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old pic ill love forever
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thinking about al haitham picking you up from work with a motorcycle hskdjskdjsl
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DP x DC Prompt #2
Danny had been doing odd jobs and favors for Clockwork since the master of time had saved him from becoming his evil timeline self. He went to the past, did whatever thing he had to do to fix the timeline, then left. Some times, he walked through the Infinite Realms to get to whenever he had to go to. Other times, he just walked through the actual time stream while on earth to get to wherever he had to. Most times, he ended up needing to use both.
There he was, on one of the rare days he had to do something in his own time, walking arround as Phantom while time was so slowed he felt like he was in one of Clockwork's time outs. He was arround Missury for some reason, close to a city. Center Town or something? Pretty narcissistic if you ask him, but who was he to talk.
On another news, Barry Allen decided to patrol a bit when suddently he felt something massive through the Speed Force. Not big big as in, y'know, size, but more like big as in feeling. A big, dangerous aura. Whatever was making that, it was powerfull.
He went to check out what was making that because, even if it felt further from Central City than he was comfortable with going, whatever that thing was also felt a bit too cose for his comfort.
He ran as fast as he could, which was pretty darng fast if he says so himself, yet it was nothing compared to whatever the being that had the weird precence could do, apparently.
Something was outrunning the freaking Flash.
It was the first time since the accident that Barry had felt slow, and he decided he didn't like it one bit. To add insult to injury, he didn't actually catch up to it. It felt him, and decided to turn arround.
Barry was still inside the Speed Force when he felt himself almost disconnect to it. He didn't leave the Force, he just felt like he lost all control over it. Somehow, that felt even worse. It made him feel small and insignificant.
In less than a second, the being was right in front of him. It moved faster than what the Flash could see, while he was still inside the fucking Force. Was he freaking out? He felt like freaking out.
If he had thought the being's aura was suffocating before, now he was actively drowning in it. He realized that, if whatever he was staring at wasn't a god, it was something pretty close to it.
And it looked like a white-haired, green-eyed teenager in what looked like a hero costume.
Danny, on his end, is confused because this man is very clearly not a ghost??????? How???? Was he using the GZ's time manipulation thingy???? If he wasn't dead????????
Shennanigans ensue, Danny is confuzzeld and Barry is experiencing the Cosmic Horror Beyond ComprehensionTM experience and he is most definitel not having a fun time.
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“I don’t understand why you’re so adamant on asking me this, Hal. I just mentioned to Barry that I talked with the head Easter Bunny once and now everyone keeps asking me if I think the Easter Bunny is real! Why do people keep asking me? I’ve met them. I don’t understand why I have to ‘believe’ in the Easter Bunny for them to be real! They exist!”
Hal put his hands up and stepped back, clearly not expecting the frustrated and somewhat hostile response of Billy who slumped back into his seat, which was slightly less satisfying in his bulkier body, and began running his hands through his hair.
The repetition of being interrogated over a simple comment was not only bewildering but had gotten increasingly more annoying to answer as somehow the members of The Justice League, the literal most powerful group of people on earth, didn’t seem to understand a piece of basic knowledge.
Billy was not only very tired of being asked the same thing but even more-so he wanted the laughing at his ordinary response to stop.
He paused and looked Hal dead in the eyes then began to speak in the most dead tone Hal had ever heard from the usually cheerful man.
“Hal, I know the Easter Bunnies are real because I had to spend two, very long weeks personally overseeing the creation of their union that made sure they no longer routinely experience unsafe working conditions and helped establish 8 hour working days so they no longer get overworked or are required to do 80 hour weeks prepping for Easter and get punished for doing less or don’t get paid”,
Billy’s previously slow, blank tone grew more rushed and frustrated as he went on,
“I mean, I didn’t even do much other than sit there and look intimidating by throwing around lightning sometimes and make sure the Easter chicks didn’t do any funny business or tamper with the legal process!
It was in all the papers in Fawcett! I had my picture taken with them and everything. But Hal. I can guarantee you that the Easter Bunny exists. Please. Please stop fucking asking me.” Finally done, Billy slumped onto the table with a loud clunk.
Hal stood there shocked for a moment. “Marvel, did you just imply there’s multiple easter bunnies and they established a form of government?!”
Billy, with seemingly tremendous emotional effort, lifted his head from the table by a few inches and looked Hal in the eyes with a pleading tone, “If I just say no, will you please stop asking me?”
