," You climb onto him and hold his legs up. You slide back into him while he's lying on his back.
"Look at me, whore," you grab his face, and your eyes connect. This time your movements are slow into him. You want to watch him cum.
"Fuck.. I love when you make love to me," he moans, and you cover his mouth with yours. Nothing else matters right now.
His legs are around your waist and your strokes are slow but steady.
You are lost in the essence of each other. Nothing else matters at this moment. All you know is you care about Wooyoung, and you enjoy being with him in this way.
Your body is sensitive and being connected to him this way has you approaching another orgasm. Wooyoung's arms are around your waist.
"Let's cum together," you whisper against his lips, and before you can even count the way you usually do, you both are cumming as one. Your body elevates to another level. Never have you ever had such a strong sexual connection with anyone in your life. Everything you are with him, you feel so sexually free.
"Thank you, mistress," Wooyoung's cum is against your stomach, but you don't care. You pull out of him and lie next to him.
"That was fucking amazing," you say.
"I think I'm in love with you," Wooyoung says.
Your heart drops, and your body is still coming down from your high with Wooyoung.
His words are so calm, and you want to protest to say it's just the sex. But, you know it isn't. You know that what you share is more profound than just sex.
Before you can answer, the familiar bird chirping silences the room and your decision to confirm or decline your feelings towards Wooyoung.
Part 2
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just-my-type-x · 17 days
Night Outs and Nightclubs
Tumblr media
A/N: whatever i say in this imagine is purely fictional. In no way am i targeting Brad of having this type of behaviour and in no way am i projecting his behaviour in this imagine as being real in his day-to-day lifestyle. + another A/N at the end, pls read that before u start the imagine ♥️
Synopsis: y/n is also an artist and she recently has a radio interview where she has to confront the fans' rumours about her and Brad being more than friends. Her answer makes Brad reconsider their situation and take wrong decisions.
I put the headphones on my head and wait for Chris to introduce me to our listeners. I take a deep breath and say hi to everyone listening, followed by him applauding.
"Thank you, thank you", i laugh and he moves his microphone closer to his mouth
"Welcome back to BBC Radio 1, y/n, it's so good to have you back, it's been a while."
"Thank you, Chris. I know.. It's been like two years?", i ask him and we both frown, thinking about it.
"I think so, yeah. How have you been, love?"
"We're still not going to date, mate", he bursts out laughing and i smirk at the camera that's filming us
"I didn't even get friendzoned, i got matezoned. Well, this is new for me. But seriously, how have you been, what's new? I saw you were a supporting act for The Vamps on their latest tour. How did that work out for you? Since you've been in the game for almost as much as them, how was the experience of being a supportive act? ", he asks while checking his notes for any missing questions
"I've been very well, thank you, I'm very proud of my latest music video and I'm so glad it received its deserved praise haha. Secondly, i loved supporting the boys, they're great company and I've known them for a lifetime to be honest. It felt like a very refreshing time, because I had just gotten back from my tour and i stuttered a bit before agreeing to support them, but I'm glad i made the right decision.", i smile and take a sip of my coffee
"That's so nice to hear. I will say tho that I've seen a lot of comments regarding your reason for touring with them and if you don't mind, let's clear some things up for your fans, shall we?", he asks and pins me with his eyes, asking me, in a way, if i feel comfortable doing so. I agree and take another deep breath, making sure it can't be heard in my mic. "A lot of fans said that you're involved with one of The Vamps boys and that's the reason you actually went om tour with them. Also, a lot of people had pointed out that your boyfriend hasn't been in the picture for some time. Did anything happen?"
I chuckle before answering and i bite my lip. "He hasn't been in the picture because we broke up two or three months into the greatest hits tour. It was a really tough breakup because i didn't see it coming, honestly, i just woke up one day and my relationship was over."
"Was there a certain reason for the breakup?"
"Actually, yes, and it sucks because it was based on rumours. He saw a lot of comments, tweets, posts on Instagram about Brad and I and there were people shipping us, others were speculating about what we're doing, how they think we're closer as the days go by... Apparently he thought i was cheating on him with Brad and he decided to believe some rumours, rather than believing his 2 year girlfriend.",i exhale sharply when i finish talking
"You know he wasn't the right one when you see him do something dumb like this. No offence tho.", Chris chuckles and i smile. "Was there anything in particular that made things believe that?"
"Oh my Gosh, Chris, not you too.", we laugh and i take another sip of my coffee. "No, i would never date Brad. We work together way too much, we have the same management, record label, it'll be way too complicated. What people don't know it's that we wouldn't be allowed to work this much together afterwards and it would be a pity."
"There you have it folks. You heard it here first. This is BBC Radio 1 and we'll be back in 2".
We take our headphones off and take a quick break.
I enter Tristan's apartment and throw my bag on the sofa and take off my shoes. I don't live in London, so whenever i have press interviews or radios to attend to, Tristan offered to let me stay with him for those few days. We've always been really close and helped each other with anything, so I'm really glad he offered to do that. I enter the kitchen and i raise an eyebrow when i see Tristan having lunch with Brad.
"Hello there", i say surprised and walk over to hug Brad.
"Hey", he says with a cold voice, but i brush it off almost immediately
"What are you doing here?"
"I have writing sessions with Olly Murs and Mabel these 2 weeks", his attention falls back on his food and i nod, giving Tristan a questioning look. He shrugs his shoulders and takes a bite of his pasta. I murmur a quick ok and head to the fridge to get a water bottle.
"You have food in that bag, we wanted it to keep warm until you got home. Oh and we're going out tonight. Are you feeling groovy?", Tris asks as he dances around me with his pasta plate in his hands. I laugh and catch him by the waist to stop moving around.
"I don't think so, i was supposed to meet up with a friend tonight. I'll see for sure later, but I'm definitely not down for a nightclub.", i chuckle and sit at the table to eat. Brad looks at me from the other end of the table with a sad look and i frown, but he gets up and puts his dishes in the sink.
Hours go by and i end up staying at home, watching tiktoks, when a friend texts me.
F: ayy, y/n, how come you never introduced me to Brad and Tristan before?
I look confused at the text
Me: no reason, why?
F: sent you a video
F: sent you a video
F: sent you 4 photos
My eyes grow wide at the screen, as my chest tightens with a weird feeling. Brad's leaning on five different girls, talking to them so close to their faces that he might as well kiss them. Unless he, of course, did, as i scroll through the photos and i see him kissing one of the girls from the previous video.
Me: they're so drunk :))
F: wtf no, they haven't drunk anything so far. They're for real having fun:))
I leave her on read as i feel some jealousy creeping in. While we were touring, after my breakup, Brad and i did get really comfortable and maybe too friendly with each other. We had a lot of fun together and we would always hang out before the show and backstage. It went on like this for about 3 months and every day i felt closer to him. But what i said in the interview was true, there were so many factors that our relationship might have messed up. Tho our management is very chill and gives us freedom to do whatever we want, we wouldn't bd able to work together on most occasions. And i know he's aware of that too. He's also the one to say this first, how their career is now at a peak it hasn't been in a while, so they don't want that to get messed up. I'm also their friend, i can't be so selfish that I'd prefer to be with Brad and mess up with their scheduling and work days.
I toss the phone to my side and almost an hour later, i hear the keys in the lock. I check the time and it's a bit past 2AM,which is weird for any of them to be home at this hour.
I wait until the door is closed and i get out of the guest's room, only to find Brad taking off his shoes, his eyes scanning my exposed legs because of the pj shorts.
"Where's Tris?", i ask, crossing my arms at my chest
"He left with someone, he'll be back in the morning", Brad manages to offer me a half smile and i almost rolled my eyes at him, but he turned his back at me to get to his room.
I follow him and i lean on the door frame and watch from behind him how he unbuttons his shirt.
"I saw you had fun tonight", a chuckle leaves his mouth, followed by a shake of his head
"Oh yeah, wild night actually. Your friend is awesome", i swallow the heavy feeling in my throat and straighten my position in the doorframe. He turns around to face me and my eyes fall on his exposed chest and abdomen.
