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hsal · 2 days
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The 501st in comand
Compression rly made this blurry lol mb
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somestorythoughts · 3 days
Cody listening to Rex venting about Torrent in General and the Dominoes specifically giving him grey hairs with their competent insanity: This, Rex old boy, is called justice.
Rex: I was not that bad
Cody: only because there was only one of you
Rex looking between the last Domino and the Bad Batch: I think you'll have a good place there, and I'll have justice
Echo a week later: ooohhhhhh. This is payback
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aliquidamandus · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Finished Wolffe :)
(plus him from rebels - don’t look at his hands too long he’s not quite finished)
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stars-n-spice · 21 hours
The "G" in GAR Stands for "Gay."
Mr. Star Wars told me so.
Anywho, happy pride!!
Tumblr media
TBB Version here!
Close ups and headcanons under the cut!
Tumblr media
Tup is gender queer! Also questioning (just everything in general)
Jesse is abrosexual!
Kix is pan!
Hardcase is bi and genderfluid! I saw a headcanon about him being genderfluid and it hasn't left my brain since.
Tumblr media
Dogma is gay and demiromantic :)
Tup is there to be supportive
Domino twins are both bi!
But Echo is demisexual as well!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Plo supporting his queer kids :)
Ahsoka is an ace lesbian!
Wolffe is aroace!
Wolffe 🤝🏼 Fox (aroace furry commanders with facial scars who are overworked and tired as fuck)
Barriss is lesbian!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ace Lesbian Ahsoka, Bi Anakin, and Graysexual Gay Rex - The trio of all time :)
Ahsoka and Rex are WLW + MLM solidarity
Big fan of the headcanon of Rex realizing he likes men after figuring out he has a crush on Anakin so he goes to Cody for help
"Vod, I think I'm gay." - "Join the club."
Also greysexual Rex my beloved <3 (can't help but make all my faves aspec one way or another)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Supportive Bly (aka the only straight guy in the GAR) and his Bi Wife Aayla <3
Gay Commander Cody with a demisexual biromantic Obi Wan
Obi Wan being more or less confirmed to be Ace/Bi on some level made me go insane actually and I love it so much
Tumblr media
Last but not least some Captains and Commander Mayday!! (My beloveds!!!)
Polysexual Gregor :)
Mayday is gay and in an ideal world outside of canon was probably the guy Crosshair went to for advice after he came out (because like hell Crosshair was going to get advice from Hunter)
Bi Howzer! And he's probably also aspec one way or another too! I do think he leans more towards being MLM though, but I think that's just me being like "his armor looks like the flag"
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fionajames · 1 day
Always a sucker for Captain Rex so take my chaos request!
Rex is exhausted from working and just wants to go and sleep in his captain quarters, but once he gets there and washes up notices his bed is a mess of covers and pillows (we both know this boi makes his bed everyday) and finds reader had fallen asleep waiting for him to get back. Just fluffy wholesomeness and Tex wondering how the hell they didn’t get caught sneaking into his quarters but it ends in well deserved cuddles.
(divider by @saradika-graphics)
Tumblr media
Rex was exhausted, that much was plain to see. 
He’d overworked himself again and again and again, and now all he wanted to do was curl up in his bed and sleep. The thought itself was so tempting, but as his gaze fell to the slip of flimsi in front of him, he forced himself to return to filling it out.
Cody was inevitably the one who stopped him, pulling his fourth cup of caff from his fingers and taking the pen out of his grasp. He gave him an unimpressed look, and Rex sighed, giving in and leaving the room without uttering a word.
He stumbled his way to his Captain Barracks, sleep gnawing at his insides as his eyes stung brutally from being open for far too long. He opened the door, heading straight to the ‘fresher to get washed up and ready for bed. 
He was quick, in a desperate hurry to get to his bed and let sleep carry him away. But as he stood in the doorway between the ‘fresher and his small barracks, he noticed the messy state of his blanket and sheet. 
It was only then did he notice the small figure curled up in his bed.
A sigh escaped Rex’s lips as he turned off the lights, a soft smile coating his face as he moved to the bed. You shuffled in your sleep as he slipped under the covers, your eyes fluttering open lightly. “Hi,” came your soft sleepy whisper, and he smiled wider.
“Hi,” he murmured back, his eyelids growing heavier and heavier with sleep. “Were you waiting for me?” A yawn escaped him as he closed his eyes, waiting on your reply.
“Oh,” he mumbled, and then an apology softly fell from his lips. But you didn’t even get the chance to reply as his arms wrapped around your torso tightly, pulling you into his warmth. Not even a moment later, his sleepy shuffling fell from his lips, and a grin burst across your face. “Goodnight, Rex.”