“Absolutely not, now I have even more questions”
Billy let his head fall back onto the table with an even louder clunk and groaned.
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Rabbits 🐇
By Harlans
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Soft for Her (Lauren Hemp x Reader)
Tumblr media
warnings: none
a/n: based off this request:
prompt: in which the reader is a softie for lauren
You were hard headed, that was a known fact. You were the Katie Mccabe of your team, except while Katie had an angry face and temper on the field, you had that even off the field. The city girls loved you. You were their own personal bodyguard everywhere they went, but they also knew the things that triggered your anger rampages and bad mood. It was just you, and they loved you. They all knew you wouldn’t hurt a fly, but you damn looked like you could.
Oh, and the exception to this hard facade was Lauren Hemp.
You were Canadian, and definitely the biggest fear of national teams. One hard tackle from you could send them out for months at a time, although hurting people was never your intention. When Bev Priestman paired you, Kadeisha Buchanan and Shelina Zadorsky in the back line… you were unbeatable.
But back to Lauren.
Lauren meant the world to you. You would never admit that to anyone, but everyone knew it. Lauren was the human definition of a golden retriever, while you were more of a… black scratched up angry street cat that people frowned at in the street. But Lauren never frowned at you once. When she joined City, people had warned her about you. They had said that you were nice but terrifying and not to be messed with. But she didn’t listen, she made her own opinions on you. And she thought you were the most beautiful person in the world.
It was true, you were really, very pretty. But everyone was always too concentrated on the frown, the tattoos, the cold eyes, the outgrown brown haired once dyed blonde and the strong arms that could probably crush someone’s neck to see your beauty.
That’s why you loved Lauren, she made you smile, which was a rare sight before she arrived to City.
"I mean… even when she scores she doesn’t smile. She just yells like… horrifyingly loudly, pumps the air and beats her fist on her chest. I don’t know how you do it Hemp." Leila had told her one morning. Lauren had just finished having a generic, regular conversation with you, which ended in you grinning from ear to ear and walking off. "The smile didn’t leave her face for like… 12 seconds. That’s a new record." Leila added. "You make her up to be some kind of heartless demon! She’s not. She just has her guard up." Lauren said, walking into the training facility and towards the gym. "I don’t! You know how much we love her. It’s nice to see her smile like that is all. It just catches me off guard. I constantly have to remind myself 'right, her face can do that like the rest of us.'" The spaniard said, making Lauren chuckle and push her lightly.
The girls entered the gym where most of the City people were already at work. "I mean! Lauren! She’s doing bicep curls with 60 pound weights right now." Leila said, avoiding you. "She won’t throw them at you! Be nice." Lauren said, heading to the rowing machine. You looked up from your arms, smiling at Lauren and giving Leila a small nod. "Heyyy there y/n" Leila said, stretching out her words. "Nice weights" she added.
"I’ll throw them at you if you keep on looking at me like I bite." You scowled, making Lauren chuckle. Only Lauren laughed at your threats. "No! I’m sorry!" Leila squealed, running off to hide behind Chloe. You smiled cheekily and looked back at your weights, getting two more reps in before placing them on the ground. "Why do you do that?" a voice behind you says.
You turn around to see Lauren standing there, her chin tilted up a bit to look at you.
"Why do I do what?" You asked her. "Act mean. Or threaten them. They love you and I know you love them but I don’t get it. You’re the sweetest person ever." Lauren said, sitting on the bench press machine as you leaned onto the wall. "Because it’s funny. And I don’t want them to know i’m… soft. Sometimes." You said, struggling to get the word out. "Soft? Huh. I’ve noticed that. You act different with me. Why?" Lauren asked.
This made you look away, focusing instead on the pull up bar. "I don’t know. You’re just… different." You said, grabbing onto the bar and starting to do your reps. "Y/n. Stop that. Look at me." Lauren said.
You ignored her for a bit but eventually dropped down from the bar and took a seat next to her on the bench. "You have your guard up all the time, and you drop it around me. Why?" Lauren said gently. "Because you’re the only one I trust to not have my guard up. I love them. All of them, I do. But I’m not letting people in because that always ends in hurt." You said, fiddling with your fingers.
"Y/n…" Lauren said, going to put her hand on your thigh. "You should get back to your workout. I’ll see you later." You said, standing up and going to the treadmill.