"You had fun with my friend?", my voice is a bit more raised
"Does that bother you? She didn't seem to be", he smirks and takes off his shirt, throwing it on the bed.
"Bradley..", i warn and get closer to him. He raises an eyebrow, waiting for me to continue. "You were on every single girl in that club, why did you have to hook up with my friend?", i throw my hands around and he smirks
"I didn't hook up only with her, don't be so dramatic", my cheeks heat up from his words
"Brad, did you really make out with those girls?"
"Are you jealous? Does it bother you? If yes, why?", Brad sits on the bed and waits for me to answer, but i just stare at him. "Good, because since you'll never date me, i have no reason to wait for you", he gets up again and walks toward his bathroom
"Wait for me? What are you talking about? And stop showing me your back when you're talking to me!", i walk in front of him and press my pointing finger on his well defined chest
"You're a smart woman, y/n, figure it out. I need to shower, please move out of the way or i will pick you up and throw you on my bed.", Brad's eyes darken at his own words and out breathing gets heavier.
"Bradley, answer me", i hold his gaze and i feel my eyes burn in the back of my head. Hr walks closer to me and i walk backwards until i hit the bathroom door with my back, his face dangerously close to mine.
"Stop saying my name like that", he almost whispers and i put my hands on his abdomen, pushing him back a few steps
"Stop being as close to me as you were with those girls"
"So you really are jealous. Why tho? You said really clearly that you'll never date me. I moved on with my life", Brad walks away from me, putting his shirt back on, since it doesn't look like he's gonna shower soon.
"Is this about my interview this morning?", i frown at him, but he stays silent, buttoning his shirt. "What would you have wanted me to say? That I'm in love with you and that i was so glad my ex broke up with me? I've gotten so many dms and comments about you and i, i saw how people see us and how nobody wants me next to you. It was a lie so i could take the attention off us for a while in 5 months. ", i take a deep breath and he scratches the back of his head. "Why couldn't you just ask me? Talk to me? You went out and made out with all those girls for what?"
"So you're saying it's my fault i screwed up", he let's his arms fall next to his body, his palms hitting his thighs
"I wasn't the one clubbing tonight", i cross my arms at my chest and we stay in silence a few moments.
"Fuck", Brad swears and takes two big steps until he reaches me and cups my face with hid hands, crushing his lips on mine, his tongue licking my bottom lip. I give him permission and his tongue touches mine with every movement and my teeth sink in his bottom lip, pulling at it gently. His hands fall on my ass, tracing the form of my ass cheeks. I take a step forward, getting closer to him, pulling at his shirt collar and keeping him close to my body. "Fuck, y/n", he moans and i push him on the bed. He falls back and holds himself up with his elbows, watching my every move. I get on top of him and i straddle his lap, his hand forming a chokehold on my neck as he pulls me to kiss him. He falls back on the bed and i lean more on him, not breaking the kiss. Brad's other hand holds my waist and the other one frees my neck, caressing my breasts with it before moving it to my waist too.
"Is this a mistake?", i break the kiss and i ask him, heavily breathing.
"I don't care", he answers, his lips back on mine.
A/N: i couldn't fit this at the beginning bc it was too much, so, I also have to apologise for something. I wrote this over yesterday when that club video went out and over today, while i was in class, and i didn't know the entire story behind what actually happened behind the scenes of that video until now. I apologise and if the story wasn't already finished and scheduled for today, i wouldn't have posted this imagine. At first i loved how it would've been a great context, but now i know more things and i really don't want it to seem disrespectful or look like I've profited off that. Again, I'm not trying to picture Brad's behaviour as being like this in reality or that his behaviour should be taken for granted.
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Friends Don't Look At Friends That Way - Chapter 5: Age 16 (after the summer)
Tumblr media
cw: mentions of cheating
word count: 2.019
read on AO3 || masterlist
sorry it took me so long to post! i started university in october and things have been a little stressful! i'll try to find a more regular posting schedule though! meanwhile, have fun with this and don't hate me pls.
chapter summary: the one about first heartbreak
School started back up a month and a half ago and Aelin already feels like she needs a vacation again. And judging by her friends' faces, they can see it too. 
"You look terrible, babes," Lys tells her that morning in the car and Nehemia nods in agreement.
"Thank you," Aelin says, her words dripping with sarcasm. 
"You know what I mean," Lys just rolls her eyes. 
"I do," Aelin sighs. 
"Wanna talk about it?" Lysandra gives Aelin a gentle nudge with her arm, never taking her eyes off the road.
"I just cannot believe how stressful school is all of a sudden!" Aelin bursts out. "I mean, junior year just started but already our teachers are telling us that we need to start thinking about our futures, and what colleges we want to apply for, and to plan accordingly. And don't get me started on SAT prep!"
"Hey, that's understandable," Nehemia's calm voice interjects from the backseat. "But don't stress yourself out too much right now. There's still a lot of time left for you to think about all those things."
"I guess," Aelin says noncommittally. "I'm just having a hard time accepting the fact we're more than halfway done with high school. The future just seems so much closer now than it did before the summer."
"I know what you mean," Lys agrees. "But it won't get less scary if you worry about it all the time."
"That's true," Nehemia interjects and puts a comforting hand on Aelin's shoulder. "How about we get together this weekend and make a plan."
"A plan?" Aelin asks. 
"Yes, a plan," Nehemia continues. "We'll write down all the deadlines we have, like the SAT test day, college applications, and whatever else, and then we'll write down the things we need to do until then. Maybe it helps if we cut it up into bite-size pieces rather than trying to eat the whole cake."
"That actually sounds really good,'" Lys agrees. 
"It does." Aelin can't believe her luck. She has two amazing friends who not only endure her worries, but also help her through them. "But now I want cake," she groans and they all laugh.
The first half of the day goes by quickly, though Aelin has even more assignments now. She makes her way to the cafeteria for lunch when Remelle steps out of a classroom and almost bumps into Aelin. Remelle can just stop herself at the last second.
"Whoa, hi there," Aelin says. 
"Oh, sorry. I didn't see you," Remelle shrugs.
"No problem," Aelin chuckles awkwardly. "Were you going to lunch?"
Remelle gives her a look that Aelin translates as Well, duh, where else would I be going at lunch-time. "Yes," she says after a moment.
"Great. Me too." Aelin wants a hole to open underneath her to save her from this conversation. They start walking together in silence and Aelin is frantically trying to come up with something to talk about. "So, what class did you just have?"
"Math." Remelle seems equally unmotivated to find a topic of conversation.
"I hate math." Aelin comments, not sure what else to say.
"Yeah, same." 
Finally, they arrive at their lunch table. Remelle goes to greet her friends and Aelin plops down on a bench between Chaol and Nehemia. She gives Chaol a quick peck on the cheek, not wanting to interrupt his conversation with Lorcan, who is sitting a bit further down the table.
 Lys, who is sitting across from her, gives a pointed look in Remelle's direction and then raises an eyebrow at Aelin. 
"We ran into each other on the way here and then walked together," Aelin explains. 
It's no secret that Aelin doesn't really know how to interact with Remelle. Even though Rowan has been dating her for what, almost seven months now, Aelin has never really talked to her. 
"How was that?" Lys asks.
"The usual. Anyways, what are we talking about?"
"We were talking about going to see a movie this afternoon. Do you wanna come?" Nehemia asks.
"Sure! I'm gonna tutor this freshman today, but we can go after that." Aelin tells her friends.
"Yeah, that's fine," Lys tells her.
Chaol, now done, looks at her. "What's fine?" 
"We're gonna go see a movie this afternoon," Aelin tells him. "Do you wanna come?"
"I took my bike today," Chaol grimaces at her. 
"I can drive us there and then just drop you off at school again so you can bike home from here. Then it's not as far?" Aelin suggests. 
"Sure," he says, giving her a kiss and getting up. 
"Wait, where are you going? Lunch isn't over for another," she quickly glances at the clock,"thirty minutes."
"Yeah, I know, babe. But I have to go talk to Mr Cooper about one of my assignments and he told me to come to him during lunch." He gives a shrug that says What can you do? 
