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Sometimes everyone dusts off or throws together their Robin costume for a hijinks filled patrol
((Yes I’m behind but it’s been a rough week))
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jasontoddsguns · 2 days
Jason and Cass are the same age. In fact, Cassandra is a few months older.
Anyways stop de-aging Cassandra to 18, unless you plan to commit to a 17YO Red Hood.
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[Batman] 💛 Father - Daughter Ballet Practice 🖤
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bruciemilf · 2 days
Having so many de aged! Jason feelings. I might just burst.
Dick and Tim theorize on how a small, happy little baby winded up in Jason's apartment. It's no secret their brother, a wall of bulk with a tender core, houses the homeless sometimes.
Maybe the baby is someone's? But if so, why was he alone? Jason isn't exactly famous for his unquestionable wisdom, but he's too caring to leave a defenceless infant by himself.
More importantly, why is this baby rolling on his tummy on a familiar brown jacket, evidently craving to be picked up?
"Can you take him? I'm not..." Tim's not good with kids; It's a running joke among them. Even If there's nothing comical about this.
Dick nods. His pride does swell when the baby giggles and coos.
"He has good taste."
" Okay, Narcissus. Let's take him home before your head pops,'' was Tim just a tiny bit jealous this little chubby cheeked thing was snuggling close to Dick, while downright glowering at him?
Maybe. A little. But babies were glorified chunks of meat, shaped just enough like a human to be considered cute. What did they know?
So they get home. It's a pleasant rarity, but they're all in one place.
All except Bruce, of course. Too busy bleeding on the streets to spend any time with them, Dick huffs,
Poor Damian is trying to jump and leap amongst them giants, struggling to take a peek at their young guest, " Grayson! I want the baby!"
" He's not a toy, Dami," they all share a silent look, clearly thinking the same thing. He got it from Bruce,
"What does it do?"
" He's a baby, Steph. He's not even aware he exists!"
" God I wish that were me,"
Duke looks at Babybird, as Dick affectionately took to calling him, with a strange, quizzical look, " He looks familiar. You said you found him at Jay's?"
" Yeah, but I'm taking him to a firestation. I just had to show B. You know he likes volunteering at daycares. Maybe he'll recognize him."
" Recognize who?"
Babybird was chewing on his own foot when the elevator doors slid open. Cass wasn't a wordsmith.
She read movements and actions as one listens to music.
Every member of her beloved family was a song of their own; Dick was motivational and calming.
Stephanie was packed with action, brimming with electrifying energy that just made you want to jump.
Tim was clean and precise with accents of pop. Duke was light and happy and silently confident. Damian was angry, and passionate and brave.
Bruce was powerful, sad, and perfectly tragic.
But when Babybird shrieked, yelled out in happiness and excitement and tried to wiggle out of Dick's arms with a sunshine beam and grabby hands?
Her father was a love song.
"Jay," The name sounds like Bruce is choking. His eyes are burning with tears, marching directly to Dick, " Jay? Jay!"
" Wh--"
"Dada!" Babybird, -- Jason? They only now noticed the white curl bouncing on top of his head, ( their inner detectives groan) " Dadadada, pap papi pap,"
They can't do anything, frozen in place, as Bruce spends the following two hours planting a garden of kisses on Jason's cheeks, full with laughter, while they read and color and build blocks.
"Uh, Bruce? I'm...I'm gonna call Zatanna."
" In a minute."
" DAD, --"
" In a minute."
It wasn't just a minute. It was an entire week.
As ridiculous as it was? They were starting to get jealous.
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duckytree · 3 days
cassandra cain is blocked on all of lex luthors socials because she will tag him with pictures of sperm, eggs, golf balls, and anything else round and white every day
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mikeluciraphgabe · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part three partfour
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Inspired by @qcomicsy post about random things the Batfam says without context.
"Hey, do you have any suggestions on how I should kill my uncle?"
"Oh don't worry, he's not real"
"-And that's how I figured out I was bisexual"
"I'm sorry, but you lost me after the bit with the floods"
"I wasn't listening after you said Superman got kidnapped by a frat house"
"Are we going to ignore the part where Brown implied that she had something to do with JFK's assassination?"
Tim: Guys. There's something I've been meaning to tell you. I'm-
Dick: -dating Kon
Jason: -secretly a serial killer
Damian: -a complete moron. This is old news
Steph: -finally going to stop bitching to me when Damian grows taller than you?
Tim: ...