Lauren watched you walk away, completely confused. Confused about the origin of your hard surface, confused about your persona, but mostly, confused about her feelings for you.
Three days later
The team had just won 2-1 over manchester united, it was a big win and a necessary one for them. The girls decided to go home to get dressed and then go out to supper. Bunny chose an italian restaurant that seemed well rated. So you went home to your studio apartment, showered and then tried to choose what to wear. You had gotten a new tattoo on your bicep, so you wanted to show that off. you chose beige dickies and a lakers basketball jersey, paired with purple air jordan’s and gold jewelry. It was only about 15° outside, but you didn’t get cold often so you opted for no coat.
You took your car to the italian restaurant, being one of the later arrivals. "You guys said 7:00, it’s 7:02 how is everybody here?" You asked as you took a seat between Lauren and Ellie. "Everyone knows 7:00 means 6:50, y/n." Esme told you. "Not in Canada! 7:00 means 7:30 in Canada. You’re lucky I showed up at all." You said, earning a small slap from Lauren. "Hey!" you groaned at her. "Nice tat," she said, tracing her finger over the fairy. "Thanks," you said, trying to act as though the feeling of her skin touching yours wasn’t driving you insane.
The supper went smoothly. Ellie made everyone be in her tik toks, the food was amazing, Leila teased you the entire dinner. And then eventually, at about 9:45, people stared leaving. You were one of the last ones to stand up, along with Lauren, Bunny, Leila and Yui. "I want to show you something. Come in my car?" You whispered to Lauren. She nodded gently and looked over to Leila. "Y/n’s gonna drive me home, i’ll see you tomorrow?" Lauren said to Leila.
The spaniard nodded and did not even try to hide her wink.
You rolled your eyes and then walked out of the restaurant with Lauren.
She sat in the passengers seat as you sat in the drivers. You started up the car and turned on the radio, going onto the nearest highway. "We’re going towards the suburbs y/n." Lauren said to you. "I know."
"I love England. But if there’s one thing I miss it’s the mountains in Canada. I miss hiking and being able to see the stars. So, a couple months ago I set out to find a place where I could see them again… the stars that is. And I found this place… and it’s not as good as Canadian mountains but it’s nice." You told Lauren, who listened attentively.
"And you’re gonna bring me there?" Lauren asked. "Yeah. If that’s okay?” You said, focusing on the highway. "It’s more than okay."
A couple minutes later, you pulled over on the side of the highway. The night sky was incredibly dark, but you were right, the stars were brighter than ever. "Wow. It’s beautiful." Lauren whispered in awe. She looked around, spinning around herself as you watched her. You could watch her forever.
Lauren caught up to you and took your hand in hers. You bit your lip to hide a smile. "You can smile you know. There’s no one else here." Lauren laughed, squeezing your hand. You let out a small, tight lipped smille. She held a hold of your hand, both of you standing still and looking up at the sky.
Lauren kept her eyes on the stars, while you kept your eyes on Lauren.
When she looked back down, you were already looking down at her, your eyes tired, but your lips curved upwards. "Can I kiss you?" You whispered to her, making her eyes go wide. "Yes."
You didn’t wait another second, leaning i and putting your hands on the small of her back to draw her closer to you. Kissing her felt right. You felt complete. And after pulling away, all you wanted to do was kiss her again.
"You had to go and wait a year to do that." Lauren said, putting her arms around you, pushing her body against yours while still looking at you. "Hey, our love story is a slow burn," you joked, knowing how much of a sucker Lauren was for romance novels. "Ha ha." She said.
You kept her gaze for a while longer, going in for another quick kiss.
"It’s late, we should go." You said.
She nodded and you walked towards your car, settling in and driving into the night.
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Oh, Mia Wagner? Instant favorite Mia Wagner? Mia Wagner, who is always accompanied by the sound of nearby cheering? That's the one!
Tumblr media
That's the one!! There she is!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I will never forgive the character designers for this. He’s too handsome.
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today's bunny is on an adventure
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I really adore Barnaby as a character tbh. Fusing the rich princely unobtainable guy from shoujo romances with the arrogant loner with a tragic past from a shounen action series to make a guy who gets called “Bunny” by his DILF partner in a seinen superhero workplace anime.