"Okay. See you later then?" 
He gives her a nod and makes his way out of the cafeteria.
Her friends have meanwhile started discussing something to do with their history class. Aelin takes that opportunity to tune them out a bit and glance over at Rowan, who is sitting on the opposite bench, a bit further down the table. He and Fenrys are deep in conversation and Aelin lets herself look at him for five seconds, before moving her gaze along. She hasn't had one-on-one time with Rowan in more than two months now, and their school interactions were also getting few and far in-between. He is pretty busy with Lacrosse at the moment, to make sure he gets to keep his permanent spot on the roster for the year. But Aelin just misses him sometimes. 
Movement close to Rowan catches her eye again. Lithaen, one of Remelle's best friends, just got up from the table and Remelle is laughing at her. 
"Really, Li, you have to do your homework during lunch again? You really gotta get better with your time-management."
Lithaen just gives a self-deprecating shrug and smiles at her friend. When she turns to leave, she sees Aelin watching her and her smile dims. 
Aelin turns back to her friends and joins the conversation again.
Ten minutes before lunch is over, Aelin slaps her hand against her forehead. Both Nehemia and Lys look at her as if she's just lost her mind. 
"What's wrong?" Nehemia wants to know.
"I just remembered I was actually supposed to meet up with Ms Garcia during lunch so that she can give me the lesson plans for the tutoring." Aelin stands and quickly gathers her stuff. "I hope I'll still catch her. See you later, guys," she throws over her shoulder.
She leaves the cafeteria in a hurry and turns the corner to the hallway that leads to the classrooms, only to promptly run into someone. 
"I'm so sorry," Aelin apologizes. 
"Don't worry about it," a deep voice says.
"Oh, Mr Cooper! Is Chaol already done talking with you?"
"Chaol? No, I haven't seen him at all today. Did I miss an appointment with him?"
"Oh, no… He just said… Forget it." Aelin gives the teacher a smile and continues to Ms Garcia's classroom. She wonders where Chaol went if he wasn't with Mr Cooper. Maybe he just misspoke and meant a different teacher? She thinks about texting him to ask where he was but decides against it. He sometimes gets angry when she asks where he was when she couldn't reach him.
Rain is battering against the roof of Aelin's car. It almost manages to drown out the soft music playing over her phone's speaker. 
It's afternoon a few days later and school has been out for a while now, but Aelin is waiting for Chaol. Lacrosse practice ended a little bit ago and she's here to pick him up. They want to do a coffee-date.
Aelin checks the time. It's been over fifteen minutes now since practice ended. Usually Chaol should be here by now. She looks through her window and contemplates texting him to see what's taking him so long when she sees Rowan marching toward her car. Chaol is hot on his heels, holding his hand over his nose and sending a death-glare at Rowan.
It takes her a moment to process what she's seeing. As Rowan comes closer, she gets a better view of his face. Aelin has never seen him look this angry in all their years of knowing each other. He doesn't seem to be angry at her though, which just makes the whole situation weirder. 
She gets out of the car to talk to them and Rowan has almost reached her. As soon as she closes the door behind her, Rowan catches her eye and there's this look on his face that makes her stomach churn. 
"Oh my god, what happened?" She isn't sure who she is directing the question at.
Rowan's eyes flash with sympathy and she just knows that something bad happened.
"Tell her." Rowan's words are biting and directed at Chaol. "Tell her what you did."
Chaol takes his hands off his face and Aelin can see he was cradling his nose. There's blood all over his hands and face. "I did nothing! You just hit me!" Chaol accuses.
Rowan had done this? Her soft-spoken best friend who'd never gotten into a fight his whole life?
"Don't lie to her," Rowan snaps, his words laced with barely-contained fury.
"I'm not lying! I don't know what you think you saw, but–"
Aelin has a feeling she knows where this is going to go. A heavy weight settles in her stomach. "Tell me what happened."
"Your friend just hit me out of nowhere!" Chaol looks at her, indignation written all over his features.
"Not you," Aelin says cooly, leveling her gaze at Rowan. "Rowan. Tell me what happened."
 The look he gives her is full of something that looks an awful lot like pity. "I saw him with Lithaen. They were kissing. I'm sorry, Aelin."
Aelin's ears start ringing. She turns her head to Chaol and only asks two words. "How long?"
Chaol's gaze flits between her and Rowan and she can see his thoughts play out on his face. He knows she'll always believe Rowan over anyone, that there's no point in denying it anymore. So he just answers her question. "Since the summer."
Aelin's brain has already been trying to figure out the how and the when and there's an obvious answer. "So all those weekends and afternoons you were too busy with 'family stuff' or 'homework' to hang out? And when you disappeared in school?"
He levels her with a pitying look and opens his mouth to speak, but Aelin just about had it with boys and their pity for one day.
"I changed my mind. Don't answer that," she quickly says before Chaol can get a word out. 
She looks at the both of them for a moment, Chaol already seeming like he is over the whole situation and trying to get a look at his nose to assess the damage and Rowan eyeing her like she might collapse at any moment and she does not want to deal with either of them for a second longer. "I'm going to leave now," she announces, her gaze focused on Chaol. "But just in case it wasn't clear already: we're over." Chaol just gives her a nod.
She turns around and opens her car door when she hears Rowan come closer. 
"Aelin," he starts.
She turns toward him. "No. I just… I can't right now." She sits down in the driver's seat and looks up at Rowan who still stands close to her open door. "Thank you, though. For telling me."
"Of course," he nods, "Tell me if you need anything."
All Aelin can do is nod as she closes the car door. She starts the engine and makes it all the way home and into her driveway, before she puts the car in park, lets her head fall down against the steering wheel and starts to sob.
thanks for reading! let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments or reblogs! <3
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degreeofdisorder · 5 months
young royals s2e2 live reaction
okay here we go I am hating this
"you can tell her I have nothing more to say" YEAH BOY
oh I'm gonna die lmao
they're gonna kill me that's it
the girls are so sweet ugh
my babies im going to cry
oh sara don't be like this
hopefully not tho
oh man it really says a lot that everyone around simon hates wille :/
well ok not necessarily ~hates but like. from an outside perspective he really really did simon dirty
from an outside perspective tho
baby you've literally seen simon's face when he comes you cannot possibly be this dumb when it comes to staring at him
wille: simon wants space? ok. I will stare at him in the changing room but I will Not pass him the ball during PE.
(just occurred to me he's just jealous o wow)
wille making the freshmen overthrow the seniors is the single funniest thing in the world.
simon: SARA PLEASE DON'T-- wille: hello 😌
oh I forgot wille is trying to give him space
oh haha this one's about to be absolute shit
oh the gurls are fightingggggggggggg
what are you gonna do about all this tension? kiss?
can mr englund pls clear his throat he's giving me an asthma crisis
oh okay so that IS what happened. he randomly left his sweater w simon, then gets kidnapped, and then simon has a crisis about it
ok mr sweater thief who are you charlie spring
oh he's deep in his feelings about it
oh no
oh my god
malin how could you. guess you didn't cheat but you're still a traitor
"at least you don't have to be crown prince" oh fuck you erik. doing this and dying. this bitch killed himself didn't he. on god if he did.
"i know you're grieving. we all are" oh FUCK OFF. FUCK OFF KRISTINA.
"unconventional relationship" what the fuck?
"i want it to come out in your own terms, not because someone forces you" did she just...... did kristina just say something that somewhat made sense?
"please can you just be my mom right now?" oh this is fucking heartbreaking I'm gonna die
oh wille baby
malin being a traitor and kristina being all "if you wanna come out do it in your own terms" and "see a therapist"??? who the FUCK are these people
"get rid of the bodyguards" AYYYEEEEEEEE
I cannot believe I just lived to see malin's downfall
can't y'all stop making heart eyes at each other and just fucking TALK
he went to the PRINCIPAL
wille straight up just acts like a scorned lover lmao
"it would just be two years" baby do you even begin to understand what you're asking him? did you not listen to him at all? have you listened to simon at all???