Tumblr media
(taglist: @techs-goggles9902, @skellymom)
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kitcat22 · 2 days
Au in which jango is a little bit more fucked up by the killing of his people, followed by his years in slavery and instead of requesting an unaltered clone, he wants one that will age slower than the average human.
Maybe he tries to excuse it as wanting more time to enjoy being a parent and more time to train Boba but really it comes from his desperate need for someone that is completely his and won’t grow up and leave him before he’s ready like everyone else he loved. He’s lost his parents, he’s lost Jaster, he’s lost Arla, he’s lost the true mandalorians, he can’t lose Boba.
This obviously majorly fucks up Boba.
Either his mind ages at the same rate as his body meaning he’s a 10 year old, traumatised, orphan bounty hunter for even longer in a world that does not care he’s a child and will take advantage of that
His mind ages past his body and you get a body horror situation similar to Claudia from Interview with a Vampire, where he has an adult mind but a body far to immature for him.
Like the psychological horror of being treated like a young child and expected to act like one when you are in fact an adult. The inability to make any friends as the only people around you outage you even more rapidly than before, leaving you utterly isolated in the white hell that is Kamino, except for your father who has kind of ruined your life
I think this really emphasises that even though Jango loved Boba he was not a great parent, probably wouldn’t even call him a good one, while also adding to Boba’s not great mental state and identity issues.
Also consider Book of Boba Fett with Fennec Shand now taking orders from a teenager and Din getting his ass saved by one. Han, Luke and Leia having beef with a teenager.
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kanansdume · 1 day
I'd like to fight back against the fanon assumption that Dogma is someone who doesn't know how to have fun or who the others think is incapable of having fun. Since we only ever see Dogma while they're on a mission, we don't know if he's more laid back when they're explicitly NOT on a mission.
Maybe Dogma loves playing sports and card games. Maybe Dogma has an interest in trying various new cuisines when the kitchen staff get new ingredients. Maybe Dogma loves just hanging out with the other clones as they joke around and is both perfectly capable of taking a joke and at teasing others. Dogma has weirdly good luck when the clones decide to barter favors over friendly sparring match results.
Dogma might have certain standards he keeps while on a mission that he doesn't hold himself (or others) to when they're NOT on missions.
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Ezra bridger successfully executing the “tech turn” in flight of the defender means that Hera, as his teacher, also knows how to do it. Meaning that she either picked it up from tech during their (limited) time together OR omega taught it to her. ————————————————————————
Rex sees the maneuver again after so many years, but this time from the inside. Stars, how he remembers the first time the Marauder landed haphazardly on the runway, almost running over a quarter of the ground crew. He can remember the cockpit and the constant mess of supplies and equipment that surrounded it. True, he was on it only a few times, but the mix of the constant bickering and the constant evations made possible by quick turns and bad odds created a strange sense of nostalgia. Normally, his fondness for the past seemed from memories of the clone wars, not the few years after, of which were filled with constant change and fear. But something about they way that Captain Syndulla flew…
perhaps it was how she meticulously scrambled the ghost’s signature in the same patterns every time. Maybe it was the unusually scientific prose she occasionally mumbled under her breath while flying. How her greatest strategy in a dog fight was to confuse her enemies.
it was all her own, and yet still a revival of what used to be.
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waterlilyspad · 2 days
Help I......cooked?
Tumblr media
Context: megami device is a series of cute anime girls in big mecha gear and there are these summer themed ones I had the fortune of buying and building the ninja vers
Tumblr media
So then my brain said.
Hmm rex would absolutely eat this look up periodt. 🔥🔥🔥✋️💖💖💖
Idk should I color it? I'm kinda scared of messing it upp 😭😭
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raphaerolo · 5 months
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My favourite father son duo
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dragon-subway · 23 days
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"Who cares if we're a little lost - look at these guys!" "I care, Fives, I care"
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echo-coyote · 3 months
Fun Fact: Togrutas are capable of echolocation
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general-ida-raven · 3 months
Does it ever drive you crazy
Tumblr media
Just how fast the night changes?
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gamelpar · 2 months
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mina-jamsin-derulo · 19 days
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I'm excited to reveal both versions because I'm passionate about both of them! I've been looking forward to drawing clones again and I'm thrilled to be illustrating the boys from the 501st Legion.
You guys can use this one as a lockscreen since the picture size/layout is perfect for it.
Keep an eye out for the second one below! Thank you for suggesting this layout, @sinvulkt @vandervoiz.
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peanuttoffee · 5 months
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don’t even get me started on clones-
oh actually, please do. first and foremost, Rex. the amount of love and appreciation i have for this man is unmatchable
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