Tim: I can't believe Jason's guess was the closest
Dick: I'm not irresponsible! I'm sooo responsible! Name one time I wasn't the paragon of responsibility
Tim: That time you got drunk, stole a dog and climbed a tree to crown yourself the wolf king while completely naked?
Steph: That time you got drunk and dove into Gotham Harbour completely naked?
Jason: The time you got drunk and tried to seduce Wally-
Dick, defeated: -completely naked. Yeah, okay, I get the picture.
Jason: Actually, you were fully clothed for this one. But you were also committing grand theft auto at the time so...
Dick: Check out how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth!
Jason: Weak! Do it while trying to chug an energy drink!
Damian: *disgusted* I can't believe I used to look up to you
"Is there any villain in Gotham that hasn't hooked up with Bruce?"
"That depends. Are there any new villains in Gotham?"
"Ah. Then no"
Bruce: -And you're sure that when I go into the Cave, I won't find any of your animals?
Damian: *nodding as Cass and Steph try to get BatCow up the stairs* Mmmhm
Tim, wincing in pain: Rules were made to be broken
Bruce: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken
Duke: Uh, piñatas
Jason: Glow sticks
Duke: Karate boards
Jason: Spaghetti when you have a small pot
Tim, still in pain: Bones
Bruce: *tired dad voice* No, Jason. You cannot weaponize Tim's skinny elbows by throwing him at people.
Bruce: -so you're sure that when I step down into the Cave, I won't find the Gotham Sirens playing poker?
Steph: *Nodding as Cass and Damian burn the evidence behind him* Mhmm!
Damian: Stop saying he's "indulging in only child behaviour" every time Drake commits an act of terrorism
Damian: Nothing you say can get under my skin
Tim: Are you sure...Ian?
Damian: ...
Tim: :D
Damian: ...I'm giving you till the count of three-
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Bonus: sisters are the best
Tumblr media
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Black Bat 🦇 By Jo Cheol-Hong (Mi-Gyeung)
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*Game Night for the older kids a.k.a. No Damian Allowed* Duke: Tim, your turn
Tim, who had been using the time to take a nap on Cass: Huh? Two truths and a lie right?
Cass: Yep
Tim: Okay then. Uhhh, I have the highest body count out of everyone in this family, Lady Shiva hates me, and I made a deal with Klarion to stop aging so I don’t become Batman
Jason: You really think you’ve slept with more people then B? Well it’s obviously the last on- wait. Tim, I need you answer this seriously, how old are you?
Tim: 17
Dick: That’s no possible, you were 17 when Damian was 10, and he’s 14 now
Tim: I am aware of that. I am also 17 years old at this moment.
Jason: Why the fuck would you make a deal with Klarion?!
Tim: I can’t become an evil Batman if I never become a legal adult
Steph: Putting that aside, You and Lady Shiva have causal sparring matches like once a month Duke: Can we go back to the fact that Tim doesn't age?
Tim: No we can not
Dick: I will skip over the fact that you keep making friends with people who have tried to kill you fo now, but we are going back to that later Steph: Does that means you’ve actually slept with more people then Bruce? The "Brucie" Wayne?
Tim: I never said I’ve slept with more people
Jason: Then what do you mean by body count- Tim. Have you killed people?
Tim, now fully awake and panicking: Okay I was briefly out of employment with Bruce and the League has a very different company policy-
Dick: The League? like the League of Assassins- TIM WHO DID YOU KILL?
Tim, backing his way out of the room: You know what we should talk about? How the height of all Death Note jokes are “kinda gay” and how it stems from the fact that Yagami spelt backwards is-
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me @ this week's ep:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Look at my grumpy baby 🥺 he so cute and dramatic
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just a test on sketch paper with the wrong kind of ink but HELL yeah
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Where is the best place to plant glitter bomb?
"Bruce, can you refill my coffee?"
"Batman, check the window"
"Bruuuuce, Clark's on the phone"
"Father, I can't reach the top shelf"
*points to the vent*
"Hey, B, I saw Jason mess with your tires"
"Dad, I'm stuck in my helmet"
"Yo Bruce, I dropped a batarang down the dinosaur"
"Morning Bat, Harley made cupcakes"
"Master Bruce, I got you a bath bomb"
"Kids, I brought Batburgers"
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why-i-love-comics · 19 hours
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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #78 - "Outlaws" (2023)
written by CRC Payne art by Starbite, Geoniya Acuna, Lan Ma, & C.M. Cameron
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