I wish I was as true to myself as simon is when it comes to standing his ground
like it hurts me but he's so fuckin good
"why sleep w someone when you can just cum on your own" LMFAO SARA MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
"yes! yes preach it" MADDIE I LOVE YOU
sara that is 100% NOT a sign for you to go fuck august
don't fuck your classmates! don't fuck your classmates! don't fuck your classmates! don't fuck your classmates!
not the fish
I will simply lie down and cry idc
he put it on
I'm killing myself
oh honey boy
is it moral if I simply skip this entire thing
i am hating every second of this and they have literally only looked at each other and talked
"action" disgusting
I'm not watching this. I'm like actively looking away
oh thank god he's got morals
I still literally looked away that entire scene lmfao
"i think I want to have sex with you" oh sara
that is hilarious though
oh he likes her? august was that a FACE? DO YOU LIKE HER?
wille is SUCH a teenager. I forget how young they all are and then he simply sits down to not talk during therapy bc he thinks he's being mature and rebellious and sticking it to the man and.... wow. he's a baby.
august also badly needs therapy good god child that's a whole eating disorder
oh no
oh that's gonna be fun (not)
oh he's so jealous
this is either gonna be super violent (he gets every clay thing) or super pathetic (he gets none of them bc he's trying to have a dick measuring contest)
oh it was both
the worst part is that marcus really is super nice like who can hate him (I can I am petty and wish he didn't exist but like..... I'll defend him tho. I will defend him)
wille: oh really 😌
stella and fredrika are so weirdly nice lol
oh vincent is a little bitch isn't he
oh they're all so pathetic ksjgkdjgkdgjkfgj
"do you mean cheating" a line straight from my heart to the show yeah let's cheat here babies. all for cheating
wille's a constant 😌 about it huh
I hate every second of this season
why did it have to be a love triangle. why did it have to be this. didn't we have enough with the rest of the drama. lisa why.
review: still hating this lmao
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iwasbored777 · 1 year
Oh my god I'm watching Risk right now (so you know spoilers ahead feel free to save this for later or not answer etc) but oh my god Marinettes friends make me so fucking MAD sometimes (yes I know they're just kids BUT) THEY WONT FUCKING LISTEN TO MARINETTE AND MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT HER INTENTIONS AND THEN STRAIGHT UP ACT AS IF SHES LYING IM FUCKING SEETHING LIKE they have NO reason to believe Marinette is lying NONE
I don't know why I even bother writing analyses when I can't find them when I need them 😅... I had a few analyses on this and also someone here wrote it too I just can't remember who because they changed profile picture (pls don't judge me, I either memorise only url or only profile picture, I rarely memorise both) but I'll try to make it shorter with honesty without salt just criticism:
Yeah that kind of annoyed me too, I'm not gonna lie. I get that they really don't know what Marinette knows and didn't see the situation from her pov but these are the same kids who helped her help Adrien in Gabriel Agreste episode. And I see people saying that Marinette revealing her identity to Alya has nothing to do with it - well it does, doesn't it? Alya knows Marinette risked EVERYTHING to reveal her identity to her and how much Marinette changed through the season, yet not even she decided to believe her for once. Maybe the risk took a part in it, but they told her that they really don't believe her.
"Adrien is obviously happy and you're jealous of Lila" is not the same as "I'm tired of helping you even though you might be right, do it yourself" actually it's opposite.
Like I said before of course Adrien and Marinette needed to be on their own here for their own character development but if the class actually believed her they would've told her the second option not the first. Alya was there when Marinette cared about Kagami after she and Adrien split up, and even Alya wanted Marinette to go after Adrien but Marinette wanted to support Kagami and I already mentioned Marinette choosing Adrien's happiness, not her feelings for Adrien in Gabriel Agreste. I get why Nino thought Adrien would tell him, Nino still doesn't see the problem of revealing Alya's identity to Adrien (that it was both unfair to Alya but also made Adrien lose his trust in him, not to mention that Nino thinks Alya would cheat on him), but I really only don't get Alya. She really knew more about Marinette, literally more than anyone else. Marinette deserved to at least get mad at her, not to burn the school down like in fanfiction 😂, but just to get mad. Marinette and Alya are good teammates but their friendship is so easy to break.
When Marinette said "no one listens to Marinette but everyone listens to Ladybug" man that hit me.
I cut all those people out of my life who didn't believe me and I only made better friendships. All I'm asking for is apology from Alya. If my friends apologised to me I would forgive them, but they kept telling me that they didn't knew I was telling the truth. Guys, you know me for literal years, and you know her for few weeks... Alya is not supposed to kill Lila, she just needs to be a loyal friend not just to Ladybug but to Marinette too. Of course she would never hurt Marinette nor that I want them to hurt Lila just because but just an apology BEFORE Lila gets exposed, that would be good. The rest of the class too. Just apology and that's all. They don't even have to follow Marinette's plans, nothing. Just apologise.
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manicpixiedreamcurl · 4 months
hello hello manicpixiedreamcurl, its brainrot anon here!
i just want to say that i love the gross brain emoji pls keep that for me! and ALSO,
I fully agree with you, a part two would be hard to write cause we already know whats gonna happen, you gave them a very heavily implied happy ending where they date and give each other kisses and yummy stuff what else could there be!!! it ended perfectly!! youre an amazing writer i couldn't ask for a part 2 cause part 1 is already perfect!!
also i just wanted to say that for some reason i started thinking of this eddie with the reader from TMYG, and how maybe shes still in a relationship with Andy but shes never comfortable enough with him to go all the way, and she so desperately wants her first time to be gentle and even fun if she can help it, and she hears her cheerleader friends talking about Eddie's skills and "yea hes a freak haha but he knows what hes doing and doesnt do anything you dont want " and she decides to take the risk and approach eddie and ask him to be her first and trusts him to do it well and its not totally unfounded, cause maybe she's been in a group project with him before or seen how he protects the freshmen or realizes his attitude is all a front. and when she asks it of him this bitter cynical eddie cant help but melt cause no one has put that much faith in him before and gives her the time of her life and everything gets really intimate cause hes so caught up in reassuring her through her nerves that he forgets this is supposed to be like all the other times girls have approached him, and then so on so on they fall for each other yes yes she breaks up with Andy (yay!!!) and happily ever after
ahskjdlfjfljf youve made me create an MCU (manicpixiedreamcurl cinematic universe) from your writing lmaoooooo
AGAIN I JUST WANT TO SAY, youre a great writer and i hope you keep having fun with eddie!!!
Okay so honestly read this and went I can't imagine tmyg reader ever doing that cause she'd just be soooo worried about how Andy would react if he found out and being called a slut etc etc but thennnn I'm like no I need to give my girl some credit actually, she's braver than she seems.
Going under the cut cause this got rambly.
And also!!! I literally wrote it lol and her and Andy were kinda on again off again on his schedule. So I really don't think she'd 'cheat' but during one of those off periods, actually yes could totally see it happening. Especially cause she has always had this little baby crush on Eddie, thinks he's cute and kinda a gent and that he looks after his little group, Jeff especially who reader has a tentative little friendship with. So literally omg actually could have happened for sure. But ALSO get this, early draft of tmyg was gonna be that Eddie and May were hate fucking secretly and he stopped it when he realised he really liked reader which then made May kinda bitter on two levels but I actually wanted it to be more about their friendship and the ways that can fall apart and also wanted Eddie to kinda be a real hopeless romantic who wouldn't really do that but my god it's all coming together lmaooo.
So yeah can totally see it happening that she'd hear about what he does with other girls and end up like shyly explaining everything to Eddie that she just wants it over with in a nice way with somebody who's going to treat her well and not spread everything around after oh my GOD. And Eddie would be kinda apprehensive like no maybe you wanna lose it to somebody you like and then she maybe like half confesses her lil crush and Eddie just can't believe it. Cue sweet virginity loss with Eddie half way through saying she shouldn't get back together with somebody who doesn't treat her right and he'd look after her like this and every other way if she lets him oh noooooooooooo 🥺🥺🥺
But also!!! Just lastly, you've landed on something I'm trying to get across with that reader which is that she's 'innocent' but she's not in naive. Like if she doesn't know what she's doing it's because she's inexperienced, not cause she hasn't talked about sex or, in my mind, read some interesting stuff ykyk. And she wants to do all this stuff pretty badly actually. Like honestly even Andy being a complete dick, if he hadn't just made it too uncomfortable and worrying for her, fully she would have just lost it to him cause she wanted it gone. That was sort of the general motivation to date Andy at all. Just to have a boyfriend and get all those awkward firsts over with, which obviously didn't work out.