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i want 2 go 2 there
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What I say: I’m fine
What I mean: In Dreamworks’ 2012 movie, Rise of the Guardians, it is hinted that the spirits in the world disappeared. No one knows why or what exactly is happening. And it is why several spirits power dramatically fell, like Pitch Black. Jack Frost wandered the world alone because of it. All the Pooka’s except for Bunny are gone. Anyone who aren’t tied to folklore or holidays disappeared. However, it is only mentioned in the online comics and art book. It is such a interesting and dark storyline, the disappearance of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. And it not talked about in the movie at all.
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Terra in her apartment.
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Lvl 20 babyyyy! Got a pet, ready to take on the world
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give me something that’ll haunt me when you’re not around
chapter one: keep on keeping your eyes on me
rise of the tmnt  pairing: leoichi (leonardo / usagi yuichi) word count: 1k title borrowed from sparks fly by tswift  post-movie
read on ao3
Usagi Yuichi doesn’t have a crush on that striped turtle guy who used to come into Run of the Mill all the time, because that would be stupid.
Because that turtle guy, Hamato Leonardo, is such a joke—he’s loud and obnoxious, all swagger and big talk and dad jokes that don’t even land half the time. He’s annoying, and it’s annoying that he acts like he can do whatever he wants just because Señor Hueso treats him like an unruly nephew, and it’s super annoying that he has the audacity to stop showing his face around here now that everyone has come to expect it.
It’s not because Yuichi misses him or anything! He just—noticed that Leonardo hasn’t been around lately, because Yuichi is very observant. That’s all.
The restaurant has felt weird and off-kilter in the turtle siblings’ absence the last couple of weeks. Yuichi brings it up once, a casual “I haven’t seen those Hamatos around here lately, have you?” that makes his coworker Qiao lower their glasses to stare at him over the rims so pointedly that Yuichi blushes to the tips of his ears and resolves to never bring it up again.  
Okay, so maybe he’s always been a tiny bit preoccupied with Leonardo—it’s not Yuichi’s fault the guy is so distracting.
Always propping his hip against counters and door jambs while he waits for a table, long and lean and dangerous, striped arms tight with muscle when they cross over his armored chest. Ugh.
And his stupid picture-perfect smile—the way it warms into something crooked and affectionate when his siblings are being particularly crazy, like those same ridiculous antics that send normal people running in the opposite direction are the absolute highlight of his day—ugh.
He’s so nice to look at. When he’s not fronting like he’s got something to prove, he’s really funny. He helps out a lot around the restaurant just because he can and he portals Yuichi’s coworkers home when it gets too late and they don’t have a ride and he’s. It’s. Ugh!!!!!
And he’s a fellow swordsman. He loves kenjutsu the same way Yuichi does, in a way that lights him up from the inside.
The first time they ever talked, months ago now, Yuichi struggled to sound cool and collected under the spotlight of Leonardo’s sharp golden eyes, trying to channel the samurai spirit of Miyamoto himself to possess Yuichi and keep him from stammering like an idiot.
Somehow he managed to maintain a flat, level tone as he casually mentioned that he trained with a sword, too. Leonardo’s face brightened in a way that Yuichi was woefully unprepared for. Mentally, he had to take a knee.
Their first conversation went on for most of an hour. Yuichi forgot he was supposed to be bussing tables and got dragged off by Qiao eventually, and Leonardo got an earful over the phone from the brothers whose dinner was getting cold in the takeout boxes in front of him, but until then—it was fun.
They compared their respective training, despaired over the same horrible, awful, whose-idea-even-was-it-and-why-did-it-stick katas, and at some point Leonardo reached over his shoulder and withdrew one of his beautiful katana, flipping it deftly in his hand and offering it hilt-first to Yuichi.
It was such an off-handed gesture, as if it wasn’t precious and important and an extension of his own self, as if it made perfect sense to let a complete stranger take it. Even Leonardo’s sister, sitting on the other side of the booth with Sunita while Sunita was taking a lunch break, looked wide-eyed at the move.
And when Yuichi gave it back, a piece of himself went with it. It’s a very inconvenient thing that happened and Yuichi is holding a grudge.
The only thing that tempers his extremely righteous and not-at-all-unreasonable ire is the fact that, since then, Leonardo has taken to seeking Yuichi out on his own whenever he’s making a nuisance of himself around Run of the Mill, spending Yuichi’s breaks rolling silverware with him and arguing hotly about TV shows and comic book characters.
