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Matchup #5.1: Pannacotta Fugo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) vs Gabriel Agreste (Miraculous Ladybug) vs Cecil Gershwin Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale)
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The holy trinity of Fashion Disastrousness. In the past weeks, they have left so many others in the dust on their way here, and finally, they have to face each other. Only one of them will enter the finals, but which one?
Our first contender is a lil traumatized angry fork-wielding mafia boy: Pannacotta Fugo. According to your nominations, what is it about his outfits that deserves the title of the One Fashion Disaster to rule them all?
he cuts holes in the suits he wears, by choice, until he looks like a slice of swiss cheese - especially in the anime, where his color scheme is green
additionally, people pointed out his strawberry shoes, the purple tie tucked UNDER his shirt, strawberry earrings, and "spaghetti hair"
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In the middle, we see a fashion designer. Yes. This is a fashion designer. Our resident meme, Gabriel Swaglesste Agreste from Miraculous Ladybug! He conquered a vampire and Satan himself already, but seems to be losing against teenagers, so will he yield to Fugo? With multiple nominations, he has made it into the bracket for:
the monarch outfit (above) and all other Hawkmoth outfits (one below, for other ones, click on the links!)
that "fucking peppermint tie & bright red pants (below)
the all-white skin-tight suit with pointy shoes" (below)
triangle hair which he often hides under a shiny bald cap
villain costumes that he creates for others
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Last but not least, on the right, rises Cecil Gershwin Palmer. Crowned the Tumblr sexyman, is he also Disastrous enough to win here and avenge his husband, voted out before because of Gabriel? He has been often nominated for (all canonically):
his first date outfit being described as "my best tunic and furry pants"
wearing capri pants and a cummerbund to work
wearing yellow sponge clogs, cat ears, and tights to the opera
wearing "a black tuxedo and white bow tie, open-toed polished black shoes, a burgundy velvet cape, earrings made from repurposed car keys, and a top hat with furry tassels hanging from the brim" to his wedding
going to sleep in "a honeycomb hat, a Hawaiian shirt, and leather pants"
It's time to make your choice!
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notebookpapers · 1 day
cecil is both a fashion disaster AND a fashion icon they CAN COEXIST okay consider: you ever met that one person who pulls off the most ridiculous combinations even though no one else could???? you ever see a celebrity wear an outfit that would look ATROCIOUS on its own but when they style it & wear it you’re like “oh this slaps actually”???? THAT IS CECIL ENERGY, MY MAN!!! THAT IS OUR GUY!! LEST WE FORGET THE FASHION ORB DEEMED HIS OUTFIT WORTHY?????
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3euromealdeal · 2 days
Tumblr media
Welcome to Night Vale, episode 81 - After 3327 (2016)
Russian Doll, season 1, episode 2 - The Great Escape (2019)
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loser-gooser · 2 days
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POV: Kevin crawls through your window at 3am, covered in blood. He wanders around your house aimlessly a bit before stopping at your room door. Slowly and quietly, he turns the handle, opening the door. He crawls into your room and silently slides into bed beside you and your husband. Whether he falls asleep after that is unknown.
It is morning. You wake up to the gentle embrace of your husband, life is good. Good until you hear an obnoxiously cheery and familiar "Good morning! :D" coming from your other side. You look over. What the fuck.
(Original image below the cut)
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spencersthoughts · 2 days
it’s cecil palmer’s world, the rest of us are just living in it.
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kerink · 1 day
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welcome to night street doodles, very self indulgent double au with benny
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checkadii · 2 days
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vivalaplxto · 2 days
Thank you everyone, I didn't expect the poll to get much traction, but it did!
The winner is....
The Narrator (TSP)!
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Sorry Cecil. May luck be with you next time.
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Carlos introducing Cecil to everyone like “this is Cecil the Radio Host she’s my husband :3″ and they all say “we know... we hear him on the radio every night” because he’s just as annoying about their relationship as Cecil is. 
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ritartist42 · 3 days
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Should have posted this earlier cus it was done before my previous wtnv post, but life got to me and I constantly forgot to post...whoops.
These are the reference sheets I used BUT I wasn't satisfied with Cecil's tattoos, mainly my lettering so I took that out. The final version is:
Tumblr media
The designs are mainly based of old school flash tattoos.
Also, I planed a back-piece if I ever need one:
Tumblr media
I am super proud of it, it is a very traditional looking clipper ship~
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apricots-on-a-holiday · 2 months
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Goodnight, Reigen. Goodnight.
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kostektyw · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some buttons for the fellow voters out there
Edit: more designs and some info available here :)
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tefmiles · 2 months
at first i did not care for the sexy man polls but seeing cecil come back from the shadows to absolutely kill and destroy and remind everyone of the sexy man ROOTS and now i’m left patriotic like im rooting for my favorite long forgotten baseball team with all these fans who have never heard of the Spider Wolves before
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ghostlyneil · 2 months
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Idk if anyone has drawn this yet but CECIL SWEEP
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aiburr · 2 months
Tumblr media
monsters can go to the surface (twitter), but the night vale residents cannot/don't want to get out of town (tumblr)
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