This is rambly and incoherent but Jesus you have a fucking sway over my brain cells man. I can't write it. I can't. It would just be no happy endings remix lmao which I can't do but seriously what a concept honestly it actually would probably work out like similarly to tmyg like she loses it to Eddie and starts dating him but still feels this pressure to explain her actions to everyone with this less of the general 'eddie is a Satanist freak' judgement and more of the popular girls seeing him not as boyfriend material but someone you fool around with. Honestly wild.
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gummygowon · 2 years
regretful jellyfish | jeong yunho
word count: 1.3k
genre: angst, tiny bit of fluff, best friend yunho x fem. reader
best friends au!
warnings: kind of cheating? (if there's more pls let me know)
song recommendation: restless by bibi & cigarette by offonoff
a/n: this is inspired by my friends and because we can't go to prom this year :(
Tumblr media
highschool prom, the one school event you’ve been looking towards to ever since you watched high musical 3. this year's prom theme was something that you were surprisingly looking forward to which was 'under the sea' and located at the city's aquarium. a night of dancing next to fish and sharks with your friends and prom date was something even more than middle school you ever dreamed of.
so far everything has been according to plan, your hair looked gorgeous and your outfit and makeup looked absolutely stunning. and to make things even better, you got asked out by your long time crush, jeong jaehyun. you’ve been crushing on that dude since sophomore year and now in your senior year you finally have a chance to be more than just friends.
yeah, you’ve heard all of the warnings from your friends telling you not to fall for such a playboy but you couldn’t help yourself and his damn smile didn’t help either. so when jaehyun asked you out with a poster and flowers, you almost died from shock right on the spot.
however, your best friend yunho, was the complete opposite of shock. he was more disgusted or maybe even jealous that jaehyun was the one asking you out. yunho heard all the dirty things he did with girls and how he was douchebag to almost everyone which is what made him wary of your friendship with the latter. it also didn’t help that yunho also had feelings for you but he was too much of coward to ever confess. but yunho was only your best friend. best friend...
so if jaehyun made you happy then he would have to bury his feelings even further. sure, it upset him but jaehyun had balls to ask you out which he didn’t have and now the lucky bastard got the girl.
unfortunately, you really should’ve listened to your friends because as soon you guys walked into prom together, jaehyun was already flirting with another girl. you didn’t even bother trying to wrangle him back to you. once he was with a girl, there was no way of getting him back.
with the night already off to a shitty start, you wandered away from the crowd and ventured deeper into the aquarium. you reached the dead end of one of the 'hall of fishes' exhibit which was a big circled room with never ending glass walls full of different marine species swimming inside.
you leaned against the railing, zoning out. how could you be so stupid? there was no way you could have changed him. once a fuck boy always a fuck boy, you idiot.
tears began forming in your eyes the more you thought about the situation. you couldn't cry over some bitch boy. he wasn't worth it. no matter how many hours you spent blushing over him, he wasn't worth it. more thoughts came into your mind like a dumb animal walking into a trap. thoughts that reminded you how dumb you were, pushing you closer and closer to actually crying.
that is until you heard someone enter the room, you sniffled quietly and brought a finger to your eyes, catching any water droplets.
"did you know that jellyfish don't have a brain?" a familiar voice asked.
a smile appeared on your face for the first time this night, "didn't i tell you that?"
ever since your school revealed the theme for prom and venue, you've been spewing out random ocean facts to yunho in pure excitement.
"yeah, you also told me that sharks the only fish to have eyelids." yunho added on, a grin on his face too.
"so you were paying attention to me." you teased as you bumped his arm with your shoulder.
"of course i did, when do i not?"
you laughed at his response before returning your gaze back to the jellyfish swimming around. you weren't sure if yunho knew what happened with jaehyun but he probably found out somehow. he always did.
"why aren't you with your date? the slow dance is coming up soon and i know you've been waiting for it." your best friend asked, he didn't know why he was trying so hard to make sure you and jaehyun worked out or at least for the night. he just wanted you to be happy. to be happy with the guy that you've been crushing on for years. to have this night feel like a dream.
"he left me." you answer bluntly, before turning your gaze back to yunho. guess he didn't know.
"oh. i'm so sor-"
"don't even bother," you wave your hand in the air, shooing away the apology. "i should've listened to you guys anyways."
yunho stood there in silence, staring at a particular blue tang, not knowing what to say. he couldn't just confess right now, that would be inappropriate and selfish of him. usually, he was good at comforting his friends but comforting his crush after they got rejected by the guy they've been pinning after for years was something he didn't know how to do.
"you can go back, the slow dance must be starting soon." you said after breaking the silence. "i don't wanna ruin your night too."
yunho's heart was beating faster as his mind was violently urging him to ask you to dance or just say something. "it's okay, i don't wanna leave you alone."
you were about to argue for him to go back but you decided against it and smiled back instead, looking back at the fish swimming back and forth with the kelp swaying in the back.
the two of you were in a peaceful silence, looking at the aquatic animals thinking different things.
your mind was yelling at you for being a dumbass and believing that you would be the one to change a fuck boy's mind while yunho's was yelling at him for being a coward.
if he just confessed to you before jaehyun ever came into the picture, you wouldn't be here on the brink of tears on the one event you've been waiting for since you were seven. you guys could be slow dancing together, problem-free and regret-free.
from the distance, you guys could hear the dj's loud voice drift into the room, "ladies and gents, gather your partners because it's time to slow it down!" loud ooo's and cheers joined in right after.
"may, i have this dance m'lady?" yunho asks with his heart beating out of his chest and cheeks flushing a faint red.
a bright smile appears on your face as you take his hand, "of course, sir."
as soon yunho brought you closer to him, you realize how much he's been there for you ever since you guys became friends. memories flooded your head, almost bringing you tears of happiness. you pulled yunho even closer to your body, burying your head into his neck while his arms wrapped around your waist tighter.
slowly but gracefully, you guys swayed to the distant slow song with thoughts full of regret. regret about not confessing sooner and regret about not listening to your friends.
the longer you danced, the more you thought about how much your best friend was the better option. in a way, it made you feel selfish for thinking of yunho as just a choice leading you to thinking that he deserved a better partner than you. someone who could cherish him from the start and all the way to the very end.
yunho, on the other hand wanted this moment to last forever. slow dancing in the dark with his crush, as he held onto you like you were the only thing that matter. if he couldn't have you like this for himself, then he would have to make sure moments like these lasted. sure, it was a little self-centered of him but this was the price had to pay for waiting.
the price of waiting: a dance with the girl he wants but she had her heart set on someone else.
and the price of this dance with this boy: the girl realizes she's been in love with him this whole time.
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what-if-nct · 10 months
Thanks for answering my ask!
Jazz: First, I just want to say I'm sorry to hear about you losing your grandma and sense of a home when she was no longer in your life 🫂 I love "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood. I'm sorry that you haven't found your real home yet, but I hope you will find it soon! 🌻 I've yet to find my real home too (my room is my sanctuary 🥰 ). Wishing you all the warm hugs and feels 💗
Glitter: 💕 She sounds like the most wonderful person in the world!
Sheet Mask: 🤣 I love the way you describe sparkling waters/Lacroix!! "painful whisper of a fruit" really got me! 😂 But the lazy activity itself sounds so nice! What are some of your favorite background noise shows? I go through phases with some shows. Currently into ANTM (on Cycle 6, my favorite cycle).