Yuichi has gotten used to him. To the dizzy, twisty way his stomach acts around him. And now he’s just not around anymore, with zero explanation.
How dare Leonardo disappear. What’s his problem. Clearly this is an attention-seeking ploy. Well, Yuichi isn’t playing his game. He officially doesn’t care what Leonardo’s doing with his time, and that’s that on that.
Then one evening, as Yuichi is waiting at the bar for his drink orders, he sees Señor Hueso come rushing from the back of house. He’s always running around putting out fires, since their regular clientele can be an eclectic, eccentric crowd, but there’s a bit more frantic energy in his step than sits comfortably in Yuichi’s brain.
It’s a hold-over from his most ancient ancestors, that prey-animal intuition, keeping him fine-tuned to his surroundings even when he doesn’t mean to be. He always notices when something’s off, and something is definitely off.
So Yuichi turns, instinct nudging his eyes to follow his boss’s progress through the dining room, and then his elbow slips from where it’s propped on the bar and he almost eats it on the polished tile floor.
There’s a huge, hulking figure by the hostess stand, with a spikey shell and red mask that Yuichi recognizes instantly. This is Leonardo’s biggest brother, the eldest sibling Raphael, though from all the snippets of conversation Yuichi has overheard over the last year, he might as well be the mom.
Raphael turns as Señor Hueso approaches and something cold slinks into Yuichi’s stomach the second he does, because now Yuichi can see his face. Raphael’s left eye is milky white, the skin around it pale with scars. His shoulder is bandaged, and there’s a crater in his shell above the wound.
Ice slides through Yuichi’s gut. Suddenly he’s remembering a tense evening at home about a month and a half ago, the way his aunt yanked him into a hug the second he got home from work, holding him against her like she’d almost lost him. Then she expressly forbade him and all of his cousins from going into the human world for any reason. She even called Run of the Mill and spoke to Señor Hueso (which was humiliating, because Usagi is sixteen, not six) who in turn had assured her that the restaurant wasn’t currently connected to that door, and wouldn’t be until the invasion was long over.
“Invasion?” Yuichi had asked from around the corner of the hallway where he’d been eavesdropping.
“Nothing for you to worry about, baby,” Auntie said firmly. “You just stay put and let the humans sort themselves out. That’s what we always do.”
Yuichi had been curious, but not so much so that he was willing to get himself grounded. And he really didn’t go into New York City very much anyway. All of his friends were down here.
Most of his friends were down here.
It never occurred to him to worry about the Hamatos. He knew they lived in the mortal world, but they’re so much larger than life—they’re so quick and clever and stubborn and strong—that worrying about them feels about as useful as worrying about whether or not the sun is going to rise.
Now he feels sick. Now he thinks he should have been worried.
Señor Hueso is talking in a terse undertone, shoulders set and stiff. He’s transparently worried about something. Raphael shuffles anxiously, wringing his hands while they speak, the apprehensive mannerism incongruent with his imposing size.
A tap on the counter drags Yuichi’s eyes back to the bartender. They’ve finished his drinks and they’re watching him with sympathy in their eyes.
“Should’ve got Little Blue’s number when I told you to, huh, Usagi?” they say wryly.
“Shut up, Qiao,” Yuichi mutters, lifting his tray.
By the time he’s finished dropping the drinks off and taking everyone’s food order—a painful process, since no one can agree on an appetizer, and they have questions about every other thing on the menu, and Yuichi desperately wants to not be dealing with any of them right at this second—Raphael is already halfway out the door. He’s holding a bunch of to-go boxes, ducking his head and stumbling through his gratitude, and Señor Hueso is waving him off briskly.
The rest of Yuichi’s shift is agonizing. He comes up with a dozen half-formed intel-gathering schemes and discards all of them because they each essentially boil down to begging Hueso for information, and that’s his boss. He’s not quite that level of desperate, thank you very much.
…Not yet, anyway.
This is all your fault, Leonardo, Yuichi thinks darkly during closing that night, stuffing paper napkins into their receptacles with maybe six times the necessary aggression. All of his coworkers give him a wide berth, except for Qiao, who mops around him where he’s viciously restocking tables and very loudly says nothing at all.  
Fuck. Yuichi really should have gotten his number.
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