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This one was a hit on the groupchat
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’why would you bust open my window...’
‘you locked the door and we ran outta milk.’
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I keep forgetting Tumblr exists, pardon me 🫠
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based on this:
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Are you hurt? - Simon "Ghost" Riley
Tumblr media
Based on a request:
GN!Reader, Doctor!reader, MDNI, 18+, Smut
You have been recently been assigned to a new base, thanks to the recommendations of Kate Laswell. 141 had recently arrived back at base, their assignment was a tough one to complete, unfortunately for Ghost, he found himself injured. He was dragged to the infirmary despite him saying he was more than okay.
It was a known fact he hated medics, never trusted one, ever. Your team of nurses waited for him in a private room.
''Sir, you have to sit down!'' the nurses tried to control him. ''fuck off I don't need the help!''
You walked in after hearing all the commotion. You sent all the nurses away and closed the curtains and door. It was now you and him in the room.
''Mr. Riley, either I help you or you bleed out.''
''Ghost.'' he said in an annoyed tone.
''..right, Ghost, so will you let me help you? or will I have to sedate you?'' You prepared a needle for him, he shook his head.
''no one else can help, you understand?''
''Alright, just sit steady and I'll clean and close your wounds.'' you have him a small kind smile. After you closed the wound by his abdomen, you noticed some blood leaked down from his balaclava. He knew you had noticed it too, he looked away.
''take it off.''
''my mask?''
You shrug and reached for the needle and prepared his arm to be injected. ''I try to be nice and reasonable, but I have a job to do.''
''Fine, but only attend the wound, no wandering.''
You nod and smile. Soon you slowly took the mask off. The way he looked even under the black eye pain and the dead look on his eyes, still made you blush.
His cheek was bleeding, a somewhat deep cut on it. You gently and carefully cleaned and closed the wound. ''that wasn't so bad was it?'' you smiled as you cleaned up the table by you.
He stayed silent and just looked at you.
''I don't recommend you putting that dirty mask on, you'll get an infection.''
And he didn't say a word, he just stared at you. Inspected your every little detail.
''Thanks.'' he got up from the bed and walk towards the door. He turned back to you, in your hands you had two surgical masks.
''Put one on and take the other.'' it was as if you knew he would ask for one. He takes them from your hand and leaves.
For a few days you two pass each other, you smiled at him and he gives you a small nod. At times when he wouldn't see you eat with the other doctors or medics, he would look for you. He would walk around the hallways of the offices or wander around the medical center. One day he hadn't seen or heard from you, so as usual he went looking for you.
You took your gloves off and walked away from a patients room. He carefully trailed behind, you could feel his presence. You stepped into your office and intentionally left the door open.
''might as well come in.'' you said. All he did was stand by the doorway. ''hi.'' was all he could come up with.
''Hey,'' you smiled at him.
''Can I take a seat?''
You nod as he slowly closes the door behind him and takes a seat in front of your desk. You two awkwardly stare at each other.
''are you hurt?''
''no, I just wanted to talk.'' His eyes trailed to your lips, those war plump lips of yours. How they widened more as you smile or talk about something you liked.
''Simon, call me Simon when we are all alone.''
''right..so Simon, what is it that you wanted to talk about?''
His mind went blank. For days since your delicate hands touched his body he had been dreaming about you. He would touch himself at night, dreaming of your body bouncing on his as you two got off each others high. How he would leave marks on your neck each time you moaned his name. He would love to have a taste of you.
And in that moment he looked around to make sure all curtains were closed, he locked the door and approached you.
''can I kiss you, love?''
You didn't say anything but gave him a small nod. His lips brushing against yours. He was hungry for you, his tongue exploring your mouth as yours did the same. His hands roamed your body, having a feeling for what he knew he would soon call his.
He pulled away, a small smile on him. ''let me please you, love.'' and you allowed him to. He slowly bit your neck, leaving small marks around it.
His throbbing cock leaking pre-cum each time he heard your moans. So soft and delicate, it drove him mad.
He unzipped his pants and took his now hardened cock out. "go on love, I know you want to." You mouth slowly reached for his throbbing cock. It was so sensitive and warm, he tasted somewhat sour and sweet, but you not once complained. He moaned as you pumped his cock. He was so needy for you, wanting to push you more in. You gagged and cried as his hands pushed your further down. Whatever you couldn't fit in your mouth you would jerk it off.
His cock twitching as his cum leaked inside of your sweet mouth. He made you look at him, your eyes dazed as if you had just gotten drunk on his sweet cum.
His hands closing your mouth, ''drink it, we don't want to waste this do we?'' you shake your head and slowly swallow his seed. You opened your mouth to show him it was empty, some of his thick sticky cum rolling down your neck.
''Good boy/girl. Did so well for me.'' he kissed you, he wrapped his arms around your waste.
''why don't you meet me at my room after your shift, think you'll like what I planned for both of us.''