**Bestie pls call me CC!! I just bombarded in without introductions😅
Awww thank you, you're so sweet and I miss her but I have at least dreamt about her often since and it's always nice the most recent she was cooking dinner with my mom who was actually Taylor Swift for some reason and I asked if I can warm a croissant in the oven and my Grandma said yeah but I ended up burning it and I had to leave the kitchen till dinner was ready. So I'm happy she still exists in my dreams.
She is she's my best friend, we've been friends for 15 years in October. We've gone through everything together and I love her. Plus we're the same clothes and shoe size and can share clothes and shoes.
And my favorite background shows are Jersey Shore in the summer, Gilmore Girls in the fall and Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Dharma & Greg year round. Right now I'm watching Girlfriends I use to watch it when I was too damn young to watch it. Its weird cause I haven't seen it since like 2006 and it's weird watching things you don't remember till it happens. The last episode I can't believe I remember so much of it and the episode it's self made me cry I felt so bad for Toni, she lost her job, car, love of her life and her best friend. I personally don't agree with what Joan did by cutting out Toni like that. Like yeah she shouldn't have cheated on her boyfriend but the way he got revenge by sleeping with another woman in her living room like my heart broke for her. Then she's heart broken and goes to Joan's house cause she has no where to go and Joan tells her she needs to leave like I know Toni tried to seduce Joan's boyfriend after learning Joan was the one who told her ex that she excepted a marriage proposal for another man. But the poor woman lost everything and constantly apologized like she's learned. To be fair Toni and Lynn were my favorites and I never liked Joan so I may be biased. They always make the leads of these kinds if shows so insufferable to watch. I realized I said all of this with no real context.
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warricrsmind · 2 years
Tumblr media
real gods require blood
All gods who receive homage are cruel. All gods dispense suffering without reason. Otherwise they would not be worshipped. Through indiscriminate suffering men know fear and fear is the most divine emotion. It is the stones for altars and the beginning of wisdom. Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Real gods require blood. - Zora Neale Hurston
- zeus inspo - hera inspo - poseidon inspo - demeter inspo - athena inspo - apollo inspo - artemis inspo - ares inspo - aphrodite inspo - hephaestus inspo - hermes inspo - hestia inspo - dionysus inspo - persephone inspo - hades inspo - modern gods inspo used in blurbs
first thing's first: everyone in this ad should be between the ages of 22 and 27 with the exception of persephone who should be 22 - 24 and demeter who should be 25 - 27. genderbending is okay with me as long as you run it by me first because i don't want to have a million girls, i want it to be fairly balanced. everything said below should be taken with a grain of salt meaning if you put your own spin on it that is totally fine, the inspo is what matters.
additionally, only one or two characters should be from chicago, because the group is a group of people who are imports to the city and the life they have here so please do with that idea what you will. i did link to some cool pinterest boards with some inspo for a modern take on all of the different gods if you want to look at those but again, it's just for inspiration, please please please make every single one of these guys your own.
now, for the actual ad, basically these guys are something of a found family. through their jobs, parties, socializing, exes, currents, whatever they all met and it was almost instant, that connection, that 'feels like i've known you my whole life' thing that came over them. and so they stuck together, even if it was just a group text or once a year dinner party, they've all stayed in touch ever since despite distance, work, time constraints, and anything else that came between them.
the first pair that met and really started it all were aphrodite and ares. they were on again off again, always a problem with time and where their lives were at, but the love is there. they've been friends since their time in school together and it never let up, that care. the rest of the group swear one day aphrodite will find a way to settle down and be with ares but for now ares deals with the on again off again because sometimes is better than never. and then aphrodite found god here, and another one, and their interconnections grew the group and now here they are, family without being blood, with ties running through them, cutting and caressing them all the same.
from there, feel free to just get with me and we can make it work. i'm going to be making a ship developer for them (including a timeline because it seems necessary so that we have some idea on who, what, when, and how) but the basis is a found family plot with interconnections that made this many people come to mean so much to one another. from there? go wild, get with me on any questions, and please have fun with it. some suggestions for interconnections are below in the applicable boxes but if you don't want to use them just talk to me.
and lastly... if you want to add a god who isn't listed please just let me know! give me a little blurb and we can make this happen. remember the slight dystopian feel and the modern twist but like... yes, please, let's do this, i'm here for it. thanks!!
zeus drinks himself half to death at a bar. he no longer cares for mortals. he has long stopped trying to make this world turn.
suggestions: brother to poseidon and hades. married to hera. enters polyship with hera and hestia after cheating scandal. himbo energy.
hera no longer praises marriage. instead she talks to the women. she tells them that men always lie, tells them to run. she wishes she could take her own advice.
suggestions: married to zeus. enters polyship with zeus and hestia after cheating scandal. better than you.
poseidon still loves the sea but he could not hate mortals more. he feels the pollution of his domain like a phantom pain, raging that he could not protect his oceans from mortals.
suggestions: brother to zeus and hades. has a crush on demeter. moods like the sea.
demeter isn't peaceful. she feels the dying of the earth and with it goes her happiness. she curses the mortals who caused this.
suggestions: older sister of persephone. doesn't approve of hades. has a crush on poseidon. the mom friend.
athena chainsmokes in an alleyway, and glares at ares as bloody knuckles and booted feet connect with battered bodies between them. the fight clubs are their temples now.
suggestions: business partners with hephaestus (queer solidarity, y'all). just doing her best. definitely sapphic. possibly once had a thing with aphrodite.
you find apollo in a nightclub on 55th and 3rd, his prophets writhing in intermittent darkness, bassline pounding in their ears, liqour coursing in their veins, smoke and strobe lights clouding their eyes.
suggestions: twin brother of artemis. pansexual and everyone knows it. always chasing the next high, running from the lows. in a secret relationship with hermes.
artemis spends the night in a jail cell, blood on her knuckles and on her shirt and in her mouth, the smell of metal lingering in the air.
suggestions: twin sister of apollo. sapphic pls. the protector meets the vodka aunt. possibly once had a thing with aphrodite.
you watch as ares starts a fight in a dive bar, takes a knife from his pocket and uses it without flinching, smiles as he wipes his blade on his thigh, smashes a bottle on the floor and lights a match.
suggestions: on again off again with aphrodite. in love with aphrodite. not currently with aphrodite. just a boy, made of rage and the inability to express his emotions. looks like he'll kick your ass, will pull athena and artemis off of you in a fight, exhausted that he has to yet again. also requested here.
aphrodite drinks your worship straight from your lips and chases it with a scotch, crashes a cigarette, flicks the ash on the floor and leaves without so much as a thank you.
suggestions: on again off again with ares. in love with ares. running from ares. most likely to have slept with everyone in the group, twice. intimacy issues? i do know her. i know her so well. someone help.
you find hephaestus on college campuses, amongst engineering students. in times like this he is more relevant than ever, growing whilst other gods die. it seems that aphrodite is more keen on accepting his gifts now more than ever.
suggestions: business partners with athena (queer solidarity, y'all). once had a thing with aphrodite. a serious thing. didn't end well. they're totes okay now, for sure, yeah, definitely, mhm. patience is a virtue. stubborn pride is a gift. also requested here.
hermes is in the hustle and bustle of rush hour and the rush of the subway. he is perched atop skyscrapers, surveying the beautiful chaos of it all and lo, it is good.
suggestions: brother to hestia. in a secret relationship with dionysus apollo. running to and for, never from. chaotic good gremlin energy. do not feed after midnight. possibly once had a thing with aphrodite.
hestia mourns broken homes, she waits for her family. she waits in the doorway, arms outstretched and a smile like forgiveness waiting to embrace the siblings whom she know will never return.
suggestions: sister to hermes. pretends she doesn't know about dionysus apollo. doesn't approve of dionysus apollo. enters polyship with zeus and hera after cheating scandal. the mediator. why can't we all just get along?
dionysus shoots up in a basement in the seedy side of town. he wants to forget the suffering that has filled his immortal life.
suggestions: in a secret relationship with hermes. "gotta stay high, all the time, to keep you off my mind". heart of gold but no one ever seems to believe it. here for a fun time, not a long time, but thinking about that too much hurts.
persephone grins when people tremble. she is vengeful and wears flowers in her hair and she will make damn sure that the world will never forget her name.
suggestions: younger sister of demeter. in love with hades. she's beauty, she's grace. she'll punch you in the face.
hades stalks the streets, hazy in the fog of the streetlamps, and he smiles, because people will always believe in death and worship riches.
suggestions: brother to zeus and poseidon. in love with persephone. can you say trauma? secretly the most well rounded and good hearted of them all. how are you so pure, bro? who sent you?
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settersprouts · 2 years
꒦ ikanaide : chapter four ! ꒦
. . : oikawa is the son of athena, while iwaizumi is the son of ares. both godly parents are known to be rivals, but what does that mean for their children ?
or, hq + percy jackson au, where oikawa is not the son of aphrodite for once, but people still think he is because he's pretty, and he's flattered and confused.
. . : okay hear me out, oikawa is known to be strategic and analytical, which is perfect for a descendant of athena. that is my reasoning for this alr dont attack me pls also, vv sorry this was late, i was feeling like shit all week and couldn't finish m sorry :((( hopefully you guys didn't wait too long :((
Tumblr media
iwaizumi's about had enough of his bullshit.
his fists were shaking as he stood in front of his divine cabin, the front door ajar and an absolutely horrid smell wafting out from the cabin. he stepped closer to the cabin, stiffening even more as he pushed the door open the rest of the way. the whole place was absolutely trashed- both his and his other roommates' clothes mixed together in many piles on the floor. he could tell just from the strategically placed items all around the room that the place was definitely rigged with mediocre traps. nothing would kill him, but it would most likely maim him.
the demigod growled, stepping over the tripwires on the floor and grabbing his khopesh. it was charged with electricity, thanks to yū nishinoya from cabin one. in exchange for the many weapons the son of ares' crafted, the son of zeus would help charge a select few and give them back to him.
the added energy would definitely be helpful for when he beat the absolute shit of a certain demigod.
he was seething with bloodlust as he stepped out of his cabin, walking towards the beach, where he knew the person he was looking for would be.
and there he was. sitting in one of the little tide pools, talking with one of the sea nymphs. she was way too close to him, but oikawa didn't look like he minded in the slightest. or he didn't notice, one of the two.
she bent down to whisper in his ear, his pupils growing smaller in his brown eyes, and he let out a laugh. it was really melodic, which was common for a son of aphrodite. their beauty was immaculate, and they were practically irresistible to everyone, unless you had a decent sense of self control. iwaizumi knew that oikawa had the whole camp under his fingertips. except for him.
iwaizumi let out a groan, clenching his fists. fuck morales. he knew that his father and oikawa's mother were on really good terms, but he couldn't help but feel attracted to the absolute need to punch the brunette in the face. with a concrete slab. or choke him with aphrodite's famous scarf. one of the two.
he let out an animalistic growl, drawing the attention of oikawa and the unnamed sea nymph. oikawa blinked at him, unimpressed, while the nymph shrieked and dove back into the ocean with a splash. oikawa glanced at the bubbles where the nymph had disappeared, and let out an unamused sigh.
`oh, well, she was kind of boring anyways,` he said nonchalant, stepping out of the pool, buck-naked, without a care in the world. iwaizumi's eyes widened as he turned away almost immediately, his face flushing completely.
`what the hell do you think you're doing?` he seethed, his usual bark lacking no bite, since oikawa really couldn't see his facial expression.
the latter let out a chuckle. `calm down, you can turn around, now. i'm decent.`
forest-green eyes slowly darted back to the brunette's figure, pupils growing bigger in relief, as he realized that he really was decent. he was dressed in the atrociously bright orange camp half-blood shirt, and bleached denim jeans, rolled up to just above his ankles. his bead necklace was still wrapped around his neck snugly. it was extremely tighter than iwaizumi's, which hung down just over the scar on his left pec. he must've tightened it like a choker. it was kind of smart- usually, monsters with half a brain used those necklaces to pull demigods towards them if they couldn't grab their limbs. this tactic limited the amount of things they could grab on him.
iwaizumi would've never thought of that.
`so,` oikawa mused, folding his now damp towel. he must have used it to dry himself off while iwaizumi was looking away from him. `what do you need from me?`
the other demigod blinked, mouth forming an 'o' once he realized his reason for being there. he totally didn't forget that he wanted to sock oikawa in the face just because he saw him naked. `right. i have a bone to pick with you, oikawa.`
`oh? is that so?` the brunette smiled sweetly at him, his eyebrows furrowed in an act of confusion and innocence. disgusting.
iwaizumi stepped forward, whipping out the khopesh he had stuffed in his pocket. with a simple flick of his wrist, it extended. the contraption was thanks to someone in cabin number six, with the help of cabin nine- apparently, iwaizumi had saved someone dear to them, and he was given the khopesh as a thank you. however, the person never did reveal themself to iwaizumi. it was an athena cabin secret.
oikawa's brown eyes widened at the sight of the weapon, but that expression was quickly replaced with an amused sneer. `oh, what's this? you want to fight?`
`no, you're going to let me maim you in silence, i refuse to fight someone as weak as you.` iwaizumi retorted, fists clenching. the brunette gawked, his mouth agape in a silent shout.
`weak? excuse me? i'm far from weak. just because you come from cabin five, doesn't mean you're higher than everyone else.` he replied, sticking his nose high up in the air. `i'll have you know, i've won many tournaments against your cabin.`
iwaizumi rolled his eyes. `yeah, because you always cheat and sneak over to athena's group.`
`i don't cheat! and i don't have to sneak over to athena's group, i have a place there you know!` oikawa shrieked, whipping out a dagger and pointing it at iwaizumi threateningly. however, the latter remained unphased, which pissed the brunette off even more.
`yeah. sure, and what's that?` iwaizumi said, letting one of his eyebrows raise. if rules served him correctly, there was no teaming allowed in any game at camp half-blood, unless stated otherwise. however, he always saw oikawa with athena's group, but he let it slide, thinking the ares' cabin would win anyways. he was, unfortunately, very wrong.
oikawa blinked. `are you stupid? athena's my mother.`
`huh?` the son of ares' stepped back a bit, glaring at the other. `you- athena's son? but- you're-`
`pretty? yeah, i get that a lot.` oikawa sheathed his dagger, stretching out his muscles. `people mistake me for the son of aphrodite way too much. it's kind of annoying, actually. there's a lot more to me than my face,` he mused, glaring at iwaizumi. `looks like you're no different from the rest of them. shame. i actually took a liking to you.`
the other stood there, unmoving, confusion lining every forehead wrinkle. `what are you saying? there's no way-`
oikawa sighed. `i should've known you were going to be hard to convince. look, i'm the son of athena, and the current ruler of the cabin. if you don't believe me, ask my cabin mates. they'll tell you.`
`then who the hell's trashing my cabin?` iwaizumi seethed, still not convinced by oikawa's truths.
the latter let out a melodic laugh. `i thought that was obvious. i saw some of hermes' cabin sneak out to yours during lunch. makes sense, they're always trying to pull pranks on everyone and see their reactions. yours was most likely the best one of them all.` oikawa smiled, his eyes twinkling as he walked away. `well, while it was fun talking to you, i have to go. it's getting dark, and i'd rather not get caught being out past curfew.`
iwaizumi looked up to the sky to find out that he was, in fact, right. the sky was slowly darkening, the sun almost disappearing at the horizon. the green-eyed demigod let out a sigh, turning to glare at oikawa, to find out he was long gone.