A/N: I know this is short, but I had to feed my hungry mask kinked whores <3
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Page 47 c:
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cw. fluff, gn!reader, sleepy simon with a baby cow <33 *not proofread, just pure brainrot
[@southernbluebellereader this is for you 🫶🫶]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
simon with a baby cow
just imagine like a lying under a tree
and having simons head in your lap
he's got the mask off bc you're in the middle of nowhere and the breeze feels nice
you're just gently playing with his hair
and he ends up falling asleep
that's the cue for the cutest baby cow to come trotting to you
how they got out of its potentially gated pen ypu have no idea
but anyways
they're sniffing both you and simon before curling into simons side
you have to stop yourself from nearly screaming
digging in your bag to grab your phone and take pictures
maybe even save one as your lockscreen
carefully moving your jacket unde his head as a make shift pillow so you can stand up and take more pictures
the baby cow lifts its head to just look at you curiously
and then rests its head on simon
simon wakes up a minute later and stiffens when he sees the cow laying on him
he panics a little when he doesn't immediately see you
but he relaxes when he hears the way you're giggling and cooing over him and his newly acquired baby cow
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fr0g-b0gy · 1 day
Simon "Touchy" Riley
This is somewhat smutty?, no one cums or anything, but it's like leading up to a moment, idk 🤷‍♀️, it gets VERY suggestive like the 4th paragraph, so I wld say it's smutty, fluffy
“Sweetheart?” He brushes a hair away from her eyes, so he can see his girl, fully. 
“Yes, Simon?” She smiles lazy at him. After Simon got tired last night, from some activities. He cleaned them up and curled around her body that was in a fetal position. Even with his thick arms wrapped around his girl, she somehow ended up facing him.
"You're my beautiful girl, you know that? Don't you?" He rests his palm against her cheek, his thumb brushing back and forth against her high cheek bone. Her hand reaches up at rests upon his hand.
"Of course, Si." She smiles wide at him. Giggling, she switches their position, her naked hips on top of his own. His hands grip her thick, plush thighs, pulling her closer to his stomach and then pushing her back rub up on his cock.
Rocking her hips back and forth, she can feel his hard cock on her back and then near her wet core. Bucking her hips with a whine has Simon chucking up at her, his head resting on one of their pillows, hands still on her ass pulling at pushing back and forth.
"What did you say? I couldn't hear you, sweetheat." He says smirking up at her, his eyes switch from her face to the wetness trail his sweet pussy made on his abs and his leaking cock. He smacks her ass cheek after not getting a response.
"I thought you learned last night, hm?" He grabs a handful of both her ass cheeks, he leans up, his hot breath hitting her ear. He's teeth tug and nip at her ear lobe, causing her hips to buck once more.
"I want everyone to know you, and this," he rolls her hips up his stomach, causing her to moan in his ear.
"pussy, is mine. Do you understand, sweetheart?" He speaks harshly in her ear. Her head tips down, her teeth bite into his shoulder, she kisses the bite mark.
"Yes, Si." She leans back and kisses him, his tongue slips into her open lips and explore for what could be the millionth time. Kissing her could never get old for Simon, he craves even just the slightest touch from her.
When she does touch him, he craves more, he wants her to touch every inch of him, he wants to his body to hover over her own, he wants to hide her from the harsh people in this world, he just keep her safe and happy for as long as he can.
If you have any ideas for either, tell me!! I would love someone's else's opinion 🤷‍♀️
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jollybone · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“When someone you trust finally touches you and you realize you’ve been starved for physical affection all your life.” aka Ghost can and will absolutely melt into Soap’s touch.
also first time I drew my face hc for Ghost
click for better quality
based on this:
Tumblr media
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konigsblog · 2 days
What about barracks bunny/laswells assistant. Like young innocent reader being surrounded by big brooding men, she’s so respectful but they all fantasise about her. And she works very close with price to help him with paperwork which all the other boys hate 😭
you're so niave and unaware of what the men really think about you. you don't know that they fist their cock in their beds, head thrown back and grunting out in escasty at the thoughs that lingered in their brain; stuffing your holes full of cum, throat fucking you until you lose your voice, and fucking you so much your pussy turns raw with the impact.
the way they stare at your ass when you're unsuspecting. they're so jealous that price gets to spend hours with you :( leaning over to pick something up or reach something, he gets a perfect view of your ass !! it's not fair :( and he even something gets to touch you, maybe attempting to get past you, on hand on your hip, the other groping your ass lightly :(((
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archiviststar · 2 days
No one :
Ghost : The other day I pulled a sack of potatoes out of my pantry, and black oil fell out of it.
[Everyone in the room went quiet]
Soap :
Gaz :
Y/N, physically cringed :
Ghost : It was sitting there so long, I was like—
Ghost : “Oh, that’s a rotten potato.” 💁‍♂️🥔✨🤮
Y/N : D—
Y/N : Didn’t—
Ghost : I don’t wanna talk about it.
Soap, ugly laughing :
Gaz, still disturbed :
Ghost, fades into the literal mountain of plushies : I just wanna be open for a second, and then close back up. 🫥
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Two tickets to Barbie please
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scentoflaven · 6 hours
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his ass is NOT paying rent
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HOLY FUCK IS THIS A REAL GHOST SKIN??????????????????????????????????????????
🥵 throwing up barking dnidjdsbsjsk
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loneghostwolf · 3 days
Tumblr media
this render was inspired by a wholesome art CoD UK account had shared on twitter
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miilkybnn · 1 day
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while drawing the pirate/mermaid ghostroach, friend suggested selkie roach and it hasn't left my brain since so enjoy these miniscule selkie roach thoughts + some cute ghostroach that i just HAD to include !!
I'll probably draw selkie roach a bit more than mermaid roach mostly because I'm having so much fun with the selkie coat idea so much so that I already have some cute ghostroach ideas planned tehehehe
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