`..damn it!`
`can you believe he's even athena's cabin ruler?` takahiro hanamaki muttered lowly to his fellow cabin mate, issei matsukawa, who also stood in front of a very emotional toorū oikawa. he had been ranting about how he was sick of everyone mistaking him for a son of aphrodite, and when his cabin mate shigeru yahaba said it could've been a compliment, the hysterics had gotten even worse.
fortunately, the 18-year-old had tired himself out, and was now resorting to laying on his bed and blinking the tears out of his eyes.
matsukawa sighed. `no. i can't. not when he's like this.`
`i can hear you, 'ya know.` oikawa muttered, tear-filled chocolate brown eyes turning to them accusingly. `you can't even act like you're tired of me, you just got here.`
`true,` hanamaki replied, kneeling down next to his dear friend. `but according to yahaba, you've been complaining about this for the past forty-five minutes. don't you think that's a tad bit excessive?`
oikawa sat up abruptly. `no! well- maybe. but it's so stupid!` he exclaimed, fists furrowing in his fluffy brown locks. `i don't act like aphrodite at all! i don't even look like her, but i'm pretty and that's the only reason people need to lump me in with that cabin. i actually liked iwa. of course, he's just like the rest.`
`oh.` matsukawa snapped his fingers, pointing at oikawa. `he's the guy who rescued kiyo and takeru, right?`
the brunette shuddered. `right. that memory just gives me chills.` he thought back to that day, where a gorgon had came across oikawa while he was taking his sister and nephew shopping. the gorgon smelled him, and realized he was a son of athena, and attacked the group, leaving oikawa bruised and bloodied while he took kiyo and takeru as prisoners. however, a group of demigods from camp half-blood on a quest sensed the violence occurring, and rushed to the scene as quick as possible. iwaizumi was amongst the group, but he had taken off after the gorgon, and didn't get a good look at oikawa's face.
when the group returned to camp, oikawa had made the khopesh iwaizumi had sported, and left it on his bed while he was out training with his cabin mates. he also left a thank-you note, but didn't sign it, hoping to leave his identity anonymous.
`yeah, why don't you just tell him that you're a relative to kiyo and takeru? the whole camp knows about that quest, so if iwaizumi knows your identity, everyone else will too. people won't mistake you for a descendant of aphrodite anymore,` hanamaki supplied, reaching into the tupperware of ambrosia oikawa was given (he had started a fight with kyōtani from ares' cabin to relieve his stress- both parties sporting the same amount of cuts and bruises) and popping a bit into his mouth.
oikawa shrugged, snatching back the tupperware before hanamaki could steal any more. if a demigod ate too much of the sweet, healing treat, they could get extremely sick. `yeah, maybe. but,` oikawa grinned, turning to his two friends that stood by his bedside, `beating him at capture-the-flag tomorrow sounds way more fun.`
the two boys sighed, smiling at the sight of their best friend with a much happier mood. capture-the-flag with demigods was always a very violent and extreme sport, but all cabins ended up having a lot of fun playing the game. and, no matter what side the athena cabin was on, they always ended up winning. no one could remember a time where they lost.
beating the ares' cabin was going to be a piece of cake for oikawa.
`you seem on edge, iwaizumi.` ushijima had muttered to the demigod, taking a seat beside the other. they were currently stationed in the middle of the forest, with the job of guarding the red flag. `do you want to talk about it?`
iwaizumi glanced at his companion. under the absolutely atrocious battle helmet was a look of concern and worry for his friend. the dark-haired demigod let out a sigh, nodding slightly. `yeah. i'm just.. shaken up, i guess.`
`how so?`
`well..` iwaizumi pondered, trying to figure out the best words and phrases to lay his point across. `i pissed off one of the sons' of aphrodite here, because apparently, he's the son of athena, and not aphrodite. like, what the fuck? the dude even acts like the deviled spawn of her, so i don't understand why he's so pressed.`
ushijima nodded, listening intently. `you mean toorū oikawa, right?`
iwaizumi gaped. `how the hell did you know that?`
`i made the same mistake you did, thinking he was a descendant of aphrodite.` ushijima mused, looking up to the sky. the clouds reflected in his olive-coloured eyes, but were less noticeable than the clouds reflecting in oikawa's eyes. `when he had first came to camp half-blood, he was called weak by one of our cabin-mates. he challenged him to a duel and won. i then told him he should have been a descendant of ares, not one of aphrodite. he would have a rightful place here, with us.`
`oh? what'd he say, then?`
the olive-haired demigod shuddered. `he slapped me. very hard. and then yelled at me, saying he was a son of athena, not aphrodite. he apparently doesn't like being addressed as a child of aphrodite.`
a sharp wolf-whistle came from the trees. ushijima and iwaizumi stood up, quickly switching to a fighting stance. iwaizumi clenched his khopesh as the figure who was listening to their whole conversation emerged from the trees.
and of course, it was fucking oikawa.
`y-you?` iwaizumi shouted, almost dropping his weapon. `how long were you there?`
the brunette stretched, calm despite the fact that a sword and a khopesh were both aiming at his chest. `i heard the whole conversation. i've been watching you two for quite some time, now.`
ushijima stepped forward as to greet oikawa, but faltered. his eyes widened, and he turned around. leaning on the flag they were supposed to protect was a silver-haired male holding a celestial-bronze axe. his honey-brown eyes met ushijima's olive-green ones, and a corrupt smile split his face. `finally. you noticed me. i was wondering how to get your attention.`
iwaizumi turned around to see the second attacker, letting out an almost animalistic growl. `it's a fucking ambush.`
`correct~` oikawa mused, taking out his dagger and smiling at the other. `however, suga-chan isn't allowed to touch you. i wanted to do all the dirty work myself.`
the silver-haired demigod nodded. `my only purpose here is to take the flag once oikawa defeats you. he requested to fight you both at the same time.`
oikawa nodded, flicking a little switch on his dagger iwaizumi hadn't noticed before. as soon as he did so, he dropped the dagger, and it extended into a much longer weapon. the other demigod scanned it, recognizing the weapon to be a scythe. 'suga-chan' smiled at the sight, meeting iwaizumi's questioning eyes. `you guys better be prepared. he hasn't lost a duel since he came here.`
the brunette nodded, pointing at ushijima with a smile before lunging at the demigod. before the latter could even react, oikawa had connected his foot with ushijima's abdomen, sending the demigod flying. he landed on his back with a gasp, having the air knocked out of him. iwaizumi's eyes widened- he hadn't even been able to react either. that was how fast oikawa was.
ushijima sat up quickly, blocking oikawa's attack with his sword. the other demigod smiled sweetly, twisting the scythe and yanking ushijima's sword out of his hand. it landed in the dirt a couple yards away.
iwaizumi growled, running at oikawa with his khopesh up high. the brunette turned around, unamused, sidestepping iwaizumi's attack and tapping at the end of his weapon. the khopesh hissed and groaned, a net pooling out from the back end, trapping iwaizumi in the knots. the demigod gasped, writhing around in the trap. `wh-what the hell?`
`you seem to be confused. could it be,` oikawa laughed, `that you didn't even know that was there?`
`s-shut up! how the hell did you know anyways?`
oikawa deadpanned. `i made the stupid thing. i think i would know every little thing there is to know about it.`
the dark-haired son of ares stared at his attacker, watching as he stalked over to suga and ripped the flag out of the ground. the brunette turned and smiled sweetly at his victims, waving. `well, see you.`
the two demigods sprinted off, laughing at the shouts coming from behind them.
`i can't believe him!` iwaizumi kicked the boulder, ignoring the pain from doing so. `he's so fucking insufferable! but i can't even do anything about it, because apparently he made this stupid weapon-` he waved the khopesh in the air, `-and i have to be grateful, but he's making it so goddamn hard!`
kyōtani glanced at the demigod, popping another piece of ambrosia in his mouth. he was still recovering from his fight with oikawa earlier. `you didn't know he made that for you? i thought it was obvious.`
the other glared at his cabin mate, confusion in his eyes. `what do you mean?`
`well,` kyōtani chewed the left over ambrosia in his mouth and swallowed, before continuing. `i'm pretty sure he has a crush on you, or something. he's been watching your duels ever since he came back with your group.`
`what group?`
`the quest you had a while ago.` kyōtani muttered under his breath, probably ridiculing iwaizumi. `you saved his sister and nephew from a gorgon. remember that?`
iwaizumi deadpanned, the memories all but flooding back to him now. `that was him?`
`that was him.`
`so he really is a son of athena?`
kyōtani nodded.
`..fuck, i'm an idiot.`
`i know.`
─── demigods.
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